[Novel] A bunch of novels i would like to read in wuxiaworld

Hi, I've been following you guys since years and this is the page where i always find something interesting to read. 
I will leave my suggestion for the page, so you have them in mid if you conider to translate a new novel. (All of them are good)
1. Memorize- From the same author of "Second coming of glutony". It's translated until ch 100, hiatus or dropped. I've read it until 500 and it's like SCG but darker, more mature and the plots twist amazing.
2. Triller Paradise- It's a chinese novel, which works psychology, drama, romance(late and dense), It's a detective novel  where a guy is going to die due to a disease in his brain, this cause him that he can't fear. So, there is this game that is launched, this is about a horror game where the participants have differents kind of trials to level up. Each trial is a horror story and the Mc. will try to regain his fear to be able to live the next year. (This one is in another page, but is generally dropped, some months ther are chapter, some no)
I've just said few words for these novels cause for one to apreciate the one have to read them. I will post others suggestion if i get a reply and to the people who read this. Give them a try  :)


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