Treasure Hunting King

What type of woman did Gandhi like? Flat or busty? Was he a chest man or more of an ass man? Tsundere, yandere or kuudere? (Obviously kuudere, amirite?  ; ) )


Is Death a man? Or is he actually a woman?


Joan of Arc exposed as a Lizard person! Her scaly secret revealed!


Did Guinevere truly cheat on King Arthur with Lancelot? Or was it the other way round?


Is the Gate of Truth a hoax? What you learn might…not! Surprise you! You will never look at the Elric brothers the same again!


You would not believe what kind of kink King Solomon has! Does he like it on top? Or on the bottom?


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Edison, Newton, Tesla, Curie and many more! Illuminati exposed!


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From the Diary of Nostradamus residing deep in the French Catacombs, to the Palace of King Solomon lying hidden in the depths of the Dead Sea.


Countless treasures buried and forgotten, awaiting the day where the world shall sing their fables and praise their legends once again.


As myths and legends collide, slowly but surely, the ordinary and extraordinary shall intersect and herald the rise of the castaways.


In this day and age where their legends are no longer sung and their stories buried by the tides of history, who shall read their stories and sing their tales?


Who shall stand at the peak of this epoch and remain laughing at the very end?


This is the story of the Treasure Hunting King, the Supreme and the Worst.


Traverse throughout the world and wander the cosmos!




From the highest peaks and mountains to the deepest pit in the centre of the earth and in the bosom of the stormy seas!


Treasures and Artifacts are abound so ignite the adventurous spirit within and swim in the void of history!


There are countless stories, buried and forgotten, waiting to be told!


  • Prologue


    When myths and legends collide, and the ordinary and extraordinary intersect, who will stand at the end of everything?


    “Get him! That greedy bastard!”


    “Hand it over, or face your end!”


    Above the majestic blue sky, in the depths of the endless cosmos, stands a lone young man surrounded by a myriad of terrifying creatures, each of them containing an apocalyptic might which could end all of existence.


    Be it a giant golden lion towering hundreds of meters tall, or a single eye surrounded by a gloomy cataclysmic fog, each existence wield enough might and presence to deter the myriad worlds, yet in front of that young man, they all seemed unable to match up; akin to an ant standing in front of a giant.


    His presence capable of deterring the universe, the young man chuckled as he played with a mysterious object he held in his hands, tempting his enemies whose eyes followed the rise and fall of the object, like a bobbing pendulum.


    “You want it? Come and get it!” The young man put away the object and took out two blades, holding it in his hands as he took a battle stance.


    Shouting manically with crazed laughter, he rushed to his opponents, all of whom unleashed their greatest abilities from within their arsenal, any of which can easily extinguish all life.


    Will they herald a new era? Or end the chain of eternity?


    “What are you is it you truly desire? Power? Wealth? Fame? If you reach the end, what choice shall you make?”


    In a glamourous building whose grandeur could rival and even eclipse that of humanities greatest feats of architecture throughout history, a middle aged man whose entire body seemingly exudes wealth and extravagance asked the young man standing in front of him in a dismissal tone, a small smile hidden in his question.


    The young man just chuckled, and replied in a carefree tone, his eyes burning with desire yet also apathy at the same time.


    “What do I want? Power? Wealth? Fame? Isn’t it obvious? I want it all! What I want, the world cannot hide. In the end, everything has always belonged to me and me alone!”


    “What will I do at the end? Who knows? You will find out when the time comes, maybe nothing, maybe everything”


    At that moment, one can see greed and madness apparent as the young man laughed out loud, his endless desire seemingly blotting out the world and capable to consuming the universe.


    In that moment, he appeared to be the incarnation of greed, madness and all sins in the world as multiple auras erupted from within him, and one could hear multiple voices from within accompanying it, each of the voices laughing out loud, all equally mad and crazed.


    As countless stories from across the ages battle it out for the title of supreme, who shall truly be left standing in the end, laughing at the boundless universe, standing above all else?


    As the rain came pouring down from the heavens, a wound young man coughed, lying on the muddy ground as blood seeped out from a wound in his torso, covering the weapon that speared his stomach with a crimson hue, and laughed as he stared at the stars in the night sky, declaring to himself.


    “Just you wait for a moment.”


