Cale Henituse, he just complete what he need to do that morning. Surprisingly, his meeting with Crown Prince Alberu not take time that much. Another task after that is just strolling at market with Raon who keep nagging about shoping. Apparently, the little Black Dragon aware how Cale spend his money just for other people. 
"You should buy something for yourself as well, Human! What's the use if you have much money but keep it store at your pocket!" Raon speak ini Cale's mind as he made himself invisible.
Cale halt for a moment. "There's a legend a tree of money will grow if you keep it save."
"What... are you lying to me, Human? There's no tree in my piggy bank even though it's already three years since i save my gold coin!" 
Raon just keep getting smart despite a 6-year-old kid. Even though this world is full about legend and all...
"Well..., should i buy something then?" Cale choose to follow the little Black Dragon willing.
"Yes! But... But... if you think it's unnecessary, i think we should just go back home..," Raon hesistant just make Cale want to do something. 
"No, it's fine. I think i see interesting shop inside the Alley."
"Great! Let's go!"

The store looks old and gloomy. From glass Cale could see a unique ornament on display.
"This place is weird." Raon muttering.
"Do you sense something?"
"No, it's just... I don't feel anything.. and that's why it's weird."
"There's no magic, no smell, as if it's something invisible... I know, like me! Maybe another Dragon! Human!"
Now that Cale think about the shop. It's his first time seeing the store. No, maybe Cale just discover the alley now.
"Let's go inside."
"W-what? We're coming?"
"Is it dangerous?"
"I... don't kn--i mean, i don't think it's dangerous."
Logicaly, something mysterious is just a danger. Cale just wondering, what is this unusual shop about. Why it's suddenly appear like this.
"Escuse me..,"
An old lady welcomed Cale. She's wearing a robe like mage. Cale can't see her faec, but Cale himself didn't sense any harm.
"I just spotted this shop.. And i think i should pay a visit for a moment."
"Oh, My. What a nice young man. Please don't hesistant youself to look around. It's free to touch but broken means buying." 
Cale just got it straigh. There's no way people who don't know Cale is exist. At least in Henituse Teritory. [Cale just don't want to admit he's popular among citizens]
Cale look around and see many things like books, glass, medicine, some weird liquid, watch. Everything just ordinary.  But Cale didn't stop there.
He pretend to lost interest while walk side to side the rack. The Old Lady then speak.
"Well, Young Man. Maybe i can help you if you're looking for something special."
"..? Something special?"
"Human! I found a piggybank! But it's more bigger than mine. I think i can grow a tree!!"
Cale ignore Raon naturally.
"I'm not looking something special.. But what it's like?"
From the robe Cale could see a plain smile on Old Lady's face.
"This shop is special itself." said the Old Lady. "We can give what you desire the most,"
"..What?" Cale lost for words. 
What a crazy non-sense she'is saying.
That's right. There's no way something impossible like that exist. Without risk, it must be something. And Cale didn't think anything good.
Moreover, his desire to be a slacker is not something easy to manifest.
The Old Lady pull out a flower ornament from the rack behind her. Just a simple flower with six petals. it doesn't look special at all.
"Sometimes something simple hide special thing."
Cale agree, however...
"By 3 gold coin, you will experience what you have desire the most."
"That's quite expensive...," Cale usually not easy to be lured when it comes to shopping. He's a scammer (for bad people) but still..
"Yes, that's why, you will gain what you want without risk."
Say what.
Driven by curiousity, Cale take out 3 gold coin from his pocket. 
Ah, i must be crazy.
"Human, there's no other piggybank. This store seems full and interesting," Raon mumbling inside Cale's mind.
"Do you perhaps sell another one.. like this?" Cale asking after receiving the ornament on his hand.
"There are only one for every piece of goods here." The Old Lady continue. "And so the effect. From the moment i receive the coin from you, what you buy can only be use by yourself. If the things is gone or someone stole it, they cannot use it. If you accidently lost the item, after 24 hours, the item will back to this store, and you can have it back here."
That's what you call as an insurance. Cale pretty much like this merchenary.
"It's worth 3 gold coin."
"Your satisfied is my priority, dear custumer."
But Cale maybe change his mind soon.
Cale walk out from the store after that. 
"So you really have something you want, Human." say Raon cheerfully. Thinking his goodwill is working.
"Well, shall we try this? The Old Lady say the item will work depend to my ownwill."
They walk out from the alley. After 3 second, Cale turn his body and found the alley is not there anymore.
Really. Fantasy is not something mysterious. Is this Harry Potter world?
Cale decided to go to the Super Rock Villa instead of Henituse mansion. After checking whereabouts everybody, Cale walk to the fifth-floor where his room is located.
Raon went to visiting Eruhaben-nim adn saying he will came back shortwards. 
"Should i locked the door?" suddenly Cale feel nervous. Nah, there's no reason for him to sneaking like this.
Whatever, let's just try.
Cale just this reckless because the Old Lady say there's no risk. 
Cale hold the flower ornament on his palm. 
"You know my wish, right? I don't think special item like you won't know that."
There must be any time limit, like, for the effect or something?
A faint light surround Cale. The light getting stronger, covering his view. 
People outside the Super Rock villa stop their activities when they saw a bright light from window where Cale's room is.
"Young Master Cale!"
"This unlucky bastard..,"
"Human!! I got there, don't worry!"
Maybe because it's noto something dangerous, like Raon say about the store. But everybody still came right up so Cale's room.
"Young master...," wrinkle on Ron's face just increase the more he look at his cute puppy young master. 
No, this time it is really cute puppy young master.
"H-human... this... this... Small Human!" Raon scream, describe to everyone what was happening to Cale.
Cale standing there with dumb-look on his face.
His figure is not sturdy like Beacrox or Choi Han from the beginning. He's not that skinny compared 'normal people'. Yet, now, his visual resemble a little child. It really is, actually.

