Land of Gods

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On Earth, in the United States, in a special area near New York is Black Daemi. He was a man who was respected a lot at his company, Sandshard Co. He was the main Scenario lead, as well as a minor Character designer in name. He got his starts working on the hit game Earths Wrath for the company when he was just a fresh hire. Recently however, Everyone has been noticing that he's been overworking himself, and wearing a White robe at almost any chance he can get, as well as having his blonde brown hair get messy. Sometimes he'd even stay overnight in the company, working on it.

The reason why he was like this, was because Land of the Gods, the new game they were working on after their Rival, Shugor Corporation Inc. Ltd. released their third hit game in their multimillion dollar series Petulant Critters 3 (Play the first and currently only game Here!), was a series that one of his acquaintances in the story department came up with, so he felt obligated to make this the best he's ever made Scenarios and to help out in character designs to more accurately lean towards their ideas.

On one particular night, when Black just finished the halfway point for the scenarios, as well as fleshing out some side scenarios, Black stretched harshly, having finally finished what he wanted to do in these past three days. After ordering some food, he sat down in the company break room couch to wait for his delivery from MgRonalds, he heard a soft voice gently whisper to him in a soft, female voice, “Sleep, child You have worked hard. You deserve some rest.” Following so, he slowly closed his eyes.

Upon arrival at the video game company, the Delivery driver for MgRonalds was buzzed into the office by the security guard after confirming with a recent text from Mr. Daemi that he had ordered some food. The 17-year-old male was lead up to the break room, where both of them saw Mr. Daemi sleeping there, almost peacefully it seems like. The security guard had smiled and shrugged while looking at the kid, before going over and shaking his arm lightly.

"Mr. Daemi. Your order is here." No response. "Mr... Daemi?…" He muttered, as the kid was starting to look freaked out.

"M-Mr Security Guard...? I-is there supposed to be frothy red stuff around his mouth?" The security guard went wide-eyed after hearing what the kid said, before quickly checking Mr. Daemis pulse. Silence. The Security guard let out a short, sad, grieving sigh, as he had started to become friends with Mr. Daemi, but now...

"Kid... Call 911. Tell them to come to this address. Also tell them that the patient appears to have suffered from an overworking induced Heart Attack, and has no pulse." The kids eyes somehow widened even more like a cats eyes.

"D-does that... does that mean he's dead...?"

"KID! LISTEN TO ME AND CALL THEM NOW." The Security guard firmly stated, as he watched the kid shake and immediately take out his phone and call 911. "Dammit, Mr. Daemi. Why'd you have to go off and die on my shift?.."

The person the Guard was referring to opened his eyes. What he saw in front of him was a forest of green, tall trees, and a field of blue-green grass. He also felt his height was very short. As he slowly scanned around with just his eyes, unable to move for some reason on his back, he noticed an older woman who looked like she was 80 walking towards him. She had no cane, and her eyes looked clear, but her back was hunched, as the gray haired old lady with a kind face slowly moved towards him. Before stopping in front of him before reaching down, and picking him straight up. She seemed to have a sad face as she stared at him now.

"Oh dear... The Pixies brought an abandoned child here have they...? Poor thing... Palthua, I thank you for saving this child, you may go and do as you wish." She said, speaking the last part to a tiny humanoid with almost insect like wings, who was wearing a green dress of what appeared to be woven grass, and her tiny green hair in a pin up. The Pixie nodded to her, before looking at Black quietly. Nodding, and then flowing away into the air towards the east, along with four other pixies of the same look. After this, the old woman smiled down at Black, as her white robe fluttered lightly in the wind. She looked almost holy as she started to talk.