    “One day, I will drag all of you bastards down from your high thrones”


    This is the story of the Divine, the Monarch of Treasures, the worst throughout all eras, the supreme, and the Treasure Hunting King,


    “Oi! What are you doing? This is MY world”


    “Oh. And also, hand over your wallet”

  • Chapter 1: Alone


    “Where…where am I?”


    A lonely figure could be seen standing amongst the endless void, his tiny, insignificant frame a mere speck of dust when compared to the majestic and boundlessly vast cosmos that laid quietly in front of him.


    As an innumerable amount of stars revolved and wandered throughout the vast and boundless starry skies, thousands of millions of glittering resplendent stars spun and flowed in the celestial river, rendering the most majestic and mysterious sights in front of him one after another.


    Absentminded, the man could do naught but stare in awe and wonder at the majestic sight as he took in the majesty that is the emptiness and void that rules over the infinite space, and soaking in the passage of time which is as long as an eternity yet as short as an instance, just like an ethereal and ephemeral dream, a wonderful fantasy.


    Standing silently, the man was at a loss for words as he struggled to take in the unimaginable sight, like an ant trying to comprehend the vastness of heaven, his attempts were only met with failure.


    Laying on the backdrop of the shadowy curtain of darkness which shrouded the universe, one could see an infinitesimal amount of stars twinkling silently; illuminating the world in a resplendent barrage of fantastical technicolor.


    Taking in the vibrant barrage of colors; something soon caught the man’s eye, shaking him to the core of his soul.


    It was something so innocuous and innocent, yet at the same time; utterly out of place and wholly unique.


    Although dwarfed by the immeasurable size of the infinite and boundless cosmos, he could immediately spot it as he laid his eyes upon it.


    Sitting quietly as the many spiral universe illuminated its form, the man could make out the distinctive shape of a throne; one that immediately caught his eye and seized his soul like the claw of the grim reaper and held it firmly in its grasp.


    Though its size was incomparable to even a single planet littered among the endless sea of stars; where even the saying of a grain of sand in the beach would be a huge understatement, its presence was anything but minute and insignificant.


    With a presence like a singularity and with an attraction which dwarfed even that of black holes and neutron stars; the miniscule, minute and utterly unassuming throne had a presence which demanded reverence and even eclipsed that of the entire universe.


    Crafted from what appeared to be stone in a rather primitive manner with an endless web of tree roots covering it, the grey throne; though simple and unrefined in its form, contained an inviolable will within which overwhelmed all those who laid their eyes upon it, with a solemn dignity befitting that of a supreme and almighty god.


    And surrounding the throne in a halo formation like guards protecting their emperor, one can see the distinct shape of some mysterious objects, each with their unique form and a powerful aura which is only eclipsed by that of the throne.


    However, captivated by the throne as he is; the man did not manage to catch a proper and complete glimpse of the objects, only managing to see a brief and hazy outline before his attention was once again focused on the throne.


    On both the back and front of the ashen grey throne, one could see a mysterious and archaic pattern shining and clearly shown despite the tree roots which wrapped the throne from head to toe like an endless spider web.


    Despite that, the unknown figure could clearly see the outline and form of the cryptic and array-like pattern as though it shown was directly in front of him with no obstructions.


    It was as if the arcane and enigmatic pattern had directly projected its form into the man’s mind and eye.


    The mysterious pattern was not that complex of a design; in fact, if anything, it was quite simple. If given some time, the man was extremely confident in being able to replicate it.


    To put it simply, the mysterious pattern was of a few branches which interlinked and interconnected like the endlessly weaving roots of a tree.


    Yet however, despite the relative simplicity of the pattern, the man was without a doubt completely baffled by the contradiction which arose as he attempted to engrave the enigmatic pattern into his mind.


    No matter how hard he tried, his mind would always stubbornly refuse to commit it to memory, always forgetting it immediately as soon as he takes his eyes off of it.


    Shaking his head wordlessly, the man decided to instead focus on comprehending and understanding the archaic design, which seemed to exude a boundless arcane and mystical aura like an endlessly gushing and flowing spring.


    However, just as the man was busy trying to comprehend and memorize the mysterious pattern, it suddenly started to flash with a blinding light randomly and; as though enraged, the throne and pattern erupted with a flash of light which could rival that of the sun.