"Human, i don't know your desire is to become small!" Raon voice make others startled. Now they're thinking he was unhappy or have some gloomy chilldhood. Choi Han is the most affected by Raon's statement. 
No need to mention his clothes that spread around. The time Raon speak, Cale cannot think something that more humiliating than this. 
I'm going to burn that store and destroy every piece inside. Just wait!!
⦁ I can't believe this. To think such item exist.
That's The Scary Giant Cobblestone voice.
⦁ You just became tiny like my thumbs! LOL
⦁ Surprisingly we still here. I don't think our existence will be a problem.
The Fire of Destruction and The Indestructible Shield join. Cale wonder why they're just appear this time since he spotted the mysterious shop. But just like Raon say before, there's no harm so that's maybe why they're didn't talk.
⦁ Do you perhaps hope to be pampered? You already. There's no need  for you to change your appearance to be so cute like this. I cannot say xxx like xxx to a child like you. Huff
⦁ ....
Cale feel hot and annoyed for the first time he hear The Sky Eating Water comment. The Sound of the wind didn't say anything. But Cale like he can imagine what the ancient power thinking.
Choi Han walk over Cale while everyones still stand in shock. He undo his robe and wrap the Little Cale whose busy scream in silence inside. 
"Cale nim, don't worry about it, yeah?"
What is this punk meaning by 'Yeah'?
on top of that, 
I don't have desire to be a child! That witch-wreck Old woman!

