GUEST(间客)-Mao Ni(猫腻)



  • 029- Spaceship “Ancient bell”

    The ancient bell is the largest spaceship of the ancient bell company, and its endurance is also among the top ten in the entire Federation. The Ancient Bell Company is the largest in the West Forest Region of the Federation, with a wide range of businesses in various industries and extremely strong capital. However, even if the West Forest Region Management Committee has used the company information disclosure law to investigate the company for hundreds of years, it cannot be fully investigated. Who is the capital owner behind the giant company?

    Many people are speculating that in addition to the Federal Assets Commission, behind this company are some of the strongest families in West Forest District. Some people even speculate that the Ancient Bell is related to the Fourth Military Region which has stationed in West Forest District for countless years. 

    To cooperate with the federal plan this time, the Ancient Bell Company sent this spaceship to the East Forest District. It brought greetings and officials from the West Forest District and launched a series of government-private exchanges. On the surface, these activities were just to cover the actions of the special mech team of the Fourth Military Region, but no one would have expected that the real blow to the treason mechanic was actually from the ship itself!

    But how can a commercial spaceship carry space weapons strictly controlled by the military?

    The captain of the ancient bell spaceship is a big fat man. After confirming the effect of the previous vertical heavy artillery through the thermal sensor and the East Forest satellite imaging system, he relaxed. He leaned on the sofa with his breath. He took the cup of warm coffee from the secretary and took a few sips.

    "After Colonel Lake comes back, he will be very angry." The secretary reminded the captain in a low voice. According to the general configuration, the captain is usually accompanied by the clerk, but the fat man does not have consciousness and regards himself as a kind of official. Because in fact, he was exactly an officer.

    Captain Fatty was extremely gentle, but the cold light that occasionally flashed through his squinted eyes showed his true character. He said in a small voice: "If Lake can complete this mission, of course, I will not take this risk to open the main gun."

    A gloomy color flashed between the eyebrows occupied by the flesh, and the fat captain gritted his teeth and said in pain: "One shot broke the company's energy quota for half a year. Don't you think I also feel hurt? Lake did a bad job. How much has it cost the military region to raise their special mech team every year! "

    "There is no way. The death order from the capital, the President's Office, the Charter Office, and the Ministry of Defense are all putting pressure on our commander. We can no longer regret the energy." The secretary shrugged and said, "The problem is solved. I had to leave quickly, and I had to report to the East Forest District Office and the Administrative Committee. I had to pass on the federal orders to them. Otherwise, I guess no only the visit to East Forest and West Forest will be ruined. The warships in the East Forest security zone will also rush to the sky to encircle us angrily. "

    "Even give them four guts, they dare not." There was a hint of sarcasm in the fat captain's eyes. "East Forest has been too decadent for these decades. Just give the federal secret order to the regional office. I don't think these officials dare to do something towards our fourth military district. Besides, the military district lost its face on this broken planet, and today it is considered to have got some compensation back. "

    The secretary shrugged again. He was a civilian officer who retired and joined the Ancient Bell Company. He was unlike the captain, who still secretly maintains the military status of the fourth military area. So he does not understand and does not want to understand why soldiers in the fourth military area have such a strong disgust for East Forest District. It is clear that West Forest and East Forest are located at the two ends of the Federation, and they are very far apart. They even don’t have one meeting in a few years.

    It became quiet in the room once again. The fat captain carefully put the cold coffee beside him, opened the secret line, and looked at the motionless avatar on the light curtain very respectfully. He bowed his head flatly and said: "Head, we have succeeded. "

    An avatar is a middle-aged man, dressed in a dark military uniform, and the star and silver bar on his shoulder clearly show the soldier's shocking rank. The communication between East Forest and West Forest takes at least 14 minutes, so the middle-aged general ’s head is still motionless, like a puppet. But the deep-locked brows and cold eyes still make people feel endless pressure.