    With an apocalyptic might which threatened to end the world, the throne and mysterious pattern erupted with a fierce and violent aura.


    At that moment, the world seemed to dim as destruction seemed all but imminent and all existences were mere bugs suppressed underneath the might and berserk aura unleashed by the throne.


    If there truly was a god, then the man had no doubt that even a god would be slain by the throne, nothing but a mere animal for the butcher to slaughter; that was how unbelievably immense and world shaking the might released by the throne was.


    Just as the man was beginning to think this might be the end for him, the blinding radiance emitted by the pattern flickered for a moment and dimmed before eventually settling down.


    And just like that, the apocalyptic pressure which radiated off the throne like light from the sun quickly disappeared into nothingness.


    Soon, silence reigned over the void of emptiness once more and the throne remained dormant, as though what had just happened was but a mere fantasy and the calamitous aura was just a simple illusion, a trick of the mind.




    Just as the ethereal figure wiped an imaginary sweat off his illusory brow, his heart tightened and sped up once more as the initially dormant throne started to show signs of awakening once more, as a dim light began to flicker rapidly.


    Clutching his now rapidly beating heart, the man stared in silence as the arcane pattern flickered for a couple of moments before eventually dimming once more.


    Now hesitant to make any further judgement, the man simply stared warily at the throne, his head tilted as he tried to make heads and tails out of the previous incident; completely baffled and confused before the throne suddenly shivered and a ray of light came bursting out and headed towards the man.


    Turning around, the man attempted to run away or dodge the ray of light which shot towards him like a comet to no avail as the burst of light soon struck his chest and integrated with his body.


    Shocked, the man could not feel any difference with his body and furrowed his brows in confusion which eventually turned into a grimace as an endless repository of knowledge and information merged and flowed into his mind.




    Clutching his head in his hands, the man was in constant agony as the endless amount of knowledge threatened to overwhelm him, his mind on the verge of shattering into a million pieces from the influx of information.


    However, just as his mind was about to burst from the constant influx of information, a voice suddenly rang out in his mind which quickly dulled the flow and severed the pain.


    At that moment, everything else seemed illusory and ephemeral as the entire universe, including the throne was silenced. It was as though at that moment, everything else was insignificant and irrelevant, nothing but a minor nuisance.


    “Who can truly comprehend infinity and surpass eternity?”

  • Chapter 2: Locke & Dante

    “Who can truly comprehend infinity and surpass eternity?”


    As the melancholic sigh rang throughout his mind and halted the surging flow of information, the entire universe froze in that instant.


    It seemed as though time and space itself had stagnated and submitted.


    The sigh echoed in the man’s mind and traversed the universe, seemingly asking and seeking for somebody out there who would understand him.


    Eventually, the world came crumbling down as the fabric of time and space shattered into a million pieces, expelling and awakening the man from the dreamland.




    “Ahhh…Noon already?”


    Taking a moment to stretch his body after having just woken up, the youth simply yawned as his lazy blue eyes stared out of the glass window pane; a sigh already on his tongue.


    With an annoyed yet resigned gaze, the youth took in the utterly foreign yet oddly familiar sight.


    Hung high up above the firmaments, the blazing sun was like an imperious ruler, casting its sunlight and illuminating all of creation as it swayed merrily among the pure white sea of clouds.


    And underneath it, one could see a vast expanse of greenery, with gigantic trees and lush bushes as far as the eye could see, like a never-ending sea of green.


    Though admittedly a beautiful sight to behold, and one that would take away the breath of those who caught sight of this majestic view, it was not something the youth was accustomed to, having been greeted by a dull concrete jungle for nearly his entire life.


    And if he looked in the opposite direction, the man could see a bustling city brimming with life, one that would not look out of place anywhere.


    However, if one looked deeper, they would find that the similarities ended right there and then, as many glaring discrepancies could be found with even the most minor of observations, and the differences become more obvious the deeper they dive.


    For one, where there should be an endless row of skyscrapers as far and high as the eye could see occupying a concrete jungle, one could only see bricked buildings.


    All of which are built in a style reminiscent and all too similar to that found in the Victorian era and gothic style of architecture.


    And the differences do not just end there.


    One would be chilled to the bone as they come to realize that the people all spoke a completely different and foreign language, not to mention the fact that the level of technology could barely reach the standards of the industrial era world.


