Android App Audio - Desperately Needed Changes

The android app needs a few changes to act like a true audio app when using that feature:

- Respect the pause and play options from outside the app.  I use Waze to drive into work and that will pause something like Audible, but not this, when it gives directions.  My headphones and speaker also have a pause/play button that is ignored.

- Allow option to automatically play the next chapter.  A pain when driving to go forward and start play.  Impossible when listening without phone in front of me.

- Remember location in chapter.  Pausing audio too long makes it restart with no way to jump forward.

- Reapect the external forward and back buttons like with pause/play.  + or - 30 seconds would be good, though even going forward or back a chapter would be good.


  • The new version allows automatically going to the next chapter.

    Now we just need the pause and play options. 
  • Yo, send the guys an email. If they get enough of such reports, maybe they will consider it. No one looks here at the forums.

  • I sent an email and got no response.
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