    The fat captain swallowed a sip of water and continued: "Just to kill the mechanic ... It took half a year for the energy quota, but this is a task sent by the Federation. Do you think if we send a letter to the president ’s office to let the Ministry of Defense and The members of the Energy Commission coordinated to give the company ... a little bit of compensation? "

    Suddenly thought of a problem, before the head of the awe-inspiring head on the light curtain moved, he said with a shy face: "And there is another thing... Miss still refuses to eat today."

    After saying this, the fat captain closed the line and ran out of the captain's room, who issued the main gun and caused the mech to fly into smoke, as well as ruin countless green areas in the suburbs of East Forest.


    Xu Le has not eaten today, too. Taking advantage of the cover of the big bang, he ran down from the hill, and with the help of the chaos on the outskirts of West River Prefecture, he successfully entered the underground water channel again. He ran desperately and finally ran into an inaccessible forest.

    Xu Le sat in the thick fallen leaves and a little stale smell came up. The teenager gasped quickly, feeling abnormally tired and hungry. His heart was also very tired because of sorrow. Anyone who experienced such a thing today would be extremely shocked, not to mention that he is not yet 18 years old.

    It was already late at night, and the popping noise suddenly sounded over the woods, and the rain fell for no reason, shaking the dust-covered by the fallen leaves on the ground, making the whole forest filled with a smell of gray soil.

    Xu Le, with dust on his face, looked sad in his eyes. He closed his eyes, bit his lip hard and took a deep breath. He glanced at the shield that was tightly held in his hand and found that the blue light had faded. It would be useless in at most two minutes. 

    Let's start.

    Xu Le stared blankly at the metal bracelet on his wrist and gently touched it with his fingertips to reveal the metal wires and those tiny chips inside. He felt his heartbeat become stronger and stronger, but his body became weaker and weaker. The tingling pain at the back of the neck came from the bone and spread to the whole body, which was extremely cold.

    New life is waiting for him.

  • 030- Newborn in the storm

    The raindrops are getting bigger and more anxious, hitting the big leaf autumn forest on the outskirts of West River Prefecture. It crackled like a drum on the ancient battlefield, with an exciting rhythm, urging people to move forward bravely. Move on and move on.

    In the autumn forest, which had been soaked, the rain wet all the tree trunks and dead leaves, and also wet Xu Le's body. Staring at the little star-like chips in the bracelet, the boy showed extremely complex emotions.

    Once replaced with a brand-new chip, it represents a completely unknown future, a completely new life, and the separation of everything in the past. There are no more friends and relatives. Of course, he has no relatives before, and there are not many friends. However, West River ’s coffee, West River ’s beer, West River ’s Bell Tower Street, West River ’s girl, the operating room in the pit, the repair shop on Xiang Lan Avenue, the library of the State University, and this constant dark sky, all the memory of everything, has the farewell arrived?

    Xu Le's fingers were trembling. He knew that once the hair-thin metal wire was pierced into his neck, everything would change. Maybe it would be good and maybe it would be extremely bad. Who knows?

    Faced with the most difficult and easiest choice in life, Xu Le showed calmness beyond his age. It took only a dozen seconds to make up his mind because the blue light gradually fading in the rain reminded him that the Federal Electronics Surveillance will find himself in a little while. If he wants to live and wants to live freely, he must no longer be Xu Le.

    He wiped the rain on his face violently, exposing the clean skin under the dust. Xu Le whispered a few words. The emotion in his eyes became calmer and calmer, and his hands no longer tremble. The wire in the bracelet was steadily pulled out, and it was punctured slowly towards his neck.

    As for how to exchange chips, the faint light curtain that popped up on the bracelet has been taught him. But the behavior that the teenager was doing at this time is a terrible and absurd thing in his cognition. Human chips can be forged, and the glory of the First Charter can be avoided. He does not have much confidence. His hands are still not shaking although he seems extremely slow.

