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Synopsis : The world you live in, is dying.
Every breath you take, is accounted for.
The end is inevitable.
Humanity reached the last stage of evolution and struggled with time in technology advancement, as they dived headlong for the last moment.
The birth of certain "someone" Lit up the Hope of mankind.
At the age of 4 Ming Lin became "Hope"
Prayers for salvation to descend upon them by his hands were answered.
Yet, it took his life in exchange.
As he expected it to be the end Dear Lin couldn't be anymore wrong.
Follow Lin as he explore a whole different world.
Almost isn't enough.


  •                           Prologue :

    Time : Sometime in the Very far Future.

    Location : Earth.

    As Ming Lin walks towards his research lab at 5am, the slightest breeze entering through the folds of clothes tickles his neck, the after effects of such thing happening is a fit of shivering and he hurriedly tucked himself in his furry clothes.

    At the age of 29, he still couldn't get rid of his vulnerability to the slightest drop of temperature.

    Even though he could use his "Skin-suit" to ward off the cold or heat Ming Lin still didn't do it, it did cost "Nova-fuel" after all.

    The skin-suit is one of the most commonly used inventions of humanity's, be it space traveling or nova-fuel collecting it truly enabled humans to step beyond the restrictions of their mortal bodies.

    The worst suits available in the market were capable of withstanding one ton of pressure per single cell, they consume one drop of liquid nova-fuel per hour.

    The one Ming Lin have? Consume 100  drops of Nova-fuel simply because it doesn't only enable him to withstand the pressure of one nuclear bomb per single cell.

    It also allows him to heighten his five senses to something way beyond human capabilities, it reaches the almost stand still time of focus.

    His concentration becomes hypersensitive and time is stretched taut that it almost feels like time just stopped for the suit user.

    The other unbelievable option of his suit is it's ability to accelerate to a speed barely lower than the speed of Light.

    Of course there's other options to avoid this slight trouble of Ming Lin's weakness to cold weather, yet his pride prevented him from using any of them.

    He dreamed of the day he receives his cell alteration operation, that was the thing Ming Lin really wished for.

    People who replicates their mortal cells with "Genesis" cells gains the ability to fly without the need for suits, their new cells are capable of functioning normally like their original cells, but, they're capable of resisting pressure, heat, cold, lack of air and nutrition to frightening degrees.

    However, despite being fully capable of undergoing the operation any time he wished, Ming Lin still didn't do it!.

    "My universe is upgrading each second on all fronts, right now i'm only 29. Anyone can undergo the Genesis operation from the age of 21 to 40, in these long 11 years to come, who knows how much we'll advance on the endless ladder of evolution and technology. If I made that choice now impulsively, after 11 years I might die from regret for taking a decision too soon. I'll just wait until I reach the limit of 40 years then do it."

    That was the answer Ming Lin gave to the host during one of the shows, he was asked why didn't he undergo the Genesis operation yet?.

    Frustration filled his chest as he shivered under his clothes, taking a long cold breath to quench it Ming Lin looked up at the large sign at the top of his laboratory building.

    Sun-Moon Lab.

    That's the name of his own research facility, Ming Lin choose the name himself after reaching the age of 10.

    His story started long before reaching that age, as he wasn't originally born on planet earth.

    Ming Lin was born on a human colony eastern of the universe, ever since he came to begin to understand his existence.

    The young boy knew he wasn't like everybody else, his brothers and sisters weren't the same as him.

    His mother was different as well.

    The way he looked at the world differed on cognitive level to those around him.

    Fortunately, he found his relief in the sounds communicating with him in his head, young boy Lin opened his mind and started accepting information even in his sleep.

    Unlike others, Ming Lin didn't get overloaded with information or hit knowledge walls or stumble on his lack of processing capabilities.

    By the time he reached 3 years old, Ming Lin was aware of who he is, and who kept sending him all that information.

    It was called "Knowledge Ministry" the largest association of this universe that humanity conquered thoroughly.

    Their aim was? to uplift the whole humanity and save it from a horrible catastrophic event coming towards this unfortunate universe, their transmission of free knowledge was their way of recruiting talents and developing further.

    The boy Lin just spent his time in his solitude as much as possible to accumulate knowledge and process it, the fact that his divorced mother was extremely busy with his 4 older siblings helped a lot in giving him space to learn.

    All until he reached the age of 4, at that time Ming Lin had just underwent a mental test given by the transmission from the knowledge ministry, unawarely it turned out that the young him had just passed the official test for becoming a human "Saint".

    If it was anybody else then it would've been something, but, for young Lin.

    It was "Something Great".

    Simply because he was only four years old!.

    The youngest record for attaining sainthood was 12 years of age, why?.

    Because humanity in the future imploded in the universe and their numbers did in all honesty exceed hundreds of quadrillions, and knowledge wasn't something static at all.

    Each second humanity made breakthroughs in all subjects of knowledge! To become a saint as a human then you need to choose a certain subject, study it, comprehend it, then imprint it in your brain through the knowledge transmission.

    To learn all knowledge related to a certain subject from A which is the beginning of humanity until Z which is right now at the age of 4, was beyond the word genius.

    Media surrounded their home, artificial bodies of the minister of knowledge ministry, chairman, vice-chairman, 9 councilors visited and smiled broadly with excitement overflowing from their eyes.

    Business tycoons, superstars, other saints and great saints.

    The whole universe was placing the family of a mother and 5 children under the spotlight, all because of Ming Lin.

    After the mother discovered her son's achievement she knew, this odd kid of hers won't be staying with her anymore.

    Her earlier neglect caused it, she knew.

    Selfishly she refused to hand her youngest son and took full liberty of her right to keep her minor boy in her company for one week before handing him over to the knowledge ministry's hands, after her son wrecked the world record of attaining sainthood he was no longer her son!.

    But humanity's "Hope" for salvation.

    That week Ming Lin almost never left his crying mother's embrace, saying sorry over and over to the young boy Lin who didn't feel wronged by his mother ever before.

    Finally the week was over and Lin's mother had to hand him to the people of the ministry.

    As Ming Lin stood next to his mother at the door of their two rooms tiny apartment, the artificial body of the most knowledgeable person in the universe and the most influential as well, went down on one knee in front of him and smiled ingratiatingly.

    "Do you know who I am?"

    The white haired elder with medium sized beard asked as he squinted his eyes slightly, the minister was experiencing the happiest moment of his life as he asked Ming Lin that.

    Of course Ming Lin knew him, however, the young him was still experiencing some feelings of unwillingness to leave his mother's side.

    She kept hugging him and crying for a whole week after all.

    Nodding once was all he did to answer the elderly minister and one of the only three "Sages" alive, and the only "Great Sage" in 6 generations of ministers.

    "Hehe.... Holding a grudge already! Still, I don't mind as long as you help steer us clear from the oncoming storm. Lady Ming, be absolutely sure that the comfort and support your son will receive from my ministry will be the best possible treatment."

    The elderly minister ruffled Ming Lin's hair with a kind smile that didn't mind the tantrum small Lin was throwing at him, then raising the ashamed kid for having his secret found out by the minister from the armpits, the minister bowed slightly for Ming Lin's mother gratefully and assured her of her son's accommodations in the ministry.

    The mother hid her face in her arms and bursted out crying, sighing, the minister patted her shoulder once then turned to leave with Lin carried at his artificial chest.

    That was the last meeting between Ming Lin and his 5 family members in person, 25 years later he is millions of light years away from his mother and siblings.

    The only connection between them is when he calls them or occasionally when he uses his artificial body to pay his mother a visit.

    The ministry was very careful in transporting small Ming Lin from his colony in the east to home planet earth, the minister and the other 11 members from the ministry paying Ming Lin a visit using artificial bodies.

    They used their own advanced artificial bodies to fuse and create a sturdy capsule that carried small Lin home to the origin of humanity.

    During the 4 years of his transportation the dozen of elderlies didn't stop interacting with the kid, whenever they were free they taught him personally and Ming Lin never disappointed them once.

    Like a bottomless pit he absorbed all kinds of knowledge, then he came to know the truth of the situation his universe is going through.

    The start was quite sometime ago, long before humanity broke through the invisible barrier of true space traveling and cultivated other planets and astrals with different colonies.

    At planet earth there was this professor of quantum physics, a very diligent and bright man who never stopped loving to experiment and fantasize of the wonder of time.

    Finally he published a theory of the probability of actually peeking at the true past through a certain way, of course he was laughed at by the realistic gallery and that was that.

    Until a quick-witted young wealthy businessman heard of the laughable event.

    That man met the professor and after chatting non-stop for the whole night, the businessman was dead set on seeing this invention thoroughly to the end.

    Investing all his wealth on the strange invention he ended up losing all his money, his wife died choking on her own grief, his only daughter growing up to ignore her foolish father.

    For 50 years the businessman waited for the news of the success of creating his funded invention.

    Many times he regretted taking such risky venture, after his wife passed away and his daughter grew up and left him, the businessman never stopped blaming himself every second for taking the wrong decisions in his youth.

    At his deathbed his daughter whom he didn't see in person in 25 years, barged into the room and threw herself into his chest and cried as she held into a round disk of metal in her hand.

    Turned out the invention was finally successful, and the first creation and the sole right was given long ago for his only daughter.

    The same daughter who refused to meet him after leaving the house, same daughter who denied him the joy of meeting his grandchildren.

    Just like how he denied her the lifestyle she should've grew up on, just like how he denied her the joy of growing up with her mother embracing her to sleep.

    "You're insane, that money didn't belong to us. Our daughter! Didn't you think of our daughter's when you gave all that money away?"

    That was the last line her dear mother said to her father in the only argument she witnessed between her parents, next second her mother clasped her forehead after screaming these words in the face of her husband's.

    Three days later 4 years old daughter attended her mother's funeral, and her hate for her father never stopped until she received that metal disk.

    That little thing projected for the angry daughter the life of both her mother and father, including their thoughts and feelings.

    Coming to know about the endless moments of regret her father experienced, the sheer dedication he gave to create wealth equaling almost 20 times what the richest family in earth had that time.

    Still, he didn't take a single penny for himself from it.

    Leaving it all for his daughter to enjoy, sadly, the girl had changed her name and filed a restraining order on her unworthy father in her rage.

    All he could do was wait for death as he burned with the cruel fires of regret, while hoping after his death his beloved daughter will come to accept her inheritance after calming down.

    "Father, i've wronged you my whole life."

    Breathing his last the businessman died with a smile on his face as he heard his daughter's tearful apology as she rested on his chest.

    That invention, was humanity's first true breakthrough in advanced technology.

    "Sigh, if only my human race wasn't that dark and corrupt at that time."

    Ming Lin shook his head to clear his thoughts of his human history, then walked towards his assistant and vice manager waiting for him at the gates of his Sun-Moon Lab.

    Sarah, the big chested Loli waited for him with a cheerful smile on her face.

    These wide green eyes and long eyelashes were Ming Lin's secret to relaxing his weary mind that never stops thinking, all the time.

    Sarah was someone with great achievement herself, even though she looks twenty something her true age is over 40.

    Because she underwent her Genesis operation at the age of 23, her altered cells won't age like normal human cells.

    However, her best achievements were her attaining sainthood at the age of 13 and right now she's only two people away from becoming a "Sage" and joining the ranks of the true titans of humanity.

    Knowledge imprinting technique, the thing that was solely exclusive to knowledge ministry didn't unfairly separate humanity into classes of lower and higher, it gave all humans the same chance to raise in both rank and status.

    Knowledge was available to all equally, those who are capable of learning more receives more in return.

    Money kinda lost all it's worth and gradually ethereal knowledge and information exchange became the true goals for success, if Sarah experienced a few moments of clarity and her rate of processing information heightened.

    Then she can bypass the two other seniors ahead of her and claim the Sage title at once, it all came down to how well you imprint knowledge in your brain that's all.

    Only problem was that, Saint and Great Saint ranks required the accumulation of knowledge on one and three subjects respectively, to jump from Great Saint to Sage? Not only do you need to accumulate knowledge on 5 complete subjects of knowledge, but also, you need the perfect fusion of two different topics then an invention of your own making to help humanity.

    "Good morning Lin, did you sleep well?"

    Sarah's eyes glittered with deep hidden love for the tall thin Lin who hunched his back forward and tightened his clothes to prevent cold from invading in, she asked as she did her best not to tease this crush of hers and direct superior.

    "It was alright, it's just the weather is a bit chilly. How did your trials on the ionized component go?"

    Ming Lin unwillingly tore his eyes from Sarah's beautiful face and asked about work.

    "You'll find all the data on your space at the office, since nothing needed your immediate attention I took the liberty of organizing them according to your preference and let you get some sleep in peace. Go on, i'll bring you your coffee."

    Like a good wife knowing her husband's habits, Sarah turned to leave and her dancing hips stole the breathing of dear virgin Lin.

    Again tearing his eyes away from the thing he almost wanted to stretch his arms and grab at least once, Ming Lin walked towards his office to analyze the data of the fusion trials.

    As he checked the data Ming Lin's mind wandered in one of it's journeys.

    Thinking about the daughter who took all the money her late father earned for her, and honored him by buying a whole country then building the best research facilities for scientists and researchers.

    The cornerstone for knowledge ministry was her doing, afterwards the invention called "Oracle" was distributed to humanity by the daughter.

    Then humanity did what it did best.

    All kinds of opinions about the Oracle were made, some agreed on the right for themselves and the next generations to know the truth of their earlier predecessors.

    Some frowned upon the creation of Oracle and saw it as a kind of invasion for the privacy of others.

    Religion followers saw it as a blasphemy to the creator and demanded all knowledge of Oracle to be destroyed, or else....

    Like the humans they were, they still couldn't truly appreciate the difference between each other.

    Once the smart businessman's daughter discovered the possibility of harm reaching her dear father's legacy, she took the first wave of profits from distributing the Oracle device and created something.

    That thing she created was the only thing that helped in keeping what remained of the so-called sanity of the human mind in the later generations.

    The businessman's daughter created a very vast, very deep, very sturdy, and very concealed shelter underneath her land and made sure to facilitate it with the best technologies and tools.

    Provided it with enough provisions and resources for research purposes, she recruited the best of the best from all around the world to join them in hiding from the world that was going absolutely mad.

    Finally she managed to gather over 20 thousand people, all of them were experts in what they do.

    Luckily she managed to finish her secret mission before the thing that almost wiped out humanity from the surface of planet earth, as her shelter entrance was sealed shut.

    The Great War happened.

    Humans used to solve their problems before with their fists like barbarians, the people living at the businessman's daughter era were more sophisticated.

    There was many other tools and ways to do it, and humanity didn't stop at anything.

    Clearly their problem wasn't a mere metal disk that projected moments of the past, not at all, it's simple.

    Such device will completely expose each and every single wrongdoings they did!.

    Huh, something like that exists? Let's go, this devious creation needs to be eliminated from history.

    First it was like that.

    Then the chaos that followed gave rise to opportunitists who took advantage of that to either get revenge or to claim more for themselves, one thing followed another and the first shot declared the start of the free for all signal.

    From a pistol to machine gun, from small squads to full armies.

    Tanks, cannons, missiles, aircrafts, nuclear weapons, biological weapons.....

    The war started with planet earth carrying on it's surface 7 continents and more than 45 billion humans.

    After 200 years of endless wars and murder planet earth only had 4 continents remaining, 90 thousand completely ignorant barbarians who regressed to the use of cold weapons!.

    It turned out that these lunatics used all kinds of advanced weapons until there was none left, during their wars they demolished all kinds of knowledge, facilities, signs of civilisation, and what's left of their humanity.

    All they had was the fist, and like barbarians they didn't hesitate to use it to take what they wanted.

    The 20 thousand people hiding underneath the ground like rats didn't suffer any unnatural death for two centuries, and their numbers reached double the barbarians living on the surface.

    Then the next true breakthrough happened at that time, the descendants of the businessman and the others with their sanity intact developed a genetic reactor.

    The first ever minister of the knowledge ministry was the first human to undergo the Genesis operation and alter his body.

    Father and daughter were the first and second reason for Ming Lin's existence, otherwise, if humans did manage to live until this day.

    They would've been no more than what they've been before the Great War.

    The businessman's successful business venture caused the loss of his wife's life as she died in her grief, the separation and reunion with his only daughter, years of suffering from regret.

    It also nearly caused the extinction of human race.

    His daughter's wise decisions caused the protection of the essence of knowledge, the preservation of the top league of experts from the Great War.

    Which led to the initial forming of the knowledge ministry foundations, and another crucial discovery in genetic science.

    The second sophisticated breakthrough affected humanity more than the Oracle discovery, at least on the immediate results.

    "Here's your coffee Lin, so, what do you think we should do next? I think this Genesis reactor is the most suitable for experimenting with the fusion between the two. The other magnetic reactor caused chaotic flow of data and nobody could analyze a set pattern for the fusion actually happening, here let me show you."

    Sarah entered the office carrying a simple cup of coffee and placed it in front of Ming Lin, her entrance stopped his mind from digging up the wickedness of his ancestors.

    As Sarah talked about work, poor Ming Lin couldn't stop his eyes from stealing glances at her chest and bottom as she stood next to him and started gesturing with her hand, the hologram at the desk kept changing and new data appeared with every action Sarah made.

    "Even though it cost more energy than the magnetic reactor, it indeed looks to be more suitable. Make preliminary preparations and gather the team for a brain storming discussion, i'll process this data until you finish."

    Finally Ming Lin knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back his virgin impulsiveness any longer if Sarah kept standing next to him full of openings, gulping once he created a reason for her to leave his side with sadness filling his heart.

    'What if? She gets offended by what I do and reflexively swat my weak body like swatting an annoying fly' Ming Lin thought such thought to kill his fantasies about having this Loli one day as his partner and woman.

    A hint of disappointment surfaced on Sarah's eyes then she smiled slightly at the awkwardly standing next to her Ming Lin, Sarah did her best not to hug his cute face and bury it in her chest and retreated from Lin's office.

    'When I get my Sage title for sure' Sarah had already decided to give herself to Ming Lin's once she breaks through her Great Saint rank and become a Sage.

    Even she felt it inappropriate to wed the Hope of humanity and Great Sage as a mere Great Saint, especially while being more than a dozen years older than the cute tall Lin.

    What she couldn't achieve in over 40 years he did once he was 10, if she didn't care about her face then she needed to care about his.

    At that time she was watching the news of the boy who headlined every single screen, the shaking reached the foundations of humanities understanding.

    Those who were sceptical about his title of humanity's Hope before when Lin attained the Saint title, laughed uproariously as tears of joy fell down their cheeks when they knew of his Sage title at a mere decade of age.

    Skipping lightly in her steps and humming some cheerful tune Sarah went to finish her lovely, smart, caring, cutie, tall, careful, timid..... Etc Ming Lin's request with a smile on her face.

    Ming Lin finished his thorough inspection of the data and his head returned to dig up the past of humanity, he was starting to feel worry spreading in his chest.

    The kind of worry that was visible to the the recipient, yet the reason for it's surfacing remained hidden.

    He remembered the scenes he saw through the Oracle, scenes of the first Genesis operated minister opening the sealed shut shelter door that remained sealed for two centuries.

    Saw the man's shock and feelings of loss as he flew from place to place on the surface of earth, ruin, devastation, destruction, death, diseases, witchcraft, darkness, injustice, insanity..... The few humans left were cavemen barbarians scattered on what was left of earth.

    First minister really was about to smite those foul creatures whom he felt disgusted in being from the same species as them, at the last second he gritted his teeth and returned to his great grandmother.

    The direct daughter of the businessman's daughter.

    After showing her the sights he just witnessed outside the shelter, she convinced him to refrain from doing it.

    Handing him a handwritten letter from his great great grandmother, the same woman who wisely ordered the creation of this safe haven.

    In the letter was her heartfelt apologies to the next generations, this shelter was supposed to last them for a thousand years before they think of resurfacing, the businessman's daughter knew that madness was about to burn all those who walked the surface of earth.

    Her only hope was that when her offspring gets out the world's chaos would've been long passed.

    First minister then understood why the shelter door was extremely hard to open even for supernaturally strong him, after calming for a few days he went out again and collected the remnants of humanity from all over the earth.

    Less than a hundred thousand humans, almost two thirds were born with dysfunctions, trouble talking, self awareness.

    Patiently teaching them to live properly like humans should took 300 hundred years of constant supervision to eliminate all kinds of barbaric habits, a dozen Genesis superhumans were responsible for the job.

    Mental and psychological evaluations monthly, for everyone!.

    All until the first surface born human managed to pass all kinds of mental and psychological evaluations, that man met the minister of that time and was allowed to learn of the truth.

    After 300 years those who lived in the surface of earth always felt that these flying people were just intolerable bullies, when they prevented them from whoring or beating up those who made fun of them.

    When that man knew that his ancestors were the reason the earth they live in was full of signs of ancient civilisations that got destroyed and not these strong flying humans, he was deeply ashamed of himself.

    These flying humans were treating them just exactly how a mother treated her mischievous kids, constantly showering them with love and care until they repent.

    Giving a simple kowtow full of gratitude the first person the pass the mental and psychological evaluations left after asking for all the information related to the wickedness and evil of humanity.

    And the third sophisticated breakthrough was accomplished by that man's hands, he discovered the reason for humanities corruption and the seed of evil within.

    He called it "Bipolar-Consciousness" in other words, the good and evil within.

    After he witnessed the first cause and act of murder in humanity, that man drew a perfect mental chart to help keep humans from being completely led by their evil tendencies.

    Afterwards it became much easier for humans to keep their desires in check, solve their differences through the different councils in the knowledge ministry.

    Now that history can be seen through the Oracle, justice will always be served through the justice council.

    Any kind of dispute can be handled by the ethics council.

    Peace and prosperity finally started falling on the tired and weary humanity.

    As all parties breathed out in relief for the happy ending, the fourth and last sophisticated breakthrough was achieved.

    The other side of the coin, Oracle always felt like it was missing something crucial to quantum physics enthusiasts.

    Since the past was possible to see, why not the future as well?.

    However, their invention caused the widest degrees of panicking and despair to spread amongst humans.

    After all we did to coexist! Were still all going to die?.

    Peeking at the future only shows a single scene.

    The universe that humanity proudly managed to invade every single corner of, suddenly out of nowhere.

    Gets hit from all sides by clusters of flaming white insanely huge astroids the size of ten times the Sun's, first wave of aftershocks wipes third of the universe and turns it into grey sand particles.

    As the shockwaves push these grey particles towards the rest of the universe it causes a disintegration effect wherever it goes, only home planet earth experiences the weakest effect.

    Still that weak effect once it touches the moon it explodes into smithereens, the sun encapsulates the surface of earth on it's fire as it goes out with a bang.

    The coolest place on earth would experience heat over 50 thousand degrees, then after a while of scorching the earth until it's mass shrinks to the size of a matchbox the grey sand arrives and the end of "End Day" comes to a close.

    After experimenting on his free time for 5 years Ming Lin managed to replicate a single sand particle of these grey waves, he discovered that the total mass and weight of this dust like grey sand equaled two or three mountains of metal.

    He called that phenomenon of grey waves "Disintegration Shockwaves" and since he started being the leader of Sun-Moon Lab, Ming Lin's job was to try and discover or create a material capable of withstanding both incredible heat and the insane pressure from the disintegration shockwaves.

    "Lin, we're all ready for the meeting of brain storming."

    Sarah's cheerful voice woke Ming Lin from his daydreams and he started to speak with his subordinates about their project, second thing he enjoyed in his Lab other than staring at Sarah's beautiful body was these meetings.

    He himself got many different ideas during these meetings, surprisingly this time the one who got a sudden lightbulb was Hector the hairy metallurgy expert.

    "Alright, everyone should run their data and double check nothing is wrong with Hector's idea, you all know how costly it is to work this reactor. I don't want anything happening to it and the elders nagging me for it later, after all the only other one we have is in the headquarters. If you're okay with working under the constant frown of seniors then I have nothing to say."

    After doing his mental calculations at a hurry to check the validity of Hector's suggestion Ming Lin severed the connection and went to take a calming swim in the pool.

    As he swam in the refreshing waters he couldn't get rid of the sudden unease and worry that started to convulse and clinch on his chest.

    "Just what is it?"

    Ming Lin couldn't focus on his swimming and checked the vitality charts of all his family members including himself as he got out of the water.

    "Lin, you brat enjoying yourself while I get ordered around by Miss Sarah. Come, the sound of the fusion is erratic and the reactor is unresponsive."

    Hairy Hector arrived and spoke as flexed his muscles childishly at scrawny Ming Lin to tease him for not having undergone his Genesis operation yet.

    "Gorillas should stick with the zoo, offending your superiors was never a smart move. After all..... Deducting certain bonuses here and there is, hehehe."

    Ming Lin didn't shy away from making fun of the expert metallurgist who wasn't the most brilliant of his team.

    Hector acted like he did nothing and ran ahead for the reactor while sweating bullets from his forehead.

    Ming Lin followed Hector to the reactor to check the data and see what is causing the discrepancy in the fusion.

    Once he stood in front of the holographic monitors and started processing the data to find the fault, the feeling of unrest in Ming Lin's chest suddenly turned into a stabbing pain.

    His right hand clutched his aching chest and his Skin-suit was activated, pivoting on his right foot and twisting his muscles to spin like a top Ming Lin's left hand pushed Hector on the chest and sent him flying out from the reactor room.

    " fucking bully, don't think that because you're my superior i'll let you hit me........"

    Hector's words got cut by the falling reinforced mithril titanium heavy walls, such walls only falls in the case of code black danger!.

    As he stood there looking at his left hand, the same hand he just used to save gorilla Hector.

    He didn't even like the guy, yet he didn't hesitate to save the idiot instead of saving himself.

    Sighing within Ming Lin looked at the reactor at work through the reinforced glass that won't be able to save him, only after he felt the stabbing pain did the results of the data his brain processed hit him.

    The reactor was unstable and will explode!.

    Both clusters of materials were acting like the same pole of magnet and instead of fusing they rammed the insides of the reactor like maddened beasts in a cage.

    "Kumar, give me status of the reactor's data."

    Ming Lin started running for the manual control room as he asked.

    "Huh, boss what're you doing inside the reactor room? This is very dangerous!"

    The man looked at the image and his eyes widened in terror.

    "Hurry up, we have no time to waste."

    Shouting at his subordinate Ming Lin entered the manual control room and started getting busy, his only aim was to save the reactor from exploding such thing if happened would mean the delay of his human race plans to survive the events of "End Day".

    "C... currently the reactor is only working at 56% which is safe, only the matter inside is still in duality form. To reach the intended ionized component certain pressure will be needed, both matters are preventing the reactor from influencing them with chaotic energy resulting from the constant clashing with the inside walls."

    Kumar kept gesturing with his hand to turn the hologram design of the reactor and reported to Ming Lin the cause and effect.

    "Sarah, how much time do we have?"

    Ming Lin exited the manual control room after finishing tweaking the heavy levers and asked as he went for the only door through the reinforced glass.

    "Sniff... T... there's only 12 minutes."

    Sarah was watching in disbelief as she felt her world end and despair held her by the throat, sniffling and crying revers she said as she covered her face in her arms and wished if earlier today her courage was a bit more.

    "Kumar, full throttle for the reactor. I'll add pressure at the same time from the emergency ventilating hatch, let's hope this will work on stabilizing the component."

    Ming Lin opened the reinforced glass door and entered the premises of the reactor and flew towards the top, he ordered the man to work in tandem with him on preventing the loss of this precious Genesis reactor.

    "No, boss that is completely stupid thing to do. Even with your top quality Skin-suit you'll never be able to handle the pressure, if that was on top of you being Genesis awakened then it might be possible. Please go back to the manual room."

    Kumar panicked as he watched Ming Lin fearlessly stand on top of the hatch and get prepared to open it once Kumar boost the reactor with maximum energy, Sarah fell on her chair as her face paled in fear for the man she always loved in secret.

    "Stop wasting time, i'm ordering you as your superior to work the reactor at maximum speed."

    Ming Lin shouted angrily as he followed the trickling time with a worried gaze.

    Closing his eyes and gesturing with his hand Kumar sat on his chair with the heaviest feelings of loss overcoming him, he felt the worst for being the person to cause humanity to lose such unsurpassable genius.

    He just did it with his own hands, with a single gesture the reactor started shaking like a rattle drum in the hands of a baby, and Ming Lin unhesitatingly opened the hatch and flames scorched his body covered by the suit.







    Kumar and Sarah sat there like zombies watching Ming Lin use the full power of his top grade suit to send constant stream of energy beams inside the hatch, the flames scorching his suit changed it's shape and color on top of him.

    He was being burnt alive, experiencing the worst possible pain in this universe.

    Kumar felt his hand that gestured for that to happen shiver non-stop, Sarah felt her heart grow cold as she wished if she was next to her lover hugging him tightly, to share a portion of his pain.

    "F... finally it's over.... Huff."

    After ten minutes the reactor stopped and the scorched black with a suit missing the lower body, right shoulder, right arm and bleeding from what remained of his body Ming Lin uttered weakly as his floating body fell on top of the reactor.

    Ten minutes of hell forced him to shrink the suit to cover his head heart and internal organs to be able to keep sending energy to force the components to ionize, if he hadn't done so then his life would've ended and the reactor still exploded in the end.

    Finally the dazed Sarah woke up from her despair and flew for the reactor room while tears scattered in her path.

    The rest of the team of researchers did their best to remove the security measures of the code black danger and reach their boss.

    'Hurry, I can't hold on any longer. This chip will self destruct if I didn't hand it willingly' Ming Lin thought as he felt darkness cover his opened eyes, while his soul felt like it was ruthlessly skinned from his miserable looking body.

    "Lin, answer me Lin."

    As Lin felt regret for not being able to hand his accumulated knowledge from living for almost 30 years, he heard a voice calling him from the complete darkness.

    Without hesitating he opened his mouth to reveal the small chip stuck to his molar to Sarah hoping she was really next to him and he's not hallucinating before he breathed his last.

    "Dummy..... Such a foolish dummy, why didn't you ever get the courage to say it. I loved you too and waited and waited for you to say it, don't you dare die on me you moron."

    Hearing these last words made Ming Lin nod faintly once with what remained of his power.

    Then his vital charts shared with almost the whole universe announced his death, breaking news popped up everywhere with footage of his act.

    "Great Sage, Ming Lin is dead!"

    Hector who got saved by Ming Lin stood at the side watching his miserable state in the arms of Sarah, half a corpse fully charred black and dropping what remained of his unburnt blood.

    Kumar who obeyed the orders hung his head low with his throat feeling stuffy with a sore lump sniffling as mountains of burden fell on his shoulders.

    Sarah quietly carried Ming Lin out and the whole workers in Sun-Moon research facility followed her in silence.

    However, Ming Lin was no longer part of this world.
    Almost isn't enough.
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                       Chapter 1 : Light

    Lin found glaring light stab at his eyes, yet the feeling he got wasn't physical.

    It was as if that golden light touching his soul directly!.


    Lin tried to use his arm to cover his eyes, then he discovered that he couldn't feel his body.

    Because he really didn't have one at all.

    "Heh, looks like you've finally decided to join me."

    Once Lin heard that sound he really shuddered in annoyance.

    "Even in death you followed along! For the love of everything that's holy, just what the fuck do you want from me? 30 years i've tolerated your existence within me and ignored the wicked thoughts you kept forcing into my thought process. Just let me take my final rest in peace, is that too much to ask for?"

    Finally Lin snapped at his inner voices, during his previous life countless wicked thoughts, brain freezes, deliberate confusions of his thoughts and many more actions that only made poor Lin helplessly feel stifled and pressured by their silly interruptions.

    "Hahahaha, finally the ever-silent mountain answered my calls. Who would've believed such a moment to actually happen, 30 years of silent treatment is no more. The Great Sage succumbed finally and raised the white flag, even I wouldn't have expected that after talking to myself all these years."

    The voice that was exactly the same as his own answered Lin's disgruntled complains with a triumphant sound, completely pleased with Lin's willingness to chat at last.

    "Sigh, even in death i'm losing my mind."

    Lin wished to close his eyes and enjoy the only thing he have left, Death.

    Yet, he didn't seem to have eyelids, all he could do was stare back at the glaring light while being joined by that "Thing" Lin was sure that it was his bipolar-consciousness.

    No other explanation could describe it being in his head, after all, the Great Sage Ming Lin didn't believe in superstition.

    Being in his head means since as long as he can remember, completely useless in everything other than annoying the living out of his soul when he lived his earlier life.

    And annoying the rest of his poor soul in death after getting burned alive and dying

    "Moron, even in death you're still the same idiot. Just look around you, who said anything about death? Guess where is this!"

    The sound seemed oddly enough, extremely pleased with Lin for finally answering it even though most of what was said was offensive to the Great Sage.

    Taking a close look around Lin saw the same golden light everywhere, however, gradually he felt closeness and intimacy from each and every ray of light.

    As if, they were little children trying to play with him inorder to cheer him up.

    "This..... Is it my soul?"

    Lin spoke about something that he would never have discussed or cared to waste his precious time speaking of in his life, the soul was the only thing that remained a complete mystery in his life.

    Even after humankind peeked at the future and studied the past, the soul was a complete white paper with the title on top.

    "Ding ding ding ding, bingo. Welcome to the place you originated from, i've been living here for as long as you can remember me."

    The sound said as Lin was focusing on the feeling of getting touched despite having no body in the first place!.

    "Why wasn't we dead? Is death the return to our origin in the first place! This is strange indeed, still, if I get trapped like this for eternity with you lurking in my head. That won't be any different from hell."

    Lin said as he felt a massive headache inducing problem coming his way, if he really was to be forever in this state with that voice occupying his head.

    If Lin had a body then right now he would be cringing and frowning until his face turned demonic.

    "Oy..... In here I can be everywhere, humph."

    Once the voice said that, Lin felt something getting detached from him.

    Then another spitting image of Lin was floating in front of him, the face was the same the rest of the body however, was only the shape of an invisible ghost with almost nothing below the chest.

    As Lin was looking with complete shock at the strange event that he would've never ever thought of it happening as he lived, even with his wild imagination.

    The split image suddenly looked up and squinted it's eyes slightly.

    "Do you feel that?"

    The ghost before Lin asked as it kept looking everywhere.

    "Feel what?"

    Lin started to look around as well trying to find anything or feel anything, yet, he couldn't!.

    "Something is coming."

    The ghost said as it gestured with it's chin for Lin to look behind him.


    Once Lin thought of looking behind he couldn't complete his surprised sound before his soul was sucked into a black swirl, at once the light got replaced by darkness and Lin felt his body.

    He was no longer in some kind of immaterial form like his earlier soul-self, now he felt his body but couldn't control it as he used to control his body before.

    Being squeezed by squishy matter from all sides, Lin felt himself getting pushed forward headfirst.

    Finally his closed eyes felt light through his thin eyelids, and as he did his best to open his eyes slightly Lin heard the agonizing screams and grunts of a woman.

    Then he felt his body free falling on top of a fluffy furry thing underneath him, mixed with liquids and bits of blood from the woman's.

    Ming Lin just got delivered by this woman's!

    As he lay on his side with his umbilical cord attached to her, the sight in front of Ming Lin is the exaggeratedly exposed woman's vagina and her legs spread open.

    Lin didn't need explanations from anyone about what's going on right now, he died! Yes, he lives? Also yes.

    Sweating very hard and glaring at empty air, the dirty looking and covered in soot and mud woman started to scream again and hold her breath while pushing for delivering another twin for Lin.

    'It separated from my soul to get reborn in the body of the other fetus?' once Lin thought of that scenario he found it very possible.

    As the woman which is Lin's mother for this life, was about to pass out from exhaustion, she delivered Lin a twin sister.

    Once Lin noticed the glow in the baby girl's eyes he knew just who is driving that meat-suit.

    'Looks like i'm going to have a slut for a sister from now on, right on sister. Go independence' Lin thought that as his mother lifted both him and his twin sister to her dirty chest to feed while severing the umbilical cord by pinching it.

    Reluctantly he held on to the woman's chest with his lips to feed, only her body was unwashed and her clothes consisting of long pieces of dirty furs.

    Her figure wasn't any worse than a very sexy housewife, and her complexion seemed very enchanting underneath these smudges of mud and filth here and there.

    Lin's younger twin sister however, was greedily sucking on the woman's chest that the woman actually noticed the clear difference between Lin and his sister's.

    The mother smiled and gently hugged both of her new babies to her chest, after feeding, Lin felt drowsy as if these few minutes of being awake were severely exhausting to his body and mentality.

    As he closed his eyes to sleep he felt his mother place him on another dry piece of fur, then the last thing he saw was his mother carrying the furs dirtied during her delivery of the twin and walking away.


    Next time he awoke it was dark and like all newborn babies Lin couldn't control hit primitive reflexes, the endless twitching, flinching, kicking... Etc were something annoying to have.

    Focusing first on controlling his neck, Lin started to try keeping his small head raised from the ground as long as possible.

    In order to sit down he first needed a strong neck capable of holding the weight of his head, with a balanced head sitting will be much easier in the future.

    Lin tried to speak or say anything, only thing he heard coming out of his mouth was "aaa"!.

    During the night he awoke twice and did the same kind of exercise until he couldn't go on anymore, then hunger started to twist his belly and Lin started to baby squeal for his mother to feed them.

    Earlier he was feeling hungry and enduring it, same goes for his twin sister laying next to him lazily.

    She seemed to be enjoying living and not bothered at all by her body's natural reflexes which were comically amusing Lin whenever his own body reflexes forced him to turn and face his sister.

    The mother seemed to notice her negligence and raised the twins again to her chest with sleepy eyes.

    The lazy twin sister suddenly turned vigorous as she did her best to suck on the mother's, causing a few startled moans here and there from the woman.

    Lin smiled when he noticed the actions of his twin sister getting greedy for breast milk, life was fun to the sister that shouldn't be even alive, drawing breath was a complete joy for her not to mention breastfeeding.

    After getting their second meal Lin slept soundly and didn't wake up until it was morning, he and his twin sister were wrapped up in a furry leather belt and hid behind a rock.

    The mother was not close and his lazy sister was smart enough not to make any sounds, for almost 6 hours the twins remained in that place that was totally discoverable to any predator on the food chain.

    Hungry, lonely and vulnerable.

    'Just where did she go? You're supposed to feed us almost every 2 hours, The love Mom! Where's the Love?' Lin thought as he looked in the eyes of his twin sister and endured the pain of hunger together.


    During the first two weeks of Lin's life, his foolish mother would leave him and his twin sister every morning, hidden behind a rock in the deepest point of the cave they were born in.

    Only to return in the afternoon to find Lin and his greedy sister at the limit of enduring the bangs of hunger, even Lin couldn't help but cling on these fat boobs and suck hard to fill his tank after going through that hunger.

    His twin sister would give him looks that meant : Even the Great Sage can't help it huh.

    Then Lin would retort with eyes that said : you're one to talk, look at your competitive lips drawing load after load of breast milk.

    Lin's progress with strengthening his neck was going well, now he can lift his head off the ground while on his back for almost 10 seconds.

    Still, it really tired him to do them for long and he'll get sleepy afterwards.

    Once, he tried to do them in the morning while his mother was away, hoping to sleep until she returned.

    Hehe, poor Lin woke up a few hours before noon with double the hunger bangs.

    Afterwards, Lin made sure to never exercise his neck unless the "food source" which is his mother was nearby.

    During the mornings when his mother was absent, Lin focused more on trying to stop the primitive reflexes of his body.

    Once he found his face stuck to his twin sister's butt after a series of these terribly annoying reflexes.

    As he unwillingly sniffed that filthy place hoping for death while hearing the neverending giggles of his sister, Lin was determined to stop these reflexes, even if it means the delay of his plans to control his body!.


    One month old.

    Unlike before when he was just a newborn baby.

    Now Lin can raise his head up from the ground as he lay on his back and even twist his neck to look left and right.

    The primitive reflexes rarely surprise him anymore.

    His mother still leaves him and his twin sister for long durations every day.

    Now Lin is the one enjoying watching his sister embarrass herself as her primitive reflexes make her do all kinds of awkward poses, while he remained in place just like how his mother left him in the morning.

    By the time his mother returned that afternoon, she wasn't alone like usual.

    There was a man at the cave entrance as well, currently he was unloading things from his shoulder in a corner in the cave.

    That corner is where his mother goes to drink or grab something to eat.

    The man was almost naked like his mother with barely anything covering his privates, pieces of fur here and there that's all.

    Bulky muscles decorated his tall body that reached over 2.5m, long hair and beard of the black color that turned grey-brown by the accumulated mud and dirt.

    His hair was like Lin's mother clustered together by the dirt into locks.

    For a month now, Lin never heard his mother speak once.

    After the man appeared and for almost two hours, Lin still didn't hear them speak once.

    All he heard was sounds or grunts from the two when they wanted to grab each other's attention.

    The strong looking man was very happy as he held both Lin and his sister on his palms and raised them up.

    The grin on the man's face was from ear to ear as he made "oh... Ooo" sounds.

    Even the usually dazed mother smiled at the sight.

    'Careful..... Fuck this idiot is going to kill me, let me go you moron. This isn't the way to treat a newborn baby, Mom help' when the excited man started throwing Lin and his sister in the air and catch them back, poor Lin was scared out of his normal composed self and started cursing at the man.

    His sister was giggling loudly which made the excited man throw them higher, and Lin was saying his last prayers because a single mistake was all it will take for his tender body to crash into the dangerous looking cave floor.

    It was uneven with many pointed tips here and there and Lin really wished he could speak right now, then he would've cursed for three days and three nights at this irresponsible father.

    Finally Lin's mother noticed his panicked looks directed towards her and she saved the twins before any accidents happened, pouting his lips slightly the macho father made a sound : meh. Then gave a careless gesture of waving his hands in the air as if saying : whatever. Then went to rest on the fur.

    "Snore....... Wheeze...... Snore...... Wheeze......."

    In no time the father was asleep and Lin's mother went to check what he brought with interest filling her eyes after feeding the twins.


    Next day Lin's mother didn't leave at the morning like she did before, taking advantage of this chance he started working on his shoulder movements now that his neck was able to hold the weight of his head, albeit for a short time.

    The only things his sister did were to sleep, eat and repeat.

    The mother only cleaned their mess once a day, which was something that Lin wished she would do more!.

    Him being swimming in his own..... Was something he as the Great Sage kept frowning at.

    'Just what did I do in my life to deserve this?' Lin wondered that over and over as the odor of his natural process invaded his nose.

    Being in this unhygienic environment since he was born encouraged Lin to work harder on gaining control of his body.

    The father got glared at by Lin's mother when he tried to play the dangerous tossing game with Lin and his sister, grumbling like a kid he hung down his head and started making Lin sit.

    When he forced the boy to take the sitting position, Lin sat for almost 15 seconds before his neck failed his head and he tumbled to the side.

    When the father tried to do that the the girl she tumbled to her side whenever he let go of her!

    Scratching his head at this strange sight and looking over and over at his two kids, the father tried to fix that by focusing more on the girl to see to it that she sits normally for a time like her brother.

    As Lin looked down arrogantly at his sister while she fell left and right he thought : welcome to my world sis, this is just the beginning.

    He got endless glares from his sister in return as she quietly endured the bullying from her stupid father.

    Finally the man got bored of playing that game after two days, then he started to play another exciting game with the mother.

    He will pull her hair, slap her face or butt with his rough hands.

    She will bite his rock-like muscles with her teeth, kick or punch his body in an unladylike moves and actions.

    They did that for a week, their smiles never stopped! Not even once as they did these barbaric actions.

    After feeding both Lin and his twin sister, Lin's mother had a different look at her face that day.

    His greedy sister seemed excited as she made smacking sounds with her lips on the mother's boob, every time the little babygirl did that a wave of shivering would electrocute the mother's skin.

    Finally after she couldn't hold her primitive urges anymore, the mother tore away both the feeding twins from her chest and ran for her man.

    Lin experienced another nightmare that night, a very unexpected discovery was found, and a very irritating, annoying, long memory that was.

    His parents started having sex, the rough wild cavemen copulation was happening a few meters next to him.

    He was unable to cover his ears, and even sleeping didn't help him!.

    He woke up from his sleep twice while they didn't stop! Even bunnies doesn't have that strong, vigorous vitality and libido.

    The twin sister was giggling non-stop as she watched excitedly while fighting her sleepy eyes to stay awake.

    As Lin wished for death the whole time he was awake his parents went faster and rougher.

    The next week of the couple's live was mostly consisted of snuggling, mating, eating, sleeping.

    The mother's personality and treatment of the father changed from the earlier glaring and snorting continuously like a lioness, to rubbing her cheeks in his chest like a kitten and clinging to his neck like a koala.

    Lin had to keep calling more than once for the mother to come feed him when he was hungry, most of the time she was dazing at her man's looks as she drew circles with her finger on his chest.

    Startled awake she'll unwillingly leave his hug and go feed her babies.

    Day 50.

    Lin finally managed to get rid of the primitive reflexes completely for two days now, the father hugged his mother tightly at the cave door before taking his stone Mace and leaving.

    The annoying father didn't forget to lightly pinch both cheeks of his children and left with a wide grin on his face.

    Lin kept focusing all his efforts on doing the thing babies mostly does at 6 months of age or if they were early they do it at 4 months, crawling.

    As he lay on his stomach with his head on the fur, both his hands are flat next to him and his legs awkwardly pushing his body forward.

    Giggling sounds of both his mother and sister seemed like the worst encouragement possible for him to continue, still, he thickened his skin and tried to recruit his passive arms to help in this task that's proving to be really hard.

    When he gets tired he would sleep or rest while glaring at his lazy sister for laughing at him earlier.

    Day 85.

    Lin can roughly move his arms around and his crawling task is finally done, he just crawled for almost 20m without falling on his face.

    He felt his hands and legs more capable after all these days of trying to crawl right.

    The father returned again loaded with food supplies, a few visible wounds at his right shoulder, wide back and left thigh.

    He came back right before Lin's mother supply of food ran out, and the woman ran for her man and started to gently trace his wounds with her fingers then she spat at them!.

    Lin took it as a gesture of his mother wishing for the wounds to heal faster, but, ewwww.

    After helping her man sort what he brought out from his hunting mission, Lin's mother pulled her man by the arm to the "bed" which is the largest, thickest piece of fur in the cave.

    Lin wasn't surprised at all by his mother's urgency for a man's rod, after all he and his sister both witnessed another nightmare and fantasy a few days ago.

    His mother kept touching herself all night and poor Lin wished for death again while feeling ashamed for his mother, the sister however, was feeling blessed as she watched her mother do such obscene action.

    After a whole week passed with the couple ignoring the babies most of the time unless the mother had to feed them or clean their "Mess" finally the father lost his hardness, turning his attention towards his kids, the father's eyes glinted when he saw his 3 months old Lin do his crawling training.

    Snatching Lin from the ground the father started to force him to stand then let go of him, naturally Lin would fall on his butt or sides.

    The twin sister would giggle non-stop at his sight as he falls, which would anger Lin and hurt his pride.

    'Fuck, why is this dumbass only bullying me? Let go asshole, or at least do that to this lazy sister too. I would like to hear her giggles as she falls on her ass, you're a bully. Mom help, fuck, this shit is making me wish for you to stop bullying me and go bang Mom instead. Which is making me feel worse, what kind of fucked up situation is this?' Lin's thoughts were running everywhere as he suffered his father's tough love.

    Lazy sister learned to stop her primitives reflexes as well, and Lin was sure she only did it to sleep soundly without them forcefully waking her up.

    For another week the bulky muscled man bullied Lin under the giggling music of his sister's laughs whenever the boy was awake, and humped the moaning mother whenever he regained his ability to keep it up.

    Lin was baffled by how simple and bleak their lives were! Language-less, the only entertainment was the pleasure of eating, drinking, sleeping or sleeping together.

    And they didn't seem to mind it! As if it was the natural way to live.

    Then at day 99 of Lin's life, after the father's wounds healed he left again under the unwilling eyes of his wife, and the ecstatic eyes of his young boy.

    'Do make sure to take your time, don't you dare return after a week or something' Lin was jumping in joy for having the bully who antagonized him for a week now leaving once again.

    After his father left Lin took a day off from his exercises, with a sly glint shadowing his eyes.

    Lin crawled for his twin sister and hugged her to sleep, he had the full intention of making her as angry as possible with his clingy-ness.

    Unfortunately, his sister's eyes were giving him teasing looks in return, sighing within Ming Lin slept soundly and when his hunger woke him up he called for his mother with a few baby sounds to come feed them.

    Next day Lin started to carefully crawl towards the nearby cave wall on the rough floor, leaning on the rocks he would stand up and try to maintain his balance on his feet for as long as possible.

    The bullying from his father wasn't completely useless, Lin's two legs became a lot more capable of withstanding his weight afterwards.

    At least for a few seconds, he can still stand on his own.

    The problem was the weather, it started to change after sunset and get windy when it darkens, the couple of hours before sunrise Lin would wake up feeling cold and shivering all over.

    'Even my bad immunity to cold weather was passed in this life! That cave entrance needs to be blocked, ever since we were born I never stopped worrying because of it. Now not only, can we be trapped in here by any animal, but also, cold is slipping through it' Lin thought as he nestled deeper between the folds of his mother's chest to get warmer.

    He couldn't do anything as he is right now, all Lin can do is try to grow up faster and fully control his body ahead of others his age.

    That way he can start using his superior intelligence to make his life safer and more comfortable.

    Day 127.

    The bully returned with some kind of stag which he dragged by the horns behind him, he was smugly grinning at his small family as he stood on the freshly hunted deer.

    Another leather bundle contained some seeds and fruits.

    Lin's father was dragged by the ears to bed by his horny woman to do his job of satisfying her needs, next day the mother who turned into a kitten started helping her man handle the work of collecting the meat.

    Lin's mother belly started to swell and he was sure she was pregnant, if after all these nights of going at it like monkeys with his mother ending up not becoming pregnant.

    Now that's a true miracle!

    Collecting the meat and washing the fur in the water source nearby, getting rid of the smelly innards and other matters took a whole day of the couple.

    After taking a week to satisfy his woman the father turned his attention again towards his new favorite toy, poor Lin.

    Yet, when he tried to force Lin to stand up, he saw Lin giving him a sneering expression as he stood perfectly still.

    When Lin felt his weak legs unable to hold his weight anymore, he simply crouched down then used his palms to sit down.

    'Heh, you think i'll let you have your fun bullying me forever? Well, think again. Snort' Lin thought as he gave his father a contemptuous smile.

    Lin's father kept scratching his head as he tried to force Lin to stand up again and again, and baby Lin kept denying him the fun of watching his comical sight of tumbling left and right.


    The sight of the simple father scratching his head made Lin's sister burst out giggling, and the father was startled as if he just remembered something important.

    "Ah..... Ooo...."

    Snatching the poor girl he started showing her the cruelty of having a caveman as a father, Lin never stopped laughing at the sight of his sister falling down as she rolled her eyes at her father while glaring at Lin from time to time as if saying : stop laughing silly.

    After nine days of basking in the pure bless of watching his father bullying his sister until she's exhausted to sleep, Lin's father left again to go on a hunting mission.

    Lin's sister sighed in relief as she watched her father leave while flinching at Lin's giggles when he saw her expression.

    Lin was trying to walk yet it proved extremely difficult to even take a step forward with these legs of his, standing for a dozen seconds would make them shake like jelly.

    Lin's mother felt the change of weather finally and started making preparations for winter, she dried meat slaps and stored the seeds in a rock resembling a bowl and covered it.

    Going out she would collect hay and dried plants and stored them on a far corner, good thing that this cave was large or she wouldn't have found space to store that large amount.

    At night she would cover the twins with a piece of fur and hug them tighter as well.

    Lin's sister seemed to gain some strength from her father's earlier training session from hell, whenever the mother planned to sleep the babygirl would awkwardly crawl to her and bury herself in her chest and sleep with a satisfied grin on her face.

    After hitting a wall with his plans for walking, Lin started to try and gain full control of his hands and fingers.

    Grabbing something with his hands is easy yet doing the same with his fingers was hard, day after day Lin improved himself while his sister ignored anything other than her mother's body.

    And the weather started to become harsher and harsher even during the time where sunlight is existing, wind so cold and strong started swirling inside the cave.

    Day 160.

    Snow started to fall at night and melt when it was daylight, then the snow started to linger longer during daylight.

    Finally after two weeks the snow managed to persist without melting, and by the next daylight the white carpet of ice covered everything outside of the cave in front of Lin's eyes.

    Two days later his father returned, his skin pale from coldness and almost turning blue.

    The large man looked exhausted and dog tired as he dragged behind him on the snow a corpse of a large animal almost 4m tall, it looked like a mix of different species.

    The paws of a lion, the thick fur of a bear, long pointed skull of a horse.

    The other hand held a leather bundle over his shoulders, the bundle looked to be loaded with something.

    Lin's pregnant mother almost teared up when she saw the miserable sight of her man, after giving him a hard punch to the shoulder she helped him drag the animal to the cave.

    Turned out that the bundle was filled with seeds resembling wheat.

    Lin's father went to sleep once the animal was secured in the cave, even the sexually frustrated mother didn't force him to satisfy her in his current state.

    She did her job of storing the seeds in other rock bowls and covered them, then she heartlessly casted away Lin's baby twin sister and snuggled in her man's embrace under the fur.


    Lin was absolutely amused by his sister's heartbroken expression as she watched her horny mother neglect her, he couldn't stop laughing at the sight and slapped his thighs continuously.


    The girl stretched her lips then crawled for Lin at the edge of the fur carpets and snuggled in his chest, Lin was currently holding a few hay straws in his hands and training his fingers to be dextrous.

    The next two days his mother and father worked on the brown furred animal and extracted from it a complete piece of fur that was large enough for two families to sleep on it, a huge amount of meat that should suffice to last them this incoming winter.

    Lin's mother scattered two thick layers of hay then placed the new brown large piece of fur on top, the old bed was left for Lin and his sister to enjoy.

    Once Lin shamelessly relocated to the new comfy brown bed, his father who just pushed a huge stone to block the cave entrance and only left a small hole enabling him to enter or exit sideways.

    Grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and heartlessly left him next to his twin sister on the old bed, then roughly lifted up his pregnant woman and placed her gently on the new bed.

    Lin's sister had a look that wished for the existence of popcorn, and Lin sighed then returned to his finger training with hay straws.

    Lin's tongue was still tied by an invisible shackle, the only thing he can do was struggle in untying it every moment.

    One week later it became very cold that dear Lin felt like freezing if he got out from under the fur, his sister was aware of all his strong and weak points and clung to him to keep him warm.

    That time was the time his parents fires of lust was quenched, however, the loud snores of his father were something that made Lin feel more and more irritated.

    'Such a great father, here i'm freezing from cold and you're sleeping like a baby' Lin thought as he got pushed away again after trying to seek warmth from his mother's body.

    Even though his father was asleep, whenever Lin tried to get near his mother's body, the father would feel his intrusion and push him away.

    The day's got darker in the cave during daylight and at night nobody could see his finger, feeling your way was the only option in that darkness.

    Lin's father would go out in the freezing cold to replace the water when it runs out, or to throw away what Lin and his sister leaves next to bed each day.

    Other than that he's known to be asleep when his snores are heard, when he's awake he lays on his back and stares at thin air.

    According to Lin's estimations, it's been 5 weeks since his father returned.

    He's 7 months old right now, yet if that cold persisted for another two months Lin was sure that he wouldn't be able to outlive the winter.

    "Ar... Ou.... Co... Dd?"

    Lin asked his sister in his embrace as he shivered at the sound of air passing through the ice blocking what remained of the cave entrance.

    No matter what happened between them in his previous life, no matter how much confusion, no matter how many mind games she played on him, after living with his sister for 7 months now he came to know how simple she was.

    Even though he knows that she used to be part of him earlier, right now she's just an idiotic sister happy to draw breath or to breastfeed from her mother's tits.

    Life is a new experience for her, even though she lived inside him for almost 30 years before, she never tasted or smelled, touched or interacted.

    Now that all these things she used to make fun off in his brain earlier were presented to her, the pleasure made her aloof self humbled, and the satisfaction was all over her face.

    Such life in a cave made the babygirl smile and giggle every now and then.


    As she gave her old brother a nod, the sister bent her knees to her chest like a shrimp while sticking her back to his.

    "We.... Eed...."

    Lin knew that if he didn't take action now while his body was beyond the point of saving, then it will be too late for regret later when he catches a cold.

    With these kind of parents, hehe, it will be all too good if the knew how to warm his body.

    Getting to the edge of bed Lin wrapped his arms and legs with two pieces of leather and crawled for the corner his mother kept the hay after draping another piece of fur on his back, once there he didn't waste time and dragged as much as he could from the hay straws behind him to the bed.

    His bored mother was watching her boy curiously under the warming hug of her snoring man, Lin's mother was about 5 months in her pregnancy.

    For a week now nothing she did would awaken her man's interest in her body, as if cold robbed them of the joy of enjoying each other's bodies.

    Sighing endlessly day and night was her only theme, her sexual frustration seemed endlessly growing by the day.

    Now that her odd child did something to distract her from thinking with her vagina, the mother payed attention to her boy's actions closely.

    She used to forget feeding her kids, yet the boy would always make sounds to remind her or crawl her way and drag her.

    She saw Lin making something with the straws, scratching her head in wonder she pushed away her man's large arm from her body and went to watch her boy.

    Lin was currently stranding straws into a thick disk that he planned to dip it in water halfway, because they lacked firewood and the stock of hay straws can't last them if he burned them as they are.

    He had to use the water on his created straw disk to prevent it from burning out too soon.

    After he finished it, Lin looked at the water rock bowl at the farthest corner of the cave and knew he wouldn't be able to do such tiresome journey in these circumstances on his own, noticing the curious eyes of his mother next to him.

    "M... Om.... Uup...."

    Grabbing the straw disk on his hand, Lin stood up and raised his arms for his mother to carry him.

    Tilting her head to the side the woman gave her eldest child a quizzical look.

    After insisting with his raised arms and nodding repeatedly finally Lin's mother bent over and carried him by the armpits.

    When he was lifted up Lin rewarded his obedient mother with a kiss to the cheek, even he wondered just how can he get used to dealing with this mother of his and being intimate with her normally, despite her smell and dirt covering all her body.

    The mother was pleased with her son's sweet gestures and hugged him tightly and gave him a few cheek rubs.

    "Gg... Oo..."

    Pointing at the water bowl Lin pointed for his mother to take him there.

    His mother squinted slightly and was sceptical about her young child messing with her, but, Lin's next action of giving her neck a cute hug made the mother giggle and take him there.

    Once she did, Lin rewarded her with another kiss to the cheek.

    The rewards and distractions continued as he convinced his mother to remove the stone lid over the water bowl, lowering him to dip the lower half of the straw disk in the water, go back to where they came from at the edge of the old bed.

    Finally when they returned the mother thought the game was over and prepared to go warm herself in her man's embrace, yet, Lin held on to her calf and shook his head.

    Again tilting her head to the side and Looking at her strange boy the mother waited for any kind of explanation, be that a gesture or sound.

    Lin patted the bed next to him as he sat down, his intentions were clear.

    Sit down.

    Then without waiting for his mother, Lin grabbed a small stone and started to crush some dry straws into powder.

    "Tak.... Tak.... Tak....."

    His mother didn't sit but she didn't leave either and stood there watching her baby boy.

    Lin sighed in relief inside because his mother didn't leave, the next step will be extremely hard for him to do on his own.

    After creating a tiny mountain of dry straw powder, Lin started making a circle of rocks 2m away from the edge of his bed.

    Then placed the straw disk with the wetted half down in the middle of the rocks, scattering the dry straw powder on top he was finally finished with his part of the job.

    "Snore...... Snore....."

    As he heard that annoying sound, Lin was adamant about not giving that honor to his father.

    Gesturing for his bewildered mother to come, Lin handed her two rocks.

    And it took him almost 10 minutes to convey to her his intentions, finally she gave him an excited nod as she started to hit the rocks against each other.


    Once the spark actually happened, Lin's mother was scared out of her wits.

    Like she just saw a ghost, screaming aloud while letting go of the two rocks.

    From her squatting position to falling on her butt.

    "Giggle.... Ch...eek...en....."

    Lin's sister was very amused by the sight of her scared mother.

    Suddenly blushing fiercely, Lin's mother huffed and buffed her cheeks then got up and snatched his twin sister from under the fur.

    Turning her over on her stomach at her palm.

    "Pa..... Pa..... Pa....."


    Spanking loudly on these cute buttocks thrice she humphed loudly then tucked her daughter under the fur.


    Lin's sister started to touch her butt under the fur as she whined in loud childish tune.

    "Do... Un.... Bee.... Sc.... Ard....."

    As he smiled broadly Lin patted his mother's back of the hand to assure her, the earlier sight of his sister getting spanked only needed a camera to record it.

    Nodding once the mother gave her kind son a hug and a kiss, then a warning glare to the mischievous daughter to stop whining.

    Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Lin's mother gathered her courage and picked the two stoned to start again.

    Her competitive spirit was ignited after Lin's sister earlier offense, even though she didn't understand what her daughter said.

    The woman got the gist of it : she got scared hahaha.

    That's why the mother didn't hesitate to spank her daughter's butt, she felt ashamed of herself for being scared and more ashamed for her daughter making fun of her.

    When the spark happened again she did her best not to let go of the stones in her hand, yet her heart almost jumped from her chest.

    "Ai.... Em.... Eere....."

    She missed the second spark and Lin kept gesturing with his hands to aim the spark at the disk he prepared.

    Nodding again after understanding his intentions, the mother failed on the third and fourth attempt to hit the disk.

    But, her fear and agitation was gone, now excitement replaced them and she finally managed to hit the dry powder with her spark.

    She watched her son carefully blow air at the bit of white coming from where the glowing thing fell on the disk, then she got scared shitless by the hot orange thing that kept dancing on that place.

    Before she got over her shock she found her boy sighing in relief as he sat next to it, smiling at her she felt her sudden fear vanish and her nervousness disappear.

    'Let's give her a proper meal next' Lin was happy right now, this fire not only meant that his life was assured to last this winter.

    It meant he can start repaying this woman for delivering him into this world, he can continue to develop his body despite the harsh weather.


    Lin made his mother take him in a tour to find any crystalized salt on the walls of the cave, and he was lucky to find a few spots.

