The Seventh Sword


Within the tall castle walls stood an old and shabby looking man. The full moon's light shaded his wrinkling skin and matched his hair.

"My friend, it is time."

A golden cloak covered his physique, but his muscles shone as he withdrew a sword.

A simple sword. No curves in the blade, plain looking metal, and a hilt with a simple grip. Only a clear jewel, positioned in the middle signified any value.

Beginning his chant, the jewel began to shine brightly revealing six others nearby. They too held a sword, each beginning to shine in turn.

"Returning what is not mine,
Two fates shall entwine."

In front of them was a stone tiered like a two layer cake, six holes on the base and one at the top. Raising their swords high, the old man shouted and stepped on the stone.

"Let these seven,
All from heaven,"

Each took a breath as they awaited the final line.

"Go forth and prosper,
As thus we falter!"

Shoving each sword into place, a burst of light and subsequent darkness filled the air. In its wake, only seven cloaks and one sword remained.

Seven cloaks without an owner.

Seven swords, without their jewels. 

//Author's Note
Not a big fan of teasers (or prologues) but I wanted you to know it's all been planned out from the beginning...

Hopefully along the way we can answer questions like "who's the old man?", "where'd they go?", and "how did hot dogs get classified as tacos??"

Can't wait to go on this journey with you all! Please leave comments for ideas or your thoughts! See you next chapter ;)


  • 1 - Death

    On sale now!
    The hottest game of the century!
    Become anyone you want to be!

    Ads like these were rampant for the latest virtual reality games being produced as everyone fought to claim attention, but they were all second rate compared to the real heavy weights.

    Fierce competition lead thousands to create the first fully immersive RPG virtual reality title, and, after years of pursuit, one woman and her team created Desire.

    The latest and greatest iteration with complete immersion, expansive worlds, and life lived the way you wanted.

    The ultimate escape.

    After a closed beta of 100 users, the game launched with almost 500,000 people playing, a million a week later, and 10 million within the month.

    Where people flocked, so did money. Trades and in-game currency began to develop allowing for corporations to sponsor the growth of players. The numbers ballooned.

    A tier list of the top players was formed and users around the world aspired to become a ranker. The premier idols of the now 2.5 billion players. Power, prestige, a life of...

    "Ha, power and prestige? What a joke."

    A young man pulled back from the kiosk.

    The Smithsonian's grand walls surrounding him with giant 'Virtual Reality' letters flashing above.

    The newly launched "History of VR" segment of the Smithsonian drew in hundreds as many came to learn more about the great names involved in Desire.

    Among them was Luke Ben David, his dad believing in the old style naming convention. A slender man who rounds out to 5' 10" and clearly sees little sun.

    He had come to see the new exhibit hoping to remember the fun he'd had playing Desire, but only found it to be a boring history lesson. History he knew well.

    Around him, kids laughed and cheered in excitement over the holographic displays, parents carried their souvenirs, and couples ogled at the beautiful scenery.

    Yet Luke had seen enough and, lost in thought, began to make his way out ignoring the warmth around him. Only one young kid stopped briefly, as if recognizing him, before his friends tagged him and he desperately gave chase.

    Ordering an Uber, he went to the one place he felt comfortable spending his evening pondering: church.

    Growing up, he was never religious, but his dad was a fanatic. Always talking about prophecies and God's fulfillment, Luke became accustomed to being in churches.

    Even when he rose to fame for his feats in Desire, he would still find time to calm himself in the church right next to his house. Literally next door. Fanatic.

    Despite it all though, Luke didn't really believe. A lot of media outlets would claim him to be "God's prophet," "The chosen one," or "This world's MC," but for Luke, church was like a monk climbing a mountain top for peace and quiet.

    Lost in thought, Luke saw the church and realized he'd arrived. Planning to tip the driver later, he put a hoodie over his head and began to walk up the steps.

    His mountain top was a little shorter but the effect was the same. The full moon creating deep shadows made him feel like an assassin: his class in Desire.

    Though his dad encouraged righteous behavior and a noble life, Luke could never get behind the church and it's corruption. How could a place meant to represent the good in the world be so unethical?

    Instead of lock picking his way in though, he pulled out a key given to him by his father. Fanatic.

    He found a pew at the front and sat down. Unable to get the exhibit out of his mind, he looked up at Jesus and thought about how he'd gotten to where he was.

    He was 28 this year and yet, had no friends, job or relationship. He'd lost it all to Style Co. after they conned him into a terrible sponsorship.

    Blinded by greed, he backed their latest product, a mini drone which allowed for aerial exploration. Such a small device though was the cause of numerous house fires.

    One of the greatest fires in California history was started by a drone that suddenly burst into flames.

    Lawsuits began, thousands, and although he'd made a fortune in Desire, he was forced to payout to those in need.

    He was ruined.

    Yet, even in his ruined life, Luke stayed calm. He believed that he would be able to turn this around and rise to the top yet again.

    How? By being the world's greatest assassin. A title he'd held for all of Desire's lifetime, taking on one hit request after another. Almost 500 people had been killed by him, players and NPCs alike.

    Smiling to himself for his success, he turned towards the door.

    He'd heard a bottle break and footsteps on the stairs, and shortly after a door opened leading Luke to come face to face with a disgruntled looking man.

    "I'm sorry, the church is closed, I'm here on personal business."

    "Personal business? Haha, *hic* I guess you could say that I am too then."

    His outfit, a clean suit, did not match his stubble or the drunk look in his eye. Taking a swig from the bottle in hand, the man lowered his head and stared at the bottle. Broken. He glared at Luke, even more pissed, forming a sentence.

    "You're the reason."

    Questioning the man as if looking at a pest.

    "The reason for?"

    "You're the reason *hic* my family is dead."

    'Ah, another man whose life I inadvertently ruined.'

    Having been through this dance before he continued.

    "I'm sorry to hear that sir, if you leave your number I'll contact you with steps to obtain your compensation."

    "HAHAHA. You think *hic* a check is going to *hic* make this better? Make this pain go away!?"

    He finished that last part pointing ferociously at his heart, tears about to fall.

    'No, but it'll pay for your therapy bills.'

    Knowing enough self control, he didn't say that, but instead he put on his best sympathy face.

    "I know several counselors in the area willing to help, many of whom I am able to guarantee are top of the line."

    "Open YOUR EYES! *Hic* You blubbering idiot. I didn't come here *hic* to get your pity, your money, or your *hic* counseling. I came here to take your life. To make it fair."

    He took yet another swig from his bottle, forgetting it had broken, and with his other hand clumsily reached into his pocket.

    He'd only died once in Desire, and after doing so, Luke vowed to never die again. It had been at the hands of a player who Luke proceeded to then hunt down.

