Rebirth Of the Phoenix: Spoiler

Ling Ruan is the heir of Patriach position of one of the 5 Giant Sect in Zentian Empire, the Blood Bead Sect.Ling Ruan did train hard to be worthy of his position as a heir of the mentioned sect and finally achieved the blessings of the Suzaku and After years of hard work he became one of the Four Kings in Maradona Continent and known as the Red Wing Demon of Suzaku in The Zentian Empire.

After soaring the skies,standing on the tallest mountains, his status in the immortal world is very high,higher than the Emperor but aside from that there are still people in his wings that secretly hates him.

His father is one of the most hateful person in Zentian Empire because of his greediness.But because of Ling Ruan status, no one in the empire dares to put dirt on his name. Ling Ruan is wise but he always turned a blind eye in his father's wrongdoing and regret his decision.

One night when Ling Ruan is walking with his brother and his wife.He let his guard down and get ambushed with his own soldiers.Trying to save his wife not knowing that his wife already betray him.

But even though he is known as the King of kings and the one who dominates the other Kings.He still have a severe injury to his Dantian that seals his power as an Immortal God Realm Cultivator.

Can't do anything he decides to end his own life by jumping on a cliff and promise to take a revenge in his family and his wife in the name of the legendary phoenix.

Hundred Years later He take the body of the Young fallen ganius of the Yun Lan Sect. Knowing the previous experience of the Young Boy that quite similar to himself.

Flames of anger is burning in Ling Ruan's heart and promised to let them experience the feeling that worse than death.

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