I am the King of the Castle



  • Chapter 32: Slander

        After a hard battle, this consciousness didn't know how long he slept, and was woken up by the noise from the window in a blur.

        "It's so noisy ..." Roger stretched a laziness as he complained, but Lisa's expression, now standing by the bed, was a little unnatural and asked quietly: "What's wrong with you?"

        "No ... nothing!" The girl instinctively wanted to hide, but at this moment a loud noise suddenly sounded outside the window, and Lisa's cheeky face suddenly turned pale.

        At this time, Roger also heard the contents of the noise, and it was all such things as "burning to death and collaborating with undead creatures!", "Driving human traitors out of our town!" And so on. The sound outside the window was higher than the other. It sounded like a lot of people gathered outside the hotel. It seemed that the whole town was out.

        Roger listened for a while, then asked Lisa with a doubt on his face, "are those people talking about us?"

        "Well!" The young girl whispered unwillingly, "Master, you risk your life to protect the town, but they are ... too much!"

        "These simple-minded idiots are sold and help others count money!" Roger slightly thought about the joints, and couldn't help humming. "Who is this rare town? We are now leave here!"

        Lisa didn't want to stay here for a long time, and when she heard that, she immediately informed others to prepare. It was only when Roger stepped out of the room that the hotel was full of people. Although most of them were residents of Oak Town, the front-most were Mercenary's mercenaries.

        The residents of the town, bewildered by Ivan and the mercenaries, thought that Roger had led the undead to attack Oaktown, and they were all indignant. Had it not been for the surviving four spear militias and Mike and others at the door, I'm afraid these guys would have rushed in early and would be bad for Roger.

        Seeing Luo Yihui's doorstep, the residents of the town could not help but take a few steps back. It seems that his name of "collusion with undead creatures" is quite scary.

        Iwan, who was in the crowd, saw that the momentum on his side was weakening, and screamed in his heart. He immediately came out and shouted, "Don't be afraid of him, colluding with undead creatures ... even if the church knows it will be on fire Yes, we cannot let go of this devil! "

        Ivan's words immediately rekindled the anger of many people, and many people shouted "burn him! Burn him!" Slowly approached the hotel door.

        "Okay, you've been let go of your horse. You dare to mess with Lao Tzu. This is a self-death!" When Roger saw Ivan making trouble in him, the anger in his heart rushed out.

        The angry Roger completely ignored the crowd's clamor, and walked coldly to the door of the hotel. After all, Yu Wei of the undead creatures from the previous war still existed, and those guys who just yelled were immediately stopped by him.

        "You stupid guys, actually said that I colluded with undead creatures!" Roger glanced at the crowd, suddenly raising his voice, "You forgot who was desperate to resist the attack of the undead creatures, and holding on to the town of Oak Tree has kept you alive. ?!"

        Ivan had long thought that Roger would say so, and immediately shouted, "That's just a play with the undead creatures in order to gain our trust! After everyone trusts you, you will secretly let the undead creatures enter the town. , Turning all of us into skeletons! "

        The townspeople agreed with Ivan's conspiracy theory and echoed loudly: "Yes, yes, this is indeed a conspiracy, and that's the truth!"

        Seeing that these townspeople had no opinions of their own, Ivan would believe whatever they said, and Roger's patience was gradually exhausted. Especially thinking that there might be more undead creatures coming here at any time, he was even more reluctant to waste time on this group of mindless guys. Suddenly, Roger, who made up his mind, smiled coldly and drew out his short sword and shouted, "I and my people are leaving now, but who will dare to stop ?!"

        Roger's words surprised Ivan. Although forcing him to leave has already achieved Markas's purpose, it was not enough for Ivan. What he wanted was to let Roger die here. Only in this way could he breathe a sigh of anger and take the pretty maid beside Roger for himself.

        For this reason, Ivan immediately shouted, "Don't you want to run away, colluding with undead creatures to destroy our town, and just want to leave like this? Everyone, please don't let him run, you must let him be Atonement for himself on the stake! "

        Many inhabitants of Oaktown are stupid people, and under the instigation of Ivan, they shouted as if they had lost their senses: "Burn him, burn him!"

        "You can't do this!" In the noise, the young woman who Roger had helped in the past hugged the child to the hotel door and shouted, "Mr. Li is a good man. He can't possibly collude with undead creatures ..."

        But the young woman's words were immediately drowned by other people's drinking and scolding. Many people scolded her mind, confused by Xiao Enhui of Roger and others, and couldn't see his ugly true face. Some even said that this young woman was with Roger and wanted to burn her and her children to death.

        Roger quickly let the young woman and child enter the hotel, at least for the time being it was safe. If they were allowed to stay outside, they might soon be killed by angry townspeople.

        Seeing that the situation was unfolding in the direction he wanted, Ivan smiled proudly. He knew that as long as he kept working hard, the angry people would tie Roger up and burn him alive. By then, not only would he win the trust of Marcas, but even the cute girl was his own.

        Ivan certainly thought that Roger would resist, but he was not worried about it. Ivan had already seen that only Roger's soldiers were capable of fighting with Roger. Now there are only four of these soldiers left, and even if they are more powerful, they will not be the opponents of nearly thirty mercenaries, so Ivan feels that Roger has lost in this fight.

        "Mr. Li, your current strength is not our opponent at all. I advise you to surrender!" Iwan stepped proudly to Roger and said, "Yes, don't worry about your beautiful maid, I will take good care of her Yes, ha ha ha ha! "

        Looking at the villain of Iwan, Roger said verbatim: "I will leave with other people, but before leaving, I will definitely kill you!"

        "Haha, why? Just your four soldiers?" Ivan laughed arrogantly, but he soon heard a sound that was both familiar and scary.

        An ominous premonition poured into Ivan's heart. He turned his stiff neck and looked in the direction of the sound, and immediately saw a group of soldiers walking towards him with a spear. The spear's tip reflected the frightening cold, making Iwan feel cold all over the body of the ice cave, and his mind turned back and forth with only one thought: "Where did these soldiers come from ?!"
  • Chapter 33

          These pike militias were trained by the castle center while Roger was sleeping, a total of 22 people, although they did not reach the level where Roger had just arrived in Oak Town,
        When threatened by Ivan and others, Roger quietly summoned the pike militias to the open space near the town. By the time the townspeople were now only a dozen steps away from the hotel. The rifle militiamen moved forward in a neat formation. Influenced by Roger's angry mood, the soldiers were as if they were essentially murderous.

        Recalling the brave look of these soldiers and undead creatures before, the townspeople were all scared and trembling, and automatically gave way to the two sides. Only Ivan and other mercenaries were left in the open space in front of the hotel, and they were at a loss to face the murderous lance militia.

