Run away Leddy

Chapter one:Who is zous

I’m Leddy. This is my Chinese name. Homonym means Thunder King.

I am now a junior in a non-reliable mining college.

On that day, it was late.I was still hanging out on the street, holding a beer bottle in my hand, and there was only a small mouthful of beer soup that I hadn't drunk.

I sat down on the deck chair in Victory Square,Leaning against the body, leisurely.

Actually, my mood is terrible. Last semester, I have hung many subjects, and I am on the verge of dismissal. At the beginning of this semester, I worked hard for several days.My studies didn't go up, but I was tired of studying. .

I, maybe not born to school, the ghost knows what I am good for!

The people in the square were almost scattered, the street lights were dim, and the bushes were dense.

Back to the dormitory at this time, I'm afraid they all fell asleep! Will you get caught if you go over the wall and go in?

However, tonight, I can't just spend the night in a lounge chair!

The breeze came blowing, making me feel that I should find a reliable place to stay overnight.

Go to an Internet cafe? There is usually the best solution. But today, it does n’t work. I only have more than two dollars in my pocket. This money can't even pay the deposit, and Delinquent will definitely be kicked out!

Where can I get some money? I started to figure it out. Once this idea was born, it swelled up and reached an irresistible level.

Thinking of it, the last time I went to the convenience store at the door with my fellow Shunzi, he took three toothbrushes and two tubes of shoe polish while he wasn't paid attention, and then dealt with them to a hawker at five Yuan price.

But five Yuan is enough! I have to go with something more valuable.

However, what should I do if I get caught? I have never done this kind of thing before. It is inevitable that the technology is rough and the means are crude.

I suddenly thought I had a magic weapon!

What magic weapon? A flashlight, a flashlight with only the thickness of the thumb! You don't look down on this thing, the light it emits is intense, and it doesn't matter if it dazzles your eyes.

Last time, under the tunnel bridge, I almost got into a fight with a female hawker, and I bought this magic weapon for three yuan at a very low price.

Now is the crucial moment, all depends on it!

I go steal, and whoever dares to stop, I will flash her, and run when she swim.

Make up your mind and get started!

Don't worry!

Now every store has a surveillance camera, take me a picture e and send it to the police, and then find the school, it is not fun!

I have to find something to cover my head.

I remember when some uncles on television committed crimes, they wore on their heads ...

Stockings! Yes, it is stockings! That thing is breathable, and the blocking effect is good!

But where can I find that thing?

Suddenly, I heard a "click" sound not far away.

It's the sound of girls' high heels.I'm sensitive to this kind of sound and I believe that every man is sensitive.

Why, the sound is so scattered, it seems to come over staggering.

Could it be that she is drunk?

Stockings! By the way, borrow stockings from a drunk!

What if she don’t want to? Then scare her!

First find a better terrain, hide it, and then suddenly come out without scaring her to death. Hey, just do it!

So I hid under the thick grass.

Then, pick up the grass and look out, the prey is approaching.fuck, it's too good, the heartbeat is so strong, it's almost going to faint. It seems that when the bad guy also needs quality, I really do Damn it might not work!

Ah, what, how could this be ?!

I saw two figures coming over, carefully distinguishing. The first one was female.yes, she was very exposed, I like it! Her two long beautiful legs were exposed outside.It was great, and she was wearing stockings!

Unfortunately, there was a man behind her. There was a man, I was a little discouraged!

Don't mess around,The situation is wrong!

How did the man walk so close to the girl’s back, hold her tightly with his arms, and move forward half dragging!

Couples don't have to be so intimate, they can't stop walking!

Oops, that's wrong. How can the man use a knife under the chin of the girl?

I patted my head, woke up, hijacked! Yes, hijacked!

A scene I often watch in movies is now real and reappearing in front of my eyes!

But what about my stockings?

Just then, the bad guy yanked the girl into the grass nearby.

The woman did not even resist, and was pulled in like a poor little lamb.

I said, you may shout, and if you make a little noise, someone may help you!

People are not like me, and some people are still willing to see justice!

The sound from the grass over there made me nervous.

Then, there is a sound of unbelching ...

No, my stockings!

I ventured, touched it, cut out the grass, and saw ...

The bad guy suddenly turned around,"Damn you, don't want to live anymore!"

I shyly said, "I want ... I just need ... stockings!"

The guy got a little confused by my words, rolled his eyelids, and scolded: "Get out!"

I don't want to, and I plan to fight for it, because being a bad guy must also persist, and I can't be discouraged before I do it.

Besides, my request is not excessive. I can help him out, and he tore off the stockings to me, which is regarded as labor costs. This sale is not a loss for him at all.

However, there is always a distance between reality and imagination. Just as I insisted on the win-win theory, the knife greeted me.

How ruthless! I thought it was just a scare. I didn't expect the knife to go straight into my head!

Ah, just a fruit knife! This year, you can commit a crime with a fruit knife. It's too easy!

When the strong light flashed, the guy was stunned. My flashlight was a step ahead, which verified a theory that light is the fastest moving substance in this world.

Then, I was hugged by that guy and scuffled together.

This guy has less strength than me!

This is really an accident! The strength is not as strong as mine, and the movement is not as fast as I am, it was crazy about being a bad guy.

My courage is strong, it is really courageous!

After a fierce beating, I destroy that guy.

Looking up, the girl is gone!

Looking further away, the girl was barefoot and shoes were not worn, running wild on the road.

I quickly pick up her shoes, and chased after her, shouting, "Don't run, don't run, you can't run!"

I mean, you stop, I won't hurt you, and may even escort you home.

My request is very simple, the shoes are returned to you, but you want to send me stockings!

I'm going to catch up with her soon, she really is not as fast as me!

Ah, she turned and disappeared! Hehe, I can catch up with you too!

"Your shoes!" I shouted.

However, just as I turned around, I saw her kneeling in front of two people wearing big brimmed hats, and said something with tears.

I was stunned, holding my shoes in my hand, wondering if I should move on.

Suddenly, she turned her head, pointed at me, and shouted, "It's him!"

The two wearing big brim hats, without saying a word, pulled out the stick-like thing and rushed at me!

Police! I have seen their signs clearly.

What to do? I'm not a bad person, at best I'm just an attempted bad person.

But the real bad guy looks so much like me! Then again, I'm carrying shoes at the moment.Ah, that's physical evidence!

I only want stockings! Unlucky stockings, unlucky me!

Run! The first time I thought about it, I ran hard!

I threw off the shoes in my hand and ran out of energy! I believe that if there is a record now, I will be able to break into the twelve-second mark! This score, if there is a physical education teacher, Teacher Tian, will definitely count me as excellent. It's a pity that he isn't here, he can't be there, and it's impossible to know that I ran such a result tonight!

Soon, I found out that there was a forest nearby. It was great, it seemed that I was not completely unlucky, at least at this time, there was still a chance to escape, hehe!

I come, I flash, I drill!

The woods were dark and the bushes were dense, and I was tangled.

Running, running, around, around, there was no voice of the chaser, and I was tired.

Don’t dare to go out! At least, I have to wait until the next day! I ’m scared. I knew this so I shouldn’t skip class. This punishment is too terrible!

I waited a long time, leaned against a tree, and waited a long time.

However, the sky is always dark. Could it have caught up with the cloudy sky? Or, is there any special situation?

I was too hungry to protest in my stomach! Dizzy, weak limbs, Venus in both eyes.

