[Suggestion]Keep the Novel you read for free as VIP in the selection when the month changes

I recently had a pause from reading, when I came back I checked my stuff, and remembered to check for my weekly karma. While doing that I noticed that I had way too few karma for the fact that I was only reading ISSTH, which I picked as my „free“ to read novel as silver VIP. I checked back with support and was told I didn‘t pick anything as my free novel for 2 months when I was still reading. I think it would be good for the website to keep the novel from the month before, or remind the user to pick a novel. It is 2020 and such a simple feature should be standart for a website that is this focused on reading. I remember issues with the beta app for iOS, so I checked „auto use karma“ for some time because it would have me re-pick the novel on every chapter, on the app and on mobile website in browser alike. I don‘t mind having lost some bit of free karma to this issue, but it should generally be a standart that a feature as such should be working decently.
I have seen that the information makes it clear that you have to reelect that novel, still, having it unchecked is malpractice, and may put other costumers off of taking up the service, when I mentioned this to others I was told to search for free archoves of the novel, paying for such a „service“ would be a bad idea, not my thought exactly, but this is how newcomers may view it. 
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