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    Book 2 Chapter 11: You Put The Dick In Detective

    The next day, the imperial family of the capital city gathered together. The king of this continent in Desolate Kingdom was wearing a bright smile. His status was supreme, and he had long known the Azure Dragon Clan was a turncoat. While he couldn't provide the necessary proof to wipe them out, Sin had made a meritorious service. The Azure Dragon Clan lost their trump card legion, 9,000 professed fighters died. They lost over 75 million gold coins in wealth between equipment, manuals, blacksmith prints, pills, paintings, canvases and so on. 

    The Dragon King walked into the hall, his eyes were bloodshot. A purple baleful aura was wrapped around the Dragon King. Seeing the relaxed and pleased look on the Kings face, his fury snapped. "Why the fuck do you so look pleased! Are you not taking into consideration the merit my clan holds here!?"

    The King raised his hand. "I am taking that into consideration, that's why I sent out over 20 experts. But I would also like to ask you, are you not taking into consideration your fury may hide other things?" The King looked questioningly into the Dragon Kings eyes, sending shivers down his spine.

    "I am furious because I lost my son, 9,000 professed warriors, 75 million plus gold coins. Our food and drink storages have been contaminated with poison, over 750,000 innocent people are on their death beds. And you dare ask whether my fury is hiding something else? Who the fuck do YOU think you are!?"

    The Kings eyes became sharp. "You had best change your attitude you little fucking serpent. Do you believe that I will not put you over my lap and spank your ass black and blue!?" The King raised from his throne, appearing in front of the Dragon King. Grabbing the Dragon Kings head, the King smashed it down into the marbled floor. The entire palace trembled, and the earth outside had spider web cracks spread out 20 kilometers.

    "Don't you ever fucking challenge me you again you little bitch ass serpent!" The King rose dusting his hands before spitting on the Dragon King.

    "Now get the fuck out of my palace before I give you something to bitch about!" The Kings voice boomed like thunder, every single being in the capital city heard their kings thunderous bellow. 

    The King disparagingly kicked the Dragon King in the face, launching him flying out of his palace. The Dragon King was like a cannon ball, he flew through many buildings along the way collapsing them. Finally he crashed through his clans gates, flying through the main hall leaving a deep indentation on a reinforced Iron door. The Dragon King spit out blood, all of his bones made sharp snapping noises. Weakly sliding down the reinforced door, blood was forming in a pool underneath the Dragon King.

    The Kings voice was once again heard throughout the capital city. "All whose properties were damaged may come to me for their collateral, I will send out engineers and mechanics to fix the mess the Dragon King created. The Azure Dragon Clan is exempt from receiving this collateral."


    [You have been awarded 1,250,000 Merit points for annihilating the plan created by the demons. You have saved the future lives of billions of humans. Total merit points: 1,425,000 You have been granted permission to the Merit Point shop. You can look at the first three nodes for various rewards. Or you can trade your points bringing benefits to the Wolf God Clan. The decision is yours.]

    Sin the creator of all this chaos was peacefully cultivating, none of the Kings ruckus had managed to disturb him. After 13 hours of non stop cultivation, only a third of the Phoenix, Wolf and Vermilion scales had formed. Sin wasn't disappointed, but he was getting a headache on how to further progress. 

    He could pop pills, turning them into pure energy to form more scales. However, there is a fine line between progression, and crippling your foundation. Sin washed up before getting into a new change of clothes, he was going to make his way to Icarus' shop. He earned a bounty of black smith techniques, manuals, blue prints, and equipment last night from his plundering. Considering Icarus was the personal blacksmith of the Vermilion Bird Clan, Sin wouldn't be stingy with the payment. 

    Half the reason being without the equipment Icarus forged for him last night, without asking any questions. Sin had a favorable opinion of Icarus, and his success was hugely placed on the quality of the equipment.

    After arriving at Icarus' shop, Sin noticed 20 hidden forces. Without showing any reaction on his face, Sin walked up to the counter and rang a bell. Icarus came out bare chested oozing sweat, as he was squirting a bottle of water into his mouth.

    "Good day mister how may I help you?"

    Sin made direct eye contact, and motioned them to the side before drawing the number 20 on the desk with a question mark. 

    Icarus simply raised his eye brows in question, just as he was about to look over where Sins eyes pointed. Sin raised his finger and smashed it down over top the glass, pointing at a dagger. 

    "I would like to buy this dagger. When I was out last with my mercenary team, my main dagger got snapped in half by a Mountain Troll."

    Icarus nodded his head, pulling out the dagger from inside the glass counter. Sin was drawing words on the glass. "Do not make any sudden movements idiot!"

    Sin payed the 150 gold coins, while also secretly flipping a storage ring full to the brim with exquisite materials, hundreds of thousands of gold coins, blacksmith manuals, blue prints, anvils, hammers and so forth. When Sin was making his leave, a man dressed in full black reached his hand out grabbing Sin by the shoulder.

    "We would like you to come by the office with us for a while." The mans voice was demanding, Sin didn't give two shits. But nonetheless he complied.

    "Lead the way."

    Sin raised his hands out in front of him. "Let me save you some time."

    The man cuffed Sin and they made their way back their 'office.'


    Sin was sitting in a interrogation room, there was 1 bright light shining directly at him. Across from him was a notable man, he had a head full of white hair, a black beard, meticulous brown eyes, and was puffing a cigar that had to be full of the Marry Jane.        

    To his right side was the Dragon King, who after receiving the Kings fury and beating. Was wrapped head to toe like a mummy, but there was enough room left open for his eyes and mouth.

    Sin was staring at both men with a smile on his face.

    "Good weather today isn't it?" Sin tried to break the silence.

    The detective looked at Sin with piercing eyes.

    "We have witnesses saying you bought various poisons, traps and deadly equipment yesterday. Care to give us some information on what it was bought for?"

    Sin had unwavering eyes. "I was restocking supplies for my comrades in arms, while all of them were too worried about dipping their sticks. I was too busy worrying about being well prepared for our next bounty hunt." 

    The detective didn't see any awkwardness in Sins eyes, and the Dragon King beside was emitting a baleful energy.

    "Your old man Sirius's successor aren't you!?"

    Sin decided he would 'take notice' of the Dragon King, which further infuriated the already boiling man.

    "Now it's all coming back to me, Sirius told me one of his good friends snakey snake had a rueful temperament. He wasn't wrong, just looking at you makes me want to turn you into dragon fin soup." Sin replied back stunning both men.

    "Last night my clan was raided by a group of well trained assassins. My son was killed, we lost over 75 million gold coins worth of wealth. Our food and water storages are contaminated, crop fields burned, over 1,000,000 are now laying on their death beds! You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you wise guy?"

    Sin shrugged his shoulders. "I couldn't tell you anything about it, this is news to my ears."

    The Dragon King slammed his hand down. "Bullshit!"

    Sins eyes turned deadly, and a chilling killing intent erupted out of his body. All the men on guard outside of the reinforced walls shivered, some fell to the ground holding their necks, as if it had just been slit by a dagger.

    "Take that tone with me one more mother fucking time you little bitch ass serpent!" Sins bellow shook the entire room, deafening everyone within 450 meters of the interrogation room. 

    The detective pulled out his sword, placing it on Sins neck. "Easy now, I don't want any accidents to happen here."

    Sin pulled his neck back, biting the sword in half. Chewing the metal before swallowing it in front of the detective. "Your right, I don't want any unfortunate accidents to happen to you detective." Sin spat back.

    The detective became fearful of Sin.

    "I would like to look inside of your ring of holding." The detective said.

    Sin was all smiles with a hint of embarrassment. "Go ahead and look all you want, I'm not sure you will like what you find though." Sin slid his ring of holding over to the detective. 

    "Don't let snakey snake touch it though. I don't want my belongings to becomes dirty." Sin said smiling widely.

    The detective looked in, and he had a shocked expression. He started mourning to himself.

    Chicks with dicks, guys with tits, reverse cowgirl, all dogs go to heaven, Pinocchio and the lying boner, stuffing hot fresh muffins, midnight park parade and so forth.

    The detective looked up with at Sin with a beet red face. 

    "Told you, you may not like what you find." Sin shrugged smiling widely.

    Pulling out a pad and paper, the detective started Questioning Sin.






    "Hearing Kiryu-Chan!! from below or above me."



    The detective looked up, before asking his next question.

    "What do you do for a living?"

    "I run a orphanage in Okinawa."

    "What are your hobbies?"

    A huge stage had come out of nowhere, Sin stood in the middle with closed eyes getting into the right mind set.

    Sin pulled out a karaoke microphone, his Mana formed a disco ball in mid air flashing various lights. Sins face got all emotional before he started singing.

    "Dame da ne. Dame yo dame na no yo. Anta ga suki de sukisugite. Dore dake tsuyoi osake demo. Yugamanai omoide ga baka mitai!" (1)  [I swear if no one gets this reference after such a perfect setup.]

    The Dragon King punched the Mana disco ball, and stage into various lights. Slamming his hands on the table once again, the Dragon King bellowed "WOULD YOU STOP FUCKING AROUND!?"

    Sin stood up throwing his chair, just barely missing the Dragon Kings head. "Interrupt my story again Reggie. See what happens!"           [Hellsing Abridged]

    The detective took a long time to settle things down. 

    Then he began asking more questions.

    "What is your connection to the Vermilion Bird Clan?"

    Sin answered without missing a beat. "Allies of the Wolf God Clan."

    "How long have you been staying there?"

    "For 11 days"

    The Dragon Kings face twitched, 11 days ago was when Glaze and his group were severely defeated. Putting two and two together, the Dragon King shouted.  "He's the one who raided my clan last night! He is the only one who has the ability to wipe out my forces!"

    Sins face was as calm as can be. "And what proof do you have? Do you have any of my blood, prints, did you personally see me last night? Do you dare to swear an oath on your life, that you are not spouting a mouth full of bullshit!?"

    The Dragon King was stumped, he didn't dare make any oaths. But this didn't stop steam from billowing out of his ears.

    "That's what I thought you bitch ass serpent!" Sin further added salt to the wound, with a great big no fucks given smile on his face. He felt like a true bad ass from those cultivation novels, no face shall be given!   [Oh, wait a moment.]

    Seeing as this was going nowhere, with the lack of proof, and frayed nerves the detective sent Sin away. Just as Sin was about to leave, he looked back at the Dragon King. "You put the dick in detective!"

    Then he looked over to the detective himself. "You should consider a job change sir, snakey snake here does the job better than you do. Sadly, his tactics don't work on a innocent person."

    Sin walked out and looked at all the men that had fear in their eyes. "Sorry about my little outburst earlier, snakey snake in there really knows how to piss someone off!" Sin laughed loudly leaving the 'office' with his chest pumped up.

    All the men had started laughing thunderously hearing Sins comment. Some of the smarter ones, however, knew they were best not rocking that boat right now.

    Sin made his way back to the Vermilion Bird Clan, when he arrived back Reiya and Ariya were waiting anxiously at the front gates. Only they knew the truth, they feared Sin would crack like a egg under pressure.

    When Sin came into sight, Reiya was the first to run out to Sin. Seeing this unfold Sin put up a barrier of Mana around him. "Easy now girl, there's no need for concern."

    Ariya seeing this wasn't pleased, but as she once said before. It is up to the younger generation to sort things out. Nonetheless she also strode forward. "You look rather comfortable for someone who just went through interrogations."

    Sin laughed wildly "They call that interrogation? I nearly fell asleep. If it wasn't for snakey snake i'd be dead asleep in there. The chairs were rather comfortable, and they had a nice big desk I could rest my head on. It felt pretty damn luxurious compared to what I have been in many times."

    Ariya was finally put to ease, this man in front of her was becoming more mysterious. Nothing seemed to challenge him, he had self respect without arrogance like most do. 

    Sin asked a question that had been weighing on his mind. "Matriarch Ariya are there any forbidden zones near the capital city? I need something to push me beyond my limits."

    Ariya was thoughtful considering the time remaining until foreign forced invaded. "The king will be opening up the Grand Warrior Trials in 4 days from now. All of the accepted 'King' or 'Queen' of each clan is welcome to partake."

    Sin had excitement flash in his eyes, he now had a prime chance to kill the Dragon King within the trials. So far he only clipped the wings, he had yet to rip the heart out of the Dragon.

    Seeing the excitement in Sins eyes, Ariya couldn't help but smile saying. "Truly it seems like wherever you go, chaos is going to follow suit."

    "Reiya go to the ancestral hall and get my battle armour and weapon. It has been 80 years too long since I enjoyed a good bloodbath!"

    Sin smiled giving his hand out in front of himself. "Are you ready to create some big chaos with little ol me?"

    Ariya clasped hands with Sin. "Let's make it big enough to rock the foundations of our continent!"

    Ariyas heart fluttered with excitement for the first time in 80 years. Who would know what kind of devastation she would finally unleash? It has been far too long, since the once known Killing Blade of the capital city has stayed tame

    Author's Note:

    (1) English lyrics:      I am no good, no good, no good at all. I love you, I love you too much. No matter how strong the drink, the memories are clear; it's so foolish.

    Song is Baka Mitai featured in the Yakuza series

    So apparently I didn't know you could put in music emoji's here for a certain part. Sorry for the delayed upload here guys, my lack of knowledge about that had delayed it here.
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    Book 2 Chapter 12: Alannah

    Later that night Sin entered his heart world, during the earlier interrogation, Sin transferred everything over into his heart world. All he had left inside was a bunch of porno mags, tissues, change of clothes and various other items. Of course that all played in part of the plan.

    Sin started organizing everything neatly, soon many mountains formed. 

    Training manuals, refinement methods, alchemy skills, blacksmithing skills, art, gold/silver/copper coins, equipment, combat techniques and so forth.

    Eventually Sins interest fell onto a egg, it had a rather staggering amount of Mana and pressure being emitted off It. The more Sin looked at it, the more he felt like it was calling out to him. 

    A log appeared in his view. "Rebirthing Chaos Egg, conditions to hatch: Drop your blood essence onto the Rebirthing Chaos Egg."

    Sin hesitated for a moment, but he remember this egg was protected by a hearty formation. It had taken some effort for him to break through. Sin delayed no longer, he spat out a mouthful of essence blood.

    "If you are going to fuck yourself for something good, might as well go deep" Sin thought to himself.

    When Sins blood essence landed on the egg, he saw phantom like wolves, vermilion birds, and phoenix's surround the egg. After that, he felt the very being of his Sword Essence being copied and transferred to the egg. 

    Sin felt a deep hunger from the egg. Deciding he may as well not be stingy, it was 'borrowed' to begin with. Sin gave the egg plenty of rare pills, then he began channeling his [Phoenix Queen and Midnight Glory] Sacred Flames into the egg.

    The egg hungrily absorbed the Sacred Flames, and pills like a black hole. Sin then gathered the essence of the Earth, Sky, Water, Fire, Spirit, Heart paths of [Blood Dragon Sword Methods.] 

    The egg began vibrating and a distinct buzzing sound could be heard. Cracks began forming on the egg. The Chaos energy in the ancient mansion burst out, being hungrily devoured by the egg. 

    The cracks widened and became numerous. After 45 minutes of hungrily absorbing the Chaos energy. The egg let out a extremely bright light, Sin covered his eyes with his hands.

    When the light vanished, Sin looked at the egg split in two parts. Then he heard the voice of a sweet young child.


    Sin looked down, what he saw shocked the living daylights out of him. There was a 5 year old girl, with two wings sprouting out from her back. One was completely black, while the other was a mixture of red-gold. Her eyes were bright like stars in the sky, what more the child looked like a exact replica of Merala.

    Sin knelt down further examining the girl. "Did you just come out of that egg?" Sin pointed towards it.

    The girl looked incredibly sad with tears forming in her eyes. "Papa please don't put me back in that egg. I will be a good girl."

    Sin smiled affectionately ruffling the child's long red hair. "Don't worry, papa won't put you back in the egg."

    The childs stomach rumbled like a nuclear bomb going off. "Papa I'm hungry!!!"

    Sin thought it was himself ripping one from kneeling. But thank god that wasn't the case, because it was taco tuesday. 

    Sin exited his heart world with the child held in his arms. "What would you like to eat sweety?"

    "I want meat! lots and lots and lots of meat!" The child yelled enthusiasm. Sin tried quieting her, but It was too late.

    Reiya walked out of her room yawning. "Why do I hear a childs voice?" Shen then saw Sin with a child in his arms.

    Reiyas eyes released murderous beams. "Since when did you have a child?" 

    Sin flashed away. "Hungry daughter can't explain right now!"

    Sin sat her on a chair, but he felt wrong leaving her untended. So he took out multiple toys from his heart world, and various others to keep the child busy while he cooked.

    Sin smiled "You be good now my girl. Papa is going to make you yummy food."

    Seeing Sin walk away, the child's eyes formed tears before wailing so loud it woke the entire Vermilion Bird Clan up. 

    "Papa don't leave me here alone!" Sword Qi formed so overbearingly that it nearly made Sin drop to the ground. 

    He looked over at the child in shock. "Okay papa won't leave you alone. Papa didn't know you didn't like being left alone." Sin picked the child up.

    The child smiled so bright without any worldly impurities. "Papa I want you to give me a name!" 

    Sin said many names he could think of. Sarah, Sky, Alice, Sable, Meril, Yasmine and many others. The child was unhappy with every name, Sin was starting to sweat. "Damn I'm shit at naming things let alone a child!"

    Finally the golden name came to his mind.

    "Alannah!" Sin exclaimed.

    The child had a long and deep looking face. She smiled after 5 minutes. "Papa I like Alannah, the other names sucked!"

    Sin felt betrayed, but Alannah was happy with her name and so was he.

    Ariya walked into the kitchen, seeing the cute winged girl sitting on Sins shoulders. Ariyas eyes lit up seeing such a cute girl.

    "Come see auntie Ari little one!" 

    Alannah looked at Ariya for a moment, then she turned her head sassily harrumphing. "No!" Alannah declared.

    "But auntie Ari has candy!"

    "No! I only want my papa." Alannah said while clinging onto Sins neck tightly.

    Ariya made her way over without listening, she reached her hands out grabbing Alannah. That was when shit hit the fan.

    Alannahs body lit up in a magnificent flame, while a blade made from black-golden flames came out of a tear in the void. Alannah swung it down, nearly incinerating the entire Vermilion Bird Clan. Thankfully Ariya was of the Divine Mastery rank in formations, thus the clan had self healing formations.

    "No one is allowed to touch me except for my papa!" 

    Ariya backed up frightened, this cute little loli just turned into a flame demoness. 

    Alannah jumped down, before running to hide in between Sin and the oven. She stuck her head out, sticking her tongue out at Ariya before letting out a satisfied smile.

    Alannah then cutely raised her arms up saying. "Papa I want uppy up!" 

    Sin bent down picking Alannah up. With Alannah in one arm, Sin was using his other arm to cook and chop vegetables. 

    Alannah drooled staring at all the food being prepared. Sins left shoulder soon became soaked. "Papa I'm hungry" Alannah had the cutest pair of puppy dog eyes. 

    Sin smiled "Patience Alannah good food takes time to cook." 

    Alannah pouted hearing her papa's answer.

    Ariya watched all of this unfold, a million thoughts and ways how to kill Sin swarmed her mind. How dare such an adorable loli be Sins daughter. And how dare that loli not love auntie Ari!

    After Sin was done cooking, he brought Alannah and the plate of food to the table. Alannah had a voracious appetite that put Merala and Samara to shame. Thankfully his habit of cooking way more then needed saved him this time.

    "Another goddamn glutton." Sin thought to himself while sighing. Fuck cultivation, all his time will soon be spent cooking to feed 3 gluttons. Sin slightly despaired his future.

    Alannah was starting to doze off at the table, Sin decided he would bathe her before going to bed. Sin brought the tired Alannah upstairs into the bathroom, after running the water in the tub making it a perfect temperature. Sin turned around as he asked Alannah to undress and get into the tub. 

    Alannah did as she told then she jumped into the tub of water. Sin was curious of what Alannahs stats were. When he used his analyze skill, he cried tears of shame.

    Name: Alannah

    Age: 5

    Level: 10

    Health: 65,000

    Mana: 32,500

    Strength: 235

    Intelligence: 235

    Agility: 285

    Dexterity: 285

    Luck: 155

    Physique: 175

    Comprehension: 165


    Blood Dragon Sword Methods: Mastery of the 6 paths, half-step into the Conquerors realm

    Sword Heart: [Saint Grade]

    Divine Dragons Tyrant Wolf King Flame Body Refinement Method: [God Tier, Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, Wolf, Dragon Scale Diagrams active.]

    Nine Life Steps [Grand Master]

    Void Steps [Grand Master]

    Tartarus Impalement [Saint Mastery]

    Midnight Glory Sacred Flame [Tier 6]

    Phoenix Queen Sacred Flame [Tier 6]

    The list continues

    "Holy mother fucker!" Sin said overly loud drawing Alannahs attention. Her 5 year old curiosity couldn't stop her from asking the obvious.

    "Papa what's a holy mother fucker?"

    Sin coughed. "That's a bad word that adults use, never repeat it again Alannah."

    Alannah had a look of confusion. "So does that mean dad is a bad guy?"

    Sin scratched the back of his head. "It's hard to define someone as good and bad. It all comes down to their intentions, and how it affects those around them."

    "Your confusing papa, your a superhero!"

    Sin felt a mix of pride and warmth spread through his heart. "I will only be Alannahs superhero."

    Alannah smiled hearing Sins words, but then she had a look of sadness on her face. "Papa wheres mom?"

    Sin answered carefully. "Mom is in a place becoming stronger so she can protect her little girl."

    Alannah used her Mana creating a perfect image of Merala from when Sin last saw her. "This is mom?"

    Sins eyes widened in shock. "Alannah how did you know that is mom without seeing her?"

    Alannah was confused, but her answer was blunt. "I saw an image of her when I came out of the egg earlier. Mom said something like make sure papa takes care of me, if not she is going to kick you in the balls."

    Sin burst out in laughter. "That's exactly something your mom would say." 

    Sin finished bathing Alannah, after dressing her in pajamas Sin carried Alannah into his room. Sin carefully rested Alannah onto his bed, tucking her into bed and giving her a kiss on her forehead, Sin lovingly said. "Sleep well my little angel, papa will make you a good breakfast in the morning."

    Alannah wrapped her little arms around Sins neck giving him a hug. "Good night papa I love you!" Alannah said affectionately. 

    Alannah closed her eyes and soon went into dream land. Sin went into the middle of the room, sitting cross legged. Sin rotated his body refinement method, and to his surprise he felt it was at least 10x more active than normal.

    The night soon passed in 8 hours, Sin managed to form 1 1/2 scales of each diagram, except for the Dragon Diagram he had yet to open up. Sin was shocked at how fluid it felt, and his organs, blood, mana, and qi seemed to have become more rich. The ambient Mana in the air seemed like it was being drawn to him.

    When Sins focus came back, he saw Alannah flying in front of him staring into his eyes. Alannah wrapped her arms and wings around Sins neck. "Good morning papa I am hungry!" Alannahs stomach rumbled loudly, while a sad look appeared onto her face.

    "Okay come with me papa will make you a feast for breakfast."

    When Sin had his back turned to Alannah, she flew over and sat on top of his shoulders. Her curiosity had overwhelmed the hunger she was feeling, while Sin was walking they came across the training grounds. Alannahs eyes focused and zoomed into the disciples training in sword methods. She pouted seeing at their 'sloppy' form which made Sin laugh out loud after hearing her complaints.

    Sin walked into the kitchen, learning his lesson from the previous night. He held Alannah in one arm as he began cooking breakfast. The aroma soon wafted out of the kitchen, Ariya and Reiya like magnets appeared shortly after. 

    Reiya got a good look at Alannah before she burst out "Waaaah she's so cute!"

    Alannah hearing the commotion had a sour look on her face. She hugged tightly into Sins embrace as she hid her head. 

    Reiya however, had such an alluring voice, Alannah seemed charmed. "Don't hide on me little sister. Why don't I take you out to play while the bad man makes breakfast?"

    Ariyas brows furrowed after hearing Reiyas words, she gently warned Reiya after remembering last nights outburst. 

    Reiya didn't take it to heart, she came to Sins side and then reached her hands out to take Alannah out of Sins embrace. 

    This was when Reiya knew, she fucked up.

    Alannah became a little ball of flaming fury, Ariya seeing this unfold hurriedly created a defensive formation in front of Reiya.

    Alannahs black-gold sword shot out, cutting through the formation like a hot knife through butter.

    Reiya was frightened and backed off immediately. The sword however, was much faster and appeared on her neck.

    Sin seeing all of this unfold finally said. "Sorry I forgot to mention, she doesn't like leaving her papa's side." Sin smiled mischievously, which happened to piss Reiya off to no ends. But she also didn't dare act, the little loli was a demoness in disguise!

    After Sin finished cooking breakfast, he brought Alannah and multiple plates of food to the table. Reiya wanted to taste Sins cooking, but Alannahs arm shot out slapping her hand away.

    "Don't touch my food!" Alannah glared angrily at Reiya

    After breakfast, Sin dressed Alannah up before going out to the local fair. Sin and Alannah went on many rides, tasted many delicacies and snacks. When night fell, fireworks were going off in the air. Alannah looked up with wide eyes.

    "Papa what are those?" Alannah pointed her finger in the sky.

    "Those are fireworks, they make loud noises but produce beautiful colours and images in the night sky." Sin explained

    Alannahs curiosity was settled, then she yawned before falling a sleep on top of Sins shoulders. After a long day of playing, and eating many snacks. Alannah had been exhausted, Sin brought her back to his residence and placed her into bed. Sin kissed Alannahs forehead good night before he went and started his cultivation.

    Author's Note:

    In the next couple chapters, you can expect Sin to be getting his Class and Profession. 

    Bonus chapter on Sunday! Thank you all for following my story, hopefully everyone is enjoying the adventure so far.
  • Book 2 Chapter 13: Water Nymph

    Sin spent the remaining 4 days in peace and quiet, everyday he would take Alannah out to play, go to fairs, go out and hunt bounties and so forth. During this period of time, Sin had felt he was close to mastering the Earth path of [Blood Dragon Sword Methods.] When Sin came back to town, there was a man in a robe decorated with dragons, on his waist was a lifelike Sword glowing multiple lights. The man walked towards Sin asking politely.

    "Are you the new generation Wolf King by any chance?"

    Sins eyes narrowed just as he was about to reach for his Soul Weapon, Alannah jumped off of Sins shoulders admiring the persons sword.

    "Waaaah it's so beautiful!"

    Sins focus was solely on the man, if he were to move a single millimeter regardless of being god, the devil, or buddha, his head would roll.

    The man seeing this tested Sin, before the man moved however, Sins blade was already drawn on his neck. Sin instantly put 40 points into both Agility and Dexterity, leaving 20 left in his stockpile. 

    "Alannah come back to papa."

    The man raised his hands "Easy now tiger, I'm the king of these lands. You wouldn't be willing to initiate a full out war would you?"

    Sin smiled meaningfully. "That depends on which side of the blade you tread upon."

    The man looked back, uttering a single word. "Humans."

    Sin sheathed his weapon. "Very well, let's get this over with."

    The King noticed how fascinated Alannah was over his sword. He took it out of its sheathe and showed it to her. "Little girl would you like to keep this Sword?"

    Alannahs eyes widened she squealed with excitement. However, she turned to look back to her papa eagerly asking. "Papa can I take it, he offered it to me. It would be rude to turn the offer down right? What was it you like to say, accept kind gestures to pave the future roads?"

    Sin shook his head while smiling. "Yes you can have it sweety."

    Alannah jumped up and down clapping her hands together. "Papa is the best in the world!" Alannahs hand reached out so fast, the King didn't even have time to react before the Sword and sheathe were already strapped on her waist.

    The King had a rather awkward look on his face. A 5 year old girl had just swiped the Sword and sheathe off his being, the scariest impact being that he didn't even feel it. Nor did his 'domain' alert him of Alannahs movements.           [Swiper no swiping!]

    Sin seeing this was pleased. He knelt down and ruffled Alannahs hair affectionately. "You did well my girl."

    Alannahs eyes were bright and she smiled as wide as can be. 

    The King coughed bringing Sins attention back. "Shall we go somewhere comfortable?"

    Sin replied "Sure."

    The King brought Sin and Alannah to a private tea house, when he entered he asked a waiter to take Alannah to the play area. The King then went up to to VIP room, Sin followed behind keeping his senses sharp.

    After entering the room a mystifying aroma that made ones mood and nerves ease started working. The King sat down comfortably. The King asked something that instantly put Sin on full alert. 

    "Did you raid the Azure Dragon Clan?" 

    Sin made eye contact with the King. "Would you prefer I be honest or lie?"

    The King smiled as he too also relaxed. "That's a good enough answer. I want to thank you as King of these lands, the Dragon King has long since been the Demon's bitch. I just never had the proof, or clear motive to wipe them out of existence. While I am King and my authority here is absolute, the civilians are not aware of these facts. And even if they were, why would they believe it? The Azure Dragon Clan has served my family for the last 5,000 years. They have long since planted their roots in everyone's hearts as loyal to a fanatic level. If I were to simply uproot them without solid evidence, many would fear me and would take advantage of the chaos to overthrow my position. I have been safe guarding these lands for over 9,000 years, I have killed many pawns of the Demons. And I will be the first to admit, there are ears in the walls."

    Sin nodded thoughtfully. "That does make sense, the Azure Dragon Clan even affected my clan. One of my elders named Chrom was working for them. It's a shame I had to kill him, Sirius and Chrom were life and death brothers."

    The king also nodded. "This is how life goes, you never know if the ones you feed, will one day kill you in your sleep."

    Sin asked a question. "Besides asking me about the raid, what other intentions do you have for seeking me out?"

    The King hesitated for a second, but still answered truthfully. "I would like to ask you to be the human representative of the Grand Warrior Trials. Truth be told, you would be sent out of Desolate Kingdom into another plane of existence all together. Us humans we are the lowest on the power spectrum in the universe. Even a 45th grade existence such as the Demons threaten to wipe us out, let alone the Dimensional beings, Chaos creatures, Ashuras, Deities and so on."

    "Why do you think I am capable enough to represent the other Kings and Queens?" Sin asked.

    The king looked into Sins eyes. "Because I can see your destiny is like the blinding rays of the sun."

    "And how can you believe one day I won't become someone who kills any being I see?"

    The king thought long and hard before answering Sins question. "Because you and I are cut from the same cloth."

    "I will not make you any promises. I will only protect those I have the power to protect, I am not a hero blinded by justice."

    The King smiled "That's good enough for me, take the time to rest up and get into a proper mindset. The trials open up in 5 hours, make whatever preparations you need to now."


    Five hours passed, Sin left the Vermilion Bird Clan with Ariya and Alannah. When Sin and company were about to leave the Vermilion Bird Clan, Reiya ran out shouting from behind.

    "You better make it back alive Sin!"

    Sin kept walking forward throwing his hand into the air. After arriving at the Kings palace, Sin noticed many strong people. Many looked at Sin, some nodded, some looked eager to fight, and some looked like superior assholes. 

    Sin spotted the Dragon King before calling out loudly.

    "Yo snakey snake! I didn't think you'd be participating in the trials, you always struck me as a big pussy who gives commands from behind."

    The Dragon King turned back with a face full of fury. "We'll see who the real pussy is!"

    The Dragon King turned away, going to sign up for the trial. Sin followed behind with Ariya, and Alannah on his shoulders. When Sin arrived, he heard the Dragon King asking to be put into the hell mode. Sin smiled before walking forward.

    "You can sign me up for the Asura mode."

    The Dragon Kings eyes widened before sarcastically asking Sin. "You do realize what you just signed yourself up for right?"

    Sin smiled with his middle finger raised. "Do you dare take the dive with me snakey snake?"

    The veins in the Dragon Kings body flared. "Sign me up for the fucking Asura mode!"

    After thirty minutes passed those that signed up for the various difficulties got into groups. Sin, Ariya, Alannah and the Dragon King were the only ones to take Asura mode.

    The King came out and took center stage.

    "All my brave warriors, it is my pleasure to open up the Grand Warrior Trials. I hope that everyone I see here comes back alive in 10 days. Your bravery and honour as humans is formidable, each life you take away proves that we're not the pathetic beings the other races take us as. Every enemy you kill earns you points based off how strong they are. The more enemies you kill, the more rewards you will get from the universe itself."

    The King waved his hands and various portals lit up. 

    Sin and Ariya were the first to enter leading the pack, the Dragon King followed suit. Upon entering the other side of the portal, a vast world entered Sins view.


    the roars of the beasts were shattering, Sin had his Soul Weapon drawn. The bushes rustled and a dimensional beast came running through it. Sins analyze did it's job

    Dimensional Hog King

    Level: 25

    Health: 92,000

    Mana: 1,250

    Strength: 125

    Intelligence: 10

    Agility: 100

    Dexterity: 100

    Sins eyes were full of fighting intent, Asura mode really was no simple walk in the park. Sin flew forward swiping his Sword at the hoofs of the hog king, sparks flew as only a white scar was left on the hoof without drawing any blood.

    Sin jumped over the hog king, evading the tusks primed to gut him. Sin landed on the hog kings back, stabbing his Soul Weapon down with all his strength, Sin managed to injure the hog king, but it was far from fatal or dealing any sort of real damage.

    Sins body erupted in the [Phoenix Queen] Sacred Flame. After his refinement method upgraded to God rank, [Phoenix Queen] became a tier 4 Sacred Flame. The Hog King screeched out in agony, Sins Soul Weapon pierced the iron defense as if a heated knife through butter. Running on top of the 6 meter long hog king, Sins weapon ripped open the back revealing the half cut through bones.

    Sin put all his body weight into his elbow and smashed it down on the hog kings skull. Sins fingers blazed with [Phoenix Queen] piercing through the hog kings eyes. Sin put his weapon back into its sheathe before quick drawing using [Illusionary Sword: Void Breaker.] The hog king was split in half, as the power of the void weighed down mashing it's body into a bloody pancake. 

    Sin received a log

    [You have slain the Dimensional Hog King. You have been awarded +10 points]

    After the Dimensional Hog King died, its soul flew out trying to escape. Sin reached out with his hand purifying the soul as [Phoenix Queen] erased the souls consciousness. Putting it into his Dimensional Bag, Sin was all smiles.

    "Hey the beasts here give a decent amount of points. Let's clear out the surrounding are and create a camp for the night."

    Sin, Alannah and Reiya made quick work clearing out the surrounding 10 kilometers. No Dimensional beasts survived the onslaught. 

    The Dragon King took this time to leave the party. "We'll meet up back at this area in 10 days time. I wish you both the best of luck."

    Before the Dragon King disappeared, Sin imbued his Mana into a microscopic tracker noiselessly landing on the Dragon Kings combat boots. Seeing as there was no reaction, Sin smiled to himself. "No need to wait 10 days, I will kill you very soon!"

    Later that night, Sin was warming up some premade food he cooked before. 

    Alannah was looking at it with a look of utter disgust. 

    "Papa why can't we have your yummy food?" Alannah said with longing eyes.

    "Because we may attract many powerful Dimensional beasts, or higher race members who feed on humans." 

    Alannah wasn't happy with that answer. "So why dont we just kill everything that comes?" 

    "Sweety if you be a good girl tonight, papa will make a yummy breakfast tomorrow how Is that?"

    Alannahs eyes lit up like a sea of shooting stars. "Is that a promise?"

    Sin smiled ruffling Alannahs hair. "Of course it is my little princess."

    Alannah was all smiles and obediently ate the 'yucky' food. That however, was not without a disappointed face. But with her papas promise It was worth the 'misfortune.'

    After eating and bathing Alannah, Sin tucked her into bed for the night. 

    Alannah wrapped her arms, and her wings around Sins neck. "Goodnight papa I love you, don't forget your promise. If you do, I'll tell mom you've been a bad papa!"

    Sin smiled kissing Alannahs forehead. "Don't worry papa wont forget promises made to my little princess." 

    Alannahs eyes grew heavy and soon she entered the land of dreams.

    Seeing this, Sin went and sat cross legged in the middle of the tent. Sin closed his eyes circulating his refinement method, while his Sword Qi roared awake covering the surrounding 25 kilometers.

    If any hostile threats were to enter, their only outcome would be death.

    The night passed peacefully while Sins Sword Qi did its job. Sin raked in over 300 points! It was a decent amount to earn in only 9 hours.

    Sin got himself up and started making breakfast. With the aromas wafting out, it was only a matter of time before the hungry glutton woke up. 

    Alannah came out of the tent yawning, but her eyes widened immediately becoming interested in her papas cooking.

    Alannah ran over jumping onto Sins kneeling figure. "Good morning papa!" 

    Sin took out 4 pieces of bacon from the frying pan. "Eat this for now, breakfast will be ready shortly. Do you want to go wake up auntie Ari?"

    Alannahs happy look turned to one of betrayal. "No I don't like her! She tried to take me out of papas arms!" 

    "Alright, that leaves it up to me then. Stay here and don't eat anything else."

    "Okay" Alannah replied drooling as she stared at the pans full of food.

    Sin went and woke up Ariya, she was much easier to wake up than Merala was. 

    Thank god for that Sin thought to himself. 

    Sin came back and made everyone's plate of breakfast. Ariya soon came out, stretching as she splashed some cold water in face.

    After everyone finished breakfast. A tremendous aura swept the surrounding area. Beads of sweat fell from Sins body. His look became one of terror and uncertainty. 

    Sins entire being was shaking as he tried his hardest to reach for his sheathe. A figure appeared just outside of their camp. 

    The figure was a female whose body seemed to be completely made of water. She had aqua blue wings, blue eyes, flowing blue hair and a halberd in her hands. 

    "Mmh I knew I smelt the scent of a man nearby. And he's a damn good looking one as well, why don't you come and 'play' with your elder sister?" 

    Sins analyze flared

    Name: Kyaku

    Race: Water Nymph

    Race Rating: 45

    Level: 75

    Health: 250,000

    Mana: 750,000

    Strength: 475

    Intelligence: 528

    Agility: 600

    Dexterity: 600

    Physique: 350

    Comprehension: 300

    Sins entire being was shaking like a leaf in the middle of the storm. His veins bulged, nearly ripping their way through the surface of his skin. 

    "How.... can.... I... help.... you...?" Sin asked already exhausted just from being under Kyakus pressure.

    "I want to eat you up handsome man." The water nymph was licking her lips as if she found a delicacy. 

    Sins survival instincts kicked into overdrive. He grabbed Alannah by the cuff of her shirt, and Ariya by her arm. Throwing them with all of his strength while he yelled out. 

    "We'll meet up at another time. You two get as far away from here as you can!" 

    Kyaku watched this all unfold with a smile on her face. "I suppose I can let those two fishes escape from the net this time."

    Sin unsheathed his Soul Weapon and flipped the switch in his mind. His killing intent billowed out, bringing a slight crease to Kyakus brows.

    "That's a pretty impressive killing intent for a little human like yourself." 

    Kyakus body became encased by an aqua blue full body armour. 

    "That however is nowhere near enough to face me. A little human like you, who hasn't even generated their refinement armour. You should know better than to participate in these trials."

    Kyaku flew forward stabbing her halberd towards Sins heart. Sins weapon became as heavy as if a 1,000 tonne mountain was crumbling. 

    Sin raised his Soul Weapon up with one hand, slashing it down all his might. 

    [Impose] Wield something light as if it were heavy!

    Sins weapon clashed with the Halberd, a huge blast wave was unleashed, Sin was launched backwards 500 feet. Kyaku was left there stunned. 

    "A puny level 10 human warrior wasn't blown into a blood mist after receiving my attack? This just got interesting."

    Sin and Kyaku clashed many times giving the same results each time. However, Sin was quickly becoming exhausted. Facing a higher races pressure, and someone who outstrips himself in combat power was extremely taxing. 

    Sins aura vanished as he used [Void Steps] while Kyaku was shocked, she was not worried by any means, the technique was rather mesmerizing to watch though. 

    Sin appeared behind Kyaku as lightning sparked around his body, Sins sword slashed out 75 times in one second, creating a beautiful lightning buddha.

    [Spark Rush!]

    Sins fist blazed with [Phoenix Queen] as he delivered a mighty blow to Kyakus temple. Sin appeared behind Kyaku, putting her in a choke hold. Through both attacks, Sin knew Kyaku let them slip by her defense. This greatly pissed Sin off, never had he been looked down upon in such a manner before!

    "Since your so goddamn tough let's do it this way!" 

    Sin launched himself off the ground, his [Midnight Glory] Sacred Flame fused with [Phoenix Queen]

    A brilliant yet deadly golden-black lotus flower shimmered in the morning sun. Its Aura raged as it sucked in all the fire essence within 1,500 kilometers. 

    Sin had been fighting with everything he had, just to keep Kyaku in the choke hold. His physique and God tier refinement method was showing their worth. But tricks only lasted so long against absolute power.

    Kyaku swinged her Halberd backwards, impaling Sins stomach tearing out multiple organs. 

    Sins blood sprayed on Kyakus armour. But he kept his undying will strong, and bit through the pain. As his trump card had finished preparing, Sin smiled to himself before shouting.

    "Yippee Ki Yay mother fucker!"

    A beam of blazing golden-black flame shot down pummeling both Sin and Kyaku.

    [Midnight Queens Fury!]

    The beam pierced through the ground, creating a massive heat wave spreading out in the distance.

    Sin was powerless, his body had blood burst out from all over, and steam was emitting from his bare upper body. Sin let go of his grip on Kyaku. Plummeting towards the ground, Sins body made big cloud of dust from the impact. 

    Kyaku was in midair still, her armour had slight cracks appearing as her helmet shattered into pieces. Her beautiful long blue hair was in disarray, and blood leaked from the corners of her lips.

    "I was going to let you fuck me and be my pet, but now you've pissed your big sister the fuck off!" Kyaku roared as she threw her Halberd in a rage, piercing downwards towards Sins head.

    Sin looked up weakly as his last thought went through his head. "Fuck me, I think I bit off more than I could chew by pissing Snakey snake off."

    Just as the Halberds tip was about to pierce through his forehead, a tear in the void appeared, with a hand reaching out and snatching the Halberd.

    A dimension shattering harrumph was heard before a cocky woman's voice followed suit.

    "You are not worthy enough to kill the man my master has enlisted me to protect!" The Halberd was thrown back with insane amounts of strength.

    Shooting towards Kyaku so fast, when the tip of the Halberd made contact with her refinement armour. Kyaku blew up into a chunky crimson blood mist. 

    This woman was naturally Shana. She walked over to Sins body and placed one hand on his cheat. A blue aura wrapped around her hand as she healed Sin. Sins injuries and spent energy recovered In less than 5 minutes.

    Shana walked away in a terrible mood while she flew into long winded rant.

    "Goddamn men and there fucking stupid actions! Oh Shana go protect him while I train his wife. Master I hope you get fucked in the ass by a Tyrannosaurus Rex!" 

    Sin who just sat up burst out into laughter.

    Shana turned around with her fist clenched, she punched down on Sins head nearly breaking his skull.

    "And what the fuck do you think your laughing about huh?! If it weren't for me, you'd be getting eaten by that fucking slut by now!"

    Sin covered his head with his hands, a tear nearly escaping from his eyes.

    "Well aren't you just a frisky one?" Sin said mischievously 

    Before Shana had the chance to beat on Sin more, she heard Ariya and Alannah returning. Shana vanished into thin air leaving a warning for Sin.

    "Not a word about anything you just saw. if you say anything I will chop your dick and balls off!" 

    Sin shivered before he heard the worried calls behind him.

    "Papa!" Alannah was running full speed and jumped into Sins embrace. 

    "Stupid papa bad papa!" 

    Sin hugged Alannah while patting her head.

    "No need to be worried my princess. Papa is okay see?" 

    Alannah looked at Sin in disbelief.

    "You just fought a level 75 Water Nymph. How are you even still alive?" 

    Sin was shocked hearing this from Alannah.

    Sin questioningly asked. "How do you know that was a Water Nymph or her level for that matter?"

    Alannah hung her head sideways with a questioning voice of her own. 

    "Your acting weird papa." 

    Sin was full of confusion, but he decided to not to bother about it now. What mattered is he was alive and that the Water Nymph died. 

    Ariya returned she too was stunned seeing Sin in one piece.

    Sin seeing this sighed before saying.

    "Yeah yeah I know surprising I managed to survive right?" 

    Ariya nodded her head.

    Sin sighed to himself before saying.

    "Let's take it easy from here in, there won't be another miracle."

    Sin picked Alannah up before walking off, Sin was unaware Alannah made direct eye contact with Shanas hidden figure.

    Alannah transmitted her voice to Shana. "If you bring any harm to my papa I will kill you and your master!" Drawing her thumb across her neck as example. 

    Alannah then returned to her normal cheerful self.

    "Papa I want to eat lots more of yummy food!"

    Author's Note:

    Here is Sundays bonus chapter in advance. The worldly temptation called Nioh 2 is far too tempting.
  • Book 2 Chapter 14: Mystic Blade Empress

    Sin, Ariya and Alannah took their time travelling around throughout the day. Sin had lucky stars counting on him, no monstrous existence like Kyaku had shown up again.

    In the later evening Sin had pitched camp, looking above Sin squinted his eyes. There was a towering figure being held up by the clouds. 

    As if there was somebody else looking down towards him. Sin felt a hand fall on his shoulder, while a voice made it's way to his mind.

    "If you dare take the climb, you can increase your chances of survival greatly.

    A series of steps formed leading up to the towering figure. Sin looked up to the clouds again, but the feeling of someone calling him had vanished.

    Sin went back and set up camp, explaining everything to Ariya of what just happened. Alannah who had a mouthful of food was the first to reply.

    "Papa you have to take the trial and go up those steps."

    Sin had a look of confusion. "Why do you say that sweety?"

    Alannah looked at Sin with a big smile on her face. "Because papa needs to become stronger to protect me and mom." 

    Sin smiled "Alright, I was going to do the trial anyways." 

    Sin finished eating before absorbing everything back into his Dimensional Bag. 

    Sin knelt down giving Alannah many handfuls of candy. "You be good for your auntie Ari okay my princess? Papa will be back soon."

    Sin hugged and kissed Alannah, while she was unwilling to let go. 

    "I want to go with you papa, don't leave me alone with that bad woman!" 

    Sin smiled "Auntie Ari isn't a bad woman, she's very kind and loving. You will grow to like her, be good for your papa." Sin ruffled Alannahs hair before walking towards the steps.

    Taking a deep breath, Sin took his first step. The moment his foot made contact with the step, a bolt of thunder struck down on Sin from above.

    Sins fighting spirit got ignited. Looking up into the sky Sin yelled provocatively. "If that's all you got up your sleeves, your trial is going to be easy as fuck!"

    As if to answer Sins provocation, a thunder dragon swirled around before launching down towards Sin.

    Sin punched out, smashing the thunder Dragon into specks of light. Taking his next step, it lit up into a fiery inferno burning away at Sins body. Sin inhaled the fire swallowing it in one big gulp. The fire became absorbed by the  Midnight Glory Sacred Flame with relish.

    Sin took the next step, Sword Qi formed itself into rows of densely packed swords. They began raining down towards Sin from every direction. Sin unsheathed his Soul Weapon, using [Blood Dragon Blooming Lotus] Sin cut through the Sword Qi.

    The Sword Qi became specks of light, being hungrily devoured by his Soul Weapons spirit. 

    Sin climbed the next 96 steps with ease, then after reaching the 100th step. A massive pressure weighed down on Sin, revealing the figure of a winged birdman. 

    Race: Harpy

    Race rating: 47

    Level: 40

    Health: 125,000

    Mana: 50,000

    Strength: 150

    Intelligence: 50

    Agility: 175

    Dexterity: 175

    Sin thought to himself. "Seems like this a trial to make me overcome my limits. Kyaku was a devastating enemy, but my strengths will allow me to make up for the lack of stats compared to this Harpy." 

    Sin excitedly flew toward the Harpy. Before slashing out with his Soul Weapon, Sin twitched all his muscles creating a 'vibration' that formed with his weapon as the core. Clashing weapons with the Harpy, the vibration played it's part. The Harpy's hand became numb with a tingling sensation.

    Sin dealt a critical hit, piercing the Harpy's lungs. Not willing to give his opponent time to recover. Sin jumped onto the back of the Harpy, grabbing both of its wings and using his legs as the spring board. Sin tore with all his strength, ripping the wings off of the Harpy.

    Sins Soul Weapon blazed with [Phoenix Queen] before using [Spark Rush.] The Harpy was cleaved in half, with both halves of the body falling downwards. Sin gathered all the fire essence in the surrounding area. Punching downwards a massive flaming fist obliterated the Harpy.

    Sin continued taking his trial, every 100 steps he took was empowering him in different ways. But it was in a custom set, made to build on his strengths.

    The second guardian was a level 40 Naga with a race rating of 43, similar to the Water Nymph Kyaku. 

    Sin took much more time this time to defeat the Naga. The superior race rating was a heavy mental pressure on Sin, while the enemy was beatable. The hardest part to fight back was the instinctual fear of facing a higher race. 

    Throughout the fight, Sin was gradually adapting himself, the mental suppression became weaker, making Sin able to display more of his strength the more he fought. Finally after 30 minutes, Sin cut the Naga into pieces keeping them as 'yummy food' for Alannah.

    The next 7 hours passed, Sin had defeated 5 guardians so far. The next guardian however, brought terror to Sin.

    Race: Dragon

    Race rating: 39

    Level 40:

    Health: 600,000

    Mana: 600,000

    Strength: 275

    Intelligence: 275

    Agility: 275

    Dexterity: 275

    The Dragon looked down on Sin with hard to conceal disdain, it spoke its degree.

    "If you are able to lower my health to one third, the Mystic Blade Empress will be content with that and you can go on your way. However, I will kill you with any given opening you give me. Don't expect me to give you special treatment because that old hag favours you."

    The dragon reached out with its claws. One claw formed the number zero, the other with its index finger pushing through the zero. The dragon cockily smiled before saying.

    "This is me fucking your wife last night!" 

    Sin flashed out of existence, reappearing above the Dragon with both his fists lit up in brilliant flames. Sin smashed his fists down on the dragons horns, the horn issued loud cracking sounds but hardly any damage was done to it.

    "You dare to jump on me like a monkey with such a pitiful physique like that? Get the fuck out of here!" The dragons claw opened up to a palm, grabbing Sins body and crushing with all its might. 

    Sins refinement method began circulating, the essence of the dragons Qi began flowing into Sins Dragon Scale Diagram. No scales formed, but Sin felt as if a empty reservoir was being filled.

    Before the palm closed making Sin a bloody pancake. Sin pushed both his arms out, the dragon struggled to crush Sin out of existence. 

    Sin bellowed furiously. "This is me fucking your hand right now!" Sin Imbued his Soul Weapon with 3,000 points of Mana. Controlling his Soul Weapon, Sin stabbed it downwards into the dragons palm.

    A magnificent cyan-black and golden-black flame burst out lightly scolding the dragons palm.

    [Phoenix Queens Flame Array!]

    The dragon let go of his grip on Sin, given this chance Sin took out a dagger from his combat boots. Imbuing 1,000 points of Mana, the dagger morphed into a Mana blade. 

    Sin engulfed it with both Phoenix Queen, and Midnight Glory Sacred Flames. Piercing through the hard scales, Sin ran up the dragons arm. Sin used the remaining 50 points of Mana to propel himself forward, piercing through the dragons eyes.

    In a fit of fury and pain, the dragons tail swatted Sin like a fly. Sin was sent barreling backwards smashing through hundreds of trees.

    Sin wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth 

    "How's that for fucking your mother!?" Sin yelled defiantly. 

    The dragon let out a baleful aura before changing shape into a humanoid figure. The humanoid dragon now dual wielded two swords, one red and the other green.

    Sin launched himself towards the dragons left side, with its eye impaled and not yet recovered. Sin was done playing 'nice.'

    Sin changed his Soul Weapon into its Great Sword form. Channeling all his Sword Qi into it, purple lightning wolves were soon created.

    Sin rose his weapon into the air with both hands, locking onto the dragons aura. Sin slashed downwards with all his might.

    [Wolf Kings Fenrir Slash!]

    Sin then gathered the remaining Sword Qi forming a crescent wave. Swiping his Great Sword out, a massive tidal wave of howling Sword Qi rushed behind the Fenrirs.

    [Wolf Kings Howling Crescent!]

    Both attacks landed on the humanoid dragon without missing their mark. A roar of fury and humiliation sounded out.

    "You goddamn human piece of trash!" 

    The humanoid flung itself at Sin blinded by it's own humiliation. Sin caught the dragons fist, pulling backwards Sins knee met the humanoids gut. 

    Sin kept tight hold onto the arm, back flipping Sin vibrated his muscles twisting forcefully. 

    The humanoid dragons arm ushered a loud 'SNAP"

    Sin appeared behind the humanoid dragon, not forgetting to add more oil to the fire.

    "So.... how was your trip to snap city?" 

    Ducking and just narrowly avoiding a sharp blade to his eyes. Sin whistled joyfully "Seems like the doctors are out of commission today."

    Throwing himself to the ground, Sins hand lit up with Phoenix Queen. Forming a 'knife' with his hand, Sin slashed his hand across the humanoids Achilles tendon. Sins hand cut through the skin nicking the tendon, but was stopped by the dragons hard bones.

    Sin punched out meeting fist with fist, the Dragon Diagram was hungrily eating the dragons essence. And Sins battle lust had been ignited. Both man and dragon were brawling to their hearts content.

    The dragon had lost itself to rage and humiliation. Not only had it looked down upon this human, it had been injured and taunted on many occasions. It's left eye was the price to pay for it's over confidence. As a superior race and higher being, how could it not disdain a mere human?

    Sin was full of energy, his body felt like it was on fire! The dragon was getting beat back more and more, just as it was about to gather all its dragon essence into its mouth. A jade white hand slapped the dragon unconscious.

    A cool and mature womanly voice was heard

    "You've gone past a third of your set health, not only that you were going to use your dragon breath on a 'pitiful' lower race being. Your pride and cockiness has defeated you."

    The voice once more sounded in Sins ears.

    "You have passed my trial with flying colours. You may proceed to my palace."

    Sin looked at the unconscious dragon, leaving a note asking for a proper challenge in the future. Sin continued his way up the steps. While the offer was given to him, Sin didn't back down from the trial. There was still 2 more guardians left.

    Sin spent 4 hours passing the next 100 steps, covered in blood from head to toe. With bated breaths and under significant pressure, Sin pushed forward meeting the 6th guardian.

    Race: Primordial Chimera [Mutated]

    Race rating: 43

    Level: 30

    Health 475,000

    Mana: 375,000

    Strength: 375

    Intelligence: 325

    Dexterity: 380

    Agility: 400

    Sin gulped, there was hesitation in his eyes. He had the good graces of his Dragon Diagram consuming the dragons essence, but this time, there would be no cheat to help him. Was it worth risking his life? Not to mention the 7th and final guardian must be an extraordinary being.

    The chimera showed a knowing smile before talking. 

    "It's your decision to make, but you must know. Everyone in the vast galaxies must own up to their decisions, are you willing to lose your life? Or do you think you'll be able to defeat me? I'm not like that stupid serpent who loses itself to rage and humiliation. I've watched your previous fights, you are NO match for me in your current state." 

    Sin also agreed, but he couldn't help but ask. "So if I bring you down to half health it is considered my win?"

    The Primordial Chimera replied nodding its head. "That is correct, but I implore you not to cross that step. You must know, for a human you are rather impressive. You could be a future emperor ranked warrior of humans with your vast and untapped potential. Give up your pride to live another day, a man must know when to take setbacks and improve himself."

    Sin clenched his fists, there was nothing he hated more than being powerless. But the Chimera was right, as a man who is responsible for the lives of over 7 million people. Taking the necessary setbacks was essential.

    Sin sighed before sheathing his weapon. "I will be back in the future for a proper fight. However, don't you dare hide your true power from me when that time comes!"

    The Chimera was stunned, but it also smiled with an expecting look towards the future. "Very well, human you may leave me with your name."

    "Sin" Sin said before walking away.

    The Primordial Chimera looked behind himself. "You seem to have found yourself a proper disciple empress."

    The empress's voice sounded out. "It's a miracle, with your curse he was able to fight back the urge to throw himself into the gates of hell."

    The Chimera nodded its head. "Not bad for a human. It's a shame his ancestor perished the moment he ascended. The Wolf King Ancestor was truly a capable man, is this your way of paying him back for saving your life as a child?"

    The womens voice turned cold. "That man was a father to me. He raised me as if I were his own daughter, I swear I will one day ascend and kill those mother fuckers that took my fathers life!"


    Sin made his way towards the palace. When it finally came into his sight, it was a majestic crimson palace, it had far too many scars across its exterior. It was surprising that it was still able to stand, Sin pushed open the palace doors. What entered his view was a world made out of fairytale, there were lush green forests, waterfalls, rainbows and so on.

    Sins eyes were inevitably attracted to a purple robed women, her black hair cascaded like the hidden beauty behind the night sky. Her eyes were profound like the deep cosmos, with smooth milky white skin, and a phoenix feather in her hair. Sins analyze had shocked the living daylights out of him.

    Name: Mystic Blade Empress

    Race: Mystic Chaos Divine Beast

    Race rating: 7

    Level: 650

    Health: 75,240,000

    Mana: 55,000,000

    Strength: 4,500

    Intelligence: 3,250

    Dexterity: 4,700

    Agility: 4,700

    Sins body dropped hugging the ground. After his shock had nearly shut his body down. The Mystic Blade Empresses aura as a higher being nearly killed Sin by him making eye contact with her.

