Help Needed!! with Chinese Translation for a Wuxia Game.


So this is an open invitation. I am an English speaker - speak zero Chinese - and I was trying to see if anyone could help with some translations for a mobile game called Wuxia World [Note: OG name was akin to "This is Jianghu" but I guess it was changed for the audience buzzwords].

The game developers, Dust Global, already put out an open request to their Chinese players and I'm one of the first English players to sign on to help. The game is already fully translated, but that was an automated process. So lots of idioms and expressions don't translate well.

Right now I'm going over each translation and making sure it's coherent in English and as accurate as possible to the original intent. I don't speak Chinese so this has been slowing things down since I have to do a bit of research for each translation. The saving grace has been my exposure to translated wuxia and xantian novels so I'm able to get a general idea of what's being referenced. 

Would anyone be interested in helping out? They're using Transifex so it's been a fairly painless process.


  • Hey, @Spinam. There is an English discord channel for that game and we would like to invite you to join us on the endeavour together. If you are interested here is the link .gg/7H2mRDd6by
  • I want to translate a novel, the name is: the wizarding world. Could you please tell me how to upload it to Wuxiaword? What are the specific steps?
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