Jade Kingdom

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Chapter 1
Transported to Another World

Mark Joseph was sitting in front of computer playing video games. he had found this new game called 'Cell Life' were you tried to gobble up other cells and grow larger until you were the largest cell alive. It was a simple game. He clicked on the cursor moving his little blob named China across the screen. When China blob scrolled over a smaller blob. It would eat them and grow bigger. He was now nearly at the top of the rankings. Right now, a blob named USA was chasing him, nearly three times his size.

He clicked furiously, trying to escape. He was being backed into the corner of the map.

"NO!" he shouted, but it was too late. The USA ate him. "Freaking America..."

Mark sighed and leaned back in his chair lethargically. He didn't feel like playing anymore. Even games had their limits when it came to making him happy. He picked up his backpack off the floor and took a walk around the block.

It had been five years since he graduated from college. Unemployed. Single. Living in a one bedroom apartment. Living the American Dream.

Mark stopped at a convenience store and flipped through the gamer magazines. The newest edition of Distant Universe was coming out. A strategy game with customizable spaceships and fifty uniquely voiced characters. He flipped through the page and lost track of time. By the time he had left the store it had gotten late. Raindrops fell lightly on his jacket as he walked towards the intersection.

"Raining in July?" said Mark, looking up at the sky. "Weird...."

At the curb a young mother and her son was standing under an umbrella. They shivered together, holding hands. Mark stood next to them and smiled at the mother. She smiled back. She was only twenty years old. Must have had the kid in her teen years. She didn't look too troubled by it though, even in the rain she had a beautiful face. A gale blew past him, spraying him with a fresh dose of water.

"Great," mumbled Mark, "Just when I was thinking about something happy. Nature decides to-"

"No! Thomas. Don't walk out there!"

The mother chased after her son. Her umbrella had flown off and her son had gone to pick it up....except the umbrella was in the middle of the road.

A truck approaching the intersection blew its horns, its wheels skidding on the wet pavement. The scene was almost too surreal. It was obvious that the truck wasn't going to stop in time. He ran for the kid and the mother pushing them both out of the way. There was a sick gut-wrenching sound as his body was launched fifteen feet into teh air. He landed with a splat. His chest split open.

He didn't even know how he was conscious. A fluke? A last instinct to survive? His eyes twitched back to the intersection. The kid had hit the curve pretty hard, but the mother was fine. There was a cut above his eyes. The mother was crying hysterically holding the boy in her arms. At least he was safe. Both of them were safe. That was good. Better safe than dead.

"Kid! Kid!" said the truck driver, running towards him. "God, 911? I have an emergency. I just hit someone off 23rd Avenue and 58th Street. You have to hurry he is bleeding out. What? I don't know! It was an accident....There was a red light and-. What did you want me to do? Hold his hand?"

the truck driver knelt down and held Mark's hand.

"Everything is going to be alright," said the truck driver, "You know how fast those ambulances are. Stay with me."

Mark wheezed as he felt a numbing pain rise up from his chest to his spine. This was how he was going to go out? He hadn't even had his first kiss yet! No! he wasn't ready. He opened his mouth, a million things racing through his head. His lungs filled up with blood.

Last words. They were supposed to be important right?

"D..a..n..m.." he said. His eyes closed and everything faded into blackness.

He died.


"Do you think he will wake up?" said Ying Mei. She was a little girl with twin ponytails, wearing a bright colored dress.

"What are you talking about?" said Guo Han, raising his wrinkled eyebrow.

"He might not wake up will he? They say the ones who fall from the sky never wake up. They stay sleeping forever!"

"Be quiet and bring me more water."

Mark felt a wet rag on his head. His eyes came to life. He was in a room with animal fur on the walls. The scent of roses filled the room.

"Who?" said Mark, groggily.

"He is awake!"

Ying Mei jumped up and took three steps back.

"Don't frighten him," said Guo Han. He gently wiped Mark's cheek.

"Are you awake my child? You have been asleep for nearly three days. Do you remember where you came from?"

"Salt Lake City? Utah?" mumbled Mark, incoherently. His mind piecing together the last moments of his life. "There was a young kid. And his mother? They were alright. Wait....Is this heaven?"

The elderly man shook his head.

"We might have to use the goat bladder. Yes, that one on the wall next to sheepskin."

"Oh god! What is that smell!" said Mark. He sat upright all of a sudden, slapping away a black piece of meat that the elderly man held over his face. "It's like rotten eggs mixed with with cow dung."

"At least he can speak. Relax. Can you see my hand? How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Four....three. Now four again. You are hiding your thumb behind your hand."

"Astonishing. How are you feeling? Ying Mei go fetch more water. The bucket is getting empty."

"Aww," whined Ying Mei, "Do I have to?"

"Yes," said Guo Han. He raised his hand as if to whack her on the head. "If you don't I'll leave a big mark on your head!"

"Kyaa!" squealed Ying Mei, running into the courtyard.

"Little rascal," chuckled Guo Han, "She gets that from her mother."

Mark blinked. A moment ago, he had been lying in a pool of his own blood on the road. Now he was alive? If this was not heaven then had he survived the crash? He pinched his cheeks to see if this was reality.

"Excuse me but where am I?"

"Why you are in my home. My name is Guo Han. The little one earlier is Ying Mei. She was the one who found you."

Mark shook his head. "No. No. I mean where am I? Is this a hospital? Close to my apartment? I can't stay here all the time. I don't have the money. Um, how much do I owe you?"

Guo Han frowned and shook his head.

"Too many questions. One at a time. My memory is not what it used to be."

Mark took in a deep breath and collected his thoughts.

"Where am I?" said Mark, calmly.

"My house?"

"Ah?" said Mark, shaking his head. "I mean what city am I in?"

"You are not in any city," laughed Guo Han. "How could we livei n such an expeensive place? No, this is a village. The village of An in the State of Wu."

The words flew past Mark's head. An? Wu?

"Am I in China?" said Mark.

"China? What sort of place is that?" said Guo Han, furrowing his eyebrows.

"A map? Can I see a map?"

Guo Han got up and came back with a map no bigger than his hand. A small dot was circled that read "Ai" with a bigger circle that read "Wu".

"Ai. Wu." said Guo Han, pointing at the dots. "And this circle here is the State of Li. And this here is Ou. they are our neighbors."

"But that can't be right," said Mark. It looked nothing like China. Nothing even close to the United States of America. There were two large islands and a single continent that made up the entire world. Mark stood up. His legs trembling.

Guo Han quickly grabbed Mark's arm to help him stand.

"You should rest. It is too soon for you to walk."

Mark shook his head. "I have to see something."

He walked to the sliding door where he had seen Ying Mei exit out of earlier and slowly walked into the courtyard. As Mark looked up to the sky he nearly fell over. The sky was an emerald blue. There were two suns. One shaped like a crescent, radiating a dazzling gold light as if it were made of fine jewelry. The other sun was pure white that sparkled like diamonds. Even the landscape was incredible. Gigantic Mountains floated over the horizon like clouds. Fiery birds blazed long red streaks into the sky. A fierce dragon roared in the distance.  He was not on earth anymore was he?

Mark's eyes rolled back.

He fainted. 


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