OpN YES DADDY - The Return Of The King?

As I'm sure many of the old timers here (that started reading webnovels around 2015 when wuxiaworld was created and Coiling Dragon was still being translated) know, a young and bold hero by the username of OpN started posting the phrase "Yes Daddy" in every single chapter/ every other chapter of the popular novels back then. A lot of people hated the phrase and even tried to waste their time chastising him in the comments calling him disgusting but OpN carried on amassing over the years countless followers of the newly established Yes Daddy Sect who appreciated his perseverance! Truly a hero at the forefront of his generation! Now I believe most of his new posts get more upvotes than downvotes compared to back when he was alone battling against the disdain shown for "Yes Daddy."

But just when the Yes Daddy Sect was becoming more mainstream he seemed to disappear. At least I wouldn't see him proclaim his triumphant cry of "Yes Daddy" in any of the new novels' chapter's comment sections. It made me sad to see him disappear, for his unique comment that threw several comment sections into anarchy brought great entertainment back in the day. But today I came across a comment that was made roughly just a month ago on 06/03/2020! This was a review of one of the new novels "Beastmaster of the Ages." Now, the joy of seeing the legend still present in the community and the nostalgia of the olden days prompted me to write this new discussion topic. 

So my question that I hope everyone can answer is:  Has anyone seen "Yes Daddy" written in any of the comment sections of the recently translated chapters you follow on WuxiaWorld? Did I have a misconception that OpN went missing just because I did not read the same novels as him or have other people noticed his legendary comment missing from the novels they follow as well? Right now I'm only following RMJI and RTMAR daily but even during the later portions of RI before it was finished I didn't see his comments which surprised me as I remember him being very prominent in the comment sections of other Er Gen novels such as during ISSTH's translation run and I feel like I may have seen him in the beginning of AWE's translation run too. 

But yea, I'm all caught up with my novels and can't seem to find a new one to fill my time so I'm bored, plus seeing his comment in the reviews piqued my interest so I enthusiastically invite all other bored individuals to share info with me on when and where was the last time you saw a "Yes Daddy" comment.
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