    This is where mechanic Yu Feng appreciates him the most. He has a natural control over metal mechanical chips. What's more important is that no matter how difficult the situation is, this teenager can always maintain peace, even if it is superficial.

    Without the help of related instruments, to exchange for the chip in the body, there must be a pair of the most stable hands in the world and a most stable heart. It happened that Xu Le has both. Even if he is tired enough to sleep at any time, is hungry enough to have loose and red eyes under the rush of rain, his hands were still stable. Perhaps it was because Feng Yu believed in this young man's ability that he was willing to deliver such a precious legacy to him.

    The extremely thin metal wire stayed steadily 0.5mm away from the skin. The rain in the autumn forest wiped the wire very interestingly and left. There was no interference with his work. No one knew the work which was enough to shock the entire Federation.

    At this moment, strange things happened, the sharp tip of the original non-trembling metal wire suddenly seemed to smell a very sweet and happy charming flavor. It became shaking!

    The tip of the wire trembles and vibrates rapidly in a very small range. It is getting faster and faster, so fast that it is invisible to the naked eye, and so fast that it cannot be hit by the wind and rain. It seems to sense something, constantly searching, using the tiny electric charge attached to it. It is constantly searching for the source of energy, looking for something on Xu Le's bare neck skin ... A small lump appeared behind Xu Le's neck, which was caused by tension. Xu Le allowed him to be washed by the rain and not dare to move. No one knows how long it had passed. Xu Le only heard a beep sound. The tip of the wire that had been trembling rapidly suddenly entered an absolute state of rest!

    The wire keeps a strange bending state, and the tip is aimed at the skin behind Xu Le's neck. In the static state in the wind and rain, the blue weak current begins to accumulate, just like a sharp sword. It’s waiting to go out of the sheath!

    An electric light illuminates the dark suburban sky in the wind and rain. With a huge sound, thunders spread all over the space. Lightning like a serpent made enigmatic traces in the air, and also slightly brightened the autumn forest. In this moment of light, the figure of the boy kneeling in the rain suddenly stiffened.

    The wire snorted automatically extended three centimeters and easily penetrated Xu Le ’s neck, and then the wire began to tremble desperately. It’s like a sword, trying to break through the defense of the armor. It’s like an attacking venomous snake that is biting its prey. It keeps instilling venom, and wants to give the target a final blow!

    If someone is present at this scene, he would notice that the teenager kneeling in the wind and rain is trembling in pain after stiffness. The skin behind the teenager ’s neck seems to be transparent, and the blue current is flowing in him. The cervical spine is constantly swimming and struggling.

    In the autumn forests under the wind and rain suddenly showed a slightly scorched smell. Xu Le ’s eyes were not big. But now his painful eyes were wide open. His face looked terrible. He felt extremely hot inside his body, especially from behind his neck. The pain was even more painful. But the weak electric current kept flowing into the body from the wire, directly connecting his nervous system. So he had to soberly bear this unbearable torture.

    Please. Please be over as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter even if it failed. Xu Le, who has always been a sincere and hard-hearted boy like a rock, can’t stand the torture at this moment. He feels that the blood in his body seems to be boiling. His tongue is very thirsty. It seems that people are generally struck by lightning. Just when he was about to give up, there seemed to be some sound in the back of the neck. It’s like the sound of the most successful collection of circuit chips he was most familiar with. It’s like a sword that goes back into the sheath once again.

    The storm hit the autumn forest and wet the world. Xu Le ’s thin figure trembled in pain. His fingers weakly left the wire. The whole body knelt on the woodland in the rain. An indescribable pain and feeling let his body bowed up. Xu Le screamed painfully against the heavy rain that descended from the skydome!

    The rain hit his face, and it was extremely painful. It fell along his body. He knelt in the rain, but he still felt painful and hot. He prayed blankly in the heart to the black skydome: let the storm come more violently. 

    Then his mind became empty. He turned sideways weakly and fell into the rain and dirt leaves.