        Under Roger's command, the pike militia went straight to the mercenaries. Because these soldiers appeared too suddenly, the mercenary's fighting spirit was completely absent. They just backed in panic, not even the courage to raise their arms. All the way to the corner, there was no way to retreat, all with their backs against the wall in horror, looking at the tip of the gun that flashed cold in front of his chest.

        Ivan was the most afraid of them, but Roger himself said he would kill him. Ivan didn't believe it just now. How come to think that this nightmare would come true only in a blink of an eye?

        The initiative changed hands in an instant, and Mike and others were shocked and happy. Everyone more and more feels that the master is unfathomable, no matter what the situation may be, he can save himself, and there is a little more admiration in his eyes. Only Lisa stood behind Roger with a free look, her bright eyes staring at his back, without a look of surprise. Lisa trusted Roger unconditionally. In the mind of the pretty maid, the master was omnipotent. It was only expected that the crisis could be resolved. There was nothing to be surprised at all.

        "Wait a minute!" Just then Marcas appeared fat outside the hotel and shouted at Roger: "Mr. Li, there must be a misunderstanding, please don't do it!"

        Hearing Markas's voice, a sneer appeared from the corner of Roger's mouth. Of course, he knew that the relationship between fat and life was inseparable. Now that Roger has regained the initiative, this guy has to face the game.

        Roger was trying to force Markas out. He was taking so many people to Arlington to put pressure on him. This fat man is so fat, I am so sorry not to cut some meat from him.

        With this idea in mind, Roger held his arms in his arms and waited for Markas to run to him, and then sneered, "Mr. Markas, I don't think there is any misunderstanding in the middle! These people said that I was collaborating with the undead. Biological traitor, burn me to death! "

        Markas's face was full of sweat, some of which were tired out when he ran just now, but more of them were anxious. The fat man thought that Roger and others could be easily driven away, but now Roger still has a hidden strength, and has just completely angered him, which naturally makes Marcus very nervous.

        "Mr. Li, there must be a misunderstanding." Markus couldn't help wiping the sweat off his face and bowed to Roger again and again: "Everyone you look at against the undead is in your eyes, how could it be collusion? A traitor to the undead creature, this must be someone making a rumor, really damn it! "

        Roger looked at Markas with a smile, "Really misunderstanding?"

        "An absolute misunderstanding!"

        Luo Jie waited for this sentence, and immediately straightened his face and said to the fat man: "Since it is a misunderstanding, then I will not care about you. But I and others have been frightened a lot, and now I'm still stunned. Plop through 'jump! "

        Markus certainly understood that Roger was suggesting that he was going to give some blood, but he didn't dare to have any opinion in front of Roger, who had the absolute advantage, and quickly nodded his head and said authenticly: "I am deeply troubled by Mr. Li and others Sorry, I will ask people to prepare food and tents as compensation to everyone, please wait a moment! "

        "Stubborn fat man, this time I will not be named Luo without revealing a layer of your skin!" Looking at Marks' painful expression, Roger was secretly proud. But on the surface he had an indifferent expression, smiling at the fat man and saying: "Since this is Mr. Marcas's heart, then I will not quit, otherwise I will disappoint you, haha!"

        "I would rather you live up to my kindness, a greedy vampire!" The fat man scolded Roger in his heart, but had to squeeze a smile: "Yeah, yeah, if Mr. Li doesn't accept my apology, the entire oak tree The residents of the town will feel guilty, haha! "

        Between the two talking and laughing, Markas's men quickly delivered the prepared things. In addition to a large amount of food, there are several tents and many blankets. Camas watched Roger's men take over the supplies, and his whole fat face was twitching.

        Taking a good look at Markas's expression, Roger also felt a little funny. Fat people can be regarded as stealing chickens this time, and they should not show mercy to such ingratitude guys.

        Let his men organize the supplies, and Roger took everyone out of town. But he stopped just a few steps later, pointing at Ivan, who was trying to hide, to the fat man: "Yes, please let Mr. Marcas leave this person to me."

        "Mr. Li, what use do you want Ivan?" Markas really couldn't see what Roger did to Ivan.

        Roger said calmly, "The townspeople will be targeted only when they are instigated. The culprit is this Ivan, so I must let him get the punishment he deserves. Mr. Marcus will not favor him. ? "

        Roger deliberately ordered the pike militias to move closer to Markas while talking, and the fat man was frightened to death and immediately ordered the guards around him: "Bring Ivan to Mr. Li!"

        When Ivan was bound by Marcus's guard and pushed in front of Roger, the guy was frightened and shivered. He knew that there would be no reason to fall into Roger's hands, and struggled to Marcus: "Mr Marcus, you can't give me this guy, instigating the townspeople to deal with him is not you ..."

        Ivan's voice came to an abrupt end, staring at the fat man in front of him with wide eyes. A dagger was inserted between Ivan's chest and abdomen, making him unable to say a word.

        Markus held the handle of the dagger firmly and turned it slowly before pulling it out. The fat man couldn't let Ivan tell the truth of the matter anyway, so he could only kill him to prevent future troubles.

        Watching Ivan's body fall to the ground, Markas quickly changed into a smiley face and said to Roger, "Mr. Li, Ivan is really damned. I decided to kill him by myself to express my deep apology."

        "Mr. Marcus, you're very kind." Roger smiled meaningfully at the fat man, then turned and walked out of town. When passing by Ivan's body, people around him heard him say clearly: "Deserve it!"
  • Chapter 34 The Calamity in Oaktown

        Although Ivan can also be regarded as Marcus's confidant, but for a fat man, an ineffective man like Ivan killed it and killed it.

        Roger would not care about dog biting between Marcas and Ivan. Ivan's bad attitude towards Lisa touched Roger's bottom line, so this guy must die! As for who actually killed Ivan, Roger didn't really care.

        Under the arch guard of the spear militia, Roger led the others out of the town. Just now, the townspeople who were anxiously burning Roger to follow also followed. They still had some doubts about Roger. They would only feel relieved when they saw him leave.

        Watching these people cringe, Roger softened his heart, and stopped and said loudly, "I remind you once more that more undead creatures will come here, and your town must not be able to keep it. Want If you're alive, pack up and go to Warrington. "

        Few people have responded to Roger's words. For most people, the end of the recent battle means that the threat of undead creatures has been lifted. No one believes that there will be more undead creatures coming to attack Oaktown. After all, there has never been a similar thing in the previous undead woes.

        Roger can see from the expressions of the people that these people did not take their words seriously, and he could not do anything about it. Roger never felt that he was a savior. He had done his best to these people. Whether he could survive or not depends on his own decision.

