[Suggestion] New Chapter Sponsor System.

So I'm a Student. I like having the Subscription City of Sin. For other novels when there is a heated battle or other very interesting Moment and I'm already up to date, I will also subscribe to that novel for a month. I also like having 5-7 Chapters to read a day. But then I kind of get punished for subscribing for only a month, by having the chapters that I can read daily reduced, the moment my subscription ends. Also paying for being a few Chapters ahead doesn't really feel satisfying.

So now to my Suggestion:
- Reduce the Chapters per week released to the public. For example 14 down to 7.
- Allow Users to buy advanced chapters that they will keep. This means that if you paid for one advanced Chapter you will always be one chapter ahead of the public.
- Allow Users to buy a subscription that increases their chapters per week they get. They will also keep their advanced Chapters.

I know that other users might not like this and you can't probably do this for novels with already established release schedules. I also know that I am cutting myself into my flesh with this Proposition, however, I believe that this is a healthier approach to advanced Chapters on Wuxiaworld than it currently is.

To finish this off, a big thanks to everyone working at Wuxiaworld.
- Razing


  • - Reduce the Chapters per week released to the public. For example 14 down to 7.
    It would also work to increase the release schedule by overworking the translators and then keep the release schedule for the public the same. But I kept it real because Translators are Humans too.

  •  :/ I'm not entirely certain you realize how that isn't beneficial to Wuxiaworld in the slightest and only beneficial to the individual. Always one chapter ahead just cause they bought one advanced chapter? That means that someone can pay ahead & never have to pay again. That's not "healthier" for them that's healthier for you.

    Subs keeping the advanced chapters they already obtained via their subscription is reasonable, I agree with that, but if you meant they should keep getting advanced chapters. Nah. As for reducing the chapters per week released to the public? Many people don't have the disposable income available to subscribe or purchase advanced chapters. 

    Instead, they simply view all the advertisements on the site, pay when they do have the disposable income, and do anything else they can to support the website. Lowering the number of public chapters released per week isn't going to do anything helpful for the website. Rather, it's going to create ill will among that group of individuals using the website. 

    Ultimately I don't think this 'new system' you propose makes any business sense.
  • I think you have not yet realized what I meant by keeping the advanced chapters and tuning down the chapters.
    The Translators will still work on the full release schedule. It's just that a part of that gets put towards a "pool" of advanced chapters. That pool will be steadily increasing so keeping the one advanced chapter doesn't mean I will never have to pay again and that's not the goal that I want.
    Le'ts go over it in a little simulation
    Book A has 500 chapters released with a release schedule of 14 per week. 7 of those chapters go towards the public 7 towards the "Advanced Chapter Pool"
    After 10 Weeks we're at 570 Chapters for the public and 70 chapters in the advanced Chapter pool. If you now buy 5 of those advanced chapters you will always stay five chapters ahead of the public, but the pool will still be expanding.  You won't feel like you only gained something temporarily by buying those chapters, but you also won't only pay once.

    Also as far as I remember in one of the posts about monetization is viewing ads one of the worst ways to make money for Wuxiaworld, since the ad-sports are worth very little. That is because of the Binging culture on Wuxiaworld.

    The ill will you are talking about is very real and that's why I would suggest only changing it up for newer Novels, since the for the older ones the schedule is already established.
    I hope you're getting what I'm talking about.
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