    After gathering them he made his mother bring some meat, a few handfuls of the different seeds, stone bowl full of water, the wheat seeds he took double the amount of it.

    After arranging the materials in front of his bed, Lin started to get busy.

    As he worked on cutting one meat slap to small pieces, his little sister came out from under the covers to rub him with an indignant look on her face that asked for pampering after her mother wronged her.

    Lin smiled and hugged his sister under his wing, resting her head on her thigh he patted her sore butt and caressed it with his left hand as he gestured for his mother to place the water container on top of the fire carefully.

    Lin's mother was attentive to all his gestures and somehow she didn't need him to repeat his gestures twice for her to understand him anymore.

    Placing the seeds and some salt in the water Lin added the small pieces of meat into the mix, as he waited for the water to boil he started to peel off the wheat seeds outer layers one by one while gesturing for his mother to stir the stew.

    Placing a flat rock at the side of the fire, Lin lined four slaps of meat on top to grill slowly.

    Then started using another stone to crush the wheat seeds as he planned to turn them into flour, when his weak arms reached their limit he made his mother continue instead.

    The excited mother started to crush the wheat seeds enthusiastically under the directions of Lin, when she finished a nice pile of flour Lin gave her a few pieces of meat to mince them into shreds.

    Adding water and salt to the flour he started making meat buns with the shredded meat, now all that was left was to wait for the food to be cooked right.

    Hugging his younger twin sister and watching his excited mother smiling from ear to ear, he felt slightly accomplished.

    "Snore...... Snooore..... Wheeze......"

    The only thing out of place was the father at the background snoring endlessly.

    When the mother heard the irritating sound she heartlessly stepped on Lin's father chest as she went to get two stone bowls as Lin requested, the food was already about to be ready for her to try.

    The smell alone made the mother drool and lick her lips.

    Again as she returned with two stone bowls the mother stepped on the father's body and clicked her tongue with a contemptuous gaze as she looked at her sleeping man.

    She had no plan on waking him up.

    Taking the small stone bowl that was somewhat heavy for him to carry with both arms from the mother, Lin patted his sister's head comfortingly then moved her away from his lap that was starting to get numb.

    As he was about to scoop his mother some soup.

    "Aaaa.... Ooahhoo...."

    His father woke up to the delicious aromatic scent, and the existence of the fire scared him to the extent of retreating back until his back was stuck to the cave walls.

    Waving his arms left and right as he made sounds for his family to come next to him.


    His wife gave him a sidelong glance then raised her shoulders and snorted loudly.


    The husband knew that he just embarrassed himself in front of his woman and hung his shoulders down and neared his family cautiously while feeling disheartened.

    When Lin's father got near he was tempted by the floating pieces of meat in the stone bowl on top of the fire, stretching his arm and aiming to dip it in the bubbling waters to fish that delicious looking meat.

    "Fa.... Der..... Noo....."

    Lin shouted to warn him of the danger of the heat.

    The mother like an expert hunter with an agile hand, once she heard the panicking sound of Lin's, she lightning quick stretched her arm and caught the father's ear with her sure working submission technique over her man's.

    Dragging him to stand in front of his son obediently with his head lowered to the limit of what her hands can reach downwards, she with an inquisitive look at her son's as if saying : what do you want to do with him?.

    Lin smiled ruefully at this sight, right now he felt willingness from his mother to throw the father in the boiling pot if he asked her.

    "Es...... Ooot....."

    Once Lin pointed at the boiling pot and gave the gesture of pain while telling them of the dangers of hot things, the mother smirked evilly then took his father's arm and cruelly dipped it elbow deep in the boiling stew.


    Lin shivered as he saw this action from his mother as she smiled like a devil, he hurriedly took them to the cold water and pointed at it.

    "Es..... Ooold......"

    And gave the mother the sign of repeating what she did in the hot waters with his father's arm, once she did, the father smiled stupidly as the scalding feeling he felt on his arm disappeared gradually and got replaced by another feeling.

    He only got that feeling when he woke up from his sleep to take a leak after feeling like bursting out, seeing the father's stupid grin, Lin's mother carried him towards the fire and ignored her man's disgusting sight.

    Lin started scooping food for his parents and offerings them grilled meat and smoking hot meat buns, the meat stew with the tender seeds the couple used to struggle on chewing them raw.

    As they ate the food their son offered them and asked for more their tears fell on their faces without them knowing, the mother was unlike the father who only woke up after everything was done and ready.

    She step by step watched her son do it all from the very beginning, from scratch in a few hours he made her eat the best food she ever ate, see the strangest things she ever saw.

    As she ate the mother kept stopping then giving Lin some hugs and kisses.

    Lin smiled and patted his mother's hand then went to rest, he decided to try the new bed that he got prevented the luxury of sleeping on before.

    One minute after he rested his head, Lin felt his body being moved away and he rolled to his old bed like a gourd.

    Once he opened his eyes he found that his warm food reignited his father's weak flames of vigour, the mother who acted like an angry lioness before, was currently on all four and sticking her butt up.

    Sighing, Lin turned on the other side to avoid seeing what comes next.

    However, he couldn't avoid hearing the loud moans and grunts.

    7 months old he gave warmth to his mother's......, fire to his father's......

    Yet, they're still doing shameful acts in front of little children.
    Almost isn't enough.
  •                   Chapter 2 : Lily

    Next day Lin woke up at the same time his father had reached his limit, he frowned at the sight and grunt-moaning music.

    After his father slumped face first on the brown fur with a smug full of pride on his face, Lin's mother noticed that her baby boy is already awake.

    Slapping her man's intruding hand off her squishy chest, Lin's mother blushed slightly when she saw Lin's frowning expression.

    When she got up and neared Lin, the boy felt the erotic smell on his mother's body invade his nose.

    He refused to feed when she sat next to him, only his little sister crawled her way to her mother and used her lips to squeeze hard for more milk.

    The mother tried to forcefully press Lin to her chest and he wriggled himself away from his mother's clutch.

    When the mother started to panic he made her fill the pot on top of the fire with water, then he helped her wash her body spotless clean with warm water afterwards.

    For the first time after more than 7 months, Lin, his mother and sister were clean.

    He helped his mother to a simple ponytail hairstyle, the mother was really a beauty.

    Smiling widely after she became clean, she kept hugging her twin children and giggling like a fool from time to time.

    After he had his baby meal of breast milk, Lin helped his mother again in preparing breakfast and this time she arranged almost everything on her own.

    When the snoring father woke up at the good smell of food he was staring widely at his family, especially at his woman that got a lot sexier and tempting.

    Lin felt ashamed at his father's sight, standing like a fool with full erection staring at his woman like a pervert.

    The pregnant mother smirked happily at the sight of her man and scooped him some food, once Lin's father ate he tried to jump his woman and got his ear snatched by her.

    Dragging her man behind her for the water by the ear to clean him just like how her lovely boy did to her earlier.

    Lin's mother didn't use warm water to wash her horny man, freezing cold water was used to clean him instead.

    In 2 seconds his raging member with full erection became soft, the mother smiled evilly in amusement at her man's sight.

    She felt like she just learned something new, after all, sometimes this beast did her when she wasn't in the mood.

    Hehe, now she can calm him with cold waters instead.

    As for Lin, he started to try to walk.

    Now that the problem of cold was eliminated he didn't want to waste time, when he got tired he would use the hay straws to make other disks, teach his mother how to make clothes out of the extra fur, or cook food.

    And the last two months of winter passed calmly for the small family, the father was the most lazy followed by the little girl.

    Lin and his mother made clothes and footwear from fur and hay straws, his tongue finally became under his control.

    "Mom, this isn't how you stitch the sleeves. Here look, from the side, downwards, then through the small opening, then upwards. See, it's so simple right!"

    As Lin was taking his usual walk around the cave in his small fur clothes, he noticed his mother scratching her head in befuddlement at how she should finish the last part of this top.

    It was for her man to wear, cold was almost over and their food supply is about to be exhausted.

    Her man should wear these novel things like she and her children, they kept her warm even when she went out to fetch water.

    After the top was finished she smiled broadly and hugged and kissed Lin as a gesture of appreciation for helping making her life much better, now she eats the best food, stays clean all the time, wear comfortable things, and get loved by her man whenever she feels the need.

    The winters before this one, her man would lose his vigour in the first week, and spends the remaining days under the fur, either snoring or staring at thin air.

    The warm food made him hard, and the water washed his stinky smell off.

    She felt blessed with this strange son, the girl was strange as well but she mostly slept or watched with glowing eyes as her man pressed her underneath him.

    Unlike the boy who would act like he didn't see the mother and father mating and frowned in displeasure, the little girl would clap or giggle and say : yes ram it in, don't let go on the pressure. She's almost there dad.

    Weirdly, the man seemed to understand his daughter's instructions, and sex felt a whole lot better for the pregnant mother.

    Everytime they did it, the boy would refuse to feed from her unless she showered to clean herself from the scent of sex, while the little lazy girl would happily take both breasts and lick the obscene smell with pleasure.

    Now after the harsh winter's wind had calmed slightly and the snowing started to turn into rain, the father was prepared to leave at first light.

    He wore his clothes and footwear and flexed his muscles in the air then took a sumo wrestling stance in front of the large stone blocking the entrance.

    "Ka.... Tak.... Trrk...."

    Before he started pushing the stone Lin saw his pregnant mother pouting her lips and threw a fist sized rock at her man's back of the head, the man ignored the woman's actions and after a deep breath he started moving the stone to widen the entrance of the cave.

    "Huh, why is mom angry with dad?"

    Lin asked his twin sister who was resting in his chest lazily and watching the drama with a smile.

    "Heh, idiot it's because he's leaving, mom is pregnant after all."

    The girl explained to Lin, and the reason was completely unreasonable.

    After all, the man left because his family almost ran out of provisions, if he didn't go this woman and two kids would starve.

    Yet, here she's grumbling because he's leaving! I guess he did the best thing by ignoring this unreasonable woman.

    Exactly how is their minds working!

    Females thought process was a mystery even for Lin when he was in his previous life, even with the exaggerated database of thousands of years at his peck and call.

    He still came up with nill in the end, their hormones made a complete mess of the equation.

    That was the true Pandora's Box, even women couldn't understand other women's not to mention man trying to do this dangerous job.

    Resting his sister's body on the fur bed and covering her to sleep, Lin smiled at the sight of her curling up like a kitten with a smile on her face.

    She liked the way Lin pampered her the most, even when she watched the scenes of her mother and father or hugged her mother's chest to her face, she wasn't as happy as when he tucked her in her bed or snuggled with her.

    She knows that he knows about her true self, even after she made life hard for him in his previous life.

    He didn't ignore her or treat her badly, he took care of his family while she stayed lazily asleep.

    He can walk already while she struggles with crawling or sitting on her own, she depended on him in her previous life and lived inside his mind and soul.

    Watched him live for almost 30 years, knew all about his thoughts and feelings.

    Yet despite her mischievous actions of disturbing his thoughts and many other acts, he didn't neglect her in this life even though he can make life harder for her as a payback for what she did earlier.

    "You really are an idiot..."

    The girl muttered inaudibly as she smiled happily under her fur covers, while watching her big brother Lin walk away towards the cave entrance, she knew he was curious about what is outside this cave.

    The mother sat there rubbing her bulging belly with a sad look on her face, she was daydreaming and staring at thin air.

    Even as Lin left the cave she didn't seem to notice.

    Once Lin exited the cave he saw snow and ice covering everything around, his father was descending the elevated terrain and heading north to the leveled land ahead.

    The cave the family lived in was located on top of a small mountain, and the entrance was facing north.

    "At least they choose a good place to live."

    Lin was satisfied with the sight in front of him, it was a mountainous land east and west covered in snow.

    Only north was a stretch of plains with small leafless plants dotted with ice crystals resulting from a long winter, as for south, Lin couldn't get to see it because of the high rocks blocking his view.

    After his father disappeared in the horizon Lin was about to head back in, then he saw another man descending from the west side about 800m away.

    Like Lin's father he headed north, but, he seemed tired and weary and stumbled more than once as he went down the mountain.

    When Lin climbed a 3m rock and looked west he saw another cave, after checking the east side he saw no other caves there.

    "It seems like this man is our only neighbor, is he like us... Living with his family!"

    Lin felt slightly disheartened by the fact of being sent to another life to live in this small community, he was used to the numbers of his fellow humans being in the quadrillions.

    Knowledge, intelligence, harmony, interaction, prosperity......

    Now, after living for 9 months the number of humans he met was measly 4.

    "Sigh, this life doesn't seem to fit with my character at all. Just why was I given another chance at living?"

    As he got down the 3m rock and walked aimlessly near the cave, Lin started to talk to himself as he stared at the sights around him.

    The sun rose up as he walked east until he reached about 80m away from the cave entrance, behind a huge rock Lin saw a few bushes of blueberry growing between two rocky walls.

    Further east, Lin saw the water source about one hundred meters away.

    "Sister always nagged in my head previously about how much she liked the taste of that particular fruit, hehe, I remember how much I kept refraining from eating anything with the taste of blueberry just to pay her back for the constant nagging."

    Lin started collecting the ripe blueberries and returned to the cave with a pile gathered, he was planning on making some juice for his mother, extracting sugar, fermenting some wine, etc.

    He had so much free time on his hands anyway, Lin wasn't used to being idle.

    Once Lin appeared at the cave entrance, his dazed mother seemed to notice that he was outside on his own.

    The mother's face darkened with anger, the pregnant woman snatched her baby boy Lin and in a swift motion she lowered his pants after laying him on her thighs with his small buttocks facing up.

    "Pa.... Pa.... Pa...."

    "Mom... Awww... Stop.... Ouch.... Oy.... Stop it...."

    "Pa.... Pa.... Pa...."

    "Hahahahaha..... The Great Sage Lin is getting spanked, this is hilarious kakakakaka. Who would've thought i'll get to see such a sight one day, don't stop mom, they're only pink now. Turn these beautiful butt cheeks into tomatoes, keep going."

    Lin was infuriated, he only went outside and didn't go that far from this new home, and here he's getting spanked by his mother even though he was planning to make her some juice.

    His sister didn't try to help him by calming his pregnant mother! She was happily watching the comedy and urging his mother to slap some more? Fuck, I just tucked you in bed you ungrateful sister.

    Wait until I make these blueberry lollipops, i'll make you grovel under my feet for a lick.

    After Lin got spanked his pregnant mother didn't let him go, she hugged him gently to her chest and started soothing him by massaging his butt with her fingers.

    'Humph, you took your frustrations on me instead of father, unfair mommy, bully mommy, smelly mommy, bad mommy, horny mommy' Lin thought as he felt his ass heating up like an oven, no matter how much he tried to get away from his mother's embrace he couldn't.

    "Just try to enjoy it, mom is finally showing us some love. Remember when we were just born, she left us for hours unfed."

    Lin's sister crawled to her mother's side and joined in the group hug as she told Lin not to resist.

    "Eh... Blueberries! Oy Lin you dummy why are you taking them all away, no master Lin, lord Lin, Great Sage Lin....."

    When the mother took the little sister into her arms Lin used the chance to escape, he quickly gathered the scattered blueberries from the ground with a vindictive smirk on his face.

    When the little sister noticed them she knew she just made a huge mistake when she urged the mother to spank him earlier, she was happy because when she got spanked at the fire incident Lin wasn't spanked as well.

    Now that the mother didn't discriminate between the twins, the little sister was happy because Lin received the same treatment.

    She changed her attitude from schadenfreude to ass kissing in a heartbeat, trying to butter him up hoping for one or two of these blueberry fruits.

    "You had your fun, now it's my turn."

    Giving her a side glance, Lin spoke as he started washing the berries.


    The sister rested her head on her mother's chest and stretched her lips in disappointment, she knew, after pissing him off with her prank earlier, Lin wouldn't change his mind unless some time has passed.

    Lin mashed the fruits in a clean stone container then gave his mother a small sample of the juice after diluting it with water, even though he was angry for what she did to him earlier.

    When his small sister tried to drink some he gave his mother the no gesture, and he got a glare from his sister after she was denied from taking a single sip.

    Acting nonchalant, Lin started making jam, extracting sugar, fermenting wine, teaching his mother how to bake sweet flavoured pastries.

    It took three days to finish what he wanted to do or teach to his mother, then Lin held a small blueberry lollipop of his own creation in his hands.

    "Sis, check this out. This thing just popped up in my hand out of nowhere, I think I should just throw it away. En, such vulgar shape shouldn't exist."

    Lin walked slowly to his frowning sister that was throwing up a tantrum since he and his mother refused to give her a taste of anything that had blueberries in it.

    Lin had to admit, his younger sister looked very cute when she pouted, she really took after their mother's in looks and beauty.

    "Humph, Great Sage Lin is teasing a baby girl with a lollipop. Tsk, gimme that or i'll scream until your ears bleed."

    The babygirl's eyes lit up with excitement and sat up from her laying position once she saw the lollipop in Lin's hand, she stretched both arms forward while threatening to scream her lungs out.

    She knew her big brother Lin always hated the sound of babies when they cry or scream, it felt like a screwdriver piercing his ears.

    "Apologize to your big brother properly, after all when you got spanked I kept massaging your butt until it got better. You on the other hand, humph."

    Even after 3 days Lin didn't forget how she laughed her ass off as he got spanked.

    "Hahaha, big brother Lin is holding a grudge! Is the sun rising from the west or something? Are you sure you're okay?"

    Lin's sister amusingly looked at her brother who acted unlike his usual self and asked.

    "Snort, seems like you don't want it. Alright then, i'll go throw it outside."

    Lin squinted his eyes slightly at his cute little twin sister, waving the lollipop in his arm back and forth lazily he spoke.

    "D...don't, alright big brother Lin i'm sorry for making fun at you."

    The little girl panicked at the threat from Lin and waved her arms in the air to stop him, then she held on to her brother's thighs and begged him not to do it.

    "Un, that's more like it. Now that I think about it I can't keep on calling you sis or sister, from now on you'll be called Lily. Here, enjoy."

    Patting his little sister's head, Lin gave her a name that suited her cute looks.

    As for that name suiting her personality, Lin can never find a cute name for that.

    "Hehe, Lily. I like that name."

    Snatching the lollipop, Lily smiled as she stuffed it in her mouth.

    Yet, she didn't let go of Lin and enjoyed his gesture of patting her head, just like a kitten being held by her owner

    The snow outside was almost fully melted and green started to appear everywhere, the temperature started to rise and the rain started to lessen.

    Lin wasn't satisfied with the cave they lived in, it was unhygienic and lacked everything.

    He planned to make a proper bathroom first, yet, the absence of his father and the pregnancy of his mother would delay Lin's plans.

    Fortunately he could start by creating the bathtub walls by gathering small rocks and stones, the hard floor of the cave prevented Lin from digging after all.

    Lin used a mixture of soil from outside the cave and a concentrated blueberry jam to form concrete, it proved to be water resistant after getting heated up by fire.

    First he formed a 1m tall wall of rocks and stones then filled the gaps with his concrete formula, then with the help of his excited to help pregnant mother he roasted the walls until they were sturdy and water proof.

    Then he formed a web of hay straws and spread it on both of the walls and the floor of that supposedly large bathtub, it was 3*3m.

    Then he added another layer of his concrete formula on top of the grass web and spent a whole day smoothening the surface with his mother, now the bathtub was missing only the pipes.

    It took Lin one week to create a bathtub, he kept shaking his head at how helpless he was in this life.

    Previously he could create a nuclear reactor in two days if he wanted, sigh.

    In another 3 days Lin created the pipes and installed them to the bathtub, they could drain the water inside the tub outside the cave after bathing.

    Yet, they need to manually fill it which was something frustrating for Lin.

    Since the water source was almost 200m east, to fill the tub will take quite sometime.

    He started working on creating a water tank, in another week the water tank was created behind the bathroom.

    Lin made it large enough to fill the bathtub 3 times easily, elevated above the cave floor by 2m, linked to another smaller tank that Lin is planning on creating in the future, and linked to the bathtub.

    He planned to create another smaller tank with fire underneath for warm water in winter.

    25 days after his father left, Lin finished creating 1 large water tank, 1 bathtub 3*3m, pipes linking both tank and bathtub and a drainage system leading outside the cave.

    During this time he made sure to keep his mother away from heavy lifting or tiring work, Lin kept creating small pieces from everything with his mother first and told her how to assemble them later under his supervision.

    The pregnant mother was very happy as she worked with her son in creating all these strange things, when her son made her assemble the small things into a large tank her eyes widened in shock.

    She kept looking at her own hands in wonder for a whole day, she couldn't believe she made those herself and looked at her son like he was some kind of god.

    After finishing up this small part of what he is planning Lin decided to rest and continue tommorow, now it was afternoon and it has been almost a month of working with his mother with barely any rest.

    He had his meal and rested with lazy Lily snuggling him with a blueberry candy in her mouth, he told her that she can't overdo it with sweets in this young age.

    Once every 4 days can she eat candy or lollipops, and today happens to be her fun day as she likes to call it.

    "Tomorrow don't keep on working, fill that water tank with mom and lets have a bath together."

    Lily said with a mischievous glint shadowing her eyes.

    "I was planning on it, the next on my agenda is hard labor and mom isn't suited for that in her late stages of pregnancy. When father returns i'll continue with the rest."

    Lin didn't notice the sly smirk on Lily's face as he spoke.

    "Huh.... Ooo.... iennn...."

    The sound of their mother interrupted the twins conversation, when they turned to look they saw her heading for the cave entrance at a hurry.

    Outside the cave Lin's father was dragging the body of a tiger behind him, he was smiling broadly even though he was struggling with dragging the 4m tall tiger.

    Full of sweat and badly wounded at the right shoulder and left thigh, it seems he was the claws of the tiger.

    Once he reached the cave entrance with the help of his pregnant woman dragging the tiger with him, Lin's father left it outside and entered at a hurry to eat some of the food.

    This time the father was surprised by the addition of sweet taste pastries and juice, the crunchy candy, then he found a pot that was covered next to the water bowl.

    After sniffing it once he felt a weird smell coming from it, when he tasted it he felt it stinging his tongue and scorching his throat.

    Even though it tasted weird the burning sensation at his chest felt good, raising the pot he drank it whole.

    "Lin, father drank your wine."

    As Lin and his mother were outside checking the tiger his father brought, only Lily was inside to witness the act of the caveman trying wine for the first time in his life.

    'Just how did he hunt it? It's impossible for him to do it on his own, and there's no injuries on the body of this tiger. Huh, fuck.... I forgot to hide the wine' as Lin searched with his eyes for the cause of death trying to satisfy his curiosity and learn how his father hunts, he heard Lily's voice from inside the cave.

    "Come mom, let's go. You need to stop father from drinking all the wine."

    Lin hurried inside as he urged his mother to follow, when he saw the sight of his father drinking the wine as if it was water.

    Lin wished for nothing at that time other than an electric stick to punish this wasteful father.

    "Stop him."

    Like a general leading his army, Lin pointed at his father and ordered his mother to take action.

    The pregnant mother smiled evilly and slapped her man's back of the head once then dragged his unsteady body to the bed by the ear, the drunk man kept mumbling mumbo-jumbo with a stupid grin.

    The pregnant mother was shocked by how strange her man was acting after drinking this weird water, she remembers clearly that her son made it from these dark fruits.

    Smiling happily the mother was glad to find another method she can use in the future to make her man tame and docile, flashing a wide smile to her perfect son she pushed her man down on bed and started to satisfy the fire burning within her for almost a month now.

    Lin started to look for a place he can hide that wine and after he finally finished, his mother was clicking her tongue at her man underneath her.

    Snoring loudly with a full mast, she kinda liked the combination and hated it in the same time.

    Since she partially satisfied herself for now she didn't want to make her man reach his satisfaction, yet.

    Cruelly unplugging herself from the sleeping man and covering him, she flashed another smile at her only audience which is her daughter.

    As if saying : learn from mother, when you get your own man just do the same.

    "Demoness, I like the way you handle your stud."

    Lily gave her mom a few claps then a thumb up gesture as she spoke, the mother raised her head and stuck her chest out proudly as she smiled.

    When she saw Lin heading for the tiger's body she raised her pants up and followed him under the giggles of Lily.

    "That's a tigress! Wait.... It can't be, the savage really hunted a pregnant tigress. Mom hurry, this tiger was pregnant.... We need to deliver the cubs. Reach in and try to pull them, it's body is still warm and it died recently. Hurry, Lily get your ass over here."

    Lin was shocked by the fact and saddened at the same time, he didn't mind his father hunting any kind of animal to survive.

    But, pregnant animals was a taboo and a red line that shouldn't be crossed.

    He quickly explained to his pregnant mother the situation with simple gestures, and his pregnant mother felt sad and kept touching her belly as she listened to her son.

    Then she pulled her sleeves and started using her arms trying to pull out the small cubs from the tigress vagina, she seemed determined on taking them out from their dead mother's body.

    Lily heard Lin's shout and crawled her way out from the cave, when she saw Lin and her mother trying to deliver the small cubs her eyes glowed with interest.

    "CPR this one and see if there's anything you can do, i'll help mom."

    Lin dragged the first tiger cub towards Lily and hurried back to instruct his mother on what to do, Lin's mother arms were shoulder deep inside the 7m long tigress's body.

    "Lin, this one is gone."

    Lily's voice made Lin more anxious as he watched his mother pull another tiger cub the size of his own body.

    "It wasn't your fault."

    As Lin dragged the listless body of the tiger cub to his sister, Lily said as she patted his hand.

    "It just doesn't feel right, this whole situation is messed up."

    Lin shook his head and returned to his mother, he was thinking about what if.

    In the case of there was a possibility to save any tiger cub if he didn't waste time hiding the wine from his father.

    If they were all dead by that time he wouldn't blame himself, but, after wasting time hiding the wine he'll still blame himself if they were all dead.

    Even worse, he'll blame himself even more if some of them turned out to be alive.

    Lily knows very well how he thinks and that's why she told him that it wasn't his fault.

    "First cub is mine, you're not allowed to argue with me on that."

    Lily said and Lin's face lit up with excitement when he heard her.

    "That one is alive?"

    Lin asked as he looked at the second tiger cub in Lily's hands.

    "No, it's gone as well. I'm just saying."

    Lily heartlessly pushed away the second tiger cub's body as she spoke.

    Lin shook his head in disappointment when he heard Lily, he was not even in the mood to fight.

    'Idiot, just lighten up. You did nothing wrong, it was all that drunk father's fault from the very beginning' Lily thought as she watched her big brother's face cloud in disappointment.

    When the third tiger cub was announced dead by Lily, Lin was clinching his fists guiltily as he waited for his mother the pull the next tiger cub.

    Lily shook her head helplessly at the obvious restlessness her brother Lin was currently experiencing, she was unlike him, she didn't care if death struck anyone.

    She only cares about him, even her mother and father can die in front of her, she'll only feel slightly bad for a time then it will turn into memories.

    Lily won't be sad if her own mother got gangbanged from this mother until the end of her life, Lily won't be sad if she lived as a slave until her last breath.

    Yet, if someone dared to touch one of Lin's hair strands, he'll have to answer to Lily's sick mind.

    She'll pour her vengeance like an endless waterfall on the poor fuck, only I am allowed to mess with Lin's emotions.

    "Lily, stop daydreaming."

    Lin woke Lily from her daze with his call as he dragged another tiger cub in front of Lily, smiling slightly Lily started to check the vitals.

    "It's alive, this one is breathing. Come Lin help me drag it to it's mother belly to feed, this one is mine like we agreed."

    Lily was excited, her earlier statement gave her the right to take this tiger cub for herself since Lin didn't argue with her.

    Lin was feeling conflicted emotions when he knew one was alive.

    'These three tiger cubs may have lived if I was quick enough to act once father arrived' Lin thought as he helped the small cub into his mother's nipples, he was sorrowful as he looked at the dead bodies of the tiger cubs.

    'This small one might live without any siblings because of me' as he patted the tiger cub gently Lin felt sorry and guilty.

    "Eh.... Don't tell me you're having seconds thoughts, we already agreed this one is mine after all."

    Lily said as she used her sleeves to clean the tiger's dirty fur while it fed from it's dead mother for the first and last time in it's life.

    Lin smiled sadly then shook his head and went to check on his mother, he refused to say anything to his mischievous sister.

    Lin found his mother waist deep inside the dead tigress's body, after struggling to remove herself from inside the tigress she was holding another cub in her hands.

    This one was unlike the other tiger cubs, it was clearly alive because it moved it's limbs chaotically, it's color was not orange with black stripes like it's siblings, but snow-white with black stripes.

    Smiling bashfully Lin took it to feed from it's mother like the one before it.

    "Eh, no deal. This one is mine, i'll allow you to take the first born like yourself. This adorable white furred animal is suitable for a lady."

    Lily didn't feel ashamed for going back on her words at all, she left the tiger cub that became clean after she used her sleeves to wipe it.

    Then started hugging the other tiger cub and cleaning it with a smile on her face.

    Lin left her and returned to his mom, this time his mother came out empty from inside the tigress body.

    After checking again once more the mother shrugged her shoulders to indicate that nothing is left inside.

    5 tiger cubs, 3 deceased, 2 alive.

    Lin was feeling terribly guilty, maybe, just maybe, he could've saved more.

    "I'll call them Sun-Moon pearls, Sun is male, Moon is female. Sun is yours."

    Lily hugged the twin tiger cubs to her and named them.

    Lin's mother looked at the sight of her children with the cubs and left with a wicked smile on her face, she was planning on continuing with her sleeping man from where she left him.

    Next day,

    Lin's father woke up with a severe hangover, the headache made the caveman bang his head against the cave wall seven times for it to go away.

    The sight made Lin wonder, 'Just how hard is his head?'

    "Ah.... Oooh....."

    Lin's father noticed the two tiger cubs in Lily's embrace and he excitedly walked towards her while making gorilla sounds.


    Lily screeched aloud in a mighty screaming voice when her father raised his leg to stomp the small cubs.

    Lin hurried to cover his ears, the mother ran and tackled her man away from the cubs.

    After getting his ears twisted by his woman and his eardrums ringing by his daughter, Lin's father didn't try to kill the two tiger cubs anymore but he kept a vigilant watch over them.

    When Lin saw his father's attitude towards a couple helpless cubs, he got even more curious about how his father killed their mother in the first place.

    Both wounds at his shoulder and thigh were tended to in his sleep, and after he ate his breakfast Lin made his mother and father start cutting the tigress.

    Both cubs had to be fed and Lin was even more sad for having to feed them their own mother.

    He drew lines on the tigress's body for his father to cut, and the man proved to be an expert in deboning.

    He was using a dull stone knife to cut, yet, his smooth cuts resulting from his ridiculous strength made Lin nod in approval.

    The tigress fur was removed in one piece, the meat and innards were gathered perfectly.

    All that was left after 8 hours is the skeleton and a buddle of blood.

    Lin followed his father to see the place where he disposes of the bones, there he saw a mountain of bones in the west side.

    In a natural crack in the mountain about 10m wide his father threw the tigress skeleton downwards, it was about 70~90m deep and accessible from the foot of the mountain they live in.

    When he returned to the cave, Lin saw his sister Lily guiding his mother on how to mince the meat for the little cubs before feeding them.

    Lin made his father bring water to fill the water tank, and the man was very excited to do something that fun.

    No matter how many times he poured water in that big thing it just wouldn't fill up!

    Lin used this opportunity to fill the bathtub and enjoyed soaking on his back.

    5 minutes later he felt someone joining him in the bathtub, that turned out to be Lily.

    He didn't mind it since the bathtub is quite big.

    Then another 'someone' joined him and Lily in the bathtub after another 5 minutes, that turned out to be his mother.

    Again he didn't mind it and rested his head on his mother's leg and closed his eyes.

    Then after another 5 minutes he felt himself being removed from the water and placed on the edge of the bathtub.

    Lin opened his eyes with the full intention of cursing at whomever disturbed him this time.

    Yet, first thing he saw was his mother's eyes full of lust.

    Lily was excited as she climbed next to Lin on the edge of the bathtub, she took a laying position on the edge and started breastfeeding from her mom.

    Lin frowned at the sight of his sister joining in on this matter, after all his mother was currently getting it from the back.

    "Sigh, this girl is turning into something scary."

    Lin wore his clothes and went to play with Sun-Moon pearls and tried his best to ignore his pregnant mother moans, which were turning louder by the second.

    Next day, Lin made his father help him create more of his concrete formula and they started to even the cave floor with hard but smooth tiles.

    Working with his father was a lot faster than working with his mother, still, the man kept pouting and grumbling because his son was ordering him to do this and that.

    Lin didn't hesitate to punish his stupid father by calling his pregnant mother to straighten the childish father's attitude whenever he threw a tantrum.

    The mother would gladly slap her man's back of the head, twist his ears, grab hold of his thing and squeeze, and many evil actions that would make the father's face cloud in fear.

    Then by the end of the day he would reward the hard working father with some of the magic water, wine.

    In 10 days, Lin's father finished the floor and walls of the cave, created a long pipeline connecting the water source to the tank, made the secondary tank that's only missing the oven below, added the rest of the necessities for the bathroom and covered it with walls to separate it from the rest of the cave.

    The main reason was his parents, ever since they tried doing it in the bathroom they became addicted to it.

    His only solution was to isolate them with walls, despite doing that the sound wasn't completely proofed.

    "I gotta double layer the walls of their room in the future, otherwise, I won't be living in peace if their sex life continued to be this active."

    As he rested in his bed and ruffled Sun and Moon's fur, Lin was thinking aloud as he heard the sound of his pregnant mother seeping through the bathroom walls and reaching his ears.

    He completely ignored his younger twin sister who made sure to attend every session and bear witness to the obscene action.

    After finishing the bathroom Lin turned his attention to the safety of the cave, after seeing such a huge animal like the tigress he was sure that if his father was away they won't survive a single attack.

    The cave entrance was large enough for two of these tigresses to enter side by side and no other exit was available, first they needed to make a sturdy gate then create another exit, more would be better.

    "Dad, these rocks needs to be removed."

    Lin pointed at a cluster of jutting rocks at the side of the exit, he planned on clearing enough space outside their cave to build a workshop to the left where he can create and forge.

    And his father proved to be a human bulldozer, these rocks? En, Boom boom boom.

    Human sized rocks only took two punches from the caveman to break them, Lin intended for the father to dig around the rocks and push them away.

    He stared wide at his father as he crushed them with his bare fists.

    'Just how strong are his bones? He doesn't seem to be troubled in anyway when he uses his fists to break them!' Lin thought as he watched his father break rocks for the first time.

    Then he stared at the wide cave they live in and imagined his father using his punches to create it in the past.

    After clearing the area it took another 10 days to create a door for the cave, the only reason Lin made it in 10 days was because he made sure to make it the thickest and sturdiest of all his creations.

    It was strong enough and extremely heavy even for the father, he couldn't even make it tremble after using all his power to hit it with the largest rock he can throw.

    The reason he didn't use his punches was because Lin made it covered in spikes from the outside, if any animal tried to ram it with their bodies they'll come to regret it with their lives.

    Now that their cave is safe, Lin sent his father again to hunt there's the addition of Sun-Moon and every day their appetite grows larger.

    He drew him the picture of trees and taught him how to chop them and sever the branches from the main log, how to gather the branches into bundles and tie them up with the leather ropes Lin made for him.

    He didn't forget to teach him to gather eggs from bird nests and to cover them with hay straws to protect them from breaking, and to make a few simple traps, gather different types of seeds, etc.

    Lin's pregnant mother wasn't happy because her man was leaving and pinched Lin's cheeks slightly, she started to understand his and Lily's words and mumbled broken words every now and then.

    Spending the days playing with the Sun and Moon, their cute sight of wobbly legs was an endless source of laughter for Lin.

    Lily would take care of feeding and cleaning the tiger cubs every day, she even started to learn how to walk to enjoy them following behind her.

    But most of the time she was told to take care of their pregnant mother's needs, walk her periodically, massage her body, bath her, serve her meals, etc.

    Lin was planning on creating other exits and escape measures when his father returns, a proper kitchen and rooms for the family, finish the workshop, start melting the mountain of bones in the west and create tools if his father brought wood with him.

    He took his time creating the small things that didn't need any assistance from others in his free time, Lin was experiencing the peacefulness of simple life.

    Unlike the previous life where he felt the hidden threat of the events of End Day looming over, right now he felt his top goal on his list to make sure his mother deliver them the next sibling safely.

    Second on the list was to tame his wild twin sister, 3rd was to make their life comfortable, 4th was to train these tiger cubs,....

    Lin would sleep when he feels like it, work on his small projects when he feels like it, play with his sister and the tigers when he feels like it, have fun with his pregnant mother when he feels like it.

    This life wasn't so bad!

    Only his mother was on the last and critical stages of her pregnancy, they had some false alarms which made Lin extremely nervous.

    After 24 days his father returned with a few bundles of branches on his shoulders, after throwing them to the side he ran down the mountain and brought 3 tree poles.

    70m tall, 6m wide.

    Not to mention the loads of seeds, clusters of eggs wrapped in straws, different kinds of fruits, and the two sheep like animals with broken necks.

    As the caveman stood there waiting for praise with a smug look, his pregnant woman struggled to reach his side as she supported her waist with one hand.

    Slapping his head and dragging him by the ear to the bathroom to clean him from the hunting journey, she started to get used to cleaning her body everyday and washing her fur clothes at least once every week.

    Look at you covered in dirt and your hair all messed up with leafs stuck in it, and you still dare to pose in front of your son.


    The mother muttered something as she left with her man to the bathroom, Lin and Lily smiled at the sight and when Lily tried to sneak out and join them, Lin held her by the shoulder.

    "That's enough Lily, I've tolerated your unhealthy behavior for almost a year now. You're not allowed to watch while mom and dad do anything that's supposed to be private anymore, don't taste my patience."

    Lin held strong on Lily's clothes and refused to let go as he spoke.

    "Damnit, are you telling me to only enjoy listening from now on? No, I wanna watch mom blush like mad. She looks just too sexy when she's having sex!"

    Lily's eyes reddened as she struggled to release herself from Lin's hold, what she said was completely messed up.

    "Hey, I know that you're a complicated mess of whatever negativity I had previously in the last life. Bipolar-Consciousness or whatever, right now you're not some parasite living inside me, you're a human being. Start acting like it, someday you'll get yourself a man. Cough... Enjoy it when you grow up, what good is there in watching? Stupid."

    Lin held her by the shoulders and shook her back and forth as he reprimanded Lily to realize her situation.

    "Hehe, parasite! Great Sage Lin said it right. I'm a parasite who likes to leech others, now all i've got is two options. Since the first is off limits, guess i'll have to settle on the second option."

    Lily smiled demonically and hugged her twin brother as she spoke next to his ears softly.

    "Humph, stop fooling around. Otherwise you'll come to regret it later, don't forget these kinds of communities don't have clear linings between a sister and wife."

    Lin sweated bullets inside as he tried to get away from his naughty sister.

    "No! Then i'll revert back to the first available option then, tsk, they must've undressed already. Foolish brother delayed me and now i've wasted this beautiful sight, I gotta tickle mother in that sacred garden until she squirts over and over. Uh! I remember that essay about how healthy it's for women to have sex in their last days of pregnancy, widening the tunnel for a quick delivery, etc. I just wonder how our poor sibling is doing inside, dad must've poked him more than once with all these forceful thrusts. Hahaha."

    Lily acted as if she was disappointed with Lin's refusal and turned slowly towards the cave, she spoke her thoughts aloud while a sly smirk decorated her lips.

    'Fuck, she's threatening me. But we're babies! just what kind of 'action' can she get? Sigh, gotta surrender for now' Lin thought as he gritted his central and lateral incisors.

    He only has 4 teeth now and the lateral incisors are only half way up.

    "Stop it Lily! just what do you want?"

    Lin held Lily's shoulder and forcefully turned her to face him as he asked.


    Smirking slightly Lily said while burying herself in her brother's embrace and rubbing her face on his chest like a mischievous kitty.

    Lin knew he can't argue with her on this matter, at least for now.

    He let her do what she wants and started looking at the things his father brought back from his hunting journey.

    He planned to make his father plant those seeds in a batch of land in the leveled area at the foot of the mountain, while Lin would try to hatch some of these eggs and see if he can raise some of them as a food supply.

    Lily was smiling broadly as she held on his hands and swung it back and forth, humming some cheerful tune and giving small Sun and Moon some treats.

    "Stop feeding them these eggs, there's minced meat inside."

    Lin frowned at Lily when she started breaking another egg to feed the tigers.

    "Tehehe i'm in a good mood."

    Lily ignored Lin's displeasure and patted the small ones as they licked the yolk off the eggshell, still, she refused to let go of his hand.

    Since the wood was acquired he needs his father to chop these tree poles into firewood blocks later, also some basic furniture needs to be made.

    The workshop and the forge needs to be done, after melting the bones he can create all kinds of items for himself and his family.

    As he thought about what to do next while sitting in front of the cave gates, the faint sounds of his mother's pleasure would reach his ears every now and then as Lily rested on his embrace with a content look and wide smile on her face.

    "You'll be responsible for taking care of mom and watching over her until she gives birth to our next sibling, i'll focus on the next project with dad. When her waters break give us a hauler, just try to keep her next to the bathroom as much as possible for the next few days."

    Lin pinched Lily's nose lightly as he told her what to do next.

    "Leave Sun-Moon pearls to me too, don't worry nothing will happen to mother or the baby in her belly under my watch."

    Lily said as she snuggled in his embrace with her small body.

    "That's a relief then, do you want us to make anything for you? I was planning on making a rocking chair for you."

    Lin asked as he patted his oddly docile sister's head and back gently.

    "Just the chair for now would be enough."

    Smiling and scrunching her nose Lily hugged her big brother's waist tighter as she spoke.

    Soon their mother and father appeared with the mother blushing slightly and the father walking proudly like a king as he supported the waist of his pregnant woman gently and placed his palm on her belly, last time he was away when his woman gave birth this time he'll be there to witness his next child's birth.

    "Come, let's make these tree trunks into firewood and boards. Listen closely dad, first you need to cut this part......."

    Lin gave Lily the signal with his eyes and told his father to follow him to organize the loot.

    "Mom you must be tired after all that exercise in the bathroom, let's go to bed i'll give you a massage."

    Lily dragged her mother by the arm inside the cave and the twin tigers followed after her, to them this little girl was their source of food and fun.

    The other boy would be another source for that, sometimes!

    First, Lin made a bed for his parents, one hell of a sturdy bed.

    One that wouldn't creak, much! And wouldn't break, hopefully!

    But, he made sure to add 4 layers of fur on top of the bed to make it comfortable, then added the fur of Sun-Moon's mother on top.

    Lily kept snickering endlessly when she saw Lin prepare the double layers walls around the parents room.

    "Is it that uncomfortable to hear mom's heavenly sound!"

    Lily asked as she clung on Lin's neck with her arms.

    "Private should stay private, we agreed you'll stay out of their private life. If you have any advices to mom I won't stop you from giving them, she's starting to understand us already and I plan to teach her and father how to speak next winter. You'll be helping as well."

    Lin kissed her cheek to distract her from that dangerous subject and told her of one of the future plans.

    One week after his father returned, as Lin and his father were building the chimney of the workshop outside the cave.

    "Lin, it's happening."

    Lily's voice came from inside the cave.

    "Let's go dad, you'll be meeting your new child today."

    Lin shouted for his dad to follow and the man seemed to understand him, he nervously followed behind his son to the cave.

    Once inside he saw his woman and daughter standing near the bathroom with his woman's legs drenched and a small buddle between them on the floor, her eyes when they looked at him made the caveman want to turn around and flee.

    'She's angry at me! What did I do? This morning I gently went in and out to please her, she even hugged and kissed me before I followed the short one to break these stones outside' Lin's father was hesitant on what to do next once he was under the gaze of his woman.

    "Dad, I want you to gently raise mom to the bathtub. Remember, G E N T L Y."

    Lin's words woke the scared caveman from his daze and he lowered his head and went to his wife to follow the "Short one's" orders, when he was next to his woman and preparing to raise her up.


    He heard his woman snorting then leaning towards his wide stone-like chest, somehow the sound of her snorting made the strong caveman experience a cold shiver at his back.

    When he princess carried her like the short one taught him before, he felt his neck getting squeezed under the armpit of his skinny woman.

    Hurrying for the bathtub before he suffocates because of the lack of air the caveman was thinking : 'When did she become stronger?' as he looked at the sweating beautiful face of his woman's in fear.

    Once he placed her in the warmed up waters and was prepared to move away, his woman held his right wrist with her left arm and glared at him as if saying : I dare you to take one more step back with a dangerous half-smile that was threatening and made his forehead ooze sweat.

    Giving a stupid grin he patted his woman's arm to assure her that he won't be leaving, still, she held on tighter to his wrist until it started to hurt and turned numb.

    Lily undressed her mother with Lin and started telling her when to push, meanwhile, the father was experiencing his worst nightmare.

    Simply because, his wife was turning into something scary by the second.

    She kept changing from a smiling expression to an angry expression, sad expression, grinning expression, dazed expression,etc.

    And her hand holding his wrist squeezed harder and harder, right now he feels like his right hand was torn off his right arm and no longer there.

    If it wasn't because he can see his hand he would've believed that he'll live the rest of his life one handed.

    'I don't want anymore of the small ones, this is scary. Even more scarier than these four legged ones' Lin's father was planning on not having other kids, sadly he doesn't know how to stop having new children.

    "Push mommy, I can see the head. Push like mad, one deep breath and squeeze."

    Lily was extremely excited to help and Lin's father was about to pass out from the mental pressure.

    "Aaahhhhh...... Wahh.... Wahhh....."

    "Look dad, you have a new baby boy. I'll call him Lao, cute little Lao."

    Lily scooped the baby from the warm waters and pinched his umbilical cord expertly, then showed it to the family and even took the liberty of naming him with a proud smile on her face.

    Lin's father felt the earlier suffering and mental pressure disappear when he saw his newborn son for the first time and heard his crying sound, his fatherhood instinct ignited and he lifted the newest small one on his large palm.

    The stupid grin on his face was very pure and beautifully contagious, the man entered the waters and hugged his tired woman to his chest.

    And enjoyed watching the sight of her feeding their baby boy for the first time, Lin dragged the unwilling Lily out of the bathroom and the two curious tiger cubs followed out as well.

    "Tsk, fine then. I want to be hugged too, you're not allowed to wear clothes as you hug me. Humph."

    Lily started to undress and ran for her new bed and gestured for her twin brother to join her.

    Once Lin closed the bathroom door he sighed endlessly at the thought of living with this perverted sister, he used the lever to close the cave gates and helplessly joined his sister in bed and hugged her naked like she requested.

    'I'm turning bad' Lin thought as he felt his sister intentionally stick her butt to his groin every time he separate from her touch.
    Almost isn't enough.
  •                 Chapter 3 : Plans

    15 days after Little Lao was born, the cool weather of spring was replaced by the cloudless skies and scorching sun of summer.

    The forge outside the cave was currently functioning properly, Lin got busy directing his father on what to do in order.

    Right now they're melting the bones under fires reaching over 1200 degrees, the molds are ready to be filled anytime now.

    He saw his father return littered with wounds more than once from his hunting journeys and thought it's about time to make him some protective armor and proper weapons.

    Inside the cave the space was separated right now into a playground for the tigers to the far left and next to it, the parents room with triple layers of walls with hay in between to prevent the erotic sounds of his mother from seeping through, Lin was frowning as he added the extra layer and Lily and his mother kept giggling non-stop, the bathroom, an empty kitchen save for a table and a few chairs Lin plans on adding all the utensils, kitchenware, etc later after his father returns the next time, room for the twins with another empty bed for Lao to use in the future, living area right at the entrance of the cave with chairs and couches the most prominent is Lily's rocking chair.

    Exiting the cave you'll find the forge to the left and to the right there's another empty space where Lin started to grow some of the seeds, his father brought the soil from down the mountain and plowed the earth with his hands.

    He created a simple pavilion next to it with a table and comfortable set of chairs, if the family felt like eating with an open air view they can go outside.

    "Dad, this is good enough. Pour it in the molds, wait.... I told you to stand behind this rock as you do it, are you looking for a quick death? Come, stand here. And be careful, this is extremely hot, understand? HOT."

    Lin rolled his eyes at his idiotic father, the caveman thought that his fur shoes and clothes can protect him from the melted bones.

    Shouting and screaming became the normal for Lin these days, sometimes his voice will be clogged or stuffy the next day from extreme shouting at his old man all day.

    Luckily, the caveman became obedient after suffering everytime he ignored his "little one" now he learned to follow his directions even though he couldn't understand most of his intentions.

    Whenever the little one raised his voice then that was an alarm bell ringing in the caveman's head, freeze mother f**ker!

    Lin was someone who never had to shout or yell before in his previous life, if the Great Sage Lin was recorded in an argument with anyone it was always soft talking and smiles to the degree of irritation.

    Lily was enjoying that different side of her brother and took care of the rest of the matters in his absence.

    After filling out all the prepared molds, Lin gave his father his reward for good work.

    A wooden gourd full of liquor, for the last 3 months Lin didn't stop making liquor from the different materials his father gathered.

    The caveman was hard working all day for that single moment when he gets rewarded, when he started working with his little one he tried to slack and earn his reward.

    Then he got punished by his woman when the little bug ratted him out, then he tried to spy on the little bug and learn where he hides the stash of liquor, again he came up empty after finding out that the liquor would magically appear when he does a good job for the day.

    Lily was having a good time fooling her dad with her brother, the look on her dad's face as he tried to figure it out was worth an Oscar.

    His hidden fear of the little bug's abilities made the idiot father more obedient as he worked, he even stopped to inquire with his eyes everytime to see if it's okay to continue.

    "Let's go dad, did you know? Today is our birthday! I'll let you drink some more of the liquor you love so much."

    Lin gave a last cursory check on the molds with his eyes to make sure everything is perfectly fine, then walked back towards the cave to take a shower.

    His mother was told since yesterday to grind some wheat seeds to flour, now they have the eggs and only missing some milk.

    Don't you ever think about it!

    Lily was permitted to eat candy once every two days, the cake Lin is going to make was specifically for their mother's only a little piece was allowed for Lily.

    He didn't need to explain to her the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, for the next 6 months their main source of nutrition will be their mother's milk only after that period will they start adding bits of other food and gradually exchanging breast milk for normal food in the remaining 6 months of their second year.

    By the time they reached their second birthday that will be the mark of their graduation from breastfeeding.

    He was sure someone like Lily would apply for an extension on his breastfeeding duration, she was that strange.

    After helping his mother make one perfect cake, the 5 members of the family sat outside and Lin and Lily sang the cheerful birthday song and let the mother blow out the single candle.

    "Thanks mom for giving birth to cute me."

    Lily shamelessly kissed her mother's lips instead of her cheeks.

    "Mmnh.... Ah...."

    Lin's mother blushed slightly when she saw Lin glaring at his twin sister for what she did in front of him.

    "L.... ien..."

    Then he heard his mother struggling with pronouncing his name.

    "Hehe mom said my name, good job mom you're very sweet."

    Lin kissed his mother's hand and patted her as a wide smile stayed on his face for 5 minutes.

    Lin's father was blushing from the strong liquor Lin offered him this time, his intoxication tolerance grew much since he first tasted the blueberries wine.

    Now he learned to enjoy it by drinking at his own pace.

    Next day his father left while wearing a full body armor made from melted bones, at his hand was a long heavy sword with both sides having blunt edges and snaking spikes.

    Since the father was a Mace expert as it seems blunt weapons suited his style best, Lin knew that it would be utterly useless to give him a sharp weapon.

    He made the sword at the right length suitable for his father but increased it's weight and thickness to match his father's previous stone Mace, he only added snaking spikes to cause bleeding effect on top of the blunt weapons crushing effect.

    The armor and helmet were both made with specific focus on maintaining flexibility while making swallowing this caveman's a hellish experience for any large predator, the amount of spikes and pointy parts coming from the chest, legs, knees, back, sides, arms, elbow, shoulders, head and even feet was more than 500.

    As for the pressure test! Lin made sure to make these bone plates protecting his father's body capable of withstanding triple the usual pressure while staying half a grade lighter, he wanted to grow up with a father in this life and he wouldn't allow some beast to rob him from this experience.

    A dozen short javelins were given to the father for him to use on fast animals, Lin only hoped his father truly understood his intentions.

    He made his father try throwing one before he left and his aim was totally off, still, he got the same ridiculous strength as always.

    That short javelin punctured two rocks the thickness of 5m and continued for almost 500m before making a hole down the mountain, the cloud of dirt was pretty large as if a grenade exploded there.

    The only one being happy to witness that sight was Lily clapping as if she just watched the perfect show, she nodded then gave her father a big wet kiss on his cheek as she avoided the dangerous spikes on his armor.

    Returning to having nothing to do, Lin and Lily took care of their little brother Lao with their mother and spent the days teaching her how to talk.

    It was awful, being upside down wasn't fun for the Great Sage Lin natural order was the grown-ups teaching their children how to speak.

    And after 20 days his father returned!

    Usually he'll be gone for a month or more, now he returned after 20 days with triple the amount of food.

    A deer, a bear, lots of seeds and fresh fruits, one large wooden container full of honey which is something Lin taught him how to gather and keep the annoying flying things that stings like bad away with smoke, double the amount of eggs and one large bird that he managed to luckily hit with a javelin.

    First thing the caveman did when he returned was to take off his armor that protected him from these four legged things, throw away the fantastic weapon that helped him beat any competition in three or four strikes, then give his little bug a great hug.

    "Ewww, you're full of blood and gore. Dad let go i feel like i'll puke, quickly.... emphg.... Blurgh...."

    Lin felt the world swirling in front of his eyes when his father stuffed his face in the aftermath of more than 20 days without showering mixed with blood and gore from multiple battles his father experienced in his hunting journey, after trying very hard not to be rude and vomit on his biological father the caveman didn't get the message.

    Simply because his alarm depends on high volume screaming or shouting, Great Sage Lin wasn't able to breath in his nausea how would he shout or raise his voice?

    His stomach got emptied on his father's face and body, after vomiting twice Lin felt his discomfort disappear and he was ashamed of himself.

    "Hahahaha this is hilarious, keep going don't stop. Mom come see, this sight is worth gold. Hurry, let go of the bear it's already dead."

    Lily fell on her butt and kept stomping her feet on the ground when she saw the sight.

    Lin's mother face darkened in anger at her man's sight covered in undigested milk from her chest, snatching Lin from his hand she went towards the bathroom while dragging her man behind her by the ear.

    "Hahahaha dad today you'll know who's the true boss im this cave as it seems."

    Lily's voice entered Lin's ear and he frowned slightly.

    He had no problem with his parents having more children, but to keep getting pregnant without giving the mother the sufficient time for her body to recover from the previous pregnancy is dangerous.

    Even if his mother is a cave woman with stronger body, hidden injuries will be critical and currently Lin isn't supported with the proper medical equipment to solve them if they happened.

    By the time he noticed it, it will be too late for regrets.

    'Looks like i'll have to give her the sex lesson and how to take precautions' Lin sighed and hung his head down in embarrassment.

    After getting a quick shower Lin became the elephant in the bathroom.

    He stopped his parents from having sex, for the first time in his life Lin really wished for a hole to hide in it.

    His mother seemed to understand the gist of his reason and blushed slightly then carried Lin out of the bathroom after wearing her clothes, the father with raging erection got gifted a very strong liquor and he unwillingly accepted the bribe.

    He kept muttering something as he looked his woman leave with his boy towards the pavilion outside, he went to bully the two little tigers and sipped on his liquor.

    Lily was having the best time of her life as she watched her brother explain to her mother how to stop her man from cumming inside.


    Lily bursted out laughing when she saw her mother nod with a smile on her face.

    "Lily! You dare play me for a fool?"

    How could Lin not read between the lines? Clearly Lily tricked him into having this chat with his mother.

    From his mother's smile he saw amusement and love beyond measure.

    Lily already told her about the matter of child prevention and because Lin was too embarrassed to look his mother in the face, he missed the signs of body language as he kept looking away most of the time.

    "Heh, yes I did. Because like you said, right now you're just a fool. You're no Great Sage Lin in this life, there's no Ministry, or world to save. You're missing out on the most important thing, Living. You're always uptight, strict, like a mule tied to a windmill, you're seeking to save, protect or help. So what if we're alone, poor, dirty and behind the ages of civilisation. What can your goody two shoes do? What can your lonely small hands do? Wake up and live or you'll find yourself like before, alone and lonely. The true loneliness inside the chest, only the two of us know about it. That Abyss, you kept it hidden from the world back then. In this life, you'll share it with this family. Open up your heart to us or i'll break those walls one by one even if you'll end up hating me because of it."

    Lily said that then left to enter the cave to play with Sun-Moon, while Lin kept staring at thin air in a daze.


    Lin's mother found out her beloved boy crying for the first time in front of her eyes, panicking she hugged him to her chest and started to pat his back.

    That simple action made Lin's tears fall faster like an endless stream.

    Finally after half an hour of crying Lin calmed as all the burdens from his previous life fell off from his shoulders, he was endlessly worried and anxious about what happened back then, even if they managed to create the matter capable of saving humanity from End Day, that doesn't mean they survived.

    Simply because, nobody knows when it will happen.

    He always worried, what if? After he died all the universe followed after him! Before they managed to make their so called Ark they were wiped out by the disintegration shockwaves.

    After Lily's words he came to accept his helplessness in the matters of the past, now he gotta live and take care of his family which is the reasonable thing to do.

    Thinking of the past will only widen that Abyss inside his chest and birth demons in his thoughts.

    "Thanks mom, I'm alright now."

    Lin wiped his face from the tears then kissed his mother's cheeks and left her embrace.

    When she saw the smile on his face and his clear eyes, Lin's mother let go of her worries and gave him a shower of kisses and one last squeezing hug.

    Then the father arrived with drunk steps as he carried hungry Lao in his palm, his face had a panicking expression as he watched his son cry aloud.

    He wasn't used to this painful noise from the previous twin, they always kept silent and laughed at that age.

    Then they started making sounds which they used to understand each other's intentions.

    Is this one broken!

    Lin smiled at his father's expressions and cleared his mother's embrace for his little brother to feed.

    He went to his sister Lily and found her combing the twin tiger's fur.

    "Hey parasite, next time you want to say anything come to your big brother directly. There's no need for the needless theatrics, in this family the rules of grown-ups are defined backwards. Point is, leave the needless audience behind next time."

    Lin hugged Sun's body to him and spoke as he still felt what Lily did was too much.

    She pushed him to the emotional roller coaster then finished with a bucket of ice cold water.

    "Hehehehe, come at me bro. I'll let you kiss, hug and do many things to make that anger go away."

    Lily winked at Lin provocatively as she pointed with her hands here and there on her body.

    "Humph, so what if I come at you? I told you before these times have no clear lines. Don't you play these word games with me now, all that knowledge in your head is because of my brilliance. Your whole body and soul are mine, if I take some pleasure from you in the future. Then, it's only returning home, sweet, home."

    Lin was squinting dangerously at Lily who kept her strong attitude and refused to budge or repent.

    "Well well, finally you're showing your true colors. Aren't you ashamed for having eyes on your little, cute, adorable, lovely sister."

    Lily seemed to enjoy having this conversation with Lin a bit too much.

    "I said it before, so what? Nobody will truly understand me on the deeper level more than you. If I say otherwise then i'll be lying to myself, you know how much I hate liars. Right!"

    Lin crossed his arms and rested his back on Sun's body as he spoke.

    "Then i'll give you the promise of the first time, the ones after that though.... I can't promise you, hehehe."

    Lily felt proud of herself for playing with Lin's emotions.

    "OH, well, thank you. Then I guess my sweet little sister will live a virgin, better get used to it Lily. Come Sun, let's go play."

    Lin wasn't happy for having this chat ot talking this topic with Lily, but, she really made him frustrated with her today.

    "Hehehe, idiot. I told you before that you're a fool, now that the first part of my plan is complete. All I need to do is wait for the right time, then push your buttons."

    Lily muttered faintly to herself as she watched Lin leave the cave with a frown on his face.

    Now that his father returned from his hunting journey with more than usual return, Lin's family got busy for two days in handling the food and storing it properly.

    Lin started to continue working with his father on the things their cave was lacking, finishing the kitchen, making an air circulation system in the ceiling of the cave, a fireplace, opening another exit on the back leading south.

    After half a month Lin finally got to look towards the South direction without having his view blocked by mountains.

    At the age of 13 months Lin saw the sea for the first time in this life, he saw barren land stretching for almost as far as he can see.

    But, the difference between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea was very prominent to Lin's eyes, there at the far end of the picture his eyes are seeing there was waters.

    Of that, Lin was hundred percent sure.

    After finishing up the backdoor to block the southern entrance which took 3 days, Lin's father who got better at working in the forge took his new weapons and went for a new journey.

    Lin didn't only make him work and drink liquor all day, he made a sturdy longbow for the father and doubled the bowstring because the strong cave man kept snapping the single bowstring in training.

    Even though his aim was completely terrible, Lin's father had enough power to one shot kill of mortally wound his prey with each arrow.

    Lin gave him two quivers worth of arrows, and the good news was that the father's aim with javelins improved to perfect accuracy on nearby targets.

    Of course the definition of nearby for the strong caveman was 150m away, he got 90% hit rate on moving targets at 100m and 100% hit rate on moving targets at 75m or closer.

    Lin was amazed by these results, after more than half a month of training his father can handle hunting long range and his sword and armor can handle close range fights and give him sufficient protection.

    During the times he's idle Lin would train Sun on simple orders and routines, he wanted the tigers to join his father in hunting to add another layer of protection to the caveman.

    But that won't happen unless they're capable of obeying orders and not causing trouble for the hunter in the first place, since all the animals Lin saw were at least two sizes larger he feared the existence of larger or more dangerous ones.

    If the stupid tigers drew one of these to Lin's father then he will be the cause of his father's doom.

    The mother was now enjoying her time being a housewife, this life was unlike anything she could've imagined in the past before giving birth to Lin and Lily.

    She started speaking broken words and understood new words every time she talked with her children, she would wake up, make breakfast, clean her body, feed her babies, get a massage from her daughter, sometimes a new hairstyle, do some light exercises, yoga was to her liking, if she's in a good mood she'll bake or learn a new recipe from her daughter.

