Coiling Dragon return

So,I get that they had to pull coiling dragon for the exclusive publisher clause with Amazon, that was a year ago though. The initial announcement said "Amazon’s KUP program requires that any new novels be exclusive to Amazon for a few months, so we’ve taken it down Wuxiaworld for now, but rest assured we will eventually come up with ways to bring it back up here as well for periods of time!" Now the question is, and especially with the release of the audiobook version (which I'm listening to as I write this), when are we going to get CD back on the site? Further question, when is the next audiobook coming out?


  • As per a comment by Ren (RWX) in an older announcement, in october iirc, they will leave CD at amazon for testing purposes. So, no current plans to bring it back.
  • Hmmm, I read through all of the announcements back to his July 21 2018 one, which is where I got the text in quotes, and I didn't see anything like that. It's entirely possible that I missed it, but the last thing I saw was what I quoted. 
  • I know it because I frequently check and comment on announcements. I even quoted his 'comment' on CD being left at Amazon 2-3 times. Anyway, the comment in question was on the Karma announcement (September/October 2019, one of the two introducing Karma system). I can't find it right now due to there being 1k+ comments on both announcements. Will update if I find it though.
  • Ah, I understand now. Actual comment not announcement lol. Makes more sense now :P
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