Reborn 80,000 years

Reborn 80,000 years

Author: Uncle Jiang next door (隔壁江叔叔)
Translator: morsevii
Alt. Name: 重生八万年, The Star Emperor

A generation of strong stars, Stardust, died at the hands of the villain and fell accidentally. When I woke up, I had been sleeping for 80,000 years. Things have changed. The four adopted sons have already become the strong men of the continent; a wild dog that has been saved has become the supreme demon king. That willow tree have become a master and become a humanoid 20,000 years ago! That child, it is said that 40,000 years ago, transcended the ordinary and stepped into the Supreme! Looking at the sorrowful tens of thousands of years ago, Yang Chen felt that Yalishan is great!

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    Chapter 1: A Dream 80,000 Years

    "I ... who am I?"

    "I am One of the Five Supreme Expert across the Continent, Stardust Emperor!"

    "Yang Chen, the trash of Qingfeng Empire!"

    In a classroom at the Star Academy, a student lying on his seat, like a having nightmare, suddenly sat up and cold sweats dripping on his pale face.

    He froze, his eyes filled with confusion and strangeness.

    After a moment, he sighed ...

    "I never thought I will be born again?"

    "The Canglan calendar has 80,000 years. It has been 80,000 years since I lived."

    His name is Yang Chen, originally a strong emperor in the Canglan continent. He settled the interracial war with a friend 80,000 years ago, and is regarded as one of the five supreme expert by the world and admired by thousands of people.

    However, this is the time when the scenery is infinite. A disaster is coming, but it falls on Yang Chen.

    He never thought ...

    His best friend, Emperor Jingxin, even united his wife, Fairy Red Dust, and betrayed him!

    While he was retreating, the two threw a poison called "Withered Heart Dew" into his water bowl.

    And this poison is colorless and tasteless, even Yang Chen can't distinguish it.

    "Red Dust bitch, I treat you well, but I didn't expect you to kill me with the Emperor Jingxin? Why? Why did you do this?"

    "Could it be that you don’t even consider the position of the monarch on this continent?" Yang Chen smirked.

    Everyone in the world knows that he is the 'Strongest of the five Supremes'. If this didn't happen, then the future mainland monarch is bound to be controlled by Yang Chen!

    By then, the whole world had to surrender at the feet of Yang Chen, even the Emperor Jingxin was not an exception.

    It is also for this illusory title that the two geniuses plotted and take advantage of his retreat, killed him!

    "The relationship between you and me for tens of thousands of years is not as good as the glorious and prosperous of all districts ... They all say that the most poisonous is the woman's heart, it seems that it is true."

    Yang Chen's eyes were cold, his face was somber, and an unprecedented murderous spirit came to his heart.

    But thankfully ...

    Yang Chen did not die, his soul was reborn in a young man named Yang Chen.

    And 80,000 years have passed ...

    In his memory, he was a child of an ordinary family. His father was Yang Shan, a distant relative of the Imperial Li family.

    For this son, Yang Shan spent half his life in the Li family, and finally dragged on many relationships, so he finally sent Yang Chen to Star Academy.

    What I didn't expect was that this son didn't want to be aggressive, he was idle all day long, he was eighteen years old and stayed in the realm of second-level martial arts.

    I received a warning from the academy two days ago and faced the danger of being dropped out.

    "I didn't expect that I was born again to a trash?" Yang Chen murmured, his heart was a little complicated.

    Throughout martial arts, there are one to nine level of martial arts.

    Ordinary people have been practicing for more than ten years, and most of them can reach the fourth or fifth level warriors, and this guy is eighteen years old, but still stays in the realm of second-level warriors.

    I have to say, it is really wasteful.


    "Yang Chen!"

    Just then, a voice suddenly came and saw a girl wearing the school uniform of Star Academy come over. This girl is seventeen or eighteen years old, she is sweet and cute, and she has a long, soft hair. Even if she only wears a school uniform, it is difficult to cover the temperament of the other party.

    The dark black eyes are like gems, the tall little nose bridge, the cherry-colored attractive lips, and people can't help having a kiss.

    This girl is called Ling Yuyao. She is the monitor of Yang Chen's class and is also at the same table. She reached the fifth-level martial arts. She is regarded as a hero in the whole grade, far from being comparable to Yang Chen.

