GUEST(间客)-Mao Ni(猫腻)

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Book Name: GUEST(间客)

Author: Mao Ni(猫腻)

Translator: Barack(树欲静)



  • Brief introduction

    “Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.”
    ——Immanuel Kant

    When Xu Le withdrew his gaze from this line and really saw the many stars behind the dust for the first time, he was not shocked. On the contrary, he was angry. The stars outside the sky in the region are so dazzling. Who can stand it? Xu Le is dazzled by these lights every day and he is afraid that he will become as demented as the wild cats in the mine tunnel which are irradiated by the headlights.

    So, Xu Le gives up his dream of becoming an assistant of a noble female warship commander and begins to fall under the influence of gravity. He becomes a poor concierge, a poor man who sells his labor, and a male babysitter who is engaged in tedious work. In the big and magnificent era, Xu Le is walking towards a distant place that no one knows, with his white teeth and squinting smiling eyes.

    ... ...

    Xu Le, a citizen of the East Forest Region, leaves from a desolate and semi-abandoned planet. He has some strange knowledge in his mind, and his body has the power that no one in the world has ever understand. He is waking into the most boring but also most interesting world.

    Believe me, the life of GUEST must be wonderful.

    Volume 1:  Stone in East Forest

    A man should have the flint-like backbone and the sea-like heart. Even if I cannot get in touch with something, I will still pursue it with my life and soul.

    Chapter 1: Parade on the Bell Tower Street

    If you look down at East Forest from the space, you will agree that it’s a beautiful planet. The blue waters and endless green fields are on the surface of the planet, as well as those pale and heart-wrenching pits. They show some kind of unspeakable beauty when they are under the shine of the light from stars. It is like an oil painting that has been carefully preserved for many years, covered with the dust of history.

    However, for the residents and orphans in East Forest District, this planet has nothing except stones. Even the green fields, in their numb eyes, are only the green turf covering the history of wealth and glory. Their eyes are only used to look through these turfs and look directly at what those East Forest people are eager for most. Veins.

    From the perspective of administrative planning, East Forest is a second-level administrative region, and it has exactly the same administrative level as the three eye-catching stars of the Capital Star Circle as well as the West Forest region. But in the hearts of the federal people, the distant East Forest is actually a forgotten corner. Although East Forest ’s name can still be seen in the 600-year celebration of the federal government, most of the time, for those who live in a rich and civilized society, East Forest no longer exists.

    There is only one planet in the East Forest Region. East Forest Star. This seems to be nonsense, but it actually means something because the origin of the name of the East Forest Region comes from East Forest Star. It shows the important meaning of the lonely planet, hanging from the outermost side of the galaxy to the entire human society in the extremely distant past.

    However, since the mining of various types of ore in the East Forest Region has been completed, East Forest Star has become an increasingly barren planet. There are only stones. No ore, only stones.


    The people who have the ability to leave East Forest have already left here. With their professional skills and accumulated wealth as well as the guarantee by their relatives in the Capital Star Circle or West Forest Region, they successfully obtained a certificate of the household registration transfer. They leave this plate with less and less vitality by the fight whose amount is decreasing for the shortage of energy.

    But the people who can get the certificate the household registration transfer are few. The planet in the semi-abandoned state still has to maintain the lives of many people. In a society with a relatively developed material civilization, food and clothing are no longer an issue that humans need to worry about. People on East Forest Star are still alive stalely. Social assistance is still playing an extremely important role, and the currency is still flowing smoothly. In this community, there are still companies, airports, food processing plants, mech maintenance stations, computer contact centers, and even an armament base.

    East Forest District has whatever it should have. But it still cannot hide its stale breath. A dead breath comes from every street, every building, every idle people watch TV with a coffee in their hands.

    Thousands of years of ore mining have provided continuous support for the federal society, just like a large river that transports nutrients to the plains. However, when the river dried up and turned into a creek filled with odor. The federal society's back-feeding support is obviously inadequate. Just being able to live is not enough for humans to feel happiness.

    In the thousands of years of history, the people of East Forest have cultivated a spirit of perseverance. The continuous mining disasters in ancient times have not let them shrink back. However, the current situations in front of them make them feel deep sadness and helplessness. There is no mine to dig and nothing to do. From a certain perspective, a life without even a mine disaster is definitely not the life that East Forest people want.

    The hard-working East Forest people have the title of East Forest Stone in the federal society. Today, East Forest people have become more and more silent and indifferent stones. They have shaped themselves into statues. They fix themselves in their chairs and sofas, seeming to never move again.


    "In the life of a fool, it is enough to have a soap opera." Bao Longtao, deputy director of the Police Branch II in the West River State, thinks in his heart. He is walking in the cool breeze on Bell Tower Street, watching the residents who are drinking in the corner pub with numb expressions. 

    Deputy Director Bao is also one of East Forest's stones. His face is as unsmiling as a stone. He has an infinite deterrent to the gang forces in the dark around Bell Tower Street. When he is patrolling on Bell Tower Street, the traffickers who sell wild beef in the black market would only run away at the speed of battleships. Bao looks really like a big potato in his black uniform, with the seven subordinates behind him. 

    However, Bao suddenly remembers that there are still three reporters around him today. He uttered a clap in his heart, fastening his collar subconsciously. He turns around with a steady rhythm to face the female reporter who is holding the microphone. Bao gives out a smile which is uglier than a cry, like a stone suddenly peeling off the old skin.

    "The security of Bell Tower Street has always been good ..." Bao does not want to leave the female reporter with a frivolous feeling and tries to speak as calmly as possible. This is a mission issued by the Governor's Office of West River State. Deputy Director Bao must take it carefully.

    Feeling the director's discomfort, those subordinates of the Police Public Relations Section naturally take the conversation and start talking with reporters. Bao sighs in his heart and shots his head slightly.

    He has been in the East Forest Region for thirteen years with seven years left according to the federal government ’s aid regulations for East Forest. But he really can’t bear to stay in this deadly place for another seven years. “Do I have to kill time by watching TV just like those unemployed miners?” Bao thinks.

    However, federal regulations are very strict. Although the promotion in East Forest District is extremely fast, it must reach a certain number of years to be transferred back to the Capital Star Circle or West Forest Region. Although Bao also knows the peripheral members of several large families, there is no possibility for them to help him, a little director.

    So, Bao can only work on political achievements. Today, the reason why Deputy Director Bao personally leads reporters to Bell Tower Street is out of such consideration.


     The slightly lost look on Bao's face does not last long, and then his face is filled with shocked expression!

    He even fails to hear curious questions from the female reporter. His murderous gaze passes directly over the shoulder of the female reporter, and casts to the exit of the four branches of Bell Tower Street!

    The reporters also notice the deviance of Deputy Director Bao, because his face is so embarrassed, with the color of iron blue, like a stone covered with moss in the river for decades. Bao seems to be able to become some kind of monster at any time.

    The reporters look at the direction, following Bao's gaze, and they also make inhaling sounds, especially the female reporter. She covered her mouth abnormally and whispered.

    The cool breeze blows across the straight and quiet street of Bell Tower Street. At this instant, countless footsteps appear. These footsteps are not neat and do not sound like drums. But it is too dense. It’s hard to figure out how many people will show up.

    In the next moment, the masters of these footsteps appear on Bell Tower Street, and a large number of people rush out at the four alleys at once, occupying most of the sidewalks and the intersections. The momentum is very amazing. Not only the police and reporters on the streets change their expressions, even East Forest residents who are addicted to coffee and alcohol look out of the window in surprise.

    To be more precise, a group of teenagers rushes out of the four alleys. The biggest of these teenagers is only fifteen or sixteen years old. Some teenagers even have dirty nets on their faces, which make onlookers wonder if they have reached ten years old.

    These teenagers wear all kinds of clothes, but they have one commonplace, which is very frightening. They are all wearing black, black jackets, black T-shirts, black shirts. There is a kid who seems to fail to find black clothes. So he is wearing cyan work clothes full of black ash which might have not been washed for many years.

    More than a hundred young men of unknown origin, wearing black clothes, looks funny but still give out endless oppressive momentum. They walk to the middle of Bell Tower Street in this way, to the front of Deputy Director Bao and the reporters. 

    Deputy Director Bao subconsciously takes a step forward and stares fiercely at the person in front of the teenager. He knows the guy.

    The female reporter takes a few steps back subconsciously, carefully peeping at the faces of the teenagers. She wonders what these teenagers in black are doing and whether her personal safety could be guaranteed.

    "It’s in the daytime. Why do you not go to school? What are you doing here?" Deputy Director Bao screamed very sternly. When he usually snarls, the gang leaders of Bell Tower Street would all be spitting. But today, these teenagers look down on him with contempt at the same time.

    The leading boy obviously has the maturity that doesn’t match his age. He opens his big eyes, looking at Bao unflinchingly, and says, "We have the right to petition!"

    "Petition?" After hearing the word, the female reporter who has been hiding behind Deputy Director Bao suddenly recovers her spirits. She stretches out her face with extremely delicate makeup, and askes with a trembling voice: "What's the purpose?"

    The leading boy does not immediately answer the reporter's question but raises his fists. Then in the group of black boys, seven or eight slogans are suddenly stretched out, with large characters are written in paint, which is very eye-catching.

    "Resolutely oppose regional protectionism!"

    "Resolutely oppose TV signal regulation!"

    "We want to watch Federal Channel 23!"

    "We want to see Jane!"

    The youngest boy wipes the dirt on his face, twitching his throat, and shouts a few slogans in indignation. But his voice is too immature and his face is too childish, so it looks cute and ridiculous.


    The female reporter thought that she has caught a good news material at first, but when she sees the demands on those slogans, she is dumbfounded. She looks at Deputy Director Bao and asks inexplicably: "They ...... Who are these children? "

    Deputy Director Bao has now fallen into a critical state of turbulence. He withdraws his gaze from those ridiculous slogans, gritting his teeth. He curses: "A group of damnable orphans!"
  • Jian Ke! Mao Ni! You picked a tough and good author to translate.
  • Chapter 2:  Behind A Hundred Boys in Black

    Where there are people, there may not be Jianghu, but there must be settlements. These settlements are cities. The largest city in East Forest District is the capital of West River State. In this city, except those drunkards who are anywhere, most people are small businessmen engaged in the black trade, the figures watching the patrol guards in the shadows, and ... orphans.

    East Forest was once the richest and most developed miner in the federal society. No matter what kind of civilization, people engaged in mining have to bear more risks. The invention of the automatic mining machine and the computer's non-diffusion coverage control have largely ensured the safety of the mining industry. However, the complex changes in the veins of the planet and the geological changes that cannot be predicted through calculation have still buried the lives of many miners during these tens of thousands of years. As for the children of these miners, they have become aliens lingering on the city streets of East Forest District.

    Some orphan has no father and no mother while some have no father but have a mother. Different lives have created different psychology for these orphans. The federal government has fully paid for their living and study costs, but there is no way to prevent these children from skipping school every day. Since they haven’t reached the age of legal drinking, they cannot drink like the uncle miners under the monitoring of the body chip. So, they are not able to drink all day long like the miners or engage in black market trade. Although the government has rationed food, life without light does not completely consume the strong hormones in their bodies. So, violence, imitation of cruelty, competition for territory, everything comes ...

    The bastard orphans spoken by Deputy Director Bao in a somber tone refers to such a group of people. They are a group of people who have caused headaches for the governor's office and the police system.

    These young orphans still have a long way to go before they can successfully evolve into gangsters and the simple imitation will not make them too lethal. But the sensitive identity of the orphans is really difficult to handle. Especially when East Forest's minerals gradually dried up, these orphans have basically formed because of the lastest mine disaster ten years ago, and the impact of that mine disaster on East Forest District ...

    ... ...

    "We want to see Jane!"


    The siren sound continuously. The Police Branch II in the West River State, which is in charge of the order around Bell Tower Street, receives the furious instructions of the Deputy Director Bao. The police come to support as quickly as possible, isolating more than 100 orphans in the center of the street. 

    However, in the face of the policemen holding batons and shields, the young orphans in black in the Bell Tower Street did not have any fear. The clamor still continues, but the slogans written on the tarpaulin are lifted crookedly. Maybe these children have felt tired?

    The most ridiculous thing is that the youngest orphan seems to be tired of screaming. He is just repeating the name “Jane”, “Jane” and “Jane”. It seems that the name is magical. But at the same time, he is so weak...

    "Cheer up!" The orphan's leader is anxious, staring at those clear eyes and squinting toward the little guy's ear. When the police surround Bell Tower Street, he feels a little scared, but ... Since Xu Le has already said that there is a reporter today, Bao must not dare to do anything. “Must he not dare to do anything? When do Xu Le make a mistake?” When thinking of that name, the orphan leader suddenly straightens his waist a bit. His courage gets stronger, and his expression on his face becomes even more indignant. He shouts loudly to the camera behind the police blockade. "We want to watch Channel 23!"

    At the same time, a hundred young petitioners become angry and oppose the federal government on the streets. What they want is just to watch TV. What a ridiculous scene.


    However, Bao does not think it is a farce, nor does he think it is ridiculous. Because after hearing the name of Channel 23 and Jane, he knows that these wild children are serious today.

    When the governor's office has no way to resist the wailing and secret threats of several directors of West River TV Station, Bao knows that the day would finally come. They find an excuse to temporarily suspend the reception of signals from Federal Channel 23 in the entire West River state according to the telecommunications security regulations. In fact, after the order from the governor’s office reached the police station, the governor's office and the relevant departments of the police station have received more than a thousand protest letters.

    The content of these protest letters is the same as the requirements of the orphans today. They all want to watch Channel 23, and the TV drama that has just been broadcast for two months in the Capital Star Circle. The main goal is that they want to watch Jane...

    Bao has watched the TV series called All-Metal Frenzy and also knows Jane. She acts as the commander of the battleship, an attractive figure. The delicate little face is like a painting. Her purple hair is sometimes chaotic and sometimes soft. The petite body is wearing a standard military uniform. The immature expression when Jane squints and bows her head is just like Bao’s own daughter, even more, cute than her own daughter ...

    Suddenly, a chill wakes Bao up from the wandering. Then he notices that the female reporter beside her is talking to the camera constantly. The lens of the camera cross over her shoulder, and aim at those indignant orphans. There is a gloat of the smile in the corner of the female reporter's eyes.

    “Has the relationship between the Department of Public Information and the Production Center so bad?” Bao sighs in depression in his heart. In order to protect the ratings of their own TV station, the officials of West River TV Station pay such a great price and uses such ridiculous reasons to temporarily stop the broadcast of Federal Channel 23. No one can imagine that two organizations directly under the management of the same District Committee always think of stabbing each other from behind.

    Only East Forest natives can know what TV programs mean to them and what Federal 23 means to them. Just like Bao's previous vicious comment, the life of a fool is enough to have a soap opera. East Forest citizens, who are gradually becoming more and more lonely, have become accustomed to the boringness of their lives. But no one can prevent them from pursuing beauty and imagine beautiful freedom from TV programs. Freedom is indispensable to them in life.

    Jian... The ruthless Deputy Director Bao suddenly has a warm smile on his lips. Even the orphans in the center of the street look less distinguishing. But just after a moment, his smile condenses.

    These abominable orphans have greatly damaged his reputation today. If today ’s scene is really broadcast in the news, the conflict between the Department of Information and the Production Department will definitely cause trouble in the governor's office or even the Committee. “Would I be regarded as a scapegoat?”

    Bao scoops up his eyes. He slowly glances over the faces of these orphans who are shouting slogans, seeming to try to find something. How could these orphans know the calendar that he will take reporters today? Why do they make such a mess? Is it really for Jane? To these orphans, Jane is like a little fairy from a distant planet. But it is not enough to support these orphans to have such courage.

    Things are becoming a bit interesting. Bao always feels like someone is controlling all of this behind the scenes. If the orphans really have some person behind them, can that person accurately know the struggle between the Department of Information and the Production Department to ensure that the chaos will be broadcast in the news?

    Bao becomes vigilant. His eyes fall on the face of the blushing orphan leader. He knows that the sixteen-year-old wild child is a ruthless character, called Vigger. But Vigger would not dare to be so arrogant in front of him.
    Suddenly, an idea comes to his mind. Following the flashing gaze of Vigger, he turned his head back and look into a shadow under the bell tower.

    But there is nothing there.
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  • Chapter 3 He is lonelier than fireworks

    There is no bell tower in Bell Tower Street in the capital of West River State in East Forest District.

    The reason why this street has such a retro name is that the first time the Federal Army entered the East Forest planet, it made a mentally heartbreaking error ...  gravity estimation error.

    The place where the battleship crashed was here. The fireworks that exploded reflected the faces of countless soldiers, and the commander of the Fourth Military Region sighed: "My mood at this time is even lonelier than fireworks."

    The retro-style bell carried by the Fourth Military Region commander, accompanied by the beauty of fireworks, fell out of the damaged warship and hit the ground of the mining star severely. The battleship was destroyed, but the big bell was not destroyed, and it was still working. This was undoubtedly the most merciless mockery of the capabilities of the federal government and the military.

    It has been proven that the sigh of the Fourth Military Region commander did not have a problem of too strong artistic literacy—the Federal Management Committee was extremely angry about the accident, conducted rectification campaigns in the army, and removed many military positions. The committee strictly ordered that the big bell still walking was put in place as a wake-up call to all public officials. The commander of the Fourth Military Region was assigned to the frontier defense area of West Forest District, and dead in loneliness.

    Countless years have passed. The Big bell has been corroded into pieces by acid rain. Nowadays, it is unknown which garbage dump it was buried in East Forest Star. However, the name of Bell Tower Street has remained.


    Today there are no fireworks and no loneliness in Bell Tower Street. Instead, it is different from usual. It is full of angry but laughing protest sounds. Ragged signs are looming in the crowd. East Forest people are excited by drinking too much coffee. Residents join in. Drunk and irritable alcoholics join in. The power of maintaining order in the Police Station II seems to be a bit stretched, and the chaotic scene begins to develop in the direction of truly absurd experimental drama.

    Bao stands behind the blockade with a cold face, not worried that these East Forest residents dared to rush over. The East Forest people have been boring enough for a long time, they finally find a way to vent their emotions, so they seem too excited. The blockade line is just yellow thin tape ... but the federation is a society ruled by law. Everyone knows what can be challenged and what cannot be challenged.

    What worries Deputy Director Bao slightly is only the previous speculation. Today, these damn orphans have appeared too coincidentally, and the chosen reason for the trouble seems too cute. Once the news media joins, the governor's office cannot treat these orphans afterward. Behind the chaos, there is always an order that makes him somewhat vigilant.


    "We want to see Jane!"

    The sound of the demonstrations continues, and immature voice is hoarse, but they can’t hide their elation and excitement.

    Bao makes a decision as soon as possible. He notifies the governor's office and requests a higher level federal department to send a negotiating expert instead of choosing a tough confrontation ... On the one hand, it’s because of the presence of reporters. On the other hand, it is true that this time the state government is unreasonable. Finally, it is because of his cautious nature that it takes effect.

    It doesn't take long for the officials of the Governor's Office, the Federal Radio Regulatory Commission, and the Public Relations Processing Section of the General Police Department to rush to the center of the Bell Tower Street. They begin to persuade the residents of East Forest District on this matter. But nothing can explain the fact that the lilac hair is not on the TV screen.

    No officials would admit that this stupid decision to protect the production department of West River TV Station was made by themselves. The problem is attributed to technical reasons. In short, the negotiations continue, and those orphans quietly disappeared into the crowd under Bao's gloomy gaze.

    Just after the orphan leader Viggerr takes the very tough orphans into the crowd, there is a burst of cheers from the whole Bell Tower Street!

    There is a cheer. The negotiation is over. The ultra-thin scroll TV in the coffee shop is turned on again. The Bell Tower is quiet. Numerous policemen wipe the cold sweat from their forehead. The female reporter raises her lips proudly. Officials scold the stupid boneless governor.

    At eight o'clock this evening, Channel 23 returns to the capital of West River State with Jane's moving cheeks. This is really a big day.


    East Forest's night sky always seems weird. The dark gray sky is filled with a faint dark red light, which looks a little like the scenes of the gates of hell that those practitioners never forget. However, for people living on this planet, this scene has been seen for countless years and has long been used to it. They will never look at it twice.

    No many stars can be seen over the sky. Only a few of them are flashing. It seems that they are unwilling that the starlight is ignored by the stone-like East Forest people.

    There are one large figure and one small figure in the shadow of the street light. They avoid the signal detector skillfully, pass through an alley around Bell Tower Street, and come under a green tree.

    A green tree is on a small green hill with no lights around it, and the background color of the night dome in the distance is like a very delicate paper-cut painting that has been trimmed.

    There is a man sitting under the green tree in the middle of the picture. The figure should be a teenager. He sits cross-legged, and the light shining from his knees makes him look extremely lonely.


    "Bother Le ... Why is he alone?" When they come to the figure under the green tree, the smaller one opens his mouth neatly. But his voice is still a little hoarse. Apparently, it’s caused by the reason that he called the slogan in the afternoon for thousands of times.

    Another person is naturally the leader of the orphan, Viggerr. He looks at the lonely back of the young man under the green tree and can't help taking a breath and admire: "He is really lonelier than fireworks ..."

    The sigh of the Fourth Military Region Chief's sigh countless years ago has already become a famous saying for the entire residents of East Forest District. So, even an inexperienced guy like Vigger would also use it to describe people.

    Vigger and the little guy ran up toward the green tree. When they run to the back of the lonely figure, they find that the teenager whom they call as Brother Le, suddenly twitch his shoulder, seeming to cry silently.

    Vigger looks bleak. He walks to the young man, and asked, "Xu Le, what's wrong?"

    The lonely boy doesn't lookup. He just looks at the portable ultra-thin TV screen on his lap, looking at the purple-haired girl on the screen. He bursts into tears under the faint light.

    After a long time, the ending melody sounds. The teenager named Xu Le raises his head, squinting his sincere eyes. He wipes away the tears on his face and the drool on his lips and says in a very serious tone: "Jane ... is so ... beautiful! I will ... marry her as my wife in the future! "

  • Chapter 4: This hat can't cover your face

    When fifteen-year-old Xu Le says this sentence with a trembling voice in a sincere and earnest tone, he must have never thought that this sentence could be realized in the slightest. An orphan in a remote East Forest Region area can send a fascinating statement to the little purple-haired federal goddess on the ultra-thin screen to express his strong emotions. But in the end, it is nothing but the physical problems of puberty.