    “Damn it, of all the unlucky…why on earth did it have to be transmigration? Fucking hell…why not isekai or regression instead? At least I will have a cheat or know the future right?!”


    Yes, that’s right, transmigration. 


    Looking up at the vast sky and past the fluffy white sea of clouds, Locke could barely make out the distinct shape of two majestic giant orbs floating in the heavens, the giant spheres being the two moons of this new world that he found himself wound up in.


    No matter how many times Locke saw it, it would still be a novel sight to him, as he struggled to accept the fact that; somehow, he had traversed through space and time into an entirely foreign world, and into a foreign body that is not originally his own.


    Just a couple of weeks ago, Locke was still known as Dante Harte, an archaeology student living in his cramped college dorm. 


    And before he knew it, he found himself in the body of one Locke Smith, lost in another world with no hope of returning.


    Right hand draped over his face, Locke groaned as his other played with his chestnut brown hair; a habit he picked up over the years to suppress the frustration that burned within him yet he could do nothing about.


    This was something Locke had quite a bit of experience with, having dealt with it on such a frequent basis to the point of being sickening, and played a major role in him not losing his mind and declaring himself king of the mole people the day he had transmigrated.


    Holding back the urge to curse…well, any more than he already did, Locke simply groaned as he got up and prepared himself for the day, quickly adapting to this new life.


    After all, what use was being angry and complaining if all it served to do was waste his time?


    Since this was the hand fate had dealt him, he might as well just go along with it. 


    As the song goes; Que sera sera, whatever will be will be.


    At least he was sent to a world with indoor plumbing, something which he was all too happy to find out still existed in this new world.


    Having long since been desensitized to matters of such nature, Locke had spent the previous few days since he had been sent to this world catching up on general knowledge and quickly sorted out a list of goal by order of priority.


    Firstly, he needed to be able to have some form of background and backing to rely upon in this foreign world. 


    The original Locke who died and had his body taken over was a prime example of the lower middle caste which pervaded the era and the crushing semi-poverty which plagued those of this era.


    Though not nearly poor enough to be classified as being in poverty, the majority of people living in this world are composed of those who, while do not have enough to afford most, if any luxuries but at the same time, have just enough to get by their day by day activities without relatively too much trouble.


    The original Locke was one of these people, having grown up with only one parent, his mother as the sole breadwinner of the family of two.


    Locke’s father, a law enforcement officer had died when he was only five years old while chasing after a criminal, leaving the two of them to fend for themselves.


    Thus, having only his mother who did minor work as sewing to earn a living, Locke had no choice but to grow up quickly and take over the responsibility of taking over the family finances.


    Though he managed to barely scrape by with a decent paying job due to having a university degree which his mother had worked to the bone to afford even with a scholarship, Locke could only make enough to make ends meet even while taking up hunting as a side career.


    Despite having a relatively high qualification with little fees to pay; his mother having passed away peacefully while he was eighteen and owning his own house and managing to hunt his own food, Locke was still only a little ahead of those of the same class, eventually dying of over-exhaustion which led to Dante’s arrival.


    Thus, Locke absolutely needed a backing and wealth along with status, so as to enable and expedite his research on his mysterious appearance in this world. 


    And, more importantly, on the Extraordinary.

  • Chapter 3: The Extraordinary


    The Extraordinary, Beyonder, Cultivator, Supernatural.


    No matter the term one uses, they all refer to one thing and one thing only.


    As the name implies, the Extraordinary are people who have severed the chains of mortality which shacked them and ascended into something inhuman, something extraordinary.


    No longer completely a human, the Extraordinary have all attained superhuman might and power beyond what can be reasonably described as human.


    And stepped into the realm of the divine, with powers and abilities which stretches the mind’s imagination and surpassed the mortal limit.


    Though as wondrous as the story of the Extraordinary folk are, most people have long since cast these stories as mere myths and legends, rumours and tales only casually discussed in the bar over a pint.


    Yet for those in the know, the Extraordinary is anything but a mere old wives’ tale.


    To those who have seen the darkness and stepped into the endless abyss that is the world of the Extraordinary, they would only dare to confide to only their closest in the relative safety of their homes, in hushed whispers with equal parts fear and reverence.


    As the saying goes, a price must be paid for everything.


