Apocalypse's Sword Immortal

Chapter 1

The hard, ice-cold fang of the bloodsucking bugman pierced Xu Feng’s body in an instant, and at the same time the dark-gold grade sword in Xu Feng’s hand - which was made of blood-sucking bugman fang - also pierced the bugman carapace joint at its neck. Purple-red blood spurted from the bugman neck to Xu Feng’s face.
The bugman movements suddenly became more sluggish, its body involuntarily started to twitch.
“Die! Die! Die!” Xu Feng roared, the emitting dark-gold luster sword in his hand incessantly pierced the bugman’s neck again and again.
Eventually, the scarlet luster in the bugman eye’s began to dim, and the bugman’s sinister face stiffen, it drooped its head, pressing against Xu Feng’s chest motionlessly.
As he was killing the bugman, Xu Feng couldn’t help but cough a mouthful of fresh blood, at this moment his health point had already reduced to one digit. however “bleeding” status appeared on his status panel. He had already used up all recovery potions in his backpack.
“Should..Should I die here? hehehe….” Xu Feng coughed softly. Foams of blood appeared on the corner of his mouth, and as time passed He felt that his body became colder and colder.
“It has been 10 years. I’ve been fighting these invaders for 10 years, I feel tired too, A Feng, Xiao Lin, wait for me, cough...cough..”
“Sss...Sss…, blood….blood, I smell fresh blood” not far from Xu Feng’s location, a tall figure slowly came out from the woods. It hissed softly, lifting its face toward the sky and sniffed, its eyes glistened with a bloodthirsty nature.
Xu Feng couldn’t feel any power at all from his body, fresh blood was flowing out from his wound, and now he couldn't even feel the ache on his belly wound. When he saw another blood-sucking bugman coming to his direction, he smiled and closed his eyes, waiting for his death to arrive.

“Hey, wake up! It’s the last station already!” in his drowsiness, Xu Feng felt that someone lightly patted his shoulder. Subconsciously, he extended his right hand to the source of the voice. Ten years of life and death battle, fighting against bug race alien, mutants, and even human fellow had made him experienced life and death ordeal. Until this moment he had been living accompanied by blood and slaughters. All of this made his body possessed some kind of reflex. If there were any creature came closer to him, the first thing it would receive was a lightning-speed attack from him.
“Aah” a sharp scream of a girl was resounded. Xu Feng opened his eye, only to see that his right hand was currently grabbing a girl’s neck. The said girl wore a frightened look on her face, both of her hands were grabbing Xu Feng’s arm.
“Where...Where am I? Where is the blood-sucking bugman? I….I didn’t die?....” a puzzling expression painted clearly on Xu Feng’s face. He loosened his grip, releasing the girl, and touched the shirt he wore and lifted it up. He intended to check the wound given by the bugman at his stomach. However he couldn’t find any trace of the wound, currently, his belly was smooth without even a scar.
“There’s no wound!” joyous expression emerged on his face as he caressed his belly.
Wang Ying shivered when she looked at Xu Feng’s fully alarmed expression, at his perverted action of lifting up his shirt and caressing his own belly with a vulgar expression. She slowly took some steps back, when she was a distance away from him and saw that the other party didn’t have any intention to pursue her, she hastily covered her mouth with her palm, turn around and ran out of the bus.
“Dear passengers, how are you? We have reached the final station and the metro will set off toward a new station on a return journey after 30 minutes break. Please leave the metro immediately, thank you for your cooperation” a notification sound reverberated inside the metro, urging the passengers to immediately take off.
“This...This...|” Xu Feng raised his head, taking a look outside the window, at this moment of the time, the station was very crowded with the majority of people were hurriedly walking toward the station’s exit.
He looked at the digital clock installed on the upper front part of the metro.
19:36, 28th September 2032
“This...This is 10 years ago, I...I’ve just got off from work and currently on my way returning home.” Xu Feng seemed to recall something from his memory.
“It’s 10 years ago!” excitement bubbled up in him, and he suddenly yelled: “I’ve regressed!”

to be continued

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    Chapter 1 (Cont)


    "Young man! It's the final station are you going to get off or not? or could it be that you intend to make a return trip?" asked a woman as she throw a curious glance at excited Xu Feng. The woman was in her forty she was wearing a uniform and carrying a broom and a trash can.

    "No! No! It's exactly my destination station!" Xu Feng replied, compressing his excitement he nodded at the woman with a smiling expression panted on his face.