    The poor can have the right to fantasy, the courage to fantasy, but the huge gap between the classes, which cannot be drawn by individual efforts. What's more, besides being poor, the young man Xu Le does not have any capital that could be used. In his whole life, he does not know if he could go to Capital Star, even if he goes there just for traveling ...

    The young Xu Le is not good-looking, of course, it cannot be said to be ugly. But he is just like a normal young man. He has a slightly green and tender face, a very ordinary face. He is unable to look like a god, and not as thin and pitiful as a piece of white jade. Only ordinary people.

    The most distinctive features of his face are his eyes. Under the thick ink, his eyes squint slightly and look a little small. It is a pity for those beautiful eyebrows. Especially when he is thinking about certain things, his eyes would be narrower. His sincere and simple eyes would reveal a sense of infatuation.

    Of course, if someone can look into the deepest part of those pupils, they will certainly see a bit of rock-like resoluteness and affirmation behind those two obsessives, which is unique to East Forest Region people.


    "From the age of fifteen to fifty ... All federal men think that Jane is very beautiful and would like to marry her as his wife."

    Under the green tree in the night, Vigger gently pats Xu Le's slightly thin shoulder with his hands. He says with great sympathy: "Including me, except that I have a thin face and cannot say out. You are really shameless."

    "I ... I think so too." The little guy behind Vigger has a secret glance at Xu Le and finds that Brother Le's eyes remain in the light of the ultra-thin crystal screen. The little boy faces the light where the purple figure that is finalized and says boldly.

    Xu Le slowly raised his head, looking at the little guy. He says with a smile: "Qiang, you are only ten years old. You know nothing about it!"

    After saying this, Xu Le stands up. He leans back against the trunk of the green tree and gently nudges beside the ultra-thin crystal screen. A very touching slide sound. The entire crystal screen is retracted into a thin circle.

    He strikes the smooth metal surface of the round shaft slightly. His eyebrows show a heartache and he says, "This is a high imitation of N98. It is worth at least 4,000 yuan on the market. It ’s really a bargain for you, Li Wei. It ’s for you.  But if you need to repair it in the future, I still have to collect money. "

    "Don't pretend to look like a woman." Li Wei angrily grabbed the light golden curly hair on the top of his head. He grabs the round crystal screen and says, "You haven't seen Bao's face today. Too many people take such a big risk.  Isn't it worth this TV? "

    Xu Le laughs twice and doesn’t argue anymore. He hits Li Wei's shoulder, and says, "It's still the old rule. If something happens in the future, I'll trouble you again."

    Li Wei doesn't answer right away but looks at Xu Le's ordinary face, a little puzzledly. After looking at it for a long time, he can't help but say, "Where have you been during the past two years? Why do you always hide from us?" I know you don't like us to hang out in the street, afraid that we will go to the underworld in the future ... But the school has always been open to us. To be honest, the government has been pretty good to us in this decade. "

    Xu Le sighs helplessly and says, "I have lost homework in school for several years. Who of us can follow the class?"

    Li Wei doesn't expect to be able to persuade him. He angrily curses and says, "I'm just afraid that you will become autistic in the future."

    Upon hearing this, Xu Le's eyes narrow, as if he has heard the funniest joke in the world. But he doesn’t continue the topic: "Don't you try it?"

    Obviously, the ten-year-old does not understand the conversation between the two teenagers. It is obviously a very beautiful, expensive, very good crystal screen. The TV signal reception under the tree is also good. So, what to try?

    However, Li Wei's complexion becomes heavy after hearing this sentence. He holds the thin metal round shaft in his right hand, and carefully pushes a small metal piece that is hard to find with his thumb.


    A weird sound sounds under the green tree, and the faint blue arc is like a beautiful line of soul-hunting. It shoots out from the front of the thin metal shaft and ionizes the air. The arc circles a circle about half a meter under the green tree and goes back to the shaft tip!

    As soon as the blue arc appears, the little guy is squatted to the ground in fright and clenches his head. Obviously, in the past, orphans on the street are bullied by such weapons. Li Wei's face is a little pale. He looks at Xu Le innocently, and asks with a trembling voice: "It's so powerful? Can it still be called an electric shock stick?"

    "Just looking scary. The impact is not as good as half of those in the military system. But the effort to transform it is too great." Xu Le frowns. "This thing can only be used when fighting with rogues on the street. You cannot let those people in the Police Station II see it.

    Li Wei takes the round shaft in his arms, looking at Xu Le in disbelief. He says, "I have thought that at most it could spark a spark ... you ... you are so fucking talented."

    Qiang finally gets up from the ground at this time, looking at the figure of Xu Le under the tree with the same gaze to look at angels. Although they are all orphans and don't have many cultures, they also know what kind of ability is needed to transform the most beautiful shaft shrink TV crystal screen on the market into such a powerful electric shock stick!

    "Hey, I'm a genius ..." Xu Le picks up his strong dark eyebrows. But he does not show any frivolous feelings. It makes the young person look even more sincere and honest.

    Li Wei finally looks at his eyes very seriously and asks, "Xu Le, it must have cost you a lot to make this thing. Are you ... just for looking at Jane?"

    Xu Le says in a more serious tone than Vigger, "Of course."

    Li Wei has the urge to hit him. But in the end, he just curses: "You idiot."


    Watching the two large and small figures disappear into the dark night on the edge of the city, Xu Le calms down. He lifts the hat behind his casual shirt and covers all his head and face in the darkness. Xu le leaves the green tree, follows another road and heads for another residential area in the capital of West River State.

    However, the boy's way home today is not smooth. He is stopped under the street lamp outside Rolland Street.

    "This hat can't cover your face ... I think we have seen each other four years ago." The deputy director of the Second Police Branch of West River State, Bao, looks particularly gloomy and terrible under the street light. He looks at the boy, who is two heads short than him in front of him. Bao looks coldly at the hat covering the boy’s face.
  • Chapter 5: A Finger in the Night Wind

    "Xu Le is willing to see you because your mother raised him for two years after the mine disaster, and he is grateful ... But you have to know for yourself that he is a person who doesn't like to get into trouble. So, what you see must rot in your stomach. "Li Wei, who has returned to the downstairs of Bell Tower Street apartment, glances at Qiang. Li Wei is a little worried. After all, this little guy is just a teenager. It would bring trouble if he leaks.

    The little man purses his lips, seeming to be scared to cry by Li Wei's fierce eyes. Li Wei's eyes will always be so bright and lovely. But the orphans in the Bell Tower Street are all clear about how cruel the 16-year-old leader is when his anger is ignited.

    The metal shaft in Li Wei's hand has been put into someplace. At this moment, he is holding a bottle of beer and pouring it into his mouth. He sits under the street lamp and hums, looking quite proud. The little boy looks at him timidly. He hesitates for a while and still cannot help asking, "Brother Le has rarely returned to Bell Tower Street in the past two years. What is he doing?"

    "Who knows? This guy likes playing craftsman since he was a kid. But who would have thought that he could be so awesome? Do you remember the thing we saw that year?" Li Wei drank the beer and sighed.

    "I was only five years old at that time and I forgot it." The little boy licks his lips and looks at the beer in Li Wei's hand. He seems a little curious. The life of orphans in the East Forest Region is worry-free, but it is really difficult to find something alcoholic. The wine on the black market is too expensive for orphans.

    "Yeah, I was only eleven years old at that time, and Xu Le was ten years old." Li Wei throws the beer bottle into the garbage dump under the street lamp not far away. He takes a deep breath, and a little bit of numbness appears on his young immature face. "If it wasn't for the matter ten years ago, I think that we are still in school now. Maybe we have already obtained a professional certificate and go to West River University ... or even ... even to the capital star as exchange students. "

    The streetlight pulls the two long and small figures on the garbage dump in the distance. A black cat walks into the shadows. Its scattered yellow pupils are disturbed to find that there are no mice today. Everything seems so lonely and dead.


    Twenty years ago, the mine disaster caused more than 300 miners to be buried underground. The most terrible thing was that the collapse of the mine also affected the temporary apartment area. Many family members who went to visit relatives also died, unfortunately. No one knows how many families broke down for that.

    This incident shocks the entire federal human society. In the current era of science and technology, such a tragic death tragedy has caused countless officials to fall. Officials of the Department of Homeland Security of the Capital, the governor of West River State, resigned under the pressure of the media. Three officials were sentenced. Even the Deputy Secretary for Security in East Forest Region was sentenced to four years in prison.

    The response from the federal government and the judicial system is swift and violent, but ultimately it is impossible to save those lives. The mining disaster has brought the final heavy blow to the mining industry in the East Forest Region, which is already on the verge of stagnation. The company closed down and was placed in the custody of the federal government.

    The impact of this incident is far-reaching. But few people think about that for those orphans, the impact of these lives is mostly great.

    ... ...

    The orphans who held rally demonstrations in Bell Tower Street during the day were all victims of the mine disaster. So is Li Wei, so is the little guy, and so is Xu Le.

    Xu Le is one of these orphans. To be more precise, he is an alternative to the orphans. In those years, he never cast any envious eyes on the bright-looking gang leader. He just likes to watch someone repairing electrical appliances in the grocery store on the corner.

    He does not look very burly or powerful. Nor is he insidious or ruthless. On the contrary, he always has a strong smile on his face. No matter how difficult the environment is, it seems that he won’t be the slightest annoyance.

    ——But, strangely, none of the combative orphans dare to provoke him. The orphans in the three streets even respect him a little. This respect comes from the respect from Li Wei to Xu Le from the heart.

    Five years ago, because of an accidental blow by the government, a gang hidden in the shadows was forced to enter the streets and lanes behind the Bell Tower Street occupied by the orphans. With their cold blood and strength, they successfully seized this long-abandoned districts in just two hours. Three of the oldest and most courageous orphans died in this cleansing.

    The orphans who often look very arrogant are just some phantom lions before they successfully evolve into those dark forces.

    Xu Le, who had never participated in community activities, disappeared on that day. The police forces and armament district support, which couldn’t enter the lower district of the West River State, suddenly entered the large area of land behind Bell Tower Street through an underground pipeline channel.

    Many people were strangled. The orphans returned to their places, and the hatred of the three dead orphans was revenged. But no one knows one thing. On that icy rainy night, Xu Le, who had always been numb but optimistic, used the elbow-tip hydraulic tube of an abandoned mech to kill the leader who had escaped, outside the dump.

    But Li Wei and the little guy trembling in the mezzanine slate of the abandoned factory canteen had seen that. In that year, Li Wei was eleven, the little one was five, and Xu Le was just ten.


    "Four years ago?" Xu Le, who hides his face in his coat, repeats words of the middle-aged man in front of him. Then he laughs happily, confirming that the other is cheating him. Bao does not know what mostly scares him in his heart. "Four years ago, I was taking a supplementary entrance exam hosted by the state education office."

    Deputy Director Bao looks indifferently at the teenager in front of him, knowing that the other one must be related to the farce this afternoon. But he could not confirm his judgment. How can a teenager acquire the schedule of the police station? How does he know those contradictions and struggles between the upper levels?

    "I need to know who is behind you." Bao thinks his indifferent tone is just right, and the point he asks is particularly accurate. Of course, he doesn't think that these orphans mingling in Bell Tower Street will not know who he is.

    However, when Xu Le hears this question, he cannot help smiling down. He shrugs as if he cannot see the middle-aged man staring at him like a black dog. He walks under the bright street light, ready to go home to sleep.

    Bao holds the baton in his hand.

    The young boy, Xu Le, stretches out a slender and stable finger.

    He points to the dark place behind the street light and says: "There are five electronic monitors here. You belong to the police system. You are not a judge or a member of the management committee. You cannot delete the video, so I advise you not to try to do something to me ... If you have anything to say, please go ahead and get a certificate. Then I will cooperate with the investigation. "

    Deputy Director Bao flashes a chill in his eyes, and his body becomes stiff. After a short while, he says, " Temporary inspection. I want to read your chip."

    Xu Le turns around and still does not take off his hat. He sincerely says: "The Deputy Director of the Second Police Department will be scolded by the governor tomorrow. Maybe it will be because of today ’s parade on TV news. Who would believe that he is still thinking about going out in the early hours to conduct a temporary inspection of a harmless and thin young boy? "

    The hand that has been pointing at the electronic monitoring equipment in the dark is shaking slowly in the quiet night. Xu Le bows his head and says sincerely, "I am a good man. Believe me. All of what I say is for your consideration. "

    Bao suddenly feels that the unknown boy is so calm and sincere that he looks a little scary. The doubt in Bao’s eyes is getting stronger. His hand holding the baton is getting tighter.
  • Chapter 6: He is not a secret agent

    Bao didn't see what was happening under the green tree before, but this did not prevent him from paying enough vigilance to the boy with his face covered with a hat. Taking two steps forward, he lowered his head and whispered in Xu Le's ear across the hat, "Maybe I shouldn't ask you. I should ask Li Wei."

    Federal officials have to deal with the forces in the dark of the street. Just like the zoo administrators who deal with disobedient beasts, they have endless ways to use. Leather whip or fresh meat. When Bao said Li Wei's name at this time, he naturally threatened Xu Le — even if he did not take the shot himself, Xu Le should not expect to hide his identity.

    Xu Le did not worry about this. In his opinion, the orphan, Li Wei, always had a way to survive. He avoided the affectionate performance of Deputy Director Bao. He bowed his head and walked humbly into the darkness.

    Bao released the baton in his hand and shouted at the boy's back: "We will meet again if we have the chance."


    The time for the two to meet again is very short. It’s short enough to make people feel a little ridiculous.

    Just in the darkness at the side entrance of the blue garden community, Xu Le raised his head in surprise, her bright eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. Bao looked incredulously and leaned against the wall to show his ability to control everything. Xu Le seemed to be surprised at how this person was able to follow him to such a remote place while he didn't find Bao.

    "I said, we will meet again ... and I am very satisfied that this meeting place. No monitoring equipment or annoying passersby will affect our communication."

    Deputy Director Bao, dressed in a black police uniform, came out of the shadow. The smile on his face was a little gloomy and proud. The baton on his waist had been pulled out. The diamond-shaped metal tip shone with a terrifying blue arc. The arc is weak but powerful.

    Without giving Xu Le the opportunity to escape or let Xu Le confess in advance, Bao was habitually prepared to hit the teenager to the ground. He used to use sudden pain to soften the opponent ’s mind and let the other one explains how they could invade the internal procedures of the police station. In addition, the name of the person behind the scenes of the upper struggle in West River Prefecture.

    The tip of the truncheon was about to poke Xu Le's waist, but Deputy Director Bao suddenly felt a sudden pain!

    A huge electric current took over his whole body instantly, causing him twitched, painful, and trembling. He collapsed to the ground like a seizure. His lips began to spit.

    The faint scorching smell in the air is fleeting, but there are some traces of burning current left on the wall!

    After confirming that Bao had no resistance, Xu Le carefully put the electric stun stick back into his pocket.

    This electric baton is only the length of a finger, but the electric current emitted is far above the one previously handed to Li Wei, let alone the one held in Bao’s hand.

    Bao pretended to let him go but wanted to make a brutal forced confession in a dark corner. But he could not think of that this thin boy could easily knock him down.

    Xu Le walked to Bao. He squatted down and looked at the condition of Bao. He put a piece of metal sheet in his ear, lowered his voice and said, "The surveyor 78 reported that the situation has changed. Destroy? "

    Xu Le squatted beside Bao's unconscious body. It seemed that he was waiting for the communication side to give instructions. After a while, he got the exact order. He no longer paid attention to Deputy Director Bao at his feet. Xu Le reorganized his shirt and made the cover firmer. Then he disappeared into the darkness beside the cyan garden.

    His residence, of course, is not a cyan garden.


    After a long time, Deputy Director Bao under the wall slowly opened his eyes and confirmed that the mysterious boy had disappeared. Then he dared to sit up, wiped the white foam from his lips. He uncertainly looked at the direction where the teenager disappeared. 

    The sore and painful muscles and nerves in Bao’s body continued, but it couldn't stop his shock. After being knocked down by the electric baton, he did not really fall into a coma. Instead, he heard the young man's last request clearly. He was so scared by the investigator's words that he dared not open his eyes.

    Investigator? How could anyone believe it? Federal television is directly under the dual control of the management committee and the president. Bao's eyes flashed a little fear. Could this man, who secretly caused orphans to make trouble on the street, was a secret agent sent by Capital Star? In particular, the electric shock stick that Xu Le finally reached out quietly strengthened Bao's judgment.

    With the length of a finger, the arc can penetrate the space of fifty cm. Such a delicate but powerful weapon is definitely not copied by folk gangs. Bao has only heard that the military can be equipped with such equipment. It is only for special agents.

    Is that teenager a member of the management board or the president? But no matter which party they are, they are all out of his reach. Bao climbed up in fear, leaning on the wall. He knows that he made a big mistake today. This matter can no longer be investigated.


    The faucet is flowing hot water, and the federal welfare has always been good in these details. The steaming heat filled the bathroom with a psychedelic taste. Xu Le stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, looking at the face that was gradually blurred by the water vapor in the mirror. He stood for a long time before exhaling heavily.

    His hand holding the white ceramic washbasin seemed to be grabbing hard. His fingers were pale and trembling slightly because he was scared.

    He pulled out the metal object from the ear and another metal object from the tongue to change the sound. Xu Le threw them over the washbasin and made two crisp sounds. These are just two metal buttons on the shirt.

    Xu Le lowered her head, breathing heavily, trying to spit out all her fears. With two metal buttons, he concealed Bao, who scared countless orphans. But there was no sense of accomplishment in his heart. If he was not worried that Bao would hit Li Wei, he would never do such a thing.

    He is not a special agent and has nothing to do with those big men in the distant capital star circle. He is just an ordinary person with some mechanical talents. Just a teenager.

    Bao always thought about what power was hidden behind him. Only Xu Le knew it. He had only a damn guy behind him. If it wasn't for that guy crying and begging him, how could he let the orphans and himself fall into such a ridiculous situation?

    I don't know if Bao will continue to investigate. Xu Le's mind is a little bit precarious.

    Xu Le vigorously rinsed his face with hot water, until his young face was faced a little bit red. Then he calmed down and stared angrily at himself in the mirror, lowering his voice and cursing: "Feng Yu, what the fucking identity are you? "
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    Chapter 7: He is an unaware genius

    Feng Yu is a middle-aged man. In his own words, he is a mature, stable and reliable handsome man with a few vicissitudes. He thinks it’s enough for him to captivate all beings in the world, especially the little girls.

    This is not an exaggeration. If he is willing to take more baths, shave more, repair his rotten tooth, wear a few suitable clothes, and then reduce his age by a few years, he may really have that style.

    Unfortunately, there are not so many hypotheses in the world, so Feng Yu is just an ordinary, childless, middle-aged citizen who can only drink and chat. He will stay at the electrical repair shop in the fourth block of Xiang Lan Avenue every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, watching the uniformed female police officers occasionally passing by.

    The business of this appliance repair shop has always been good because Feng Yu's technology is really good. Whether it is the latest scroll crystal screen or the old LCD screen, whether it is an overclocking room temperature regulator or an electric skateboard for children, he always repairs things related to machines and electricity.

    The business is good, so income is also stable. Therefore, Feng Yu always closed the store habitually during the three legal rest days every week. Then he would go into the major health centers in West River Prefecture and met many girls who cost him a lot of money. The neighbors on the block have long known that this middle-aged man has a lustful side, so it is not surprising.

    But no one knows that on the weekends in the past two years, Feng Yu did not vent his lust every time. Sometimes he came to a remote pit far from the city. This pit has been abandoned for many years, especially after the mine disaster ten years ago. The United Company went bankrupt at that time. No one has visited this pit anymore, so no one found that the miners' lounge was converted into a repair shop.

    Xu Le glared at the middle-aged man on the sofa. He sighed and took out the food from the kitchen stove next to him. Xu Le reached the table, and said, "Time for eating." After speaking, he took a hot towel and wiped the face of that middle-aged man.

    No matter how upset Xu Le's mood is at this time, he is always accustomed to being soft and kind. Looking at the decadent appearance of the middle-aged man, he can't help but want to take care of him.

    Feng Yu sat on the table and began to chew on the tough meat. He suddenly said, "Why is this wild beef getting harder?"

    "No matter what kind of meat, if you put it in the freezer for half a year, it will become a bit unpalatable." Xu Le had no expression on his face. He gave himself a bowl of rice and sat down at the table. The eating habits of them have become a little strange in the past two years. But in the eyes of the general people in East Forest District, they are too extravagant.

    "You haven't answered the question I just asked." Xu Le suddenly dropped his chopsticks and asked seriously, "I know that you were a repair technician in the military because you offended your superior and became a deserter. But the electric stun sticks that you teach me to make it too similar. Think about it ... It's been a few days. Bao was really frightened by me and he didn't dare to ask who Li Wei was. "

    "I told you two years ago that I am a person with stories." Feng Yu apparently didn't care about the emetic effect of his own sentence, and leisurely intoxicated himself, "With my status and class in the army in the past, let alone a stun gun, even if it is a standard cannon, as long as you have the materials, I can make it for you. "

    Xu Le heard so many words like this and naturally did not believe. He reluctantly said, "Don’t brag. Last time, I managed to pick up a central control system of mecha in the garbage dump. As a result, you watched it for five days and five nights, but dare not repair it at all. "

    Feng Yu turned blue, coughed twice, and reprimanded, "That was the old antique of the Fourth Military Region many years ago! No one has seen something hundreds of years ago. You know, I want to look at it with appreciation."

    "But what else do you do besides electric shock sticks?" Xu Le said in a discouraged mood. "It's been two years now, and I have only learned how to repair TVs, freezers, toys, cars ... After two years, I have to sign up for the conscription exam of the Ministry of National Defense. I haven’t even seen a mech or a warship. How can I get through? "

    Feng Yu chewed his meat and muttered mournfully, "You haven't even finished your twelve-year compulsory education, nor are you from a military technical academy. How can you pass? The Ministry of National Defense also recruits artillery soldiers. Would you like to try it?  Absolutely every Marine Corps needs you. "

    Xu Le was silent for a moment and said very earnestly: "If I pass the recruitment examination, I would be a mechanic sergeant. The starting point is higher."

