Eden Remains

Hi! I read all the time but I'm a bit new to writing. My current fascination is stories about virtual reality and I thought I would try my hand at it for my first attempt. As you might be able to tell (very obviously), it is inspired by current events. I do have a day job so I'm not sure how often I'll update, but if you like my writing, please comment and let me know! Compliments will be the best motivation for me to continue (and hopefully speed up the process).  :D  Chapter 1 is short to kind of set the tone of the story, I promise the following chapters will be longer. 

Aiden (no last name currently), is stuck in quarantine because of the Corona Virus. He suddenly has a lot of free time on his hands and decides to start playing the popular virtual reality game: 'Eden Remains'. Using his real-life military experience as a sniper, he hopes to gain an edge on the other players and survive both possible infection and pure boredom. Join Aiden in his journey to be the most overpowered player in Eden Remains!

Chapter 1: Name?

[Welcome to Eden Remains, enter a name and start designing your character!]

Aiden ignored the text box and turned his head to look around the virtual space. It was an empty, yet brightly lit meadow with naturalistic sounds of birds and flowing water coming from the distance. It was designed to integrate new players in a fun and relaxing way. They could run around, pick up some farm tools to try out, or even swim in the nearby stream. Some players were already satisfied with the tutorial map and didn't even bother making a character; just using the map as a vacation area or stress-free zone.

He looked back to the empty name box and virtual keyboard glued to his left hand, waiting for him to type.

"Hmm, a name... I'll just go with the last character name I used." Aiden typed 'Sinner' into the blank box.

[That name is already in use, please enter a different one.]

"Makes sense, the game has been online for a few months already. Lets just type in some names and see what works." Aiden began typing and deleting text rapidly trying to find a name that wasn't taken. It started with past names he had used in video games and eventually became just random words like Apple, Love, or Super. No matter what he typed, he received the same message every time: 'That name is already in use, please enter a different one'.

"Fuck, everything is taken! This is giving me a headache." His fingers didn't stop typing as he felt frustrated.

[The name you have chosen is inappropriate. Please choose a different one.]

In his anger and absentmindedness, he had simply typed the word 'Fuck'.

He should have just entered a name and started the game, but nothing original was available! Was he doomed to a life of multiple words mixed with numbers as his name? NO! He refused to be a loverofdogs69. Eventually his furious typing stopped as he began to seriously brainstorm.

"Okay, so all of the cool names are taken. The next best option is a cool combination of words like 'Hells Wrath' or 'Always Horny'. Actually, probably not the second one, but we're exploring ideas." 

Aiden began his next session of rapid typing, but to his dismay, all of his attempts ended in failure. He had spent close to an hour just trying to name his character... As much as he wanted a cool character name, he was beginning to lose patience. He thought of his current situation and how he was going to be isolated for who knows how long. That little prick of anxiety started to come back, so he stopped thinking about it and tried to relax.

"Better just pick a name and start the game." he looked back to the character name box only to see that it wasn't blank. Next to a flashing 'AVAILABLE' notification, he had unknowingly typed out a name: Zero Patience. A name to match his current mood and an ironic twist on his current status as a victim of quarantine who had nothing but time to kill.

"Eh, whatever. Let's start the game now." It wasn't the best name but it seemed decently cool and personal. Aiden clicked the [CONFIRM] option and another message box popped up.

[Proceed to creation of character template?]

Aiden facepalmed. He had forgotten about the character creation itself while spending way too much time trying to think of a name. He clicked the [OK] option and began building his character.
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