Dragon Talisman.

I only have one question. What happened to DRAGON TALISMAN
Maybe I've been living under a rock since the last time I saw it on the VIP section, but really what happened?


  • Im also curious, i enjoyed what was translated.

    I assume they ran into problems getting the license, but it would be nice if there was an announcement about it.
  • I guess ren doesn't check forums often:p
  • Basically the license situation with it is complicated. And Ren has other novel's licenses to tend to, novels of other translators.

    In a comment on some announcement, he said DT was on the backburner for now. Also, it had been only removed from sneak peek because there were too many new novels. So instead of letting a novel whose situation could not be sorted out anytime soon, DT, hog up the space, they let other novels on there. Once, most novels in the sneak peek gets cleared, DT will be again put on sneak peek. But don't expect it to release anytime soon.
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