Praying to the Higher Realms to try and get these features added.

Wuxiaworld has been growing in the past year, and the site overhaul was definitely a step in the right direction. With that being said, there are still a number of things which I, and I'm sure many others, would like to see implemented if possible. Some of the suggestions might not be too useful now, but I predict they will be very useful in the future as the site grows. Also, I'm no tech wizard, so I'm unsure of how difficult these features are to make happen, but at the very least they will act as food for thought and hopefully prompt the site to keep improving, regardless of their practicality.

In no particular order they are:

  • Be able to delete your own comments without a time restriction
  • Be able to customise notification settings (for example, no notifications for comment replies. Even better if it can be customised depending on the age of the comment)
  • A more detailed and fleshed out profiles and interaction on the main site
  • Ability to customise the bookmarks page (have different subheadings to place novels under like: reading, paused, or even create customised headings)
  • Ability to block or mute specific commenters (or comment chains)
  • Ability to 'follow' other users (admittedly pretty useless if the previously mentioned more detailed profiles and interaction don't happen)

These are just a couple of things I hope to see in the future. If you have anything you would like implemented on Wuxiaworld, then leave it in the replies! If we're lucky, the higher realms, in their power and benevolence, may deem these suggestions worthy of consideration.

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