    Seeing this scene the Mystic Blade Empress apologized to Sin.

    "Sorry young one, it is very rare I meet humans. I am normally used to dealing with beings that are able to withstand my aura."

    Sin felt like his existence was worth nothing more than specks of dust floating in the cosmos when being in front of this existence. Just from that once quick look, Sins brain had nearly shut down as a defensive mechanism to protect him.

    Sin dared not be rude, going onto both knees Sin kowtowed in front of the Mystic Blade Empress.

    "I am grateful for just being able to meet such a great being as yourself. I hope this show of respect is enough."

    The Mystic Blade Empress sent out Mana raising Sins body.

    "There is no need to behave in such a way when in my presence. I will not waste your time, you have 8 days remaining before you're sent out of here. I have picked you to be my disciple, the day I transcend is nearing. I will no longer be in this 'realm' So I want you to be the one to inherit and carry on my legend when I transcend."

    The Mystic Blade Empresses aura increased to a tremendous amount. A crystalline blue and white aura raged, placing her hand over top Sins heart, the Mystic Blade Empress began the inheritance ceremony. The crystalline blue-white energy formed a cocoon around Sins body.

    When this power mixed with Sins body, an unknown rainbow aura mixed within. The Mystic Blade Empress was taken back, for the slight second she saw the rainbow aura, it felt as if her entire being had been washed over by the cool breeze during a humid summer day. It felt as if the once closed doors in her path of cultivation had opened up.

    The Mystic Blade Empress saw the figure of the Wolf King Ancestor wink out of existence, tears came to the Mystic Blade Empresses eyes. She heard the loving voice that had been missing for hundreds of thousands of years.

    "My daughter do not ascend! There is only deat-"

    The voice cut out when the Wolf King Ancestors remnant soul lost power. Seeing his daughter after ascending more than 350,000 years ago had completed the last wish in life. The relief had no longer given the remnant soul 'power' to remain.

    "Father you've suffered so long, now your remnant soul has finally passed along. Just how long have you been transporting these seeded people from different worlds? Did seeing me finally exhaust what was left of your being?"

    The Mystic Blade Empress looked at the cocoon holding Sins body within.

    "This is all I can do on my end, how much you gain from this depends on yourself."

    Author's Note:

    I apologize in advance to those who only read my book on this platform. With the Corona Virus, my job has been out of commission for the last week and a half now. The stress it caused has diverted my attention. So I would like to remind all readers. IF the future chapters that are supposed to come out Mondays and Thursdays are not uploaded here, please read the chapters over at webnovel.

  • Book 2 Chapter 15: Mystic Blade World 

    Meanwhile back at the underground lab of the Azure Dragon Clan. Glaze was standing in front of the tube with a teenage girl inside. The girl was staring back hatefully at Glaze. Ever since his fight with Sin, Glaze had been mulling over himself many times. He had come to the answer he had known all along.

    Glaze punched the tube, just as the girl was about to slit his throat, Glaze put his hands up in the air saying. "I don't expect you to believe me, but I am here to set you free."

    Glaze held a key in his hand, sticking it into the bomb collar around the girls neck. The bomb collar was deactivated, then he pushed another button deactivating the chip inside the girls brain. There would be no one to control her anymore.

    The girl look at Glaze with disbelieving eyes. "Why are you letting me go, after all your plans to use me to harm my own big brother!?" 

    Glaze looked the girl in the eyes. "Jasmine, your brother is a man who has been through enough in life. I cannot make up for my misdeeds of 'killing' and sending you to this world. But I am no longer willing to be a pawn in this cruel game. Go to the Vermilion Bird Clan, Sin will be back in 8 days."

    Glaze winked out of the underground lab, leaving the stunned Jasmine behind. She was in a emotional state. "Big brother it's been a long 10 years of suffering. Do you still remember me?"


    When Sin reopened his eyes, a world of blades radiating blue white aura was all he could see for over 15 kilometers. All of these swords looked the exact same, and had the exact same spirit as his Soul Weapon.

    Sin locked onto one that felt the most 'real' walking over and picking it up. A enemy appeared in his sight.

    Name: Mystic Blade Spirit Puppet

    Level: 15

    Health: 150,000

    Mana: 150,000

    Strength: 110

    Intelligence: 110

    Dexterity: 150

    Agility: 150

    Then a log appeared in his vision.

    [You have entered the Mystic Blade World. You must find your real Soul Weapon within 5 days. Failure to do so destroys your Soul Weapon, you lose the chance to inherit the Mystic Blade Disciple class, all stats permanently reduced by 70 points. Be warned, the more Mystic Blade Spirit Puppets you kill, the stronger they become. Defeat the Mystic Blade Spirit Puppet King to increase your evaluations final score.]

    A giant timer appeared in the sky displaying 120 hours worth of time left. Wielding a clone of his Soul Weapon, a world of limitless enemies corresponding to the number of cloned weapons. This was the perfect chance to refine his Blood Dragon Sword Methods.

    Previously Sin had only fought weaker, or overwhelmingly stronger enemies. This was the perfect range for mastering the remaining paths. Back on earth he had already mastered the Water, Sky, Fire and Spirit paths. All that was left was Earth and Heart paths.

    Wielding his 'clone' weapon, Sin felt his Mana automatically rotate. Sin felt a feeling of connection with this clone, as if it were an extension of his own arm. There was that sense of familiarity, the sword was him, and he was the sword. Sins eyes began having a white-blue hue appear within, every flaw, misstep, error in Mana flow became a visual to his eyes.

    Sin slashed downwards, shattering the Mystic Blade Spirit Puppets weapon. Throwing his weapon behind himself, Sin catches it with his left hand mid somersault. Sins weapon slashed out three times on the weak points on the puppet. 

    [Blood Dragon Eviscerating Night]

    Flexing his arm, Sin swiped up with all his might, cleaving the puppet in half from bottom to top. Sins weapon blazed with a fiery aura, a flaming blade appeared high in the sky. Exploding into a shower containing thousands of smaller flaming blades.

    [Blood Dragons Fire Path: Midday Solar Rain]

    The puppet was wiped out in less than 45 seconds, Sins eyes returned to normal. The whole time this was happening, his mind was void of thought, planning, real-time combat analysis and many other factors that normally play in his mind.

    It was a mystical state, he and his weapon became a single being. Both operated off of their desire, and the fastest way to wipe out the enemy. Sin looked at his 'cloned weapon' it was fading into particles of light.

    Looking at it fading away, Sin kept the remaining half of it in his Dimensional bag, to his surprise it appeared and had a number 1 out of 100,000 beside it, its description showed its value immediately.

    [Mystic Blade Sword Heart Fragment: 1/100,000. Collect all 100,000 to relive the Sword Heart memories within. This is the Sword Heart formed by the Mystic Blade Empress. Each individuals Sword Heart is unique to oneself, take care to only study and not replicate someone else's abilities. To become a true Sword Heart practitioner, one must believe in their companion and own abilities!]

    Sin picked up the next weapon, extending his senses to the peak. Sin felt that connection appear again, the sword was him, and he was the sword. However, he could no longer accurately judge the weak points like before. It were as if a gate was blocking his path.

    Sin stopped himself from consciously focusing on it, all that mattered was he felt that state. It was just a matter of time until it became reflex. Sins mind formed a battlefield, locking onto the puppet Sins mind began it's analysis. Standing still with eyes closed, the puppet began its onslaught on Sin.

    Sin deflected every blow, attacking when he found the right opening. Throwing the puppet off balance Sins aura retracted, once again becoming calm like the ocean without any waves. Just as the puppet began its motion, Sin slashed out ahead of time, shattering its weapon. Sins subconscious started flowing outside of his body, with every move in the environment, Sin weaved in and out through the particles. Arriving in front of the puppets body, Sins sheathe slammed into its stomach, blowing a hole through it. Unsheathing his blade, Sins Sword Qi formed a straight arrow before diverging into multiple paths. The puppet fell apart in pieces, Sin put away the sword clone, adding one more to his 100,000 goal.

    Sins Mana turned into multiple hands, reaching out grabbing 25 swords in a split second. His Mana formed a pool with 24 floating beside him, 25 puppets formed and swarmed towards Sin. Weaving in and out of the clones like shadow boxing, Sin was slashing out, deflecting, piercing, and guiding the puppets to attack each other. Sins Mana was flowing smoother with each passing second, various variables and weak points were exposed to Sin.

    Sins body was like he was dunking his head bobbing for apples. His Sword Qi formed a tight fit star, with every movement in the environment, Sin unconsciously reacted shattering weapons, tearing puppets apart.

    Sins eyes opened blazing in a white-blue hue, the flow of Mana was shown in his vision. Sins eyes were lifeless, but his mind subconscious was operating his body like a professional Gundam pilot. Sins Mana surged picking up another 50 swords, 50 new puppets formed. The battlefields grid in Sins mind expanded, he felt his brain throb as it was dealing with 75 moving beings, the environmental particles, the flow of the wind and moving clouds.

    Sins body was moving 150 times a second, orchestrating the battlefield to his musical. Dangs and clangs resounded out, shattered swords like the beat of the drums. Sin imposed his will, interchanging his weapon between heavy like mountains, and light like a birds feathers.

    After 2 minutes, 75 fragments were now in his inventory. Sins body was soaked in sweat, his mind throbbing but excitement was seen within his eyes. Sin stood still for many minutes letting his brain cool off. Sins Mana surged out grabbing 100 swords this time, to push your limits you must face danger. Sins brain screamed like a steam whistle, his subconscious expanded out of his body, his consciousness was like a door stopper between the two gates. 

    After destroying 85 puppets, Sins body spasmed as over 15 swords left deep scars on his body. Sins consciousness rocked as the battlefield grid in his mind vanished, Sins subconscious returned to his body exhausted. Sin made quick work finishing off the remaining puppets.

    Sin combined the Sky and Water paths, wings of ice spread out from his back as a crystalline ice armour covered him, freezing the bleeding wounds. Sin froze each puppet before shattering the sculptures, looting his fragments Sin sat down regaining his composure. After another 5 minutes Sin rinsed and repeated the same process. 

    After three hours Sin managed to gather 2,000 fragments, the Mystic Blade Spirit Puppets were now becoming stronger, more intelligent, Sin noticed his abilities were being absorbed by the Mystic Blade World. Each wave of puppets were slowly becoming a perfect reflection of his own abilities.

    Name: Mystic Blade Spirit Puppet

    Level: 20

    Health: 185,000

    Mana: 185,000

    Strength: 130

    Intelligence: 130

    Dexterity: 170

    Agility: 170

    The pressure from stronger puppets was pushing Sin into overdrive. Eventually he was able to learn how to swap himself in and out of that mystical state. Sin had gathered a mob of over 175 puppets, it would take him 2 minutes to wipe out 90 of them, he could maintain his state for a max of 143 seconds. Each wave he wiped out he was beginning to expand the time he could stay in his state. 

    After another 3 hours, Sin had managed to gain 5,750 fragments, he could now hold the state for 4 minutes straight. The mobs he had been pulling had increased to 325. Sins Sword Qi was becoming diverse, every second that passed he was becoming used to switching paths and techniques on the fly. His ability of judgement and analysis was improving at breakneck speeds. 

    Finally after gathering a total of 8,000 fragments, Sin was faced with a new challenger after pulling his weapon out.

    Name: Mystic Blade Spirit King Puppet

    Level 30:

    Health: 425,000

    Mana: 425,000

    Strength: 225

    Intelligence: 225

    Agility: 265

    Dexterity: 265

    There was a wave of 125 Mystic Blade Spirit King Puppets. A new notification appeared in his vision.

    [Defeat this wave to gain a 10% completion rate towards your final grade. Reward: 2,500 Mystic Blade Sword Heart Fragments, evaluation increased to E rank.]

    Sin looked at the new horde, excitement and fighting intent was ignited within himself. The exhaustion was washed away within an instant, the dragon energy the Dragon Scale Diagram absorbed previously started flooding through Sins being. Filling Sin with the stamina of a dragon, high pitched notes were sounding out from within Sins body. His genes were hungrily devouring the dragons energy, turning it into their own fuel to evolve to a higher level.

    The battlefield grid rebuilt itself in Sins mind, working up and increasing his tolerance pulling larger mobs. Sins brain was no longer short circuiting, despite the Mystic Blade Spirit King Puppets having mastery over the Sky and Fire paths. Sin had no fear of them, their stats were increased. But a clone of himself was nothing else but partial.

    This time, Sin was no longer interested in making fast work of the mob, Sin charged forward pulling one and manipulating the others to his will. Sin bobbed and weaved through the crowd, each king puppet had a different method of the Sky and Fire paths techniques. It gave Sin new insights and ways to combine both paths.

    When Sin had killed 10, he felt the remaining puppets had gotten stronger and smarter. It seemed they were of a single unit, what the others experienced fighting Sin would then be imparted to the remaining live puppets. If that were the case, the final five puppets would be about 6 times as smart, and harder to win over. That was of course, if the fallen did not contribute to their remaining allies, it may even pass the threshold Sin could handle.

    After 4 minutes, Sin was still in control of the mystical state, over the many hours of training. Sin had been able to switch between his consciousness, and subconscious to control his body. Each mode of operation had it's benefits and its flaws, Sin was challenging himself to be able to operate in both modes at the same time. This however, taxed his brain easily overriding his control, only giving him 45 seconds of time at max.

    The gates were opening wider, but there was still much to learn. Whenever Sin felt like he was just on the point of a breakthrough, the feeling would disappear. While it was frustrating, shit happens. "force a relationship too much and it'll turn to shit." Sins father had always advised him.

    Sin wielded the clone this time without expanding unnecessary Mana, there would be no need for it this time. Sin ran forward clashing blade with blade, side stepping 2 inches the attack aimed at Sin ripped through the Spirit King Puppet in front of him. Sin isolated that Spirit King Puppet, focusing all his attacks on it and defense in the surrounding. 

    Imposing his will, Sin felt a change this time. The pressure was making his will waver, but nonetheless Sin was not one to take no for an answer when it comes to his own abilities. Sins Mana surged as his aura became incredibly dense and elastic. Sins aura converged with his sword, his Mana formed an outer layer on his weapon. Sins eyes blazed with the hue of blue, Sin found there was a thin red line inside the carapace of the Spirit King Puppet. 

    Sin cleaved his weapon downwards, cutting through the red line. The Spirit King Puppet blew up like a fuse which had just been ignited. Jumping upwards, Sin shot his legs downwards pushing a sword into the ground. Sins eyes focused finding the red thin line again, slashing out with extreme speed that formed a cyclone pushing back the 113 other Spirit King Puppets.

    Without further explanation the Spirit King Puppet had blown up. 

    Sins head was starting to ache and throb, but he bit through the pain. While he had only just experienced this sensation, it would quickly disappear without further meat to the broth. Sin locked onto 13 puppets remembering the configuration of their sequences. 

    Sin flew forward like a floating cherry blossom during a storm, Sin slayed the 8 puppets, increasing the intelligence of the remaining 105 puppets once again. Before Sin could sever their sequence structure, they had moved it to unknown parts in their body. Sin was losing grips over his state, but his body had simultaneously moved behind one of the Spirit King Puppets. Slashing its calf open it blew up.

    The remaining had backed off, they channeled their energy into one single unity. The Spirit King Puppet used [Infernal Sword Blaze] of the Fire path. Sin watched on as he let the energy gather forming around the Spirit King Puppets weapon. 

    Sin followed suit using his own [Infernal Sword Blaze] it's density was thrice as dense. Sins blade wafted out flames of death, as he clashed weapons with the Spirit King Puppet. He felt the dense essence of the Sky path hidden within. A torrent of wind blades exploded out aiming at all sure kill spots on Sins body.

    Sins body flashed and danced about, dodging each before stabbing the Spirit King Puppet through the left eye blowing it up. Sin licked the blood rolling down his cheek. The murderous beast within Sin had tasted blood and was roaring to go.

    Sin spent the next 15 minutes killing the remaining 100 Spirit King Puppets. The last 5 had become a force to sweat about.

    One of the puppets talked somewhat shocking Sin. 

    "If you wish to give up this challenge now, your time to do so is now. From here on out, each one of us you kill will only make the others that much stronger."

    Sin flew forward smashing his fist into the talkative Spirit King Puppets face. Sin grabbed the puppets arm before leaping over its body, a loud snap was heard as the puppets arm was twisted backwards. Sin stood parallel behind the puppet, threw his elbow backwards caving in the back of the puppets head. Dropping his body to the ground avoiding its follow up attack. Sin got into a handstand formation, locking the Spirit King Puppets head in a X lock. Using his abdominal strength, the puppet was thrown down to the ground. Sin back flipped with his weapon drawn, stabbing downwards through the puppets head. 

    At the last moment its sequence structure shifted throughout its body. Sin combined his consciousness and subconscious together. His blade chased the sequence structure like a fish in water, severing through it like a heater knife through butter. The talkative Spirit King Puppet became an explosion of nuts and bolts.

    Sin stood up with his weapon pointed at the remaining Spirit King Puppets. "If you wish to talk, you had best learn to clean your mouth of the shit you spew. Now let's finish this!"

    Sin charged forward, with both hands on his weapon. Sin did a 180 degree turn with his weapon cleaving through the breastplate of the closest puppet. Sin straightened his body out, imposing his will and Sword Qi into his weapon, Sin slashed down with all his might. A loud "BOOM" was heard like the clap of thunder. 

    Sin ducked his body, with his sword turned upright Sins knee smashed its hilt. Piercing through the arm of another Spirit King Puppet. Throwing his weapon up into the air, Sin used [Void Steps] appearing mid air with weapon in hand, slashing through another Spirit King Puppet.

    Sins weapon was held diagonally behind his back, bouncing off a blade that was aiming for his neck. Back stepping in a capital S position, Sin appeared behind the attacking Spirit King Puppet. Grabbing it by the forehead with his left hand, Sins right hand eviscerated the head off of the body. Sin jumped backwards kicking out with both legs, launching the body forward into another approaching Spirit King Puppet.

    Sin turned his neck backwards, seeing the reformed Spirit King Puppet he blew up.

    "How was your trip to blow up city?" Sin smiled provoking it.

    "If you think that's enough to eradicate the 5 of us, you're sadly mistaken."

    Sin looked forward seeing the other 2 reform in perfect shape.

    "Hoh now this is fun, undying puppets? Perfect!" 

    Sins switch in his mind flipped, his killing intent billowed out causing the Mystic Blade World to rock. The Mystic Blade Empress who created the world, was sipping tea with a man in her courtyard. The Mystic Blade Empresses face changed to a look of shock.

    Seeing this the man asked her worriedly. "What's wrong my wife?" This man is the one who has been training Merala.

    The Mystic Blade Empress took out a mystic ball from her dimensional bag. Within was Sin and his billowing killing intent, behind him was a mountain of corpses, rivers of blood, guts and dismembered bodies littered the 'battlefield' behind himself.

    The Mystic Blade Empress smiled. "My disciple is a rather interesting human isn't he husband?"

    The man looked and his eyes nearly shot out of their sockets. "What the fuck! The husband is so much more terrifying than the wife is!"

    The Mystic Blade Empress was shocked. "What do you mean by the husband is much more terrifying than the wife is?"

    The man replied. "About 13 days ago they chanced upon my Tower Of Sword Heart, it was him and his wife. I took his wife as my personal disciple, one of the ancient swords in my possession had called out to her. So I have decided to take his wife as my direct disciple. What's shocking is that you picked his husband out as your disciple, and he is much more terrifying than his wife is."

    The Mystic Blade Empress smiled widely. "So not only am I stronger than you, better in bed, I also got the better disciple!"

    The man frowned, cursing Sin for the comment he just got from his wife.

    The remaining Spirit King Puppets showed traces of fear.

    Sin seeing this once again voiced out. "So it seems even once dumb beings can sense fear. Very good, maybe this instinct you have developed may keep you alive longer!"

    Sin flashed forward, his weapon was wrapped in a baleful red hue. Slashing down on the nearest Spirit King Puppet, his baleful aura had contaminated the spirit mark placed on its body. Sin tore his weapon through the puppets breastplate, severing the sequence structure. This time the puppet didn't reform.

    "So it seems when you fear death, you become just like the others huh?" Sin smashed his fist through a Spirit King Puppets head. His hand lit up in flames while his weapon snaked through its body. Sin contained his killing intent, sure enough after keeping interest in the puppet it reformed 3 minutes later.

    Sin unleashed his killing intent as he slaughtered the remaining 4 with ease. When he finished his challenge there were logs waiting for him.

    [Congratulations! You have completed your challenge.]

    [Congratulations! you have risen to E rank. Rewards: 2,500 Sword Heart Fragments, +15 points to all stats, Physique +5 points, Comprehension +5 points, 2,375,000 Experience Points.]

    Sin was overjoyed, during the fight he found his killing intent was able to be controlled under the mystical state. Normally when unleashing it, Sin would become a beast that lived only for slaughter. But now, he would be able to truly unleash it to his hearts content, while also being in complete control of himself. This was his biggest weakness.

    Sin was a trained killer on earth, and claimed well over 125,000 lives. The brutality and killing intent had seeped into his very being. Think of it like this, if you were a chef and one day you lost your hands. That would cut off your lively hood, all your life you practiced becoming a better chef. How could you ignore that calling? It was similar to Sins case, he craved for killing and wreaking havoc. It had been deeply ingrained into his being.
  • Book 2 Chapter 16: Mystic Blade Spirit Emperor Puppet

    Sin took a couple minutes to rest up before continuing on his grinding spree. Sin had gathered a total of 700 swords this time. A wave of new and improved Mystic Blade Spirit Puppets hounded him.

    Name: Mystic Blade Spirit Puppets

    Level: 40

    Health: 525,000

    Mana: 525,000

    Strength: 255

    Intelligence: 255

    Dexterity: 295

    Agility: 295

    Clashing with the first puppet, Sin was sent skidding backwards. His hands were numb and shaking violently. Sins eyes widened in shock thinking to himself. "These mother fuckers just cloned my technique and even upgraded it!! How fucking dare they!?"

    Sins body slithered like a snake, gathering power from his entire being and channeling it into one focus point. Slashing downwards, Sin managed to make the Mystic Blade Puppet back off 4 steps. His entire body was devouring the dragons essence at a enriched speed now. The pressure was pushing his body to adapt faster.

    Sin sheathed his weapon before quick-drawing it at insane speeds. The sound of a thunder clap was heard, a giant net of Sword Qi was formed. As if it had a mind of its own, the Sword Qi was like a school of fish, swimming around in their territory without restraint.

    Sins eyes blazed in white and blue, the battle field in his mind reformed. His body was moving 750 times a second, as if he were a wandering specter appearing all over the place. Sins weapons were slashing out in intense speeds, thunder rumbled and the wind howled forming a cyclone with himself at the center. 

    Sin spent a whole 20 minutes wiping this crowd out, feeling the time about 15 hours passed since he had entered the Mystic Blade World. He had gained 11,200/100,000 fragments. Feeling pressured, especially at permanently losing levels and the Mystic Blade Disciple Class. Sins body worked into overdrive, flipping his switch back on Sin continued his rampage.

    Three days past, Sin had gathered a total of 64,000/100,000 fragments, as well as completing three more challenges, earning another +45 all stats and +15 to Physique and Comprehension, Sins opponents were now overwhelmingly strong. Each and every wave was of Mystic Blade King Spirit Puppets.

    Name: Mystic Blade King Spirit Puppets

    Level: 50

    Health: 750,000

    Mana: 750,000

    Strength: 325

    Intelligence: 325

    Dexterity: 375

    Agility: 375

    Sin was currently drenched in his own blood, even with his body continuously absorbing the dragons essence. Sin felt like a mountain of lead, each movement he made was costing him all the energy in his very being. His arms were heavy like having a weighted mountain held up by them for 72 hours straight.

    Sins consciousness was exhausted, and steam was literally billowing out of his ears. His brain was overworked, just the single thought of his next move shocked his mind with burning pain.

    Sin just narrowly avoided a sword chopping his arm off, but failed to dodge the one that stabbed through his chest. The Spirit King Puppet brazillian kicked Sin, sending Sins exhausted and drained body backwards. Sin was like a rocket through the Mystic Blade World, two giant 200 meter dust waves were created by Sins rocketing body.

    Sin finally stopped after slamming into a mountain, blood splattered all over the ground as Sin coughed up blood with chunks of organs mixed within.

    The Spirit King Puppet had arrived in front of Sin. "Pitiful human, if you would just give up on this trial, you would be saving time for the both of us. If you self evict yourself, you can leave the trial with everything you have already earned. However, if you fail in the remaining 36 hours, you will lose it all and have many difficulties coming your way."

    Sin had nearly fallen into a state of unconsciousness. Sin pulled his body out of the mountain nearly dropping to the ground, Sin stabbed his weapon into the ground beneath him. Blue-white aura began circulating around his body, Sins will would never allow himself to lose to anyone. Even if it was the inevitable destruction of the world, Sin is the cockroach that would survive it.

    Sins body flashed in front of the Spirit King Puppet. His index finger was illuminated with a sparkling crystal clear aura, stabbing his finger through the Spirit King Puppets carapace. The aura shot out starting as a small arrow of light, before expanding turning into a cyan-white coloured ball of aura. 

    [Mystic Sorcery: White Nebula!]

    "Nothing but utter bullshit. If you have time to speak, you have time to cut your enemy down!"

    Sins body finally gave out when the threat of an enemy disappeared. Falling with his back on the ground, looking up at the sky in the Mystic Blade World. Sin was exhausted mentally, while his body was full of vigor and roaring to go. 

    "That makes 64,001 only 35,999 more to go." Sin closed his eyes for 30 minutes, allowing his mind to come back to peak condition. While his exhaustion was still there, at least he was now able to act and fight properly. 

    During the trial after he had gained more than 10,000 Sword Heart Fragments. A new path of development entered his mind sea, Mystic Sorcery. While the class Mystic Blade Disciple class wasn't like traditional mages, it did combine allowing one to be both a warrior, and slightly weaker mage at the same time. However, the Mystic Sorcery had many modes of operation. So far Sin had only taken the time to learn White Nebula, there were well over 10 attack, defensive, restraining, and formation spells to learn in each branch. After mastering all 10 of each branch, the Mystic Sorcery would reveal its second level, bringing in intermediate magic, then afterwards following into Advanced> Master> Grand Master> Saint> Divine> and ending at God rank spells.

    The Mystic Blade Empress and her husband were sitting there stunned. Seeing her husband look at her, she took the initiative with her hands up in the air.

    "I had no part in teaching him any techniques, or how to enter the Mystic Soul states. Let alone combining his consciousness and subconscious entering the Mystic Unity state, not even I have fully mastered that. This little monster can handle the first form for 20 minutes, and the second form for 4 minutes now. Maybe with him there is a possibility of that legend resurfacing?"

    Her husbands eyes went wide. "Whoa honey you have got to be crazy. Sure he is very talented and monstrous being, but achieving the Mystic Transcendent Soul stage is beyond anyone in this era. Not even your father was able to step into that door!"

    The Mystic Blade Empress frowned clearly not happy. But her hope was there, she picked Sin as her disciple because of his boundless potentials. But maybe she was being too hopeful.

    Back in the Mystic Blade World, Sin had begun his slaughter all over again. Sin had been able to integrate the White Nebula with his sword techniques, bringing a further destructive and mind blowing effect. 

    Twelve hours has passed leaving him with 1 full day left. Sin had managed to gather 90,000/100,000 Sword Heart Fragments. Sin had emptied the majority of the Mystic Blade World, now there was 1 final clone left. Sin sat cross-legged for 1 full hour, bringing himself back to his very tip top peak condition. 

    Getting up and walking over picking up a random Sword, Sins new foe had entered the battlefield.

    Name: Mystic Blade Spirit Emperor Puppet 

    Title: Blood Dragon Sword Methods Conqueror

    Level: 55

    Health: 1,250,000

    Mana: 1,250,000

    Strength: 400

    Intelligence: 400

    Dexterity: 500

    Agility: 500

    This Spirit Emperor Puppet truly frightened Sin, there were 23 hours left, and there were 14 clones left. Not only that, Sins very foundation felt challenged and threatened. His most prized techniques had one day come to bite himself in the ass. This was a Conqueror stage practitioner! Sin was sweating heavily, but beyond most of all. His fighting spirit had been ignited like none before. Not even fighting Alarune, or Glaze had brought him this much excitement!

    The voice of a conqueror issued out. "Draw your weapon and fight me with all you got! Why are you looking at my stats you little punk!? Haven't you always been slaughtering enemies of higher rank with your abilities and combat sense!? Show me what you have got!"

    Sin launched off the ground leaving a deep crater. Sin and the Spirit Emperor Puppet clashed weapons, Sins and the Spirit Emperor reacted at the same time. Both of their legs smashed into each other in the air forming a X with a loud "Thud!" Meeting fist with fist both man and puppet were raining blows into each others bodies. Sin twisted his body, wrapping his right arm around the puppets arm, Sin kneed upwards onto the arm issuing a loud "Snap!"

    The puppets remaining fist launched itself into Sins gut, sending Sin over 1,500 meters into the air. Launching itself off the ground, Sin regained his balance. Bouncing off the air both clashed with their weapons, sending a massive shockwave throughout the entire Mystic Blade World. Even outside of the crystal ball, the tea set, table, and courtyard had been disarrayed from the ferocious shockwave.

    Both man and puppet struck at each others sequence structures at the same time. Both looked at each other with insanity in their eyes. Both men roared into the sky.


    Blood guts and armour fell from the sky as both were left with gaping holes in their body. Flashing forward once again both man and puppet punched each other viciously into the face. The Spirit Emperor Puppet activated [Heart Severing Diagram] from the Heart path. 

    A giant diagram formed around Sins body trapping him. Sin felt like his heart was about to blow up within his body. His heartbeat increased to rapid speeds, nearly about to burst out from his chest. Sin heaved blood as he felt the threat of death approaching him.

    Entering into the Mystic Unity state. Sin raised his weapon high up into the air, his weapon blazed with Phoenix Queen Sacred Flame, and the mystic energy in his body roared out enhancing the Sacred Flame further.

    Slashing downwards imposing his weapon as if it were Mount Olympus crashing upon the mortal world. Sin yelled with all his might.

    [Impose: World Rending Annihilation!]

    Sin cut through the Heart Severing Diagram, a bright mystic beam of Phoenix Queen Sacred Flame was seen as the void of the Mystic Blade World was cut open. The strike was like tribulation thunder, merciless with the only goal to strike down who defies it!

    The Spirit Emperor Puppet roared as it combined all 6 paths of the Blood Dragon Sword Method. Its body lit up with the elements taking shape into a rainbow coloured combat suit. The Spirit Emperor Puppet charged forward unleashing all the killing intent in its body.

    [Tartarus Impalement!]

    Both techniques boomed as the mountains in the Mystic Blade World were sliced in half from the shockwave. Both man and puppet were flung backwards like kites with their strings cut. Sins entire body from head to toe was covered in blood, there was now another massive gaping hole through his abdomen.

    The Spirit Emperor Puppet wasn't doing any better, its entire armour and carapace had shattered into thousands of pieces. It was also weakly staring back at Sin.

    "I will NOT be defeated!" The Spirit Emperor Puppet rushed at Sin once again.

    "I will KILL you!" Sin bellowed once again igniting into a inferno. Sin threw his sword from his left hand to right hand. Sacrificing his left arm, Sins body spinned 360 degrees in a side flip. Sins entire body was downwards, his lower body was faced upwards and lower body downwards. With his face meeting the face of the Spirit Emperor Puppet he said two simple words. 

    "Fuck You!"

    Sins right arm was imbued with his full 4,000 points of Mana. With his hand on the shaft of his weapon, the blade flew out of it with insane speed cleaving the entire sky open.

    [Illusionary Sword Third Form: Lightning Column Devastation!]

    A penta layered column of light blades formed surrounding Sin and the Spirit Emperor Puppet. The blades as if on a vibrating string all aimed downwards, Sin smashed his fist into the bare chest of the Spirit Emperor Puppet. With his right arm locking the Spirit Emperors Puppets neck, Sin used all his might to hold the opponent in position.

    "Let's see which one of is tougher. Your carapace or my fleshly body!" 

    Hundreds of blades rained down piercing through both Sin and the Spirit Emperor Puppet. The final blade Sin left a trick, he imbued his Sky, Water, Fire, Soul path into it. When it formed it looked like a celestial blade descending from the immortals realm. The Spirit Emperor Puppet smashed its elbow repeatedly into the remaining of Sins abdomen.

    But Sin was like a magnet attached to its body, the blade propelled itself downwards racing towards Sin and the Puppet. Sin yelled loudly before the blade tore through himself and the puppet. 

    [Four Paths Vanquishers Blade!]

    As the blade descended Sin ruthlessly sacrificed his right leg. Locking the Spirit Emperor Puppet in place, Sin flashed up to the  handle of the Four Paths Vanquishers Blade. With his remaining arm engulfed in Phoenix Queen, Sin punched down on the blade with all his body weight and power.

    With his body weight added into the mix, Sins punch was like fiery lava. When it landed, it felt as if Sin had opened up a new gate. Quickly summoning his remaining Mana to protect his severed leg. Sin quickly unsheathed his Soul Weapon. Once again putting all his body weight, rotating his core and entire being. Sin slashed down, his ferocious strength formed a flood dragon as it clashed into the Four Paths Vanquishers Blade.

    The Four Paths Vanquishers Blade was hit with 2 of Sins sudden insight. Smashing into the Spirit Emperor Puppet like a 20 tonne truck. The blade easily pierced the Spirit Emperor Puppets body. Shooting downwards towards the ground. A magnificent explosion was created.

    The entire world rocked back and forth as if Armageddon was happening. The Mystic Blade Empresses crystal ball showed signs of cracks appearing on its surface. This relic of hers was a Divine ranked artifact, with a  artificial world inside of it. The toughness of it you could imagine, thus Sins new insight and full powered last technique was truly monstrous!

    It took over 10 minutes for the dust, and rubble to stop flying around like bats out of hell. Sin admired the aftermath of his new insight and last technique. The Mystic Emperor Puppet was blasted into thousands of pieces. 

    Sin had gained his reward. 

    [Congratulations! You have completed a task that was deemed unbelievable to achieve at your current strength.]

    [Reward: 10,000 Sword Heart Fragments. +25 all stats, +10 Physique, +10 Comprehension.]

    [Evaluation: SSS Rank. Rewards: 25,000,000 Experience Points, 450,000 Merit Points, +500 Phoenix, Vermilion Bird, Wolf Scales]

    [Congratulations! You have leveled up through levels 11, 12, 13.]

    [You have gained 60 Status Points]

    [The Mystic Blade Spirit Emperor Puppet has senses the fledgling Spirit in your Soul Weapon. It would like to merge with your weapon, increasing the grade of you Soul Weapons Spirit. Do you accept?]

    Sin unhesitatingly clicked on the "Yes" 

    The moment he did, the soul of the Mystic Blade Spirit Emperor Puppet appeared. It was a wandering spirit now. Despite being so, it bowed with respect in front of Sin before its voice transmitted to Sin.

    "Thank you for the exhilarating fight. Now I will become a part of your power and serve you to the best of my capabilities."

    Sins Soul Weapon floated up to the Mystic Blade Spirit Emperor Puppet. A blackhole formed as the weapon engulfed the soul.

    Sins weapon began a earth shattering change, its blade had grown 5 inches in length, 3 inches in thickness and gained 35 kilograms in weight. 

    The Soul Weapon had a golden red sheath, with the word "Emperor" engraved in it and blue white mystic energy fluctuating. The blade itself turned to the colour of a pale blue sky, and flowing white clouds. 

    Sin unsheathed his Soul Weapon, giving it a casual swing a spatial tear appeared in the Mystic Blade World. Sin was exhilarated, this was a Big Fucking Sword! As if a kid in a candy shop, Sin kept slashing, stabbing, piercing, swiping and so on with his upgraded Soul Weapon.

    The best had yet to come, when Sin made a connection with his Soul Weapon. He felt the existence of Weapon Spirit residing within.

    The Weapon Spirit looked at Sin with eyes full of gratitude.

    "Father thank you for giving birth to me through your Sword Qi. Even when you had gained better quality weapons, you never abandoned me."

    The spirit was a little boy adorned in a white blue robe, there was a Emperor symbol on his forehead. Within the symbol, Sin could see a legendary weapon in the middle of a battlefield with numerous corpses.

    Sin smiled "Would you like a name son?"

    The spirit looked at Sin puzzled, but nodded its head with hard to conceal excitement. 

    Sin ruffled the spirits hair out of habit, but realized his hand went through the spirit. Covering up his embarrassment, Sin decided on a 'good' name that even he was proud of.

    "From today your name will be Kaiser! You will be the emperor or blades, every blade will heed your beck and call. No blade, or sentient blade will dare disservice it's emperor!"

    Kaiser floated up in excitement and jubilation. "Thank you for the name father." 

    Sin summoned his Weapon Spirit outside of his upgraded Soul Weapon.

    Counting the time left, there were still 22 hours of time left.

    "Kaiser, are you ready to consolidate some enlightenment during our previous fight?"

    "Yes father!" Kaisers eyes were full of excitement.

    Sin unsheathed his Soul Weapon. With the added weight of the weapon, Sins body weight and momentum. This new unnamed technique will be many times stronger than It was beforehand.

    Sin slashed down, a pillar of Sword Light formed tearing open the Mystic Blade World. Before slashing again, the world healed itself within seconds. 

    Sin rinsed and repeated the same process. While it may be boring, Sin was grasping his enlightenment not letting it go to waste. If he spoiled his chance, who knew when it would come next?
  • Book 2 Chapter 17: Mystic Blade Disciple

    Time flew by like running water, within but mere seconds 22 hours had vanished. Sin was so engrossed in his enlightenment, he wasn't aware of being transported out of the Mystic Blade World. Instead the Mystic Blade Empress put him into big auto healing training ground, here Sin could wreak all the havoc and devastation he wanted to without any cause of concern. 

    After another day passed Sin had finally achieved the perfect state. Sins Mystic Unity, Sword Qi and Mana perfectly united into a single entity with Kaiser. Raising his Soul Weapon up into the air, Sin slashed down with terrifying might. 

    The entire training ground was cleaved in half, the spatial nodes in the surrounding area were cut through. Thunder boomed so loud, it rocked over 25,000 kilometers of the Grand Warrior Trials. The shockwaves sent out was so domineering, trees, rocks, mountains, rivers were completely devastated.

    Sin had regained his clarity, and a smile was on his face. He was on a fucking roll lately! Sin had found the perfect name for this new technique, naming it [Thunder Lords Descent!]

    Sin did a mental count, he had about 35 hours of time left. Which means Alannah must be hating her papa right about now. Sin hadn't cooked any 'yummy' food in so long, he was sure to be on the shit list. It had been 8 days in total so far, and he had yet to achieve his goal of killing the Dragon King.

    After coming out of his thoughts, Sin had seen the Mystic Blade Empress. Sin kowtowed paying his respects to her.

    "Thank you master for this trial. It had pushed me beyond my limits in many ways, and it had cleared my mindset of looking at stats to determine how strong someone/something is."

    The Mystic Blade Empress smiled, she raised her hand bringing Sin back to his feet. "You have yet to receive your full reward. You have yet to become the Mystic Blade Disciple class, unless of course you feel you no longer need it?"

    Sins eyes widened. "I NEED it!" he shouted, after getting a taste of the Mystic Soul, and Mystic Unity states as well as his Mystic Sorcery ability White Nebula. Sin was craving to have such a bad ass class! It was like being the ultimate hidden class, that surpassed legacy classes in MMORPGS! How could any man/women give up that desire for such an achievement?

    The Mystic Blade Empress smiled widely. "Well then come here my disciple, master is going to give you the class as well as many boons. You have earned all that you are getting from me, while you're my first and ONLY disciple, I will not spoil you. But you do need to be rewarded for your monstrous growth and capabilities."

    Sin walked over to his master, as he got close her right hand was placed on his heart, and left hand was placed on his forehead. Her hands were radiating white-blue plasma, the energy was soft but Sin could feel the destructive force behind it. If this was only the first step along his class, he was more than eager for the next stages!

    The aura wrapped around Sin, his body was absorbing the white-blue plasma at breakneck speeds. Shortly after a cocoon of plasma had wrapped itself around Sins body. Inside Sin was going through excruciating pain that nearly made him yelp. His body was being decomposed and recomposed, the visual was gory watching his own flesh burst off his body. His muscles, veins, organs rupture and then heal at the same time. 

    This process repeated itself for 8 hours, but felt more like a lifetime to Sin. Mystic Blade Empress was staring in complete and utter shock, Sins body had devoured all the energy. She even had to refuel up and recharge her plasma cocoon 6 times within the last 8 hours. She herself was drained, just from helping her disciple achieve his class. But she was filled with pride, affection, and motherly instinct towards Sin. It felt like she was raising her own son to become a monstrous existence.

    Sins process had finally stopped, and his body felt like he had just chugged down 40 Killer Grape energy drinks. After emerging from the cocoon, Sins body had white-blue plasma energy sparking around his body. Sins hair had raised like a porcupine, while his eyes had become a blue-white tint.

    Sins logs were now waiting for his appraisal.

    [Congratulations! You have inherited the Mystic Blade Disciple Class!]

    [Congratulations! You have inherited the Mystic Soul Refiner Profession!]

    [Congratulations! Phoenix Queen Sacred Flame has evolved to Tier 5.]

    [Congratulations! Midnight Glory Sacred Flame has evolved to Tier 5.]

    [Health + 10,000, Mana + 10,000, Strength +60 points, Intelligence +50 points, Dexterity +40 points, Agility +40 points, Physique +30 points, Comprehension +25 points]

    [You have been given full access to the Beginner, and Intermediate nodes of each sub tree for Mystic Sorcery]                      (Attack, Defensive, Restraining, Formation Spells)

    [You have been given full access to the Mystic Blade Empress Sword Tree. Each level of the tree you climb up, you gain access to more advanced Mystic Blade Disciple abilities, techniques, refinement methods. Every level has a trial you must pass to advance, you are only given 2 entries per level. If you fail twice, your class will no longer progress.]

    [You have been given full access to the Mystic Soul Refinement Tree. Your profession allows you to create living souls for weapons, armour, formations, arrays, medicines and various other constructs, make them stronger and giving life to each. For each level you advance, you will gain access to advanced techniques, abilities, theories on Soul birth and much more. You are to partake in a trial every time you wish to advance up to higher levels. You are only given 2 entries per level. If you fail twice, your profession will no longer progress.

    [You have inherited the Mystic Clarity Sacred Flame. Sacred Flame Tier 5]

    Sin decided after reading all his notifications, it was once again time to go through his status page, before that however, Sin looked up to the sky with his fist raised muttering underneath his breath. "Get your shit together author, how long has it been since the last status update!?"

    Level: 13

    Name: Sin

    Class: Mystic Blade Disciple

    Profession: Mystic Soul Refiner

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Race rating: 100

    Health: 14,350

    Mana: 14,050

    Strength: 215

    Intelligence: 196

    Dexterity: 227

    Agility: 245

    Physique: 125

    Comprehension: 100

    Intermediate Destructive Body

    Merit Points, 1,875,000

    Sin whistled. "That's what I am fucking talking about baby!" 

    The Mystic Blade Empress stared at her disciple in shock. "Disciple are you sure you're okay?" She asked with a questioning gaze as if Sin were retarded.

    Sin recomposed himself. "Sorry master, I was just super pumped up after looking over my stats."

    The Mystic Blade Empress had a knowing smile on her face. "Alright, well you have 27 hours left. You better go down and see you daughter, don't forget your unresolved grudge either!"

    Before Sin had the chance to ask more about his class and profession, his master had already kicked him in the ass launching him downwards. Before Sin was about to crash into the earth below, he instinctively went into Soul Unity, just as his feet touched the ground Sin used the rebounding force to hop backwards over 50 steps.

    Looking up hatefully at his masters palace he yelled "That was unethical master! You're going to be the reason why I die!"

    A giant blue-white fist showed itself in front of Sin, out of fear he covered his head and ducked as close to the ground as he could. After he realized a few moments later he wasn't smacked around, Sin looked up what he saw made steam billow out his ears.

    His master had just flipped him off while her playful laughter sounded out aloud.

    Before he could yell back up in frustration, Sin decided to be a smart man and stop what was about to come out of his mouth. While he was still thinking a multitude of curses, and hate crimes against his master he heard a little girls voice he missed dearly over this period of time.

    "Papa papa papa papa!" Alannah came running towards his direction leaving a massive dust trail behind her. From 600 feet away, Alannah launched herself into Sins embrace. Sin caught her like a football before heaving her over his head and spinning around in circles.

    "There's my girl, were you good for your auntie Ari?"

    Alannah was all smiles, with the purest smile on her face. "Of course I was good for auntie Ari!"

    Then Ariya appeared shortly after, she had heavy bags under her eyes and looked mentally disarrayed. 

    Sin seeing this looked at Alannah, and then he look at Ariya back and forth many times.

    "Are you lying to your papa?" Sin asked questioningly.

    Hearing her papa's tone Alannah pouted. "Forget that! Papa is finally back to make yummy food again! Auntie Ari sucks at cooking papa, she made me eat so many yucky foods!" Tears were practically flowing out of Alannahs eyes at the 'torture' she had to suffer through.

    Ariya had just arrived and overheard this, her eyes turned slightly hateful. She looked at Sin, and then the 'peaceful' Alannah in his embrace saying a single word with traces of fear. "Monster!" 

    Sin smiled "Alright it's been a long 8 days, let's go and eat some yummy food!"

    Alannah was the most enthusiastic about it, her cheers were louder than thunder. "Papas making yummy food! Hooray for papa!"

    Sin returned to their camp and began cooking, the entire time Alannah was sitting on Sins shoulders drooling profusely. Sin was all smiles the entire time, he missed having his little girl on his shoulders.

    Reiya was studying Sin the entire time, ever since meeting up with Sin for the first time in 8 days. Reiya felt the aura Sin was radiating unconsciously was suffocating. Sin was already a monstrous existence, it just went to further prove how much stronger Sin is now. To the point he can't fully conceal the excess aura leaking from his body.

    Alannahs stomach was rumbling, Sin took out a plate and gave her some snacks to munch on before supper was ready. 

    Sin made a simple shrimp stir fry for supper. After giving Alannah her plate of food, she took her first bite and tears of joy came out of her eyes. After swallowing it she was more than happy.

    "Papas cooking is so good!" Tears continued to stream from Alannahs eyes the more she ate. After everyone was done eating, Sin washed up the dishes. After that Alannah came bouncing over to Sin.

    "Papa is so much stronger now! Papa come chase me and play tag!"

    Alannah got a head start running ahead, Sin smiled and began chasing after her. "The big bad papa is gonna get his little girl!"

    Alannahs laughter was sounding out, Ariya was watching this scene of father and daughter chasing after each other. Both were moving so fast, it was like watching mirrored images of each other interweaving and dodging. 

    Alannah was frustrated the entire time. "Papa that's no fair! Your white-blue eyes are giving away my trajectories!"

    Sin was smiling as wide as possible. "Forget about that my daughter, try harder! Let your subconscious expand outside of your body. Focus your consciousness not on me, but the flow of my Mana!"

    Alannah took her papas advice to heart, while Sin was under extreme pressure to get the feeling for his Mystic Soul state. Alannah was merely playing a simple game of tag with Sin, while learning three times faster than he did.

    After 45 minutes, Alannahs eyes erupted with white-blue aura, her eyes became lifeless as her body followed Sins Mana traces. After about 15 minutes Alannah started complaining. "Papa my head hurts! There's too much environmental and particle movements, this is unfair!"

    Sin stopped and went to pat her head, then he realized he was tricked and Alannah tagged his arm. Alannah stuck her tongue out at Sin and loudly said "Psych!"

    Sin smiled lovingly before yelling out to Alannah "Come here you little cheater, papas gonna get you!"

    Sin was finding it hard to tag Alannah now, she was truly a little monster. No matter how he operated in the first stage, there was no way of getting Alannah. Seeing this, Alannah was starting to get bold.

    "Come on papa you slowpoke! You'll never get me at this rate!"

    Sin combined both his consciousness and subconscious together. His aura immediately underwent a change, Alannah sensed it immediately when she tried to apologize, Sin had already picked her up from behind and started tickling Alannah.

    Alannahs laughter sounded out. "Hey that's not fair, you cheated this time papa!"

    Sin smiled "That's right Alannah, two people cheating doesn't make it right."

    Alannah pouted but nonetheless she was still happy.

    Ariya who was watching this all unfold was hit with a wave of emotion. She started seeing the image of Sirius overlap Sins, while Alannah had been Reiya playing tag with her father. Ariya truly felt guilty and sad, but what was done was already done. Reiya turned out to be a fine women, even without having a father figure in her life. This much brought a smile to Ariyas face.

    Before returning back to the camp, Sin filled a big black pot full of water. After getting back to camp, Sin took out some wooden planks, stabbing them into the ground in a circular shape. After that he took out a bunch of dark coloured curtains, hanging it up with loops on the circular rod connected to the wooden planks.

    Sin heated the water up up to a moderately warm/cool temperature, calling Alannah over she dipped her finger into it before saying "Perfect!"

    Sin lifted Alannah up and over into the pot full of water, After splashing water at each other for a long time. Alannah was starting to doze off, Sin took her out of the makeshift bath, drying and dressing her. 

    Carrying Alannah back into the tent, Sin tucked her into bed goodnight. Alannah wrapped her arms and wings around Sins neck giving him a big hug. "Goodnight papa I love you!" 

    Sin hugged Alannah giving her a kiss on her forehead. "Goodnight my little angel, you sleep good. Papa will make a yummy breakfast tomorrow morning" Sin lovingly ruffled Alannahs hair before leaving the tent. Soon Alannah drifted off into the dreamland with a smile on her face.

    After leaving the tent, Sin walked over to Ariya. Whispering into her ear.

    "I am sorry to ask this of you, but can you watch over Alannah for tonight?"

    Ariya wasn't mad at this, but she looked into Sins eyes and asked. "Are you claiming your debt with the Dragon King?"

    Sin nodded his head. "Yes I am going to kill the Dragon King tonight. You two have gained plenty of points over these last 8 days. It's time I make up for my lazy bones, and get a hearty reward of points from killing the Dragon King."

    Ariya looked at Sin with eyes full of tender emotion. "You be careful out there, Alannah was so heartbroken about you not being there in the mornings when she woke up."

    Sin smiled. "Don't worry, with my current condition I can easily bulldoze snakey snake."

    After that Sins figure vanished into the night sky. 

    Alannahs eyes widened up the moment her papas aura vanished. Her eyes revealed a sad look, but remembering her papas promise, she went back to sleep. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow mornings yummy breakfast.

    Author's Note:

    Here is the bonus release. I wish all of you the readers, and your families the best and good health during these troubled times. 

    Now I'd like to say this in advance, the next few chapters in my opinion are not the best quality that I can produce. I will still be publishing them on the normal Monday/Thursday releases, but they may also be subjected to being completely re written. I would like to thank anyone that reads my book, and ask you all to bear with me during this time.
  • Book 2 Chapter 18: Killing The Dragon King

    Before Sins group separated with the Dragon King, Sin had placed a Mana tracker on his body. During his trial, Sin was worried about the Dragon King detecting it. Thankfully he didn't, now Sin was making a beeline directly towards the Dragon King.

    After noiselessly killing 30 Dimensional Beasts, and other race warriors Sin arrived at his destination.

    Sin took out a pair of Mana enhanced binoculars. The Dragon King was in a group of race mixed warriors. The most predominant person there was a Water Nymph. While this one wasn't nearly as strong as Kyaku, sneezing at it would be Sins biggest mistake.

    Sin put away his binoculars, spreading his subconsciousness out of his body. There was no one else within the following 400 meter perimeter.

    Sin decisively made his decision, and now he was off to the races. Appearing in the middle of the group, Sin stabbed out both index and middle fingers with his arms spread out.

    Two giant white-blue spheres engulfed the entire team. The Dragon King and Water Nymph were the fastest to react, thus they were the only ones to survive.

    [Mystic Sorcery: White Nebula!] 

    Sin had a smirk on his face.

    "Oh golly, did little ol' me do that? I hope you can accept my most humblest beatings..... I mean apologies."

    The Dragon King was in a rage. "How fucking dare you kill my team members!" 

    Sin whistled. "Well your teammates just gave me 8,450 points. What were there names? I should thank them for their contributions. Mind you, I guess corpses don't need my thanks."

    Sin flashed arriving in front of the Water Nymph. 8,500 points of Mana surged out as a a 4 meter cage trapped the Water Nymph within. 

    [Mystic Sorcery: Blank Prison!]

    Within the prison, there was nothing. It was just a blank space the Water Nymph was trapped within. However, the deadly part was the constant decrease in oxygen. Sin also left a 'present' emitting odorless poisons of various kinds.

    Sin turned and looked at the Dragon King. "Ohhhh Snakey snake, I have come to collect the debt. Your the reason why the Wolf God Clan was kicked out of the capital city. It's time to regain our clans honour back with a vengeance!" 

    Sins eyes turned murderous. 

    "However, I dont want you to die and blame me for bullying you. So for the first 3 attacks I will stand here and do nothing. You better make this count Snakey snake. There won't be a second chance."

    The Dragon Kings face turned beet red. "Who the fuck do you think you are to look down on me? I am gonna fuck you u-"

    Sin smiled. "I'm your daddy!" 

    And the Dragon King took exception to that. The Dragon King vanished, reappearing in front of Sin punching out with all his might.

    [Flood Dragon Fist!]

    Flood dragons shot out of the Dragon Kings fist. They charged out with their gaping mouths. Sin stood where he was covering his yawn with his own hand.

    The flood dragons all started to attack Sin in various manners, after three minutes they exhausted themselves and disappeared.

    Just as the Dragon Kings face revealed a confident smile, he heard Sins voice.

    "You now have 2 chances left!"

    Sin stood exactly where he was, no sign of damage was visible on him. The only change was his hair now being wet from slobber, for some odd reason Sin believed the flood dragons to have fetishes for heads. Weird right?

    The Dragon King unsheathed his prized weapon. Putting all his Mana and Sword Qi into his weapon, he slashed down with every fiber of his being.

    A wave of Sword Qi and roaring Mana surged out forming a 300 meter tidal wave.

    [Dragons Roaring Sea!]

    The tidal wave crashed into Sins body head on. After the Sword Qi and Mana dispersed. Sins body was drenched head to toe.

    Sin shook his body like a dog, after that a flame engulfed his body making him completely dry.

    "Damn I forgot to take out shampoo and soap. You should've told me you were going to give me a free shower. Water is fucking expensive where I live."

    Sins eyes then regained their murderous look.

    "You now have 1 chance left, make it count!"

    The Dragon King was starting to sweat. All his attacks so far had done nothing to Sin, neither of them were by any means weak. Both abilities used were of Grand Master rating, theoretically Sin should've taken some form of damage.

    Sins mocking voice was heard again.

    "Are you done thinking about how bad ass I am? have you given up yet?"

    This time the Dragon Kings aura exploded. His aura blasted out of of his body, a silhouette of an Azure Dragon formed hovering above the Dragon King.

    Dragon scales covered the Dragon Kings body, his hands became claws, a pair of wings sprouted from his back, one big 4 meter horn sprouted with arcs of flowing red electricity. The Dragon Kings body glowed an Azure light.

    Sins eyes raised this time. 

    "Well dont you feel intimidating now?"

    The Dragon King gathered all his essence from his Dragonification. Using his own essence blood, and sacrificing 5 years of life for a tremendous power surge. The Dragon Kings aura spiked once again, Sin was starting to feel some discomfort, similar to a annoying mosquito buzzing around your ear. 

    Seeing the still calm look on Sins face. The Dragon Kings mentality was being pulled in 3 separate directions.

    "Let's see how much longer you can remain cocky like that you stupid mangy mutt!"

    Sin smiled as he watched the Dragon King rush at him with overwhelming aura. A tear in the sky formed as a dragon claw smashed down on top of Sin. After that the Dragon King gathered all his power into his palms. After his palms started emitting plasma sparks of steel blue colour. The Dragon King smashed both his palms out onto the dragon claw.

    [Elder Dragons Rioting Vortex!]

    A massive ball of Mana erupted, blowing the dragon claw up and expanding to become 4 kilometers in size before swelling and blowing up into many light particles. There was a 400 meter deep crater left in its wake, steam was billowing out like a heavy fog hiding the area behind it. After it cooled off, a figure was shown standing within.

    Sins Mana rushed out of his body pushing all of the steam away. When his figure was revealed, the Dragon Kings eyes shot out of their sockets. His mentality had finally cracked, the Dragon King roared in disbelief and fury.

    "That is impossible! How the hell are you still standing there in one piece, I gave everything I had in those 3 attacks! I refuse to believe it, a young mutt like you who has just stopped sucking on his mothers nipples cannot possibly survive my attacks head on!"

    Sins voice echoed out.

    "That makes up your three chance, prepare yourself snakey snake."

    Sin leaped shooting forward like a rocket at maximum speed towards the Dragon King. When the Dragon King had sensed Sin within his sphere of influence, he struck out with his dragon claws. Sin ducked underneath, flipping his body over. With his left hand grabbing the back of the Dragon Kings head, Sin thrusted it downwards smashing his knee into the Dragon Kings nose.

    The Dragon King hatefully punched Sins face, however, his fist was caught by Sins open palm. Sin vibrated his arm with uncontrollable force, all the nerves in the Dragon Kings arm went numb, giving him the pins and needles feeling.

