Using Karma Points to Purchase Completed Novels

Good day.

I am a Diamond Subscriber and due to my previous advance chapters and subscription, I have amassed a large quantity of Karma Points.  I want to purchase some of the novels and understand that if you have purchased pages with Karma this will reduce the cost of the novel to purchase.  Is there a way for me you use my Karma to purchase the novel?  I was told that I would have to purchase each page individually (Be of a nuisance but I would be fine with this) but as a Diamond Subscriber, I already have all completed novels available so the button to purchase individual pages is not available.

Has any more thought been put into this.


  • Agreed, I have 150k karma (so 150$ worth) that is absolutely useless due to being a diamond member. It'd be great if we were able to use it. 
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