        So Roger said nothing more, and left the town with the others without the protective barrier. There were only a couple of mothers and sons who had been bullied by Ivan before, and the young woman was speaking to Roger in front of the whole town, and it was impossible to continue living here. Roger also had a good impression on this young woman who dared to speak up, and didn't mind taking the mother and son away.

        When Roger and others left Oaktown, it was too late, and they didn't go far to find a place to settle overnight. But in the middle of the night, Mike whispered outside the tent: "Sir, you'd better ... come and see. There seems to be something wrong with Oaktown."

        Roger has to repair the content of the Dragon Sword Syllabus every night. After listening to the hunter, he quickly came out of the tent and looked up towards Oaktown.

        The night sky in the direction of Oak Town was soaring into the sky, and there were still screams before people died, drifting into the ears of the people with the wind. Everyone looked dignified, knowing that Roger's prediction had come true, and the undead creatures really attacked the town again.

        Oak Town has lost its fortifications. There are no other defense forces except those timid mercenaries. Everyone naturally guesses the end of this town. Although it had conflicted with life in the town before, everyone's mood was inevitably depressed at this time. After all, we are all human beings, and we would not like to see the same kind killed by undead creatures.

        And the young woman who volunteered to follow Roger was named Linda, and at this time it was a little more special. Had it not been for this decision, she would have been a victim of the undead with her children at this time.

        The kind Lisa remembered her parents who also died under the hands of the undead creatures, and was very sympathetic to those in the town, and could not help whispering to Roger: "Master, you can find a way to save them, those people are so pathetic!"

        "Oh, my little Lisa really has a kind heart." Roger smiled softly in the girl's ear: "I like good girls!"

        This was the first time Roger and Lisa were so close. The shy girl felt that her cheeks became hot immediately. Fortunately, it was night, and no one could see Lisa's red face.

        However, Roger quickly turned his voice and shook his head to Lisa: "But I can't agree to your request."

        Roger's words startled the girl and looked up at him with questioning eyes. Roger didn't feel half guilty, but sighed leisurely: "The Supreme God once said that he only saves those who believe in him. I can't compare with the Supreme God, but of course I can only help people who believe in me. As for other things, People ... I can do nothing! "

        After listening to Roger's remarks, everyone else was relieved, everyone was really afraid that the owner would decide to rescue Oaktown. In the current situation, this is tantamount to suicide.

        Of course, Roger would not be so impulsive. Without affecting his own safety, he might help others. But Roger wasn't so noble to save his life to save the guys in Oaktown.

        Lisa also seemed to understand Roger's words, but since his decision conformed to the theology of the supreme god, of course it was completely correct. So the girl didn't insist on asking Roger to save anyone, but bowed her head and saluted him, "Sorry master, I put too much demands on you."

        Looking at the pretty maid's timidity, Roger softly sighed: "Let's see it at dawn, if there are survivors, help them."

        After the sky was bright, Mike first approached Oaktown and observed it. After making sure there were no undead nearby, Roger and the others returned to Oaktown.

        It was completely different from the time when everyone left. The whole town was burned half and the rest was ruined. However, there was no corpse in the town's ruins, and the remains of all the victims were of course supplemented with the materials of the undead army.

        "Don't listen to me, I'm in the dark." Roger has only one such advice to those killed, but unfortunately these people can't hear it again.

        Although no living person was found in Oaktown, Roger did not run this trip in vain. According to Linda's memory, Markas had a warehouse in the town with a lot of useful supplies.

        Roger took Mike to take a look. The warehouse was not as rich as Linda said. Except for some wood and stone, there were only a few heavy iron ingots.

        These supplies were apparently used by Markas to repair the town's fortifications. Unfortunately, before he had time to use it, Oaktown was already captured by undead creatures. Others were a little disappointed when they saw the supplies, and only Roger was secretly pleased that these materials were just for him to build the castle building.

        A battle that defended Oaktown yesterday allowed Roger to accumulate a lot of soul power, and now it is possible to build a secondary castle building with only ordinary materials. He casually found an excuse to spread the others, and then brought these materials into the castle's secondary space.

        At Roger's command, the castle center immediately began to use these materials to build the castle building. A few days later, the primary weapon factory upgraded from the weapon shop was finally completed.

        The original building, which was very simple, has changed significantly. It is more neat and solid, with a much larger area, and a thick chimney on the roof. The number of civilians working in the castle increased to three, and they were "ding-dong-dong" busy.

        As the civilians of the castle worked hard, Roger quickly got the first weapon produced by the primary weapons factory-a sharp long sword.
  • Chapter 35: Surrounded

        Compared with Roger's slightly rough dagger, the length of the long sword is nearly double that of the short sword, and the range of attack is also increased. The chilling blade is very sharp at first glance, and the heavy ridge makes the long sword difficult to break, and the power in battle is naturally much greater.

        Roger suddenly chopped down the long sword against the original dagger. When the two swords struck Mars, a short gap immediately appeared in the short sword, but the long sword was intact. This made Roger very fond of his new weapon, and carefully hung his sword around his waist and left the castle secondary space.

        The new weapon is very happy for Roger, and also gives him greater confidence that he can make achievements in this world. It's just that Roger doesn't know yet that the biggest crisis is approaching after he comes to Um Big 6. As long as one is not careful, he will sink in the sand, and it is even more impossible for him to make some achievements.

        Roger, completely ignorant of this, continued to take everyone to the Lington Pass, and he was getting closer and closer to his destination. It was too late on this day, and everyone camped under a cliff.

        There is a plain in front of the cliff. Although there is no cover around it, the tall cliffs can block the cold wind at night, and it is also the best place for camping nearby.

        Roger, as usual, found a place to practice swordplay alone after the others settled. Since getting the outline of the Dragon Sword Technique, he has been working hard every day, and his personal strength has also improved significantly. According to the castle center, Roger is now close to the Dark Iron Intermediate, and is already slightly stronger than the pike militia.

        Encouraged by this good news, Roger's recent practice has also worked harder, increasing the number of choppings from 300 to 500 per day. When he had completed all the exercises, it was already midnight. Roger had just wanted to go back for a rest, but there were a lot of light blue highlights that were slightly undulating and regular at places just a few dozen steps away.

        "What's that?" Roger watched curiously for a moment, then immediately realized that something bad was happening. These blue highlights are the soul fire in the eyes of the undead creature!

        Roger glanced around subconsciously, and now he was surrounded by blue dots. On the dark earth, countless blue bright spots are as many as the stars in the night sky, forming a terrifying scene.

        "Damn!" Roger cursed in his heart and warned: "There are undead creatures! Everyone is ready to fight!"

