Terminology Question from "Song of the Sky Pacers" (Bu Tian Ge)

There's a relatively new manhua (Chinese comic book) from Xia Da (who is an amazingly good writer/artist) called "Song of the Sky Pacers" or "Song of the Sky Walkers" (Bu Tian Ge) that is a great xianxia story with beautiful art. There are some terms that are used in the story that I don't quite understand, and I was hoping that the folks here, being more familiar with cultivation stories than I am, might know the answers. (I'm reading my first prose xianxia novel now, A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality.)

In Bu Tian Ge, there's a jianghu swordsman character who is not a cultivator who is teaching his adopted granddaughter swordsmanship. It also turns out that she has spiritual roots and starts to learn some cultivation, so at one point she thinks something like, "Mixed qi in your body enhances your actions with a huge amount of power. If you think of your sword as an extension of the meridians inside your hand and channel that wave, you can perform the Blade Reach technique. But what if I use spiritual qi instead?"

What is "mixed qi"? A mixture of what? And how is it different from "spiritual qi"?


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