At this time, I noticed that sparks were emerging from my fingers, obediently, and my eyesight couldn't be transmitted to my fingers?

I also heard weird sounds, "thinning", like the sound of chewing meat and bones.

I can’t stand hearing this sound because too hungry.

So I followed the sound.

Turning around a few trees, beside a dirty puddle, I found someone eating.

They lie there and eat with relish.

Ah, what the hell is it? I was surprised by what these three people looked like.

They were thin and bony, almost naked. They had sharp heads, sharp eyes, and two rows of teeth as sharp as blades. Their fingers were as thick and scary as hooks.

What is this? I'm afraid of snoring and want to move away.

Those three guys turned their heads together and saw me.

The accident happened, and they screamed together, the noise was harsh, but it was not provocation, let alone excitement, but fear.

"ZOUS!" Their murmur was ambiguous, but that was the tone.

Then, they jumped up and fled away at a speed faster than Bolt!

I'm so surprised, it's so unexpected. It's inexplicable that my image can scare away things that are more terrifying than ghosts.

However, they left the food, which pleases me.

So, I ran to it happily, intending to enjoy the food. Even if it was cold, as long as it was eaten, I didn't care about the other!

Uh uh uh!

I really want to vomit, I really want to spit! Even if my stomach is empty, but when I see this beach on the ground like mud and scum, something smelling rancid, my strong appetite will be swept away net.

I covered my nose and decided to leave this pile of rancid rotten meat at the fastest speed. As for whose meat, what animal meat, I don't want to care at all, I just want to leave!

I ran far away and finally stopped smelling the smell.

What is this place? A pile of weird stones is covered with moss, and crooked ghost trees are everywhere.

What about the police? Will they come here?

I decided to leave them alone and go to a place with water because I'm so thirsty!

Not far out, and down to the shore, I finally came into contact with the water.

The water is clear and flows down from it, it looks very quiet.

I found a river in front of me, a river that was not too wide and could easily flow past it.

In the city where I live, the impression is that there is no such river? I started to whisper, where am I?

It's a bit light, as if the sky is about to light up!

I looked back and saw my shadow in the river.

God! Who is this? Is this me?

A strong man with a full body armor reflected in the water, with electric sparks on his body, looking like an ancient European warrior.

I slammed the water, hoping to see what I really looked like.

However, every time the water surface is restored, it is the way it was!

"Zeus, have you inserted your eyes?" A clear voice came upstream.

I hurriedly looked up and found that the rising sun was dazzling, but the outline of a beautiful girl was looming.

"Are you calling me?" I was taken aback and hurried up to the shore, set up a pergola, and watched carefully.

It’s a pretty,right,a very beautiful girl!

But she is so cool! Riding on an animal, to be precise, a tiger, a white tiger!

She's shooting an arrow, looking at it as she shoots, as if expecting something from me.

Is she talking to me?

"Who is Zeus? Zeus is who?" I wonder.

However, the call of the pretty girl is really refreshing, and I haven't dealt with it for a long time!

I ran over and hoped that even if she recognized the wrong person, she would take care of me for a while.

However, what I saw surprised me.

I was born timid, and a mouse would make me nervous for a long time.

This scene made me faint!

A guy with black smoke all over his body, scurrying around, his fingers are not like fingers, but like chicken feet, with a pair of bat-like wings fluttering behind him.

His face was horrible, the fangs in his mouth were wild, and his colorful face was more complicated than the Peking Opera mask.

His clothes are also special,several pieces of linen were sewn together randomly, and then sprayed with a lot of color like feces, how disgusting!

The pretty girl was shooting him with arrows, but the thing didn't know what spray was used, so the pretty girl was dangling like she was drunk.

The tiger ran hard, and lay there panting.

The disgusting guy rushed up, smirked and rushed up, and he will succeed!

That's it! The last time I encountered it, at least it was night. This time, he is going to rape the pretty girl, the police, where is the police ?!

Don't do this, wait a minute, let me avoid, I can't stand this!

I waved my hands and blocked my sight, hoping that I could not see the disgusting guy, and he should not see me.

Something unexpected happened, and my hand waved in his direction, but it didn't matter, the thunderous thundered.

Lightning flashed from the sky, and flowers bloomed on top of the disgusting guy's head, blasting the guy straight into his eyes and tongue.

When he saw me, he immediately saw the cat like a mouse and ran away!

The pretty girl returned to her heart, and was extremely happy.

The tiger also came to spirit and took her to me.

A big halo popped , trapping me inside.

"Come on, I'm sure he has a helper! Staying here for a long time may hurt us." the pretty girl told me.


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    Chapter two:I am a hero

    Under the shroud of the beautiful girl, I found that walking speed was flying.

    I used to think that this was the stimulation of the beauty effect, and later I discovered that whoever is in this aura runs fast.

    Really good, walking is very easy and I feel great!

    What? How can this be?

    I feel a little dizzy and confused, my eyes confused!

    The beautiful girl was wearing a see-through dress.

    At that time, I couldn't stand it, I could only walk on my legs, hopping like a kangaroo.

    The beautiful girl turned around and saw me, thinking that I was tired of running, and asked me to sit on the stone beside me for a while.

    I said, I'm not tired, just run in front, I'm not tired, I like you to run in front, I'm really not tired!

    The beautiful girl laughed, my soul was lost.

    She went on, and I went on the back. It felt like flying!

    Running and running, a large row of trees appeared in front.

    What's rare about trees? Some people may ask.

    However, I want to say that my eyes were immediately shifted from the tiger's back to them.

    Because, these trees are so fucking strange!

    Each one has eyes, and they are very large and unique.

    They are all tall and have long arms, which is incredible.

     how can it appear in front of me.

    I bit my finger in a hurry, it hurt, not a dream!

    But how can this be explained, this cannot be explained!

    The beautiful girl said hello to the monsters and hurried past.

    I ran past them, trembling, afraid of being careless, and patted me, I was afraid that I would finish my life

    Good, they are friendly and the atmosphere didn't pant even when I passed by.

    The beautiful girl took me and quickly ran into a green field.

    Some more weird trees twisted their bodies and greeted her.

    Then, I saw a big tree that covered the sky, and a bunch of glowing fireflies floating under it.

    I took a closer look, damn it! Those fireflies turned out to be little children, they would fly and spread their wings, but they would all be naked!

    The people here are trendy and I have a new understanding.

    The moon rose again, and the beautiful girl immediately started chanting.

    I'm surprised, she is neither a monk nor a nun. Why should she read the scriptures?

    After rushing through her sutras, she was busy doing business with the small vendors next to her.

    I'm wondering why the moon here is so diligent that it just rose sharply as soon as it fell?

    The beautiful girl asked me, did I buy a chicken, why not share it?

    I'm wondering, what kind of chickens can I share?

    The beautiful girl was angry.

    She scolded me stupid, and scolded me as a nerd.

    I hurriedly explained to her that I was in the woods just now and I was hit by a stone, and when I woke up, I couldn't remember much.

      At this time, a kid with a pig behind his buttocks ran over.

    As he ran, he shouted, "Tiger girl! Did you see my chicken? I brought you something good, and you will love it!"

    After that, he pointed to the ground in front of him, and a big cock emerged.

    The big cock was taller and stronger than KFC's model chicken, and his neck was covered with bags. From a distance, he would rather believe that it was a kangaroo.

    It turns out that this is a chicken! Oh my god, what a grievance, I have never seen such a chicken!

