The Roc



There is a big roc bird in Zhuangzi's Carefree travel. "Its back is thousands of miles away. Fly in anger, its wings are like clouds hanging from the sky. "It's big, it's powerful, it's high, it's far away. However, is big enough to get the way? Is high enough to be free? The most important thing is that since it is big and powerful, why should it be angry?


Maybe it's just a metaphor. What is broad in scope, deep in insight, rich in content and so on can be called big, which makes people think of the sky in the sky, the sea in the sky, the generations of human beings, and the people in the world; the true, the good, the beautiful, equality, freedom, and fraternity are all such things; our material civilization, our spiritual civilization are also such things; pay attention to these, pay attention to the sky, the earth and the sea; Pay attention to the living conditions of most people in our society, and it is the same thing!




This poem drama makes an in-depth analysis and elaboration on the above issues. Its main line is the detention and liberation process of Dapeng bird, and the dark line is his love with Qingniao. It describes four parts of Dapeng from awakening to nirvana to crossing to rebirth. It shows the irreconcilable contradictions between thunder as a feudal ruler and Dapeng bird, Qingniao and Hailuo, who represent the oppressed. It criticizes all kinds of stupid and merciless phenomena, and also reveals the root cause why Dapeng bird was worried about being angry for the life of all living beings.


Form is secondary, content is primary. The same poetic drama takes myth as its background, but it doesn't write anything about immortals and illusions. Its connotation is scientific, and it reflects the reality. It is a free song of flying birds.




  Free spirit:

                   roc                 Blu bird

                   Sea god             Zephyrus

                   Sea spirit

  Thunder spirits:

                   Thunder god        Goddess of lightning

                   cloud spirit

 Yaochi Fairy:

                   Queen of the West           Big Oriole



                   Big snake                  Nightingale

                   Eagle                     Sparrow





  • Scene one  Wake up

    In Dalian, Bohai Sea, on the Snake Island of Jinshitan, Lvshunkou, Dapeng bird is tied on the cliff, and the West Wind God stands aside. Before the Ming sea spirit hovers in the sea, Hai Ruo just wakes up from his sleep.



           The king of all but one,

    Your power is the most powerful!

    Since the legend of your founding,

    You are high above this beautiful planet,

    You think to be the master once and for all,

    But look at your earth as early as possible,

    From the fields and cities of your masterpiece,

    Forced to live and breed countless slaves,

    Like a collection of beasts for a small profit,

    And prayed numbly to one another,

           And consecrate to your false idols,

    You only repay disaster, fear and shame,

    You, for the enjoyment of vanity,

    Put every uninhibited soul into

    Their bodies become dolls,

    Waste limited precious history on

    Absurd endless infighting.

    You've splashed the ships of time with blood,

    The reality is full of dirty nightmares and sins,

    The spirit of freedom is oppressed by pain.

           King of slaves, what's the difference between you!

    And I, your natural enemy,

    As long as your slave rule survives,

    I will make you faint with hate,

    Under the heaven where you deceive yourself,

    Be bold to expose your deception.

    Yell with anger but reason

    Wake up to your superstitious beings!

    Yeah, I'm still alive. I'm miserable,

    After three thousand years like death,

    Three thousand years, sleepless, every day

    Are divided by painful thoughts and humiliation.

    Torture and loneliness, tenacity and misery,

    The evil atmosphere full of resentment, all day long

    Trapped in bitterness and misery,

    But I draw deep strength from it,

    Oh, more fierce than love.

    My deeper thoughts have gone through obstacles,

    Far more powerful than you

    The gods of the gods and the demons are more delighted!

    This makes me proud of you forever,

    Over pain, over your futile revenge!

    You are not omnipotent, as long as the fire is passing,

    The flame of truth will always get you used to

    The blinding smoke burned out.

    Those who wish for equality will eventually

    The freedom and love you take back!

    You are not immortal, because there is me,

    Disdain to share your dirty sins,

    I don't want to go with those who get nothing for nothing,

    And would rather be locked in the air

    The wall of desolation that is feared.

    No flowers, no trace of life

    No change, no rest, no hope, no light!

    Ask every day should not, ask the ground not to work.

    The sea, far away from my vast hometown.

    The sky is boiling thunder and lightning.

    But you tried in vain to scare my heart away,

    I'll fly and shout! Voice must be heard.


    Over thunder and into the blue sky.

    The cold Bohai Sea is covered with glaciers,

    The moon is full of ice crystals,

    Made into sharp spears to pierce the night,

    According to the bright chain cold as cut.