    Sins legs crossed around the Dragon Kings head in a X formation. With his hands on the ground, Sin activated his core strength, throwing the Dragon King downwards with minimal effort. After that Sin flipped upwards with a white-blue plasma current circulating around his index and middle fingers. Touching the Dragon Kings left breast with his fingers, a white-blue condensed aura beam shot out, piercing through his chest before expanding into a ball of white-blue plasma.

    [Mystic Sorcery: White Nebula!]

    Sins body was caught in the crossfire of his own attack, no damage was done, except for his long hair which now stood up on end.

    The Dragon King flashed out, all of his dragon scales had been ripped open. Blood was flowing from hundreds of wounds across his body, making the Dragon King a literal blood man now.

    The Dragon King was now heaving violently, his eyes were bloodshot.

    "This is impossible! Only 8 days have passed at most. How have you become so fucking strong in a mere eight days!?" 

    Insanity was seen within the Dragon Kings bloodshot eyes, he could have easily killed Sin eight days ago. But now, Sin was like a parent slapping their childs hand when they did something bad multiple times without learning their lesson.

    Sins mocking voice echoed out. "Woah Snakey snake, you gotta calm down brother. Take it easy boy, this fight is no fun if you lose your cool. It would make killing you easier and less fun for me to be quite frank."

    The Dragon King gathered his remaining Mana and made his escape. 

    Sin watching this smiled. "Ooooh a game of cat and mouse, I think this will be fun!" 

    Sin flashed forward, appearing to the Dragon Kings right slide. Pushing out with his palm, he sent the Dragon King flying backwards like a rocket.

    Sin shouted "Tag your it!" while back stepping, twisting his body in many awkward positions dodging all the attacks coming at him. 

    Sin ducked underneath the fist coming at him, jabbing his elbow out smashing into the Dragon Kings chest a loud 'Crunch!' was heard. Sin turned his back facing the dragon king, sweeping his leg up backwards smashing the Dragon Kings testicles. 


    The Dragon King came back to his senses, then absolute fury, and anguish took over as he covered his genitalia bending over. Blood was flowing out from his hands like a cascading waterfall.

    Sin seeing this even shrieked a little bit. "Man I feel your pain Snakey snake. Let me help you relieve yourself from that anguish."

    Sins right hand erupted as a white-blue plasma blade formed over top his hand. Just as he was about to send the Dragon Kings head flying. A baleful demonic aura erupted covering his body. The aura was a purple-black colour, Sin heard multitudes of cracks, snaps, and crunches emit from within the aura veil. 

    Sin felt the rising death aura and was slightly surprised. But then raging fighting spirit  was unleashed from his body.

    "Who would have guessed it, the Dragon King had become the Demons bitch. AND now he has a transformation? Hopefully this one won't disappoint me."

    The Dragon King felt the raging fighting spirit emitting from Sin, further pushing the demonic bloodline inside of his body. The Dragon King was going all out, he sacrificed his remaining life span. This in turn activated the second evolution of the Demonic bloodline. The aura tripled, and the powerful energy waves blasted Sin more than 300 meters away. 

    Sins eyes were determined, no fear could be seen within. There was only pure and raw fighting spirit!

    After 5 minutes the Dragon Kings figure was shown. He had many ghastly poisonous spikes sticking out of his body. There was a midnight black carapace around his entire body. The pupils in his eyes separated from the actual eye, there were three magnificent horns sprouting from his forehead. He had purple bat wings sprouted from his back, there was a baleful purple-black plasma aura radiating off of his body. There was a giant Great Sword in the Dragon Kings hands now. A skull of a high rank demon was the guard, while the Great Sword was emitting a blood red aura. Screams and wails were emitting from it. After that a weapon spirit floated out, staring hungrily at Sin.

    The Dragon Kings heavy voice echoed out. "You pushed me to this extent! Even though I will die after this transformation is over, I will bring you to hell with me!"

    The demonic Dragon King shot forward, Sin met punch for punch as both were shot back skidding in a equal match of power. Sin flew forward while both man and now Demon were accepting punch for punch. They were moving so fast, mirror images were circling the entire battlefield. Sin had earned a knee to his guts, making him empty the contents of his stomach. Sin clenched his fist and his bones made a hearty crunch. Sins body twisted on a 45 degree, using the rotating force from his core, Sins fist flew out smashing into the Dragon Kings carapace. 

    Cracks began to form as Sins Mystic Energy began flooding into the Dragon Kings body. This caused extreme pain for the Dragon King, the Mystic Energy was one of extreme peace and holiness. While his Demonic Energy was one of extreme death and unholy attribute. 

    Sin and the Dragon Kings legs met in mid air forming a X. Sin used the explosive force to rotate his body, clenching his hand into a fist, Sin backhanded the Dragon Kings face launching him skidding backwards.

    The Dragon King spit out multiple teeth. While his eyes showed exhilaration.

    "Yes this is the kind of fight I want to die fighting! Come at me with everything you got Wolf King!"

     Both of them flashed as their weapons clashed against each other, the earth below cracked as dust floated upwards before being blasted away by the shockwave. Both had slashed out over 300 times in 2 seconds. Sword light and mirror images danced around the battle field, the overwhelming Sword Qi had attracted many peoples attention.

    Sins Sword Aura erupted as he sheathed Kaiser, putting one hand on his hilt, and the other on the sheathe. Sins weapon flew out of the sheathe at breakneck speeds

    [Illusionary Sword Second Form: Void Breaker!]

    The dimension cracked as the boundless pressure from the void descended onto the Dragon Kings body. After it's pressure had reached its peak, the void cracked like a mirror before completely shattering. The Dragon Kings scream of pain sounded out as blood splashed out into multiple directions.

    Many unknown races had appeared and were now eagerly watching the fight below.

    One group in particular were exasperated. The Dragon King had revealed his Demonic bloodline, pissing off their leader.

    "Humph what trash! He can't even handle a lowly human."

    The Dragon Kings Sword Qi flared, slashing out his weapon in midair forming a river of sharp Sword Qi.

    [Dragon Kings Torrential Flood!]

    Sins Sword Qi erupted, raising his weapon high up into the air. Combining himself with his Soul Weapon, Sin slashed down cutting through the Dragon Kings attack like a hot knife through butter.

    [Thunder Lords Descent!]

    Sin blasted the Dragon King skidding backwards, with blood leaking from the side of his lips.

    Sin flashed forward, holding his blade parallel to the ground. After arriving at the front of the Dragon King, Sins weapon flashed out forming a lotus of Sword Qi. The Lotus had opened up with the Sword Qi raging.

    [Blood Dragon Sword Method: Blooming Lotus!]

    Sin gathered all of the Water essence within the surrounding area, a river of Sword Qi formed with Sin and the Dragon King at the center of the river. 

    [Blood Dragons Water Path: Flowing Blades!]

    Multiple water blades of Sword Qi swarmed out, sparks were flying off both of Sins and the Dragon Kings armour/carapace. Many of the Water blades had broken through the Dragon Kings carapace, adding multiple more injuries to him.

    The Dragon King swiped his Great Sword out, Sin twisted his blade sideways then swiped it upwards deflecting the Dragon Kings Great Sword. Sin held Kaisers hilt with both hands, leaning his body forward with the blade pointed. Sin flashed forward with his blade ripping through the Dragon Kings breast.

    Sin put his leg in-between the Dragon Kings leg. Sin body checked the Dragon King, unbalancing the Dragon King and dropping him to the ground. Sin gathered all of his Sword Qi at the tip of Kaisers blade tip, he stabbed downwards piercing through the Dragon Kings stomach, a giant white-blue cross of Mystic Energy appeared in the sky.

    [Blood Dragons Mystic Sanctuary Cross!]

    Sin shot backwards, as he waited for the dust storm to blow over. The Dragon King was bleeding profusely and was starting to weaken. His life force was depleting quickly. With eyes full of resolution, the Dragon King combined all of his remaining power into his Great Sword. The Great Sword had chimed in excitement, as a purple-black flame billowed out of it.

    A giant purple-black skull of flames emitting Death Qi erupted behind the Dragon King, the Dragon Kings Aura was like a skyscraper piercing into the sky. All the beings in the Grand Warrior Trials Asura Realm were able to see it from over 40 miles away. 

    "Wolf King let's end this here and now!" The Dragon Kings voice bellowed as his voice was no longer full of hatred, but one of resolution and fighting spirit,

    Sins fighting spirit flared, white-blue plasma sparked around his body. Sins Aura also rocketed piercing through the sky, a white-blue skull of Mystic Energy, Mana, and Sword Qi formed behind Sin.

    Sins Mana and Sword Qi raged covering his Soul Weapon. The blade spirit Kaiser floated behind, combining his own aura with Sins Sword Qi. Sin imposed his will onto the Soul Weapon, making it as heavy as a 10,000 tonne mountain.

    Sin and the Dragon King launched their selves at each other like mirrored images of each other. The two Aura skulls in midair clashed with each other, Sin and the Dragon King slashed their weapons down onto each other with all their might.

    [Demonic Blade Of Abyssal Penitence!]

    [Impose: World Rending Annihilation!] 

    Both weapons clashed in the center, the earth quaked, the sky trembled. A massive shockwave billowed out, blowing away over 12,000 uninvited guests who were currently watching the fight. The void in the surrounding 25 miles had been partially torn open, Sin and the Dragon Kings Aura raged fighting against each other in the sky desperate to devour the other.



    Both the roars of a furious Wolf and Dragon resounded out. Both men had met each other in a stalemate, their Auras raged, the weapons were emitting sparks from the pressure each wielder was giving it their 100%.

    Both Sin and the Dragon King smashed their heads against each other. Sins index and middle fingers jabbed out, piercing through the Dragon Kings right breast.

    [Mystic Sorcery: White Nebula!]

    The attack consumed both of them, the Dragon Kings demonic claws tore through Sins abdomen like scissors tearing through paper. 

    Sin diverted a portion of his attention and activated his [Four Paths Vanquishers Blade]

    The multi coloured blade descended from the sky with overwhelming Sword Qi. Shooting downwards it enveloped both Sin and the Dragon King in the blast radius.

    After Sin split his attention for merely seconds, the Dragon King nearly took control of their power struggle. Luckily the Four Paths Vanquishers Blade kept the power struggle in check.

    The Dragon Kings life was depleting faster, Sin was starting to take over the advantage. The Dragon King knew he couldn't last much longer. The Dragon King secretly transmitted his voice to Sin via his Mana.

    "I know I have become a puppet of the Demons. But when I die, can you do me the honours of burying me beside the grave of my wife? My wife's death consumed me, and it was easy to vent my anger and hatred towards everyone else. I know it's a lot to ask, but I would like to be with my wife together in death, even if I do go straight to hell."

    Sin made direct eye contact with the Dragon King. 

    "You have my word and honour as a warrior and a fellow husband."

    The Dragon King smiled peacefully, he retracted his strength and Sins blade came slashing down towards his body. Sin managed to divert his blade at the last minute, cutting off the Dragon Kings right arm as his Aura overtook the Dragon King consuming him within.

    The massive ball of white-blue, and purple-black Aura blew up. The sky was ripped open from the aftermath, Sin was sent skidding through the dust cloud for over 500 feet. Sin had barely managed to stabilize himself by stabbing his Kaiser into the earth.

    When Sin had finally regained his composure again, he felt the overwhelming killing intent spike from over eight sources.

    Sin roared in anger seeing the scene of the Dragon Kings body blown up into chunks.


    Sins fury burned, he made a promise to the Dragon King to bury him beside his wife. Now his body was imploded into pieces, and he had lost that chance.

    The leader of the group that previously mocked the Dragon King appeared 10 feet away in front of Sin.

    "Not bad for a human, despite all the attacks you received from your own abilities and the Dragon King. You're as healthy as can be, it is truly shocking. Your body must contain many hidden secrets, when I devour you I am sure my bloodline will upgrade to the Saint grade."

    Sin flipped the switch in his mind, his killing Intent soared to the sky. The entire sky quaked, the earth rumbled, the wind screeched like it was armageddon. Sins eyes turned lifeless as he activated Soul Unity within a instant.

    Sins voice was thick with Killing Intent, the entire surrounding areas temperature dropped as if they had just entered a prison of frost.

    "Since you are already here, do not think about leave here alive! I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!"

    The leaders face changed, he had just gotten cold chills and was frightened by the threat of a mere lowly human. How could he take such a disgrace compared to his prestigious status?
  • Book 2 Chapter 19: Dropping Like Dead Flies

    Sins rage burned inside of him, his blood boiled, his entire being had become enveloped by his killing intent. The Bloody Battlefield Totem manifested appeared behind Sin. 

    Sins long hair whipped about from the deathly wind. Spirits circled above Sin, screeching and clawing at his throat to take their vengeance.

    Just as one was about to sever Sins head. His hand rushed out enveloped in Phoenix Queen incinerating that hateful spirit.

    "I have sinned, but I have not yet atoned. It is not time for you all to attempt to take my life."

    Kaiser flew out of Sins sheathe, a blood red aura and mist was circling around the Sword. There was a new addition of the word "Death" and there was a skull embedded into the hilt.

    The surrounding 25 miles became a land covered by Sins Bloody Battlefield Totem. His killing intent had filled the land and sky. The faces of all those in its radius changed.

    A man came forward as the leader of the Naga race.

    "Please let us leave Grand Warrior, we have only come here to watch the fight. We are not involved with interfering in your fight."

    Sins voice sounded like the reaper cutting pieces of named string.

    "That's right you are a witness here. You HAD the chance to stop them from interfering with my fight but you didn't. You're just as guilty as everyone else who is here. None of you will be leaving here alive today!"

    Sin flashed out of existence, his hand ruthlessly tore through the Naga leaders chest. Sin ripped his heart out and began eating it before the leader died.

    "Fucking disgusting!" 

    Sin spit out chunks of half chewed Naga heart.

    Then he pointed his finger between many other people.

    'Eenie meanie money mo, catch a tiger by its tail!"

    Sin flashed in front of the man his finger pointed at last. Heaving the man up over his shoulders, Sin ripped him in half dousing his body in blood and guts.

    The red aura and killing intent in the area thickened. Two new corpses were added to the Bloody Battlefield Totem.

    The leader that disgraced the Dragon Kings corpse appeared in front of Sin.

    Sin bent his body backwards, forming a bridge dodging a fatal blow. Flinging himself forward, Sin ripped off the leaders hand with his mouth.

    The higher race Demon screamed in pain.

    Sins eyes showed a euphoric look within.

    "Yes that's it! Scream in pain louder, let me indulge on your fear and suffering!"

    Sin used [Nine Life Steps] multiple times, sending over 100 heads flying through the air in mere seconds.
    Sin voiced out their only ray of hope.

    "Whoever wishes to leave here alive may come and kneel before me!"

    Hundreds of figures came for their redemption. Sin however, had other plans for culling these lost sheep.

    Sin shot both hands out piercing  through two Nagas brains. A white-blue beam shot out annihilating the Nagas before turning into two massive balls of aura killing all that kneeled before him.

    Seeing this many of the people gave in to their overwhelming fear

    "Monster! Your a mother fucking monster!"

    Sin slashed out with Kaiser, sending a beam of Sword Qi cutting the man in half.

    Tens of other race warriors charged at Sin with weapons drawn. Sin activated Mystic Unity, the battlefield appeared in his mind. Sins body reacted instinctively towards all ill intent. 

    Sin appeared behind one man, grabbing his head and sliding Kaiser across his neck. Sin slashed a arm off the body then grabbed the corpses arm, Sin threw with all his might impaling another through the chest to the earth. Sin jabbed out with his left hands index and middle fingers, piercing through the head of a Harpy. His right arm shot put piercing through a Water Nymph head. Sins pectorals flexed as he smashed both heads together, bursting them like watermelons.

    Sin held his blade pointed sideways, slashing out behind himself.beheading a charging enemy. Stabbing Kaiser down through the earth, Sin heaved out a corpse of an impaled earth golem.

    Sin spent the next 30 minutes going on a rampage. 12,570 new corpses entered the land of his Bloody Battlefield totem. All the riff rat had been culled, now all that was left were the big shots

    Sin stretched his neck out to the left and right side, emitting loud snaps and pops as he rolled his shoulders a couple of times.

    "Playtime is over, now the rest of you can all go and join them in hell!

    Sin stood in place with his weapon drawn, blade towards the ground.

    "Which one of you bitches wants to die next!?" 

    After killing over 12,750 people, the blood red aura around Sins body thickened. Appearing behind him were now the gates of hell, Death aura and Qi were surging out from his very being. The surrounding trees were withering away becoming ash.

    The remaining survivors despite their high combat power were shaking in their boots. The gates of hell were manifesting behind Sin. The merciless and bloodthirsty killings of his had shown signs of triggering a punishment.

    None of them dared move forward, so Sin made the first decision for himself, pointing his finger he said.

    "You who dares to humiliate the corpse of my enemy in front of me goes next!"

    Sin appeared in his face with his palm containing over 7,000 Mystic Point. Sin palmed the Demon leader in the chest, and his White Nebula engulfed the defenseless Demon leader.

    Sin slashed Kaiser out 75 times, deflecting every attack thrown his way. Sin held the hilt of Kaiser at his waist, and stabbed his arm out backwards, piercing through an attackers stomach.

    Sin dropped his body to the ground, upper cutting another man in the balls. The force of the uppercut was so tremendous his body imploded from the impact

    Sin put both hands on the ground and sweeped his leg out. Three bodies dropped, Sin jumped off the ground spinning in mid air throwing one knife through each person's neck.

    Sin drew Kaiser to his back being held sideways. The force of the blow launched Sin forward by 25 meters. Sin landed and back stepped three times to regain balance. 

    Launching himself forward, Sin clashed with the Water Nymph leader. Sin and the Water Nymph exchanged many blows, deflecting, and parrying each other.

    Sin tossed Kaiser from his left hand to his right hand, spinning mid air Sin catches Kaiser before cleaving downwards with the might of a descending mountain. Sin split the Water Nymph leader in half from head to toe.

    Seeing this scene the remaining had sucked in a breath of cold air. Their fighting spirit had dampened, Sin as a single person, killed the strongest in their group without breaking a sweat. Many had thrown their weapons down on the ground. 

    Whatever hope they had left, Sin had cut it down in front of their very eyes. 

    "In your next lives, you should all remember to respect the other races and humans more."

    Sin stabbed Kaiser down into the ground, enveloping the remaining alive with his Phoenix Queen Flowing Array.

    Their bodies were incinerated as the ashes floated away in the wind. Sin sheathed Kaiser as his rage had been cooled down. Sins switch flipped off and the Bloody Battlefield Totem disappeared. 

    After Sins massacre, the surrounding 10 miles was upturned, all the trees, vegetation and grass had withered away. Blood formed a river below from Sins little outburst. 

    Sin had reverted back to normal, after this killing spree he had bought himself 15 days free from the urge to kill. However, the Hells gate became a physical manifestation as the punishment had yet to strike.

    Sin unequipped his armour, wiped off all the blood on his body then made his way back to camp. 2 hours passed since Sin originally left.


    The moment he entered Ariya could feel the thick aura of Death surrounding him. Ariya scanned him and was shocked out of her mind seeing the Hells gate floating behind him.

    Sin also had the same look in his eyes as the night he raided the Azure Dragon Clan. Ariya wasn't one to judge, but Sins current state had frightened a part of her that she wasn't even aware of.

    Sin occupied his spot sitting in the middle of the camp. Kaisers blood red aura and skull had disappeared. Sin closed his eyes and began rotating his refinement method. Ever since he had gained the 500 scales as his reward. The urge of a upcoming breakthrough was becoming as urgent as could be. Sin felt that if he didn't generate his Refinement Armour Kyaku had once mentioned, he wouldn't truly be ready to face off against the Rage Gods forces.

    Instead of what he would normally do, Sin began operating each section of the Diagrams within his body. As the Wolf, Phoenix and Vermilion Bird were closely tied together, the efficiency would more than triple. The Dragon Diagram would have to wait until it was unlocked before Sin could progress in it.

    6 hours passed peacefully, Sin woke up at his normal time and began cooking breakfast. Alannah came out yawning as she walked over to her papa. Finally when she got a good look at Sin, she had been given a fright. The Hells Gate behind Sin was half opened, within the gate there was massive blood red eyes hungrily staring at Sin.

    Alannah quietly blanketed Sins body with her Mana. Sins previous midnight excursion played itself in her mind. Every being in the universe had a free will, Sin had given all of the universal laws.

    Sin finally took notice and saw the petrified face on Alannah, and worriedly asked.

    "Are you okay my little princess?"

    Alannah came back to herself. 

    "Good morning papa! Breakfast smells yummy!"

    Alannah claimed her famous spot on top of Sins shoulders. While Sin was focused on finishing breakfast, Alannah had diverted some of her God Hood and closed the Hell's gates. Making sure that she didn't go against the laws too much, it had been enough time to buy Sin 9 days worth of time.

    After breakfast Sin calculated his points after yesterdays massacre. After the 7,500 points from the Dragon Kings Squad, and the 12,500+ guests. Sin had earned a total 42,500 points. Sin gave Alannah and Ariya both 10,000 points each. With this much, Sin was able comfortably make sure they would all be in the top 10.

    Sin packed up camp, before leaving to head back to their entrance point. Sin told Alannah and Ariya to wait for a couple of minutes. Sin sprouted his [Sky Wings] and flew up to outside of his masters palace. Sin kowtowed outside of the Mystic Blade Empresses palace.

    "Thank you for the kindness you have shown me master. I promise to become someone worthy of your inheritance."

    Sin flew back down to Alannah and Ariya. Just as Sin had flown away, Mystic Blade Empress looked down at her departing disciple. She sighed regretfully, Sin had earned everything that he had deserved. But it was still not going to be enough for the coming crisis. She casually swiped her hand out, and noiselessly put a special parting gift into Sins dimensional bag without him being aware.

    Sin, Ariya, and Alannah took their time back to their entrance point. Along the way they had grouped up with many others. The people that had once looked down on Sin were frightened after sensing his overwhelming presence. Truthfully Sin was only able to contain 60% of his aura, the remaining 40% leaking out was enough to deal with most enemies, except power houses like Kyaku, or the Chaos Chimera who have generated their Refinement Armour.

    After arriving at their entrance point, Sin took the spot closest to the portal. When many other ignorant people showed up, this had infuriated them. They didn't put Sin in their eyes, nor did they think he was worth their respect.

    Sin felt the killing intent of some lock onto him. Sins Mana surged as he created a hand and slapped said in the face.

    The person who was slapped was sent flying backwards. They had finally stopped when a mountain had carefully caught their body. A shower of dust and rubble flew up covering the aftermath, after it had blown away a quarter of the mountain was split in half leaving a gaping hole in its mountain face.

    "If you dare to look at me with killing intent. You better dare to receive my slaps. If not get the fuck out of here!"

    After Sin had shown his dominance, the crowd smartened up and quieted down. After waiting for a couple more hours, the portal finally lit up. 

    When Sin went through the portal he was ranked 1st place with 27,500 points.

    Ariya was ranked 2nd place with 23,500 points.

    Alannah was ranked 3rd with 22,000 points.

    Their points were so massive, the 4th place was trailing behind Alannah by over 10,000 points.

    After Sin went through the portal logs had appeared in his vision.

    [Congratulations! You have claimed 1st place in the Grand Warrior Trials]

    [You have been awarded 60 Wolf, Phoenix, Vermilion Bird Scales.]

    [You have been awarded 2,750,000 Merit Points.]

    [You have increased the race rating of humans from 125>100. All practitioners in the Wolf God Clan, Phoenix Heart Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan have gained +130 all stats, +75 Physique and Comprehension, Refinement Methods have been increased by +2 tiers for each person, Refinement Armour has gained +2 enhancements.]

    This time a voice played out throughout the entire dimension, stunning every being that heard it. 

    [Grand Warrior Sin of the Desolate Kingdom has created a miracle.  For the first time in 350,000 years, Humans have become a top 100 race. All humans throughout the various dimensions have been awarded +90 all stats, +65 Comprehension and Physique. Refinement Methods have permanently increased by 2 tiers. Refinement Armour have gained +1 enhancement.]

    [The higher beings have taken notice of your contribution, +7,500 Universe Fame Points. You are now seen as a 2nd Class Baron wherever you go in the vast universe] 

    [The Dragon God has been pleased by your actions, you have been given a drop of Dragon God Blood.]

    After Sin had read through all his logs, he heard the cheers and clapping of the crowd around him.

    "Welcome back Grand Warriors!"

    Reiya had run up and hugged into Ariyas embrace. 

    Sin looked around the crowd expectantly, Merala was nowhere to be found. They had been separated from each other for just over 3 weeks of time. Sin would have never thought he would miss someone so deeply before this.

    While Sin was trapped in his own world, desperately looking around for his wife. A new smell wafted into his nose, a pair of arms tightly wrapped around his waist. 

    A young teenage girl with long pink hair was in his embrace. What she said next had awoken a deep pain he had hid inside himself for far too long.

    "Big brother do you still remember me?" 

    Sin was gob smacked, all the memories raced through his mind uncontrollably. His hardened heart had that wound ripped open once again.

    His lips trembled, and his eyes became cloudy. He carefully wrapped his arms around the girl and said what he had been waiting to say for 10 years.

    "I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you"

    Author's Note: 

    Good evening night owls, here's a bonus chapter hope you all enjoy. On a real note, I would like to ask everyone of the community. What are your opinions of my story so far, also would you offer any suggestions & criticism on what you feel I could improve on?
  • Book 2 Chapter 20: Sibling Reunion

    Sin and Jasmine shared a long hug that crossed worlds and time. Sin had wept until he became a complete and utter mess. His precious little sister hadn't truly died, for 10 years he blamed himself as her older brother for not protecting her.

    Sims voice quivered as he hugged Jasmine tighter.

    "Of course I remember my little sister. How could I not? Your older brother failed to protect you. How could I ever forgive myself for that?" 

    The King came up to stage, 10 people including the Dragon King had died. While 90 had come back alive, the race rating of humans also moved up to the top 100.

    "Congratulation everyone who has made it back alive. I trust you all gave the other races a reason to run. We have once again become a top 100 race! I would like to thank Sin on behalf of my family, and every other human being in the universe for the contribution made to the human race!" 

    "For the clans and families who have lost their leaders, we will hold a burial in their honour. Please forgive me, as your King I cannot guarantee to protect every life within my walls. I will however, guarantee everyone who serves me and died in their service, will be honoured for as long as my family rules this continent. You have my word!"

    The king grabbed a dagger and cut it across his open palm.

    "This is my oath to all of you! If you serve me with your respect, integrity, life, family, blood sweat and tears. I swear I will serve you all with the same gravity! I will not let the lives of my children, your children, family, loved ones, dreams, and futures be wasted!" 

    Everyone present felt a divine presence, then everyone had seen a giant contract in mod air burning in a majestic golden flame.

    "My words have meaning in this land. My words are my life, and you, my people are my blood, happiness, and pride as King of these lands. Thank you all for your service. I hope you will accept this kowtow of mine. Your kings and queens who have fallen were all my good friends. May their souls, spirits, and passion live on with all of us who have witnessed my oath on this very day.

    The King knelt down and kowtow heavily, quaking the entire capital city. By the time he was done, his entire face and body were covered in his own blood.

    "I cannot take my life, but please accept this bloodshed of mine in honour of your continued loyalty!"

    Many had shared their sorrows, some left to go to a tavern and get drowned by Bacchus. Life is a precious thing, it was no easy loss losing the people you loved and cared for. 

    Sin returned to the Vermilion Bird clan with everyone in company, tonight all the chefs were kicked out as Sin was taking care of the meals. Sin spent the next 5 hours cooking supper for the entire Vermilion Bird Clan. During this time, Alannah had been drooling while staring at all the food. 

    Sin and Alannah had unknowingly initiated a game of cat and mouse, Sin would be flipping pans of food while tapping Alannahs hands away as she tried to steal it away. Jasmine walked into seeing this game, and she couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Big bro, I didn't know you had child."

    Sin lost concentration for 01. second, this was all Alannah needed to grab food and stuff it into her mouth. Alannah instantly had a good opinion of Jasmine. 

    "Big sister is the best! Papa broke his concentration allowing me to win!" 

    Jasmine walked over and saw what Sin was preparing.

    "You still remember my favourite food after all this time?"

    Sin smiled "Of course I do, big brother hasn't cooked this meal in so long. I'm just afraid that it won't be as good as it use to be."

    Alannah had a puzzled look on her face. Did she want to stay with her papa, or did she want to go with the big sister that helped her win a snack?

    Alannah had made her choice, papa was the best and all, but big sister had let her get a free snack!

    Seeing this Sin was all smiles. "Be careful and keep a close eye on her, as cute as she is she can also be a mischievous devil."

    Alannah heard this and pouted. "Don't listen to papa, he just likes bullying me all the time!"

    Jasmine laughed heartily. "Alright alright, papa is a bad man who likes to bully you. Let's go and play until papa has supper cooked.

    Just as Jasmine was walking past Reiya, Reiya's eyes nearly shot out of her head. She jealously asked Jasmine.

    "Hey, how did you get that little devil away from Sin?"

    Alannah stuck her tongue out at Reiya which made her even madder.

    Jasmine thought about it. "Hmm well I walked into the kitchen when they were playing cat and mouse with food. I distracted big brother, and this little one got a free snack."

    Alannah had a smug look on her face. as if saying That's right I won all on my own!

    Another hour passed, Sin had brought out massive works to the various dining rooms. Each wok had enough to feed 10,000 men and women each.

    "Supper is ready, you all may grab a plate and begin enjoying your meal." Sin declared aloud.

    Sin had already gotten his plates ready for the girls and himself. God forbid he had the audacity to make gluttons wait, thankfully he did not.

    After sitting down and enjoying their meal as a family. Sin finally asked what had been on his mind.

    "Jasmine, what happen 10 years ago?"

    After finishing her plate Jasmine answered. 

    "Glaze had sent me to this world. Up until 10 days ago, I was supposed to be a mind controlled puppet to fight you. However, all of you had entered the Grand Warrior Trials. During that time, Glaze removed the bombs inside my body and let me be free. He said that you would be here, and all I had to do was wait for your return."

    Jasmine's voice wavered, and she asked.

    "How is mom and dad?"

    Sin answered as lightly as he could.

    "Mom and dad had suffered a lot, both of them fell ill and couldn't take care of themselves anymore. I assure you at the beginning it was hard for everybody. As time passed on, we were able to function again."

    "I have become a successful mercenary, and earth's deadliest assassin in history. Mom and dad are well taken care of, and have strong people taking care of them 24/7."

    "I will let you in on a little secret. I have become the Wolf King, within my territory is a portal that connects this world with earth. Your physique is more than enough to allow you to transfer through the portal. Go back home with mom and dad."

    Jasmine's eyes showed longing, but she quickly let go of that new hope.

    "I'm not leaving you here alone big brother! I know what disaster is coming our way here."

    Sins voice was raised in a demanding tone.

    "I am not asking you, I am telling you to leave here! I was already a failure to protect you once Jasmine! I will not be made a failure for the second time."

    Jasmines voice also raised into a demanding one. 

    "I will not leave you here alone big brother. If you want to make me do something that's against my own will, you will have to force me to listen to your commands."

    Sin and Jasmine stared daggers at each other for a long time. Sin however, was the first to soften up.

    "Do what you will, just know that your life is the most important. Do not risk it in any scenario."

    Jasmine nodded "I don't need you to tell me big brother, I have learned how to live alone along time ago."

    Alannah was first to say in a disapproving tone.

    "Papa you promised to take me out to play after supper!"

    Sin smiled ruffling Alannahas hair. "Mmh if you can catch papa, you can stay up after your bed time and watch stars tonight."

    Alannahs eyes widened. "Do you really mean that?" 

    Sin asked her back "Has your papa ever lied to you?" 

    Alannah grabbed her plate and heaved it up sideways dropping all the food into her mouth

    "Let's go play!" Alannah cheered happily as she swaggered out of the dining hall.

    Sin and everyone had followed suit eating the rest of their meals before following the leader.

    Sin and Alannah had played a game of tag for many hours on end. Both of them had entered into Mystic Unity, as a onlooker all Jasmine could see was the blur of burning white-blue aura chasing and evading each other.

    After the chase was over and Alannah was briefly rubbing her eyes. Sin began digging a hole in the earth, he removed all the sand, earth and grass from the surrounding area. After that he placed down a couple cement blocks, and then began stacking bricks on top of each other in the shape of an igloo.

    Sin left some room open, he put a bundle of sticks into the middle lighting them on fire. After that he took out a bag of milk chocolate pieces, graham crackers and marshmallows.

    Sin Alannah and Jasmine shared a time of bliss with each other. They were one family sitting together, blanketed by the vast sky above them. 

    Alannah enjoyed her snack, after watching the stars for a long time, she had cuddled her way into Sins embrace. Alannah soon fell a sleep on Sins right aide, her wings wrapped around Sins neck, as her arms made a pillow beneath her. Sin took out a long blanket from his Dimension Bag and wrapped it around himself and Jasmine.

    Jasmine laid her head on Sins left shoulder. 

    "For 10 years they had me in a test tube. Every day they would apply a spiritual pressure strong enough to destroy my spirit. If it wasn't for me continuously improving, I would become like those mindless people floating in tubes still. There were hundreds and thousands of other children there. We were taught how to kill, and our reward was a meal. We either died at the hands of other children, or from starvation.

    "Everyday when I thought I was going to succumb. I would see images of you on a battlefield. You were wounded and nearly dying, I don't know how, but every time I would always find my resolution. Whenever I close my eyes, I see the looks of release on their faces. Some had asked me to live on for them, others had wished me to die a crueler death. I didn't want to take their lives, but I had no choice. It was either them who died, or I died."

    Sin sighed, both of them had gone through different levels of hell, all with the same devils. 

    "That my little sister, is why our lives are so precious now." Sin contained his killing intent to the most he could, and activated his Bloody Battlefield Totem. Jasmine stared at the mountains of corpses, the wailing of vengeful souls. There were children, women, elderly, men, of all different kinds of ethnicity.

    "This world is a cruel one, only the strong survive. We do not have the right to die, nor do we have the right to have the luxuries we do. All of what we have today, is built upon the corpses of many others. That's what evolution is, to evolve our instincts take over. Whether it be through hook or crook, or it could be as simple dropping a nuclear bomb wiping out millions without hesitation."

    "There are no saints in this world, every single being has a free will in these vast galaxies. We can only struggle, and provide for those that we have the power to. Spread ourselves too thin, and dynasties fall."

    Jasmine hugged tighter into Sins embrace.

    "Do you think one day we will become mindless killing machines."

    Sin answered resolutely. "No we will not. While we have taken lives, who hasn't in some shape or form?"

    "Do you think I will be a burden on you? If one day I become one, will you abandon me?"

    Sin ruffled Jasmines hair affectionately. "Stop worrying about something that will never happen. You're family, just as the Wolf God Clan is to me, same as mom and dad, the Phoenix Heart Clan and Vermilion Bird Clan.

    Jasmine asked something she had been wandering about for the entire day. "I haven't been able to meet your wife yet?"

    Sins mood dampened a little, but he didn't let it bother him. "Merala is in a place becoming stronger. She is also a very good women, you would get along well with her. When she comes back, you will be able to meet my other daughter Samara. Long story short, she was the Guardian Beast of the Wolf God Clan. After the previous Wolf King Sirius had passed away, her connection was cut and she went through a process of rebirth. Thus, she became my daughter after I was the first person, or thing she saw."

    "And your child?"

    Sin smiled "Well that's a particularly long story. It doesn't matter how it came about, Alannah is my little princess, just as you're my little sister. Those facts are irrefutable, I will never let any harm befall my girls."

    "Well it's getting late, as much as I'd like to stay out here longer, let's go back for the night, we can always come back again."

    Sin slowly got up so as not to wake Alannah. After that Sin took Jasmines hand, focusing in on the aura of the Vermilion Bird Clan. Sin vanished and re appeared moments later in his compound.  Alannah was jolted awake from the massive speed, she yawned tiredly and looked around groggily.

    "Papa..... I want to sleep with big sister.'

    Jasmine opened her arms and said. "Come here Alannah, big sister will keep you warm."

    Alannah let go of Sin and flapped her way over into Jasmines embrace. Seeing the big melons, Alannah plastered her head onto them and rolled her face around."

    Jasmines face went beet red, Sin laughed heartily seeing this scene. He muttered underneath his breath. "That's my girl" Which was at the wrong time, because Jasmine was visibly angered at his comment.

    "So papa's been teaching little Alannah bad things has he?"

    Alannah who was a mischievous little girl started playing along.

    "That's right, papa once said if the carpet doesn't match the drapes it's a mood killer."

    Jasmines eyes went wide, and her mouth was hung open in utter shock. She looked at Sin in pure and utter disbelief. Then she hurled all sorts of vulgarities, and formed multiple hands out of Mana slapping Sin ruthlessly over and over.

    Sin who was bearing this, knew it was time to run.

    "Well would you look at the time, I best be going!"

    Sin however, was angrily grumbling. When he looked back, he happened to catch a glimpse of Alannahs crooked smile as she stuck her tongue out at Sin while waving her hand. The look on her face said it all. 'I just got papa in trouble with big sister!'
  • Book 2 Chapter 21: Preparations For War

    The next morning after making breakfast, and waking the girls up. Sin went to Icarus' shop and placed in a order for staggering amounts of weapons, tools, traps, bombs, and so forth.

    After seeing the list, and all the blue prints Icarus' eyes shot out of their sockets, and then his interested in them burned.

    "Holy fucking christ are you trying to supply a goddamn army!?" 

    Sin smiled "I don't expect you to prepare all of it, get as much of it done as you can." Sin then left a pouch with 750,000 gold coins on the counter.

    "I hear becoming a Grand Master Blacksmith requires many rare and precious materials, as well as a profound knowledge of various formation arrays and runes. The Vermilion Bird Clan is a very important ally to me. The stronger foundation you gain, the better it will be all around. Purchase the highest quality materials, runes and array formation books."

    Sin left the shop, before leaving Icarus called put in zeal.

    "Thank you Grand Warrior Sin! I swear on my ancestors I will not let you down."

    Sin waved his hand in the air. "Don't worry yourself about that, do your best for the Vermilion Bird Clan. That is more than enough thanks."

    Sin left Icarus' shop and returned to the the alchemy association. Sin walked towards the front desk, and placed 10 gold coins on it.

    "Let your father know I'm here to bulk buy. This here is for you to spend as you like."

    The boys eyes sparkled, but in the end he still pushed them away back into Sins hand.

    "Thank you but I cannot take from my father."

    "Would you take it if I said I needed you to run some errands and you kept the change?"

    The young boy nodded his head, he ran to his father to let him know, and then began his hunt for Sins grocery list.

    The man came up to Sin and asked something that he didn't have the chance to the last time.

    "Are you Grand Warrior Sin by any chance?"

    Sin nodded "That is me."

    The man bowed in respect. "Thank you for your contributions to the human race. With the added stats, and refinement armour. I have been able to breakthrough to the Saint Rank in Alchemy. I have also gained enlightenment and created many new concoctions."

    Sin smiled widely. "I am honoured you were able to gain such benefits from my deeds. But there is no need to bow before me, the stronger the human race can become the better it will be all around."

    Sin then got to the main point, he made a hand gesture towards the cellar. "Shall we?"

    The man hurriedly raised his posture and said in hurry. "Yes, sorry to keep you waiting."

    The man flipped the switch, and began making his way down to the cellar. Sin followed the man in shortly after, the sight that greeted his eyes was shocking. The cellar had become a much bigger 100 by 100 room, there were lines of shelves with price tags, descriptions, traps, arrays and many more. 

    Sins Mana expanded out, and shortly after he got a headache from overs thousands of different names, and millions of words flooding his mind. Sin however, took out a pouch with 350,000 gold coins and said. "I am buying all the product."

    The mans eyes shot out of his eye sockets, then the strings attached pulled the eyes back in. This time he had giant $ signs within his pupils.

    "Sir, there's only 200,000 Gold Coins worth of product here. I do not want to take your hard earned money.

    Sin waved his hand as his Dimensional Bag had absorbed all of the products. "Expand your shop, or expand your business. The choice is yours, just know I do not take back what I give out. Unless of course you would want to insult me?"

    The man swiftly came to a realization. "Thank you Grand Warrior Sin. I will do all that I can to support the Vermilion Bird Clan from now on."

    "Thank you, that is all the assurance I need to hear."

    Sin returned to the Vermilion Bird Clan, after that he went right to his compound and decided to finally open up the Merit Point Shop.

    He had a whopping 4 millions points, and what did that mean? It meant a shopping spree was due!

    After scouring the first 3 nodes for 4 hours, Sin had made his choices. And then he realized, he wasn't as rich as he had thought he was.

    First he bought the seed of a Master Rank Dungeon. Planting this in the Wolf Gods Clans territory would give birth to a dungeon. This dungeon was specially tailored to the surrounding, meaning it would become a replica of the area it is planted. However, it was also chalk full of dangers. Sin spent 650,000 Merit points on this, but the best had yet to arrive. With this Master Rank Dungeon Seed, the Wolf God Clan just had to feed it materials, such as copper, silver, gold coins, medicines of various ranks, weapons, technique manuals, and so on. When killing the monsters residing within the dungeon, there will be a chance of all these items dropping. The stronger the enemy, the higher the reward, the weaker, the lesser. After the dungeon had leveled up over time, from being fed lives that were sacrificed to it, materials, mutant beasts, nucleolus and etc, it will eventually connect with the Arcane Rift, the originator of all dungeons. After certain chances and depending on the overall luck of the Wolf God Clan. The dungeon itself would develop specially catered rooms to Chefs, Tailors, Alchemist, Carpenters, Cultivators, Scribes and many other professions. 

    Next Sin spent 250,000 Merit Points each buying 3 Saint grade protective formations for the Wolf God Clan, Phoenix Heart Clan, and Vermilion Bird Clan. 

    Thirdly Sin bought the Soulless Body Container for 275,000 Merit Points, it could preserve the souls of 2 people at once, and has a separate space inside to preserve the body of the host.

    Then Sin spent his remaining points on buying a Master Rank Martial Hall. It could hold over 35,000,000 bodies within, it has 850,000 specialized rooms, and 425,000 Major rooms. These rooms double, and triple the progress speed of all that are within. Even the base room of the Martial Hall for example, if someone were cultivating a Grand Master rank refinement method, it would take said person on average 5-8 years to condense their Refinement Armour outside. However, if that person were inside. It would take 1-3 years worth of time, and also enhance the foundation of said person from the richer condensed energy within the Martial Hall.

    After Sin spent his 4.6 million Merit Points, a new log had appeared in his vision.

    [You have made decisions to protect the lives of others, instead of being selfish and thinking only of yourself. You have been given 1 free pass to purchase any item you want. However, you must make the choice quick. You only have 3 seconds.]

    "What the hell am I supposed to choose in 3 mother fucking seconds!" Sin thought to himself

    [2 seconds left]

    "Holy fuck this is serious. Come on brain work! Don't shit on me now baby!"

    [1 Second Left]

    Then Sins eyes lit up after he remembered browsing a certain item. The item allowed him to let a spirit enter the body, it will incubate the wandering spirit into a physical body with it's own will and mind. Then Sin thought about Midnight Reaper. It would be perfect, Midnight Reaper was a extension of his own mentality, thoughts, hobbies, and actions.

    "I choose the [Soulless Body Formation!"

    [You have successfully made your decision within the time span. The difficulty of your Hell's Gate punishment has been reduced. Your Life and Death chances have balanced out to a even 50%. Remember Grand Warrior, your words, and deeds hold power and have severe consequences, just as they have many boons. Kill because you MUST kill to protect, not because you CRAVE the kill!]

    After getting the Soulless Body Formation, Sin sent it into his Heart World and sucked the sleeping Midnight Reaper into it. Before Midnight Reaper had become fully absorbed he shouted out his complaints.

    "Don't you dare trap me and give me a body of my own you mother fucker! I know why you're doing this! I will fuck your wife, kill your daughter I shit you not, I-" Before Midnight Reaper could finish his series of curses. The Soulless Body Formation had done its magic, Midnight Reaper was now contained within and his looks were preset as a perfect clone of Sin.

    Sin looked at Midnight Reaper and his emotion surged. "I am sorry my brother, I cannot allow you to die with me. Alannah, Samara, Merala, and Jasmine do not deserve to be lonely like that in this world. At least you'll be able to mend and play my role in my place if I truly do die."

    After Sin had finished all of his preparations before the coming calamity, he had gone and prepared supper. After that was done, and all the dishes. Sin had gathered all the elders of the Vermilion Bird Clan.

    "I will not lie to any of you here present. I am cultivating a God Rank Refinement Method, to develop my refinement method, I need 750 scales to be formed. After all my boons, and the help of higher beings, I am short 40 scales. I need all of you to come at me as if you were trying to kill me!"

    Everyone was shocked, not because of Sins ridiculous reasoning. But because he had a God Tier Refinement Method, it's massive amount of energy was astronomical. As all of them were elders, they have access to the Saint, and Divine ranks of Refinement Methods. They have all produced their Refinement Armours, and it had only taken them 60% of what Sins required.

    Alannah who was created from Sins own essence blood, knew there were troubles on her Papas mind that he couldn't explain, or didn't want to explain. And so she was the most supportive of all. 

    "Prepare yourselves people, you heard what papa has to say! We don't have time to waste"

    Ariya also nodded her head. "What Alannah says is true, we have to give it everything we have to help the Wolf King!"

    And just like that, Sin began a rotation of crazed cultivation, sparring against multiple King and Queens, practicing in the Mystic Tree branches of Sorcery, Combat Techniques, and Spirit Tempering.

    While this was ongoing, Ariya sent women to the King asking for the powerhouses of various clans to partake in Sins training. The reward, was a lofty amount of gold coins, materials, and whatever requests they had.

    In the blink of an eye, eight days passed by. On the night of the eighth day, Sin had a log appear in his vision.

    [You have been granted permission to enter and leave Desolate Kingdom as you wish. You have been given a interstellar map with the coordinates of Desolate Kingdom marked. You have 24 hours until the foreign forces invade Desolate Kingdom!]

    The next morning, Sin spent his entire time glued with Alannah and Jasmine, they had gone to the fair, done plenty of shopping, and had eaten many delicacies. Sin didn't forget his promise, he had gathered many souvenirs for Midnight Reaper to send his family when the portal would re open between worlds in 2 weeks time.

    During the day Alannah and Jasmine had gotten a bad premonition. Both knew their papa, and big brother long enough to catch something was amiss. Alannah who would normally switch between Jasmine and Sin, had stuck to Sin all day. Her cheerfulness had vanished as if a bucket of ice water was poured over top.

    When they were eating supper that night, Alannah could stay quiet no longer.

    "Papa why does it feel you're treating today as your last?"

    Jasmines eyes widened in shock she had her premonitions, but none of her guesses were this severe. 

    "Big brother answer your daughter!" Jasmines voice was heavy, and her eyes were full of unconcealed worry.

    Sin smiled but to anybody who knew him, this smile said it all. Sin ruffled Alannahs hair, and controlled his voice to the best of his capabilities.

    "I have felt the urgency to form my own Refinement Armour, after eight days of hard training, I decided today would be the perfect day to relax and spend time with my girls."

    Jasmine sighed in relief after hearing Sins reply, but Alannah knew deep down there was much hidden under the surface of what her papa had said.


    Later that night, after bathing Alannah, Sin had tucked her into bed. Sin had remembered the stories his parents would tell him as a child until he fell a sleep. And so Sin began reciting what he could remember.

    After Alannah had a peaceful look on her face, and yawned the last time. She had fallen a sleep, imagining the fairytale and the beauty Sin described it to be. 

    During the days of crazed training, Sin had fallen short of a single Wolf Scale before he could generate his refinement armour. He sighed to himself, but it is what it is. He had done everything he could possibly think of, planned for the future and created a foundation for the Wolf God Clan. If he had to fall while fighting to protect the millions of lives on his shoulders. It would be done so without any regrets.

    Sin had completely geared himself up, his Dimensional Bag was full to the brim with weapons, poisons, traps, formations, and many more. Sin had mastered all the Mystic Sorcery he could within this time frame, then he vanished into the night.

    Alannahs eyes shot open the moment Sins aura vanished, she too vanished from her spot waiting at the weakest point in the sky above Desolate Kingdom. She would not let her papa face the danger alone.

    When Sin arrived, his eyes were opened wide. Alannahs wings were flapping tirelessly as she had her arms stretched out. She locked her eyes with Sin and simply said.

    "You are not going anywhere papa!"

    Sin had a myriad of questions, but he was too stunned.

    "Alannah what are you doing here?"

    Alannahs eyes narrowed as she angrily glared at Sin.

    "What does it look like to you papa?"

    "Alannah my princess, be a good girl and come to papa."

    Alannah spat out in frustration.

    "No I will not fall for your lies!"

    Sin took out all of Alannahs favourite snacks and candy.

    "Come and have some snacks with papa Alannah."

    Sin took out a carpet and delicately placed many plates on it with the snacks. Then he opened his palm and tapped the carpet beside himself. "Come princess, let's look at the stars and have some snacks."

    Alannah stayed still not willing to budge, she hatefully stared at Sin as if he had become her nemesis.

    Time was ticking, and Sins patience were starting to grow thin. "Alannah sweetheart, do not force your papas hand."

    Alannah had a smug look on her face. "What do you think you can do to me anyway?"

    Sin flashed out of existence, father and daughter were evading and chasing after each other as if their lives were dependent on it.

    Over a hour had passed, Sin now had 3 hours of time remaining, and ever since his and Meralas unison and their bloodline merged together. Sin could feel that Merala was getting closer at break neck speeds.

    Alannah was infuriated her papa was bullying her. "Papas a bad man! How can you just up and leave in the middle of the night? What about mom!? What about me!? Do you not care that we will be sad without you!?"

    Alannahs words struck a cord in Sins heart, but now was not the time to soften up. Despite Alannahs having a complete High God Godhood, she was still a 5 year old child and was tiring out. Sin had finally caught her by back of her pajamas.

    Alannah was like a little ball of fire, her eyes became golden and clocks appeared within her eyes. Time and motion had come to grinding halt. she was hissing, scratching and yelling at Sin with a hateful wrath contained in her eyes. Sin had purposely let Alannahs scratch his face, tearing deep marks into his face. When the blood had touched her finger tips, Alannah came back to her normal self and finally burst out into pleas."Papa i'm sorry I didn't mean it! Don't leave me and mom please!"

    Sin hugged Alannah tightly into his embrace. His eyes became emotionless after Alannah had calmed down. Alannah cried continuously, and her body shook vigorously as she thought of her papa leaving her alone in this world. Sins hand chopped the back of Alannahs neck rendering her unconscious. Sin could feel the mixed bloodline shared between him and Merala, and it was speedily approaching. Sin covered Alannah in a ball of Mystic Energy and left a note. He had written out all of his emotions, his final wish and profusely apologized to Merala.

    After taking one last look at Alannah and wiping his eyes, Sin hardened his heart and did what he must do. Sin tore open a whole in the sky and stepped through it. He laid down a Divine Ranked protection Array in place behind him. The Mystic Blade Empress had did what Sin does, and snuck it into his pocket without him realizing it at the time he left her palace to return to Desolate Kingdom.

    This would cut off Meralas attempts from trying to cross over, and hopefully impede the Rage Gods forces from entering into Desolate Kingdom.

    The moment after Sin placed the formation down, it began rippling, trembling, and booming as if a deity was striking it with all its might. Sin ignored it within the vast outer sky, and began placing various traps, formations, and even deadlier traps within the trap. It was the perfect ambush. It was like you were checking out a hot girl from the back end, then she turned around and it was actually a man!

    Sin had listened to the booming of the Divine Formation for over 2 hours straight, by the time he was done and had checked the remaining durability on it he was stunned. Meralas anger had fueled her to take out more than 175 million points of durability, dropping it down to 96/100%

    Finally, Sin sat down mid-air with his back up against the formation. Sin and Merala shared a deep connection, their words couldn't meet each other. But they knew both were sitting back to back separated by the formation. Sin could imagine Alannah was awake by now, crying her heart out in Meralas embrace. Samara was wrapped on Meralas shoulders, cursing every single curse imaginable to mankind at Sin.

    Sin took this time and he let his emotions run wild. On the other side was his wife and his daughters, Sins eyes went out of focus as he numbly stared at the clock counting down in his vision. When there was 10 minutes left, Merala felt her connection with Sin had disappeared.

    For the next 10 minutes, Sin thought about the consequences of his failure. His wife would die, his daughters would die. Jasmine would die, the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team Members who were his brothers, and sisters in arms would die. Sin had purposely worked himself up into a frenzy, there was no room to sit down and talk over the past with tea and crumpets. It was time to nut up or shut up!

    Within the distance, Sin could see a speck of dust moving at high speed. Sin unsheathed Kaiser and moved forward chopping that person in half. He roared out all his grievances and pain into the vast universe. 


    Unknown to him, across the entire universe, cosmos, and various worlds. A giant screen had formed in mid air, showcasing Sin. Within Sins vision, he saw the spiraling lights of hundreds and hundreds of thousands, and millions of invaders. Sins Bloody Battlefield Totem appeared behind him. 


    Sin stabbed Kaiser down as he fueled all three of his Sacred Flames. Sin had the Midnight Reaper Mask equipped, the Sacred Flames turned into black-white, golden-red and white-blue dragons that devoured hundreds of invaders in a instant.
  • Book 2 Chapter 22: Lone Wolf Fighting To Protect His Family

    Sin flashed into the crowd of wolves, mirror images were everywhere across the entire battlefield. Sin had been using the minimal amount of Mana and spammed White Nebula continuously. Whether it had done any good, or was being wasted. That was not his concern, he was feeling alive, alive like never before. His blood boiled, and his heart quickly sped up. This was exhilaration! Pure and utter exhilaration!

    With every swing of his sword, Sin was claiming life after life. He had long since garnered another weapon in his left hand. One was used for killing, and the other was used for defending. The quality of the weapon were superb, but they were not enough to keep up with the amount of attacks he was receiving in each second.

    Within a matter of three minutes, Sin had already broken over 175 spares. Sin spread his Mana out and shot it through formations, detonating bombs, traps, formations and arrays. The death count quickly soared up to over 10,000. This however, was nothing but a drop in a 60 gallon pale of water. Sin had split his attention into 6 parts. Killing, defending, casting Mystic Sorcery, igniting formations, switching in and out of Mystic Unity, and Mystic Soul phases, and even more killing!

    Sin put both his hands together, Kaiser was facing upwards and his spare was facing downwards. Sin began rotating his wrists, his weapons soon created a cyclone. Sin imbued his now Tier 6 Midnight Glory Sacred Flame into it. Then he added 5,000 points of Mana as 'oil' to further combust the flame. 

    While Sin was tirelessly killing, many people across the universe had begun to take notice.

    "Yo this little punk ass actually want's to fuck with Solarus' forces? How laughable! But I commend him, I wouldn't dare say I have the balls to do so myself."

    Elsewhere many Elf and Dwarf elders were attentively watching Sin. The bloodline treasure in their clan had heated up, the long lost bloodline of their leader had shown it was still within this dark age.

    "350,000 years have passed but Shenzi's bloodline was unbelievably preserved. I must personally make a trip to Desolate Kingdom!'

    The servants eyes widened "Matriarch you must not go! Us Elves and Dwarfs were nearly completely annihilated following under Shenzi!"

    "Shut your fucking mouth, when we were enslaved by those cunt demons it was Shenzi who had reclaimed the Yang Major World for us! When we all died, who was it that injured his immortal soul to reverse time? AND you dare to curse him even after his passing!?" The Matriarchs fury erupted and slapped the Dwarf into a mashed pancake.

    The Matriarch looked at the screen again, her eyes became resolute and her long since locked emotions became active. "Hang in there kid!"

    Just as she was about to leave, a dwarf appeared beside her with their clans treasured hammer. "Yere not going anywhere withoot me yee fokin old coot!"

    "Fine but we must go now!" The matriarch was not pleased with being delayed.

    "Look at you an' yere ovaries be throbbin' in ovurdrive!" The dwarf patriarch bellowed in hearty laughter before following suit in pursuit of the elven Matriarch.

    Sin had continued on in his killing spree. Sin smashed his elbow down onto the head of a enemy bursting it into thousands of pieces. He then hand-stanned with one hand and flipped over dodging, various magic, swords, spears and sabers. Sins hands quickly moved into formation, seals and ancient text appeared. Then he trapped himself in a cylinder shaped defensive formation. After that the same cylinder covered the heads of 20 different individuals. Sin slapped his palms together, and their heads blew up within.

    [Mystic Sorcery: Decapitation Sphere!]

    Sins own protective layer had been shattered by a spear, Sin had been shot backwards spurting blood out of his mouth. Sin forcefully turned his body sideways, his palm slapped out onto the back of the attacker exploding him into a shower of blood and guts. 

    Mystic Energy began building in his palm before a aura wave was blasted out, the attacker had been shot backwards into the crowd before detonating, covering many other allies in its blast range.

    [Mystic Sorcery: Pulse Cannon!]

    Sins sword quickly flashed about deflecting tens of weapons. With each deflection, Sin had vibrated his arm, speeding the blade up with each passing second. When it reached peak speed, a penta layered formation of floating swords appeared covering Sin and 1,000 bodies within.

    [Illusionary Sword Third Form: Lightning Column Devastation!]

    Sins body convulsed, his Mana had hit 0 and it had given him a unimaginable painful headache. After splitting his mind into 6 separate functions for tens of minutes, his body had become beet red like a boiled lobster. This had allowed a sudden attack to cut through his net, a Saber had slashed through the back of Sin nearly chopping his right arm off.

