Should I keep reading Renegade Immortal?

I'm at chapter 400 and I'm stump. The script keeps changing so much and the inconsistencies make my head hurt now.

I'm scared to keep reading due to the worry that Writer will just change things again. So I try not to keep my hopes up. Does he ever get Li Muwe her body back? and do they really get together?

My final question: Does the novel get better?


  • What inconsistency? Yes to last three questions.
  • mm38910 said:
    What inconsistency? Yes to last three questions.
    You sure bro? Have you completed it?

    Bro Situ whose a legendary expert pretty much said the parents could be revived, but then it's BS since apparently they can't. And you should know all about that thing about Zhou Rou and Li Muwei. How the hell did the MC make a mistake like that when he was successful with his cousin? Sigh. I could name more but it's just... saddening. That's why I'm worried the main heroine will just disappear as well. Sigh. Honestly idk what I'm reading anymore Lol
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