About the translating process (help)

I've been reading novels for over 5 years and would like to give translating a try. I have a couple of questions about the whole translating process. I would like to try translating on Wuxiaworld if possible.

Do I have to get permission from the author before translating it?

How did translators who have their own websites translate their novels? Did they get permission from the author? Or did they just translated it without it? Is there a way around it?

Does Wuxiaworld have permission to translate the books?

Please answer these questions of mine.


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    Wuxiaworld does have the rights. It purchases translation license from the copyright holders, aka publishers like Qidian, Zongheng, 17k etc. As for how to translate on Wuxiaworld, they generally take experienced translators, though contact them using their contact address for more details.

    If you are an individual translator, chances of you getting the license for translation is slim. In the best case, you can get an informal nod from the author themself. Your best bet would be start as a fan translator. With no experience whatsoever, you are most likely to get rejected or ignored by the publisher. But if you feel you are good enough at translating, you may join some of the big groups like WW, Volare and they will get the license for translation. There is also Webnovel/QI, but it also tests before accepting, and also has a few caveats.

    As for how others did it, they all started as fan translators, with no contact with the author or the publisher, bar some of them who reached out to the author. As for a way around, as long it is not a popular qidian novel, or a novel with enough interests to the rights holders, no one cares. There are multitude of sites that work like this. And, if you're a newbie, I'd advise you the same.

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