    Sins hand reached out pulling the enemy's head forward. Sin smashed his head forward, knocking the woman unconscious. Sin grabbed the handle of the blade, and ripped it out from his body. Sin used Blood Dragons Blooming Lotus sending 12 nearby heads flying into the air.

    Sin deflected the next blow, and used the carried momentum to let himself skid backwards. He had managed to give himself a couple seconds to catch his breath, then he was once again trapped within a crowd of fanatics.

    A leader of the pact had flown towards Sin. His arms were crossed in front of his chest, and he looked both hateful and praiseful at Sin.

    "You're not bad human, in over half a hour you have killed over 65,000 of my lord's soldiers. If you kowtow before me, cut off both your arms and join our forces. Your life will be spared."

    "Harrrrrrk phew!" 

    Sin had horked a massive loogie, landing perfectly right in the middle of the mans brows. The man stared in utter shock as the fleghm had dripped down his nose and into his wide opened mouth. Next his aura blasted out, sounding like a nuclear explosion as he punched with all his might.


    "SUCK MY DICK!" Sin bellowed back matching fist for fist. Sin had gained the upper hand blowing the man backwards. Sin quickly appeared he grabbed the mans left shoulder with his right hand, then he clenched onto his forehead with his left hand. Sin flexed and he ripped the mans head off with the spine connected to it. Sin started juggling the head like a soccer ball on his feet. Purposely kicking upwards, Sin spin kicked the head, launching it into the crowd. One was too slow and the head had shot through the mans stomach, leaving a gaping whole. Sin then grabbed the corpse of the man, imposing his might into the dead body he raised it up high, then slashed downwards blasting the surrounding enemies into smithereens. 

    [Thunder Lord's Descent!]

    Guts, organs, blood, arms, legs, and heads were left in a bloody mess from Sins attack.

    Sin had bought enough time for his brain to cool off, then went back into Mystic Unity.

    Sins body had started becoming numb and heavy, he had been operating at maximum output for 1 full hour. He had drained his Mana 25 times, and each time it was further injuring himself. But he did not have the luxury to care about his own well being right now.

    From the massive ruckus this had created in Desolate Kingdom, let alone the rest of the universe. Jasmine was awoken out of cultivation, and arrived to see the scene of Sins Thunder Lords Descent. She was petrified seeing Sin punched full of minor to medium sized holes, blood was continuously pouring out from his body. Not to mention the Bloody Battlefield Totem behind him, she had only seen the "appropriate' version, and not the full extent of it.

    Sin had managed to gain over 200,000 souls sucked into the Bloody Battlefield Totem. He stretched his left arm out, a giant maw with razor sharp teeth emerged devouring his arm, Sin bit down as he let out a muffled "grrrrrrgh" of pain. Next a giant three headed evil spirit Cerberus stepped out of his Bloody Battlefield Totem.

    The Cerberus roared wrathfully, just as it was about to rip Sins body in half and drink all of his blood, Sin had punched it in the snout with his remaining arm. It let out a high pitched whimper, just before it was about to chomp on Sin as its snack, it had got the whiff of a 'delicacy'.

    Sin made sure the Cerberus had it's attention fully locked on the severed arm. Then he chucked it into the massive Rage God army. The Cerberus let out a loud howl as it shot forward. Sin controlled the severed arm with his Mana and plunged in into the deeper ranks of the enemy. 

    Sin laughed like a maniac before yelling out.

    "All of you mother fuckers better start running!"       [Initiate Jalals RUN!] 

    Sin controlled the severed arm with his Mana, plunging it into the deepest part of the Rage God army as possible. The death count quickly shot up to over 175,000 as three mouth widened sucking in all of the fleeing toys. After the mouths snapped shut, blood gushed out like fruit gushers. 

    While this was happening, Sin had took a moment to have some peace and quiet. He imagined himself as the kool-aid man bursting through a wall shouting the famous "Oh yeah!" After watching his 'puppy' playing with its toys.

    After the momentary shock had disappeared shouts of anger had sounded out.

    "Kill that mother fucker and the beast will disappear with him!"

    Sin had made a disapproving pose with his index finger wagging back and forth. "Nuh uh bitch, I'm one step ahead of you!"

    Then with his thumb he pointed up and said "Can you find waldo?"

    Hundreds, and thousands of swords were flying downwards impaling the bodies of many confused onlookers. While this onslaught was happening, Sin had put all of his Mana into his palm, Sin bit the tip of his tongue as he fought off the backlash. 

    [Mystic Sorcery: Six Rod Barriers Reapers Salvation!]

    Six white-blue pillars shot out encasing the surrounding 4 kilometers meters, entrapping over 25,000 enemies, Sin flashed about pulling out different talismans. Sin bit the tip of his thumb and had written Life, Death, Reincarnation, Samsara, Purgatory, Hell on each talisman. Sin threw the talismans out landing on each rod. 

    A reaper appeared wearing a white-blue cape. It's hand shot out piercing through the chest of each individual pulling out a string. Then it's scythe swept out cutting all the strings in half. An invisible wave shot out inside of the barrier, then the upper bodies of all men and women within had slid off. Their eyes were wide open with pure and utter fear in their eyes. 

    After they died their spirits had been absorbed by the reaper. It locked onto Sin and raised 4 skeleton fingers. Each finger represented 15 years of life, with the guarantee of of 4 more attacks. Sin had sent the coordinates to the reaper. After it had received its orders, it appeared behind Sin stabbing its boney hand through his back, and pulled out 60 years of life from himself. This had visible changes as Sins aura had begun being quelled like a forest fire.

    Sin had stumbled backwards as blood began leaking from his eyes and ears. Sin had fallen backwards, but managed to stabilize himself with the meager amount of Mana he had regenerated.

    Alannah had been watching the entire time. She had taken her blade of void flames out and was getting ready to tear open the formation and rescue Sin. But Merala had planted her hand on Alannahs shoulder. 

    "Alannah dearest, your father has made a choice that is not easy for any man to make. As much as I want to be there as well, your father would not be able to fight like the way he is while worrying about us in the back of his mind. Your father is a man who creates miracles, have faith in him."

    The moment Sins back had touched the ground, he had rolled to the right evading a sword that was aimed to pierce through his heart. Sins left hand swiped out slashing the achilles tendon of the attacker. After that Sin slashed out with his sword sending the mans head flying. Sin grabbed his left arm and ripped it off his body, he placed it on the stump of his missing arm, and then began forming stitches with Mana and Mystic Energy.

    Sin took out multiple rocks and began rotating them around in circles within the palm, and fingertips of his borrowed arm.  Sin stretched his back, then flipped himself forward. His right arm shot out superman punching an attacking man, the punch had sent the man skidding backwards, his head spinned in circles multiple times before he lifelessly dropped into the boundless sea of stars below.

    Sin rotated his right arm multiple circles and thought to himself "This should be enough to get the job done for now."

     Sin took out a spare sword, with exhaustion becoming ever more relevant. He could no longer divert his attention anymore, all that he could do was kill with all of his remaining might.

    Just as Sins focus had reclaimed its peak and he was charging forward to kill a nearby enemy. A 75 meter tall Hells Gates manifested behind him, the gates flung wide open as red tribulations clouds started hovering above Sin. Within the clouds there were murderous souls, skeletons, reapers, undead, monsters and various other unholy beings. Their baleful and malicious aura condensed turning into a undead dragon. It roared and howled into the universe shocking all of those present, and those who were watching across the various worlds.

    The undead dragon shot down like a sudden thunderclap. Sins attention was pulled, he imbued his weapon with Mana covering it with cyan light, then he put it into his sheath and speedily withdrew his weapon with Imposed will.

    [Illusionary Sword Second Stage: Void Breaker!]

    Sin looked up into the Sky and said. "Well don't you just look so goddamn pretty."

    The clouds rumbled and tolled like a grandfather clock, apparently it had understood what Sin had said, it was NOT pleased. Sin used [Void Steps] appearing up above the tribulation clouds.

    Sin changed Kaiser into the Great Sword form. The word Emperor was engraved on its hilt. All the Swords, Sabers, Katanas and various other bladed weapons flew out of their owners hands or sheathes. The weapons stood attention like well trained soldiers behind Sin.

    Kaiser had floated out as he waved his arm down, pointing directly at the Hells Gate and tribulation clouds. All the blades had been given their imperial decree, they shot down destroying the Hells Gate and tribulation clouds. Sin had gathered all his might and swung down tearing through the Undead Tribulation Dragon like a hot knife through butter.

    [Impose: World Rending Annihilation!]

    Sin and the Tribulation Dragon had clashed with each other. The dragon roared out in the common universe language "How dare a meager human like you go against the underworlds punishment!"

    Sin didn't understand a single word, nor did he give a fuck. Just as he had cut through the undead tribulation dragon, an imposing Hells Gate that was 50 times as big as Sins had appeared in mid air. It flung open as a giant black horned fist shot down pummeling into Sins body. The spikes pierced through Sins flesh, shattering his bones and bursting his organs. 

    "Insignificant ant!" A angry bellow was heard before the gates disappeared. 

    The Dragon Scale Diagram began working in overdrive as Sins body hungrily devoured an endless amount of Dragon Essence. The old manor in his heart world opened up as limitless Chaos Energy flowed into his body repairing his organs and bones. 

    Sin had become a blood man after receiving this last attack, Sin had cut off all his pain receptors and had formed sharp spikes made with his Mystic Energy to hold his bones together. Every movement and breath he took sent an excruciating amount of pain that shot through the isolation he formed for himself.

    Just as Sin was fighting to keep his consciousness from fading. A angrily bellow echoed out shattering starry sky outside of Desolate Kingdom.

    A seven meter man appeared in purple armour, there were terrifying spikes sprouting out from the armour itself. The mans face was masked, he had a monstrous slab of metal on his back which looked like it weighed over 10,000 kilograms. The man had long flowing white hair, with every step he took the void shattered underneath his foot and so did his own soldiers.

    "You pathetic fucking fools! I ordered ravenous bad asses who wanted to pillage and raid a world, but instead I got a bunch of fucking pussies and fuck knuckles! You dare to raise your flags and display yourself as soldiers under my rule!? FUCKING PATHETIC!" 

    Then he vanished and reappeared in front of Sin. "I remember you! You're the one who killed my beloved disciple Sorcus!" The mans fist enveloped in red molten flames as he punched out with the intention of wiping Sin out of of existence. Sin activated both Implosion and Destruction at the same time.

    Sins combined all three of his sacred flames as it enveloped his fist, Sin punched out meeting fist for fist with the Rage God. Both men were shot backwards, and the Rage God revealed a look of utter shock. 

    "That is impossible! Even if I am being suppressed by the universal laws and only have one percent of my full power, no ordinary human or any being should be able to trade blows with me!"

    Sins eyes lit up in white-blue flames as he pushed Mystic Unity to the peak of his capabilities. His killing intent soared, but was kept in check. Sin had entered a state that could only be possible when he was truly facing an opponent he couldn't win over.

    "So what if I killed Sorcus? You have chosen a shitty disciple! Unlike yours, my disciple is a bad ass who can get shit done!"

    The Rage Gods eyes went blood red as his refinement armour evolved into its second stage. 

    "You sure know how to run your mouth little man! Allow me to kill a stray dog that doesn't know when to tuck its tail between its own legs!" The Rage God took out his slab of various metals and got into an attack stance.

    "Come at me with all you got! Let's see just how long you can hold your berserk state for!"

    Sin got into a attack stance, and fearlessly eyed the Rage God down.

    Both men shot toward and clashed, a white-blue aura of a guardian, and the blood red aura of rage and cruelty fought against each other in the sky for victory over the other.

    Author's Note:

    Here is a bonus chapter, from this chapter on we have 4 more chapters until we finish Volume 2! 

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  • Book 2 Chapter 23: The Fallen Wolf King

    Sin and Solarus clashed multiple times, their blades produced a well organized symphony of "Klang klang klang kling" The shockwaves sent ripples out, the might of their blows were overwhelming. Anyone within a 100 meter area was blown up into chunks from the aftermath. Sins hands had split open with blood flowing down his weapon. No matter how hard Sin fought, with his current state he was constantly losing the power struggle.

    The pressure from overwhelming power, and threat of death was pushing Sin beyond his capabilities. Every clash was a gamble with his life on the line. Solarus was becoming increasingly shocked the more he fought, it felt like Sin was going through a metamorphosis right in front of his eyes. Sins aura was becoming sharper the longer he fought, and bestial like instincts were slowly waking from within. 

    Sins aura was slowly but surely matching his own, Sin had entered into a solitary state where he and his weapon Kaiser were becoming a single entity. The Qi of an Emperor was slowly building up within his body, his body was becoming light like a feather, and his strength was continuously increasing. The last Wolf Scale was showing signs of forming under this significant pressure.

    Fifteen minutes had passed, and Sins fleshly body was rupturing, skin tearing open, the  tendons, veins and bones were visible to public eyes. Sins body had been reacting to the flow of Mana in the environment. The reserves of his bodies treasury was long over drawn. Solarus grit his teeth and took the earrings off as his aura exploded into a massive column piercing through the sky. A giant that had chains wrapped around it's body was struggling, on top of its back was a ancient mountain with godly symbols engraved into it.

    While his aura exploded, the laws of the universe began swirling in the sky above. Red, purple, black, and green tribulation clouds were revolving and mixing with each other. The first bolt of lightning shot down, it had struck Solarus' refinement armour like a blacksmithing wielding his prized hammer. Sin took full advantage of this opportunity as he raised Kaiser high up into the sky.

    The Emperor Qi exploded as a magnificent golden aura began emitting from Kaisers blade. Sin slashed Kaiser down and a tremendous wave of Emperor Aura rushed out like a golden tsunami. It had attacked the defenseless Solarus who was fighting off the universes tribulation. 

    Then the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh final lightning bolt struck Solarus one after the other. Each tribulation bolt was multiplied by the stacking effect. Sin had slashed down one last final time.

    [Impose: World Rending Annihilation!]

    Sins aura weakened considerably, but the final scale had finally formed filling the Wolf Scale Diagram. A white-blue armour covered Sins body from head to toe, the wings of a Phoenix sprouted from his back, and his Soul had entered a heightened state as a Vermilion Bird congealed itself in Sins Soul Realm. The vast energy of the cosmos which Sin was once unable to sense, had now become clear to him like when you finally understood a story told within a painting.

    Sin had finally formed his Refinement armour, but the weak state of his physical condition had severely limited the energy it was created with. It was incomplete, but it may be just enough to tide over the current hopeless situation.


    Elsewhere, the Mystic Blade Empress was getting anxious, she had flown out of her palace and began tearing through the void of the Grand Warrior Trials. Right as she was about to hop through, a hand had grabbed her shoulder and ripped her back.

    "Listen to me my wife, this is their matter to deal with and not ours!" Meralas master had appeared, and was using all his strength to hold his wife back. But it proved futile, the Mystic Blade Empress was a person who couldn't be held back when she was determined.

    The Mystic Blade Empresses aura exploded, and her eyes lit up as her aura surged rocking the entire Grand Warrior Trials space. "Don't you dare hold me back again! That is my precious disciple, my one and only disciple! If you dare to stop me again, I will kill you whether you're my husband or not!" Mystic Blade Empress bellowed as her eyes became draconic like, her soul pressure shot forward making her husband bow down without the power to fight back against it.

    After taking one last look at her husband, she scoffed murderously before tearing the void open once again. The primordial killing intent in her awoke from its deep slumber.

    The Mystic Blade Empress shot through the void like a bat out of hell. When she was just about to cross into the outer space of Desolate Kingdom. A women radiating a intoxicating amount of lust appeared. She had long snow white hair cascading down her back, a tight fitting black robe exposing all her curves, and her bountiful chest was open to full display.

    Two massive auras appeared to the left and right of the Mystic Blade Empress. This was the Dwarven Patriarch Obsidian, and on the other side was the Elven Matriarch Catherine. 

    Obsidian looked the Mystic Blade Empress up and down with a pleased look in his eyes. "Well avn't yee become a beauty, Shenzi's daughter 'as become a stunning beauty over the years. Yee were only a wee dragon ling when Shenzi brought you home at that time. Never woulda thought yee would turn out like this."

    The woman let out a seductive laugh. "Oh my if it isn't Shenzi's sidekicks, I thought I had made sure his father killed you all back then. I guess that explains why Shenzi's immortal soul was severely wounded when we fought back then. He reversed time to bring back the lives of my slaves. Oh how I wish I could thank him sadly, he's already dead!"

    The Mystic Blade Empresses aura surged another notch, her treasured Sword and Saber appeared in her hands, the spirits of two identical female twins, floated out of the weapons. They stared wrathfully at the woman in front of them.

    "You killed my father, and you dare to take the form of his wife before me!?" The Mystic Blade Empresses eyes blazed with Mystic Unity, she reverted back to her original form. Becoming a colossus sized golden dragon, with purple wings and black plasma currents emitting from her wings. There was a long dragon horn with ancient symbols and diagrams drawn on it. 

    The woman licked her lips. "Oh my isn't this just a treat, all of you have appeared for little old me. It's a shame I haven't fully recovered, but it's more than enough to kill you all once and for all. And truth be told, all is fair in love and war. Adria's body and soul had proved a useful tool in my hands to kill that pathetic love struck human."

    The sparks were ignited as the Mystic Blade Empress, Obsidian and Catherine began their fight with the Demon Lord. The Mystic Blade Empress went all out from the very beginning, she had ignited her bloodline, burned her blood essence, and activated a Taboo skill she was given from Shenzi's explorations. There was no way in hell that she was not saving the life of her only disciple!


    Sins breath was ragged, and his entire body was shaking like a leaf in the middle of a storm. Solarus was also having slight troubles catching his breath, but he was still in a much better condition than Sin was in. Solarus rushed forward punching Sin with a fist full of flame, to his surprise his opponents incomplete Refinement Armour didn't have any cracks appear, all there was were sparks flying out.

    "Impossible! How can a incomplete Refinement Armour be so damn tough?" Solarus muttered aloud as he watched Sin struggle to stabilize himself. 

    Sin went into a attack stance, his weapon was swaying side to side, unable to hold together his own position. Sin charged forward clashing weapons with Solarus once again. In the sky above a giant Sword combined with Mana, Mystic Energy and Sword Qi was rushing down towards Solarus.

    [Four Paths Vanquisher Blade!]

    Sin had punched out with his right arm, piercing through the severely damaged Refinement Armour, Sins left hand pierced through Solarus' body, then he began spinning his body at high speeds. After reaching maximum speed, Sin let go throwing Solarus directly onto the tip of the Four Paths Vanquisher Blade.

    The blade pierced through Solarus' body and blew up, blood, guts, and armour shrapnel fell downwards. Solarus' figure was shown as half his Refinement Armour was now shattered, there was a massive piece of shrapnel through Solarus' left eye.

    He was roaring in pain and his killing intent was becoming thicker. "A goddamn lowly piece of shit human dares injure me!?" Solarus was on the brink of having a mental breakdown, how could a nearly defeated human who had over-drafted his bodies potential be so strong? His berserk status was still ongoing, and his aura was diminishing at a unbelievable rapid pace. And that same human was still fighting with everything he had, it was unthinkable even in his most wildest dreams!

    Solarus' rage had consumed him, he entered into a frenzied state as he appeared in front of Sin. Solarus reached out and grabbed Sins body heaving it up into the air and began raining blows into Sin. Sin was exhausted, his Refinement Armour was taking blow after blow. His reformed organs were like a boat being rocked in a tumultuous storm. Sin was desperately fighting against his own body, looking for some kind of miracle to get the power to fight back. But the damage was already long done, his body was spent, and he was now nothing but a rag doll being beaten around by the maniac Rage God.

    After twenty minutes of a ruthless assault, Sins incomplete Refinement Armour began showing signs of breaking. This had fueled Solarus with a new hope as he began tearing, slashing and ripping the Refinement Armour off of Sins body. When Sins bloodied body was exposed, Solarus beamed in delight as he mocking said "You're not looking too well puny human! Do you need a break?"

    Sin lifelessly stared at Solarus and then said with hard to conceal disdain. "Is that all you got? For a so called God, your attacks feel like the itch of a mosquito bite!"

    Solarus ripped Sins left arm off his body, then smashed his knee into Sins face, breaking his nose and denting his skull. Solarus continued raining blows into Sins body, snapping sounds continuously rang out as Sins bones were once again shattered into dust.

    After Solarus was satisfied, he squeezed Sins neck, but not hard enough to crush his windpipe. Solarus then ordered his men aloud to begin attacking the protective formation Sin had placed. Solarus held Sins mangled body up and made him watch. 

    "This is what happens when you defy a Gods will. I was only going to enslave everyone of your world, but now I think i'll keep you alive as you watch my men kill your loved ones!"

    Sins eyes gazed lifeless at the millions of people attacking the defensive formation. He was raging inside his own body but no matter how hard he tried. He was too weak, injured, and on the brink of dying.

    After 30 minutes, the protective barrier shattered, Solarus' army cheered in celebration.

    "Kill them al-"

     Before Solarus could finish his declaration, two fingers infused with a multi-coloured flame pierced through his throat. Sins exhausted body exploded with one last spurt of energy. He smashed his head into Solarus' as he let out a demonic howl that was far from a human. Sins desperation pushed the last of his life into action one last time. 

    This was all a futile attempt. Solarus' hand was covered in a destructive red flame. He place it over top Sins chest, then a massive wave shot through vaporizing Sins heart and organs in his body.

    "Very impressive, but now you're no longer able to entertain me." Solarus threw Sins body through the air, it shot through Desolate Kingdoms sky like a rocket crash landing in the middle of the capital city's square.

    Sins body formed a massive crater in the ground, blood was forming a pool underneath his body. Sins eyes were left wide open, his body was in shock and he had yet to truly die.

    Alannah was the first to run over like a bat out of hell. Disbelief was on her face, Alannah placed her hands on what remained of Sins back and rocked him back and forth desperately calling out "Papa don't die, Papa don't leave me!" but her words and futile attempt was falling on deaf ears. Sins eyes were wide opened and the light within was rapidly fading away. 

    Samara quickly followed suit, after the training with Merala, she had created a human body. Samara was a 5 year old girl, with nine golden tails sprouting out from behind her. She covered Sins body in various healing lights, and vast amount of pure Nature Essence into Sins lifeless body. This however, proved to be a futile attempt. Sins heart and organs could not be regenerated even with his God Rank Refinement Method.

    Merala was standing in place like a screw nailed to the ground. Her eyes were full of disbelief, Sin had just been fighting so hard like a mad man. But now, he had a gaping hole in his upper body where you could see the earth through it. A pool of blood was underneath his body, and his eyes were like that of a dead fish. Merala quickly ran over, foolishly placing her fingers on Sins neck hoping to feel a pulse. Her dreams were shattered in but a instant. 

    A crimson red battle robe covered Meralas body, her Sword shot out of its sheathe as flames of wrath, despair, and hopelessness burned on her body and blade. "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" Meralas berserk yell rippled out like a massive sound wave deafening all that heard it. Merala shot forward into the sky crazily decapitating the invaders. Her husband was dead, her husband fought to protect Desolate Kingdom. The new life that was forming inside her stomach, would one day be born without a father.

    Commander Glaze had finally arrived as he ordered aloud, "Jack, Reaper, Sky, Lucifer all of you do damage control, begin evacuating everyone out of the capital city now! Then Glaze looked at the remaining members of the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team. "You guys go and protect the Vermilion Bird Clan. If they fight back, you have permission to deal with them as you see fit. From today onwards the rest of you are dismissed from the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team. Live your life to the fullest!"

    Commander Glazed flew into the sky joining the fray, Seraphim was long since evacuated out of the capital city. There were members of a trump card unit protecting her. She was bawling her eyes out, she was trying to run after her husband. But the people would not let her slip away.

    Seraphim with a voice full of anguish screamed into the sky. "What about our daughter! You mother fucker why must you leave like this!?"

    Glaze looked back after cutting a enemy in half. He zoomed in and got one last good look at his wife, then his eyes fell down to her stomach as he hardened his heart. His last words would never reach his wife, but he had made peace with himself. 

    "I'm sorry my wife, please raise our daughter well. I am no longer fighting for just myself, allow me to be a good man for once and do something right!"


    Sin whose body was shutting down, had seen his wife, and friends rush out in a frenzy at the last moment before he had fallen into the clutches of death.  His vision became grey, and then all sound, and feeling had vanished. 


    Alannah who was created from Sins very being, had felt the very last flicker of Sins life vanish. The tears streamed down uncontrollably. Her aura erupted as she screamed despairingly. Alannahs High God Godhood showed itself, Alannahs eyes had silver white ancient clocks appear within, time froze as her hair rose. Alannahs hand tore through the void as she withdrew her Sword of void flames.

    "Papa loved me unconditionally, papa gave me good food, papa bathed me, papa dressed me, papa played with me, papa told me bedtime stories! And all of you took him away from me! Unforgivable, UNFORGIVABLE!" 

    Alannahs body shot through the void, her blade slashed down and tens of thousands of lives withered away turning into gray ash.

  • Book 2 Chapter 24 Title Hidden

    Moments after Sin had passed, the world of Desolate Kingdom for the first time in its creation rained. The raindrops fell to the ground as they mixed with the blood, the universe mourned the loss of a single individual. Under some miraculous intervention, Sin had regained vision. He could see everything going on, Commander Glaze, the brothers and sisters of the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team desperately fighting. Samaras' emotions were running out of control, she was switching back and forth between her human and beast form, licking his cheek and hugging onto his corpse. Alannah was killing madly like a goddess of death, blood tears were rolling down her face. Meralas body was riddled with wounds. 

    but the MOST important of all, in his death, Sin felt the surge of a newborn bloodline calling him from within Meralas very being. Was that the despair of his own bloodline not meeting their originator?

    Sins soul raged and crashed, Sins body was dead but his soul was trapped. He was witnessing all of his friends, loved ones, and allies get cut down, Merala was nearing her death, Alannah a mere 5 year old had claimed millions of lives alone. Hundreds of generals had her surrounded in a tight sealed formation, she was crazily muttering "papa" under her breath as she had lost her sanity from losing her beloved papa.

    Sins' very soul was being ripped apart, the desperation, hopelessness, fury, bitter pain he was feeling had all been raging uncontrolled, and then his struggles were answered.

    A man appeared in front of his corpse. He had long blood red hair, his entire body was the colour of scarlet. He wore blood red armour, Sin could feel the unimaginable number of lives this man had claimed. He stabbed his Sword through the ground right in front of Sins' corpse. Then a thick murderous, demonic and unholy voice unfitting his still human looks was heard by Sins soul.

    "You now have a choice to make. Do you watch as your family and loved ones all die? Or do you defy your death, becoming someone who kills because you lost your sanity? Or do you become the complete version of who I once was with emotions, sanity, a heart and soul?"

    Sins rage was burning, his fury was overtaking all of his thoughts. Kill them all! Kill all of those who harmed my loved ones!

    The Sword in front of Sins corpse had begun reacting to Sins negative emotions. With the man's control, the killing intent and malicious aura that billowed out of his own Sword was unaware to everyone else. The aura began seeping through Sins nostrils, eyes, mouth, ears. Then it formed a thick billowing over top Sin, it swirled as it formed a cyclone piercing into Sins soul form.

    Within Sins heart world, the blood stained Sword reacted as the figure of a teenage girl shot out. She appeared as she looked longingly at the figure of the man in front of Sin. Her choked voice sounded out.


    The man looked at the spirit of his own daughter. He raised his arm out, and with his hand he stroked her face lovingly. "My beautiful Sasha, I have done many horrible acts after losing your mother. But I guess somewhere in this vast realm, the karma I sowed before becoming the Shura has given me a chance to see my beautiful daughter again."

    Just as Sasha went to go and hug Kelluminatis being. He formed a barrier separating the both of them, his regretful and sorrow filled voice sounded out. "I wish it was that simple sweety. If you don't want to become like those hateful souls trapped within my body, I would advise you not to step any closer towards me."

    Kelluminati spoke again not giving Sasha a chance. "I have done what I was brought back for. The rest is up to this young man, make sure you guide him well Sasha. Do not let him become like your father once was."  Kelluminatis figure became millions of light particles as he had finally passed his way through death without any interruptions.

    Sasha cried and wailed as she tucked herself into a ball. "Why does this universe have to be so cruel, I lost both mother and father! I am nothing but a goddamn spirit who is trapped within her own father's weapon!"

    Sin was forced to watch the fight that was being undertaken, no matter how hard he tried to look away he couldn't. He watched as all the members of the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team died, Commander Glaze hugged an enemy General and ignited. Sin could hear the far away distance of Seraphims anguish.

    Alannah had killed all the enemy Generals that surrounded her, but she had become exhausted using her Godhood for so long. She was attacked without any defense and was sent barreling into the ground, her body crashed fifty feet away from Sins corpse with weapons pierced through her back. Sin helplessly watched as his injured little princess crawled towards him with a look of pain on her face.

    Alannah banged her head in front of Sins corpse multiple times, Sins soul heard what she said and it made his nonexistent heart shatter into millions of pieces. "I'm sorry papa! If only I wasn't so scared of revealing my origins, I could have saved you. We could be a happy family with mom, Samara and Jasmine. Now you're dead, my one and only papa who loved me so much!"

    Sin desperately yelled, he bellowed as loud as he could but no voice could make its way out. An enemy was in mid swing about to slash Alannah into two halves. Just as Alannah was about to be cut in half, Jasmine appeared at the last minute shielding Alannah with her own body.

    Sin despaired as Jasmine's blood sprayed over his corpse and Alannah. Jasmine grit her teeth as she made her last effort kicking the man in the balls, then slit his throat with her dagger. 

    Jasmine fell backwards in exhaustion, she fought as hard as she could and claimed many enemy lives. Now she could rest knowing she protected her little sister.

    "Big sister!" Alannah cried out as she watched Jasmine weakly breathing. Jasmine raised her hand as she caressed Alannahas face. "Be a good girl and bring your papa's body somewhere safe. Big sister is going to rest for a while before I catch up."

    Alannah begged and pleaded. "No big sister you can't rest, you have to come with us!"

    Jasmine smiled one last time and said. "Make sure you live well for the both of us." Jasmine's eyes grew heavy and closed as her life slipped away.

    The thick red cloud around Sins soul rocked. Thunder boomed within, Sin was now forcefully absorbing all of the baleful aura. His soul shocked nearly being devoured, but he wasn't giving in, if his family was suffering how could he not? Jasmine just died in front of his eyes. His little sister died protecting his daughter when he couldn't do it!

    Alannah cried when she weakly stood up, then picked Sins 190 pound body up and rested it spread out across her shoulders, Samara got control of herself and changed back to human form, and helped Alannah carry their papas body. The warriors of the Vermilion Bird Clan guarded Alannah and Samara to the best of their capabilities. This little girl had brought so much joy to everyone's life, despite her mischievous and shit disturber like personality. Their bodies fell like dead flies, Alannah and Samara had fallen many times, but they always found the will to continue on. Their papas body was most important to them.

    Sins soul was on the brink of being extinguished by the Shuras killing intent. The more people he watched die, the more helpless and despair he felt. Sins eyes had become blood red, and the baleful aura wrapped around his soul. Sin had begun the process of becoming a Shura.

    Solarus watched all of this happening with a smile on his face. Victory was in sight, after the capital city fell here. He and his forces would move onto wiping out all life throughout the Desolate Kingdom, rebuilding this world up from scratch with his own fanatic followers.

    Seeing as Alannah and Samara were now alone, and nearing the end of the 'finish line' Solarus decided now was the perfect time to crush that last string of hope completely.

    Solarus flashed and he reappeared in front of Alannah. "A complete High God Godhood is wasted on a little brat like you. I will rip your body apart inch by inch and absorb your Immortal Soul!"

    Merala winked out of existence and reappeared behind Solarus immediately after he arrived. Nine massive flaming swords of fire appeared behind her, they sparked with currents of red lightning. Merala had activated her berserk status and her essence blood.


    Merala slashed down with all her might. Solarus quickly reacted that however, was not enough to fend off a momma bear protecting her cubs. Merala went on an absolute rampage using everything she had in her arsenal.

    [Blood Dragons Sky Path: Double Dragon Twister!]

    [Illusionary Sword Second Stage: Void Breaker!]

    [Immolating Boundary!]

    [Nine Heart Phoenix Blades!]

    [Karmic Annihilation!] 

    Each strike landed harder than the previous, Solarus had taken each hit with a face full of glee. "Come on girl come at me with all you got. If you don't, I will split your daughters bodies in half before your very eyes!"

    Solarus slashed out his weapon, sending Merala skidding backwards. Merala plunged her Sword into the earth and stopped herself after 20 meters. She had just barely stopped herself from knocking into Alannah from a full output strike.

    Sin went berserk, slight traces of blood red aura began emitting from his body. Sins body began heating up as his soul's fury burned through all limitations. The bloodline calling for Sin had increased the closer his corpse was to Merala. Sins soul despite being nearly consumed, saw the future of a little girl who was his and Meralas own bloodline and love.

    Alannah who was exhausted had missed these subtle changes, she was frightened, staring at her mom's weak condition.

    "ALANNAH GET YOUR LITTLE ASS MOVING NOW!" Meralas fury erupted the more she saw her husband's corpse.

    "But mo-"

    "THERE IS NO TIME FOR ARGUMENTS NOW GET GOING ALREADY!" Merala flashed forward, as a symphony of 'Klang klang klang kling dang shing' echoed out in perfect order. Merala was currently able to keep up with Solarus, but her physical condition was worsening with each clash. After fighting so hard before and getting all her injuries. Merala was quickly becoming an arrow at the end of its flight.

    Alannah had felt an odd wave of power surge through her body. She remembered the King who had once gifted her his sword when she was admiring it. She remembered her papa had built a decent connection, so she told directions to Samara as they ran at top speed and quickly arrived at the palace.

    Sin had regained clarity but the process was only half done, he was howling with all his might for Merala. But again, no matter how much effort there was nothing he could do.

    Fifteen minutes passed, Merala was blown back and smashed through a nearby palace. Alannah and Samara quickly ran over calling out "Mom!"

    Samara jumped down and began healing Merala with all her might, but it was not enough. Solarus appeared moments later.

    "What a nice family this is here. I almost feel bad for breaking it up, but I can assure all of you will die together and join that pathetic man very soon."

    Solarus then pointed his index finger at Alannah. "Except for her, that child's Immortal Soul I will be taking with me. Man I really am a liar after all huh?"

    Solarus flashed forward, and Merala moved at the same time. Solarus' hand ripped through Merala’s right breast. Merala gritted her teeth as she pushed her body forward and bear hugged Solarus. Merala diverted her Mana, sending Alannah and Samara out of the palace and into the streets below. Merala’s entire body glowed a golden red colour as she ignited her cultivation base, her aura exploded as a massive ball of flaming energy devoured the palace and surrounding 5 kilometers around.

    After the dust storm had settled down. Merala was hanging in mid air and plummeted downwards, she had sacrificed everything in one last attempt to avenge her husband, and protect her children. Steam was billowing off of her body, and Meralas life force was nearing the end of its lit fuse.

    Solarus came back in view looking like he was in pristine condition. He looked at Merala with moderate surprise, but that was it.

    "Decisive to do what you must for your children. Know that you did your best, but it wasn't enough to stop me."

    Solarus walked towards Alannah, his incomplete God Hood exploded as he walked forward with a look full of mad craving. Merala watched on as she struggled to move her body. Alannah stood in front of Samara with her arms spread out.

    "You're a bad man! Why must you hurt my papa and mom!?"

    "Your papa did it to himself, your mom made the sacrifice. How's that got anything to do with me?"

    Samara stared hatefully, Solarus caught sight of it and he vanished. Alannah activated Mystic Unity but the moment she did so, her body became heavy as she drained what was remaining within her.

    Solarus grabbed Samara by the throat and then smashed her into the ground. "I don't like that look in your eyes girl, fix it unless you want to die!" 

    Samara did as she had watched her dad once do. 

    "Harrrrk phew!" Samara horked a bloody loogie into Solarus' face.

    Solarus wiped the loogie off as his face darkened and his rage blew out. Withdrawing his weapon, Solarus slashed down aiming to kill Samsara. Merala found her last and final spurt as she appeared last moment in front of Samara. The blade cut through Merala cleaving her body into two halves. Meralas blood splattered all over the two young girls and Sins corpse.

    Alannah and Samara cried out sorrowfully. "MOM!!!!!"

    At this moment a deep and powerful "Thud thud thud rumble boom!" was heard. All the blood in the capital city was like it had a mind of its own. It began raising from the ground and rushed out in a massive wave answering its sudden calling.

    Alannah felt the rising temperature of Sins body on her shoulders. After that she felt the weight disappear fully. What she saw next made her widen her eyes. Sin had moved so fast, even with her Godhood forcefully activated she missed every moment. Solarus had been punched out so hard he was sent spiraling backwards over 200 miles in an instant.

    A massive blue-white blood red column of aura blasted out of Sins body. It shot through the sky, tearing through the boundary of Desolate Kingdom and out into the vast universe. A massive killing intent billowed out, all the remaining soldiers of Solarus' army in the universe dropped down to their knees with their heads resting on Mana platforms uncontrollably. 

    Alannah could feel true agony, despair, hatred, hopelessness and hear Sins inner self blaming from within the column of energy. Alannah was stunned, she knew it was her papa but she was now becoming fearful of him. It was an instinctual feeling of when a predator of a higher race rating was standing right before you.

    Sin roared out and its shockwaves traveled across the entirety of Desolate Kingdom, all the way from his continent to the thousands of other continents.

    "MERALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Within the column of energy, two blood red eyes opened up as tears of blood flowed down them.

    "MERALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sin cried out many times over.

    Fifteen minutes passed the entire time during. Sins aura was skyrocketing, Solarus who had his entire set of Refinement Armour shattered, returned with a look of fear at the once 'dead' man before him. Solarus could tell Sin held back all of his strength, if he hadn't Solarus would've been blasted to pieces from that one punch alone. Leaving him with a complete body, but shattering his Refinement Armour was tantamount of Sin showing to Solarus, he was no longer Sins equal.

    The aura column disappeared, His incomplete Refinement Armour had completed its evolution. Now however, instead of it's white-blue colour. It was completely blood red, there were mountains of corpses engraved on his Refinement armour. You could hear the wails of tortured souls, Sins aura had completely changed to one of pure savage and prehistoric rage.

    Sin's figure was revealed as his hair had turned crimson red, Sin was holding the 2 separate pieces of Meralas body. He looked down at her stomach, the bloodline calling he felt was no longer there. His entire body trembled, his aura blasted out until everyone still alive within 1,500 kilometers unwillingly kneeled to the ground, with their heads placed on the earth below it. This was all except for Alannah and Samara.

    Alannah weakly called out with hard to hide fear in her voice. "Papa... is that you?"

    Sin turned his head backwards, all Alannah could see was blood tears rolling down from his scarlet eyes. Sin was no longer the papa Alannah knew so well and loved. Alannah had backed away, and held her arms spread out in front of Samara.

    Sin watched all of this, he flashed away and then reappeared seconds later with Jasmine's body. He put both bodies into his Soul Container, and both their lingering souls had been split into a separate dimension within, his now ruthless cold blooded voice sounded out. 

    "Alannah within this retains the bodies and souls of your mom and big sister. This separate formation is a surprise from papa to the both of you. Now the both of you have to get as far away from here as you can, the further the better I can only control myself for so long before my rage takes control of me!"

    Alannah and Samara watched their papa with unwilling eyes. Both had asked their greatest wish together

    "Can papa give us a hug?"

    Sin slowly walked over so as not to scare his two daughters. He knelt down on both knees and hugged his girls into his embrace.

    "Papa is sorry he was a bad man. He couldn't protect your mother, nor could he protect his precious little girls."

    Alannah and Samara had no more tears to cry. They just hugged their papa as hard as they could.

    Sin kissed both his girls. "Now get going and return to the Wolf God Clan my little princesses. Papa will no longer be able to fight if I am worrying about the both of you in the back of my mind." Sin believed with his, Meralas and Samaras travel to the capital city, Samara would have no problem guiding Alannah back to the Wolf God Clan.

    Alannah and Samara unwillingly let go of their papa. But considering their papas warning, and feeling Sins worry for them, both of sisters left the capital city hand in hand. When they were away far enough, they had climbed up a mountain before falling down on their backs exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. They laid side by side not willing to let go of each other. 

    Unknown to them, today was the last day their papa was going to be in this part of the universe all together. They would be left alone, albeit the Wolf God Clan, Phoenix Heart and Vermilion Bird Clan would become their parents in replace of Merala and Sin.

    Chapter Title: The Death Of Merala

  • Book 2 Chapter 25 Slayer Of Evil Faction Gods

    [You have entered the state of being a Shura. Your body is unable to withstand the power of the Shura, until you have become strong enough to permanently become a Shura. You will be given 5 times to enter the state of a Shura minus this one, although you must pay a price. You will be given 3 hours to remain in this state, and you must sacrifice one of your 6 senses as a price to pay for the Shuras power. Which sense will you sacrifice to take effect immediately after you exit the Shura state?]

    Without a moment of hesitation Sin said "Sight"

    [You have chosen to permanently give up your Eyesight. This cannot be undone, are you sure?]

    A box appeared in Sins vision with "Yes and No."

    Sin unhesitantly clicked on the "Yes."

    Another log appeared within his vision.

    [You now have 3 hours time worth of Shuras power before you permanently lose the sense of Sight.]

    Sins eyes stared into Solarus' very being, when their eyes met Solarus felt his entire soul quake and shiver in fear. His incomplete Godhood was telling him he was in danger beyond any he faced in his whole lifetime. Sin disappeared from where he was standing, before Solarus could react. Sins hand smashed into his face, as he shot through the sky entering the vast universe. Sin launched Solarus into his army, wherever he passed his own soldiers and generals would blow up into puffs of blood from the impact. 

    Sin sucked his aura back into him, all the soldiers and generals who were previously kneeling shot up to their feet. They backed away as they held their weapons with trembling hands. Sin held Kaiser upwards, all the sabers, swords, katanas, flew out of their owners sheathes as they hovered behind Kaiser.

    Sins emotionless voice sounded out as Kaiser thrummed in excitement. "Feeding off the fury and vengeance I bring, cutting loose the chains placed upon me. Walking in Desolate Kingdom, I'm lord of the blades."

    Sin cleaved Kaiser down and a crimson wave shot out.  Wails of screams and pain resounded out, the weaker soldiers and generals flesh melted off their bodies, whereas the stronger ones were able to put up a weak defense that was easily broken through. Sin stabbed Kaiser into 4 separate columns of blood red aura. Sliding one leg back, and positioning his upper body forward with Kaisers edge aiming straight. Kaiser erupted into a baleful crimson scarlet beam of energy. Sin flashed into the fleeing soldiers and ruthlessly swung his Sword down.

    [Shuras Blade Of Upheaval!]

    "Blood on the floor reaping these souls. Next week its my name they be writing in the scrolls." 

    Sins Bloody Battlefield Totem manifested as over 50,000 spirits had entered into a purgatory of suffering. Sin used [Nine Life Steps] when he reappeared, there were numerous spines still attached to heads. The bodies fell into the endless void below.

    "King of archaic slaughter, take a knife through the heart. Drunk off the blood bath i'm losing control."

    Sin flashed out of existence, with daggers in both hands. Sin stabbed through the hearts of 20,000 in a matter of seconds. Their souls flew into the Bloody Battlefield Totem, it hungrily devoured them as it permanently left a blood red portal open waiting for its follow up meals.

    "Devastation, annihilation, exhilaration from this mindless bloodshed."

    A blood red crescent moon hung high in the universe. It revealed a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and abyss black eyes as the baleful moonlight poured down. All who had come in contact with the moonlight began roaring like savage beasts, they grabbed whatever weapons they had in their possession and stabbed them through their own hearts.

    [Life Devouring Crescent Moon!]

    "Blood in my veins, my heart started pacing. Soul still numb from the lives I've taken, one day soon see the sky slashed open."

    Sin amalgamated Mystic Sorcery with his Shura technique. Sin bit the tips of both thumbs, crimson and white-blue energy merged together perfectly while Sin began writing out various seals and hieroglyphics. By the time Sin was done, there was a pentagram left in his wake. There was a tear in the void as thunder boomed, a blood red cross manifested as lighting shot down onto it. Sin then pooled all of his Mystic Energy into it, intensifying the glow and power it radiated.

    The aura continued until it reached its peak, it shot out a glob of condensed lightning as Sin absorbed it into his body. Lighting surged out of Sins body with frightening power, Sins blood red eyes glowed with  lightning. Both of Sins hands rested on the sheathed, and hilt of the sheathed Kaiser.

    Sin flashed about so fast, twenty continuously moving after images of Sin ran through the crowd, forming a thunder bolt diagram in the void of the universe. Sin withdrew his blade and slashed out 20 times in a millisecond. 

    [Shuras Mystic Sorcery: Lightning Grand Cross!]

    Blood red lightning sparked out annihilating the remaining of Solarus' forces. 2,000,000 Souls found their new home in the Bloody Battlefield Totem.

    Sin breathed out as intense lighting spewed out of his mouth.

    "Blood rain colours the void crimson, eyes blood red. Sanity up in flames, forsaken my humanity, leaving calamity in my wake!"

    All that remained was Solarus who stared stiffly in place. Solarus gulped as sweat covered his entire body, when he felt like imminent death was approaching him 30 overwhelming pressures similar, and stronger than his own tore through the void. Solarus heard a cocky feminine voice sound out.

    "Yo Solarus, it looks like this brat made your cock shrivel up in fright!"

    Solarus' fury was ignited, but knowing his place was way below the women who had arrived,  he had no choice and  kept himself in check.

    A woman stepped out of the void, she was wearing pristine white shrine maiden robes. Her black hair was done up help by a phoenix feather. She had enticing light purple eyes that could draw out any mans lust.

    She floated her way over to Sin, then she knelt her body forward with one hand held up underneath her chin. Her mountainous breasts popped out of the loose fitting robes she was wearing. 

    "Hey there sexy man, could you let Solarus off the hook? He owes me various debts and is truly no use to me dead. If you're so kind as to let him live, I will show you how good I am in bed." The woman provocatively rose her robes, revealing her body to Sin in full display.

    Sin looked at her once, then he flashed out of existence. The womens look turned sour as she vanished and reappeared meeting fist for fist with Sin as massive booms sounded out. Sin grabbed her by her arm pulling her forward, his left fist rocked itself into her abdomen. The women was quick and equipped her Refinement Armour immediately. That however, in the next second was shattered as she was sent barreling backwards, with a massive whole through her abdomen.

    Sin then appeared before Solarus and reached out with a open hand and clasped Solarus head within his palm. Sin then applied massive pressure as Solarus head burst like a watermelon within his grasp. Sin absorbed Solarus' Incomplete Godhood into his bag, then he kicked over his corpse to the women.

    "Here's your fucking debt, now get the fuck out of here before I kill every last one of you!" Sins bellow boomed like a clap of thunder, the ears of the newly arrived Gods went deaf for many seconds until they recovered. Their eyes revealed pure and utter shock.

    "What the hell!? A level 13 human who is merely of the Mystic Blade Disciple Class, is this much of a powerhouse already!?" 

    A man voiced out and answered everyone's disbelief. "You've got it wrong, that man has become the same Shura who wreaked havoc hundreds of thousands of years ago. Except he is different, he has only become a Shura under extreme conditions, he still has emotions, heart and a soul."

    Sin slashed out a crimson wave of Sword Qi into the crowd, all of them quickly dispersed not willing to test their luck after seeing what happened to their companion.

    "I will give all of you one chance. Get the fuck out of here if you don't want to die!" Sins cold words echoed out, he let his aura rush out once more. The weaker gods had inevitably kneeled down powerlessly before the authority of a Shura. The stronger ones managed to stay standing. However, their bodies were quickly drenched with sweat.

    "This is impossible, how can a Shura still exist within this time? What the hell are the tribulation gods doing sucking on their thumbs, and not erasing this mother fucker from existence?"

    "3!" Sin counted aloud, seeing as none of them had fucked off like he had ordered, Sin appeared before one of the gods. He slashed his hand down and cleaved through the God, destroying his soul and Godhood with pure physical strength.

    "2!" This time many of them begun having self doubt. They were gods, but they were incapable of handling the pressure of this newly created Shura who stood before them. 

    "1!" Sin stood in place this time, he had made his point clear. If they still didn't fuck off, all of them would be staying as corpses today.

    "You truly have guts that know how to reach the boundless abyss!" The woman Sin had injured previously had returned fully healed. She had her Refinement Armour equipped, and this time summoned her Refinement Weapon.

    "You have pissed me the hell off!" She roared flashing towards Sin consumed by her own wrath. She slashed down with all of her might, and ignited the ability of time and space of her Godhood.

    Time froze and the entire void locked Sin inside of a infinite-time prison. Her weapon cleaved downwards with tremendous might, then Sin yawned covering his mouth with one hand, and broke the belief of everyone present. Even within the time prison, Sin reached out and caught the tip of the blade between his thumb, index and middle finger. Sin applied pressure and shattered the Refinement Weapon into pieces, the backlash was immediate as the female Gods look instantly paled.

    Sin no longer put any of his attention on her, he looked at the rest of the crowd and then said. "0!"

    All of the Gods present were frightened, Sins aura had completely locked down the spatial, and time elements of the universe. They were unable to escape, the only way they could was by burning their Godhood transporting with a heavy price. None of them were willing to do so as recovering their Godhood would take millions of years. This left them in a crippled state, where even passing debris could injure them without the protection of their Godhood.

    The remaining alive Gods gathered together, all of them ignited their berserk states, Refinement Armour/Weapons, burned their essence blood and pooled all their power into the strongest being of their group. The man stepped forward as he voiced out his decree.

    " I, Halmaza of the Devouring Ouroboros Gods Association will take you on. With the might of us remaining Gods, I refuse to be bested by a mere half-ass Shura who is only in this state for a limited amount of time!"

    Sin looked at Halmaza before he let out a loud yawn as if he seemed bored. The power radiating off of him alone was already shattering the void from just standing in an attack stance. This greatly humiliated Halmaza and the remaining Gods, but Sin definitely had the power to backup his condescending attitude.

    Halmaza charged forward using various techniques that he knew.

    [Ouroboros Devours The Sun!]

    [Immortal Souls Remorse!]

    [Thunder Dragon Clapping The Heavens!]

    [Ouroboros Swordsmanship Fifth Form: Black Swallow!]

    [Midnight Cherry Blossom Dance!]

    Sin raised his arm and tapped his pinky finger on each of Halmazas attacks. Each full powered attack was mitigated the moment Sin jabbed out with it. After Halmazas attacks had been neutralized, Sin vanished from his position appearing in-between Halmazas stance. Sin rolled his middle finger into the middle of his thumb, then he flicked Halmaza on the forehead. 

    Halmaza was shot backwards from the impact, crashing into the remaining Gods as they all paled receiving many minor and severe wounds. Sin then appeared before all of them with his hands crossed behind his back.

    "All of you can die knowing that you did the best you could, but it was not good enough to stop me!"

    Sin raised his bare hand high into the sky. Sins image in the Gods vision became like one of the legendary mortals from the beginning of time. Sin cleaved downwards with his hand as slow as a snail, but no matter how Halmaza and the others fought back. They could not escape Sins aura that locked down the surrounding area.

    Sins bare hand cut through the protective shield of Halmaza and the others instantly.

    [Thunder Lords Descent!] 

    The resulting impact shattered the very being of time and space itself. Sin flashed away, resisting the strong suction force of the tiny black hole forming from the aftermath of his attack.

    All of the Gods had been wiped out of existence. Sins Thunder Lords Descent had severed each of their sequence structures. Their Godhood, and Souls were also severed by Sins might, if there was anything remaining it would've been sucked into the black hole. 

    Sin raised his hand and covered the black hole with his Mana, closing it forcefully until the surrounding area returned back to normal.

    Afterwards Sin had a log appear in his vision.

    [Congratulations! You have earned the title Slayer Of Gods. All Gods of the evil faction will fear you, their blood has stained your hands and serve as warning for such future foolishness. Besides, who stated mortals couldn't kill Gods? I sure as hell didn't!]

    [You have claimed the lives of over 30 gods supporting the Evil faction, and who were ruled under the Demon Lord. Your merits have been recorded by the higher beings. The Martial Hall within your being has been upgraded from the Master rank, to the Saint Rank. It has also received the unique characteristics of Primordial Chaos, and Major Destruction. All who are inside, can feel and begin to derive techniques from the higher energies.]

    After Sin had finished reading his log, he had felt the meager aura of his master in the nearby area. Sin flashed into the void at breakneck speeds locking onto his masters weak aura.

    Within 1 minute, Sin crossed over 75,000 miles. When he arrived at his destination, he saw his master in her true form. All of her dragon scales had been ripped off, golden blood was dropping from her body. Sin felt his masters life essence was completely burned up, she was as weak as a leaf and would die from a fatal attack at any given second.

    Then Sin had noticed Catherine and Obsidian, both of them were in equally as bad shape as his master. Although he didn't know who they were, he could feel the tactical synergy between the three of them. All Sin knew is they were aiding his master, and that was enough for him to act.

    Sin flashed toward the body of Adria, this time he erupted with all the power of the Shura. When he was fighting the gods earlier he felt no stress whatsoever, but from this unknown provocative and lust ridden women. Sin felt like there was a hand gripping around his throat, what was worse he could feel the deep injuries within her. This unknown woman had done this much damage, while being deathly injured.

    [Shuras Death Palm]

    A blood red palm shot out, it had engravings of long lost Ancient Beasts, and the depictions of a Immortal world on fire from the devastation of this single attack.

    The Demon Lord had reacted immediately and held her weapon sideways, the Shuras Death Palm clashed with the weapon sparks flew everywhere. Sin took this moment to flash three times, picking up Catherine, Obsidian and his master and flew away as far as he could. Within seconds of his escape, he heard the annoyed sound of the Demon Lord.

    "Aww shit that's no fun, don't tell my Solarus and the others had been killed already. FUCK! Solarus was the best at fucking compared to every other sex slave I have under me. You will pay for killing my number one sex toy boy!"

    The Demon Lord appeared behind Sin and let out a devastating attack. Sin sucked his master, Catherine and Obsidian into his Heart World as he fended off the attack. Sin was blasted backwards over 10,000 miles from a single attack of this deathly injured woman. 

    Sin spit out a mouthful of blood with chunks of organs in it. This one simple attack would have claimed his life if he hadn't defended himself in time. The Mystic Blade Empress worriedly transmitted her voice to Sin.

    "Disciple run away now! It doesn't matter how strong you are since temporarily becoming a Shura! That's the Demon Lord who had killed my father 350,000 years ago. She is also the only TRUE Immortal in this lower domain, despite her deathly injuries. Myself and the other two old fucks were nearly killed when we were fighting at tip top condition."

    Sin took his masters warning to heart as he pushed his power to the limit and escaped with all he had. The Demon Lord was in hot pursuit, Sin fought her off while defending himself the best he could. Despite activating both Implosion and Destruction, Sin was still much more weaker and incapable of fully protecting himself.

    In a mere 5 minutes, Sin had been as badly injured as he was before Solarus killed him the first time. Sin felt three waves of power gush out of him, as the Mystic Blade Empress, Catherine and Obsidian escaped broke out of his Heart World without damaging him. 

    They had just enough time to catch their breath and refuel up.

    "Yere not bad kiddo! I can feel the bloodline of Shenzi runs inside of you. I swear on me name, an' oath made to Shenzi, I will protect your life no matter what!"

    Catherine eyed Sin up and down, she was more cold hearted but she nodded in approval of Sin. She too felt the bloodline of Shenzi, the one man she had truly loved was running through Sins being. 

    "Sin, I am going to impart you all of the Mystic Sorcery I have created up to the Grand Master Rank. Let us take care of this bitch! All you have to do is support us, if all three of us die no matter what you have to do. You MUST run away, the Demon Lord has only truly feared my father when he was alive. With her knowing you have his bloodline in you, she will not stop at anything to erase your very existence!"

    The Demon Lord appeared in front of them, this time she was solely focused on Sin. "Oh hoh this is a real treat! You have Shenzi's bloodline, how did I not erase that damnable bastards bloodline out of existence for good. That mother fuckers spirit must have managed to cling onto his bullshit love for his wife, and daughter to survive in that state. No matter, you're here in front of me today and you WILL die!"

    Within moments, Sin had obtained over 1,500 new Mystic Sorcery Spells imparted to him. But just like as he was a Shura right now, they were temporary and wouldn't remain in his repertoire of abilities, that was of course until he learned them all on his own capability.

    Author's Note:

    Sorry for the delay of Monday's chapter. Since there is only 1 more chapter remaining after this one, I decided to delay the upload, and finish Volume 2 tonight with both chapters.
  • Book 2 Chapter 26: Goodbye My Precious Daughters

    Sin looked at his master, Catherine and Obsidian. Kaiser appeared in his hands, this time at the end of hilt there was a long white-blue Mystic bandage flapping in the wind caused by Sins aura. Sin had activated Mystic Unity, and then his Mystic Energy began forming a layer around his body. Sins body was covered by a thick fog of Mystic Energy, after a minute of preparation Sins figure was revealed.

    The blade of Kaiser had extended in length by 5 inches, and its thickness increased by 3 inches.  Blood red Mystic Energy infused wings were connected by a singular loop attached to Kaiser. There was a massive black and white half moon crescent blade on top of Sins shoulders, a design of a coiling dragon was empty as the surrounding universal essence flowed into it, slowly filling up the coiling dragon. Sins aura expanded as a black-red cloak hung below his crescent blade, Sins Refinement Armour had combined with this new technique he had been holding back on using. Within 30 minutes, Sins entire foundation and cultivation he had built so far was being sacrificed to supply his current state.

