The Sage Who Transcended Samsara

Is it possible to get the novel "The Sage who Transcended samsara" written by Cuttlefish who loves diving, translated here on wuxiaworld?
This novel have potential to be absolutely amazing!! But unfortunately it has wholely been ruined by the terrible translation that currently exist.
Theres been atleast 4 different translation teams on it (but apparently not a single editor), who all have their own terms that randomly gets thrown around, and after chapter 777 its fully mtl.. It's such a shame, because the author cuttlefish is suuuch an amazing writer!! This novel, like all the other novels from cuttlefish, is amazingly written with a cool plot, villains with a brain and great worldbuilding!

i really really hope this novel can get up on ww. Here every novel gets to shine as the author envisioned! Amazing translation and editing.



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