    He would sneak in and kill him, over and over and over again. After a week of doing so, the man was so scared he never logged back on. This set him down the path he's on today.

    Two years of cruel assassinations later and facing his opponent turned his heartbeat calm.

    Without even batting an eye, Luke lunged forward, imagining the numerous approaches he could perform to detain the man.

    However, one leap in and a bang reverberated throughout the church.

    Luke stopped. Pushed back by the force.

    He saw the smoke rising from the corner of the church and realized he'd been played.

    Too caught up in thought, he hadn't checked his surroundings and thought only of the man in front of him as his enemy. Yet the real enemy was the assassin who'd snuck in hours earlier and made his move as Luke was distracted.

    He reached for his chest, feeling warmth flowing out.

    Laughter. Obnoxious laughter filled his ears.

    "HAHAHAHAHA, we *hic* we got him! We actually got him. Look at him, *hic* turning to run like some *hic* idiot. I can't believe he was the number *hic* one ranker. What a joke *hic.*"

    "I expect full payment."

    "Hahaha *hic* haha, of *hic* course! Of course!"

    Luke turned towards the altar. He never really believed in God, but he believed in death and knew these were his last few moments.

    Falling forward he collapsed onto the alter hearing the muffled voices of his assailants. The cold title beneath his hands. Time slowed.

    'This is it. The world's best assassin, assassinated, how ironic. Must be pretty funny up there God.'

    His eyes closed. The warmth he felt coming from the wrong side of his skin.

    'You could've made me stronger,'

    He clenched his fist.

    'Then I wouldn't have died so pathetically.

    Glaring upwardly.

    'Where's this all loving God everyone speaks of? Even in death I'm alone.'

    He realized only one person would care about his death, the Uber driver he hadn't tipped. Revenge filled his final thoughts as he grew angry at the one who killed him.

    'If you're real, give me a chance.'

    His consciousness waned as he suddenly heard a voice.


    [The requirements are met.]

    [Process initializing]


    [New body construction underway]


    [Power assignments beginning]

    [Status Unlocked]
    [Growth Unlocked]

    [Class Assignment Beginning]

    [Mythical achievement identified]

    [Special Class Granted]

    [Acquired: God's King Class]



    [Mythical achievement identified]

    [Special Title Granted]

    [Acquired: Scandalous Lover Title]

    [Process Completed]

    [Rebirth Commencing]

    //Author's Note
    See you next chapter ;)

  • 2 - Rebirth

    Luke awoke in a dark room, head throbbing, and feeling rather exhausted. He began blinking doubting his own eyes.

    He had died.

    Why was he still alive? Who brought him to the hospital? Was he kidnapped by his killers?

    No. His attempted killers. His heartbeat proving he was alive, very much so.

    Leaning up, Luke realized that he wasn't in a familiar place at all. 

    'This doesn't look like a hospital'

    He began to analyze his surroundings, the smell of cedar permeating his nose.

    A simple room with two windows for lighting illuminating all but the staircase heading to an unknown depth. Within the room was a bed, a dresser and side table as its companions.

    Seeing nothing of value, Luke laid back down to breathe and decide his next course of action.

    'I'm in an unknown location, nothing of value nearby, and no clothes on. I can't even look out the windows'

    He looked up at the windows to see each was strategically placed to allow light in, not to allow for creeps to peep, or captives to peek out.

    'I should probably look around and see if anyone else is here'

    Getting up, he began to make his way to the staircase when his ear twitched. The stairs began to make noise, someone clearly coming up.

    He crouched next to the entry way so as to jump whomever would appear.

    Step by step, closer and closer, he waited.

    Then, seeing the figure cross into the room he leapt, wrapped his arm around their neck, and placed them into a choke hold to prevent any screams.

    They dropped their belongings and began to fight against him.

    Having been through this a thousand times, he didn't even flinch at their flailing arms.

    'They'll stop soon'

    And they did. After a brief struggle, their consciousness faded, arms settling.

    He set them down and looked to see who he'd attacked.

    A young woman's face met his. Her brunette hair disheveled, and breathing slowing.


    She truly was, indescribable, and a beauty that each of us sleeps at night dreaming of.

    He shook his head to refocus, the surge of lust calming itself.

    'I'm still trapped


    What'd she drop?'


    Assessing that being naked wouldn't help his escape he reached for what looked to be rather odd attire.

    Grabbing onto them...

    [Novice Priest Robe]

    *Magic +2 item status window appeared.


    'What is this?'

    [Equip? Y/N]



    [Novice Priest Robe Equipped]

    In a flash, the clothes went from the floor to his body.

    He stood, less concerned than he should be.

    'Why is this like Desire?'

    The game that made him into everything he'd ever been worth. Desire, his second home.

    Realizing what this implied, he whispered.

    "Quick Stats"



    Class: God's King

    Title: Scandalous Lover

    Health: 15

    Attack: 15

    Defense: 15

    Mana: 15

    Magical Attack: 15 (+1)

    Magical Defense: 15 (+1)

    Faith: 1




    Excitement filled his body as much as questions flooded his mind.

    'What the!! I'm in the game?? But I definitely died. This isn't my avatar. How'd I get here? Was it the voice I heard dying? I thought that was just an, was it God? Can't be'

    It really didn't make much sense. Having always read the stories and seen Sword Paint Online it was always a cool idea, but then Desire came out and became the closest thing to an alternate reality.

    He sank hours into the game making it his life's profession. Getting so good, he climbed the ranks and earned his reputation for world's best, both assassin and player.

    But now, it wasn't a dream. This was reality. Confirming this he looked at his menu and saw no [Logout] button.

    'It really is Sword Paint Online come true.'

    Settling in to the reality of it all he looked again at the girl he'd attacked. An NPC.

    'She probably isn't apart of this an any way, or worth anything, otherwise she'd have an escort or someone with her. It sucks, but I ought to clear up any potential loose ends.'

    He didn't like killing. He wasn't a murderer in real life and only became one because the bastard who'd wronged him needed to be taught a lesson. After his killing spree others approached him to contract him. Killing had great rewards.

    What made him so good though was not just his ability to kill, but the lack of people who knew who he was. He would kill anyone who posed a potential information leak.

    He walked over determined to end her life and got on top of her, wrapping his arms around her neck.

    'I'll make it quick and do it while she's unconscious'

    Holding her neck he saw her breathing struggle again, her body convulsing. As they slowed, signs she was close to dying, he sighed.

    'Thanks for the clothes'

    Just as he was about to proclaim her dead a burst of light came from his hands.

    He was thrown back from the repulsion and was sent flying into the wall behind him.