    For those who seek to transcend mortality and gain inhuman might, a price must be paid in blood and sanity; and the price is not cheap either.


    In order to gain these extraordinary abilities, many have chosen; willingly or not, to give up their sanity, giving into bloodlust and madness, relegated to nothing but a mere mindless beast who knows of naught but slaughter and destruction.


    Though there are also those who work tirelessly to stop these madman; once in a while, a hole is formed in the net and some manage to slip past.


    Cities massacred, mass genocide, blood sacrifice, to the few who manage to escape their capture, one can easily imagine what kind of destruction and havoc those who have attained the Extraordinary can unleash on the unsuspecting and powerless.


    The aforementioned incidents are only a few examples of what those who have been stripped of their sanity have done and the utter chaos and destruction they left in their wake.


    However, that is not the most terrifying examples.


    The most horrifying would be those who have lost their sanity with only instincts remaining, yet still managed to hide and conceal themselves among the populace like a ticking time bomb, with no shortage of crazy cultist’s within their midst.


    To those who are unfortunate enough to have been captured by them, death would be the least of their worries, instead being the most merciful and best outcome which awaits them.


    Human experimentation, blood sacrifice to an evil god, these has usually been the horrifying fate which met these poor souls.


    As their corpses are usually found in the gutters mutilated and dismembered beyond recognition, blood covering them from head to tail.


    This is not to mention the grizzly and gut wrenching wounds could be seen over their bodies, not to mention the tortured smiles of relief that usually accompany them, as though death had brought them salvation, the bone chilling smiles and looks of horror permanently scarred onto their faces.


    One can only imagine the terror and dread, not to mention unbelievable pain and suffering that these unfortunate souls must have suffered through before their demise.


    Thus, those who are fortunate or unfortunate enough to chance upon the Extraordinary world would usually keep their mouths shut over such matters out of fear that, one day, their bodies would too be found among the pile of corpses.


    Yet despite knowing all of this, Locke would not budge on his stance on seeking the path to the Extraordinary.


    After all, it is the only chance he has to possibly seek a way to return to Earth, not to mention gaining a backing that would not fear his secrets being possibly exposed.


    If one day, somehow, his background as a transmigrator were to be exposed and he had no status or power to back him up, the outcome that awaited him could be easily imagined.


    Anyone with two working brain cells would know that it’s straight to the interrogator’s office with him, where he have every secret and useful knowledge forcefully ripped straight out of him.


    Thus, it is absolutely necessary for Locke to become an Extraordinary, both to serve as protection against malicious people and the chaotic and ever changing world, and also to one day enable his return and discovery of the reason why he was sent to this foreign universe.


    And with that thought in mind, Locke steeled his will for the day ahead, and walked out of his bedroom and into the living room, standing before a shoddy wooden table.


    On top of the worn wooden table, a few miscellaneous items laid silently. Sitting on top of the worn yet sturdy table, one could see a traditional western styled rusty bronze lamp, with four transparent glass planes held in place by the rusty green bronze sides which formed four rectangular sides.


    And lying beside it, one could see a half empty ink bottle and quill which were placed neatly upon a book while the brown wooden boards which formed the walls of the house could be seen in the background, with large grey pipes which led to outside the house.


    One could see stacks upon stacks of books piled on the table, each of them clearly worn with age as the leather hide which bound them was old and mottled, with faded yellow pages which looked like it had seen better days, with the pages seeming to be on the verge of tearing apart if not handled with extreme caution.


    Even without much examination, one could see the great history that resides within these ancient books, each telling a story long buried by the sands of time.


    And within the giant tower of ancient books, one could see two especially eye catching books, the two of which unique in their own manner.

  • Chapter 4: The two mysterious books

    One was a was an intricately crafted and expertly designed gold and silver lined journal, with the journal’s cover and pages were made of an unknown material that is as flexible as cloth yet also as tough and as hard as even steel, adorned with precious jewels and gems, one can easily see that the journal must have cost a small fortune.


    And on the beautiful yet somehow unostentatious azure blue metallic cover, one can see the cover lined and embossed with some sort of golden and silver metallic silk, the embellishment done so in such a natural manner in which it formed an intricately beautiful design which surrounded while also accentuating the ornate crest in the middle.