    The kid glanced at me and said with a smile, "Zeus, are you doing well?"

    You will die if you go to your mother! I cursed him in my heart, but on the surface pretended not to understand.

    Tiger Girl was attracted by the fresh stuff-a bottle he brought.

    "A bottle, what's rare!" I dismissed it.

    "What? You don't even know the magic bottle?" The kid stared at me with wide eyes, and the pig behind his butt also arched and arched, as if laughing at me.

    "Damn, when did you roast and eat!" I gave the pig a stern look.

    However, an eagle flew over, pulled the shit, was impartial, and just hit my head.

    I was so angry, I was going to scold his mum.

    The kid saw me going to attack and hurried to calm me: "It doesn't matter, just wash!"

    Tiger girl gave me a glance, her expression changed to indifference, and said, "He's broken, we ignore him! Go, kill the night devil!"

      They left and I crouched down holding my head.

    What the hell is this place!

    I looked around, and my head was foggy.

    Just when I was confused, just when I was stunned, when I was dizzy and panicky, a voice sounded in my ear:

    Boy, do you need a potion?

    Boy, do you need a branch?

    Otherwise, you need a pair of running shoes, all numbers, high quality and can be updated!

    I'm down, how did I meet the product! I secretly cry.

    I raised my depressed head and found a guy standing in front of me.

    He doesn't wash his face, doesn't shave his beard.He has a short figure, wears a weird hat, and wears a costume.

    He laughed like that, and I wanted to cry.

    I don't need potion, I need purified water!

    I don't need branch, I need hamburgers!

    I don't even need running shoes, I need a bed, a bed with soft and cushions, and a warm quilt!

    The man didn't talk to me anymore, and pointed coldly with his hand.

    I came to spirit and hurried to run in the direction he pointed.

    I thought hope was here, and I thought miracles would happen.

    Immediately, the sound of water reached my ears, and I was happy.

    Immediately, the sound of hawking came to my ears, my excitement.

    I rushed over and found a pool with waves.

    The pool is very large and beautiful, but I don't even have a bowl. I can only look forward to the water!

    Do you need a gold hoop?

    If you think it's expensive, try the big sword!

    Why, is it too heavy? At the same price, there are also javelins, superb javelins, light and durable, and good value for money!

    Why is it too expensive? Then you can try this short stick!

    It is not an ordinary stick, it is a stick that has been tried and tested, hard and not afraid of breaking, really branded products, really good value for money, who buy who doesn't regrets!

    A boy who was fat and seemed like a brother to me, holding a lot of dazzling things, blocked me.

    No! I just need a bowl! I am very determined.

    The kid stared at me for a long time, as if I had problems growing up.

    "He didn't buy anything, he was a neurosis!" A voice sounded from behind me.

    It was the kid who was selling the potion. He said I was a neurosis.

    I'm too lazy to talk to him, because i'm so thirsty!

    The trader who looked like my brother gave a stern glance and said, what are you doing here without buying?

    With a knife in his hand, he looked fierce, and I was scared.

    How to do?

    I need a bowl, I just need a bowl that can drink water! Just as I needed a stocking that only blocked my face and was not recognized!

    My requirements are simple! But, God! You are too mean, why do you never let me fulfill the simplest requirements?

    As soon as I was in a hurry, I made a jump, and I jumped!

    Of course not suicide, because I want to drink water!

    I didn't expect to frighten those two guys with my actions. When I saw me grunting and drinking, they panicked and thought that I really didn't want to live.

    They left the thing in their hands and ran to the pool and dragged me together.

    I thought I had met Lei Feng, who was righteous, but later I realized that they were afraid that I would stain the pool and affect their business.

    I was dragged up like this.

    I don't know how embarrassed I am. I just know that as soon as came out from the water, a cool wind blew over and it made me sneeze.

    This sneeze was really amazing, like a thunder, startled the two kids.

    Sparks of stars came out of my nostrils, like fireworks.

    My God! This sneeze also made an international joke, and it was able to spray sparks. It seems that I am a multi-talented person!

    The two kids dragged me up, just ignored, there was no humanitarian spirit at all!

    I'm covered with water, what can I do?

    I'm going to take off my cloth and bask in the sun.

    However, the people here are all very tight-fitting, and they are also fierce, and they are not amiable at all.

    I went outside.The children with long wings don't wear pants.

    I don't wear it there, everyone is the same, no problem!

    Thinking of this, I rushed out, ran to the halfway, and met two people.

    Tiger girl and that pig-raising kid!

    They are talking about something, the voice is loud, very excited.

    The pig-raising boy was blowing how powerful he was, killing that night devil all at once.

    He blew flowers, hands and feet, and frowned.

    But in the end, the tiger girl stared at him and said, you bragging, you don't have that ability at all! When will you thunder? This is what you made up, and you want to fool the high priest--me!

    The pig-raising boy was arguing with his neck around,”Then, who did you say? There were only two of us at the scene. I was in the bright place and you were in the dark. You put the arrow to hold the kid first, then my flying axe! You killed it, I killed it. Is there anything wrong?”

    Tiger girl's eyes widened and she said aloud, “No! He was killed by thunder.How could you use it? of course, not me!”

    The pig-raising boy turned his eyes and said, “That's right, let's kill them together. Finally, God can help, this must be true!”

    "You're talking like farting!" Behind me, a voice came out that surprised everyone, including me, of course.

    It's a tree talking, that's the tallest tree.

    I stretched my neck and could only see his squirming mouth.

    "It's Zeus, it's Zeus!" He said.

    Tiger girl suddenly realized and she was smiling like a flower.

    The pig-raising boy didn't confess his account. He mean, the big tree behind is talking nonsense.

    Tiger girl is annoyed and wants to turn her face with him.

    The pig-raising boy also pulled down his face and asked her for the bottle.

    Tiger girl said,” a rotten bottle is rare!” She just throw the bottle back to him.

    The pig-raising boy was soft again, admitting that he was making up, begging tiger girl to forgive him and give him another chance.

    Tiger Girl was angry, poked his nose with an arrow, and let him get out!

    The pig-raising boy gave me a glance, took his pig, greeted his bird, and left!

    Tiger girl came down from the tiger's back, hugged me and kissed me.I am very happy!

    I asked her, what is this place? Because my head was hit before, so many things do not remember.

    She told me that this world, called "Dota", I was like her, a hero.

    Tiger girl was so excited that she never saw me rolling my eyes.

    She said that my name was "Zeus" and I was a hero who specialized in electricity.

    Oh, I'm fine. How can I be an electrician, and have a strange name called "Zous"?

    I should leave this world as soon as possible, this terrible place, there is nothing to be nostalgic for!

    I decided to find where the exit was and then escaped!

    When she saw me looking around, she thought I was curious, so she kept introducing.

    This world has two opposing sides, one is called "Sentinel" and the other is called "Scourge". I and her are both heroes of the Sentinel, and our responsibility is to defeat all the Scourge heroes.

    I thought to myself, this is not fun, I don't want to fight, I want to sleep!

    When tiger girl saw me with low enthusiasm, she encouraged me and said that winning is rewarding!

    Reward? What reward? I have some spirit.

    You can use battles to win gear and items, and that's the reward! Tiger Girl thought it will definitely move me.

    My eyelids were pulled down, boring. Not at all, I don't need equipment, I want to sleep!

    Tiger girl told me that she is the captain of all the Sentinel heroes, so I must listen to her command, which is also one of the rules.

