Power Scaling

Hello everyone,
I'm a new guys here. So I have been reading comics for a very long time then moving on to manga, manhua, manhwa, webtoons and so on.
So recently I reading Apotheosis manhua amd in the recent arcs Luo Zheng was breaking power scales every now and then. Like now he's in the upper realm and we have already seen heavenly venerates who can single handedly destroy stars. And then we can see that it's not even the tip of the iceberg. There are his martial brothers from the immortal mansions owner who are supposedly in an even higher realm. His master is someone whose power we can't even understand as of now. So this made me wonder how much the power scale upgrades in the wuxia, xianxia, xuanhuan worlds. So I started digging some infos from the novels and can see that Apotheosis has an even deeper more powerful realms of power and cultivation. I'm not sure about the details. Like already the heavenly venerates can destroy stars and then there are even more upper realms.

So this brings me to the question in this wuxia-xianxia world how much power scale has been shown? Like literally written in the novels or manhuas etc. and not just baseless speculations. I tried to find it myself but as I'm new there are simply too much info and my curiosity is sipping out of the bowl. And it would take me a long time to read the novels and come to a conclusion. So I ask there seniors here to help in this case.

Which universe depicted right now is the strongest? And which characters there are the strongest. 

P.S. Why Apotheosis made me so curious is because the contemporary manhuas that are going side by side to it doesn't even match to the power scaling here. 


  • Power scaling changes from novel to novel in some the highest rank can rule the world while other novels that's just a stepping stone with some being able to destroy worlds and even create new ones, for example in heavenly jewel change the big bad was threatening to conquer the planet, meanwhile in coiling dragon the mc casually makes 2 continents on his home world but then he goes and makes an entire plane of existence later. Another thing with wuxia is planet sizes the weaker planets tend to be smaller but still several times bigger than Jupiter smaller planets have less essence making it harder to cultivate so the mc is typically born there then leaves and towards the end you have estates that are 50/60 times the size of the starting planet being wiped out by a snort. My point is don't try to justify the power scaling it really depends on the author some want final battle like gurren lagann with weapon the size of galaxies while other want dragon ball z or even just dragonball it depends on how the author wants to build the world
  • Well.
    By power scaling.
    Li Qiye tops them all.
    He slaps the bitch out of beings who destroyed trillions of universes.
    So i don't remember any other character as powerful as him.
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