    The crest displayed was extremely odd as it showed both a beautiful flower reminiscent of the simple yet elegant lily flower, yet at the same time, Locke could also see the shape of a majestic phoenix clad in flames, rising from the ashes gilded within.


    Though even a layman could see the extreme work and machine like detail that went into crafting the book as well as the regal and supernatural aura practically wafting off the journal, it still paled in comparison to the second book; or rather, codex.


    Bound with some sort of unknown leathery material, the second book seemed just like any other ordinary book, albeit being quite ancient, having an archaic aura wafting off it.


    Lacking any of the grandiose and imposing nature that the other journal possessed or its beautifully intricate design, the codex should have been just like any of the aged and faded books strewn haphazardly about on the table, yet it was not.


    If one decided to not…well, judge a book by its cover per se, and decided to take a closer look, one would very clearly realize just what made the codex so unique, and stand out above the many books and even the clearly magical journal, going so far as to completely eclipse it in terms of its wondrous nature.


    Like a titan standing in front of an ant, the two are worlds apart when one truly dived deeper than what was merely shown on the bare surface.


    Upon further inspection, one could clearly see that prolonged exposure in the codex’s immediate vicinity would result in the person’s learning capability heightened beyond what was humanly possible.


    One’s mind would be made clear and free of any thoughts or distractions, and it would seem to one that they could now see what was previously hidden from their eyes, and be able pry into the world shaking hidden secrets of the universe as mysteries and knowledge long buried and concealed reveal themselves.


    This heightened state of mind and sharpened sensitivity and thought process could be described as the enlightenment of legends, that was how miraculous the ability was.


    However, if they were not careful, prolonged exposure to the codex would easily result in the weak minded gaining a minor headache and migraine which would slowly grow stronger over time.


    And if they continue staying and ignoring the obvious warning signs, then they clearly are in desperate need of the codex’s miraculous powers as even the strongest willed and minded of individuals would eventually go insane from prying into the forbidden knowledge of the universe, devolving into a beast or simply dying from an aneurysm if one was lucky.


    Clearly, those who went insane despite the obvious warning signs are clear proof of Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection in progress, for those stupid and foolish yet selflessly altruistic people have thankfully and kindly removed their D.N.A from the gene pool of the betterment of mankind’s future. No longer would stupid people like them live among other non-braindead humans.


    Though it does bring the question of how they have not killed themselves or why natural selection have not rid people like them already, but that is a question for another time.


    Anyways, getting back to topic, upon flipping the codex, one could see that the faded yellow pages; while seemingly extremely fragile and brittle, could not be further from the truth as each page was a heavy as a boulder requiring massive amounts of effort just to flip one single page.


    And no matter how hard one tried or how much force was used, it was impossible to even budge the fragmented pages, let alone attempt to tear it.


    Not only that, one could see that despite the archaic and mysterious aura imbedded deeply in each page, the faded yellow pages were clearly blank, with not a single word written on each page.


    However, if one observed very extremely carefully, they would soon come to the realization that the pages were not actually blank, but rather; greyish words formed from an illusory grey mist would appear and disappear as rapidly as they formed, forming the illusion that the pages were blank.


    However, every time the misty grey words formed on the pages, they would always differ in content, writing style and even language, with no two words alike.


    Sometimes one would see a recipe for a mouth-wateringly delicious steamed hams written in ancient Arabic, other times it would be a heart-rending emotional masterpiece of a play which would touch even the coldest of hearts composed of entirely Chinese characters and so on and so forth.


    Though if one paid attention, they would see that the disappearance and reappearance of the words are not random but rather cyclical, with the contents changing every few seconds just like a human heartbeat.


    Speaking of the devil…


    Pulsating with energy, the codex suddenly started to vibrate as waves of light blue energy is released like a pulse before suddenly erupting in a brilliant azure blue glow which illuminated the entire room.


    Shaking silently, the codex shook erratically as the faded yellow pages started to flip over rapidly by itself, as the now azure blue words started to release an illusory grey mist like the one the words are made, which swirled and gathered together.


    Eventually, a human figure could be vaguely seen which grew more and more distinct before the illusory mist finally calmed down and formed a complete female figure.


    Though her body and clothing were created entirely from the illusory mist, it was practically unrecognizable from that of an actual human being’s the lifelike figure virtually indistinguishable from a normal, albeit pretty human.



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