I Shall Seal The Heavens: What if...

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What if Meng Hao’s Swords Could Talk?

Wooden Sword A: I remember when I was the only one.

Wooden Sword B … but aren’t we the same.

Wooden Sword A: Ah… you just don’t understand. I used to be one of a Kind.

Wooden Sword B.: Oh! Isn’t two better than one.

Wooden Sword A: Maybe, it will better when we come back to the fights

Wooden Sword B: Yep! Yep! He needs us!

Time Sword A: Haha! I am alive! I have finally been born!

Wooden Sword A: Who are you?

Wooden Sword B: Father!

Time Sword A: Whahha, You Fools I am your replacement!

PS: This is a copy of my post from reddit for ISSTH Contest.

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