    Wu Feng Yu looked up, unbelievably looking at the extremely familiar young man. He lamented: "You haven't given up on your shameful ideal?"

    "Why is the ideal shameful?" Xu Le's face showed a persistent light. "The first ideal of my life is to become a warship assistant officer. The second idea is to enter the R & D department of the large company in the capital circle. Then I can lead a good life. "

    "The West Forest District is still fighting against the Empire." Feng Yu's voice suddenly seemed a little calm, "Forget your first ideal, as for the second, it is not very difficult."

    The two of them were eating very fast. Xu Le had started to clean up the dishes and responded while he said, "It's been sixty years. People in East Forest have never seen what the Empire looks like, except in I've seen their mission on TV. I think there's nothing to be afraid of. "

    His tone suddenly stopped, and he said with some frustration, "I know that I am not a genius. After two years of study, I only learned to make an electric shock stick. But I always feel that I really like to deal with these machines, so I want to try to take the exam. "

    Feng Yu was silent and did not speak. He lay on the sofa and started watching TV, but his eyes fell on Xu Le's back.

    After washing the dishes, Xu Le habitually entered the operating room and started to operate the instruments and tools he was as familiar with as his fingers. With a speed that was smooth to the extreme, the worn electrical appliances piled aside were repaired one by one.

    Those common broken electrical appliances were not so difficult to repair. However, Xu Le was still very serious, as if he was facing the most sophisticated instruments in the Federation. Perhaps he never noticed that whenever he devoted himself to this work, a kind of serious luster would emerge on his innocent face.

    Feng Yu, who had stories, lit a cigarette. He squinted across the glass and looked at Xu Le's busy figure, thinking that it was time to reduce the dust in the operating room for one more degree. Immediately, he thought of Xu Le's previous sentence, the corner of his lips was slightly raised, and a smoke ring was spat out.

    The smoke ring slowly drifted away, drifting into Feng Yu's gray hair, and disappeared. Feng Yu thought in his heart that everyone in the world said that he was a genius. In fact, in some respects, Xu Le was more genius than him...
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    Chapter 8: The Life in Abandoned Mines

    After the last micro-welding operation, Xu Le contentedly took off the dark protective glasses covering his face. He classified all the repaired finished products in the operating room according to the labels above and put them neatly into the metal grille. Xu Le pressed the button to move them out of the operation room. These repaired goods will be returned to the fourth block of Xiang Lan Avenue tomorrow morning, and Xu Le always prepares in advance.

    Washed his face with the hot water, Xu Le familiarly took the potion from the drawer and dripped it into his eyes carefully. Despite the help of various observation equipment, the world of those metal chips is still tortured to the eyes of every mechanic. And once he concentrates on the world of metal chips, he sometimes forgets the existence of time, so his eyes are red at the moment.

    "Go to take a break, look at the scenery, and soothe the muscles in the eyes." Feng Yu rubbed his gray hair and was satisfied with Xu Le's speed and concentration. In the past six months, Feng Yu's repair shop was operated by Xu Le in this remote pit. Feng Yu only needed to stay in the shop and come to give advice every weekend. Gradually, the speed of Xu Le is getting faster and faster, even faster than Feng Yu, the mechanics in the army.

    Xu Le agreed and took two bottles of fruit drinks from the ice room on the wall. He followed behind Feng Yu and walked towards the top of the pit.

    Listening to the sound of the metal crashing in front of him, he couldn't help raising his head. Then he saw the extremely tattered ragged jeans in Feng Yu, the extremely tight hips wrapped in denim, and ...… a bunch of metal things like keys, five-star knives, constantly swinging in the air, hitting that big butt from time to time, making annoying sounds.

    He has never understood why Feng Yu shaped himself into such an image. Feng Yu said to him that the sword is always in the hands of the swordsman and the gun is always in the hand of the gunman. So, these mechanics, naturally, cannot let the tools leave his own body ... Xu Le understands that Feng Yu just thinks that the style of this style is particularly attractive to the eyes of those lonely young women.

    It was late at night, and the light above the East Forest area gradually dimmed. The twilight gradually became red and darker, reflecting a dazzling luster on the pile of metal behind Feng Yu. Xu Le narrowed his eyes naturally and looked at the back of the climbing hill, which reminded him of the time when he stupidly walked into the repair shop two years ago.

    His relationship with Feng Yu is a bit strange, not the relationship between a student and a teacher. But he did learn from Feng Yu his most desired knowledge and practical experience in mechanical repair.

    Repairing electrical appliances did not help for his ideal, the idea of becoming a warship aircraft repair assistant or entering the capital star circle for a better life. But at least Xu Le got a lot of peace and satisfaction in that small repair shop.

    Xu Le is not an employee of Feng Yu, because Feng Yu never paid him. But he did leave enough food in the freezer. Judging from the treatment, the teenager can only be regarded as the poorest undercover worker in the repair shop of Xiang Lan Avenue. ... However, in the past two years, Xu Le did make a lot of money for the repair shop.

    "For the enlistment examination, if I apply for a mechanic ... the government only reimburses 40%." Xu Le looked at Feng Yu's back and summoned his courage. "It's only two years, and I always have to save some money. "

    The subtext of this sentence is naturally that the owner of the repair shop can pay himself some salary. However, Feng Yu did not return, and refused directly, "In the beginning, you cried and asked me to teach you. Have I ever thought of collecting tuition from you?"

    He is a shameless person, more shameless than me. Xu Le thought in his heart. But he thought the scene when he ran into the repair shop, holding the boss's thigh. Then he didn't dare to mention his salary. He sighed helplessly and stepped forward. He sat next to Feng Yu.

    The two of them are sitting at the top of the pit at this moment, and behind them is a large shadow of a city building. It is extremely far away, so it is extremely blurred. In front of them is a large expanse of green grasslands. In the depths of the grasslands, you can see towering trees and fresh scenes of nature. At this time, it is exuding a fire-like jumping feeling under the twilight.

    "I have been curious." Feng Yu did not receive the juice handed over by Xu Le but lit a cigarette again. He took a sip, and looked greedily at the grassland forest in front of him, saying: "There are at least a thousand repair shops in the district. Why did you choose me in the first place? "

    Xu Le glanced at him in surprise. He did not expect that it was until two years later that Feng Yu ask him about this question. Xu Le paused and looked down. He said, "At that time, the vacuum automatic door in the cafe was broken. I heard that it was repaired by you. So I go for you. "

    "Everyone can repair that door." Feng Yu didn’t turn his head back.

    "Perhaps you were too happy when you repaired that door ..." Xu Le smiled with a hint of slyness in those eyes that were especially sincere. "The glue-free vacuum seam of port B2 is too beautiful. The offset value is at the level of a thousand points, which is two levels higher than the civilian standard, and even higher than the military standard. From then on, I know that you are not an ordinary person, boss. "

    Feng Yu was a little surprised and couldn't help laughing. He raised his hands as if trying to hit Xu Le’s head, but in the end, he just rubbed Xu Le's messy hair. He said, "You are a lunatic, who would think about measuring that thing? "

    "Probably intuition?" Xu Le smiled happily. "I just thought that the door was weird. There was a sum of money on my hand at that time, so I bought a fixed light meter. I measured it and found a strange point. "

    "The smallest sorting instrument cannot be stuffed under the door, I'm curious, how do you measure it?" Feng Yu was interested.

    "Uh ..." Xu Le said awkwardly after a moment of silence, "I asked Li Wei to help. We took down the door of the coffee shop in the middle of the night ... Of course, that night, we put it back. I am not a thief."

    Feng Yu couldn't help laughing and asked, "But I installed an anti-theft device on that door ..."

    "The one is hidden in the laminated glass?" Xu Le replied embarrassingly, "I found it the first time, and ...... removed it."

    Feng Yu suddenly became silent, looking at the teenager around him. He did not speak for a long time. Two years ago, Xu Le was just a self-learner who passed through various technological processes and norms in the library. But he was able to remove the anti-theft device he installed. It seems that the judgment on the sofa was right.

    At this moment, a couple of magnificent bison, walking in the light of the twilight. They slowly wandered out of the woods, walking towards the pit.

    Xu Le and Feng Yu stopped all their thoughts and actions at the same time. They looked at the buffalo with a greedy gaze in their eyes.

    "Uncle, we haven't had fresh beef for six months." Xu Le swallowed a sip of water and asked tentatively.

    Feng Yu stood up and looked at an endless metal isolation net under the abandoned pit between the grasslands. His face was extremely ugly, and he said sadly: "In my life, I hate two federal laws. One of them is the damn Wildlife Protection Act. "

    Xu Le smiled, and asked, "What else?"

    "Charter 1."

    After Feng Yu said the most arrogant words, he took Xu Le with a fierce gesture and walked towards the bison on the fence.
  • Chapter 9 The Angry Bull

    In some sense, the two most stringent and most thoroughly enforced federal laws are the Charter One and the Wildlife Protection Act, which are the two most hated by Feng Yu, the repair shop owner. 

    The origin of the Charter One is long untestable. Although it touches the most important privacy protection rules, it seems to the citizens of the Federation that they are already used to its existence. No one has ever questioned it. Perhaps, the hundreds of thousands of years of civilization have made many truths lost in the shadow of history.

    As for the wildlife protection law, it is another mystery in the history of the Federation. Many social activists have never understood why wildlife and natural vegetation are far above humans in the Federation. In addition to mining resources, the transformation of the federal civilization on the surface of the planet is extremely limited. It seems that there is an invisible hand that has been pushing this civilization to try to get more harmonious with nature.

    Electrical fences on each planet divide the fields outside the city into a large number of areas and protect those wild animals safely. Any poaching will receive the severest punishment from the Federal Management Commission. The problem is that this kind of getting along can't be harmonious, especially for a guy like Xu Le and Feng Yu. They like to eat meat so much that they cannot feel happy if he can't eat the meat in front of them.

    Although synthetic food has been able to achieve a very rich taste, there are always people in the world who can't erase the instinct, which is the love for natural ingredients.

    "You must be careful this time. You killed the bull half a year ago. The officials of OSLA turned the black market over. There was no wild meat in the city for four days. Fortunately, no one knew we slaughtered it. Otherwise, I’m afraid that we will be arrested and locked in for three months ... "Xu Le followed Feng Yu carefully and walked towards the electronic fence, reminding him with a bit of anxiety.

    "If OSLA is so unselfish ..." The owner of the repair shop coughed, with an indescribably ridiculous look. He threw his cigarette butt under his foot and stepped out. "Where did the rabbit meat and lamb on the black market on Bell Tower Street come from?" 

    "But we slaughtered ... bison." Xu Le was still a little afraid, "No one dared to sell that thing for years."

    "We don't sell to the black market." Feng Yu waved, decisively said, "Even if OSLA arrests us, at most, it is probation."

    OSLA stands for National Oceanic, Space and Land Administration. The name looks terrible. In fact, it is a special agency set up by the federal government in accordance with the Wildlife Protection Law. It does have a lot of power.


    They walked across the electronic fence and watched the bison herding there. They stopped. The bison are not afraid of humans over the wall. When they walk, they often see these poor bipeds trapped in the wall. But they haven't had close contact with humans for many years. But today, the leader of the bison herds apparently felt the hostility emanating from the two humans on the opposite side. The bison leader raised the huge head vigilantly and arrogantly, and the irritability in his eyes grew stronger.

    Xu Le was still a little worried at first. But at this time, when he saw the provocation of this bison, he couldn't help getting angry. He thought that I just wanted to eat your meat and there is no need for you to despise me so much.

    Hearing a few beeps, Feng Yu simulated the voice of a bison and shouted towards the electronic fence. The leader of the bison herd was immediately provoked and rushed towards the electronic fence. Feng Yu and Xu Le dashed quickly along the fence and led the bison down a hillside far from the pit.

    Xu Le ran panting, admiring the slightly bulky figure in front of him. He thought that a boss is really a wonderful person, even the bison can be irritated by him. There is no wonder that he is often provoked that he cannot eat the meal when he first met Feng Yu.

    ... ... 

    Under the hillside, Feng Yu spit out two salivae, stood on the side of the electronic fence with her hips folded looking at the bison who had been exhausted. He stared at the bull's hoof and the two sharp horns and said, "Don't be afraid, these cows have been locked for hundreds of thousands of years. They dare not run into this wall.  "

    Xu Le nodded while holding the fence weakly. The electronic fence on the planet was made of different kinds of steel. The chip management system was configured inside. Once the force was too heavy, the current would automatically pop out. Many years have passed but the electronic fence is not afraid of wind and rain, and there are no signs of rust and impact. It can be imagined how strong it is.

    "Old rules. You kill the bull and I monitor." Feng Yu commanded for granted.

    "Uh ..." Xu Le had already accepted the arrangement. He walked down to the electronic fence, and subconsciously touched the chip behind the neck. He thought whether the electronic monitoring network here would notice a small jump in the signal?

    After all, he had turned over the electronic fence three times, so Xu Le was not as worried as ordinary criminals. He took a deep breath, spit into the palm of his hand. He was just like a monkey with extremely fast speed. He climbed over the wall in a flexible and gentle way.


    "Perfect." Feng Yu sat on the hillside and looked at the scene with a smile. He thought that if the main examiner of the Ministry of National Defense Admissions Examination is not blind, he will definitely be able to see the strength of this boy.

    But if people in the federal society know that someone can go over this electronic fence, which is called the Wailing Wall by black market traffickers, without electronic decoding, they will be speechless in shock. Federal electronic surveillance is everywhere. This teenager apparently crossed the border, but the chip in his neck does not send pulses. The surveillance system does not respond!

    Xu Le didn't know what a destructive step the familiar leap was for Charter One and for federal society. He didn't even notice that a small instrument in the hands of the military deserter was emitting a light blue light, covering both of them and the angry bull.

    The grassland is big, and the bull will run happily. Anyone who is trapped in the iron cage will feel angry.

    When the bull feels that someone wants to do bad for it, it also feels angry. When Xu Le's feet lightly stepped on the grassland, the black-brown angry bull rushed towards him. The long hair on the bull’s neck fluttered in the air into a particularly strong and beautiful line!

    Xu Le was a little scared and his face was white, but he was still calm. When the bull's sharp horn was one meter away from him, his left ankle twisted, and the whole person fell to the side while his right hand pointed to the bull. 

    With a loud noise and a blue arc flashing, the bull could not resist the inertia. The moment when the bull passed by Xu Le, it was directly hit by the small but powerful military electric shock stick.

    With a bang, the bull fell on the grass, stirring up some dust and grass. Xu Le walked over to it, without any excitement on his face but vigilance.
  • Chapter 10 Bloody Twilight 

    Xu Le's caution has his own reasons. In previous operations, he has confirmed that the stun gun in his hand can completely knock down humans. But it cannot guarantee that the powerful bison will be captured every time.

    The facts that happened today also prove this. When he was near the bull's black body, the bull that had been slumped suddenly sprayed a strong breath and kicked the soil with four hoofs. A huge force shook from the ground and rushed towards him.

    Xu Le's pupils narrowed and his face paled, seeming to be stupid. At this moment, he still had the electric stun stick in his hand, but the sharp edge of the blade had been found out at the front end. It looked like a military stab often used by the army.

    At the moment of turning, the fear in the teenager's body is transformed into a powerful action through the secretion of adrenal hormones. At the moment of extreme thrill, he turned the body sideways. A gust of wind blew across his cheek. He braced his small eyes, saw every movement of the bison in front of himself, and pierced the metal that he had been holding tightly in his right hand. 

    Xu Le's eyesight is very good, otherwise, he would not have such a fast speed in repairing. Corresponding to this talent, his hands are also very stable, so there is no slight deviation in the position of the slender metal object.


    The next moment, the army stab had been taken away by that huge force, separated from his empty palm. The stab remained in the fur two inches above the bull's neck ... with a few drops of blood.

    With a bang, the bull that could not be subdued by the electric baton rushed over Xu Le's side with an extremely fierce attitude. Then it fell down on the soil slope with a more decisive attitude, shaking more dust and grass cuttings.

    Xu Le held a dagger and looked at the bull who had fallen heavily on the ground. After a long silence, his legs no longer trembled, and his healthy red color returned to his cheek. In the previous moment, he was really scared, because he did not expect that this bull today would have such a vigorous vitality. Even under the action of the residual current, the bull could still be so fierce.

    Xu Le was silent for a long time. He approached the bison without a doubt and confirmed his death. Then he pulled the dagger from the bull's skull with great care.

    The sharp point of the army stabbing has completely destroyed the central nervous node of the bull, and the bull can no longer bounce up to express its anger. Xu Le squinted subconsciously and glanced at the blood dripping from the tip of the dagger in his hand. The liquid shimmered in the dim dusk. There was no trace of excitement after weakness and no excitement in his heart. There was only a trace of fear and avoidance.

    "When can I use the Handle twice?" He suddenly turned back and shouted at the owner of the repair shop over the electronic fence. His voice filled with complaints and anger.

    The handle is the name that he gave to this electric stun gun with a dagger. The metal weapon is very delicate, but it is only delicate. After a charge, it can only release a current, which is completely incompatible with the real weapon in the army. In the same way, except for the smooth curve and smooth grip, Xu Le didn't find anything that made him feel excited.

    So, he called it a Handle.

    If the electric shock stick can release the electric current twice, it would not have been so dangerous before. It is no wonder that Xu Le is so impolite to Feng Yu, the designer of the Handle.


    The design of the handle is flawed, and the output current intensity is intentionally increased by 20%, resulting in only one time for use.

    Feng Yu, who is sitting on the electronic fence, knows all of this. He can easily make up for this defect, but he never told Xu Le, nor did he complete it. Because he deliberately made such a self-defense weapon for Xu Le.

    From many years ago, Feng Yu has always believed that if humans are too dependent on machinery, it is not a good thing. It only blocks the possibility of humans looking into the body and the universe. As for these theories, Feng Yu still does not intend to discuss with Xu Le for the time being. So after hearing the juvenile's angry question, he just smiled and did not answer, but took out the flat pack of cigarettes from his jeans. He lighted one and sucked it up with nourishment.

    Xu Le turned his head down in despair and lowered his body.

    Looking at the busy young man down the wall under the twilight, Feng Yu was touched somewhere in his heart. In fact, he is a very cold character, otherwise, he would not escape to a remote place like East Forest District alone. The warm light tone on the grassland and the night behind him, the young man was peeling the cowhide and dividing the beef under the red sunset, and occasionally wiped the blood on the palm of his clothes ...

    This is a very bloody scene, but it is also a scene full of the beauty of life. All life in the world flows between death and survival. With a cigarette in his hands, Feng Yu looked at the young man who was waving his sword. He couldn't help thinking of the scene in classical literature seen many years ago. In the autumn of the harvest, the farmers harvested the crops and used the remains of the plants for their survival. By the bonfire of the tribe, men and women were drinking and holding animal limbs cooked in the fire to eat, very happily.

    A hint of a smile floated on Feng Yu's cheek. This moving smile, coupled with his gray hair, seemed to reveal his true age. A vicissitude of taste began to emerge.

    He always thought that Xu Le was very interesting. Because the child always seemed to put his energy on his two ideals, without paying attention to his ability in other aspects.

    For example, who can kill that bull with just a dagger, except for people who have received special training in the army? Why is there little wild beef sold on the black market in recent years?

    Feng Yu thought of Xu Le's previous question. The smile on his face became even richer. Under the background of strict federal gun control by the federal government, who would dare to risk their lives to hunt bulls?

    This child ... is really stupid in some ways, hasn't he found that he and Feng Yu could run faster than the angry bull when it was previously attracted? Doesn't he feel that he can kill a bull with his bare hands, which is more prideful than repairing a TV?

    "Fuck, fuck ..." In the twilight, Xu Le, while cursing swearing words, endured discomfort and slaughtering. Finally, he couldn't help but shout at the smoking shameless middle-aged man and, "Without bones, there are still two hundred pounds of meat left. If you are lazy again, when can we have dinner at night?"

    Various talents displayed by the boy are actually nothing in Feng Yu's eyes because he hasn't seen much real genius in his long life. When he killed the bison, the calmness that Xu Le showed absolutely incompatible with his age — although his legs were trembling and his face was pale, but he is still calm — that was what Feng Yu appreciated most.

    At the same time, this is also the place where Feng Yu thinks the young people are the most boring. So, at this moment when he hears Xu Le's curse, he is somewhat happy. His face smiles like a wild white follower. He stands up and pats his ass.
  • Chapter 11 How the first machine was made

    The bloody beef was fried in a pan, sprinkled with pepper and various companions. Then it began to emit a strong flavor of the ingredients themselves. The silver knife cuts the surface of the slightly brittle meat, which is different from the scene of blood spurting when the "handle" pierces the head of the bison. Although this beef also has some blood, more of them are those with delicious juice.

    The federal residents who eat synthetic food all year round have no resistance to this natural food, let alone the repair shop owner and Xu Le who love meat so much.

    At the end of a wonderful dinner, Xu Le packed up the chopsticks and hid the remaining beef and offal in the large freezer in the operating room next to the mine. Now Xu Le found himself get some precious leisure time. Standing in the room for a while, Xu Le took out a bottle of red wine and two glasses from the drawer. He went out the door and climbed the shabby steel ladder to the grass above the pit.

    The repair shop owner, Feng Yu, has been here for a long time. He has been watching the last light in the horizon disappeared and the whole world occupied by the most comprehensive black. Taking the glass of red wine handed over behind him, Feng Yu took a sip. He said with a smile: "Use my collection to please me. What do you want to ask?"

    Xu Le came to his side with a wine bottle and followed the eyes of the middle-aged man to the distant grasslands. At this time, the night was already deep, and he wonders how spectacular the sunset at that moment would be. He knows that the repair shop owner must have a lot of things to hide from himself, but he didn't want to inquire. He followed Feng Yu because he just hoped to learn about the mechanics from him, not to hear a moving story.

    Besides, everyone has his secret and doesn't want to be disturbed.

     "Actually ... I'm not a fool." Xu Le suddenly said. He didn't pretend to be very embarrassed and uttered, but just habitually stopped in front of an important word to increase his tone. Since his parents and sister died in the mine disaster ten years ago, Xu Le seems to have no focus in his lonely life. So once in a while, he always uses this seemingly awkward method to express his emotions.