    In the school, many students regard her as a Goddess. Even the former Yang Chen secretly loved the monitor.

    However, at this moment, Yang Chen's eyes were calm, and there was no change due to the beauty of the other party.

    He had lived too long ...

    I have seen the Fairy Yaochi dominating the Eight Wastelands  in the state of glory, and I have also seen the succubus,  dance in the chaos ...

    All of them are truly all over the country, and they are absolutely gorgeous, and their temperament is far from being comparable to Ling Yuyao.

    When thinking of these acquaintances, Yang Chen couldn't help feeling a little emotional.

    I wonder if the red-faced ones were all right now? Or maybe they have been buried in this long river for a long time ...

    It seemed that the most powerful man of the year was not worth mentioning in front of time.


    "Class Monitor, is there anything wrong?" Yang Chen looked up and smiled slightly.

    In those pairs of eyes, deep like the sea.

    Ling Yuyao heart jumped, she didn't know why, she felt that Yang Chen had become a different person. There is even a strange feeling.

    'Strange, I was afraid of him? It must be my imagination.' Ling Yuyao shook her little head, trying to calm down, and said, "Yang Chen, your girlfriend is waiting for you outside. It seems like she have something to tell you... I've told the message to you. Whether you go or not is your business. "

    Ling Yuyao dropped a word and sat directly next to him, reading the book.

    "Girlfriend ... Yao Xue?" Yang Chen murmured, then stood up.

    In memory, the owner of this body does have a girlfriend named Yao Xue. Yao Xue's father was a descendant of the Li family. Here father and Yang Shan were good friends. Yang Chen and Yao Xue were closer when they were young. They become couple.

    However, since Yang Chen has been reborn, it is naturally impossible for him to waste energy on it.

    In his opinion, those couples are no different from playhouses.

    'I will talk to her and break up.'

    Thinking of this, Yang Chen walked straight out of the classroom.

    Later, he saw a girl in a white dress standing at the door of the classroom.

    This girl is exactly Yang Chen's girlfriend, Yao Xue.

    "You are here." Looking at Yang Chen approaching, Yao Xue said lightly, "Yang Chen, I have something to tell you."

    "That's right, I have something to tell you as well." Yang Chen nodded and said, "But you say it first, I'll say it later."

    "Yang Chen, let's break up." Yao Xue said abruptly. This words make Yang Chen grip his hands tightly.

    Break up? Shouldn't this be his line?

    "So, did you call me here to tell me this?" Yang Chen asked lightly.

    "Yes." Yao Xue nodded and said, "Yang Chen, I think it's time to tell you something. It's inappropriate for us being together. Although your father and my father are friends, you should know your identity. "

    "What is my identity?" Yang Chen was curious.

    "You are just a trash that is about to be expelled from academy!" Yao Xue showed no mercy: "Yang Chen, I had thought about growing old with you, but I only blame you for being too disappointed. Until now, you are only a second-level warrior! Besides, you are about to be expelled and leave school, you are nothing! "

    "Look at yourself, you are poor from head to toe. With you, I can’t even lift my head in front of my friends. You can’t afford even an ordinary piece of jewelry. Enough! I have Class. Look around. A lot of people are chasing me.  Why would I give up everything for nothing?"
    [TN: The original is 'Why should I give up the whole forest for a single tree?' but I change it to fit the scene since Yang Chen is 'good-for-nothing', they say.]

    "So let's break up. We are not people of the same world." Yao Xue burst into disgust in his eyes and said, "Moreover, now that I have a new boyfriend, you should also know that he is the son of the Li family, Li Ling! "

    "Li Ling ..."

    Yang Chen murmured, a figure suddenly appeared in his mind.

    Li family, Li Ling!

    The Li family is where Yang Chen's father works, and Li Ling's strength has reached the fourth-level martial arts, and he is well-known in the entire Star Academy!

    No wonder Yao Xue would give up on him. It turned out to be a rich second generation.

    "Yang Chen, you should know the strength of Li Gongzi. He is bound to inherit the Li family in the future. Compared with him, you are nothing." Yao Xue shouted mercilessly. Looking at Yang Chen's eyes, she feels even more disgusted.
    [TN: Gongzi = Honorific used to address a son from nobility/high status.]