    [Attempt to kill identified]

    [Scandalous Lover Activated]

    [Wrath's Debuff Activated]

    [All Skill Resources Tripled]

    [Target Healed]

    [Faith Halved]

    [Removal Conditions:]

    - Must publicly confess

    - Target must forgive you

    'What the'

    Fainting yet again, Luke had no idea what kind of world he'd been brought into.


    "HEY! Wake up!"


    Luke, barely conscious, couldn't move his hands, held together by a rope.

    "I said wake up!"

    Unable to defend himself, his body was thrown. He crashed on the ground and entered fight or flight mode as adrenaline began to rush through his veins.

    Above him was a glaring female who obviously was mad at him. She was dressed in a purple robe, had white gloves on, and tall black boots. Her hair was white snow with a hint of purple. Literally white snow, almost like a wig, but moving as if her hair was snowing.

    Realizing he'd come too, she continued.

    "What's your problem? We save you from the side of the road and then you try killing my sister? What kind of priest pulls a stunt like that?"

    "What kind of what?"

    He tried sitting up, pain wracking his back.

    'Found the escort'

    He thought as she continued to yell.

    "My guess is that you're not a priest but some demon posing as one."

    "A demon?"

    "Oh don't play ignorant. We know your clothes are those of the Cabriland church."

    "The who?"

    "The Cabriland church. Are you gonna say you don't know who that is either?"

    'The Cabriland church, huh, so I'm starting where all the players start...means I'm in the southeast.'

    Truth is, Luke knew what she was talking about, being a good assassin though, he knew to let his target keep talking. How else would he get this information?

    "No, I don't know anything you're talking about. I woke up, I was in a creepy room, some girl walked in on me and I fought her off. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt anyone, especially your sister."

    Putting on his best innocent act, Luke tried to diffuse the situation and apologize. People loved apologies.

    Hesitating, she pulled back and turned to look at her sister.

    "I don't believe him."

    It was the same woman he'd attacked earlier, but much healthier and awake.

    "It's okay Riatra. He was scared."

    "I said not to use names! And still, he attacked you. How can you let someone like that go so easily?"

    "I forgive him, that's how."

    "That's why you'll be the first of us to die."

    Luke, drowned out the rest of the conversation interested in the notification that appeared instead.

    [Conditions Met!]

    [Wrath's Debuff Removed]

    'What? That was it? Such a huge penalty removed that easily?'

    "Here, help him up. Bring him some water."

    "Thank you."

    The attacked sister untied his bonds (though he could have gotten out of them had he needed to) and helped him up.

    "Well if you insist."

    Riatra moved to grab the glass while staring closely, still doubting.

    "What's your name?"


    "That's a funny name."

    "Well, what's yours?"

    "I'm Rimura, and you've met my cautious sister, Riatra."

    "I see why you think my name is funny."

    "Is that a joke? At least we have our memories you forgetful idiot."

    "Riatra! Please, be nice."

    Rolling her eyes.

    "Fine, but only because I owe you for the burrow incident."

    Intrigued, but needing to continue his act he laughed.

    "Haha, you're right, I am forgetful. I don't even know what I was doing to end up here."

    "Wow, you really forgot it all."

    "It's okay, we can help you for the time being, or at least until you get on your feet again."

    "Geez sis. Why don't you give him our house while you're at it."

    Too annoyed to handle anything else her sister was going to say, Riatra left the room.

    "Sorry about her. She doesn't really understand what it's like to lose your memory."

    "Oh, and you do?"

    He said it half jokingly, but Rimura had a brief flash of fear flash past her face. Maybe she wasn't joking.

    "It... Maybe I'll tell you later. Let's get you downstairs and feed you."


    He began to walk towards the stairs where the sunlight ended.

    'A new day a new dawn. Let's see what you throw my way today Desire'

    //Author's Notes:

    And we're off! Welcome to the world of Desire where all dreams and realities can come true! I hope you're as curious as I am as to who these sisters are and who this church is...

    One of my favorite characters is introduced next chapter so get pumped!!

    See you next chapter ;)

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  • 3 - Toiya

    They went downstairs where a little kid, probably six, was riding around on a wooden horse. Seeing Luke come down, he hopped off, and ran up curious as to who this man was.

    "Hi! My name's Toiya, what's yours?"

    He looked up smiling really big from ear to ear, wiping the hair out of his eyes, and reaching a hand out.

    "Um, it's Luke"

    He responded in kind.

    "That's a funny name! I like funny names!"

    'I swear, who's writing this? Am I supposed to say 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' now?'

    "Where are you from?"

    Toiya prodded, looking Luke up and down.

    "I don't remember."

    "Don't remember?"

    Toiya exaggeratedly let out an oh no, but quickly collected himself beset by excitement. He wasn't alone anymore.

    "It's okay! I forget things all the time. But I learned something really interesting the other day that I don't think I'll ever forget."

    "Oh, and what's that?"

    Rimura stood nearby worried as to what was about to be said.

    "I learned the other day that if a mommy and a daddy love each other very much then..."

    Her hunch correct she jumped in.

    "Okayyy there. Let's leave the nice man alone and go prep dinner for our guests. How's that sound?"

    "Ooooo!! Tae is coming!! Let's go, come on already, they're gonna be hungry when they get here."

    Laughing, Rimura allowed herself to be pulled towards the kitchen. Luke meanwhile observed the room which had surprisingly little equipment by most standards. No pots, pans, or knives, just a stove, oven, and sink.

    Opposite the kitchen, hung an intricate painting where most would house a TV, and only a single table filled the space. The gathering point for their family meals, or evening guests.

    As Rimura unwrapped a basket containing vegetables, Luke walked over to sit at the bar area which separated the two areas.

    "What's for dinner?"

    'And how are you going to make it without anything to cook in?'

    "We're making beef noodles!"

    Looking around, there was no beef to be found.

    "Where's the beef?"

    'Between me and Riatra'

    He laughed. Toiya continued on oblivious.

    "Tae's bringing it. He's a hunter and his crew is the best. They always bring meat. I mean, he's been shooting bows and arrows since he was my age!"

    Feeling inspired, Toiya jumped up onto the counter and took the pose of an archer aiming down the sights. Finding his target he let the arrow fly.

    "He hits 'em right between the eyes every time."

    "Alright, what did I say about standing on the counter?"

    Hoping off just as quickly.

    "Sorry mom, but it's just so cool for him to be out there hunting beasts!!"

    He continued his archery reenactment shooting the vegetables and walls with his imaginary arrows. Every moment a new one for his young mind he suddenly had a brilliant idea.

    "Ooo. Mom, can I get a bow and arrow?"

    "Absolutely not. Are you trying to lose an eye?"