    The young boy's eyes narrowed in the night, looking a little cautious. He had already guessed something. In the days following Feng Yu in the past two years, in addition to the knowledge and practical ability of the mechanical repair methods, the ugly posture and some daily exercises that the boss asked himself to learn might be very special...

    Xu Le's temperament is sincere, but it does not mean that he has no brain. He always thinks that posture and gymnastics are probably training techniques in the military, so he has been pretending to be stupid. Maybe it can make his body stronger? Since it is good for him and the boss wants him to learn, he learns it.

    However, he killed that bison today, and a few chills were born in his heart. The boss was just a mechanic who escaped from the army. Why did he teach himself something so powerful? Does the knowledge that the boss teaches him ... is the legendary killing skill of the military secret?

    "I never thought you were a fool. On the contrary, I thought you were a genius." Feng Yu took the mouth of the cup away from his lips. His expression was calm, but there was a strange smile in the wrinkles at the corners of his eyebrows.

    "I'm not a genius either. I just don't understand. What's the use of these things that you teach me?" Xu Le looked helplessly at Feng Yu's eyes and asked. "The Ministry of National Defense ’s mechanics do not test field operations at all.  I don't want to waste time on these things. "

    Xu Le's voice began to tremble and seemed to be suffering some kind of intolerable pain and suffering. Feng Yu was too lazy to look at him, and said calmly, "According to your character since you asked, it seems that you are resistant to this matter ... I just don't understand where your resistance comes from.  "

    Xu Le's voice was still trembling, and a heavy gasp sounded occasionally. He said angrily, "This is the 63rd year of the 37th calendar ... Human civilization has developed to such an advanced stage. What good is it for me to practice these? No matter how powerful a person is, can he fight against the mech directly? Can he fly into space and fight against the battleship? "

    "I understand that you want to be a mechanic who can repair the three major systems of mech and warships. In your opinion, those cold metal machines are, of course, much stronger than ant-like individual humans." Feng Yu coldly answered. "But you must not forget that no matter how advanced human beings develop, after all, you are still a biological human being. You are still in this body. This body is your last resort to keep your life, and you must know it well. It is the first sequence of machines that must work smoothly. "

    "As for any mech or warship, that's just something more extended." Feng Yu slowly closed his eyes. "People can't hide in the mech all their lives. You always have to eat, sleep and go to the toilet. You have to make love. You have to get into orgasm, you have to take a bath ... A person spends one-tenth of his life without clothes, so how about the time you don’t wear mecha? "

    Xu Le was dumbfounded and always felt that the boss's words were unreasonable. But it also showed the magical power that cannot be broken.

    Feng Yu drank the residual wine in the glass and suddenly lowered his head and smiled. "Not to mention that the current federal energy 
    shortage, space warships may one day become garbage in the universe."

    "Mecha does not need crystal ore, and the high-energy compression energy now is sufficient to support the action of mecha on land." Xu Le knew that the boss was willing to say so much today, just to convince him. But Xu Le still refuted rudely. "Moreover ...... the life-saving techniques, the last body, I will not go to the West Forest to fight with the imperial savage. I just want to be a mechanic to earn money, and at the same time to do my favorite job. Why do I need to care about so much? "

    "We are not going to discuss your future life, because, in my opinion, you may not pass the exam of the Ministry of National Defense. Maybe you have to work for me for a lifetime." Feng Yu laughed. Then the laughter gradually converges.

    "Think about the people on the three planets of the Upper Forest, think of the families that lasted for thousands of years, and think about the Seven Families. Why do they always respect that old man and the old man's students? why? It’s just because the body of the old man is so powerful. "

    The Upper Forest is the name of the capital's star circle. The capital star circle is composed of three dwelling planets. It is the most developed, wealthiest, and most comfortable place for people in the entire federal civilization. For the so-called Seven Families, as far as Xu Le knows, were an ancient upper-level existence beyond his reach. As for the old man Feng Yu said ...

    "Oh my god, you call the Army God as the old man ..." Xu Le did not know whether it was pain or fear that make his voice extremely trembling.

    "Okay, today you don't need to squat anymore. Do the gymnastics once again."

    Feng Yu didn't answer Xu Le's shocking words. He smiled and looked at Xu Le, who has maintained the standard squatting posture for half an hour. Although the boy was born to resist these things, he was very serious in doing things. Except for him, which teenage boy can stand the test of squatting for two years, day after day?

    "Pay attention to breathing and relax your mind." Feng Yu stood up and looked at Xu Le, who was paralyzed on the ground. Feng Yu said, calmly and sternly. "To feel and remember the most trembling path in your muscles, rather than try to forget it. "
  • Chapter 12 The blunt dance

    On the dirt slope of the pit, facing the quiet night sky in the west, the dark and beast city is behind Xu Le. The starlight on the sky in the East Forest area is as dim as if there is an infinite layer of yarn covering the top of the atmosphere. In such a dimly changing environment, Xu Le's blurred figure is constantly twisting and stretching. According to certain established routines, he probes his feet, twists his waist, sinks his body, punches his fist, turns his wrists, outstretches his elbow ...

    Feng Yu watched calmly beside him without saying a word. It has been more than a year, and the teenager has become familiar with this set of action notes. There is nothing wrong, not even the angle at which the fingertips are dragged obliquely.

    This set of seemingly uncomplicated movements is not gymnastics. The routine is a bit loose, and the movements are too slow, more like a dance. Compared with the famous talents of the Upper Forest Song and Dance Troupe, this dance is too blunt.

    Xu Le's movements have a feeling of the bloody and completely roasted meat that is hard to chew.
    It’s like the reinforced plexiglass used as the bearing surface in the operating room, and it is like the endless stones under the turf of East Forest Star. It is rigid and every action is so crisp.

    This "blunt" dance is broken down into roughly ten moves, and every two moves out in opposite directions. After Xu Le finally earnestly retracted her right foot and crouched up in a strange posture, this set of actions was completely completed.

    It didn't look complicated and the exercise strength is not much, but Xu Le's face was already covered with a layer of hot steam, exuding redness under the night sky in East Forest District. Sweat soaked through his back and dripped down the corner of the tight vest. It can be seen that just such a short movement had made him pay a lot of energy.

     Xu Le breathed slowly, speechless for a long time. The young man looked a bit thin, but at this moment it seemed to be full of hidden power. His lines are very beautiful. No one knows how the body will look when he is fully grown in a few years.

    Keeping silent is not only because of tiredness but also because of the more than 600 muscles in the body. At this time, they’re completely occupied by the feeling of soreness, making Xu Le unwilling to move even a little finger. Every myofibril seemed to be breathing, swelling, rubbing at this moment — just like the rubbing of metal with porcelain stone, which made Xu Le extremely painful.

    After the soreness, there was a completely spontaneous tremor that seemed to rise from the depths of Xu Le's heart. It follows the path of the muscles and nerves and those connective tissues. It spreads around all the way, like a drum. It shakes each of his subtle bodies, and let the bare skin begin to poke up small bumps. Then it disappears, as if there is an invisible power, sliding on his skin.

    The trousers started shaking in the windless night, covering the truth of his legs trembling.

    Xu Le did not understand why the muscles would heat themselves, creating the illusion of friction. He didn’t know that it was because the human myofibrils were originally composed of two filamentous proteins entangled together. Of course, he wouldn't know why these muscles tremble, what they mean, and why they are useful ... He just keeps in mind what the repair shop owner said. He must keep these pains in his heart, and he must remember the path of the trembling sourness.


    Xu Le changed his sweaty clothes, took a bath. He pulled his head and climbed up to the pit again. He sat weakly beside Feng Yu, looking pale. It seems like he gets a serious illness. Feng Yu ignored him, but just casually looked at the crystal screen on his lap. A faint blue light flooded his face, and the repair shop owner's face was a bit cold and feminine.

    "It is impossible to confirm whether Bao Longtao recognized me on the intranet." Xu Le said with a bit of fatigue. A glance at the familiar light blue interface let the teenager know that the boss sneaked into the federal police system again today. The last time Xu Le asked Li Wei's group of orphans to help on Bell Tower Street, was because these two people have already thoroughly checked everything inside the governor's office and the police station.

    The person who can invade the official intranet system is of course not simple. But this seemingly ordinary repair shop owner will occasionally bring such surprise to Xu Le in the past two years. So he is not very surprised, anyway, it is not a good surprise.

    Sometimes Xu Le also guessed that the boss made any serious mistakes in the army that year so that such talents would also become deserters. In the past two years, he has always had an unreal feeling. He always felt that he had encountered a cow fork character hidden in the market. It was too much like a movie or a TV series. It was incredible.

    Xu Le doesn't want to inquire about the past of the boss. On the one hand, because he is not interested. He just wants to learn about mechanics. Sometimes, he is a little alert and afraid to seal the mystery of Feng Yu. On the other hand, because Xu Le knows people very well. In addition to Feng Yu's most admired calmness, the orphan's life has enabled Xu Le to develop a sense of insight. He knows that the repair shop owner beside him seems harmless there is a cold hue that no one can erase.

    In other words, Xu Le knew that Feng Yu was a ruthless cold-blooded person, and he did not want to take risks with his own life.
    "West River TV Station's news department and production department have worked together. It seems that the people behind the district committee and the governor will also do one." Feng Yu looked at the text and pictures flashing on the crystal screen and said with a smile. "Bao Longtao cannot even deal with his trouble at this time. How can he associate it with you, a little orphan? "

    If ordinary people hear this conversation between the two, they might think that beneath the interface where two guys in the repair shop to promote the procession of Bell Tower Street hide a great political conspiracy. However, Xu Le knew that the middle-aged man next to him had no interest in these upper-level matters. They were just little people. It was okay to stir up the flames. If they get in touch with those matters, it was to find death.

    Familiar music sounded, and the face of the familiar little girl with purple hair appeared on the screen. The middle-aged man and the teenager sitting on the hillside stopped their mouths at the same time. They began the most important leisure activities every night, accompanied by bursts of drool and admiration.

    Under the light red background, the invisible radio waves, signals, and radiofrequency are constantly crossing. The invisible lines finally become pictures of different colors, entering millions of households in East Forest District. It has entered the eyes of countless people and enriched their dreams.

    A dark red line across the night sky, with a faint roar of breaking air, is probably a declining semi-space patrol in the military area. Several wild black cats drilled into the natural rock tunnels under the electronic fence, viewing the first charter of mankind as nothing, and gathered in the direction of the abandoned mine, happily looking for the food residue left by the two humans.

    A wild cat was holding a few shreds of beef. It looked up puzzledly, looking at the two lonely figures above the pit.


    In another corner of the city, a group of orphans who were still lonely together was walking silently and murderously on the road of cutting people. The leader Li Wei put his hand in his pocket and held the root tightly. A metal stick gives him strong confidence.
  • Chapter 13 The curtain slowly opened

    A month has passed, and according to the Upper Forest people in the federal capital circle, these days should be late autumn. In the late autumn in novels, there are cold winds, drizzle, and a high sky. However, for the people in East Forest District, the four seasons of the world have always been not clear. Perhaps it is the dust above the atmosphere that will never be completely clear that turn the whole planet into a weird glass room. The so-called late autumn just made people add a piece of clothes.

    Xu Le is wearing a navy-blue coat today, which looks a bit like a uniform. It adds a bit of youthful vigor to his ordinary look. He was sitting outside the repair shop window on Xianglan Avenue at this time. He watched the movement across the street, seemingly unintentionally, but actually with vigilance.

    The diagonally opposite corner of the fourth block is the building of the West River Second Police Station. A middle-aged man in a trench coat walked down the slightly wet steps with little interest and got into the car. The police around the car saluted, but these eyes were somewhat sympathetic.

    Looking at this scene, Xu Le felt more relaxed. He has been staring at Bao Longtao for a month. It seems that the deputy director was scared by the identity of the so-called federal agents and never dared to go to check the Bell Tower Street procession. Even Li Wei's group of orphans were not suppressed.

    Xu Le has a calmness beyond his age and has an innate sensitivity to certain things. He will never stupidly borrow another identity to approach Bao to test whether he recognize him or not. Nor will he relax the observation of Deputy Director Bao for the calmness in the interface. He just watched calmly with excellent patience until everything was calm.

    Although he is just like the owner of the repair shop, he is an avid supporter of Jane. Although he wants to watch TV, he won’t do such a high-risk thing, which is not in line with his personality. If it weren't for the boss to seduce him with the operating room, at most he would just sigh a few times and then buy a few more CDs of Jane.

    He was a little scared. When he thought of opposing the governor's office, Xu Le couldn't restrain himself. Especially whenever he thought of the night that Bao Longtao was staring at him, he could not help twitching at the base of his thigh. It was a natural reaction after he was afraid to a certain extent.

    On that night, out of his eagerness, he used two buttons to impersonate the contact tool and scared Bao Longtao with the military-type electric stun stick. But actually, he didn't know how to deal with it. The finger pointed at the electronic monitor in the night breeze seemed stable and arrogant, but in fact, it was extremely fearful.

    "Pretending to be a federal agent ..." When thinking of this, Xu Le's face was a bit ugly, and he bowed his head and said to himself, "I don't like to be cool, I just want to be a good person."

    "Being a good person is much harder than pretending to cool." Boss Feng Yu just returned from the leisure center. He passed by Xu Le like a gust of wind and went upstairs to rest.


    In the past two years, Xu Le did not appear in the repair shop on Xianglan Avenue, but only repaired in the operation room of the mine. Therefore, in the eyes of these orphans like Li Wei, Xu Le was missing from the city for two years.

    Until a month ago, Xu Le completed the matter for Feng Yu. Feng Yu promised to raise the dust-free level in the operation room by one level. However, he later became lazy, so he took Xu Le back. He officially introduced Xu Le to the neighbors of the fourth block as an approval of the existence of this young apprentice.

    Now that the boss is back, Xu Le no longer has to stare at the shop. Anyway, the shop ’s business is as good as it is limited. Although the residents of the entire fourth block know Feng Yu and the apprentice ’s skills, no one can tolerate the fact that even a TV crystal screen needs to be repaired for three months.

    Xu tightened the buttons of the student-like uniform and shouted something at upstairs. He walked out of the shop and took the tram on the street.

    Hundreds of years ago, after the invention of the high-energy battery, both trams and trolleybuses broke the shackles of the two braids above its head and began to travel freely in the city. Of course, ordinary people will certainly have their means of transportation. The rich people on the three planets in Upper Forest District already have ...

    Only the poor, or those full of retro feelings, will continue to ride on the trams. Xu Le, who is of both, is naturally a long-time passenger of trams. He leaned on the door of the car and looked at the city buildings that flashed in front of him. He couldn't help feeling a little regretful, and could no longer hear the dangling sounds in those literary works.

    The tram terminal is West River State University in East Forest District. After Xu Le got out of the car, instead of envying the deep campus environment, he walked directly along the school's walls, through a tree, and into the library.

    He hasn't been to school for a long time, but he has to read. On the one hand, this is Feng Yu's request to him. On the other hand, it is also his desire. In addition to most of the mechanical repair books and federal standards, he likes reading all kinds of novels. Especially after the State University has issued him a library card, he will come every day. It seems that there are endless beauties in these books, and there is an endless glorious future waiting for him.

    No adventures in the library, no beauty. Xu Le holds a pile of books out of the library door, without a look of frustration on his face. Then he met an unexpected person in front of the State University campus.

    Li Wei, whom he hadn't seen for a month, just appeared in front of Xu Le. Looking at the orphan leader's embarrassed and tired face, Xu Le suddenly felt that his lips were dry and didn't know what was going on. He asked hoarsely, "Don't tell me, you still have the ambition to apply for college."

    "I only have the ambition to occupy the whole night in West River Prefecture." Li Wei's voice was also a little hoarse. His expression was not so tense, so Xu Le's heart relaxed a little.

    "The thing you gave me ... was confiscated by the people in the second Police Station. But don't worry, no one knows it's mine." Li Wei licked his dry lips. He spent the night with another gang last night. It is indeed a bit tiring.

    Xu Le's eyes lit up, not excitedly, but tensely. The thigh roots began to twitch uncontrollably, and the books in her arms became heavier and heavier.
  • Chapter 14 Travel of a piece of evidence (1)

    "How do you know that I'm at the state university?" Xu Le asked, looking down. Li Wei did not notice the heavy mood of his companion and said with a smile: "You entered the repair shop, and now many people know it. I think it will not cause any trouble. But since it is your hard work, I have to inform you. "

    No problem? really? Xu Le asked himself in his heart, but couldn't find an answer. There was some military-style craftsmanship in that electric stun stick. If the police station wanted to check it, would it find himself, and then Feng Yu, to reveal his identity as a deserter?

    He should be angry that Li Wei lost the electric shock stick because it was something he had repeatedly told before. But at this time looking at Li Wei's contented and tired face, Xu Le's heart softened and he didn't say anything. He has heard about that that during this month, Li Wei and those orphans have been fighting for the site, and they are probably tired.

    There should be a lot of weapons exiled from the military to the black market. The electric shock stick is hidden in the reel crystal screen. Although clever, it should not attract much attention. Xu Le comforted himself in this way. He patted Li Wei's shoulder and said seriously: "You should think that you have never seen that thing, but ... as before, don’t keep thinking about killing, In the future, you should find a serious job. "

    "What other serious work is there in East Forest now? You don't see what the students who marched on the street today are arguing about. The unemployment rate has reached 30%, which has not been counted those elders who were resettled after the bankruptcy of the Crystal Ore Complex." Li Wei stroked the crushed blond hair and said sloppily, "I want to be ahead, I don't want to live on welfare for my whole life."

    "March?" Xu Le was taken aback. There have always been few people interested in politics in East Forest District. The last time Bell Tower Street was already a big incident. Why were there students who didn't study hard? But going for the parade?

    "A lot of people went to watch the excitement. It is said that it was organized by the Veterans' Association." Li Wei took the heavy books from Xu Le’s hand and walked down the street, explaining: "There seems to something wrong with the election of the Capital Star Circle. The opposition thinks it's unjust and organizes a federal march. "

    "Oh." Xu Le was worried at this moment and responded casually.

    He and orphans like Li Wei knew nothing about politics. They stayed away, did not want to touch, and had no interest. There are indeed inequities in federal society, such as the upper society headed by the Seven Families, always have better things than ordinary people. Those dark oppressions are always hidden under the bright coat of legal justice ... But what does this have to do with them? They have grown up in injustice in their lives. They have long been used to it, and it is difficult to warm up their blood.

    Xu Le returned to the repair shop on the fourth block of Xianglan Avenue. He hesitated to tell the boss about the electric baton being intercepted by the police. Unexpectedly, Feng Yu didn't worry at all and seemed to feel that his defected military mechanic status would never be revealed.

    This is indeed the case. In the next ten days, except for the shock of the federal parade, nothing new happened. The gang battle uses military-style weapons. This is just a small thing that can happen anytime, anywhere in the federal society. No big man will have the leisure to project his eyes on this small repair shop.

    However, Xu Le was still cautious. He always felt a sense of uneasiness. He always felt that the electric baton that had fallen into the hands of the police station would cause some kind of trouble to him. But he did not know whether the trouble was large or small. So, he began to actively strengthen the practice of that set of movements. He often returned to the mines to accompany those wild cats, constantly dancing blunt dances.

    One day, Feng Yu looked at the sweat with sarcasm and said, "Don't you always think that personal strength is useless in front of metal machinery?"

    Xu Le closed her eyes and felt the tremor of every muscle in the body and the increasingly obvious trends of those tremors. He tried to find out the true effect of this tremor. He shacked his voice, gritted his teeth, and replied: "I haven't changed the idea until now. But the problem is that if the police come to arrest us, and you don’t have the money to configure me with a mech... Of course, even if there is one mech, I don’t know how to use it. In addition to making myself stronger, are there any solutions?"

    "Are you still worried about that electric stun?" Feng Yu frowned, not understanding why the child was born so cautious. He suddenly smiled and said, "Don't forget the chip behind your neck. Under the glory of the First Charter, if the police station wants to arrest you, where can you escape? Do you want to be a refugee in Bermuda or be a traitor to the empire? "

    The electronic monitoring network throughout the federal society can theoretically control the occurrence of all crimes. Xu Le didn't panic when he heard this sentence and said seriously: "The gang still exists. You are a fugitive in the army but still alive. I believe you must have some way."

    "It's a great tone. If anyone in the world can remove the chip inside the body without disturbing the Federal Surveillance Network, he will get the Nebula Award." Feng Yu's smile was a little mocking, "You were only sixteen years old last week. It’s ridiculous that you are even more extremely curious than me.

    Xu Le said, "Don't forget your rotten teeth. For the new dental record, you paid such a heavy price so that you were not arrested by the government and the military region. You should be embarrassed to mock me for caution."

    Feng Yu shook his head helplessly without refuting.


    Every day was calm, even Xu Le began to think he was too coward. The two people in the repair shop didn't know that, just in this city, there was another person who was caught in the same kind of distress. This person is Bao Longtao, deputy director of the Second Police Station. Since he embarrassed the governor's office a few months ago, his influence in the police station has been greatly weakened.

    "A report is required even for a piece of evidence, and it takes two months to approve the report." Deputy Director Bao looked at the metal shaft in the vacuum bag on the table. He laughed at himself. As his position, in previous times, how can it take so much trouble?

    As soon as he thought about it, his hatred for the orphans grew stronger. If it wasn't for the case of Bell Tower Street, the report he had asked for to change his position would have been approved early. Now the big family in the Capital Star Circle didn’t think of himself for so long. However, these days, he has been afraid to retaliate against the orphans, because he was not sure whether the face covered by the hat that night was a real federal agent or not.

    He wore gloves and took the metal shaft out of the bag. Deputy Commissioner Bao squinted and looked at the delicate current generator inside, wondering whether this had anything to do with the electric shock stick held by the federal agent. Although many of these military weapons are on the black market, they are extremely expensive. Those orphans should not have financial resources.

    After thinking for a long time in silence, Deputy Commissioner Bao decided to investigate this matter. Of course, he did not dare to investigate it personally. But he would aim at this electric baton. He wanted to confirm whether a federal agent entered West River Prefecture. 