Cale sit on the sofa with everybody surround him. He's not wearing robe anymore after Ron hand a clothes. Ron had offered to help him get dressed. Of course Cale reject it. Ron usually get him dressed but not in this form. But after he stuck with buttoning the shirt, he give up. Not only his body turn to be a child, even his gestures not following his will.
"Is this some illusion?" The Ancient Dragon speak in disbelief. After a while, it seems everybody accept about the item and about the mysterious shop which is nowhere to be found. But, looking at Little Cale, Eruhaben asking again.
"Human..., is this mean i'll become your Hyung?"
"What?" Cale frowned. 
"Oh My...," Rosalyn who usually keep her cool seems fascinated by Little Cale's voice. 
"Look, it's just my appearance that change. Not my mind. So stop it."
⦁ Look at you. Tryin to be a boss while act cute like this
The Sky Eating Water suddenly become active.
Even Cale sense something cheerfull from Ron's benign smile.
"How old are you?" Eruhaben speak.
What, even you, Eruhaben-nim?
Reading Cale's expression, Eruhaben continue. "This is something that we must discover."
"Looking by how little Young Master Cale appearance.. i think he's 5 year old, perhaps? But maybe more little than that?" Rosalyn try to guessing.
"It's not far from my age!" Raon sounds excited. "I became Hyung!"
On and Hong still can't believe how Cale transform. 
But only for a moment. "I don't mind. Yeah! We can protect him even he's not adult anymore!" On sream.
Cale want to decline his status to become their youngest. But, he didn't want to break their good intentions.
"I think we still need to found a way out for this incident." Choi Han speak up. He sit beside Cale, as usual. But his vibe looks like he's protecting Little Cale from all the tension.
Cale not feel any presure at all. He just give up to speak. He have no intention to entertain everybody by his action. 
After that, everyone gaze stop at Cale. Finally, his turn to speak came.
"It's exactly like what Raon said. The item is for grant what's the most desire by the user. But," Cale pressing his next words. "I do not wish to be a child."
Choi Han face looks light up. He seems like found something from Cale's statement.
"Cale-nim, you often said you want to be a slacker."
That's right. Even his effort to fight The White Star is all for that.
Cale not aware yet. Even after everyone understands. Until The Scary Giant Cobblestone speak.
⦁ Indeed. Little kid seems have an easy life.
⦁ Right, you don't have to do anything. I maybe said we are fine. But your form righ now is make you not possible to use any ancient power.
The Indestructible Shield chimed.
"Now, we found the main reason. How about the time?"
"Right. Young Master Cale, do you know when is your form will come back?"
Raon gasped. But The Little Black Dragon didn't dare to speak.
"Don't say there's no time limit?" Eruhaben expression show how wonderful what Cale's doing this time. 
"Then, he will become child forever!" On muttered.
"Does it mean, he will not grown up either?" Hong look up at Beacrox, try to found an answer. But Beacrox just silent.
Cale sighning.
"I'm not asking about it at all, since i don't know how the item will works. The shopkeeper also said there will be not any risk."
"To think you will believe such a word...," The Ancient Dragon look at Cale with full of pity.
"He just meet The Shopkeeper for the first time." Rosalyn try to comfort Cale wit her statement. Rosalyn just afraid maybe the situasion now also effect Cale's feeling to be just sensitive as child. 
"Young Master-nim, please forgive me. But next time i think i should come along when you out."
Ron thinking how Cale walk around with The Black Little Dragon outside. He cannot let two children wondering like a stray. Now Cale cannot even use his ancient power. Raon maybe enough. But, it's Ron job to make sure Cale's safe and full. 
He is the Hero. He's the Son of The Duke. If this news spread out, it will be a problem.
"Then, i guess the only way to solve this is.. first, we must  go to the store and meet The Shopkeeper." Choi Han turn to Cale. "Cale-nim, you say the Store is nowhere to be found but maybe you still remember--...,"
Everyone just as lost words as Choi Han after seeing Cale nodding off.
What an unusual side!
Ron clear his throat. "I think this is time to Young Master-nim head to the bed."
"But it's still day time," On commented. 
"Child need to take a nap every once or two a day," Hong explain to her brother.
"I am a child too. But i don't sleep much at daylight...,"
"Raon-nim, Young Master Cale is now much more young." Rosalyn also explain.
"Young than me?" Raon ask in admiration.
"More than Raon-nim, yes."
"WOW! He's such a weak! Now he just pretty weak! Oh, no. I cannot be noisy!" Raon front paw close his mouth after looking at Little Cale whose completely sleep on Choi Han's lap. 
Hey guys, i'm sorry for bad spelling and my mess grammar. I'm Indonesian and i just learn how to write this after read Cale story from first chapter. This is my first fanfiction in English. LOL. I just make this after Choi Han and Cale debate about which is one who must hold another Earth ancient power. Yeah, that really inspired me.
Should i make continuation for this? Maybe someone want to makeup this fanfic and make it better? Hehe, please do. I want to read it! 
And, yeah, you are not wrong. It's End. kkkkkkkk


  • so sorry that i'm not describe how Cale's appearance that much :( I was focus at everyones reactions. Duh

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