        As others rushed out of the tent in a hurry, Roger's lance militiamen had discharged a semi-circular defensive formation in front of the cliff. Mike and others ignited a woodpile arranged around the camp in the hope that the flames would prevent the undead from approaching.

        In the uncertain light, Roger and others finally saw the undead creatures approaching slowly, and could not help but secretly cry in their hearts.

        The incoming undead creatures are mainly plague zombies. The appearance of these undead creatures is similar to that of ordinary zombies, but they are covered with a layer of green plague clouds. Any living creature that comes into contact with the plague cloud will contract the plague, and then die and die within a short period of time.

        Therefore, plague zombies are also the most troublesome type of low-level undead creatures. Even if these guys can't beat you, they can disgust you. Many people who are much stronger than them eventually die from the plague. Fortunately, Roger's men are all long-armed militiamen. Their weapons are long enough to keep as far as possible from the plague zombies.

        The fire around the camp was all lit, but the plague zombies were not affected and they surrounded the camp. In the dark night, hundreds of plague zombies surrounded the camp, and even if Roger and others were able to break out, they would be infected with a deadly plague and die.

        "It's miserable this time." Roger could not help secretly crying at the plague zombies. However, he is now the leader of the crowd, but can not show the fear in his heart under his hands, but instead encourages others to say loudly: "Don't panic, just follow my order and you can keep the camp!"

        Inspired by Roger, the crowd more or less suppressed the fear. Several men took weapons to form a second line of defense behind the pike militia, preparing to deal with the undead creatures who stormed into the camp, while the women and children were watching the burning inside. Campfire. Especially when fighting undead creatures such as zombies, the flame can often have a very good killing effect.

        Although Roger successfully stirred up the fighting spirit of others, he also knew that the current situation was very unfavorable to his side. Unless there is a miracle, it is impossible to rush out of the plague zombies without losing one person.

        The only comfort for Roger is that he has trained a lot of spearmen in recent days, and he can barely form a line of defense outside the camp. If the number of pike militias is still as small as in the past few days, Roger today must be unable to escape the fate of being converted into an undead creature.

        The plague zombies inherited the fighting style of the undead creatures without fear, and rushed to the pike militia without stopping. These undead creatures move a bit slower than ordinary zombies, which also makes Roger watching the game secretly a pity. If there are dozens of archers under his command, this will not be so passive at this moment.

        However, although Roger had enough soul power to build the primary shooting range, he couldn't build because he couldn't get enough common materials. So now I can only rely on the spear militia to carry it, hoping to withstand the attack of the plague zombie.

        Although the plague zombies were relatively slow, they eventually came to the pike militias. The undead creature completely ignored the spears standing in front of them, and stretched their hands straight towards the spear militia.

        Fortunately, the pike militias did not have any negative emotions such as fear, sadness, and disappointment, so their queues did not have any confusion, just waiting silently for the battle to begin. With the plague zombies only a few steps away, the pike militias finally came into action. They stabbed their spears neatly, accurately stabbing the plague zombies and killing a dozen enemies with a single stab.

        However, this loss is nothing at all for the large number of undead creatures. The plague zombies in the back continued to surge, attacking Roger and others in succession.

        The spear militia advanced under the command of Roger to resist the attack of undead creatures. He took special care not to keep the soldiers too close to the plague zombies. Although the spear militiamen are only the creations of the castle center, Roger is not sure if they will be infected with a deadly plague, so be careful.

        But there are many things that can't be avoided anyway, and the situation that Roger has been preparing for eventually ends up being born.
  • Chapter 36 Skeleton Magician

        Dozens of plague zombies suddenly appeared near the cliff. Although Roger immediately mobilized the reserve pike militias to help, he was still one step behind. In the end, two plague zombies broke through the defense of the pike militia, and these soldiers were close enough to spread the plague.

        A zombie suddenly opened his arms and hugged a spear militia, and opened his dry mouth to bite at the other side. Although other pike militias immediately destroyed the plague zombie, a layer of green gas appeared on the pike militias held by it. At the same time, Roger also sensed that the spear militia's movement was much slower, and it seemed that he did not listen to his command.

        "Oops!" Roger sighed in his heart, and immediately ordered the spearman militia to leave the queue and launch a suicide attack on the enemy.

        Since the pike militias are affected by the plague, it is also possible to spread the plague to other soldiers. Roger did not want to lose all his spearmen due to the plague, so he issued this order in time to prevent the spread of the plague and to destroy as many enemies as possible.

        This long-armed militiaman did not live up to Roger's expectations. Although it was just a surprise attack, it also destroyed several plague zombies along the way. However, before Roger was happy, a few colorful balls of light flew from the darkness in the distance, hitting the pike militia accurately, and knocked him to the ground instantly.

        These spheres of light are clearly the magic performed by the magician-magic missiles. Roger saw this scene tightly, knowing that the crisis he encountered was greater than expected. Such a large group of plague zombies is enough to cause headaches. It is even more difficult to deal with them when magicians fight for them.

        Immediately after the opponent's first magic missile, a colorful ball of light flew out from behind the plague zombies, and then knocked down several spearmen militia, making Roger's original not so tight defense line more relaxed.

        Several plague zombies took the opportunity to rush into the gap. Thanks to Roger's proper command, coupled with the pike militias and his heart, and the execution of the order was very timely, they barely blocked the enemy from the defensive circle.

        But even so, Roger paid the price of two pike militias, and two more pike militias contracted the plague. Roger had to order them to carry out suicide attacks so as not to spread the plague to others.

        Although the spear militiamen who carried out suicide attacks killed several times their plague zombies, they did not help much in the overall battle. There are too many undead creatures, and a dozen deaths have no effect on them at all.

        On the contrary, Roger felt very heartbroken about the loss of so many rifle militiamen. If this situation continues, there will be no soldiers available before his dawn.

        Helpless Roger can only shrink the line of defense, allowing the spear militia to form a smaller defense circle. However, the plague zombie will inevitably be closer to Roger, and his risk of contracting the plague will increase.

        To Roger's comfort, the Plague Zombies did not seem to be in a hurry to attack at this time. They retreated outside the attack range of the Pike Militia and slowly separated to the two sides. The guy who had just cast his magic behind the Plague Zombie finally showed up. Their true colors.

        Here are a few undead creatures in black robes. The tattered black robe swayed in the breeze, occasionally exposing the pale skeleton under the robe. Soul fire burns in the eyes of these undead creatures, much brighter than the plague zombies. Although almost all parts of the body have become bones, their lips and tongue are still intact. Because these undead creatures attack magically, they must keep their lips to help them cast.

        "**, Skeleton Magician!" Roger couldn't help swearing at the sight of these weird undead creatures.