    Toxic clouds sometimes separate from the crater,

    I was fascinated by the spray,

    Every breath I take makes me

    Dizzy, head like tear general sharp pain.

    Thousands of snakes gather to form clouds,

    I was destroyed by the poisonous liquid,

    I have no more beautiful feathers,

    Now the colorful texture is replaced by

    A black, bluish skin,

    I drink the blue gas,

    Eating the dust of chaos,

    Insomnia keeps me from dreaming,

    The headache has cut the image of my heart,

    I don't have the only comfort anymore——

    That already unreal love.

    Cruel, pity my last wish,

    You've finally destroyed it!

    In the morning, the wind blows hail,

    Salt my frostbitten wounds,


    At noon, the volcano erupted hot magma,

    On this desert island,

    The fire inflamed the nightmare in the fog.

    The vision took me again and again,

    Watch your cruel weapon cut the body,

    A tragedy you've come to write

    Let the spirit howl.

    At night, only the moon passes through the clouds

    Sometimes I smile a little,

    Wake up the silent memory in my heart,

    I look back at the beautiful shadow,

    Dry tears in my eyes

    I feel excited,

    It's something you'll never be touched by

    Ah, where is she now, my love?

    Countless accomplices are invited to block us,

    It's just a feeling that is still beautiful,

    Still teach me hope from pain!


    Sea spirit:


    Where the sun loses its warmth,

    Every day is longer than a thousand centuries,

    Minutes and seconds turn into sharp swords,

    Through the deep silence, the soul is destroyed,

    Fear can't contain sorrow,

    Like thick salt water, it also erodes the sword,

    What kind of evil spirit diffuses from the earth?

    Every leaf and flower withers when they meet,

    The river has been scorched, and the grassland has become vast,

    Thousands of mountains on the ground can't help shivering!

    It rushes up into the sky, and clouds are driven away,

    The stars of the sea are dim!

    The cold current in the North Pacific carries powerful whirlwinds,

    Meet the polar air conditioning of Siberia,

    It can't be frozen halfway.

    The eternal glacier will retreat even though it is pure,

    It's like being chased by a nightmare that never happened,

    They were covered with black and grey ice,

    The air is filled with chaotic dust,

    It's like the world is back before it was opened up,

    The surface of the earth is an endless ocean,

    The extremely hot fluid in the center of the earth,

    The caves that never flow together,

    Floating, the continental plate is constantly squeezed,

    The pressure will eventually raise the earth.

    This great power gave birth to heaven and earth,

    That's why so many creatures come from the depths of the ocean,

    Gradually to the ground and the sky,

    Evolved humans and their gods.

    They are beautiful and smart. They work hard,

    They eventually defeated other species.

    This mysterious power is now gathering,

    The murky, vibrant fog.

    It's so vast, it's been

    It is as tightly covered as iron in a mine,

    The volcano is burning and the earth is cracking,

    Is it coming for new life or destruction!


    The Roc:


    Free and uninhibited spirit, your groaning,

    With the boundless tide of the sea,

    You put that great wish on the waves,

    Throw yourself into the sky in vain,

    Go back to the ground disappointed.

    You're frantically smashing yourself over and over,

    Broken in the silent cliffs and crags,

    So the sound of you reverberates everywhere,

    Woe, I can't realize my wish with all my efforts!

    It's not like me? Happy hate,

    It's a power of how to be cursed,

    ——Make you gather, make you hate!


    Sea God:

    There hasn't been a voice like this for years

    My peaceful field was greatly shocked

    Since the beginning of the Tang Dynasty,

    There has never been a force through consciousness.

    Wake me up in a beautiful sleep,

    I rubbed my bleary eyes,

    I'm going to see my world again.

    Ah! I can't help but wonder——

    Why is my sky filled with poison?

    They cover my sun and block my view,

    What curse fills it?

    Hatred will devour the mountains!

    Why is thunder so rampant?

    The cloud is made up of black resentment,

    The lightning and the thunderbolt danced wildly,

    As tyrannical as it was at the time of creation,

    To stir up the bottom of the sea!

    I hear countless moans of pain and sorrow,

    From all sides, such as the gathering of poisonous gas.

    I see countless visions of mutilation and bloodshed,

    Line up for the scorching crater.

    The sun sets in the bathtub of blood,

    The continuous flow of lava sent the fire to the sky.

    Ah, why is the fire of hell burning

    My cold and peaceful holy land?

