A story where fantasy begins

Thousands of years ago, lands were filled with peace and harmony. Locals dwelled and worked to their heart’s content. Family legacies passed on for many generations.

However, an unknown force has been lurking in the shadows. With the appearance of the Blood Lord, peace ceased to exist. The Blood Lord slaughtered all living organisms that crossed his path while absorbing souls to further strengthen himself. During the times of apocalypse, the Blood Lord ruled over all continents with sovereignty. The fresh scent of burning corpses can be tasted amidst the ongoing bloodshed.

Five Schools joined forces to vanquish the diabolical Blood Lord. However, their path was paved with hardships and desperation. After paying the bitter price, The Five Schools were finally able to gain an upper-hand over The Blood Lord. In the final moments of the decisive battle, the five leaders of the schools sacrificed their school's legacy weapons to seal off the Blood Lord under the Jade Cliff, Disciples of the Schools were ordered to keep a close watch on the seal for generations.

Until recently, a violent shock suddenly emitted within the Cliff of Focusing Jade. The weapons that sealed the Blood Lord were shattered one after the other while having their fragments scattered all over the mountain. Five schools immediately strengthened their surveillance on the seal with their disciples and ordered to search for the ancient magic weapon fragments across the mountain range…


  • TALISMAN ONLINE M is a cross-platform Chinese fantasy MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) mobile game that harkens back to the spirit of our original PC video game Talisman Online. From the perspective of mobile games, TALISMAN ONLINE M has made enough innovations, while restoring the classic PC video game Talisman Online:

    TALISMAN ONLINE M added weather systems such as drizzle, wind, snow, sunset, and other weather conditions, thereby transforming the game environment and making it no longer static.

    With the open-ended landscape view, we are trying to paint a detailed game picture for you guys. Whether if it’s a small bridge on top of a stream or a darkened altar scene, TALISMAN ONLINE M attempts at its best to restore the charm of ancient Chinese structures while leading you into this new immersive world to explore, solve, and take part in..

  • TALISMAN ONLINE M perfectly combined two types of gameplay: player vs player (PVP) and player vs environment (PVE), so that players will have multiple experiences while playing TALISMAN ONLINE M on your phone, tablet and PC. All personal game data will be shared, which means you can continue the adventure as long as you use the same account on the phone, tablet, or PC.

    The most important thing in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is the interaction between players. We made this point very prominent when we created TALISMAN ONLINE M, and set up a very rich player interaction system.
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