Novel Situation: What's your spirit Weapon?



  • Weapon of choice : Spirit Fishing Rod
    Spirit Beast of Choice : Heavenly Chicken
    Daoist Title : Fisherman of Yellow Springs River
  • I guess my spirit weapon would be a Guandao, or it's Western equivalent the Glaive. Since that would be my actual weapon, that would make it easier to use. Can you imagine if the physical weapon you're experienced with was a Greatsword and you ended up getting a Javelin as your spirit weapon? That would suck.
  • C.C.
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    dou said:
    pandaBee, you're just whining. Maybe in your fantasy world, scythes can't beat heavy swords, but let me tell you: that's just a damn fantasy. Scythes can definitely beat heavy swords the f used properly. Besides, why do you have to use heavy swords if you're superhuman. If you think heavy swords can be swung more easily because you're superhuman, then a sword would be better since it would be faster and you could still exert the same force with your cultivation base. Besides, you're the wanker because you're not good enough to use a scythe. Since you got no brains, the only thing you would be able to do is swing it. Also, a dagger can overpower a heavy sword. Using the right techniques, anything can overpower another weapon. It's called brains over brawns, but wait, you got none. Also, the one ignoring people is you.

    This happened like, awhile ago but your stupidity is so vast that I need to comment on it. Pandabee's argument is that scythes are inefficient weapons because they were never designed to be weapon in the first place, and things such as swords, heavy swords, daggers, and other such stuff, were designed to be weapons. You're argument, however, is that because it's a fantasy world, the scythe would suddenly become better than things actually designed to be weapons. I understand that a scythe can indeed be used as a weapon, but it's horrible at it. Say we have two weapon masters, one using a scythe and one using something like a sword. On a skill level, they are equals. I would say that because the person using the sword is using a sword, which was designed to be a weapon, they would have the advantage. Because they have something that was actually built for fighting! Just because it's a fantasy land, doesn't mean fundamental logic would suddenly cease to exist!

    Going back to your rubber ducky example. Yes, with proper spirit ability and skill at using said spirit abilities, it could be a formidable weapon. If I could have such a thing, I would love to crush my enemies with my giant duck Edward. But if I had to choose a weapon from a rubber duck that could expand, and a sword that could expand, I would choose the sword. I doubt You'd reply to this with how old this thread is, but if you do I'd be happy to have a chat with you or anyone else that replies.
  • Okay so about the whole scythe dilemma there are plenty of other weapons that are used that literally have no killing potential unlike the scythe does such as the bow staff which was generally used by budist monksb that refused to take lives,to fend off against bandits.
     secondly the argument against having a heavy sword is null and void every weapon has its good and bad points also scythes were edited to be used as weapons by farmers to fight off tyranic governments in Okinawa also known as Kai or kama and is used in some martial arts styles there and were added with a chain for a weapon called a kusarigama which personally I would like a dual Kai connected by a chain as a soul weapon due to their versatility and speed while in and out of battle
  • My spirit weapon will have to be a towel, it's a necessity in travels
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