Help with 视觉暂留?

Not sure how to translate it.

It's from Lord Xue Ying and the context is - 人的眼睛有视觉暂留.


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    dictionary says the translation of the last two characters as persistent. so persistent vision.
  • Not completely sure on the last 4 words, but my guess for a translations is:
    The human's eyes retain visual information briefly.
    or without grammar re-ordering
    A person's eyes have vision/sight temporary ( 暂) remain/retain (留).
    not sure if this helps in anyway.
  • It's an afterimage. Like when you look at a bright light, then close your eyes, you can still see the image/a bright spot.
  • 视觉暂留现象,即视觉暂停现象(Persistence of vision,Visual staying phenomenon,duration of vision) 人的眼睛有视觉暂留,一般是用来形容速度极其的快,以致产生了残影……   抱歉我的英文很差,所以用中文回复。
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