    In the Capital Star Circle, Deputy Director Bao has several comrades in research institutes and should be able to do him this favor. The address of the recipient was filled in the outer envelope of the official mail. Deputy Director Bao instructed the secretary to take the exhibit out and send it to the Identification Section of the Seventeenth Academy of Upper Forest District.

    The deputy director just instinctively wanted to figure out this matter but did not think of how this small move will have a huge impact on the future of the Federation.
  • Chapter 16 Big man's will

    Di, Di Di! ... The gentle but urging alarm bell rang through the Charter Bureau. The staff in black suits looked up in surprise, staring at the crystal screens in all directions in the building. Except for the last sudden attack by the Empire, the Charter Bureau has not issued the first order for a long time. What happened?


    The sound of the central computer's light curtain began to flash again in the alarm sound. The printed copy of this paper and its analysis of the paper have already appeared directly on the desk of the Director of the Charter Bureau. The alarm bell which shocked the entire Charter Bureau didn’t make the old man change his expression in the slightest. He glanced at the contents of the file indifferently, and his lips slightly tilted.


    "You disappeared for twelve years, and finally showed your tail." The Director of the Charter Bureau was not shocked by the name on the document. In his long life, no one knows how many major events he had encountered. The director handed the document to the civilian officer next to him and stood up and commanded, "Notify the President's Office and the Ministry of Defense."


    The civilian official was a middle-aged man. He took off the windbreaker from the hanger and put it on his boss. He was slightly shocked. The alarm bell ringing through the Charter Bureau is sufficient to prove that the current situation was judged by the central computer as the first sequence of events. However, the director does not seem to care much, but if he doesn't care ... why should the President's Office and the Ministry of Defense be notified?


    The Director of the Charter Bureau, walking on a crutch, walked outside the Charter Bureau with a cane. The middle-aged civilian followed him silently, glanced at the document, and saw the name.


    Yu Feng? Yu Feng!


    The middle-aged civil servant's eyes narrowed quickly, thinking of the war more than a decade ago and the most shocking incident in that war. It turned out that the central computer had found Yu Feng's whereabouts. No wonder the director had to immediately notify the President's Office and the Ministry of Defense.


    When the previous president vowed to a federal television camera, he must catch this traitor who had collusion with the empire and buried the more than 10,000 elite soldiers of the federal army. Because of such an unpardonable crime in the army, the Ministry of Defense was under tremendous pressure. If they know that the mechanic Yu Feng is still alive, lives in a certain neighborhood in East Forest District, the entire military will be angry.


    Through the portable communication device, he notified the President's Office and the Ministry of Defense for the first time. The middle-aged civilian took a few steps forward, came behind the director, and whispered, "The meeting is set at two o'clock in the afternoon."


    "I made an appointment with someone to play golf in the afternoon." The director waved his hand and continued walking on crutches, without any pause. "The Charter Bureau found the mechanic. As for it is the Ministry of National Defense that sent troops, or it is the president that sent agents from the Secret Service, does it have anything to do with us? You will attend the afternoon meeting for me. "


    Middle-aged civil servants are stunned. His current position is only the assistant secretary. If he follows secret orders at the level of the Charter Bureau, he is not qualified to speak on behalf of the Charter Bureau. But he has not habitually expressed no objection, let alone the fearless criticism for that the director in this case just wanted to play golf. He calmly replied, "Yes, I understand."


    Respectfully watching the old but still erect figure of the director disappeared at the corner, the middle-aged civil servant stood upright. It's not surprising that the Secretary-General at this time showed calmness or even indifference, and ignored the afternoon joint meeting. Because he knows that, as the director of the Charter Bureau, he has enough qualifications to look down upon the staff of the president's office and officials in the Ministry of Defense. Not to mention that the family behind the old director is among the Seven Families with the longest history and the most respected family.


    The old director of the Charter Bureau got into a battery car behind the building. He threw the cane to the secretary and looked back at the building where he had been staying for many years. Suddenly there was a hint of doubt and anxiety in his heart. The mechanic named Yu Feng is indeed the most famous traitor in the recent three hundred years of the Federation. But for this kind of thing, it can send a document directly to the Ministry of National Defense, which has accumulated more than ten years of anger. Why does the central computer issue the first order?


    There was a hint of inquiry in the deep and calm eyes of the Director. In the eyes of the upper-class confederates, the mechanic Yu Feng, no matter how damaging and earth-shattering he has done, is still just a small person. He didn't want to spend his mind on this matter anymore and stopped thinking about it.


    Not long after he left the Charter Bureau, the lightest curtain in the Charter Bureau ’s most centrally controlled room was still flashing. The empty room showed a weird smell. Ephemeral, without any records, the line prints,


    "The first-level goal, re-enter the horizon."




    At twelve clock noon, an all-black convoy entered the Seventeen Research Institute on the outskirts of the capital. In the astonished eyes of the researchers with glasses, FBI staff blocked the storage. The researcher Chen, who had just graduated from college, was also called back for investigation. At the same time, the exhibit numbered AW3278 was carefully sealed, and the deputy director who handled the matter reluctantly got on the black car.


    At two o'clock in the afternoon, a small meeting was held on the third floor of the Charter Bureau. The middle-aged civilian, who attended the meeting on behalf of the Secretary of the Charter, circulated the documents to the heads of various departments who had known the matter and then calmly said, "The central computer gave the first-level instruction. Although it is a machine analysis, it must be somewhat reasonable. Although more than a decade has passed, the federal government will never allow any criminal to escape legal sanctions, let alone treason.


    A colonel of the Ministry of Defense said with a grimace, "This is a shame on the army. The Minister has an order that this matter must be chaired by the Ministry of Defense."


    "Who is hosting is not the problem." Only a middle-level official sent by the president's office today. He looked at the Colonel of the Ministry of Defense and said seriously, "The key is to catch that person. Mr. President is not aware of this yet. The security consultant believes that since this mechanic was a senior student in the military academy and had many friends in the military, he also escaped because of these relationships. This time the arrest operation should still be handled by the Secret Service. National Defense Ministry assists. "


    "Everyone's purpose is the same, and we don't need to argue too much. Why don't we take a look at the action plan drawn up by the Charter Bureau?" The middle-aged civil servant of the Charter Bureau calmly pushed a button, and the plan appeared on the huge screen on the wall.


    "Although this mechanic is a small person, it is not easy if he wants to get him back to the capital for trial. The central computer recommends that ... the West Forest Fourth Military Region completes this operation, with assistance from the East Forest Police General. "


    "Fourth Military Region?" The Colonel of the Ministry of Defense nodded and was very satisfied with this arrangement. Since it was the proposal of the Charter Bureau, presumably the president's office would not have many opinions.


    The official in the president's office said with a somber face, "This mechanic is not only a shame for the army but also a shame for the entire federation. In case of violent resistance, kill him."


  • Chapter 15 Travel of a piece of evidence (2)

    No matter in what kind of age, what kind of space, and whether the history of human civilization is recorded or not, once the social structure is initially established, the society will inevitably fall into the traps of bureaucracy. A federation with more than a dozen inhabited planets and a greater number of resource stars is no exception. Even with the large population, the expansion of territory into space has made this bureaucratic atmosphere even stronger.

    An official postal parcel from the Second Police Station of the capital of West River Prefecture in East Forest Region, surrounded by this bureaucratic atmosphere, embarked on its long journey. Before it set off, it got the stamps of three departments in West River Prefecture and made two round trips between the aviation department and the logistics department before boarding the spaceship to the capital star circle.

    Three months later, this official mail package arrived on the administrative planet of the Capital Star Circle, which is what the federal people call Upper Forest. It lay quietly in a clean organizer, sat silently in the corner of the car, left from the airport, and drove through the fast high way between the green forest and the beautiful building. It took four hours to come to a government agency outside the capital.

    The information sending and receiving department of the Federal Seventeenth Institute signed the receipt, then classified the parcel and placed it on an automatic document transfer belt. With the slight sound of the machine, the parcel numbly entered the passage in the wall mezzanine and entered a well-lit office.

    A deputy director of the department saw the parcel at the table, he curiously pushed his glasses, looked at the unfamiliar address above, and frowned for a long time before remembering that this somewhat familiar handwriting was from a distant comrade in arms.

    "Bao spent ten years in the place where even the birds are unwilling to live, I'm afraid he has become stupid." The deputy director thought so in his heart. Three months ago he received an e-mail from deputy director Bao, but now he has long forgotten the seriousness of the other party's commitment.

    "How can the police station's exhibits be used for identification? How much does it cost to send them from East Forest? Was he afraid of the committee's review where they might accuse us for that we waste the taxpayer's wealth?" The deputy director shook his head with some headache and stunned the summoner on his desk.

    A researcher wearing a silver mirror walked in with gray hair and seemed to have spent enough time in the Seventeenth Institute. The middle-aged researcher looked flatly at the deputy director and asked, "Director, what's the matter?"

    "Hmm ... here is a piece of evidence from the East Forest Police Headquarters, the identification application is also in the package, you take it to the laboratory to have a check." The deputy director said casually.

    The middle-aged researcher glanced at the official e-mail package and found that the deposit was not the East Forest Police General Headquarters but the West River Second Police Substation, and he was immediately clear. According to the level of the state police branch, it was difficult to qualify for the identification of the Seventh Research Institute. It seemed to be a private trustee accepted by the deputy director. But since the other party was on the official channel, it was naturally inconvenient to ask more.

    "What do you want to identify?" The middle-aged researcher took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose and took a serious look at the mail package, asking "Is there a time limit?"

    "No." The deputy director waved his hand, remembering the contents of the e-mail, and said, "The main thing is to compare the production process and see if it has anything to do with the Secret Service or the military ... The countryman over East Forest Very is worried that this thing is flowing out of the military. "

    The middle-aged researcher smiled, said nothing, and turned out of the house.

    The next day, he returned to the office and reported the results of yesterday's appraisal to the director, "The core materials are not coded and should not have flowed out of the military. But the production process does have some relationship with the army. I estimated that it was an imitation made by the Bermuda side. "

    "Hmm." The director asked, "Nothing weird?"



    In this way, the deputy director Bao was unwilling to complete the identification request process. After receiving a formal response from the Seventeenth Institute, the deputy director was still unable to confirm whether the figure on that night was a federal agent.

    The identified metal stun gun was repacked with the parcel box and appraisal application report, and placed in the immensely large storage room underground at the Seventeenth Research Institute. Its historical mission seems to have come to an end at this moment. According to the relevant regulations of federal exhibits, if there are no major accidents, it will be destined to stay quietly in this huge, dark and lonely storehouse, and then can't go out until they are gradually forgotten.

    One day, two days. One month, two months. It stares lonely at those partners who have a similar destiny around it. No one knows how many years it will spend to stay here. Fortunately, the conditions of the federal department are good, and the dust removal is excellent. There is no need to worry about that it will be covered with the dust of history and annoying cobweb.

    The long river of time quietly took two steps forward and came to the spring of the sixty-five years of the constitutional calendar. Two years after this electric baton came to the Seventeenth Institute of the Capital Circle of Stars, a thin hand suddenly picked it up again.

    Chen Yijiang, a student who has just graduated from National Upper Forest University, has worked hard through federal recruitment. He entered the Seventeenth Institute and then was sent to the repository for management. This passionate freshman is not eroded by the stale bureaucracy and still maintains curiosity about things.

    He has been in this storehouse for forty days and is working on the rebooking of exhibits. Then he sees the transparent vacuum bag and the metal shaft inside the bag.

    "The screen can hide an electric shock stick, which is somewhat interesting." Chen Yijiang laughed and then started the registration work. But after the registration was completed, he did not put the evidence back to his original place because when he was at school, he especially likes to make some small things by himself. At this time, he thinks that this evidence is very interesting, so he is interested in research.

    With the deepening of research, it is normal for federal agencies to re-identify exhibits, but no one wants to do this extra work without overtime pay.

    Three days later, Chen Yijiang, full of fun in his eyes, completed a paper and posted it on the institute's website. The title of the thesis is "Evidence Number: Structural Features of AW3278". Naturally, such a boring thesis sinks to the bottom without any notice.

    ... ...

    A particularly quiet area of the federal administrative capital has a department with the highest federal security level. On the balcony of this department, you can see the building of the Capital Center Management Committee and the president's executive palace from a distance. 

    However, those staff members in black suits and hurries have never been envious of them. Because they are the staff of the Charter Bureau, they shoulder the most glorious mission of the federal society.

    In the core area of this building, in the empty room, a two-dimensional information display in the air shows that the light curtain is constantly flashing. No one can see the above content with the naked eye, except the central control computer that performs the computational search itself.

    Countless data streams in federal society have been selected and analyzed here. Whether it is the struggle between political parties or the offensive situation of anti-government forces, a variety of information has arrived. Of course, the most critical information now lies in the West Forest District, and no one knows whether the Empire will wage war again.

    Suddenly, the picture on the light screen slowed down and stopped on a picture. The picture was a screenshot, a small paper written by a researcher. Then the light storage location of the exhibit numbered AW3278 appeared.

    Alerts began to ring in the strictest charter bureau in federal society.

  • Chapter 17 When facing the muzzle

    A huge commercial spacecraft is suspended in the boundless universe. The pale silver appearance and the streamlined aesthetic shape make this spacecraft the brightest star under the starry sky. it watches the planet below calmly and gracefully.

    Due to the lack of energy crystal mines, interstellar navigation is extremely expensive. Today, the spaceship from the ancient bell company in West Forest Region has attracted the attention of officials and residents in the East Forest Region. In addition to the routine business activities, the company, Ancient Bells, also brought friendly greetings from the West Forest Region and visits of relevant officials.

    But those visiting scholars in the West Forest Region, and most of the big names in the East Forest Region aren’t clear about that a large warehouse is hidden in the machine control room at the rear of this commercial spacecraft. With a large number of items covered by military green tarpaulins, no one knows what it is.

    Lake is the leader of the special mech group of the Fourth Military Region. He is just over thirty and is at the peak of his strength. He looked at the planet below through the porthole. his face was firm, and his eyes were full of calm confidence.

    Concerning the secret mission of the Mech Squad, few people except Lake know the plan. Even those who have made great achievements are not clear about the inside story.

    Mech Division, Yu Feng ... This is a memorable name.

    Lake's eyes narrowed, reminding him of the explosion more than ten years ago. At that time, he was a recruit who had just joined the army. Following the federal counterattack force, he successfully made a risky space jump and captured a resource planet in the empire's belly. However, no one thought that this was a scourge of the empire. Countless empire soldiers swarmed on battleships. A big explosion in the munitions directly destroyed the lives of more than 10,000 people in the federal army and indirectly destroyed the confidence of the federal army. 

    If it wasn’t for the Charter Bureau to find the mechanic named Yu Feng, the Federation today would still be in pain and suffering. No one would know how that failure came about. It was Yu Feng that played the insidious role in this big bang, who handed over the federal defense forces to the empire.

    He is goddamn ... a shameless guy who should have died 10,000 times. Lake thought so in his mind. As a federal soldier, he thought that he should catch the mechanic himself and then return him to the Federation to put him to trial in front of tens of billions of people. But it's just weird ... The Ministry of Defense's secret order that was first accepted was to capture this person. Feng Yu would be killed if Lake met resistance. But when he came to the sky above the East Forest Region, he received a new order. Executing the treason directly.

    This instruction was passed directly through the highest-level information channel, so Lake didn't doubt it, let alone the idea to ​​resist it. He put on his sunglasses and looked at the flashing pictures and words on his lenses. His lips slightly tilted.

    The first-class fugitive Yu Feng, whose pseudonym was Feng Yu, was hidden in a repair shop on the fourth block of Xianglan Avenue, the capital of West River Prefecture, East Forest District. He made a living by repairing electrical appliances. The angle of Lake ’s raised lips gradually straightened. He already knew enough about the mechanic, and his social relations were all in the data. But he didn’t understand a little why the mechanic who dared to rebel hide in East Forest for more than ten years, instead of choosing to go to the empire to enjoy his remaining life.

    For the last time, confirming the position of the mechanic in the East Forest area, Lake slowly turned around and said indifferently to the dozens of soldiers behind him. "All social relations of the target have been monitored by East Forest Police. All we need to do is ... kill him. "

    "Yes, Sir." A dozen team members answered neatly, letting the whole cabin echo a killing intent. Lake took off the sunglasses, pressed the transmitter in his hand, and a radio wave was transmitted to the East Forest Region. 

    From this moment, the East Forest Region Police General Administration began to clear the periphery, and the East Forest local garrison received the national defense. The Ministry's direct order secretly cooperated with Lake’s team.

    "Don't underestimate your opponent. The information you see now is not complete. This mechanic named Yu Feng has never achieved a full grade at the Second Military Academy, but ... that's because he is not a student at all! He was the first military instructor in the military academy to have no schooling experience! "Lake looked coldly at the subordinates who read the target materials for the first time and said fiercely," At that time, the Federation sent a hundred sharp men to arrest him. But he still slipped away. If you dare not to take caution, I will directly shoot you. "

    After saying this, he walked to the front of the green military tarpaulins. Lake took a deep breath, and lifted the tarpaulin open, exposing the strangely-shaped and full-of-killing-breath mecha ...

      "set off."


    At the corner of the coffee shop, there are soothing piano songs. Xu Le has a smile on his face so that his eyes are almost disappearing. He walks along with the bell tower with the tunes, while greeting the neighbors kindly. Indeed, the word “stroll” should be used, because his toes all seemed to be jumping some kind of dance. It’s completely unlike his normal honest appearance.

    It's been two years now, and the lives of the residents of East Forest District haven't changed. The coffee shop hasn't changed. The bar hasn't changed. The passage of time seems to leave no trace at all in this city. However, Xu Le has changed a lot. Like the little girl with purple hair in the distant capital star circle, he has grown up two years old. The difference is that Jane's birthday catches the attention of all the people in the federation. But for the birthday of Xu Le, no one cares.

    In addition to himself, in the past two years, he followed the owner of the repair shop to learn about mechanics. He took back countless books from the state university to enrich his brain. By squatting and dancing stiffly every night, Xu Le can know that his body is becoming more and more like the first machine in Feng Yu's mouth. It more and more ... listens to his instructions.

    For two years, the residents of Bell Tower Street and Xianglan Avenue knew that the repair shop had a kind and hard-working young man. But Xu Le himself didn't feel anything. He just lived honestly. When he saw what the neighborhoods need help, he would just stretch out his hand. He was so happy today because he passed the written test of the examination of the Ministry of National Defense and entered the second round of the recruitment process. He had just celebrated with Li Wei, drinking the beer brought from the black market.

    The thought of being able to join the army and study in the capital's star circle, Xu Le felt that he was one step closer to his ideal of life. So he presented a rare joy and showed the expression up. Xu Le saw an old gentleman who was afraid of sparse traffic at the street intersection, and he got to hold his arm up.

    "I'll send you over." Xu Le said with a smile. Then he walked across the street and found himself in danger in the alley leading to the repair shop.

    A group of black soldiers, wearing standard helmets, wearing dark silk-pottery body armor are all around him. The armed men surrounded him with a horrible smell of iron and blood, which seemed particularly thrilling in a quiet environment.

    The black, gloomy, and stiff gun barrel aimed at Xu Le's head. The nearest one was directly on his temple, causing great pain.
  • Chapter 18 Small person's silence

    Because of the presence of space dust, the sky in the East Forest region will never be bright. If the blue-and-white scene is painted in the painting, it is naturally difficult to have the bright sun to make people dazzled. But at this moment, Xu Le thought he was dazzled by the sun. Otherwise quiet as in the alleys of Bell Tower Street yesterday, how could there be a large group of soldiers like wolf and tiger, fully armed, cold like a knife? Even more ridiculous, why do these soldiers aim their guns at him?

    A soldier wearing a black cotton mask seemed to say a few words to him, but it turned into a buzzing sound in Xu Le's ears. Because he didn't wake up at all. he opened his mouth and foolishly looked at everything around.

    With a bang, a soldier slammed his head with a gun butt, and a blood flow came out. Xu Le's body shook and did not fall to the ground. But the smell of blood and the pain on the left head made him wake up and confirm that he was in an extremely absurd scene. This group of heavily armed soldiers ... was aiming a gun at him!

    The barrel of the puppet still facing the temple was extremely cold and hard.

    Even if Xu Le was born to be calm, but anyway, he was just an orphan who was seventeen and a half years old. Facing the muzzle close to himself, thinking of an inadvertent move may make the barrel shot out his head. The metal bullet might penetrate a rotten half of the watermelon. He felt a shudder, so he shuddered, shivered, and a throbbing current passed through the thigh roots. Fortunately, ... he didn't wet his pants.

    "Name." The buzzing sound from the impatient soldier's mouth finally turned into a clear and cold-blooded questioning. Xu Le subconsciously answered with a trembling voice: "Xu Le."

    A flat metal detector reached behind Xu Le's neck and touched his skin. A chill from the bottom of his heart made countless tiny protrusions on his skin again. Among the beeps, the data collector read the data of the chip inside his neck in the shortest time and transmitted it back to the division database. The detector confirms his identity and all the archive records from his birth to today.

    "Target 2 is confirmed." The questioning soldier spoke coldly in the intercom. Then he pinched Xu Le's hair, pushing him extremely rough into an armored car behind the alley.

    Xu Le did not struggle, because he knew that the struggle was useless. Although the soldier holding him did not show more power than those bison in the reserve, the dozens of icy barrels around him threatened him. The force is too great. He did not call for help. He has always wanted to pass the Ministry of Defense ’s non-commissioned officer examination. He has a certain understanding of the army and can clearly distinguish that these silent soldiers are real, not brave kidnappers who dare to impersonate the federal army.

    But he did feel insulted because being dragged on the ground by his hair is an insulting gesture in itself.

    It only took a very short time for Xu Le, with blood on his face, to determine why these soldiers came. It seems that Feng Yu's identity has finally been revealed. It's just strange that Feng Yu has been hiding in this city for more than ten years, but why is he suddenly found by the Federal Army? Feng Yu is just a mechanic who escaped from the army. Why has he attracted so many heavily armed soldiers to come to arrest?

    The person in charge of arresting Xu Le was the garrison of the East Forest Police. They picked the boy into the carriage and fastened his wrist with a special plastic bracelet. A black cloth was put on his face. Then they don't pay attention to him anymore.