    Hearing Lily sing for her calmed her, and she secretly learned new positions from the little girl.

    Lin would make her new things to make her life more and more comfortable everytime her man returned, she felt like the happiest mother ever.

    Everytime she remembered that she'll run for Lin and snatch him into her embrace and drown him in her overflowing love.

    From summer to Autumn the little boy didn't stop working hard for the family, he even made something outside and called it swimming pool.

    He seemed saddened that he wouldn't be using it until he turned 2! That means sometime in the future! That means after she sleep and wake up many times!

    They confuse her but somehow they seemed to be convincing to her.

    And she felt smarter, she no longer got confused by what her son made for her in the kitchen and sometimes she figured out the correct ways to use some items.

    She was proud to have these kids, they even taught their pets to relieve themselves outside the cave and she no longer needs to clean after them.

    Everyday she feels better than the last one!

    As if she wasn't comfortable with the previous ways!

    As for the father? He was feeling like a king of the world.

    He goes out to conquer and whomever he finds cocky to defy him out there? He clobbers then eats him.

    When he returns he finds his woman even more beautiful than before.

    She does strange moves on the comfortable bed his son made for him, these moves makes him experience feelings he never dreamed of before.

    Not to mention the strange positions which he enjoys very much.

    The liquor that makes his head go round and round.

    The son who teaches him to make strange things.

    The daughter who hugs him, shaves his excess hairs and gives him strange haircuts.

    The food which tastes better every time he brings the things his son asks him to search for.

    He even started to learn from his son how to do exercises and his power got improved, his speed doubled, his focus reached another level, his control and aim became satisfactory.

    His adorable Lao grew bigger and the amount of food in the "Storage room" is enough to sustain the 7 members including the growing animals for 6 months.

    Of course, that was said by his son.

    As for Lin? He was feeling bored with his days.

    Even if he finished all his plans for a comfortable life for the family, according to his estimations all his plans will be finished in at most another year.

    After that there's nothing to do, he can start training to become stronger and superior to others his age.

    But, he's going to hit the limit sooner or later.

    Humans can only become superhumans with Genesis operation.

    Without that he wouldn't be able to give this world a thorough exploration.

    Sighing he did the small plans while feeling like an aimless person walking in the dark.

    He could make some Skin-suit, but, without the right materials and the support of advanced machinery the best Lin can do is a primitive model of those suits.

    These models are easily malfunctioning and the probability of them exploding reaches 30%!

    "You're stuck with me bro."

    Lily jumped on Lin's back and his weak legs almost failed him.

    "Won't you stop at anything?"

    Lin tried to release himself from the little pervert chokehold.

    "You're mine, I'm yours. Until the end of time, whoah. Almost fell there ehehehe."

    Lily was speaking a load of crap when Moon joined in the game and nudged the twins.

    The tigers were 6 months old already, no longer were they weak in the legs and taking shaky steps.

    Sun and Moon are already the size of normal 1 year old tigers, their bodies are already capable of supporting both Lin and Lily since they were 3 months old.

    Lily is the one who depends on Moon's the most in this department, she treats the white tigress as a transportation vehicle all the time.

    "Get off of me Lily."

    Lin snapped at his little sister when he found it very unpleasant to be bent over under her weight.

    "I do get off everytime I see you."

    Lily snickered and let go, she said that salty line then climbed on top of Moon's back then went for the kitchen to eat some sweets.

    Somehow Lin started to get used to his sister's bothersome attitude as she became more daring with her words.

    Thankfully she knew about him a little bit too well, she only did such things and engaged in these dangerous conversations in private.

    Lin started to become very curious about the world outside, especially their mysterious neighbor.

    The poor guy,

    During one of Lin's tests he gave his father a mark to aim at, it was a conspicuous hight rock with the red color to the northwest.

    Somehow, as his father took aim he got distracted in the moment before he let his arrow loose, it was the mother who caused such distraction.

    She bent over and scooped little Lao from the ground because he was about to eat one of the large ants, the perky butt got raised in a dangerous angle in her skin tight leather skirt and the father in his daze veered slightly to the west.

    The result of the arrow were devastating, he caused the cave of Lin's only neighbor to cave in and collapse.

    When the man exited the cave after struggling to push away the falling rocks and stones, he came towards Lin's family with a darkened face and made some protesting sounds of Ahh ooH while swinging his arms in the air.

    Lin's father ended up beating him and pinning him under his feet, he even took a pose in front of Lin as if saying : see! Your papa is mighty.

    Lin stopped him from humiliating the man any further, then compensated the neighbor with some clothes and food.

    Finally the man snorted and left with his tail between his legs, as Lin decided to make his father bring the neighbor to live nearby them so that they can take care of each other.

    He found out that the man left his earlier cave and went away, from where his father pointed the man went to live 4km away to the northwest.

    He choose a mountain 7km high as his home and Lin decided to leave him be for the time being, when he grows up he'll pay the man a visit himself.

    But he kept giving his father food for him to gift the man when he left for his hunting trips.

    Soon it was the first signs of Lin's second winter, and the family was no longer afraid of the cold weather, falling snow or harsh winds.

    Their food supply is more than sufficient, accomodations are top class in these dark ages, now all that's left is to teach these parents how to talk and behave like humans.

    At the age of 19months Lin and Lily closed the doors of their cave to seek the warmth inside their cave, and their days were constant lectures to the parents.

    The one who felt most irritated with this new routine was the father, Lin forbade him from drinking liquor unless he did good in his pronunciation class.

    The mother was a quick learner and in one month of intensive lessons she's no longer confused when she listen to the twins speak, some words she feels like she knows their meaning but they're related to some topic of knowledge or science.

    All in all by the time spring scattered winter's frost both were capable of speaking their intentions clearly to their twin children, like i'm hungry and feel like eating some roasted meat, my stomach hurts because I ate too much.

    They no longer give confusing words which can be understood in different ways, if it wasn't for Lin and Lily's perfect understanding of body language then their day to day interactions with their parents would've been a complete mess.

    "Honey, do you want anything from outside?"

    Lin's father was tightening his armor and asked his wife if she wants anything specific for him to bring back from his hunting journey.

    "Some veggies and fruits, spices, ohh, see if you can catch some birds. These eggs you brought the last time didn't hatch. Have a safe trip hubby, i'll miss you in these lonely, long, cold nights."

    Lily made sure to create her version of the most tempting housewife from her mother, Lin's father's eyes glowed with lust as he heard these soft seductive words and only stifled his fires of horniness after biting the tip of his tongue slightly.

    He hurried to carry his sword, bow, spear, arrow quivers, dozen javelins and single spear then left under the giggling laughter of both Lily and the mother.

    Surprisingly the parents didn't choose names for themselves even after becoming aware of their own ignorance earlier, they didn't give Lin any clear reason why and avoided the topic.

    He didn't want to be pushy and left them the freedom of choice, maybe they didn't want to hurry themselves, maybe they didn't find the suitable name yet, they seemed to have their reasons and didn't want to disclose them to the twins.

    Unbeknownst to Lin, their reasons for this particular matter will be known to him many years later and the parents will remain nameless for many years to come.

    But, that's a story for another time.

    Now that he's almost 2 years old, Lily is having fun eating more normal food than breastfeeding despite her love for boobs, because of the existence of sugary drinks and candy.

    Little Lao is already trying to stand like his siblings and is very adorable and cute.

    Lin often takes him for a short ride on top of Sun's back and enjoys his tinkering laughter, his little brother was his source of entertainment when he feels bored.

    Other than that Lin goes for a swim in the pool with Sun, try to train Sun new tricks and moves.

    If his mother is bored he'll try to teach her something trivial from his endless knowledge, that borderless sea of knowledge in his mind was collecting dust in his brain.

    He felt no need for that excessive amount, if he's going to be reborn why's the need for his previous memories and knowledge to be wrapped up with his soul.

    But if it wasn't for that knowledge then Lin would've died from the cold in his first winter, his helpless parents would've scratched their heads then threw him out alongside his pile of shit when the stink becomes unbearable.

    He learned to stop worrying about it, then gradually stopped thinking about the whole situation.

    He did what he can do and gave away his life without hesitation for a chance of survival to his mankind, whither it was a success or a failure it has got nothing to do with him.

    He told his father to search for metal ores in his trips and bring samples with him, next step was generating electricity for the family if metal was recovered from the father's exploratory trips.

    He can start with hydropower then turn to solar energy, as for the unclean energy resulting from ignition? Lin never liked the pollution resulting from it and he isn't that desperate for energy.

    Their home could be relocated to the south, he noticed one short mountain with a wide surface of about 1km at the top.

    That mountain was 3km south from their cave and it was 5km high, the view from there must be something good.

    Looking south you'll see the southern waters and Lin had nothing else to do anyway.

    When his father returned Lin would ride Sun and go with him to that small mountain to work on making a newer, bigger, better, higher home for the family.

    During the 3 months of spring, Lin finished the 4 tunnels facing the 4 main directions.

    Each tunnel led from the mountain top to 3km away.

    Each tunnel had reinforced doors, walls, ceiling and floor and the total length of 8km.

    Sturdy stairs leading up the mountain and a long slim pole for a quick descent from up the mountain, Lin added melted bones to the concrete formula and it's resistance reached another level.

    These tunnels aren't the main way to enter their new home of course, he just made them to be used in case of emergency.

    During the second month of spring, Lin saw some kind of avian roaming the skies east, from the size he estimated that avian flying more than 15km east he was sure it was longer than 90m or so!

    He made the tunnels first to escape with his father if such a thing targeted them, then he started to work on clearing the mountain side southwards as he descended.

    The plan was for the main entrance to be from the south, large wide steps, statues of his parents and family as well as Sun-Moon pearls.

    Gardens and trimmed trees to the left and right for the guests to enjoy as they climb the mountain, murals on the floor, lights and archways decorated with chandeliers.

    Finally up the mountain Lin family's palace with gardens, pavilions, artificial streams and bridges.

    But it was his second birthday party today, he's graduated from breastfeeding and Lily was feeling downhearted.

    She kept pinching Lao's cheeks gently because from now on these boobs rippling on the slightest breeze are now his from now on.

    "Stop it Lily, Lao will cry if you keep bullying him."

    Lin removed Lily's fingers from his idiotic brother's cheeks, Lao was giggling at the game he thought his sister was playing with him.

    They already made another birthday party for him a few days ago to celebrate Lao's first birthday, Lily almost ate half the cake since Lin can't tell her not to eat sweets anymore.

    She knows how to take care of herself and Lin did his best to hold her back until her first two critical years passed, from now on her diet has nothing to do with him.

    "Look at how fancy he looks in these clothes I made for him, his birthday gift from me was the best. See how he neglected your little puzzle in two hours, humph. He'll be sucking these nipples all by himself from now on, I need to stretch these cheeks a little bit for him to gather loads and loads inside."

    Lily wrapped her left arm around Lin's neck and started to arrogantly speak as she held Lao's arm and went outside the cave.

    "You're a girl, start acting like it. Someday you'll have your own pair."

    Lin held her waist and tickled her side as he spoke, unlike his sister he was happy to reach that age.

    From now on he can exercise more in the pool as long as he doesn't overdo it, when he reaches the age of four he can start with gymnastics for one year alongside his martial arts training.

    When he reaches 6 of age he can intensify his physical training and test his limits, that way when he grows up and go out to explore the world by himself he wouldn't be bullied.

    His father proved to him that his strength can increase without limits, the ex-caveman is still growing stronger and faster.

    The physical tests Lin gave to him has higher and higher records of the man's achievements, if Lin can do the same then he wouldn't fear any mortal human.

    As for the gigantic creatures like the one in the skies, Lin would've to steer clear from them and use his superior intellect to avoid confrontation.

    "Happy birthday to you...."

    Almost isn't enough.
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                        Chapter 4 : Bet

    Sun proved to be the most useful of them all to Lin in the days after his second birthday.

    As the male tiger grew healthier with Lin's care and daily training, Sun became the boy's transportation from the cave to their new home construction site.

    When Lin's father was away, Lin would intensify the tiger's training and teach him new moves be that on hard ground or inside the soft waters of the pool.

    He even started to teach Sun how to scale mountains, fast respond to his orders, Lin even started to give the animal more complicated requests.

    "Come on Sun, you already know how to do this one! You even did it three times before, why are you refusing to listen to me buddy? Are you bored?"

    Lin was confused by his friend's strange attitude, for almost a week now he felt as if Sun is irritated with him.


    Sun rested his head on his paws lazily as he made a sound, unfortunately Lin doesn't understand what does that mean.

    "It's alright, how about a treat of steak?"

    Lin ruffled his fur as he spoilt him.


    Sun growled faintly and turned on his back to show Lin his belly, he clearly was asking for a tummy rub instead of his back.

    "Want to go spend some time with Moon instead? You can go if you want."

    Lin smiled and offered his partner to go take a break from all the training.


    When Lin started to give him the complicated orders Sun was clearly happy with the change, especially since Lin made sure to present his training in a fun game simulation.

    As he watched Sun leave he started to think about this problem, clearly Sun hit a wall with his training progress.

    "The mental chart that I drew of his progress in his training is clearly behind the actual progress, should I change to a simpler routine instead?"

    Lin sat alone under the pavilion in front of the pool to think this one thorough.

    Sun made very slow progress in his earliest days of training, Lin gave the excuse of Sun being young and not that mentally developed plus the fact of animals inferiority in brain function.

    The days he spent with Sun sitting in front of him wagging his tail similar to a whip like a little child in the garden, telling him to push Lin in the pool waters would end up in Lin getting pinned down on the floor.

    That gradually developed to Lin getting carried by the tiger like a mother carrying her cub between her teeth, only difference was Lin getting waved left and right like a pendulum by the naughty tiger.

    Finally after one month of trying and getting played with by the tiger, Lin managed to get Sun to use his head to push him in the pool waters.

    He was happy for it succeeding, and the boy started to make variations in the movements and changed it to a game.

    If Lin managed to reach the pool waters before the tiger pushed his butt then Lin wins, if it was the other way then Sun wins.

    The tiger found it extremely exciting game in the beginning, then as it got harder the tiger would get bored and rarely responded to Lin's orders.

    "The chart of Sun's progress doesn't match the chart of his intelligence chart over the past 15 days, obviously he's at least ahead of this routine by at least 3 moves. Was it wrong to keep repeating old routines? But animals tend to learn only if you repeatedly gave them the exact lesson for extended periods then made it harder on a gradual pace, it's common knowledge!"


    As Lin got deeper in his analysis Sun returned to him after one hour.

    "What's it buddy? You can stay with Moon and Lily for the whole day if you want."

    Lin found Sun being clingy and refused to return to play with Moon some more, he even kept nudging him with his head as if urging him to do something.

    "Then let's test if this theory of mine is correct, if it turned out to be my mistake for boring you. Then you'll eat my famous steak until you're full tonight, let's go buddy. Go back, some more. Now!"

    Lin widen the distance between him and Sun then calculated the exact steps between him and the pool start, after making sure everything is the same as the advanced routine.

    Lin started to run in a zigzagging pattern while keeping his back facing Sun as he ran for the pool waters.


    "Whoah.... Hahaha, you did it buddy. You dipglh.... Splash."

    Lin laughed aloud as he ended up on Sun's back with a backflip, after pushing Lin's butt up with his head Sun took a high leap with the boy on his back and jumped to the pool.

    "You're definitely eating steak tonight, I wasn't aware that you're trying to tell me that you know this move and bored with it. No longer will I make you do boring things for too long since you're so smart, come let's go again one more time before we do the next move."

    Lin was very happy with the results of the training for the day, he did 4 more advanced moves successfully with Sun and stopped for the day to make him steak.

    "Lin is cooking tonight! Mommy is feeling blessed, Lily we're having steak tonight, little cute Lao grow up to be amazing like your big brother Lin. Make mommy delicious food everyday alright!"


    "Aren't you the cutest thing ever? No, you're definitely the cutest thing ever!"

    Lin's mother exited the cave carrying Lao and found Lin grilling steaks and preparing the table outside, sitting on the recliner by the pool she got busy playing with Lao.

    "Half done for me and Moon, let's go chase butterflies Moonie."

    Lily exited on top of Moon and gave orders like a spoilt princess then ran for the garden to play with her partner.

    "Go play if you want Sun, you did really really good tonight."

    Lin scratched his partner behind the ear and throat to please him and told him to go play if he wanted, surprisingly Sun refused and gave Lin a look that said : that's something for Cubs to do, I'm no longer a Cub.

    "Alright, one crispy slap of meat with extra sauce coming right up, here you go, watch it since it's still hot. Want me to cut it for you?"


    "Right, I tend to forget about these Claws. Bon appetit."

    When Lin's mother saw the interaction between her son and his tiger and compared it with Lily and Moon she saw a clear difference, Sun was acting like a small baby the same as her boy Lao especially when she saw Sun pull the plate with his paw away from the knife in her son's hand, then use one of his claws to hold the meat and the other to cut it.

    It was a lot like when Lao would cry if she opened his bottle for him and stubbornly refuse to take it open, her boy was really making her prouder everyday.

    She tried to ask her man about what are they making down south of the cave, but the man for the first time tried to avoid the question and didn't tell her.

    When she asked Lin he smiled and said that it was a gift for her and a surprise, he kissed her hand and told her to wait patiently for the right time and she'll never regret waiting.

    She was feeling a scratch in her mind that wouldn't go away, and she enjoyed it this feeling of wanting to know so bad yet time would seem to refuse to budge.

    Days went and Winter arrived again.

    The palace south only missed the last finishing touches, but Lin already did his best for the gardens and greenery to grow 3 times faster so, by the time next summer arrives the small family will be ready to move in their new home.

    Especially since the father did manage to bringe more than one sample of metal and some of them were novel to Lin, his exploratory nature got ignited by this discovery he even planned to spend the winter forging these new metals and adding electricity to this cave and their new home.

    The tunnel linking the cave to the new palace up the mountain was made to enable Lin and his father to keep working during winter, and the father did as Lin asked from him and brought many seeds for flowers and fruit trees even branches and pieces of exotic plants and herbs.

    "That Bow, has been installed with the strongest bowstring so far. 5 layers of bowstrings were added, even someone with your strength will find it hard to draw it open. These arrows have also been remodeled to withstand the air pressure after being loosened, ordinary arrows will bend or veer off target by the air currents when aiming for a very far away target. I couldn't make more than 50 of them in the short span you left to hunt."

    "Humph, what do you mean I wouldn't be able to draw it open? Are you looking down on your old man now! I'll show you what a full moon means you brat, tsk."

    At the last day of Autumn after the family had their last proper meal in the open air for the three months to come, Lin made Sun carry the upgraded Bow and one arrow quiver to his father and told him how much better are they.

    The man was displeased with his son's words and snatched the Long Bow in excitement to test it's weight and resistance as he spoke.

    "Bet, bet, bet."

    Lily started banging with her fists on the table when she saw her father being displeased, despite how reasonable Lin was she knew about his love for gambling and trying his luck.

    "So, old man. You in?"

    Lin smirked and asked, obviously trying to provoke his father.

    "Of course i'm in! You're still light years away from beating your "Old Man" what's the bet? What's in it for me? What do I lose if I lose the bet?"

    The ex-caveman was becoming smarter.

    "The bet will be you shooting targets, 50 arrows will do for the number of attempts. The target can't be less than 4 km away or it will be pointless since our main objective is to taste the Bow capabilities, you'll gain one month of free liquor and full permission to enter the wine cellar and take what you want. You'll loose your freedom in the next three hunting trips and will do your best watching over Sun-Moon. I think this deal is more than fair."

    Lin's mother kept her silence and watched the ongoings between her man and oldest child, she hugged little Lao to her chest and kept faintly teaching him how to speak like Lily taught her.

    Lily told her that if she thought that all the babies will be like her first twin shen she'll end up with dumb kids, taking Lily's words as a warning the mother kept doing everything her daughter instructed her to do.

    "It's actually to your advantage dad, this Bow should be able to send arrows 5km at least with these arrows. I say you go all in and clean his liqour, he's planning to let it ferment until he reaches the right age and enjoy it. With his character you won't get a second chance like this in the near future."

    Lily was more excited than the father, like an addict gambling on the underdog for a chance at the biggest win.

    "No, you're not allowed to bully the man anymore, aim northeast at that white peak it's a little less than 4km as well. As if it wasn't enough to ruin his home once, now you want to use the chance to do it again! What if he froze to death? Can you live with it?"

    When Lin saw his father prepare to aim northwest at the poor neighbor's mountain he stopped him.

    "Let him turn into an icicle, snort."


    The father said something cruel and the mother found it amusing.

    They never wanted to talk about that mysterious neighbor, their mother only said that the man used to live with them and later the mother and father made this cave to live "Alone".

    "The wind is blowing from the northeast, don't forget that this is an experiment on these arrows against air currents and pressure. Going against the wind is the best option, so how many shots are you confident on landing? I say about 7 of 10 shots will Miss."

    Lin gave his reason with his predictions and Lily nodded.

    "Damnit, you're definitely looking down on me. Watch as I beat your odds."

    The man took his sideways pose after relaxing his arms for a few seconds, with a straight back and elbows at shoulder level he calmed his breath and slowly started to draw open the extremely resistant bowstring with a nocked arrow between his fingers.

    The father took aim at the white peak and let loose of his arrow, drawing the bow open was really hard but the caveman was the same as the Bow.

    He was upgraded! Better call it evolved!


    After his son's training his basics figures more than doubled, now he could beat up animals he couldn't before, race animals he couldn't catch up to in the past.

    "Miss, dad was daydreaming. Focus, liqour is at stake here, one month of free entrance to the heavenly cellar."

    Lily read the man like a book and gave him the right incentive.

    Lin didn't mind, the Bow was hard to use 50 times repeatedly that's why he said the father will miss 7 times out of ten.

    "Still the sound of the arrow cutting the air is scary enough, that arrow left my sight and passed the target in two seconds. Good power, I even saw the air fluctuate in it's wake."

    Lin's mother spoke as she raised Lao up and leaned him left and right in his cute fur clothes.

    "Isn't daddy great? little Lao Lao!"

    "Dad... Good... Giggle..." 

    Lao answered in his cute voice.

    "Hahaha Lao is the best baby ever, you're mommy's favorite now, aren't ya!"

    "Lao Lao.... Best...."

    Even Lin snickered at the two's comical cuteness, Lily was terribly envious.

    She climbed up on Moon's back and threw herself on the mother to get some of that excessive amount of motherly love.

    "See Lao Lao, mommy is being taken advantage of because of your cuteness, mommy's squeeze hug."

    During the trio's fun game, Lin's father let another arrow loose and it also missed.

    His target was the tip covered in snow if such an arrow hit it will be very obvious.

    "Tsk, dad! You're still not using your back or chest muscles, right now you're only straining your arms needlessly."

    Lin gave his father a hint then went to sit on Sun's back, the male tiger obediently crouched for Lin to mount his back he even gave the young boy a lift with his left forelimb.

    "He's right dad, your competition is helping you win. Just try to feel the wind, and you'll be alright."

    Lily topped Lin's hint with a better advice, as long as it was something that brought Lin to his knees then she's all in.

    Just to witness him lose.

    "Sou.... Zzzt...."

    This third arrow sounded scarier than the previous two, still it also missed and the father felt it easier to use the Bow after taking his kids advices.

    "Third miss, you're on a roll dad."

    Lin smiled and started to enjoy making fun of his father, but he noticed that the man found the trick to increasing his strength and empowering the shots.


    The man scoffed at his son then relaxed his arms once before taking another arrow from the quiver, once he nocked the arrow snow started to fall.

    "Sou.... Vzzzt.... Whoosh...."

    This arrow not only made a more frightening sound, it caused a shockwave of air in it's wake and reached the target faster.

    "Waah.... Mommy...."

    The air shockwave pushed some of the snow at little Lao's face and he was scared into crying.

    "Bullseye, dad you didn't miss this time."

    "Humph, look what you've done to poor little Lao, I was planning on joining you for a couple of drinks after you win. Who knows, maybe I would've let you do something you didn't do in a long time."

    As Lily encouraged her father, Lin's mother got up and carried Lao inside as she did the catwalk Lily taught her.

    The man carrying the Bow seemed to find another layer of motivation when he heard his woman speak and his eyes never left her swaying waist until she disappeared in the cave with his youngest son, tightening his grip on the Bow's handle he nodded once to himself and took the fifth arrow from the quiver.

    Pulling the bowstring, the ex-caveman did something that made Lin turn his head and give his sister a look.

    The corkscrew draw of the bow drawing technique!

    Lily shrugged with a smile and watched her father standing under the falling snow.

    "Bang.... Vzzzt.... Whooosh.... Boom...."

    Once Lin's father let go of the arrow, he was able to see with his eyes the phenomenon of breaking the sound barrier, then a single cylindrical hole devoid of falling snow linked the Bowman to the targeted mountain peak.

    Before the shockwave carrying the snow blinded Lin's eyes, he saw a side of the mountain summit starting to fall.

    "Growl.... Whoah...."

    "Cough..... Cough..... Ptooey....."

    Lin almost fell from Sun's back despite being over 30m from his father, Sun was quick to act and covered his body from the snow carrying wind.

    Lily was resting in the pavilion somewhat far but snow still forcefully entered her mouth, Lin rested in Sun's cover and enjoyed watching her swallow snow.

    Moon hid behind Lily and covered her head with her paws.

    "Dad wait, don't continue shooting. You'll only end up hurting yourself."

    Lin stopped his father because being exposed to this phenomenon of sound barrier getting broken can lead to heart failure and internal injuries, he only shot 5 arrows so far, add 45 more of these and he can really die or at least get mortally wounded.

    Such wounds are child play to Lin in the previous life, but now he's completely helpless against them and can only try alleviate them slightly if they happened.

    Stopping them before happening is the best way.

    "Ugh, the snow this year is not to my liking at all, he's right dad. You can't continue anymore."

    Lily noticed Sun protecting Lin and her Moon hiding behind her small body, she gritted her teeth once then affirmed the words of Lin as she walked closer to her father.

    "But, the bet. Does that mean that I lost?"

    The ex-caveman squinted slightly at his children and tried to see if they're targeting him intentionally.

    "No, you didn't lose. You didn't win either, consider it a tie."

    Lily looked at Lin who kept his silence then her father who was unwilling and continued : "However, we can solve this."

    She waited for her brother to speak and found him remaining silent, clicking her tongue she turned to look at her father.

    "How's that?"

    "One arrow to decide the winner."

    Lily gave one finger to her father and said as she waited for Lin to speak, but he irritatingly kept quiet.

    "Alright, see how it's almost completely removed, this time i'll obliterate that mountain top."

    Lin's father was more than happy to end it with one shot, that last shot gave him the feeling of wanting to cough blood but he forcefully endured it.

    "Wait, if we end it with one shot without making it hard on you dad then it's unfair for Lin, you need to add another layer of bowstring before taking the shot. That way it will be a true win or lose in one shot, what do you think brother?"

    Lily stopped her father and told him the extra condition before the final shot deciding the bet is taken, turning to ask Lin she ruffled Sun's fur as she felt envious.

    "I'm okay with the new terms of the bet, but, dad has to wear his full armor for protection. I can lose the bet but I can't lose my dad, that's my only condition."

    Lin consented and the trio started to add another layer to the bowstring, 6 layers of bowstrings on the long Bow made from melted bones.

    Just opening this Bow to a full moon is considered an achievement of great strength, not to mention aiming.

    "Alright, remember dad, after this you can enter and stay inside where it's warm and wet, getting drunk for a whole month. Or, lose and be under your son's mercy for the whole winter, telling you when to drink or not."

    After seeing her father in full armor Lily demonically gave him a very flaming speech, the man's eyes reddened in enthusiasm and his morale reached the top limit.

    Glaring at his smart boy once he took a very cold breath in and nocked an arrow on the Bow, then after letting the stifled breath out he focused on the far mountain top which is his target and took another breath in and drew his bowstring open.

    It was harder and tried to resist his pulling force, but he refused to simply draw it.

    He already got the technique of using his back and chest muscles, his pose and form were perfect after Lily drilled him into the perfect shape and positioning.

    "Lin will take the chance to add some fun to the family, betting and gambling is a way to cheer the family and spice the air between us."

    "You need to be prepared, when he declares his intentions don't be happy or show anything on your face or he'll notice."

    "Ask for the rules and such, that's enough to distract him."

    "Increasing your power, correcting your form, and most importantly. Never show your absolute best too early, keep your strength hidden until it's time for the finishing strike."

    As Lily watched over her father do one finger push-ups and change fingers after every push-up, she told him how they'll scam Lin when he tries to entertain the mother.

    As he remembered these moments, Lin's father smiled in glee for having Lily on his side.

    "He didn't use his full strength earlier!"

    Lin was currently 100m away from his father and hiding partly behind Sun's body as he watched his father draw the 6 layered bowstring open, not only that, he was using the same corkscrew drawing technique as well.


    "BANG...... BZZZT..... WHOOOSH..... BOOOM..... CREAK.... CRASH....."

    Lin saw a great swirl of snow behind his father's back and the cylindrical zone connecting the man to the mountain, this time the arrow didn't hit the tip but the center of the mountain.

    As the shockwave pushed the snow gathered on the ground towards Lin and Lily's direction, Lin saw the aftereffects of the projectile hitting the mountain like a missile.

    One hole in the center, then the mountain imploded from within and rocks and stones started to fly up with the first signs of a mushroom cloud appearing.

    As snow covered his sight, Lin heard the sound of large masses of stone falling he even felt slight vibrations underneath his feet.

    "Whine..... Howl....."

    Sun covered Lin and Lily hid herself underneath Moon's belly and clung to her leg.

    "Grunt.... Cough..... Cough....."

    Then Lin started to hear the stifling coughs of his father.

    Once the shockwave carrying the snow cleared he saw his father kneeling on a single leg and the Bow thrown to the side, a small buddle of blood in front of him and more was coming from the protective part of his helmet.



    Lily shouted in panic as she tried to get on top of her timid partner's back and head for her father, while Lin ran towards his father and called for Sun.

    Lily found it strange because she'll reach her father faster on top of Moon, while Lin choose to run then get on top of Sun after crossing some distance on foot! Just how far can your short feet carry you before Sun reaches you?

    Lily was always trying to find ways to compete with Lin, even in such situation she tried to beat Lin in reaching her father's side.

    Then she saw a sight, she'll never be able to forget.

    "Growl..... Hurry Sun...."

    She saw Lin suddenly do the motion of a backflip and Sun, while maintaining his run forward, lower his body underneath her brother then lightly push his butt upwards and continued to run forward.

    The end result of this acrobatics stunt was her brother mounting Sun's back and smoothly going forward without the slightest pause in motion, when she was on top of Moon Lin was already jumping down next to her father!

    "Fuck me! What was that?"

    Lily muttered to herself as she forgot to guide Moon to her father's side.

    That simple stunt from Lin, stole the joy of conning him with her father earlier and winning the bet.

    "Lily, go get mom. Hurry!"

    Lin's call woke her from her daydreams.

    "Dad lay down on your back, don't try to speak please."

    "Sun bite this and lift it up with me."

    Lin started to unstrap his father's armor and remove the pieces with Sun's help, the father was pleased with the win and grinning with bloody teeth from ear to ear and enjoying the sight of the dimming sky and falling snow.

    "Hubby, are you alright?"

    Lin's mother ran towards them and worry was written all over her face.

    "I.... won.... Cough...."

    The injured man raised his hand to make a winning fist as he spoke then coughed some more blood.

    "Dad! I told you not to speak, it's really dangerous."

    Lin frowned at his father and begged him to listen to his advice.

    "Humph, since you already know it's dangerous, why didn't you stop this foolish endeavor? Just you wait you two"

    The mother glared at Lin and Lily then started to remove her man's armor as she threatened, but her eyes started to get watery

    "Cough... Now you'll join.... Cough.... Me for a drink in the nights...."

    Even though it was a romantic sight, Lin felt like chocking the man's throat because the sorrier his sight was, the higher the possibility of him getting spanked later.

    It already happened once, and he never ever ever wants it to happen again.

    "You know that i'll join you even if you didn't win, such a dummy you're. Big idiot, sniff."

    The mother gently wiped the blood from her man's face with her sleeve and said as she placed a finger on his lips to stop him fr speaking anymore.

    The woman seemed delicate and voluptuous, but she easily carried her man like a princess and hurried to place him on the double king size bed.

    Before she got to get angry at the twins and give them a piece of her mind, she found them very busy taking care of her man with anxious looks on their faces.

    Especially Lin, he stole glances at her every 10 seconds.

    Finally after her man's state stabilized, she saw Lin run for the door room.

    "I'll go get the Bow and arrows and close the cave door."

    Lin said and sneaked out under the amused eyes of his mother.

    "I'll go make some broth for father to get well soon."

    When Lily found Lin escaping faster than her, she ran for the kitchen while giving an excuse as she stretched out her lips in defeat.

    The mother humphed as she thought : 'It will take much more than that to wash what you monkeys did, i'll take my time to decide the punishment' while watching the twins trying to get on her good side.

    Once Lin exited the cave it was starting to get dark and windy outside, the snow didn't stop falling but he was wearing furry clothes keeping him warm.

    He wasn't afraid of anything because Sun was next to him, if it was something scary Sun would notify him or carry him and return to the cave.

    When he reached the area covered in his father's blood, Lin noticed some rocks of all sizes scattered around the place near the Bow and these rocks weren't there before they took his father inside about an hour ago.

    "The radius of the explosion scattered rocks 4km away from the mountain! That's not a Bow, that's a rocket launcher."

    Lin was scared by the destructive force of the 6 layered bowstring coupled with the corkscrew technique and the upgraded arrows.

    Before he turned his sight to the objective of exiting the cave in this bad weather (the Bow), Lin noticed something reflecting the light of the Moon in his eyes amongst the rocks scattered from the mountain his father shattered with a single arrow.

    "What's that? A metal ore!"

    Curious about it, Lin pushed the rocks nearby with his foot and reached out to pick it.



    When Lin caught it he heard that voice in his mind, it was a simple ring from gold or bronze with no ornaments whatsoever.

    He didn't get to see it clearly before the voice scared him into dropping it while taking more than 4 steps backwards in fear.

    Come on, he's the Great Sage and nothing unreasonable ever happened to him or at least in front of him before.

    Now, a talking ring! "Get out and don't waste my time" would've been the answer from Lin if someone said it to him in his earlier life.

    Yet, it happened to him now.

    And he still couldn't believe it after taking 10 seconds to calm down!

    Bending over to catch that simple ring again, slowly this time.

    "Who are you?"

    If Lily was here right now she'll be on rolling in the floor laughing at his sight talking to a small Ring.

    "My name is Jin Bao, Cultivator from the southern continent's Mercenary Guild."

    "Huh! Cultivator? Mercenary Guild? What do you want from me?"

    When Lin heard the sound say strange things he warily asked, if the answer wasn't to his liking he'll bury this Ring in one of the concrete blocks of his new home.

    "Child, right now you're of no use to me, maybe, if you manage to awaken your Martial-Spirit in the future i'll be needing your help. If you couldn't do it before the age of 10 then you're of no use, i'll be feeding on the excess soul energy coming from your body until you die. Then i'll look for another candidate to help me."

    "Martial-Spirit? 10 years old? Soul energy? Then what do I do to succeed in awakening this Spirit?"

    Lin kept hearing new names and terms that ignited his curiosity from this mysterious talking Ring.

    "I once heard from a senior that meditation in the early childhood before reaching the known age of awakening the Spirit which is 6 years old, increases the chances of awakening the Spirit and advancements in the later stages."

    "Until you reach the age of 6 years old try not to hurry into training in martial arts or strengthening your body, consider it a warning."

    "The Soul, sense your soul and your Spirit will be much easier to awaken. Only this land will make it much harder for you, now, do you accept my legacy?"

    Lin listened to the sound of the old man speaking in his mind closely and dissected his words and analyzed the meanings.

    "You're not asking for anything if I couldn't awaken my Spirit? Won't you ask me to do anything else?"

    Lin still felt something missing from the man's words.

    "If you awakened your Spirit then you need to help me gather 5 materials to remould a body for my Soul to relocate from this Ring, if you didn't awaken your Spirit then it's got nothing to do with you. I'll only act once you're dead and search for another person to carry my legacy."

    The sound of the old Jin Bao was calm and unhurried, the matter of Lin's accepting or not didn't seem that critical for the man as if he's someone who lost hope.

    Lin only heard that tune of voice from people about to die from incurable diseases.

    "I accept."

    Lin raised the Ring between two fingers and said, he was terribly bored for almost one year with no goal or ambition other than his future plans for a journey to explore the world.

    "Drip your blood on the Ring."

    Jin Bao said to Lin in the same apathetic tune.

    "Should I grab a container and soak this Ring in my blood?"

    Lin asked as he got down to grab the Bow, he didn't get a certain estimate from this Jin Bao of how much blood should he drip on the Ring! If it was too many then he needs a container to collect the blood otherwise Lin will bleed to death.

    "Huh! A single drop of blood is enough, just prick your finger once and smear it on the ring's surface."

    Jin Bao gawked slightly and helplessly told this ignorant barbarian kid.

    "Uh-huh alright then, Sun, lend me one of your claws."

    Lin nodded then did Jin Bao told him.

    "Huh! It's gone! Oy, old Jin Bao. Where did you go?"

    Once Lin's blood touched the Ring it disappeared!

    He jumped again in shock when this happened and started to look at the ground while calling faintly.

    "Sigh, look at your right hand fingers. With a mere thought you can make it disappear or appear, focus on your meditation and be diligent in seeking your awakening."

    Jin Bao said then his sound and presence faded from Lin's mind.

    "Liiiin.... Snow is piling up inside the cave."

    As Lin was looking at his right palm and making the Ring fluctuate between appearing and disappearing in complete wonder, he heard the sound of his mother calling from the cave.

    "Uh, mom is still angry we better hurry inside, Sun carry the Bow."

    Grabbing the arrow quiver he mounted Sun's back and ordered him to carry the long Bow then hurried up to return to the cave, from that moment Lin's thought process didn't rely on reason or facts anymore after the encounter with Jin Bao and gaining this Ring.


    We lived together.... We were happy.

    The big guy always snatched my food and beat me up if I snatched his, still, we were happy.

    The big guy always touched the one with the soft chest and beat me up if I did the same, still, we were happy.

    The big guy and the one with the soft chest made another hole for themselves and the big guy beat me up when I tried to join them, I am lonely.

    Still, I have the shiny thing buried in the sand.

    I wanted to give it to the big guy and make him stop beating me all the time, he beat me up before I give it and took my food for himself.

    I won't give it away.

    They started making small ones, even these things walking on four legs lived with them.

    But I have the shiny thing buried in the sand.

    The big guy did something that caused my hole to become no more, I was angry because I only managed to escape and all my food was gone.

    I am hungry, but I have the shiny thing buried in the sand.

    The big guy ended up beating me up again in front of his small one, the small one made sounds with his face and gave me delicious food and things to cover the body and keeps me warm.

    I am happy.

    I see them making strange things and scary things all the time, but I have the shiny thing buried in the sand.

    Today the shiny thing told me to make another hole in another mountain, I am happy.

    The shiny thing told me to break these stones and collect the small shiny things next to it, I am happy.

    The shiny thing told me to break the whole mountain and dig a great hole, I am happy, but, I am hungry.

    No other food is the same as the food the little one gave to me, they're all chewy and hard, I am sad.

    But I still have the shiny thing buried in the sand.

    I was sleeping in my new hole underneath the mountain when large stones started to fall from above! I am happy.

    Now I no longer need to break all these stones when the cold is over.

    The shiny thing buried in the sand told me to grab the small shiny things and place them next to it, I need to climb the mountain.

    I am cold.

    Shiny, shiny, shiny, shiny also shiny.

    Shiny things everywhere, I am happy.

    "Vzzzzt...... BOOM....."

    As the man held his most precious item on his palm and laughed aloud, the final arrow from Lin's father blew up the mountain beneath him.

    He floated higher and higher in the sky while wondering what happened, but the happiness in his heart was genuine.

    He flied and saw the land he was born in, the setting sun the far away waters and clouds around him.

    Spreading his arms like an eagle after carelessly letting go of the circular shiny thing that he considered his most valuable thing for more than 15 years, the man was truly happy as he went higher.


    Before he got to enjoy the fun of flying for long his body got covered by a shadow, and darkness replaced the light around him.

    The same large bird Lin saw before noticed the explosion of the mountain, and before it got to fly towards the cave Lin's family lives in.

    It saw this strange human who shouldn't be able to fly, fly higher than it!

    That was an insult to the bird who rules this part of the sky, it charged right behind him and swallowed him whole in one bite.

    That was too easy!

    Never mind, he'll do as a snack.


    He still dares to resist? Ouch!

    The fight between the king of this Sky and the caveman was gruesome, and the bird ended up not being able to overcome the man in it's mouth.

    Like a cockroach he refused to be swallowed or crushed between it's beak, after the 90m large bird had some wounds in the interior of it's mouth and throat.

    It decided to go up and spit him, humph.

    Refuse to be eaten by this king? Then fall to your death.

    Lin's neighbor fought bravely, and died after sending him the gift that will change his life in the few years to come.

    Really change his life.


    "Snort, what took you so long?"

    Once Lin entered and closed the cave door his mother exited the parents room and snapped at him while supporting her waist with one hand and waving the other in the air.

    "Sorry mom, I got distracted."

    Lin was in an excellent mood, he didn't argue with his mother and admitted his wrongdoings.

    "Humph, Lily is feeding your father, you, what're you going to do?"

    Squinting her eyes at Lin, the mother was clearly asking Lin how he'll redeem himself.

    "I can take care of little Lao."

    Lin pointed at the small brother playing with his toys.

    "No, Lily said she'll take care of that after feeding your father, what else."

    The mother smiled a smile that wasn't a smile and told Lin to seek another way of redemption.

    "Cook food."

    "Lily will take care of that too, what else?"

    "Take care of the laundry?"


    "Give you a daily massage?"



    Lin sighed and turned his back to his mom, lowered his trouser and showed her his butt.

    'Lily you evil bitch, wicked evil bitch. You cornered me, I will make sure to make you grovel under my feet to know the secrets of my new discovery. Go on mom, spank until the hands fall off' Lin was fuming inside while bending over and waiting for his punishment.

    "So smooth and soft, mommy is envious of little Lin's bottom. Can I touch it everyday?"

    When Lin's mother started to feel his butt with her tender fingers he felt electricity run through his body, then he heard her words and knew he wasn't going to be punished.

    His mother was teasing him all this time and he gave her such a shameful sight!

    At once, he raised his pants and ran for his room with blushing cheeks under the uproarious laughs of his mom.

    "Little Lin, this will be our little secret."

    Feeling her treasured eldest son being full of shame as he ran for his room, the mother said after laughing for a while.

    She laid on her side lazily on the couch and ate some of the grapes her son planted, she was going to let her husband start finish inside on their winter fun games to make another baby.

    Now according to her kids she's forbidden from doing that activity with her man for a month, she was bored and will be enjoying teasing her little Lin for that month.

    "Mom, do you want a massage?"

    Lily peaked her head from the parents room after feeding her father and letting him sleep, then she tried to get on her mother's good side to avoid punishment.

    "Oh, thank you Lily I would love to."

    Lazily she answered her daughter, while knowing all too well what she wants.

    "Mommy, did something happen with Lin before."

    Lily expertly pressed the right spots as she asked her moaning with comfort mother.

    "Mmm yes that's the spot, something did happen."

    When Lin heard his mother's reply he got nervous and worried, if she told Lily then his situation will become very awkward in the coming days.

    'Come on mom, you promised to keep it a secret' Lin was about to head outside and stop his mom when he heard her continue speaking.

    "But, that's something between..... Mnnnnh me and Lin, why do you ask Lily."

    Sighing in relief, Lin rested his back on his bed and looked at the golden Ring on his hand with a smile.

    'Safe, for now' he thought as he made plans on how to distract Lily from that instance towards the topic of Jin Bao.

    "Won't you tell me mommy? Me and Lin are twins, we should know everything about each other."

    "No, sorry not this one, I promised to keep it a secret."


    "Hehehehe, don't forget to take care of little Lao while I take my nap, I expect the food to be ready when I wake up, laundry basket next to the water tank. Thanks for the massage Lily, you're a good girl mommy loves you very very much."

    Lin bursted out laughing in his room when he heard his mother's words.

    "Come Lao, let's play in our room."

    Giving her smiling mother one last look of unwillingness, Lily grabbed Lao's hand and walked to the kid's room.

    She was planning on confronting Lin who managed to miraculously avoid her trap of humiliation, he seemed to be free unlike her with too many responsibilities on her shoulder for a month.

    "Oh, look who's here, parasite. Is it babysitting time or cooking time, uh, maybe it's maid time. Go on go on, make this room livelier as you teach Lao."

    Lin stepped all over Lily's face because of what she tried to do earlier and enjoyed watching her gritting her teeth.

    "Oy, shitty sage of nowhere, you lost the bet. Accept your loss like a man."

    Lily used the losing card on Lin, unfortunately for her, right now, Lin didn't care about all the liquor in the cellar.

    "I accept my loss, anything else? Dear P A R A S I T E."

    Lin was calm in the face of provocation from his sister and fueled her displeasure with his counter provocation.

    "Hrmm, what happened?"

    Lily felt something different with her brother, and asked him as she hugged his neck.

    She liked his defiant attitude and kept herself close to his body to anger him, he never liked it when she got touchy feely with him.

    "Oh, nothing happened, only dreams come true."

    Lin unusually hugged his sister's waist with his left hand and raised his right hand in front of her face, then very quickly made the Ring appear and disappear once as he spoke.


    Lily's eyes enlarged and her curiosity was peaked in a split second.

    She snatched Lin's hand and kept turning it face up and face down in confusion, magic tricks wouldn't be able to elude her eyes.

    She was sure of what she saw, a Golden Ring!

    But, how can it disappear?

    "What did you do? Where's that Ring? Where did you find it?"

    Lily pushed Lin on his chest and repeatedly asked.

    "Uwah such a violent girl, don't hit me."

    Playfully, Lin jumped on his bed to avoid Lily's reach as he spoke.

    "You're not allowed to run, hnnngh, now speak."

    Lily chased Lin and pushed his body underneath her and sat on his belly then asked from her dominant position.

    "You're a naughty girl who wouldn't behave herself, why would I tell you? You'll only cause more mischief and troubles for me. Only if you give me a true promise to be obedient forever will I let you in to the secret, believe me, this one is looking to be much more fun than what we experienced in the previous life."

    Lin willingly made the Ring appear again on his finger and even let Lily take it off his finger, when he made the Ring disappear it returned to his finger again and Lily gawked in shock as the Ring in her hand returned to Lin's finger.

    "Just what is that ring?"

    Lily was excited about this strange item like a cat following a dot of light.

    "Are you in? Or are you out? Behave or mischief?"

    Lin smiled as he watched his the pigtails on his sister's head shake with her excitement and offered.

    "En, I will be good, I promise. Now tell me."

    Lily slept next to her brother and hugged his hand wearing the Ring and asked, something that's more fun than what happened before in the previous life isn't a small thing at all.

    "Inside it there's a cultivator called Jin Bao...."

    Lin told Lily everything about that Ring and what Jin Bao said to him about Martial-Spirits awakening, meditation, Soul.

    "Such a thing even exist! Uh, that thing you did earlier with Sun, how did you teach him these tricks."

    Lily remembered the acrobatic stunt with Sun and asked as she hugged her big brother.

    "I discovered that Sun's mental capabilities exceed other animals, you see in the beginning he was stubborn and refused to do what I wanted him to do...."

    Then he started to teach the amazed Lily about the discoveries he found in Sun as the training progressed.

    "No wonder why I felt Moon being a dummy whenever she was with Sun, following behind everywhere he goes. No I need to teach her to be smart, or your pet will take advantage of mine."

    Lily was startled and got up to find Moon as she spoke.

    Unaware that this topic will actually happen sometime in the future, poor Lin will literally barge in when it happens and he'll bear the consequences of his partner's act.

    "Don't forget to meditate Lily, that whole thing wouldn't happen unless we awaken our Spirit."

    Lin reminded his leaving sister and shook his head at her lackluster reaction, but he wasn't worried about a thing.

    Lily might seem careless but she was someone who knew what to do and how to take care of herself on top of taking care of her family.

    "Well, let's start with my first meditation session."

    Lin sat cross-legged and tried to reach the optimum state.

    "Ka ba bam.... Bew bew.... Aaa...."

    Little Lao was a few meters away from Lin and playing with his toys.

    Who would be able to meditate next to that noise?

    "Little Lao draw something with your colors."

    Lin gave him some colors and papers to draw instead.

    "Tear..... Tear..... Crunch.... Crack...."

    Lao tore the papers and broke the color sticks.

    "Wanna sleep? It's getting late."

    "Hug.... Lin.... Hug...."

    Lao got up on shaky legs and threw himself on Lin to cuddle him while yawning slightly.

    "Come little Lao let's tuck you to sleep."

    Sighing, Lin decided to meditate away from Lao from now on, he couldn't remove the distractions once.

    Almost isn't enough.
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    "After son's training his basics figures more than doubled, now he could beat up animals he couldn't before race animals he couldn't catch up to before."
    Missing the "his" before son's.
    "After his son's training, his basics figures more than doubled. Now he could beat up animals he couldn't before and race animals he couldn't catch up to before." - suggestion
  •               Chapter 5 : 3 Years

    During the month of Lin's father weakness, Lily showed the man her scary side as she fed him his daily meals.

    She would tell him stories of how lucky he's to be the only male in the area otherwise her mom would be in the arms of another person right now, since Lin made sure to warn his mom of the danger that might occur to the father if he got horny in his current state, she kept her distance from her husband and rarely made him see her during that month.

    Lily took chance of this opportunity to tease the man and shake his self-esteem, the man would laugh it in the beginning as a joke with an amused expression.

    Then as the days passed with his woman avoiding him and even sleeping with his children, that amused expression was gone and his laughter turned into dry laughs of awkwardness.

    Then it turned into a serious look with a couple coughs of embarrassment, finally his ears were completely listening to his only daughter when she spoke and he itched every single word and instruction in his brain.

    Lin noticed how close his father and sister has become after a few days, but he was careless about what Lily was teaching the man these days, since she gave him her word to behave and not to cause trouble for himself or the family anymore he was sure she's doing something for a reason.

    He focused on his meditation instead and tried to avoid little Lao as much as possible when he did, but, even he with his insane amount of mental capabilities and lightning quick thought process.

    Lin was completely irritated in every meditation session, even if he was locked in the tunnel leading to their next home in a very quiet place as he meditated.

    First it was his body, the mere fact of his need to remain completely still and motionless was bothersome.

    It took him a whole week to get used to it, and at best he would sit for an hour before he finds it unbearable anymore and he goes for a walk or some fun with the family.

    That's why he noticed Lily's little mental game with their father's.

    He quickly knew why she did that when he heard her cruel whispering voice to their father as she fed him his breakfast.

    She wanted to firmly consolidate the relationship between the couple and make sure it will hold strong against the unforseen future, deep inside Lin regretted not being close to his father and holding it against the man for leaving him, his mother, his brothers and sisters to live alone.

    The man was quite successful and happy in his new marriage, he acted like he never knew Lin even after knowing about his son's greatness.

    Since Lily already knew all the innermost tiniest bit of thought or aspirations of Lin's, she tried to use a reverse psychology shock therapy to make the man once and for all her mother's only.

    The poor ex-caveman never knew that his woman only avoided him because she was worried about his health, she was even more eager for her man's warmness and love more than the man himself.

    Once the month was over Lily made sure her father had followed her instructions to the letter, candles, fine dinner, perfect wine, full romance vibes, neatly dressed.

    When the mother woke up she found her man glowing as he waited for her to lazily wake up, Lily was already taking good care of the whole family for the fun of it even the tigers needs were handled by her.

    For almost three days straight, the two adults were locked up in their room and the mother's voice was surprisingly loud this time.

    "Hehe, I taught him to interchange between rough and gentle thrusts, mom must be feeling it to heaven this time."

    Lily jumped on Lin's back and whispered in his ear as she enjoyed listening to her mother's moans.

    "You know that I only let you do this trick because it will help their relationship right! Otherwise I would've stopped you from playing with father's emotions, believe in their love for each other Lily. We can only intervene in the future if it really reached the point of needing our intervention, promise me."

    Lin ignored her clingy-ness and told her that it's no longer their business to meddle with the parents affairs.

    "I promise, but, you need to sleep in the same bed with me for two month."

    As always she took the chance to ask for a mile after given a yard.

    "How's you meditation going? Did you manage to reach the state of clear mind?"

    Lin didn't continue on the topic of Lily's request and asked to distract her as he removed her from his back.

    "It's a promise then, that meditation is a very troublesome thing. Those idiots who said it's easy are just brainless fools with nothing but peanuts in their heads, it's driving me crazy to clear my mind of any thoughts and I know for sure that this is all your fault. You gave me the same set of monstrous brain as yours, now I can't even count the number of thoughts popping up in my head every second. Compensate me for what you did, here, gimme your first kiss and i'll try not to get mad at you."

    Lily spoke with pouted lips and hugged Lin's neck as she grumbled like an abandoned housewife, as she heard the background music of her mother's moans she stretched her lips and tried to kiss Lin's mouth.

    "Whither it's a curse or a blessing you know better than anyone else, just keep working hard."

    Lin kissed his sister's cheek and patted her back after hugging her, he knew his sister wouldn't stop her forceful approach and he just treated that as she being bored.

    Avoiding her moves was easy after all.

    During the last two months of winter Lin used his time meditating or going to the palace in the south to continue with the unfinished work, when he first started to meditate it took time to ward off the distractions and effort to stay still.

    At best after the first month, he could stay in one session for an hour then like a monster within that he can't contain he would feel energetic and lively for more than twelve hours.

    After another two months, now he can stay in a meditation session for 2 hours.

    It became easier for him to remove outside distractions and to dive deep in the calm darkness aimlessly.

    Once he sits cross-legged and closes his eyes, Lin's brain would work almost three times faster than normal.

    Unfortunately, most of the things brightening his mind would be related to his previous life and of no use in this life, other than being a reference or archived knowledge they wouldn't help Lin much.

    Sometimes he would let go and just watch the panoramic view of his mind's incomprehensive display, sometimes he would try to focus on a certain subject he couldn't find enough time to think about it in his previous life.

    It was fun and annoying thing to be experienced by Lin as he meditated, thankfully he spent more time working on their new home with his father or playing with Lily, Lao and the tigers.

    They can move in their new home right now, but Lin and his father decided to keep things perfect for Lin's mother who is currently pregnant again and happily eating all the healthy food Lily is offering her.

    The adult couple are very intimate with each other in their interactions after Lily did her little game of reverse psychology on the father, now he doesn't only care for his woman when he wants her body but also all the day he sits with her and chats or show her his affection by kissing and hugging her for no reason.

    The mother knew her daughter caused this overflowing warmth to flood her from her man's, she didn't dislike this change at all from her rough man's personality to bend his knees to her in the house and treats her as the true boss of this place.

    On the other hand Lin gave his mother a few small advices not to look for the same treatment outside the house and let the man lead, otherwise he'll end up feeling controlled by her and his feelings will fluctuate between denial and confusion.

    Giving him some freedom outside will only end up with him returning to her side faster, and when the mother heard that her eyes glowed in interest as she only gave her man a deep kiss then helped him wear his helmet after asking for his safe return.

    She didn't forget to use the long drawn out winking technique Lily taught her with the sad look, her man seemed to never want to leave for his next hunting journey when he saw his woman do such a dangerous move.

    Lin shook his head and smiled ruefully at his dazed father, the tall man stared at his woman's thin waist and full chest as he wetted his lips and swallowed hard.

     "Dad, don't forget to take care of Moon, unlike Sun she's somewhat dumb and playful. Sun can understand our language now and will stop her from causing mischief if you told him."

    Lily used a small stick to hit her father's dangerous spiked armor to wake him up from his daydreams, she was mostly worried for Moon and tried to make Lin delay the first hunt until the tigers reached their third year.

    But he refused and said they were ready to go on a bigger stage instead of staying in this small place, Sun and Moon were currently taller than 2.5m and longer than 5m without including the tail.

    If these two couldn't hunt or survive in the wild for a month then Lin shouldn't have saved them from their mother's belly.

    "I will, you two take care of things here. Let's go Sun, goodbye honey i'll miss you dearly and terribly."

    With a theatrical exit the father ran down the mountain and ran north with the two tigers at the first day of spring.

    And Lin returned to his routine of going for a swim in the pool waters with Lily or meditate, the rest of the time was spent fooling around with Lily who managed to take more and more advantage of the two lives virgin.

    Now she refuses to let Lin sleep alone and started to join him in every bath or meditation session.

    When stupid little Lao tried to join she would divert him to her mother's chest and exclusively keep Lin for herself all the time.

    One week after their father left.

    As Lin and Lily returned from the pool they noticed over a dozen silhouettes sneaking towards the cave entrance through the field of plants in front of the cave, their pregnant mother and little Lao were the only two inside the cave right now and if these people had evil intentions then the result would be disastrous to the small family.

    Holding Lily's arm with a serious expression when he saw these foreigners he said : "Lily hurry to the the western tunnel and close the cave door from inside, i'll keep them distracted."


    Not needing anymore words to be said between the two, Lily ran for the nearby tunnel door and pulled the hidden lever then closed the door behind her and locked it shut to prevent others from doing the same as her.

    "Ooy, over here."

    Lin gave Lily 30 seconds headstart before climbing a nearby rock and calling for the sneaky group.

    Once he did that the group sneaking warily towards the cave entrance were startled, one by one they straightened their hunched backs and looked west at the jumping midget waving his arms in the air.

    The largest man in the group made a gesture with his head to another man to go get the kid, and the thin man reached Lin in a few seconds then raised him up by the armpits as he showed a toothless smile.

    "Your breath really stinks, when was the last time you washed your mouth?"

    Lin had to cover his nose with his sleeves to endure the smell.


    The man didn't seem to understand and gave Lin a creepy laugh as he started to remove his clothes, the thin toothless man found them strange and kept feeling their soft texture in his hand while staring down at cute Lin stand there in his birth suit.


    'He's not one of these guys, is he?' Lin started to feel edgy under the man's gaze, especially after seeing the man sniff his clothes like some sort of flower bouquet.

    Once he was about to start cursing at the thin man for staring at him like a wolf seeing fresh meat, the man grabbed him and ran back towards the largest man and the group.

    It seems there's 22 in this group, 16 males and 6 females.

    One little boy and one girl only two or three years older than Lin, two teenagers of both genders no older than 15 years old.

    4 mature women, and 14 men.

    The large man who seemed to be the leader of the group took Lin's clothes from the thin man and sniffed them as well.

    "This is really the ugliest sight i've ever seen since I got born, stop sniffing around my clothes you perverts."

    Lin frowned at the sight and told them to stop, if it wasn't for his arms being currently busy covering up his privates he would've protested a lot better.

    But his sight of being shy really amused the group and they started to laugh.

    'Sigh, at least they're distracted from the cave entrance' Lin thought as he helplessly looked at the leader's tall body reaching more than 3m.

    The group wore pieces of dirty furs and leather on their bodies, their hair tangled and messy with straws and tiny bugs walking on it.

    Bodies full of wounds and scars, some members were malnourished and still a bit sick from the past winter.

    The leader placed Lin on his palm and made a snort with his mouth for the group to follow, but Lin was currently feeling another type of agony as the man's rough palm felt like piercing nails to Lin's smooth butt.

    "At least give me my clothes back, the surface of your palm is hurting me, do you understand? Give me my clothes back moron, they're not even your size."

    Lin was suffering from his ass and tried to climb the man's big arms to his shoulder, after sitting on the tall leader's shoulder he started to pull his ear to grab his attention as he spoke.

    The man only kept going forward towards the cave entrance while lowering his body to hide amongst the plants growing in the field, while ignoring Lin's actions as the brat playing with him.


    Then Lin's stomach made a protesting sound that grabbed the tall leader's attention, the leader snickered faintly at the little one's hunger as he tried to take a better a look at the cave entrance.

    Lin took advantage of this awkward situation and slapped the man's cheek as he pointed at his stomach to indicate his hunger, but the leader only shrugged to indicate his helplessness because of the food shortage.

    Lin nodded and tried another way to stall for time, plucking one of the apples nearby he started to munch on it to satisfy his hunger.

    He just spent sometime in the pool swimming and was doing that on an empty stomach like he used to, when he's done he'll return to eat breakfast with his mother and Lily then after some fooling around with Lily they'll start to meditate.

    The group stopped to look at the small boy eat from the strange tree some strange fruit, they didn't dare to taste strange things because sometimes these strange things cause the eater to drop dead.

    Only when they're about to die from hunger will they eat them, since it's death anyway they wouldn't be afraid.

    When they noticed that Lin was enjoying his snack and not screaming or doing the death roll on the ground while grabbing his stomach with bloodshot eyes, they warily plucked some apples and took small bites then their eyes glowed up in joy because the taste was good.

    The leader looked at Lin strangely as he ate one of the apples, then he made a sound and slammed one of the group men with his large stone Mace to grab the group's attention.

    He needed to show them who's the boss or these guys will spin out of his control.

    "Creak.... Bang...."

    At the same time Lin heard the sound of the gates closing and sighed in relief within, now it is only him and this strange group his family is safe inside and he only need to keep them here until his father returns with Sun-Moon.

    From the look of it food was very tempting to the group, they didn't even care about the gates of the cave when they closed and kept their focus on the trees and plants in the field.

    Tasting all the fruits and plucking most of the plants, in just two hours the field was a mess as if getting hit by a hurricane after the group visited it.

    After getting full of raw fruits and vegetables their stomachs made loud sounds and the group relieved themselves in the field, now it wasn't only a mess it smelled really bad as well.

    "If I didn't have the gardens around my palace with another batch of trees and plants I would've been really angry for what you guys did to this field, oh well, you can have it then."

    Lin smiled helplessly at the group as they held their stomachs and squatted, he knew something like that was bound to happen after eating that much raw vegetables and fruits on an empty stomach.

    The leader left Lin in the custody of the toothless thin man and went to shit next to a tree blissfully, Lin never tried to resist or intimidate the group and calmly stood where he was left as he spoke.