    I'm a little bit angry. Where else is there to force people to die, I won't do it!

    I protested and asked her aloud, so that if you hit them, they hit you, just for a few pieces of broken equipment that can't be eaten. What's the point?

    Tiger girl froze, apparently, she hadn't thought of this profound problem before that.

    However, I found that her big eyes blinked and looked at me, as if to say that you are sick and not too sick!

    At this time, the old tree with big mouths talking again.

    He said that the Scourge had a tall, rock-filled rock pile called the Frozen Throne, which was emitting toxic and harmful gases all year round.It was said that it was expanding at a certain rate every day.If we sit back and watch, it won't be long before this place will become stinky, garbage will be everywhere, sewage will flow, and there will be disaster place!

    He also said that the behind-the-scenes force that made that garbage mountain was a biochemical expert, that guy was very good at transgenic, not only created the garbage mountain, but also produced many ugly, dirty, and dark psychological creatures. The best of them are the so-called Scourge heroes.

    He said that we are the darlings of nature and the embodiment of peace and justice. In order to defend our beautiful and welcoming homeland, we must fight against all enemy heroes and eventually destroy the "Frozen Throne".

    His words were full of anger and inflammatory, but I didn't care at all. I didn't belong here. I came from another world. What kind of home here is not home, what do I do!

    Tiger Girl was said to be tearful, a pair of small pink fists clenched tightly, as if not trying hard, she couldn't hold herself!

  • Chapter three:I didn't go out

    I asked that old tree, are those guys easy to get rid of, and what kind of throne garbage dump is also easy to get rid of?

    Old tree said, what you said is correct! They are fragile, they are sparse, where has the history of evil over justice since ancient times?

    My history was originally illiterate, and he said that I really couldn't refute it.

    Well, let us go! I made up my mind to take a trip, because Tiger girl's big eyes flickered and looked at me, so that my bones were crisp!

    Can I have such a beautiful chick to accompany, or travel at public expense, do not go for nothing!

    Besides, we also contribute to world peace and contribute to the cause of environmental protection!

    Hush, this can be deceived, but you must not deceive yourself. It is terrible, do you understand? I quickly remind myself.

    On the way, we bumped into a bear.

    This bear looks like a spirit.

    First, he wears clothes, then, he wears shoes.

    Moreover, he can also talk to people, say hello to Tiger girl and call her captain!

    This once made me think that I saw a bear monster on the Black Wind Mountain. Didn't this guy go to guard the backhill for Guanyin Bodhisattva?

    Is it like me, playing a walk-on part?

    The bear monster saw me and was very enthusiastic. He called me good electricity!

    Aren't I Zous?

    The bear saw me bunting and thought I was stupid, almost slap me.

    Tiger girl told him that my brain was broken and I didn't remember the previous things.

    The bear is innocent, sympathetic, pitiful, and even a little gloating.

    He said, your kid was also the captain, but he did not expect it to be today!

    When he said this, he was still looking at Tiger girl, with a charming expression, how disgusting it is!

    I really wanted to kill him with an electric bomb, but to be honest, I haven't been able to figure it out until now. How did my electricity get released ?!

    After a while, when the fight just began, I would hide in a place nobody and do some experiments. .

    The bear ran diligently at the front.Tiger Girl was in the middle. Of course, I was at the end.

    I have short legs and run last.

    Running, and running, we met the kid who raised pigs.

    The kid's pig was gone, the bird was gone, and he ran back in a panic, as if he had lost his soul.

    He slammed into the bear, scaring wow.

    The bear slapped, and he almost stunned the pig-raising boy.

    Fortunately, Tiger girl responded quickly and pulled the bear backwards.

    The pig-raising boy, it's hard to take it easy, and he got up from the ground, shaking the soil of the whole body.

    The kid's skin is so thick.It's okay to be slapped, which makes me very frustrated.

    The bear hurriedly apologized and said sorry, “you came and didn't be noticed!”

    The pig-raising boy is quitting, and have to comment on the tiger girl,”How should this physical and mental loss cost be calculated!”

    After speaking, I think he regretted climbing up. You must know that the highest state of touching porcelain is to lie on the ground.

    The bear secretly told Tiger girl, "this kid killed the Night Stalker just now. He's so great! How many people can't make the Night Stalker. He just got it. This kind of stabbing, I dare not provoke him. Just to say, I will accompany him! "

    Tiger girl laughed, looked at the pig-raising boy, said, "You said to Paipai, did you kill the Night Stalker?"

    The pig-raising boy immediately blushed and slumped his neck and said, "I didn't say it! He guessed it!"

    The bear Paipai is anxious, want to quarrel.

    At this time, a team of tree people came, not tall, like a piece of wood stakes, hitting us by.

    At the end of them, ran an old man who lived on a walking stick. At first I thought it was a landlord. Later, when he found something wrong, he ran and shouted: "Left right left,left right left!"

    Oh, this is also a leader!

    I asked Tiger girl, "What is this hero called?"

    Tiger girl glanced and said, "What hero is that?Only a walk-on part!"

    The old man quit, and stared, saying, "What's wrong with the walk-on part? You four great heroes are crowded together, and you quarrel with me, don't go to the front to participate in the battle, but also we walk-on parts go to the battlefield, you guys are ashamed!I think i will feel ashamed! "

    Tiger girl blushed.

    The pig-raising was angry, and he yelled, "Get out! Otherwise, I will kill you and fight the wild!"

    This trick really worked, and the old tree man had nothing to say at the time, so he had to run away.

    Later I realized that if the soldiers were killed by wild soldiers and no one was buried.How can this death be so different from that death?

    Tiger girl said, "Even the soldiers are joking at us, what do you want?"

    The pig-raising gave a glance and patted the bear, ran away, and shouted, "I won't play with you, I'll go to the captain Cook!"

    The pig-raising ran so fast that it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

    The bear Paipai made a pat action, facing his back, very fiercely.

    Then, Tiger Girl said, let's go, three people go all the way, no one is afraid!

    Suddenly, there was a sandstorm in the sky.I couldn't distinguish between east and west, and couldn't see anything.

    I panicked, there was a tree next to it, and I hurried over and hid.

    Then I saw the bear patting.

    He is in the sky, doing kite-like!

    Too scary, his butt was pierced, and thorns picked him up, floating in the sky like a flag.

    The dust storm dispersed a little, and I saw a more horrible sight.

    Under the patted bear, there was a large scorpion lying horizontally.

    The big scorpion is really big, larger than cattle, about the size of a large agricultural tractor.

    Beside him, there is a black boy riding a broken horse with only bones, wearing strange clothes, holding a machete like a burning fire stick, and patting the bear, which means, you dare to come down, Just chop you down!

    Behind him is a mountain, Roshan!

    Oh my god, that guy is bloody all over, and his head is bigger than grinding disc, his eyes are like cockfighting, his head has a pile of fur on it, and didn’t know how many arms he has grown! He was waving an iron chain, the chain was bigger than my arm. His arms are even thicker, and he is waving countless kitchen knives, some of which are weird in shape, like a meat axe!

    What kind of people is this ?!

    My first reaction was, run away, the farther I go, the better!

    Then I started to act.

    Then I found Tiger Girl, she was in front of me!

    I'm covered by the halo again, and I run fast!

    I wondered, I ran first. Why did Tiger Girl run before me?

    In the end, I heard the scream, which was sent out by patting the bear, and then I received a UFO from the sky.