        Skeleton magicians can be regarded as intermediate-level undead creatures. It is said that these guys were all magicians before their death. They also retained some spell-casting abilities after their death. They are among the rare types of undead creatures with casting abilities.

        Don't look at the skeleton magician who can only perform the simplest magic like magic missiles, but the lethality cannot be underestimated. Especially now that Roger only has a spear militia, and there is no long-range attack on the unit, the skeleton magician can exert the greatest power.

        "If you can't eliminate these guys, everyone will die here tonight." Roger knew his current situation and began to find a way to deal with the skeleton magician.

        In fact, the best arm to deal with these undead creatures is the archer. The magician's body is very fragile, even if it becomes an undead creature. Just hit a few arrows of the Skull Mage to turn them into a pile of bones.

        The problem is that currently Mike is the only one who can shoot arrows on Roger's side. If he were to attack now, I am afraid that even one enemy would not be destroyed. Roger needs a sufficient number of archers to wipe them out in one fell swoop before the Sorcerer Mage counters. To complete this plan, a preliminary shooting range must be built, and then a certain number of shortbow players can be trained.

        "The power of the soul is enough, but where are we going to get other materials right now?" Facing the imminent crisis, Roger was also at a loss.

        However, the skeleton magicians did not continue to attack, but stood quietly as if they were trying to put more psychological pressure on Roger and others. At the same time, a figure slowly emerged from the darkness, silently looking at Roger and others who were waiting.

        Roger saw at a glance that the last guy who appeared was definitely not an undead creature, because he could not see the trace of the soul fire in his eyes. A human being mixed with undead creatures, his identity is naturally ready to come out.

        This also allowed Roger to understand why the cooperation between these plague zombies and skeleton magicians was so tacit, at this time, there was still a threatening situation, all because of this undead mage commanding behind the scenes.

        The appearance of this undead mage also made Roger's heart sink to the bottom. Originally, a group of plague zombies and a few skeleton magicians were difficult to deal with. Now there is one more undead magician. This is definitely Roger's arrival in the soil The biggest crisis encountered after Renzo World.

        The undead mage looked at the people quietly, and after a while said with a hoarse voice: "With the strength of these people, you can indeed defeat the two wastes of Van Doran and Lear. Who is your leader, come out and I talk!"

        Roger knew there was no point in concealing his identity, and immediately responded, "It's me!"

        "Very good." The next words of the undead mage surprised everyone. "You surrender immediately and meet with me. In return, I can let others die happily."
  • Chapter 37

        Although the undead mage has promised, the undead mage is the most evil group of people in Um 6. The magic experiment with living and dead people is their main business. Poison vows are as common as water. If anyone believes them, his head must be broken by the door.

        What's more, what good would a necromancer look for from you? Even if this guy really keeps his promise to not kill Roger for the time being, who knows what vicious method will be used to punish him, instead of being killed simply.

        So Roger didn't hesitate at all, and immediately shouted, "Think I want to surrender? No way!"

        Not surprised by Roger's answer, the necromancer smiled vaguely, "Don't blame me!"

        As soon as his words fell, the plague zombies slowly swarmed up again, and the skeleton magician was preparing to cast again. The plan of the undead mage is very clear. Since Roger is unwilling to surrender, it will be the same when he is left alone.

        Blair urged his men to speed up and began to feel a little impatient. It seems to him that a middle-level undead mage is a little overkill for dealing with such a group of people. Blair couldn't figure out why the leader wanted to let him catch the lead human, which added a lot of trouble to him. But such doubts can only be in his heart. Blair does not want to question the decision of the leader. He has seen more than once that the consequences of doing so are very miserable.

        But the whole thing may seem a little troublesome to Blair, but for Roger and others, it is a matter of life. Roger was absolutely reluctant to fall into the hands of the undead mage, and he would rather commit suicide than he really was.

        The plague zombies are slightly dull but firm, and the skeleton wizard behind them is also casting spells, all of which herald Roger's failure. Anxious Roger suddenly thought of something, and quickly asked the center of the castle, "Is the power of the soul enough to send me back to the original world?"


        "Great, ready to send me back!" This is undoubtedly great news for Roger. He prepared the castle center and ran into the tent in the center of the camp.

        The others looked at Roger in surprise, wondering why he was entering the tent at this time. However, no one suspected that Roger did this out of fear, and everyone believed that he suddenly ran into the tent because he could find a way to defeat the undead in it.

        "Open the castle center!" Roger entered the castle secondary space as soon as he entered the tent. He changed into the suit before crossing as fast as possible, and then said aloud to the center of the castle, "Send it back now, fast!"

        The castle hub was ready to send Roger back, and he did as soon as he heard his order. After a familiar vertigo passed, Roger had returned to the beginning of all these adventures-in the ordinary alley.

        Although the air here is slightly turbid and the sky is a little grey and opaque compared to the world of Torunzo, this is where Roger lived for more than 20 years, and it does n’t seem to be so bad in his eyes Already. After returning to the familiar environment, Roger took a deep breath, and the familiar taste in the air made him intoxicated for a moment.

        But no matter what the world is, there are a lot of guys in the world, and naturally on the earth is no exception. Roger, who had just returned, just thought about it, a fierce voice rang behind him: "This little cub kicked and hurt the third child, and abolished him!"

        Hearing this unskilled mandarin, Roger remembered that he still had problems left unsolved! At the beginning, the castle center said that the time of the two worlds would not interfere with each other. So when Roger returned to the earth, the first thing he had to face was these thieves who wanted to teach him hard.

        The thought that it was because of these thieves that he was forced to go to the crisis-stricken world of Toulonzo, Roger's mouth sneered. Now Roger is not the same as before, he has no difficulty in dealing with these hair thieves with a near-intermediate strength.

        These thieves are totally ignorant of this, they just want to give Roger a lesson that he will never forget, and let him know that he is trying to die against himself!

        The thief, who had already cut Roger's blade before, started, and after catching up, he slashed it to his back. These guys are already violent and violent in character. It is even more ruthless to see Roger hurt his companion, and he will be seriously injured even if Roger is not killed if the knife is hit.

        When Roger heard the wind behind his head, he knew that these guys were ruthless, and he couldn't help but be furious. Is it fake? "

        With such resentment in his heart, Luo Yishu's hand naturally became heavy. He didn't even turn his head back, just kicked back heavily, and just hit the thief's chest.

        The thief yelled and flew backwards, bumped heavily against the wall, and bounced back, and then lay on the ground and couldn't move. The thief's associates saw Roger so powerful, and took out a hidden machete and surrounded him.

        Roger doesn't need weapons at all to deal with these guys. Before the other side had formed a perimeter, he had rushed to the nearest one.