    The thing the group was finding it strange was the brat's ability to make sounds with his mouth unlike theirs, he can make a wide variety of sounds and they can only make ah oh ugh sounds.

    The boy a few years older than Lin tried to open his mouth to take a look inside and was slapped to the side when he started hurting Lin by the toothless man, the group knew that this small boy now belonged to the leader if they hurt him then the leader would beat them with his Mace or his large hands.

    After the group sat down in front of the cave door that was now shut, they felt somewhat reinvigorated by all the vitamins replenishment of the previous meal.

    Scratching their heads they looked at the spike full gates and couldn't find a large enough space to push the gates open, break it then!

    "Uaah.... Bang..."

    The leader swung his stone Mace to destroy the gates, he didn't even tell the others to get back and take cover.


    Lin ran to take cover behind the men once the leader started to move, he saw it clearly from the man's stance and body language.

    "Crack... Whoosh.... Ahhhh...."

    'Trying to break the gates I made with a piece of rock? Some people are just overconfident' Lin thought as he hid himself from the after shock.

    He saw flying rock shards hitting the male teenager and throwing him 2 meters back, his left shoulder was wounded and his head swollen at the forehead from the two rocks rebounding from the gates.

    The leader's stone Mace was shattered into countless pieces and he was hit by the majority of the shards.

    Lin was safe behind the men who suffered for no reason other than the stupidity of their leader.

    Somehow the females avoided this small crisis because they always followed behind the men, and they all noticed Lin's actions of escaping before the others got hit.

    Scratching their heads they stared at this strange little boy, he was clean, his hair cut not too short or long and was orderly and not messy.

    Especially the little girl, she felt interested in this young boy unlike the other boy around her age in the group who kept bullying her and dragging her around by the hair for fun.

    Then the angry group leader started touching the sore spots on his body and glare at the gates, going far from the gates to grab large rocks he threw them on the gate.

    "Boom.... Crack.... Tak... Trrk.... Tik...."

    Only to end up like the leader's Mace, shattered to pieces and the gates didn't even shake, they were supposed to open outward not inward he was trying to do the impossible but Lin kept his distance and sat in the range of the peeking hole to give Lily some hand signs.

    "Meet you in the western tunnel."

    Lily shouted at Lin and he knew she must've calmed his pregnant mother and told her that he can handle this group.

    He told her to make some delicious food and get their father and mother's old and unwanted clothes then leave them outside the western tunnel.

    The group leader and his excited crew calmed down after getting defeated by the cave door, and because there's no longer any large sized stones around to throw at the gates.

    A small mountain of shattered stones was covering the door as they lay on their backs gasping for air, unwilling to admit defeat the group leader turned his attention towards the forge to the side and wanted to destroy it instead.

    Sadly for him, the forge was remade again with Lin's improved concrete formula, in a sense, it was ten times stronger than the gates.

    When the leader tried to punch the walls, his bones creaked and a jolt of pain struck his nerves as fear filled his eyes when he waved his aching wrist joint in the air to make the pain go away.

    After that the leader learned his lesson the hard way and refrained from trying to break anything else.

    "Hey, over here."

    As the group of idiotic males were trying to figure out a way to get inside the cave, only the females followed the forgotten Lin towards the west tunnel in curiosity.

    They were surprised by the piles of food and took chance to run for it and eat before the bullies take them away and only leaves them with scrap after they have their full.

    Lin left them eat some then called for the men to join after giving the weak females a head start on the meal, the tired men remembered that they left the strange kid unattended or watched by one of their members in their excitement.

    Then they discovered the absence of the females!

    Running after their anxious leader, some of the men had their own female partner and the rest were waiting for the two small ones to grow up to take them as their partners.

    Of course the teenager young man was planning to fight for the death for the teenage girl, the other men didn't see him as a challenge and were wary of each other instead.

    They fought for the right to get the woman they wanted, the strong gets the female that was how it goes in these days.

    When they reached Lin's side they saw the females hurriedly eating some food like ghouls and anxiously trying to eat as much as they could before the men arrived.


    The leader didn't mind Lin anymore and ran to the greedy females who forgot their place and at before him.

    Since his stone Mace was broken, the leader used his arms and feet to kick or push the 6 females away from the food, the other males smelled the fragrant aromatic scent of the delicious food and glared at the females.

    Only the most voluptuous woman with the sexiest body raised her head and returned the leader's gaze as she gently played with her boobs, first the leader wasn't interested but when she started to sneak her hand downwards towards her vagina his eyes were glued on her body.

    The men with partners got paired with their females after hitting them once or twice to discipline them for eating without them, then the leader started to eat while the voluptuous woman sat on his lap and gently played with his large member.

    "Humph.... Ooahhoo..."

    After eating a large portion of the food the leader signaled for the men to eat while hugging the woman to him, he slapped her butt with his rough palm and the woman started to feed him with her hand.

    It was a calm meal for the group until the leader finally couldn't hold back his horniness and carried the woman to the side and speared her with his penis, the snatching and food fight started when the largest man left to sleep with his woman.

    Punches, kicks, body throws, bites and headbutts flew everywhere between the 20 members of all ages for a larger portion of the meal.

    Lin was surprised by the complete difference between the time that large man ate with them and when he left, these morons had enough food to satisfy them and still fought.

    He saw the youngest boy receive a knee and one of his front teeth fly into the air when he tried to sneak between two people and snatch a piece of meat full of sand and dirt.

    Men and women forgot the meaning of partners, hunger got the best of them and they cruelly beat each other.

    Lin knew he wouldn't be able to stop their savageness, he took a final look at the people fight and told Lily to open the door for him.

    The sound of grunts and growling never stopped for two hours, only the two mating to the side were safe and unwounded in the group fight.

    The rest were suffering from a various degrees of wounds.

    toothless thin man got smashed on the leg with a rock and it seemed to be broken, he lay to the side and painfully wail after everytime he touched his swollen leg.

    The youngest girl curled up beneath a rock to the side after receiving a strong punch to the stomach, the 4 other females were trying to rub their beaten up bodies to the winners amongst the men for a share of the food.

    The young teenager male was gritting his teeth when he saw the girl he wanted to be his, ignoring him after losing in the fight for some food smeared with dirt.

    The winners were 7 and the losers were 8, amongst them was the teenager boy and the small kid plus the thin toothless pervert.

    Lin entered the cave under the giggling laughter of his family, even Lao was amused by the laughter of his mother and sister and joined them in laughing at his big brother.

    "Went for wool and returned shorn instead!"

    The pregnant mother snatched Lin before he entered the bathroom and rubbed her face to his while enjoying his bare skin touching her arms and his smooth butt on top of her palms, even though Lily told her to calm down and be free of worry for her oldest son.

    She couldn't stop having troubling thoughts as the cave gates got hit by rocks from the savage lot, she almost took the crossbow and shot these idiots if it wasn't for Lily's calming words.

    Now that Lin has returned she hugged him to her chest to release these worries entirely, she didn't mind that he's smelling like pig or being dirty she was currently quenching her worries.

    "Group bath."

    Lily hurriedly undressed and started to take little Lao's clothes before pushing him in the tub.

    The mother didn't hesitate to join her kids in a bath to calm herself, plus, Lily was the best in giving massages in the water.

    After cleaning up Lin wore some clothes and returned to watch the behavior of the group, his meditation sessions doubled in the following days because he couldn't go for his morning swim in the pool.

    But, Lin enjoyed watching the group and treated them like a case worthy of being studied, he even meditated in the western tunnel next to the door to keep close to the group and not to miss out on the action.

    First time the group waited for the so-called leader to have his full before fighting each other for the remainder of the meal.

    Second day the beaten bunch increased from 8 males plus the small female, into 10 males plus the teenager female and the youngest girl.

    All the while, the leader was happily eating and mating with the voluptuous woman for the whole night like bunnies.

    Then the third day the wounded count reached 12 men, 1 woman, 2 teenagers and 2 kids of both genders.

    Only 3 men and 3 women could fight for the next day's meal, the leader curiously searched for Lin in the first day but he lost interest by the time the next meal slid from the tunnel door.

    The tension was rising between the group members and the partners didn't have sex at night like the earlier three days, they stopped interacting with each other and only focused their eyes on the place food comes from.

    Even with mud and sand covering it, that food still tasted better than the meat they tried before.

    "These idiots will kill each other if I kept giving them food normally."

    Lin saw the worried looks on the 3 men before he sent the food through the slide and hesitated, the dozen wounded men seemed to give these three vengeful looks.

    Especially the thin man with a broken leg, he foolishly tried to join the next fight and got hit again and now his leg is bent at an awkward angle.

    Lin gave it some thought and only sent one small portion not even enough for the youngest girl, he waited and watched the nervous group stare at the small amount of food and hesitate to go eat.

    Even the leader hesitated twice before faking his courageous walk towards the food, but he stopped at the growling and glares of the rest of the people.

    "Heh, when there's too much food they tolerated his actions of eating first, but now there's too little, and he still dares to extend his hands! Such a fool."

    Lily said as she watched the tall man awkwardly hesitate between going for it or retreat, she loved to watch the man sleep with the dirty voluptuous woman and joined Lin in meditating in the western tunnel to watch the group have sex at night.

    But she started to get bored since yesterday only the leader and the voluptuous woman did the deed, the others seemed anxious about the next fight.

    When she saw Lin offer too little food she enjoyed the sight of the people hesitating.

    The leader had no problem beating up three or four but these guys had red eyes and a threatening air as they looked at him, even though most of them were wounded he still couldn't beat them all when they're united.

    Retreating back to his woman since he wasn't very hungry, the leader lost his reputation amongst the group.

    The air of formidability which the leader took years to build around him was gone in a single foolish act of greediness.

    Gritting his molars after being hungry for 4 days and the last thing he ate was the fruits and vegetables from the field, these things made his stomach speed up it's digestion and he felt like his belly walls sticking to each other after emptying his bowls.

    He did like the other losers and went for the field to eat some more or to be specific he hobbled, but these fruits never managed to fill their stomachs and no matter how much they ate they only ended up shitting more and feeling hungrier after one hour.

    The thin man limped towards the food and the others didn't feel the need to waste their energy fighting the hobbling toothless toothpick over such a tiny bit of food.

    When the thin man ate his first meal in a long time then left with something in his stomach that will last more than a couple hours without getting digested, Lin gave another tiny portion and the little girl hiding underneath the rocks ran to it under the mixed gazes of the group.

    The little boy tried to go bully the little girl but the teenager female held him back and slapped him once, the sight of the hungry little girl eat the tiny portion of food made the group experience something they never felt before.


    The ones getting the most damage from their food struggle was the young and weak, the ones getting the most advantage are the strong like their leader.

    But if they united, the strong will stop taking what doesn't belong to him, and the weak will live and the young will find a chance to grow.

    "Hehehehe, look at their ashamed faces, this is amusing."

    Lily was enjoying the show.

    Lin actually wasn't, he was experiencing what it felt to live in the times where injustice happened, in his previous life he only saw them through the Oracle to study or to research.

    At that time there was no injustice amongst humanity, they all knew and learned the hard way that infighting isn't the way to survive.

    But in this life, his father bullied his childhood friend, this group mercilessly went at each other for a meal like barbarians.

    It felt wrong, it felt vile.

    He was angry at these idiots for choosing the easy way out instead of being helpful to each other in the times of need, unlike his sister who took it as a source of amusement.

    Afterwards Lin offered 3 more tiny portions for the young boy and the teenager pair, then he gave the impatient adults their group meal because he knew if he gave another tiny portion then a weak fellow would get beaten by someone strong and impatient.

    "Hehehehe look at the leader try to regain his throne amongst the group, hahahaha they all ganged up on him bffft serves you right for being an asshole earlier."

    Lily kept snickering and giggling as she watched the big fellow get beaten up after he knocked out three men and one female, even his voluptuous woman kicked him when he was down with a smile on her face.

    No body could say he won in that gruesome fight for food, only the thin man and the youngest 4 in the group who ate the tiny portions were untouched.

    They pretty much enjoyed watching the fight as Lin and Lily and acted as audience.

    One woman though was the most hurt in the 4th day's fight, the toothless thin man hobbled towards the field to bring her some fruits and vegetables then gave them to her as a gift.

    His action surprised Lin, he watched the thin man try to pat the woman's back soothingly as she ate the fruits to sate her hunger, and he didn't miss the man's burning gaze as he glared at one man in particular.

    That man was the one who hurt the woman the most in the fight, he delivered her a venomous kick to hip and it almost made the woman's left leg stop functioning.

    Like the thin man she started hobbling around from the 5th day.

    Lin gave the small portions for the weak and young people once every two days, and after the group got used to it they didn't become greedy for the small portions.

    Because Lin punished them with two days of no food when someone took the toothless thin man's small portion.

    But the numbers of the wounded grew up by the day and even the leader of the group was full of them from the daily fights, thankfully all of them seemed to be unaffected when rocks and stones were used as weapons.

    Their bones seemed sturdier than stones and their skins were thicker than elephants, punches and kicks did more damage but headbutts and elbows did the most damage.

    Surprisingly, the voluptuous woman managed to get herself a large amount of food after every fight while maintaining her top shape and the least wounds, she stopped making the leader sleep with her in the night and eliminated the competition in the day.

    After 10 days the leader had to cut a share of his food and give the voluptuous woman for her to allow him to have sex with her, she took the food and stayed on top during the whole session looking down at the man with a teasing smile on her face.

    It made the leader feel irritated and pleased in the same time.

    The toothless pervert thin man was even more sacrificing than the leader, after the woman got hurt he shared half his small portion of food with her and gathered fruits and vegetables for her every two days.

    By the time the leader was getting cowgirl ride by the voluptuous woman, the toothless pervert was ignoring the pain from his leg and pushing his hips downwards as he thrusted his male organ into the woman who managed to recover from her hip wound with his help.

    The teenager female was curious about that specific activity and made the only teenager male try her body for the first time, the men were clearly jealous of the young man but they didn't stop them from doing the act.

    Then the rest of the females gave their males the permission to enter and the three men were glad to comply.

    5 males and 5 females were having sex that night, then the competitive spirit of the males were lit up and they started to see who makes his woman more pleased.

    "That's it, this is the way it's supposed to be you dimwits, never waste a night without shagging."

    The number one fan of obscene activities Lily was excited as she watched the different positions and shapes of men and women.

    Only the single men were hitting the ground with their fists and stomping the ground with their legs in unwillingness as the music of moans and gasps entered their ears, even the most wounded in the group of ten wasn't able to hide his raging member creating a tent at the loin piece of fur or leather, some blessed fellows had their members diagonal to the ground in a long pole.

    "No wonder they're single! These dicks are enormous who would take these spears? Look Lin, that one's longer than a horse."

    Lily kept patting Lin's shoulder and back to stop him from meditating and join her in watching the group sex.

    "Come on Lily, stop watching already. It really isn't healthy to watch other people do that, wait until you grow up and have your own fun."

    Lin glared at his sister for keeping interrupting his sessions for the stupidest reason.

    "You won't allow me, remember the time you said you'll take my first if you wanted. Now I'm bound to wait for your mercy, without you I can't do that with anyone else."

    Lily pouted her lips and spoke as she lazily sat in her brother's lap.

    "You and I know that nobody can make you do anything against your will, why bother arguing about the matter while we're both still lacking in the capability. Wait until you grow some fat on your chest and butt then come swoon over me all you want, right now I'm no different than soft jelly you won't find me helpful in anything."

    Lin ran his fingers through Lily's short silky hair and spoke as he teased her nose tip with his hand.

    "Hehe, soft as jelly. Such a shameless one with thick skin, which man would pridefully say that about himself. But i'll show you a dangerous sight later, that time i'll take what I want from you and you wouldn't dare refuse me. Mr.jelly."

    Lily was amused by the description and clung into Lin's neck like a koala as she whispered in his ears.

    She already took his first kiss in his sleep and she wouldn't allow him to lose his virginity to another woman.

    "Whatever, just keep meditating properly for the time being, we'll talk about it when we reaches there."

    Lin raised an eyebrow at the twin sister who's turning more and more daring by the day, her cute looks and dark obsidian pupils resembling a bottomless abyss were a sight to behold.

    "Time will fly, In a blink of an eye it will be the day I enjoy cowgirl riding you like this woman over there."

    After maintaining eye contact with Lin for a few seconds, Lily smiled demonically at her brother then got up from his lap to go check on her mother and little Lao.

    Sighing, Lin continued to try to reach that optimal state.

    Now he can focus on his inner voices and thoughts at will and wouldn't waste time trying to sit still of ignore the distractions, even with Lily's constant tugs and pokes to wake him from his meditation it took three of her annoying pokes and tugs to pull him out from his Sea of thoughts.

    Surprisingly enough, Lin started to feel like his senses are getting stronger and sharper after every session of meditation, he was annoyed with that because he started to hear sounds he shouldn't and didn't want to hear from his parents room.

    His sight improved more than what it already was, previously Lin's senses were two or three times better than a normal person because of his superior braincells.

    He has more in count and connection of and between the cells themselves, that led to heightened senses and smoother control over his body.

    He was superior to Lily in that because he unlocked his motor functions and control over his body earlier, now he felt those already sharp senses get another boost and improvement.

    Little by little he learned to eliminate the unwanted distractions from outside and block them, now he only felt himself drown deeper into the endless darkness of his mind as he meditated.

    When he gets up, Lin would feel like he earned something but he wasn't ever able to pinpoint it.

    From the 15th day of the group's arrival onwards, it felt like the single men were teaming up against the couples.

    Surprisingly, they would close an eye on the women when they hit them in the daily fight over the food, then they'll show the five lucky bastards their merciless side by being extremely heavy-handed.

    Even the toothless pervert found himself getting beaten up for no reason even though he didn't join the fight for the food!

    You fuck in the night? Alright, we'll wait for the morning to come and welcome your hollow joints and yellow complexions with our full strength, and fuck you up in the daylight by taking most of the food.

    Let's see how you fuck again in the night, you heartless assholes didn't mind our feelings and did such a thing in front of our eyes for the whole night, we'll snatch your food in return and that's us being merciful.

    Others would snatch your women!

    The activity of public sex amongst the group was treated as a taboo by the couples after the 4 men and young man got beaten badly on the first time, they started to hide and do it away from the tunnel door where the 10 single men camped.

    Only Lily was frustrated at the single men with big junk for chasing her fun away.

    "So what if your dicks are longer or thicker than them? not all women like that option you bunch of jealous fools in heat, wait until dad returns from his trip i'll ride Moon and chase you to the end of earth."

    Lily was fuming inside with anger.

    "They can't understand us, so please, stop shouting in my ears."

    Lin smiled helplessly at his sister's behavior, she was currently hugging him tightly and resting her head on his shoulder.

    "Didn't that Jin Bao tell you anything about meditation? It's just darkness and chaotic ideas when i close my eyes."

    Lily asked as she felt her frustration originate from the meditation bottleneck and not really the men outside.

    "Nothing else, ever since he spoke with me that time I found the ring we didn't speak again, it's like he's disappeared."

    Lin took off the ring and started to rub it with his fingers helplessly, he really felt the need to hear from Jin Bao again.

    "Whatever, give me a kiss or I won't calm down."

    Lily tried to be daring and kiss Lin's lips but he avoided and kissed her cheek instead.

    "It's almost a month since dad left I think it won't be long until Sun-Moon pearls return from their first hunting experience, do you think their personalities will change after feeling the joys of letting loose to their primal instincts?"

    He asked to distract Lily from being always a naughty companion.

    "Even if she did become fierce, I can wear protective clothes when I deal with her."

    Lily shrugged and went to play with Lao as she kept touching the place Lin kissed her with a smile on her face, only if Lin saw that smile of obsession.

    In the 3rd day of Spring's second month, Lin's father returned with Sun and Moon fully loaded with supplies from somewhere the father never visited before.

    Beyond the 100km point from the cave was a blank zone for the ex-caveman, with Sun and Moon he ventured there and saw the large titans of beasts with sizes at least three times larger than Sun and Moon.

    He harvested many different plants and smartly used traps to hunt one dangerous monster with the help of Sun's distractions and his weapons, as for Moon she wanted to confront the leopard directly!

    It was a large animal with the height of 12m, to make it worse it was speed oriented, the stupid female tiger was simply fearless to think of going against it.

    Thankfully the man had prepared a trap and took out one of the leopard's limbs, with the disadvantage of speed against the annoying twin tigers and the man's arrows the leopard died an unwilling death.

    The rest of the time was spent on exploring the area, search for metal ores, laying down traps to catch any possible livestock and collecting eggs from the nests, seeds and such.

    But, when he got near the cave he found Sun crouching down low and look around warily, the man knew the meaning and removed the supplies then threw the leopard's body to the side and joined the tiger in sneaking towards the cave entrance.

    First he was met with the field, barely any fruits and vegetables remaining.

    Then he saw the cave entrance, fully blocked with stones and rock despite being small they made a mountain.

    The forge remained untouched and the man saw the pavilion and the area east towards the water source with signs of human presence, stains covered his furniture and carpets under the pavilion, he as a man who left his own stains after experiencing open view outdoor sex knew why the place was a mess.

    Some feelings of worry about the female getting creampie being his woman tried to sneak inside his thoughts, but the man shook his head in annoyance to remove them.

    Sun pulled the man's attention towards the west and growled faintly.

    There he found a group of beaten up men and women fight over food coming out from the western tunnel door, after taking a close look and finding his woman not being amongst them he couldn't help but sigh within.

    "Well, nothing to do with me."

    The ex-caveman knew that his son must be behind that group fight, and after enjoying the sight for a few seconds he pulled Sun and Moon to return and get their things.

    When the people of the group were about to conclude today's event of food struggle because if it really continued any longer they'll really kill each other, they noticed the leopard's large body being dragged by the human walking amongst two tigers.

    "Aaaaahhhh..... Ooohhh...."

    The youngest girl was scared shitless by the sight and ran to hide behind the youngest boy after seeing them come near, she was pushed away and the boy ran to hide behind the teenager female who gave him a contemptuous gaze for what he did to the small girl.

    But she hurried to hide behind the teenager man who took her virginity at the sight of the two tigers and that human, she was scared as much as that young boy because to the west was a cliff, if they attacked the group then at least half will die here and the rest might not even survive the fall if they jumped.

    If they wanted to escape safely then they need to bypass the three dangerous opponents ahead, the first to attack will be the first to die.

    Just the man's scary clothes with dangerous looking black spikes put fear into the group and they reflexively gathered closer to each other, not to mention the two large white and yellow tigers baring their teeth at the mostly wounded or tired members of the group.

    When the man saw this cluster of people being fearful of him he snickered underneath the helmet and went towards the tunnel door, he completely ignored the whole group as if they were air.

    "Liiiin, Lily open up it's me dad."

    He went towards the peeking hole and shouted for his kids to open because he tried pulling the lever to open the door and it didn't work, he was happy that his kids didn't get careless and kept themselves safe inside by locking up well.

    Unfortunately for him both Lin and Lily were currently meditating, after learning to block the distractions from outside they were like deaf people.

    His wife was bathing with Lao and hurried to cover herself with a towel that barely covered her upper thigh and only reached her lower chest, taking little naked Lao on her arm and leaving her silky hair dropping wet and wearing her fluffy slippers.

    The three months pregnant mother ran for the western tunnel to welcome her man that's been away for more than a month, opening the mechanism to open the door she stood with all her charm under the bloodshot eyes of ten men in heat and one group leader who never felt this raging erection before.

    All the females in the group were staring wide eyed at the woman who just appeared before their eyes, they never saw anyone more pretty than her, even they wanted to ravage her like their men did to them.



    The blood got in their heads and these idiots found their courage to challenge this foreigner for this absolutely stunning beauty, even the leader ignored the voluptuous woman's pinches at his waist and slapped her away then drummed his chest like the other ten men in heat.

    Only these 11 men were left with some energy after the group fight, and Lin's food was more than enough to keep them standing after many days of fighting.

    The others were injured or timid by the beasts and the man's intimidating air.

    The father was first mesmerized by his woman's enchanting sight and dazed in her beauty, the sight of her standing there in a wet towel and carrying their youngest child with her milky white skin exposed and hidden made his month of hard work seem meaningful.

    Then he heard the challenges from behind and saw the raging expressions and erect male organs of sizes bigger than his, these fuckers dare to have eyes on his woman? Crack crack.

    He cracked his knuckles and fingers with popping sounds as he let his air of savageness loose.

    "Huh.... O'Ooh!"

    Lin and Lily opened their eyes at the same time when their father's killing intent was felt by them in their meditation, they felt their skin tingle and their spines shivering and cold sweat covered their backs.

    Lily knew what's going on with a look at her mother's perky butt pushing against the wet towel and the group of horny men in heat waving their arms provokingly at the father with their long thick dicks fully erect, their bloodshot maddened eyes were full of craziness.

    "Come wimps, i'll break your bones. Shit faces dare to stare at my woman, i'll poke your bloody eyes and pluck them out."

    The ex-caveman's wild side appeared and he stood in front of his woman protectively to block the group's eyes from seeing her any more, then gave them the gesture to come all together arrogantly with no fear whatsoever if they ganged up on him.


    Sun and Moon weren't interested in these human struggles and were more interested in meeting their true owners and partners after more than a month of separation.

    "Hehehehe, you grew taller Moon, did you miss me? Me too girl it was very boring with dull Lin for a whole month you know how males are. Come, let's go wash you clean."

    Lily quickly climbed up on Moon's back and took her with the clingy Lao to the bathroom, as for Lin he was trying to make Sun who almost suffocated him with all his hugs move to the side so he could stop his angry father before he kills these men.

    "Huff.... Bhhh.... Buddy.... Lhhhh.... Let go quick.... Dad stop!"

    Sadly he only managed to release himself from Sun's clutches when the leader gathered his courage and ran for the shorter man to punch him in the face, Lin's father had already took off his helmet and his chiseled handsome clean face with a short trimmed beard and nice hair cut coupled with his sharp eyes straight nose made all the women in the group feel their hearts skip a beat.

    The group leader was over 3m tall and Lin's father was only a little bit more than 2.5m, he felt his chances of beating this handsome asshole being great even if he wasn't at his best form.

    Then he saw the small boy from a couple weeks ago shout something with his strange voices from the side of his eyes as he delivered his punch to the short man's face.

    "Bang.... Snap.... Creak.... Crack.... Groan...."

    The group leader saw the short man punch his fist with his own and before he got to sneer, he felt his arm stop after hitting the man's arm then following the loud sound of collision he heard his bones shatter one by one and before he uttered a painful groan his bones were coming out from his hands.


    "Let's see you look again asshole, come on, take another of these dirty looks at my woman. I DARE YOU."

    Before Lin reached his father's side to stop him from beating the foolish tall man anymore, the ex-caveman kicked the man who fell to his knees and stared at his bleeding arm with fear in the stomach violently.

    "Oomph.... Crack...."

    A few ribs were broken from the aftershocks of the nasty kick, the ten men with raging cocks became soft when they saw the cruelty of the handsome man as he beat their strongest member to full submission in one blow then didn't hesitate to add injury to the injured man.

    "Hueck.... Cough.... Cough.... Bffff...."

    The leader clung into his chest after curling in the ground then started to cough up blood, the sight added fear in the group and only the voluptuous woman felt sadness and anger well up in her chest at the foolish man who refused to take her advice.

    "Father! Stop please no more, he's just an ignorant person driven by his primal instincts. This isn't the way we humans treat the helpless, just go inside with mom and calm yourself. Mom send me the medical box with Lily and clean father from his rough journey."

    "Come dear, i'll give you a massage like Lily taught me. Hey, will you reject my first request after just arriving? Don't you love me anymore!"

    When the mother saw her man still standing in place and glaring daggers at the fallen leader and the ten shivering men at the back with squinted eyes, she was jumping in joy inside for her man's action of burning with rage when other men tried to lustfully gaze at her, but, she tried to calm him and distract him with her charm otherwise he'll beat up the rest of the dirty fellows half to death like he used to do to their neighbor before.

    "Hrrrrmph.... Ptooey.... Let's go, I need a drink."

    The man gave the cowardly men a contemptuous smile then turned and carried his woman like a princess as he spoke, his action was clearly intentional to enforce his dominance and mark his belongings while giving a final warning to the few foreigners.

    "Hey! Don't move, i'll try to make it better. Idiot! I said don't move, stay still."

    Shouting again and again at the tall leader to stay still wasn't very much helpful.


    Sun helped with a single display of his canines, the leader remained completely still.

    Lin stopped the leader from moving a lot and started to push some of his acupoints to stop the bleeding, since Sun was with him he wasn't afraid of the group bullying him and was afraid for them getting suddenly courageous and provoking the tiger instead.

    The leader felt the boy just saved him from the violent handsome man, then started to feel his pain go away with the boy's help and gasped for breathe with his chest feeling heavy.

    He felt the same feeling before once when he almost died after getting attacked by a four legged animal, then he got saved by someone and woke up to find the voluptuous woman at the side eating some meat.

    Then he remembered the action he just did of slapping her away, he regretted what he did and tried to look at her and when their eyes met she glared at him then looked away with pouted lips.

    He felt that he deserved this treatment this time, and waited for his end by closing his eyes.

    When the group leader woke up he saw the group wrapped in clothes and their previous air of hostility against each other was gone, their wounds bandaged and their broken bones popped back in place and supported correctly to mend.

    They were all clean and their hair in different hairstyles, some females were learning from Lin's mother how to do simple stitches.

    Food was placed on a table and nobody fought for it, the youngest girl in the group was getting her hair done by the little girl who looked like Lin.

    The toothless thin pervert man was currently hugging his woman at his lap and feeding her with a smile on his face, the ten men in heat were standing in line in front of Lin and his father in a squatting position as sweat oozed out from their skin.

    It looked hard and they seemed to be in pain, but their respectful gazes were directed at the young boy Lin who seemed a bit taller than he used to remember.

    "Ahhhh.... Ooohhh...."

    "Lin he's awake, like we agreed you're mine for a year. I kept watching over him for 3 months after all."

    The man saw Lily give him a mirthful smile as she continued to do the braids for the little girl, then shouted something and said a word that he knew was that young boy's.

    "Lily you did a great job, don't worry, until we reach 4 years old and one month exactly you'll find me kissing and hugging you until you start hating me."

    Lin left his father's side and ran towards the pavilion to check on the group leader who was in a coma for 3 months from second month of spring until second month of summer, but before that he hugged Lily who watched over the man's almost all the time in exchange for one year of freely doing naughty things with Lin.

    The voluptuous woman cried many nights and almost hit the already severely injured man in his coma, she was one of his mother's best friends now and of course Lily took this chance to indulge in some adventures with these females bodies in the shower.

    Lin kept hearing group moans with his upgraded sense of hearing, he even discovered some sex toys underneath his bed in a box.

    When he asked Lily why didn't she keep it under her own bed and left it underneath his? She said : "Maybe the Aura emitting from them will turn you into a sex maniac who ravages every female he sees, of course I tried them on every female except for the single minor and these women started to get addicted to my events. Do you see that one it fits me perfectly fine, I wear it and thrust at them like I'm the one doing it. You know, my angles are different and I can read their good spots so the pleasure is more than triple, if only mom would let me do her too, sigh."

    Lin : "........."
    Almost isn't enough.
  •         Chapter 6 : Guidance (Part 1)

    Three months of trying to calm the wild group while trying to focus on his meditation were kinda hard on Lin, especially since he was also putting the finishing touches on the southern palace, the new home and gift for his mother as a thank you gift for delivering him to this world.

    He never felt like a filial son to his late mother in the previous life, all he did was invent a few things and dedicate them to her, speak with her across the universe or visit with his artificial body on a few occasions.

    This time he wanted to flood his mother with warmth and care.

    Still the most obvious problem in the small growing community was the 10 horny men in heat, this group in particular are like a ticking bomb because their eyes glow with interest whenever they see the couples kiss or flirt.

    Clearly they want their own partners and fires of lust and envy are burning their innards, first the harsh training Lin and his father made them go through helped in suppressing it for a while then the fires burned even hotter after their strength doubled and their strong bodies used to the hard training.

    Next he made his father take all the men except for the teenager young man with him on his hunting journey, that way he'll show equality to the 10 monks and distract them from the matter of wanting to get laid.

    He did shave their heads bald and give them staffs as weapons that's why he called them monks, especially with their rapid improvements in physical training and mastery in using the staffs in the first month.

    Still, that too didn't help in suppressing the growing lust from consuming the thoughts of the ten monks, all Lin could do was separate the ten monks from the cave and relocating them to the southern palace and use them for patrolling the area to secure it and help him and his father with the work.

    Some of them tried to challenge the ex-caveman after the heat got in their head, he welcomed the challenge and helped them to a quick beating mercilessly and Lin hopped in to fix the broken bones and torn muscles.

    They learned that lesson the hard way!

    The handsome man with the angel woman was at least stronger than all the monks two times, the boss whom they thought before was the strongest person alive turned out to be a lizard compared to this man who's shorter than some of them.

    When they ganged up on him with their new weapons -the staffs- he dived into their midst like a demon and like a hurricane he made them fly left and right with his barehand, these strong weapons only left marks on his skin and never broke his bones like they did to the animals or other men from the community when they got provoked and hit them in their anger.

    Unbeknownst to them Lily and Lin already foresaw this incident and upgraded the father's training menu and he was like a sponge digesting all with no apparent bottom to his potential, his skin started to become like fiberglass with insane resistance to impacts, his bones turned sturdier and at least three times denser after Lily started to make him consume concentrated extractions of plants and animal nutritions.

    To Lin and Lily their father's current skin was no different than the first generation skin-suit, only his was natural while the skin-suit is artificial the earlier is fueled by eating food while the later is fueled by purified energy.

    What matters is that the monks are on the verge of raping all the females and possibly they'll direct their guns towards the butts of the males if this situation continued.

    When the leader woke up from his coma he noticed that a couple women were pregnant including his voluptuous woman not to mention the heavenly beauty who caused him to be beaten up almost to death, the men and women lived in the cave and took care of the field, made clothes, worked in the forge under the strict guidance of the three true rulers in this community, Lin, Lily, the handsome devil hugging the best woman and glaring at him all the time with a scary smile.

    The strange family was living away behind the cave in a tall mountain with the ten idiot carrying sticks on their shoulders and cockily looking for a fight with everyone, when did these wimps get that strong? After one week of awakening from his coma the previous Boss of the group got provoked by one of the monks and almost got beaten, he only managed to score a tie after trading hits a few times.

    End result was double knockout!

    He woke up by a splash of cold water from his pregnant woman who smiled at him in amusement and glee as she looked down on him as if saying : times have changed you idiot never kept up with the change.

    Thankfully the monks seemed to be worked to death by the strange family and barely had time to strut around in the cave area, Lily was the one responsible for keeping order around the place with her mother especially since the women were all won over by her in.... Cough.

    If any man dared to try and touch her supremely beautiful mother in Lin and her father's absence, the women and Moon would make an example of the pervert then when the news travel to Lin and his father they'll show him hell.

    Sometimes they'll have fun scaring the brainless idiot by faking out taking his woman and giving her to one of the monks instead!

    The toothless pervert was strangely obedient and never once forgot his place, he was satisfied with his woman and pampered her all the time especially after she got pregnant same was with the teenager young man and of course the Boss who would like to challenge Moon or Sun instead of laying eyes on Lin's mother once again.

    The other two men gave it a shot and learned the hard way not to have eyes on the beauty and love their own women instead, otherwise they might lose that blessings to one of the big dicks.

    Bald and deadly scary!

    The only person in the family who won from the addition of this group and expansion of the community was little Lao, he was playing or discovering new things all the time with these people.

    The pregnant mother was the second person to find the addition as an entertainment, she liked her new dumb sister with perfect figure and always taught her what Lin and Lily taught her in the past when she was dumb like her.

    The voluptuous woman felt the care and love from this peaceful family especially the attention she got from this beauty, she gradually learned to live like them and act like them she even tried to talk and speak like them but it was hard and most of the time she didn't know what it meant to make these sounds.

    But she was happy to get pregnant and learned from the small girl what to do to take care of herself, how to please her man and even though she was daring before to ride on top unlike other women who only took it from above or from behind! She felt embarrassed to do the poses that Lily taught her with that black thing she strapped around her waist and used to enter her.

    The thin man who did the unforgivable act of taking Lin's clothes off turned out to be someone extraordinary amongst the group, when Lin gathered up the men and tested their abilities against his father they all lost to the ex-caveman in strength, speed, agility, stamina and focus.

    Only that thin man won in speed and agility and tied up with Lin's father in focus then lost badly in strength, endurance shouldn't be mentioned at all, still, it was the man's raw abilities without any training to improve him in these aspects.

    His father on the other hand has spent almost 3 years training and finessing his overall powers, if his father met that Boss when Lin was just born then he was bound to lose badly and have his woman snatched before his eyes.

    The training was for all the able members of the community and especially focused on the two youngest girl and boy from the new arrivals, the special training for the thin man was focused on increasing his speed and agility plus focus to create the best scout possible.

    The Boss was given strength and endurance training to make him the best shield possible for the community in case they were attacked in Lin's family absence or in one of the hunting journeys, after the man recovered from his injuries he was added to the team when they went hunting and forced to take most of the preys head on by the father as a small revenge for what he did once.

    When autumn arrived Lin really wanted to take the monks away on an exploration trip to the south because their case was proving to be hard to deal with, even masturbating didn't help them and their poles were erect almost all day.

    When he told his pregnant mother that he's going to leave she laughed at the reason and told him that if he dared to leave before she gave birth then she wouldn't forgive him, let them burn with that special heat some more it's only a few days.

    In the last day of the first month of Autumn Lin's mom gave birth again to a babygirl under the watch of the family and all the pregnant women to teach them what to do in case it happened while the family was away, holding her youngest girl in her arms she named her Rose like the flowers Lin planted for her in her room.

    Lao was kinda jealous of his youngest sister since he felt like his mother's love became less than before after she arrived, but Lily did the job of taking her young brother under her care after Lin gave her a glance.

    "Mom, dad, tommorow i'll take the group of monks south to explore the land and look for others, next winter we will need to gather all the community together to teach them how to speak."

    Lin said after Lily took the women back to the cave after seeing the successful birth and learning what to do.

    "Can't we wait? These monkeys are just in heat, it's such a small matter. Give it time and it will go away."

    Lin's father sat down and sipped from his liquor and spoke as he watched his woman breastfeeding his youngest daughter for the first time, he was totally nonchalant about the monks horniness.


    The mother side glanced at her man's face and noticed the hidden fire of lust hidden in his eyes as he looked at her, she gave him a teasing smile after snickering because according to Lin and Lily's they shouldn't have sex for almost 40 days after she gave birth.

    "If that small problem of finding them their future partners still persisted then gathering them will be like placing fuel next to fire, don't worry about my safety since Sun is coming with me and these 10 are actually strong with good teamwork after a few months of training together. If we met an animal then it will only end up eaten by them instead, like we agreed dad, when you're not in a hunting trip then work with Lily on building some houses in the flat lands north of the cave."

    Lin shook his head and ruffled Sun's fur as he spoke then he reminded his father of what to do when he's away.

    "Alright don't fret over the small details, since Lily knows about the plan then i'll just follow it to the letter. The past few months we hunted enough to sustain all of us for 7 months to come, these freezers that you made really helped in keeping the meat for longer durations in a fresh state. Electricity really is wonderful."

    Lin's father said as he enjoyed the cool air breeze coming from the AC unit as he drank his liquor.

    "Lin, you be careful. Do you hear me? If you dare get hurt then mommy will really beat you up, I'm not joking here. I would rather lock up these horse sized idiots than you being exposed to danger or put in harm's way."

    When the mother saw her man being very trusting in his son's capabilities she felt annoyed and warned her oldest kid while helping her day old daughter to the other boob to feed, she was stark naked in front of her son and enjoyed the comfort of her private new bathroom, it was the size of her previous cave and had everything to make the mother happy and beautiful with a glistening glow whenever she had a bath.

    Lin smiled and went to kissing his mother's cheeks and hug her neck, she was scary sometimes but she genuinely loved her family.

    "Mom never told me whether she liked my gift or not!"

    While rubbing his cheek with hers he asked then kissed her forehead.

    "Not too bad, en!"

    With a smile full of love and contentment she squeeze hugged her boy who grew up to be the cutest and most mature baby ever, she was proud to call him her oldest unlike Lily he was never selfish.

    Only if she knew that for 3 months now Lily was sleeping in Lin's room and enjoyed making the Great Sage do shameless things to her body, even though the whole matter was pointless!

    Lily still insisted and even meditated naked as she sat on Lin's lap while sticking her chest to his.

    Lin only did as he promised to do as per their agreement, she takes care of the Boss in his coma and he do as she wants for a year.

    Next day Lin took the ten bald monks armed with one staff and draped in bone armor with a single horn on the helmet and rode south while mounting Sun's back, 5 on each side running like guards in a single line with their eyes scanning the area carefully.

    After a few months of patrols around Lin's new home they learned to keep vigilant all the time, Lin even meditated on Sun's back for the first few days after they left and didn't get awakened by the monks when a wild boar attacked the group.

    Sun only watched from the side as the arrogant boar got smacked and whacked on the body by the monk's staffs, they even suicidally rammed their helmet horns on top of their heads at the boars body to pierce it and enjoyed watching it bleed to death.

    Lin was happy to find that the endless darkness in his meditation was beginning to clear and replace with a grey area that looked a lot like the greyness of the disintegration shockwaves even their sand particles were a lot like it, now he wasn't sure what to do and his meditation sessions were getting longer as he watched the endless expanse of grey sand particles.

    Lin kept feeling like he's very very far from them and going faster towards these disintegration shockwaves, he already knows about their density and insane pressure.

    Will it be alright if I dived headlong inside them?

    Right now I'm not a material body!

    But, what if? This life doesn't seem to work according to the earlier life's rules, if my guess is true then my Soul is the one at work during my meditation, Jin Bao said that my aim is the Soul and from there I seek the Spirit.

    Will it be okay?

    Three weeks passed as Lin woke up one time after another feeling like he's not only upgraded his five known senses, but also his other known sense of intuition.

    In the few incidents that the group were attacked by animals he didn't wake up from his meditation sessions, Yes, but he felt the faint signal in his chest like the same annoying feeling he felt the day he died in his previous life, the only difference was that these signals were like a pinprick compared to the stabbing knife feeling he felt the day he died.

    That time he felt a scalpel cut his sternum during his meditation and he opened his eyes at once to look around, Sun was walking lazily with the monks around him watching the mountainous area as they chewed on the meat of their last hunt.

    Every step Sun took forward Lin felt the annoying feeling in his chest worsen and alarm bells rang in his head.


    "Easy buddy, hide there to the west. Follow quietly boys, stealth mode."

    Lin patted Sun and gave his command to the monks, after hearing his order their careless attitude changed into completely serious and they all stuffed their food in their belt pockets then tiptoed like ninjas after adding a piece of furry leather to the soles of their boots.

    Even Sun got startled a few times before by this mode and almost swatted them into meat patty in his annoyance, afterwards Lin taught them to only face Sun from the front when they're using this technique otherwise he'll bully them for sneaking up on him.

    After hiding their traces and waiting completely still behind the cover of a few rocks for half an hour Lin's feeling of danger didn't disappear and only increased, the group of monks weren't feeling the same and started to lose their patience from the pointless wait.

    When they were about to protest from the useless wait and hiding like cowards while they're strong enough to bully anything other than the handsome man, the mountain in front of them split in half and started to move!

    The cover of the rocks was the only thing preventing them from getting stomped to death by that Titanic creature, they all shook in fear and looked at the small boy in cute armor with admiration.

    "Mammoth! Since when did these elephants learn to hide in nature? Isn't their thick skin enough defence already? Now it grew scales and spikes! With that scythe like tusk and large whip like trunk and these legs full of spikes it is a machine of destruction. Thank god these impatient monks didn't make a scene just now."

    Lin faintly whispered to himself as he watched the 40m tall prehistoric elephant with colors exactly the same as the Rock walls around him wake up from his sleep and walk around the area, it crushed stones underneath it's weight and it's trunk shattered rocks with a small playful hit.

    When the monks saw that sight they knew that the best their strong staffs can do to this large fellow was tickle it, they nodded again and again when they remembered how idiotic they were about to throw their lives away just now if it wasn't for the smartness of their young leader.

    They all swore to follow his orders from now on even if they didn't know why he told them to do that they'll rather feel bored than die, they want to have sex and their young leader explained to them thorough pictures that he's taking them to look for their own women

    "Let's retreat, we don't need to waste time on it. Women for the monks is the most important matter."

    While calming the raging tiger eager for challenging this big mammoth he reminded Sun of their main objective and made the hand signs for retreat to the monks who let out a stifled breath when they saw the commands, they didn't want to face that big monster at all quite honestly.

    After that time with the mammoth, the monks arrogance and pride of their power was no more.

    They all kept silent as they avoided the territory of that large monster and once Lin commanded to make camp, prepare some food, patrol the area or take shifts of night watch.

    They would race each other to please the young leader who saved their lives today.

    He always made the night watch duty in pairs with him and Sun as a shift, those who report their sleeping partner's for sleeping in duty to Lin will get their next day's meal personally prepared by Lin and they will take the day off from the harsh training they need to do everyday in the morning.

    While their partner who committed the grave sin of sleeping in his shift will do double the training menu with an empty stomach, if he wanted to eat then he need to hunt his food after finishing his training.

    Most of them took it as a game and wanted their partners to sleep so that they'll earn the one day vacation and food that Lin made was really tasty.

    Four days after their encounter with the mammoth something unexpected happened and the monks whom should be a lot less capable of hearing like Lin with his sharpened senses, Heard!

    Lin even laughed when he saw all their ears twitch like dogs and stand up as their heads turned towards the same direction where the sound came from, it was the moans of a woman.

    Wait, there's more than one moaning sound!



    Lin saw the monk's staffs dropped to the ground and their tents on the groin area become larger, he shouted to wake up the idiots who forgot their place with bloodshot eyes and rapid breathing.

    "Uh!.... Ooumaahnn."

    The most intelligent person of the monks was startled awake from his daze and pointed towards the mountain and tried to explain to Lin the reason they forgot their training while scratching his head.

    "Heh, I know. Pillar formation, let's go."

    Lin was already aware that this one in particular was starting to understand his words partially, he nodded and gave his commands then pointed toward the mountain for the monks to start walking orderly.

    They were ecstatic by their young leader's care for their needs, the monks hurried to carry their staffs and form in lines next to Sun who towered 4m high in the middle with Lin sitting comfortably on his neck.

    The group started to ascend the rough mountain side like monkeys while Lin only held on to Sun's neck as he jumped agilely from place to place, from the time he started to make the new home with his father Lin didn't forget to train Sun to adapt on the different environments.

    Amongst the routines was climbing rocky walls and cliff edges, first Sun was struggling then he learned to use his long tail for balance and his strong claws for stability.

    Climbing mountains became a joyful training for the tiger as his weaker hindlimbs started to develop, that in return added another layer and boost to his stamina and top speed numbers.

    Finally Lin and the monks reached the top, the sound of the moans was long gone since they arrived near the mountain foot.

    It was an empty area in front of the mountain ascenders with a single stone wall at the back connecting both sides of the mountain sides left and right.

    On top of that stone wall was a single tall man even taller than Boss the husband of voluptuous woman's, wearing pieces of leather decorated with tiny bones and bone fragments holding a long bone and waving it threateningly as he made sure to show these intruders the human skull on top of the bone.

    His face covered in what seems to be coal to give him an intimidating air.

    The monks were idiotic and believed the moaning sounds the man kept making as he waved the skull decorated bone staff in his hand, Lin didn't say anything and waited in amusement to see what kind of reaction these monks will do.

    He saw the fear in the eyes of the man's and in his body language, especially when the man looked at Sun and him.

    'He's clearly trying to fool you, you idiots, the moaning sound is completely different and the size of this mountain top is smaller than it should' Lin thought as he imagined the women hiding behind that stone wall, but he was satisfied with this clown's trick at least he gave him a comical sight.

    After looking around and seeing nothing else but some excrements which are clearly the results of this jumping clown's own making, the monks sighed and bent over to get some stones and let loose their frustration on this mother fucker who gave them false hope by throwing these stones like bullets.

    "Whoosh... Whoosh... Tak... Tak..."

    "Ahhh... Omph... Uaahh..."

    "Whooosh.... Clatter... Bang...."

    "That's enough, assemble, retreat."

    Lin smiled at the sight of the clown getting served a few bruises and swollen head bumps, then stopped the monks after they sent two waves and watched as they started to descend the mountain with pouted lips.

    He ignored the sight of someone trying to sneakily pull the knocked out clown and smiled as he patted Sun to descend.

    Lin made sure to take the monks further south and make camp 6km away from the clown's mountain, as he watched them hit the ground with their staffs in frustration or kick pebbles in their way to the camp he didn't say anything and waited until it got dark in this depressed atmosphere.
    Almost isn't enough.
  •         Chapter 6 : Guidance (Part 2)

    Once it got completely dark he gave them order to watch the camp and left with Sun, this time he didn't climb the mountain from the same area and circled around to look for another path or human traces.

    After an hour of searching he found the lead and returned to the camp, with a quick replica of the monks sitting around the campfire made from stones he took the stealth mode monks back to the mountain and followed the pathway up then the true numbers of the clown's group turned out to be completely opposite to what Lin expected.

    Only two grown-up males! 6 kids consisting of 5 young girls and one boy all older than Lin and no older than 8 years old, 13 females two teenager girls about 16 years old and 11 mature women.

    When the stealthy monks saw the sight of the two clowns sleeping with lots of women in their arms while they did that thing called masturbating, it felt good in the beginning then turned into a feeling of guilt or frustration later.

    Their eyes were ignited in wrath as they watched all that skin, Yes, they were dirty unlike the other women back in the cave, but, they already know the solution to that.


    Some scrubs and they'll sparkle clean, still, that fucking clown tricked them earlier.

    If it wasn't for the young leader's smartness they would've missed on this opportunity.

    Unacceptable, intolerable, unbearable.

    The fires of rage burned hotter in their chests and they looked at the young master with pleading eyes that said : "please let us tear them from limb to limb."

    "Sigh, go."

    Lin knew that if he refused to let them beat up these two then their feelings wouldn't be released, nodding once he told them to go do what they want but he planned to stop them from killing these clowns.

    The monks smiled demonically and spread out in a fanning formation, once they surrounded the small group they stood still and waited for someone to notice them.

    "Clap.... Clap.... Wakey wakey...."

    Lin sitting on Sun's couching body clapped and called for the sleeping people to get up, they were in a small cave and the monks had the entrance blocked behind them was Sun.

    "Euaaahh.... Guahhh.... Ouoohh...."

    The injured clown struggled to push off the women drowning him while the other clown was feeling scared because despite his larger physique than most of the monks he was outnumbered.

    The women didn't seem to be very intimidated by the monks, they used to open their legs to the winner and eat the leftovers anyway.

    Deal with your own shit assholes!

    "GRAAAAAAH.... Euaaahh.... Bang.... Ughhhh.... Bang..... Arghhh.... Klang.... Omfffghhh...."

    The clown succumbed to the pressure and tried to attack the nearby monk and escape from this encirclement, sadly he tried to attack the most promising monk with the best record in Lin's training.

    His bone staff was disarmed in a single strike on his wrist, then it was a beat down from the monk who smiled wider with each hit he gave to the clown, he took pleasure in sending the man flying with his staff that Lin created for him as a reward for getting the best results in his training.

    It had his own image at the end with the bald head and a wide smile! He loved this funny gift and kept hitting the small bald head on the staff end with his own for a day while snickering, then he stopped from the next day because the area swelled badly from the repetitive hits and the headache inducing pain.

    After wiping the floor with the clown for a while he stopped when he saw the frown on Lin's forehead, then he smiled inside at his smartness when he saw Lin nod at him when he stopped.

    After the other monks took turn beat up the clowns to release some steam, they all took the monk leader as their role model and stopped after a while.

    After all they were more interested in the women and their raging male organs couldn't wait to wash these women and ride them in the positions Lin taught them, during this one month all the monks did as Lin said.

    Every time they hunted and animal they'll keep the leather belt, save on the meat of every meal to gift it to their future woman and earn her favor.

    Now they were all prepared to start wooing these women like Lin said, unfortunately these monks were more prepared to rape them if they dared to refuse their gifts.

    In the end it was all according to what Lin taught them with his drawings, these women weren't used to eating much or getting enough warmth in the cold.

    Most of their babies would die of hunger, cold or lack of nutrition because their moms would run out of breast milk in their hunger.

    These clowns were lazy by nature and hunted when they were hungry and left the leftover for these women to fight for it to amuse them, later they'll do the winners of the group.

    The few kids alive were the strongest babies of god knows how many!

    One by one Lin made the monks try to gain the favor of the women starting with bald staff, the women's eyes glowed in interest at the sight of meat and leather and they all tried to cling onto bald staff's leg.

    He was feeling like that's just a dream after being lonely for months he now stands in front of kneeling women of all ages and looks wishing to be his, after looking back at Lin's face and seeing his snickering laugh he felt proud to follow this brat and made a decision to himself to obey him until he dies, to protect his loved ones until his last breath.

    Finally he choose one of the teenagers and gave her his gifts then took her hand and stood outside the cave next to Lin with a proud look as he patted the girl's head like some kind of new pet of his, he didn't mind that the girl was eating the food like a ravenous wolf and watched his fellow monks play rock scissor paper to decide the order after him.

    "Here, bald staff, give this food to these kids. Don't let them fight over food."

    Unlike the grown-ups and teenager girls begging for food or the things that makes them warm in the cold if they covered their bodies with it, the kids had their attention grabbed by the only one around their age in the group of foreigners bullying their fathers.


    He looked younger than them and these scary strong men seemed to listen to him, when they saw the scary bald man who wiped the floor with their strongest member come towards them after the small cute boy made some sound and pointed at them, they were afraid if that boy sitting on top of that scary animal wanted the baldy to beat them too.

    "Clatter.... Clank...."

    The bald man opened a leather bundle full of meat and bread which they didn't know what it was, then slammed the butt of his staff into the stone when the oldest girl started to push those around her and glared at her threateningly.

    The bald man while still holding hands with his prized teenager girl, used the staff to push portions of food to the 6 kids and did nothing more but watch them eat.

    After finding out that the baldy has no intention of beating them up the kids ate their food and didn't dare fight, anyway it was the best food they ever tasted.

    After the monks choose their women the remaining 3 were the oldest of the women and Lin decided to leave them for the clowns to share amongst themselves, but he will take the kids.

    As for whither they decided to follow them back to the small community? Lin wouldn't mind the addition as long as they didn't cause trouble.

    "Go find water and clean them up, bald staff, stay with me until they finish them go."

    Lin smiled at the eager monks and pitied the females for what's coming for them, he once and again told the monks to go slow motion and not to push deep.

    But who's listening!

    Deaf ears baby, these guys will aim for the area behind enemy line for sure, the deeper the better.

    It didn't take long for the diligent monks to clean up their partners and make them wear the new clothes they made for them from the leather belts of the animals they hunted, when they returned to Lin's side they found impatient bald staff glaring at them for taking until almost morning to clean up.

    When bald staff received the nod from Lin's he carried his precious girl and ran for the water source to wash her himself.

    As for Lin he watched over the small kids sleep peacefully after a proper meal, the clowns woke up and curled up to the side of the cave with fear all-over their faces.

    The three old women in their late forties sat next to the clowns with sneering looks as they enjoyed the food Lin gave them after they weren't chosen by the monks.

    "Let's go, you can sleep back in the camp."

    Bald staff didn't delay the group and returned after half an hour with his sleeping beauty in his arms, Lin smiled then pointed at the 6 kids for the monks to bring them along.

    As he expected the 3 old women followed them and the clowns dragged their aching bodies after them too.

    The strong monks carried their women and grinned endlessly because they knew that once they returned to camp they can do the deed, but Lin was thinking ahead about their return journey instead.

    Winter is one month away, their return journey and the additional count of hungry mouths to feed in that month.

    Not to mention that it will become slower with these people tagging along, during the one week he planned to leave the monks to have fun he needs to make a wheel carriage for Sun to pull.

    The food problem can only be solved by hunting as they travel back north, during his journey here there was very little greenery and most of what he remembers can't be sufficient for the group of more than 30 not to mention Sun with his big appetite.

    Once the group reached camp the monks spread the leather beds from their backpacks, then spread them legs and one single thrust to the base.

    The kids were used to the act and found it something uninteresting, they were more interested by what kind of thing was Lin and his large monster are doing.

    The boy made the animal use it's claws to cut trees and worked on the carriage while the monks were enjoying the moaning music and even doing the same thing those lucky bastards did before, competing with each other on who lasts longer and makes his woman moan the loudest.

    They didn't train for that whole week and only went to hunt in groups of five while the rest, well.... Rested!

    Lin started to make the kids help him and those who forgot their place and tried to bully him by pushing him or take something from his cute armor parts, well.... Sun's canines and open jaws were enough to make these stupid girls shit their clothes or piss themselves.

    Thankfully, Lily isn't here, or she would've turned beast mode on them bitches as she yelled : "kneel and lick my toes."

    Lin didn't mind these kids actions and even laughed at them when Sun enjoyed scaring them, after all the tiger was even younger than him and despite how obedient he was to Lin, Sun very much liked to prank others and was very playful.

    Just watch how he twirled Lin in his paws skillfully when he's bored and you'll understand just how much he enjoys attention.

    "Assemble, women and kids on the carriage men aren't allowed, let's go let's go let's go the clock is ticking people, only three weeks until winter."

    After the best week of the monks lives Lin arrived riding Sun's back and dragging a wooden carriage behind him with the 6 kids enjoying the ride.

    Bald monk was the first to kiss his sweet girl's cheek and raise her to sit on the carriage next to the kids, the other monks did the same as their leader and their women giggled at this romantic action of their new kind partners.

    When the clowns tried to jump aboard they were dragged by the monks, hanging down their heads they followed after the two lines of monks running next to the carriage.

    Running from daylight until it was dark then hugging their women to sleep was the true meaning of heaven to the monks, since they were going straight back home and not wasting time in morning trainings or hunting trips it only took two days for the group to reach the area where the sneaky Mammoth hid.

    Again Lin felt alarm bells ring inside his mind when they got near the territory of the Mammoth, stopping the group and hiding them in a narrow crack of a mountain wall he released Sun from the carriage ropes.

    Their food supply was only going to last them three more days and the most strange point was the scarcity of animals in their path as winter approached, now the only thing that he can think of is taking out that mammoth.

    "Bald staff, you're in charge while I'm away, don't let them wander around it's not safe, whomever makes loud noise knock him out, that monster can hear you then stomp you all. Understood?"

    "En, unhoOud."

    "Good, I'm counting on you, don't let me down."

    That bald staff was very good at understanding the combination of hand signs and slow words from Lin if he coupled that with facial expressions then the full meaning would be understood, not to mention that he started to work on his speaking ability.

    Lin gave him a fist bump then dragged one of the most disobedient ones amongst the monks with him and left bald staff watch over the group with his beautiful girlfriend hugging his arm.

    After climbing into an elevated area with Sun and the grumbling monk, Lin watched the place that he felt the mammoth was hiding and waited.

    Once the movement of the Mammoth was noticed by the monk his memories of the time where they almost died resurfaced, his pleasure of hugging a woman to sleep everyday got drowned with fear as wild ideas of his young master getting angry at him and planning to feed him to that mammoth.

    Why else would he exclude me from the whole group?


    When Lin noticed the stupid fella becoming pale and starting to stand up he commanded him with an angry tune, if that mammoth saw him then they both might get chased by it.

    He can ride Sun and escape, but Sun wouldn't allow this one in particular of getting on his back.

    He was proud and would only allow Lin's family to get on his back the others can forget about it, that monk startled him many times before with his deathly silent steps.

    Lin even called the man ghost monk because he really was extremely skillful in being discreet.

    The man froze when he heard Lin's command and sat back down with a frown on his face.

    "Sun, go provoke this big fellow. Keep your distance and test his speed first, but don't let him come near you. You heard me buddy, keep your distance. Watch out for him hurling stones or rocks at you with his tusks or trunk, pull him away from his lair and buy as much time as possible. Don't lead him near the others back there it can be dangerous for them, be careful alright. Now go."

    Lin stood next the crouching tiger's head and started to tell Sun what to do.


    Sun rubbed his head with Lin's and gave him a hug with his paw to thank him for letting him do what he wanted to do days ago, he was bored with the way things were for days and weeks ago.

    Now he can go challenge that big one and let loose.

    "Roar..... Growl....."

    After running down the small hill where they were hiding, Sun ran towards the Mammoth lair while threatening it with his scary roar.


    Finally the ghost monk knew that he wasn't going to be offered to the big monster because of his earlier disobedience and willfulness, he felt ashamed as he looked at Lin who ignored him and watched the lair of the large strange mammoth covered in scales like a snake and spikes like and alligator with sharp tusks like scythes and thick long trunk.

    "Trumpet.... Boom.... Dong.... Dong...."

    After a deafening sound of the Mammoth blowing at it's trunk, the first thing that appeared was it's tusks hitting the mountain walls and it shaking the ground with every step it took.

    Stones and rocks fell on it's body from the walls it just slammed but it didn't seem to mind and treated them as nothing harmful, running towards Sun in a dashing stampede, the Mammoth raised it's trunk up and prepared to slam it down like an Axe.

    "Let's go, carry me on your shoulders! Ghost? Are you expecting me to run to our destination? How long would that take?"

    Lin called for the man who dashed towards where he pointed without taking him along with him.

    The man understood Lin's signs and slapped his forehead with a helpless look, he tend to forget that his young leader is still a kid with an apologetic smile he carried Lin on his shoulder then ran towards wherever he points for him.

    As Lin watched Sun draw the Mammoth away from it's lair he made ghost check first if there's any other members of the Mammoth family in the lair before entering, it seems like there's nothing besides some bones of the Mammoth's victims.

    A carnivore Mammoth!

    The lair entrance seems to be made by the Mammoth itself because it was wide at the entrance and narrower as you go inside, ending up with a crack between the two mountain walls that led to an exit on the other side of the lair.

    Then ghost monk carried Lin to the top of the lair walls to take a look, the agile monk was quick on his feet and was all the way on top in a quarter of an hour.

