Gold karma usage prioritized over free karma, bug or feature?

I was going to let this go but it bothers me more than I though, and I'm unsure if it's intended behaviour or a bug.

So, I used to frequent this site years ago, but I grew bored of the stories and didn't visit in years. Because of recent circumstances, I figured I might as well check it again and finish some stories I abandoned years ago. I was surprised when I found the whole karma system, read up on it, and discovered I had 5000 gold karma on my account due to its age.

At that point, I switch plans and read the stories still ongoing while piling up karma to read the finished ones. This was going well until I hit the free karma cap of 3000. So I thought I'd change again and read the finished one one arc at a time, to use up the free karma in small bursts and then have some time to let it build back up. Unfortunately, when I unlock a chapter karma doesn't work the way I expect it to.

Basically, the first time it unlocks a chapter it takes from the free karma. The second time too. However, by the third time (or more accurately, when it's about to exceed the 100 karma point on a day) it will start taking karma entirely from the golden karma pool. I can never get my free karma go lower than 2900 points.

This is annoying because I'm naturally a hoarder, and when presented with a non-renewable resource like golden karma my natural inclination is to keep it untouched until I have a real reason to use it up. Plus, my daily free karma is never the full 100 now, and that irks me too.

My current approach is to try using up the golden karma and hope that once I only have free karma it will start going below 2900. Because what would be the point of stockpiling it if I can only spend 100 per day anyway? I have to assume it will work "properly" once my free karma is gone. But again, using it up bothers me more than I expected, even with my waning interest on the site. Thus, this post complaining about it.

I don't know if this is expected behaviour, a known but hard to squash bug or something weird happening to just me, but I figured I should let it be known. The forum has changed a lot though, not only did I have to create a new account to post for some reason but the look of it changed after re-registering, so I have no idea if I'm even posting this on the right place. So if I have the wrong place, please direct me to the right one.
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