        The guy did not expect that Roger would dare to take the initiative to attack, and he had been punched in the lower abdomen by a punch, and immediately fell to the ground with his arms folded.

        Roger, who succeeded in hitting, didn't stop. He rushed to the next thief in a wrong step, and knocked the guy out as soon as he lifted his leg. At the same time, Roger's hand was not idle, and he struck the back of another enemy's neck. The man rolled his eyes and fell to the ground without a hum.

        The remaining thieves were a little panicked when they saw Roger so powerful. Don't look at the fierce looks of these guys, they don't have much courage. Otherwise, they would have robbed the bank long ago, so why only do some tricks on the bus? These thieves are certainly incomparable when they encounter victims who are weaker than themselves, but it is silly to encounter characters who are stronger than them.

        In the end, the two did not care about their accomplices anymore, and turned around and ran out of the alley. Where would Roger let them escape? Pick up an iron rod near the feet and throw it out.

        The iron rod spun out whirlingly and smashed the two thieves to the ground at the same time. Roger quickly chased after him, dragging the two guys back and throwing them next to his associates.

        "Aren't you trying to teach me? Okay, come on!" Roger muttered to himself while picking up the iron rod: "Let's see who is teaching who!

        Speaking of encountering these thieves, Roger has been struggling on the edge of life and death, and he has to worry about losing his life every day. Right now he encountered the culprit of letting himself fall into this field, and of course he would not let them go so easily.

        "Tell you to make three more hands in the future, and give you some memory now!" During the low drink, the iron rod in Roger's hand was smashed against the thief's right hand, and the guy immediately made a sad cry.

        Roger's nerves have been trained in his adventures over the past few days. The thief's screams have no effect on him and there is no pause at all. Roger sighed with relief after smashing all thieves' right hands with blood.
  • Chapter 38: So-called grace

        Although Roger didn't use all his strength when smashing the thief's hand, even if they could connect the bones, they would certainly not be as flexible as before, which would be the end of the thief's career.

        But Roger didn't feel the slightest guilt. These guys make a living by stealing the hard-earned money of others, and when they are spotted, they will fight the victims. Roger has long wanted to teach them.

        Previously Roger was helpless to these thieves because he didn't have that ability. Now that he has enough ability, how can he let these guys go? If it weren't for fear that killing people on the earth would attract the attention of the police, Roger would definitely kill a few guys, and by the way absorb some soul power.

        The thief moaning on the ground made Roger very fulfilled, but he also knew that he shouldn't stay here for a long time, so he quickly left the alley and called a taxi to go to his place.

        When Roger got on the train, the castle center couldn't help reminding him: "Don't forget that you need to consume the power of the soul to support you to stay in this world. When the power of the previously accumulated soul is exhausted, you must return to the world of Tolunzo Go, it's not a wise decision to take refuge here! "

        "Cut, you're an idiot, you can't even imagine this?" Roger told the castle center: "Can you calculate that, except for the need to build a primary shooting range, the remaining soul power can support my stay here? How many days? "

        The castle hub quickly came to the answer: "I can support you in this world for about ten days at most."

        "Ten days ..." Roger calculated silently in his heart: "Some soul power is still needed to train shortbowmen and pike militias. I only stay here for a maximum of three days. Time should be sufficient."

        Roger's brilliant tone made the castle center understand that he must have his own plan, so he calmed down and said, "If you only stay here for three days, the extra soul power is enough to train a team of shortbowmen plus two teams of pike militia. Now. "

        "That's enough!" Roger slammed the center of the castle with satisfaction and said, "Wait when we have trained enough shortbowmen, we will definitely be able to beat the undead wizard with b!"

        The taxi was already parked outside the residential area where Roger lived, and he hurriedly paid to get out of the car. The mobile phone rang before a few steps. When he saw the incoming call on the phone, Roger's face sank immediately. It was not someone else who called, but his ex-girlfriend Liu Jing.

        Not wanting to lose his grace, Roger answered the phone and asked, "What's the matter?"

        Roger's cold tone surprised Liu Jing a little, but she quickly said angrily: "Don't I tell you that I'm here to get things today? See what time is it? Why are you so out of time? No wonder There will never be any success! "

        Roger has been struggling for survival in the world of Toulonzo recently. He left this thing behind for a long time, but now he got a call from Liu Jing before he remembered it. He glanced at the time on the phone, and now it was only a few minutes later than the previous appointment.

        Thinking of her previous date with Liu Jing, she was late for more than half an hour each time, and she would wait patiently without complaints. It's just a few minutes late for Liu Jing to call so impatiently to call, Roger also felt a little strange, how could he blindly look at such a woman at first.

        In fact, this can't be completely blamed for Roger's blindness. It is because he has experienced too many things during this time, and his thoughts have become more mature, so he can see clearly that Liu Jing is not suitable for himself.

        Luo Jie didn't want to explain too much to Liu Jing, but just said lightly: "I'm right at the gate of the community, and I'll be there right away." Then he hung up the phone and walked towards his residence.

        Roger walked to the building where he lived, and saw a car parked in the open space in front of the building. He immediately recognized it from the license plate number, which was the car of his boss, Cheng Junjie. It was this guy who took Liu Jing from Roger's hands. It seems that she drove her to fetch things today.

        Cheng Junjie was sitting in the car. When he saw Roger passing by the car, a proud smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. At first glance, Cheng Junjie became excited when he saw Liu Jing, and the thought of taking her as his own was raised. Although Cheng Junjie knew that Liu Jing was Luo Jie's girlfriend at that time, in his opinion, Luo Jie, the poor boy, did not deserve to have such a beautiful woman, so he quickly pursued Liu Jing.

        Liu Jing was already dissatisfied with Luo Jie, and there was Cheng Junjie, a golden tortoise shell, who took the initiative to come to the door, and soon half-pushed and got together with him. The two also kept tabs on the company, making Roger a joke for the entire company.

        "Sample ... still want to grab a woman with me?" Watching Luo Jie walk into the back of the building, Cheng Junjie thought coldly: "Sooner or later, you can't stay in the company, go outside to sleep on the street!"

        Roger also saw Cheng Junjie in the car, but he didn't have time to get angry with this guy, he just wanted to go home and get his bank card as soon as possible. According to Roger's plan, he can only stay on the earth for three days. During this period, there are many things to do. Time is tight!

        As soon as Luo Jie walked to the door, Liu Jing greeted impatiently and said loudly, "You are late, how can a man not count?"

        "I was thiefed on the road, and they were chopped." In order for Liu Jing to shut up, Roger explained, and showed her the cut that was cut behind the suit.