    I caught it and it was bear's paw!

    Ah, the bear Paipai's paw, oh oh, it's too miserable, I mourn for you, but after I go back!

    I tried my best to escape, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't run away from Tiger Girl.

    Suddenly, Tiger girl shouted, be careful!

    I was horrified to turn back, and saw the black boy riding a broken horse chasing after us, throwing a stack of things, and almost hit me.

    My soul fluttered and I jumped to the side of Tiger girl with a hard jump.

    Tiger girl yelled, "You're at the door! What are you panic about?"

    Then she raised her bow, and of course, there were no arrows on the bow.

    I know, she does it.

    Despite this, the black boy was too scared, and he ran away hastily.

    Tiger Girl shed tears, and I pretended to wipe the tears.

    Tiger girl said, Paipai dead, we are all responsible!

    I said, blame the kid who raised the pig, count him running fast, if he didn't run, then four and three should win!

    Tiger girl nodded strongly, expressing her full agreement.

    Actually, what I mean in my heart is that the three of you are playing, I am watching, the three are playing with three, no matter what I do!

    After this adventure, I know what the other party is doing!

    I'm going to find the old tree to settle accounts. Why did he lie to me! Where is the rookie on the opposite side, it's just a group of King Kong and huge devil!

    However, I can't bother him in front of Tiger girl.

    In the eyes of Tiger girl now, it is a positive image. I can't think of destroying it so early!

    Back to the old tree, it was finally safe.

    Looking at those tree-like people who are holding big stones, I feel safe.

    I don't want to go out until the world is destroyed

    A day can be dragged for a day, a moment can be dragged for a moment, the sky is falling down, and there is a tall top, regardless of what I do!

    What saves the world, what is for peace, what is for the environment, can it be me?

    Tiger Girl urged me to change course and go to met captain Cook, it would be safe and revenge.

    Don't, I've been fooled once, this time, kill me, I won't go!

    Although I shouted in my heart, I couldn't say it!

    I covered my stomach and said I wanted to go to the toilet!

    Tiger girl looked at me and asked, what is a toilet?

    I almost fainted. Why, she didn't even know how to go to the toilet?

    I hurriedly told her that I was in a hurry and wanted to solve it.

    She still didn't understand,then asked me if I wanted to drink spring water.

    I said yes, hurriedly said yes, in short, there was an excuse, just stayed with me, didn't let me go!

    Tiger girl said she was going, too!

    I said, okay, let's go together!

    On the edge of the spring, that is, next to the pool, Tiger girl asked me, “what did you do last time, and how did you kill the Night Stalker! You know, before we tried to get rid of the Night Stalker, what After the blockage, what ambush, what stealth assassination, in short, all the tricks were used, and no success, but it was you, the Night Stalker is finished, what is going on?”

    I thought to myself, “you don't know, hell, I don't know!”

    What should I do?I didn't know or tell her. It's a trivial matter for her to laugh at me. It's a big deal to get me out and keep me sneezing.

    I told her that there was a strange cloud floating in the sky that day, and I put a lightning bolt on it, and then what happened was unknown.

    Now it is exactly the night, Tiger girl meets the moon in the sky, it is sunny, there is no cloud!

    Hey, I just said that after I'm done, you can't help me.

    Tiger girl drank enough water and let me go with her.

    I said I was okay, let her go first.

    Tiger girl asked me if I wanted to buy anything?

    I lowered my head and pretended to look for something on the ground.

    Tiger girl left.I knew she was not satisfied, but there was no way to choose between girlfriend and head melon, I would leave the head melon first.

    Hehe, there was no one next to me, so I sat down and pulled out the bear's paw.

    Did I eat it?

    The education I received from a young age reminded me that it would be unreasonable to do so!

    Alas, I'm so hungry, don't I think it's wrong to eat a bear's paw?

    However, it is the remains of your friend's friend. If you eat it, you would have nightmares at night!

    I had to dig a pit, put the bear's paw inside, and buried it hard.

    I’m crying, I haven’t had the guts to eat a bear paw, I, I might as well find a place to die.

    Just as I was suffering from a runny nose, a figure rushed to the front and startled me.

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    Chapter four:Dota and Leddy

    “What are you crying?” He asked.

    I looked up, fluttered, and laughed!

    A monkey, an interesting monkey, dancing with a pointed stick in his hand, swaying in front of me.

    Sun Wukong, I finally saw a familiar figure!

    I felt like seeing fellow people!

    I hugged him and cried.

    "Brother, don't cry. Good boy, I will protect you! Do speak, what do you need?" The monkey's concern made me very happy.

    I told him what I needed to eat.

    The monkey said nothing and turned out a lot of candy, just like a trick!

    Now, I know why children love Sun Wukong so much!

    I decided not to watch the beautiful girl ride tiger in the future, but to accompany the monkey!

    Those who have milk are mothers! This sentence really makes sense!

    The monkey waved his hands, "follow me!"

    I asked, where to go?

    The monkey said, go kill!

    I asked, who to be killed?

    The monkey said, kill the bad guys!

    I remembered the bad guys, so my legs were weak, and I said I wouldn't go!

    The monkey turned his face, and the two big fangs on his mouth shrugged, which was very scary.

    He asked, don't you go?

    He was threatening me. I am really scared, afraid of bad people, and afraid of him.

    I nodded.

    The monkey raised his middle finger and roared,” believe it or not, I can kill you now!”

    I believe, I believe so much, this guy now looks like a murderer.

    The monkey saw me scared, he was satisfied and said,” follow me!”

    I nodded.

    I followed the monkey's ass and ran outside.

    As I passed the big tree, I spit on my mouth deliberately. I thought I might never see it.

    How do I feel like I'm on the court.

    Soon, we came to the side of the woods. The monkey finger pointed in front, which meant that I rushed up.

    I was not stupid.I...I thought of the tragic death of the bear Paipai.I would not do it!

    The monkey stared, "Go!"

    I was scared of snoring in my legs and numbness in my spine, but I still gritted my teeth and went forward.

    As I walked, worshiping Guanyin Bodhisattva and worshiping Rulai Buddha, there were only gimmicks, "Amitabha, Amitabha! Don't let me run into those bad guys, they all go to the pig kid side, and there is pork to eat there!"

    I heard voices, weird voices, and then saw a face, a zombie face.

    He was laughing, smirking.

    He was approaching me, riding on a bone horse, carrying a mourning stick in his hand, and I later learned that it was actually a sword.

    It's the black guy who participated in killing the bear Paipai, and now it's my turn!

    As soon as I sat on the ground, tears began to flow.

    The black boy held the mourning stick and suddenly hesitated, maybe my performance made him realize something.

    He looked left and right, paying particular attention to the grove next to him.

    I knew, the monkey was hiding inside.

    Then, a thick stick flew out of the woods and hit the black boy.

    The black kid was beaten straight, but what's even more incredible was that I didn't know when the monkey came out and hit him.

    The black boy was snoring at first, and soon responded, and raised his mourning stick to fight back.

    What's more terrible was that he threw a large black stool-like thing and stuck it on the monkey.

    I heard someone calling me and hurriedly turned around to see another monkey beckoning to me.

    He hid behind the tree half-length, beckoning to me, and shouting, "Come on,this way!"

    I didn't even think about it.

    When I ran into the woods, I took the monkey's hand and said with a sad face, "Your brother is over, your brother is over!"