    The angry trumpeting sound of the Mammoth and the noise of it's destruction never stopped as the monk climbed up with Lin regretting ever shaving their heads bald, the smooth head was very hard to hang on to when ghost monk started to sweat.

    Everytime he looked down from the height as the man jumped from stone to another like a panther, he would feel his legs squeezing ghost's neck out of fear of accidentally falling.

    After reaching the top Lin almost kissed the solid ground underneath his feet.

    The Great Sage never liked to leave anything to probabilities, if ghost slipped once then Lin would've fallen from a massive height with the monk.

    Taking a look downwards at the lair from more than 2km high, Lin decided to use the same method of his prehistoric ancestors to kill that Mammoth.

    There was a few perfect stones and rocks on this small mountain top, pointy edge and wide base if these monks accurately dropped them in time to fall on the large Mammoth from this height.

    Then it will end up at least heavily injured, but, if they missed then that Mammoth can topple the whole area with a few angry slams and hits with it's tusks and trunk.

    Since he needs to be up on the mountain then he's going to be endangered by the Mammoth's wrath if they missed, or Lin can just leave the monks and their partners forage ahead while fighting, hunger, cold and tiredness.

    If their group got attacked while not being in their optimal state by some formidable animal then Sun won't hesitate to take Lin and escape on his own, at best in that scenario the monks will escape with a few of their partners and the slow will perish.

    After formulating a solid plan with the least probabilities of failure Lin took a look to the south where there's a clearing, over there Sun danced circles around the larger Mammoth and did as Lin asked and kept his distance all the time as he dragged him further from the lair.

    "My plan for tomorrow will rely on you buddy."

    Lin smiled at his smart companion as he evaded left and right and did as he taught him, running in a zigzagging pattern then changing between circling to the left and to the right to force the dashing stampeding Mammoth from gaining ground.

    Unlike Sun who can reach his top speed as he turns sharply on harsh angles, the Mammoth would need to slow then turn then dash after Sun.

    More than once the smart tiger kept aiming for the right hind-limb of the Mammoth with it's claws and left a few long wounds on it's tough scales, but the dangerous looking spikes jutting out from the knees of the Mammoth made Sun very cautious and never greedy for merit.

    One hit from the big guy is enough to turn him into mush, he would scratch then widen the distance before the tusks of the Mammoth reach him.

    Still, he managed to accumulate quite a bit of damage on the Mammoth's right hind-limb after two hours, the big guy's speed dropped and it's turning speed almost halved after the long chase.

    He only provoked the savagery of the Mammoth's after this game of tag and it seemed like it's adamant on killing this bug -Sun- for daring to provoke it.


    "Growl.... ROAR...."

    When Sun heard the signal for retreat he stopped and turned to face the big guy and scratched the ground triumphantly as if marking the area as his domain and territory, then roared to the sky while letting his air of dominance loose intimidatingly at the tired and wounded Mammoth who couldn't even touch Sun once during the whole chase.

    After a single snort Sun gave the dashing Mammoth a disdainful gaze and sprinted away at his top speed, letting the Mammoth eat his dust Sun quickly disappeared between the mountains and took a large circle around Lin's hideout to make sure the enemy isn't following before meeting up with Lin.

    "Buddy I saw you shuffle your feet around this bulldozer elephant like Ali in his glorious moments, hehe, good job, very good job. Tell me, did you do the Ninja hit and run on it? Or did you use the sting like a bee float like butterfly."

    As Lin checked every inch of Sun's body for any kind of injury he asked Sun while watching the Mammoth furiously demolishing an area on the opposite direction where Sun used as cover to sneak out from the Mammoth's sight, it's fury was caused by some kind of injury for sure.

    Thankfully they left the group in a place somewhat far from the angry Mammoth.

    Sun scratched the ground once to tell Lin that Ninja operation was a success.

    "Hehehehe you sneaky kitten did the right thing, let's go back for the night to rest. Tomorrow you'll do that again at dawn then we'll finish it at dusk when it's extremely tired, you too ghost. You did a good job in not letting me fall to death."

    Lin climbed up on Sun's back and patted his thick fur and enjoyed finding something to hold on to as he retreated back to his temporary base, ghost knew he did good when he saw Lin smile and give him a thumbs up gesture.

    "Ahhhn.... Haaaah.... Mmmmnh.... Ohhh.... Enghhh...."

    But the exaggerated sounds of moans was heard from 50m away from the hideout.

    "Are you serious right now bald staff! Attention, pants up idiots! such a debaucherous group."

    Lin got up and stood on Sun's head like a mighty general shouting at his soldiers for slacking on their responsibilities, then he rolled his eyes on his dumb monks whom he busted red-handed, the idiots unplugged their dicks from their women's vaginas and stood at attention with their long dicks standing at full erection.

    "Gather outside, you too clowns. Since you joined this obscene party then you're in for the same punishment, MOVE. BALD STAFF, PUSH-UPS. BEGIN."

    Lin commanded the ashamed monks under the giggling laughter of the females who sighed in relief because their long things were really burdensome and straining to take it all.

    The whole night was spent teaching the monks and the poor clowns who regretted doing the deed with the older women, now their arms and legs are screaming from the pain as they squatted, hand stand, push-up, raise stones, run in place, high knees, high kicks.

    Only ghost monk was enjoying his woman and making sure every thrust of his draw her most pleasant moans, the lucky monk who escaped punishment was smart enough to hide from the eyes of others but the sound travelled to all the members.

    The punished monks kept gritting their teeth when they heard the sound, bald staff was taking the worst punishment of them all as he did everything with extra weights.

    Lin only released them after they all sprawled on the ground like tired dogs, the sight of the grown-ups receiving disciplining at the hands of a kid and the monks beat up the clowns when they tried to protest against this treatment made the kids and women of all ages delighted and excited.

    'When can I do something like that?' the audience were all thinking such things.

    The monks seemed to obediently accept his orders and even the fiercest member of the monks -bald staff- was doing what was asked of him without a single frown, because he knew that he surrendered to temptation and disobeyed a direct order from this young leader after he went through all the trouble of finding them their partners.

    That was a different feeling of shame!

    He felt weak despite his physical superiority to the others, whenever his eyes met with Lin's eyes he will unconsciously lower his in panic.

    'I don't want this feeling, go away' bald staff was thinking that as he did more of the severe exercises to punish himself, he wanted to use the pain to wash himself and make that feeling of shame fade away.

    "That's enough, go rest. Bald staff, come here."

    When the punishment was over Lin rested on Sun's chest and called the depressed bald staff.

    "You know why I made you take the worst punishment, right?"

    The monk leader was squeezing his staff with his hands in anger and frustration as he nodded then hung down his shoulders and lowered his head in shame, he wasn't angry at Lin at all but on himself instead.

    "You know why I gave you that staff? Do you still remember?"

    Lin felt like dealing with a 5 years old kid and teaching him some manners.

    "Uh!... En...."

    Bald staff nodded again as he remembered the day he did better than the other monks, he was given a name and a unique staff then gradually he was given responsibility for the monks and handed the leadership of the team.

    "They're allowed to make mistakes, you're not! That's the meaning of this staff in your hands, Leader! In my absence you're my image and representative, when they do wrong in my absence and you watch like you did. Then you're spitting in my Face! DO YOU LIKE SPITTING AT ME THAT MUCH?"

    Lin spoke and did hand signs to convey his message while expressing his displeasure at the matter that happened, he allowed them to have their Wild fun for a week to impress the community with their sexual capabilities and their sufficient supply of food and clothes.

    That time they did it all in public and he closed an eye on the matter and let it go, but after they started to head north he already told the monks to be discreet about their next sessions and never do the act in public again.

    They already enforced that law back then when the monks ganged up on Boss, toothless thin pervert and the few other lucky bastards when they arrived at the cave, so, they're aware of what to do.

    Now once he went on a mission to hunt them some sufficient food for the return home journey they put themselves at harm's way by ignoring his commands! Elephants already have keen hearing, what if the Mammoth heard these obscene moans? Then this group would've died the most unfortunate and untimely death ever.

    Bald staff was balling his fists in shame as Lin asked and waited for his answer.

    "Sigh.... NoOuhh...."

    Finally bald staff answered by shaking his head and a loud grunt after letting out a sigh that released the majority of his stifled emotions.

    "Then remember this shame, remember that nasty fire burning at your chest whenever you're about to surrender to your desires. Take it as a source of strength and courage, now raise your head and go hug your woman to sleep."

    Lin said and didn't give the monk his traditional fist bump which caused the monk to sigh again in regret, dragging his feet, bald staff buried his head in his woman's chest and sniffled in silence until he fell asleep.

    The teenager female felt her man's different side and kept patting his head while feeling like hugging a big baby in her embrace, she kept looking at Lin like he's someone amazing because he made this strong fellow cry without beating him up or even touching him.

    I need to learn this technique!

    Lin didn't care about what happened with bald staff, as long as he safely take this group back to the community then all is good.

    What's broken can be fixed when they return, now they should focus on the food problem instead.

    Meditating whenever he got time, Lin sat cross-legged between Sun's forelimbs and kept staring at the grey disintegration shockwaves image in his head.

    This time, and for the first time, he felt himself dive deeper into these grey dust sized particles, the pressure they gave wasn't material and Lin felt stuffiness to his thought process, something unknown was hindering his thoughts and he felt like drowning.

    "Mrrrr.... Mrrrr.... Purrrr...."

    Murring and purring as he nudged Lin to awaken from his meditation, Sun helped Lin escape that strange state of drowning stillness inside the endless ocean of grey dust sized particles of disintegration shockwaves.

    "Huff.... That place froze my head! I never thought that a clear head would be that peaceful a feeling, since it's dawn already let us go buddy."

    When Lin opened his eyes he was surprised to see the sky getting bright! He didn't even feel time trickle down like he did earlier in his previous sessions, but he was happy to experience a head empty of thoughts and unlike before it was completely under his control.

    Only the thoughts he wanted to think of were floating in his brain.

    This time Lin took the team of monks and only left bald staff to guard the women and children, while keeping the clowns in check and stop them from violating the monk's women in their absence.

    "Sun, do what you did yesterday and keep that Mammoth busy, make it furious and tired. You know this isn't our finishing move right? Alright then, go take this big idiot for a dance of death."

    Lin asked his beast companion to confirm that Sun wouldn't aggressively attack the Mammoth at all this time, after getting a nod and a face rub he knew his buddy was aware of what to do.

    "Howl.... ROAR...."

    "Crash.... BOOM.... Trumpet.... Bang.... Bang.... Trumppeettt...."

    The Mammoth broke a large chunk of it's lair's entrance in it's angry exit, the annoying fly from yesterday returned to challenge it? This time it must stomp this little midget into meat patty.

    Swinging it's long trunk left and right as it ran, the Mammoth's 20m tall 5m wide trunk shattered every stone or rock on it's way like a sweeper cleaning the path in front of it.

    Sun was smart enough to keep his distance and avoid the flying rock shards, the evading routine in Lin's agility trial was harder than avoiding this dumb Mammoth's ranged attacks anyway.

    "Let's go ghost, single line formation, stealth mode."

    After seeing Sun lure the Mammoth away from the lair, Lin got on ghost's shoulder and gave his commands to the wary eyed monks.

    When ghost saw their fearful eyes he snickered at his fellow monks for being scared then hurried ahead with Lin on his shoulders, the other monks were angry at ghost's disdainful gesture then tightly gripped their staff's and followed his lead with gritted teeth.

    This time ghost was familiar with the road up and climbed faster than yesterday, Lin didn't waste a second then started to make the monks break the suitable large stones or rocks with sharp pointy end then made them sharpen the edges further without lowering the weight of the stones much.

    He prepared three giant cones of rocks at least 10m tall and 5m wide at the base, the tip was 0.5m wide and getting thicker downwards.

    Looking down at the lair and studying the topography while calculating the wind, Lin made the 9 monks place the three weapons on both sides of the rocky walls edges then hurried to leave.

    This time too Sun kept focusing his sneak attacks on the Mammoth's right hind-limb wound, the amount of blood the Mammoth bled was minor because of it's thick skin underneath the scales but it was struggling whenever it tried to dash or turn rightwards.

    By the time Lin whistled for Sun to retreat, the Mammoth's bloodshot maddened eyes were spouting flames of fury and anger because this annoying fly wouldn't go away or face it in a showdown of strength and power.

    Speed wasn't it's speciality and despite being ten times larger with longer legs, it's long reach didn't help and it's whip like trunk which it used to use as an Axe to beat it's foes wasn't able to touch the sneaky little coward.

    It's Ivory tusks which could shatter mountains couldn't help, stomping around to shake the earth didn't as well.

    Trumpeting loudly to annoy it or freeze it with it's sound attack wasn't useful.

    Then that midget dared to show it his dominant position and piss on it's territory to mark it as his then swaggered away, again!

    The Mammoth was very angry that it didn't calm down until it shattered the whole mountain Sun used as his escape point and flattened it's rocks like a wrecking ball of mass destruction, as for Sun, he quickly maneuvered around on a large circle then returned to Lin's side with absolute joyfulness after playing around with the Mammoth for two times.

    "Excellent, Sun really did good by not getting injured. Next time you'll do the same then lead it towards it's lair, don't worry there's a crack at the end for you to escape in case we couldn't hit it or wound it enough."

    Lin smiled after checking Sun's body for wounds and finding him only covered in some dirt after his long dance with the Mammoth, he told him his plan and the monks behind him were feeling like they already know what's going to happen next.

    Large rocks, large beast, high place.

    Hrmmmm, push the rock from a high place on the large beast.

    See, were smart too!

    When Lin returned he found the clowns knocked out cold with bruised heads, bald staff was standing like a statue on the hideout entrance and watching the area carefully like a hawk.

    "Good job bald staff, prepare some food for Sun and fetch some water. You guys go rest too, i'll go sleep for a few hours and when I wake up we'll leave again."

    Lin didn't sleep in over a day, despite meditation sessions reinvigoration and energy boost he knew that sleeping was the best way to recharge and refresh.

    The monks went to sit with their women and started to play with them like they saw their fellow lucky bastards from back in the community play with theirs, especially the lap sitting technique the toothless pervert used with his woman.

    Now they wouldn't look enviously at these bastards anymore when they return.

    See, we're great too!

    We have our own partners, baldies always win at the end.

    Staffs, baldness and long rods is a triple kill, all these women knew that if they took other men's cocks they won't feel a thing.

    These monks left their long marks on these females, no satisfaction will happen to them if they changed their partners in the future.

    By the time it was afternoon, Lin woke up from his sleep to find Sun resting his body next to him, when he woke up Sun seemed to be eager to leave.

    "You know what to do right? Pull it away and wait for my whistle, when you hear it what will you do?"

    Lin asked and Sun nodded twice to indicate he understands, then he asked again and Sun raised his left paw to point towards the Mammoth's lair.

    "Mrrrrr.... Scratch...."

    "Calm down, we're going to take it out this time for sure if everything goes smoothly."

    Lin smiled helplessly at the impatient tiger then started to climb on his back then settled on his neck.

    "Let's go ghost, everyone assemble except for bald staff, take care of them while I'm away."

    This time the monks felt the seriousness of the situation and their eyes turned towards the Mammoth's lair, Sun didn't wait for Lin's signal and ran towards the area in front of the lair once Lin and the monks hid in their high spot overlooking the lair.

    "Trumppeettt.... Bang.... Bang.... TRUMPPPPEETTT......"

    Before Sun even started to provoke the gigantic creature, the Mammoth dashed out from the lair towards Sun with two large eyes completely infuriated and bloodshot.

    Without hesitation Sun turned around and ran for a clearing south, that place was full of traces of their earlier two battles, trenches, fissures, holes, footprints from the elephant's pillars.

    Lin took the monks and positioned them on both sides of the summit, every monk could push down that large nail made from rock easily but he made three do the job to ascertain accuracy.

    After making sure everything is in place he whistled for Sun to guide the infuriated Mammoth back to the lair, the courageous tiger made a beeline for the lair once he heard the signal.

    As Lin stood up and calculated the elements of Mammoth's velocity, wind speed, weight of the 10m rock nails, slight delay from the monks as they do as commanded.

    He saw the faster tiger enter the lair a few seconds earlier than the Mammoth, the ground underneath them started to shake from the weight of the incoming Mammoth's stampede.

    He saw the panic in the eyes of the monks as their nervousness from getting trapped with that large fellow underneath them breaking this tiny rocky area in his rage, the signs of calming down from Lin did little to nothing to help.

    Finally Lin saw the Mammoth about to reach the last point and he gave the signal for the three monks in the narrowest point to push their rock down, as he expected these idiots delayed slightly to do as commanded and if he waited for the monk to reach the destination then he would've managed to create a hole in the ground instead.

    Without waiting for the results he made the other monks behind the Mammoth drop their own lethal objects, this time it was the monks who got confused because underneath their spot there was no target and only the lair floor.

    The Mammoth is already deep inside the lair!

    Why would we drop these rocks? To break the lair's floor!

    Then they saw Lin's frowning expression and he annoyingly doing the signal to drop the 10m rocks while trying hard to maintain his footing, the rocky walls summit was shaking from the angry Mammoth slamming and young Lin was doing his best to hang on while wishing for the walls to hold and not to collapse any time soon.

    The monks were like Lin finding it hard to stand properly, shrugging they pushed the tipped rocks down from this height.



    Once they did that they heard the sound of the Mammoth blowing at it's trumpet after a stifled explosion, when the monks did their best to go closer to the edge and look down at what's going on.

    They saw the Mammoth's left shoulder with the first nail stuck to it from above and halfway through it's body, as the Mammoth tried to retreat the narrow space forced it to go backwards step by step instead of turning left or right.

    "Boooom.... Ka.... Trumpet...."

    First one landed on the Mammoth's lower back near it's butt and the third only landed on the left hind-limb at the knee area from the back and crippled that leg completely by piercing it and then getting it impaled to the lair floor.


    When Lin felt the ground underneath him stop shaking as the Mammoth stopped moving down in the lair, as he looked down at the Mammoth struggling to breath with blood jutting out from it's body like a fountain through the rocky nail cracks.

    Sun was already all the way up next to him in less than a minute since he escaped the Mammoth's lair through the crack at the end.


    Lin didn't hesitate to make the monks get down from the lair's summit because despite the Mammoth being hurt it wasn't dead yet, if it could topple their stable footing then they're no more than minced meat under the falling mountain.

    Sun took him around the small mountain and back to the lair's entrance with the nine monks following behind with ecstatic looks full of accomplishment.

    "Trumpet.... Snort.... Crash...."

    The saw the Mammoth dragging it's wounded body towards the entrance and the rocky nails stuck to it's left shoulder and knee already broken, only the nail in it's lower back still fully existed and the part piercing it's shoulder still inside it's flesh.

    When it saw Sun stand outside the lair with the 9 monks holding the staffs and little Lin sitting on his neck, the Mammoth looked up at the lair's summit.

    'Huh! It seemed like it figured out what happened? These eyes are clear and intelligent for a dumb animal, they seem a lot like Sun's eyes after he got smart enough to understand our language!' Lin was shocked by the Mammoth's intellect and thought as he stared at these eyes from 150m away.

    The Mammoth kept making noise as it bled out and even tried to provoke them by hitting the area around it with it's trunk, but Lin was cool and maintained his distance as he regretfully waited for the Mammoth to breath it's last.

    Seemingly knowing that Lin wouldn't take it's final challenge the Mammoth rested on it's side and finally was completely still.

    "Ghost, go bring bald staff and the rest."

    When Lin saw the Mammoth not moving anymore for half a minute he commanded ghost monk to gather their small group as he made Sun slowly approach the Mammoth.

    Ghost ran for the hideout with a wide grin, now that they hunted this creature the monks can appear greater in their future women's eyes.

    The other excited monks were eager to stand on top of that Mammoth's body triumphantly, one courageous monk moved ahead of the group towards the Mammoth.

    Then Lin felt the irritating feeling in his chest once he was 50m away from still body of the Mammoth, that courageous monk was twenty something meters away from it.

    "Stop.... TRUMPPPPEETTT...."

    Once Lin's voice entered the monk's ears he felt death breathing on his neck and his legs froze, then the deafening sound of the Mammoth made him feel the most chilling cold he ever felt in his life run down his spine.

    Even Lin's father with his scary demon mode wasn't able to scare that monk like that, this was the sound of death calling for the monk.


    A gust of air from the after effect of the Mammoth's swing of it's long trunk in a horizontal sweep aiming to shatter the courageous monk's bones and scatter his body in a splash of blood, minced meat and gore, the gust of wind carried the scared monk 3m back in the air before he landed on his butt.

    "BOOOOM.... Trumpet...."

    After the trunk hit the ground on it's left after the Mammoth missed it's sneak attack, the Mammoth finally uttered a last sound of unwillingness as it glared at Lin for ruining it's plans.

    Breathing it's last with it's head resting in an awkward angle the Mammoth was dead at last, but, none of the monks dared to get close and waited for some confirmation from Lin as they watched their scared brother pissing his pants and shivering to the side.

    None of them looked at him with disdain or gloated at him for being a coward, they were only a meter or less behind the man and got fear filling them when the strong gust of air pressure carried their bodies back.

    After a quarter of an hour ghost monk returned with bald staff and the group of women, the clowns were dragging the carriage loaded with the kids and whatever supplies the group have left.

    When the clowns saw the large king of this territory lay in a lake of it's own blood, they were added with another layer of fear of these strong baldies.

    The monks finally gathered their courage at the presence of their women and after receiving a nod from Lin to confirm the death, they started to dismember the Mammoth's body with the help of their women, even the usually disinterested kids joined and the clowns unusually were obediently following whatever orders they understood.

    "Sun, you did the most on this mission, the first pick is yours to make. What do you want? I'll cook whatever you like to choose from this Mammoth."

    Sun was really the one with the most meritorious job and Lin had to reward him handsomely for what he did, as the group of monks started to peel off the scales of the Mammoth Lin pointed at the body and told Sun to take his first pick.


    Sun was excited about his reward and without hesitation he jumped on top of the Mammoth skull and scratched with his paw at the brain, Lin wasn't expecting that at all because usually Sun would prefer steak or minced meat.

    "You sure buddy? Not everyone likes this part, you wouldn't regret it later are you?"

    As he asked he found Sun being unusually persistent, shrugging he made the monks sever the skull from the trunk and made them empty out the full brain on a large piece of the Mammoth's leather scales.

    "What's up buddy? You always like your food cooked do you want to eat this one raw? Eh! Then why did you choose it in the first place? Is there something else inside that you want? But the brain is just brain cells soft and tasteless, you sure there's something there? Hehe, are you perhaps getting jealous because that one was smart too? Huh! You are? Then let's have ourselves a bet. If there's something inside i'll give you your favorite food for a month, then, what if you lose? Ahahaha, you'll pose? Hehehehe deal."

    Lin was talking while Sun answered with his head nodding or shaking left and right, when the topic of the bet arrived Lin saw Sun pose as a kitten standing on two legs cutely.

    He was betting for fun, he would've given Sun his favorite food later anyway, as for the matter of Sun's posing as a kitten it was something Sun didn't like to do because he felt like it's spoiling his mighty image in front of Lin he only agreed to do it when he was away from Moon, after all, Lin would keep his secret while dumb Moon wouldn't.

    Lin started to cut the Mammoth's brain into small pieces and search thoroughly for whatever that thing Sun wants, then he really did find something which caused Lin to stare wide.

    He as the Great Sage already knew about the components of countless species's bodies, none of them had this two fists sized hard stone-like thing inside their brains.

    It was black and lines of grey were on it's surface, once Lin took it out Sun was jumping in place excitedly as he drooled literally.

    "There's really something inside it's brain! What do you want to do with it buddy? Huh! Eat it? You sure? Alright alright I never wanted it in the first place, geeze. Here"

    When Lin kept asking and didn't hand the small black and grey ball to Sun, the tiger bared his teeth and growled faintly at Lin with clear annoyance for withholding his prize for no reason.

    Even Lin was surprised by Sun's show of displeasure and gave him his prize, the tiger swallowed the thing without chewing then rubbed his head with Lin in an apologetic gesture before crouching next to him and resting his head on his paws then closing his eyes to rest.

    In one minute Sun's body started to become hot for Lin and he had to move away from the tiger's body, then in another minute steam started to emit from Sun's fur in hot waves of pressure that forced everyone to keep at least 2m away from him.

    Lin was watching this happen like an idiot, he had nothing to take reference in this strange world and novel situation.

    'Sun is turning into a steam engine!' Lin was looking at the ongoings and hoping for the best for his companion, he was completely helpless.

    After a quarter of an hour Lin was finally calm since Sun seemed to be breathing normally and sat down to continue meditating.

    The monks and the others didn't mind the strange couple and continued to work on collecting meat.

    "Child, what do you see in your mind?"

    As Lin focused on the endless grey ocean in his mind he heard old Jin Bao's sound ring in his head for the second time after a long time of silence.

    "Strange Darkness that turned into an ocean of greyness, once I entered, my head calmed into the most peaceful it was ever before."

    Lin answered in his yead and his thoughts were heard by Jin Bao.

    "Return to the Darkness, that also is a different type of ocean. Think of yourself....."

    The elderly sound rang in Lin's head in a calming tune.

    Almost isn't enough.
  • Loving where the story is going so far
  •       Chapter 7 : First Lesson (Part 1)

    "After imagining your inner body, think of it sitting on the surface of water."

    Jin Bao's sound was giving Lin a clear enough image.

    "Water so dark you can't see what lies underneath it's surface, dark enough you can't see your own reflection. Wave-less waters with a hair of space between it and your body that never widen or tighten"

    Amazingly enough, Lin was really capable of pulling himself back into the previous stage of his meditation.

    "Storms will hit, make them go away by dispersing their clouds full of thunder."

    "Snow will fall, make it melt before touching the waters."

    "Sun will rise, make it dim away in your presence."

    "Moon will shine, make it fade back into nothingness."

    "All these illusions are false, only you and your darkness exist here."

    Lin was surprised by his supreme control in this space, once he thought of doing these unbelievable feats it actually happened and he was able to outshine the sun and moon! Capable of Altering the weather and seasons, this was amazing because it had a touch of realism in doing that.

    Unlike his imagination training and mental journeys in the previous life, doing that while meditating in this life made Lin feel like it is possible to do such actions.

    "Now dive deeper inside your head, from the very beginning of your creation dig out your first thought, first memory, first feeling and first purpose."

    "Then dig them all out of your body, now your inside is truly empty and spotless clean."

    "When you get outside you see strands of all you ever experienced in your life, everytime you touch a strand you get to relive these memories and feelings all over again."

    "Once you do, that strand scatters into a drop of clear water and return to your body."

    "After scattering all mental attachments, your body becomes more material and tangible inside that space."

    "The clearness of your body affects a space of the dark waters."

    "Whoah! That's an endless amount of strands."

    As Jin Bao was calmly narrating to Lin how to meditate, he heard Lin's shocked sound when he did the step of emptying his mind and getting out to take a look at his imaginary body.

    Lin found his illusory body covered from the outside with silver strands, every strand carried a certain memory, feeling, dream or thought that Lin once had.

    When he stretched a finger to touch a strand it turned out to be the moment Sarah took the data chip loaded with the accumulated knowledge from his mouth before he died.

    Unlike Lin's original memory where he only heard Sarah's admonishing sound as she took the data chip because he was to weak to open his eyes in his final moments, he saw the expression on the Loli's face and how sad and heartbroken Sarah was as she hugged his dying body between her arms and thought : 'As if this meditation Technique intentionally rubbing salt on my wounds, Sigh'.

    "What is it?"

    Jin Bao's sound seemed oddly enough, extremely pleased and happy as he asked.

    "I seem to have a lot of strands coming out from my body, how long will it take for me to finish the step you mentioned."

    Lin asked as he did his best to scatter the strands, despite how easy it was to scatter them into clear drops, the countless number made it sure to take time for him to finish this stage of old Jin's guidance.

    "I see, don't worry about time and continue working hard, it flows differently in here. This is all in your head, the more you focus the easier it will be to do more. Call for me when you're done, only when you're done."

    Jin Bao said and his presence disappeared from Lin's mind.

    "This will surely take time even with what he said."

    Lin muttered as he started to do this new job inside this strange space, but he was sure that all of this was inside him and even old Jin Bao couldn't see what's going on here.


    Outside, next to Lin's meditating body.

    The steam coming out from Sun's body stopped and his blurry body appeared in front of the monks and the others as they gladly cut meat chunks from the Mammoth's body, unlike before, his yellow-orangish fur with black stripes was added with a root color of blood red.

    His body previously had some fat underneath his fur, now his muscles were more visible underneath the thick layer of fur.

    His majestic sight as he stood up from his crouching position made all the people in the group take an involuntary step back, Sun's threatening Aura emitting freely from his body made them antsy for no reason.

    "Howl.... ROAR...."

    Suddenly the tiger raised his head to the sky and and celebrated his newfound strength with a mighty sound, fear was birthed in the group of monks who experienced the same feeling before from the Mammoth they're currently cutting it.

    Now Sun had the same kind of dangerous feel to him.

    Thankfully, the tiger lowered his head and mischievously looked at Lin's meditating body.

    "Ah! Sun you're awake.... Whoah.... Oy, stop it! bully. Buddy what happened to your fur? Hey.... Don't swing me like an idiot, you know that if my clothes or armor snapped then i'll smash against the hard rocks. Safety first buddy."

    Lin's eyes were running all over his companion's body and analyzing his startling change, from the progress of the group on the Mammoth's body then less than 6 hours since Sun ate that thing.

    His fur got thicker but his muscle mass became clearly less as his height increased by a full meter, his muscles are more compacted and symmetrical with a glaring difference between his muscles distribution and any other normal tigers.

    That of course if we categorized him before as a normal tiger with exaggerated size that's all.

    "Buddy you got thinner but you're still as cool as ever, I bet you can run a lot faster and longer than before without getting tired."

    Lin said as he dug out Sun's sheathed claws from his paws and looked if there's a difference here as well.

    Dark claws with a creepy shine, they had the same dangerous glint with the exact opposite color of Sun's canines, the scary contrast between the two types of weapons was giving the majestic tiger another layer of danger.


    Sun crouched down and flicked Lin with his paw once after withdrawing his dangerous claws, his eyes were on the stacks of Mammoth's meat as if saying : I won the bet, time for some steaks.

    "Heh, yes you won the bet. I won't go back on my words, when did I do such a thing?"

    Lin snickered at his best friend's bossy attitude and started to take some slices of meat and spice them under the jealous eyes of the rest of the monks, they all know that Lin's cooking techniques and recipes are super delicious after trying them once or twice when Lin was in the mood to cook some food.

    Now they knew that Lin was making food for his scary animal because the portions are very large, then they found the tiger eyeing them with a playful squint as if daring them to challenge him for the delicious steaks.

    The bald monks hurried to lower their heads and continued working on gathering the meat, they barely escaped death while dealing with the big Mammoth earlier, if it was them on their own without Lin's commands and this tiger's distractions. Then not even once in a thousand times would they overcome this Mammoth, who would dare challenge that tiger now after it changed to something even more scarier than the Mammoth!

    The group didn't finish working on the Mammoth until it was an hour before dawn, the group was completely finished with their job and the meat gathered was enough to supply the returning journey which made Lin sigh in relief.

    The horny monks didn't wait to feed their women first before banging them, they took their partners to different secluded spots and got wild in their celebration.

    Surprisingly, the man who experienced the earlier close call with death was the one with the most vigour of the monks, as if he was trying to forget about what happened by going at it like there's no tomorrow.

    His woman was enjoying it and all was good!

    Lin gave the group a break until noon then made the monks load the meat on the carriage, now the monks had to carry their women on their backs because the space on the carriage was only sufficient for the supplies.

    Sun agreed to let the kids ride his back but he would throw them away if they got cocky, of that he was really convincing because he never stopped showing his canines and growling at the children every now and then intimidatingly.

    The men carried their women piggyback for a week's worth of traveling, afterwards there was space for one person and the women would rest on the carriage for a time before changing turn with another to let their men rest.

    The rest of the space on the carriage was for the annoying eyesore children to take because after one week of riding on Sun's back these brats started to get courageous and tried to play with the fearsome tiger like Lin did, sure, Sun gave them a scare for their lives when they did but the dumb children would quickly find their lost courage and try again later.

    Of course they tried doing that when Lin was too deep in his own meditation trying to retract these strands back to his body and convert them into drops of clear liquid then fuse them with his body.

    Unfortunately the amount of strands didn't seem to be going to get exhausted soon, Lin lived and experienced for 30 years, not to mention, the previous Great Sage was addicted to using the Oracle to study certain aspects of human nature.

    That resulted in him not only carrying his own memories, but also, memories of countless people who lived way longer than him.

    Especially these ancients and prehistoric ancestors who lived for thousands of years.

    Now, every one of these memories sprouted countless strands, that in return delayed young Lin from experiencing the next stage of Jin Bao's guidance.

    Despite the fact of him doing a pretty good job of retracting-converting the strands because of his mental capabilities, and time being not the same as outside.

    Whenever he finished a strand it seemed like there was another strand taking it place!

    Anyway, he was Lin, someone who didn't fear anything other than boredom.

    Now that he found a challenge that can really keep his mind busy, Lin enjoyed the anticipation and patiently waited for the exciting moment of seeing light at the end of curiosity's tunnel.

    The monks and clowns were tired the first week from trying to keep up with Sun's traveling speed while carrying their women, after the available spot of a single woman to sit on the carriage was presented to them they all celebrated and jumped in joy when it was their turn to run freely.

    After all these horny idiots would overdo it every night with sexual activity, then carry these soft, seductive women on their backs all day.

    Their knees were feeling weaker every day and their women kept giggling at their waning strength, running solo would give them a breath of fresh air full of freedom.

    Most of the monks were starting to shiver every time their women hooked their arms around the monks necks when they had sex, the tiredness of the next day's running was looming over the monks heads as they thrusted their hips with frowned foreheads.

    As they travelled more the space available on the carriage got wider, Sun and the monks ate the Mammoth's meat with ravenous appetite.

    The tiger was enjoying the steak Lin made for him, while the monks wanted to clear more space for the bothersome women to sit instead of clinging to their necks and giggling demonically all day then clinging back again as they moaned all night while sapping their strength away.

    Soon the first signs of winter appeared and snow started to fall, the cold showed the baldies how tempting women could be.

    Running made them warm, but, hugging their women under the covers was too good!

    It was the best solution to ward off cold.

    Of course, running awkwardly the next day was a sight to remember for the women who kept giggling at their men's funny feet who couldn't steadily run straight next to Sun, their men tried to get back at them at night.

    But who's afraid of who? Bring these cocks anytime baldies!

    The women with open arms would welcome their monks at night and suck them dry again!

    Dumb monks loved and hated it very much in the same time.

    After 10 days the group saw the lights on Lin's home and the monks celebrated while the rest warily looked at the lights, only Lin was happy to be able to focus entirely on his meditation without having to deal with this group.

    Now that they had their women, then these monks are no longer a liability to the budding community.

    "Let's go, didn't you guys miss your comfortable beds?"

    Lin smiled helplessly and urged his tired monks to keep up with Sun's pace.

    "Big brother Lin! Look big sister Lily, big brother Lin is back."

    "Hush dummy! I can see him with my own eyes, why are you screaming in my ear for?"

    Once Lin ascended his home's wide stairs and walked thorough the entrance he saw Lao and Lily enjoying the heated pool waters and his mother and father sitting under a pavilion with little Rose, his mother was pushing the tiny swing carrying the baby and singing a lullaby while his father hugged his mother's waist and rested her head on his broad shoulder as he enjoyed a steaming hot drink.

    When they saw Lin returning finally after a long time of absence, the mother was the first to react and she handed little Rose to her husband then ran for her eldest son.

    "What took you so long? I was worried sick for you, you know, promise me not to go away again. At least for a year or two."

    Lin's mother scooped up Lin into her embrace once Sun crouched down and didn't mind the roughness of his cute armor against her body as she did that, she was crying tears of happiness for her son's safe return as she spoke in a gentle tune.

    "Mom let me take off my armor first it might graze your skin, come-on I promise not to leave again for a long while. I'm sorry for making you feel like that, it won't happen again, alright."

    "You promised, tehehe. Let me help you take that off."

    Lin was worried because his Mom really didn't mind getting scratched by his armor and apologized, while the mother smiled slyly in contentment when she heard what he said then used her long agile fingers to unstrap the cute armor.

    "Hey, Sage of nowhere. What happened to Sun?"

    Lily wrapped herself in one of the long bathrobes after exiting the heated pool waters then asked Lin as she watched Sun play with Moon at the side, Lao followed after her in his cute little walk as he also wrapped himself in another small bathrobe.

    Lin raised an eyebrow at the obvious jealousy in Lily's words and admired the sight of his little Lao walking then gave Sun and Moon a fleeting look before looking at his incoming father carrying his youngest sister at the back, once his armor was off Lin gave his mother the tightest hug and warmest kisses while ignoring Lily's question.

    Afterwards he did the same thing to his father and kissed him and little Rose, then he turned towards Lily with a teasing smile then squeezed her in a similar hug and kissed her cheeks while tickling her in the right places under the giggles of his family.

    Finally little Lao got carried away and joined the hug and the case escalated to the mother and father feeling jealous and joining in, finally after a few minutes of fooling around little Rose was placed in her little swing to sleep and the five family members were soaking in the pool waters.

    "You did bring a lot this time, where did you find them?"

    The father asked as he sneakily pushed his body to enter his woman's vagina, the action made the much different than before lady blush and try to hide what's happening underneath the pool waters from her children by acting normally.

    The monks and the new members of Lin's community were standing at the entrance to their palace, the new arrivals were amazed by the sights around them while the monks were eager for receiving their dismissal orders to return to the cave area and show the others their new partners.

    Only the kids were amazed to discover another tiger like Sun which looked much more beautiful than the male bullying tiger, the female children were jealous of Lily's cute looks and amazed at how much she bullied Lin in the waters without the scary tiger interfering.

    Usually the tiger would be overprotective of Lin and fend for him if they tried doing anything, yet, now the tiger is chasing and wrestling the white tiger and ignoring his small friend who's getting bullied as if he doesn't care despite seeing everything.

    "Hugghhpp.... Hueck, cough.... Huff.... South, far south. Stop it Lily, I drank a lot of water."

    "Speak, what happened to Sun?"

    Lily was clinging to Lin's neck from the back and piggybacking him in the water while smirking slightly at her mother to indicate that she's aware of what's going on between her and the father right now.

    "Hubby, let's go back to sleep. Little Rose might catch a cold if we leave her sleep in the swing for too long in this weather, come I have a surprise for you."

    To Lily's disappointment the mother didn't hesitate to cut off her enjoyment because of the possible risk of Lin finding out what they're doing, despite being the mother she came to obey and live by the rules her son outlined and hated to disappoint her eldest son.

    "Alright then, you two take care of these guys and your little brother."

    Lin's father unplugged his male organ and pulled up his shorts, carried away his woman and youngest daughter then hurried to his sleeping chambers after throwing that order to the twins carelessly.

    Ever since the twins arrived in his life he changed from being endlessly worried for his woman's health and hunger to complete satisfaction with how things are progressing in his life, things went way too far from what he dreamed in his simplemindedness.

    As a person he was completely without any ambitions or aspirations, all he wished for was for things to keep on being this peaceful and satisfactory until he dies of old age with his lovely woman between his arms.

    After the two were born, Lin's father found his purpose and the twins guided him to it.

    Protect the family, Get sophisticated and if you can Don't harm others.

    "Hmph, now that they're away you can speak freely."

    Lily was displeased because after her mother delivered Rose she started to forbid Lily from having anymore fun of using her toys to play with the women in the community, add to that that the mother stopped making her see the action of her and her husband when they had sex.

    Now all Lily could do all day was either teach the ignorant crowd, give Moon new moves and techniques to learn, take care of Lao and meditate.

    Life without Lin could've never been more boring, and that was only after parting ways for only a bit over two months!

    "It's a long story, let's send these people to their homes first then i'll tell you all that happened in my little journey south. How much of the plans did you finish with dad?"

    Lin turned to look backwards and kissed his sister's cheek then got out of the pool waters while carrying her on his back as he asked.

    "Already finished, they look dumb but their learning capabilities are quite acceptable. Come let's take them to their new home."

    Lily muttered as she started to formulate plans in her head to use her toys on this new batch of females without her mother knowing, sadly for our little devil, these capable monks did it all and no matter how much she tried in the future.

    She couldn't beat ‘em long dicks!

    It appears Lin taught them right and their women would take Lily's actions as a game to waste time or as a way to pay back her brother for what he did for them, in the end little Lily would lose interest and return to her clingy-ness to her brother Lin instead.

    But, that's all in the future.

    Lin found the new buildings, constructs and the gathering areas in the flat grounds north of their birthplace "The Cave" completely lit up with colorful lights and a few silhouettes moving here and there between the buildings.

    now the cave was abandoned and worked as a linking passage between the community and Lin's home.

    The monks happily carried their women and ran for their new home ahead of the clowns who couldn't comprehend what's going on, the children gave the three kids surrounded by Sun and Moon a final look before running after the monks towards the new place curiously.

    In a few minutes the whole community gathered, 43 people old and new, young and old, males and females.

    After settling every couple in a home Lin and Lily gave the responsibility of taking care of the young kids needs to the youngest couple in the community, the teenager couple were expecting their first child and taking care of these children would be a good practice.

    "Come Lily let's go back, the things i'll describe will excite you more than you think."

    Lin voluntarily took Lily's hand and they both rode Sun's back while little Lao alone rode on Moon.

    Lily's eyes and hands were studying every change on Sun's body since she first laid eyes on him, now that she rode his back she kept marveling at the obvious change on the animal's body especially his skin which sprouted scales underneath the fur.

    "First we met a monster a lot similar to a Mammoth but much more exaggerated, reaching over 40m high with......"

    Lin enjoyed the peacefulness of resting his head on his sister's shoulder from the back and spoke narratively of his journey south without leaving a single detail, Sun and Moon didn't take the tunnels and walked slowly home with Moon being overly clingy to Sun all the way back it even ended up with little Lao sleeping in the way which made Lin and Lily take him on Sun's back in fear of him turning in his sleep then falling.

    Lily silently listened to Lin and never interrupted him once until he told her how Jin Bao the man in the ring taught him how to meditate and her eyes started to light up in interest because unlike goody two shoes Lin, she already know about the dark place and how to enter and exit, she was wild and untamed by nature.

    Rules and such! What does that have got to do with her?

    Her meditation was previously taken as a game of exploring, sometimes she'll take it that way and try finding new things next day it will be another direction.

    'That dark space gave me the feeling of something being buried deep inside it's water when I first entered it, it vanished once I felt it and never happened again. Was it all my misconception?' Lily thought as she listened to Lin's words.

    "Hrmmmm..... i'll try it later that technique you mentioned, now for two months i've slept alone while you're away. Come let's go have some fun."

    Lily turned around to face Lin then locked her legs around his waist after hugging his neck then said that with an evil smirk on her face.

    They were almost four years old now and she knows that Lin wouldn't take the advice of the person in the ring and wait until he's six years old to train his body, common knowledge says that the age of four is the best time to start laying down foundations for the body development.

    She knows that Lin will focus on flexibility and speed first before thinking about improving stamina and endurance gradually then starting to add strength and power to his muscles which might not start until he's six of age or more, "PUMMA" training was sure to begin alongside gymnastics once their next birthday arrives.

    Not to mention that both of the twins bodies are rather more developed than other kids in the same age, they're no different now in height and weight than kids four and half or almost five years old from their previous live.

    Their genes are strong and their physiques are different which added more validity to Lin's future plans, he even said once they reached the age of three years old that he was 90% sure that if they started training right now their physiques wouldn't be affected in anyway but he wasn't going to take any chances.

    Lily oddly offered to take Lin's place in teaching the community how to speak and deal with each other with the father and mother for the whole winter, leaving Lin to focus on his meditation most of the time and using the time Lin isn't meditating to drag him into her own games which are mostly inappropriate for children their age.

    Mostly winter was peaceful and quiet without any major events except for one, at the last days of winter Lily mentioned once that Sun and Moon would go out to play which wasn't a common behavior for the two obedient tigers.

    She wasn't worried since they mostly would go to the cave area and join the fun amongst the community, some of the females already gave birth and the rest had swollen bellies and were about to.

    Clearly the small village numbers are going to raise by next summer.

    One day after Lin returned from his calming swim in the pool he heard a stifled sound of grunting coming from his own room, the whole family was out in this time of the day taking care of the community and supervising their work on the other projects.

    Only Lin was in the palace! Or so it should be.

    Sneaking towards the room and slowly pushing the door open he found a sight which made him both frown and want to laugh in the same time.

    Sun and Moon mating in his room!

    Lin even got a displeased glare from his companion which said : "get out buddy and close the door behind you."

    Rolling his eyes helplessly at his tiger, Lin did as he should and closed his own room's door behind him after getting kicked out from it then went to another room to continue his meditation.

    "Humph, he could've done that in any other room! Why would he choose my room? And to dare kick me out of my room! If Lily knew what he did she'll be infuriated for sure, I better get my hands clean from this matter and not show any signs of me knowing to Lily otherwise it will be a complete disaster. Tiger's doesn't show signs of pregnancy until the last stage of pregnancy anyway, that gives me 3 months of peace and quiet. By that time i'll be in the age to start my physical training, at that time burying myself in training to avoid Lily's wrath can be done, PUMMA training and gymnastics plus swimming as a relaxing exercise with mom's massages. That's more than sufficient to lay down the best kind of foundation, if I didn't break all the historical records of others my age and older in my previous universe then i'm a waste. Not to mention the persistent strands which wouldn't show any signs of lessening, sigh, my schedule is going to get a lot busy even though i'm removed from the matters of our little village."

    Lin was grumbling about Sun and what he did earlier then got drifted off towards his future plans as he entered another room of the palace and sat down cross-legged to meditate.

    In the dark space inside his mind Lin diligently worked on experiencing the memories carried by the strands coming out of his imaginary body all over again, after each strand removed a clear drop of liquid would fuse with his body and brighten up another area of the dark space around him and the dark still waters beneath him.

    After three months of doing the same thing Lin was no different than a machine, a tireless ever functional precise machine with one aim and one aim only.

    Retracting these strands then converting them into liquid that fuses with the imaginary body inside him, of course after 3 months he noticed that the diameter of the bright domain around the body was getting larger but sadly he couldn't see his own body because the countless strands were covering every cell of it.

    Then in the middle of his meditation he felt something interrupting his session in a rude way, opening his eyes Lin saw Sun raising him by the collar using the tip of one of his claws with a gloating look in his eyes.

    "What? Are you here to act cocky after losing your virginity! Scram, I too will lose mine sooner or later. Tsk."

    Lin glared at the tiger who's clearly here to brag in his own unique way and crossed his arms in his hanging position as he refused to admit his own jealousy, Humph.

    The sight of Sun laying on his back and raising Lin by the collar teasingly was comical enough, add Lin's behavior when he's alone with his companion and you'd get a mature childish mixture of behavior from the young kid.


    Sun swung Lin's hanging body in his paw left and right as a very human-like sneer decorated his face, even the sound tht came out of his mouth was a lot like the word : "Really!"

    " little undisciplined cub, put me down you little fur-ball. You're happy because you did that to your own sister! Big deal idiot, I too have a twin sister ya moron. What you did I can do too, not only that. I wouldn't need to hide in other people's rooms to do it, heck, I would do it in public if I wanted."

    This happened after Sun kept trying to tease Lin for a while and he couldn't stand the thought of his own pet being such an intolerable bully, not only did the little feline snatch his room and force his dominance there by leaving a mark! He returned after doing something which he as the Great Sage never tried before and started to juggle Lin in his paws with the same sneer on his face and the teasing look in his eyes.


    Sun's pride was finally wounded severely after hearing Lin's words, he growled faintly at Lin to tell him not to step on his tail he's not a coward.

    He's only being tactful!

    Lily was scary sometimes even for the brave tiger, his intuition told him that inside her there's something very fearful.

    He only wondered just how can Lin be this forceful with Lily sometimes without fearing what's inside her? His owner and best friend was very sharp all the time and never missed a step or any of the fine details, yet, he seems to be entirely unaware of the thing causing fear to Sun.

    Sun once asked Moon about it and she told him that she used to shiver every time Lily touched her fur, then the matter became something she got used to with time now she only feels attachment from the girl to her after Moon lived with her for all this time.

    "Ya keep faking it, let me tell you that Lily is surely going to kick your butt for sleeping with Moon without her blessings. I bet she can scream once and you'll be shaking like a newborn cub, humph."

    Lin knew that he hit a nerve and smiled cynically at the tiger who's still juggling his body in his paws and said as he got flipped in the air.


    Sun seemed to lose his good mood after getting hit with Lin's effective words, he snorted and lowered his friend safely to the ground then turned his body on his belly to sleep while smacking his lips every now and then as if trying to find a solution to the predicament he's in.

    Lin straightened up his creased clothes then smirked at the pouting attitude of Sun which was a lot like a kid in his rebellious age.

    Then spring arrived.

    The community was full of liveliness and products of various kinds were being made all the time, buildings were being built, they farmed the land and raised livestock.

    Had group activities and played sports to increase their teamwork and create bridges of harmony between the members, of course the young kids were taking the most attention from Lily.

    Lin agreed to let her take command of the matters related to the community but she had to do it according to his rules, the kids need to grow up to be the future leaders and to take care of the generation that will come next.

    That way the cycle will continue to bring more and more leaders to act as the corner stone for the generations that comes after them, he never wanted Lily to tire herself out on the matter of teaching and guiding the ignorant crowd.

    She too deserve to have fun and enjoy Life!

    Even if she's an oddball.

    Sun was smart enough to find the solution to his problem, once there's any hunting journey or an exploration trip he'll join without even caring for Lin's permission before leaving.

    That way, the sneaky tiger who got smarter would avoid the event of Lily discovering that he slept with Moon.

    At least he'll avoid the strongest wave of Lily's anger -when she discovers the truth- he'll return afterwards to get some scolding that's all, in the end rice will be already cooked and his cubs will be delivered to the world by that time.

    Spring was mostly going in the same direction of developing the small village, teaching them how to live and be creative.

    The only change was when Lin finally finished retracting-converting all the strands coming out of his imaginary body, it was in the second month of spring exactly at the fourth day.

    For the first time in many months, Lin got to see his own body in his meditation.

    Not only that, the boy's senses felt like being on another level at this time.

    The wide area around and underneath him was experiencing Light and brightness only because the boy's skin was actually shining, Lin felt like if he pinched his imaginary body's skin then he'll extract glowing sweat.

    Before he got the chance to experience that moment for a bit longer, Lin got transported from the dark space against his will and found himself staring at the endless grey ocean which is formed from disintegration shockwaves.


    This time he felt something pushing him down to sink deep in these awkward waters which are in fact countless masses of sand particles with insane gravitational powers and unforeseen density and pressure, once he got consumed by these grey waves his brain stilled in comforting calm and his Soul which he only felt it's existence once before he was reborn was felt clearly by him again.

    Lin found himself feeling the primordial harmony between Body, Brain and Soul.

    And he knew, the only reason he felt it without any kind of interference was because Lily was out of his system.

    In this absolute peace he felt himself drowning deeper inside these grey waves, since he's helpless to control anything Lin didn't bother to worry and surrendered on all fronts.

    He only enjoyed the feeling of being absentminded, a feeling that the Great Sage experienced a few times in his two lives.

    Even his sleep was never spared from the chaotic mess of endless thoughts!

    Gradually, Lin started to feel a tug in his chest.

    It was a kind of feeling, extremely similar to the frustrating feeling he experiences in cases of danger.

    But, it was the total opposite!

    As if the feeling of danger was the negative side, while this feeling was the positive side.

    Then the endless grey curtains in front of his eyes parted and allowed his small body to enter thorough the glaring Light that came from behind the greyness, now, it was nothing but golden Light.


    Even his body was nowhere in this world of Light, however, the tugging feeling at his chest never stopped.

    He felt the gentlest caressing touch on his Soul, even his mother's warmest embrace was nothing compared to this touch.

    Lin felt the need of more than a touch from this gentleness, and a thought popped up in his mind when he did.

    'Not yet'

    He felt like a spoilt brat being greedy for some candy and a grown-up stopped him in fear of his tender teeth which might get hurt, it was like if he took more then his benefits will turn into harm instead.

    But it was just a touch!

    "It's protecting me?" Lin thought as he felt that "thing" worry about himself disappear when Lin said that.

    Then he felt another negative tug at his Soul upwards, as if something from outside this world of Light was calling for him.

    Despite his unwillingness to leave, the gentle touch caressed his right cheek one last time before disappearing and only leaving endless blinding Light behind, then he was sent to the endless grey ocean of disintegration shockwaves and from there he was transported back to the dark space once he exited the ocean.

    Almost isn't enough.
  •      Chapter 7 : First Lesson (Part 2)

    "Biiig Brootthheeer..... Lily, is he tired or is he sick? Since when was big brother Lin that heavy sleeper!"

    "Hehehehe, it must be one nasty dream that made him this deep in his own world."

    Lin heard the sound of Lao and Lily chatting once he returned to his dark space, he noticed the change in the dark space but Lao's constant shaking woke him up from his sleep.

    'Wasn't I sitting to meditate!' Lin thought as he pushed the bed with his arms to get up.

    "Alright little Lao stop shaking me I'm already awake, yawn."

    While spreading his arms to stretch lazily on his bed Lin spoke in a sleepy voice.


    "Y.... your back, big brother Lin your back has wings!"

    When Lin opened his eyes he saw Lily's gaping mouth and Lao's excited look as he pointed at Lin, what Lao said caught Lin off guard and scattered the remnants of sleepiness from his eyes.

    Twisting his neck to look back, Lin saw a wing sprouting out from each of his shoulder blades.

    Yellowish with a tinge of faint gold in the feather's end, the wings were large enough to wrap Lin's small body.

    However, the most fascinating was the ethereal feeling the wings gave to Lin, as if they were between two states all the time.

    Material and immaterial!

    "Hoooh, seems like you have some more things to explain. Not only to me but to mom and dad, Little Lao you go finish today's exam. I left it on your desk, later we'll play some fun games in the water I promise."

    "Yay... big sister you're the best."

    "Oh, remember to keep what happened here a secret for now, we'll make it a surprise for mommy and daddy. Alright!"

    "Ehehehe I won't say, I won't say."

    "Now go little pirate."

    Lin was still studying the wing when Lily started to brainwash little Lao.

    "Is that your martial spirit? Are you kidding me! All that trouble of removing these boring strands and experiencing all your shitty memories and some other idiot's memories all over again, for what? To be a bird!"

    As Lin was using his fist to feel what is it like to penetrate his own ethereal wing, Lily started to scold him as she tried to use her hand to pull one of Lin's wings up.

    "Eh! I can't catch it? Does it even work? Try using them, let's see if you can even fly."

    Lily found her hand passing thorough the wing feathers as if she was catching air, all her actions did was cause small ripples on the yellowish wing.

    After looking at his wings for a few seconds in the mirror Lin nodded and crouched with the intention of jumping up before flapping his wings, he already tried moving each wing and there was no problem.

    Moving them was like moving a foot or one of his arms!

    "WHOOOSH.... Crack....."

    "Whoah!.... That's freaking fast."

    In front of Lily's sharp eyes all that remained of Lin after jumping was an afterimage!

    The gust of air carried her small body off the ground and threw her back until she fell on the bed more than 10m back, Lily moved her scattered hair from her face and looked at the ceiling with amazement as she spoke.

    There was a hole with the shape of Lin's wings there, at the rim of hole was melted concrete dripping in the color of Lava and sizzling after hitting the floor with white steam.

    "I've got to get my own spirit, I can't let Lin strut around with such a cool gadget. That will be bad for my image, no more fooling around. I gotta take this seriously."

    Lily clinched her tiny fists and said as her eyes stared at the opening on the ceiling in the shape of Lin's wings with a look full of jealousy, then she left the room with her head full of one thought only.

    Hurry and awaken my own Spirit, I can't lose to Lin!

    Up in the air was dear Lin with his forehead full of sweat!

    He knew that he almost killed himself just now in this little trial, if he wasn't in a position where his head was tucked in his chest as he jumped then his head would've been bashed against the ceiling.

    His wings had no trouble passing through the ceiling somehow and because his body was small enough it seemed to pass thorough the entrance his wings created, he only concluded that because right now Lin was miles up in the sky and away from his home.

    All he saw was a small dot underneath him, he was sure that this was the same mountain that he created the palace for his mother.

    Even that dot was getting further and further away because he was still going up by the propelling force of a single flap of a wing, these wings proved to be scarily fast from the first trial.

    Which made Lin make the first rule : "Never use your Spirit indoors."

    "Child, you awakened your Spirit! You did good. Very good. Right now it might seem like nothing to you but someday you'll understand the significance of your achievement, Hahahaha."

    Old Jin Bao spoke with obvious joy filling his words.

    "Senior, this Spirit is dangerous. I almost died just now, is there anyway to control it's speed?"

    Lin was like someone who's drowning that found a straw to hang on to.

    "Not as long as you're still living in this god forsaken land, tell me, what kind of Spirit did you awaken? It's shape, color."

    "A yellow wing with faint gold color at the end of the feathers, even I can't touch it and my fingers would pass thorough it like it's an illusion. Yet here I am in the middle of the sky after flapping it once."

    Lin said as he looked at the geographic terrain in all directions, his fear was lessening as he spoke with old Jin plus the strong cold wind hitting his face made his agitated mind a lot calmer.

    "Light element huh! Your Spirit being intangible and immaterial means that it has an elemental nature. Light, That's one of the hardest elements to control and gain mastery of, still worry not, Soul training can overcome that problem."

    Jin Bao's sound was like an elderly man ruminating an issue before choosing the method to tackle it.

    "Senior Jin, what should I do then?"

    After a few seconds of silence Lin asked the man trapped in the ring.

    "If you're going to leave this land someday then I have a low grade technique suitable for your Light element. Unfortunately my powers are restricted here and I can't transmit it, if it wasn't for my Soul cultivation then speaking with you would've been a miracle. But worry not, I know a way you can enhance your Soul cultivation while living in this Land of Forgetfulness if you managed to awaken your Soul Sense then it will be easy to use a tiny bit of your powers at no risk, don't forget to train your body at the age of six years old like I said before. As a barbarian descendant you're blessed with fine bloodline, don't let it go to waste."

    Old Jin Bao's words made Lin frown slightly, he didn't interrupt the man because there was new information in the mix which Lin didn't know before.

    "What do I have to do?"

    Lin already has a plan to train his body but the Soul was a complete mystery which remains unsolved.

    "Wait a few seconds I need to sacrifice some of my Soul energy to cast a spell, I'm too weak to look outside without sacrificing some of my cultivation. Now I have to Soul scan for the stones, Sigh..... There, to the east, that demolished mountain has some Soul Soothing Stones. They'll help me regain some of my cultivation to transmit to you my Soul Strengthening Technique, the rest will be mine don't fight me for them. They're not that useful to anyone who isn't mortally wounded in the Soul anyway."

    Jin Bao spoke and Lin who was currently free-falling from the sky saw the same mountain his father exploded with his arrows back then being mentioned, when Lin got closer to the ground he saw the reflection of the Sun rising from the east on somethings in the area Jin Bao mentioned.

    He opened his wings and glided towards the area skillfully then descended on the highest rock of the shattered mountain summit, the site contained some stones which were a lot similar to clear crystals in different shapes and sizes scattered around.

    "Old Jin, we're here. are we going to do this?"

    Lin was a white blank page on almost every thing concerning cultivation, other than how to meditate he knew nothing at all.

    "Help me collect them then place the Ring on them, i'll teleport them inside."

    Old Jin Bao said in a helpless tune as he thought : 'If the Pope of the Church of Light heard what you just said after hearing about your achievement I bet he'll be both mad with laughter and burning with sadness and jealousy at his record that you smashed to smithereens, less than 4 years old and already awakened your Spirit which is of the same kind of Advanced Element as the Pope of the Church of Light. You did it one year earlier than him! Not only that, we have to take in consideration that he did all that while living in the Land of Forgetfulness. Under the influence of two great creations of humanity and cultivators'.

    "Huff.... If only Sun was here to help, this tiny body is still weak. Sigh."

    Lin said as he wiped his forehead with his sleeve, a cute sight that Lily would've paid lots of money to witness.

    Then he continued after taking a deep breath and clapping his hands twice to remove the accumulated dirt from a couple hours of searching : "Senior Jin I think I've gathered all I could find with my current ability."

    "Great! Pile up what you found and let's see if you've got enough for me to cast the Soul Link Technique and share the Soul Strengthening Technique with you directly, hrmmmm..... not bad if I squeeze hard on my energy consumption I can give you some of my rudimentary thoughts on initial Soul Cultivation."

    As old Jin Bao spoke crystal after crystal of the so-called Soul Soothing Stones disappeared from underneath Lin's open palm, a sight which made Lin, someone who destroyed many laws of physics with his own brilliant mind and theories, Marvel wide eyed at the phenomenon occuring in front of his eyes!

    "That's it! This ability is so cool, what's the maximum amount of space that you can store that way senior Jin?"

    Lin asked as his mind started to think of various kinds of benefits if such a thing was available for all.

    "A few meters including my soul body, but that's not a Space Tool actually.... ahem, I was trying to figure out the uses of this Ring since it seemed like a Space Ring, it was actually a complete blank unsolvable mystery to me since I first found it a thousand years ago. After 25 years of sending Soul Energy inside trying to discover it's secrets I.... I was the victim of a strange phenomenon of Soul Transference into the Space inside the Ring, thankfully I had just reached the Soul Clone Realm in Soul Cultivation. I managed to hurriedly separate a part of my Soul to be trapped in instead of the majority of my Soul. After all it hurt to lose part of your Soul or to do the Cloning, but, suffering from Soul Entrapment leaves room for many variables."

    Full of obvious shyness in his words Jin Bao said as he tried to give an excuse for him easily choosing to avoid risking it with his Soul.

    "What happened afterwards?"

    Lin asked as he tried to get as much information as possible about this strange world.