    Mystic Blade Empress looked at her disciple with shocked eyes. "What the fuck are you doing, you idiot! Are you trying to purposely cripple yourself!?"

    Sins eyes became devoid as his semi-emotion filled voice sounded out full of melancholy. "My fate no longer matters to me after this fight, I couldn't protect my wife. I watched helplessly in a state that crossed the boundaries of life and death, as my wife and little sister were killed before my very own Soul. I have covered all of my bases, even if I am crippled, there will be a cloned being of myself to fulfill my role as the Wolf King, and father to both of my daughters."

    Sin flashed three separate times, his palm touched the right breast of Obsidian, Catherine, and his own master. Their power was sucked out of their own body without them able to control it. It flooded into Sin multiplying his current state by several folds. 

    Sin slashed Kaiser down, the entire void had been shattered from Sins casual slash. The Demon Lord looked on with eyes full of battle lust towards Sin.

    Sin looked back with equal amounts of battle lust, if not greater than the Demon Lords. Sin shot forward and slashed out Kaiser 2,500 times in a split second. "klang klang klang kling dang" sounded out in harmony as Sin and the Demon Lord clashed with each other.

    Both acted like they were mirrored images of each other, their bodies flashed as they responded to each attack the exact same way. Their legs met in mid air forming a X, their fists smashed into each others guts, both had smashed their elbows down on each others head drawing blood. Neither of the two warriors backed away, if either showed a momentary weakness that was all it would take to kill the other.

    Their weapons blazed into two scorching infernos, the temperature became one mixed of extreme heat, and one of extreme cold. The flames clashed as so did their owners. The Demon Lord revealed a pleasant smile.

    "Three Sacred Flames on one body, that is very impressive. Not even my greatest rival had this kind of strength during his foundation period!"

    Sin combined his Sacred Flames into a single entity, with his borrowed power from his master, Catherine and Obsidian, he was able to push all three of them up to Tier 7 and reached a perfect combination between them.

    Sins aura bellowed out, his hands moved into rhythmic motions and began forming seals, symbols, sutras, diagrams and pentagrams. The Mystic Energy exploded into the surrounding, as a white-blue ancient gate formed in mid air. The gates flung open, and a primordial energy leaked out. Sin who had gained the feeling of the Universal energy after his Vermilion Bird Refinement Armour integrated with his soul, combined the two energies.

    The moment both energies touched each other, blood gushed out like a waterfall from Sins ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. Sin struggled as he was barely holding onto the massive energy of mass destruction. Sin pushed Mystic Unity beyond his capability and suffered a slight backlash from it. Sin formed the energy into a pillar, it began reshaping into the shape of a holy woman praying.

    The energy shot down in the condensed form of a lotus.

    [Grand Master Mystic Sorcery: Songs Of Arias Lotus Prayers!]

    The Demon Lords body hugged the void, unable to move. The lotus drifted forward towards her, and consumed her in a massive explosion that broke the void. Sin flashed away with his master and the others, after the vast disturbance in the void disappeared. The Demon Lord was wiping slight traces of blood from her lips. 

    "Good, very good! I haven't felt this excited for ages. Come at me with more techniques, you still have 29 minutes left, don't you dare bore me just yet!"

    The crescent blade on Sins shoulders was slowly filling in, Sin was beginning to fear that he wouldn't be able to fully fill it up before he died, or ran out of time. Flashing forward Sin began using tens of various techniques, sonic booms exploded out from the aftermath. No matter how desperately he fought, Sin was incapable of dealing any real harm to the Demon Lord.

    Fifteen minutes passed, Sins entire body was like a boiled lobster. Steam was emitting from off of his body, his power was starting to show clear signs of diminishing. The coiling dragon was only a quarter of the way filled, there was no possible way he would make it into his second form at this rate. Sin had a fluke idea, but he decided to push it to the mettle.

    While trading blows, Sin would purposely allow himself to get injured. This proved his theory was passable, as the coiling dragon had filled up much faster. After reaching a third of the way full, Sin was able to access a new technique.

    The crescent blade on his shoulders started smoking, the Shura Mystic Wings tightly hugged Kaisers blade. Sins aura exploded, and for the first time the Demon Lords eyebrows furrowed a little bit. Sin let out a breath mixed with lightning and frost.

    [Dragon Deity First Stage: Dance Of The Imperial Dragon!]

    Sin shot forward as he clashed with the Demon Lord, this time the unexpected happened giving hope to his master, Catherine and Obsidian. The Demon Lord lost the struggle of power, she was pushed backwards and had a massive cleave nearly severing her body in half.

    For the last 15 minutes, they watched powerlessly as Sin held the outcome of this fight. After desperately consuming all their pills and various treasures, they had regained to full output and rejoined Sin.

    Mystic Blade Empress stood with her back up against Sins. Her firm and confident voice eased Sins worries. "Follow my lead my disciple, we will finish this as master and disciple!"

    Mystic Blade Empress converged all of her power into a single unity shared between her and Sin. Sins mind calmed as he felt the improved effects of his Mystic Soul, and Mystic Unity stage. This shed some light how to further develop these unique states, but Sin didn't have the time to delve deeper into it.

    Master and disciple charged forward as one being, one sword. 

    [Shuras Divine Mystic Sorcery: Lightning Grand Cross!]

    The Demon Lord was blasted backwards and her body blew up into gory bits. However, she quickly regenerated and laughed maniacally. Sin and Mystic Blade Empress charged forward giving it their very all, five minutes passed and Sins coiling dragons was two thirds full. Master and disciple performed the next stage with perfect unity.

    [Dragon Deity Second Stage: Dragons Wuthering Blade Fortress!]

    When both attacks had clashed in mid center, Mystic Sorcery, Shura Energy and the Demon Lords Demonic Energy erupted into a massive column of energy. A massive tree of various glowing energies formed with Sin, Mystic Blade Empress and Demon Lord as the catalyst. Both were fighting for complete domination over the other, Sin smashed his head forward into the Demon Lords face. Their heads bashed against each other uttering a loud "Thud!"

    Sin operated his Mana quickly forming a pair of hands with a spare weapon. Sins Mana hands withdrew the spare with the speed of lightning.

    [Illusionary Sword Third Stage: Lightning Column Devastation!]

    [Four Paths Vanquishers Blade!]

    [Blood Dragons Fire Path: Midday Solar Rain!]

    [Shuras Karmic Blade Of Separation!]

    [Blood Dragons Water Path: Riveting Rain!]

    Sins Mana operated on full output, using all the techniques he could handle while splitting his attention.

    Sin and Mystic Blade Empress clashed weapons with the Demon Lord again with a combination of Thunder Lords Descent, and Impose World Rending Annihilation. 

    The coiling dragon on Sins crescent blade had finally maxed out. Sin was nearing the end of his line, and it had arrived at the perfect time.

    Sin and the Demon Lord separated from each other, the Shuras Mystic Energy wings, and the crescent blade transformed into bandages as they wrapped around the hilt of Kaiser and Sins arms.

    Sin heard the sound of all his bones snapping and breaking under the intense pressure put upon his body. But as he had entered the state of a Shura, all pain and emotions were nonexistent. 

    [Emperors Blade Transformation!] 

    Sin, Mystic Blade Empress, and their combined Soul Weapons transformed their very being into one unity. Sin stepped out of the column of light, his body was radiating the golden Qi of an Emperor. Plasma sparked across his very being, his long hair fluttered in the wind created by his Aura alone. The surrounding 75,000 miles of the void was broken from Sins single step as he arrived in front of the Demon Lord.

    [Dragon Deity Third Stage: Eternal Blade Of Impenitence!]

    When Sin and the Demon Lords weapon clashed, time had stopped across Mystic Kingdom and the entire Scion Milkyway. A massive explosion sounded out, the aftermath had destroyed various uninhabited stars, planets, and galaxies within Scion Milkyway.

    Sins form unleashed its full power in his final strike. The backlash from the overwhelming strike had sent Sin flying backwards. He forcefully defused with Mystic Blade Empress and her Soul Weapon. Sins body flew backwards at insane speeds without control. Sin blasted through the void, and smashed into the back mountain of the Wolf God Clan.

    Alannah and Samara who had just arrived at the Wolf God Clan, due to the thanks of the King of capital city, saw their papa being blasted backwards into the mountain. A massive "BOOM" blasted out deafening everyone within the Wolf God Clan.

    "PAPA!!!!!" Both girls screamed as they charged towards Sins direction. Moments after that, a suffocating Demonic Aura exploded as the Demon Lord appeared in the sky above the Wolf God Clan.

    Sin shot through the rubble, his entire body was in worse shape compared to the time he died at Solarus hands. Sin appeared in front of the Wolf God Clan as he bellowed out to his entire clan. He sent out the seed of his now Saint Rank Martial Hall, it sprouted within moments.

    "No matter what all of you are doing, you must enter the Martial Hall immediately! If you don't I will not be able to protect your lives!" 

    Sin then sent his request to Mystic Blade Empress who arrived seconds later in hand with Obsidian and Catherine.

    "Please go and gather the members of the Phoenix Heart Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan and bring them here. No matter what the price is, cover Phoenix Cry City, and the Vermilion Bird Clans compounds and send it into your own personal world. Whatever I have left behind here will be used to pay my debt!"

    Catherine and Obsidian both received a map from Sin as they shot out into two separate directions. 

    The Demon Lord was growing tired of waiting, she rose her hand up into the air and condensed all of her Demon Aura into a massive ball of destructive energy. The universal energy and surrounding Mana of the entire Scion Milkyway rushed into it, quickly expanding to the size of the entirety of Desolate Kingdom.

    "Master please do your best and protect the foundation of the Wolf God Clan! I will not lose to this stupid fucking bitch!"

    Sin shot forward, he ignited the remaining energy within his body for one last decisive move.

    Mystic Blade Empress did as she was told, then she felt a deep connection from somewhere in the Wolf God Clan calling her. This was the bloodline of Shenzi, her father and also the ancestor of the Wolf God Clan. Locking onto where the calling came from, Mystic Blade Empress flashed away and retrieved a broken Sword Fragment. She couldn't explain why there was such indestructible power radiating from this broken Sword fragment. But it would truly prove as a last fatal attack used against the Demon Lord.

    Catherine and Obsidian had returned moments later. They showed clear signs of exhaustion and fainted the moment they arrived, Sin sent them and everyone present into the Saint Rank Martial Hall without explanation.

    The Demon Lord waved her hand downwards as the ball of destructive Demon Aura shot downwards. 

    Sins aura erupted one last time, he didn't know where he had gained this sudden surge of immortal like power. But he charged forward right into the Demon Aura Ball. Sin spread his arms out in a protective stance above the Wolf God Clan.

    Sin burned every ounce of strength from his genes, bloodline, essence blood, and activated Implosion and Destruction.

    "I WILL NOT FAIL TO PROTECT THE LIVES OF MY DAUGHTERS!" Sin bellowed like an Immortal God who just descended with overwhelming Aura to the lower domains.

    The ball of Demon Aura smashed down heavily onto Sins body, Sins Aura blasted out pushing it back with the might of his existence. The lives of millions relying on him, revenge for Merala, and most important of all, to protect his daughters!

    Tens of minutes passed in the blink of an eye, Alannah who was created from Sins and Meralas bloodline felt the weak and nearly given up Sin. 

    Even with all of his might, and the will to protect those millions of lives, Sin was at his breaking point and could hold on no longer.

    Defying all the odds, Alannah snuck away with Samara under the watchful eyes of Mystic Blade Empresses Mana.

    Alannah and Samara came to the gate below, they watched as their papa was like an immortal giant hugging the ball of Demonic Aura. 

    Alannah and Samaras voice broke through the collision of Sin and the destructive ball.

    "PAPA!!!! We already lost mom, we cant lose you too!" 

    The voice reached Sin, although being a Shura, the reminder of Meralas death pained him. Sin fell into despair, as a Shura it was IMPOSSIBLE to feel emotions. But he, a incomplete Shura felt deep sadness and unwillingness to live on anymore.

    This had spurred a sudden reaction from his Blood Dragon Sword Methods. For the longest time, Sin was stuck outside of the conquerors path, unable to truly combine all 6 paths together.

    This time Sins Sword Qi exploded out like a nuclear bomb. Kaiser flew out of its sheathe with eyes full of excitement. Kaiser hovered behind Sin and communicated.

    "Father, let us cut this ball of bullshit in half!"

    The previous Emperor Aura that radiated out from Sins Emperor Blade Transformation, roared out of Sins being as he fully stepped through the Conquerors stage of his Sword Methods at this last and final moment.

    [Blood Dragons Path Of Conquerors: Six Paths Of Purgatory!] 

    A crescent beam of Sword Qi sliced the ball of Demonic Aura in half, Sin slashed out again as his Mana and Emperor Aura condensed around the two halves and suppressed it.

    Sin flashed towards the Demon Lord, his Emperor Aura and Conqueror Aura combined for one final strike.

    [Blood Dragons Conqueror Paths: Solitary Blade Ninth Moon!]

    The Sword Qi overwhelmed the Demon Lord, it reminded her of the inevitable demise from her peak, when fighting Shenzi 350,000 years ago. The Demon Lord flew into insanity, she had felt the threat of death from this slash, just as Shenzi had done to her.

    The Demon Lord was cut in half, a magnificent moon had appeared for the first and last time in the history of Desolate Kingdom.

    The void was slashed through entirely, Sin had unknowingly severed the spatial boundaries of Desolate Kingdom with this final attack.

    Sins body was falling out of the sky, and plummeting into the massive void below him. Sin fought against his own conscious will and body shutting itself down. He looked lovingly, and longingly at both Alannah and Samara one last time.

    Sin was able to fight off the weak feeling, he threw out everything he had on him, including his Dimensional Bag which contained all his remaining goodies from the Merit Point Shop.

    Sin in the last moment before falling unconscious, reached out his hands in Alannahs and Samaras direction. Sins weak voice full of guilt and pain sounded out.

    "Goodbye my precious daughters. I'm sorry I couldn't protect your mother and big sister."

    Sins emotional agony from Jasmines and Meralas deaths, the backlash of exiting the Shura state, and all the pain and injuries he gathered knocked him unconscious. 

    The severe state of his own emotions, forced Sins Soul into a state of hibernation. It was unknown if one day, Sins soul would ever heal itself from the pain of losing the woman who healed his broken heart, and little sister he once again failed to protect. Sin could forever remain a vegetable, floating in the space of his own self wallowing for all of eternity.

    Mystic Blade Empress watched on powerlessly as she watched her treasured disciple fall into the void unconsciously.

    She roared out with a fury that was no less greater than she felt when her Father was killed by the Demon Lord.

    "First it was my father, and now it is my treasured disciple!"

    The Mystic Blade Empress went berserk as she appeared with the broken Immortal Sword Fragment. Her aura fluctuated as she forced her tier up one rank and used God Rank Mystic Sorcery, activating the Immortal Sword Fragment.

    [Mystic Sorcery God Rank: Reaper Of The Soul Realm!]

    The Immortal Sword Fragment hued in Mystic Energy, its long since broken spirit had appeared, it looked at Mystic Blade Empress hard and long before it accepted her. All restraint she felt on the Immortal Sword Fragment against her disappeared. Knowledge flooded into her mind, then she used one last technique before falling unconscious from multiple overdrafts.

    [Immortal Destroyer Wolf First Stage: Dance Of The Rampaging Alpha!]

    The Demon Lord had received both of Mystic Blade Empresses rage filled strikes, she had finally shown signs of no longer regenerating. She stared on wrathfully at Alannah and Samara, if it weren't for these two brats. Sin would have died, and she wouldn't be injured from his last full powered slash.

    The Demon Lord weakly declared in fury from her injuries and setbacks. 

    "HUMPH! This doesn't change the end game, all of you have managed to buy the Human race, and other races another 40 years of peace before I enslave every race that's not a Demon. You now have 50 years to bring another sapling to the light, with as much potential as Sin had to fight me, and finally put an end to the ongoing grudge between the Humans and Demons."

    Author's Note:

    Thank you to present and feature readers who read my book, give me power stones, and comment on my chapters. This is the finale of Volume 2. I hope you all enjoyed the read, despite my lack of writing experience.    (Please bear with me, I swear if I was semi-rich i'd be taking writing lessons.)

    Now I am sure all of you can tell from the earlier and recent chapters, I heavily favour girls. Well truth be told, my ex girlfriend around this time 1 year ago was pregnant. She made it fairly far, we had known the gender was a girl. And my only real ambition in life is to be a father. We lost our daughter, and likewise we picked her name out already, Alannah. Losing our little girl destroyed us emotionally. So you can expect throughout the rest of this book, Sins daughters will play a very massive and important role.

    Thank you all again for any and all of your support. It means a lot to me, and hopefully all of my readers stay safe out there, and spend all the time they can with their families in any way it may be.

    (I will also be taking a break for a period of time to further plan out book 3.)
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    Volume 3 Chapter 1: Four Months

    In the blink of an eye, four months had passed since Sin killed 30 Evil Faction Gods, and also had a huge part in pushing back the already deathly injured Demon Lord. Mystic Blade Empress, Catherine, and Obsidian had fully healed their wounds within this time. Just like Sin had once said. "Whatever I leave behind will pay off my debts." The three of them were truly shocked, Sin left behind a Saint Rank Martial Hall, which was even beneficial to them at their current near transcendent power. That was how they recovered so fast.

    At this point of time, Alannah and Samara who were originally two bright balls of sunshine. Had long since become dampened, their appetites were gone, they hadn't eaten for four days straight. Their bellies were rumbling, but they couldn't forget about their mother or papa, those two loving people who gave them the world, the best food, unconditional love and played with them. Alannah and Samara had become inseparable from each other, no matter how anybody tried. The only outcome was the wrath of two little devil queens.

    During this period of time, the Soulless Body Formation had completed four days after Sin was unconsciously sucked into the void. Alannah and Samara who were both connected to Sins bloodline felt the sudden surge, their lifeless eyes showed hope, longing, and deep sadness at the same time. The Soulless Body Formation blasted out of Alannahs God World within her body. It hovered in front of both Samara and Alannah, it exuded the Mystic Energy they had long since become used to. However, there was a slight difference, the personality was colder, darker, and emotionless, but they still felt the same fatherly love from Sin as they are from this new aura.

    Midnight Reaper had been given a physical body, he had the exact same features of Sin, voice, eyes, hair, strength, class, profession, stats, but he was only level 1. Despite this, all of his abilities were the exact same replica of Sins, he even had the exact same three Sacred Flames of Sin, which were soul-bonded to Sins very soul. This would make sense, since Midnight Reaper was a being created from Sins soul.

    Alannah and Samara looked on with wide eyes, they began sobbing as their loud exclaim had shocked the Wolf God Clan into an extreme state of euphoric relief.


    Moments later, Lan bursted through the doors like the kool-aid man. Days prior, he watched his cherished master make the ultimate sacrifice. 

    All the elders of the Wolf God Clan and Zenith flashed into Alannahs and Samaras compound. The injured Mystic Blade Empress, Catherine and Obsidian temporarily stopped their recovery process due to their curiosity and extreme shock.

    All the major heads of the Wolf God Clan, Phoenix Heart Clan, and Vermilion Bird Clan rushed in shortly after. The three clans had become one big unity, they were allies since time immemorial of Shenzi's time. They had become further closer with each other, practically becoming one big family with the same goals and thoughts, instead of separated allies but were working together because of similar interests.





    "Wolf King!"

    Everyone looked on in pure and utter glee. Their presumed to be dead Wolf King, papa, master, and disciple was now standing right in front of them. However, they quickly came to realize after their extreme excitement, Sins aura had slight differentials compared to the original Sin they were so accustomed to.

    Midnight Reaper raised his hands, and bursted out with the newly combined Emperor Aura, and Blood Dragons Conqueror Aura Sin had created last minute before disappearing into the void.

    "All the elders of the Wolf God Clan, Vermilion Bird, and Phoenix Heart Clan. I would kindly ask all of you to listen to what I have to say very carefully. Master, Obsidian and Catherine, I am aware the three of you can sense the differences in my aura. I will further explain this point. That however, must be done when everyone is in a calm emotional state, and will believe their Wolf King's words!"

    Mystic Blade Empress, Catherine and Obsidian were the first ones to catch the meaning in-between Midnight Reapers words. Everyone took the time as their Wolf King had said they should.

    During this period of time, Midnight Reaper came in front of Kirala. He looked deeply into her eyes, Kirala couldn't explain it. But she saw such a horrendous soul devouring pain within Midnight Reapers eyes. It was indescribable, but it was similar to what she has been feeling since powerlessly watching Merala die.

    Midnight Reaper got down onto both knees, kowtowing for 5 minutes straight. After his body was covered in his own blood from head to toe. Midnight Reaper apologized with a voice full of pain.

    "Kirala, I am sorry I wasn't able to protect Merala. If you so please to kill me after I get the Wolf God Clan on the right tracks, and our three clans truly become one single unity, you may. However, now is not the time as we have much to do starting today."

    Midnight Reaper stood up, then he revealed his real looks he had occupied after he was created from Sins despair and pain back on earth.

    "This is my real look. While I have the exact same aura, class, profession, personality, abilities, stats, and emotions as Sin. On a fundamental level I am not Sin. But that doesn't mean, I will run off. I was at one point and time a second personality created by Sins deep despair and pain. However, after we were transported from Earth to this world known as Desolate Kingdom, I was turned into a Soul that was shared with Sins. As you see me now, Sin had used his Merit Points to buy that Soulless Body Formation that I just came out of."

    Everyone had looks of deep shock, this man standing before him was their Wolf King, but he also wasn't at the same time. Lan looked on with indescribable feelings to describe, but if there was one thing he was certain of. This man standing before him was still his Master, despite the new change to his aura.

    Mystic Blade Empress stared at Midnight Reaper with deeper clarity, she could feel the Mystic Blade Disciple Seed in Midnight Reaper, the exact same she transplanted into Sins body. This man was her disciple who happened to be a separate personality, then became a portion of the soul with her real disciple who was now long gone.

    "I cannot assure you all, or get rid of all your disbelief within moments from a simple explanation. I however, will use my actions to prove to you all. I can tell you this now though, as I am a part of Sins soul, he is in a current state of 'hibernation.' The pain, and despair he felt from losing Merala and Jasmine was a shock to OUR very soul. His part went into a similar state of being a vegetable as a defense mechanism."

    "Myself and Sin are very close brothers, you all can call me Midnight Reaper. Back on earth, me and Sin were the number one assassin, and then we became the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team Leader. We danced with our lives on the line, but we always made it out alive. We were able to swap positions, when one was severely injured, the other would take over until we eventually got out of every hopeless situation alive."

    "The point that I am trying to make is, I will not let my good brothers clan and allies fall apart. Nor am I any different from him, when his part of our Soul wakes up, we will be able to switch places with each other just like we did back on Earth. Meaning Sin will still be able to rule as Wolf King from my body, even when he's not here in his own physical body."

    Midnight Reaper then looked at Alannah and Samara. He ruffled both of their hairs affectionately. "And you my little princesses, you better start eating and taking care of yourselves. You wouldn't want your papa to see you in such a sad state would you?"

    The two girls quickly felt the same love from Midnight Reaper, as they do from Sin. Both of them walked over and sat on both sides of Midnight Reaper.

    "Yes uncle Midnight Reaper, papa would not want to see us like this." Both girls said in unison.

    "Very good, I know that I am not a complete exchange for your papa. But to me, you're my most precious nieces who hold the highest spot in my heart. I hope that you will forgive your uncle for not being able to do more to protect Sin and Merala."

    Midnight Reaper issued out his series of orders left behind in his Soul from Sin. Before the elders of each clan were about to leave. Midnight Reapers voice sounded out.

    "Before I forget to mention, all of what everyone present has heard is meant ONLY for the ears of those present here today. To all the members of the Wolf God Clan, Vermilion Bird Clan and Phoenix Heart Clan. I am the exact same Sin as I was during the time we helped Phoenix Heart Clan, and the time I came back to solidify the Wolf God Clan. I am also the same person who shared residence with the Vermilion Bird Clan in the capital city.

    The entire Wolf God Clan, Vermilion Bird and Phoenix Heart Clan began their process of integrating with each other. Obsidian and Catherine had left, while Kirala, Mystic Blade Empress, Alannah, Samara and Lan stayed behind.

    They all shared their thoughts, emotions, plans for unity and development, they began becoming accustomed to Midnight Reaper. Just like he had said, he truly was the exact same as Sin despite the odd differences in-between each other.


    Four months had passed since Sins soul entered into hibernation. His lifeless body drifted in the void, finally at the end there was a spurt of light. A sudden suction force sucked Sins body into it, Sins body shot down through the sky of a new world altogether. Sins body smashed through the sea, his body created a giant splash of water.

    All the sea creatures that came to hungrily eat Sin, were instead devoured by a foreign power in his body. Sin floated on the sea for hours, eventually big armoured boats passed by. There was a woman on deck who was bored out of her mind, she was in a bikini suit while hanging over the ledge looking down at the vast sea. 

    Then her eyes caught sight of the unconscious Sin, his body was ripped open, had massive holes, he was fully naked and severely injured. When she got a look at Sins face, her eyes widened as she couldn't help but loudly exclaim.

    "Grand Warrior Sin of the Desolate Kingdom!"

    The other crew heard her loud exclamation, they soon bellowed out loudly in good manners.

    "Oy captain, we all know how obsessed you are with Grand Warrior Sin after seeing his mighty display, and the ultimate sacrifice to save his clan and daughters. But this is the boundless sea, and that Grand Warrior Sin is from a completely different galaxy compared to ours. How could he possibly be floating along the sea?"

    The captain huffed in extreme heated anger. She flashed away and smashed her fists down on top of all her crewmates heads, then she picked them all up and brought them to the side of the boat. She pointed down and loudly declared.

    "If that's not Grand Warrior Sins sexy naked injured body? Then who the fuck is it!?"

    All the men, and other women crewmates looked down with shock.

    The women looked on with hungry looks, after seeing Sins manhood they were lost in fantasies. Although they were at sea, it was also a long dry spell at sea.

    "Oy what the fuck kind of slap in the face is this?" The men raged about as their eyes nearly shot out their sockets.

    "Haul him on bored you fucking lazy buffoons!" The female captain bellowed.

    With her words said, the men were far too slow as the women were already diving in. Fighting over each other to have the honour of taking Sins body on board. After Sin was brought on board, he was sent to the captain's room.

    The captain returned to her natural appearance, she was a natural born fairy, had high proficiency with magic as well as being a Saint Rank Priest. She wrapped Sins body up with medical bandages, and began pushing extreme amounts of condensed pure nature Qi into his body.

    When she did so, she felt boundless hunger and an unknown energy keeping his bodily functions alive. When she interjected her Mana into Sins body, she found the root of the cause why Sin was still unconscious, despite this mysterious power keeping his organs functioning.

    Sins soul was in a deep slumber, when her Mana entered into his Soul Space. She saw all the events even more clear than on the screen in the sky. She saw the events of Sin in his Heart World desperately fighting his own death. Sin powerlessly watched on as all the members of the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team died.

    Alannah, his daughter, crawled to him with severe injuries. She cried, kowtowed and apologized to Sins corpse for not revealing her power sooner. Jasmine, Sins sister, had saved Alannahs life and pleaded with her to bring her papas body to safety. 

    Merala appeared as she was injured from head to toe, drenched in her own blood and barely alive. She fought off Solarus with all her remaining strength, buying Alannah enough time to save Sins corpse.

    When Alannah and Samara had finally arrived at 'safety' Merala smashed through into a nearby palace as Solarus appeared. Alannah and Samara chased after their mom into it, Merala sent them out of the palace as she ignited her cultivation aiming to blow up Solarus with the aftermath. She succeeded, but Solarus remained uninjured. Solarus cleaved Merala in half, blood splashed all over her daughters and Sins body. Then the rest of the events she saw became blocked, as the extreme sadness, depression, despair, self hatred, powerless feelings almost consumed her for sneaking a peek inside Sins soul.

    Unknowingly tears had surfaced to her eyes, her hand affectionately touched Sins face as she muttered underneath her breath.

    "You poor man with such a good heart. You lost all your loved ones, and even had to suffer the torture of watching on helplessly as you became a monster."

    The sleeping soul within Sin had shown slight signs of waking up. Sins soul felt the familiarity of the Nature Qi being injected into his body, making it temporarily wake up. Sins eyes fluttered a couple of times as before slowly waking up, but when Sin temporarily came back to his senses he saw nothing. Sin was now permanently blind.

    Sins arm raised up but he felt nothing at all. Then after the captain purposely moved forward, Sins hand touched her smooth and soft face. Tears began falling out of his eyes as he weakly asked.

    "Merala..... is that you my precious wife?"

    The fairy captain was shocked out of her wits, she looked at Sins white eyes and realized he couldn't actually see her. She placed her hand over his, as she used the most caring and affectionate voice she could muster.

    "Yes my husband, Merala is right here with you."

    Sins lips and entire body began to quiver, his broken hearted and weak voice sounded out again.

    "Thank god, I managed to protect you and our beautiful little girls."

    Sins hand dropped as the pain in his body racked his very being. Sin became unconscious again however, this time it was different. Sin was unconscious with a 'alive' soul. Given his current state of injuries, it would take Sin two additional months of time to fully recover.


    Back in the Wolf God Clan, Alannah and Samara felt the sleeping portion of Sins soul wake up before the connection went dead. However, the most important of all was, they could communicate with the connection through their bloodline. Unlike before where there was no connection whatsoever.

    Mystic Reaper sounded his voice out confirming their very thoughts.

    "Sins portion of our soul has finally woken up. It has been a long 4 months, soon you will be able to communicate with your papa."

    The girls quickly hugged each other as they jumped in joy. This was the first time Midnight Reaper had seen his nieces so happy in the last four months. Midnight Reaper genuinely smiled as he asked himself inside.

    "Brother, is this what you meant by when you said, one day when I have a physical body of my own, and capable of feeling emotions? Now I know the full pain you felt when you loved Sabrina so much, but could never get it back. These precious nieces of mine, I love them like they were my own daughters, I would give up my very life for them without complaint to protect them. Truly being a real 'human' and having emotions is a troublesome thing, but even more than that it is a blessing!"

    Mystic Blade Empress had a look of relief on her face. Her voice was only heard by herself.

    "Thank god my disciple you're really alive! Master wasn't strong enough to protect you, I don't know where you are. But wherever you go, I know you will surely create many miracles and become undefeated!"

    Mystic Blade Empress left the Scion Milkyway without hesitation, beginning her trip for extensive training. The deep guilt she felt, watching her disciple ignite his cultivation before her eyes left a deep shadow within her heart. As a master, Mystic Blade Empress felt she was still lacking. She would never let herself feel this inadequate as a master ever again!

    Author's Note:

    Thank you to my readers for patiently waiting. Here are 2 chapters to start Volume 3 with. The following updates will remain the same on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Volume 3 Chapter 2: Killing Black Rock Organization Members

    The Fairy captain had spent the next two months healing Sins various injuries non stop. After the first three days, she quickly drained her energy supply. However, she was not willing to give in. Pushing on and doing her job as a Priest, Sins external and internal injuries was healed and brought him back from his near death state. All that was left was for his soul to completely wake up.

    Occasionally during the time the Fairy captain was healing Sins injuries, he would occasionally wake up for a short amount of time. Kaiser the spirit of Sins Soul Weapon eventually showed itself. It looked down at Sin with eyes full of worry, and transmitted all of its thoughts to Sins mind.

    "Father, you have to wake up! We are in a new world, and your external injuries have been fully healed by Merala. There is no more time to be lost, self hating and blaming yourself, the both of us have to move on together!"

    Another ten days passed, the crew had come back from their voyage to one of the nearby continents of this world. During their travels, they had come under attack from various pirates many times. They successfully killed all their enemies, and plundered their plunderers ships, loot, food, and water.

    After returning back to land, the Fairy captain returned to her human form, she stretched out her curvaceous body and let out a satisfied sigh of relief.

    "Crew mates! We are finally back on land, it feels fucking terrific. After we unload ourselves from our haul, all of you will get your benefits early this year. We have gotten an incredible bounty of loot, and an unknown blessing at sea. This will be our last expedition for quite some time, if you all burn through your benefits early. You all know my origins, you may come and receive aid from me personally."

    All of the crew cheered, they were given vacation time, and guaranteed coverage for their lack of work for a prolonged period. All of them shouted out in joy.

    "Thank you captain!"

    The work efficiency quadrupled, what would have taken them 2 full hours had been done in 30 minutes. The Fairy Captain handed out an equal amount to everyone.

    "This here includes 6 months of payment, and enough for you to blow through some extras on the side. I would like to see you all again in another 8-10 months from now, if nothing disastrous happens. Take care of yourselves while you're out there, things have been becoming unsettling as of late."

    "Yes captain!" The crew replied, while they all went off to do their own things. A few women had stayed behind, the captain eyed them and then she asked.

    "Was the compensation I gave out not good enough?"

    The women shook their heads. "It's not that captain, the compensation is more than enough. We would like to personally become hired mercenaries for the Fairies."

    The captain eyed them. "You do realize, us Fairies are not a single united group like we used to be. If it wasn't for the wealth I have kept on bringing back, our entire race would have scattered and separated into separate branches."

    The women nodded their heads firmly. "We are well aware, but we would like to follow you and receive guidance from Grand Warrior Sins Sword techniques."

    The captain had a knowing smile on her face. "Well it can't hurt to say so, but Grand Warrior Sin is now a blind man. His eyesight is completely gone, I doubt you will receive real guidance anytime soon."

    The women still had their same firm look on their faces. "It does not matter, Grand Warrior Sin is a man who would die for his loved ones, and become a cruel demon to his enemies. You have also shown us plenty of appreciation and help over the years. We would like to return it in a meaningful way."

    The captain nodded her head and said. "Alright that's good enough then, when we return to the Fairy clan, I will have to blindfold all of you. You will have to listen to my instructions clearly if you want to bypass our formations."

    "Lead the way captain!" The women replied.

    The captain lifted Sins unconscious body to hang off her shoulder, beginning her journey back to the Fairy clan, along the way they had killed many bandits and mutant beasts. The women following the captain were given all of the nuclei of the mutant beasts. The nucleus would help their foundation, just as it would give them permanent bonus stats. However, these nuclei were only of the Beginner Rank. Their bodies would quickly develop immunity to them, which they would then need Initiate rank or higher nuclei for more stats.

    After 20 days they were nearing a quarter of the way to the Fairy clan. That night, they were all sitting around a fire with a mutant beast spit cooking. All of them were in their own thoughts, until a voice sounded out shocking them all.

    "The mutant beast you're spit cooking lacks salt, pepper, and other spices to add more flavour and tenderness to the meat."

    Sin was sitting upright from the mat placed below his body. Sin attempted to get up, but he stumbled as being blind was truly a fucking pain in the ass. Despite his honed senses which put many people behind, it would take them a long time to get used to functioning without sight. 

    "You've only recovered from your injuries, you should rest more." The voice of the captain sounded out while she approached Sins side and sat down beside him.

    Sin looked at the direction of her voice before he said. "Thank you for waking my injured soul, I am sorry you have gone through such great lengths."

    The captain showed surprise, but then she caught the meaning behind his words.

    "It was my pleasure to do so Grand Warrior Sin. I am sorry I impersonated myself as your wife Merala, it was all I could think of that would give you a chance of being 'alive' again."

    This time Sin was shocked as he asked. "You know me?"

    The captain and women smiled together as they said in perfect unison.

    "Who doesn't know you? After your display of might, sadness, rage, and killing spree. You're the talk of our entire world! You can't enter any tavern without hearing the story of Grand Warrior Sin. Not to mention, you made us a top 100 race again."

    Sin nodded his head. "So that's what those screens were for."

    The women couldn't help it, their dream man was right in front of their eyes. They asked something which made Sin go silent for many minutes.

    "Your wife Merala, is she the only one in your heart?"

    The silence lasted until Sins voice broke the awkward atmosphere. "Merala is the only one in my heart, I will not be chasing other women or looking for their attention."

    Sins alertness was triggered, from over 20 kilometres away he could hear the snapping of tree branches, and the crumpling sound of leaves underneath boots. He quickly warned the camp.

    "Get on your guard, we have some unexpected visitors."

    Sins cultivation was gone, but his stats, combat experience, techniques, and refined senses were not. Sin forced his body up, he took out a spare Sword from his inventory, using it as a walking stick. The tremors in the ground, vibrated off the hilt and gave Sin the enemies location.

    Sin flashed away, despite tripping and falling over himself many times. Sins hands felt around, feeling the bark of a tree, he noiselessly scaled up it. With his cultivation destroyed, Sin could no longer use his Mana like he had become so accustomed to doing. However, that didn't stop him. Sin at one point didn't have Mana, and now he had returned to that point. 

    Sins ears twitched, the sound of hushed whispers flew into his ears.

    "Are you sure we should kill her? She is the cherished daughter of the Fairy Queen. If we kill her, their entire race will split up."

    "Shut up and just do your job! The princesses sister Rheanon has already sided with the Black Rock Organization. Her ultimate goal is to split the Fairy Clan apart so she can rule them, and sell off her sisters and mothers bloodline as slaves!"

    Sin took out a piece of paper and wrote down all that he had heard, after that he began feeling for his combat boots. When his hand didn't feel any throwing knives, a slight curse escaped his mouth alerting the enemies.

    "Who's there!? Show yourself!"

    Sin muttered in his mind. "Goddamn it Sin, get your shit together!"

    Sin used his capabilities of judgement he honed in the Mystic Blade World to the max. Putting the spare sword in his mouth Sin bit down on the hilt. Noiselessly diving downwards from the branches above, Sin split the man who just barked out from head to toe. After that he smashed both halves of the body with open palms, they shot out and flew into two other enemies.

    Sin heard the unsheathing of swords, feeling the vibrations in the air. Sin swiped Kaiser upwards, deflecting an incoming attack. Sin got into position and used Blood Dragons Interweaving Night. The attacking enemy's head was sent flying through the air.

    "You dare ambush the Black Rock Organization!"

    Sin smiled ruthlessly. "There is nothing in this world that I don't dare to do! I tore apart thirty Gods, I slaughtered millions in one single night. You all are nothing but added bodies to the number count!"

    Sin walked forward with Kaiser scraping against the ground. His newly acquired Emperor and Blood Dragons Conquerors Aura surged out of his body. All the swords, sabers and katanas trembled as they flew out of their owners hands.

    The weapons hovered in formation behind their respective owner, each blade tip aimed at their neck.

    "Now all of you are going to walk to your right for ten kilometres, take a left turn in five kilometres, and walk straight the rest of the way. You are going to come across a group of women around a cooking mutant beast. You are going to explain yourselves to them, and if you don't here is your example!"

    Sin snapped his finger and two heads flew through the air.

    "Do as you're told, unless you want me to personally storm this so-called Black Rock Organization and cut the roots!"

    The men quivered in their boots, they did as they were told. After following Sins explicit instructions, they appeared in front of a group of women and the Fairy Captain. They eyed on, as the target they were supposed to kill was right before their eyes.

    Sin appeared 10 steps behind the Black Rock Organization members, his killing intent became active making them all kneel onto the ground.

    "Now repeat your intentions before everyone here, your fates will be decided by these women afterwards." Sin barked

    The man did as they were told.

    "We the Black Rock Organization were hired by your Royal Highness's sister Rheanon. Her goal is to kill you, and create a massacre in the Fairy Clan. She would sell you, and your mothers bloodline and loyal followers into slavery. While she would reign supreme of the Fairy Clan, aligned to our Black Rock Organization."

    The Fairy Captains brows knit together tightly. "What goes around comes around, all of you can go to hell!"

    Before they had the slightest chance to plead for their lives, the blades descended sending their heads rolling.

    Sin took out a pouch from his inventory and quickly put the heads inside. After tossing the bag over to the Fairy Captain he said.

    "Use these to confront the Fairy Matriarch with evidence. I have also written down all that they have had to say. I will not allow any harm to befall you or the Matriarch, you have shown me unfathomable amounts of kindness. It is now my turn to return it."

    Sin then walked over to the mutant beast that was being spit cooked. He applied salt, black pepper, tarragon, sweet paprika, and onion powder. Soon the enriched aroma wafted out, all the womens  stomachs rumbled. 

    The Fairy Captain came to Sins side, she took each jar of the spices and took a whiff. She was shocked then asked in surprise.

    "How do you mix these spices together so well?"

    Sin smiled. "Wait a little bit longer and you will find out, while the spices won't have a long enough time to cook into the meat. It will be better than what was originally going to be eaten."

    "Your a chef?" The other woman exclaimed, Sin just seemed to be getting better and better in their eyes by each passing second.

    The Fairy Captain finally introduced herself. "I am Alaris, sorry it took so long for me to introduce myself. It's an honour to be within your presence, I know that your cultivation is crippled, but you are truly still a monstrous existence. I fear with your combat sense and various abilities, it would be hard to find someone capable of matching you within your level range."

    Sin had a downcast look. "Your right, but the moment someone out of my level range appears I become unable to cope. That is how I lost my wife, and that is something I will NEVER forgive myself for! There are no excuses for one's own weakness, I haven't put in nearly enough work to make myself stronger."

    Alaris felt the strong resolution and sadness within Sins words. It made her heart break more, as a Fairy and especially someone who had the Ancestor Fairy's bloodline in her, Alaris was able to easily connect with others emotions. The sadness she felt from Sin the first time nearly consumed her. Alaris had felt many people's emotions, but none were as pure compared to Sins.

    After another 15 minutes, the mutant beast was finally done cooking. Sin took out plates and cutlery from his inventory before cutting chunks of meat off, Sin handed out the plates to Alaris and the others. After stumbling over many times, Sin had come to a nearby tree. After climbing up the tree, Sins eyes shut as he felt the chilly night wind, his emotions and memories began running on their own.

    Not long ago he, Jasmine and Alannah had just watched the stars while enjoying hearty snacks together. 

    Unknowingly, Alaris had arrived underneath the tree. She sat with her back up against it as she rested her eyes. Various thoughts ran through her mind.

    "Mother, are these feelings what it's like to love someone else? Is this what it feels like when you can't help the one you love, this pain, sadness and helplessness?" 

    Alaris stared up at the stars as she imagined herself in Sins loving and caring embrace. 

    "Even if you don't love me, my heart belongs to you. No other man will taint me."

    As the other women finished eating their meal, they looked over to the tree and saw the sight. They couldn't help but talk amongst themselves.

    "The captain truly fell head over heel for that Grand Warrior Sin didn't she?"

    Another woman answered back. "Yes she has, but everyone in our world saw what Sin had become after his wife died protecting his corpse and their daughters. Not to mention there's a fog of restless emotions surrounding him. That poor man, I wonder how it must feel to go through all of those events."

    The remaining women began chiming in as well. "Don't forget when Sin had ignited his cultivation to fight head on with the Demon Lord. He looked as if a Sword Immortal had descended from the higher domains. Then when he had combined with his Master and her Soul Weapon with his own. There will not be another fight that could make someone's blood boil in excitement like that for a long time."
  • Volume 3 Chapter 3: Returning To The Fairy Clan

    Two more months of time passed in the blink of an eye. During their journey, Sin, Alaris and the various women killed hundreds of more members of the Black Rock Organization. After the number tally had hit 250, the organization seemed to smarten up. Or Rheanon had taken the hint, killing her younger sister with borrowed hands was impossible.

    Sin had collected all the heads of the attackers and their personal items. Sin had come across various detailed reports, with Rheanons involvement in the Black Rock Organization. Of course, all of these were now in Alaris' possession. During this time, Sin had also taken the effort to practice his Sword techniques.

    While Sin could no longer 'see' the disparities and faults in his own movements. Sin was now able to feel them on a higher level than he could previously. They say being blind is a curse, but it's not only until you become blind that you 'see' things with clearer clarity. 

    Sin had touched upon something he was missing all this time. After losing his eyesight, Sin felt like he was no longer trapped in the box that was trapping himself within. After long since mastering the base techniques in Blood Dragon Sword Methods, the next step was combining your mastery of techniques back into their 'dull' and base forms. Fancy moves were cool and all, but what good would they do if you couldn't kill your enemies with them? 

    Sin had finally been able to begin the process, and during so Sins Sword Qi had become much more active. A thin layer of sword lights surrounded Sin's body like a defensive outer layer of armour. While he was honing himself killing numerous mutant beasts, his sword light layer was becoming more condensed and stronger. Soon it was easily able to cut through tough mutant beast hides just from being active.

    Sin decided he was going to call it Withering Sword Dance. After the two months period, the sword light had condensed into smaller particles of sword lights. Sin was now able to control these sword particles, they were able to attack, defend, act as a radar, and they were the perfect assassins tools without getting your hands dirty.

    Sin, Alaris and company had reached the boundary of the Fairy Clan. The sun was still high in the air, but it was slowly descending. From here Alaris took out blind folds for all the women. She didn't hand one out to Sin though for the obvious reasons. Sin took this time to speak up to settle the friction he felt forming.

    "You forgot about me Alaris, while I may be blind I can still sense everything within my surroundings clearly. Are you sure you want me to learn the method to be able to get in and out as I please?"   

    Alaris had fixed her own mistake, the blind fold went around Sins eyes, and then his sharp senses were declined from his normal 500 meter radius to only 2 meters. This however, was very surprising. These blindfolds were created specially by Alaris for this reason, their innate ability was to cancel out one's various senses. However, Sins was so sharp he was able to break through a Saint Rank priest's magic enchanted items.

    After Alaris had done everything that needed to be done. Her voice sounded out with various commands, this went on for four hours straight. The easiest way to explain the sensation, it felt similar to the feeling of a cool breeze during a humid summer day. And then it was ruined by a strong teleportation force, which felt like it was trying to suck the organs out of your body. Simply put whoever made this devilishly refreshing, and then cruel formation was a jackass!

    Sin quickly got over himself and his inner ramblings. The surrounding area had become much more attuned to nature, it felt pure and had an extreme feeling of bliss like a lovers embrace. 

    Alaris walked around and took off the blindfolds from each person.

    "Welcome everyone to the Fairy Clan, this is my home and you all can count this as your second home as well. It has been a long trek to get here, I will go over the clans rules with all of you tomorrow. For now, I will have some of my people guide you to your lodging for the night."

    After Alaris had said her piece, her hand reached out and clasped Sin's hand. "You and I have other things to do though."

    Alaris had pulled Sin along the whole way to her mother's house. When they were halfway, they were blocked by Rheanon and a group of young Fairy warriors.

    "Little sister Alaris I hope you had safe travels out at sea. How was it, did you bring back lots of wealth again?"

    Sin could feel the thick hostile intent in the air, Alaris to his side was completely oblivious to it. Over this time, she still couldn't believe her own big sister was as cruel as the reports, and the Black Rock Organization men and women had reported to them.

    Then Rheanon had caught a glimpse of Sin beside Alaris. 

    "Ohhh and who might this handsome man be? He lacks eyesight, but I can feel his sharp senses and aura from this far away. It even has our warriors on edge as if they're facing a prehistoric beast."

    Alaris was tongue tied, but she quickly came up with a fake name and backstory. 

    "This is Raizen, he is a wandering Master Swordsman. He is proficient in both Sword, Great Sword, and Saber techniques. Raizen was abandoned as a baby, then one day a nameless Sword fiend picked him up through the forest. Raizen has long since mastered many techniques, all of my ambushers had personally been killed by him.

    "How foolish of you little sister, a Master Swordsman? His stats clearly shows he is only at Advanced Sword Mastery level 1. Are you sure this man here could kill all your ambushers?" Rheanon asked with disbelief, all the ambushers had been hired by her. She had paid 35,000 gold coins for their service, and was extremely pissed learning their killer was right before her eyes.

    The young men behind her sounded out. "Enough with this chit chat, why don't we find out his abilities the correct way?"

    Alaris had a smug look on her face. "Alright let us do it that way. Raizen, make sure you hold back. You're not a formal Mercenary of the Fairy Clan yet. If you draw blood, not even I can protect you from the consequences."

    Sin just shrugged his shoulders. "These punks aren't worthy of staining their blood on my blade anyways."

    Sins clear provocation and disrespect for them had pissed all of them off.

    Sin then drew Kaiser from his sheath, he flipped the blade sideways onto its dull side. Sins Conquerors Aura surged out of his body, all the Swords, Great Swords and Sabers of these young men became restless. As if they had just received the calling from their emperor.

    "Draw your weapons, you're warriors not a bunch of pussies!" Sin provoked all the men with the tried and proven true method. Calling another man a pussy ALWAYS works! No matter if it was fishing bait or not, they had to bite it if they didn't want to be known as a pussy.

    Sin activated his Withering Sword Dance as he stood still in place.

    "All of you may attack me until you're exhausted, I will only act once you have had your fair chance."

    All of the young Fairy warriors ran towards Sin, slashing, stabbing, swiping, cleaving with their weapons. Sins Withering Sword Dance activated, it formed a golden majestic wave of Sword particles blocking all the attacks. Sin stood in the middle of it all, as if he were Mosus walking across water.

    No matter what techniques they used, none of them were able to break through Sins defensive barrier. Sin yawned loudly as he covered his mouth with his left hand. After that he took one pinky, put it into his ear and did a couple circulations. After flicking away what was on his finger tip, he heard the huffing of enraged but exhausted men. Sin decided to strike while the iron was hot.

    "Boys, boys are you really that tired after such a short burst of energy? Jeez, I wonder how your wives must feel."

    Alaris who heard this nearby spit out her entire cup of tea. She laughed so loudly that it added to the provocation of Sins words. All the men grit their teeth as they were about to go and attack again. Sin raised his left hand, halting them.

    "Did you all forget my previous words?"

    Sin raised Kaiser into the air with his right hand. His Emperors and Conquerors Aura combined together, Sins body radiated a majestic golden aura that made all of the nearby warriors kneel on the ground.

    "Kowtow in front of Alaris and apologize for your rude behavior!"

    The men were hypnotized by Sin's overwhelming majestic aura. They kowtowed and humbly apologized to Alaris.

    Sin then looked at Rheanon and made a disapproving look on his face.

    "I single handedly defeated all of your warriors without striking once. If I am only an Advanced Sword Mastery level 1, does that make your men trash?"

    Rheanon heard the clear provocation in Sins voice. Sin was not dissing the warriors of the Fairy clan, he was dissing HER puppet warriors of the Fairy Clan. This angered her until she bit down grinding her teeth together. 

    But what Sin said was right, if he was only a meager Advanced Rank 1 in Sword Mastery, yet he managed to defeat everyone with his aura alone. Rheannon's own men were truly trash that didn't have any guts to resist.

    Sin put Kaiser back into its sheath and said.

    "I think this is a fair enough taste testing of what I have to offer. Is there anything else you have to say about this your royal highness Rheanon?"

    Alaris was all smiles, she puffed her chest out as if Sins victory was her own. She spoke for her older sister.

    "Raizen I think that's good enough, you should also show some more respect to my elder sister."

    Sin scoffed disdainfully.

    "Why should I show respect to your older sister, who is clearly trying to overthrow you and your mother?"

    Sins words cut right into Reasons being, she quickly ordered her men as they all left the scene.

    Sin then looked Alaris in the eyes. "You saw that look in your older sisters eyes just now did you not? Not to mention her emotional state became berserk the moment I mentioned her secrets."

    Alaris' look turned heavy. "Of course I did, how could I miss it?"

    Sin kept on questioning. "Are my words still bullshit after witnessing it?"

    Alaris hung her head down like a child. "No."

    Sin nodded his head in a slightly better opinion of Alaris. "Good, now let's go and report all the details and documents to your mom. If you don't want to lose the Fairy Clan to your sister's misdeeds, you had better act fast. The cat has been let out of the bag."

    Alaris then had a questioning tone as she asked. "The cat has been let out of the bag?"

    Sin sighed to himself loudly before saying. "Fucking Idioms! At least the people of Desolate Kingdom were used to them already."

    Sin had followed behind Alaris' lead towards her mother's house. Sin had to perfectly play his role as a wandering Swordsman. Or else it would make the enemies alert, springing them into action faster than they themselves were prepared for.

    After entering behind Alaris. Sin felt the dense Nature Qi inside the building, there was a formation that instantly relieves the nerves, exhaustion, and surging emotions. Sin instantly felt his heavy heart relax, all the worries and pains disappeared temporarily.

    Sin stood with his arms crossed against his chest, leaning against the wall and called out to Alaris.

    "Go and bring what you need to prove everything to your mom. I am not a proper body that should be present for this discussion."

    Alaris nodded at how thoughtful Sin was before replying.

    "Feel free to make yourself at home."

    Sin nodded back in Alaris' direction.

    Alaris entered her mother's room. She sighed heavily before coming and sitting in front of her mom.

    "Mother I have returned from my voyage, we have gained a lot of wealth this time around. Enough to cultivate 150,000 more Warriors, and we will still have a big reserve of gold coins and other material wealth."

    Alaris' mother's voice sounded out with a voice of excitement and love.

    "Very good you have done a great deed Alaris. I am sorry you have had to suffer through all of these hardships in the recent years."

    Alaris shook her head. "Don't apologize mother, as your daughter it is something I must do for our people."

    Alaris struggled with herself internally for many minutes, but after replaying Sin's reminder. Alaris steeled herself as she took out all the evidence and heads of the Black Rock Organization.

    "These are people hired by Rheanon to kill me on my way back to the Fairy Clan. Thankfully, while we were out at sea. I found the body of an unconscious, severely wounded Grand Warrior. I healed his broken soul, and physical injuries. If it weren't for his capabilities, I would have died long ago."

    While the mother and daughters discussion was going on. Sin who was currently resting enjoying this moment of peace, ears twitched as his own instincts for survival kicked into overdrive. 

    Sin barged through the doors of the Fairy Matriarch's room. He flashed in and rudely grabbed both mother and daughter, hanging them over his shoulders. After flashing out of the house, Sin threw them over 100 meters away. 

    After they successfully landed the Matriarch was about to yell. But before she could, Alaris had stopped her.

    Sin stood in place with Kaiser in hand. His Sword Qi surged out as his Emperors Aura locked down the surroundings.

    "Don't you think it is inappropriate to listen to two women have a serious discussion?"

    Sin slashed his blade down behind himself.


    Sparks flew as a figure was revealed and pushed back 100 meters. The figure had left two deep scars in the earth. His arms were numb to the point he dropped his weapon.

    After the figure was rebounded, Sin felt an intense spike in the atmosphere's heat. The house they were just in moments ago, was bombarded and blown up into millions of pieces.

    Sin took out a throwing knife from his inventory. After locking onto the disparities between the wind currents, Sin threw out his knife. He missed his target, but they had still lost their right eye.

    After throwing his knife out, Sin crouched down in the position to do a squat. After avoiding a blade aimed to send his head flying. Sin slashed out with Kaiser, decapitating a man from the waist. Blood and organs splattered out, the man screamed in disbelief and terror as he looked at the other half of his waist downwards.

    Sin rolled forward and placed both hands on the ground, using his hands as leverage he kicked like a donkey. Bursting another assailant's head like a dropped cherry pie.

    Sin took out a series of throwing knives and threw them out in a crescent arc. Various yelps of pain sounded out, two out of the ten targets died instantly. 

    Sin let his body fall forward onto his feet, the moment his feet touched the ground he slipped. Falling backwards, Sin failed to react in time as two daggers sneaked across drawing a bloody X across his chest. Moments later, another two daggers stabbed into the middle of Sins shoulders. This temporarily disrupted Sin from being able to properly wield Kaiser. Letting loose of the grip on Kaiser, Sin let it fall to the ground.

    Sin then stomped down on the hilt of Kaiser, afterwards Sin moved like the wind. When he appeared again, Sin was balancing himself on one leg, while Kaiser was clenched in-between his right calf and butt cheek. While it looked comical, this had made Sin no less dangerous to any enemy.

    Sin shouted out in a hurry.

    "Alaris take your mom and gather the Warriors loyal to you guys, I will clean up the trash over here!"
  • Volume 3 Chapter 4: Destroying The Black Rock Organization

    Sin tapped forward blinking into a crowd of enemies, a series of sword lights, klangs and klings resounded out. Sin combined the Water and Sky paths, freezing the ground underneath his foot. This served to boost his lowered speed, and to debilitate the surrounding enemies. Sin skated around like a professional ice skater, bodies were dropping continuously and slowly creating a crimson world of ice.

    While skating around, Sin was buying himself time to secretly attach a steel wire to Kaiser. Sin sped towards the highest pinnacle of his world of ice, Sin leaped falling backwards bobbing in and out of the oncoming attacks from behind. Letting his body free fall downwards over 70 kilometres an hour, Sin kicked his right leg out and then began making circular motions with it. The viewing members watching this started to laugh loudly.

    "Look at this comedian over here boys! He's finally cramping up."

    Kaiser however, completely destroyed that person's joke. Kaiser accelerated to an insane speed and quickly became a miniature twister. The surrounding 20 enemies had been sliced in half from the waist down without failure.

    Alaris had returned with her mom and various loyal warriors. After they arrived at the scene to see a giant crimson ice sculptor, they stared in shock but also marvelled at the detail put into it. The Ice sculptor was of a man slashing through thunder clouds, above the clouds was a gate that was half opened.

    Sin sensed the arrival of 5,000 dedicated warriors, and 10 generals each general that would roughly be able to handle him at his peak before becoming a cripple. Sin nodded his head internally at this lineup, despite the short amount of time. The Fairy Clan was still very capable, and could've been better prepared for Sins next plans if given more time.

    "Listen up all of you, I am known as Raizen. I will be making my grand debut in the Fairies Clan tonight, I would like to offer all who are interested front row seats."