"Child, I know not if you will remember this day. But here on this day is when I, Cynthia Alainqst, took you in as my own. As such, I will grant you a name. Your name shall be Damien, and I hope in the future, after I pass, You will be able to live easily with the next one who takes care of you. But for now, you may see me as a Surrogate Mother. I will teach you what I know. By the 12 Majors and 18 Minors, I wish for this and swear. I will protect you until my dying days. I do not give you my last name, as the family known as Alainqst exists no more, and is naught but considered a stain upon the Empires Nobles." She rattled off, as I tilted my head at her, before I suddenly felt and heard a loud GUUURRUGUHHHHH coming from my stomach. This Cynthia laughed lightly, shaking her head, before speaking in a soft voice.

"How cute. Mr. Damien is already hungry. Let's go then, I will make you a meal even a baby can eat. However, in the future, I hope you can gather me some meat from the forest, O-ho! You can pay me back for all I have and will do for you at that time." She said smiling, as she slowly headed back to a log cabin, that had a white pedestal with a burning fire on top of it with no discernable power source.

'This place is definitely not Earth... What with Pixies and whatever this pedestal is... Huu... Guess I better be prepared to live without technology... I'll miss you, toilet paper!' Thought the baby Damien, as he started to cry out almost uncontrollably as the reality sets in for him, although this is interpreted as hunger by the Granny as Hunger, leading to more shaking of the head and O-hoing.

This is Damien's Story in the Land of Gods.


  • Hello there, everyone! My name is Leafen. This is a revamp from my old story on another site called Sandshard Online. I lost the ability to go where i wanted with the direction i had started to walk in with that novel, but now I have a set way on how i want the novel to progress. Thanks to anyone who reads this. I am a bit of an idiot so bear with me sometimes. I will try to post 1 chapter a week with 1000 words a chapter. Thank you!
  • The premise is interesting and i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. There are several grammar and spelling mistakes dotted throughout, try having someone else read over your work as you progress. It will help with spotting any grammatical errors. You can also try reading it out loud.
  • dymentrix said:
    The premise is interesting and i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. There are several grammar and spelling mistakes dotted throughout, try having someone else read over your work as you progress. It will help with spotting any grammatical errors. You can also try reading it out loud.
    Thanks for that. I'm a bit daft sometimes, and like to type really fast. what didn't help was that i typed it up in something that doesn't have a spell check.
  • Leafen said:
    dymentrix said:
    The premise is interesting and i'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. There are several grammar and spelling mistakes dotted throughout, try having someone else read over your work as you progress. It will help with spotting any grammatical errors. You can also try reading it out loud.
    Thanks for that. I'm a bit daft sometimes, and like to type really fast. what didn't help was that i typed it up in something that doesn't have a spell check.
    Haha no worries, just thought i'd mention it and try to help. Yh spell check would save time and effort. Some kind of tool for grammar would save time too
  • Edited for Grammatical and Spelling purposes. Expect a chapter tomorrow~
  • Chapter 1: 6 Years in the blink of an eye

    From here, Damien spent the first seven years of his life with Granny, whom he eventually learned to call Granny Cynthie. During his first four years, he quickly showed Cynthia that he could easily retain memories at a young age, prompting her to teach Damien how to take care of himself, as well as how to manually provide healing to yourself. During his fifth year, he showed something amazing. Something that would cause normal kids to only be able to show around their 12-year mark. Damien showed how to use very basic magics, mostly just being in thread form. Doing so prompted Cynthia to ask Damien a question in a very serious manner.

    “Damien. At the age of 5, you are showing that you understand how to use magic. As it is so, I will teach you some healing magics, and I will teach you some basic strengthening magics."

    Damien nodded as he stared up at her eyes, as she began her weekly teachings of magic.

    Now, what is magic, you may be wondering. According to the lore that Blake and the team made, Magic in this realm originally started off as a kind of compensation to the humans and Demi humans once the Old Gods disappeared. Every person’s magic is special. They all have a hint of some type of attribute that can strengthen a spell.

