I am looking for a translation or original novel and they posted it here in the forums, i cant remember the name.

The Setting:
Chinese medievil period, lots of courtyards and noble houses and clans and sheeeeet.
Intro starts out with a girl being transmigrated into another girls body, the original girl was secluded in her own courtyard by her own father for years and then she died there,
after she died she actually reincarnated into her younger self and then she went mad from lonelyness tried to climb the courtyards wall and died.

enter the transmigrator.
a bunch of shit happens, she helps a little fat kid while out and he turns out to be a prince that ran away from home. she scolds him for being a retard and helps him get home.
she buys a manor of her own that had a decrepit vineyard and a mountain at the back, she starts making wine again and the mountain turns out to be a mine for a rare metal, lots of corruption in the court is discovered because of her mine and then the royal family go ham and kill all the traitors in one night.

there was also a nanny or something at the start i think and she managed to save alot of the money the father gave the original girl because he only gave her one payment for the rest of her life when he kicked her to the courtyard.

the protag is pretty chill and rational, no hysterics or anything.
the protag also buys a bunch of rare and sometimes magical items from a travelling merchant, some of the items are magical, she gave the fatty prince kid a puzzle box?

pls help senpais
that guy that translated had already done like 100 chappys.
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