    "Crazy guy!" the woman muttered in a low voice, as she looked at the hastily leaving Xu Feng, and began to sweep the floor.


    "Damn! Since I've regressed, why couldn't I regressed into an earlier date!" Looking at the watch on his wrist, Xu Feng's expression suddenly became nervous.

    "Today is the day when the earth doomsday begin right? The great Calamity begin exactly on 20:)0 a clock, 28th September 2032. It will be happen in about 20 minutes, but I'm still in the middle of crowd of people in the largest station" Xu Feng felt a little annoyed, he then turned his head, looking at the already closed metro door, regretting that he was unable to hide in the metro.

    "Hotel! That's right! there's a new opened five start hotel nerarby" Xu Feng's eyes shone.

    "The first day of the great calamity is the invasion of the void bug race. They were parasitic organism who were able to live in any living earth organism. they could even infest plants and became a frightening monster" Xu Feng was trying to recall something, "However I vaguely remember that at the early phase of the invasion, it only consisted of the bug race young. I must find a place to hide first, at most in an a half an hour.

    "Now, the safest place is that five-star hotel" Xu Feng thought as he hurriedly ran toward the said hotel location.

    Hailan Hotel was one of the few five-star hotel in Linhai City. It was noon [TL: I don't know, in the previous paragraph it was said 20 minutes from the great calamity which is supposed to happen at 20:00, so it should be around 19:40, but that's what is written in the raw], so there weren't many guests. a receptionist girl behind a desk saw a man entered with a hasty steps. She promptly stood up, folding her both hand at her abdomen and took a polite bow, "Welcome to Linhai Hotel, Is there anything I can help you with?"

    a receptionist of a five star hotel naturally had an outstanding look. Especially so when paired with an undersized uniform, which made the breast area full and bulging, it was extremely alluring.

    "Could you please give me a room" Xu Feng handed over is ID card, he was racing with time. He didn't even take a glance at the seductive body of the receptionist girl.

    The receptionist gave a faint smile, she received Xu Feg's ID card with both hand, "Hello mister, one night rent require 1660 Yuan, it start from the moment you check in to exactly 14:00 tomorrow. How may days do you want to stay?"

    "One night."

    "All right, the down payment is 500 Yuan"

    Xu Feng opened his wallet and took out a credit card. He raised his head to take a look at the clock hanging on the wall behind the receptionist. 19:50, ten minutes remaining.

    "Could you make it faster a bit" Xu Feng frowned.

    "All right, the procedures is done! your room is 3206, here are you ID and credit card, and this is the room's card"

    Xu Feng received it all at once, and headed toward elevator right away. there's still enough time, I should make it, Xu Feng felt somewhat nervous.

    Having arrived at his room, Xu Feng shut the door tight, and walked toward the window. When he was about to pull the window he heard a loud rumbling sound from outside. the sound was thunder-like, so loud that made the buildings shook a bit.

    "It's starting! the earth great calamity" Xu Feng stood at the corner of the window, lifting the curtain a bit to observe outside situation.

    "The first to invade earth is the black beetle of the void bug race. They were not strong, as long as one was careful even an ordinary people could handle two or three of them. However their number were far too many..." Xu Feng sighed, looking at the sky.

    At this time, the dark blue sky was akin to a mirror. However thin but many cracks began to appear on its surface, the cracks made the sky looked like a shattered mirror. Each cracks was at least as long as ten of kilometer.

    Behind these cracks was endless void and not long afterward when the cracks became more stable, countless black beetles flew out of it like a hurricane, rushing toward living beings on earth.

    "Calamity, these alien lifeforms was considered calamity in the eye of human, but to those alien race, the calamity was a feast. The first invader was void bug race and following after that, the others alien being would join into the fray, fighting over earth resources. It would happen until earth resources were exhausted or until we could drive all the alien race away"

    Xu Feng observed the situation outside the hotel. Terrified shrieks and people looking shelter could be seen everywhere. Ineffable flash sparked on Xu Feng's eyes In his previous life, tens of alien race found out earth coordinates, thus invading earth, and met human who fought bravely at all cost. But even until Xu Feng death these alien had not been driven away. If it were not because fights between those alien themselves, perhaps earth had already fallen to the alien hand.