    Alaris' mom came forward as she politely bowed towards Sin.

    "Hello Sword Master Raizen, I am known as Acacia, the current matriarch of the Fairy Clan. I am sorry you have to be involved with this mess since arriving here. Our clan has traitors which compromised us to the Black Rock Organization."

    Sin nodded back. "I am sure despite it being a rather short reunion, your daughter has filled you in with all the details of our journey, and the other news?"

    Acacia's look was both stern and sad. "That is still hard to accept. But the timing here would be too coincidental wouldn't you think?"

    Sin pushed the daggers out from his back, after rotating his shoulders multiple times and loosening his arms up. Sin declared loudly.

    "To get rid of the pests in your garden, you must uproot the weeds from their roots. Do you follow me Matriarch Acacia?"

    Acacia had an undesirable look on her face. Before she was about to comment further, Alaris walked towards Sin and got right to the point.

    "5,000 Warriors and 10 Generals, what is your given estimation of deaths compared to your percentage?"

    Sin took a thoughtful look for many seconds, after calculating the differences from the 'common' fairies to the Black Rock Organization members he just killed. Sin had shot out his answer.

    "125 deaths minimum to uproot the weeds." 

    All of them present had looks of disbelief on their faces. The Black Rock Organization had over 55,000 personnel, yet Sin was full of confidence without any form of cockiness.

    "Actions speak louder than words do they not? So let me show you the impossible become possible before your very eyes."

    Alaris looked back at Acacia, they made direct eye contact which contained everything needed to be said between the two.

    "Well then Raizen you may show us a spectacular show. Listen up all of you are under direct orders from Raizen, his commands are my commands! If any of you dare to fuck around, I will be the one to relinquish you of any good future."

    "Yes young matriarch!" All the Warriors and Generals behind saluted respectfully.

    Sin leaped down the Ice sculptor and walked towards Alaris and Acacia. "Provide me the clear directions towards the Black Rock Organization. I will set out to erase these parasites and return with fortune.

    After Sin had been given crystal clear instructions he set out.

    Acacia asked Alaris something that's been on her mind. "Raizen isn't his real name is it? You look at him in complete and utter infatuation."

    Alaris looked Acacia in the eyes and said. "Would you believe me if I said, Grand Warrior Sin of Desolate Kingdom was the very Raizen standing before you?"

    Acacia was gobsmacked; she struggled to contain her overwhelming shock. "But Grand Warrior Sin was technically a vegetable after sacrificing his cultivation."

    Alaris eyes became slightly wet at the edges. "He was a vegetable until I awoke his soul. I found his lifeless body at sea while coming back from our voyage. I guess Grand Warrior Sin was used to having his injured body filled with Nature Qi, his soul temporarily woke up and he mistook me as his wife Merala. After that he began his process of recovery, but his cultivation is still as it was 6 months ago, crippled."


    Sin and the Fairy Clans Warriors made their way running full speed towards the Black Rock Organization, Sin handed out various holographic devices while ordering aloud behind him.

    "I want all of you to study these techniques in pairs, I want you to understand the concept of them. Your main focus of learning right now is White Nebula, the rest can be saved for another time. After you have learned White Nebula, I want you all to learn how to combine your Mana from multiple bodies, and then transfer it to someone out of your own body. If you all can learn  this in the next 3 hours, the death count will be less than I accounted for; however, if you cannot, many who are accompanying will die tonight!"

    During their travel, Sin went over to the Commanders. Sin handed out multiple traps, poisons and formations to them. After explaining to the Commanders what their use is, Sin had them distribute them to fully trained assassins, along with a map with many x's drawn on it for major spots. Sin also had them relay to look for their reserve units. Tonight was going to be a full clean out, nothing was going to be left behind, and no Black Rock Organization member was going to survive tonight.

    Three hours passed by, surprisingly each and every single one of the Fairies learned what Sin had asked of them. As beings who are magically tuned, it would be a disgrace if they couldn't learn the concepts of Mystic Sorcery. While they do not have the Mystic Seed foundation like Sin does, their own magical talents would bring future inspirations to Sin for his own Mystic Sorcery. 

    Sin pointed out a man, and said to him. "You are to follow my very being, without my instruction you are not allowed to let go of my hand, or stop your flow of Mana into my body for me to use.

    After they arrived at their destination outside the Black Rock Organizations fortress, Sin had all the warriors take 30 minutes to recharge themselves. During this period of time Sin unsheathed Kaiser, storing up all his Sword Qi, Emperor and Conquerors Aura. After Sin had reached the peak of what he could control, he called over one man and women. 

    "Gather your Mana and blast it into my back, send me directly above the Black Rock Organizations fortress. The moment after I give them my welcoming gift, send your assassins the signals to ignite their bombs, traps and so forth. As for the rest of you, separate into groups of 1,250 advance from north, east, south, and west at the same time to make a bird cage around the escape routes."

    After the Mana of the two people blasted Sin forward, he equipped his Midnight Reaper mask and ignited his Tier 6 Midnight Glory Sacred Flame. Sin slashed Kaiser downwards, a massive Sword Qi flame column shot out sounding like a clap of thunder. The earth rumbled when Sins attack sliced the Black Rock Organization fortress in half. 

    Sin controlled his Sacred Flame to claim lives, but not devour the buildings. There was japtem to be claimed, and Sin would be damned if he wasted a single thing from this raid!

    Thirty figures shot out into the night sky appearing before Sin. After sensing their arrival, Sin put on his most sincere and apologetic look he could muster.

    "Fellas is that your stronghold I just attacked? I must apologize in advance, if you want to name your price I will pay whatever you want."

    The leader of the group furiously stared at Sin. "You fucking dare to act like you didn't do it on purpose?"

    Sin started throwing out multiple pouches of gold coins. "There between those pouches, you have 2,575,000 Gold coins, is that not enough to satisfy you?"

    The peoples eyes shun with greed, but then they felt the surrounding area compress and the lack of oxygen. After they came back to their senses, the entire scenery had become a vast galaxy of blankness. The oxygen contained within was speedily reducing at breakneck speeds, they would all soon die due to the lack of oxygen.

    Sin smiled to himself as he mumbled to himself. [Money cranks the wheel making the smart become dumb asses.]

    Sin called out to the Generals. "Zephyr, Smokey the bear, Sylus, Alaine, Rain all of you can act now. This barrier of mine will buy just enough time for you all to raid their treasuries, after that ignite all the bombs in various places. I will kill all the leaders, you all take care of the left overs."

    Sin said to his Mana supplier. "You can let go of my hand now, hide nearby and come out when those elders emerge from my trap."

    Sin flipped his body as he shot down through the sky. With both hands out and grabbing onto a tree branch, Sin flipped around the branch multiple times to dismiss the momentum. Sin dropped himself down as the dizziness overtook him and he fell on his ass. After the dizziness passed, Sin took out some blocks of wood and a knife from his inventory. 

    While the big fishes were caught inside, Sin decided to pass the time and do some carving. After 15 peaceful minutes passed by, the trapped elders within broke through the net holding them. After getting out all of their faces were beet red as they huffed and puffed for air. 

    The Generals did as they were previously told, multiple loud explosions were heard as Black Rock Organizations Fortress went up in a sea of flames. The 4 groups of 1,250 Fairy Warriors charged in killing all of those escaping. They activated the formations left to them by Sin, the surrounding thirty kilometres had been covered by a big dome. This dome separated the Black Rock Organization from the outside world, meaning no distress signals could be made.

    The thirty elders of the Black Rock Organization appeared before Sin. Their bodies were radiating a suffocating killing intent.

    "Shitty brat you actually dare to cause all this mess to our Black Rock Organization!?"

    Sin smiled as he shrugged his shoulders. 

    "What, just because you can raid the Fairy Clan with the help of Rheanon, we cannot come and raid you as well? If I were an outsider, this is a pretty stupid concept to have."

    Sins Mana supplier came rushing back, with their hands held together. Sin flashed forward smashing his fist into the guts of one of the elders. The elder was launched into the air, Sin leaped forward and slashed the elder into two halves. After landing on the ground, Sin side flipped as he twisted his body ninety degrees in mid air. Sin dodged various attacks as he pierced through the skull of another elder with Kaiser.

    Quickly taking out the last spare from his inventory, Sin swiped it upwards with his left hand deflecting many blows. After using the momentum of the strike to let himself fall back, Sin charged forward once again with one hand on his sheath, and the other on the hilt of his blade.

    Sins body formed a golden zig zag followed by the sound of a "chhk" 

    [Illusionary Sword Second Stage: Void Breaker!]

    The pressure of the void compressed those within, after reaching maximum compression it blasted itself apart, blowing the elders bodies up into meaty chunks. 

    Sin rolled backwards sliding through the legs of one of the elders. Sin shoved Kaiser upwards with its hilt smashing the balls of the attacking elder.

    The elders voice was visibly raised a couple of notches as he screamed out in agony. Sin placed both hands on the ground, his legs crossed around the elders head in a X position. Swinging downwards the elder is smashed into the ground, Sin twisted his spine in a S as he grabbed the forearm of another elder and twisted it emitting a loud "SNAP"

    The Sword fell out of his hands and pierced through the new assailants foot. Sin leaped upwards smashing his elbow onto the hilt, piercing the blade all the way through till the hilt was stopped by bones in the foot. Sin with a open palm smashed out in a straight line across the elders chin, his head spun in circles uttering multiple "krrks"

    In less than thirty seconds Sin had already claimed a couple lives, while he himself was still in tip top condition and untouched. 

    Sin covered a yawn with his hand. "Are you just going to stand there? I am purposely leaving myself full of openings to give you all a chance."

    Sins voice full of mockery had pissed them off, but they didn't dare step forward and test his words. Sin put Kaiser back into his sheath, then he placed both hands behind his back as he said once more.

    "What are you being a bunch of pussies for? I'm only a single man, surely more than 20 prestigious elders should be able to handle one person right?"

    Just as one of them couldn't handle it anymore, he rushed forward slashing towards Sin. Sins Withering Sword Dance turned into various coloured flower petals, when the Sword was about to cleave Sin in half. The petals turned deadly as they swarmed the attacker, blood gushed out of his body as he had thousands of minor to deep cuts. Soon he dropped dead, the flower petals devoured  the corpse hungrily leaving no traces behind.

    Sin raised his palm creating two waves of flower petals with a clear path leading directly towards him. The path was wide enough for five people to walk within before touching the two flower petal waves inevitably dying within.

    Five elders walked towards Sin with swords drawn. Sin stood where he was minding his own business, as if he were going for a relaxing stroll through the forest during Autumn. Sin flicked his fingers and five swords made out of flower petals formed before him. Sin reached out grabbing one sword while deflecting all the attacks coming his way.

    After buying another 10 minutes, Sin figured all the organization's members should be dead by now, and all the japtem had been successfully looted. 

    The Withering Sword Dance expanded once more, this time the flower petals turned into two long rows of swords. All the remaining Black Rock Organization elders were now within the Sword Realm created by Sin.

    Sin voiced out. "I will honour my master and let you all die by a technique I recently gained insight into from her Sword Heart."

    The rows of swords began withering away into various lights and flower petals. The Sword Realm quickly became a scene right out of the Autumn season on earth.

    [Ballad Of The Mystic Blade Empress!]

    The lights and flower petals consumed all the elders within. All that remained was a pool of blood, storage rings, belts, and the weapons used by the elders. After picking them all up Sin was pleased with his job. After looting what was left by the elders, Sin left and regrouped with the Fairy Warriors. As expected less than 125 people had died, proving the Fairy Clans abilities and well trained warriors.

    "Alright very good everyone this was a clean sweep. Let's head back before the sun rises, it would be better off to remain low profile about who eliminated the Black Rock Organization. Collect all the bodies of the fallen Fairy Warriors, when we return I will hand out the next 20 years worth of service to their families. Death is inevitable, but we can still take care of their families, and honour them in their death."

    Sin and company began making their way back to the Fairy Clan. After thirty minutes passed, a group of middle aged men and women appeared with a elderly man leading the pack.

    The elder floated above with his aura alone compressing the void beneath his feet. The elder attentively eyed the battlefield below. 

    "Some ballsy punk ass bitches dares to destroy my subsidiary branch! I will clean up these foolish bastards who raided my organization." 

    The elder waved his hands dismissing the group. After closing his eyes, his power spread out covering the Black Rock Organizations fortress. Events of Sin being blasted into the air above and slicing the fortress in half. As well as the following events of bombs detonating, and the one sided massacre that followed suit.

    The elderly man's aura turned murderous. "Fairy Clan I will personally wipe you out once our operations have succeeded!"

    After Sin and the company made it to the halfway point, he ordered the warriors to rest and take note of all the japtem they looted.

    After sending out his various orders, Sins ears twitched as he heard the distant cries of a young child. 

    "Papa, momma wake up!" 

    The cries had touched a sore spot within Sins heart. Sin quietly slipped away as he followed the sound. After arriving at the scene, a mountainous village was set ablaze. There were raiders killing and pillaging the village.

    Sin once again heard the cries of a little girl.

    "You bad man! Leave my papa and momma alone!" 

    Sin withdrew Kaiser and flashed forward. Sins killing intent billowed out of his body, locking onto the leader of the raiders.


    Before the raider captain had the chance to call out. Sin cleaved the man's body in half, then with his fist burning with Phoenix Queen, Sin punched out incinerating the two halves.

    Sin sheathed Kaiser as he retracted his killing intent. Using the hilt of Kaiser as his walking stick, Sin began making his way over to the sobbing little girl.

    After hearing her gasp in fright, Sin stopped moving forward as he knelt down onto the ground.

    Sin said with the most sincere tone he could use. "It's okay little one, I am not here to hurt you. What happened to your village?" 

    The little girl looked at Sin cautiously, but she did not find the ruthless look in Sins eyes. Nor did she feel as if Sin were another bad man.

    "A band of thieves have been raiding our village over the last few months. Papa and momma are the sole cultivators in our village, they have always been able to always repel them. But the thieves came with stronger people, papa and momma died protecting me." 

    The little girl said as she cried more looking at her papa and mommas corpses.

    Sin walked over to the bodies of the girl's parents. He absorbed their corpses into his inventory.

    Sin then stretched his hand out to the little girl.

    "Come with me, I will allow you to avenge your momma and papa. We will be going to a safe place soon where we can properly bury, and honour your parents."

    The little girl was conflicted for a long time. But eventually, she reached her small hand out and clasped onto Sins.

    "You're not a bad man. Papa and momma always said I shouldn't trust strangers. Why do you feel like my loving papa and momma?"

    Sin answered back. "I have two little daughters just like you. But I am a bad papa, my little girls are all alone without their papa and momma, because I wasn't strong enough."

    The little girl looked at Sin with her misty eyes. "Are you going to take care of me like papa and momma did?"

    Sin hugged the little girl into his chest. "I will, but first we must go and avenge your papa and momma!"

    Sin turned his back around, and the little girl jumped up, holding onto Sins shoulders with her hands.

    Sin flashed into the village radiating his Emperor Aura. All of the raiders powerlessly knelt down to the ground.

    Sin let the little girl off his back, he withdrew Kaiser from his sheath and gave it to the little girl.

    "Vent out all your pain and sadness, these bad people do not deserve any mercy." 

    The little girl clumsily held onto Kaiser, but remembering watching as her own papa used to train. She walked forward and slashed down, sending the heads of the raiders rolling.

    After she was done, she looked at the corpses all around her. "Papa, momma this kind uncle has helped me avenge you. I will become strong one day and make you proud of me."

    The little girl gave Kaiser back to Sin. She held out her hand on her own this time, Sin covered her little hand and returned back to the Fairy Warriors. 

    When Sin returned he got various questions relating to the little girl. 

    "I heard the distant cries of this little girl. Her village was raided by thieves, I saved her and then allowed her to kill all the raiders to avenge her parents. The Fairy Clan wouldn't turn a little girl away would they?" 

    Sin explained and questioned back. The warriors hushed up as they looked at the little girl in a new light. 

    Sin took out some water, towels, bandages and a clean pair of clothes. Sin washed off the blood and mud from the little girls body and put bandages on her cuts. After she was changed and cleaned up, the girl looked like a little princess.

    The girl claimed her spot on Sins back as he ordered aloud.

    "Move out, we return to the Fairy Clan, bury the dead and honour their sacrifices. I will compensate the families of the dead Warriors."

    After rushing ahead at top speed for 45 minutes, they had finally returned to the Fairy Clan. Since Sin had been given immunity to the formations, Sin was now able to cross through without any hassles.

    After they all returned, the Fairy Clan was peaceful again. Rheanon had been captured and locked up, all the traitors had been killed successfully.

    Sin ordered out his commands. "Bring the dead bodies of the fallen Warriors to their families. Each family gets a pouch with 3,750 gold coins. Inside their pouches are different Sword Methods for them to learn from." 

    Sin then ordered the Generals beside him.

    "Distribute 125,000 gold coins, and 15,000 pieces of armour and weapons between the remaining warriors who participated in the raid."

    Alaris came rushing out to see everyone's return. When she spotted Sin in top condition she heaved a long sigh of relief.

    Sin asked Alaris. "Do you have any uninhabitable back mountains? I would like to personally build my own lodging for myself and the little girl. That way we won't get in the way of the Fairy Clan."

    Alaris nodded before replying back. "10 kilometres south, 7 kilometres east, 4 kilometres west. There is a vast patch of land with a waterfall, various herb gardens and man made training quarters. It was used previously before my father passed away."

    Sin thanked Alaris sincerely before making his way towards the patch of land. After arriving, Sin took out a hammer, nails, planks of wood and various other tools.

    Sin quickly built a cabin, and smashed his thumb multiple times drawing many fucks and goddamn that hurt! 

    After the cabin and beds were made. Sin had finally been exhausted, not having Mana or cultivation was starting to become a real bitch of an itch.

    Sin took out pillows, and blankets from his inventory. After tucking the little girl into bed, Sin was about to leave when she asked.

    "Uncle, papa and momma used to tell me stories before bed. Could you tell me one?"

    Sin turned around and temporarily saw Alannahs figure cross over. Sin couldn't help it. "Of course, I know many stories to tell."

    And so the night passed peacefully. Sin and the little girl had both fallen asleep reciting, and listening to bedtime stories.
  • Volume 3 Chapter 5: The Process Of Rebirth

    The next day after waking up at his usual time, Sin reviewed the logs he had awaiting his appraisal.

    [Congratulations! The Dragon God has been pleased by your results. You have been awarded the Dragon Scale Diagram, and five drops of Dragons God Blood.  When consumed, the Phoenix Heart, Vermilion Bird, and Wolf God Clan will receive a bonus of 500% to recovery, and 35% to Comprehension speed, as well as 35% bonus to Physique.]

    [Congratulations! You have broken through into the Conquerors stage of Blood Dragon Sword Methods. Your Conquerors Aura and Emperor Aura has combined becoming unique only to you, those connected to your bloodline, and children. Both have separate active passive effects which can be toggled on or off. The Emperor Aura affects your enemies debuffing them by 25% and buffs allies by 25%. The Conquerors Aura increases all Sword, and Sword Heart abilities by 25% while also decreases enemies Sword, and Sword Heart abilities by 25%.]

    [!!! Your cultivation and the hidden potential in your body has been crippled.]

    [The higher beings have judged all of your actions since arriving at Desolate Kingdom. While you're a man capable of great evil towards your enemies, you have proven yourself to be an upright and guardian for your loved ones and allies. You have been awarded The Ancient Manual Of Rebirth. There is no gain without pain to restore what was once lost.]

    [To complete the process of Rebirth, you must go through many painful trials. Only those who are strong willed are able to push on. If at any given time during your rebirth you choose to back away from the pain, you will lose your chance of rebuilding your cultivation.]

    [The required time of rebirth for those in the Soulless Body Container has been cut in half. 5 years, 8 months, and 26 days remaining until rebirth.]

    After Sin had digested his logs, there was an instant sensation of relief that washed over his body. The sense of deep guilt and self hate had diminished enough to let Sin function properly, but there would never be a day Sin could truly forgive himself for not being adequate enough to protect his loved ones.

    Sin consumed the 5 drops of Dragon God Blood. Soon the three clans were alerted by the notifications they heard. But for those in the know, it confirmed all the more. Their Wolf King was still doing his best for them, despite his current situation.

    Sin was awoken out of his own world, the little girl he rescued the previous night had long since been awake staring intensively at Sin. Sin heard the grumbles of hunger coming from her stomach, and then his fatherly instincts kicked in.

    "Come little one let me make a yummy breakfast."

    The little girl followed behind Sin before she talked up.


    Sin looked at the girl once more before he asked. "Is that your name?"

    Nora nodded before she asked. "What is uncles name?"


    Nora looked confused as she followed Sin into the kitchen part of the cabin. Nora attentively watched Sin as he began taking out various pots and pans to prepare breakfast.

    "Why is your name Sin?"

    Sin smiled before he replied. "It is the name I gave myself, I have done many bad things so I go by Sin to remind myself. My life doesn't belong to just myself, but to the other lives I have taken."

    "But uncle is a good person, if you weren't why would you save me and let me avenge my parents?"

    Sin thought carefully for many seconds. "Your cries for help reminded me of my incapability to protect those I love. I don't ever want to feel so helpless like that again, that's why I appeared and took you away with me afterwards."

    After half a hour of hearing Nora's growls becoming louder, Sin finished cooking breakfast. Sin had brought plates of fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, sausages, toast, home fries, and various other breakfast favorites. 

    Nora looked on with wide eyes and drooled. Just as Nora was about to dig in, Sin heard knocking on the door. 

    "Go ahead and start eating without me." Sin said while he walked towards the door. After opening it, Alaris and Acacia were waiting outside with a basket of fresh bread. When the aroma of Sins cooking wafted out of the house, their bellies rumbled.

    "Care to join us for breakfast?"

    Alaris was the first to walk in following her stomachs demands. 

    Acacia hesitated for a few moments before Sin pulled her in, bringing her to the dining table joining Nora, and Alaris.

    After everyone had eaten their fill, Nora ran out to go and play. Alaris and Acacia remained as they still had something important to talk about with Sin. Alaris asked with blind hope.

    "When I found your injured body at sea, I caught a quick glimpse of The Ancient Manual Of Rebirth before it was absorbed into your body. It's none of my business, but after reading it. Is it possible for your cultivation to return?"

    Sin wasn't fazed, nor was he mad. "I don't know it is possible, but I must complete all the trials head on without backing away from the pain. If I give up halfway, I will permanently remain as a cripple."

    Alaris and Acacia had a look of relief on their faces.

    "Truth be told, in two years from now. There is a competition called the King Of Mercenaries being held. The tournament hasn't been held for the last 500 years, but the Imperial family of the divine continent has decided to restart it. Invitations have been sent out to all the notable families, and clans throughout our world. There will be many strong Mercenaries participating that are lone wolfs, or hired by various clans. The reward for this competition is becoming a pupil under a Grand Master Ranked Swordsman."

    Sin was in deep thoughts for many minutes. "And I assume you would like me to participate as your candidate for this King Of Mercenaries tournament?" 

    "Yes if you are able to enter into the top 10, we would eternally be in your debt. Any representatives that make it into the top 10 greatly benefits the clan they're hired by. The higher you rank in the top 10, the more benefits you will get, as well as your sponsoring clan or organization."

    Sin became serious as he said. "That's a pretty big gamble to bet on me. I can't guarantee I will succeed in recovering my cultivation."

    Acacia said lightheartedly. "Even if you don't succeed in recovering your cultivation, we would like to sponsor you as our candidate. My daughter has full faith in you to a fanatical state, Alaris has never been wrong in her judgement, so I will trust her"

    Sin didn't beat around the bush anymore. "Very well, I will do all that I can to regain my cultivation."

    Acacia stood up and bowed before Sin. "Thank you Grand Warrior Sin, if you need any help please send Alaris to inform me. The Fairy Clan will repay your kindness and help in any way we can." Acacia left, while Alaris had stayed behind.

    Sin didn't complain nor did he mind having extra company. Sin returned to his room and spent the next six hours digesting the content in The Ancient Manual Of Rebirth.

    First, Sin bit the tip of his finger before writing his name on a contract with his own blood. After that, all of Sins stats he had earned were sucked dry and reverted to 10 for Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity, Comprehension and Physique. Sin had truly become an average human being on Earth without any impressive cultivation or noticeable stats.

    Sin exited the cabin and went outside. After he had gotten far away enough, a notification appeared in his vision.

    [Would you like to begin the process of Rebirth? Yes or No?]

    Sin clicked on the "Yes" and then out of thin air, a long stretch of an inferno had appeared. Sins instructions followed shortly after the infernos appearance.

    [You must walk through the inferno without any defenses. The closer you are to dying, the greater amount of Rebirth essence you will gain. If you die within the trial, you truly die. The process of Rebirth is a long and painful one, this is the lesser of your trials. Do you dare to truly rise from the ashes?]

    Sin got slightly pissed off. Was it him, or were the notification logs starting to mock him? Whatever, that thought flew over Sins head within mere seconds. There was a task at hand that needed to be done, Sin wasn't the type to back down after he made his decision.

    Sin took off all his clothes except for the pants he was wearing. Taking his first step into the blazing inferno, allowing his body to be engulfed by the near unbearable pain it caused. Sin gritted his teeth, not willing to show any weakness. After forcing himself to endure the pain for several minutes, Sins entire being became intense as he took his next step. 

    The pain had doubled instantly, causing Sin to grunt from the burning pain. Alaris who had just come out of the cabin was like a nail hammered to the ground. The shock she was feeling had overcome her, she quickly yelled out.

    "What are you doing you crazy bastard!? Are you trying to kill yourself?"

    Sin however, was bearing too much pain and couldn't reply even if he wanted to. Sin watched as the flesh on his body began to sizzle, the pain he was feeling was physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. This was a type of pain that very few could bear, each passing second his mental state was being overwhelmed by conflicting thoughts. There was a seedling thought of giving up brewing in his mind, but Sin couldn't allow himself to give up.

    To become a powerful person, you must suffer tribulations, challenges, and pain no ordinary people could handle. To become someone who could gain boundless power to protect his loved ones, there was nothing in the galaxies Sin could not handle. 

    Sin walked further into the inferno, after taking 100 steps in Sins flesh had melted off of his body, his skeletal figure was revealed, but it was wrapped around by a strange power that wouldn't allow him to die. Sins physique, cells, soul, spirit, foundation, crippled cultivation were all being enhanced tremendously. The changes were immediately showing themselves, Sin had gained the strength to press further on. 

    After passing the 100 meter mark, broken glass appeared along the path, there were giant cleavers above in mid air that would split his skeletal frame in half. Various other torturous devices acted as 'check points' Sin must pass along this new level of the inferno trial. After making it another 75 steps, Sins body fell down due to the increased pain going beyond what he could handle.

    Sins flesh was being melted off, and regenerating in a continuous cycle of life and death. Each time his fleshly body was becoming stronger, his cells and blood purer, bones tougher, and his crippled cultivation had meager signs of repairing, but it was still better than nothing.

    Sin looked on as he calculated there to be another 2,825 steps until he passed this trial. Sin could hear the voices of the Wolf God Clan cheering him on, images and memories of Alannah and Samara appeared to his left and right side. Sin stood back up, as he was holding the hands of his two little girls. Their voices full of hope sounded out into Sins ears.

    "No matter the pain you're feeling that makes you prefer to die. You must not give up papa! We are waiting for you to come back and reunite with us!" 

    At the end of the inferno path, Sin saw Merala eagerly waiting with a affectionate smile on her face. "Husband, What are you waiting for, don't you want to feel me in your embrace again?" 

    Sin picked himself back up from the ground, with his hands spread out clasping nothing but air, Sin pushed himself beyond his limits. 

    200 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, 900 feet. No matter how intense the pain had become, Sin was no longer giving into it. This pain he was feeling, was nothing compared to the suffering of his daughters without their papa and mom. The agony that drew Merala insane as he died, compared to this meager bit of pain was nothing at all! 

    Sin had entered a blank minded state, his goal was clear and there was nothing left to do but achieve it. 1,200 feet, 1,500 feet, 1,800 feet. Despite his flesh continuously melting off of his body, Sin kept walking forward one step at a time. As if a calm pond without any ripples, Sin found solace in his pain of loss. The Ancient Manual Of Rebirth was the game changer, the golden ticket Sin could redeem himself through.

    After reaching 2,000 feet into the inferno trial. Phoenix's, Dragons, Vermilion Birds and Wolfs manifested out of the flames. The manifestations bombarded Sin, pushing him back beyond the 2,000 feet mark and severely weakening him. Sin kept moving forward no matter what he had to face, his body erupted with his battle lust as he pushed forward.

    Right as one of the manifestations smashed itself into Sins body, Sin raised off his feet and balanced on the tips of his toes. Sin skidded backwards 70 feet, bringing him back to the beginning of the final checkpoint. Wrapping his arms around the wings of the manifestation, Sin heaved upwards sending it spiraling through the air.

    Sin spent the next six hours being pushed back, flinging manifestations into the air and continuing on his process. Just 100 feet left to go, but the difficulty had surged 10X.

    After Sin took his first step, he stood in place with a look of disbelief. So many untold words and emotions coursed through him, disrupting his mental and emotional state.

    The figures before him were Merala, Jasmine, Glaze, and the Blood Dragon Mercenary Team members.

    "You let all of us die!"

    "Husband, you're worse than trash!"

    "Big brother, you failed to protect me twice. Burn in hell!"

    "Team Leader, your a reckless fool who always causes misfortune for those around you!"

    "Sin, your fists may be strong, but you're the reason we are all dead. What is the point of those strong fists of yours now!?"

    Then Sin noticed a young girl in the arms of Meralas manifestation.

    "Daddy, I called out to you to save mom so many times. But all you did was ignore it! You're not worthy of the second chance of life you've been given!"

    Sin felt the exact same feeling of bloodline in this little girl as he did trapped in his Heart World. Sin staggered backwards with his head hanging down in shame.

    "What, do you not dare look at us? Do you feel guilt, grief, sadness even? You should, you're the reason we all died, your nothing but a powerless man with honorable thoughts, but could never execute them."

    Sin began doubting himself, and this is when the danger truly showed itself. With this momentary relapse of doubt, the melted part of Sins body didn't regenerate. The pain shot through the roof, making Sin scream as he barely held his life in his own hands.

    "You never let yourself get help from others. You carry all the weight yourself, and that is why we are all dead!"

    Sin struggled to rid himself of his self doubt, Sin knew this was part of the trial. Or maybe this was a trial for himself?

    "I'm sorry I let you all die." Sin mumbled weakly.

    "You're sorry? It is a little bit too late to be sorry! Because of you, my daughter is going to be born without a father!"

    Commander Glaze yelled, running forward and smashing his fist into Sins ribcage.

    "Because of you, Seraphim had to watch me die!" 

    Sin fell to his knees, coughing up all the content in his stomach.

    "I know that I always do things myself without any help. But I couldn't allow myself to let you all fight with me against Solarus' forces." Sin said.

    The little girl jumped down from Meralas arms and made her way over to Sin. After arriving in front of Sin, the little girl knelt down as she looked into Sins eyes.

    "You've made everyone suffer daddy. I died without once feeling your loving touch. Mom suffered so much grief."

    Sin hurriedly hugged his would've been daughter into his embrace.

    "I'm sorry I am such a failure!" Sin wept as he hugged his little girl tightly. 

    "Sorry isn't enough for all the pain you've caused!" 

    A dagger found its way plunged into Sins abdomen. While Sin could have easily dodged such an obvious attack, Sin could not get himself to let go of his daughter. 

    "I know no matter what I do, there is no way to reverse my actions. If you so please, you can take my life."

    Merala rushed forward, grabbing the back of Sins head and smashed down onto the infernos path.


    "Why is it always about you? All of us are here for you, yet you continue to push us all away. Your actions caused so much unnecessary pain. I would've preferred to die fighting with you, instead of seeing my husband's corpse, and my daughters empty eyes as they carried it across the fucking battlefield!"

    "Remember husband, our daughters are the ones who have to suffer the most! Even now, they are without us. And all you can do is apologize?!"

    Meralas words ripped through Sins heart, Sin stood back up and continued walking through the trial. Swords, daggers, sabers, flames, torturous equipment tortured Sin physically and spiritually.

    When Sin was nearing the last 15 steps, Sin looked back as he watched all his loved ones hurl their weapons into his body.

    "All of this is but illusions, and the torture in my heart. But all of you are right, I slap away the hands that can help me. I cause pain for many intentionally, bearing the weight on my shoulders alone. I'm sorry to all of you, but I cannot allow my doubts to take my life away yet."

    Sin walked the final steps through the inferno hell, after exiting Sins eyes were wet as he panted exhausted. Sin fell back onto his back, as a log appeared in his vision.

    [Congratulations! You have begun the process of Rebirth. To truly become reborn, you must conquer your physical, and emotional states. You may feel endless pain, but it is not okay to cower away and throw yourself into agony. Only the spirit of redemption can break through the chains of sorrow. Emotions are a source of power, but do not lose yourself within them.]

    After Sin had read his log, and thought about it on a personal level for a long time. Sin was brought back to his senses when Nora had shoved his body many times.

    "Uncle are you okay?" Nora looked worriedly at Sin.

    Sin smiled. "Yes, I am okay Nora."

    "Can you teach me combat techniques?" Nora asked with firm resolution.

    "It is a very repetitive and long road Nora, are you sure you want to take this road?"

    Nora nodded her head. "I want to become strong for dad and mom. Uncle has also gotten considerably weak since last night."

    "Very well, we will begin training right away." Sin said as he got up.

    Sin opened up his status page, then went into his Guidance tab adding Nora's name to the list. After that was done, Sin took out a sword from his inventory and asked Nora for her hand.

    Nora gave Sin her hand with blind trust, Sin used the sword and left a deep cut across Nora's hand.

    "There are various dangers and pains involved with training. Do you still wish to proceed?" Sin asked again to reconfirm. 

    Nora looked at the blood rolling down her hand, without any signs of fear or pain she said with confidence. "I do!"

    Sin nodded his head and begun demonstrating the basics of Blood Dragon Sword Methods, Blood Dragon Fortress Sword Methods, as well as the Wolf King Sword Methods.

    While Sin was taking his trial, it felt like an entire day went by. But in reality less than 45 minutes passed, while demonstrating the fundamentals to Nora. Sin began reading through the various other methods of stimulating the Rebirth essence. 

    Sin walked over to Nora without any defense on him.

    "Nora use your fundamentals to train with my bare body." 

    Another way of stimulation was taking physical damage to the body of all various kinds. Sin had already begun forming various self torture plans, such as building an obstacle course with wooden logs swinging, walking through a trail of sharpened blades, smashing his body into rocks and various others.

    Nora was uncertain at first, but she quickly did as she was told. Sin explained it was a way of his own personal training for pain tolerance. When Alaris saw how Sin was training himself, she was freaked out and frightened he would end up dying. His next words assured her.

    "Part and parcel for The Ancient Manual Of Rebirth. Also when you go back down the mountain to the Fairy Clan, bring various experts at hand to hand combat, sword combat, and magical combat back with you. The more the merrier, they all must be willing to use me as their grinding stone for their abilities."

    After the sun had gone down and the moon had hung high in the sky. Sin brought the exhausted Nora back into the cabin. Sin bathed her, and then made a hearty supper. After tucking Nora into bed, and reciting bedtime stories. Sin left the room and went to go and patch himself up. However, to his surprise, all of his injuries had long been healed. No traces of any scar tissue was left on his body.

    Sin quietly closed the cabin door behind him, walking out into the vast plot of land all around. Sin took out various planks of wood, thatch, timber and other various materials. Which Sin gained from raiding Beast Man camps after helping Phoenix Heart Clan in their time of crisis.

    Sin began building up his personal torture land of rebirth, when Sin was done he gauged it to be about 3:30 in the morning. Sin used the sheath of Kaiser to pat his way over towards a nearby tree. After climbing up it, Sin raised his head as he looked into the night sky. Of course he couldn't see, but Sin began imaging all of the Wolf God Clan, his two precious daughters, Merala, Lan his master and various other people.

    After today's trial, it had ripped Sin open. All this time, Sin had been running from his pain and hiding it deep within himself. Always a stubborn bastard who didn't accept other peoples help, yet it was this trait that caused the agony of his loved ones, as well as the death of his brothers and sisters who desperately fought at the end to avenge him.

    Sin made a vow to himself, to no longer run away from his emotions, as a man one must come to terms with himself, accept his weakness and build upwards. And to start receiving help from others, instead of slapping their hands away.


    Elsewhere in the Wolf God Clan. Alannah and Samara were gazing up at the stars in the night sky. 

    "Papa is watching the sky just as we are. It's been a long six months now, do you think papa has fully recovered Alannah?" Samara asked.

    Alannah nodded her head. "Papa is a strong man, there is nothing that papa cannot do." 

    Samara hugged tighter into Alannah. "Will you one day leave me like papa and mom?" 

    Alannahs expression dampened. "I will never leave your side, you're my sister. Papa did what he had to do to protect us, mom and big sister Jasmine are only gone temporarily. Papa will be able to communicate with us soon."

    Samara began weeping. "I miss mom and papa, I would sleep cuddled in between them every night."

    Alannah began gently and affectionately stroking Samaras long hair, this was the only thing that would calm her down. 

    "I miss mom and papa as well Samara. We have to be strong, train hard, live well, and care for each other. We have uncle Midnight who loves us just as much as mom and papa. Uncle Midnight has told us earlier today that papa is rebuilding his cultivation."

    Samara had fallen asleep exhausted in Alannahs embrace. 

    Alannah wiped the tears from the corner of Samaras eyes. Alannah reached her hand up into the night sky, whispering words that could never cross the void between.

    "We miss you papa!"
  • Volume 3 Chapter 6: Madman

    Sin jumped down from the tree, shook his head violently and slapped his face multiple times. "Get yourself together Sin, this isn't the person you are!" 

    Sin quickly went back into the cabin quietly and left a note for Nora. [I am outside in the back training, come get me when you wake up, I will make breakfast for us.]

    Sin left the cabin quietly and began constructing the rest of his training paradise.

    Four hours passed in the blink of an eye, and the sun had already risen. Claiming its existence and authority, looking down on all present in this world. 

    Since Nora hadn't awoken yet, Sin decided to get a head start with training. Stripping all his clothes except for his pants, Sin made his way over to a forest of swinging wood logs.

    Sin had constructed auto moving mechanical devices, each of these devices had fine steel wire nailed into the wooden logs. On top of the logs were 200 pound boulders, increasing the momentum and weight.

    Besides these boulders and logs of wood, Sin set up an array of fine steel wire into formations. If Sin couldn't handle the blows and was knocked backwards, his flesh and bones would be shredded by the steel wire.

    Sin moved in front of a log, his leg purposely tripped another set of wires. This let go of some restraints on the mechanism, the log tripled in speed smashing into Sins upper body. 

    Sin heard the sound of his bones shattering, then moments later, the essence of Rebirth pervaded his bones. Healing and strengthening them instantaneously. Sin took another strike this time, there was one single bone left un-shattered. Before the essence could properly heal Sin, the log sped up again, smashing into Sin and sending him flying through a spider web of fine steel wire. All the flesh and bones on Sins back, down to his ankles had been shredded through. 

    The essence of Rebirth this time was double the amount than before. This further proved Sins theory, the closer to death he was. The more benefits he would gain from the essence of Rebirth. 

    Another three hours passed, not once did Sin grunt, or yell from the pain. Nora came out yawning, when she saw the sight of Sins body shredded through. Nora screamed in fright.

    "Uncle Sin, you're so badly injured! Let me patch you up."

    Then in front of her very own eyes, Nora saw a golden aura surge from within Sins body. All the exterior, and interior injuries had been healed instantly.

    Sin walked out of his forest of bone shredding as he coined it. With a towel in his hand wiping all the sweat off his body.

    "How did you sleep last night Nora?" Sin asked as he sat down beside her on the back deck he built. 

    "I was so tired after uncle's training, even now I feel like my body is made up of lead."

    Sins hand shot out, hitting, massaging and stimulating various pressure points. Nora's face immediately calmed as the stress was lifted.

    "Well what would you like for breakfast Nora?" Sin asked

    Nora's eyes lit up at the mention of Sins offer.

    "I want uncles bacon, eggs, home fries with juice and fruit!" Nora shouted out with excitement and a rumbling stomach.

    Sin went into the cabin, and thirty minutes later breakfast was prepared. Sin and Nora sat at the table to eat together. This was a tradition Sin brought from Earth. While they didn't need to eat as they began their cultivation, good food was always a way to bring friends and family together.

    After finishing breakfast, Sin and Nora went out to Sins training grounds. Nora looked at all the mechanisms and training units with hard to conceal curiosity. Nora curiously reached her hand out touching the mechanisms. When Sin heard the sound of a sharp "Twang!" The first thought that came to his mind was. "Fuck me."

    Sin appeared in front of Nora, four dozen arrows now stuck out of Sins body making him look like a porcupine. Sin didn't rebut Nora, nor scold her, but with a calm voice Sin said.

    "Be careful Nora, there are plenty of dangers the moment you move past the deck."

    Nora looked at Sin frightened and with a timid voice she said. "I'm sorry uncle, I promise it wasn't on purpose!"

    After ripping the arrows out of himself, Sin washed the tips off and reloaded the empty storage. Walking forward to Nora and kneeling down in front of her, Sin patted Nora's head with affection.

    "It is okay Nora, it's not your fault." Sin then pointed at his chest and said. "Look, no injuries are left on my body. I wasn't hurt in the least bit."

    Nora finally cheered up after Sin confirmed over and over again he was okay. After that, Sin started training Nora. Nora showed excellent results, after just learning the basics of swordsmanship the other day. Nora had already made as much progress as Lan did within three weeks, but only within one day. Sin was thoroughly shocked and pleased by this, Nora was a little sword monster and Sin was going to do all he could to carefully refine this diamond.

    After three hours passed, Alaris had returned with over 7,500 Master, 4,000 Grand Master, and 25 Saint Ranked professed personnel of the Fairy Clan. After their Mana surged out, seeing the 30 miles behind Sins and Noras cabin. Their jaws widened uncontrollably almost almost hitting the ground.

    "Holy fuck! This is a land of pure and utter madness" The various Fairies exclaimed in groups, even the Grand Masters who had a firm mentality got cold chills.

    Upon seeing the look on the various faces. Sin smiled as he declared loudly.

    "I am sure Alaris had filled you in on my circumstances. All of you who have agreed to come here, training begins immediately. I am your dummy, all of you may use any and all of your abilities to grind with my body."

    The moment Sin finished his statement, one of the Saint Rank elders appeared before Sin. The elders hand chopped down slowly, but the feeling Sin got was as if the sky was falling upon his shoulders. After the attack connected, a huge "BOOM!" resounded as Sin was blown by 350 feet and through many steel wire spiderwebs. 

    To everyone's surprise, they saw the nearly severed right part of Sins body reconnect. Then the various broken bones, and various holes in Sins body regenerated at a speed that was conceivable by the eyes. Within fifteen seconds, Sin was whole again without any scar tissue or fractures.

    "Again! No sleep for the wicked respected elders, all of you had better come at me with all you got until you drop dead from exhaustion!"

    Sin flashed into the crowd of elders at amazing speed, despite his only current 10 points for each attribute, Sin still had his insane abilities that could produce heaven defying results. Sins hand chopped at one of the elders jugular, the elders hand grabbed out locking Sins fist into submission. Then with his own fist, smashed out into Sins body multiple times. Each attack felt like it was Sins own Thunder Lords Descent smashing into his body. However, Sin was all smiles and pumped up like a maniac. Just from these few rounds, the efficiency had already passed what Sin had gained for the previous three hours.

    Magic, swords, fists, elbows, legs, sabers, spears, formations all descended upon Sin, no matter how the elders tried to kill Sin with their techniques. It was impossible, Sin recovered immediately afterwards and was more robust than before his regeneration. The elders were frightened, but their eyes also blazed with excitement. What Alaris had told them was true, they could truly hone their abilities without any real harm. 

    Sins voiced yelled out to the Masters and Grand Masters. "The fuck are you all standing around for? Make yourselves useful and get your asses into this mix now!"

    While Sin was being bombarded by tens of thousands of attacks every second, the Dragon essence, and Rebirth essence went into overdrive. Sins body was constantly being enhanced and regenerating at massive speeds. The massive amount of Chaos energy reserves were also playing their part, Sin was truly a cockroach in every similarity. 

    Sin had decided to spice things up, during the massive beating he was taking, Rebirth trial clouds had appeared over him in the sky. The period of time would last for three hours, and was just like the very first trial he had gone through. There was the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspect to it. The second stage of the Ancient Manual Of Rebirths trial wasn't as forgiving. If Sin slipped up for even a second, he would be struck dead by the trials thunder.

    However, if Sin were to succeed. This would truly be a huge blessing, with four massive components refining his very being, repairing his cultivation, and fighting to his heart's content with 11,525 Master  Rank professed experts and above.  Sins progress would sky rocket to unimaginable heights over a prolonged period of time.

    Nora was practicing the fundamentals while all of these Masters, Grand Masters and Saints pummeled Sin with all of their abilities. Alaris was watching Sins figure with hazy eyes, only she could understand the reasons why Sin was doing such a crazy thing. This made her heart throb more and more as she thought about it. To redeem himself as a man, bearing the weight of this pain alone. 

    Sin had moved further into the depths of this land of torture he created. While doing so, Sin had yelled out all the instructions to avoid these helpers from being accidentally injured. Sin unsheathed Kaiser and began grinding his fundamentals against Grand Master Ranked Swordsman. This was his only regret out of the group of people here. There was no Saint Rank Swordsman present.

    Despite all of these factors, and his near unending supply of energy. After two and a half hours, Sin was finally starting to feel exhausted. The Rebirth trials truly broke one down to their very lowest, then elevated them to the highest after passing. 

    Everyone present was stunned, this fiend had finally started to slip up and make mistakes in his posture and attacks. But what was even more shocking, over 4,000 people had already been completely drained unable to move a finger. Whereas Sin was only starting to reach that point. 

    When there was only fifteen minutes left of the Rebirth trial, fifteen clouds appeared in the sky. All of them began raining hell down on Sin the moment they appeared. Sin found he could no longer control the trial like he was before. Sin hurriedly yelled out to everyone.

    "Get out of here immediately! I am no longer able to control this last part of my trial."

    Sure enough as testament to Sins words, a bolt of lightning struck down, severely injuring and nearly taking the life of a Saint elder. Seeing this, everyone escaped in all directions at top speed.

    Sin activated the Withering Sword Dance, holding Kaiser with both hands. Sin held his ground as he severed each bolt of lightning that struck down. Merala had manifested once again to his left and his would be daughter to his right. This time, Sin was well prepared and wouldn't be shaken again. Despite their endless attacks, distraction and pulling at his heart strings. Sins will stayed sharp like a sword, unwilling to lose sight of himself.

    Soon five minutes quickly passed by, 25 more trial clouds appeared. This time, the lightning bolts had taken the shape as Dragons. The more Sin raged and fought back, the stronger they became. After no longer being able to fend himself anymore, Sin was blasted backwards as various lightning Dragons surrounded him.

    Sin forcefully stabilized and shot forward again, this time Sins eyes started to light up like the lightning in the sky. Sins hair spiked as it stood on end like a porcupine. A glob of violent lightning shot out, then Sin reached out and absorbed it into himself. Racing forward Sin had begun his desperate fight against the Rebirth trial.

    [Mystic Sorcery: Lightning Grand Cross!]

    Ever since absorbing the Rebirth essence, Sin had felt a feeling of similarity to his Mystic Energy. Finally capitalizing on the moment, Sin followed his gut feeling and found out to his surprise he could use Mystic Sorcery again. This had thrilled Sin, it was like that feeling of losing your favorite game, and then you find it years down the road.

    With the aid of his Mystic Sorcery now, Sins eyes lit up once again as he used Mystic Unity. The feeling of being in control of his own power washed over Sin all over again. Sins exhaustion quickly recovered from his overwhelming excitement taking over.

    For the remaining period of time, Sin fought back against the Rebirth trial with all he had. With each passing minute, 25 more trial clouds appeared. While Sin had narrowly avoided dying on multiple occasions, Sins battle lust which had been dormant for so long reawakened. Sins aura shot through the sky, cleaving through many trial clouds.

    "A mere trial dares to try and take away my life? How laughable, I will tear all trials asunder within my path!" 

    Sin roared defiantly as Kaiser began changing into the Great Sword form. 

    Seeing the clouds multiply and the various dragons rage at Sins insolence. The Rebirth trials had a mind of their own, and none throughout history who dared to curse it survived.

    The lightning Dragons began combining into one body. After the fusion was completed, a massive lightning Dragon hovered in mid air, within its claws a thin sword radiating black lightning was held.

    "Foolish human, I have given you the chance to inherit my Ancient Manual Of Rebirth. Your audacity to defy my will through your trials is superb. However, right now you're still a cripple who has only gained a meager inkling of Rebirth essence. I will strike you down, and make you learn your place!"

    The lightning Dragon held its sword with both hands. A formation appeared hovering behind it, a black-purple Yin and Yang symbol began taking shape.

    "I do not wish to kill, but to put you in your place for your following trials. If you can manage to withstand this, I will make your true Rebirth upgrade by one tier. What do you say Wolf King Sin, do you take my bet?"

    Sin smiled hearing the provocation in the lightning Dragons voice. "It's normally me provoking my opponents, not the other way around. But no matter, I will tear you asunder!"

    Sins aura surged another notch, a large pair of pristine white wings spread out from Sins back. The bandage from the end of Kaisers hilt wrapped around Sins arm all the way up his forearm. A golden Emperor aura covered Sins body in a battle robe. A wall of lightning surged out of Sins body, expanding over 200 meters in height and length.

    The lightning Dragon looked at Sin appreciatively. "You're truly worth investing in human. Ever since I began watching your performances at Desolate Kingdom, I have had this feeling I would be connected to your rehabilitation. It seems I wasn't wrong. Do not let the Rebirth Ancestress down, she is a wicked woman from outside of the System we are trapped within!

    The lightning Dragon got into a stance focused purely on attack. Its black lightning also surged out of its body, creating a massive wall of lightning as it stood separate from Sin.

    Sin and the lightning Dragon raced towards each other immediately. Lightning covered the blade of Kaiser, as the word Emperor appeared on its blade. 

    [Sky Conqueror: Empress Lightning Blade!]

    [Lightning Form: Thunder Clap Of Bronte!]

    Both attacks met each other full power, as their walls of lightning energy collided with a resounding clap of thunder.

    Thankfully before the attacks collided, the lightning Dragon had sealed Sin and itself in an independent formation. That however, wasn't enough to stop the loud explosion of the shockwaves.

    Everyone within the surrounding 2,000 kilometres of the Fairy Clans land went deaf hearing the massive explosion. 

    After the effects of the attack displayed itself, Sin and the lightning Dragons weapon had pierced through each other.

    Both of them smiled to each other 

    "Not bad for a human, I will keep my word." The lightning Dragon then disappeared.

    Despite the brutal exchange of attacks, Sin had instantly regenerated again to top shape. Looking around at the shocked looks of everyone present. Sin who was bursting full of energy again asked aloud.

    "Who wants to continue grinding?" 

    After being nearly beaten to death 30,000 times in one day. Sin had finally thrown in the towel for the day, 11,525 Master and above experts left this part of the land exhausted. They quickly used what energy was left inside their bodies, building various cabins, and simple houses with the most basic necessities to save travel time between large distances.

    Sin cooked a massive dinner for him and Nora. After spending over 2 hours cooking, and giving Nora a couple snacks to tie her over. Sin had brought out 100 different plates of food, Noras eyes shined bright like the stars in the sky as her stomach grumbled in anticipation. 

    After supper Sin did the dishes, bathed Nora recited bedtime stories and then went out of the cabin quietly again. Sin read the one flashing log he had been holding off on reading since surviving the lightning Dragons final attack.

    [Congratulations! your cultivation base has been repaired by 0.03% This is just enough for you to gain access to the Mystic Sorcery Tree, Mystic Blade Empress Sword Tree, and Mystic Soul Refinement Tree.]

    Sin was beyond ecstatic, finally he could continue to develop his class, and profession. Sin entered into the Sword Tree with excitement, seeing as how it was the exact same before his fight with Solarus' army. Sin was beyond happy, he couldn't help but mutter beneath his voice.

    "Master I am still alive!"

    Elsewhere, Mystic Blade Empress who was surrounded by billions of corpses laid up against a tree exhausted and nearly dying. The sudden connection of Sin once again entering the Sword Tree awoke her from her slumber. She diverted her Mana, and her soul entered into the Sword Tree. When she saw her precious disciple training like a madman. A smile of relief finally appeared on her face. Looking at how hard her disciple was training, the exhaustion built up in her body vanished.

    "If you can train so hard despite your circumstances being worse than mine. So can I, how could you ever call me master if I can't even keep up with my own disciple!?"

    Mystic Blade Empress exited, using the hilt of her Soul Weapon to help her up. She once again began her training, to redeem herself of the shame and guilt she had. It was due to her own lack of power, Sin had sacrificed his cultivation base. It was due to her own lack of power, Sin went berserk at the death of his wife and loved ones. Never again would she allow herself to bear that humiliation, shame and guilt inside!

    And so just like that, began Sins grueling two years of training nonstop. Torturing himself within his own paradise. Training in Mystic Sword Techniques, Mystic Sorcery, Mystic Soul Refinery, facing various Rebirth trials, and fighting 11,525 Master rank and above experts.

    Raizens name within the Fairy Clan was quickly replaced with the title Madman.

  • Volume 3 Chapter 7: Overcoming The Rebirth Tribulation

    After two years of gruesome training, and unimaginable amounts of blood shed. During the day while Sin was completing his last Rebirth trial. Sins entire body shimmered in ancient golden light. From inside to the outside, Sins cultivation was being repaired and his body was being reforged to the highest degree he achieved.

    After such a long time of not having any cultivation at all, Sin was beyond excited. When his cultivation was fully repaired, he would be able to swap places with Midnight Reaper to see both of his daughters.

    While Nora had become very close and attached to Sin. There was this feeling of longing that Sin couldn't get rid of. No matter how he tried, there was no way of losing this innate sense of longing.

    Golden thunder clouds began billowing in the sky. Defying the heavens by repairing his broken cultivation, without going through the Rebirth cycle was against the heavenly laws. While this had made Sin unimaginably stronger, the tribulation Sin would face would also reflect that.

    Up in the sky of the Fairy Clan, images of Phoenix's, Vermilion Birds, Wolfs, and Dragons shocked the whole clan. On this day, Alaris had left Sins and Noras cabin for the first time in 14 months to visit her mother.

    When she arrived and felt the suffocating Qi in the sky. Alaris looked towards the direction of Sins place. A smile full of a maiden's love and cheer was sewn on her face.

    "You've finally done it Sin! Every single waking second of pain, and torture. You're finally able to be reborn from the ashes of defeat!" 

    Kaiser floated out of Sins Soul Weapon with hope in his eyes for the first time in two years. The young spirit looked at Sin with longing eyes.

    "Father! For the last two years I couldn't feel your connection. Although you would wield me everyday, I couldn't feel your life at all until today."

    Sin smiled seeing the little boy again.

    "I'm sorry to make you worry Kaiser. I have yet to truly finish my Rebirth process. We must pass this tribulation for defying heavenly laws."

    "Fuck the heavenly laws, I will cleave them in half!" Kaiser spat full of might

    Sin was enjoying the feeling of his Mana rotating within his body, his long since dried up body began bursting full of energy. Sin yelled to everyone present.

    "All of you had best roll out of here. This beauty isn't your ordinary trial, get back to the Fairy Clan immediately and activate all the defensive arrays." 

    The Saint elders who have gone through various tribulations themselves noticed the threat of Sins current tribulation. Without waiting for a moment longer, they enveloped everyone with their Mana and shot away at full speed. Some had already sent warning messages to both Alaris and Acacia. Given that both mom and daughter knew everything about Sin up until this point, they took the warnings to heart, raising all the defensive arrays without missing a beat.

    This tribulation had shaken up the entire continent the Fairy Clan was on. All the major powers began rushing towards Sins direction with godspeed. Thirty seconds had passed since the initiation of his tribulation, and this was more than enough time for the old monsters to appear. 

    Sin noticed their presence and quickly equipped a black cloak, covering his face and body completely. The last thing he needed was to draw anymore attention.

    The first bolt of lightning fell, it took the shape of a massive giant wielding a hammer. Sin who had his cultivation fully restored jumped off the ground like a rocket. In his wakes was a two kilometre deep crater. Sin swiped up with Kaiser, fighting full force against the tribulation giant.


    The sound wave echoed out throughout the entirety of the Fairy Clan, the earth rumbled violently splitting at the epicenter beneath the clash. The giant hammer was repelled by Sins full powered attack, Sin shot forward with a fist full of flames. Punching out a giant fist of Phoenix Queen shot forward, engulfing the giant within. 

    Without wasting anymore time, Sin took out a spare weapon. Holding the hilt of the weapon parallel to his hips, Sin stabbed backwards. The spare weapon easily pierced through the giants fist, sparks flew out as the blade bounced off unimaginably strong bone. Sin was blasted forward, despite the massive force making his hair and clothes a mess, Sin was relatively well off.

    "COME ON WITH ALL YOU GOT!" Sin roared aloud while sprouting a brilliant pair of Black Flame wings from his back. Sins body was engulfed by Sacred Flames, since the most important aspect was to hide his true identity. Sin had spent a long time pushing forward the [Sacred Flame Refinement Method] that his master passed onto him earlier on.