    Now she can't figure out how bad her previous vision was and she actually likes such a loser?

    But Yao Xue was also fortunate at the moment. Fortunately, he woke up early, otherwise his life would be ruined.

    "Yang Chen, don't blame me for being awful. I'm doing this for you too, and it makes you a little self-aware." Yao Xue smiled lightly.

    "So it is." Yang Chen nodded and smiled: "I wish you happiness."

    Yao Xue snorted softly and said, "Yang Chen, I've finished speaking. Didn't you just say that you have something to tell me? Just say it."

    "No need." Yang Chen shrugged and smiled slightly: "No need to say."

    "You ... what do you mean?" Yao Xue's pupils narrowed as if something had come to mind.

    "It's not interesting." Yang Chen smiled slightly and said, "It's just a coincidence that this time I also want to broke up with you. Since you said it, I don't need to say it."

    Yang Chen laughed softly, and then turned to leave.

    "Yang Chen, stop!" Just then, Yao Xue stopped him suddenly: "Yang Chen, tell me clearly. What do you mean by that?"

    "What do you mean?" Yang Chen turned around and looked at her quietly.

    "Yang Chen, why did you tell me to that you want break up? Am I not worthy of you?" Yao Xue was unwilling to accept this. The superiority that she managed to build up collapsed because of Yang Chen's words.

    Could it be that he didn't say that on purpose?

    Yes, it must be!

    Thinking of this, Yao Xue snorted coldly and said, "Yang Chen, I know you're not happy. But do you have to say such things in order to ridicule me? Do you think this is interesting?"

    "Oh? What do you think?" Yang Chen was a bit funny, shook his head, and said mercifully, "Yao Xue, I have to say. You are really a girl with a superiority in the bones.  But those who have capital are called superior. Without capital, you are conceited ... "

    Yang Chen smiled then looking at Yao Xue's face as it turns ugly, and said indifferently: "But you have a good sentence, that is 'We are not people of the same world'. But it's not that I, Yang Chen is not worth you. It ’s you, Yao Xue who can’t afford me! ”

    "Someday you will regret everything you said today and ask me to come back."

    "It won't be too far from this day ..."

    Yang Chen smiled slightly, and then turned around and left.

    Leaving Yao Xue who is standing still while her face is getting ugly.
  • Chapter 2 Glazed Quenching Pill

    "Damn, what did he think he was?" Yao Xue gritted her teeth and stomped her feet in a rage, flames radiating from her eyes.

    "Baby, what's wrong?" At this moment, a voice came and a handsome boy walked over. He gently hugged Yao Xue's shoulder and smiled: "Baby, who Annoy you? "

    Yao Xue turned around. When she saw the person in front of her, she immediately smiled like a flower and fell intimately in the arms of the other party: "Oh husband, why are you here? Everyone are !"

    This person is the son of the Li family, Li Ling!

    Seeing this scene, the girls all around stopped and casting jealous glances at Yao Xue.

    "That's the young master of the Li family, Li Ling, right?"

    "So handsome. I didn't expect that he is not only strong, but he is so handsome?"

    "It would be nice if my boyfriend could be like him."

    Listening to the voices of the people around him, Li Ling's mouth twitched slightly, and his face couldn't help showing complacency.

    Yao Xue told Li Ling about the situation, and said coquettishly, "My husband, that Yang Chen bullied me, you must help me get revenge!"

    "Relax!" Li Ling said with a smile: "Tonight, Mr. Liu from the Alchemy Guild will come to our house as a guest. At that time, the entire Li family will be present. Although his father is only a servant, he is also a distant relative. At that time,  I'll let him make a fool of himself in the entire Li family and I couldn't step down! "

    "Yay, my husband is the best!" Hearing this, Yao Xue laughed happily, not caring in the slightest about the gazes of those around her and gave Li Ling a kiss on the face.


    Sitting in the classroom, Yang Chen silently thought about cultivation. Using his pen,  he write down a variety of herbs on a piece of paper. Preparing to go buy them after school.

    "These ten kinds of medicinal materials should be able to make Glaze Quenching Qill." Yang Chen murmured.

