Willing to translate M E M O R I Z E if someone can get me access to the raws

Hello! I'm a Korean turned American College student with a lot of downtime due to COVID, and was looking to start translating part time to brush up on my rusty Korean skills. I'm fluent in both Korean and English, but due to not going to school in Korea anymore, I'm extremely rusty in the writing department. Therefore, I thought I would try translating Korean to English to brush up on my skills. I plan on doing this for as long as I have access to a good novel, so I really would appreciate it if someone could get me access to something like M E M O R I Z E (I couldn't find a current translation of this, but if someone else already is doing this, please give me other suggestions. I'm not looking to step on any toes here). Unfortunately, I have no experience translating anything like a novel, therefore I don't feel comfortable applying for the Korean translator position here at Wuxiaworld (though if I could, I really would like to. It seems really fun and a great way to make me study Korean). However, I can easily read in both Korean and English, and translate pamphlets and such for the Korean community around where I live, so I don't foresee any major difficulties in translating. 

If you have any suggestions/links to free raws, I'd really appreciate the help. I'm a little uncomfortable investing money into this translation venture as I'm not really expecting to get money for this (mainly just a weekly translation habit) and I'm also a broke college student.


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