        Although the breach was very long, and there was a little bit of blood on both sides, Liu Jing saw that she didn't even have a word of concern, but just complained: "If something is done, you should call me and tell me if you know I know it's been a long time waiting for you! "

        With no sense of this woman, Rogermer opened the door of the room silently and pointed at a row of suitcases at the foot of the wall. "Your stuff is there, take it away!"

        After this sentence, Luo Jie did not look at Liu Jing again, went straight to get his bank card. Carry has a deposit of tens of thousands of yuan, which is the entire savings Roger has worked for several years. Originally, he wanted to save a few years of hard money to pay for a house, but now the money has a more important use, that is, to buy some materials to build the castle building first.

        Roger took the bank card and found that Liu Jing was still standing in the room, and those suitcases had not been moved at all. Roger, anxious to go out to work, was anxious, and could not help frowning. "Why haven't you left yet? If you stay here for a long time, you're not afraid that Cheng Junjie has an idea?"

        After listening to Roger's words, Liu Jing remained motionless, but instead urged loudly, "Come and help me move these boxes to the outside car! Wouldn't you help me after breaking up? Roger, you really have no man **degree!"

        Roger immediately became angry when he heard this.
  • Chapter 39

        Looking at Liu Jingliu's eyebrows standing upright, not only was ruthless and irrational, but also caused a lot of troubles. Even after breaking up, she was instructed to do what she did. It was a shameless thing.

        Thinking of Roger here can't help but think of Lisa's goodness in another world. The girl not only looks more beautiful and pure than Liu Jing, but also has a gentle and pleasant personality. Lisa strictly guarded her maid's duty, and comforted Roger every day, so he didn't need to do anything himself.

        As the saying goes, "People are more popular than people." As soon as Luo Jie made a comparison, he felt more disgusted with Liu Jing. He looked up and saw that the woman was still standing, holding her arms and waiting for her to carry the suitcase. At this moment Roger could not help but burst.

        "Nima is no longer my woman. Why should I even give you labor. Isn't your man just outside, tell him to come in and move!" Roger kicked all the suitcases out of the door. "I'm in a hurry, don't rely on delaying my time here!"

        Liu Jing originally thought that when he came to fetch today, Roger would begged himself not to leave him. In fact, she secretly hoped that Roger would do the same, so that he could humiliate him severely, and righteously told Roger that it was absolutely impossible for them to continue. Fortunately, this shows Cheng Junjie that he is focused on him, and he has nostalgia for Roger.

        However, now Roger's reaction is completely contrary to Liu Jing's imagination, which made her hold back, and stood in the room for a while, wondering what to do.

        Liu Jing sighed that Luo Jie would not stay with her. He had already soared and pulled Liu Jing out of the room, then closed the door with a loud "?".

        The closing sound finally made Liu Jing wake up, she immediately screamed hysterically: "Junjie is coming, Roger he bullied me!"

        After seeing Luo Jie enter for so long that Liu Jing didn't come out, Cheng Junjie got out of the car and paced uneasily outside. After hearing Liu Jing's scream, he rushed into the building immediately, while still shouting loudly: "Roger, don't mess around, be careful I call the police and arrest you!"

        However, when Cheng Junjie rushed to the second floor, Luo Jie was looking at Liu Jing coldly with his hands in his pockets, without any excessive behavior. There were a few suitcases in the aisle, two of them were opened, and the contents were scattered all over the floor.

        "What's the matter, dear?" Glancing at Roger fiercely, Cheng Junjie held Liu Jing comfortingly: "Don't be afraid, I will protect you!"

        "He ... he kicked my stuff." Liu Jing grieved to Cheng Junjie grievously, but she did not expect it to be her own.

        "Roger, you are so ridiculous!" Cheng Junjie took the lead in the company and pointed at Roger loudly: "Are you doing this to a girl? It's not polite!"

        If it was before, Roger would not dare to complain about his angry boss. But now he is a man who dare to rush forward with a knife when facing a group of undead creatures. How can Cheng Junjie be considered? Luo Jie didn't go to see Liu Jing at all, but just said to Cheng Junjie coldly: "You accompany this woman to play slowly, I'm tired of it!"

        His Majesty said Roger turned around and left, leaving Cheng Junjie to jump behind him like a thunder: "Roger, you wait for me, I won't surname you without driving you out of the company!"

        "You poor man who doesn't even have a car, get out of here, get out of here!" Liu Jing was also annoyed by Roger's last sentence, leaning against Cheng Junjie's arms and cursing.

        Roger completely ignored the bitches, and even turned a deaf ear to them, and went out without any consideration.

        "Junjie, look at this bastard!" Seeing that Roger was gone, Liu Jing immediately puffed Cheng Chengjie: "You must be angry with me!"

        Cheng Junjie rubbed his hand on Liu Jing's towering chest, and replied fiercely: "Relax, I must report this hatred!"

        "You are so good!" Liu Jing offered a kiss in time, and the two just got together in the corridor.

        Roger now has the strength of a black iron junior, and his senses are much sharper than before. He can clearly understand the dialogue between the two, and he can't help feeling a little more angry. At this point, Roger had walked out of the residential building and just saw Cheng Junjie's car parked in front of the building. A bold thought came out in his heart: "Aren't you rich enough to buy a car? The convertible only pulls the wind. I help you Make it up! "

        Roger looked around to make sure there were no people around, and immediately took the sword out of the secondary space and chopped it at Cheng Junjie's car.

        The quality of the weapons produced by the primary weapons factory is already very good. In addition, Roger's near-intermediate strength of black iron, the combined destructive power is already amazing. Roger only cut it a few times and lifted the entire roof of the car to the ground.

        After completing all this, Roger put away his sword and walked outside the community with satisfaction, but he did not notice that someone was witnessing all this he was doing on a nearby high-rise building. When he saw Roger taking the sword out of nothingness, and then returning the sword to nothingness, the man's expression of excitement, a pair of triangular eyes shot greedy eyes.

        "I didn't expect my imaginary luck to be so good. I met a magic weapon as soon as I saw the mountain." The man looked at Roger's disappearing direction and said to himself: "This magic weapon is naturally based on virtue. It's for me! "

        The lingering spirit was not too hesitant, and quickly chased in the direction that Roger left.

        It didn't take long for Lingxu to leave, and Cheng Junjie and Liu Jing, who had packed their things, also came out. When Cheng Junjie was dumbfounded when he saw his car, why did the car become a convertible in a flash? Who did it? Is this too fast?

        Roger didn't know he was being followed. He went to the bank to take out all the deposits, and then walked around the building materials market in the suburbs, and gathered up the needed wood and stone.