    "Nothing actually, inside here is a strange Soul Formation that trapped this small part of my Soul and never harmed or suppressed me the only thing that I'm not allowed to do is getting out, not like I was going to leave even if I was free to do that. Still, studying this formation's runes all these years helped my comprehension abilities to reach unforseen levels, I'm sure that my Cultivation will soar like never before once I remould a suitable physical body..... sigh. Thankfully this formation reversed the shackles of time and space and caused them to distort otherwise I wouldn't have lived the past 500 years with such a feeble tiny bit of my Soul."

    Jin Bao narrated part of his life in a few words, yet, Lin felt a great amount of mixed emotions filling each word.

    "Were you Strong? senior Jin!"

    Best thing in the Great Sage was his ability of cheering people up, human psychology!

    Right question in the right direction and you can distract anyone from a certain mood, all you have to do is understand the mentioned person thorough a conversation where he express his emotions.

    "Spirit King Realm seventh level, still, even with my Spirit King Realm of awareness and perception I couldn't fathom just how slower time is here inside this formation is right now compared to outside. Anyway, get ready for the transmission. Remember, if you resisted I will only be able to send nothing with my weak state. Doing that will only waste Soul Energy from the Soul Soothing Stones which I would rather use on healing some of my Soul Wounds instead, maybe if I could reach my strongest state on the Soul aspect then I'll be able to help by sending my Soul Energy outside to help you gather what I want to remould my body. I need your word on this matter and a promise not to waste the Energy, do notice that when I start my spell then I wouldn't be able to stop it. So, if you started to second guess then Soul Energy will be wasted anyway. This will sting a little."

    "Awww..... ouch! I wasn't ready old Jin, t.... time out."

    'He still can speak freely as I use the Soul Link Technique, looks like his Soul Cultivation has reached the third Soul Realm' old Jin thought as he heard Lin complain about the effect of his spell and Soul transmission of the Soul Strengthening Technique, he was ashamed because he a former Spirit King and one of the rare Soul cultivators wasn't capable of perfectly use the Soul Link Technique.

    Soul Link Technique was one of the most basic Techniques for Soul cultivators, yet he as someone who reached the Fifth Realm of Soul Cultivation once wasn't.

    Yet the kid reached such heights in Soul Cultivation at the age of less than 4!

    'He's already a Soul Seeker! Hissss.... What kind of monster is that kid going to become in the future when he grows up into a full fledged Cultivator with many life and death encounters?' Jin Bao thought as he tried to imagine Lin in the future.

    Jin Bao reached the Soul Seeker Realm in Soul Cultivation when he was 55 years old! Lin did the same in less than 4.

    "Finally it's over.... Phew, that was prickly. Eh.... All that information! So that's the Technique that I was using, I see.... I need to use my body to experience the refinement of ages while meditating. I'm only in the third Realm! Hrmmmm, it seems like I'm very bad at this Soul Cultivation thing. I need to work harder in the future."

    When Jin Bao heard what Lin said, his previous embarrassment of being far inferior to Lin in Soul Cultivation was given another cruel uppercut to his self-esteem.

    "Y.... yes never slack on your Cultivation, i'll be going back to use the Soul Soothing Stones and heal some of my wounds. It will be sometime until we talk again."

    Old Jin was wiping imaginary sweat as he started to get a small feeling of fear from this young genius.

    "Alright i'm going back, hrmmm, that's the annoying bird is it planning on attacking the village again! Heh, this time you won't be able to demolish anything else."

    That bird was the same bird who finished the poor guy nextdoor.


    The large bird dived headlong towards the new village which the community lived, Lin took cover and hid from it's line of sight as it passed him.

    This was the second time it attacked, last time it damaged some buildings but it wasn't able to harm anyone.

    The shelters were quickly opened and the underground tunnels made the people escape to safety as Lin's father and the men used the Bows to injure the Large creature from a distance before changing place thorough the tunnels to shoot again.

    The big bird suffered some wounds of various degrees before it ran away, and now it seems like it's back for revenge.

    From the distance of 4km away, once the Large Bird started to head towards the village Lin was able to hear the loud alarm ringing in the village.

    Then before the creature reached the distance of 2km from the tallest building in the village, one arrow was shot from an installed ballista on the roof after another.

    They were shot in a pattern to give the large Bird no space to maneuver with his large frame in his dive attack, the bolts shot were added with various amounts of fins at their tail to change angle mid-flight and change their trajectory.

    All Lily had to do was link all the ballistas thorough a complicated mechanism, the middle ballista will automatically change the angles of the remaining ballistas armed with special bolts to end up attacking from all the angles.

    Under Lin's eyes the hunter who thought of the village buildings as targets for his revenge, quickly was turned into a large prey to the machine gun like ballistas.


    No matter what it did in it's evading attempts, the king of this territory's skies always found his body getting pierced by a few spears.

    A couple minutes later the large bird tried to run but it didn't take long for it to discover the lethality of the wounds this time, they wouldn't stop bleeding!

    Even the smallest wound was still pouring out blood non-stop.


    With a final enraged sound the largest bird Lin ever saw in both lives escaped again, but this time it will be a little bit longer until they see it flying in the nearby sky.

    Lin returned home as he enjoyed gliding back to find Lily waiting for him in the garden with Lao as they played a game of chess.

    "No little Lao, the pawn only moves one step forward."

    "But why is it they're not allowed to do like horsy, can't they ride the horsy and go to the end? Why isn't there Sun and Moon? There's elephants and horses! Can we add snakes, monkeys, bears.... Come-on it will be fun."

    "Because this game is supposed to be played with some rules, tell you what we'll play both of the games once I make the other animals. Until then we'll play this one, can we play this one now?"

    "Alright! Big sister Lily is the best. Ah! Big brother Lin is back, look he's flying. Say... Big sister Lily, when will I get my wings like big brother Lin?"

    "Don't worry, even if you didn't get a wing. Big sister can make you fly, just remember, who's the Best?"

    "Ehehehe you big sister."

    When she saw the longing filling little Lao's eyes, Lily smiled and ruffled his hair into a mess and spoke as she raised her head up in an arrogant cute act.

    Lao was tickled by her love and hugged her waist in happiness as he answered cutely.

    "You missed breakfast."

    Lily turned her head from Lao to the descending twin brother and told him with a knowing smile which said : "Lao loves me more."

    "Yes, Lao I'm hurt. You said you wouldn't love anyone more than you love me and mom before, humph, now you seem to be loving Lily more! Lao doesn't love me anymore, oh no,  what should I do?"

    Lin nodded and gave Lily a blunt answer then suddenly changed expression into total sadness, Lao on the other hand seemed to panic at the words of his kind big brother and seemed to struggle with himself on what to do to solve this troubling situation.

    He loves them all but he couldn't show both of his big siblings that, how can I explain love?.

    The little kid was experiencing being amidst the tease two of the greatest minds, poor Lao didn't know how much simple antiques between Lin and Lily on his early years helped in developing his immature mind to develop on a scale which is considered beyond impossible to his being reaching deep into the genetic level.

    But that's a story to be uncovered in the far future.

    After calming his brother's anxiety and telling Lily as he ate his breakfast of the new Technique that old Jin sent him mysteriously after using some Stones!

    Lin used three days to learn how to adapt to the Soul Strengthening Technique, something which is considered unbelievable to any Soul Cultivator.

    'Freak! This kid is scaring me. His family are barbarians! Since when was the barbarian race capable of Soul Cultivation? Only their shamans and witches are Soul Cultivators that's common knowledge, but, weren't these demonic hypocrites a selective few! They shouldn't be able to cultivate the Spirit Energy at all. No no no, only those with bure blood in the barbarians are capable of awakening their bloodline and amongst those rare few, a tiny portion can awaken their Spirits. The Barbarian Emperor! Lin is one of these monsters.... Hisss. Not to mention, he didn't even awaken his bloodline. Just how many records is he going to break without even a single wisp of Spirit Energy in his body. He couldn't be considered a Spirit Cultivator yet he awakened his Spirit in such barren Land without any Spirit Energy faster than any other Cultivator in the Spirit World! While being a barbarian descendant! He Passed the common rule of barbarians and skipped a whole stage of their Cultivation to accomplish That! Add to that the other rule of barbarians, Barbarian Emperor descendants can dual cultivate Body Refinement and Spirit Energy Never were they able to triple cultivate the Spirit, Soul And Body, Witch Empress descendants on the other hand can cultivate Soul after experiencing the blessings of the Moon Temple. They're a minority yes, but, they're only capable of Body Refinement and they are considered nothing to human body refiners. Oh boy, I stumbled into a precious treasure from heavens. Just you wait, backstabbing me after i've considered you my closest friend. Yi Shirong you fucking dog better enjoy life while I'm still under the wind, hehehe Jin Bao the Soul Snatcher is still alive. There's hope for my revival. I need to make the kid leave this Land of Forgetfulness soon. 8 years old, that would be the maximum I can wait. After that will be a waste of his potential' Jin Bao thought as he sneaked a peek at Lin's progress.

    "Old Jin is that you?"

    Lin sensed Jin Bao's Soul Energy when the latter used his Technique.

    'He sensed me! What kind of perception is that?' Jin Bao was bedazzled by Lin more and more as he dealt with him, shock after shock he kept receiving from the young boy.

    "Yes, I see that you've mastered the Soul Link Technique. Don't let that get into your head, learning the Soul Link Technique is just the very first step in Soul Cultivation. You're just at the door, train hard and learn well from the Soul Strengthening Technique. Alright, now that you've learned that Technique i'll start focusing on healing my Soul."

    Jin Bao composed himself and said to Lin in an apathetic tune, he was afraid of Lin being one of the spoilt brats.

    'Those young geniuses are the true pain in the ass! If Lin became one of these.... Brrr. Ptooey, Jin Bao, You jinx. Nothing is going to happen to him for sure' Jin Bao was thinking about Lin as his own disciple already!

    "Yes, can I teach Lily this Technique? She's no different than me it's just that she's a bit lazy."

    Lin asked as he tried to seek the source, he wanted to see the person speaking with him.

    "Stop, Don't try to forcefully send your Soul Energy towards the Ring until your Soul is cloned! You might activate the same phenomenon."

    Jin Bao was scared shitless when he imagined Lin getting his Soul trapped inside the Ring same as him, he told Lin to stop with a panicked sound.


    Lin said as he stopped the attempt with a disappointment heart, he wanted to see Jin Bao this mysterious person who got trapped in a Ring.

    "If you want your sister to learn the Technique then it's okay, but don't raise your hopes up. N.... not everyone can do the same and train Soul, Spirit and Body."

    Jin Bao said that while feeling embarrassed with himself for undermining such great feats in front of the one who accomplished them, he used the advantage of Lin's ignorance to hide a few details that's all.

    He didn't want to allow corruption to murky Lin's mind, Jin Bao wished for the boy to enjoy more of his childhood before he drags him into his world to experience the cruel life of being a Cultivator.

    "Alright, thanks senior Jin. If it wasn't for your help I wouldn't have learned to open the door to Soul Cultivation that soon."

    Lin said with a heart filled with gratitude, if it wasn't for the collection of Jin Bao's knowledge on the rudimentary stages of Soul Cultivation.

    It included the explanation of the Soul and how to grade each Realm, what differentiate between the grades and the correct way of using Soul Energy.

    Sadly it only explained the first three Realms, according to that order Lin was in the Fourth Realm.

    He was a Soul Seeker, before that there's Weak Soul, Wondering Soul, Soul Returner, Soul Seeker, and above that there's Soul Eye, Soul Clone, Soul Projection, Soul Keeper.

    Above Soul keeper there's another Realm but all that was mentioned of it was only the name and nothing else at all.

    Soul Keeper had something about it and that was a single line of information : "The fables say that whomever reaches this Realm in Soul Cultivation can make a mortal live 7 times of age."

    They can extend people's lifespan!

    Soulless was the ninth and final Realm.

    Weak Soul Realm is : the easiest of all Realms of Soul Cultivation which means if you simplify the whole Realm it will be once you overcome your primal urges and start to meditate normally in the seating position then you've accomplished the first step in Soul Cultivation. Any creature that's considered alive or even the dead types of monsters can reach this step even those who couldn't sense Soul Energy and Cultivate their Souls can accomplish that, all in all it's just a simple addition to the Soul Energy within the Body.

    The true use of reaching this Realm is that you can try and sense Soul Energy, consider it a test of some sort.

    Wondering Soul Realm is : when you manage to calm your mind and delve deeper into your subconsciousness at will, you've accomplished the second step in Soul Cultivation by accomplishing that you're training your Weak Soul to wonder in a wider span in the vessel. Each time it leaves a trace of itself in the vessel like roots and tentacles then grow. You benefit in having your senses sharpened and the addition of learning how to use the skill Soul Link and other basic Soul Techniques.

    Only those who has affinity to the Soul attribute can reach that second Realm, others can increase their Soul strength with medicinal ingredients of as a side effect to them reaching high Realms in their Body or Spirit Cultivation.

    That as well is implied on the different senses and awareness, with each increase of the Realm a Body Refiner or Spirit Cultivator gain, they boost their abilities.

    Soul Returning Realm is : the third step in Soul cultivation first you reflect the tentacles the which were left by the Soul all over the Body in the previous Realm Soul Wandering back into the Soul, during the process these Strands like Lin called them before or tentacles like the Technique described, will experience a Refinement before returning to the Soul Body.

    The Soul Energy resulting from each strand getting refined will shape the Soul Body.

    Old Jin Bao was feeling shocked because to pass this stage Lin had to have many life experience and maturity of the mind to reach the next level, as if compressing the Soul Energy and molding the Body in that Ethereal world and forcing it to materialize.

    Now Lin has done that and only needs to fill his Soul Body with Soul Energy to reach the next stage, Soul Eye.

    It was the most straightforward Realm of all, fill your Body with Soul Energy and unblock the only acupoint related to the Soul in the Body of humanoids.

    Yintang acupoint, in the center of the eyebrows.

    After unblocking that acupoint, the Soul Cultivator open the Third Eye "Mind Eye" and gain the ability called "Soul Sense".

    Many Cultivators, especially the formidable ones who reached high Realms in Body Refinement or Spirit Cultivation consider any Soul Cultivator who didn't gain his Soul Sense ability as no threat, but they'll tread very carefully if faced with a Soul Cultivator who awakened the Third Eye.

    Soul Sense was scary, having the perfect view of your surroundings at all times means a great advantage in any kind of situation.

    Plus it's other supplementary and supportive uses if added to both Body and Spirit Techniques, that's why despite being the lowest in numerical aspect if compared to the other schools of Cultivation.

    Soul Cultivation is still an undisputed one of the top three schools, even the school of weapon intent which is, one of the most formidable schools, was loosing if compared to the Soul.

    Exactly as it is elusive in nature, Soul Cultivation is elusively penetrating all the other schools in a way.

    Even though the weapon intent had a very famous reputation of being very supportive, the Soul won it in being widely known as the best supportive Cultivation.

    An attack imbued with Soul Energy was stronger than an attack imbued with weapon intent, not only that, it is more flexible and agile as well.

    That topic aside, the question remains.

    When did Lin find the time to create all these memories which enabled him to reach the Soul Seeker Realm that fast? First he's still less than Four! Second, it seems like the boy was already started his Cultivation naturally as a mortal.

    He wasn't even a Weak Soul when Jin Bao met him, now he's already in the Fourth Realm!

    What freaking speed is that? Jin Bao intentionally didn't intervene and guide Lin until he felt some strange growth of the boy's Soul Energy that spiked suddenly in the span of a few months, such thing couldn't be left unguided unless he wanted Lin to experience a Cultivation Deviation and succumb to his Mental Demons.

    Such things were unheard-of to the senior who lived for thousands of years and dappled in Soul and Spirit Cultivator, Lin was a complete freak of a genius with a perfect combination of talents stacked on top of each other whom Jin Bao wouldn't have ever thought of even if it was his wildest imagination.

    Spirit : already awakened at the youngest age despite the disadvantage of being born on this Land of Forgetfulness, at the age of less than 4 years he achieved it. The only thing stopping him from being called a proper Spirit Cultivator in the first Realm "Spirit Apprentice" was the fact that no Spirit Energy whatsoever existed in the Land of Forgetfulness.

    The fact was that every day Lin spends in this place was actually delaying his Spirit Cultivation, if he left this Land then he's the youngest Cultivator of Spirit Energy.

    If news reached the 5 great sects then they'll fight nail and tooth to recruit him, at all costs!

    Soul : at a similar age he miraculously strolled across the first four Realms of Soul Cultivation! If it continued at this rate then the boy is destined to reach the Soul Eye Realm at the age of 10 or less, old Jin Bao wanted to find a hole to dig and bury himself in when he started to compare his accomplishments to Lin's.

    Body : Lin was clearly a Barbarian Emperor descendant, his father and mother had larger physiques than normal mortals.

    The fact that Barbarians are the blessed vessels of the God of War as they believe, they're the undisputed champions when it comes to Body Refinement.

    His future in Body Refinement is destined to be superior to the other two categories, Spirit and Soul.

    "Sigh, I only did my part of the deal, you remember your part and grow stronger. I still need your help in collecting the ingredients required to remould a physical body compatible with my Soul."

    Old Jin awakened from his daydreaming journey and answered Lin's politeness with a sad tune as he reminded him of their first agreement.

    "Senior Jin you don't need to worry, i'll never slack off in my Cultivation."

    Poor Lin misinterpreted the sadness in Jin Bao's tune as him longing for freedom while the Senior Cultivator was sad because of his utter defeat in front of Lin's fearful deep potential.

    "Don't rush it and seek short gains, always remember that Cultivation is a process of constant accumulation. Keep a steady pace and lay down the firmest foundation for your future, for now focus on your Soul until you reach the age of 6 when you reach that age i'll send you a Body Refinement Technique. Accumulate well."

    Jin Bao's was shaking his head inside the Ring as he said that then severed the connection.

    Lin got up and went to find Lily, now he can use the Soul Link Technique and transmit to her the Soul Strengthening Technique.

    As a Soul Seeker he can do that by touching Lily's head with his palm, simple as that.

    Of course transmitting the Technique will vary according to the grade of the Technique itself, if it was a higher grade Technique then Lin would take longer to finish sending it to Lily.

    Soul Strengthening Technique took one week from Lin to finish sending it completely to Lily, it was a low grade forbidden Technique.

    According to the knowledge in the introduction of the Technique, this Technique passed the 9th Rank amongst Soul Techniques and reached the Formidable Grade and became a Low Level Forbidden Grade Technique.

    Only because if it was practiced to culmination the user of this manual is guaranteed to reach the Soul Projection Realm.

    Anyone in the Soul Projection Realm is a powerhouse amongst powerhouses, even though it's only the seventh Realm of Soul Cultivation, anyone in that Realm is feared by single school Cultivators of either Body or Spirit who are two Realms higher or dual Cultivators using Body Refinement or Spirit Cultivation as their main focus and the other as support in a Realm higher than the Soul Cultivator with the Soul Projection Realm.

    Because no Soul Cultivator in that Realm isn't capable of using Spirit Energy or the refined vital energy "Qi" at the same time, when the two energies get combined individually or together with Soul Energy the resulting power reaches another level entirely.

    Then Lin got to experience some peaceful days after Lily started to focus on her meditation seriously, Finally!

    But, the ticking bomb of Sun's deed was looming in the horizon for Lin who was getting impatient, he wanted the days to go faster so that he can start training his physique.

    The cat was out of the bag in Lao's third birthday, only half a month before Lin and Lily's fourth birthday.

    In the middle of the party and as the village residents were giving little Lao his gifts while speaking rough language, Lily snuck out from the event and went towards Lin who sat at the cave area alone.

    Moon seemed to be lowering her head timidly as Lily kept glaring at her all the way until they reached Lin under the pavilion, Sun had just left with the recent exploring team two days ago.

    Since the culprit was away Lily had no choice but to pour down her anger at the owner after just discovering the protruding belly of Moon's, standing in front of Lin with both hands on her hips, Lily had a look that would make the ignorant laugh at how cute it was.

    However, anyone who truly knew Lily would experience a cold shiver at his spine when being under the influence of this gaze.

    "You three dare to keep me in the dark for more than 3 months! What the fuck Lin? This isn't funny or cool, Moon is mine Sun is yours I thought we were clear on that. Now your horny cat stick it without my approval? i'll be damned if I let this one slide!"

    What makes Lily scary is her attitude when she's mad with fury, she spoke calmly as she went to sit on Lin's lap.

    The action would be misunderstood if another person heard her he'll think Lily was just throwing a small tantrum, well no! The saying revenge is better served cold can suit Lily's personality more than anybody else.

    After living with her for 4 years now, Lin was repaid each and every small prank or joke that he played on Lily once.

    Sometimes the parasite would take the joke a bit too far though.

    "Don't misunderstand me, even I couldn't stop it because when I found out they were already joined and mating. If you want to teach Sun a lesson then it's alright with me, just wait until his Cubs are born to do it. And don't be too harsh on Moon in this stage of pregnancy, you know the risks of depression and negative emotions."

    Lin said as he tried to avoid getting caught up in this mess.

    He was distracting his sister by moving his fingers thorough her silky hair as he spoke while the other hand pinched her cheek lightly until they flushed Rosy red.

    "Snort, you too need to be punished for keeping a secret from me, I'm adding another year of freedom to our agreement. You're stuck with me until we reach the age of 5, if I find more secrets then it's one year per secret."

    Smirking slightly, Lily snorted once then rested her head on Lin's shoulder after securing his neck between her arms and waist between her legs, she said in a lazy tune filled with daringness.

    Already expecting such thing to happen Lin didn't argue with Lily he merely hugged her to his body and waited for the fireworks to start, it was one of his gifts to his younger brother in his birthday.

    "Rin, all good."

    The toothless thin pervert ran from the village towards the cave and told Lin with a smile as he gave the thumbs up gesture to Lin, he spoke a broken language because his missing front teeth and because he was one of the few thick skulls in the village.

    He was faster than a Cheetah but slow as hell as he learned how to speak!

    The man was a different person now since he first met Lin more than a year ago in that shameful incident, so far this man has done something to the Great Sage, something which no other male ever did to Lin in two lifetimes.

    He stripped him naked!

    Now he is a father of a daughter with a loving wife taking care of him everyday, wears proper clothes and eats fine cooked meals everyday.

    He spent one year, the very first year in complete safety without hunger or constant fear in his long life full of close encounters with death, sufferings and loneliness.

    "Old Ba are you sure every thing is in order like I taught you?"

    Lin asked the man who choose the name Ba for himself.


    Nodding again firmly Ba raised the other thumb up and gave Lin the same gesture with both hands, message clear enough 100% sure.

    "Okay, go hug your wife and daughter and keep looking up. It's about time."

    Dismissing the agile man Lin gave him a hint on a romantic approach, the rest is up to the man himself.

    "Hey that's another secret, now you're sentenced another year."

    Lily smiled to herself then whispered to Lin's ear as she adjusted herself to be in a comfortable position to watch the fireworks, she already noticed old Ba when he was installing the fireworks on the roofs around the birthday party.

    "You're taking advantage of my kindness, what should I do to take advantage of you? I wonder. You're a walking secret yourself Lily, remember."

    Once Lin whispered that back to Lily's ears he felt her shiver once before the rising fireworks lit up the darkening skies above the village.

    Almost isn't enough.
  •           Chapter 8 : PUMMA (Part 1)

    One week after Lao's third birthday, it was Moon's turn to be the center of the limelight and the focus of the whole village.

    The tigress delivered 4 healthy Cubs successfully, once that happened all the village became antsy and anxious for a single reason.

    Who is going to be the lucky bastard?

    Lin and Lily are a walking example of how good is it to receive a tiger as a partner, despite their young age the two are capable of handling a whole team of the village veterans if they had their partners.

    Especially after Sun undergone his latest upgrade when he ate the small black grey ball from the head of the Mammoth, now he can run amok in their midst even if they were armed with their armors.

    The village members waited for Lin and Lily to speak after the 4 Cubs were born successfully, most of the the eyes fell on the youngest family in the village.

    It had a 16 something years old father and mother, one biological son and a few adopted children of various ages and gender.

    Chen and Yue the teenager couple were the closest to Lin and Lily because they're responsible for the lifeline of the whole village "The Younger Generation", yes they're the same two who arrived with toothless old Ba and Lin made them take care of all the kids who had no family, voluptuous lady Bai who's Lin's mother closest friend at the moment, Lady Bai's husband the man who Lin's father almost killed before refused to choose a name and got called "Boss" by the whole village like Lin addressed him once.

    Chen and Yue just helped Lily with everything and she trained them to be her assistants, even the delivery of the Cubs included the two in the operation to help Lin, Lily and their mother.

    The villagers counted the Cubs and did simple math, 4 Cubs.

    The two teenager couple receive two of the Cubs because they're the closest to the two young owners of Sun and Moon, add their two youngest siblings Lao and Rose to receive the remaining two tiger Cubs.

    The villagers had nothing to say or do but regret not being close friends with the twins.

    'Sigh, maybe i'll get lucky next time and receive a tiger Cub for myself' this thought ran thorough all the village members as some of them made plans to try and gain the favor of the twins.

    "Everyone, I have an announcement to make. Actually it's just great news."

    Lily was excited as she spoke, because what she's seeing in the eyes of the villagers was a feeling she couldn't be more familiar with.

    The villagers turned their envious gazes from Chen and Yue towards Lily who crouched down to pat the back of the only female tiger Cub as she fed from her tired mother, Moon was laying on her side with drowsy eyes that fought sleep for a little bit longer to check her little Cubs.

    "Hehe, sleep already, I told you that it hurts like hell to give birth and you slut went and did it behind my back."

    Lily noticed the gentle gaze Moon gave her Cubs and joked as she used her hand to close the tigress's eye to sleep.

    "Now, First we're building another project, Second we're going to do a series of tests and keep a record. Why's that? You must be asking yourselves right now, right!"

    The villagers bashfully smiled when Lily publicized their thoughts and nodded.

    "Don't you want one?"

    Smiling demonically in return with a cute squint on her eyes, Lily shook her pigtails and pointed a finger on the tiger Cub next to her.

    The sight of the villagers gasping at the hint which Lily just dropped at them made Lin's mother and madam Bai giggle, as her close friend lady Bai already knew from her beautiful big sister about the rules.

    Lin shook his head at Lily's dramatic ways and went to take a shower to clean up Moon's bodily fluids off of his body, as for the matter of the Tiger Hall? It was left completely to Lily.

    Tiger Hall, the place will be the destination for all those who wish to own their tiger someday, no tiger younger than 6 months old is allowed to be separated from his mother.

    Now all these people are allowed to compete for their own chance to own one, they have 6 months from this day to prepare well.

    Lily will be responsible for distributing information about the tigers and how to take care of them, but that doesn't include competitiveness! Does it? Of course not.

    Men, women and children, even babies can receive their own Cub!

    At the age of 6 months the Tiger Cub will choose it's partner, if it didn't favor any amongst the villagers then the competition will decide who receives it.

    Competition doesn't have to be on physical capabilities or meritorious deeds on the hunting trips or exploratory jobs, every thing done in this community is counted in contribution points for the person himself.

    It only comes down to who accumulates more.

    Still, there will be a follow-up of 6 months to the people who managed to win a tiger cub, they need to do joint exercises with their partners inside the Tiger Hall and if they failed they'll get another chance of one month extension to pass the Tiger Hall's test.

    If they failed again the tiger cub will be given to another villager, the records come to play a major part in this event.

    In the case of the tiger cub choosing one of the babies in the village? The parents are responsible for taking care of the Tiger's training until their baby reaches the age of understanding what to do to keep it.

    If the parents failed then the baby gets to try again when he's older, of course that will be with the next batch of Sun and Moon's offspring or maybe their son's and daughter's offspring.

    "Calm down everyone, only three of the four cubs will be given away by the Tiger Hall this time."

    Lily said teasingly and waited to relish the expression of the villagers getting antsy after their first burst of joy.

    "Don't get too disappointed too soon, First, my family promises to not take any of these 4 cubs to ourselves. Ever. Only this female Cub will be left in the Tiger Hall to be a future source of cubs."

    Lily clarified the rules to the crowd and they started to smile again after giving the young girl a few reproachful looks for being too naughty, as usual!

    "Anyway, you have 6 months to prepare yourselves until it's time for the event, tomorrow we'll gather to talk further on the matter."

    Lily dismissed the excited crowd then had her fun studying the difference between the second generation of Tiger Cubs and the first generation of Sun and Moon, she discovered that Sun and Moon's offspring were not only born healthy they were larger in size than their parents when they were born.

    Lin on the other hand was trying to feel inside his imaginary Soul body for the source of his Soul Energy, after more than a week of receiving the Soul Strengthening Technique from Jin Bao, young Lin never stopped dedicating all his time to meditation if he wasn't taking a relaxing swim in the pool.

    His only hope was to reach the next Realm of Soul Cultivation and awaken his Soul Eye, according to this Soul Manual Soul Sense is a different type of Sense other than all other senses Touch, Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight and intuition.

    Soul Sense was a lot similar to A Sensor, Soul Eye Realm would enable the Blind to see, The Deaf to Hear, the Paralyzed to feel, not to mention the amazing boost to the only ethereal Sense which is intuition or awareness.

    Now that his Soul Body is glowing amongst this dark space, all Lin should do it feel his Soul Body and seek the Source of Energy inside it.

    His fuel will be the memories and his success will be calculated according to the width of the area his Soul lit up, that's why this Realm is called Soul Seeking a Source.

    Once you gaze upon the Source of Soul Energy the Soul Eye opens and the Soul Sense awakens, then the world is seen from a wholly different perspective and the comprehension potential gets released from the shackles of the mundane.

    Even Soul Cultivators don't recognize any fellow Soul Cultivator as a genuine colleague in Soul Cultivation unless he's in the Soul Eye Realm or higher, however, if you count the Soul Cultivators you'll encounter one every one hundred thousand Spirit Energy or Body Refinement Cultivators.

    If you're looking for a Soul Cultivator in the Soul Eye Realm specifically then you'll end up looking amongst millions of Cultivators with a 5% chance of getting lucky enough to encounter one, any higher and your chances lower widely and the numbers jump from millions to billions or higher!

    That was how rare Soul Cultivators in the Spirit World, right now Lin was surrounded by eery Darkness and trying to forage ahead while armed only with the Soul Strengthening Technique.

    His knowledge was limited on practically everything be that Spirit, Soul but not the Body.

    Great Sage Lin had an organized stack of knowledge depicting the human body, how to train it and where plus when to stop pushing it's limits and when to strain it instead of relaxing it.

    PUMMA, "Purified Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts" was the perfect fusion of all Martial Arts and Fitness Techniques humanity created since they started to roam the earth, after humanity understood what was on stake the progress in many Martial Arts was stagnated by the fear of the incoming End Day.

    "Martial Arts wouldn't help punching or kicking Disintegration Shockwaves away! would it? No? Then I better study how to create something that might help me escape that disaster" many Martial Artists had similar answer as they learned or joined their fellow human beings in the race against time.

    PUMMA was later acknowledged as the shortest way to mastering Martial Arts, then it was acknowledged again as the "Best" amongest Martial Arts.

    "The only reason someone studying PUMMA Martial Arts would lose is because he's lacking in mastery of the Art itself, I've studied it's moves and compared it with all the different competition and it's by far the one lacking in holes of it's Techniques, stances or approach compared to other Arts. Having fewer weaknesses makes you less prone to experience anything unexpected during your fight, to make split second decisions with meticulous precision is exactly what you'll ask from the fighter in a high speed toe to toe or a grabbling moment. The element playing the biggest part is the amount of training the fighter contributed, experience accumulated and the latent potential of the fighter himself. After all to keep concentrating while getting hit and hitting back would be plain naked impossibility to ask from anyone learning the Art, anyway, when I see PUMMA user lose to a Kung Fu, Muai Thai, Karate, Judo, Silat, TaeKwondo, Boxer, Sumo, Kickboxer or even any amateur blessed with talent. I don't jump the gun and call it Weak, every sport or profession has someone who's talented and someone average who still likes to do it anyway, because it's their Passion."

    Lin gave that answer once during an interview while feeling regret for not having time to study the Art himself, he was lacking in Free Time and had to dedicate himself to discovering the new Material that will play the biggest rule in helping his race escape a catastrophe.

    He'll leave the holographic monitors on as he worked just to keep a tiny part of his Brain keeping track of the competitions, now it was one week until he officially start training in the Art himself!

    Lin felt his heart rate increase when he thought about doing something which wanted to learn since the early years of his previous life, if it wasn't for his Long meditation sessions then Lin would've been too antsy to sit still.

    It was one of his Passions!

    However, right now he had to focus on his Soul after Lily started to cynically deride his Spirit's uselessness, it sure was humiliating to receive all these comments from the little devil as she hugged and pressed him underneath her naked body!

    It was like a double edged knife cutting at his Pride, apparently it had layers of meanings as it hinted at his manhood too.

    "Tehehe, can't get it up Huh! Useless as usual."

    Lily muttered as she teased Lin's small member with her organ as she smiled at his uncomfortable glance, then she rested her head on his chest and enjoyed listening to the music of his heart beats.

    Day after day Lin used the whole week before his Fourth birthday party to search his Soul Body and Sense for the Soul Energy Source, he ended up finding nothing but the glow of his Soul Body grew brighter everyday and the dark surroundings in this imaginary space receded bit by bit.

    Even his Soul Body started to feel Real in this mysterious Space inside his mind, from the ground up his soles were the start then his toes and it reached upwards to his ankles.

    His birthday party had the whole village celebrating and laughing non-stop as they played with the little Cubs and gave them treats, Lin attended for half an hour then left in a hurry to start his very first true physical training session in this life.

    Lily couldn't be more happy to be the center of attention and take the stage, singing with her mother and little Lao to entertain the villagers as they drank wine by the barrel while the children ate sweets like ravenous wolves while Chen and Yue tried to monitor them in this funny chaotic atmosphere.

    The monks were avoiding their pregnant wives and trying to have some fun in the drinking competitions with the "Chief" Lin's father who didn't get a name yet and "Boss" who similarly refused to be named after knowing that Lin's father still has no name.

    Like his voluptuous wife lady Bai who treated Lin's mother as her big sister, the 3m tall man treated Lin's father as his big brother and followed every single command to the letter.

    The bald monks got dragged by their horny wives to their house to get some fun, sadly the monks had their sexual desires mostly saturated or eliminated when they were told to never push to the base while pleasing their women.

    The long dicks could endanger the lives of their own babies in the womb if they acted wantonly, now it was one sided pleasure for the women who enjoyed the slow love making not the endless deep pistoning.

    Bald staff was the calmest of the group as he enjoyed pampering his young woman, the Dude actually fell in love with her and learned much from watching the toothless pervert thin man old Ba and Boss treat their women.

    "Heh, who would leave their birthday party to train? Only an idiot like you would prefer sweat over fun."

    Lily arrived on her little scooter that she just received as a birthday gift and moved circles around Lin as he did splits and bridges to check his flexibility limits, actually Lin wouldn't be able to do anything but a tiny part of the PUMMA Manual for now he'll be doing beginner class routines to lay down Strong Foundations for himself when he advances on the Techniques and starts to do Strength and Power training.

    Emphasis on Flexibility, Speed and Agility will be the focus for the days to come, later Endurance and Stamina will be added to the training menu then Sheer Power and Force will be the last to arrive under the spotlight for young Lin's to focus on.

    "Won't you start your physical training? It will be a waste if you didn't."

    Lin asked Lily as he stretched himself backwards and formed a perfect bridge with his body, he kept watching her upside down image circle around him as he asked.

    "Whenever I feel like it i'll do it, right now I'm focusing on the strands. Mom and dad already know everything that should be done about the new Tiger Hall and it's management, the community is relying on them more and more these days which leaves me room for taking care of my business."

    Lily shrugged and left to search for little Lao to play with him after replying to Lin, her words weren't compatible with her actions which made Lin shake his head and turn his attention towards his motions as he started the very basic training of the PUMMA Manual.

    Run, jump, sidestepping, rolling forward and backwards.

    His training varied from day to day as he sometimes had to climb an artificial wall, train his internal organs by doing cardio training or holding his breathing repeatedly for a whole day in measured depth underwater.

    Summer heat passed with it's scalding days and breezy Autumn replaced it with it's blowing wind, Lin had been training his physique for almost 4 months now.

    The more he trained the thinner his Body became as his Baby-Fat started to burn under the young boy's diligence, the records of Lin's top scores in every Technique or Training Menu were replaced daily and the monitors in the training grounds showed the numbers to the older kids whom felt the danger from the bright kid who just started to train a few months ago.

    After the Tiger Hall's creation it was the joint training ground facility's turn, those who seek to claim their own Tiger Cub in two more months thorough physical capabilities were giving it all they got to be one of the top in their age limit.

    Since all had access to the ranks and performance of all the people who ever train their bodies, the youngest kids felt threatened by Lin's accomplishments and only found comfort in the fact that he has the best Tiger in the community which is Sun.

    Despite being relieved from the worry of having the young boy taking their place in owning a Tiger Cub because he had one already, the youngsters still hated having a younger kid beat their records while they already have the age advantage.

    In the first month Lin's gap between him and the youngster's records were narrowing clearly, then as if injected with steroids the older kids again widened the gap by working harder on their trainings.

    After slacking and taking their training sessions as a source of fun ever since they started, now the boys and girls were taking this thing seriously after Lin appeared on their radars with breakneck speed chasing their tails.

    The infectious youth group made the grown-up's blood boil with competitiveness and the whole village started to do better in whatever they were responsible for, unlike before when they started to enjoy quality time the villagers would try to earn more contribution points instead of wasting time fooling around.

    The whole village was waiting next winter impatiently to see the luckiest three and hoping to be one of them, while doing their best to be the second luckiest and receive their Cub from whomever idiot to waste the chance.

    Sun left again to go on a stroll around the village territories, and Lin made the builders make him specific tunnels in case he met a foe he couldn't beat.

    Which is unlikely!

    Now that it's almost a year after Sun ate that strange black and grey ball he changed completely, Lin heard from the sentinels guarding the boarders of the village that Sun's ferociousness increased dramatically after his return with Lin from the long journey.

    Even the Tiger's orangish-yellow fur turned deep red after a few months of their return, now he was blood-red with black stripes and his young Cubs inherited some of the red shade on the roots of their furs as well.

    Only the Female Cub which Lily named it Star was like her mother with snow-white fur in black stripes but when taking a close look the roots had slight redness as well, Sun grew another two meters and sitting on his neck Lin would feel like sitting on a three story building.

    Correction, a very lethal three story tall animal.

    As he gasped for breath while checking his new record of jumping the hurdles displayed on the monitor to the side and the indicator pointing out his superiority to the youngest kid in this 200m race, that was the first time Lin surpassed the records of anyone and it felt good to beat another kid's record.

    Especially since he's older.

    No surprise there, the kid called Yan arrived with his droopy shoulders and pouted lips as he lowered his head.

    "Lin congratulations on beating my record."

    Young Yan was older than Lin by two years at most and had a scar on the back of his left hand that resembled fire, that's why Lily recommended him the name Yan and the boy liked it.

    He was an orphan and Boss found him in his young age of two, his mother and father's cave got attacked by a snake with exaggerated proportions and the parents perished alongside it.

    When Boss told Lin that he found Yan's father squeezing the snake's head in a death grip after getting bitten on his right shoulder, while the mother who got entangled by the snake's body which coiled around her got mad enough to use her teeth in her rage to protect Yan and severed the snake's thick body.

    Boss said they found Yan covered in the gore of the snake and trying to awaken his sleeping parents by slapping their faces as he cried, Lin's earlier annoyance with the kid for always bothering the only young girl who arrived with him was gone when he heard this tragic story.

    "Why do you seem extremely downhearted?"

    Lin asked as he handed Yan a bottle of juice then started to get ready for a round of 100m dash.

    "You know, they all made fun of me and told me sportsmanship requires the loser to congratulate the winner."

    Yan shrugged and drank some juice to quench the feeling of defeat.

    "Lily would've accomplished the same, do you prefer if it was her instead of me?"

    Lin smiled at the dumb narrow-mindedness of little Yan and asked with a smile.

    "No! Hell no, little Sou is nagging me day and night about Lily this Lily that."

    Yan seemed to pale in the face at the mere thought then shook his head and seemed very satisfied with the result of it being Lin.

    "Listen well Yan, this is a very long race. When you run a marathon especially a very long one, does it matter who's in the lead at the beginning?"

    Lin gave Yan a hint then dashed with his top speed towards the end only his short legs and slow feet made his record only 38 seconds, young Yan on the other hand seemed to be enlightened as he watched Lin struggling to reach the end.

    He smiled happily and returned to his training with the other kids, this time his back was straight and he no longer was bothered with their jokes.

    His hidden frustration was cleared and his Will was stronger, Lin's record only held for a few minutes before Yan taking it back with a difference of a couple split seconds.

    Then Lin received another sudden visit during his training and this one was considered a very late arrival to the community, the young man with vicious eyes was called Shou and he arrived with the third batch of people in the beginning of spring.

    Lin considered him the successor of old Ba in the dominance of the agility class, Lin's father found his match in speed and the man was at most 16 years old!

    He arrived with 8 others after the exploratory team found them in the far north of the village, Shou had 4 sisters two being slightly older and they too were twins the other two were younger and the youngest was nearly the same age as Lin and Lily.

    His mother and father weren't his biological parents and they said that they only found Shou in his youngest age living amongest a group of wild dogs! Yes the reason this kid is so agile is because he's very relaxed in running on all four.

    He was one of the strangest in the community despite there being "Quite a Lot" in this gathering.

    Whenever he isn't in a scouting mission the young man would come and spend time watching Lin training, but he would be extremely excited when Lily is there to make fun of Lin.

    He would laugh loudly and grin from ear to ear, even clap with his hand like a child sometimes!

    "Hey Shou."

    Lin greeted him while using his hands to hold the next bar as he swung his body ahead like a monkey on the horizontal ladder, he kept smiling as he watched Shou check everywhere for Lily with his eyes.

    "Goodnight Lin."

    Shou answered as a disappointed look covered his face when he found Lily nowhere to be found in the premises.

    "It's good afternoon, I'm surprised by your terrible memory as usual. Never saw someone master the language as fast as you amongst the outsiders yet your Forgetfulness is unequal amongst the rest, maybe Lily will fix you up in the future don't worry. She always takes care of her minions, especially one of your caliper."

    Lin corrected Shou and used the knots on the rope at the end of the trial to descend while sighing at his record which wouldn't get better no matter what, then he started to make fun of thick-skinned Shou as he offered the young man a sealed bag of his favorite dried meat.

    "Thanks, little son Lin."

    Shou gladly accepted the gift then opened the seal and stuffed his mouth with a few pieces of spiced dried meat, but instead of thanking Lin he cursed him by calling him Son instead of brother.

    Lin ignored the young man's antiques with his strange way of speaking and took it in stride, finally Shou told Lin why he came this time -other than enjoying watching Lily mock Lin for every breath he takes- to ask about somethings which made it difficult for Shou to run fast on two legs.

    "This here is the cause of balance this is the center of balance and the feet are supporting the whole weight of the body, still I doubt you'll understand that. The reason you're not as fast as when you're running on all four is because you're not using your two hands, but that's not all. Your form is not good, you're always bending your knees while keeping straight back as you run which makes your movements awkward and unsuitable for our skeletal build try leaning forward until you find the best angle that makes it comfortable for your body to run. Legs like a springer absorbing force from the ground and making it travel in the muscles as we stretch we add by pushing the ground for more speed, see these toes you're not using them properly."

    After Lin watched the young man awkwardly run a few laps around the track he stopped him and patiently told him how to correct his form, Lin and Shou both continued to train for a while until one of Shou's younger sister's called him to join the family for a meal.

    "Snort, Dummy."

    Lin's acute sense of hearing picked up the little girl saying that faintly and took it as she reprimanding her foolish big brother, unaware of the disappointed look the little girl was giving him right now.

    Sitting on his minicar Lin headed back home after reaching his limits, he soaked his body on a special reinvigorating herbal medicine tub in the open area at the back garden resting his body and watching the clouds for a while before closing his eyes to continue his Soul training.

    "Hohohoho, pathetic Great Sage of endless barren lands behold and sink into despair, as usual your uselessness has no limits while only I the most important individual can accomplish anything with a snap of my fingers if I shall."

    Lin was rudely pulled out from his moment of tranquility, first he felt a very heavy and shiny asteroid approaching him from afar despite being in his own inner space which his body acted like a blazing fire or a glaring light in this absolute darkness, he still felt it drawing near and even felt a few attempts to invade deep and gaze upon his inner Soul.

    But it seems like the Soul Energy of the invader was weaker than Lin's own Soul and the attempt failed to even cross Lin's very first defensive lines, then the annoyingly arrogant sound of Lily's high and mighty act rang in Lin's head as she used the Soul Link Technique to send him her message.

    Opening his eyes Lin saw Lily sitting on a very cute but majestic Golden Throne, it was actually two Golden Phoenix Wings as her seat and their tail feathers as her back rest their two heads as her arm rest and their outer wings flapping slowly to keep Lily afloat steadily in front of Lin's eyes.

    As Lily smirked while gazing at him from 1m up Lin felt scratches of envy creep up on his belly but he hurried to ignore them and got up from the medicinal concoction bath to circle around Lily's two floating Golden Phoenixes and study their life-like shapes, Lin noticed the four eyes watching every movement he did as he circled these real alive mythical creatures and he felt some strange connection with the two birds as he exchanged gazes with the two pairs of eyes.

    When he touched their feathers he felt like touching real gold and the two Phoenixes shined brighter at his touch and Lin's own Spirit Wings revealed themselves voluntarily, as if two friends who didn't meet in a very long time met each other by chance after many years.

    Lily's Golden Throne started to glow with the glaring yellow light while Lin's wings started to accumulate more of the golden color on their feathers, the twins were staring at the strangeness of the two Spirit's unexpected ritual go on for a few minutes silently before everything returned to normal.

    "Your Spirit just admitted it's inferiority to mine, just the fact of me being able to control my Spirit once I awakened it is enough proof of my superiority."

    Lily placed one leg on top of the other and rested in her Throne lazily then said while drumming the head of one of the two Phoenixes with her fingers, said Phoenix closed it's eyes slightly to enjoy the love of her master!

    "How long do you think it will take you to reach the next Soul Realm?"

    Lin didn't bother to argue with someone like Lily because the word sore loser is considered complementing her, she was way beyond that level.

    Maybe shameless loser would be slightly fitting title for her!

    If Lin couldn't control his Spirit after becoming a Soul Seeker while Lily could, doesn't mean she's any better, the fact that he's a few months quicker in awakening his Spirit and a lot advanced in Soul Cultivation speaks volumes of how much stronger his Spirit seems to be compared to hers.

    It penetrated the ceiling of his room after one flap of the wing, not to mention there was 7 layers of upgraded concrete formula behind his ceiling which Lin's wing sheltered him from the danger of crashing into them head first on his very first attempt to fly.

    He asked Lily because as his Soul Cultivation rised higher he kept feeling something buried deep within his little sister's body, now that her Spirit was awakened he felt that thing buried inside her disappear.

    Lin concluded that his feeling was related to her unawakened Spirit and didn't get nosy enough to ask.

    Jin Bao, Sun, Moon and Lin all felt the same and couldn't uncover the secrets without having to alert Lily of them being aware.

    Unfortunately that secret will be revealed the very same day Lin left this Land of Forgetfulness, only Lin's father will see that secret when Lily stepped up to give a mild warning to some unexpected guest who paid the village a sudden visit.

    "I just became a Soul Seeker, if it took you more than 4 months without any success despite your effort then with my busy schedule I guess it will take me longer. But I ain't in a hurry, it isn't fun at all to keep grinding. Keep working hard number two, i'll make sure your pathetic image gets removed from these devoted minions. Kakakaka."

    Lily waved at the topic as if it was nothing and gave Lin a final arrogant glance before her Phoenixes pushed the air downwards with their large wings to rise up, throwing her final words Lily headed for the village at her top speed and her Throne disappeared from Lin's view when she descended in the center plaza.

    4 years 3 months and 22 days, was Lily's record of awakening her Spirit.

    While Lin had the record of 3 years 11 months and 4 days.

    Two kids!

    Jin Bao who had his Soul Fragment trapped inside this mysterious Ring had his Soul wounds healed slightly by the Soul Soothing Stones and watched the Soul Bonding Phenomenon occur with complex feelings, he was happy to witness two freakish geniuses such as Lin and Lily demolishing one record after another but also scared by their potential.

    If these two turned out to become Evil Cultivators then the world will descend into madness as long as they live, Lin wasn't a source of worry for the trapped Senior Cultivator but someone like Lily with her Aura of dangerousness and the mysterious shadow vaguely felt around her was the best candidate for a complete disaster if she got introduced to the world of Cultivation.

    However, Jin Bao was very surprised by Lin's brilliance.

    Not to mention how much the young boy seemed to be talented in Soul Cultivation which was completely against the common knowledge of any Cultivator alive, Barbarians can dual Cultivate and these are the cream of the crop amongest Barbarians.

    Cultivators who dapple in triple Cultivation are rare but they still exists amongst Cultivators! Some of them venture this road after reaching the limits of their Solo Cultivation or dual Cultivation trying to seek a sudden breakthrough in their main aspect be that Spirit, Body' or Soul by using the other schools of Cultivation as a supplement to the main.

    Yet, Lin was talented in Soul and Spirit Cultivation way before his hidden bloodline started to show results! As a Barbarian Emperor descendant Lin is certainly going to be blessed with a superior physique to any Body Refiner in the Four Continents, that of course is if we excluded Western Continent's Savages.

    There is the origin of all Barbarians and The totemic War God Throne and Axe Holding Statue.

    Still Lin is certainly way scary than those warmongering simpletons, Jin Bao stopped getting amazed by his endless potential many days ago.

    In Intellectual property Lin wins by a landslide, in sheer Will he at worst ties with the very best geniuses of these Barbarian Emperor descendants or any other youngsters in the whole Spirit World, in latent potential he wiped the dirt with the Church of Light Pope's record, beat a very talented senior Soul Cultivator like Jin Bao's record by years and years!

    Then Jin Bao watched the kid start training his physique way sooner than he advised him and started to get worry about the kid ruining his bright future before it was represented to the world, again Lin proved that his worry was unnecessary as he did train very hard until he almost reached the breaking point then soaked in different medicinal concoctions to heal his muscles and tired joints.

    'Just what scary monstrosity did you find old Jin! Let's just hope he isn't one of these easily satisfied kids who settle for the mundane life after seeing the true ugliness of this world, no matter what I have to shield him until he helps me mould a new Body. Cultivation isn't something which others can force you into or spoon-feed you, he must be willing to venture in and endure loneliness and grief to rise up as a true powerhouse amongst monsters of his generation and those who arrived early and got stuck after reaching the culmination of their hidden potential and refuses to accept their Fate. To forage ahead without looking back in regret, the boy is a kind-hearted person and that weakness will be used against him by his enemies. Sigh, first get out of here, second guide him slowly as he collects the 5 ingredients to remould my body, third Yi Shirong you old dog will watch as I wipe down every single one of your family and Refine their Souls and drink their blood! You'll regret backstabbing your only and last friend with tears of blood and i'll enjoy extracting your Soul inch by inch as you give me the explanation of why did you do it in the first place' Jin Bao thought as he watched Lin meditate and his Soul Aura strengthen after each session.

    Even Lin was sure he's not that far from opening the Yintang acupoint and awakening his Soul Eye, inside the imaginary Space of his mind, Lin's Body was no longer invisible and ethereal like when he first started to seek his Soul.

    It became exactly like his small material Body with the only difference of the glowing skin making a very large expanse of the dark space light up in yellow Light, like a miniature sun his body was the center of this imaginary universe.

    Almost isn't enough.
  •           Chapter 8 : PUMMA (Part 2)

    Lily was excited about the second wave of attention given to her by the villagers after seeing her Golden Throne, especially her mother and father.

    The grin on Lily's face when Lao called her the best was a sight Lin would regret missing to see it as it happened in the Very far future, still, Lily was slightly annoyed when she saw the expression her mother made when Lao couldn't hold the secret anymore and told them how Lin already having his own Wings way before his big sister Lily.

    Lily drenched the excitement of the family and villagers with her piece of news about how dangerous for Lin to use his wings since they're "Uncontrollable" then she took Lao for a round of flight around the village and pinched his cheeks repeatedly until they became rosy for being a big mouth, when she returned Lao kept shaking in his boots at how scary his big sister Lily can be sometimes.

    He really felt like she'll throw him down from very high up!

    From that day until the awaited day of the Tiger Hall's event, it became normal for Lin to find others stopping by at the training grounds to ask him to show his wings for them to take a look curiously.

    Shou's little sister was one of these people who would constantly ask everyday until Lin ended up keeping his wings out all the time as he trains to stop people from interrupting his training sessions, then it became normal and only Shou's little sister passed her days watching Lin train at the end as the villagers became absorbed in their own competition in order to win a Tiger Cub.

    Whenever the little Cubs went out to play in the village area, the villagers would give them treats and try to become friendly with them as best as they can.

    Even though the monk's previous ferocity were dulled down by the fact that they're currently fathers or expecting their own children, they didn't hesitate to reveal their hidden sharpness and take their arguments to the ring with whomever ridiculed them for hoping for a chance to own one Tiger Cub in this season.

    The liveliness of the village before the main event saw boxing, football, basketball, soccer and many other sports and board games competitions.

    Unlike before where these people solved it all as they stood with whomever got a bigger fist and stronger hits, they changed into the alternative and the gambling house run by Lily was the all time winner.

    The coin system was implemented and the village couldn't get free food anymore, if you're doing your job which is any kind of job you like! You receive money. If you learn from the available knowledge, you get rewarded with money and higher rank in the community.

    Then you receive a better job with responsibilities, if you fuck up you get punished with wages deductions and demotions in case you caused a great mess.

    The gambling house was the the establishment playing the bad guy compared to the Bank, to warn the community of wasting their money on the pleasures as they have fun.

    Those who bankrupt live a while on government support! Plain food and lots of work to make up for their accumulating bills, electricity and other services aren't for free!

    Living for a month without food or electricity while others enjoyed the delicacies and facilities was enough for the budding community of villagers to keep a sane mind while they have fun, of course the youngsters were prevented from using the gambling house unless they were 18 of age.

    These minor events and the main event itself were of no concern to Lin as he trained his Body according to the PUMMA Manual until he neared his limits without straining his capabilities dangerously, then he would soak his Body and meditate according to his Soul Strengthening Technique.

    The early days were the hardest on Lin's tender bones and soft muscles, he spent lots of time resting his fatigued muscles and joints instead of doing the exercises themselves! However the hard days were past him and the tedious days descended and clouded his sight with their monotonous repetitiveness.

    He joint and muscles started to adapt but his numbers didn't lower no matter how hard he tried to push himself within the limits of his body's capabilities, his body started to feel lighter and his motions started to smoothen and flow naturally after a whole 6 months of exercising.

    As if winter was the season Lin would find his answers, first his chance encounter with Jin Bao then his very first breakthrough in accomplishing every basic training of the PUMMA Manual.

    The village residents were clustered in Tiger's Hall to await the young Cubs to choose their partners, while Lin was in his training attire doing one of the PUMMA Manual's basic routines again and again seeking to find the feeling of force traveling along his muscles as snow flakes fell to cover the training grounds.

    From punching to high kicks to low sweeps then over-back toss, elbow stab midsection knee.

    The variation and timing for each move would make any competition backpedaling and find no chance to counter as long as they're in the same rank, if their speed is higher they can escape or counter this barrage of hits, if their power and defense is better then they're sure to forcefully try and break away.

    Still if they were a grade or two stronger than Lin they can be snared in his trap if they tried to beat him with sheer force, using the opponent's strength against them was a specialty of PUMMA users.

    "Speed is much more troublesome to deal with than power for any accomplished PUMMA user" was something said by the best PUMMA user in the universe.

    After doing the last few punches and finishing with the backflip flying kick towards the ceiling, Lin back-rolled twice and clawed at his left and poked at his right side after ending up in half kneeling position.

    Checking his time Lin found himself only one split second away from failing the basic promotion test, he was his own judge on the Techniques used and maybe if he was judged by one of the Grandmaster Martial Artists of his previous life then he would've been promoted more than a month ago.

    Lin was too hard on himself!

    He refused the slightest mistake in his motions which had to be precise and fluid according to the instructions of the PUMMA Manual, that's why it took him 6 months to pass the basics of this Manual at the age of 4 and half years old.

    As Lin half-knelt there under the falling Snow gasping for air, the long awaited event was about to start as Lily ascended the stairs of the podium while draped in a black dress.

    The style of the dress made all the females in the audience stare at it's tiniest details with interest, males however were a lot interested in the three prizes standing obediently in line next to the microphone stand.

    Only one person with fierce gaze stared at Lily's small body with a racing heart and hurried breathing! Shou's cheeks blushed slightly then he gripped his fists tightly and seemed to make up his mind on something right now.

    "Everyone, before we start the event let me start by saying good job, so far you've made our lives together an enjoyable experience and the amount of work you dedicated is obvious everywhere we look. Give yourselves a pat on the back."

    Lily smiled after giving the crowd a cursory look then started to clap after complementing them for their hard work.

    "Stop teasing us Lily, you know we know that you're the one who deserves to be congratulated the most. We only work hard to make our children lives better, while you and your family work hard to pull us from the dark clutches of ignorance and savagery. Stop making us feel bad and start sending these Tiger Cubs our way, I promise you we'll keep our skins thick enough and accept each and every single one."

    Boss replied as he cradled his daughter on his thick arm and swung her back and forth playfully while his beautiful wife rested her body in his chest and watched Lily's secret dress with a smile, no one knew what was she thinking but Lin's mother had a faint idea what her sister Bai was thinking.

    As best friends they'll keep track of the latest fashion and Lily's latest designs, sometimes the two women would corner Lily and force her to give them special treatment by giving them samples ahead of the community.

    Now it seems like the little devil was hiding something from them!

    Lily noticed the gazes of her mother and auntie Bai which she had some fun with her body for a sweet while before her mother stopped her from resuming such activities and thought : 'Go on glare all you want, from now on i'll treat you the same as everyone else auntie Bai. You refuse to let me play with your body then I won't give you anymore special treatment. Humph, such a waste of a perfect body'

    "Next to everyone is a head piece of cloth, everyone wear yours and stay still in your seats quietly. If you have young babies then prevent them from leaving your side during the time these fine tigers choose their partners, I'm sure everyone knows the rest of the rules."

    Once Lily said that the crowd calmly sat still blindfolded and only small babies were free to look, the young Tiger Cubs started to roam between the crowd and in 5 minutes the three Cubs sat in front of the people whom they felt closeness towards.

    "The selection is over you're free to look everyone."

    Lily muttered as she waited expectantly for the look that would appear on the winner's faces, however the thing she waited for the most was the look that is certainly going to surface on the unlucky people's faces.


    "Hrmmm since when was I this lucky? Honey do you see that! Your man's charisma made this little one submit."

    "You like me? I'm going to treat you as if you're my grandfather."

    Little Yan, Boss and weird Shou found a Tiger Cub crouching in front of them each and staring into their eyes once they removed the blindfold.

    Little Yan was scared shitless because his Tiger Cub's face was too close, And the kids bursted out laughing at how funny it looked even the grown-ups couldn't hold their laughter.

    Boss was estranged by his unexpected luck and hugged lady Bai's waist closer as he spoke, his sight was the epitome of carelessness as he laughed to the sky.

    Shou was the strangest as he started to imitate the Tiger Cub's movements and sniff him back while saying strange things!

    The rest of the unlucky residents were feeling sourness in their throats but they weren't feeling very bad to the degree of storming out huffing, the party which followed the selection event saw higher amounts of alcohol being drunk and food being withdrawn from the storages.

    Old Ba was clinking glasses with Boss and laughing as he made his little daughter play with his best friend's daughter by riding the back of the Tiger Cub together, the little one didn't mind the extra work for treats and like a glutton he at chunk after chunk of meat.

    Yan was surrounded by the youngest generation in the village and he was feeling awkward being the center of attention after being the source of all jokes because Lin would improve his records daily, while Yan was the most endangered by the little freak's rapid improvements because he's at the bottom of the rankings.

    As he answered a question after another while feeding his new partner he remembered the time Lin helped him open his eyes to the truth, now he was in a long marathon that will last for 6 months and he needs to do his best to keep this little Tiger forever.

    As for Shou he was wrestling with his Tiger Cub and having fun in the snow carelessly, the sight made a certain girl watch his carefree attitude and hesitate whither to join them before her courage betrayed her and she retreated in silence to the gathering of her female friends.

    Lily was currently sitting with pouted lips on her mother's lap crossing her arms around her chest and feeling indignant because she was restrained between Lady Bai and her mother, only if she gave her promise to help them into two newly designed dresses can she join the fun.

    As Lily watched the young girls clustered to the side and gossiping about this and that without being able to join them she felt her insides tickled by unwillingness before she succumbed to the demands of the bullying duo, under the giggles of her mother and lady Bai, Lily ran for her friends and joined them in getting busy having fun.

    Lin's father was enjoying his drink to the side quietly while teasing little Rose's cheeks and smiling whenever she smiled.

    Suddenly all those who stood in the Hall, even the animals and babies felt something descend upon them and cover them within it.


    The sudden change from noisy to silent would make everyone uncomfortable, add the suddenness of the mysterious feeling and it would feel scary.

    Utter silence and deathly stillness for 5 seconds before the first person to react awakened the crowds from their daze, Lily riding her Golden Phoenix Throne flew at her fastest speed towards the training grounds.

    As the person with the strongest Soul next to Lin she felt it clearly and on a different level, Lily felt Lin's eyes staring directly at her Soul after a sudden explosion of Soul Energy that covered everything around her.

    That time she felt weak and insignificant, it was a very unpleasant experience especially after she have been enjoying looking down at her older brother these days!

    Which felt better than anything so far!

    Seeing him incapable of doing something which she can, was by far the best feeling this little monster experienced since she split from Lin's Soul.

    She has to see for herself, what made her feel like Lin is watching her every movement? Even now the feeling wouldn't go away! She feels like a turtle in a jar.

    "Your emotions are showing up on your face sis, lesson number one, always stay composed and calm in order to make the right decisions."

    When Lily stopped above the training grounds she found nothing but traces of Lin's earlier training session covered in a thin layer of snow, as she looked everywhere searching for Lin his voice rang in her ears and she couldn't find him when Lily turned to look behind her.