  • When Xu Le woke up, the rain had stopped. The thick clouds left the night sky, revealing the few stars above him. There weren't many stars that could be seen in the night sky of East Forest District. Xu Le lay on the ground and squinted to tell the name of those stars. As is common in the novel, he certainly does not know how long it has been since then. His watch has been replaced by a bracelet. Under the severe pain of coma and mental shock, the passing of time seemed extremely vague to him. It is uncomfortable to lie on the wet ground. Although the fallen leaves are soaked by rain, it is like a bed quilt. But it smells bad. But Xu Le didn't get up because he was tired, hungry, and weak. A tired feeling from bone to muscle oozed out along the pores on his skin, making him not want to move at all. He just lay quietly in the autumn forest after the rain, opened his eyes and looked at the unclear starry sky. Until a long time later, he stood up hard and sighed long. The content of this sigh was so rich that even at a young age, he began to have a taste of vicissitudes. The blue light-shielding instrument has lost its effect for a long time. Xu Le lay in the wet wood for so long, too. But no federal army or police came to him. This fact made Xu Le confirm one thing. So his mood was extremely complicated. After glancing at the metal bracelet on his left wrist, Xu Le was silent for a moment. He touched the back of the neck with a small wound and felt a little pain. He knew that the chip in his body had been replaced by the boss. The one made by hand, and successfully concealed the electronic monitoring. From this moment, Xu Le was no longer Xu Le. He stood up by supporting the tree trunk, carefully sucking the blood from his fingers into his mouth. He shook his weak body and went out of the woods in the night. While walking with difficulty, he called up the information on the bracelet. He hoped to get acquainted with his new identity in the shortest possible time, otherwise, he might be exposed at any time. The new chip and the new identity appear on the light curtain. It is still a simple and sincere face, and it is still the resident card number of East Forest District, but it has a completely different life growth trajectory. This identity comes from the capital. At this time, he should have just graduated from high school and completed military service. Besides, he is in a state of semi-unemployment. There is no special place that can attract official attention. But the name of this identity is ... "Xu Le? The name of the new identity is still Xu Le!" No one knows whether it was for changing the chip make Xu Le ’s spirit shift a little, or the previous rain washed away the silence that he hides his character in, or just the death of Feng Yu let him decide to better In life, all in all, Xu Le, who was walking embarrassedly down the mountain, looked at the ID on the light curtain, screamed with a performance that did not match his character, and then fell heavily to the ground. "What a joke that the boss has played on me. Obviously, this identity is prepared for me, but he didn't tell me earlier that it would be so painful. Moreover ... why is the identity also called Xu Le? Does he really not worry about that I might be captured by the army?" "Apart from the boss, I was probably the first fugitive in history to escape electronic surveillance. What a stimulating thing." The boy grunted, rubbed his buttocks, wiped his eyes, and disappeared into the night. …… After the rain, the night sky was fine and unpolluted, and the anomaly was clean. The negative ions filled the forest which made people feel comfortable. Before Xu Le left from here, the electromagnetic wave of 19.995MHZ swept through here and did not receive any weak signal. However, the previous signal that was suddenly interrupted was still honestly recorded. The electronic monitoring network throughout the federal society received a response for the first time. In the shortest time, it was launched to the network of East Forest Region, which consists of 17 satellites. Information aggregation satellites use the most concise logic calculation method to obtain a certain judgment that fits the logic of the sentence. The satellites endow it with specific outsourcing features, truncate it into three pieces of information. Then they send it to the deep space of the space according to the established pattern. All of these operations are just the normal response of the federal electronic monitoring network. There is no central computer in each region, but a digital matrix for aggregate analysis. The disappearance of an information node represents the death of a citizen. This separation of life and death is too common in federal society. It happens every day, every hour, or even every second. Of course, satellites will not think that there is something weird. If satellites have human emotions, they will yawn at this message for boredom. The three