What does a library (scripture hall, etc) look like?

I'm considering doing a little art project, and realized that I don't know what an ancient Chinese library, scripture hall and so on would look like. I've found pictures of bamboo slips and jade slips, and I have found pictures of ancient Chinese buildings, manors and palaces, but none of ancient Chinese libraries, reading rooms and so on. I realized I imagined them pretty much as Western libraries, books and all. Does anyone have any museums, keywords, films, tv shows, manga/manghwa/whatever the Chinese version is, and so on? Libraries, reading rooms, scripture halls, anything goes.

I found a small picture of Tianyi Pavilion, and especially the Chinese name of the pavilion and/or the museum, 天一阁藏书楼, got me some interesting images, but that's the only one I've found so far.


  • For various reasons, there were very few "public libraries" in ancient China. Only those very rich guys have the ability to collect books on their own, and most of those libraries have not been preserved until now.So Tianyi Pavilion is a lucky one,and also a typical one. A private library is usually part of the builder's private estate, which means it's close to many other buildings, and close to gardens and ponds (to prevent fire).The appearance of a library is of course a typical Chinese building. You know what I mean.As for the interior, in my memory, a large number of wooden bookshelves are lined up,they were filled with paper books and scrolls (yes, not bamboo slips, this kind of antique has long been eliminated). It should be noted that burning lighting supplies, such as candles and oil lamps, will be strictly restricted.The reading place is usually in another building. I tried to find a documentary for you,which introduces the history of Tianyi Pavilion(and the scenery). There are three episodes in total, no English subtitle, good luck! http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C17627/9903c8db397542ef5609bfab1d5e7c5e
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