    The monkey spit, patted me with hairy paws, and said, "It's okay, that's my stand-in, dead for nothing!"

    This kid was too impersonal. His brother was dead and he had nothing to do!

    Even a stand-in, it should be a little sad!

    I couldn’t accept it, I wanted to quarrel with him, but the monkey was gone!

    Over there, I heard the sound of a fight and hurried over.

    I saw that three monkeys were fighting with three kobolds.

    Their fighting level was not very high, but they were very engaged.

    I was afraid of them, so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to hide.

    As soon as I stepped out of my front foot, my back was tight and I was pinched.

    Looking back, it's the monkey!

    The monkey fangs scared me, and now I finally understood why so many people saw Sun Wukong and called him a monster!

    "Where are you going?" He asked angrily.

    "You fight, I'll move a few bricks and throw a piece for each of you!" I racked my brains and found such a good word.

    The monkey let go of me, and from the expression, he was quite satisfied with my answer.

    "The two of them can't stand up, you go up! I have a reward for killing those kobolds!" The monkey lay under the tree, waving Erlang's legs and waving his hand.

    I glanced at it and thought, "Where did those kobolds come from? Seeing what they look like, it's really fierce, I can't get over!"

    The monkey was still urging me to go. My legs were shaking.

    The monkey said, ”If it weren't for the rules that I can't kill you, I really want to fuck you with a stick!”

    His words were vicious.But after hearing them, I was overjoyed!

    What else was I afraid of? I laid to the other side and raised my legs.

    The monkey jumped up and shouted, “Could you go or not”?

    I turned over and pretended not to hear.

    At this time, the two fighting monkeys were gone, and the three kobolds came to this side very fiercely, holding a stick in their hands, a hammer tied to the stick, and an iron nail stuck to the hammer.

    I was scared, and when I got up, I ran.

    I found that the monkey was gone again, and he ran faster than me!

    kobold men were chasing after us and I run fast.

    In the distance, I saw the huge devil that killed the bear Paipai that day.

    The huge devil had axes in his hands, all covered with plasma, surrounded by a pile of treants, and they were fighting with joy.

    If I run there, I would die.

    But turning around, kobold men were terrible!

    How to do?

    I gritted my teeth, twisted my head, and turned towards the kobold men.

    Compared to huge devil, kobold men were lightweight, I couldn’t be stupid on key issues at key times!

    When I rushed over, the kobold men were taken aback by me!

    They also didn't expect that I would counterattack.

    I clenched my fists.

    They thought I was going to fight, but what they didn't expect was that I was fighting myself.

    I punched my nose so hard that my nosebleeds.

    I thought, once, I sneezed, that sneeze, and killed a bad guy who was hundreds of miles away, a bad guy who bothered Tiger girl!

    This time, so close, I sneezed and didn't kill them all!

    However, I hurt myself very much, and the blood couldn't stop flowing, just not sneezing!

    I was disappointed and desperate, despair became roar, and roar became howl.

    The three men stunned, witnessing my crazy self-harm. They didn't know what to do.

    They haven't seen it like this.The program in their head could only be, attack or defense, there was no self-harm.

    I beat myself into a blood gourd, and I almost died.

    At this time, things fell from the sky, of course, not pies.

    It were stones, stones that sparked Mars, stones that glowed like fireworks.

    My God, someone saw that I was harming myself and he was so happy that he wanted to set off firecrackers!

    It was not the kid who raised a pig, it must be the monkey! I hurriedly stopped self-harm, and wouldn’t let them see my joke.

    However, the figures that appeared were not them!

    Beautiful figure, riding a tiger, not Tiger girl, who else?

    "Hey, Zeus, you can’t hit the wild with your bare hands? Did you forget your tricks?" When Tiger Girl saw me, instead of having a ridiculous expression, she smiled, her face blooming like a flower smile.

    I was willing to die for her! Really, all the male hormones in my body were raging, it was time to harden!

    I was going to find those kobold men to fight, even if I die, I couldn't be too indulgent!

    However, I was surprised to find that those kobold men fell to the ground.

    They were dead, they were killed by those glowing stones!

    Gosh! What's going on with those stones?

    I suddenly thought that it must have been Tiger girl, she saved me.It was she who saved me!

    Tiger girl searched for the treasure on the kobold men very wisely. I found that Tiger girl's motivation is not pure!

    "What are you holding on to? Hurry up!" Tiger girl’s expressions fascinate me me.

    I helped her hold the kobold men's weapons, of course, the seizure.

    Tiger Girl collected those soft gold and silver.

    Suddenly, the monkey came up.

    He protested loudly about Tiger Girl's movements and wanted to kick me by foot.

    Tiger girl was angry and asked if he wanted to die?

    The monkey said that he discovered the kobold men first, and he sent the substitutes to fight. He beat the kobold men to low blood volume, and we just picked a ready-made bargain.

    Tiger girl shouted loudly, “where did you go in the end? If you were here, could you not have your share?”

    The monkey gritted his teeth. I was a little scared. was this kid playing hard?

    If Tiger girl beat him, must I rush up?

    I was thinking, I was thinking,was it necessary to be a hero who saved beauty?

    However, something unexpected happened and the monkey came at me.

    He didn't ruthlessly, nor did he even try to hurt me, just smiled and said to me,”there are too many things and it's heavy. How about I help you move both?”

    This was a sly monkey, I thought so.

    We rushed back, and the mood to divide the loot was good, everyone was happy.

    However, when we rushed back to our hometown, that is, next to the big tree, we found two more people standing there chatting.

    One was the pig-raising kid,the pig was still behind his butt, the bird that seldom fluttered its wings was still on his head.

    The other person was like a pirate, but not a Cyclops.

    He wore a seaman's pointed hat, a navy dress on his body, and a bright sword in his hand.

    The pig-raising boy nodded and looked like a minion. He laughed in the spittle star spouted by the pirate. He looked very proud.

    When the pig-raising boy saw Tiger girl, he waved with excitement. Tiger girl was too lazy to care about him, which made him very boring.

    We passed by there, the pirate stopped his eyebrows speech, took off his hat, and said hello to Tiger girl with great grace.

    Tiger girl was happy, she jumped off the back of the tiger, first patted the pirate's shoulder, and hugged him with a gesture, it seemed very affectionate, which made my favor for the pirate drop to freezing point.

    The monkey got up and planned to share Tiger girl's hug, but it was the pirate who gave him a warm hug!

    It took the monkey a long time to stand upright from the arms of the pirate.

    But, next, the pirate kissed the monkey hard, moustache and saliva smeared on the monkey's face, reminding me of the scene of brushing shoes with soapy water.

    The monkey almost did not breathe!

    The tiger girl stood behind the pirate and smiled back and forth, and the tiger was too happy to shake her tail.

    The pirates suddenly slowed down, only to find that the enthusiasm was wrong.

    He pushed away the monkey angrily, took out a handkerchief, and wiped his lips vigorously, the movement was too fierce, as if something had been wrong with his lips, it was no longer his own.

    The monkey lay on the ground, vomiting forcefully, as if trying hard, to vomit out the rice eaten last night.

    The pirate did not lose his breath, and pulled out a hairy ball, which was actually a toothbrush, turning it hard in the mouth, and the posture had to wipe out all the mucous membranes in the mouth.

    The monkey was even more crazy, while he vomited, he pulled the yellow hair on his face, slamming down one by one, making his face pitted and blood stubble.