    Xu Feng saw a stalwart and sturdy man on the street outside The man was carrying a baseball bat, he shouted while swinging the bat, smashing a fist sized black beetle into a green pulp. In a short while around four minutes, the sturdy man had already dispose of a dozen or more black beetles. However his movement attracted the others black beetles attention, and soon a group of cloud-like black beetles swarmed into him, covering all over his body. The man let out a mournful shriek, sparing no effort to fight back, but his movement became slower and slower, and finally the baseball bat fell from his grip into the ground below.

    The black beetles covering his body flew away, heading to the next target. Only the sturdy man remained, standing there with a lifeless expression, and soon a pitch black layer of carapace appeared on his body. Both of his hand morphed into a bone blade, his legs also morphed into arthropod like legs. As for his face, a thin layer of shell also appeared on it, the shell emitted a black luster, whereas his mouth morphed into an insect-like mouth part.

    Similar scene happened everywhere, earth had become a slaughterhouse.
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    Chapter 2
    Earth Consciousness awakening

    "Bugman, a former human with a parasite living inside his body. The man had already dead when the parasitic bug race drilled into his body, he was a human no more, but a slave of the bug race instead." Xu Feng sighed, shaking his head. He had seen this kind of scene too many times that he had lost counts, too many that he had felt numb to it.

    Those who fated like this sturdy man, becoming a bugman were too many, they would lose their consciousness and became bugmen soon after. After being infested by the parasite, a living organism would undergo a fusion, became one with the parasite and it was impossible to recover to its previous state.

    These bugman let out a shriek, charging at nearby human. Recently infested bugmen had an extreme thirst toward flesh and blood, they would kill any living being present, devouring their flesh to obtain power to evolve. This was the reason why in the early period, the larger a human crowd, the more dangerous a place would be.

    "Bug race, winged race, sand race and void beast raider!" Xu Feng clenched his fist, a sinister expression emerged on his face." as well as you human!" distinct faces flashed in Xu Feng's mind, these people were exactly his enemy in the previous life. They were the reason why he entered the abbys and eventually killed by the blood-sucking bugman.

    "You All, I will kill you all!"

    Each of the miserable memory he experienced in the previous life appeared vividly in his mind. Scenes of where his foods was forcibly taken, his equipment were snatched away, the treasure he got after a narrow escape from death was also robbed. He was also driven out from a gathering place, besieged, ambushed and sneak attacked. He once hide in a swamp for 3 days and 3 nights, eating swamp insects in order to survive, and when he explored a secret realm with his so called best brother, he was stabbed from behind just because of a gold-grade weapon.

    Xu Feng stood inside the hotel room calmly waiting. This moment he couldn't do anything, he could only look helplessly at the scene outside where his fellow citizen were infested, killed and devoured. 

    "Come on! quickly! What are you waiting for, wake up already! do you want to wait until all human were killed?" Xu Feng started to feel a pang of worry in his heart, looking at the scenes outside, he wished he could rush out and having life and death battle with those black beetle.

    Time passed slowly, the slaughters outside still took place everywhere as before....

    At the moment, a grand, muffled and perplexed voice suddenly resounded in each of the human mind.

    "Oh Human, my children! I am Earth Consciousness"
    "Yess!! It finally awake!" Xu Feng yelled as he ground his teeth, indescribable pain flashed in his eye.

    "I've nurtured you, sheltered you, allowing you to become spiritual being, allowing you to become the earth ruler." The voice was filled with deep affection.

    "Damn it! can't you just go straight to the point!" Xu Feng clenched his fist, anxiously thought, " do you know that with your several minute of delaying, thousands upon thousands human have perished?"

    "But today, earth was invaded, I am unable to continue protecting you any longer, for every race to mature is like rowing against the flow, it's always filled with battles, blood and death! And now, earth is totally defenseless against alien invasion. Oh human, my children, from now on, you'll need to strive hard for yourselves, for earth, for me!"

    Xu Feng had a complex feeling toward the Earth Consciousness, at the initial stage of the doomsday, The EC (The Earth Consciousness) woke up and gave huge help to human kind, human evolution was tightly tied with The EC's help.

    The EC was like a supercomputer, controlling the growth and evolution of the human race in the whole world. However at a later period when human race had obtained strength, many people discovered that their relation with The EC wasn't as simple as "children", and The EC status in human heart as "mother earth", "saviour", "the only god", etc soon changed into a ruler, a dictator.

    The EC seemed to regard human as soldiers in training. It continuously issued missions, urging them to fight, to contest, to explore, searching various kind of dangerous place for resources.

    (to be continued)
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