    "But moooommmm. The arrows go away from me, not towards my eye."

    "With how fast you move, you'd find a way. Besides, who's gonna teach you?"

    "Tae can!"

    "No, he's busy taking care of his family, while you're busy learning magic. If you're that interested in archery, ask Riatra to teach you an arrow spell."

    Genius. Eyes wide open. Why hadn't he thought of that earlier?


    Toiya yelled wanting to immediately learn the new spell.

    "After we prep for dinner."

    Before he could even get away, Rimura scooped him into her arms and brought him back into the kitchen. Luke seeing this as an opportunity to excuse himself thought it'd be best to get some more information before the 'guests' arrived.

    "I am hungry, but I need to go to the uh, the bathroom... Where might that be?"

    Never having to go in the game was a blessing for players, but NPCs still needed to so he assumed there'd be one nearby.

    "We don't have one..."


    "If you need to go, just go outside, but don't go past the fence. Beasts live out there."

    "Got it. Thanks."

    'Being a dude rocks'

    "Could you also grab some green eyes? They should be straight out and on the right."


    He made his way outside where he was met with a beautiful garden. Lush green stems shooting from the ground, tall vines wrapping around the nearby trees, and the colorful flowers beginning to bloom.

    Spring had come to Desire.

    'Truly a wondrous place'

    It felt a bit like Charlie and the Sugar Factory when they walk into the edible room. The senses both overwhelmed and calmed by the land. Truly abundant with life.

    Continuing on, he found a hidden part of the garden where he couldn't see the house and pulled up his log book.

    'Thankfully I don't have to go to the bathroom, but hopefully I can find some info through the system'

    The system of Desire had a weird balance introduced for players used to RPG games. The log book would help by filling in basic data right away, but other information like player level or skill descriptions needed to be learned naturally.

    [Log Book]



    God's King



    Mage School





    Scrolling, he found that he'd only uncovered a few of the terms in the book, even though he knew many more of them from his previous life. The completionist in him excited to fill it all.

    Ensuring he was correct in his knowledge, he clicked on them and skimmed through 'em.

    [Mage School]

    Many a student yearns to enter a mage school for both the prestige and pursuit of knowledge. Prestige granted through the school's name due to creating historically great Mages, and knowledge granted in the teachings of their professors aiding in understanding mana more fully as well as unlocking the potential within students.


    A powerful force that has aided in humanity's development over the last several centuries. While much is still unknown about this ethereal substance, many have put it to use through various means that allow them to live more comfortably in the savage world around them. Can be found naturally in some stones, grown within your body, or found in the heart of beasts.

    Mage school and mana. Two fundamental truths to the world of Desire. Mana was a part of everyone's life, and many would go to school in order to learn more about controlling it and using it in various ways.

    Yet, despite it being the primary power source for every day to day operation, much was still to be learned about what it was and how it operated. Being able to study this mysterious force added to the freedom Desire offered.

    'Now for that last one, God's King'

    [God's King]

    An ancient title given to the founder of the Cabriland kingdom and church. This entry is incomplete, more information must be gathered.

    'Well that's useless, does my page say more?'


    Class: God's King



    Clicking on the class button a new window popped up.

    [God's King]

    A special class given to the one destined to become the ruler of Avulan. Leveling up unlocks new abilities. Skills are closely related to faith.

    'Lol, Avulan sounds like an avenue ran into the Dalt Wisney movie Wulan. Who named this place? Is there a Bvulan, Cvulan, Dvulan continent too?'


    He shook his head at the continent naming but then thought back to the task at hand.

    'The entry is a bit more helpful, but I'm still lost. The only time I've ever heard the God King mentioned is when the Cabriland priests would go around "spreading the faith."'

    'Hmmm, I think it'd be best to go back in, try and learn some survival cooking skills and then get out of here asap. Maybe they have some hidden goods I can grab and then make my way to a nearby church. They should offer some help. But first, let's grab that green eye and head in.'

    Spotting what was a green plant with leaves that looked like eyeballs, Luke made his way over and began to pick a few off the stem. As soon as he started though...

    "Don't move."

    Before he even knew it there was a knife at his neck and an arm wrapped around him.

    "What are you doing on this land?"

    His assassination instinct kicking in he could tell the man was serious.

    "Going to the bathroom."

    Luke responded unable to help himself.

    "What kind of bulls*$t answer is that??"

    "One that disarms."

    Feeling confident Luke pushed on the man's arm to move the knife away and then roll forward to face his assailant. Instead though, the arm didn't budge and Luke was still stuck facing the knife.

    'This is what being level one means...I can't even move the dude's arm...'

    "I don't have time for this."

    He hit Luke in the back of the head with the butt of his weapon so as to knock him out.

    [You've suffered a blow to the head!]

    [Losing Consciousness]

    'Why do I keep getting knocked out!!'


    Waking up yet again in the same room Luke looked around.

    He wasn't alone this time. A young man was standing in the corner, head lowered, eyes glaring at Luke.

    "Oh good. You're awake. I was afraid I killed you."

    "What'd you have to attack me like that for!?"

    "I barely hit you. Besides, you were a threat. I handle threats."

    "A threat?? I was literally peeing dude."

    "Didn't look like it to me."

    "You were watching me?"

    "Of course. I watch everything. Especially strange men around this house."

    "Haha at least one of us has some common sense."

    Riatra commented as she made her way up the stairs, presumably after being signaled by the man by unknown means.

    "Thanks Ley, I'll take it from here."

    "What did I say about names!"

    "Damn it. It's Rimura's fault! She's rubbing off on me."

    Shaking his head in disappointment.

    "It's fine we'll talk later."

    Fear flashed over her face. Ignoring it he continued.

    "What are we doing with him?"

    Resettling herself, she replied.

    "Letting him go. He's not a threat yet and seeing how little he could do against you I think even Toiya could beat him."

    She smirked at that last part.

    "Besides, it's dinner time. And we have guests. Let's go meet them."

    After untying him, they got up and walked down as a group, noise filling the house. But despite the joyous sounds, Ley kept glaring at Luke and Luke kept glaring at Ley. It was going to be a long night...

    //Author's Note:

    Next week we meet the crew!! How exciting! XD The cast is about to grow a lot :)

    See you next week ;)

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  • 4 - Mircea

    Making their way downstairs for the second time, without remembering going up the stairs, they could hear an adventurous story being told.

    "...yelled Huzah! And then I charged right at the beast!"

    "Waaa! You weren't scared??"

    "Of course not little man! I am Jaecar. I am fearless."

    "The pee in your pants said otherwise."

    "That was the rush of my spirit urging me onwards. Such energy led it out before I could catch up to it."