    The monkey didn't move, he fainted.

    The pirate put down his toothbrush and spit to the monkey on the ground, right in the back of the monkey's head.

    The monkey didn't respond, it seemed really dizzy!

    Tiger girl introduced to me that this was Captain Cook, the commander of the famous seven oceans, and could summon the ghost ship that made the enemy suffocate.

    I hurriedly stated,” Had been looking forward to seeing”!

    Tiger girl introduced to him that this was the king of the gods Zeus, a great hero who traveled to this world to save the world's evil souls and could summon a powerful thunderbolt that made the enemy burn out.

    The captain was surprised and bowed deeply, as if holding a memorial service in advance, bowed deeply, took the initiative to hold my hands, and expressed respectfully, “Had been looking forward to seeing”!

    His statement made me embarrassed.

    The pig-raising boy just remembered it, he had to shake hands, even hug me.

    He was full of pig taste, and I had no time to hide, where could I hug him.

    Even more frightening was that the pig-raising kid turned his face to kiss me. It was okay. I "slap" it and almost stunned the kid on the spot.

    At this moment, a thunderbolt was thrown out, and it was "cracking" and it was very scary.

    The captain applauded loudly and applauded vigorously.

    The pig-raising boy finally took it easy and applauded vigorously.

    Really shameless! My impression of him was even worse.

    From the bag at the back, the captain found a pair of shoes, held them in front of me, and asked me to receive.

    He said it was a courtesy and expressed respect!

    This pair of shoes was really good. It's shiny and bright. The ones above were full of patterns. Making such a pair of shoes was definitely not easy. It must be very valuable!

    I smiled, but embarrassingly, I had nothing to give him back.

    The captain saw my embarrassment, took out a pen, and asked me to sign his collar as a souvenir.

    Without thinking about it, I wrote the name "Leddy" on his collar.

    After writing it, I found that it was wrong!

    The captain was surprised, the pig-raising were surprised, and the tiger girl was also surprised.

    They didn't know what "Leddy" was.

    I hurriedly explained to them that "Leddy" is my name in another world.

    After talking for a while, they reached a consensus. In the world of God, "Zeus" was originally called "Leddy".

    The captain was pleased and hoped that I would add two more words in front of it to show that I was extraordinary.

    What did I add? I was worried, where did I know what the original world is called? All I knew is that the country I came from was called "China". When I came, I just wanted a pair of stockings, and it was chased by the two policemen. Here it came.

    After thinking about it again, I wrote the word "Dota", because Tiger girl told me that this new world was called "Dota".

    "Dota" plus "Leddy", the captain and others felt mysterious for a while, finally burst into warm applause.

    “OK, it ’s good, it ’s a good fuck!” The captain wanted to hug me, I dodged, but at the moment of dodging, I inadvertently made a point between the "Dota" and "Leddy" .

    The pig-raising boy, without saying a word, stuffed a bottle into my hand and asked me to accept it. He said that if I didn't accept it, he would find a place to finish him!

    I didn't want to! But the words clearly could not be exported, I had to put away, because the bottle feels really good in my hand!

    How to say, the waist was no longer sore, the legs were no longer painful, and the head was no longer dizzy.

    The pig-raising boy asked me to write the same signature on his underwear.

    When he went to take off his pants, I realized that the boy was dirty. Only one side of the underwear was a little blank and I could sign.

    I pinched my nose and completed the difficult signing action.


  • Chapter five:Tiger girl’s gift

    Tiger girl turned and left. I thought she was shy. When I saw her running towards the merchants, I realized that she were going to do business.

    I would go too! I threw the pen to the captain , speeding towards there.

    The monkey just woke up and wanted to look up. I didn't expect that I didn't notice any of it. I stepped on his head and he became lethargic again.

    I ran fast, leaving the captain and the pig-raising boy behind.

    Tiger girl stopped and saw that there was no one else, she blushed and told me to stand still and said she was going to surprise me.

    Also, asked me to close my eyes.

    My excitement, with a snare drum in my heart.

    I thought, I thought, ...

    In short, I raised my lips and was ready ...

    For a long time, there was no movement, I opened my eyes and found that Tiger Girl was gone!

    Where did she go? I feel a little stingy.

    "Turn around!" Tiger girl's voice sounded behind her back.

    I turned around and found that Tiger girl's little face was flushed, very beautiful, and she held a big stick in her hand.

    The big sticks were all red, and there were messes printed on them. I saw That thing, and I was stunned!

    "What is it for?" I couldn’t guess.

    "This is the legendary 'Dagon', many people call it 'Extraordinary Power', and some people call it 'Red Stick'!" Tiger Girl shook the thing, her face very proud.

    Seeing my disappointed expression, Tiger girl frowned: "What, you don't like it?"

    I immediately realized that the thing given by Tiger girl, whether I liked it or not, must express my like, hurriedly squeezed out a smile, and grabbed it in my hands.

    Tiger girl said, "This is the most expensive gift ever given by me. You should cherish it!"

    Of course I cherish, I cherish too much! I was so touched, I was touched too much!

    Just when I was about to thank Ninety-degree bow, when I looked up, Tiger girl disappeared!

    Raising my head again, I found that she had ran out more than a hundred meters away and left without looking back.

    I took the big stick and waved it up and down twice, and found that the heavy one was very uncomfortable to hold in my hand, and it was a burden on my shoulder.

    Disappointed, really disappointed! What I need is not this, I promise, what I need is really not this, oh!

    “What exactly does this thing do?” I wanted to ask the old tree, so I walked over there.

    Those people were not under the tree, the old tree seemed to be dozing.

    "Hey, old monster!" I patted the bark and looked very hard.

    The old tree woke up and dropped countless leaves, like dandruff.

    I held up the big stick and let him see.

    The old tree looked surprised, and after a while asked, "What do you want?"

    "given by Tiger girl, but I don't know what's the use?"

    "Oh, you don't know, forget it, wash and sleep!" the old tree looked impatient.

    I hit the bark with the big stick, and I used it harder and harder.

    The old tree roared: "Do you want to knock me to death, do you want to do something that those bad guys dreamed of and couldn't do?"

    "Who are those bad guys?"

    "Bad guys! You have to be their accomplice, be a bad guy!"

    "I didn't want to be a bad person, you forced it!"

    "Okay!" said the old tree in a pitiful tone, "I tell you, the uses of this preciousness."

    Then, the old tree told me that this stick was the legendary artifact "Dagon", which was very valuable and hard to come by!

    This thing could shoot a red light, killing people tangibly.

    This thing could kill people far away.

    This thing could strengthen your body and helped you live longer!

    Given that this old guy had flickered over me, I was doubtful of his words.

    But I could be sure that Tiger girl gave me a good thing, and this thing was really worth a lot of money.

    When the old tree saw that I was not convinced, he asked me to tear the skin of the big stick.

    "Ah, there is packaging!" I just realized that this was indeed a commodity, with a row of Western yards printed on it, like "made in China" or something like that.

    Rapidly pulled the package open, and a red, dazzling stick appeared.

    Throwing away the packaging, I felt that the stick had lost weight, and it was comfortable to hold, it felt very handy.

    "Just wave it out, and you will be pleasantly surprised!" the old tree encouraged me.

    I waved it hard, and a red light shot, and a large piece of green grass was swept by the red light, and the gray flying smoke was extinguished!

    "Fun!" I was so excited, I planned to try again.

    "Stop! Try it out!" the old tree yawned.