    The car moved, Xu Le felt a hot pain on his wrist, and the wound on his forehead was still bleeding with blood. Such a rough treatment made the teenager know that he was facing a truly ruthless state machine, and he would never do any meaningless resistance. He just silently calculates where this military vehicle is going in my heart.

    The military vehicle stopped. No soldiers pay attention to the poor teenager. No voice was even heard, which shows the tough quality of the federal army. In such a long, unbearable silence, Xu Le, who was crouched in the corner of the carriage, was as pitiful as an abandoned shrimp.

    ... ...

    An angry footstep smashed an ammunition box outside the military vehicle. The angry voice made soldiers around the military vehicle fail to raise their heads. "You have been staring at him, why do you still let him run away?"

    Who ran away? Xu Le slightly deflected his body, secretly praying that the officer was talking about Feng Yu.

    Colonel Lake took off the glasses on his nose. The anger in his eyes was enough to burn dozens of heavily armed soldiers around him. But he forcibly suppressed his emotions because, after all, those who cooperated with him on the ground were the soldiers of the East Forest Police Force. They are not under his jurisdiction.

    He has enough reasons to be angry. The Federation has been preparing for a few months to catch or kill the mechanic named Yu Feng. The monitoring on the ground has not been problematic. Why when the battleship reached the surface of the planet, did the mechanic suddenly disappear from the repair shop on the fourth block of Xianglan Avenue?

    This time is at three o'clock in the afternoon. It is the time when humans are most lazy and when the attack is scheduled to start, but before the attack begins, they suddenly lose their target, and Lake feels a sense of coolness.

    In the temporary action camp outside Block 4, a large, ultra-thin light curtain has been erected. With countless light spots moving slowly or quickly, the target surrounded by black lines and marked as 1 looks unpredictable on the light screen.

    Lake looked coldly at the light curtain, silent for a long time. He knew the whole process of this operation. Starting from the Charter Bureau's finding the electric baton, the federal preliminary investigation easily found Bao Longtao. Then it found the deputy director of the Second Branch of West River Prefecture, and then found the orphan gang leader Li Wei. Then it found Li Wei's friend Xu Le, and it finally locked the target on the owner of the repair shop.

    Xu Le was easily excluded from the chip information, and the repair shop owner was naturally Yu Feng. But Lake didn't expect that the federal number one wanted was able to escape the glory of Charter One and slip away from under the eyes of the monitors in an electronic surveillance network spread throughout the human world.

    The East Forest area is too far away from the capital star, and the central computer's monitoring cannot achieve immediateness. There is a delay of at least four minutes. The mechanic used this delay to hide everyone. Feng Yu must have means to temporarily shield the chip signal behind the neck.

    The moment he thought about it, the heart of Lake became more and heavier. At this moment, he fully understood why the Central Bureau of the Charter Bureau ranked this matter as the first level and why he received the order to directly kill the target. A criminal who can escape the glory of Charter One is a terrible character. If the truth of this matter is to be passed on to human society, he is afraid that it will set off an irreversible wave.

    "Target 1 was wounded when he fled." A guard officer reported. "The entire planet has completely blocked the takeoff and landing of the aircraft at this time. He cannot escape, even if there is a four-minute time difference, but the encirclement will increase. It will be at most one more night that we can catch him. "

    "I can't wait another night," Lake said coldly. "Where is the apprentice in the repair shop?"

    Blood-stained Xu Le was brought over, and Lake frowned slightly, not very satisfied with the means of these East Forest colleagues. But he knew that the situation was urgent, and naturally he would not say much. Looking at the young boy, he asked coldly. "I want to know where your boss might be hiding. "

    The black cloth was torn off, and the lighting in the room narrowed Xu Le's eyes. He looked at the colonel in front of him and remained silent.

    A fist slammed into his abdomen severely, and the severe pain made him almost spit it out. However, Xu Le still squinted and looked at the soldiers around him, keeping a taciturn silence.
  • 019-The small people have persistence and fists

    Xu Le's hands were tied behind him by a high-strength plastic rope. His body was bent forward due to the impact of the abdomen, which looked like a very famous ancient penalty posture. Because of the pain, his face flushed, and the wound that had been gradually swollen again made blood. He opened his mouth and retched, but could not vomit anything.

    This is the effect after the tenth punch. Xu Le still didn't say a word. Even if he was knocked on the knees, he still squinted and looked at the colonel in front of him. He squinted his lips, in silence.

    Colonel Lake's eyes narrowed gradually, but his face was as gloomy as before. When the soldiers in the East Forest police district started to fight Xu Le, he did not stop because he had to hurry up and find the whereabouts of the damn mechanic. Once Feng Yu is found, Lake’s subordinates can kill him in one fell swoop and complete the glorious task delivered by their superiors.

    He suddenly took a pistol from his waist, aimed at Xu Le's brows. He looked at the cymbal coldly, "Give you three seconds. One, two ..."

    Colonel Lake said very naturally and his movements were natural. Everyone thought that he would shoot at the next moment. The faces of those soldiers in East Forest native in the makeshift camp were shocked.

    Xu Le's body shivered at last, but when Colonel Lake's third spoken out, he still looked at the front silently. His eyes filled with coyness and persistence. It seemed that he was not afraid of this black hole at all barrel.

    ... ...

    Colonel lake's pupils contracted slightly, and he looked at the boy again seriously. He already had enough information about Goal 2. However, when he faced him today, he found that all the information and materials were insufficient. Few 17-year-olds can face the violent intimidation of the army. The death threat remains so persistent, but the young man in front of him has resisted it.

    Blake looked down at Xu Le's trembling legs and said indifferently, "I know you're scared. But why do you still refuse to speak since you are so scared?"

    At this time Xu Le said the first sentence after his arrest. He spits a bloody spit and said fiercely, "As a federal citizen, I have an obligation to cooperate with the military, but it does not mean an obligation to accept extorting a confession by torture! "

    I heard Colonel Lake's expression change slightly when he heard this humbling sentence. There was a hint of complex emotion in his eyes. It seemed that he didn't even think that this boy was so stingy only for one simple reason.

    Although the truth in this world is simple, how many can persist at gunpoint? Lake was silent for a few seconds. He waved his hand and drove all the soldiers out of the makeshift camp. In the quiet room, there was only him standing, and Xu Le, half-knelt on the ground.

    After a heartbreaking silence, Lake slowly said, "Xu Le, 17 years old, an apprentice repair shop in the fourth block, goal 2 ... I know you well, maybe even better than you. I know what kind of person you are. you don’t want to follow those orphans in the street, because you feel that bullying the weak is wrong. You have a good reputation in Bell Tower Street and Xianglan Avenue. Everyone thinks you are a kind person. "

    "It's just that I didn't expect that you little guy is still so persistent." Colonel Lake said with a smile. "Facing unfair rough treatment, which is not in accordance with the procedure, even if the barrel is against your head, you are unwilling to cooperate. Such stubborn and serious characters are rare in this world. "

    "In the face of wrong things, many people are willing to persist in resistance." Xu Le said with his head down.

    Colonel Lake patted his hands gently, mockingly saying, "But the problem is what is wrong? If you think our approach is illegal, then I can tell you the truth about this matter. I hope you, the law-abiding citizen, can come to your conclusions and see if you need to cooperate with our actions and explain the whereabouts of Feng Yu. "

    Xu Le bowed his head silently. He could guess where Feng Yu was hiding. No one knew about the secret of the pit except the two of them. In the past two years, the two of them have gone to mine very rarely. Even if the military monitors it a few months in advance, they may miss it. The most important thing is that over the years hunting and killing bison over electronic fences, Xu Le guessed that the blue light shielding device in Feng Yu's hands might be able to temporarily avoid the ubiquitous electronic monitoring.

    It was also because Xu Le was thinking that the truth that Colonel Lake was telling at this time did not shock him too much. Instead, he fell into another meditation.

    "He is a traitor to the commonwealth. He is a thug who killed more than 10,000 soldiers under his hands. In this case, you still have to cling to our means illegal?" Colonel Lake mocked and looked at Xu Le, using the tone and expression kept pounding the heart of the teenager.

    "I don't believe it." Xu Le suddenly said after a long silence, "If he is spy collusion with the empire, why should he hide in East Forest District instead of the empire? You also know that he seems to have this ability. "

    Colonel Lake was silent because he knew that the boy easily and simply pointed out the only loophole in the matter, which was the loophole he asked himself on the spacecraft.

    Xu Le suddenly raised his head and said earnestly, "The court didn't pronounce the result. Now he is innocent, so I don't believe it."

    Xu Le believes in Feng Yu just because he believes it. A person who has been with him together for four years is more trustworthy than these murderous soldiers. But even so, Xu Le's eyes flashed a strong unease in the glory of the Federal Charter.

    Colonel Lake noticed the emotional changes in his eyes and asked calmly, "Of course he needs to be tried in court, but the problem is that he is a fugitive. If we don't catch him, how can we bring him to justice? So, no matter it is for the payment for the life of the dead or the fairness of the law ... I all need your help. "

    He originally thought that his words had been able to destroy the young man's strong mental support, although he didn't understand why the young man was so committed to the ghosts of procedural justice. However, Xu Le's next words disappointed him completely.

    "You didn't come to arrest him. I believe you didn't even bring one arrest warrant." Xu Le looked at the colonel. His eyes narrowed, but a sense of perseverance leaked out! 

    "Even if you are soldiers, you can't kill without trial. So please forgive me, I can't tell his whereabouts unless you can ensure his safety."

    Colonel lake followed Xu Le's gaze to the light spots on the light curtain and said after a moment of silence, "How do you know we are here to kill, not to catch?"

    This sentence is regarded as Xu Le's inference. Xu Le sat on the ground and lowered his head and said, "Those blue light spots are mechs. The B4 burst has always had only one role. That is, sniping without a back road ... Since you only want to kill him, why should I help you?"

    "I remember, you have already signed up for the non-commissioned officer's examination of the Ministry of National Defense, but you're studying mechanical repair. How can you recognize the B4 burst formation?" Colonel Lake walked to Xu Le and lowered his head coldly. “It seems I can be sure that you are a student of Yu Feng, and you will be put in jail on charges of treason in association with treason. "

    "Believe me, in your remaining life, you can only look up at the starry sky and the warships above the sky." Colonel Lake walked outside, and said to the soldiers outside, "Keep asking."

    The sound of sizzling electric currents and the sound of fisting sounded in the room. Colonel Lake lit a cigarette and contacted the Charter Bureau of the Capital Star Circle. After reconfirming the general scope of Target 1, he issued a chase order. At this moment he felt a little secure, as long as the mechanic was still within the federal scope, he would be sure to find him and kill him.

    Indoors, Xu Le was knocked to the ground by two soldiers. His hair was scattered, and he was covered by his blood. No one noticed that his arms tied behind him were trembling. The spread-out fingers gradually became strong and were forming a fist.
  • 020- If you have a fist, fight back

    The boss was injured. Xu Le began to feel uneasy after hearing this sentence. Then, an ominous feeling came into his mind, just as he had at the gate of the State University more than two years ago.

    If the military can find the boss because of the electric shock stick, now Li Wei and the group of orphans are afraid that they have also been controlled. He knows Li Wei's character very well. Li Wei would never betray him as a good friend unless he was forced. Is Li Wei okay now?

    Human rights? What are human rights? Is it a pain in the body, or are these soldiers' hard fists and harder leather boots? Xu Le did not have any resentment. Although he has always believed in the existence of justice in the world in his seventeen years of life, he is even more clear that if the boss has committed treason, as the previous colonel said. In the operation of arresting him, all laws and regulations and personal powers will only be covered by the anger of the entire Federation and will be trampled under leather boots.

    He is a persistent young man, but he is not a student full of nihilistic words in his mind. He will not expect that he will have the right to hire a lawyer at this time. Instead, he understands the behavior of these soldiers. This understanding does not mean that he is without anger. But even if he was angry, he would not look at the soldier who beat him like a wolf cub. Because that emotion would only bring more pain. He just lowered his head quietly and endured.

    In peace, it is mixed with great bitterness and anxiety. Is the boss a treason soldier? Treason and army desertion are two completely different concepts. Although Xu Le believes that Feng Yu is not a demon who can kill the innocent without a blink, the anger of these soldiers in front of him still makes him a little confused.

    I'm going to meet Feng Yu and ask him face to face. If all this is a big grievance, then I will help him. If all this is true ... Heavy boxing hits Xu Le's left gill, bloody. When it came out, the gums began to loosen, and the pain prevented him from thinking a little.

    The soldier with the inverted triangular eyes took a breath and slumped to Xu Le who is like a dead fish. He walked to the side of the camp and picked up a bottle of water and drank some water. He really didn't expect that this thin-skinned boy could be so resistant. Not only because he was determined, but also because he never asked for mercy and didn't confess. The most amazing thing was that under such a severe blow, the boy had not fainted. 

    The last fist hit on the left cheek of the boy. It was strong enough to knock down half a row of teeth according to that strength, but the soldier's hand that was a little painful for the backlash.
    Xu Le moved his neck and wiped the blood on the left arm of his eyelashes on his left arm, so as not to affect his vision. He squinted at everything in the room, looking for the possibility of getting out. After the colonel wearing sunglasses went out, there were only three people left in the room. At this time, there was only one left.

    If Xu Le wants to escape, he must first get rid of the plastic rope tied to his wrist ... When Xu Le was just tortured, he had tried it secretly and found that it was not particularly difficult. He didn't understand why should the military use such things as a substitute for handcuffs. The second thing was that he had to get into the window behind the side before the soldier in the room found it.

    Through the window, Xu Le can see the crystal screen billboard in the distance. Xu Le, who is so familiar with this area, already knew that this temporary camp was somewhere outside the fourth block. He knew better that by drilling through that window and running across the grass outside the camp, there would be an uncovered sewer entrance.

    The key to everything is time. Xu Le did not dare to expect that when he drilled the window there was no noise at all. At this time, all around the room were heavily armed troops. Although not many people noticed over the window, Xu Le only had four seconds from the time the soldier discovered the abnormal to the time that he entered the entrance of the sewer. If he took a long time, bullets will cover the entire area.

    This is very risky. Even so, Xu Le never thought of knocking down the soldier indoors in exchange for more time. The soldiers who appear today are the elite special forces in the East Forest Police Force, which is easy to be found from the military uniform and equipment. Xu Le is very aware of the terrifying strength and killing skills of the soldiers of the special forces.

    After a series of analysis and thinking, it took only a short time. The soldier with an inverted triangle eye was still drinking water, leaving Xu Le with his back. He must seize this opportunity.

    ... ...

    The familiar tremor follows familiar channels and runs in the muscles of Xu Le ’s chest and upper arm. The teenager ’s body feels slightly warm. The upper body trembles like a weird ripple, which is gradually transmitted to his wrist. Then it turns into an extremely concentrated force!

    With a crackling sound, the plastic rope on Xu Le's wrist broke off!

    He got up from the ground at the fastest speed, supported his hands. He stood on the spot, but didn't run towards the window!

    His eyes were full of despair, staring at the special soldier who turned back. Xu Le said nothing.

    His despair was because he misjudged one thing. When he broke the plastic rope, the rope made a crisp sound. The special forces who were drinking water turned around alertly. At this time, if Xu Le wants to drill out that window again, even if he is not shot by the soldier, it is impossible to get four seconds.

    After the soldier with a pair of inverted triangle eyes turned around, he did not move. He just opened his mouth and looked at the boy standing on the ground. The bottle in his hand was dripping on his boots as if he was shocked by the scene in front of him. He didn't seem to understand how this young man who had been beaten before could stand in front of him!

    It all happened in a short time. There was a look of doubt in the soldier's inverted triangle, and he subconsciously pounced towards Xu Le. He kneeled towards Xu Le's chin and smashed his elbow against Xu Le's neck. It is the military's extremely sharp skills.

    Xu Le, who had been desperate, looked at the soldier who was rushing like a tiger. But his eyes suddenly turned bright, like a traveler who was thirsty in the desert for many days and suddenly saw the familiar green forest.

    Xu Le is not familiar with the movement of this soldier, but Xu Le is very familiar with this feeling! Feeling the breeze coming from his face, he separated his legs and squatted casually and naturally. He made his body sideways and rolled both hands out. His left hand clenched into a fist and his right palm with five fingers closed together. 

    This action is extremely natural and accurate, just like eating chopsticks for dinner every day. No one would think that using chopsticks holding a peanut is a great thing.

    Right in the next moment.

    With a squeaking noise, Xu Le's left fist slammed into the soldier's armpit severely. His right hand and the palm of his hand, however, severely struck the soldier's throat.

    Xu Le didn't know why he wanted to fight back with this posture, but his body seemed to be out of his control. According to a certain instinct, there was no such thing as pureness, and he stepped on the previous step very quickly and stood with his thigh. On the other side's yin, his left fist drew a curve, bypassing the other's arm, and hit the soldier's temple.

    The middle finger of the fist slightly protrudes. The knuckles are reddish, just like a peanut.
  • 021- Four minutes and twelve seconds

    The disgusting inverted triangle eye was closed in the air, and the special soldier who suffered Xu Le's three-round combo did not hum and passed out. If it weren't for this person's excellent ability to resist against the fight, he would have been dead since his throat and temple were knocked by Xu Le's middle finger. But even so, the soldier still had a broken throat and was seriously injured.

    Xu Le didn't have time to hesitate. He hugged the special soldier's body for the first time to prevent the sound of landing and then ran to the window at the fastest speed-at this time he believed that he could win four seconds. Like a raccoon cat, he landed on the concrete floor outside the window. Then he bowed his body, passed through the green grass very quickly, and got into the sewer in the distance.

    No expected gunshots. Even no one noticed this scene.

    Xu Le, who fortunately escaped from the encirclement of the special forces, began to run in the sewers. Although he has kept a distance from the orphans of Li Wei for more than ten years, he is also a character who had a tough childhood. No one in the city is more familiar with the underground waterways than them which are used to evade police.

    The vast sewer was extremely dim, but it could not stop him. Fast footsteps echoed in the air full of odor and moisture, and gradually spread to the distance.

    Xu Le, who was running wildly, was sweating cold. The pain in the wounds did not affect his speed. However, his mind was still chaotic and he was not clear what was going on.

    Do I stun a special soldier just now? The stink wind hit his face. It was not so clear. Xu Le couldn't believe the previous scene. Why did his body pose like that instinctively?  Why did that posture just right break into the attack range of that special soldier?

    Like the chip and the base, Xu Le instinctively stretched out his hand, but just avoided the attack of the opponent, and struck the opponent's key point sharply. His instinctual response in that extremely short time. That weird posture was equivalent to letting the special soldier send all his vitals to his fists.

    That weird posture is naturally that he was forced to practice the "rough" dance for four years by Feng Yu.

    Two years ago, he secretly guessed whether this blunt dance would be a certain combat technique in the army, and today he has got proof to a certain degree. But he has only studied for four years. Can it be so easy to knock down a special soldier?

    He ran on the platform of the sewer, stepping on a pool of dirty water on his toes, and the sound of a crackle stunned Xu Le from this blank emotion. The facts have already happened. He doesn't need to think more. What he has to do at this time is to find Feng Yu as soon as possible.

    Accomplices in treason? He escaped from the custody of those soldiers and probably could no longer wash the charge off. Xu Le ran swiftly, wiping away blood or tears from his face. He knew that once he was convicted by the Federation, in the glory of Charter One, unless he can find a pirate ship on the black market and flee to Bermuda, he would be arrested and sent to prison.

    How could Feng Yu hide in the Federation for more than a decade? Although East Forest District is very far away from the star circle of the capital, but ... Doubt in his heart is fleeting, and then Xu Le's mood is cold again. Even if he has the great ability to escape to Bermuda to the refugees, in this lifetime he can never set foot on the land of the Federation. His parents worked for the Federation for a lifetime until their death, and his little sister, Xian Yi, was buried in East Forest ...

    He was a man who wanted to live a good life. He just signed up for the non-commissioned officer's examination of the Ministry of National Defense. He just saw the light to go to Capital Star to open up his horizons and change his life.

    Xu Le doesn't know whether it's because the running speed is too fast that his heart is a little painful and sore. He lowered his head, continued to run, and then raised his head again without stopping.

    He is a teenager, a good-natured teenager who obeys the law and discipline. If Feng Yu is a treacherous criminal, he may come and tell those people where Feng Yu is hiding. However, he believes his boss and teacher. More importantly, he knows that soldiers from the Federation today and those from East Forest Police District are not here to arrest Feng Yu at all, but to kill him!

    My parents and sister died in the mine disaster. Did all officials pay for it? There are too many injustices in this world. The stubborn boy insisted that he should insist on certain things. Even a fugitive such as a mechanic Feng Yu, he also insisted on the federal or the law and must give him a chance to speak. An opportunity to speak for yourself!

    At the end of the sewer is a dark tunnel, and under the stratum of the capital of West River Prefecture, it has been excavated for many years into an extremely complicated tunnel network. In today's gradual silence, if you are not familiar with the underground passage, you will never imagine that the hidden exit of the sewer directly connects the abandoned mines in the suburbs of the city.

    Xu Le panted and climbed the old minecart on the tunnel. With the dim reflection, he looked at the time on the watch and secretly prayed in his heart.

    He didn't know how fast the information was transmitted between the stars, and he didn't know his specific coordinates were checked by the electronic monitoring network and how long it took for those soldiers to get them. He must grab the direction of the seekers within this period, and find the injured boss, otherwise, he would lead the army to find the boss!

    This is a race against time, more precisely, it is a speed test against the glory of Charter 1. When the mining cart walked towards the deep distance, Xu Le, who was lying in it, finally understood the words that the boss had said that year. He understood why he hated Charter One the most.


    "Target 2's information tracking has already been filed, and the Charter Bureau's feedback time needs ..." Colonel Lake raised his wrist and frowned at the time. "four minutes and twelve seconds."

    Then he shouted to the special forces around him: "Four minutes and twelve seconds! Find him! Find the mechanic!"

    After yelling, he took off his sunglasses and silently looked back at the plastic wire that had been cut into two pieces in the room and the special soldier being rescued for a long time. Letting go of goal 2 is also one of the backup plans, but he hasn't made up his mind to implement this plan. But the teenager gave him a big surprise.

    The 17-year-old boy, who was able to break the military's high-strength plastic, was too incredible. How did he make it? Colonel Lake's face gradually calmed, but the sunglasses in his hand gradually changed shape.