    "You're a truly spirited man if that happens every encounter."

    "Haha, I love Jae's spirit! Gives me confidence when our leader over here never speaks. Always calculating and trying to figure out 'the optimal route.' Sometimes there is no optimal."

    "If I recall correctly, your 'spirit' urged you onward against the Wind Ripper did it not? And it was my 'optimal' arrow placement that saved you, yes?"

    "Boss man, buddy, take a joke! Don't gotta do me dirty like that. Especially in front of the kid."

    "Seems you must step out of the kitchen. You appear to not be able to handle the heat."

    "Ah, Riatra! So glad you're safe. That man didn't hurt you, did he?"

    "Haha, no Miel, he didn't. I don't trust him, but he seems harmless."

    "No one respects the no name policy."

    Luke heard Ley mutter under his breath as Riatra was welcomed by a young woman whose attire looked a lot like his.

    'If I'm a priest, she must be a priestess'

    To their left was a youthful man with thick muscles and a long mane of hair who was drinking heavily and nudging the man next to him. Getting nudged was a barefoot man who spoke slowly and had several leaves decorating his outfit and tethered together to make a necklace.

    'About as stereotypical as they get... looks like a brawler and druid'

    The head of the table was sitting quietly observing and staring straight at Luke. His dark skin mixed with the shadows making you question where his body ended, and the shadows began. A killer. Methodical and efficient. That was Luke's impression.

    'He's the leader'

    "Why hello there stranger."

    The last member, a short haired friendly fellow, stood and walked up to Luke, hand extended for a shake.

    "The name's Canow. Yours?"


    They shook hands and Ley shook his head.

    "Pleasure to meet you! You're not here to hurt anyone right?"


    "Great! See Riatra. He's not here to hurt anyone. He knows better than to go against Mircea."

    He turned to Luke.

    "That's us by the way. The guy in the corner quietly brooding over there is our leader Actaeon,


    followed by the druid Gahiji

    "It's a pleasure."

    and our main fighter Jaecar."

    "You're weak."

    Canow ignored Jaecar's obvious provocation leaving them to duel it out later. Continuing on with the introductions.

    "You've already met our favorite scout Ley, officially Leylando but we're lazy. He does all our 'safety checks.' Even wrote us a nice manual for them."

    Leaning into just Luke's range.

    "Between you and me though, I prefer to see it as backup firewood."

    "Why? Just why?"

    Everyone sharing names had irritated Ley, but the last straw was his safety checks being made fun of.

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    He needed to get out and cool off before he blew up.

    "I'm going to do a perimeter check."

    Disappearing as quickly as he said that, a gentle breeze flew by everyone.

    "So cool!"

    Toiya exclaimed excitedly wondering just how he did it.

    "Isn't it!! Maybe one day you can be that fast!"

    Canow joined in the excitement.

    "You think??"

    "Yeah! If you eat your veggies and..."

    "Ahem. Aren't you forgetting your last teammate?"

    "Oh right! Sorry, almost forgot. Luke, meet our favorite teammate, Mielikki, a priestess. She's so good at what she does I sometimes get hurt just to watch her heal me. Gives me tingles."

    "Ewwww! You perv. That's not an introduction!"

    "It's the most beautiful intro Miel! Don't say such hurtful things. I even said you were our favorite."

    "Yeah, but then you said such dirty things and ruined it!"

    "Yeah! Dirty things I told you not to say!"

    Rimura who'd been in the kitchen wrapping up the serving yelled at Canow for ruining her child's innocence.

    "I told you last time that you're not gonna get a meal if you spout out disgusting comments like that."

    "Rimura! Why? You can't turn on me like that!"

    "Oh, I can't can I? Toiya. You look extra hungry tonight. Here, have a second helping."


    As the shenanigans continued, Luke, under the watchful eye of Tae, moved over to the table to grab a seat.

    "You are weak."

    "I know."

    "But your spirit is strong."


    "And keep fighting. You will be stronger having known weakness."

    Having imparted his words of wisdom, Tae sat silently again. Luke understood and stopped speaking as well. Canow settled with Rimura having promised to teach Toiya archery and the group settled in for dinner.

    "Beef soup everyone."


    The group cheered as dinner was served. So much work and finally the results.

    "Hurry and bless it Miel!!"

    "Alright, alright."

    She raised her arms.

    "Oh Alaunus,

    She formed a diamond in the air starting at the top.

    "From the beginning to the end, we praise the gifts you give us,"

    She reached the top of the diamond again completing the form, a gentle light forming.

    "And ask that it nourish us."

    Lowering her arms at the end a yellow light settled above each bowl and gently glowed. After fading everyone looked to Toiya who grabbed a spoon and dug in. The youngest always ate first as it was imperative that they grow strong in such an unforgiving world.

    Taking the first bite.


    Not even celebrating his cheer they all dug in starving. Luke too reached forward realizing he hadn't eaten anything today. Taking his first bite.


    [Eating Blessed Beef Soup grants beneficial effects]

    [Constitution +3]

    [Strength +2]

    [Dexterity +2]

    [Charisma +1]

    [Magic +3]


    [You've leveled up!]


    [You've unlocked Quests!]

    '11 stat points?? That's crazy!'

    "Does it taste good?"

    Rimura, the only one who had waited for all to eat first asked.

    "Oh yes! It tastes great."

    "Go momma!"

    "Ah, it's so warm."




    "You go sis!"


    An empty seat with a bowl now missing as whispers in the wind were heard. "Tastes great!"


    Rimura said last, smiled happy to have such praise, and began eating her own bowl.

    Dinner being less rambunctious than expected, everyone ate their fill and started talking more towards the end.

    "Ahh, so good."

    "Yeah it is! Especially with that heal buff added on. Thanks Miel!"

    "Haha, don't worry about it."

    She giggled.

    "So capt'n. How long we staying this time?"

    "Yeah! How long are you staying?"

    Riatra pointed and raised an eyebrow recalling the last time they stayed.

    'Doesn't seem last time went well'



    "Ha. Ha. Ha. We won't repeat our last visit young lady. Not too long I assure you. We must take him to school."

    Following one of the most forced laughs, Tae pointed at Toiya indicating they were to take him to school. This world's school bus?

    "Oh yeah! He talks such big game I forget that he's a student. Aren't ya toiya?"

    Looking shocked, Toiya nodded and then began to make his way from the table. Reaching a few feet back he turned and ran.

    "You'll never take me back thereeeee!!!!"

    "Oh no you don't!"

    It was then Luke realized that they needed a whole crew to take back one kid to school.

    'Is it really that bad?'

    Reading his mind Gahiji spoke.