    Shaking her head to remove the distractions Lily started to doubt herself of hallucinating, she was currently flying while Lin wasn't able to fly yet then she heard the voice of Lin again in her head with his first lesson.

    "Did you have your fun yet? You bastard like to bully me that much!"

    Finally Lily lost her calmness and stood up on her Throne to shout at the sky full of frustration, the fact that Lin was talking in her ear and not sending her messages thorough a Soul Link Technique meant that he was speaking while being close before avoiding her eyes.

    Add to that the feeling of eyes watching her like slow-dead motion cameras all the time, and she was sure Lin already reached the Soul Eye Realm.

    "Heh, you're one to talk. It's been two months of you not only making fun of me but also making me look like a monkey in a zoo whenever I come here to train, it's about time you taste how it feels to be a clown. You're just lucky I'm not as petty as you're Lily, otherwise it won't end with you tasting once."

    Lin's body appeared in front of Lily in the middle the falling snow from thin air, the two siblings were a few inches apart and each using his Spirit to float in the air.

    After gazing at each other for a few seconds it was Lily who broke the silence by jumping from her Throne to cling onto Lin's body, her eyes had a bit of tears on the rims and she was biting her lower lip to stop herself from crying.

    Such sight was the exact opposite of how she looked usually, right now she was just a little kid seeking consolation from his loved ones.

    Sighing, Lin hugged his sister closely and went back home with a single flap of his wings while never stopping patting her back.

    "Not yet, let's keep flying for a little longer please, I know it's tiring to keep using our Spirit for long. Please."

    Lily muttered softly as she hid her head in Lin's neck abashedly, despite his tiredness Lin pushed himself and after going a bit higher he glided back down slowly and ended up exhausting his Spirit for the first time since he awakened it.

    "What does it feel? Is it really like having complete awareness of everything happening in your sphere of influence! How long can you spread your Sense?"

    Lily seemed a lot calmer after they arrived home and kept asking Lin as they soaked their bodies in the steaming water.

    Of course the little demon stretched her hand to feel his penis to see if it would erect, She would be delusional if she thought Lin could do such thing at this age and she knew it.

    Yet she wouldn't stop testing!

    "Sight, hearing and touch in 1km radius around me as long as it's not solid enough or thick enough to impede my Soul Sense from penetrating thorough it then I can see inside every house if I want, penetrating downwards thorough the ground shortens the distance to one tenth of the maximum. Some places it's less than one Tenth of my maximum range, the more I focus the faster my Soul Energy gets depleted."

    Lin was looking at Lily's body and checking her inner organs and skeleton with his x-ray vision, after seeing nothing out of the ordinary with her body he smiled because she was seeking the impossible with her attempts to get his tiny penis erect.

    "Fuck, now I have to get my own. This seems like the ticket of regaining my very first client."

    Lily muttered as she remembered her mother who just forced her in a tactful way alongside auntie Bai to hand one of her designs later.

    Lin smiled helplessly at how much this demon was messed up in the head and started to check his Soul Body after opening his Yintang acupoint, Darkness in this Soul Space receded until it was nowhere to be seen in the range of 1km from Lin's body in the center.

    The water underneath him was clear and visible for the same depth which Lin could penetrate downwards in the ground with his Soul Sense, his Body itself was material in this illusory Space!

    While a Third Eye decorated the center of his forehead!

    The Third Eye was vertical and the pupil was silver, unlike Lin's eye color which is Black, inside this illusory Soul Space Lin's two eye pupils were Golden!

    So many strange things were going on that Lin couldn't decipher, he tried to call for old Jin Bao many times but he was answered back with nothing but silence.

    After that day Lily stopped being a pain in Lin's ass and worked hard on her Soul Cultivation instead of causing trouble for him, she only stopped when she had to take care of an urgent matter in the village or planning one of the future projects with the village board of directors before returning back to her room to seek her Source of Soul Energy.

    The Chief of the village was Lin's father and the head of village directors was Lin's mother and her best friend voluptuous lady Bai was her secretary, every household had a member in the board and when the numbers of households exceed the available slots then the elections will be held to determine the board of directors members.

    Dear Lin started to learn new routines of the slightly above basic PUMMA Manual and learn new techniques of the Soul Strengthening Technique which he could use only after unlocking his Soul Sense, telepathy was one of them and as long as someone was within his range Lin could keep in touch with him it only needed Lin to leave a Mark of his Soul Sense on the person himself beforehand.

    However, as someone who spoke to people millions of Light years away, the idea of staying in touch with people 1km away wasn't making him that excited.

    Anyway the village already has connection on a wider radius than that but it was useful to learn this telepathy for our young Sage, later he discovered that if he added the telepathy to his body language readings it became a true mind reading.

    The thoughts of others were popping up in Lin's head if he wanted to read them, despite it's usefulness Lin refrained from using it after he mistakenly read one of the clown's minds.

    It was horrendous!

    Even Lily with all her Darkness would've said : "Sick fuck!" Before leaving and maintaining her distance for the rest of her life from the tall man.

    After Yan received his Tiger Cub his personality changed dramatically and his records soared amongest his contemporaries, while Lin was slaughtering the records of the slacking youngster's at the tail of the group's Yan was smiling broadly as he gave training his Tiger and his body all his time.

    Shou was the one with the best chemistry between him and his Tiger Cub amongst the trio and Yan behind him in second place, boss was third but his Tiger adored him and surprisingly the Tiger was the fattest Tiger amongst his siblings.

    Lin started to spar with the other kids after wearing protective gear, he would be out powered by the other kids and even some girls accumulated a few winning streaks but he wasn't after the win but the experience instead.

    Of course if he unleashed his Soul Sense most of the hits wouldn't land and he could even win, but doing such thing would ruin the purpose of the whole sparring experience.

    Losing was fine as long as his body got used to taking hits and reacting faster than it is.

    The second Soul technique Lin learned after telepathy was a the very first Technique to function despite being outside his range of Soul Sense, Soul Candle was easy and useful to this small community at this moment.

    Lin would leave a tiny wisp of his Soul Energy to act as a beacon of Light inside whomever leaves the range of his Soul Sense, once Lin enters his inner Soul Domain he'll see floating candlesticks in the far Darkness outside his glowing area surrounding his strangely material Soul Body living in this illusory Space.

    That way he can stay aware of the direction of the hunting or exploration teams, the fires of each candlestick indicated for Lin the status of everyone who received a trace of his Soul Energy.

    Despite not being detailed enough it was better than nothing, especially since their efforts to build a connecting network failed because of the monsters in the deeper areas wreaking havock periodically.

    Even Sun would turn tail and escape if he encountered one of these large but fast Beasts and hope to reach the escape tunnel before he caught up to him, they were on another level entirely compared to the giant Mammoth!

    Now Lin would alarm the rescue teams in case the teams outside required immediate assistance!

    Still, the Third Technique on the Soul Strengthening Cultivation Technique was hard for Lin to use right now and made him rest on bed for hours with a severe headache inducing pain and dizziness after trying to use it forcefully.

    Twice, Lin was stubborn enough to try again and ended up on his bed for longer this time, three continuous days!

    Accompanied by a fever!

    Afterwards Sage Lin avoided anymore ventures in new Soul Techniques for now and settled for the three in his hand which he can use, then gave all his excess energy to training his physique with the PUMMA Manual all Winter.

    He would meditate to increase his Soul Energy and expand his inner Soul Domain after finishing working on his routines or getting beaten up by other boys and girls in the sparring, still young Sage Lin was amazed at his developed Body at the age of less than 5 years old in the first day of spring.

    He was taller than he was at the age of 7 in his previous life, not to mention his toned body with perfect symmetrical muscles.

    As he stood in front of the mirror Lin couldn't believe that he was less than 5 no matter what, despite being aware of each and every day he spent since he was Born!

    Finally at his 5th birthday Lin was able to win his first spar without using his Soul Sense or superior 6 senses resulting from his Soul Cultivation, now he could stop his different senses from functioning normally and he would rely only on sight as he sparred with others.

    The 8 years old girl already punched Lin countless times before in their spars, her ocular faculties were very high added to her refined footwork and light feet and longer reach Lin would always lose by a decision or get his fair share of stinging punches if he hurried to dive into the range of his short reach by the swift girl.

    This time he managed to corner her in the last 30 seconds of the second round, then confused her by feinting low and high then gave her a very compact short hook to her delicate chin and watched her as she fell dazed to the soft matress of the ring.

    The girl kept looking at Lin as if he was the slyest little kid in the universe, then she hugged him and congratulated him on his birthday party after she saw no reason to keep holding a grudge against him for winning once.

    Poor girl kept losing afterwards and Lin's Techniques and footwork kept changing which enabled him to slip in and out whenever he liked, sometimes he'll plant his feet in the center and avoid her punches or buzz around her like the most annoying fly while throwing a combination of even more annoying confusing punches consisting of a mix of weak and strong.

    His feints were by far the most frustrating as he would sneakily goad you into swinging to ward him off which ends up exposing some weakness in your guard, or when you try to block an invisible incoming punch which would find it's way through the tiniest crack in your guard.

    The variations with the little kid were endless, still, she enjoyed it and her style saw sharp improvement.

    But was Lin wasting his days boxing a girl a few years older? Yes! And no, he wasn't only sparring with her, there was others learning different sports and Martial Arts in the younger generation.

    Lin would go train with grown-ups or the baldies if he could, only his father was trusted to hold back if they did spar.

     The others? Not much really!

    After finishing his advanced routines which started to require slower movements while executing them, Lin would tire himself out wrestling or sparring with other kids before returning to meditate.

    His Soul Sense was growing larger in radius everytime he meditated, his muscles and joints toughened up as he grew older without losing any of their former flexibilities.

    Sun was found out fooling around with Moon secretly in Lin's room, again!

    The shameless red Tiger made Moon yelp this time when he did it, apparently the size differed after Sun undergone his latest evolution.

    Lily barged into the room after she couldn't concentrate enough on her meditation because of the loud voice while being in the worst possible mood.

    The two Tigers had to finish the fun session at a hurry in fear of making the little squinting demoness pissed, that time Sun felt fear when Lily gazed at his long male organ entering her tigress and his dick went soft faster that it got erect!

    Grumbling about what happened to Lin as he scratched at the floor, Sun was complaining about his wounded Pride to Lin as he slowly changed between stances while imagining his movements countering enemies trying to harm him.

     "Lily is going through a stage of stagnation in her Soul Cultivation, she's too eager to reach the next Realm. You buddy choose the worst possible location this time, I will keep your secret but Lily wouldn't ignore you taking Moon without her permission."

    Lin muttered faintly as he remembered how much Lily would snuggle up with him in bed while asking him many different questions about what happened before he ascended to the next Realm, then he turned to the grumpy Tiger and told him with a smile.

    "Snort, growl...."

    Sun flashed his black claws from his paws then swiped dangerously to cause three long lines to appear on the ground warningly, clearly the Tiger was at the end of his patience and out of respect of his owner he refused to take action against Lily's unacceptable behavior.

    As if, hehe. Clearly Sun ran with his tail between his legs out of fear but he wouldn't show it, not even to Lin.

    Right now he was trying to use Lin as a protective shield to receive his reward, sweet Moon with her warm juicy..... Cough.

    "Alright, stop whining already, tsk. Since when was it that you would need my help with something so trivial, and why wouldn't you do it in your spacious new home in the first place? Huh! You tried but your daughter found out, ahahaha."

    Lin couldn't help but laugh in front of the enraged Tiger, finally something snapped inside Sun and he started to chase after Lin like a cat would do to a mouse.

    "Oy, know your place! Since when can kittens defy Great Sage Lin's mightiness and awesomeness? If it's a race you're seeking then tho shall not win, like ever!"

    Lin found it pointless to keep using his legs to escape and started to get serious, he revealed his wings and kept a 4m between him and Sun as he riled him up to a speed contest.


    Sun was up for the challenge and stopped in place after roaring.

    "Your best friend, the most handsome, elegant, eloquent, sophisticated, gentlemanly and last but not least smartest, brightest, intelligent very humble me....."




    Sun glared at Lin who kept speaking nonsense as he returned to the start line next to Sun, then after Sun lost his patience and called Lin to cut the bullshit and announce the start of the race, Sun found Lin announcing the beginning of the race while staying in place!

    When he howled at his friend to start moving from the start line and not to be a spoiler of this fun game, Sun stared wide at his friend who started to disappear into thin air!

    "You see little Sun, that thing you just witnessed is called an after image. Let me teach you how it happens, if you're looking at a stationary target that suddenly changes from his static state into dynamic....."


    As he felt another pout of headache inducing words enter his ears, Sun stopped caring about his friend and ran faster towards the palace at a speed higher than his top speed.

    "The eyes play a trick on the mind and delay the true fact of the person who already left, oy, ya listening buddy?"

    Sun was lowering his ears as he ran trying his best to stop himself of hearing anymore of what Lin is saying while thinking : 'Just shut up buddy, I don't care and I don't think i'll ever do. All I ever asked for was to have some quality time with Moon, is that too much to ask for?'

    Almost isn't enough.
  •    Chapter 9 : Lin, Son of ..... (Part 1)

    That day of Lin and Sun racing witnessed three events, First was Lily breaking through and awakening her Soul Sense, Second was Lin's father and mother planting the seed of his next sibling, third was Sun following their example and planting his seed while Lily sat to the side watching every thrust.

    Lily kept snickering endlessly as she used her Soul Sense to watch both her mother and Moon moaning, she kept licking her lips whenever she did her mental calculations of how many couples were there in the village right now.

    'When will it become night? Why's the daylight taking so long to leave! Scram already I wanna watch them all' Lily kept checking the clock impatiently on the first day waiting for nightfall.

    Poor villagers didn't know about the world-class peeper waiting for nightfall to descend while biting her nails impatiently, only to watch them fool around with their women in bed.

    Outdoor would be even better!

    The fifth year of Lin's life was by far the most peaceful year, he spent it either training or guiding little Lao on his own training.

    Unfortunately for Lao awakening his own Spirit seems unlikely to be soon enough.

    Lin who used to consider himself slow before he got to control his wings found this weakness hilarious after his Spirit Wings revealed their edge in speed, Lily -who's usually cocky and stubborn on top of being a shameless sore loser- never asked Lin to compare speed with him.

    Because after Lily broke through the Soul Seeking Source Realm and Reached the Soul Eye Realm, she still couldn't pinpoint his location as he moved freely within the range of her Soul Sense!

    Not even an after image would be seen when Lin let loose, and she even heard him say that he feels like his Wings are shackled by something which he doesn't know but he feels it vaguely as he tries to move faster.

    Her Grandiose Golden Phoenix Throne will be called a snail if there's any kind of comparison with Lin's Light Wings, and that would be exaggerating Lily's Spirit.

    Anyway, Lin got his skin cracked and split when he tried to push faster by the sharp wind, once that happened he learned his lesson and moved within his endurance limits from that day onwards.

    It wasn't like he never experienced great speed, his Skin-suit in the previous life was nearing the speed of Light and the wormholes made him breakthrough the dimensions of time and jump from place to place to save light-years of traveling time.

    Otherwise he would've arrived on earth at the age of 40 something years old when he first left his family at the age of 4!

    Taking care of his younger brother and cute -normal- little sister Rose was fine for Lin, he only trained or spent his free time with his family.

    Trying very hard to itch these memories in the deepest, safest parts of his Brain.

    First day of winter, Lin stood in the training grounds calmly going through the motions of his advanced PUMMA Manual, slowly changing hand movement and shifting his weight thorough the different stances.

    Other kids and especially the young ones who were fortunate enough to be born within the safety of this community chased each other around him, some naughty kids even clowned Lin's movement under the giggles of their friends.

    However the boy himself was focused to the degree of not even noticing their antiques, even if he did Lin wouldn't care to give such pure actions any scolding at all.

    "Oy, stop throwing snow balls at my big brother or i'll stuff your faces in the snow!"

    "Gyaaaah, run, Boss Lao saw us!"

    When the little kids were found out their first thought was run like mad! Lao was the toughest kid around their age and could even beat some older wild kid who got found a while ago, the boy tried to snatch Lao's cupcake and got Judo slammed to the floor when he refused to give it back.

    Yes, Lin reprimanded Lao for what he did, still, that wild kid kept following behind Lao like Boss kept following after Lin's father like a minion!

    When these kids heard Lao's voice they scurried away like flies to bug spray!

    "Humph, big sister Lily why's brother Lin always that kind to others? He didn't flinch once as these monkeys made fun of him. It seems like he's in an entirely different world whenever he trained these days, Sigh.... If only I had such concentration then I would've awakened my Spirit already."

    Lao leaned his back against the pavilion pillar and muttered begrudgingly with pouted lips as he watched Lin's lone figure under the falling snow, ever since he got started with his PUMMA training as well 6 months ago, little Lao was dreaming day and night about the time he awakens his Spirit as well and follow the example of his big brother and sister.

    "Because he's an idiot, isn't that clear and obvious! And don't be in a hurry yet to awaken your Spirit, I told you before that it's useless since it makes us sleepy if used for long. And don't forget the time Lin returned with his face shredded by the wind blades, that was a hilarious scene with mother panicking and all. My point is, it's dangerous to use them without protection. heh, that was a naughty line. Maybe I should try it on Lin later. Cheer up little champ, even if you don't awaken your Spirit at all big sister will make you experience all kinds of powers if you want."

    Lily was leaning against the feathers of the Two Phoenix's tails and enjoying letting her Soul Sense cover the majority of the village, the training grounds were located between her home and the village strategically that's why she would hangout in here all the time!

    Cold weather was the mating season for the village, and the main event for the little demon girl.

    Of course Lily made sure that her Soul Sense would steer clear from Lin otherwise she'll interrupt his focus, she gave her older brother a fleeting side glance before replying little Lao carelessly.

    Other than the secret known only to herself, the Spirit Throne is nothing but a transportation tool or a protective mean.

    Soul Energy was much more useful in her opinion!

    "Big sister Lily, thanks. I will give it my all too, you're still the best. Ever."

    Lao felt his nose itch with warmth and smiled cutely and gratefully because he knew Lily was trying to raise his low self-esteem, he went closer and gave her a mighty hug and a juicy kiss on the cheek excitedly before leaving.

    After living with such twins as his older siblings taking care of him since he was born, their sharpness and intelligence rubbed off on him and little Lao was many years ahead of age intellectually.

    Being the center of attention was hard while they were around, nobody knew the feeling of that anymore than Lao.

    Thankfully the competition never existed in their family and Lao took his time under the limelight until little Rose was Born, after that he found his siblings being miniature Mother and Father to him!

    Now that little Lao began to doubt himself he found Lily which is usually pretty good at making people feel bad after a joke or two, doing the opposite for him and like a good big sister she raised his morale instead.

    She deserved that juicy kiss alright!

    "I'll consider that as a drizzle before it showers! Shitty Sage of soap universe is still here and little Lao already sees me as the best, tsk tsk. Gotta tune down my irresistible charisma or poor guy under the snow there will be forgotten even before he leaves, sigh, what a waste of 6 months! These cute worshippers awaiting desperately for my blessings. But I can't let loose now, gotta wait for the annoying dog to leave the house before we have fun playing with the mouse. Kakakaka...."

    Lily muttered softly as she watched Lin's body emitting steam under the cold weather, she knew that he was at the stage of learning how to vibrate his muscles which was an extremely long and tedious thing to learn.

    Snickering at his useless actions because she too can use vibrators!

    Lots of them.

    Then Lily's laughing was suddenly choked when she saw the falling snow on top of Lin's training attire melt!

    Accomplishing that means that Lin's muscles were alternating between tightening and loosening extremely fast to generate heat.

    Then she saw her brother's face redden badly and bend over to clutch his chest, the look of agony on Lin's face was priceless to Lily who always took joy in seeing Lin suffer for no reason.

    As if it was her nature!

    "Guh.... Ouch, this really hurts! The Manual never said anything about this pain. What's going on?"

    Lin rolled on the floor left and right while pressing his chest as he said that faintly, he was painfully surprised by the stabbing pain that arrived all of a sudden for no reason while leaving a trail of melted snow underneath him whenever he rolled!

    Strangely the cloud of steam covering Lin's body kept thickening as he rolled until his Body was covered in a cloak of steam!

    Lily had to use her Soul Sense to see Lin's addictive sight while licking her lips and sucking on them repeatedly.

    Until it happened and she regretted ever using her Soul Sense that day, Lin's body started oozing a Black smelly substance from every pore of his Body!

    Lily with her enhanced senses and spread Soul Sense, was like a dog who just experienced someone farting in his face when that Black substance appeared on Lin's Body.

    "Ewwww, Lin you're disgusting."

    Lily shouted that as she hurried to withdraw her Soul Sense and pinch her nose, floating away towards home she planned on taking the longest bath of her Life.

    Lin on the other hand was sprayed on the ground and staring at the sky, he felt relieved and relaxed as this disgusting mud exited his system! Like one long piss after holding it in to the absolute limit.

    Ignoring the nauseating smell attacking his nose and the oily feeling of this strange Black substance sliding on his skin and sticking to his clothes, Lin got up feeling much better as if his body weighted no more than a feather and his small muscles felt packed up with amazing power!

    Swinging his fists and giving one of his extra fast combinations felt great.

    Still, the smell was unbearable and Lin had to do something about it or he might really faint if he kept trying to train in this unpleasant environment!

    Heading back home he found Lily using the bathroom! Snickering endlessly within, Lin didn't hesitate to cannonball her warm tub after taking off all his clothes and throwing them in the incinerator.

    "Yuck, don't touch me with your filthy hands you pig smelling idiot! Fuck, now the smell is all over me again after I worked so hard on removing it. Wanna play dirty you fart smelling Sage? Get a taste of my ultimate disgusting move! Ptooey."

    Lily was panicking and tried to escape outside the large tub, sadly for her Lin was serious about dragging her in the mud and he gave her one of his most intimate hugs ever from the back.

    The scene deteriorated into something which is better not seen, that's why we'll be closing the curtains!

    Lin was excited to find out that his physical strength was even better than he was at the age of 25 during his previous life, imagine how shocked Lin was after testing his improved body.

    The boy was staring at his tanned skin which seemed softer yet was a hundred times sturdier than his original skin, when he sparred with the older kids their punches which used to sting or hurt badly after they grew stronger, now felt like gentle touches on Lin's face and body the same couldn't be said about his own punches though!

    Lin had to spar with 7 kids in order to get a feel of his strength in action and learn how to control his force, of course in the days after this strange situation happened with the Black substance the records of the younger generation saw another pout of fierce competition.

    It was just a couple months ago when the second wave of competition amongst the junior generation started and only when winter arrived was they settling down, Moon had given birth to another batch of Cubs and the community was burning with excitement.

    Yet after Lin started to pass older kids record's the flame of competition was rekindled once again.

    Their competitiveness only added to Lin's fun as he enjoyed the days spent getting in the different rings against older kids in different martial art spars, he kept seeking competition from older kids until he found himself one day with no other peer in this age group.

    Looking higher he saw familiar names like Shou and others who already passed their puberty teenager age smiling to himself he said : "Why not?" Before going to challenge that older age group.

    They were in an entirely different league compared to Lin packed with only the strength of himself of the age of 25 in his previous life! First week was the hardest amongst this older age group especially with the few who couldn't hold back, yet.

    Hopefully they'll learn to do just that soon, otherwise Lin's bones wouldn't handle this pressure for long.

    Surprisingly enough, Shou was very excited and very heavy handed when Lin met him on the octagon free style ring.

    Lin was sure if poking the eyes and hitting the nuts was allowed this animalistic human wouldn't have hesitated to aim there.

    'When did I offend him too? No, I always gave him chips or dried meat when he visited me as I train. He keeps looking at Lily, she's still holding a grudge against me since that joint bath!' Lin thought that as he tried to get used to Shou's attacks which come from weird angles.

    After his defeat which was inevitable, Lin's conclusions were affirmed when he saw Shou run for Lily like a dog seeking a treat from his master, shaking his head Lin raised his aching body from the mat and retreated home to take a soak in the medicine under the gloating eyes of Shou who celebrated his victory by getting Lily to pat his arm.

    All the while his grown up tiger was lazing around next to Lily's throne feeling bored because Shou didn't go on hunting journeys for a while now.

    This time Lao would be allowed to join the second Tiger Hall event for one of the 5 Tiger Cubs, Moon delivered 7 healthy Cubs this time and as usual the females were held in the Hall.

    Lin's mother and father were busy taking care of the village most of the day and happily spending the rest of their time enjoying each other's company or with sweet Rose, ever since Lao reached the age of 4 and he turned awfully serious which made him the main source of jokes between the two parents.

    Still the pregnant mother kept feeling the shadow of discomfort gloom her days as she neared the day of her delivery, her intuition kept warning her about an incoming grief which made her emotions unsettled and her mood foul in the later days of her pregnancy.

    Until she brought to this family another baby boy in the middle of the second month of spring.

    "Hubby, what will you name him?"

    Lin's mother enjoyed being fed by her oldest son as she grumpily ordered before she deliver the latest member in the family, it was something which Lin would've done without his mother having to yell at him for no reason! Jeez.


    With a single palm Lin's father raised his youngest boy high up proudly as he uttered a single word.

    "En, I like it. Little Lin I had my fill, thanks. Little Rose come see this! It's your baby brother, his name is Qin."

    As if dismissing a butler from his duty carelessly, Lin's mother agreed on the name of her youngest son with a nod before calling her cute daughter who curiously hid behind her big brother Lao to come take a look at her small little brother.

    Lin noticed that his mother has been treating him strangely and demandingly for a while now and attributed that to her pregnancy, but it seems like it will continue even after her birth! Not like he's mad or anything, it's just that his brain liked to link every action for a certain reason.

    That's all.

    "A baby, Rose is bigger."

    Giggling as she tickled her brother's small feet and watched him kick at air, Rose proudly said while posing like a heroine which caused all the family to smile.

    At Lao's birthday party a few days after Qin's birth, Lily dropped a bomb in her mother's head with a single line.

    "Lin is going to leave after our birthday party, Mom! Are you alright? I'm still here you know, i'll never leave you alone Mom."

    With a sly smirk on her face as she hugged their mother, Lily was laying the ground work in preparation for the time Lin gets the hell out of the picture.

    Then she can be the true corner Stone of this family, kekeke.

    Finally the mother knew what's the cause of his irritation, her intuition was right.

    That's why she was always annoyed with Lin for no reason! She always thought that Lin's lack of complaining at her treatment was because he's always been a good boy unlike this little devil in her arms, her son was enduring because he was planning on leaving soon.

    But where's he going?

    "Is he going north to fight these horrible monsters?"

    Lin's mother pushed Lily at arm's length then asked with a worried expression.

    "Bfffft..... hahahaha.... Who? Lin! It would be a miracle if it was anything even close, that one really tickled my sweet spot. No mom, he's going south for the sea. He wants to explore the world, as if Wings isn't enough freedom for him. Still, don't worry about a thing. He's a big boy and the records there speaks volumes about his strength, I heard that he beat up my little puppy Shou pretty badly yesterday. Wanna watch the fight together? Your son got moves alright."

    Lily bursted out laughing before calming her anxious mother, then they both watched the fight where Lin with his small frame countered each attack of Swift Shou.

    Lily was sure Lin didn't cheat even once by using his Soul Sense during the fight, one thing about this whatever Sage which she can admit he hates cheating the most.

    Not to mention that disgusting Sage went through another one of his foul-smelling situations a couple weeks ago, again!

    Lily gritted her teeth when she remembered how Lin sneak attacked her when she was enjoying watching her pregnant mother and strong father in bed, she had to scrub her skin for hours to wash the smell off of her body.

    Miraculously! Whenever Lin experienced such phenomenon he would emerge stronger, now the almost 6 years old boy was able to lift triple his weight with a single arm.

    His records of physical strength and capabilities were occupying the first place amongst the younger generation records, Lin, Lin, Lin until Lily felt like puking whenever she saw them.

    Still, she has her secret weapon.

    Little Lao!

    Lily has been training him to do her bids for her and obliterate these records in the future, yup.

    That's the plan, to remove Lin's great image from these ignorant people's heads and replace it with hers.

    So satisfying.

    Still, the monster kid can raise more than 75kg of weights with one arm! She wanted that bit the thought of having to ooze such disgusting substance made Lily plan on researching an alternative way in the future, it will take time until these minions are in a suitable mentality to start such projects but she's still young and can wait.

    If Lin knew that Lily was planning on making a Genesis reactor in the future he might decide to stay to make sure she wouldn't do human trials on these villagers.

    Later Lin was subjected to a parent's interrogation, yet he passed the danger of them refusing his leave of absence after giving them a thorough interpretation of the goals he's hoping to accomplish from this sudden journey and how long his journey might take.

    The last few days before his birthday Lin didn't train or meditate at all, he spent the days with his Mom and Dad joining their heated discussions and cooking food with his mother.

    Taking little Rose on cautious flights and enjoying her giggles, he made his mother experience flying in the skies for the first time and free-falling as well which she kept screaming aloud to release some bent up frustrations until she landed safely with the help of Lin's strong arms securing her waist.

    "That was.... Phew, mommy feels a lot better thanks to you Lin. That felt like a huge load off of my chest, make sure to keep what I said up there a secret mmkay. Forever."

    Lin's Mom pulled her wrinkled clothes elegantly to straighten them after landing then said to Lin with a smile as she winked, however the last word was a warning with a straight face.

    When Lin saw that expression on his mom's face he wasn't feeling it weird for Lily to be that kind of scary entity, the similarities between the two were plain and obvious his Mom felt even more scary when she threw her threatening word.

    Shrugging his shoulders he didn't argue and started to waste what remained of his time having fun instead, the family were juggling fun event after another every day except for Lily and Lao who had their own things to do instead of wasting time on this big brother who's going to leave anyway.

    Finally it was Lin and Lily's sixth birthday party.

    The mood in the village was between delirious with joy or sad to tears as people said their goodbyes to young Lin, the boy who saved many of them from a life of darkness and insecurities.

    Shou and most of the competitive youths from the younger generation were mostly trying their best not to grin widely as they watched Lin take bear hug after bear hug from the grown-ups, finally this monstrous nightmare will disperse from this place for a while.

    The idea of having your best achievements compared to Lin's by others was exhausting their mental fortitude!

    Yan was trying his best to stay strong and get it together as he said goodbye to Lin, next to him was the girl called Sou his best friend before they two followed Boss, old Ba and the others here to check for food.

    Sou blushed slightly before gathering up her courage and giving Lin an emotional hug and a kiss to the cheek, the young girl felt her heart almost tearing out her ribcage and ran for her role model "Lily" to confess to her what she just did.

    Such action angered another devoted fan who adored Lin for a long while now secretly unlike Sou who already told Lily everything all the time, Meiwen, Shou's little sister was enraged by what little Sou just did and jumped in front of Lin to block his path.

    "Hello! Meiwen, is there anything you want my help with before I leave?"

    Lin thought the girl wanted to say her goodbyes as well but found her standing there like a statue after blocking his way, he asked while squinting, because her body language was exactly similar to a rapist eyeing his target.

    "Ah! Um.... F.... forget it, have a safe journey and be careful, out there scary monsters are everywhere never lower your guard fo a second."

    Meiwen was startled awake from her daydreams by Lin's words and after panicking she found herself warning him of the dangers lurking outside this safe environment, nothing of the things she wanted to say were said and she felt even more discouraged when she looked down at her flat undeveloped chest.

    'Just how was I going to convince him to stay with me? Later when he comes back for sure, maybe I should join Lily's new class! I heard she can make them grow bigger with a massaging technique' Meiwen thought as she hugged Lin for the first time and was really unwilling to let go, kissing his cheek before letting go.

    Shou's little sister Meiwen felt like her young heart walked away with Lin, sighing over and over she watched him say his final good-byes to Boss, old Ba, Bald staff, Ghost, Chen and Yue before spreading his Wings to return home to pack his stuff.

    Lin sat at the edge of his elevated home looking South silently until it was dusk, his family returned from the celebration of Lily's birthday party.

    They weren't that joyful like they should and their moods seemed to be varying between sadness and worry.

    "When do you plan on leaving?"

    Lin's mother was sniffling and choking on her tears as she offered young Qin her breast to feed but her ears twitched slightly when she heard her husband ask and she listened carefully.

    "I just have one last thing to do before I leave, once it's over i'll be taking my leave at once. After all, seeing Mom that sad is heart breaking."

    "Since you already know that why don't you spit it out before you scram?"

    Once Lin answered with an apologetic expression he was met with Lily's sharp merciless tongue, she spoke as if defending her Mom but in fact she was only using this chance to make fun of him by openly speaking with him in a commanding tune.

    That way when he leaves she'll be remembered for being the only person who can make Lin not dare to talk back to, if he did then he'll only tarnish his image and diminish his unblemished reputation.



    With a clear sound Lin's family watched him kneel down firmly on the ground with a serious expression on his face after ignoring Lily's venomous remark, his mother and father, Lao and Rose were puzzled by this unexpected situation.

    "Mom, Dad.... I don't know the reason why you wouldn't choose names for yourselves after so long and I respect your decisions, but, while I journey outside people will ask me my name. I would like to raise my head with dignity and answer them. Lin.... Son of Tai the Mighty and Tian the Beauty, will you allow me this honor?"

    Lin asked while looking at his parents faces to see if they'll show any uncomfortableness, he still wasn't sure why they're still nameless because they'll ignore the question and act like they heard nothing when he asked before.

    This time Lin saw his father smile and laugh after hearing what he just said, his sniffling mother seemed surprised by the topic which was brought up suddenly and her tears fell on her cheeks.

    Now she was experiencing a mix of joy and sorrow, she and her husband agreed to let the names be decided by their oldest son.

    On one condition, nothing to be said or hinted about their secret agreement at all.

    The boy who took them from the very bottom and gave them everything, the same boy who forced peace and prosperity to reign after he arrived in this world had to be the one giving them names.

    They knew that Lily was no less amazing than Lin, but she seemed to care more about useless things all the time.

    Sacrificing his precious time and effort to help others was something only Lin would do, Lily had to find the right incentive to do the same.

    Lily clicked her tongue and pouted when she saw her parents reaction, finally she knew why these two kept being nameless for so long.

    They were waiting for Lin to name them, Not to suggest some different names for them politely, or ask them if they found a name they liked yet.

    They didn't care what name Lin might give them, they were going to accept any name as long as it was Lin who choose it!

    Tian and Tai the parents felt whole after they were asked to keep these names, to honor their son when he meets strangers.

    To carry their names proudly and say them with a raised head and an expression full of dignity, this felt Great!

    Even if they're only imagining Lin when he meets strangers right now, Tai and Tian held hands tightly and looked each other in the eye.

    As if their long wait was worth it, this moment repaid it all.

    Their hidden worries, frustration, indignation and any negative thoughts were wiped clean after Lin named them.

    'My eldest son is the greatest gift I ever received in this Life' Tai and Tian thought as they raised their boy from his kneeling position to hug him.

    Especially Tian who ignored young Qin's cries of displeasure because of his interrupted meal when she handed him to Lily, Tian hugged Lin as if she'll never get to see him again!

    Tai shook his head to tell his wife to stop what she was going to do when he noticed the glint in her eyes, as a husband and wife who lived together since they were born he knows what she was going to do.

    The chemistry between them was very high.

    She was about to discourage his boy from taking that journey!

    As someone who had to search for food with Tian when they were younger than Lao, Tai would never tell Lin no to such a thing which will help his mentality to toughen up.

    Not to mention, Lin right now would wipe the freaking planet with Tai when he was the same age if they fought.

    Lin has the option to flee if he wanted with his Wings!

    The safety of Lin wasn't a worry for Tai and he fully agreed with his son despite his wife's high possibility of holding a grudge against him for a time, still, he knows some secret weapons that can solve that when it happens.

    After his father took his mother in his embrace Lin turned his attention to his walking miracle, Lily shivered under that gaze and felt her body weaken.

    Lily really hated that look! It made her vulnerable to this dummy whenever he used it, she couldn't avoid Lin's big hug if she wanted anyway.

    "Our family is all that matters, you know that right! The only reason I can leave unburdened is because you're here to hold the fort, Lily.... You're the one who told me to enjoy life, don't make me regret it."

    Lin rested his forehead on hers and said while maintaining eye contact as if trying to peek at her Soul's deepest places, Lily surprised the family by her tame behavior as she nodded obediently and listened carefully to every word he said.

    "Just make sure you come back after knowing your way around the world, this Queen wants to take a look too."

    Lily muttered softly while enjoying her brother's final hug.

    "Lao, when I'm gone Rose and little Qin are sure to look at you as their heroic big brother. Treat them kindly and take care of mom and dad, you're in charge now as the big brother of this house. Think you're up for it?"

    Lin rubbed his little brother's head as he spoke then patted his shoulder when he noticed how emotional Lao was, he ended up getting hugged very tightly by his younger brother who couldn't withhold himself from crying.

    'Damnit, just how strong can he get? It feels like my bones will be crushed' Lin thought as he tried to calm Lao down while struggling to free himself from the deadlock of his vice like grip.

    "Bffft, little Lao stop you're hurting Lin."

    "Hrmmm.... S.... sorry big brother I got carried away."

    Lao wiped his tears in his sleeves and scratched the back of his head feeling awkward when he heard the gentle reminder of his mother.

    Lin massaged his ribs which suffered the strength of his younger brother first hand and smiled ruefully inside, after working hard his younger brother still surpassed him in physical prowess!

    "Little Rose will you miss me?"




    Lin was burned with flames of innocence when he heard little Rose's reasons as she smiled cutely until her dimples appeared, the sad mood was dispersed from the air as the family laughed at the antiques of little Rose.

    "See! It isn't too bad if I leave, right Rosy. Lily will take care of your candy when I'm away, but if I return and find you without teeth then someone is going to get in trouble. Gimme a kiss, kyaa i'll miss that one."

    Lin raised his young sister and playfully threatened Lily not to be lenient, he wanted Rose and Qin to grow up correctly as they should.

    "Your rooms has my gifts, take care mom and dad."

    Then he handed Rose to Lao and gave his parents a final bow before waving them goodbye, moments of separation were always things which he hated prolonging.

    Lin summoned his Wings and jumped down heading for Sun who waited at the gates surrounded by his Cubs and his partner Moon, next to him was a big box containing Lin's travelling necessities and some provisions.

    Almost isn't enough.
  •    Chapter 9 : Lin, Son of ..... (Part 2)

    Sun was lowering his head under the glare of his tigress and couldn't wait to get out, especially since he wasn't supposed to tag along with Lin but he insisted because life around the village was either dangerous up north or boring down south.

    North was filled with scary guys who bullied him easily like playing with a little Cub!

    South had weak animals whom Sun wouldn't even bother to bully because it will only shame him. 

    But mostly it was because Moon started to become moody a lot and made his stay in the village unbearable anymore, Sun doesn't even know what she wants these days.

    Last week she kept rubbing him and asked for his love and Sun ended up with hollow knees and weak legs afterwards, even now he felt unsteady as he walked!

    Now she seems to be furiously mad at him and he raised the white flag long ago, yet she kept growling at him whenever he played with his kids.

    Once Lin arrived Sun hurried to raise the box on his back and run south after rubbing heads with his kids, he wanted to greet Moon before he left but she bared her teeth at him intimidatingly.

    Lin snickered at the sight and landed on his friend's back smilingly, never looking back once Lin only patted Sun's neck to stop to make camp when they rode south for 6 hours or so.

    "From now on it's only me and you buddy, just don't start whining when we run short on food. You're eating as if i'll open the storage room and bring you another serving anytime, eat less or hunt to fill your belly. And how is it even possible to become hungry after we just left?"

    Lin raised a frowning eyebrow as he watched Sun eat half their food in a single meal, then he sighed inwardly and warned his friend and asked questioningly with curiosity.

    Sun was electrocuted by the vital question and tried using his developing brain to find an excuse, the past week was spent pleasing Moon or having the lion's share of his food snatched by her greediness.

    Now that he was free to eat as much as he liked, Sun couldn't hold back his hunger anymore and got himself found out by Lin.


    "Nothing my ass, nobody knows you better than me in this world, you little liar. Are you ashamed of saying that it was your wife? Heh, majestic Sun shaking in his paws."

    Lin rested his back to rest after exposing Sun's secrets, he wasn't tired or anything but he felt it would be better to travel in daylight.

    Lin can use his Wings to escape but Sun might be in danger if they got attacked by anything like the large bird who attacked their village twice before the villagers cooked it, such animals could sweep in and out in a blink of an eye.

    Even with Lin's improved Soul Sense which reached the range of 2km they might get sneak attacked anytime and that's the reason Lin ended up tired too soon because he's been leaving his Soul Sense on ever since they left, and he wouldn't let Sun run faster than the speed which he can safely notify him to change course or evade in case of any surprise attack.

    Despite Sun's constant nagging about the safety of this area, Lin wouldn't budge on his safe approach and refused to change his ways.

    At this slow but safe pace Lin focused daily on following his training menu be that his Physique or Soul, if he spotted a prey nearby with his Soul Sense he'll let Sun hunt it whenever his food supplies ran short.

    The majority of the meat would end up in gluttonous Sun's belly and the rest saved in the box, but after one week of traveling south Lin started to frown whenever he heard the rumbling stomach of Sun protesting in hunger.

    "Buddy, how come you're hungry again? You just ate this morning! A whole boar got consumed by you yet you're still hungry? Are you kidding me right now! If knew such a thing would happen then I wouldn't have took you along with me, there's some buffalos east go eat your fill and don't bother bringing anything back. The box is filled with uncooked meat anyway and I won't cook you any because you're messing up my schedule, puppy eyes won't work you're eating raw meat whenever you delay our journey. Sigh, such a glutton. Is he sick? No, my Soul Sense didn't pick up anything wrong with him. He's just digesting all this food very fast, but where is all this Energy? His physique didn't change a single bit."

    Lin felt like pulling at his hair from frustration when he heard the sound and got down from Sun's back, pointing out the direction for Sun he didn't budge under the cute face the tiger was giving and refused to give him any cooked meals as punishment.

    Ending up with no reasonable explanation for the strangeness of this situation, Lin started to feel like what Moon did by starving this Tiger before was the right choice.

    Snickering once at the idea of starving Sun he imagined looking at Sun grumbling endlessly in a cute way to ask for food, shaking his head Lin used his Wings to take a careful look around the area.

    When Lin went west he found nothing interesting then he changed course and went south from his point, his supply box was his mark and he knew that Sun would take an hour or possibly more to eat.

    Since his meditation can be done while Sun moves there was no reason to start only to get interrupted by Sun later, directly south he found some interesting plants and animals but he wasn't in the mood to study them further right now.

    Taking samples of the plants to study them later, Lin continued to look south east and discovered a Vulture committee.

    One 300m high tree seemed to be their nest and the area around that tree was their territory white bones of different kinds of animals decorated the ground there, once Lin saw them with his Soul Sense he hurried to descend lower than he already was to prevent them from seeing him.

    There was three types and sizes of Vultures there, the common was the brownish Vultures and they were bald with wingspan of less than 10m.

    Black hooked Talons and yellow beaks seemed to be their weapons.

    These brown Vultures took the lowest part of the tree branches as their nest some of them were attacked once they tried to perch on the tallest tree, those beaten brown Vultures seemed to be sad as they took another lower tree as their nest.

    The higher ranked Vultures in the committee were larger in size and their wingspan was at least 15m, the difference was their wing feathers which had turned half-black and the white feathers covering their heads plus their beak which turned black and grew longer than the other normal Vultures and their Talons which were longer, darker, sharper and seemed a lot more dangerous.

    Their rough legs accumulated layers of greenish scales and were at least three times thicker than normal Vultures legs.

    These white headed Vultures occupied the higher branches of the tall tree and their numbers were less than a hundred, but Lin knew that if these hundred targeted Sun then he's going to end up full of holes for sure.

    If he was lucky! If not then he's sure to end up eaten by this committee.

    The last and highest 50m of the tree was empty of Vultures but one who perched on the top and looked at his territories with sharp eyes.

    Just after Lin took cover, that Dark Black Vulture kept looking in his direction as if he knew that something was there.

    Like a King of Vultures that large creature made a Loud voice before taking flight, the whole committee followed by making great noise and took to the skies after their leader.

    Lin hurried to hide behind a rock then entered a crack which made seeing him impossible even if that kettle of Vultures searched the area from low altitudes, but he kept his Soul Sense locked on the scary Vulture King's bloodshot eyes warily.

    It's red beak had canine like edges and it's Talons were like the scythes of a death reaper, after the kettle of Vultures took flight they combed through the area searching for Lin under the commands of their King for half an hour before their leader decided to call off the search and return to his spot on the tree.

    Such heightened sense of awareness made the Vulture King a very scary animal to Lin, he waited for a while to make sure that Black Vulture King wasn't faking his retreat before sneaking out of the area under the cover of the rocky terrain.

    When he returned Lin found Sun's red fur covered in blood of his victims and waiting next to their supply box obviously bored as he scratched his ears with his hind-limbs, when he saw Lin return he raised the box on his back and was ready to go.

    "Buddy won't you ever learn to be a little bit more careful, why do you like to be covered in the blood of your prey that much? Is it that fun!"

    Lin felt a headache coming when he smelled the nauseating smell of blood coming from Sun, now he had to clean this dummy before he sits on his back.

    Otherwise Lin will start vomiting his brains out if he got too close.


    With a howling sound and a sly glint shadowing his eyes Sun tried to catch his friend to bully him a little, the large feline knew his partner hated the smell of blood and he did cover his body with it on purpose this time to pay him back for refusing to cook food for him earlier.

    "Stop! Hey idiot there's danger nearby if we get caught in the middle of fooling around with our pants down it will end up with you hurt badly, behave yourself."

    Lin reprimanded Sun with a harsh serious tune as he glared at him, after just evading the Vulture King he was happy that he didn't listen to this dumb Tiger who kept trying to make him hasten his pace as they travelled.

    Sun flashed him a toothy smile in a disbelieving manner when he heard Lin's warning but he stopped doing anything further inorder not to anger his best friend, at the nearest water source Lin washed Sun's body thoroughly which was something Sun loved to experience ever since he was a young Cub.

    After taking a long detour around the lands nearby the Vulture King's nest, Lin went deeper west for around 20km first then started heading south for around 100km before correcting his course back to align with his original straight path southwards from his home.

    When it was night time Lin opened his eyes from the long meditation session to find Sun resting next to the campfire he made, gathering dry branches and scratching his claws against stones to create sparks was something Sun learned to do years ago.

    Despite it being summer and the weather was great at night, Sun still lit up fires for fun and enjoyed looking at them with his yellow eyes.

    But he was mostly wishing for a tender cooked midnight snack right now, he lit up the fire in hopes of his human friend mercifully make this simple wish come true.

    "Humph, no. Stop eating too much or your butt will accumulate fats, if you become slow others will make fun of you as they escape your chase."

    Lin noticed the expectant gaze Sun gave him and adamantly refused as he got up to stretch his body lazily, then he took out two portions of meat, grains, spices, cheese, vegetables and other ingredients from the supply box and started to prepare his meal under the envious eyes of his salivating Tiger.

    Once Lin finished cooking his food and was about to start eating hos meal, his Soul Sense picked up a sudden intruder.

    It wasn't a land animal or a flying creature but a human!

    A woman in her twenties, with disheveled dress covered in mud and dirt, her messy hair and torn clothes were proof of how much suffering she went through.

    But these Green eyes underneath the cover of the woman's messy hair were full of Life, these weren't the eyes of someone who gave up and Lin felt flashes of danger in his mind as he stared at them with his Soul Sense.

    Despite the dirt covering her face and body it couldn't hide her charming looks and devilish figure, her quick, hurried pace as she ran in the dark while keeping track of the area behind her clearly hinted that she's being followed.

    The clothes she was wearing were made by an advanced human technology, the sword in her hand was clearly a weapon who saw it's fair share of action because it was nicked everywhere.


    While Lin was looking at her and trying to figure out whether he should help her or not, the woman stopped suddenly and kept looking around her vigilantly with squinted eyes after taking her stance defensively.

    "Impossible! She has no Soul Energy and clearly she isn't a Soul Cultivator, just how did she discover my Soul Sense?"

    Lin was amazed by the woman's sharp senses and was feeling slightly disappointed because it seemed like it was the second time to happen in a single day, if we count the Vulture King then it's the second time indeed because that animal seemed to feel Lin's intrusive gaze at his territory.

    "Was it my misconception! No I better be careful, these dogs from the Assassins Guild are snakes hidden in the Shadow."

    The woman doubtfully said then changed her direction after making up her mind, the destination she choose was exactly the Vulture's Nest.

    "On no, this stupid woman is heading for her death. Wait here buddy i'll be right bac.... My food! You hateful gigantic, selfish, gluttonous cat. Humph, just you wait until I return. I'll be sure to correct this intolerable behavior of yours, snort."

    Lin was so absorbed in surveiling the disheveled woman that he let down his guard and Sun sneakily licked the plates clean, as Lin threatened Sun, the Tiger kept smacking his lips in return while feeling sad because there was only a tiny amount of cooked food.

    Gritting his teeth, Lin took off to the skies while trying hard not to beat up his best friend before warning the woman of the danger ahead.

    "She's certainly fast, Shou was a little bit slower than her before he arrived. I better keep my distance from her then."

    Lin watched the woman run ahead while expertly evading the obstacles in her way as if her eyes were used to the darkness, whenever she met any rough terrain or an unavoidable obstacle she'll use her sword to help her scale it.

    "I wouldn't go that way if I were you."

    Lin stopped 150m behind and away from the woman and 100m up in the air before sending her his warning thorough a Soul Link Technique.

    Earlier before she changed her destination that woman spoke in a foreign language which Lin couldn't understand, he had to use the Soul Link Technique to deliver his message clearly and bypass the language barrier.


    The woman stopped and looked back at Lin's direction  but she seemed to not see him despite his Wings being quite a very noticeable sight in the darkness of night!

    Lin was puzzled by how this disheveled woman can sense his Soul Sense from 2km afar yet couldn't see him from 150m, he was 100% sure she wasn't blind and 1000% sure she wasn't acting as if she can't see him.

    "Who are you? Are you the one who was spying on me earlier? What do you mean don't go that way? What is there? If you don't mind me asking, can senior show me who you are? Staying in the Land of Forgetfulness for two years has made me how to say it.... Yes, sceptical of strangers."

    The green eyed woman exchanged these thoughts with Lin thorough his Soul Link Technique before smirking slightly and severing connection some how in a rude way as she raise her sword, she seemed to expect getting attacked by Lin anytime now as she looked everywhere.

    'What is going on here? Is this one messed up in the head? I'm right here idiot, as if these glowing Wings aren't enough to be seen in this darkness! Just what did she do? I can't reach out to her head anymore' Lin rolled his eyes at this strange woman over and over as he thought that while feeling odd at the Technique that wouldn't work anymore.

    "I'm right here, I doubt you'll understand that though."

    Lin shouted towards the woman and moved closer to her slowly, his Soul Sense was locked on the woman's body watching every movement while his Wings were ready to flee at any sudden move.

    Finally when Lin reached the 101m distance from the woman she noticed something in the air and looked towards his direction, after hesitating for a second the woman moved forward and shortened the distance between them to be exactly 100m before staring wide eyed at the flying kid as if she's witnessing the definition of impossibility actually happening.

    Lin noticed that this green eyed woman was only able to see him at the distance of 100m and vaguely feel his location at the 101m mark, then he confirmed his discovery by going out of that range and approaching the woman from another angle.

    She could feel his location at 101m distance because of his Wings, when he deactivated them and stood in place the green eyed woman couldn't find him at all.

    But at the 100m distance her eyes and senses picked him up very easily!

    "Stop doing that, big sister is already very tired and it's been a month since I got some sleep. All the popping in and out from these clouds is making me dizzy."

    "I'm sorry, I can't understand whatever that you're saying. Anyway, up ahead is very dangerous. There is large Vultures, lots of them. Since you blocked me from sending you messages directly through the Brain, I can't explain any further details on the matter. Good luck."

    Both were trying to convey their message to the other then waited to see if he/she got the meaning.

    "Ah.... How could I forget that it was me who severed his connection first and blocked his Technique? Mia you dummy, wait.... Big sister won't resist your Technique anymore. Hey! Don't leave me...."

    The woman was the first to understand what Lin meant and it wasn't because she's superior in anyway to the boy, it was only because Lin used sign language as he spoke which made it easier to the woman to translate his meaning.

    Lin who was about to return to teach Sun a lesson for eating his meal without his permission, found the disheveled woman doing some awkward jumping-jacks exercise as she shouted something at the top of her lungs.

    When she saw that she grabbed Lin's attention she kept trying to smile sweetly at him which made her look like a female version of a pervert, while pointing at her head and Lin's own head before linking her fingers.

    Trying one final time to use Soul Link on her fully intent on leaving if he failed, Lin was surprised to find that he was able to connect with this woman's Brain again.

    "Who are you kid? Where's your family? Why can you use your Spirit in this Land of Forgetfulness? Uh, I forgot to introduce myself. Hello my name is Mia."

    The green eyed Mia asked a question after question in a friendly way but from her stance and sword angle Lin was sure she wasn't relaxing her guard at all.

    "Name is Lin son of Tai the Mighty and Tian the Beauty, my family are in a safe place thank you for asking. As for my Spirit I can't explain any thing because I don't know why myself.... Hrmmm, are these two people your companions? Want me to take you to meet them!"

    Lin was proud of himself as he did his first introduction then squinted slightly while dodging the question about his family from this stranger whom he just met, as he was engaging the topic of his Spirit, Lin's activated Soul Sense picked up three more foreign intruders.

    Two men draped in black cloaks accompanied by an animal, the two men were agile like monkeys and light-footed but the black cloak they were wearing seemed to block Lin's Soul Sense from seeing their faces.

    The animal they were following was a sight to behold to Lin, it had three heads, three scorpion tails, snake's forked tongues coming out of the dog's heads and 4 long green fangs were prominently seen on each head.

    "Shit I let them catch up, quick lets go, these two are baddies. Don't let them anywhere near you, ever."

    Mia was startled then started to escape as she warned Lin, her destination was still the same going straight for the Vulture's nest.

    "Why are you still going towards the Vultures? These guys are very dangerous you know, on your own armed with a sword will only make you end up as a light snack for them."

    Lin told her as he flew 100m to her left, he was keeping his guard up towards this Mia as much as she was to him.

    Trusting each other? Nope, not today.

    "I have no choice but to try, their Scorpion Tailed Cerberus already has my scent. Even in this Land of Forgetfulness it can feel my position no matter how far I am and if I killed it these two might turn their attention towards the innocent Savages in desperation, their mission seems to be either to kill me or to keep me in this cursed Land forever maybe if I lured them to the Vulture's nest i'll be able to get rid of them all at once."

    Mia said her extremely risky plan to Lin without hesitation, but the thing which made Lin start to respect her for her kindness other than her courage was her worry for the ignorant humans roaming this land.

    The exploration expeditions reported that thousands of humans die in the areas around them every year, some of them like what Mia called them "Savages" would kill each other and some would fall prey to the monsters.

    Mia didn't want these two men to lose track of her and cause the ignorant Savages harm instead, she would rather suffer being chased by them to distract their evil minds from torturing the innocent to release some bent up frustrations over a failed mission.

    "Who are they? Why do they want to kill you? Why couldn't you see me beyond the 100m mark? How long have you been hunted by them? Why is that Cerberus able to pinpoint your location? If it's that hard to maintain your safety in this Land, why don't you just leave?"

    Lin asked Mia multiple questions trying to get a clear picture of the situation.

    "Assassins from the Assassin's Guild, hired by my rival to ambush me once we exited the Trial of the Drowned Realm. Once I tried to escape their sneak attack using my Advanced Space Talisman, these guys used a World Stabilizing Needle to divert my destination to be the exact opposite of what I want. After the teleportation ended I was just outside the Great Space Barrier with these two blocking me from trying to escape back to notify lord father of their scheme, with no other option but to enter this Land of Forgetfulness or to die under their daggers I choose the earlier. Two years now, endlessly running and barely sleeping a Wink's worth of time during winter. Any Spirit Cultivator would be suppressed in this Land of Forgetfulness, our vision gets blocked after the 100m by strange but thick white clouds. They say Senior Cultivators beyond the Spirit Lord are able to see further than that, but I don't know if it was true or false. Why do you ask? don't tell me you can see any further with your own eyes. This Lie wouldn't work on big sister, I figured out your secret already. You're a Soul Cultivator right! Hehe, their Cerberus is able to pinpoint my location because it sniffed a mixture of my blood and a strand of Fox Shade plant. This hateful beast will locate you even if you're at the ends of earth after recognizing your scent, little Lin remember, never get stung by it's stingers. Receiving it's bite will make you hypnotized and lethargic, but, it's stingers will give you a very venomous curse of the "Demonic and Darkness" attributes. You'll be left in a comatose state after getting stung and only someone from the Church of Light will be able to remove or weaken the curse over time, Sadly he'll need to be at least in the rank of an ArchBishop or higher. As for me leaving this Land? Even if I could I wouldn't leave unless these dogs from the Guild are dead, one of them is a mid grade Spirit Tyrant and the other is Peak low grade Spirit Tyrant while I am only Peak 9th stage Spirit Grandmaster. Their Cerberus will guide them out easily and outside the suppression of this Land of Forgetfulness i'll be sitting duck for them to kill me, one of them is a dual Cultivator of the Wind and Lightning Elements specialized in speed and the other seems to be a Poison specialist and Earth Element Cultivator who's able to use gravitational powers to slow his enemies. My only option is to take them out here before I think of a way to leave."

    Mia told Lin her circumstances as she ran, what she said made Lin pity her and admire her tenaciousness.

    He kept nodding whenever he calculated the risk she might be exposed to if she made any other decisions, then he smiled abashedly when Mia told him she knows about his Soul Cultivation.

    "I was on my way out and it's that way if you want to leave, just keep going south until you reach the sea waters. My friend is waiting for me and these Assassins doesn't seem to be in a hurry to chase after you in their top speed, my advice is to not take the risk with these Vultures in your current shape. If you want come with me i'll help you to a warm meal and watch over you until you're in a good shape to fight, nearby these Vultures is a perfect place for an ambush which I can guide you to it. But I won't join any fights, the best I can do is make it the perfect situation for you to turn the tables on these guys. What say you? If you're okay with my suggestion follow me, if not then please take care sister Mia. The Vulture King was able to feel my Soul Sense from 2km away, I would be extremely careful if I were you."

    Lin said then waited a few seconds before he changed direction slightly east intending on taking a long journey back around these Assassins.

    "Wait.... Lin, alright I agree. Wait up for me, big sister doesn't have Wings you know. You just said your Soul Sense right! It isn't my ears playing tricks on me? You reached the Soul Eye Realm already! Just how old are you? Do you Cultivate one of these longevity Techniques? Big sister will give you this Sword if you taught me this Cultivation Technique, I too wish to stay young. Ah! No, I shouldn't keep calling myself big sister anymore. Senior Lin."

    Mia ran after Lin while shouting her words at his Brain through the Soul Link Technique, even Lin was blushing madly when she started calling him Senior.

    Yes he was about 35 years if you combined both lives! But right now he was only 6 years old.

    What crappy nonsense is that longevity Techniques and whatnot? If I wanted to stay young I can just undergo my Genesis operation and.... Sigh, just who am I kidding.

    "I'm 6 years and 9 days old, stop calling me senior. It's embarrassing you know, calling me little Lin or Lin is enough."

    Lin turned and glared at Mia shyly as he sent her that, but the shocked look on her face was very visible despite the dirt covering it.

    Her dilating eyes and rugged breathing was proof enough of how disbelieving she was of what he said.

    "I.... impossible! Not to mention the already impossible fact of you being able to freely use your Spirit in this Land of Forgetfulness, being able to reach the Soul Eye Realm in this young age is.... Who's your master? What sect are you from? Where it is?"

    Mia almost tripped over when she saw the honest expression on Lin's face, despite how much she wanted to call him a liar something inside her told her this boy was telling the truth.

    Finally she tried to know who's Lin's Master, such person should be known as everywhere in Spirit World a Senior amongst Seniors in the world of Cultivation.

    "The person who taught me how to Cultivate is Jin Bao, Spirit King who reached the 7th level. He's also a Soul Cultivator who reached the Soul Clone Realm. I was never part of any sect this Land of Forgetfulness is the only place I know in this Spirit World, Born and raised in here."

    Lin looked at Mia's face then told her of Jin Bao's achievements, he was proudly narrating them because even these scary Assassins from the Assassin's Guild were two Realms lower than Jin Bao in Spirit Cultivation and Mia was 3 Realms lower.

    Not to mention that these three Cultivators were devoid of any strong Soul Energy signals, Jin Bao was superior in both Spirit and Soul Cultivation.

    Even Lin was winning in the aspect of Soul Cultivation, to be honest he was doubting if Mia and the Assassins were amongst the weaker Cultivators category.

    If Mia knew what kind of thoughts were going thorough Lin's brain right now she might dash at him while flailing her sword like mad, she was a member of one of the 5 Great Sects and at the age of 18 two years ago she was about to ascend to the Spirit Tyrant Realm! Being stuck in this Land of Forgetfulness for two years delayed her breakthrough, she is currently holding the record of being the third person to awaken his Spirit.

    "Only a Spirit King? Soul Clone Realm! Born and raised in this land, looks like you're a genius when it comes to Soul Cultivation. But your achievement of awakening your Spirit at the age of 6 in this Land of Forgetfulness can't be neglected, sadly nobody will consider it as an excuse to add you amongst the ranks of monsters."

    Mia frowned slightly when she heard about Jin Bao's achievements, then ruminated the facts before shaking her head disappointedly when she mentioned Lin's Spirit Cultivation which will only continue to lag behind the rest of his generation as long as he remains in this Land of Forgetfulness after awakening his Spirit.

    "When did I say that my Spirit was awakened at the age of 6?"

    Lin raised an eyebrow at Mia indignantly because the woman made assumptions incorrectly, then he asked with pouted lips as he crossed his hands and looked slightly up.

    "Eh! Yes, hehe little Lin when did you awaken your Spirit? Five and half years old, maybe it was earlier than that?"

    Mia gawked slightly then snickered when she saw Lin's grumbling attitude, she tried to coax him by asking for details.