    Glazed Quenching Pill is a kind of elixir that Yang Chen has been in contact with before. It has a very good effect on the quenching body, and has no side effects. It is quite easy to use.

    Especially for him now, it couldn't be more appropriate.

    "However, if you buy all the medicinal materials, you have to pay a hundreds of gold coins ..." Yang Chen frowned, feeling a little bit puzzled.

    He is no longer the supreme man who could spend money like water, but the son of the Li family, with a monthly allowance of only a hundred gold coins.

    After buying these things, Yang Chen will be ruined.

    "Dragon Heart Grass? Ice Snow Lotus? Yang Chen, what are you writing these things for?" Ling Yuyao glanced at Yang Chen's paper and asked curiously.

    "It's nothing, just pill recipe." Yang Chen said with a faint smile.

    "Pfft, pill recipe?" Ling Yuyao laughed out loud: "Yang Chen, don't make me laugh. You know alchemy?"

    "Why, you don't believe me?" Yang Chen asked, looking at her curiously.

    "Of course I don't believe you!" Ling Yuyao rolled her eyes and said, "Yang Chen, do you think the alchemists are cabbage? That can be found everywhere?"

    "Are there very few alchemists nowadays? "Yang Chen couldn't help but ask, 80,000 years ago, alchemists were all over the place, almost as long as a person could become an alchemist!

    However, hearing Yang Chen ’s words, Ling Yuyao couldn’t help but rolled her eyes and looked at Yang Chen like an idiot. ? If you want to become a Pill Master, you have a Fire Attribute True Qi in your body. In this step alone, countless people can be discouraged! "

    Fire Attribute True Qi?

    Yang Chen frowned, stretched out his hand, felt the air carefully, and then he froze.

    "Strange, why is the spiritual power around so thin?" Yang Chen was shocked, and he suddenly found that the spiritual power around had been weak to an indescribable extent. Compared to 80,000 years ago, it was like heaven and earth.

    "No wonder Ling Yuyao said that alchemists have been scarce recently. Under such circumstances, it is indeed difficult to breed spiritual roots." Yang Chen was secret inward, a little sighed.

    Unexpectedly, 80,000 years have passed, and not only people have changed, but the whole world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

    Yang Chen could clearly feel that the Cang Lan Continent nowadays had long since reached the end of the strong bolt......

    "Yang Chen, what are you sighing about? "Ling Yuyao had an odd face.

    "Nothing, I remembered some past events." Yang Chen shook his head.

    "What a weirdo. "Ling Yuyao skimmed his mouth and ignored him, continuing to look up from his book.

    Seeing this scene, Yang Chen smiled without explanation.


    Soon, when it was time for school to end, Yang Chen went directly to the market as soon as he left the school gate. It took him half an hour to purchase all the ten herbs.

    On his way back, he carried a large bag in each of his left and right hands.

    Then all the way back to the Li family ...

    Yang Chen's aunt married into the Li family early in life, so his father also got a job in the Li family, and the food and lodging are in the Li family, although not rich, but food and clothing is not a problem.

    "Chen'er, are you back?"

    As soon as he returned home, he saw Yang Shan sitting on the bed and couch, silently smoking a stick of dry smoke.

    Although Yang Shan was only forty years old, his hair was completely white, and his face was even wrinkled and full of vicissitudes.

    "Father, I'm back." Yang Chen stepped forward and frowned, saying, "Father, you smoke less, it's not good for your health."

    "Oh? "Yang Shan raised his head and looked at his son with some surprise.

    In the impression, Yang Chen never greeted himself, let alone quit smoking?

    What's the matter with this kid today?

    Yang Shan was somewhat happy in his heart and placed the cigarette stick on the table, laughing, "Good, no more smoking, by the way, let me tell you something, tonight the family will host a banquet for Mr. Liu of the Alchemy Guild. By then, all the distant relatives will be attending and we will be going there as well."

    Liu Yishui ...

    Yang Chen muttered in his heart.

    From memory, this Liu Yishui was the apprentice of the head of the Alchemy Guild, but at forty years old, he had already become a third-grade Pill Master and was little known throughout the empire.

    "A few days ago, Mr. Liu valued Li Ling's talent and was ready to accept him as a disciple, this evening should be the disciple worship ceremony. "Yang Shan had some sighs and some envy.