    "It's not that school is bad, but that the journey is tough. We are here to protect him."

    'Ah, that makes sense. But why such a strong crew for one kid?' 

    "How bout you newbie? You wanna go to school too? You're pretty weak lookin, you might get killed if you don't do somethin' about it."

    "Yes. Weaklings must be taught."

    Jaecar looked menacing as he almost seemed to move towards Luke with that statement. 

    "Seems I don't have much of a choice."

    'I need to grow quickly. If I go to a school, I should be able to safely level up a bit, gain some more information and perhaps even meet some people who can help me get stronger'

    "Aren't you already a priest though? Wouldn't that mean you've graduated? What are you doing out here? "

    "Umm. I don't actually know."

    "We found him out on the road dying when Rimura healed him. It looked like he'd taken a hit in the stomach."

    He was reminded of the shot he took in the church by his hidden assailant.


    "Why go to the school though? Why not the church?"

    "I don't know anything, but I do know I'm weak."

    He hated not knowing stuff. Assassin's knew everything. But all he knew now was that he really was weak. An average grown adult was level 12. Currently, Luke at level 1, now 2, was like a toddler in a grown up's body. 

    "And I know I need to get stronger if I'm going to do anything in this world, including being a priest."

    Miel agreed.

    "It is hard work."


    Tae having listened in on everyone's comments spoke.

    "We leave tomorrow."

    Canow looked over to Luke.

    "That means you too. As much as boss man likes making a buck, he has a soft spot for those who are weak. Lucky you."

    Canow headed outside where Luke saw a makeshift tent.

    "Sleep tight everyone!"

    "Yes goodnight!"

    Realizing he was tired too, Luke made his way upstairs, laid down, and passed out.

    'I hope tomorrow is calmer'

    He thought as he snuggled in.

    It wasn't.

    //Author's Note:

    Try guessing (commenting) on who's speaking each line telling Rimura that the food is good! Everyone's included (answers next chapter :D)

    See you next chapter ;)

  • 5 - Leaving

    The sun hadn't even risen when Luke was shaken awake. 

    "Time to go."

    Receiving a cold wake up call, Luke looked to see Ley nudging him. Rolling out of bed, Luke equipped the [Novice Priest Robe] and headed downstairs.

    'At least I remember how I got up there this time'

    "Good morning!"

    Rimura greeted him with a smile and served him a plate of leftover beef slabs. Nothing goes to waste.

    "We leave in five, so do hurry."

    Rimura informed.

    "Why the rush?"

    "The woods are a dangerous place, but less so during the day so we need to make the most use of our time in the daylight so as to find a safe spot to stop."

    "Ah. Makes sense."

    "I'm not going with you!"

    A shirtless Toiya came running through trying to avoid getting grabbed.

    "Oh yes you are!"

    Riatra followed with a shirt in hand.

    "But I don't wanna."

    "Sucks to be you then, but whether you want to or not, you will be coming with us. We can always tie you up like last time."

    Shock spreading across Toiya's face and the recollection of such a time clearly showed it was a pretty terrible way to travel.

    "What a pretty day it is."

    Changing his attitude in .02 seconds.

    "I can't wait to go for a long walk today."

    He grabbed the shirt from Riatra and put it on.

    "That's better."

    Five minutes later the Mircea crew, Riatra, Rimura, Toiya, and Luke were ready to go.

    "Everyone's here. Good. Here's the plan."

    Tae knelt down and drew on the ground going over the upcoming plans.

    "Ley will go ahead and scout, Canow will cover our back by trailing a bit to make sure we're not being followed, Jae and Gahiji have the left and right flank respectively. Everyone else, I'll take point and you stay within our reach. If all goes well, this'll be a two day journey to Charham and then four more to Mouryles. In Mouryles we can take a warp gate to the capital and drop you two off."

    He pointed at Luke and Toiya at the end.

    "Any questions?"

    After his explanation everyone shook their heads in agreement. Luke had a few but figured the road would also be a good place to ask them.

    "Alright. With that let's go."

    Ley took off presumably with a similar skill to that of last night, and the rest of the crew began to jog at a pace suitable for Toiya. Jaecar carried most of the supplies with Gahiji summoning a familiar to carry the rest. 

    Reaching the tree line, they looked behind as the house faded in the distance and then suddenly disappear all together.

    'Must be a protective barrier. It doesn't look like a simple one either'

    Barriers came in various types in Desire with the simplest, tier one, being a shield and only getting more complex and specialized from there. The more tiers or options, the more expensive.

    Luke shook thinking about one of the hardest barriers he'd broken into.

    It was a 6 tier barrier surrounding an old man's entire estate. Having spent a fortune of the town's money to protect his wealth, Luke broke in to steal all of it. He was successful, but nearly lost his life due to the surprise feature of [Air Support] which called in several mechanical fliers to kill the intruder.

    The barrier before him was at least a tier 2 possibly 3 with the shield, cloaking, and probably healing properties since they would want to take care of Toiya. It was a barrier only a successful business family or kingdom could own.

    'Who are these people?'

    Thinking up to here, Luke began to breathe raggedly his thoughts shifting to the fact that he was exhausted. Running another 3 seconds, Luke bent over out of breath. He'd leveled up and built his constitution a bit, but he was still overall very weak, like a baby. The others stopped having noticed his condition.

    "20 seconds! What the heck. We can't keep this pace and make it in time. Remind me why we're keeping him?"

    Riatra who clearly did not approve of his coming began to reprimand him so as to relieve some pent up feelings.

    "Because I said so. Calm down."

    Tae stepped forward and cooled the situation.

    "She's right about the pace, you can catch your breath on my back. Hop on."

    Luke looked at Tae like he was crazy.

    'Offering me a piggy back ride? What the hell'

    "You are weak and are indeed slowing us down. If you do not hop on we will leave you."

    'Stop saying I'm weak!! I know I am you idiots. It's just so humiliating'

    Hesitating a bit more.

    "Just hop on already."

    'Damn, why's it gotta be like this? Screw it'


    He hopped onto Tae's back. Holding him tightly Tae began moving again, the others following.

    'They always joked about getting carried in a game, but I've never actually been *carried*.

    Feeling frustrated even more at how helpless he was, Luke just sat and thought.

    'After almost dying I was reborn into this world. Presumably this is either a reconstruction of the game so I can make sense of this place, or I'm actually in the game. I haven't seen any Players yet though so I'm assuming it's the first'

    'If that's the case, then I need to treat this as my real life and start getting myself into shape. I can't be carried everywhere. If I can go to a school with Toiya, then I should be able to learn a few useful skills to help me gain some strength'

    'It doesn't seem I can kill people so I can't be an assassin again, but I should be able to still hunt monsters and make a living off of the goods there'

    Thinking up to this point.