    Sin was like the immortal who controlled all fire. Sins various Mystic Flames combined, creating a new set of Refinement Armour. When Sins figure was revealed from the flames, Sins Black Flame Wings were connected to a mirror made out of the Phoenix Queen Sacred Flame. 

    Sins hands to his forearms became like molten lava gauntlets, his feet to his calves were protected by molten lava combat boots. The rest of his body was covered in a upper body black-gold armour, and his combat pants were a white-blue flame wrapped around his lower body.

    Acacia arrived at the scene with Alaris and all the Saint rank elders in the Fairy Clan. Acacia had a pissed off look on her face as she talked daggers to those around Sin.

    "Unexpected guests, don't you think its rude to arrive in my backyard without announcing yourselves first!?" 

    A middle aged man came forward with his hands cupped, and bowed towards Acacia. 

    "Matriarch Acacia, I apologize for my unwanted visit. But I couldn't help but come to admire this youth, he who has yet to reach his second advancement has already triggered a tribulation. It would be a shame to not see what kind of person who could causes such wrathful Heavenly Tribulation to descend."

    Acacia looked at everyone else present with daggers in her eyes. 

    "Since the rest of you are many beats too late thinking about how to appease me. All of you can get the fuck out of my backyard before I kill you foolish fuckers!"

    The others who arrived had sour looks on their face. One women came forward and said equally heaved.

    "Who the fuck do you think you are Acacia? Do you believe your weak Fairies physique can take me on!?"

    Sin flashed and appeared in front of this woman without any spatial disturbance. Sins hand clasped her throat and raised her high into the air above him.

    "You heard my matriarchs words, roll the fuck out of our backyard!" Sin then threw the woman, a massive sonic boom sounded out as she was launched flying backwards without a moment to process what just happened.

    Sin then with a fist of his own, smashed out into the tribulation giants fist and crumbled it with all his might.

    "I hope all of you present elders can understand the two warning I have shown you all. If you do not, I will not hesitate to make more warnings out of those who dare disrespect my Matriarch!" Sin berated the elders loudly without giving any respect.

    All of the elders present frowned, feeling a suffocating pressure from Sin. This young man before their eyes was truly bold, but his own prowess was enough to back it up. The man who had made peace with Acacia stepped forward.

    "You heard Acacia and this young man, roll the fuck out of here!" His aura surged shooting through the sky, all the elders present were strong, but they were still far from equals with this man. All of them had looks of distaste, but no longer dared to stay around.

    Seeing them all return to their respective clans, the man heaved a sigh of relief.

    "Matriarch Acacia, I hope you can accept Tyrants most humble apologies."

    Acacia smiled seeing this. "Brother Tyrant, you may stay and watch if you so please."

    "I'd love to." Tyrant replied with a genuine smile. Taking out a lawn chair and reclining on it with a keg of Spirit Wine.

    "Come join me sisters, this wine has been fermenting for 3,000 years. I'm sure you'd enjoy it." Tyrant said while inviting Acacia and Alaris.

    Both mother and daughter sat down, enjoying the wine and show of Sins tribulation.

    Lightning bolts were descending from the sky nonstop. The giant kept getting stronger the longer it was summoned. Sin was finally showing signs of being beaten back, but this in itself was already impressive. Sin had been combating this tribulation head on for ten minutes, only when it was nearing its end was he losing.

    The cloud formed a cyclone, spiraling down into the giants body. The giant enlarged by 75 feet, and its power alone caused Acacia, and Tyrant to start sweating. 

    Sin looked at the enlarged giant, feeling the threat of death radiating from it. Hardening his eyes, Sin entered into a tranquil state, all of his aura reconvened within his body. Although Sins exterior was as calm as can be, the interior was like a raging tsunami within himself. 

    Sins eyes were closed, with hands on Kaisers sheath and hilt. The surrounding clouds began moving away from Sin and the tribulation giant. The wind began howling loudly, giving testament to the storm brewing within man and tribulation.

    Lightning began crackling on the outside of Sins body, Kaiser started glowing with blinding rays of light. When the tribulation giant began making its move, Sin shut eyes snapped open with lightning sparkling within his Mystic Unity state.

    Sin flashed forward, jumping over the giants fist and stabbing Kaiser through its hard arm. Sin began running full speed up the arm, when he was halfway up he side stepped to the left side at break neck speeds. Kaiser ripped open the chest of the tribulation giant, Sin then launched himself up diagonally towards the tribulation giants head. Criss-crossing Sin had formed a long chain of lightning that wrapped the giants body. With its body restrained and unable to move, Sin flashed above the tribulation giants head. With Kaiser held up high in the sky with both hands, Sin propelled himself downwards at full speed, slicing through the tribulation giant, clouds and first layer of the atmosphere itself.

    [Mystic Sorcery: Lightning Grand Cross!]

    Lightning sparked forming a beautiful tree in the sky above Fairy Clan, all those present admired the scenery in the sky. All the elders who had been shooed away, gathered once more.

    The man whose secondary branch of the Black Rock Organization was destroyed recently stood forward.

    "I believe Acacia is planning to hire that monstrous youth as the Fairy Clans representative for the upcoming King Of Mercenaries Tournament. It is in all of our best interests, when the divine continent sends their ships over to pick up the representatives. There will be an 'accident' at sea where that youth and other candidates die."

    All the elders present, especially the women who was thrown away by Sin personally was most pleased with this idea. She came forward and said.

    "I have hidden a mutated Kraken at sea, it has somehow inherited the bloodline of the Divine Thunder Shark. It has passed it's second promotion, and can easily deal with those who have stabilized their cultivation after their third promotion. Unless that punk is some kind of Immortal reborn in the lower domains, his death is assured."

    After Sin had passed the tribulation with passing colours, there were a multitude of logs awaiting for his appraisal. But Sin didn't give a damn about that right now, instantly without warning Midnight Reaper, he swapped places with Midnight Reaper. When Sin was in Midnight Reapers body with his portion of their soul, he could hear Midnight Reaper spitting curses and grievances like he were Biggie Smalls.

    Author's Note:

    Sorry guys, this chapter is a bit on the smaller end for me. There will be a second release on Wednesday, plus the promised release on Thursday. Until then cheers, and thank you for reading.
  • Volume 3 Chapter 8: Surging Emotions, Reunion Of Family And Brothers

    Sin spread his Mana throughout the Wolf God Clan, sensing the huge progress everyone has made in two years, Sin was thoroughly shocked and pleased. The Wolf God Clan, Vermilion Bird and Phoenix Heart Clans became one big family. All the elders, warriors, and children mixed together perfectly. There were no disputes between them, everyone was working towards equal goals. And at the very center of the shopping district, there was a statue of Mystic Blade Empress erected.

    Sin stealthily snuck into the Martial Hall, there were millions inside sparring, training, deriving the Primordial Chaos and Major Destruction laws within. After inspecting the Martial Hall, Sin went onto inspecting the Dungeon that made him break the bank.

    Sin made his rounds through the Wolf God Clan, the surrounding 1,800 miles had become land exclusive to them. Sin noticed there were various portals set up, one he knew was connected to the Capital City, but the others he was unsure of. However, there seemed to be no harm done, so Sin put the worries out of his mind.

    After locking onto Alannahs and Samaras positions with his Mana, Sin cloaked his own Mana and bloodline with his Rebirth Essence. When Sin appeared, he saw both Alannah and Samara sparring together. His two little girls had grown so much in just 2 years time, they had both grown to be taller than 4 feet. Combat robes wrapped around their bodies, the mere pressure from their spar alone was enough to make Sin sweat. His precious daughters were two little monsters!

    After sitting there silently for a hour watching his daughters spar together. They had both decided to take a break, and get some lunch. Just as they turned their backs, and were ready to leave their training field. Sins voice echoed out behind them, they stood still in shock as if they were nails hammed into the ground.

    "You have grown so much my daughters."

    Alannah and Samara stood in place with disbelief, as if they were nails hammered into the ground. Quickly both of the girls turned around, when they saw Sins smile on his face, felt his Mana and their bloodline connecting once again. All disbelief was erased from their minds.

    Alannah shot forward at top speed, when Alannah was about three kilometres away from Sin, she jumped and launched herself flying forwards. Sin caught Alannah like a football, and spinned Alannah in the air multiple times. For the first time in two and a half years, Alannah let out cheerful laughter that hasn't been heard since her papas and mothers absence.

    Alannah wrapped her arms around Sin, and her wings sprouted from her back, tightly wrapping around Sins neck. Alannah whispered into her papas ears.

    "Papa we missed you so much! Samara has had a really hard time without you and mom over this period of time, please go and spend more time with Samara to help calm her."

    Sin hugged Alannah tightly and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Sin said with a shaky voice. "I am sorry you have had to be so strong Alannah, papa promises he will never make the same mistakes again." Sin gently put Alannah back on the ground.

    Sin walked towards Samara, when he was halfway there, Samaras nine tails became agitated. Her hands balled up into fists, and tears began streaming down her eyes.

    "I hate you your a bad papa! Get away from me! It's all your fault we had to cry ourselves to sleep for the last two and a half years! It's your fault mom died! It's your fault for being prideful!" Samara screamed her heart out, her yells were so loud they spread out throughout the entire Wolf God Clan. Over 90,000,000 people heard the pain in Samaras voice, the sadness, grievance, and hate she felt towards her papa.

    Samara flashed away, leaving Sin stuck in place like a stone statue. Knowing that Samara was right in everything she just said. Sin sighed to himself and shook his head.

    Alannah appeared beside Sin and held his hand with both of hers. "Samara doesn't truly hate you papa, she knows you did what you had to so you could protect us. Samaras just overwhelmed with emotions right now, every night when she would sleep, she would call out for you. Often times her nightmares would wake her up, the only way to calm her down was for me to gently comb her hair with my hands."

    Sin knelt down and took out a bowl of food from his inventory, using his Sacred Flame Sin heated it up to the perfect temperature for Alannah. Sin reached out and ruffled Alannahs hair and said.

    "I am very sorry Alannah, it must've been so hard on you my little girl. Papa is sorry for being a useless man, for now here is the stir fry you loved so much. I will make a proper and nutritious supper tonight when I bring Samara back with me."

    Alannah saw Sins eyes, then she began to finally cry herself. This little girl had been strong for so long to be the tower of support for Samara and herself, now she couldn't keep herself in check anymore seeing her papas white, and lifeless eyes.

    "Papa i'm also sorry for hiding my power, if I wasn't so afraid. Things could be different, you wouldn't have become a Shura, nor would you have lost your eyesight."

    Sin raised his finger to Alannahs mouth, kissing her on her forehead and wiping her tears away.

    "Nothing is your fault Alannah, it is your papas fault for being prideful and stubborn. I better go and try to appease Samara."

    Sin placed his hand on Alannahs shoulder, and with his Mystic Energy transferred Alannah to their home. Sin quickly stood up and flashed away like a sudden gust of wind. Within two flashes, Sin crossed 750 miles appearing in the back mountains where Samara first hatched from her egg.

    When Sin was 75 feet away, he saw Samara holding herself together in a tight nit little ball. Her tails wrapped around her forming a wall, she wrapped her arms around her knees up to her chest. Resting her head on her arms, Samaras tears were flowing like a raging tsunami. She had finally seen the papa she missed and loved so much, but there was so much anger, grief, and hate towards her papa that Samara didn't know what to feel.

    Samara heard the crumpling of leaves underneath Sins combat boots, when she looked up and saw her papa was only 5 feet away in front of her, she became agitated. Her nine tails began whipping and lashing about in a frenzy. Samara yelled out everything she held in her heart.

    "Everything is your fault papa! I hate you, I miss mom, I missed you, I love you. You left us to fend for ourselves for two and a half years! Although we had so many loving people around us, they could NEVER replace my papa or mom! It's all your fault, ALL YOUR FAULT!"

    Samaras figure began interchanging between her human form, and her beast form as she cried her little heart out. The huge disruption to her emotions, shocked her very core. Making her unable to control herself.

    Sin came forward and knelt down in front of Samara. This however, just worked to adding more oil to the already raging fire.

    Samaras tails began whipping Sin which emitted sharp "Cracks!"  and various "Wuh-PSSSSH" like sounds Sin bared all of this pain, sadness, and hate of Samaras. Not once did Sin move, nor did he wince or make a sound. Sin reached his hand out to hug Samara into his embrace, this entailed to her biting through Sins formidable physique with her teeth. Sin used his remaining arm to bring Samara into her embrace.

    When Samara was hugged into Sins embrace, her fury erupted as she began pounding her fists on Sins chest.



    The sound of Samaras fists smashing her papas chest echoed out throughout the back mountain, all the birds flew off the trees in a hurry. All the other forest creatures began scurrying away, in fear of their guardians fury.

    After three full hours, Samara stopped herself from whipping, and pounding her papas chest. When she looked at Sins beet red chest, and all the deep gashes left on his body. Samara cried loudly, she exhaustively looked into Sins eyes. When Samara saw her papas dull eyes, she began frantically waving her hands right in front of his face. Samara eagerly watched hoping her papas eyes would follow her hands. But to her disappointment, Sins eyes remained still as if missing everything right in front of him.

    Samara began injecting all kinds of healing magic into Sins eyes. Try and try continuously as she did, nothing could bring back the luster and gleam her papas eyes once had.

    "Papa your eyesight is gone!?" Samara asked with deep guilt.

    Sin used his hand and began combing Samaras long silky hair.

    "It is not a big loss Samara. It was a small price to pay for my inadequacy."

    Samara rebutted back. "It is a big deal papa! You will never be able to see how I look again, you won't be able to see me when I am all grown up! Alannah and I have have become taller, you won't be able to see moms beauty anymore!"

    Sin wiped the tears away from the edges of Samaras eyes.

    "Samara sweetheart don't worry about papa. I don't deserve it, nor do I deserve to be forgiven. Papa has been absent, and was unable to protect yours, and Alannahs happiness. No matter how I tried, I was too weak to protect anyone. I'm sorry for that Samara, your happiness was compromised because of papa."

    Samara felt the grief within Sins words, and his own powerlessness over the past events. Finally having been calmed down, Samaras eyes were starting to get heavy. The outburst of emotions exhausted her. Samara rested her head up against Sins chest, and began listening to her papas heart beat. With a voice full of pleading, Samara asked.

    "Papa are you going to be by my side when I wake up?"

    Sin held out his pinky finger in front of Samara and said. "Wrap your pinky finger around mine."

    Samara did as she was told, and wrapped her pinky finger around her papas.

    "This is my promise to you, papa will be by your side when you wake up."

    Samara smiled before she closed her eyes with a peaceful look on her face. "Please don't leave ever again papa, I don't want to feel lonely like that ever again!"

    Sin stood up and carried Samara in a princess hold up against his chest. Leaning his head down, Sin affectionately kissed Samaras forehead. Sin flashed as he appeared in his home, that had been left untouched for two and a half years. Sin looked around sentimentally, but flashed up to his room faster than lightning. Using his Mana, Sin folded the blanket down halfway his and Meralas bed.

    Gently placing the sleeping Samara onto the bed, Sin pulled the blanket up and covered Samaras with it. Bending down and giving Samara one more kiss on her forehead, Sin backed away and sat on the floor with his back against the wall.

    Alannah flashed into the room, seeing the peaceful look on Samaras sleeping face. Alannahs eyes became gentle and tender. Sitting down on the ground between her papas legs, Alannah reclined as she laid her head on Sins chest.

    "It would seem you managed to calm Samara down." Alannah used her Mana to scan Sins body and saw her papas beet red chest, and all the gashes on his body. Alannah couldn't help but ask. "Why haven't you let yourself recover?"

    Sin ruffled Alannahs hair. "It's a reminder that I need to be a better papa to the both of you."

    Sin then asked. "Alannah be honest with papa, do you hate me for my absence and the pain I caused you?"

    Alannah was like a cat that just had its tail stepped on. She jumped up and pointed at Sin without controlling her voice.

    "Of course I don't hate papa! Papa is the best in the world! You, yourself know you did what you thought was right to protect all of us. Look at me and Samara now! We are in one piece aren't we? Sure some days are harder than others, but we knew you were alive, and that is all that mattered to us. Every day we could feel your cultivation getting stronger, and we felt your endless love for us despite the distance of various worlds! There is no way I can hate my papa!"

    "You push yourself too hard papa, you bear all the weight on your shoulders alone! If you would've let us help back then, I could have easily killed Solarus and everyone else present. You did things the way you thought were right for yourself, but what about us? How did that affect us for the last two and a half years!?"

    Sin weakly voice out. "I'm sorry Alannah, you two little princesses mean everything to me. I'm sorry you two had to suffer because of your papas selfishness. I'm sorry I couldn't protect your mother, or big sister Jasmine."

    Alannah pouted angrily, she raised her hand and slapped Sin across the face.

    "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER PAPA! Stop mourning the past, what's happened is already done and over with. What matters now is that you learn from your mistakes. And that you NEVER do anything so selfish like that ever again!"

    After Alannah had her loud outburst, Samara began getting restless in her sleep. She began tossing and turning, her peaceful look was replaced with a sour and sad look.

    "Papa don't leave me again."

    Samara called out in her sleep. Alannah quickly got onto Sins bed, Alannah cuddled Samara as she began combing her sisters hair. Within minutes, Samara had returned to her peaceful state.

    Sin encompassed his daughters with Mana. Seeing all this happen with his Mana, Sin felt completely heart broken and a complete failure. But both Alannah and Samara were without a doubt right. Sin still needed to improve himself as a man, a husband, as the Wolf King. But the most important of all, as a father.

    Sin only calculated his own consequences, but not how they would have effects on those around him. This was something prevalent even on Earth, and something he himself struggled with.

    All the exhaustion suppressed by Sin overflowed. With heavy eyes, Sin fell asleep.

    Soon five hours passed by, when Sin awoke from his much deserved rest, Sin looked down. Unknown to him, or any pings from his Mana making him aware.

    Alannah and Samara had both cuddled up into their papas chest. Sin with his hands, began combing both of his daughters hair. Shortly after both of them woke up.

    "How did my girls sleep? Are the both of you hungry?" Sin asked lovingly.

    Before the girls could answer, their stomachs rumbled loudly answering for them.

    Alannah and Samara both blushed slightly embarrassed.

    Sin stood up carefully, with both daughters in his arms. Sin made his way downstairs into the kitchen.

    Seeing how everything remained the exact same as he left home. Sin couldn't help but remember all of his laughter, and love he felt for and from Merala.

    [Two and a half years ago, this was my sanctuary. Now it feels foreign.] Sin thought to himself.

    Hearing his daughters massive order for supper, Sin quickly got into chef mode and began cooking like a madman.

    After a hour had passed, Sin had their dining room full to the brim with tables of food. Before they had dinner together as a family, Sin decided to initiate a tradition from Earth.

    With both daughters sitting side by side himself, Sin held their hands as he told them to close their eyes. Starting it off, Sin said aloud.

    "I give my most sincere thanks to the higher beings out there. Thank you for giving me a second lease on life, and thank you for allowing me to come back to my precious daughters. I know as a man, father, husband, and as Wolf King. I have many areas to further improve on, especially myself. Thank you again for a second shot at life, you don't truly realize how precious something is until it falls out of your hands."

    Alannah and Samara were all smiles, their pent up grief for their papa was beginning to wash away. Since they were already told in advance what this tradition is. Samara was second to go.

    "Thank you to the higher beings for my loving papa, mom and my sisters. Many good people have become family to me, although mom isn't here with us. I know what mom and papa sacrificed wasn't easy, and I am sorry to let myself harbor hate for my papa and mom."

    Sin unconsciously squeezed Samaras and Alannahs hands tighter. These little girls, were one of the main driving forces for his recovery and self improvement.

    Lastly it was Alannahs turn.

    "Thank you to the higher beings for my loving papa, mom and sisters. Papa, mom, Samara, and uncle Midnight love me unconditionally. Even knowing my hidden gifts, they never once mistreated me or singled me out. I was afraid coming into my family when I was given life. But everyone loved me so much, and proved it doesn't matter how you become family. Love and bonds are the most important of all. Thank you for my family."

    Sin, Alannah, and Samara shared a minute of silence. Feeling their shared love and bloodline, it was a blessing that not everyone gets the chance to have. No longer would Sin take these peaceful moments for granted.

    "Dig in my daughters, papa has cooked a huge feast tonight!"

    Alannah and Samara dove into their food, as if like two miniature black holes in their stomachs. The whole tables of food that could feed a family of 35, was devoured within a half hour.

    Sin was lugging the dishes back to the kitchen, just as he was about to start washing them. Alannah and Samara formed a organized and neat relay chain.

    Alannah passed the plates to Sin, Sin would wash them, then he would pass them to Samara for drying and putting away. Just like that, ten minutes passed and the dishes were done.

    Alannah and Samars were holding hands together, they used their cutest puppy eyes and said together. "Papa we want to play video games!"

    Sin smiled. "You have 1 hour, then it's bath and bed time."

    Both girls called out happily in delight. "Papa is the best!" They quickly ran off into the living room and started the Playstation 4.

    Just as Sin was going to head upstairs, he heard knocking on the door. Walking towards and opening the door, Zenith was standing there with a plate of desserts.

    "Hey Midnight, my wife baked some desserts and we have some left over. We thought Alannah and Samara would like them."

    Sins eyes literally shot out of their sockets before he exclaimed.

    "Mother fucker, when did your single skinny ass get a wife!?"

    Zenith was stunned, then it clicked in all of a sudden.

    "You mother fucker Si-"

    Before Zenith could finish, Sin pulled him inside before the disturbance caught too much attention.

    When inside, Zenith raged.

    "You mother fucking traitor, how long have you been back for!? And when were you gonna visit your brother you asshole!"

    Zenith exclaimed loudly with a wide smile on his face. Both Sin and Zenith bear hugged each other, the brothership they built was impressive.

    Sin took Zenith out to the back porch, with a bottle of Drambuie and Grand Mariner Triple Orange, Sin and Zenith had many drinks together and caught up.

    After Samaras and Alannahs one hour gametime was up, Samara suddenly spoke up.

    "Alannah it's been one hour, its bath time with papa now!"

    Alannah stealthily sneaked to the back door, hearing Zenith and Sin catching up with each other. Alannah smiled mischievously before returning to Samara.

    "Don't worry about it. Papa and uncle Zenith are catching up with each other. They won't notice the passing time."

    Samara smiled full of cheer. "Hell yeah more game time!"

    Alannah rushed forward with a finger on Samaras lips and said.

    "Shhhhh, we can't alert them!"

    After another hour passed, and the stars and moon were long hanging up in the sky. It finally dawned on Sin.

    "Shit! I got so caught up catching up with you brother, Its way past Alannahs and Samaras gametime!"

    Zenith smiled seeing the Sin he remembered hadn't changed a single bit. Zenith stood up and nearly fell off the back deck.

    "I best be going home before my wife comes knocking in a tantrum."

    Sin laughed watching how drunk Zenith was.

    "Try not to stumble on your way home brother." Sin and Zenith clasped each others wrists before Zenith jumped the fence, and fell face first.

    "Try not to eat shit looking cool next time you drunk fuck!" Sin hollered out in mighty laughter.

    After walking back inside, Sin called out.

    "Samara, Alannah its bath time!"

    Samara and Alannah saved their game, then ran up the stairs in excitement. It was the first time in two and a half years their papa would bathe them.

    After spending 30 minutes, Sin dried them and had the girls put on a fresh pair of pajamas. After carrying both girls into their room, Alannah and Samara asked.

    "Papa can we sleep with you tonight? Please just for tonight!" Knowing their papa was a sucker for puppy eyes, it worked with flying colours.

    "Alright, I know the both of you are using your puppy eyes again. Yes you can sleep with me tonight." Sin said.

    Bringing the girls back to his and Meralas room, Sin made his bed with a fresh pair of bed sheets. After that was done, Sin turned his radio on and played Digital Daggers on low volume.

    After getting into bed with the pillows over top his right arm, Alannah and Samara cuddled into each other, up against Sins chest.

    Sin gave each of his girls a kiss goodnight, and began reciting various bedtime stories. After a period of time passed by, and hearing their calm breathing.

    Sin whispered quietly. "Goodnight my precious daughters, I love you." Shortly after Sin followed his daughters into the dream land.

  • Volume 3 Chapter 9: Warning Issued By The Dungeon

    Throughout the night, both Alannah and Samara had awoken many times. To these two little girls, they dreamed of their papa coming back home to them every day. Even though they knew they were in their papas loving embrace. They were also scared of it being a bad nightmare, that they haven't awoken from.

    After sleeping past his internal alarm clock. Sin lazily woke up, sensing his daughters were still in a deep sleep. Sin didn't move a single inch. There was no way he was waking his girls from their peaceful sleep.

    Two hours passed by, and it was 8 am now. Both girls began stretching out as they woke up.

    "Good morning my little princesses."

    Hearing their papas loving words, both smiled brightly before replying back in unison.

    "Good morning papa!"

    Sin got out of bed and jumped into the shower quickly. While showering, Sin couldn't help but remember all the times he and Merala shared this very shower together. They were times of bliss, although temporarily gone, they would surely be back soon.

    After coming out, he heard Alannah and Samara giggling like two crack heads who found a 100$ bill. Using his Mana, Sin saw both of them were smashing each other in the face with pillows.

    "Who's hungry?" Sin called out.

    "We are!" Both girls chimed in unison. Soon they got themselves dressed. Just like two bats out of hell, Alannah and Samara ran out of the room jumping on the railing, and rode with style down onto the main floor.

    "Be careful pulling stunts like that girls!" Sin called out as he was making his way downstairs.

    Soon he heard the beep of the PlayStation 4 turning on, that was his cue to start cooking breakfast before his girls became ravenous monsters.

    Alannah and Samara were so engrossed in their game. It wasn't until Sin tickled the hell out of them, that they realized breakfast was ready.

    After eating, both girls yelled as they ran out of the house.

    "We are going to train in the dungeon papa!"

    Elder Rein who was nearby, with his wife and son overheard the girls exclamation. A fire burned in Reins eyes as he hammered on the door with unconcealed excitement.

    Sin came to the door, and when Rein saw the real Wolf King he shouted aloud.

    "By the ancestors, Wolf King Sin you're truly back!"

    Sin smiled hearing this voice.

    "Good day Elder Rein, I am happy to hear your joy seeing me in person again. But can you be a little more quiet? I don't want to break the common belief, without truly being able to remain here."

    Rein bowed respectfully and said. "My apologies Wolf King, I was so caught up in knowing my liege was still alive and in good shape."

    Then Rein took a closer look at Sins face and noticed his eyes.

    "Wolf King, your eyes?" Rein asked questioningly.

    "The price for my inadequacy." Sin replied.

    How is your wife and child doing Rein? Sin asked.

    Rein brought his wife and son over.

    "Honey, Tanner this is Wolf King Sin. Wolf King wanted to come and congratulate us, but with his severe injuries he wasn't able to make it."

    Rein's wife smiled. "Thank you for your sincerity Wolf King. It brings great honour knowing you wanted to celebrate the miracle of life with us."

    Sin smiled back. "It is my honour to share the good and bad with my family here. I regret not having that chance. But as I once said to Rein, I would prepare gifts. I apologize for the late gifts."

    Sin took out various bags from his inventory. "Hopefully I have not made any offence."

    After taking the gifts, Rein, his wife and son thanked Sin.

    "Thank you Wolf King, this is truly a very kin-"

    Sin raised his hand stopping them. "I understand, but like I said I will share the good and bad with my family. Please don't feel the need to be so reserved in private. Treat me as you would any one of your good friends."

    Rein, his wife and child happily left shortly after. After they had left, Sin sighed to himself.

    "It has now been two and a half years, I really hope Kirala doesn't straight out cap my ass."

    After preparing himself for god knows what, Sin encompassed the Wolf God Clan with his Mana. After sensing where Kirala was, Sin flashed out of his house and quickly appeared in front of Kiralas lounging. After standing there like an idiot for twenty minutes, Sin grew a pair and knocked on Kiralas door.

    The moment he heard the footsteps coming closer, Sin swore he could feel his balls fly up to the back of his throat. When he heard the door open, and felt Kiralas heavy emotional state. Sin dropped his head unable to 'look' at Kirala even without his eyesight.

    Sin kowtowed and began banging his head. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect Merala. If you so wish to make my head roll to appease yourself, I will pay that price."

    Kirala picked Sin up off the ground, then her fist flew out and smashed into Sins chest with a raging fury. Pulling Sin inside, Kirala began beating the bloody hell out of Sin in private.

    "MOTHER FUCKER! How long were you planning to take before you showed up huh!? Myself and Sirius left our daughter in your 'capable' hands, and you couldn't even protect her! Do you know how much those girls of yours cried in my arms? Do you know how hard it was to explain to them, their mom was dead, but she would be coming back to life in a couple of years!?"

    Sin took each fist of Kiralas, despite hearing his own bones crunch and break from the weight of Kiralas fists. Not once did Sin allow himself to back away, this was his way of atoning. While it would never truly wash away, Sin could at least let others appease their own hate in this way.

    After Kirala had her share of beating Sin black and blue. Kirala pulled out a gatorade bottle, Sin began heavily sweating more than he was during his beating. Sin assumed she was now rejuvenating herself for round two of his ass whopping.

    "Why are you looking like i'm about to give you a second round of ass whooping? I've vented now, let us catch up over the events that transpired. While I was, and still am pissed off. I just like anyone else, saw the events that transpired. When I arrived to protect Merala, your girls and the Vermilion Bird Clan. I was stopped by my own past enemies, I was heavily injured and powerlessly watched from a distance as my own daughter was killed. I felt helpless, aggrieved and worthless. I couldn't protect Sirius' little angel who he loved so much. Then I saw you become a Shura, and how you wiped out 30 Gods, and then fought so bravely against the Demon Lord. I wished to be there massacring as crazed as you were. But I was far too weak, and still am. It's such a harsh feeling to bear."

    "I know what has happened cannot be reversed. Luckily through many boons and interventions, I was able to prepare for every worst case scenario I could think of at that time. I wished to protect everyone's life in my own way, in the long run it nearly caused total annihilation for our clans, and the capital cities lifeline. Even worse than that, all life in Desolate Kingdom truly could've been wiped clean by Solarus and his forces." Sin said.

    Sin took out a bottle of Hine Rare VSOP from his inventory and some glasses. "Care to share a couple of drinks with me?"

    "Sure, I could use a drink. It has been sometime since my last with Sirius." Kirala said.

    After Sin had filled Kiralas glass to the top, Kirala bottomed it without reservation.

    "Damn that's some good stuff!" Kirala exclaimed licking her lips as she savored the flavour. After downing the bottle to herself, Kirala had begun getting tipsy.

    "You know Sin, you people from Earth are really something. Although we're from different worlds, galaxies even. Both you and Sirius are both excellent men, I know that a lot weighs heavily in your heart. But just like Sirius once was, you're starting to show signs of discarding your selfish nature. Us locals aren't innocent in this world by any means, but the amount of progress you have made is astonishing. Not many people have a compassionate heart like you do for loved ones and friends."

    Sin smiled self-deprecatingly. "I am nothing special Kirala, there are plenty of people from Earth who play the hand of God. Enough of that for now though, what would you like to know about Earth? Maybe I can feel in the gaps since Sirius' times?"

    Kirala had a long and thoughtful look on her face. After a minute passed, Kirala suddenly asked.

    "What is the environment like on Earth? In Desolate Kingdom, we do not have a moon, nor does it rain. Our environment is rich of natural energy, and has 1.5% of contaminating natural pollutants. What does the real moon look like? Sirius use to say all the time how insignificant he felt below it."

    Sin answered right away without needing any time to think. "Well on Earth, there are many big companies and industries. These industries do illegal dumpings into the ocean, and the very earth itself we walk on. This causes our environment to be plagued with pollution, and makes my home lack many natural habitats, and ecosystems like here in Desolate Kingdom."

    "As for the moon, well that I do not know how to explain it a whole lot myself. I never had an interest in studying it, but to make it simple. After the sun goes down, the moon comes out at night. Essentially it is just one big round ball, and radiates moonlight allowing us to have some vision at night. The moon itself is a celestial body like the sun, it is very easy to feel your existence is worthless underneath it."

    While enjoying his conversation with Kirala, Sin suddenly felt a deep palpitation of danger within his heart. Before he could react to it, a loud beast roar was heard within the the Wolf God Clans territory.


    The roar shocked everyone within the Clan, ever since the emergence of this dungeon two and a half years ago. It has brought boundless wealth and prosperity, but it also brought its own dangers and risks with it.

    All of the dungeon diving teams were forcefully booted out of the dungeon. A vast purple portal appeared in the sky above the Wolf God Clan. A figure appeared, after revealing itself it was a low rank Dungeon Guardian, three long horns sprouted from its head. The aura it emitted made everyone want to prostrate and revere him. The figure was dripping in blood, chunks of flesh, guts, and organs.

    The Dungeon Guardians voice reverberated throughout the land, stretching out as far as to the capital city.

    "So this is the land of these pesky ants who've been killing my monsters inside the dungeon. Bring out your leader right now! If not I will kill these three brats before all of you!"

    The three figures that were revealed were Alannah, Samara and Lan. They were trapped inside of a locking formation, but their voice could still be heard.

    "Listen here you limp dick asshole! It's not our fault you invaded our dungeon, and it's also not our fault you have whiskey dick and couldn't please your wife!" Alannah yelled out making all of those who heard it laugh.

    This was something Sin had once taught her, if you can disrupt your opponents mental state, you have already secured victory. However, this was a different scenario altogether. This Dungeon Guardian had a clear mind, Alannahs words had just fueled the guardians anger, giving her the opposite of what she wanted to achieve by berating it.

    The Dungeon Guardian snapped its fingers, hundreds of thousands of beast roars were heard quickly approaching. Afterwards the Dungeon Guardian took out a thin blade, it was both flexible and sharp. When the speed was able to reach its maximum, the sword itself would slither like a snake. Making it a very delicate, but also frightening display of a sword dancing.

    Just as it had reached top speed and was about to slash through killing Alannah, Samara and Lan. Sin appeared in front of the blade, without so much as releasing any life or power from his body. Sin reached out and caught the tip of the blade between his fingers.

    The Dungeon Guardian was nearly given a heart attack, despite his overwhelming strength and refined senses. Sin had snuck past every single barrier of his, he would truly be a dead man if Sin hadn't saved his daughters and disciple.

    Applying pressure on the tip of the blade, Sin ground it into powder between his hands.

    Sins analyze began doing its job.

    Name: Lower Dungeon Guardian Sleipnir [Infant]

    Level: 25

    Health: 5,525,000

    Mana: 2,950,000

    Strength: 745

    Intelligence: 450

    Agility: 835

    Dexterity: 835

    Physique: 415

    Comprehension: 355

    "You had best get the fuck out of my clan if you want to live!" Sin bellowed loudly, that alone was able to make the ground rumble, leaving cracks embedded in its surface.

    "Everybody has their demons, and to bring out that scary being from inside me, by daring to take my daughters and disciples life. You're playing with a raging fire that's going to burn yourself!"

    Sins body ignited like an infernal hell when his eyes opened, the sclera was pitch black while his eyes were a deep crimson red. Black, gold, and white-blue flame tattoos covered his body from head to toe. Pulling Kaiser out of his sheath a tremendous change occurred. Kaisers colour changed to a metallic purple, and began radiating a crimson-black flame around itself.

    Multi coloured flaming wings spread from Sins back. "You have got a lot of nerve waltzing in and disturbing the peace of my family!"

    Sin then punched the locking formation shattering it, enveloping his daughters and disciple within his Mana, Sin transferred them to the ground and healed all their injuries.

    "Listen up everyone! Go crazy and kill all dungeon beasts that dare to walk out of the portal. This fucker here is my prey!"

    Sin toggled on both passive functions of his Emperors aura, buffing ally stats, Sword, and Sword Heart techniques by 25% then debuffing the assailants with -25% stats, sword and Sword Heart techniques.

    Everyone within the Wolf God Clans boundaries were surrounded by golden rings, where as Sleipnir and the dungeon beasts were surrounded by black rings.

    Sin launched himself forward, leaving a blazing arc of crimson-black flame as he clashed with Sleipnirs weapon. Taking out the last spare weapon from his inventory, Sin fueled all of his Sacred Flames into it. The surging flames extended like a cover over the blade melting the steel of the weapon.

    Slashing down with his left hand, the blazing inferno cut into Sleipnir, burning the organs and blood inside. Sleipnirs bestial nature activated, and the guardians body began expanding becoming seven metres tall. Punching out its fist, Sin purposely took the full brunt of the attack with his fleshly body.


    Sin remained hovering in the exact same position. Throwing away the remnant of his spare weapon, Sin flashed out of his position, reappearing in the middle of Sleipnirs breast. Sin punched out with his now freed up left hand, a loud and sharp "KRUCK" was heard as the bones in Sleipnirs chest broke under the force of Sins punch.

    Sleipnir was blasted backwards, and crashed into the mountain face hundreds of kilometres away from the Wolf God Clan. Sin lackadaisically flew forward in chase, after arriving and seeing the forever reaching deep hole. Sin called out in provocation.

    "Yoo hoo, mister Guardian are you still alive in there?"

    After a couple of seconds passed, Sin skidded left and right avoiding two blade beams aimed to sever his arms.

    "I take that as a yes, good talk!" Sin called out in reply to the attacks he just dodged.

    "Shut up, you stupid human! Your presumptuous if you think you can get away with mocking my holy bloodline!" Sleipnir came flying out of the pit in a self consumed rage.

    Sin was currently digging out the wax of his left ear with his pinky. Looking at it and scrunching his face in disgust, Sin flicked it off his finger.


    Sleipnir bellowed losing the last grips of his own sanity. Sin smiled seeing this reaction, putting Kaiser back into its sheath. Sin spoke with power.

    "You have already lost!"

    Flower petals rushed out of Sins clothes, soon the surrounding became pitch black. Three long never ending rows of swords emerged from the ground within the Sword Realm that Sin had created. Slapping both of his opened palms together, both rows of Swords began dissolving turning into a flurry of flower petals and sword lights.

    [Ballad Of The Mystic Blade Empress!]

    The flower petals cut through Sleipnirs physique like a hot knife through butter. Soon the Sword Realm had been washed with blood.

    Sleipnir roared helplessly and in rage, he was a mighty Dungeon Guardian! The dungeon had chosen him as the harbinger to conquer other dungeons, and integrate becoming a part of the Arcane Rift, the originator of all dungeons.

    "I will not die here! I have a glorious destiny awaiting me!" Sleipnir bellowed as he rushed towards Sin dual wielding a clone of his weapon.

    Sins Withering Sword Dance erupted, forming a protective barrier around his body.

    "You would have been a worthy opponent when I was crippled, but now your caliber is no longer in the same bracket as I!"

    Snapping the fingers in both hands, the flower petals and sword lights dropped to the ground lifelessly. Just as Sleipnir was about to dice Sin into various pieces. Sins right hand glowed a faint pink colour. Twisting his body in various angles dodging the flurry of attacks. Sins hand palmed out into Sleipnirs chest, the pink light intensified before it materialized into a condensed beam of flower petals.

    [Withering Blade Cannon!]

    Sleipnirs body exploded, chunks of flesh and body pieces fell to the ground. Sleipnirs blood, and remaining organs inside his body evaporated from the pressure. Wiping off the blood from his face, and purifying the awakening third personality in himself. Sin cancelled his Sword Realm, taking the nuclei out of the pool of blood. Sin left with a beaming smile on his face. After all, nothing beats the sensation of looting your enemies after killing them.

    Rushing back to the Wolf God Clan, Sin could hear the battle cries and the roars of dungeon beasts. Wrapping the surroundings with his Mana, Sin counted there to be more than 4,000,000 dungeon beasts and counting were still exiting the portal. Opposite to Sins train of thought, unlike in past MMORPGS he played. Killing the Dungeon Guardian didn't end the raid, it instead frenzied all of the dungeon beasts increasing their speed and strengthening them as they tunneled out.

    Sin shouted a warning for all within Wolf God Clan to hear.

    "Enshroud yourselves with your Mana quick! If you have trained in arrays, please shield your fellow friends and family!"

    After Sins shout was spread throughout the Wolf God Clan. Sin began storing all of his Sword Qi in his Withering Sword Dance. Soon the flower petals and sword lights became berserk. All the flower petals and sword light combined, turning into three pink dragons.

    [Withering Dragons Calamity!]

    The three dragons exhaled a breath of condensed Sword Qi. Flower petals fell from the sky, every dungeon beast they landed on, or simply got blown past by the wind were instantly cut in half. The flower petals hungrily engulfed the corpses of the dungeon beasts leaving nothing behind.

    Everyone in the Wolf God Clans territory let out a mighty battle cry. With the display of their Wolf Kings might, how could they remain struggling to survive the raid?

    The warriors of the Phoenix Heart, Vermilion Bird, and Wolf God Clans formed various combat formations and links.  Within one hour, the 4,000,000 dungeon beasts were cut down to 1,000,000 remaining. The entire time, Sin hovered in the sky acting as a guardian. Instead of forcefully wiping out the dungeon beasts from the beginning, Sin took this time to watch and evaluate the growth of the three clans.

    Sin was not disappointed one bit, Sin memorized the looks of 325,000 youths with vast untapped potential. This wasn't counting the ones who were actively rushing into the portal, trimming the numbers from inside.

    After 15 minutes passed, the beast raid had been quelled without any further hiccups. A loud notification rang in the ears of all present, and logs appeared in front of their eyes.

    [Congratulations Wolf God Clan! You have successfully cleared the 20th Dungeon Beast Raid. The E Rank is now deemed insufficient enough of a trial. The future Dungeon Beast Raids have been increased to the D Rank. The next Dungeon Beast Raid is in 45 days.]

    This next log was filled with scarlet context.

    [!!!!! This Dungeon Beast Raid was unexpected due to return of the originator who planted the Dungeon Seed. The Dungeon has deemed the owner to be alive. The temporary ownership has been transferred from Midnight Reaper, back to the Wolf King! Please do not allow this mistake to happen again Wolf King, a calamity may befall in your continuous prolonged absence.]

    After the notifications, and logs disappeared. A great disturbance was beginning to brew within the minds and hearts of the members. Some of the more keen to detail types quickly caught hold of the meaning. On many occasions they heard others call their Wolf King by title, and the elders in the know called him Midnight Reaper in public a couple times by mistake.

    Sin heard all of the commotion going on below, knowing that his dungeon had basically slapped him in the balls. Sin sighed before he voiced out aloud.

    "Many of you may be catching some keen details from the notification and logs that just passed. After cleaning up whatever damage was done, taking logistics and caring for the families of those that have died. The day after tomorrow will be another festival night, similar to two and a half years ago, instead this time will include ALL of our family and friends. But for now, please remain calm and let's work together to clean things up!"

    After cleaning up the blood stains, corpses and repairing the broken buildings. Night time had fallen, Sin was at home cooking supper for his daughters.

    Then out of the blue, he got a message from Midnight Reaper.

    "Brother, I can only stall for six more days worth of time. The King Of Mercenary tournament is going to be in full swing by then."

    "And also before I forget, do not forget that I am a being created from your despair and hidden demons. Today I felt a resurgence of the 'old' you awaken slightly. Please for the love of your daughters, wife, disciple, and Wolf God Clan. DO NOT become that monster, we paid a heavy enough price to revert you back to normal on Earth. A second time if that event were to repeat itself, I don't know if WE can survive it."

    After they ate supper together, Alannah and Samara asked Sin one by one with excitement.

    "Papa can you teach us the art of assassination?"

    Sin was left shocked standing in place. Hurriedly trying to save themselves, the girls continued explaining.

    "In the dungeon, there are many assassin type enemies as the Dungeon Seed had copied your strengths and weaknesses. There have been many times we nearly lost our life. And there have been many occasions where it would benefit us."

    Sin wasn't one to say no right away.

    "The both of you must realize, there are many assassin experts in our clans. And uncle Midnight has much to teach you both in that aspect." Sin replied.

    The girls nodded their heads but still remained firm.

    "We want to be taught by papa. We have become strong in the last two and a half years. We want to learn something that will always remind us of you. And so we can protect this growing family, and the friends we have made."

    Sin had a thoughtful look on his face, after giving it some time Sin gave in to his girls.

    "I will begin teaching the both of you after the planned festival. For now continue your regular training. But I truly am here on borrowed time, I will teach the both of you the basics, uncle Midnight will have to take over from there though."

    Alannah and Samara were all smiles as they excitedly called out.

    "Thank you papa, you're the best!"

    After Sin finished washing the dishes, Sin took Alannah and Samara upstairs to bathe them. After tucking them into bed, and reciting bedtime stories. Sin left their room returning to his. Sitting down cross legged, Sin began cultivating with a clear and peaceful mind.

    Author's Note:

    The next few chapters may be a bit of a slower pace until the King Of Mercenary competition begins. I hope y'all are ready for some major bombs to be dropped in the up-coming chapters. 

    A revelation of Sins parents, a fatal calamity that is unstoppable, the history of Desolate Kingdom, the world they're trapped in is but a "System?" Sins origins possibly? 

    Find out next time on Dragon Ba- Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds!

  • Volume 3 chapter 10: Another Festive Night

    The next morning, Sin got out of cultivation at his normal time. Before getting the day started, Sin began working through the logs he had been putting off until now.

    [Congratulations! You have successfully overcome the Ancient Manual Of Rebirths trials. You have shown great bravery, and an undying spirit like the solitary flame of a candle during a storm. Passing through the trials and diving into the true meaning of rebirth. You have succeeded in reaching the 4th tier of Rebirth.]

    [Your Advanced Sword Mastery Level 1 has upgraded through levels 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]

    [Congratulations! Your Advanced Sword Mastery has upgraded to Master Sword Mastery.]

    [Master Sword Mastery has upgraded through levels 1,2,3.]

    [You have successfully returned to your peak condition before taking the Rebirth trials. Through your hardship the insane like training and self torture, you have been awarded additive status points.]

    [Health has increased by 27,500 points. Mana has increased by 20,000 points. Strength has increased by 135 points, Intelligence has increased by 114 points, Agility has increased by 140 points, Dexterity has increased by 140 points, Physique has increased by 75 points.]

    Sin then decided it was time to look at his status page after going through his logs.

    Level: 13

    Name: Sin

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human (?)

    Race Rating:100 (?)

    Health: 41,850

    Mana: 37,050

    Strength: 350

    Intelligence: 310

    Agility: 385

    Dexterity: 367

    Physique: 200

    Comprehension: 100

    After going through his logs and status page, Sin began cooking breakfast ahead of time for Alannah and Samara. After their breakfast was set on plates. Sin then used a minor formation to trap the heat within, keeping the food both warm and still fresh. Sin wrote a note and left it in the middle of the various plates.

    'Good morning my beautiful girls, I'm sorry not to be here when you wake up. Breakfast has been made, all you have to do is enjoy it. There is a lot I need to do during the day, I will also be working with all the chefs of our family to prepare for tomorrow's festival. Drop by the main kitchen hall for lunch and supper. Be safe and have a good day.  -Papa'

    Sin left his house and made his way down to the logistics department. Elder Maya was there with her wife overlooking the reports. Seeing as they were both head deep in reports, Sin knocked on the wall alerting them of his presence.

    Maya and her wife quickly stood up and bowed to Sin. "Good morning Wolf King, sorry we have been going through the various reports and didn't notice you."

    Sin waved his hand before speaking. "No need for the formalities when in private, thank you both for your work. When the both of you finish up, I want both of you to go back home relax and unwind. You have done enough work throughout the night, others will be here shortly to take over."

    Elder Maya and her wife thanked Sin. "Thank you, we will finish the list of the reported dead, and their families and where they live."

    "No rush, take your time. Thank you for your work overnight." Sin said as he sat down at a nearby table and began reading through other reports, problems, and concerns with his Mana. After an hour had passed, Adonis, Elder Rein and various others began pouring into the logistics department. As they were all enjoying their morning coffee, they had yet to take notice of Sins presence in the room.

    Elder Maya dropped off the list of dead to Sin. "Here you are Sin, me and my wife will be taking our leave now."

    Sin had been woken up from reading through various papers, taking the report Sin stood up from the table. "Thank you Maya, you and your wife go and get some much deserved time to relax."

    Sin left the logistics department quietly so as not to cause a scene. Sin began making his rounds to the families of the deceased, and gave them compensation for their loved ones death. Midnight Reaper had followed the example Sin had set, this had created a much bigger united body within the clan. The families were saddened by their loss, and the compensation given was enough to let them live well. While this couldn't bring back the dead, it at least allowed Sin to take care of the families.

    Sin began making his way to the main kitchen hall of the Wolf God Clan. When he entered there were 10,000 chefs running about preparing for tomorrow's festival. Sin gathered all the chefs present, asking their opinions on various dishes and their thoughts. Seeing as all of them were confident, Sin quickly went to the other kitchen halls to coordinate.

    Sin returned to the main kitchen hall and began helping with the cooking, soon the morning passed over. Sin had been prepping for making lasagna, meatloaf, meat pie, and various other hearty dishes. During this time, Sin had made plates for both Alannah and Samara full to the brim with food.

    Around 2 in the afternoon, Sin heard happiness and teasing in the kitchen staff's voice. This had signaled the arrival of Samara and Alannah. The girls brought a wave of joy and cheer wherever they went, they quickly ran over to Sin after seeing him hard at work.

    "Papa we came for lunch!" they announced their arrival.

    Sin smiled and passed over the premade plates of food. "Enjoy my girls, papa will be back later tonight."

    Alannah and Samara cheered seeing the plates. Walking away, they stopped in mid stride and called out. "Papa don't forget your promise to teach us the art of assassination!"

    Sin replied back. "I won't forget, you two better be prepared for it. I won't hold back when teaching the both of you."

    With their papas confirmation, the girls left and enjoyed their lunch.

    Soon the sun had fallen, after making his rounds to the other kitchen halls. Sin returned back home in hand with his girls. Samara and Alannah found a way to share their papas back together. Sin carried both of his girls back home, after bathing them and putting them to bed for the night. Sin returned to his room and began cultivating.

    The night passed peacefully, Sin repeated the same as he did the day prior. Except this time he went straight to the kitchen hall, along his way he found a vast plot of land had been turned into a carnival. There were various snack booths, rides, mini games, stages built up. Sin could feel the excitement and cheer in the clan's atmosphere.

    The children in the clan woke early, they were out running about and playing with each other. After making his way back into the kitchen hall, Sin was interrupted by the various other personnel inside.

    "Wolf King thank you for your help yesterday, thanks to you we are way ahead of schedule. Without any disrespect, we ask that you leave the rest up to us. Enjoy the time with your daughters, go on some rides, and enjoy the day. I'm sure the clans people would love to see their Wolf King out and about, feasting and enjoying the activities with them as well."

    Feeling the determination all the chefs had to 'kick' him out. Sin didn't make any fuss or muss about it. In fact, he actually felt relieved about being booted out. This would further give him time to spend with his girls, but considering it was still early in the morning. Sin began walking around the carnival area, looking to see if there was anywhere he could help with.

    But just as how it was back in the kitchen hall, Sin had been shooed away and promised many times that things were under control. With nothing left to do, Sin returned back home until his girls woke up. Sitting cross legged in the living room, flower petals rushed out of Sins clothes. With no enemies or goal to kill, they just flitted about the room.

    The Withering Sword Dance is an ability that attacks anything that moves within its area of effect. Sin was currently further practicing with it, using flower petals to move about within its area. After being able to reach a state of unity, it was quickly broken as the petals began raging against each other.

    Sin calmed the flower petals, after a minute passed and they were on the floor. Sin flicked another petal out of his fingers into the air. Sin used the Sky essence, creating a small draft of wind that blew the petal about. The varied movement affected the other petals on the ground, but under Sins control they remained as they were. After the falling petal was just above the epicenter of the Withering Sword Dances area of effect. The sleeping petals could no longer be restrained.

    Sin rinsed and repeated this process numerous times, the goal was simple. Teaching the Withering Sword Dance the difference between hostility, and no hostility. However, that would prove to be a much bigger project.

    Two hours passed and Alannah and Samara woke up. They groggily came down the stairs, Alannah who was innately a mischievous child to begin with, immediately woke up after thinking about startling their papa. Alannah leaned over and whispered in Samara's ears.

    "Shhhhh let's startle papa, he hasn't detected us yet."

    Alannah and Samara quietly tip toed over to Sin. After they stood behind their papa for two minutes, confirming he was engrossed in his practice. They made their move.

    Both Alannah and Samaras hands rushed out and patted their papas back.


    Both girls yelled loudly before they began laughing with each other.

    The resting flower petals shot off the ground, floating and swaying in the air with murderous intent. Just as the flower petals had formed around Alannah and Samara.

    Sin snapped out of his zone, acting with lightning speed appearing in front of Alannah and Samara. Bear hugging both his girls into his embrace, with his back facing the flower petals.

    The petals pierced through Sins back, and left various deep gashes on his fleshly body.

    Alannah and Samara reacted in fright.

    "Papa we didn't mean to do anything bad. We were just having a little fun and playing a game."

    Sin patted both his girl's hair. "Shhhh it is okay, not in one way did you two do anything wrong. And I should also know myself better, then to let myself get consumed into cultivation."

    Sin stood up and walked away a couple feet, then turned his back to Alannah and Samara. Activating the Rebirth essence, all the wounds on his body began healing and sealing themselves up.

    After turning around Sin said again.

    "See? Not a problem at all, now what do you say we have some breakfast together. Then we can go out, play a bunch of games, and go on many rides."

    Alannah and Samara were reinvigorated, seeing their papa is okay, and hearing the two key words. The two girls ran to the kitchen, and brought their breakfast plate to the dining room table. Quickly devouring all the food in less than seven minutes. Both girls ran upstairs to get dressed and brush their teeth.

    "Papa you get ready too! We will only be a couple of minutes." Alannah and Samara called from upstairs.

    Hearing the bosses commands, Sin went upstairs, changed into a clean pair of clothes and freshened up.

    Alannah and Samara came bursting out of their room. Running down the stairs yelling out.

    "Papa we're ready to go and play!"

    Making his way downstairs, Sin held his girls hands as they pulled him out the door. After walking for thirty minutes, they heard the booming of loud music. Screams of thrill, and hearty laughter.

    Sin took this time to explain to his daughters.

    "Alannah, Samara you must remember to line up for the rides, and the games you want to play and go on. No line cutting is allowed, even if the people there offer and allow you to do so."

    Hearing their papas words, it went in one ear and out the other.

    "Yes papa we know. No line cutting, no favoritism."

    Hearing their half hearted answer with annoyance. Sin smiled and said.

    "It's good that you know, now let the day of fun begin!"

    While walking through carnival, Sin saw various rides with different names, but had the same concept to the ones he remembered.

    There was the Gravitron 3000, The Polar Express, Drop Zone, Alice In Wonderland Tea Cups, Tilt-A-Whirl, The Ring Of Fire, Pirate Ship, 1001 Nights, Roller Coasters, The Haunted House, various other rides and attractions.

    Feeling Alannahs and Samaras rising excitement, Sin couldn't help but also feel like a kid inside. A lot of things such as fairs, carnivals and concerts, Sin didn't get the chance to experience in his life on Earth.

    Soon Sin had been dragged onto many rides, his girls were fearless. After going on various rides like the Gravitron, Polar Express, Teacups they were still roaring to go.

    "Papa more rides! More spins, more twirls!" The girls called out in excitement while pulling Sin along with them.

    "Careful girls, you may want to take a break from the heavy motion rides. Your stomachs will start feeling unwell!"

    "Stop making excuses because you can't keep up with us old man!" Samara shouted while turning back around and sticking her tongue out at Sin.

    Sin became shocked after hearing what Samara had to say. He repeated to himself. "Old man!? I'll show you this old man has a stomach made out of iron!"

    Sin spent the next three hours waiting in lines and going on various rides. Just like he had said, soon Alannah and Samara began feeling unwell and sat on a bench side by side.

    "Papa we're not feeling so good." Both girls said with their heads down. Sin rubbed their stomachs injecting his Rebirth essence into both girls. The uneasy feeling they felt disappeared shortly after.

    "Papa we're hungry!" The girls exclaimed while their bellies rumbled.

    Sin walked around to various food booths that caught his girls eyes. Soon before he knew it, there were six trays full to the brim with food being carried by his Mana. After finding an empty bench, Sin sat down with his girls and had lunch together.

    After they were done, a group of girls ran up to Alannah and Samara in excitement.

    "Alannah, Samara you have to come and play with us!"

    Alannah and Samara both smiled and replied back. "We are with our papa, we will play with you later."

    Over hearing all of this, Sin asked to be reassured. "Are the both of you sure, you don't want to go and play with your friends?"

    Alannah and Samara nodded their heads vigorously. "We only want to spend time with our papa!"

    The other children who came over ran off disappointed.

    "You said it yourself papa, you only have a limited time to be here. To the both of us, that time is more important and precious than anything else is!"

    Hearing this, Sin felt bad but there was truly nothing he could do about the limited time right now.

    After throwing the garbage out in bins, Sin came back and said.

    "Well let's make the most of our time and go play some games."

    Sin went bobbing for apples, popping balloons with darts and various other games. Despite having the lack of eyesight, Sin had shown his girls he was no pushover. Simple games like that were of no problem, by the time they were done playing various games. Sin had various bags full to the brim with plushies, toys and various candy.

    Alannah and Samara were skipping about, praising their papa for the haul they have earned. After having their fill of rides and games, the girls decided they wanted to watch the various performances.

    After watching many performances, night finally came. The rides, game booths, snack booths were all lit up with various lights. Creating a Christmas like scene.

    hundreds of thousands of long tables were spread out, all 90,000,000 bodies of the Wolf God Clan, Phoenix Heart Clan and Vermilion Bird Clan participated in the festivities and supper.