        However, after all, the primary shooting range is already a second-level castle building. Not only does it need a lot of wood and stone, it also needs a small amount of steel. However, it is not difficult for Roger. There is a steel market in this city. For thousands of dollars, you can buy enough steel to build three primary shooting ranges.

        After collecting enough materials, Roger immediately started to build the primary shooting range. He would spend a little more time to spend an extra second here, so he had to race against time.

        "It's too easy to get these materials on earth." While waiting for the completion of the primary shooting range, Roger couldn't help but sighed: "Otherwise, I will collect soul power in the world of Tolunzo specifically, Come on earth to collect other materials! "

        But Roger also knows that this is just talking, and it can't be realized. As castles get higher and higher, more materials are needed. With Roger's poor income, he couldn't afford such a huge expenditure.

        Reluctantly dispelled this idea, Roger's eyes fell on a building across the road, a sudden flash of light in his mind, thought of a good way to eliminate the plague zombies.
  • Chapter 40

        "Those Plague Zombies and Skeleton Wizards are afraid of fire?" Roger asked the castle center excitedly: "Can I bring the things of this world back to the world of Toulonzo?"

        The answer from the castle center sank Roger's heart, but then the words re-burned the hope in his heart: "But I am an artifact created by the Supreme God. The power is beyond the imagination of mortals, so it can break through space Limitations help you bring objects back to this world. "

        "Don't pant when you talk? And ... you don't mention the word" artifact "will die?" Roger expressed contempt for the castle center's personality that never took any chance to brag, and couldn't help it Longing: "If I take back a dozen assault rifles, those undead creatures are not opponents at all!"

        "Don't be too proud." The castle hub immediately dispelled Roger's unrealistic thoughts: "According to the restrictions of the Supreme Rule, I am not strong enough now, and I carry very few items between the two worlds. Even this requires a lot of soul power! "

        "That is to say, as soon as you ascend to a high-level castle, I will be able to bring more supplies through the two worlds?" Roger immediately grasped the point of the question.

        "Exactly!" The castle hub further explained to Roger: "But the total amount of items you can take to another world is limited, not that you have to travel between the two worlds a few times before you can bring More stuff. "

        Roger can also understand this limitation. If the total amount of items is not limited, he can use the method of ants to move to build an aircraft carrier in the world of Torunzo. That would really cause a chaos in the world.

        Although there are restrictions on carrying items between the two worlds, Roger is happy with the situation. After all, the construction of the castle has just started, and you ca n’t raise too high a demand to embarrass others, right? He was more concerned about how much material he could bring to the world of Toulonzo after being ascended to a high-level castle. If the amount is large enough, maybe you can get a few tanks in the past, maybe you can dominate the entire Big 6?

        However, Roger also knows that he does not have the corresponding strength at present, so he can only think about such a "big scene". What really matters is to resolve the imminent crisis. Now that the castle hub has said that it can bring something back to the world of Tolunzo, we must make good use of this favorable condition.

        Roger, who had made up his mind, immediately started to move and hurriedly ran towards the building across the road. It was a private gas station with a "promotional discount, the price of gasoline for every 93 cents" was posted on the door.

        "I want an oil drum, the biggest one." Roger said to the gas station staff as soon as he entered the door, "then fill me with gasoline, and it will be number 93!"

        Roger's words surprised the staff of the petrol station and looked at him with suspicion: "The largest oil drum is twenty litres. What do you buy with so much gasoline, do you want to set fire or want to ** ?! "

        "Where do you want to go?" I did not expect the staff to be so alert, Roger quickly compiled a reason: "This is not to see that the 93 # gasoline here is cheaper and want to buy something. But the fuel tank of my car It's just full, so I can only buy an oil drum and pack it back. "

        Roger's explanation barely made sense, the staff finally sold him 2o liters of gasoline, and fortunately reminded him to pay attention to safety. Roger nodded again and again and fled with a full tank of gasoline. Until Roger ran far away, the enthusiastic staff member still reminded him to pay attention to safety.

        The staff member didn't know that Roger was buying the gasoline just to set fire. However, he did not plan to set fire on the earth, but to go to the world of Toulonzo.

        After coming out of the gas station, Roger found a convenience store and bought several boxes of beer in one go. I found a quiet place and poured all the beer, then filled it with gasoline, and finally put a cotton strip on the bottle mouth.

        Speaking of doing things like burning bottles, Roger is doing it for the first time. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task, so he has done a good job. Every time Roger finishes making a combustion bottle, he puts it directly in the primary warehouse. After all, this thing is still a bit dangerous, and he piles up around himself.

        It's much safer in the primary warehouse. In the exclusive space of the primary warehouse, there is no need to worry about the combustion bottle burning, and there is no possibility of petrol being swayed. As long as you take out the combustion bottle when you need it, it is really convenient.

        Roger was alone for more than half a day before pouring all the 20 liters of gasoline into beer bottles and making more than forty burning bottles. He couldn't help but laugh softly, remembering the plague zombies and skeleton wizards falling into the flames one by one.

        At the same time, the primary shooting range has also been completed. Roger entered the secondary space with interest, and carefully visited the building dedicated to training short archers.

        The so-called primary shooting range is a circle of wooden fences surrounding an open space. At the end of the open space is a wall made of thick wooden planks. There are only a few arrow targets in front of the wooden wall. It is really simple and simple. However, Roger knew that with this building, he had a long-range attack ability. Even if he encountered enemies such as magicians in the future, he would not have to be beaten to fight back.

        Immediately after the completion of the primary shooting range, the castle center began to train short archers. According to plan, Roger can stay here for more than two days, enough time to train a team of short archers. The training of the pike militia has never stopped. Before Roger returned to the world of Tolunzo, he could train at least two teams of pike militia.

        So far Roger has done all the preparations he can do, just waiting to return to the world of Tolunzo to destroy those undead creatures. But before that he had to wait patiently for two days, waiting for the castle center to train enough soldiers.

        Roger did not go to work at all for the next two days. He now had a hard time returning to earth, and was unwilling to waste time on work. Taking advantage of this rare leisure, Roger went back to visit his parents once and spent the rest of his time working hard to practice swordsmanship.

        The world of Toulonzo is too dangerous. Every increase in strength is equivalent to an extra life. In this regard, Roger will never be lazy.

        Time passed quickly, and soon reached the deadline set by Roger. Although Roger was about to go back to Turonzo World this afternoon, in the morning, he still took the bus to a place in the suburbs where no one was practicing sword practice. After all, Luo Jie used genuine long swords to practice his sword. It would inevitably cause unnecessary trouble if others saw it.

        What Roger did not expect was that his extremely regular actions in the past two days had fallen into the eyes of a caring person, and he was about to cause him a lot of trouble.
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