    'Wait, what time period am I in? If this is before the events that occurred in the game, then I should be able to predict what's gonna happen and can use that to my advantage'


    Luke shouted over the rushing wind. Why was a "slow pace" to them sprinting faster than Olympic runners?


    "What date is it?"

    "The 7th of the 3rd month."

    "What year?"


    'It's the same as if I never left?'

    The game was released in the year 20XX and started players in the world of Avulan's 3322nd year.

    It was four years after the launch that Luke was killed in the church.

    'Damn. There goes my knowledge boost. All I really have right now is knowing things about a few people, but they're too high up so I can't really have an audience with them yet'


    Breathing out a sigh of acknowledgement for his current situation, he began to think of his old life in the game.

    'Hmm, I hope she's okay and that she doesn't miss me...'

    Luke wasn't immune to the effects of love, even when he was heartless enough to cause the demise of hundreds. There was a young woman, fiery and ruthless much like he was. But having died, she must have thought he'd abandoned her. 

    'I'm coming'

     Reminiscent of the good times, Luke was brought back to reality at the sudden stopping of Tae. Ley was up ahead and turned to look at them.

    "This is Tree Dog territory. We can fight one as a group, but looking at more posses a lot of risks and most likely injuries. Activate your cloaking skills and follow the path I mark with the white stripes."

    "Aww, y'all having a party without me?"

    Canow, who'd been trailing caught up shortly after Ley's speech.

    "Now's not the time. We're entering a dangerous place."

    Ley looked on unhappy.

    "It's never the time."

    Canow replied rolling his eyes. Tae ignorged the coming bickering and looked at Toiya.

    "Have you been practising your cloaking skill?"

    "Yeah! I can stay cloaked for 10 whole minutes"

    Toiya beamed, excited to be praised for making progress.

    "Hmm, that may barely be enough. Keep working and stay focused."

    Skills. If mana was the blood giving everything in Desire its strength, then skills were the limbs putting that strength to use. Skills were fairly easy to learn, but could take 10+ years to master. 

    Learning a skill usually came from creating the event you wanted (making a fireball = [Fireball]) or completing a skill related action (cutting wood = [Woodcutting]). But despite this ease of gaining skills, Desire wanted to create a real life representation that would reflect the user's efforts. 

    A person who cut wood for years day in and day out, ought to be a better wood cutter than a magician who picks up an axe. To replicate this "skill level" Desire had three tiers: learning, proficient, mastery.

    Tier one, learning (33% proficiency), took under a year for most players and granted the user several of the skill's key benefits. Whereas tier 3, mastery (97% proficiency), took most at least 5 years to acquire, and for those who really sucked, up to 10 years, but granted all of the skill's hidden benefits.

    This allowed for players to choose to invest years for a really good skill, or a short bit of time to gain the effects and then focus elsewhere.

    This tier system is why many people, players and NPCs, only had a few skills trained up very high, and why those who were able to train up several were considered geniuses.

    'If he knows [Cloaking], then that means he's hit proficient with [Camouflage]. That is impressive given his age, but he also knows [Bind] to a pretty high degree. If he knows anything else, this kid's an animal... a genius for the ages'

    "I'll work hard and then I'll hide and you'll never be able to find and take me back!"

    Toiya said sticking out his tongue at the end to emphasize his point.

    Tae smiled and replied.

    "Good! Then start practicing now as we make our way through. Luke, I'll cloak both of us, so please don't worry."

    [Cloaking has been applied to you]

    [You have been hidden from sight]

    [Sounds you make are masked]

    And with that they took off into the forest.

    Toiya giggled as he ran a farted without making a sound.

    The forest was a filled with giant trees that covered the sky making it impossible to see the sun. It was the optimal environment for a Tree Dog, whose rough skin blended in with the tree bark and whose nose made up for their lack of vision in such a dark forest.

    Thankfully, Ley used a luminescent white marker that showed where Tree Dogs weren't and allowed for a safe passage.

    That was, until a Tree Dog smelt Toiya.



    "Evasive maneuvers!"

    Tae shouted as a huge beast leapt for Toiya's current spot. Crashing into empty air due to the squad's quick response, the Tree Dog held onto the branch and looked around sniffing.

    The red eyes staring, huge thick legs, and white teeth as luminous as the paint by Ley. 

    He smelt the traces of the boy and jumped again.

    //Author's notes:

    Planning to speed up chapter release soon! I'm excited as the story is progressing and I think gets more exciting as the foundation is laid. If you see any typos/mistakes please comment to let me know! Thanks for reading :D

    See you next chapter ;)

    Last Chapters Answers...Luke, Toiya, Miel, Canow, Tae, Gahiji, Riatra, Jaecar, Leylando, Rimura!

    Did you get em right??

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    6 - Tree Dog

    "Toiya! No!"

    Screaming at the top of her lungs, Rimura panicked at the sight of her son being targeted. Everything slowed.

    She summoned a flaming [Fireball]. 

    The Tree Dog landed in front of Toiya. 

    Terrified, Toiya had squatted and released his [Conceal] allowing everyone to see him.

    Eyes wide and scared he saw the coming paw. His mind blank.

    The [Fireball] was launched, begging for the coming nightmare to end.

    But it came.

    Defenseless, Toiya took the full blow as the Tree Dog's paw connected with his body. Having curled up, he was smaller than the entirety of the paw and went flying.

    A crunch was heard as he flew from the tip of the branch all the way into the tree trunk.

    He fell limp.


    The [Fireball] missed, but all Rimura cared for at that time was for Toiya to be alive.

    Riatra, closer,  dropped and activated a speed spell to check his vitals. Barely alive.

    Everyone understood immediately: this was a real battle.

    Tree Dogs. Frequently found in the Kingdom of Cabriland due to its wide swaths of forest, are the bane of many a town's existence. They are territorial dogs who blend in with the trees due to their bark like skin.

    On top of being hard to see, they were also rather tough on average, being around level 23 as adults, a far cry from level 12. Due to their increased strength, many assassins took them on as pets since they were also capable of many essential assassin skills such as [Shadow Step] or [Conceal]. 

    Luke had hunted a few back in his day and got strong enough to keep one as his companion for a short bit until Luke outgrew him. Leaving him and the east half behind, Luke spent most of his time in the Shifian Union and Fagelia. 

    As an information junkie though, he would hear the tales of Tree Dogs and other beasts ruining towns from traveling merchants. 

    All this is to say that Luke knew enough to realize they were in trouble. They were in an optimal location for the Tree Dog to fight, it's roar had called more who were on the way, and the defending side was a squad who could barely fight one, let alone many.