    Once Li Ling takes Liu Yishui as his teacher, he will definitely be able to soar to great heights in the future.

    However, Yang Chen wasn't interested in that, he nodded and said, "Got it, father, by then you call out to me, I'll go back to the house to cultivate first."

    Hearing this, Yang Shan was even more astonished.

    This kid, actually asking for cultivation on his own initiative, this is something that has never happened before.

    However, it was always good for his son to change, so Yang Shan nodded happily and let Yang Chen go back to the house.


    Once back in the house, Yang Chen locked the doors, including the curtains.

    Preparing for alchemy.

    He sat on the bed, spreading his right hand flat, only to hear a "poof" and a red flame suddenly rose in his palm, swaying light.

    "Very good, it's successful. "Yang Chen was slightly pleased in his heart.

    This flame, called the Spiritual Flame, was a flame created through the martial artist's true Qi.

    This kind of flame can only be released by people who have a high level of attainment in alchemy, and also need to have perfect control over the true Qi.

    Not to mention Yang Chen.

    "It's just a pity that my current cultivation level is too low and the flames I can release are to this extent. "Yang Chen sighed.

    When he was in his peak, the flames that had once been emitted burned the entire forest into nothingness.

    The most powerful Pill Emperor of those days even had the feat of burning the entire ocean....

    Waiting for the flames to settle down, Yang Chen directly took a plant of Dragon Heart Grass from the bag and threw it into the flames. Under the burning of the flames, the Dragon Heart Grass immediately melted into liquid, giving off a faint aroma.

    This was followed by the Ice Heart Snow Lotus, Dioscorea ....

    Yang Chen was extremely careful about the order of each herb, and if any of them was placed a bit faster or slower, it would make the alchemy lose all its effort.

    When all ten herbs were finished, Yang Chen slowly began to control the fire.

    Under the fire light, Yang Chen's face was also dyed red, but his face was becoming more and more serious.

    The aroma slowly filled the room, it grew stronger and stronger.

    Colorful liquid tumbling in the flames, it is beautiful.

    At this moment, Yang Chen suddenly turn his hands and the five fingers of his right hand squeezed out an extremely mysterious hand seal ---

    "Clear Sky Secret Technique"!

    Although it is not ranked high, it is only one palm away from the "Sky White Sun Technique" on the list of the hundred alchemy techniques.

    Back then, the one who created this technique was a seventh-grade pill master who possessed the gift of heaven.

    The other party had spent twenty years cultivating his dharma on a cliff a thousand zhang  high,  fusing the meaning of sunlight and sky into one to create this technique! [1 m = 0.3 zhang]

    And it's on the list of 100 alchemists!

    And later, Yang Chen improved this technique again, and its control was undoubtedly even higher!

    Under Yang Chen's urge, those liquids immediately fused into one. As if there was a hand in the void, slowly stirring the flames.The medicinal power of several herbs also slowly fused under Yang Chen's control, and finally slowly compressed ....

    At the end, only a "wow" sound was heard, and suddenly, a strong aroma of pill was diffused in the spiritual fire.

    When the flames dissipated, a rounded elixir landed in Yang Chen's hand.

    There are four lines on the elixir, which is the fourth-grade pill ----

    Glazed Quenching Pill!

    "It's done!" Yang Chen narrowed his brows and swallowed this pill directly into his stomach.


    A huge burst of energy instantly surged out of Yang Chen's body, sweeping through his limbs and bones in a frenzy, every cell seemed to have undergone an overwhelming cleansing, with a sense of pain pervading his body.

    "Come here together!" Yang Dust let out a low roar, sweating profusely on his forehead, forcibly holding back this pain.

    With this roar, the thick medicinal power also began to merge with Yang Chen, constantly seeping into every inch of his flesh and blood.

    The spiritual energy left in this body was also forced out by the Glazed Quenching Pill, like a spider web, and finally converged into a river, pouring into Yang Chen's dantian continuously.

    His cultivation, at this moment, was increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    Level 2 Martial Artist!

    Level 3 Martial Artist!

    Level 4 Martial Artist!


    With the final roar within his body, Yang Chen's cultivation had stopped at Level Four Martial Artist!
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