A deleted novel - WuxiaWorld around 300 before dropped and moved to another site

The novel included a world of humans and beasts. In the beginning, we know the MC is human, but further into the novel, we realize he's some sort of azure dragon. It starts with him being on some continent and as he gradually understands his identity and power, he's chased by the humans to kill him such that he flees to another continent. He meets a girl on the first continent, things turn out well, but some point she finds out he's a beast, her most hated enemy and she leaves him. I don't know if this helps but in the beginning, the MC's father was killed by MC's uncle. It's found later on but the MC doesn't know that and he's taken care of by his uncle. I can't remember the title of the novel but the translator stopped around chapter 300 and went to his own website or something of the sort. Anyone know the title of this novel based on my somewhat of a bad description.


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