    "Less than 4 years old, 3 years 11 months and a few days. 4 days to be exact."

    Noticing the amused smile on Mia's face, Lin's competitive nature and hidden bone-deep Pride flared up and he gave her the record slowly.

    He enjoyed the shocked look on her face to the tiniest detail.

    'Heh, know your place Mortal. Or so Lily would say in such situations' Lin thought as he watched Mia's lips shake in disbelief and her legs stop in place as if frozen by shock to the core.

    "Sigh.... Now you've done it Lin, when dealing with Cultivators try to keep low-key all the time. The highest tree gets hit by the strongest winds of the Storm, maintain your distance from this girl and always stay on your toes. Despite how frail and tired she looks as long as she's holding a Sword in her hands then this girl is no less dangerous than that Vulture King or that Tiger of yours, killing promising geniuses before their bones harden and they become a threat is very common amongst Cultivators. Some would even take Pride in mentioning how many they killed, remember, the world of Cultivation isn't for the weak and even more for the kind such as yourself."

    Old Jin Bao's voice rang inside Lin's head after a very long time of keeping his silence, he wasn't happy because Lin said things about him before and even more displeased by the boy's naive attitude.

    "Don't worry old Jin, I won't lower my guard."

    Lin said seriously, despite what he said he never let go of his vigilance even once from the beginning.

    "Do you swear an oath to the heavens on your Spirit, that all what you said about never leaving the Land of Forgetfulness since you were born and awakening your Spirit at the age of less than 4?"

    Mia was still unwilling to believe how superior Lin was to her despite being born in harsher environment, receiving less care since she's part of the Seamless Sword Sect and being the only daughter of the Sect Master and the Saintess of the Sect while Lin is obviously one of the Barbarians descendants from his tall frame and muscular build for a 6 years old boy.

    She, Daughter of the Seamless Sword Sect's Sect Master and the Saintess of the Sect.

    Mia always took Pride in two things in life :

    First, was her Spirit itself which made her very compatible with the Sect's Top Grade Cultivation Techniques and Manuals that's why she's the Saintess of one of the 5 Great Sects of the Spirit World.

    Second, was her record in awakening her Spirit which only lost to 2 people in the written history of the Spirit World, 4 years 7 months and 28 days.

    When Mia started to compare herself to Lin, someone who should be talented in Body Refinement mainly because of the advantage of his racial bloodline, from his obvious ignorance she can conclude that he's a novice with shaky knowledge about matters of Cultivation which erases the factor of being taken serious care of since he was young like what happened to Mia by her father's.

    Now, the advantage when it comes to comparisons in the aspect of Spirit Cultivation between the two should lean heavily towards Mia since it's common knowledge about humans being superior in Spirit Energy Cultivation when compared to the other races, yet, despite the many obstacles in his path to Spirit Cultivation be that his birthplace, race, outside help.

    Lin was better despite so many disadvantages!

    Mia wanted to find a hole to bury herself right now, she felt like it wouldn't be a very bad idea to go face to face in a suicidal attack on the Assassins right now.

    Maybe a fight to the death will help in releasing this swelling feeling of frustration growing up in her chest.

    "I guess I'm in 4th place from now on, heh and here I was feeling accomplished with my record of 4 and almost 8 months. Laughable indeed, sigh.... Let's go."

    Finally Mia calmed down and muttered in a sarcastic smile full of sadness and waved her sword towards a 6m high stone in a cutting gesture as she sighed, when Mia started to run the stone 6m tall and 30m away from her had it's upper part slide and crash on the ground next to the main body.

    A clean cut very smooth was left on the stone to Lin's eyes and Soul Sense to be the proof of how scary Mia actually was.

    "Um.... Actually you should be 5th."


    "I have a younger twin sister."


    "Her record is 4 years 3 months and 22 days."

    "Where's the Assassins right now?"

    "Forget I said anything."

    Lin tried to clarify to Mia but the swordswoman was in a very obvious super grumpy mood.

    Finally Mia swiveled on her heel and asked for the location of their chasers with eyes bursting with fighting spirit.

    Lin had nothing to say and tried to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the road back to Sun.

    Now that he remembers, that Tiger needs some discipline.

    Almost isn't enough.
  • Chapter 10 : Shrink, Rest, Feast, Then Unleash The Beast (Part 1)

    "Suuuun, where are youuu?"

    Lin has long arrived with Mia to his camp site and couldn't find Sun anywhere within his Soul Sense range, young Lin circled the premises and called out for Sun with a slightly displeased tune under the curious gaze of unkempt Mia's green eyes.

    Mia's frustration didn't lessen at all but her sharp eyes noticed Lin's gait and apparent maturity in his actions, his temperament was of someone older than her!

    If she would make an assumption then Lin was acting like someone less than 40 years old, that's what Mia's intuition told her.

    His stance and Body Movement were visibly synchronized, Genius was the word that rang in Mia's head once she saw the naturalness of Lin as he applied a very refined footwork very easily in all of his actions.

    That was like training all the time! While others only take 6 hours a day to train and rest for the remainder of the day, Lin would do 4 times their work while preserving the extra Energy which his Body should've burned if he trained for any extra time than others.

    But that would require an enormous amount of Concentration, while the regular 6 hours of training the Physique already burn a very hefty sum of Energy and Concentration!

    'Freak' Mia thought as she stood in place watching Lin .

    Mia was sure that Lin is one dangerous opponent for her in this Land of Forgetfulness, these wide dark eyes with their depth that she couldn't see behind their abyss curtains made it hard for her to perceive his current capabilities or make a close estimation of his powers.

    Other than his ability to use his Martial Spirit in this Land of Forgetfulness Mia had a blank feedback on Lin, his calm personality further added to the difficulty of judging him correctly.

    This wasn't the first time Mia saw a Soul Cultivator, all those she met with the Soul Eye -despite being only 7 Seniors- had one thing in common.

    Their Eyes!

    They were all mysterious and scarily deep!

    But, Lin wasn't the same, his eyes were calm deep.

    With other Soul Cultivators you can kind of expected their retaliation if you happened to meet them as enemies, that's why she called them Mysterious.

    Lin however, gave Mia the feeling of meeting the Unknown! if she tried to pry deeper into his secrets then it is no different than courting Death.

    The kind of Unknown which will make you helpless against it, with these people Mia always took a single approach.

    Flee as fast as you can!

    The farther the better!

    As a Sword Cultivator Mia always had a single thing which never made her worried against fellow Cultivators in the same Realm or a stage or two higher than her in the Sub-realm category.


    Mia's offensive edge was almost unequal amongst her peers because of her developed Sword intent, add her talent in the Time Element and her top class Spirit Cultivation Technique and she's one of the few powerhouses in her current Realm.

    But her defense was almost a cause for worry, Mia did her best to stock up on defensive Spirit Tools and a variety of single use Talismans but her apparent weakness doesn't seem to be going to be covered unless she reach the Spirit Lord Realm.

    Because in that Realm the Spirit Energy would completely crystalize and give an insane boost to any Cultivator's defense, Mia wouldn't mind if others gained in defence as well because her offensive was more than enough to sever any enemy or entangle him in her Sword of Time Style.

    To do that Mia needs to cross the entirety of the Spirit Tyrant Realm!

    She was sure to cross it, but how long would that take her?

    Until then she has to either find the perfect defensive Spirit or inheritance Tool, or to find a tailored Defensive Technique compatible with her Time Element and Martial Spirit.

    Her speed was fast, as a Spirit Grandmaster she would be ranked in the top 3 in the Spirit Grandmaster Realm, but, only if we're discussing spontaneous movement and short distance explosive bursts.

    If Mia is faced with an enemy whom she's in immediate need to run from, She only takes the 45th ranking!

    The drop in her ranking between the two aspects of speed was clearly another weakness in her foundation, spiteful Katherine -Mia's childhood rival- always took pleasure in comparing Mia to her Tamed Beast Xiaoxi.

    Her Movement Technique is only a half complete Manual, still it was Mid Rank Forbidden Spirit Technique despite being an incomplete Technique.

    Here she's standing in front of a small child 6 years old who gave Mia the same feeling of danger like these Seniors a few generation her senior, Mia's alarm bells kept ringing in her chest with the message : 'don't provoke this boy and stifle down your frustrations'.

    Mia felt it through her Sword intent earlier, Lin kept trying to investigate her with his Soul Sense!

    His attempts were mild and gentle and he stopped trying once her Sword intent Aura blocked his Soul Sense, she felt warm and approved of Lin's actions when she saw his face calm and collected with only a touch of being in a hurry to leave as he looked around.

    He didn't seem to be annoyed at his failed attempt to investigate her Body, and didn't lower his guard against her ever since they met either.

    Mia did her best earlier to hold back her Sword intent and stop it from clashing against Lin's Soul Sense with all her power, she was tired and didn't want to lose this godsent Boy who can help her evade her pursuit.

    But will he help her?


    The sound of a small kitten grabbed the attention of Lin and rattled the daydreaming Mia awake.

    Lin had already noticed the small kitten near their camp when he arrived and ignored it because there was no harm from such a small animal on his food supplies stored in the box, when he returned after taking a look around the camp Lin was met with the same kitten meowing at him.

    "Such a cutie, are you hungry? Sorry I don't have food for you. Looks like we're both going to depend on our friend Lin here for a meal."

    Mia's heart melted when this small orange kitten with it's fluffy fur and bloated tummy walked towards her and Lin, she knelt on both knees and tried to scoop it up but the little fatty avoided her arms and ran to Lin's feet.

    "Humph, if only could I access my Storage Ring. I would've made you beg me for a hug, but i'll let it go since you're so cute. Snort."

    Mia was annoyed because that kitten choose to seek Lin's favor instead of jumping into her embrace, getting up and crossing her hands she grumbled while staring at Lin carry this little kitten in his palms and softly tickled it behind the ears.

    "Looks like this little guy is on it's own, hey little one where's your family? Did you get lost?"

    Lin asked without expecting any reply, he was still waiting for Sun to return, the path he led Mia back had a tricky hidden short cut that forced their pursuers to climb one rough terrain after another, while Mia followed after Lin thorough the easy route as they widened the distance between them and the Assassins.

    Of course Lin still kept his guard against this sword master by maintaining his distance and watching her every move all the time.

    Even though this Great Sage loved to bet and gamble with his luck, he never liked, and maybe never will, gamble with his Life.


    Last time he took such a decision, it cost him his Life.

    His current second chance in Life is still a giant question mark that's left unanswered inside Lin's head.

    Anyway this little tricky navigation from Lin will only buy them enough time to wait here in the camp for 8 minutes, if they were lucky it would be 9 minutes .

    "Just why didn't I use the Soul Candle Technique on Sun? Damn it buddy where did you leave to at such a time, it was just a meal that you snatched. Not like i'm mad to the degree of leaving you behind, hurry back!"

    Lin counted the seconds as he muttered faintly while rubbing the little kitten's soft fur.


    "Sorry little one I can't take you with me but I have to leave soon."

    The small kitten gave a disappointed sound and tried to hold on to Lin's trouser with it's adorably tiny paws, something which Mia enviously watched happen and her previous annoyance intensified because she has been strained mentally ever since she exited the island containing the entrance to the trials of the Drowned Realm.

    Such fun occasions were Mia's favorite time of the day, despite being very talented as a Sword Cultivator, the Saintess of the Seamless Sword Sect was actually a lazy woman who liked to have fun and fool around, even her Tamed Beast was very famous for it's laziness.

    Even more for it's weak memory, it was lazy to use it's own head.



    "Eh! Watch out.... Huh, is he your.... why did you waste all this time in the first place? Come-on, let's go, these two will catch up anytime now."

    Lin was looking at Sun who miraculously turned into a tall Tiger from the palm sized kitten!

    Even his Orange fur turned blood-red when he got inflated back to his original body, in the beginning Mia thought Sun was a threat to Lin's life but she discovered the tiger crouching in front of the little boy and raising him up with it's two forelimbs gently.

    Then Mia pouted her lips and hurried the two to stop their games -which she wishes to join very badly right now- and hurry to continue escaping from the Assassins.

    "Remember, you're still grounded for what you did last time, but now isn't the time to correct this bad behavior of yours. Sorry Mia, Sun doesn't like others to.... It seems like he doesn't mind giving you a ride this time."

    Lin didn't forgive Sun for snatching his food and reminded him of his punishment, the message was that snatching Lin's food wasn't going to pass without repercussions, when he tried to apologise to Mia about Sun's irritation of having strangers mount his back, Sun went to stand next to her and made a gesture with his head as if saying : get on my back, shrimp.

    'Seems like Sun is trying to change my mind about punishing him later by letting Mia ride his back' Lin thought as he watched Mia smile excitedly when she found that Sun accepted to let her mount his back.

    Lin was happy with this new unexplainable discovery with Sun's Body anyway, now he wouldn't be constricted to sailing on a boat as he travels in waters.

    Sun's smaller size would enable Lin to escape while carrying the Tiger in case of encountering a dangerous situation, otherwise they'll have to separate by making Lin try to delay for as long as possible until Sun is away from danger before leaving himself.

    Lin was prepared to meet larger, deadlier monsters than the large bird, big Mammoth and Vulture King.

    That's why he taught Sun on how to react if they met such formidable monsters before they left home.

    Mia happily mounted Sun's back and enjoyed resting for a while as they widened the distance between them and the Assassins, Lin flew ahead and Sun sprinted agilely behind him until they were more than 100km away from the Assassins.

    While Lin was making some food for Mia she woke up from her sleep at the lovely smell of roasted meat.

    She saw Lin standing next to the strange metal box that Sun carries and stirring soup, roasting meat or chopping vegetables, now that box had many parts flipped out or pulled to expose a very neat small kitchen.

    Sun was in his original Form crouching next to Lin's body and obediently staying still, but his eyes were staring at every dish being made by his best friend intensely.


    The sound of Mia reflexively gulping on her saliva was a bit loud, even though Lin and Sun were more than 16m away any normal person would still hear it.

    Not to mention a Soul Cultivator in the Soul Eye Realm and a Demonic Beast that formulated it's Core and gained partial intelligence.

    "I didn't want to awake you until I'm finished, sit down Mia, the table will be ready in a few seconds."

    Lin said while scooping some thick steaming hot soup in a bowl then he pulled a handle on the metal box which made a circular 3m table and two chairs came out from the lowest part of the box.

    Foods which looked strange were placed in front of Mia when she sat down, but the extremely tempting aroma made her hurry to cast away all shadows of doubts and taste one of the strange dishes.

    In no time Mia was digging in on every dish and stuffing her mouth in an unladylike manner with this food which turned out to be super delicious!

    "This is very delicious.... You really can cook little Lin.... Yummy this one is bittersweet."

    Mia started to enjoy her meal under the gaze of Sun who licked his lips continuously, still when she tried to offer him some of the food generously Sun would whine softly and scratch at Lin's trouser pleadingly as if asking his permission to accept Mia's generosity.

    But Lin would ignore him and continue investigating Sun's body with his Soul Sense, curiosity was peaked in Great Sage Lin after witnessing such a phenomenal thing happen with Sun's Body.

    Seeing Sun change shape from a large exaggerated Tiger to a small kitten, was more than enough to make Lin try and seek a reasonable explanation for this Phenomenon.

    Not only did Sun grow bigger or shrink to a kitten size but also his weight increased and decreased in the two different shapes!

    "Again, change back into a Tiger."


    Lowering it's head, the small kitten grew bigger into Sun's original form in a little bit less than a split second.



    Mia watched this strange ignorant boy make his beast companion change form, the secrets of Cultivation methods related to the Beast's were an enigma to peak Cultivators.

    These are Spirit Sovereigns!

    Yet he's still not even a Spirit Apprentice and is trying to know how can a Demonic Beast change form and make their bodies smaller or sometimes with unique Varient Beasts they grow larger instead!

    "Lin I would stop if I were you, this shape-shifting ability actually makes the Demonic Beast very hungry and drained of Energy after every use. You made Sun use it 7 times already, overexerting his Energy is very bad. Make sure to feed him bigger meals after he uses this ability in the future or his growth will be hindered instead."

    Mia sighed then said to stop Lin, of course she choose to stop Lin while Sun was in his cuter form.

    And it wasn't by accident.

    "Does that mean that you was already capable of doing such a thing long before we left? Someone has been keeping secrets from me."

    Lin raised Sun up and directly touched his own forehead with Sun's small head, he was trying to zoom in on Sun's strange organ with his Soul Sense.

    This organ which Sun grew inside his Brain like a little Pearl after eating the mysterious object the Mammoth had in it's Brain.

    Lin noticed that after repetitive transformations between his Cat Form and Tiger Form, the majority of Sun's blood stream ran in a higher rate towards his Brain at the expense of the rest of the body.

    All the blood moved towards this strange unknown Pearl in his Brain, after coursing around it a couple of times the blood would slow down in it's return journey to the heart!

    Like a Black hole that mysterious small Pearl inside Sun's Brain would somehow decompose his cells and bones, break them into miniscule parts, then transfer them inside it miraculously!

    End result would be Sun's shrunken Body and now he's nothing but an ordinary orange Small kitten, his Soul Energy would change into an entirely different type and even Lin with his Soul Sense couldn't notice that Sun was the small kitten when he returned to camp with Mia despite being a few meters next to him.

    When Sun changes back into Tiger Form, Lin noticed that all the stored body cells and tiny dust-sized bone fragments would appear from the mysterious Pearl inside Sun's Brain.

    Then they'll attach back together like a very complex puzzle then Sun's Body will grow back into his original Form!

    Lin was shocked when he saw Sun's Bones change into the size of Dust from their solid state and the other way around in a few millionths of a second after getting spewed out from the Pearl or sucked whole by it.

    The small Pearl -Core- inside Sun's Brain was impenetrable, Lin's Soul Sense was stopped outside and prevented from peeking inside at all no matter how hard he tried to send his Soul Sense inside it.

    Finally Lin had to stop when he felt the uncomfortableness from Sun.

    Lin was truly amazed again by this World's strangeness and many scientifically unexplainable mysteries.

    First time was when Jin Bao transferred the Soul Soothing Stones into the Ring on his right hand as he bore witness, not to mention the man himself who currently has part of his Soul trapped inside a Ring!

    Ever since he met with Jin Bao the very reasonable and scientific oriented Great Sage changed his perspective and view point of this Spirit World, right now Lin was keeping an open mind to all possibilities and not refusing or denying anything at all.

    He can only do that when he has in his arsenal the right amount of knowledge to back up his argument, but right now Lin knows almost nothing about this world save for the name of this Land of Forgetfulness and the rest is his extremely shallow knowledge about Cultivation of the Spirit and Body Refinement.

    His Soul Cultivation gave him a bit of knowledge on relatively common knowledge to inhabitants of this Spirit World, but even that common knowledge was making Great Sage Lin's head hurt after he thought to seek a logical explanation for the seemingly easiest piece of information to dissect in a scientific way.

    Shaking his head from the daydreams which took him on a small but fast mental journey, Lin turned his attention back towards the Pearl inside Sun's Brain.

    "It changed color! the Pearl inside your head gained a bit of faint redness on it's surface Buddy, how do you feel? Nothing huh.... Alright, for now don't change your Form until you eat your fill. Come, last time I saw you this tired was when you broke your longest record on the Stamina Test."

    Lin looked thankfully towards Mia once then calmed his fatigued companion by a few gentle pats before letting go of him and started to prepare him some food.

    Mia gained two points of favorability from Lin so far.

    Once, when she tried to warn him at the time Sun surprised them by changing Form suddenly.

    Twice, when she warned him of overstraining Sun by ordering him to change Form repeatedly, especially after Lin noticed how his Tiger seemed to be very exhausted after changing Form more than once in a short time.

    Of course Sun too liked this strange woman who spoke for him, he jumped on top of her lap and accepted the food she gave him with her hand.

    "Isn't he cute in that Form.... Ouch."


    "Hey! Be good, she's trying to be friendly here. Either accept it or avoid it by keeping your distance from Mia."

    Sun showed his small canines intimidatingly to Mia and even scratched her finger when she started to ruffle his fur, the look on Mia's face after Sun did that was seeking consolation like a kid who got his candy snatched away.

    Lin felt embarrassed by what happened and glared at Sun despite noticing that Mia's finger was absolutely fine, he still reproached him gently after giving Mia an apologetic look.

    "Doesn't he like it when I touch him?"

    Mia asked Lin after noticing that Sun had lowered his ears like a kid who got scolded by his father because he was being impolite to strangers.

    "No, actually he likes it a lot when others scratch his body, its just that Sun doesn't like it when others treat him like a young Cub."

    "But.... He looks adorable, look at his tiny paws and wide eyes. It's impossible to resist, come let me spoil you Sunny."


    Mia seemed to ignore Lin's advice on how to interact with Sun, her eyes glowed when she heard that Sun liked others to scratch his fur and she started to do just that.

    Lin shook his head and cooked for his Tamed Beast almost all the food that he just stored in the box one day ago, Sun and Mia kept their childish game of who can eat faster with Sun flaring up in his hot temper after each childish compliment the Tiger heard from Mia's.

    "These pursuers will be here in twenty minutes, do you want to rest before dealing with them?"

    Lin asked because from what he can tell by looking at this Mia with his eyes she seemed to be okay, whenever he tried to probe her inner Body with his Soul Sense like he did to Sun, Lin would feel as if needles were piercing at his Third Eye, every time he tried to invade Mia's body to check her innards for any internal injuries the piercing pain would intinsify the stronger he tried to look and he had to quit doing it when it became very painful.

    An Aura of Needles covered the woman's Body when Lin scanned her with his Soul Sense, it didn't prevent him from looking at Mia's face but it prevented him from looking beyond the layer of clothes she wore.

    A similar thing happened with the two Assassins from the Assassin Guild, Lin was incapable of seeing their looks or body shapes because of the black cloaks they wore.

    But the cause was different, Lin felt as if Mia had a unique type of Energy inside her body which wasn't hindered by whatever this Land called Land of Forgetfulness do to Cultivators, while the Assassins relied on their strange black cloaks to block Lin's Soul Sense.

    Both methods succeeded in blocking Lin's Soul Energy and his first lesson was : Soul Energy isn't invincible there's ways to counter it.

    Lin had to ask to know about Mia's current state, unlike how he did when dealing with his Tiger after using a single scan with his Soul Sense Lin would make the decision himself.


    One look at the Sword Mia keeps by her side all the time and Lin could tell that she had gone through many battles, the Sword edge had so many traces of them and it was indented or even chipped off in so many places despite Mia trying her best to take care of the Sword by sharpening it continuously after she ate her meal.

    "One day of rest will be enough to recharge my Energy and fight back, but I can't face the three of them on my own. Will you help me?"

    Mia looked at her dilapidated Sword then shook her head, it was a good sword but it wasn't a Spirit Tool.

    To face two Assassins and one Cerberus without her mother's Sword and using another Spirit Weapon would be hard, to face them while using a Mortal Weapon was impossible!

    Especially after these two lunatics entered the Great Space Barrier while fully armed in top tier Spirit Tools, Weapons and Armors, despite knowing full well that these items will end up ruined if they stayed here for long. 

    Mortal Weapons or Armors lacking Spiritual Energy were the safest tools to use in this Land of Forgetfulness, rumor has it that even Spirit Tools who surpassed the Spirit Rank and reached the inheritance Rank would weaken over time in this Land until they become even weaker than Mortal Weapons only to become a pile of scrap in the end.

    She wasn't privy on the reason why, or why this strange effect wouldn't harm Space Rings despite being a whole Realm lower than inheritance Tools in the majority of cases because Space Tools are usually rarer than Spirit Weapons or Tools.

    Space Attribute is required to make a Space Tool, you either need to be Talented in the Space Element to make a Space Tool or to receive the help from one who Cultivates the Space Element.

    If you wasn't an accomplished Forger yourself with Talent in the Space Element then your Space Tool won't be of a higher level than someone else Less accomplished in the Profession of Forging, because his achievement of Cultivating the Space Element would recompensate the weak point of being a lower ranked Forger.

    Even if you're a better Forger and your helper was a better Space Cultivator the end result of the two counterparts are mostly going to end up being the same, when you Forge your Space Tool you will react faster than two people with one being responsible for watching over the materials and the other keeping watch on his Space Energy input.

    If you counted the number of people who are both Talented in Space Element and the Profession of Forging then you'll be looking for one in a hundred billion of Cultivators!

    Or once in every one million Space Cultivators.

    That's because of the Superior Realm Ranked Element of Space and it's rarity.

    Being Two whole Realms higher than the Five Basic Elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Gold.

    Or the Five famous High Elements Realm of Wind, Ice, Lightening, Darkness and Light.

    Of course this Realm has Different elements sharing this Realm but their Rank within the High Realm of Elements is lower than these Five Elements.

    Space is a Superior Realm Element along side Time, Life and Death Elements.

    This Superior Realm has only Four known Elements unlike the two Basic and High Realms before it, the records spoke vaguely and mentioned three or four other weaker Elements who should be added to this Realm.

    Their reason was because of the Superior Realm itself, amongst it's four Elements only Death element could be considered an offensive Element amongst the four.

    The three Elements of Space, Time and Life, are almost purely supportive in nature and lacked the offensive edge of Fire and it's explosive nature in the Basic Realm or Lightning with it's breakneck speed and shocking power in the High Realm.

    Space can be used in constraining the enemy, fleeing or attacking as well. But, to use Space Element offensively would be very demanding on the comprehension abilities of the user itself, that is if we counted his high requirements on comprehension abilities to Cultivate the Space Energy as the average then to use Space Energy offensively would be asking for above average kind of Talent.

    Within every ten million of Space Element Cultivators you'll find one or two at best who're capable of using Space Element offensively.

    Higher in Rank would be the Peak Realm and it's Two Pillars!

    Destruction and Creation.

    Destruction was argued as the Element which a Cultivator can use if he succeeded in fusing both Fire and Lightening Elements into a higher kind of Energy, others said it was Wind and ice, but all agreed that the Core Teaching of this Element was by taking a new Fused Element to the highest Degrees of Purity and Refinement.

    Even better if you continued to upgrade your understanding of the Dao of Destruction after learning new Daos, and try to fuse it with the already Refined Energy to seek the deadliest kind of Energy in Explosiveness and Supression.

    Then the addition of the Superior Element of Death to the equation would give birth to the Element of Destruction's greatest advantage, Nothing stands in the face of Destruction even Space and Time can't contain it's Destructive Force and has to bow down to it's Might.

    Even someone very accomplished in Space-Time Energy can't contain the attack from another Cultivator a whole Realm lower if he's using Destruction Energy, it's higher Rank in the Pyramid of Elements enables the Destruction Energy to Transcend Realms which is the First Element to be discovered to have this advantage of all the documented Elements.

    Creation was the exact opposite to Destruction, you needed to seek Harmony and Peace.

    Some sought the fusion of the Water, Earth and Wood, others sought the fusion of Water, Earth and Lightening.

    But the very famous combination was the Validated and proofed Cultivation Technique of the Elves, which required the user to Cultivate the Five Basic Elements to the sublimation then fuse them together.

    Doing such a thing was only the first step!

    Light Element has to be Cultivated in the second step then you add the Light Energy to the Five Basic Energies Fusion!

    Doing that proved to allow the user to Gain instant understanding of the basics of the Life Element, Which led to the opportunity to understand the Dao of Creation.

    Legend has it that only the Elven Queen was able to Learn how to use Creation energy in the recorded history of the Spirit World, while the Barbarian Emperor was the other person who managed to learn how to use Destruction Energy.

    All the other Seniors in the records of history who used either of the Two kinds of Destruction or Creation Energy were Very Blessed to be Born with the Latent Potential and Ability to use it once they awakened their spirits, in 50 million years of recorded history there was only five Creation Energy users were mentioned to be able to use it naturally, the Destruction Energy users on the other hand were a bit more with the number of eight.

    Only 13 people were Born with the blessing of being able to use a Peak Element from the start of their journey to Cultivate Spirit Energy, in fifty million years of time!

    The rareness was possible once every ten million years or so.

    Add the Elven Queen and the Barbarian Emperor to these 13 formidable people and the result is the Strongest 15 Ancients of All time!

    All of them except for the Barbarian Emperor who stopped in the Spirit Emperor Realm of Spirit Energy Cultivation the others reached the Spirit Sovereign Realm, but he was just as Nightmarish of a Genius Cultivator like all other Peak Element Cultivators because of his attainments in Body Refinement.

    Top of the Pyramid will be the Eternal Realm with the sole undisputed Element of Chaos occupying the whole Realm without any valid information on how to Cultivate it, whither or not there's another Element capable of Sharing this Realm with Chaos Energy? or even if there's a possibility of someone being born with the Ability to use Chaos Energy naturally.


    That would be the nightmare to every Cultivator no matter how high his Cultivation Realm was, no matter whom, even if it was a Spirit Sovereign! if such a Cultivator met a foe who could use Chaos Energy against them they'll think of fleeing first thing if they weren't Space-Time Cultivators or didn't have a Space-Time Tool which can help contain the Extremely lethal Chaos Energy.

    Despite being that scary to Cultivators they'll still fight both tooth and nail to find a chance to Cultivate nearby any safely contained Source of Chaos Energy! The suppression of this Element was a great help to Cultivators in refining their Energy no matter how high in Rank was your Elemental Energy it can't exceed Chaos Energy or suppress it no matter how Refined it was!

    But, nothing is Perfect in this World each Element has it's advantages and disadvantages.

    Space-Time Energy was capable of isolating Chaos Energy!

    Yes, Space Energy, Time Energy and Space-Time Energy proved to affect Chaos Energy despite being vulnerable to Destruction Energy these three Elements can affect an Element on the Eternal Rank!

    But that would come on the expense of a lot of Space-Time Energy compared to the amount of Chaos Energy that needs to be isolated, a hundred times of Space-Time Energy to either slow the Chaos Energy or contain it in a Barrier.

    Element Realms are : Basic, High, Superior, Peak and Eternal.

    To have a Talented Forger blessed with the Talent in Space Dao create a Space Tool in the inheritance Rank was way beyond rare to happen in this Spirit World, because the Forger needed to be a Space Cultivator with Supreme talents in a Superior Realm Element and have Peak Grade Talent in the Profession of Forging Spirit Tools.

    Mia can count on her single hand the number of inheritance Rank Space Tools known to exist in the Spirit World.

    Only three!

    Three inheritance Tools were recorded to be made by the way of "Forging" and a single one was recorded to be an "Awakened Tool" who gained it's own Soul after it's owner sacrificed his Cultivation, but records of that Space Tool called Ring of Origin being lost from the unfortunate 14th Pope of the Church of Light hands 2,000 years ago.

    The man will surely be shocked if he knew that Lin and his twin sister pushed him out from Second place and the top three on the Fastest Martial Spirit Awakening List for sure, and more so for the Peerless Genius of the Heart Seeking Sect and their current Junior Sect Master and the jewel in their eyes who got pushed down from first place to third!

    If only Mia knew that the same Space Ring Called Ring of Origin which the 14th Pope lost was currently being worn by this boy, then she would've wished to pat the Pope on his shoulder consolingly and say : "Poor you, not only did he take your Peak Grade inheritance Space Tool but also pushed you down to Fourth place."

    After all, Mia herself was pushed down from Third place to Fifth place by the twins, still, if Mia had known all that she wouldn't have left Lin after doing something shocking!

    Almost isn't enough.
  • Chapter 10 : Shrink, Rest, Feast, Then Unleash The Beast (Part 2)


    While using a flat stone to sharpen her damaged Sword Mia remembered how she fled the two Assassins unhesitatingly towards the Great Space Barrier, once she saw the Spirit Tool one of them had in his hand she knew that she wouldn't be able to escape.

    And facing them without knowing their Trump cards would be dangerous, not to mention that both of them were Spirit Tyrant Realm Assassins with the ability to fly and she's only A Spirit Grandmaster Realm Cultivator using a Spirit Tool to fly at the expense of her Energy.

    Assassin Guild members were known for their efficiency and cruelty, their tests to Rank up in the Guild would always be against foes a Realm higher than them in Cultivation.

    To test their capabilities and assassination skills, the Assassin Guild would ask their members to kill three different Cultivators with a higher Realm to make sure their members would be able to finish their mission even if their target was met with a sudden fortune to raise his Cultivation Realm.

    Mia was wounded badly at that time when she exited the Drowned Realm, then she was sneak attacked by the Holy Daughter Katherine, she escaped a mortal wound fortunately by using her strongest defensive Spirit Tool to Ward off the attack.

    But Mia's defensive Spirit Tool and one of her trump cards was damaged beyond repair, of course Holy Daughter Katherine lost an even better offensive single time use Spirit Tool after her sneak attack on Mia failed.

    As Mia's rival and current holder of the 6th place in the Spirit Awakening List with a record of 4 years 7 months and 30 days Katherine always hated Mia, especially since their records were separated by Two days!

    When Mia tried to use an Advanced Space Talisman to return to the Seamless Sword Sect and head for the Church of Light later with her Father, to seek an explanation for the offense their Holy Daughter Katherine committed against the Saintess of the Seamless Sword Sect!

    Katherine laughed like a maniac unlike her usual fake gentleness when she saw Mia activate her Advanced Space Talisman and brought out a Spirit Tool, While being covered in the overflowing Energy emitted by the Space Talisman in her hands, Mia's eyes widened in fear and she tried to grit her teeth and exit the Space Formation underneath her.

    Yet she was a step too slow, Katherine had activated the Spirit Tool in her hands before Mia escaped the small Space Formation which worked on teleporting the person who activated the Advanced Space Talisman, and Mia was locked in place and forced to wait until her Talisman teleported her but not to her original destination.

    Holy Daughter Katherine was holding a Spirit Tool without any kind of offensive or defensive abilities or uses whatsoever, it was purely supportive in nature and only to the Space Element.

    World Stabilizing Needle, the name of the Spirit Tool was exactly explaining the use of this Tool.

    It can both Stabilize the Space Element and strengthen it, forcefully guide, control and manipulate or harnessing it.

    But as long as Mia was inside the Space Formation of an Advanced Space Talisman then Katherine can only forcefully guide her destination and wasn't able to control, manipulate or harness the Space Energy within the Talisman to strengthen her World Stabilizing Needle.

    She'll need the help of at least 4 more people using 4 more World Stabilizing Needles to stop Mia from leaving, but her scheme ran deeper than Mia thought.

    World Stabilizing Needles can be linked in pairs or more to create a web of Space Energy no matter how far, using one you can guide someone's teleportation to the other Needle.

    When she teleported Mia found the two Assassins waiting for her wounded self while being armed to the teeth, she escaped to this Land of Forgetfulness which she kept hearing stories about countless people who got lost forever in it since ancient history.

    It was either, Mia tries her luck in escaping from her pursuers by using this cursed Land of Forgetfulness suppression to elude them or try to bait them into dying at the hands of Beasts or Savages roaming this Land before trying to leave.

    Mia had to do something before crossing the Great Space Barrier covering this Land, Mia had to store all her Equipments in her Space Ring, otherwise her items would degrade in time and lower in Level by losing their Spiritual Energy while being in the Land of Forgetfulness and exposed to Chaotic Energy.

    Yes she had one inheritance Tool, one being a Sword and her strongest Spirit Tool.

    However, that one originally belongs to her mother, her late mother who died when Mia was the same age as Lin.

    To avoid any possibilities of damaging or destroying that Sword, Mia placed it in her Space Ring alongside her other spiritual items and carried this Mortal Weapon instead.

    Mia's mother sacrificed all her Cultivation to help save her father during one journey in Beast Mountains, Doing such a thing means living as a cripple for the rest of her life.

    Others won't be as weak as Mia's mother after sacrificing their Cultivation because Mia's mother used her life force to protect Mia who lived in her belly with the remaining Energy that she had in her Body until she gave birth to her.

    Doing such a thing meant opening the door to your Vital Energy to seep out with time until it is all spent.


    After that her mother was very weak and feeble, for months she would stay in her sickness bed after experiencing a very normal cold which mortals can handle pretty easily.

    Mia's father would keep asking around and sending for Spirit Alchemists from the Alchemist Brotherhood, Mortal Physicians and Apothecaries from everywhere to come and see if they could help his wife regain her fading health and vitality.

    The reward for whomever treats his wife's illness reached an astronomical number when Mia's mother was at her final days, All of her father's Wealth!

    The wealth of a regular Spirit Sovereign would make the whole World of Cultivators go crazy, not to mention the wealth of the Sect Master of the Seamless Sword Sect.

    One of the Five Great Sects, Sect Master's Wealth, Made the other Four Sect Masters of the Five Great Sects do their best trying to heal Mia's mother in hopes of acquiring this amazing Fortune.

    Unfortunately Mia's mother ended up succumbing to her illness and death welcomed her with open arms, the Sect Master of the Seamless Sword Sect was devastated when he couldn't help his woman no matter how much he tried to prevent it from happening.

    All he had from his beloved wife was a Second inheritance Tool for his Sect and a six years old daughter with the highest grade of potential for Spirit and Sword Cultivation, Mia didn't disappoint him by gaining the recognition of the inheritance Tool's Soul and became the Saintess of the sect.

    But Mia's very close resemblance to her mother's looks as she grew up, especially Mia's smile would make her father daze and daydream of his days of happiness with her mother all the time.

    That's why Mia always felt like her father was kind of avoiding her intentionally all the time, however, she felt his deep love and care, whenever she was harmed Mia's father would fly into rage and the Aura of a Sovereign of both Sword and Spirit Cultivation would make the Sect or whomever is around him tremble in fear or stand at attention with worry for their lives.

    One time Mia got hurt by a Senior brother of her sect during a friendly duel and her father acted shamelessly by using one finger to beat that young man despite being 6 Realms his junior, yes he didn't kill him but Mia's father made sure to teach him a very good lesson.

    "Bully my daughter? Humph."

    That was the only thing Mia's father said as he stood under the sight of the gawking Seamless Sword Sect member's, their "Sword Sovereign" and strongest Sword user in the Spirit World by the unanimous recognition of the Strongest Cultivators!

    Bullied a Junior of his Sect 6 Whole Realms Lower than him using one finger his Pinky!

    Why? Because this junior was older than his daughter by 4 years and had higher Cultivation than Mia by exactly 3 Sub-realms in the Spirit Master Realm.

    He dares to wound his daughter? This sect master will show the world what happens to those who bully his daughter himself.

    Shamelessness beyond limits were seen from the Sect Master when he did that.

    "No, all I can offer for you is to corner them, the rest is up to you to handle after they finish their fight with the Vultures. You sure you want to do this?"

    Lin awoke Mia from her daydreams with his refusal, Mia pouted her lips and nodded silently to indicate her understanding.

    "Then it's settled, Sun will carry you as you rest for now. Afterwards we'll finish dealing with these people, let's go Sun we need to restock our supplies."

    Lin clapped once after Mia answered and started packing his items back in the box, then Mia pouted her lips again when Sun jumped from her palms and reverted back to his true Form to carry her on his back.

    But she knew that without Sun to carry her as she sleep then there would be no use in waiting for a day to face the Assassins, and quite honestly Mia was very sick of running around smelling like a pig and looking like a beggar.

    12 minutes after Sun and Lin left their camp site with Mia laying down on her face enjoying the texture of Sun's soft fur on her dirty face, soundlessly two people draped in Black cloaks appeared flanking a 5m tall three headed dog with forked tongues and reptilian brown eyes.

    The Black Beast seemed to fuse with Darkness like it's two human companions, the Cerberus claws shone with greenish scales and it's Tail was replaced with three hooked scorpion stingers with eery purple tips curved fearfully in strange shape.

    If stung with them the stingers would hook the prey towards it's Body, then these four Long, Deep Green Fangs in each head would bite the prey and keep it close for the thick pillar-like legs to start tearing with these sharp looking black claws.

    "Just how did she manage to get her hand on that Beast and tame it without a fight, wait! These marks belong to a kid, she ate and rested here for a while and they left just a few minutes ago. Old Weisheng wanna rest for a while? This little bitch never stopped running for two years. Just wait until I get my hands on her, i'll enjoy slitting her throat slowly after ravaging her to my heart's content."

    One of the Assassins spoke with his deeply depressing voice after taking a quick glance at the area before pulling back his hood, his face which appeared was of a 30 something years old notably handsome man with an irritating smirk on his chiseled face which spoke the word : Narcissistic.

    "No, this might complicate things for us if she managed to find a helper she could use some trick to delay us before she escapes, Xiangming don't forget that our contract is only to do our best to finish her in 3 years or try to keep her lost in this abominable Land forever if we can. If we fail then be prepared to be chased by Sword Sovereign himself and the rest of her Seamless Sword Sect if our identities were somehow discovered. Now the Saintess is here and has us in the disadvantageous position instead with all three of us -including her- and your Cerberus unable to use our Spirit Energy while she has access to her Sword intent, while both of us aren't Weapon Cultivators, thankfully she didn't want to ruin her inheritance Weapon and stored her Sword and all her Spirit items away before entering the Great Space Formation. Now we only have two advantages which are your Cerberus and the Spirit Tools we took from Holy Daughter Katherine, if our Spirit Tools didn't hold until the duration of our contract is over then this little demon can flip the tables on us. Don't let down your guard until you actually slit her throat, after that ravage her to your heart content I don't have time for these games anyway. These medicinal ingredients are vital for my research, of course your Cerberus's contribution won't be up for the wind. As we agreed, after concocting that Swan Pill for you, you'll give me your Tyrannical Gauntlets! Honestly I don't know why did you insist on keeping them with you despite being very useless to you and unsuitable for your fighting style."

    The other Assassin turned out to be an old man with a head full of white hair, face full of wrinkles and his squinted eyes were making it hard for the younger Assassin called Xiangming to see his pupils.

    Frowning deeply when he saw his partner show his old face, Xiangming nodded then turned to pat his Cerberus rough green scales but he was in fact avoiding the unpleasant sight of this old Weisheng's face.

    They both continued to hunt Mia silently while guessing who might that new kid with the big Beast be!

    Weisheng and Xiangming were both after two entirely different goals from this mission.

    Old Weisheng is not talented in Cultivation and despite being more than 130 years old the man was still only a Fifth level Spirit Tyrant which makes his talent in Spirit Energy Cultivation mediocre at best! However, his accomplishments were focused on the profession of Alchemy especially the Dao of Poison.

    Weisheng is a Poison expert and a Cultivator of the Earth Element, by using his variety of Poisons alongside his Gravitational Powers of the Earth attribute made Weisheng a moving Poisonous Quagmire once you're trapped in his techniques then it's just a matter of time until you're dead by the suffocating suppression of Crushing Gravity and weakened by Deadly Poison.

    That only works on targets in the Tyrant Realm or lower, Weisheng's approach would change to keeping his distance from his target and trying his best to finish his mission with his Poisons in case of having to deal with a Cultivator in the Spirit Lord Realm or higher.

    Weisheng's Rank within the Guild was 8 starred Spirit-Gold Assassin, his Earth Element played a major part in manipulating the terrain to his advantage before laying down the perfect ambush loaded with venomous Poisons for his target.

    Once his prey was infected with his Poisons, Weisheng would activate his Gravity Field Technique to sap away their power and weaken them until they're no longer capable of retaliating against him, as a person with lesser talent Weisheng enjoyed killing these geniuses he felt satisfaction and strange release to hidden emotions stifled deep behind his creased face.

    This old man Weisheng was the extremely patient type and the last time he earned a star on his Cloak was long before Xiangming was Born!

    While Xiangming is a fairly talented Loose Cultivator who joined the Assassin Guild by chance 15 years ago and succeeded in raising in rank after completing one dangerous mission after another like a suicidal Maniac, he was after fame and popularity in the Cultivation World and always dreamed of the time his name would resound in all corners.

    Xiangming was 33 years old and hated two things in life, ugliness and any Cultivator who's more famous or prettier than he was!

    Males and females were alike in Xiangming's narcissistic eyes, only him stays as the undisputed champion in the beauty contest on the delusions of his own sick mind's making.

    The younger Assassin was blessed with dual attributes of Wind and Lightning, one of which is famous for it's spontaneous movement and bursts of Explosiveness and the other is famous for it's agility and freedom.

    But both are leaning heavily towards the word Speed.

    He's an extremely fast Cultivator who slits the throats of his victims before they catch a glimpse of his after-image the target would slump down to the ground in a buddle of his own blood, even though old Weisheng is two sub-realms higher than Xiangming who's only a Peak Low Grade Spirit Tyrant, he wouldn't stop using his Gravity Field Technique if he knew that this sissy boy was gunning for his head.

    Once Xiangming learned of the mission requirements he went to this stubborn old man and asked him to concoct a Poisonous Pill for him which was a very high ranked 8th level Pill.

    When Xiangming finally found the chance to create the Swan Pill he didn't hesitate to relinquish his Tyrannical Gauntlets in exchange for a chance to bypass the Rank of a Spirit-Gold Assassin within the Guild and raise to the Spirit Pearl Rank or the Spirit Ruby Rank!

    Right now Xiangming was a 3 star Spirit-Gold Assassin, to raise a single star in the Guild's ranking would require him to take out 3 Cultivators in the Spirit Lord Realm.

    That was a Realm higher than his own Cultivation!

    And that was how the Assassins Guild harshly demanded from it's members, always looking for stronger and harder opponents for it's members who seek higher position in the Guild.

    But, if someone in the Spirit Tyrant Realm like Xiangming managed to kill a Cultivator in the Spirit King Realm then he's going to receive the acknowledgement from the Guild no matter what.

    The ranks within the Assassins Guild are : Silver, Gold, Spirit-Gold, Spirit Pearl, Spirit Ruby, Spirit Diamond and Spirit Amethyst.

    Each of these Titles would be decorated with a Star and up to 9 Stars before having to undergo the tests to raise in Rank to a higher Title, which will be given only after successfully completing the required mission from the Assassin.

    Suicidal Xiangming was aware of the benefits and uses of the Pill called Sweat Pill, it was a kind of Poisonous Pill categorized as Level 7.

    Any person with a Cultivation lower than a Spirit king would be Poisoned after swallowing it, but if a Spirit King ingested it then it will benefit him instead by accumulating hidden impurities from all over the Body and expelling it away with constant sweat and that's where it's name came from.

    By luck, Xiangming found a secret recipe for a higher ranked Pill that could be made from the same ingredients! The only addition was the stinger and Fang poison from the Cerberus, by chance, Xiangming's Tamed Beast is a Scorpion Tailed Cerberus at the Peak of the Demonic Beast Realm.

    Swan Pill was the name of the Pill in the secret recipe, That Swan Pill was Rank 8 and would kill even the strongest Spirit King if he ingested it.

    The ones who could benefit from it are those in the Spirit Emperor Realm.

    Xiangming and Weisheng had an agreement, they both finish this risky mission together and the rare medicinal ingredients in the reward goes to Weisheng for his research with the level 7 Spirit item the Tyrannical Gauntlets.

    In exchange for the Swan Pill which Xiangming will use to get rid of a certain Spirit King, that Senior was too much of an eyesore in the beautiful eyes of the Wind-Lightning Cultivator Xiangming.

    Of course, all that bullshit about Xiangming's narcissistic eyes being beautiful was.... Self proclaimed.

    Their agreement was witnessed by one of the Assassin Guild's Elders and Weisheng had to swear an oath on his Martial-Spirit not to tell a soul of the recipe or make any of that Swan Pill after concocting the First Cauldron worth of Pills.

    Of course the Guild Elder had to swear an oath of secrecy as well.

    The Guild Elder asked Xiangming to buy the rest of the Swan Pills at a high price and promised to recommend him to one of the grand elders of the Guild if he succeeded in eliminating a Spirit King, that Grand Elder was a Cultivator of Wind-Lightning Elements like Xiangming.

    Xiangming couldn't wait to finish his job of killing Mia, after collecting his reward he can Kill a Spirit King Realm Senior Cultivator with the Swan Pill.

    After accomplishing that feat, then it will be like the doors of his dreams are wide open to welcome him.

    Raising a Rank in the Guild, possibly two!

    Gaining a Senior Cultivator's guidance, possibly a master!

    Selling the remaining Swan Pills to the Guild for a considerable amount of money, Cultivation Resources are no longer a problem!

    And the best of them all would be his infamous reputation across the World, killing the Saintess of the Seamless Sword Sect and the Sect Master's Daughter, killing Someone two Realms higher a Spirit King!

    The higher the Cultivation the harder it is to Transcend Realms and a Spirit King is the 7th Realm of Spirit Energy Cultivation!

    Cultivation Realms are : Spirit Apprentice, Spirit Disciple, Spirit Master, Spirit Grandmaster, Spirit Tyrant, Spirit Lord, Spirit King, Spirit Emperor, Spirit Sovereign.

    These nine Realms contain 9 sub-realms or Stages each, every three stages are called respectively : Low, Mid and high.

    A third stage Spirit Apprentice would be called Peak Low Grade Spirit Apprentice and likewise for all the Realms and it's subcategories.

    While running next to young lunatic Xiangming, old Weisheng noticed his obvious excitement and shook his head at how this Sissy isn't worried about a thing in the world.

    After living more than a century long in this dangerous World his danger awareness developed to an acute sense, somehow since Weisheng discovered that Mia found a mysterious young helper with a Beast that looked no less dangerous than Xiangming's Cerberus.

    His gut told him to be extremely careful from now on and seek to keep Mia here for one more year to finish their contract before leaving, killing the Saintess felt extremely unlikely to Poison expert Weisheng.

    Not to mention that old Weisheng has already offended a lot of people in his early years of Cultivation, these monsters turned out to be giants with the least of them being Mid Grade Spirit King.

    He was fortunate enough to keep his identity hidden in the Guild with only Suicidal Xiangming and a few elders knowing his identity, the administration of the Guild made sure to keep their vulnerable, weak and Low Ranked Assassin's identity hidden to protect them from the bullying of Senior Cultivators if they killed their juniors.

    Almost all of the members of the Assassin Guild were wanted no matter how high their Rank, but the minority were unfortunate enough to expose their identity while the majority used their Cloak's Ability to block any investigative method and escape.

    Even Xiangming didn't know the identity of old Weisheng he forced the man to the deal with his sweet offer of a Secret Recipe to a new unknown Pill that will help him gain new understanding of the Poison Dao at Least!

    Swan Pill is surely to help Weisheng to increase his Alchemy Rank from a Master Alchemist to a Grandmaster!

    From here on he'll be able to concoct Level 7 Pills if he wanted and needed right now, Working with Poison certainly exposes you to a great risk all the time.

    Old Weisheng wanted to Cultivate the immunity Physique and Seek the Great legend of Immortality in the Spot of Mindless illusion, yet doing such a thing required him to sacrifice his Vitality in order to evolve his Body Cells into newer version of Poison Resistant Cells.

    These Cells would consume venom to grow larger and occupy Weisheng's Poison vulnerable Cells, if he couldn't keep up with the spread by evolving the rest of his Body Cells to accommodate this Corroding Energy which his Evolved Body Cells Create After Consuming the Poisonous Mixtures From the Body.

    Then it will take over the weak Cells and harm the Body instead!

    Old Weisheng found this Damaged Manual and Cultivated it's First Stage to 35% Completion, at the expense of at least 400 years of his lifespan and all his Resources trying to prevent the incoming disaster.

    When old Weisheng started to Cultivate it he was in great physical Shape as a Spirit Master he could fight hand to hand combat in case his Gravity Field Technique couldn't restrain his opponent's mobility.

    But the disappointment was his underestimation of the technique's brutality, By drawing on his Life Force and Vitality, his Wounds Started to Take longer than it should to heal, his Stamina started to Stagnate and some times it lagged behind instead.

    And this Damn Technique took his Life Force and Vitality like a Kun-Peng Swallowing the Void, first time he sacrificed 50 years worth of Life Force and the Technique was cultivated to 8% but the hateful in this was the slower rate of successful Cell evolutions compared to the increasing expenditure of Vitality.

    No matter how he offered only a Small amount of his Cells would Evolve into the New Version while their spread of this abominable Energy in his Body would corrode it even further, which forced him into seeking Alchemy as a Profession to economise his Spirit Resources.

    And it turned out to be his Talent Which he never thought it would be, From an Amateur Cultivator dappling with Alchemy to a Professional Master Alchemist Titled with this Rank by the recognition of the Alchemist Brotherhood one of the three Greatest Alchemist organizations in the Spirit World.

    Right now his chances of out-living this disaster was only possible if he took one Vitality Pill after another, the higher ranked Pill the better!

    'Hell, bring them all' old Weisheng thought that as he gritted his teeth to keep up with Xiangming in their chase of Mia and Lin while wishing to rewind back time and slap himself to prevent himself from Cultivating this abominable immunity Physique Method.

    Last Vitality Pill he ate was a Level 7 Transformation Pill and it Gave him an addition of Cell Evolution of 4%, he was almost driven with madness by the way this immunity Technique was driving him towards his grave.

    When Xiangming offered his request for an Alchemist to help him in making some Pill and offering two tempting rewards, he knew that he had to go on this mission because this was a chance to hopefully get to live to see this Physique to perfection.

    Spot of Mindless illusion is one of the many forbidden areas of the Spirit World, many times would you find the place mentioned everywhere yet unknown to all.

    It is the greatest mystery of the World, others argued that the Spot of Mindless illusion is very Great but, at least 2 more places should be mentioned to be just the same.

    One of them is this Land of Forgetfulness itself, and the other is the Great Waters Surrounding the Four Continents, what lies beyond them? How far are they?

    But the very famous rumor is the Immortal Garden hidden deep inside the Everlasting colorful mist covering the Spot of Mindless illusion, those who enter has to suppress their Cultivation back to a Spirit Apprentice or the equivalant in Rank as the most Basic Ranked upstarting Cultivator with a slightly better foundation than a Mortal Body.

    Otherwise you'll only be blocked at the entrance and no matter what you try to do you'll never be able to forcefully enter the spot, Peak Cultivators of the Spirit World tried and failed for 50 million years now.

    As you walk deeper inside your Mortal Body gets exposed to venomous substances of various degrees of lethality, as a Mortal you can't live without breathing, eating or drinking.

    Everything you deal with inside the Spot is consisted of Poison!

    At a certain depth you encounter the first and only thing mentioned to exist in the Spot of Mindless illusion, the immortal Garden!

    They say some Evil Cultivator once reached it and harvested 3 Three herbs of the Divine Rank before escaping with the last vestiges of his Life, of course he got murdered by another to steal them and a very famous battle which ended with the death of 14 Spirit Sovereigns and triple the amount of that of Spirit Emperors and hundreds of Spirit Kings who got caught up in the momentum of bloodlust and lost their lives in this Battle.

    Legend has it that the Poison in that immortal Garden was beyond possible to endure with a Mortal Body especially if you lost the advantage of your Cultivation, Both Land of Forgetfulness and the Spot of Mindless illusion were alike in their suppression of guests but the Spot was a lot forceful in attacking those who enter with Poison then sending them out safe and sound after they would reach the bodily limit of enduring Poison.

    Yes, the Spot of Mindless illusion was safe compared to any other forbidden area, because nobody was ever dead within it.

    However, many spent their lifetime wandering the terrains of the Spot of Mindless illusion absentmindedly until they got kicked out in the end of their lifespan to die outside!

    The only common thing between all who entered was the memory loss, nobody could ever remember the path they took.

    Even the Evil Cultivator couldn't remember how he reached the immortal Garden, it was all thankful to his Cultivation Technique which made his body capable of resisting the Poisons.

    Some said that the Spot of Mindless illusion is some kind of Divine Tool with extremely potent Poison and the whole experience inside the Spot is just it's trial to find a suitable new Master after the owner of the Tool died.

    Old Weisheng was after that legend when he started to Cultivate the immunity Physique, he knew that his Talent in Cultivation of Spirit Energy was severely lacking to reach the Peak amongst the World of Cultivators.

    That's why he took the risk of overspending and straining his Vitality to seek that opportunity inside the Spot of Mindless illusion, he was going all out for a miniscule chance of some legend that he wished for it somehow turning out to be true.

    With all his heart!

    Lin would be amazed if he knew of the ambitions of this old Assassin and would recommend him to go see a psychiatrist while giving him pitying looks, the man didn't hesitate to gamble with his Life for a faint chance of getting stronger!

    While any other Cultivator and many Martial Arts cripples who couldn't enter this world of Cultivation would look at this courageous Poison expert with respect, even if he was their enemy.

    Two humans and one Beast ahead and two humans accompanied by one beast chasing them from behind, the search continued for a day which Mia spent the majority of it sleeping.

    When she woke Lin took chance of having a Cultivator around to gain some information on this unknown Spirit World, since old Jin Bao would ignore Lin's attempts to communicate.

    From her he got to know the existence of the Four Continents and their ruling Sects.

    Northern Continent was ruled by the Church of Light and their genius 14th Pope, the Fastest Cultivator alive.

    The Eastern Continent and it's Temple of Transparency teaching Buddhism, Monks roamed the Continent amongst the mortals seeking the heart of Buddha of the legends.

    Mia kept warning Lin to be extra careful if he met any of these Bald Donkeys one day.

    The Western Continent with it's War God Throne and Axe Holding Statue, Body Refinement teachings is common on this Continent even other races beside Barbarians mostly choose that "Dao" over Spirit or Soul Cultivation.

    Countless people in the Western Continent would be weapon masters able to use weapon intent.

    Southern Continent has the Cultivation Alliance and it is the Strongest of the 5 Great Sects of the Spirit World, and also the richest organization!

    Some called the Cultivation Alliance the World's Bank, and they deserved that title because of the countless riches they managed to hoard since the Alliance was founded long ago.

    Then she proudly told him of her Sect, Seamless Sword Sect and the last member of the 5 Great Sects alongside the Cultivation Alliance, Temple of Transparency, Church of Light and the War God Throne.

    Located further South of the Southern Continent, in a group of islands covered in mist all year round was Mia's Seamless Sword Sect.

    The strongest weapon Sect in the Spirit World.

    Lin couldn't help but notice the smug on Mia's face when she spoke of her Sect and how much she tried to emphasize it's greatness to Lin, her attempts to tempt Lin into joining her sect were very clear to the Great Sage eyes and he ignored the topic to Mia's disappointment.

    By the time when a day has passed Lin had accumulated quite a sum of information from Mia's on this Spirit World, still, Mia was often distracted with her playful personality and got into squabbles with Sun all the time after calling him cute and such.

    Lin was partly satisfied with what he learned from Mia and felt the need to separate the two from each other, otherwise Sun would really attack Mia with the intention to harm her if he left Mia to tease and stick to the Tiger like the glue.

    "It's time, Mia like I said before me and Sun will not participate in the fight."

    Lin gestured for Sun to carry both the box and Mia on his back then reminded Mia, again the Saintess nodded in disappointment to indicate her agreement as she ruffled Sun's fur with her fingers while mumbling mumbo-jumbo with pouted libs.

    "Sun, head Northeast there's a group of mountain Rams try to hunt the largest one. You and I will stay here until Sun returns Mia, according to what you said that Cerberus is only capable of leading these Assassins towards you and isn't able to pinpoint your location or the distance between you two."


    Taking half a circle in their road back to the territories nearby the Vultures, Lin ordered Sun and the latter didn't hesitate to throw Mia off of his back and dashed Northeast with all his power.

    Lin distracted Mia with his question and sniggered inside at how much this Mia grew to like his Tiger in a little bit over a day.

    "En, it can feel my direction that's all."

    Mia plopped down on a nearby stone after answering and looked at Lin, waiting for him to explain his plan.

    "Next part will be a bit tricky, over there to the west is a pathway leading to a dead end. If we could lead these Assassins there while the Vultures feast on the mountain Ram which Sun went to hunt, then, block their path of retreat. They wouldn't be able to evade the attack of the Vulture flock in the narrow space, at least their casualties will be severe if they managed to survive the Vultures attack. It all needs to happen in precise timing, once Sun returns you need to stay mounted on his back all the time. I'll be responsible for keeping track of the Assassins whereabouts and provoking the Vultures then goading them towards the mountain Ram, you're the center of my focus in this plan, your location and movement during the advance of the Assassins through the path or the Vultures chasing me needs to be both fast and discreet. When the Assassins enter this dead end you need to be on the other side of the mountain hidden from the eyes of the Vultures as they search for the offender which is me, after their search of me turns out to be a failure the Vultures will take the sudden fortune of a free meal which is the hunted mountain Ram. Then i'll circle around to the pathway entrance and block it once the Assassins and their Cerberus gets discovered by the Vultures, that will be the signal for you to return with Sun and watch the show. Whither or not you're required to dirty your hand will be up to the Assassins capabilities but I don't think it's going to be needed, these Vultures are a lot and their King and it's minions are really dangerous. Any questions?"

    Lin knew what Mia wanted to hear and calmly told her his plan.

    Mia on the other hand felt her lower back tingle with a shiver of dread when she heard Lin describe his trap, if she didn't know Lin's true age she would've mistaken him for a veteran strategist of the military laying down plans of a conquest of another nation's army.

    She felt it before when Lin kept pestering her with all his questions about the world and it's common knowledge, his curiosity was noticeable and his passion was commendable, but, the earlier narration of his plan to trap the Assassins opened another curtain to reveal to Mia another talent this young boy had.

    If only did Mia know, that Lin's true talent isn't his early Awakening of his Martial-Spirit or his accomplishments in Soul Cultivation or even his dormant potential in Body Refinement.

    Lin's knowledge and intellectual capabilities were unsurpassed in his previous life and his Brain went through another stage of Refinement when his Soul helped in changing his memories into parts of his Soul Body, like adding wings to a Tiger his thought process and comprehension abilities passed what would be called Godly in his previous life and reached the current stage which Lin himself can't estimate.

    Right now Lin's number one talent manifest within his intellect.

    On top of his shoulders is one kind of monstrous Brain which Lin is sure that it can only exist in one other person, Lily his twin sister.

    Shaking her head slightly Mia felt the sudden urge to drag Lin back to her sect with her after she's done with the matter of these two Assassins, just to enjoy the look on her father's face when he sees the terrible amount of Talent Lin has despite being a few days older than 6 years.

    "Alright then, behind that rocky wall there's water for you to wash up. Sorry but please make it a fast shower we don't have enough time for a long soak."

    Lin saw Mia refrain from asking questions and seemed to daydream about something, he told her to go clean up because she currently looked like his mother in her previous days of prehistoric life.

    Almost isn't enough.
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