    There are barely any overlapping Magic Attributes, but there are some that are “common” elements such as Attributes pertaining to the five chief elements, Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, Lightning, as well as subsets of those, such as the earth elements Metal subset or the Water elements Ice Subset. But there are a lot of different types of attributes because everyone agrees that these attributes are formed from the very core of your being, and you can usually tell how some people act just by knowing their attribute, although there are cases of this being false. An example of this was when one girl's attribute was found to be Love, but she was shunned by her towns people who were thinking that meant that she was not only being a harlot, she was being one while still being a kid. Eventually, a Mage Tower came and took that child with them, and they found out that her attribute was actually leaned more towards the type of love that something like Mother Nature gives to its inhabitants, and usually can't help but to care diligently for hurt animals or humans she came across. She did not go back to the Village she was shunned from, but instead stayed at that Mage tower until she eventually became the Grand master of that Tower. Her name was Elaisa Anailese. She received that last name after becoming the Grand master of a Tower.

    Although most of this was stuff that Damien already knew, what with helping with the lore, things were much more fleshed out, as this could be considered a ‘real’ world now, instead of a game.

    After a quick test, Damien’s attribute was odd. The Visualization of the attribute showed it as a White Wing encircled by a Black Halo. This was odd because its abilities were not the same as word master-type attributes, and in fact, felt as if it was sealed, waiting. He wanted to know more about what other changes happened compared to when he was still on earth, but Granny Cynthia refused to tell Damien anything until a year later.

    In the meantime, she had Damien start to learn how to hunt, as well as give Damien practical trainings, as, surprisingly, his physical body was actually taking shape earlier too, and he always seemed to be doing trainings on his own since he was four. He found it difficult at first, what with not having been very good at exercising on Earth, as well as his small body, but eventually, with tips and time, he came to understand how to properly shape his body.

    Something that Cynthia had Damien do, was to train with small versions of real life weapons. He would be allowed to pick whichever weapon he chooses. Originally, his goal with this was to become a Swords master or Saber master, but surprisingly, there was a weapon type that was not originally in the game. A Halberd. He was conflicted at first, before trying the halberd, as he had felt like his movements with the saber were very befitting Damien, even forgoing the old saying of “Swords are the Emperors of weapons”, before trying out the Halberd.

    At first, he thought it’d feel awkward and the movements would be weird, but as he slowly used the stances that Cynthia showed Damien, He felt like he was able to cut, chop, and pierce easily with these techniques and a he swung, he could feel an amount of freeness that he could never feel before. As he chopped, he could feel power residing in it, and as he pierced, he felt as if his arms and the halberd were turning into a drill capable of piercing anything. Of course, these were mere feelings, and did not have much truth behind them as he is now. In the end, he opted to have the halberd, as well as to have his long-range weapon be a crossbow, which he would eventually work up to using a longbow. These weapons were made from an odd material not found on earth, which Granny Cynthie refers to as Folkstein, a special type of metal with looks and feels of wood, but with the strength and durability of steel.

    When his sixth year came around, it was almost time for Granny Cynthie’s promise to Damien to come true. However, this got pushed back by a few months after Granny Cynthie suddenly became ill, prompting, for the next few months, Damien to take especially good care to her, as well as keeping her company the whole time. Seasons came to and fro, what was once spring was now Winter, and Granny Cynthie was making a great recovery.

    The only thing that truly bothered Damien over this course of Six years, was that he never truly knew what Granny Cynthie was like. She never revealed anything more than that she was a Granny who knew some fighting techniques. She never talked about her past. In fact, she would tense up when he would ask, simply initiating her to say “o-Oho. Silly Child, it’s best for you not to find out.” She would mutter, before being quiet again. To Damien, it just always felt as if she was somebody that was just out of his reach.

    Despite this, one more month passed, and it was now the middle of winter, the month of Autarch, a month that was the most violent of Winter months, causing Snowbanks and even snow-ins to be possible. During this month, was when Cynthia, now healthy, decided to finally speak about the state of the world.

  • That's chapter 2, stay tuned sometime next week for the next chapter.
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