pieces of information with encrypted features at the very beginning departed from the satellites over the East Forest Region. They took three different paths in space and passed nine information magnifying and accelerating space stations. This information walked a very long distance. After traversing countless of nebula dust, it finally entered the atmosphere of the capital star in the upper forest district of the Federation after four minutes and twelve seconds. After the last information amplification filter, it entered the receiving instrument in the building on the outskirts of the capital Strict Federal Charter Office. Dark basement. Officials in black are walking hurriedly. Quiet and unusual central operation room behind oversized dustproof glass. The loyal executor of the first charter. The extremely powerful computing power. The unusually large federal central computer. All of them constitute a seemingly boring, but actually tense routine. The three extremely obscure messages entered the central computer. The flashing picture on the huge light curtain stopped for a moment at this moment. Then it immediately returned to normal. No staff found the abnormality of the central computer, because, for countless years, the secret room where the central computer is located has never required human participation. On the contrary, for the safety of the central computer, the underground computing center of the Charter Bureau is completely isolated from other analytical departments. They are connected by cable or high-density wireless network. Therefore, it’s a pity that the officials of the Charter Bureau regretted missed a few lines of tiny dot characters on the light curtain. "Citizen ID: DLAS420500481X. The information node disappears. Name: Xu Le. Remarks: Federal 4427 plan goal 2. Death confirmation." "Warning: This is an extension of the first-order sequence of events." "Serious warning: 30% possibility. Citizen Xu Le entered the abnormal situation. Number 72. Citizen, Xu Le, entered the abnormal situation, which is numbered as 72." "Response: Autonomous search. If the target can be found, take the initiative to establish contact. If the target refuses, establish an observation system and submit a report for government reference." "Abnormal situation handling program one ends."
  • 032- Those things that abandon me The morning sunlight shines through the glass quilts on the bed, and the fine dust particles in the air fly like insects under the bright light. It seems that there is never a moment of fatigue. The warm autumn day, the flying light dust, did not make the teenager shrunk in the quilt to appreciate the beauty of life. He still buried his head in his arms like an ostrich and continued to sleep. It wasn't until a long time later that he opened his eyes reluctantly. He spread his limbs on the bed and looked at the white ceiling overhead silently. From the moment he opened his eyes, the madness of more than ten hours yesterday poured into Xu Le's mind like a tide. He froze for a long time before he realized that he had arrived at the room that the boss had left, instead of sleeping in his own familiar bed. Everything that happened yesterday is true. Not a nightmare. Xu Le already has a brand new identity. The chip behind my neck has been replaced. As for the boss, Feng Yu, he is indeed really dead. Xu Le sat up and continued to freeze for a while next to the bed. He rubbed his warm face with his hands hard to clean himself up. Looking up at this strange room after raising his face, he was still unable to wide awake. A saying goes in the federal that a cunning rabbit will have at least three caves. Xu Le did not expect that the boss had placed so many back roads in the capital city of West River State to avoid obsess by the federal. When thinking of this, Xu Le felt a weird emotion in his heart. He always felt something was wrong. But what’s wrong indeed? This is a single apartment, facing the street. The interior area is not large. The furnishing is very simple, except for the big bed by the window. There is only one freezer, a TV crystal screen and a set of tables and chairs. After taking a hot bath in the bathroom, Xu Le took a large amount of prepared food from the freezer and did not heat it. He began to gobble up and swallow until the table was covered with debris and spilled milk. Now he felt a little satisfaction after slightly washing away the hunger and fatigue left by yesterday. It's just that he hasn't eaten for more than ten hours. In terms of his health condition, he shouldn't be so much hungry. Xu Le is very strange about this phenomenon. How did the hollow in the abdomen and the fatigue of the body come from? Is it because of the trembling of the body when he escaped from the military temporary camp? He didn't want to think about it anymore, because the only person who could explain it was no longer there. Although he planned to leave West River Prefecture at night, this