    Sin walked up the stage, with a glass cup in one hand, and a spoon in the other. Sin lightly tapped the cup, the sound echoed throughout the venue getting everybody's attention.

    "Listen up well everyone. Thank you to each individual, and family who has contributed to our clan's smooth unity. On behalf of our ancestors, I'd like to raise a toast to each and everyone one of you."

    Downing his cup of alcohol, Sin continued.

    "I'm aware many of you caught the underlying meaning of the notifications from the Dungeon Beast Raids successfully being cleared. I will come out and be fully honest with you all. Before the Rage God and his army came to Desolate Kingdom two and a half years ago. I acquired something called a Soulless Body Formation. The Wolf King you've been serving under for the last two and a half years, is the result of me splitting a part of my soul, giving it a physical body."

    "That part of me that has turned from a personality, into a part of my very soul upon my arrival to this world. He, as you have heard many times, is called Midnight Reaper. I am also here on borrowed time, after falling into the void. I have arrived at a new world, and been saved by a clan of Fairies. I have six days time left, before I switch places with Midnight Reaper again and return."

    "I can assure you all, we are able to switch places with each other whenever we want. That is until I make it back to the Scion Milkyway, there will be no more unforeseen hassles like this one."

    "Well I know I've rambled on long enough, and I'm sure everyone has worked up quite the appetite. Please everyone begin eating, enjoy the food and the rest of the festival."

    Sin got off the stage, and made his way back to sitting beside his girls. Sin began indulging himself in the food.

    Despite the eyes with unconcealed worry in them, Sin had a charm about him that could ease the minds and worries of others around him. Many had come to Sin asking for more clarification, with utmost patience Sin answered everything truthfully. Which in turn happened to lessen the worries of others, but it had also planted the seeds of ambition in some hearts.

    After eating their fill, Sin took his girls to the spot he and Merala previously watched fireworks. Sin spoke out what he felt.

    "Girls, every night I spent away in a new world.  Even without my vision, I stared up into the night sky. A vast strip of never ending void separates us, but I could feel your gazes and longing. I can no longer see, but I can sense many things I never could before."

    "When you look up at the starry night sky, when you begin missing me or your mom. If you look hard enough, you will eventually find us in the stars. Looking down seeing our beautiful little girls from high above. We may not be here in person, but the sky is where our eyes see your amazing growth."

    Sin and his girls sat in silence, enjoying each other's company and love. After thirty minutes passed, fireworks began shooting up into the sky, exploding into various colours, formations, symbols.

    "Stand up with me girls, I want to teach you something today. However, what I am about to teach you, and what kind of scenery you have at that time is not important. What is most important at that time, is your emotions and what your heart says."

    After getting up, Sin used Mystic Sorcery and shrunk himself to the perfect height of Alannah and Samara.

    "Samara don't get frightened, both you and Alannah will get the same thing."

    Sin came to the front of Samara, with his left hand he held Samaras with his and stretched their arms out. Then his right hand wrapped around her waist. Sin guided his Mana to bring her right arm, wrapping it around his neck.

    Then, Sin began controlling both his and Samaras movements as they began dancing.

    "There is no man or woman in this world great enough for my daughters. However, if one day you or Alannah can dance with another man or woman besides me like this. If your emotions are full of love, and if your heart says he or she is the one that will one day be your husband or wife. Then I will have to accept them as being good enough for you."

    After dancing, and teaching Samara for an hour underneath the fireworks. Sin repeated the exact same process with Alannah. The fireworks eventually came to an end. But their joy had stopped time around them.

    After teaching both his daughters the dance, Sin sat down against a nearby tree and the girls snuggled into their papas embrace. Sin began combing Alannahs and Samaras hair lovingly with his hands, the girls eyes grew heavy as they soon fell asleep underneath the starry night sky.

  • Volume 3 Chapter 11: You Can Call Me Father Dearest


    Sparks flew as three pairs of daggers cut into each other. The atmosphere in the pitch black domain was thick with intense concentration.

    It was deathly silent inside the domain, but that didn't diminish the intense atmosphere.

    "Klang klang klang klang klang!"

    Sparks shot out all over the place in a 700 meter radius. Three silhouettes were hunting and defending against each other. After an unknown period of time, the domain had been tactfully covered In puddles of water.

    Eventually two silhouettes fell down, slipping because of a puddle of water.


    Two childish voices cursed out in frustration

    "Damn it! These stupid puddles of water! Papa you're a jerk."

    With a sudden flash of light in the darkness, Sin had his two daggers at the throat of Alannah and Samara.

    "There is no such thing as being a jerk when it comes to assassination. There are only three results. Your target gets killed, you the assassin get killed, or you retreat from unfavorable situations."

    Sin sucked his energy back into his body, and the domain disappeared shortly after. Sins body was covered in beads of sweat from head to toe.

    "Good job my girls, who would have known you two had such high aptitude. You've already learned, and perfected everything that took me a full year to accomplish, in a matter of 6 days. You should both be very proud, uncle Midnight is going to have a run for his money facing you two little monsters."

    Hearing their papas appraisal, both Alannah and Samara let out brilliant smiles with their laughter.

    "Papa is the best teacher, that's why we are able to learn and execute so fast!"

    "You two are able to synchronize perfectly with each other. If you were given another three months of time, I would certainly lose my life against the both of you. Now then, what so you say we go back for lunch. I'm starved after training you two little monsters."

    Sin brought his girls back home. Making a hearty lunch, Sin became dispirited knowing his time was just about to run out.

    "Alannah, Samara I am so proud of the both of you. I'm sorry to say it, but my time being here is up. I promise, no matter what the situation is. I will switch with uncle Midnight to tuck you two into bed, train with you, and cook for you guys still. This isn't a goodbye by any means, this is just a see ya later."

    Alannah and Samara went silent, their heads hung down but they knew it was time their papa had to leave.

    Running into their papas embrace, hugging Sin as hard as they could both girls said.

    "Papa please don't do anything dangerous to yourself. We don't want you to get hurt!"

    Sin combed both of his girls hair affectionately.

    "Papa promises he won't do anything to endanger himself. But you two must promise me something as well. Live well, eat well, and cultivate as hard as you can. The both of you in a couple years time no, more like a couple of weeks will surpass me if I slack off."

    Kissing and hugging both his girls one last time, Sin said.

    "See ya my little princesses, papa will switch back soon once things are under control."

    Sins aura vanished, and was replaced with Midnight Reapers once again. This however, was brought a long with a string of curses.

    "Goddamn mother fucker! I was just about to see a mother-daughter combo in the hot springs. Could he have picked a WORSE time to switch back!?"


    "YOU FUCKING PERVERT!" Two womanly voices sounded out, shaking the Fairy Clan in wonder.


    "FUCK YOU MIDNIGHT REAPER!" Sin bellowed in extreme indignance and fury.

    The morning passed quickly, albeit with a heavy and tense atmosphere surrounding Alaris and Acacia.

    Sin had a bright red hand print on both left and right cheek. For the first time in five hours, Acacia talked to Sin.

    "Wear this it will hide your status page from Grand Master Rank and below identification spells. Also, the next time you need to relieve yourself. Let me know, I will happily do it for you. Sadly I know that was not YOUR intentions, but that other persons. The King Of Mercenary Representatives will be arriving soon, I expect answers later this evening without ANY bullshit!"

    Sin was given a steel blue cape, it had the insignia of the Fairy Clan engraved on it. The insignia depicted a holy woman in priest robes, illusionary like watery wings sprouted from her back, she had long cascading hair and bewitching eyes. The woman holding her hands together with palms facing the sky. In her hand was a ancient manual, the inheritance of the Fairy Clans innate Magic.

    Sin wore a black robe, engraved on the back was a golden Phoenix, and on the front was a white-blue Wolf. On both sides of the robes arms, there was a sky blue Dragon, and a yellow-orange Vermilion Bird. On the epicenter of the robe at Sins chest, was the depiction of a vast and boundless battlefield filled with corpses and numerous weapons.

    The robe was an extension of his Refinement Armour, while not as obvious. The robe embodied Sins Refinement Method, and also the Bloody Battlefield Totem that is exclusive to his bloodline and future descendants.

    Sin and Acacia were waiting for the King Of Mercenary Representatives to pick them up. Another hour passed, and a giant boat engraved with mysterious talismans came into sight.

    Acacia gave her orders to Alaris.

    "Alaris you are to run the clan in my steed while I am gone. You have the full support of all the elders, and also a one time use communication device pair to contact me with. You will do well my daughter, it is not the first time you had to do this before."

    Acacia and Alaris shared a hug with each other, Acacia took this time to tease Alaris and whispered into her ear.

    "Don't worry I will take care of your precious Sin. He's so damn handsome, I might just want to take him for a ride."

    Alaris broke away with a beet red face and in a huff.

    "That's not fair mother!" Alaris screamed out in frustration.

    Acacia smiled provocatively, saying with a devilish grin on her face. "I don't know what you mean by that my daughter."

    The King Of Mercenary Representatives arrived, with a domineering and oppressive aura shouted out.

    "Matriarch Acacia, you and your Mercenary have one minute to say your goodbyes. If you take any longer than that, you are disqualified and will be dumped at sea. I must warn you now though, the moment you step foot onto the ship. The King Of Mercenary Tournament begins!"

    Sin and Acacia said their goodbyes to everyone. Alaris looked longingly at Sins departing back, but couldn't muster the courage to run up and hug him.

    Feeling a pair of eyes intently staring at his back, Sin rose his hand in the air and waved while calling out.

    "Thank you again for what you did to help me recover Alaris. The least I can do is pay you back with a favour, as long as it doesn't cross my bottom line."

    Before Sin and Acacia stepped onto the ship, he heard a young girls pleading voice.

    "Uncle Sin please wait!"

    Loud voices called out from behind.

    "Nora you can't disturb the King Of Mercenaries Representatives!"

    Nora ignored all the Fairy Clan Elders around her, she ran towards Sin with all the might her little body could muster.

    Sin turned around and knelt down on one knee giving Nora a hug.

    "Be safe, you're the only parent I have left in this world! I don't want to lose you, like I lost mom and papa that night!"

    Hugging Nora and combing her hair, Sin said with a caring voice.

    "Don't you worry Nora, you should know by now uncle is not someone to kick the can easily. I will come back in one piece without any harm. But now I must go, be good for everyone while I'm gone okay?"

    Nora nodded her head. "I understand." Nora's eyes couldn't hide the sadness, and longing she felt for Sin at the same time.

    Sin patted Nora's head one last time before getting back up, and stepping onto the gigantic boat.

    The moment Sin and Acacia stepped foot on the ship, Sin felt a bone chillingly cold killing intent erupt behind them.

    Acting with quick and elegant motion, Sin stomped down on an assailants dagger. The dagger was shattered to pieces between Sins foot and the wooden floor boards.

    Sin slashed out his sword with utmost control and speed. All six King Of Mercenary Representatives had an asterisk cut engraved on their left cheek.

    "CHAK!" Sin sheathed Kaiser after his attack. Sins Emperor Aura blasted out of his body, giving those who were already in the lounging cabin felt a suffocating pressure.


    The six representatives smashed onto the flooring, loud cracks emitted from their chests, chins and noses.

    Six pink flower petals danced around each representatives neck.

    Sin called out as he walked in toe with Acacia to the lodging cabin.

    "The six of you are lucky to be high ranking representatives, if you weren't someone else's bitches. Your throats would be slit, and heads chopped off your body for daring to show hostility towards myself. Count your blessings, because next time I will not pull back!"

    Sin took this time to turn around, waving has hand in the air as he yelled out. Sin imbued his voice with Mana, allowing it to travel the 35 kilometre distance reaching Nora's ears. 

    "Nora train hard you made a promise to yourself. You must train like your life depends on it to achieve it no matter what!"

    Slamming the lodging cabins door shut, Sin retracted his Emperor Aura. The six representatives had murderous and indignant faces.

    "Berlin, that mother fucker overstepped the lines! I am going to kill him and Acacia!"

    Berlin, the leader of the representatives put the man who raged loudly in his place.

    "You had best learn your place Yulin, it was you who announced the beginning of the tournament when they boarded the ship. Go fuck off or I will kill you personally, besides there are plenty of other passengers to take care of them."

    After Sin and Acacia entered the lounging cabin, Sin spread his Mana out encompassing it. The entire lounging area was a 800 by 600 meter room. There were 75 rooms, each which had 15 pairs of bunk beds in each room. Sins Mana expanded downwards, finding there was a training hall, and rooms with training equipment, simulations, artificial intelligent dummies and so forth.

    Various auras locked onto Sin and Acacia moments after, some were neutral, some were easy going, and of course others were hostile.

    A young man came out with a smile on his face.

    "That little outburst we felt moments ago, had to have been you guys right?"

    The man reached his hand out in front of Sin. "You can call me Arcuz, what do you say we become brothers? There are plenty of badasses here already, but you're by far the most entertaining."

    Sin reached his hand out clasping hands with Arcuz.

    "You must have more than that for a reason to want to be brothers with me?"  Sin asked on high alert.

    Arcuz let go of their clasp shrugging his shoulders.

    "Whatever other reasons I have is private for now. And besides you just shook my hand, in my books that calls us brothers. Too late to pull out this now brother."

    Arcuz slapped Sins shoulders and said. "Let's go in shall we? It would be rude to keep the others waiting."

    Sin and Acaia were brought around by Arcuz, soon a mental map had been created in Sins mind, which he passed over to Acacia. There were various red x's, green x's and white x's which represented hostile, friendly, and neutral.

    There were 350 hostile, 75 neutral and 10 friendly including Arcuz.

    Arcuz' eyes turned steel like as they entered the living room area. There were 125 people wielding various weapons. At the head of the gang was a cocky middle age man.

    "A new rookie who still reeks of his mother's breast milk. Arcuz why don't you take your new 'brother' and jump off the boat. It would save you both a world of pai-"

    Sin vanished from his spot like magic, appearing behind the middle aged man. With his hand stretched out, tightly gripping the back of the mans head. Sin slammed downwards with such might, the wooden boards snapped and the entire ship rocked back and forth.

    "Trash like you should learn your place, there is a unspoken rule amongst mercenaries where I come from. If you have time to talk bullshit, you have already been ambushed!:

    Sin got up and spat on the middle aged mans unconscious body. Radiating his killing intent, Sin bellowed out.

    "From now on I am the mother fucking boss here! If I tell you black is white, black is white. And if I say white is black, white is black. Do you understand me maggots!?"

    After making his face have a calm and serene look on it, Sin mentioned a tiny detail he forgot to previously.

    "Before I forget to mention, if there are any objections you may come forward. However, your result will be like this piece of shit on the floor."

    A young man came forward, with blue hair, eyes and a innate cold attitude, with his aura surging out of his body. The temperature in the lodging cabin became -100 in seconds.

    "Let's fuck him up boys, this blind mother fucker walks in all hot shit. Blow his ass to kingdom gone!"

    Another identical man came forward, he had red hair, eyes and a innate fiery temperament. Hugging the blue haired man, their right hands clasped as their arms stretched out. Their left arms rose in complete perfect sequence, ice and fire began mixing together.

    Their auras surged becoming a icy-hot like sensation. Both men yelled simultaneously. "Let's do it brother, blow his ass to kingdom gone!"

    A brilliant blue-red glob of energy formed in between their hands. Taking stance, they shot the glob of energy at Sin. What was once a small little glob, became like a rocket from a fucking anti tank rifle.                  [Hellsing Abridged reference here.]

    After the beam shot full speed at Sin, a army of men and women shot out with weapons drawn. Then they came to a dead stop.

    Sin yawned loudly, as if the twins attack were a annoying mosquito. Sin slapped the attack away with his bare hand.

    The twins eyes widened in fright as they both yelled.

    "Oh shit!"


    The twins were blasted backwards, covered in blood from head to toe. Two arms fell to the ground, frozen solid and shattering upon impact.

    Thankfully the ship was laced in multiple layers of protective formations. Or else that attack alone would have blown the entirety of the ship up.

    After all the fog in the lounging cabin cleared up, Sin stood exactly where he was almost completely unharmed.

    Sin held his hand to his mouth, and was blowing on it vigorously while cursing.

    "Mother fucker this hot and cold sensation really pisses me off!"

    Sin looked at the twins seeing them both missing an arm, the quirky side of him came out.

    "The both of you are such an inspiration. It must be hard to live with only one arm. Although I'm sure you can still manage the circle jerk no problem. Hey look at me everyone, I'm jerking off with the Knights Of The Sticky Stumps!" Sin began motioning his hand up and down over his crotch.

    Sin put on a pair of black gloves, and a silver ascot then all hell broke loose.


    "You see this mother fucking ascot I'm wearing? This is my Mercenary beating ascot. I got it from beating 50 mercenaries in a row!"      (I may have gotten inspiration from Attack of the ascot man.)

    Flashing about all 125 men and women, Sin beat them ruthlessly and without any remorse. Cracks and snaps sounded like a symphony, and Sin was conducting a one way trip to snap city.

    After twenty minutes passed and countless beatings, 125 bodies lay black and blue on the ground. Sin began clapping his hands.

    "Listen up my pathetic children. From now on you all may call me father dearest!"

    The day soon went by, along their way and making 345 more stops. With one mercenary, and one clan representative boarding at each stop. The ship soon became full to the brim, and chaos broke out of its cage like bats out of hell.

    After Sin had beaten 700 people with his fists, the six representatives could no longer turn a blind eye. However, they were quickly sent packing with panda eyes and broken pride.

    And so the night passed with snaps, cracks and torturous screaming out at sea. The six bruised panda eyed representatives got goosebumps, and their balls shriveled from the captain's room. Where they watched first hand through monitors, what kind of a madman was participating in the tournament.

    Out of 1,125 participants and patriarchs or matriarchs, only 90 made it through the day and night unbeaten.

  • Volume 3 Chapter 12: Looks Like Its Calamari For Supper Tonight

    After arranging a private room for himself and Acacia. Sin arranged 45 separate rooms for the 90 who didn't take his bait or harassed him and Acacia after their boarding.

    Sin sat down across from Acacia with a helpless look on his face.

    "Matriarch Acacia, I am not a fan of sharing my secrets with others who are not family. But considering the kindness you, your daughter and the Fairy Clan has shown me. I will answer all your questions, but please I ask that you understand the weight of my answers and keep them to yourself."

    Acacia nodded her head, no longer hearing Sin's easy going tone. Acacia knew what answers she would get were going to be major.

    And so Acacia began her questioning.

    "At the beginning of this week, when you conquered your tribulation and cultivation was repaired. Your aura became one of madness, cruelty and your entire being was murderous. I'd like you to explain that first and foremost."

    Sins brows scrunched together, sure enough curses sped within his mind. [Fucking bitch, stupid women's intuition, goddamn it the only thing I didnt want to fucking answer!]

    Sin let out a sincere smile on his exterior, while a storm brewed inside.

    "That is complicated to answer but nonetheless. That is because my soul is shared between two other separate personalities, which have become a part of my soul. One of them which is a murderous piece of shit pervert, Midnight Reaper. The other is a monster both me and Midnight Reaper paid a heavy price to lock away. I obtained something called a Soulless Body Formation, split my soul with Midnight Reaper and put it into the formation. Thus my second personality, which evolved into a portion of my soul gained a physical body. We also have the ability to be at two separate locations, and switch places with our soul."

    Acacia went into deep thought hearing this, after mulling over it for a long period of time. Her look relaxed as she seemed to understand it.

    "As I have seen the events that happened two and a half years ago. Is it safe to assume you swapped with Midnight Reaper's soul portion, so that you could go and see your daughters and clan?"

    Sin nodded his head. "Yes that is correct. My daughters have suffered much over the last two and a half years. It was rough at first, while I did not expect them to forgive me anytime soon. Things quickly came back to normal, the ice over the water was no longer as thick after my visit."

    Acacia let out a long and understanding sigh. "That is to be expected, although your case is very special compared to others. Fathers really do get the shit end of the stick, my husband was never really a part of Alaris' life. He was the only SSS rank Mercenary on the divine continent. Work always pulled him away, and he missed most of Alaris' birthdays. But no matter how much she came to hate her father. He loved her regardless with all his heart, it wasn't until he died Alaris began to understand all her father did and how much he loved her, despite the lack of his presence over the years."

    Sin became silent, he could understand how Alaris felt. He was also an uncle, with a niece and nephews who adored him. Yet there was no given time he would be able to return to them.

    Before Sin could find a way to say his apologies for the conversation digging up deep graves. The alarm systems in the ship began going off, the voice of Berlin sounded out throughout the ship.

    "Candidates of the King Of Mercenary Tournament, and clan leaders. We have come under attack from the Sea king, please find something to hold onto with your dear life!"

    Sin flashed out of the lounging cabin with Acacia in tow. After exiting what entered Sins Mana was a horrendously big Kraken. It had thousands of tentacles, and billowing waves were surging about. A 850 meter wave was coming directly at them, from the after effects of the tentacles whipping the water.

    Sins eyes glowed brilliantly like two golden stars, 250 brave beaten mercenaries came out onto the main deck. Seeing the monstrous Kraken, and tens of thousands of other predators. Their brows furrowed and some began to regret being so brave.

    Acacia looked at Sin, seeing his eyes light up so bright, she couldn't help but ask.

    "What the fuck is going through your head right now to make you look so goddamn eager!?"

    Sin sucked in a big breath of air, then he yelled out something shocking everyone present.

    "Listen up mother fuckers, it looks like we are having calamari for supper tonight! I want all mother fucking hands on drawn blades, sever each and every fucking tentacle that comes near!"

    Sin drew Kaiser from its sheath, engulfing the blade in Midnight Glory. Sin began running full speed across the boat, launching himself off the deck. Sin flew over 200 kilometers an hour towards the 850 meter wave.

    Cleaving downwards with Kaiser in both hands, a midnight black flame shot out like a beam from Kaiser. The wave and ocean was split in half for a distance of 3 kilometres. Tentacles fell but were quickly wrapped up by Mana, and brought safely back to the ship.

    Sin activated his Withering Sword Dance, tens of mutant sharks, whales were split into chunks falling back into the ocean. Slashing out in a straight line, Sin cleaved an incoming tentacle in half.

    The Kraken raged spitting out a condensed icicle from its mouth. Punching out with his left fist, Sin shattered the icicle into pieces. A cold and icy energy surged through Sins arm, freezing the blood, and muscles within.

    The tentacle Sin just split in half, quickly began regenerating within moments it was perfectly fine.

    "You're a tough son of a bitch ain't ya?" Sin yelled out, slashing out in a flurry creating a storm of sword lights. Flower petals shot out from Sins clothes, two long rows of swords materialized in midair.

    The swords withered away, creating even more flower petals and sword lights. The flower petals and sword lights made quick work of the tentacles. Sin cleaved Kaiser downwards, slicing the Kraken in two separate halves.

    [Ballad Of The Mystic Blade Empress!]

    [Thunder Lords Descent!]


    A clap of thunder was heard, before a blinding ray of lightning cleaved downwards.

    Sin spread his Mana over top the two halves of the Kraken. There were no signs, or anything hidden at play for its continuous regeneration. Since it was just an innate ability, Sin just had to vaporize it until it could no longer regenerate.

    Seeing the tentacles grow out of nowhere this time, a creeping thought passed his mind. Sin diverted his Mana scoping the deck, all the previously collected tentacles were missing.

    Steam billowed out of Sins ears sounding like a steam whistle. The Kraken's tentacles in perfect condition, seemed like the colour red. Sin let out a loud bull yell of anger.

    "Mother fucker, if I cant eat you, I will kill you fucking dead!" Sin yelled out like a deranged man.

    Acacia who was on board couldn't help but let out an enchanting laugh.

    Arcuz came to the side of Acacia. "It seems since the Fairy Clan has separated from the imperial family, there has been a deep resurgence with this man's arrival. Who would've known I would become brothers with this crazed bastard! Isn't that right, sister Acacia?"

    "Besides, that man Raizen, or should I say Grand Warrior Sin, has caused a tremble within the sealed Infernal Keep. I want to judge what he is made of to disturb that sleeping calamity."

    Arcuz' look drastically changed, he went from being a 5'8 lanky 23 year old young man. To become a 6'7 barbarian build looking middle aged man with grey hair, hawk eyes, and an unfathomable divine aura.

    Shooting her eyes to the side, and scoffing at Arcuz. Acacia said with a voice full of unconcealed hatred.

    "Remember this now Ragenitus. It was you the mighty Emperor of the divine continent, that cut ties with us remember?! I am the bastard daughter of our father, and mother the Fairy Ancestress. You can fuck right off back to where you came from. We have no longer been family since that day you killed my husband! Alaris is your niece, YOUR FUCKING NIECE!"

    Acacia drew out an emerald blade from her sheath. Her entire being radiated a dense and primordial Nature Qi, something that should not belong to a lower domain.

    As a power house that has the Qi of a higher domain supporting her, Acacia was by no means any weaker than the peak form of the Demon Lord. Despite being at the early Divine stages, and two whole realms separating them. Acacia could easily draw with the Demon Lord in her glory.

    Just as Acacia was about to cleave her sword, Arcuz behind his sister snapped his fingers. Over 150,000 sea predators had their existence erased, and all memory of these beasts karma in their galaxy was wiped clean.

    "Us harbingers need to look out for each other my dearest little sister. Those beings who were born in the higher domains will do anything to force our tribulation. Unlike them who live a life of royalty, we must struggle to make our life have meaning. If they sense any trace of your aura, you will become a quick meal. Our cultivation bases, combat instincts, and techniques are a delicacy to those fucking pigs. All they need is to eat our body to absorb it all in a matter of seconds. I may have burnt bridges with you, but you are my only sister. Remember that Acacia!"

    Arcuz changed his look back to his old mask. Running and jumping off the boat, Arcuz yelled in Sins direction.

    "Brother I am coming to help you!"

    Sin turned around in pure and utter fury yelling back.

    "Fuck off you little bastard if I can't eat this fucking thing, I will kill it mysel-"


    Two tentacles came together crushing Sin in between them. Blood ran down the tentacles dying it red. The tentacles let go, and what remained was a scarlet ice sculptor of Sin.

    Moments later, a 75 meter black flame scythe formed in the sky above. Sins furious yell shattered the ice encasing his body.

    "You fucking monster right out of a goddamn hentai. I just lost the last bit of the patience I had left!"

    [Sky Conqueror: Ragnas Sycthe!]

    The black flame scythe slashed down, cutting the Kraken in half and incinerating it. Sin appeared beside the still beating heart, piercing his index and middle finger through it.

    [Mystic Sorcery: White Nebula!]

    The undamaged heart let out, and was blown up to kingdom come.

    Sin flashed back onto the deck of the ship. Many of the beaten mercenaries, patriarchs and matriarchs came forward with the intentions to praise Sin. But for those who didn't know Sin, were not aware his composed exterior was far from the real deal.

    Sin walked passed each and everyone of them, his hand flew out like a gale slapping each person out of his way.

    Along his way, all they could hear was Sin grumbling to himself.

    "Piece of fucking shit Kraken, its tender flesh would have made perfect deep fried calamari!"

    Sin went down into the training hall, and entered into a reinforced room to vent his frustration. Nothing was worse than craving certain food, and then not being able to have it after being prepared for it.


    Elsewhere, the patriarchs and matriarchs of the clans that were humiliated in the Fairy Clan gathered together. All of a sudden, a matriarch spit out a mouthful of blood, her luscious black hair began turning white as her complexion paled.

    In utter disbelief she said aloud. "That's impossible, my pet I have been hiding and cultivating for so long has been killed!"

    The originator of the Black Rock Organization slammed his fists down on a table.

    "That mother fucker, how have they survived that Krakens assault!? Beryl you fucking useless woman, why didn't you activate your talent and make it stronger. Due to your overconfidence, we now have a top competitor who is still able to participate."

    Beryl scoffed as she left the room. The Black Rock Organization originator made various telepathic calls to his own pawns.

    "There's a young man aboard one of the ships that goes by the name of Raizen. The moment the preliminaries start, I want you and the others to work together and kill him. Do not disappoint me my son!"

    Feeling a connection on the other end, a confident youthful voice was heard.

    "Yes father, it will be done!" The connection was cut, the man let out a sigh as he began thinking to himself.

    [Raizen the wandering Sword Master huh? What a load of crap, you will be floating chunks in the abyss when I'm done with you!]

  • Volume 3 Chapter 13: The Bloody Preliminaries Begin

    Four months passed by peacefully, after Sin had claimed his dominance as top dog. The beginning phase of the tournament, where normally hundreds will die. There were no more life threatening casualties, except for a lot of broken pride and bones. But hey, that's a pretty damn good situation all in all.

    The six representatives had also begun getting all buddy buddy with Sin. However, that was all a front they were playing. On the third night, Sin made a 'surprise' visit to bea- I mean put them in their place. If there was one thing Sin hated more than brown nosers, it was those who would suck up with ulterior motives.

    If it weren't for their status, Sin had no qualms about getting rid of these representatives at sea. But that was just a small thought in his mind, what truly excited him was the tournament.

    With his newly made brother Arcuz, who knew a lot more than most people should know. Sins engine and battle lust had all been revved up. But for now, Sin spent this period of four months swapped with Midnight Reaper. Vigorously training himself, Lan, Alannah and Samara.

    While his stats had no big improvements, the time he spent digesting his master's Sword Heart was very crucial. Sin passed along his Withering Sword Dance, and the two new forms he created within this period of time. It had become a public ability, something all could learn without any merit or contribution points needed.

    Sin had also given a copy of his Refinement Method to Lan, Samara and all 240 elders that now controlled over 90,000,000 people.

    Sin gave the 240 elders, Alannah, Samara and Lan a drop of his blood.Samara was able to rank up to God tier. However, no one else was able to elevate theirs. This had brought Sin to a conclusion, Alanmah and Samara are both a part of his bloodline. Where else the other elders, and Lan did not have Sins bloodline in them. However, in the end they still managed to reach Divine rank for their Refinement Method, giving them an extreme boost in power, as well as the authority to pass it down to 120 excellent individuals per year.

    During this time, Sin had gotten Alannah and Samara out of their sleep habits. Both girls now cultivated their Refinement Method religiously. Sin had also given them a new habit, to cultivate under the starry night sky every night. This allowed them to absorb very small amounts of starlight, but further increased the efficiency of their cultivation, and would enrich their Mana over a long period of time.

    Sin had gotten inspiration on his last night, thick beams of starlight poured down. Sins Mana hungrily devoured it, while in his mind concepts of conducting starlight were flooding in.

    Back on the deck of the ship, Arcuz was looking at the vast and turbulent waters in the sea. Maybe it was a hint, or it was the feeling of pain he thought he lost, but hearing his little sister berate him. The lid that choked his emotions down like they were an evil surprise, finally gave out.

    Looking up at the starry night sky, Arcuz sensed the thick starlight energy building up. Eventually, shooting stars and comets began raining down from the sky. A phenomenon that was new to this world.

    Arcuz felt a sharp and overwhelming Sword Qi burst out from the lounging cabin. A hexagonal formation appeared in the sky, funneling thick and pure starlight energy down into Sins fleshly body, and Soul Weapon Kaiser.

    Sins body became ethereal, and floated out from the lounging cabin. A brilliant sea of twinkling stars, stardust and comets flew about Sins body in a 25 meter distance. The starlight poured into Kaiser, enhancing the sharpness of the blade, and the sword spirit. Stars fell down from the sky, They became the size of an adult's palm. The stars engraved themselves onto the blade of Kaiser.

    Sins Refinement robe disappeared, leaving his figure completely exposed. Thick starlight energy wrapped around Sins Refinement robe, forming a cocoon.

    While these changes were happening in both Scion Milkyway, and this galaxy Sin had fallen into. The beings from the higher domains felt the disturbance also, the main palace of the Infernal Keep began rumbling.

    The should be extinct race that nearly wiped out the higher domains and lower domains, began waking up. The 750,000,000,000 years of slumber had come to a grinding halt. And this all started with one man, and two children.

    Three hours passed, Sins body floated back down into the lounging cabin. Whereas back in the Desolate Kingdom, Alannah and Samara entered into a state of enlightenment.

    Feeling the changes within his daughters, Sin left a note for them filled with starlight energy locking the content. If they had improved as much as he gauged them to, they would get the note and their next meeting would be in one week.

    Sin took a look at the timer on the Spirit Container.

    [The required time of rebirth for those in the Soulless Body Container has been cut in half. 3 years, 4 months, 26 days remaining.]

    Sin was both relieved, but also reminded of his own weakness once again, Sin thought to himself.

    [Soon my precious wife and little sister. I wonder, will the both of you hate me for my selfish actions back then?]

    After swapping back with Midnight Reaper back to his own body, Sin noticed Arcuz and Acacia both eyeing him weirdly. Sin lightened up the tension that was slowly building and said.

    "Don't tell me entering that state made me a woman? Brother Arcuz, do I have a big rack of breasts that appealing to your eyes?"

    Arcuz soon began laughing, he looked at Acacia with a tired look and secretly communicated.

    "Has this mother fucker always been like this? I'm regretting becoming brothers with him now."

    Acacia laughed out loud heartily. "From my looks, I'd say you also gained the magic hole that tempts all men."

    Sin looked down in fright, seeing his naked body and trunk still dangling with pride. Giving it a couple slaps and taps, Sin confirmed his fear was for nothing.

    Putting on a spare pair of clothes Sin let out a hearty sigh.

    "Brother Arcuz let's go and look out at the starry night, don't you feel your heart pounding? It almost feels like some ancient calamity has woken up."

    The rest of the night passed, Sin and Arcuz gazed endlessly at the starry sky. With his new starlight energy, and enhanced Mana. Sin caught movement of an aura that made him quiver in his combat boots. Although for a mere fleeting second, Sin saw a future 10,000 years from now of his own powerless demise.

    As dawn began rising, Sin was dead silent and mentally shaken. The terror, anguish, and trillions of haunting souls he felt for a mere second rattled his mind.

    Arcuz was also dead silent, except he felt his entire kingdom threatened. The portion of the Infernal Keep he sealed away, began showing signs of rebellion and breaking the chains one by one.

    Each snap he heard made his heart quiver. Arcuz happened to look at his left, he met eye to eye with Sin. Despite not knowing each other for long, both men knew they saw the same bleak future awaiting them. But neither of them could ever guess, Sin had awoken monstrosities that would soon descend to the lower domains in 10,000 years time.


    The sun hung high in the sky shining and blazing in its own glory. The ship had finally arrived at the divine continent, and it was the last out of 350,000.

    The voice of Berlin, the head of the representatives sounded throughout the ship.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce we have safely arrived on the divine continent. Please exit the ship in an orderly manner, you will have guides to bring you to your destination. Do not mindlessly wander where you're not wanted."

    Sin, Acacia and Arcuz led the pack as they got off the ship. Sin could feel the dense Mana in the air. It made him feel like he was a fish swimming in water.

    Quickly guides came forward, one came to Sin and said. "Mister Raizen, this is your Mercenary Badge. For each competitor you kill, it will automatically add to your points. I will be your guide, we are going to the central square of the divine city. The Emperor himself will explain the preliminaries."

    Sin followed behind his guide, and they made their way to the central square. After the guide stopped, Sin and the guide stood side by side. Sin let his Mana wander out of his body, in mere moments Sin had counter 750,000 participants present, and that number was speedily increasing.

    After standing in silence for two hours, the final participant count was 4,650,000. What surprised Sin was he couldn't sense Arcuz amongst those in the crowd. It was like he simply vanished, despite leaving the ship with him and Acacia in tow.

    A heart stopping aura surged out, a middle aged man with an imposing barbarian build appeared on the main stage. Behind him stood a 7 kilometer tall scarlet rakshasa.

    The Emperor raised his hand, all the nearby hushed voices were shut quiet. No matter how anyone tried, they couldn't talk or make a single movement.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the 250th generation Imperial Emperor Ragenitus. I bow to you and thank you all for participating in my tournament. Out of 25,000,000 participants, you are all the cream of the crop. Millions have died or been killed along their way here. This concludes the entrance stage of the tournament."

    Emperor Ragenitus snapped his fingers, a teleportation channel appeared behind him. His voice sounded out again explaining.

    "This time, with the resurgence of the King Of Mercenary tournament, I am spicing things up and changing some things. For your preliminary competition, you will all enter the battlefield behind me. It is a separate world I made within this dimension, your goal is simple. Kill all those who stand in your way, the preliminary competition will last for three years and 5 months."

    "Now I will make this very clear. I have written a contract for all matriarchs and patriarchs to sign. Whether these hired mercenaries come from your clan, or hired outsiders. Whatever they do inside the separate world, has nothing to do with your personal matters. Thus this contract explicitly states."

    1) You may not act out of hand for revenge, if your representative dies that is due to their weakness.

    2) You are not able to hire outsiders to kill for you, if you do. I will personally erase your soul, karma, and chance of reincarnation will be wiped clean from all universes.

    3) If any outside organizations these mercenaries come from look for answers. With your signature, they understand I will wipe them out of existence for breaching my rules.

    4) The strong will survive, and the weak will die.

    "If you understand my rules, you may contact those organizations and tell them my rules. And if you don't, you can fuck off. And let me make myself clear. If ANYONE has the courage to make a stink before me, I will kill you where you stand. Be smart, not dumb you maggots!"

    Emperor Ragenitus snapped his fingers, a clock timed for two minutes appeared behind him.

    "This is how much time you have to decide, any who do not sign within the given time, or those who walk out now are disqualified immediately."

    Within a matter of two minutes, 575,000 were disqualified. They were taken away by their guides, but there were many hot heads who got angry, and began making a scene. But that was quickly taken care of by Ragenitus. The ones who made a stink, vanished from existence no longer able to go through the cycle of rebirth.

    Ragenitus voiced out once again. "I made myself crystal clear did I not? I don't believe I stuttered when I mentioned the consequences. Well no matter, ladies and gentlemen I formally declare the preliminaries begin!"

    The crowd began getting crazy, there were over 4,000,000 participants. Each and every person was more hot blooded than the other. Ragenitus went off stage and vanished, but no one had the guts to be the first to go through first.

    Sin flashed up to the stage, and stood in front of the portal with his back facing the crowd. Raising his middle fingers up he yelled out.

    "See ya later you pussies! Early bird gets the worm!"

    Sin flashed into the portal, Ragenitus who just changed looks back into Arcuz saw this all go down. He cursed like Tech N9ne within his mind, but he soon acted as well.

    Arcuz called out to Sins disappearing figure. "Brother, you can't honestly want to take all the fun for yourself do you?"

    Making it in time, Sin and Arcuz clasped wrists with each other. And both had a mutual understanding with each other. They were both painting a huge target on their back. But they both knew the chaos they were going to stir up, was well worth being the main targets.

    After Arcuz and Sin entered into the separate world, the others on the outside began stirring like an enraged bees nest.

    Hundreds began flocking into the separate world at top speed. The whole crowd was sent ablaze.

    Sin and Arcuz floated in mid air 75 meters away from their entrance point. Both men fist bumped each other.

    Arcuz said to Sin. "You truly know the tried and proven true method to kick start things. When those enraged pests come through, make sure you save some for me to kill brother."

    Sin laughed hearing Arcuz' words and replied. "No promises, I know hiding within that lanky exterior is a caged beast like mine. If you want your fair share, you had better work for it."

    A minute passed, and tens of participants were flooding in each second. Sin smiled viciously as his body became ethereal, stars, comets and stardust formed a circle around Sins current state.

    Transmitting his voice to Arcuz he explained. "If you want to avoid friendly fire, I suggest you stay within the diameter of my ring."

    Sin flew forward, changing Kaiser into its Great Sword form. Thick starlight covered the blade, the thickness of it increased by 6 inches, and length by 11 inches.

    The engraved stars on Kaisers blade became active, although it was the middle of the day. The stars were conducting and pulling starlight energy down.

    The word Emperor on Kaiser blazed with a majestic golden aura, perfectly combining with the starlight energy making the deadly blade enchanting to look at.

    Sin flew forward, with a single slash with Kaiser, a beam of condensed moonlight energy shot out. Decapitating thirty new arrivals, Arcuz pulled out one crimson red blade, and another cyan blue. Rotating both his wrists together, Arcuz' dual swords formed a high speed fan.

    Charging forward through forty participants, all of them had been cut up into chunks of flesh falling from the sky. Arcuz let out a cocky smile and yelled out.

    "That's forty for me compared to your thirty brother, you better step up your gam-"

    Arcuz was interrupted as Sin held the hilt of Kaiser, stabbing down with it onto the sky boundary. A massive blue-white cross formed in the air. It's aura expanded and it quickly became a 300 meter tall cross.

    [Mystic Sorcery: Sanctuary Cross!]

    Over 350 figures were enveloped within, blood, organs, guts, intestines, rained down from the sky onto the land below.

    Sin raised his right hand up, putting it behind his ear as he said back to Arcuz.

    "What I couldn't hear you, that's my 380 kill count to your 40. You'd best step up your game brother!"

    Arcuz grinded his teeth in humiliation, he the mighty Emperor Ragenitus, had never been mocked by his generation, let alone a kid like Sin.

    Arcuz' aura spiked several notches, Sin felt like he was suffocating from it even though he was 6 miles away. Sin called out once again provoking Arcuz.

    "Did I touch a nerve? Well prove to me you aren't a little bitc-"

    Arcuz slashed out with his dual swords, two crescent sword beams cut through 2,000 participants like a hot knife through butter.

    "Fuck you brother, you instigated this!" Both men yelled back and forth, clearly competing over who has the higher kill count.

    Sin and Arcuz went on a killing spree, both men were egging each other on. The flow of the participants was steadily increasing. Now there were over 75,000 within the separate world.

    All of them were holding a deep grudge against Sin and Arcuz. Both of these two crazy bastards were having a competition that concerned their survival. It was only day one, yet they had already taken the top two places. This had indeed made these ruthless mercenaries, group up to fight against the two killing machines.

    A man came out in front of the group of participants, and quickly rallied them all together.

    "I am Alistar the disciple of the Saint Sword Master Kreuzen. Ladies and gentlemen these two ruthless pieces of shit have been killing us like live stock for no good reason. Under my leadership, we can all power through these mother fuckers, and then split our separate ways. But before that, we must fuck these bastards up!"

    The battle-crazed participants took notice of Alìshard. Putting their pride away, they all knew Alistar had the might to control their group.

    Sin looked over in Arcuz' direction, both men nodded towards each other.

    Arcuz flashed behind Sin, with his back against Sins back. Both of their energies began synergizing with each other. Before long, their energies became a knot together. Interwoven together forming a perfect link.

    Sin used Void Steps, and flashed behind Alistar. With his left hand holding half way down the hilt, Sin knelt down and began vibrating his body. With the created momentum, Sin sprung up thrusting the pommel of the hilt, into Alistars sacrum. A loud crunch was heard with Alistar being blasted into the air.

    Sin called out. "Now!"

    Arcuz who had been moving in perfect sync with Sin, separated from Sin's back and used a technique with his stored up power.

    [Dual Abyss: Icy Inferno!]

    A vacuum column shot out, trapping thousands of participants within. Both elements which were in perfect sync with each other, became berserk within moments and clashed against each other.

    Ice and fire caused a thick fog to coat the area around the entrance. A crystalline tree was created, its roots wrapped around various frozen menciles and womcicles. A raging fire ball hit the crystalline tree.

    [Dual Element Crusade!]

    Sin spit out a glob of condensed lightning energy, Sins eyes sparkled brightly, and currents of lightning sparked overtop his body.

    Sin zig zagged as he slashed Alistars body open, reaching the top of the lightning formation. Sin accelerated slashing downwards splitting Alistars body in half.

    [Mystic sorcery: Lightning Grand Cross!]

    Alistars' still conscious mind became devoured by the lightning, his body turned into ash that was blown across the entrance from the raging winds.

    Sin noticed Arcuz was trapped within a formation of 100,000 participants. Sin flashed covering Arcuz with his arms spread out. A blazing saber became embedded into Sins chest down to his abdomen.

    Sin punched out, blowing the attacker into bloody bits. Placing his palm on Arcuz' wounded shoulder, and putting his index and middle finger to his forehead. Sin declared loudly before disappearing in a blinding ray of light.

    "If Goku can do it, so can I, see ya later mother fuckers!"

    Moments after, Alistars master who was inspecting his back room heard a sharp snap. Turning his head backwards slowly, his face became deathly pale before being overrun with rage. His master bellowed loudly as he shot forth to the divine city.


    Ragenitus, who had created Arcuz as a clone, intercepted the Saint Sword Master halfway to the preliminary world.

    "You as well as everyone else heard my rules, if you dare take another step forward. I will wipe your entire sect off the face of our galaxy!"

    Sword Saint Kreuzen let out a loud bestial roar. Charging back to the back mountains of his sect. An overwhelming Sword Qi erupted devouring 1,000 miles worth of land. Knowing that Emperor Ragenitus was a man who kept his word, and wouldn't act unless someone crossed the line he drew. Sword Saint Kreuzen was smart, and let out his billowing rage in the land that belonged to his sect.

    Blood began rolling down the side of Ragenitus' mouth, wiping it away and began appraising Sins sense of honour.

    "A man who can sacrifice his well being for his brothers, I take it back Grand Warrior Sin. Despite the massive bridge separating our social status, you are a worthy brother indeed!"

    Elsewhere, Sin and Arcuz appeared in a hidden cave. Sin's Withering Sword Dance surged out, detecting no hostilities in the cave. Sin deactivated it and let out a sigh of relief.

    "Brother Arcuz, that was so exhilarating! Your techniques are overpowering, I can't help but admire you more than before!"

    Sin then wiped the blood stains off his face, grabbing the saber embedded into his upper body, Sin ripped it out with force. Bringing a surge of blood from his fleshly body.

    Sitting down cross legged, Sin wrapped his body and Arcuz' body within his Rebirth essence. Their injuries although not light, or fatal recovered fully in three hours time.

    The brothers stood up and said in unison. "Let's continue our party from earlier on brother!"

    Sin left a locking formation from his Mystic Sorcery. This cave would later be their headquarters for their various operations. And if anyone were to force their way into it, the cave would self detonate with might that's able to wipe out a middle stage third promotion expert.

    Author's Note:

    Good afternoon/evening all depending on your timezones. I'd like to let you all in advance, I have started officially working again this Monday that just passed. I have about 6 weeks worth of chapters written in advanced, and possibly the odd bonus if my mind is super creative. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this chapter, hopefully with work and all that fun jazz, I won't lose my flow for writing. 

  • Volume 3 Chapter 14: The System, Tera Knox, Septimum Alcharos

    Just as Sin was about to leave, Arcuz called out from behind him.

    "Brother, I think that it's about time you stop pretending like you're not aware of my personal matters."

    Sin stopped and stood in place. With his back to Arcuz, Sin kept his guard down as he felt no hostility. And to be quite frank, Sin was also still naive in some ways. For example brotherhood, Sin had been stabbed in the back before back on Earth. But his personality didn't allow him to put up guards, once an oath of brotherhood has been made.

    Sin turned around, and leaned up against the rock wall with his arms crossed against his chest.

    "Brother, I am well aware each man has his secrets, and each man has his own pride as well as selfishness. I am also a victim to my own secrets, pride, and selfishness. I was already aware from the first moment, you had other devices in mind for approaching me. However, you have also showed me zero hostility, and even if you did, I fail to believe I would make it out on top."

    "A little bit of advice man to man, it is none of my business for the matters of that night you were with Acacia. While my Mana happened to unintentionally catch some details. I must tell you this now, if you do not pick up that bridge with Acacia and Alaris. There will come a day when you will regret it. Take it from me, my selfishness is the reason why my daughters lived everyday for the last three years without their mom or dad."

    Arcuz was silent, but his eyes found it hard to  conceal the shock within. From the very moment he had made hand contact with Sin, he was already figured out and gave himself away.

    Arcuz also took a comfortable spot, leaning up against the rock wall directly across from Sin. Sighing he said to Sin.

    "I originally didn't want to tell you this until you became much stronger. But ever since the night of the starlight energy you formed, it has begun awakening a certain calamity, something that should never belong in the lower, or upper domains. But first things first, to gain your complete trust in me, I will reveal my true identity to you. But you must not ever let word out. I am the 250th generation Emperor Ragenitus you just saw on the stage not long ago. However, during the period of this tournament please continue calling me brother, or Arcuz."

    Sin nodded his head calmly, while the reveal of Arcuz' identity was within his mind. It hadn't been something that concerned himself a whole lot from the beginning.

    Ragenitus began telling what he felt was important enough for Sin to know.

    "Around 1,500 years ago when I was still a fledgling youth, I was out travelling and came across a very unholy place. Many cruel and torturous rituals were held within, while I was still too weak at that time, I should have died within. A middle aged man who called himself the Prophet brought me to a hidden library. That was where I learned about everything, and was foretold one day of your own arrival to our world. With his beyond Immortals power, the Prophet helped me seal away the Infernal Keep. When he revealed his power though, scarlet chains fell from the sky and wrapped him within. I heard the voice of a monstrous entity, it said something amongst the lines. [You goddamn traitor! How dare you help insignificant humans seal away our home. Don't forget, we were created to devour the fish, evolve and kill our creators enemies. You have crossed the line, no matter how you're tortured it could never pay for your grave offence.]"

    Ragenitus continued on. "It was then that my burning curiosity began taking over. I read through each and every book within the library. It took me two decades, but the history I learned through the various books, the bleak future, a giant System that controls all life throughout our lower and higher domains. The higher domains where Immortals roam, is not the end of the path. Beyond that is the creators of this so called System. They play the game of Gods Hand and determine our destiny. The system creators named this race the Tera Knox. The race was imbued with their power, to put it in simple terms. The strongest Immortals in the higher domains, is of equivalent power to the infants of the Tera Knox race."

    "During that time, the creators of the System and Tera Knox were in a war of extinction with another enemy, Septimum Alcharos. The Tera Knox and System was created with two main purposes. One, to successfully separate the original world, creating a cage where we would all become live stock for the Tera Knox to consume and evolve. Two, the creators were originally enslaved by the Septimum Alcharos, they came from various races outside of the Systems separation plan. Their plan was to use all the other races that were trapped inside this big system, as food for the Tera Knox. The Tera Knox would successfully evolve, and eliminate the Septimum Alcharos."

    This time Sin could no longer remain calm, there was always questions behind his transfer to Desolate Kingdom. Ever since Sin was a child, he always had these fragmented dreams that haunted him and were his constant nightmares. Hearing the short bit of history from Ragenitus, Sins memory began working in overdrive. The nightmarish fragmented dreams he had as a child, became clear once more after he heard of the Tera Knox, and Septimum Alcharos.

    Feeling the surging shock within Sin, Ragenitus confirmed his suspicion and continued on.

    "That is the most that I can tell you right now, already telling you that is pushing boundaries and hidden expectations. However, what is the true and most pressing matter right now, is that the Infernal Keep has reacted to you, and the power you gained. While there is much more I would like to explain to you, I feel like it would only hit a wall and earn nothing."

    Sins mind began working, organizing the new information he received. After a minute of deep thought, Sin began asking his own questions.

    "You mentioned you spiced things up for the opening of the new King Of Mercenaries tournament. Not only that, you reveal your identity to me, the history behind an impeding destruction that is out of our hands. And to top it all off, you introduced me to the Infernal Keep, Tera Knox, and the Septimum Alcharos. So tell me Ragenitus, do you expect me to have some power or method to reseal the Infernal Keep?"

    Ragenitus had a mulling look on his face, he hesitated to answer the next part, but nonetheless he did so.

    "To answer your questions, I don't believe you have any power or method to reseal the Infernal Keep. I also told you everything relating to the System, Tera Knox and Septimum Alcharos because you should be aware of it. At one point in time, you had the last bit of Shenzis remnant soul in your body. The Ancestor of the Wolf God Clan. And back then, although Shenzi didn't thwart any major plots, we were bought 350,000 years. The remaining power that Shenzi hid within you, is the key to reseal the Infernal Keep."

    Sin had a deep and mulling look on his face. It seemed like long since he were a innocent child, he was already a piece of the chess board. What piece he became was not in his own hands to decide.

    "Tell me Ragenitus, within 350,000 years there is only 10 generations of Wolf Kings. Something here doesn't add up, your ancestors supposedly go way back with Shenzi. This grudge between us humans and demons, is that also a ploy made by those creators? A lot of mystery revolves around the Wolf King Ancestor, what was the cause of his death, what did he do to attract their attention? And why was it that I became the casket for his remnant soul?"

    "350,000 years ago when Shenzi supposedly fell in battle with the Demon Lord, by mysterious means he managed to exit the System we are trapped within. There he pillaged the hidden Infernal Keep that went under the Septimum Alcharos' radar. However, he was contaminated by the blood of the Tera Knox Royalty. The creators came to eventually learn of these events, they wiped out my ancestors and the Immortal unit Shenzi created, Crimson Constellation. The Wolf God Clan, and Desolate Kingdom have been in a constant time loop. Every 500,000 years, the world is wiped clean of all Karma, and all records of the past civilizations are erased. Shenzi then split his soul into millions of remnant pieces, and here you are, as one of those chosen ones."

    Ragenitus took out a thin needle from his clothes, his eyes looked heavily at Sin before he said. "Before I can truly rule out everything running inside my mind, the simplest way would be to test the blood in your body. I was warned by the Prophet once, the resurgence of the Infernal Keep is a grave matter to my families kingdom, my citizens, and my only sisters and nieces future. I hope you can understand."

    Sins atmosphere began changing, the hostility he held back within him was beginning to resurface. With a voice full of steel he asked. "And so what if this test proves those thoughts in your mind, will you dispose of me? I had better warn you ahead of time, I have five of my senses left, I will not give a damn how many I have to sacrifice. If you push my bottom line, one of us will die here today!"

    Ragenitus went on full alert just like Sin was. Raising both hands into the air and putting the needle away, Ragenitus tried to calm the situation. "Easy brother, I do not plan to dispose of you. I just need to confirm your true origins. If by some odd miracle like the Prophet told me, you may become the only deciding factor to brave these raging currents. I do not ask you for myself, but as a father and husband to each other. Think about your own family and clans future, you are from Earth just like Shenzi is. I'm sure you have parents there who long for the best of their son."

    Sin and Ragenitus had both been on full alert for half an hour, both were mentally weighing each other out. Beads of sweat quickly began to pitter patter onto the ground, both men were people with their inner demons and darkness. If both were to go toe to toe without any thought of their current situations, it could very well cause galaxies to disintegrate if they held no punches back.

    Sin retracted his hostility back into his body, Ragenitus did the same thing as Sin. Both men instantly felt like a invisible knife had been removed from their throat.

    Rolling his shirts sleeve up Sin said. "Do as you must, but my words remain true. Turn on me, and either one of us will die and leave behind something that we cannot afford to leave behind!"

    Ragenitus took out the needle once more, feeling Sin on high alert had also triggered himself. But to prove his sincerity, Ragenitus held it within himself. Quickly piercing the needle into Sins arm, after a minute passed and the entire needle became a metallic purple. Ragenitus pulled it out, and began earnestly studying it.

    This however, had provoked a third part to Sin that had been hidden for a long time. Sins sclera began turning black, and his eyes became a deep crimson. Ragenitus noticed the changes within Sin, but the greater shock had yet to arrive. Within his bloodline, Ragenitus felt a prehistoric beast staring right at him. The Infernal Keep he sealed began reacting to the needle with Sins blood.

    Sins eyes began changing between a deep crimson, and back to their lifeless white colour. Sins hands reached to his head, he began digging his fingers into his flesh and tearing downwards. Sin let out a bestial roar of rage and pure wickedness. Sins body fell to the ground, and it quickly became covered in Sins sweat.

    "You..... bastard Ragenitus... I swear if you fucked around with me.... I will purposely lose control and wipe your kingdom out!" Sin was panting like a dog, a strong bestial intent began corroding his mind. The blood in Sins Heart World began rumbling, the sound of a bells dong began echoing from the palace behind the gates in Sins Heart World.

    Sasha who was inside cultivating, felt a disturbance in the Primordial Chaos energy. When she opened up her eyes, there was a tangible monstrous entity standing in front of her. Its hand reached out, and began sucking away the spirit fire from her being.

    Midnight Reaper who was in Desolate Kingdom, felt the sudden change from their soul. That third being which had been sealed away, temporarily woke up and was beginning to corrode them.

    Ragenitus who was staring in shock muttered to himself in disbelief and terror. "The blood of the Tera Knox royalty!"

    Crimson-black flames began radiating off of Sins body, Sins eyes widened as his flesh became tense and started tearing apart. Purple blood oozed out of Sins flesh, Ragenitus quickly snapped out of his trance and began acting with speed.

    Remembering what he read from the books, Ragenitus stabbed the needle with Sins blood through his heart. He interjected all of his Mana into Sins Heart World. The tangible figure that appeared began flickering, its hand let go of Sasha's spirit fire. It grinned cruelly, looking in the main hall and saw Midnight Reaper there and left its last words.

    "It seems our play time has come to an end brother Midnight. My awakening isn't that far off in the future. I can't wait to watch how you and him struggle to seal me again! The Infernal Keep has begun reacting, I wish you the best in the near future brother. Until the day Sin accepts who he really is, I may just kill you both if it takes too long."

    The tangible figure disappeared, Sins struggling came to a halt. His flesh began repairing, the oozing purple blood returned to red, the teared flesh began repairing itself. Sins sclera and eyes returned to normal, panting and covered in sweat. Sin laid on the ground in extreme exhaustion.

    "I would beat you black and blue like I did everyone else if I weren't so goddamn tired!" Sin managed to push these last words out of his mouth before he blacked out.

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