    I was so happy holding the stick. This preciousness gave me the confidence to be a male again!

    Now, I was going out, I was going out to try the effect of the preciousness, well, that's it!

    I was about to take a step and suddenly found that my old rubber shoes were still on my feet.

    It was time to change! I sat down and planned to put on the trendy pair of shoes given by the captain.

    The old tree saw me before I left.

    He told me that I must thank Tiger girl. It was not easy for her to give you such a valuable gift! Tiger girl had always saved money and saved money, and it was hard to save money. Buying this big thing would surely cost her All the savings, if I didn't have the same return,I must be the person without conscience.

    The words of the old tree made my nose sore, "Oh, Tiger girl, if I die, whether a hero or not, it was all for you! What a precious gift was given to me for no reason!Don’t die for you, I feel like I’m not worth living in the world. Hey, it's over, it's over! "

    I suddenly thought of a problem, a very important and serious one.

    I asked the old tree, “would I release lightning?”

    The old tree said that I may release, but from the current situation, it would not release!

    Oh, how can it be released? I asked him.

    The old tree immediately taught me the action of releasing.It turned out to be so simple, and I was moved again.

    I straightened my arm and shook it, and was able to chop a lightning bolt over the target's head.

    I contracted my arm and then extended it again, and was able to release a series of lightning.

    My legs staggered and jumped into the space step, and I was able to charge the surrounding objects while releasing, enhancing the effect of my release.

    In addition, I continued to shake my head.After more than three times, I was able to release the most powerful lightning and hit all enemies.

    It turned out that the one who called "Night Stalker" was the one that was sneezed by me and was stabbed to death by this lightning.

    However, the old tree told me that although this kind of lightning was powerful, it could not be used for many purposes, and it would fail if it was used for a long time.It would only be released when all ten of my fingers emit electric lighted and the nose tip was red.

    "Fuck, there were restrictions on release, it's not fun to fuck!" I asked the old tree again, "Is there a limit to kill people for this stick?"

    The old tree replied: "Of course, depending on your current ability, you can use it at most once without releasing!"

    I didn't quite believe it, so I shook the stick again, and another red light shot out.

    I was annoyed, old tree flickered at me again!

    The old tree hurriedly explained that there was no problem with how many times I waved here, but when I left here to kill someone, there was a limit.

    "That's it!" When I saw the tip of my nose turned red and all ten fingers were shining, I hurriedly shook my head.

    But after shaking, I found that the tip of my nose was not red, and I was a little convinced of the words of the old tree.

    The old tree urged me to kill people quickly and guarantee fun!

    Maybe it was inspired by him, maybe it was stimulated by the preciousness, maybe it was stimulated by the ability to release, and more stimulated by the desire to be in front of the beautiful girl.

    I may be heroic sacrifice, may be torn apart like the bear Paipai, dead without a dead body, or I may be eaten by them with old wine as a snack!

    Alas, I didn't want that much, who couldn't let us get on the thief ship!


    I passed a big tree. The big tree greeted me, and I asked him, did you see a beautiful girl riding a tiger?

    The big tree pointed at me, and I ran in the direction he pointed.

    Soon, I heard a voice, yelling.

    Some people were fighting, more accurately, some people were fighting fiercely.

    I hid behind the trees, holding the red staff in my hand, and carefully looked over there.

    First, I saw that horrible huge devil who called “Pudge”.

    His face, which was stitched together like a rag, was extremely ugly and quite disgusting!

    He smirked "Hey Hey", holding the pig-raising kid in his arms and smirking.

    The pig-raising boy was screaming like a pig, and his cry was miserable and very embarrassing!

    His body was wrapped in sour smoke, and his body seemed to be soaked in sulfuric acid, which was broken down little by little.

    On the top of Pudge's head was a sharp axe.

    I recognized it, it was the axe that the pig-raising usually held in his hand.

    It seemed that first the pig-raising boy cut off Pudge, Pudge brought him over, smirked in his arms, and destroyed him with sulfuric acid water.

    The pig-raising kid was over! I was a little sad.

    Although far away, I could see that the pig-raising boy was rolling his eyes.

    Behind Pudge, the black boy held a mourning stick and cheered for him.

    Further afield, I saw the big scorpion, and he was just about to move, trying to take the opportunity to divide up the booty.

    At this moment, Pudge was lifted by a big wave and dropped into the air.

    Then a series of arrows shot over, and that posture had to shoot Pudge into a porcupine shape!

    Then, I saw the appearance of Tiger girl, the tiger rushed up, rushed there, and the glowing stone landed.

    Pudge made a howl, and apparently he was hurt.

    The captain also emerged, waving his sword, and even chopping and slashing, making Pudge unpretentious.

    The black boy rushed to Tiger girl, and he immediately threw a mass of shit.

    I had seen this guy killing the monkey’s substitutes in this way. I desperately rushed over, stretched my hands, and exploded his head with lightning

    The guy just released his shit and was headshot by lightning.

    He hesitated for a moment, being blown up furiously,confused about the north and south, and rushed to my side blindly.

    The skinny horse he was riding on had a noticeably slower speed and he was about to get down.

    Tiger girl smartly escaped the shit and swept over to the black boy.

    I released a chain of lightning, and the radio wave covered both Black Boy and Pudge.

    The black boy yelled, and then it came over.

    He turned on a black shield, blocking it in front of him, and my lightning quickly diminished.

    The boy also sent out a black air wave, which made the action of Tiger Girl's attack turn into slow motion.

    I saw the black boy’s urge to fight back against Tiger Girl, so I shot a red light with “Dagon”.

    Red light hit the black boy, not too lightly!

    The boy was shaking. I thought it was going to fall. I didn't expect that his body was green, covered with a ball of dung mass, and he was quickly recovering his health.

    That was wrong! I shot lightning again.

    The kid was so proud, he smiled and seemed to be very useful.

    Typical masochist! I was a little disappointed.

    Tiger girl asked me not to attack him, saying that the more he attacked, the more comfortable he was, and we would wait until the green light disappeared.

    At this time, the big scorpion rushed forward and wanted to pick up some ready-made bargains.

    After a loud noise, my God! What did I see!

    A large, impractical ship emerged out of air and crashed across.

    That ship looked like a pirate ship.I had seen this type of ship in movies before. I didn't expect to see it today.

    This ship could float over and hit people within a certain range!

    Tiger girl grabbed my head and I could see nothing.

    I could feel the powerful shock effect of the ship passing over my head.

    The ship passed and disappeared.

    Next, I saw that Pudge fell, and the black boy was hit with a swollen head and a crooked neck,escaped desperately.

    The big scorpion saw that it was bad, and he turned around and ran, not slower than the black kid.

    Victory! I'm so happy.When I saw Tiger girl open her arms, thinking that she was going to hug me. I rushed up.

    However, happy early, Tiger girl flashed aside, hugged the captain, and evaded the captain's shoe brush and soapy water in time.

    I was so overwhelmed that I almost fell on Pudge.

    Then, Tiger Girl cried, which surprised me and completely lost the opportunity to hug.

    After embracing the captain, Tiger girl planned to hug the pig-raising boy because he was brave and dared to hug Pudge.

    However, Tiger girl sadly found that the boy no longer existed, and there was only a layer of skin on the ground, and two axes he had used.

    Tiger girl cried loudly. I cried too.

    Tiger girl cried was the kid who raised pigs. I cried because I was busy for a long time without even a hug!


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