    Now Toiya was down and Rimura had lost her mind.


    Reacting quickly, Tae jumped high and landed on a branch like a famous ninja, Caruto. Missing one of his famous mangas, Luke was thrown to the side.

    "Stay here, we'll fight it as quickly as we can so we can keep moving before reinforcements arrive."

    With that, Tae jumped again.

    "Gahiji, Jae!"

    Responding to his call, the two released their [Conceal], with Jae banging on his chest and yelling at the Tree Dog, while Gahiji began chanting to summon yet another familiar.

    The Tree Dog, originally enraptured by Toiya's "scent" realized that it was being challenged and growled at Jae.

    Tae, falling from a higher place, landed on a branch about 50 ft above the Tree Dog and pulled out his bow and arrows. Well, really pulled out his bow, and called on his magic archery to supply the arrows.

    'Is this what he was referring to about the perfectly placed arrow?'

    Summoning his first arrow, a burning red light shown as flames gathered around a magical center that expanded until it looked like an average arrow. Or as average as a flaming arrow can look.

    Focusing his aim for a brief second, Tae let the arrow fly. 

    A soft whistling sound could be heard as the arrow ripped through the sky right for the Tree Dog's eye. 

    Seeing the bright light the Tree Dog responded with its own dodge, using [Shadow Step] to move from the lower branch up to the one Tae stood on. 

    The arrow, instead of hitting the branch, curved, turning back to where Tae was. 

    No, back to where the Tree Dog now was.

    'Tracking? That's a high level skill!'

    Luke, placed on a high branch could observe the  battle from afar in peace and realized that Tae was using a high level mage/archer combo [Tracking] skill. 

    With the appearance of the Tree Dog next to him, Tae dropped again, but this time turned back to launch another arrow. This one made of rock solid ice, glistened red as it and the [Fire Arrow] shot towards the Tree Dog.

    Putting its paws in front of it like a shield it took the hit of both arrows and dove after Tae.

    Landing on a lower branch, Tae quickly rolled out of the way as the Tree Dog slammed into where he'd just hit. The branch snapped, but it quickly grabbed onto the base of it and crawled up facing Tae.

    But Tae wasn't alone. 

    Jaecar, boiling with a fighting spirit pulled out a large shield, and a mace. Having landed in between the two, Tae launched another [Fire Arrow], while Jaecar shouted out.


    Immediately the Tree Dog could not move and took the full brunt of three rapidly fired arrows and a frontal [Bash] by Tae and Jaecar. 

    [Lockdown] was an advanced form of [Bind] which was used by Riatra to hold Luke to the chair the other day. Unlike [Bind], it was capable of spatial "lockdown" preventing movement within a certain area, including [Shadow Stepping].

    But it had a fairly short duration due to its high potential.

    Regaining its freedom, the Tree Dog roared again and jumped towards the two. In mid air though two [Fireballs] landed on the left and right side of the Tree Dog as Riatra and a very pissed of Rimura attacked. 

    The previous regalness felt by the Tree Dog was quickly lost as it began to show signs of weakness. 

    As the hope in its eyes began to fade, a second roar was heard.


    The team realized that they were about to be outnumbered and needed to speed up. 

    "Don't worry! Come forth Tardigrade!"

    Gahiji, who'd been working on his summon this whole time, finally finished and summoned a [Water Bear]. 

    The agglomeration of water that took awhile to gather began to form the shape of a bear and plummeted towards the Tree Dog and crew.

    Seeing the incoming threat, they scattered. 

    Water crashed into the branch and left it withered as if years of wear and tear had taken place in but a moment.


    The only way to really fight against something like that was to keep a [Self Barrier] up. Or to kill the summoner.

    Turning back to where its master had targeted, the [Water Bear] jumped climbing up the tree and leaving a trail of withered life behind it.

    For a water creature, it sure knew how to take life instead of giving it.

    Making it to the Tree Dog it swatted hoping to claw out an eye.

    Sensing the incoming danger, the Tree Dog lept backward, but had it's back paw caught by the bear.

    Just like before, the life of the Tree Dog's paw was withered and resulted in a paw not being there.

    Crashing down, the Tree Dog looked up seeing the slew of enemies in front of her. Leaning forward as blood dripped out of her back leg, paw now missing.

    Roaring again, she cried out to her companions.

    {How far?}

    A returned roar let her know her fate was sealed. 

    {5 licks. Hold on Traie. We're almost there.}

    They were too far.

    Traie saw the attacks coming from all angles, and grew upset and saddened at the same time.

    Having simply wanted a snack for her pup, she had gone in search of an easy meal. Smelling a delicious scent, she followed and upon pouncing, found that a trap had been laid for her. 

    The treacherous humans had hid so as to surprise her and kill her. Fearing for her kid she attacked back and called for her tribe. But now she was pushed to her limits.

    Her pup would perish as the Tribe would not accept him at his age.

    And their distance out was too far for a three pawed Tree Dog to hold on.

    Resigning herself to her fate, she settled to take at least one more. 

    Seeing the man who had yet to attack, she assumed that he was precious as even the Tribe kept their young from fights.

    Setting her mind to it she charged.

    Grabbing a nearby tree trunk, she made her way up, running rapidly and scampering around as [Fireballs] and [Fire Arrows] came flying in.

    The [Water Bear] too attacked launching a paw like a rocket. Hitting the back of the Traie, she whimpered feeling her skin degenerate quickly. 

    But she pushed on. 

    {Just one more}

    Having stayed safe this whole time, Luke recognized that she was charging for him.

    'This crazy Dog!'

    Knowing he was no match, he did the only thing he could do. He pulled out his rather small knife that Tae had given him that morning. 

    'I should be able to hang on until the group gets here for back up'

    He said that mostly to calm his nerves, but knew that he had no hope. Level 2 vs level 23 was a disparity no amount of skill could overcome.

    Breaking the tree line, Traie landed on the branch with Luke. The rain of fire having stopped for fear of hitting him.

    {Got him!}

    Moving quickly she swatted just like she did Toiya. Unfortunately for her, he had laid down anticipating her reaction and, having avoid it, jumped up to attack an eye. 

    But life never goes as planned.


    [Attempt to kill identified]

    //Author's Notes:

    See you next chapter ;)

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  • so he gonna heal them by trying to kill them?
    Close, not quite though as that'd be no fun. He can't run around trying to murder everyone and healing them, it's too predictable and boring. We want fun and wild...

    To not confuse you though, in this case, something to that effect may happen, but know that it's not always that way. 

    I hope you keep reading and enjoy it! (If it does get boring though, let me know, I find it exciting, but it's good to know others do/n't  :D)
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