    Who frightened me to sleep with what sorrow,

    Do I wake up or am I in a nightmare?


    Sea spirit:


    The most extensive and profound giant spirit in the world,

    The king of the sea, who leads our freedom,

    You finally wake up from a thousand years of sleep,

    Don't be surprised that your world has changed,

    This is the reality, although more cruel than nightmares!

    You see this cloud of resentment and curse,

    It was just a small group on the resurrection island,

    Because 3000 years ago, a windbird was trapped,

    And the cloud was in his sorrow day and night,

    His sorrows spread in all directions,

    Now the whole Bohai Sea and its surrounding areas,

    It has all fallen into the evil atmosphere.


    Sea God:


    Ah, you mean the poor Phoenix,

    He angered Raytheon for no reason,

    It was in his infancy that he was besieged,

    On the resurrection island full of death,

    Every day, I was attacked by fire and ice,


    Is he alive after three thousand years?

    I seemed to hear his voice just now.


    The Roc:


    Yes, I'm not dead to disappoint you,

    Although I'm sorry about my voice,

    Through this goddamn fog

    Wake up your dream of the sea god.

    But what I want to say must come to the end,

    The miserable years are glorious because of the war,

    Spread the world with naive thoughts,

    Who invented the name of emperor first,

    Who established the rule of heaven and earth?

    Who is it besides eating and sleeping

    Press fear on the ground?

    Who instigates those who have no enmity to destroy each other?

    Where is the sky? Where is your border?

    What is your real face?

    People believe in deceptive wizards,

    Made gods and made you!

    How ironic it is that you are the tallest,

    You are named at the bottom!

    The birds flying in the sky will be watching you

    Different from others, so,

    I would rather rush to the loneliest place

    Find your true face in the highest place,

    Expose the deception in the book of changes!

    Land! What about you? Elements in your soil,

    I don't know how many giant stars

    The lightest gas is formed by fusion,

    And it's spinning and it's gravitation that pulls you together.

    They are also ignorant primitive humans,

    Change your face by subjective imagination,

    Why do they talk about you

    It is to establish a higher authority among the same kind,

    And create conditions for the prestige of a few people,

    And planted superstition in every slave's heart,

    Who dares to try to drive away the shadow of the emperor,

    Who dares not to obey this imprisoned habit?

    You can't do it even if you want peace?

    In a world full of people who can't help themselves,

    Where is there real freedom!

    The sea! You precede the great spirit of the land,

    Since the beginning of chaos, it has been surging endlessly.

    You were full of thunder and lightning,

    Struggling with the atmosphere of gas.

    Your amorphous fluid is in your belly,

    Keep moving under the heat.

    That's what makes organic matter,

    After countless collisions and separations,

    It's only in a few hundred million years,

    Because a coincidence and creation of life.

    From then on, large and small species

    The lucky cell began to metabolize,

    Countless lives multiply in your heart,

    You are their mother! You too

    Their cradle, paradise and graveyard.

    They're growing and you're shrinking,

    Your water keeps giving them life,

    And separate from your matrix into gases,

    Or into a stable solid.

    Ah, in a few hundred million years, the bottom of the sea has risen,

    But water is under the action of living enzyme

    It's going down fast. It's going down fast

    Ten thousand times faster than in inorganic chemistry.

    That's how the earth got out of the sea,

    So there are all kinds of landscapes on the ground,

    But countless years have gone by,

    Who remembers your merits?

    Who will repay you a little for this?

    The sea, your waves are

    The whole blue planet is noisy,

    The voice was full of joy or sorrow.

    For thousands of years, I've listened and watched,

    Look at you stretching your countless hands in vain

    An empty blue sky or cloud,

    Look at the moon with your hopeless eyes.

    I hear you wading up the beach in vain,

    Sighing and walking away silently,

    Your feeble tongue is too late for melancholy,

    And they smashed into the rocks,

    Your dreamy babble is not there

    Groaning when the dark touches the dawn?

    Your fish are swimming,

    Your bird is flying,

    There are happy elk on the island,

    Dance and sing to you.

    But you stay at the bottom,

    I can't move,

    It's just something else,

    In the pit of pain and sway,

    Don't you dream of feeling high?

    Don't you want to have your own power?

    But your energy goes on and on

    In an irresistible and diabolical gravity,

    Mobile you can't be on any high ground,

    Stay for a little while,

    Strong also, sad, huge you are like

    A weak man at his mercy!

    Freedom, but you can't

    Achieve any one of the simplest yearning!

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