room will never come again, Xu Le still subconsciously tidied up the room, just like what he did after eating in the pit in recent years. After doing these things, he found that he had nothing to do. The sirens on the streets outside were still ringing. The sequela of the explosion yesterday was still fermenting, and he could not take the street to bask in the sun. So, he started to sit in a daze by the bed again. After a while, he turned on the TV and looked at the little girl with purple hair blowing the cake candle on the crystal screen. Xu Le suddenly thought that today was the 16th birthday celebration of his and Jane’s, who is crazily liked by Feng Yu. He thought he would be 18 years old soon, but he did not know how many years old Feng Yu is. Moreover, Feng Yu will keep this age forever. Xu Le’s heart was tight and he could no longer control his emotions. He watched Jane crowded by tens of thousands of people on the screen, shedding tears. Xu Le lowered his head and wiped the tears off his face, without noticing that Jian on the screen was smiling and showing the beautiful bracelet on her wrist to the people around him. …… Throughout the day, Xu Le stayed in this room. Through the information light curtain on the bracelet, he firmly remembered what he should remember and how he could escape from East Forest. At the same time, he took great risks and used the knowledge taught by his boss to sneak into the internal network of the Second Police Branch of East Forest District. He tried to find out the current situation of Li Wei and the group of orphans. Then, he entered the civil affairs system again and checked the internal information of the Fourth Funeral Parlor. He luckily found a suitable target. After finishing all this, he cleaned the whole room again, carefully wiped out the fingerprints left by him, and then took out a dress from the closet and put it on. Xu Le carried the backpack left by the boss in the closet and walked out. He walked down the apartment building and disappeared into the crowd. The light blue sports jacket, the hat which turned over to cover his face, and the dark black backpack, made Xu Le look like a common young man in the Federation at this time. No one will pay attention to him. He deliberately chose to go out at three o'clock in the afternoon. It was when people were most slack in their spirits. But even so, he carefully walked around a few blocks and turned over two courtyard walls before entering the Fourth Funeral Parlor. According to the map left by the boss, Xu Le quietly sneaked into the automatic incinerator at the back of the Hall. He found his target in the row of coffins to be burned according to the brand name. He didn't dare to look at the face of the young body in the coffin. He leaned on his side and pointed the wrist of his left hand at the neck of the body. A burnt smell flashed through. The discarded chip that was replaced last night successfully entered this body. He threw the blue light-shielding instrument into the coffin again. Pausing for a moment, he threw the extremely delicate electric shock stick into it, too. He made only two electric shock sticks. One of them brought the disaster of extinction to him and his boss. So, he didn't want the reaming one anymore. Although it could protect himself, he felt ominous. Standing in the dark aisle shadow of the Hall, Xu Le silently watched the conveyor belt feed these coffins into the high-temperature incinerator in turn. He watched the coffin carrying his chip, the boss's shielding instrument and the electric shock stick enter the furnace. They’re quickly burned into fire, ashes, residue. Xu Le ’s heart emptied at once. All of his past was burnt down with this coffin. Now, what he still has is only a name called Xu Le. Those abandoned him will never come back. …… In the night, Xu Le bought a ticket to the State of Fortune. This long-distance bus, known as the Great Greyhound by the East Forest people, set off from the capital of West River Prefecture every night. After a long night of long-distance travel, it arrived in the capital of the State of Fortune in the early morning of the next day. Although it is hard to travel, it is indeed much cheaper than taking a plane. However, Xu Le chose the Great Greyhound to leave the capital of West River state only because the orphans knew that the federal government had the most lenient inspection of such transportation used by most poor civilians. The big ears of the two greyhounds on the bright light plate slumped feebly. Xu Le looked at the soldiers with guns at the door and the policemen wearing bulletproof vests. He sighed in his heart. If he doesn’t even dare to go through this challenge in front of him, how can he use this disguised identity to live in the Federation in the future? Xu Le touched the back of the neck and smiled broadly. His eyes narrowed, and he walked calmly towards the door.
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