  • 022-Meet once again

    Compared to breaking the high-strength plastic, the coma of the special soldier did not surprise Colonel Lake. A teenager with such a powerful explosive power is beyond the resistant of a special soldier. In this life of Colonel Lake, he has only encountered such kind of people a few times.

    As soon as he thought of this, Colonel Lake had developed a strong curiosity and murderous intention for the mechanic. Yu Feng, the shame of this army. The teenager is so strong. How strong will the mechanic be? However, his confidence has not been shaken in the slightest. Just like Xu Le has always insisted, Colonel Lake does not care about the strength of the target's force at all. He believes that no matter how powerful the target is, it is still unbearable when facing the powerful weapons and equipment of the Federal Army.

    Throwing the sunglasses to the footsteps, the colonel walked to the front of the temporary camp to direct the light curtain, silently watching the flashing green dots on the light curtain and two different color areas, the red and blue areas represent the possible hiding place of target 1 and target 2. Because the positioning has a time delay, so the color can only spread gradually.

    With the constant return of the command signal of the Capital Star Circle, the red and blue areas on the light screen are gradually shrinking. Colonel Lake watched this silent but thrilling process coldly, waiting for the moment when the two areas on the light curtain finally assembled into a fixed point.

    Four minutes and twelve seconds? Colonel Lake's pupils suddenly shrank, knowing that he had made an extremely stupid mistake. The information between East Forest and the Capital Star Circle was determined to be a round-trip process. If he wants to locate target 1 or target 2 ...... It takes more than eight minutes!

    His face was extremely gloomy, but he didn't say anything to his subordinates. He just felt extremely embarrassed. Lake thought of the firework mistakes made by the Fourth Military District when it first came to the East Forest Region many years ago. At that time, the mistake caused the Fourth Military Region to be directly transferred from East Forest to the primitive and backward place in West Forest. Today, I made another mistake. Does it represent an ominous omen?

    If there is military staff or intelligence personnel around, this stupid mistake will not be made. But the problem is that Colonel Lake is a front-line fighter, and for the confidentiality of this operation, the staff headquarters has not been organized following the procedure.

    "We have to hurry up a little bit more time." Colonel Lake stared at the two gradually approaching color areas on the light curtain. He thought in his heart that as long as the two-color areas overlap the deepest, it is roughly where the targets 1 and 2 meet. 

    "Once positioned, inform me ... the crew is ready for action." Colonel Lake handed over the work of the temporary camp to the East Forest Guard's combatants. He notified the team members hidden in the city in a shoulder-mounted communicator. Lake took aboard in an armored military vehicle and drove into the city of West River in the twilight.


    Xu Le ran off the minecart with a rolling belt and did not notice the black water in the tunnel. He found the steel ladder and climbed up desperately. He had to save all the time. Climbing to the top, he smashed the lid open, then climbed out. He raised his elbow very skillfully and pushed the extremely large power switch up. A bright light illuminated the entire room.

    Xu Le had stayed in the pit operation room for four years. He opened the dust door of the room and walked through it. He came to the living room. Then he saw a familiar person leaning on the sofa in a familiar posture.

    The owner of the repair shop, Feng Yu, was lazily trapped in the soft sofa as if he had no bones. The sterling silver lighter in his hand had just gone out, and there seemed to be a smell of kerosene in the air. The cigarette in his dry lips had just ignited, and his cigarette was bright red before he could release smoke.

    A fugitive thief in flight flees greeted his closest hired workers and apprentices in this city with a heartbreaking sense of security in his absurdity.

    With sweat and blood on his face, Xu Le stared at him, watching the miserable wound on Feng Yu’s thigh. Without waiting for his breath to calm down, Xu Le asked, "How long do we have?"

    Feng Yu raised his eyelids weakly, glanced at the little guy who had been with him for four years. Feng Yu smiled slightly and said, "The electronic monitor found the orientation of the chip, and passed it back to the Capital Star Charter Bureau and then accurately positioned it. The execution force here needs at least eight minutes and twenty-four seconds. You came by a minecart and the speed is good, but the positioning system has been following you for about six minutes and you will be able to find your mark through the launch line. Come down, you probably have more than three minutes to talk to me. "

    "I didn't expect you to be able to run out." Feng Yu's pale face was full of pride. "It seems that even if I teach you something casually, which is better than the waste of the Ministry of Defense ... But I didn't expect that you dared to run out and still come to me. "

    The two of them knew each other well that Xu Le's courage to escape from the control of the army was tantamount to putting himself on the opposite side of the Federation. Xu Le would have to pay an extremely heavy price for this. But Feng Yu's face was still not touched, and some were just calm.

    "Three minutes can't be used for chatting. After all, I'm not ready to listen to your last words." Xu Le rolled down a few green military weight belts from under the sofa and was ready to pack Feng Yu, "I carried you on my back and I will run quickly. "

    Feng Yu had no interest in being a pack. He patted Xu Le's hand gently, and a pang of guilty guilt flashed in his eyes. Feng Yu said, "We can't run away. I originally thought that if you didn't come, you would at most be charged with detention for a few days. After all, the federal government is not the savages of the empire who can do everything so brutal. "

    "I know you can shield electronic surveillance." Xu Le looked at the boss' face with an unwillingness and even angrily, and said, "You haven't tried it. How can you know if we can't escape?"

    "Because I have escaped for more than ten years." Feng Yu coughed twice and smiled. He took the gadget out of her arms and shoved it into the pocket of Xu Le's shirt. Feng Yu said, "The thing you said can only keep the shielding ability for half an hour. It can't be used forever. What should we do after half an hour? West River Prefecture is not large in total. Compared with fleeing in vain, it is better to spend these minutes well. "

    Xu Le held his hand stiff in the air with a military weight belt. He looked at Feng Yu's face and gritted his teeth. "You can hide it for more than ten years, why can't you continue hiding?"

    Feng Yu didn't answer the most critical question. He looked at the boy with a smile and asked, "In your personality, it seems that you have forgotten to ask me something."

    Xu Le asked his head lowered and asked, "What happened to the explosion on the battlefield that year? Are you the spy of the empire?"

    He asked very directly, and Feng Yu answered very directly. Feng Yu took a sip of smoke and said lazily, "Of course. No."

  • 023- The boss's big secret and small bracelet

    "What happened that year?" It was just a moment of fuss, Xu Le no longer suspected anything. It had nothing to do with blind faith. The current tension did not allow him to consider more questions at all. Without waiting for Feng Yu's answer, he directly tied the other person with a weight belt, and then took out the small tool in his jacket pocket and activated the switch.

    The light blue light emanated from the metal tool, covering a certain range around it. It wraps Xu Le and Feng Yu's bodies.

    Feng Yu was choked by a couple of cigarettes and coughed hardly. He did not expect that this elementary school apprentice was so persistent, and had such a strong determination and execution. He threw away the cigarette that had burned in half and lay weakly on the boy's slightly thin shoulders. He muttered dissatisfiedly, "Damn, what if I don't want to run away?"

    Xu Le did not answer his sentence but went straight down the back door of the operation room. He entered the pit and climbed into the old mine cart. He believes that with the help of strange tools glowing with blue light electronic surveillance networks throughout the federal society will also temporarily lose their trace. In half an hour, they can disappear further afield and they will surely surprise those soldiers who hunt their bosses.

    As if guessing what he was thinking, Feng Yu laughed behind him and said, "How are you going to escape after half an hour? I have taught you before, this is like the connection on the circuit board, you always have to design the exit of the current before the first step can be done. If we are only like rats on this planet, we will only have at most another 30 minutes. It’s meaningless. "

    "Even if you have to say last words, thirty minutes is better than three minutes!" Perhaps Feng Yu's scornful attitude of facing death angered Xu Le. Xu Le lowered his head and cursed: "I know you haven't told me all the truth. You must have some methods since you can stay in the federal territory and escape from the Charter One for so many years. There must be a way to do it. I can only find a way to send you to the airport and escape. As for other things, think of it yourself. "

    "What a stupid little guy ... or you underestimated my fierce name in the federation." Feng Yu's lips slightly tilted: "I can assure you that before the federal catch me or kills me no aircraft can take off in the East Forest region. "

    Feng Yu’s words are convincing. Xu Le fell into silence. From the previous momentum of special forces, he could also infer these things. But he still kept hope in his heart, unwilling to despair ... even if they had fallen into desperation now.

    In the dark pit, only the sound between the minecart and the railroad track was sounding.

    "I know you're curious about how I can escape for so many years ... In the history of a criminal as vicious as me, some of them escaped to Bermuda, some may have escaped to the empire these years ... The longest record to survive in the federation is just nine days. "

    "Yes, I can forge the chip, which is like a leash on the back of my neck."

    In the desperate silence, Feng Yu's voice is still so indifferent, except when referring to the words chip and dog chain. Feng Yu naturally showed strong ridicule and disdain: "This may be the reason why the computer in the Chapter Bureau pays so much attention to me. This is my secret."

    Xu Le's hand holding the front bezel of the mine car suddenly tightened and became very nervous.

    What happened in the distant capital was spoken out by Feng Yu. The central computer of the Charter Bureau gave the mechanic the first grade without hesitation. However, the big names in the upper levels of the federal government still don’t know the real reason, including the old director in the Chapter Bureau. Strangely enough, the central computer seemed to be stuck with some established program and did not issue this alarming warning.

    This is Feng Yu's secret. It is surely a big secret.

    There is a saying in the ancient times of the Federation: If you know the knowledge you want to know in the early morning, then when the twilight comes, you can still have a contented heart even if you die. At this time, Xu Le felt like this. Xu Le had been dripping for several hours and had been under intense exercise and intense fear. His lips were abnormally dry. At this time, his mouth was drier. In large part, it’s because he heard the boss's biggest secret.

    "The first Charter itself is not a problem. The privacy of normal citizens has always been protected at the highest level. At least this society does not have so many crimes, and this society with a widening gap between the rich and the poor do not have much apparent injustice."

    In addition to endless shock, Xu Le's education and the historical outlook formed independently made Xu Le can't help defending Charter 1 subconsciously. Especially when he heard the boss equated the chip behind his neck with a leash, his heart became strongly resistant.

    "I never deny this." Feng Yu's tone was faint. Perhaps he knew that in the federal society, it was difficult to find supporters. Even his apprentice who fled with him at this time were unwilling to agree with him.  "But the problem is that the central computer is still just a computer. It is a tool, and the tool ... is always used by humans. Once one day, someone can control the icy machine in the Charter Bureau. Who knows what that person will do with this tool? "

    Xu Le didn't understand it very well, but he could feel that he was in an infinitely dark tunnel. He never seemed to see a bright way out in front of him. He felt cold for no reason. The chip was planted on the back of his neck. He began chestnuts densely.

    Maybe he wanted to drive away from the cold feeling in his heart, Xu Le asked with a dumb voice: "Since this is the case, you must have spare camouflage chips. You were able to escape the federal wanted again if you install them. Why don't you use them?"

    Feng Yu's gray hair is not obvious in the dark, but it still made Xu Le a little sad. Feng Yu touched his hair and said solemnly: "Because I hurt my leg, I think the Federation must not miss the opportunity to collect my blood sample. "

    "Aren't you an excellent mechanic? You killed tens of thousands of people that year, how could you be stared at by the police and injured?" Xu Le said. It’s more likely a way to make himself easier rather than a question.

    "Because I'm old."

    Feng Yu's simple answer made Xu Le dumb and immediately fell into a deep feeling of self-blame. The teenager knew that the Federal Army must have found this place through the electric baton and found Feng Yu.

    "This is a matter of luck, it has nothing to do with you." Feng Yu knew what the teenager was thinking. Although he didn't know how the Charter Bureau found himself again, his mind was much stronger than the average person. He easily inferred that the process must be extremely ridiculous and full of countless accidents.

    "Instead, it should be that I'm dragging you down, so I give you something." Feng Yu sighed. He put something on Xu Le's wrist and took off his watch, "This watch will be sent to me as a souvenir. "

    Xu Le used the extremely dim light in the tunnel to see clearly that the icy thing on his wrist was a bracelet with a faint metallic glow. He didn't know what material it was made of.

  • 024- Stars change

    "what’s this?"

    The speed of the ore car's taxiing in the tunnel gradually decreased, and the sound of the ore car gradually flattened. It makes the tremor of Xu Le's voice particularly noticeable. The teenager's steady hand was shaking, and he touched the smooth bracelet on his left wrist. He faintly guessed something but couldn't believe it.

    But Feng Yu did not answer.

    Suddenly, the metal bracelet with a thickness of 0.7cm slides like the flowing mercury with the touch of Xu Le's fingertips!

    The metal surface highlights extremely fine lines and then cracks along the lines. It exposed the extremely complicated and delicate structure inside the bracelet. In the hollow cavity of the bracelet, three metal wires as thin as hair are strung with unclear numbers of shimmering metal particles.

    It’s like the starlight drawn in lines in surreal oil paintings, which strung all those dazzling stars.

    By the dim light in the pit, Xu Le's small eyes were staring round. He was staring at his wrist without blinking as if he saw a fairy or monster that does not exist in the world. Those metal wires are too thin, and the vibration of the mine car is too great. Xu Le is very worried that these wires will be broken at any time. Those shimmering metal particles are too small, and the small ones seem to have no trace of weight. They seem may be blown away by the distant wind in the pit at any time, and they can no longer trace the slightest trace.

    In the eyes of ordinary people, these metal wires and small shiny metal particles may just be very delicate and fragile handicrafts, but Xu Le followed Feng Yu to study mechanic repair for four years and has a share of all the human-machine civilization. With the born sensitivity, he could tell at a glance that these metal particles should not be able to see the surface of the metal particles. Something made his heartbeat.

    That’s the flow of the artwork. It’s a wonderfully arranged array of cores. Although Xu Le doesn’t know how these things are combined in such a small area and how they work, it was simply linked to the secret that Feng Yu had previously said.

    Disguised chips? A camouflage chip that can pass all the monitoring and detection under the glory of Charter One!

    Xu Le's neck became cold again because he knew that a similar chip was hidden in the depths of his cervical spine. The identity chip had been with him for seventeen years. More precisely, every citizen of the Federation has such a chip in his body ... and for many years, no one has ever been able to imitate such a chip. No one has even dared to try to remove the chip unless he decides to flee to another country and never return to the Federation in all the lifetime.

    At this time, the young man's wrist bracelet is hiding a chip that can be perfectly disguised! What kind of meaning does this represent? Under the strong emotional shock, Xu Le can't figure it out clearly. But he only knows one point, a chip represents a brand-new life. He also thought of the words that the boss said before. Those who can design the disguised chip and put it into practice will receive the highest honor of federal science, the Nebula Award.

    Of course, if a scientist in the Federation develops such a thing, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment by the federal government before he wins the Nebula Award. However, Xu Le is still shocked. What kind of knowledge and strength is needed to compete with the glorious charter of federal civilization?

    He looked back at Feng Yu's tired and old face suddenly. He opened his mouth for a long time, but could not speak. He had never been so shaken in his life, except perhaps the loud noise of 12 years ago.

    It was this shock that made Xu Le ignore the other convincing process of the bracelet. The fingerprint authentication and opening were completed at one moment. This is not a particularly difficult thing in itself, but quickly completing it on such a thick metal bracelet also illustrates a lot of things.


    "I said, this is a gift I gave you." Feng Yu seemed not to know what kind of uproar the bracelet he threw to Xu Le would cause if it appeared in the federal society. He said: "If you don't want to be captured in prison and closed for a few years. Find some time and space. Take out the chip in your neck and replace it with one in the bracelet. The identity information and operation method are in the light curtain. You need to learn by yourself... It shouldn't be difficult for you. "

    At this point, the minecart had stopped at the intersection of a certain roadway in the mine. Xu Le's trembling fingers restored the bracelet to its original position and subconsciously wanted to throw the bracelet away or return it to Feng Yu. However, He only realized that the bracelet could not be thrown away, it was round and integrated. He could not find any gap that could be pulled apart, just like he wore from childhood to age.

    "You ... you ... you use it, otherwise ... you will ... die, you can ... use it." Xu Le looked at the boss's gray hair. It was not until today that Xu Le knew how mysterious and unfathomable the boss is. He could not help but stutter, "I’m ... at most for a few years ... you are going to die."

    "Stupid guy, I already said the reason." Feng Yu looked at the youthful face with no expression, and said, "This thing can only be used by one person, don't ask me why. In the future, you should not try to use these chips to save the lives of other people. Go ... Change your identity. Go to the Capital Star Circle. Live a whole new life, and use another method to realize your life ideal. "

    Another identity? Another life? Xu Le suddenly stayed. The boss said that the real cold metal touch on his wrist reminded him that the life that he thought was in despair suddenly opened another door to himself. But behind that door ... is his ideal life?

    Hey, what about the boss?

    "I gave you a little gift, and I want to give you a few words." Feng Yu stared blankly at his eyes and said, "After you go to the Capital Circle, these words may be useful to you. "

    Xu Le was still in shock. He just listened subconsciously.

    "Your double eyebrows are like a knife. They are too straight and right. This is not good. It will avoid your horizons to stay open and hurt your soul. If you can change it, just change it."

    "There is no creator between the stars, and there is no glory to worship. The most dangerous place is the safest place, but this sentence can only be believed three times."

    "Forget me after today. These four years should be pulled down and buried. Don't expect to look for fairness and remuneration, let alone boring things like revenge. I am not your dad, and I have not treated you well. Just keep away from those in your life, those who eat your meat but advocate vegetarianism. "

    "I know you're curious about the explosion in the war and my charges. You want me to be innocent, but I can't say that I'm innocent. But I can tell you that it won't take long before you may know what the explosion looked like. "

    "My words are over." Feng Yu's white hair suddenly seemed dazzling in the dark pit. His true age was finally revealed. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket and ignited it. He took a beautifully and took a sip to Xu Le's face. I took a sip and continued, "It's almost time, they're almost there, and you can roll away."

    Xu Le kept listening to Feng Yu. He always felt that there was a sadness deep in his heart that was constantly rising. The pain in his head was extremely painful. His voice was hoarse as if praying, "You must be alive."

    "Of course, I'm alive. I will always be alive." Feng Yu's face suddenly showed an extremely proud look. He looked at the bracelet on Xu Le's wrist, and said, "Does it need you to tell me?"

    After saying this, Feng Yu, the federal treason thief and an ordinary mechanic in East Forest District, kicked Xu Le. He kicked the silly teenager into the sewer beside the tunnel.
  • 025-His body is shaking

    There is not much sewage in the sewer, which is difficult to be turbulent, let alone to be oceanic. However, this channel is the largest drop in the sewer system of West River Prefecture. Under the impact of sewage mixed with garbage rotten leaf plastic bags, Xu Le's thin body couldn't maintain balance at all. He could only desperately and sadly walked down the water, watching the boss quietly turn around on the waterside, leaving to himself the last unspeakable back.

    Suddenly floating and sinking, the stinky water sank Xu Le to the bottom and turned his body around the waves. He didn't know how long he drifted, how much spit he ate. He finally came to a place where the water was gradually flattening. Xu Le seized this rare opportunity, struggling with his right hand. He grabbed a protruding rusty handle on the cement wall and suspended half of his body in the sewage. He breathed for a moment, and the familiar tremor in his body reappeared. The tremor passed to his arms, making his body suddenly hot. But his body feels suddenly light ...

    Like a raccoon cat, Xu Le's thin body turned a beautiful turn in the air. He climbed out of the slow water. He lay on the concrete floor and kept breathing. His sweat, blood, and sewage mixed. They wet his whole body and gave off a foul smell.

    He poked his forefinger into his throat and spit out. He spit out a large amount of sewage, then Xu Le's spirit felt better. He confirmed that the cold metal bracelet on his wrist was still there, and the pocket used to shield the federal electronic surveillance. The equipment is still there. He no longer stays where he is. After looking around, he climbs up the fastest way along the nearest upward channel.

    Feng Yu kicked him off the sewage, and the sewage washed him here. The distance between the two people is already uncountable. Xu Le certainly understood the meaning of the boss, but he was still a little unwilling to give up. He always felt that the boss was not such a person who gave up easily. He crawled to the ground desperately and got out of the manhole. The exit of the manhole cover is just on high ground on the outskirts of the capital of West River Prefecture. Standing high, Xu Le can see the scene within a few kilometers around.

    Xu Le vigorously distinguished the surroundings but found that in vain, the troops who searched for themselves should have extremely powerful concealment capabilities. With a forest coverage rate of up to 70% on the outskirts of the capital, it’s extremely difficult for Xu Le to find the traces of the troops with the naked eye. 

    Xu Le was not reconciled. He continued to climb towards the top of the tree on the hill. Although he knew that if he stayed longer, he was afraid that he would be positioned by electronic surveillance. 

    The moment he stepped on the tip of the big tree on his toes, he saw what he wanted to see. Even more, he saw what he didn't want to see. His sights fell on the mountain and forest somewhere between this place and the pit for a long time. His face was pale. His lips were shaking and his eyes were filled with despair.

    "Boss, you said you would always be alive. It turns out that you are still lying to me ... just like in these years." The eyes of the teenager gradually became wet. Because he knew that in the next moment, he might forever lose his boss who is also a teacher and friend.

    In the distant mountains, he saw the figure of Feng Yu, and he saw one, two, three, four ... seven ... eleven ... mechs!


    In the temporary camp outside the fourth block, the two-color blocks on the light curtain overlap. One of the colors has been successfully condensed into a specific coordinate position and turned into a light spot. 

    The East Forest Police District Officer, who was responsible for receiving the signal from the Capital Star Charter Bureau, transmitted the coordinate position of Target 1 to the hands of all the personnel for the first time.

    After a long, non-nutritive conversation with Xu Le, the mechanic Feng Yu finally “successfully” exposed his tracks under the eyes of the Federal Army. Hundreds of special elite soldiers who have been following the fuzzy color blocks for tracking, as well as the Fourth Military Region Mech Team. They came from the far west to take charge of this task, rushing towards the valley at the fastest speed.

    Special forces soldiers in camouflage are still sneaking in the mountains and forests. But the mechs that secretly landed from the West Forest commercial spacecraft to the airport in the police zone are nowhere to be seen. The forest in the twilight is full of a weird atmosphere.

