The use of 'an' in 3rd person

I've been reading World of Cultivation and characters often use terms like 'ye' or 'ge' or 'an' when referring to themselves. From the translator's notes I know that 'ye' means grandfather, and 'ge' means brother. But what does 'an' mean? It was probably covered, but when I first saw it I didn't think much of it and never checked the notes. Now it keeps popping up, and I'm missing out on the jokes.

Here's an example:

“Which mother***er told an the Outer Hall was rich?” Lei Peng’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot as he angrily swore, “An has never seen a place as poor as this! It’s clean! It’s so mother***ing clean! Unprofitable, so unprofitable!”


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    An literally means 'I'. The word is something old, and used in countryside language.
  • mm38910 said:
    An literally means 'I'. The word something old, and used in countryside language.
    Thanks very much for the translation. Makes things alot easier. 
  • When you say "Ye", you talk to the one who is inferior to you; "Ge", to who is peer; "An" is actually "I" in dialect, usually in rural area, which should not used in formal ocassion.
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