Land of Erden

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I raised my head and looked up at the towering structure in front of me as I was quietly weeping under the moonlight. I could hear the sound of trickling water nearby and approached the source of the sound. A statue of a beast with wings was in the middle of a fountain. A narrow stream of water coming down from its mouth disturbs the water's tranquility below.

My gaze followed the direction of the flow and my attention was drawn towards the surface of the water. Amidst the countless ripples, I could make out a reflection. Long flowing red hair with a few strands falling right between the bridge of the nose, and neatly tucked into the right ear. Wearing an elegant white dress and an ornate blue cardigan hiding pale skin, it was a young girl. Her eyes, a shade of crimson complimenting her hair, were looking back into mine.  

I was unsettled. It wasn't my appearance being mirrored on the water. Considering, the last time I looked at myself in a mirror, I was a boy. I have neither red eyes nor red hair. I was even wearing a shirt and some loose pants. My lips moved without uttering a sound, I hesitated to speak. Who would try to start a conversation with a reflection on water? It was just that. A reflection.

The absence of emotions she was showing, made me think I was looking at a portrait on water. The portrait, however, for some reason, had slowly begun to show change. A solemn tear had appeared and fallen down her cheek. Soon after, they started spilling from her eyes like a dam that had burst open.

- - -

My thoughts were in disarray. I didn't even notice when I had started running. Only when I stopped to relieve the shortness of my breath did I notice that I was already in front of Daerin's fountain, I could see the Tower of Erden behind it illuminated by the full moon. In the middle of the fountain was Yndra, letting out a stream of water from its mouth.

I set my gaze below as I listened to the sound of water. I began to slowly close my eyes as I attempted to calm myself down, only for them to snap back open in surprise.

Ashen grey hair, a trait most common among the elderly, yet a face with not a stubble in sight. It was clearly a young boy, looking about the same age as me. He was constantly sniffling while wiping the tears running down his face.

I looked beside me to check if there was anyone else in the vicinity. Nobody. It dawned on me that what was supposed to be my own reflection was showing somebody else.

After a few minutes, the boy had also taken notice of me as his line of sight aligned with mine. The color of his eyes, an icy blue. His tears still fresh on his face reminded me of melting ice. Watching him in his flustered appearance, it gave me time to gather my thoughts.

All the emotions bottled up inside had to be let out. Never mind getting any answers, I didn't have to understand. The boy in front of me was already showing me what to do.

Tears had started to drip down as emotions that have been welling up inside me were spilling onto the cold pavement below.

- - -

From the moment I saw her start to shed tears from her eyes, my own which have ceased, had started flowing again. And although I knew our reasons for doing so weren't the same, crying with someone had greatly eased the heavy feeling I had in my chest.

Feeling calmer, I took a good look at her again. Her clothes and demeanor might indicate nobility, but I couldn't recall any noble family or anyone else for that matter having red hair or red eyes in our city.

I thought to touch the water in hopes that something would occur and as I extended my hand towards the surface of the water, she extended hers as well. But when our fingers would get close enough to almost touch the other, I would find myself falling into unconsciousness.


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    In a mansion residence owned by the Guardian House of Loeth, maids could be seen flitting in and out of the door
    of a certain room carrying water basins and towels. A moment later, the cries of a newborn child could be heard
    along the usually silent halls.
    Inside the room, a woman with long blonde hair was laying on the bed, holding a baby. Surrounding her were a
    man and two children with gold colored pupils, all sharing the same distinct ashen grey hair as the baby. A few
    servants were lined up at the side ready to assist.
    “ His eyes are like mother's.” a boy being carried by his father was looking at the face of his newborn brother.

    - - - 

    I can't post the whole chapter for some reason,
    If you want you can continue reading Chapter 1 here: 1

  • “My little Urie, where have you been!” my mother was squeezing me tighter in her embrace after I was found
    loitering near Daerin's fountain, but I didn't resist as I could tell how worried she must have been when I went
    “Urie, you shouldn't trouble our mother like this, it'll be bad for her heart.” my older brother Vigril was scolding
    me with a gentle voice while he placed ....
  • Rivelle was in the study staring at a piece of paper placed on top of the desk. She was fidgeting about in her seat,
    wracking her head on what to include in her reply letter to Gideon. Since Urie can now use magic, he was eligible
    to enroll in Daerin's Magic Academy. She wasn't opposed to his enrolment...

    Chapter 3 is here
  • "Say, Gideon boy... I've been thinking. How about taking little Celeste in as my adopted granddaughter? "

    Gideon Loeth was staring at the tall old man with a receding hairline with a stern and unchanging face. A subtle glint in his eyes expressed slight contempt. The old man had suddenly entered his office with a huge smile on his face and started spouting nonsense.

    Sacha Vinney continued to speak without waiting for Gideon to reply. "Look, she's a child, she needs to be with people the same age as her. What about enrolling her in the academy?"

    Chapter 4
  • "Since you've all already awakened your mana roots, you are now able to sense the mana around you.".

     Urie arrived at the academy courtyard and joined the group of students forming a circle. In the middle of the circle, the instructor was giving a lesson. Urie stepped in a bit closer to listen, but he didn't notice that he had ended up standing beside Elicia Perid, who was taken aback by his sudden appearance.

    Part 1 of Chapter 5 is out! I'm sending chapter 5 out in two parts

  • Moonlight was peeking through the curtains of the windows of everyone's homes as the moon rose high up into the sky. The people of Daerin were bustling with activity as they were getting ready to start their day.

    At a certain residence, the light slowly inching across the room had peeled away the darkness to reveal a young girl fast asleep. On her pillow, strands of long red hair were strewn about and had covered her eyes.

    Chapter 6 - Celeste Varethe is out!
  •  “Urie Loeth, nice to meet you.”

    An ashen-haired young boy was slightly bowing while holding his right hand out in greeting towards a young girl with red hair.

    “I know...” The young girl mumbled in reply.

    [Eh? She knows?] Urie wondered where she might have gotten his name from as this was their first real interaction.

    Chapter 7 - Do you not know who I am?

  •  “Well of course! I named that forest after myself!”

    The old man calling himself the Headmaster stuck his chest out with pride.

    “Shouldn't you already be buried underground then?” Elicia quipped.

    Urie was still thinking, while Celeste looked uninterested as this was the first she had heard of the name Arinndra.

    Chapter 8 - Your father?

    I've been at the hospital for about a week now... thank God they have wifi.
  •  A few weeks after the Harvest Festival, Daerin Academy had already finished welcoming a fresh batch of new students. Last year's batch, had all successfully moved on to their 2nd year at the academy and among them were the three children enrolled with recommendations from the three Guardian Houses of Daerin, Urie, Celeste, and Elicia.

    I'm changing Chapter numbers to Age indication

    Age Eleven - Erden's Tower 1 & 2
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