    The East Forest police officer watching the operation in the city flashed suspicions in his heart and had a lot of thoughts about Colonel Lake's command. Even if Goal 1 is the most treacherous traitor in federal history, after all, the other party is only one person at this time, how can he be the opponent of so many elite troops?

    More importantly, the federal side dispatched eleven M52 standard mechs! It should be noted that the entire East Forest police zone also has only forty powerful weapons of the same model. In the face of the metal torrent, what kind of resistance can a fragile human make?

    The twilight was like blood, and the edge of the wood seemed to burn. Feng Yu drilled out of the pit and held his breath while holding his waist open, only to find that he was really old. He glanced at the quiet surroundings. A flash of sarcasm flashed in his eyes, thinking that the federal side looked upon himself.

    Offensive formation? In the same situation in the past year, the orders received by these soldiers are still to kill ... Feng Yu sat on a large rock, took out the cigarette from his jacket pocket. He took a deep breath, and his face showed a joyful expression.

    Feng Yu didn't know who the team leader was and why he was so careful. He didn't use the chain guns with a horrible M52 rate of fire to directly shoot his woods into residues on the ground. The leader chose to step down the enveloping circle.

    Those camouflage-enabled mechs are easy to fool people's eyes with the big trees. Just what are those special forces lying in the grass waiting for? Feng Yu took a deep breath. The cigarette in his dry lips flared burning directly to the edge of the filter. The smoke covered his face.

    This cigarette is very strong, and it must be very refreshing. The mechanic ’s body, Feng Yu, suddenly shivered. The leg that seemed to have been injured previously seemed to be infected by this shivering. It seemed to be no hurts anymore.

    This trembling came from every muscle joint and even every cell in the whole body and finally came to the extremities. Feng Yu's gray hair was scattered behind him. The worn jacket screamed and his feet were slightly separate. The trembling was so unusually exaggerated that the air seemed to start buzzing.

    The legs of the mechanic trembled like bowstrings! With trembling hands, Feng Yu looks like an arrow that is ready to burst out! The buzzing sound in the air became denser and denser, and finally turned into a sulky airburst!

    The stone on Wu Feng Yu's body was seized in his hands and then turned into a cannonball. It slammed directly into the deep forest and rattled with a strange sound of broken metal.

    His slightly thick legs disappeared in a trembling place! The next moment he flew past those long grasses and shivered around a tree. He struck out with a single punch at a speed that humans could never react to.

    An M52 left leg joint exposed hydraulic tube was smashed by this naked punch! In the spray of oil like a burst cloth, the huge metal mech suddenly lost its balance and slowly fell!
  • 026-The man disassembled the mech

    The same picture falls in the eyes of different people and represents a completely different meaning.

    Behind a tall tree surrounded by a valley, an M52 painted matte is like a snoozing tiger. It’s silent and squatted sideways in an unsightly but practical posture. This is the thickest and most powerful single-armor melee of the Federal Army. Two alloy mechanical legs are nicknamed the frog legs by the soldiers. Just above the frog's legs, Colonel Lake sat in the operating cabin, staring alertly forward.

    With a distance of 1.4 kilometers, the members of the special mech group coming from a long distance in the Fourth Military Region are scattered around this valley. Colonel Lake is their leader. Naturally, they are confident that their B4 commando formation may maintain perfect coordination. Those team members, like Lake’s fingers, can still maintain accuracy at high hand speeds.

    The medium-range weapon system has already been recharged during the pursuit. At the moment when the specific position of Target 1 was received, the entire pursuit team turned forward and closed the small valley directly. However, Colonel Lake did not initiate a fire coverage order. Although it is said that under the chain cover attack of eleven M52s, there should be no carbon-based life to survive, but before seeing the target, Colonel Lake did not dare to take risks.

    The high-sensitivity probe relayed the scene in the valley. Colonel Lake saw the tired face of the gray-haired mechanic and the wound on his thigh. He was relieved. A former soldier with bare hands should be less dangerous. 

    But Colonel Lake still did not issue an order for the attack, because he always has a weird feeling. If he launches an attack from this distance ... the target may be able to run away in the chaos, although it is unreasonable things logically. But a dozen years ago, the horrified mechanic in the valley seemed to be violating logic. He survived the raging pursuit of the Ministry of National Defense, and he has survived for ... a dozen years.

    The small light curtain of the mech's operation cabin clearly showed the scene in the valley. The gray-haired mechanic seemed to notice nothing. Did he lit a cigarette? Why is he not in a hurry to escape? why should he light a cigarette? Is he glancing at himself? Colonel Lake's deformed sunglasses on the bridge of his nose trembled. He looked at the cold gaze on the light screen looking directly at himself, wondering if the mechanic was looking at himself.

    With such a long distance, did the mechanic find out that they exist? Colonel Lake, who was extremely confident of the mech's ability to control the hidden consciousness, developed a chill in his heart and became increasingly unconfident.

    Especially when he noticed that the mechanic began to tremble warily, strong anxiety occupied his whole body. The scene made him never want to wait any longer. He directly issued a long-range attack order to ten members of the group!

    However, ... the mechanic on the light curtain seems to be able to accurately calculate the mentality of the federal special mech group. Just before the long-range attack command has not been completely converted into a radio wave signal, the mechanic began to move!

    Everyone was shocked.

    The rock weighing half a ton was thrown out by the arms of the mechanic, whistling like a cannonball. It hit an M52 that had been carefully hiding in the eleven o'clock. The M52 has prepared its sniper cannon!

    The heavy armor outside the M52 operation cabin was severely hit, and the stone debris flew. Although there was no serious deformation, this strong impact still shocked the mech who was connected to the electric sensor chair in the operation cabin. The team members vomited blood. Within a short time, he could no longer reply!

    Half a ton of rock in the mechanic's hand turned out like a grenade! What amazing power is needed, is this mechanic still human? Colonel Lake was shocked to calculate the majestic power shown by the mechanic at the previous moment. His lips felt bitter.

    Immediately, his eyes followed the mechanic who had become like a shadow. He was gliding over a long grass in the valley, and rushing towards a big tree!

    "Old Seven!" Colonel Lake shouted in the intercom, trying to remind the team members hiding behind the tree. But everything was too late. He could only watch as the mechanic's fist hit the hydraulic pipe behind the heavy M52 knee.

    Colonel Lake knew that M52's relatively weak defensive shortcoming was at the junction behind its knees. But he never thought that a bare-handed person could break the alloy steel with his fist alone! 

    The previous flying stone showed the mechanic's incredible power. The fluttered legs showed the mechanic's horrible speed. The fist that broke the M52 hydraulic pipe showed the strength of his body.

    Only in a flash, the mech group that had no time to attack lost two mechs. One of them was hit by a boulder, which injured the solider in the operation cabin. The mech was trying to maintain balance as if drunk. It tried not to fall from the hillside. The mech behind the tree, which was attacked by Feng Yu directly, had fallen backward and looked miserable.

    The mech sprayed by the sky toward the sky was dazzled by the twilight and became the heart-blowing blood. On the side of the blood curtain, in front of the huge mech, the tiny figure appeared extremely small. But it was particularly powerful.

    At this moment, the special mech players in the valley and the special soldiers in the East Forest guard zone were all stunned.

    The gray-haired mechanic doesn't look like a person. At least, he is not a normal person. There are no normal people in this world who dare to confront a mech. But Feng Yu proves that in the face of strong personal power, the metal civilization of mechanical civilization is not an irresistible existence.


    The special mech group of the West Forest Fourth Military Region led by Colonel Lake was recommended by the Charter Bureau to be responsible for the killing task. It was approved by the Ministry of Defense and the Secret Service because of the war with the empire in previous years. The powerful fighting force of the Fourth Military Region has the respect and trust of the entire Federation. However, in the face of sudden changes today, Colonel Lake, who has always been indifferent and resolute, still felt a shake of mind. Because he found that the strength of the target of this operation has not been seen on the battlefield. He also has never studied such a situation in the Second Military College.

    However, the tough nerves of the federal soldiers caused the entire formation in the valley to remain a slight stagnation. The intact mech and heavy firepower were deployed in an instant. The medium-range weapons began to release energy and metal bullets in the direction of the big tree. Even with their companions in here, they must also react in the first time and kill the treason mechanic!

    The shrapnel easily cut the tree into countless fragments flying in the air, and the heartbreaking gunfire in the valley obscured everything. Just a moment, there were countless ammunitions bombarded behind the tree.

    "Can the old seven hold up?" Colonel Lake led five M52s along the road to the valley as fast as possible and rushed over there. There was no loophole in the entire encirclement. He was worried about his team members in his heart.

    However, the next moment, his pupils narrowed, and he pressed the button beside him with a heavy heart. From this moment on, the enemy and the ally's identification system disappeared, and an unlimited attack began. The mech that was blown off the hydraulic pipe also became the target of countless firepower attacks!

    Because he found that the ghost-like figure of the mechanic had crawled to the belly of the dreaded mech. Lake did not know why Feng Yu could easily remove the mech protective cover and would open the operation cabin!
  • 027- Charming fingers and the angry starlight

    Feng Yu broke the hydraulic pipe with a punch, and the mech behind the tree fell backward. Then Feng Yu climbed to the abdomen of the mech with the fastest speed. His hands were still shaking, and he kept flicking on the surface of the huge and cold mecha. But his movements were extremely soft. He was just like a freshman who was shaking because of tension for stroking his favorite woman although the woman's body is too huge.

    This picture is very weird. The dumped M52 mech, under the trembling hands of mechanic Feng Yu, kept bouncing. The mechanical arm quickly extended and contracted, and the mech twisted on the ground with the sound of the hissing motor. The mech seemed extremely uneasy and tweaked as if it was itchy, but also like fawned.

    It is also the flick and twist of this M52, which successfully blocked several long-range sniper bullets for Feng Yu. Compared with the weird action of the mech underneath, Feng Yu's expression is extremely solemn. He continues the action seriously. In the shortest time, all external defense functions of this mech have been released.

    This is wonderful. The army ’s standard armor seems to be a dull toy in the hands of Feng Yu. It was more like a puppet, which should only be controlled by the computer in the operator cabin. But now, it was controlled by Feng Yu who touched the mechanical joint outside the mech.

    Feng Yu's hands seemed to have magical power. Feng Yu was familiar with this mech like his own body. It took only one second to release all the resistance of the mech and successfully turned on the machine. The control cabin of the carapace reveals the face of the shocked and still young mecha fighter in the Fourth Military Region!


    "Stop him!" Colonel Lake did not issue this instruction. He looked at the scene in shock, knowing that an effective response must be made in the shortest possible time. With the preparations made by the Federation, even if the mechanic can knock down one or two mechas, he still can't get out of the valley alive. But once Feng Yu successfully grabs one mecha, no one knows what will happen after that.

    Even in a certain shock, Colonel Lake still admired the scene that appeared on the light curtain to the extreme. The power shown by the mechanic Feng Yu was too inhuman, so Colonel Lake had no other thought except shock. However, at this time, the mechanic, like a master chef, controlled a mecha through external mecha mechanical joints. This ability made him feel admiration.

    "It's the excellent mechanic teacher that came out of our second academy." Colonel Lake thought of the middle-aged teacher when he first entered the Second Military Academy more than ten years ago. At that time, the man stood on the mecha operation platform every day, stroking every inch of the mech's skin like a lover. The group of students at that time thought that this teacher was very strange. But it was until today that Lake learned that the strange point of this teacher is reflected in his power.

    The power of the high-energy compression energy cabin was raised to the highest level in an instant. The thick mechanical legs of the M52 slammed the ground of the valley, and the heavy body of the shock flew into the air. Gained a good vision, Colonel Lake, who was flying out of the head, no longer hesitated. The chain magazine erected on the right arm burst out of the flame instantly and shot at the mech which kept shaking behind the tree.

    "Sorry, Old Seven," Lake said to himself in the heart. Because he knew that under such a strong fire attack, the mechanic Yu Feng would die. As for the crew in the operation cabin, of course, he had no way to live.

    ... ...

    With a snapping sound, Feng Yu reached out his hand, crushing the soldier ’s wrist in the mech. He took off the self-defense army stab carried by the opponent and then slashed the opponent's neck with a palm. After stunting the opponent, Feng Yu got into the mech like a loach.

    Lake ’s M52 was still in midair at this time, and the mechanic ’s movements were clearly shown on the light curtain. Lake was not worried because he knew how long it took for an M52 to close its door. It must be too late.

    However, his eyes immediately shrank again, because he found that he had underestimated the means of the target again. While the mechanic got into the door, his left hand which fell behind him seemed to pat the alloy door very casually. But with this palm, the mech door immediately responded and closed tightly! The violent flare hit the M52 on the ground instantly. It fired countless sparks and the alloy surface was damaged, but the door was not penetrated!

    An M52 fell from the valley, and the M52 on the ground suddenly bounced from the ground. In a flash, the two mechs slammed together!

    The distance between the two mechs was too close, Colonel Lake had to give up the idea of a long-range attack. He bravely ejected the sharp particle blade on the arm of the mech, turned halfway in the air, and slammed into the half of the opponent's mech!

    A booming sound of armor breaking sounded. The M52 which had just bounced off the ground had been stopped by the mechanic for most of its maneuvering ability. Thus, it had not escaped the knife. The armor in the abdomen was punctured, and the electric sparks were splashing!

    Colonel Lake did not feel any joy in his heart. He did not understand why the target could be in the single-person operating cabin at the same time as Old Seven. So, he did not think that his knife would make the opponent lose all his mobility.

    It was at this time that he found that the two heavy mechanical arms of the opponent's mech had been quietly put on his shoulders!

    Then the two mechanical arms began to tremble! Colonel Lake felt his mecha also started to tremble! Reminiscent of the violent attack like a tiger by the mechanic Feng Yu, Colonel Lake was alert to the extreme. He slammed in the operating cabin and his hand speed was instantly raised to the apex. He preferred to undertake the absolute risk of using heavy weapons at close range, rather than let go of the other party.

    However, Colonel Lake ’s movements were still slow. Just as his finger quickly pressed the button, the trembling and unbearable tremor had spread to his mecha. Just in one flash, the mecha ’s central control suffered chaos in the system and it is temporarily out of control!


    The roaring wind was caused by the mechas. The M52 arms seized by the mechanic Feng Yu threw up. The mechanical power of the mech exploded extreme power with this simple action. Feng Yu’s mech threw the M52 where Colonel Lake was located into the air!

    The thrown M52 re-opened the heavy weapons. Three gorgeous bullets spewed out endlessly, but the mech itself was circling in the sky. All these bullets were fired into the air and fired on the ground. With a great booming, those bullets crushed stones and crushed trees!

    The M52 mecha dragging three fire tails did not hit the target, but instead, it let the mecha team and special forces brigade who followed the chase were suppressed and did not dare to look up!

    Colonel Lake in the air mecha desperately regained control, hoping that he would not become a special mecha officer who was humiliatingly fell to death. His body was cold, and his heart was filled with frustration. On the one hand, he was shocked by the maneuvering ability of the target's arrogance. On the other hand, he was scolding the intelligence of the Charter Bureau. It was until now that he began to understand that what a horrible existence the first-sequence target is.

    Colonel Lake's confidence was smashed in this face, and those special mecha soldiers in the fourth military area also at the same time raised the feeling that the target was difficult to overcome. If the treason mechanic did not snatch the mech, they still had the confidence to kill him. But now ... Feng Yu has successfully snatched a mech, can they still kill him?

    In the rain of bullets, the body of the M52 shudders trembles and moves quickly in a ridiculous posture, without being hit at all. The black standard style makes this mecha itself full of sense of weight, but this rapid movement in the rain of the bombs makes this M52 magical!

    The firepower in the valley gradually subsided, because the soldiers who ambushed found that they could not hit the monster mecha at all! They stared at the black mech that jumped on the mountainside, just like looking at a monster. They knew that this strange feeling was not because of the super-technological content of this M52 itself, but because of the machine. The one in the cabin!

    The action of the Federal Hunting Mechanics started again more than ten years later. Is it another shameful failure of the Federation?

    The sky is getting dark, and there is a hazy star floating in the night sky at the edge of East Forest District. It seems that the starry sky above the head of the federal civilization is not willing to see this happen, so a star lit up strangely.

    In the bloody twilight, an area of the starless sky suddenly lit up, and a beam of light full of destruction energy was ejected from there, instantly tearing the dusty upper atmosphere above the East Forest District. The light tore the space and shot down vertically on the ground, hitting the black mecha that jumped like a monster!

    This beam is powerful and ruthless and ignores the trembling dance steps of the M52. In its eyes, this mech trying to break through is just a clown.

  • 028- A big explosion

    The valley siege began. The boss Feng Yu, who was holding a cigarette, shook his body, turning into a prehistoric monster to throw a stone to attack. Then he turned into a charming mechanic to get close to the mech, and successfully removed the defense ability of an M52. Then he took control of the mech. He even violently shook the ace mech of the Federal Special Mech Group into the air with a trail of fire. Finally, he transformed into a ghostly black shadow in the sky shrapnel ... All the scenes fell into Xu Le's eyes.

    He has been standing on the top of the tree in the distant hill, holding the branch beside him tightly in his palm to keep his balance. Xu Le watched the distance with immense movement, although he is far away, he still feels thrilling. His body was trembling, and the birds on the big tree flew away into the twilight.

    Of course, this is not out of his strange ability which he learned from Feng Yu, but out of the fear and excitement in his instinct. He thought that the boss would be killed by the military in an instant. He even thought that the boss was tired of the escape career and chose a quick suicide. However, he did not expect the following plot to develop. It was so sweaty that he had the urge to vomit.

    Especially the boss ’s trembling legs, the awesome power erupted from the trembling body and the powerful performance after he finally got into the mech. They were like giving Xu Le a chance to learn from a distance, opening a completely different window for Xu Le’s life.

    Probably only Xu Le in the world knows what those trembling is. The teenager looked at the valley in shock and thought to himself that the boss hadn’t practiced in four years. He might have been too lazy to practice again. But even so, it is still strong enough to be able to fight against mechs ... What a ridiculous life and human body it was!

    No matter in a novel or a movie, Xu Le has never seen such a powerful character. When he thought of such a powerful character have been with him for four years, he felt a sense of loss in his heart. He vaguely felt that those things that the boss taught himself may make his life go on a completely different path.

    Xu Le still could not imagine that he would become a non-human being like a boss in the future. That was incredible. The life window was opened for Xu Le. The grassland outside was still vast and borderless. The road was in front of him, but he did not know where is the end. The teenager was just stunned. Looking at the movement of Feng Yu, there is no ambition, and there is no luxury for him to become such a strongman. Because he knows that his current ability is at least dozens of light-years away from the realm displayed by the boss in the valley.

    But no matter what is the case, when seeing the figure of the black mech on which the boss is riding is about to break out of the encirclement and stay away from the encirclement and suppression of the Federal Army, Xu Le began to feel easy. He didn’t tremble anymore. He prepared to climb down the big tree, looking for a quiet place to carry out the tasks assigned by the boss. He would lurk under the federally monitored eyelids and not come out again for a long time.

    When everything went in a good direction, he turned back subconsciously and saw the light, which fell directly from above the gray-red skydome and slammed into the valley.

    At this time, the twilight was deep, half of the night sky was already dark and gray. Occasionally a few small stars were shining with dim light. But the night sky above the valley's head had no trace of stars at all. Nothing was there. Among them, suddenly, silently, a light fell to the ground without any warning!

    Xu Le stared at this scene with a stunning look, slipped under his feet, and almost fell to the tree. He grasped the branch desperately. However, the following loud noise and big bang made the whole green hills of the West River Prefecture area vibrate, and naturally shocked him from under the tree.

    ... ...

    The beam of light about one meter in diameter is extremely white, but it does not have the holy taste in religious books. On the contrary, it is full of destruction and power. In this way, when everyone in the valley did not intend what would happen, it directly hit the black M52 mecha that escaped to the mountainside.

    The maneuver that was still performing during the siege, even the extraordinarily strange black mecha, under this beam of light. It was like a poor and humble insect and could not do any dodge action. It directly faced the fatal light. The super-strong alloy armor tears instantly under the white beam of light, and countless circuit chip parts are destroyed by huge energy like fish scales. Shards were shot all around!


    No one can survive under this kind of attack from space. But the power of the beam of light is still not over. When it enters the earth's crust, it triggers a sharp explosion. Within 500 meters of the black mech, the whole ground is as fragile as the surface of a baked cookie. It cracked and opened, shuddered and twisted, and finally waved around!

    After a loud noise, the special forces of the East Forest Police District in the bushes near the mountainside were shaken high. Most of them were shocked to death. The special mech team of the Fourth Military Region, a little further away, could also not bear such a powerful force. They fell to the ground one after another, unable to move for a while in the powerful turbulence of electromagnetic waves.

    The free-flying birds and beasts in the valley were screaming once and again, no one knew how many trees collapsed. Even the branches in Xu Le ’s hands on the hills farther away were broken into two parts. Xu Le’s body fell like a broken kite. After getting into the dirt, it took him a long time to get up.

    He stared dumbfounded at the other side of the valley. Although he could never see anything again, he seemed to see what his boss looked like after he died. He had no fluke anymore. Can anyone survive under the attack of the most advanced weapon of federal civilization? At this moment, Xu Le understood some things, at least understood what the boss said before. "Do you want to know what happened in the explosion that year? Maybe you will be able to see it in a moment."

    Yes, Xu Le saw the beam of light and saw the explosion, so he understood that the explosion of the munition’s depot might be the same case in the war more than ten years ago. But at that time, the munitions depot was full of ammunition, so the scale is a lot bigger.

    The boss was indeed wronged. This recognition may make Xu Le's pitiful sense of justice better, but he could not erase the extremely painful expression on his face. He wiped his eyes, and while the valley army was in a panic, he forced his tired body and ran towards the night under the hill.

    The energy of the instrument has been recharged again, the teenager pressed the button, let the pale blue light enveloped himself. Then he began to escape. He told himself that he wanted to live, to live well, to live with the share of his boss.


    When the young teenager embarked on an escape journey, in the space 600 kilometers away from the surface of the East Forest District, the West Forest commercial spaceship, which was covered with silver light and looked very beautiful, began another posture adjustment.

    "The attack is complete." The captain of the spacecraft looked at the little black spot after the explosion on the light curtain. He said after a moment of silence: "Return to 1,200 kilometers of orbit."

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