Need help finding original chinese counterpart of a novel (story below)

Need help finding a novel. 18-year-old martial artist by accident is reborn and becomes a high school student who was kicked out of the family.

The story starts as following (names might be different) -

Chapter 1 Kevin Duke

In Class 5 of senior 3 ofthe St. Paul's School, all the students were listening to the teachercarefully.

A student who was dozing just nowsuddenly stood up and looked around in surprise.

The teacher shouted, "Kevin, what's wrong with you? Sit down."

However, the student muttered, "Am I not dead? Where is here? What a strange place!"

Kevin looked around and felt confused aboutthe two blackboards on the front and back walls in the room. There were many young boys and girls sitting in the room, all looking at himnow.

Kevin immediately bowed and asked, "Brothers, where is here? Why do I come tosuch a strange place?"

"Hahhah!" Allstudents burst into laughter,wondering what's wrong with Kevin today.

The teacher shouted angrily, "Kevin, sit down, or I'll get angry."

Kevin looked at the teacher, "Bro, are you calling me? I'mKevin?"

The teacher was unhappy, thinking thatKevin was making fun of him.

Just as the teacher was about to get angry, Kevin's deskmate Alan Miller hurriedly pulled him down.

The teacher glared at Kevin angrily for a while and then continued his lecture.

Kevinsmiled at Alan, "Bro, you're …?"

"What happened to you today?" Alan asked.

"Bro, you know me?"

Alan thought thatKevinmust be crazy.

"Kevin, you are in class now. Stop talking nonsense, or the teacher will throw you out of the classroom."

"Classroom? How come I've never heard of this place?" Kevin muttered softly.

Alan ignored Kevin and continued to listen to the teacher.

ThenKevin saw his appearance on the window.

He was shocked.

"This isn't me. Who is this?"

Though he looked the same as before,his hairstyle and clothes were different.

He was stunned for ten minutes.

Kevinfelt it wasunbelievable. He did a bad thing which was discovered by his mentor's wife, so he escaped but accidentally fell off a cliff. "Who the hell built the house so high?" He shouted before he became unconscious.When he woke up, he found himself in this strange place.

An idea suddenly occurred to him: the rebirth of soul?

"Oh no."

Kevin couldn't accept such an absurd fact.

"Jingle bell!" The bell rang.

Everyone walked out of the classroom.

Kevin suddenly wanted to pee and hurriedly asked Alan, "Bro, where is the toilet?"

Alan said, "Kevin, can you stop joking?"

"Bro, I'm serious."

Alan said helplessly, "Go out and turn left. It's at the end."

Kevin hurriedly walked out andsurely smelled the smell of the toilet at the end of the corridor.

"The toilet in this world is really advanced." Kevin thought.

Kevindidn't know the difference between female and male toilets, directly walking in one of the toilet.

There was no one inside.

Kevin immediately untied his belt.

"Eh? What's wrong with this belt?" Kevindidn't know how to untie the belt. Suddenly he found a zipper and pulled it down.

"Wow, the belt needn't to be untied! It's really advanced." Kevinthought.

"Ah!" Suddenly, a beautiful girl looked at Kevin surprisingly and screamed.

"Uh!" Kevin was stunned, wonderingwhy a beautiful girl suddenly came in.

The girl quickly covered her eyes,dumbfounded.

It was fine that Kevin entered female toilet, but he peed on the wall right at the door with a yellow urine flowing on the ground.

"Rascal!" The girl blushed and cursed loudly. She ran out and regretted coming to this toilet. How could there be such a pervert?

"Miss, I didn't mean to offend you. Please forgive me!" Kevinchased after her.

"Rascal, why are you still following me!"

"Miss, don't get me wrong. I'm a good person who disdains to offendwomen. I think that you should blame yourself for not knocking on the door before entering the toilet? It'sall your fault!" Kevinjustified himself.

The girl got furious.

"Are you insane? Why should I knock on the door of female toilet?" Sheshouted angrily.

"Then don't blame me. Everyone will knock on the door before entering.Actually,you take advantage of me since you see my body!" Kevin said roguishly.

"You're shameless and dirty!" The girlcursed angrily and left.

Kevin muttered, "Are all the people in this world so unreasonable? Iwalked into the toilet first, why was I blamed?"

At this time, an arrogant boy passed by and saw the girl's unhappy expression. This girl was Lily Green and a school bully like her. The arrogant boy was the school bully's follower, so he was angry when he saw Lily was unhappy.

"Sister—in—law, who bullied you?" The arrogant boy asked.

Lilybecame angrier when she heard the boy call her sister—in—law and then shouted, "Who is your sister—in—law?"

"Hah hah, sister—in—law,tell mewho bullied you.Let me help you vent anger. Is he?" The boy pointed at Kevin.

Lily thought that Kevin was even more disgusting than that school bully, so she thought to herself, "It is good to let the arrogant boy teach Kevin a lesson, orKevin will insultmore girls in the future. Since Kevin and the arrogant boy both are bad students,it's a good thing for them to fight each other."



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