Reincarnation paradise

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    Reincarnation paradise

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    Opportunity and danger coexist, as long as the risk of life, in the reincarnation paradise can get everything.Be chosen by reincarnation paradise to become 'hunter' that moment, su xiao knows, he will make an enemy with all people.Paradise is cruel, but omnipotent...

  • Chapter one: the avengers

    At night, a bustling reveal impetuous second-tier city.

    The streets are busy and nightlife begins, allowing many young people to escape from their stuffy rooms and enjoy their time.

    Su xiao was sitting on the roof of a two-story house, feeling a cool breeze blowing through him at night.

    Dressed in black and wearing a wide black hood, Su xiao hides her body in the darkness of the roof.

    On a hot summer's day, even at night, it can be muggy.

    But it was nothing compared to his misfortune. He had been waiting here for two hours.

    At his current age, Su xiao was supposed to have a good time at university, but he gave up his studies three years ago to learn something else because of his hatred.

    Human body solution, combat, quick unlock knowledge.

    The long wait begins... .

    Two hours later, a black luxury car slowly into the villa yard, the dull engine out, the door opened, a drunk middle-aged man out of the luxury car.

    The middle-aged man's feet were visibly weak from excessive drinking.

    Su xiao, on the top of the villa, picks up a long knife beside him. The long knife comes out of its scabbard.

    Leaping from a five-meter high roof, Su xiao's flexible arm, holding on to the protruding part of the villa in the air, fell slowly.

    Slowly, Su xiao landed in front of his enemy.

    Without any nonsense, Su xiao's long knife cuts through the air, makes a wuwu sound, and slashes the throat of his enemy.

    The blood gushed out, and although Su xiao tried to avoid it, the cuffs and back of his hands were still stained with blood.

    The enemy, already drunk, had fallen to the ground before he understood what was happening.

    The injury was no different from death, so Su xiao immediately ran for cover.

    At a glance, Su xiao saw a uniformed security guard.

    Although he was killing people, it didn't matter if he was seen on the spot. He hid his face well.

    The next second, however, Su xiao was terrified that the guard had pulled a gun out of his waist, a black pistol with a long body and apparently a silencer.

    How could the security guard have a gun? Su xiao has no time to think.

    Behind him was a villa at least a dozen meters wide. The security guard was about 20 meters away from him.

    In case of danger, Su xiao's first reaction is to address the source of the danger, not to run away.

    Running forward, Su xiao ran in an s-shape to avoid being shot as much as possible.

    "Poof, poof, poof... ."

    A pistol loaded with a silencer gave off only a feeble sound.

    Su xiao had just rushed out about five meters when she felt a pain in her calf, followed by a similar sensation in her chest.

    Su xiao knew that he had been shot. Although he was an avenger, he had not been shot.

    The feeling of powerlessness runs through the body, and Su xiao is not afraid, just unwilling.

    He had fallen before his revenge was complete, and he had been killed by unknown enemies.

    With one last effort, Su xiao throws the long knife out of his hand.

    The knife was a stroke of luck, but god seemed to sense Su xiao's reluctance, and his unfair experience, when the long knife spun through the air several times before luckily stabbing the security guard in the chest.

    Su xiao fell to the ground with a smile on his face.

    That long knife he's smeared with neurotoxin, and it's a hybrid. The security guard who was stabbed is dead.

    Consciousness began to blur, and Su xiao felt a heavy blow to the head, then darkness filled his eyes.

    In the last vestige of consciousness, Su xiao dimly hears.

    "Poachers, 'The Reincarnation paradise' open for you."


    [Body transfer...]

    [10%, 50%, 100%, transmission complete, check to hunter received serious damage, to repair...]

    The hunter's consciousness did not wake up, the repair order was delayed, now maintain the minimum survival state, maintain the time for 10 minutes..."

    Discovery hunter talent for growth talent, survival time added two hours.

    In the darkness, rows of pale blue text floated in midair, shimmering faintly.

    Beneath the pale blue text, Su xiao lies in the void covered in blood.

    Su xiao wakes up slowly with a twitch of his finger.

    After waking up, Su xiao is at first somewhat dazed, but recalls the black muzzle and immediately wants to stand up.

    Great pain came and Su xiao almost fainted again.

    With all his might, Su xiao sat up and looked around in total darkness, save for a few lines of blue-glowing text.

    The hunters, and welcome to "The Reincarnation paradise '.

    A line of text appeared out of thin air, but instead of looking at it, Su xiao began to examine his body for injuries.

    Crus is perforated, wound flesh turns outward, finger can insert easily among them.

    This bloody scene, Su xiao only feel a little uncomfortable, and no other performance.

    He had been through scenes ten times more brutal than this, so it didn't make him sick.

    The chest wound was more serious, but neither the calf nor the chest wound had lost any blood.

    "I'm not dead?

    Pressing his hand to his chest, Su xiao felt his heart beating strongly.

    【Hunters, you didn't die, yes/no willing to join The "Reincarnation paradise, 'here is everything you want."

    Su xiao had long noticed the suspicious words, but was wary of the unknown and ignored them.

    It was a strange situation. He had a mortal wound, but miraculously survived, and there was a red line in front of him counting down the days.

    【 1:35 10】, 【 1:35 9】... .

    One hour 35 minutes and nine seconds, if Su xiao is right, that's what those Numbers mean, and they keep counting down.

    The blood-red number gave Su xiao an ominous feeling that he would lose his life when it reached zero.

    [Hunters, please communicate with 'The paradise' as soon as possible to sign The contract, otherwise you will die after '1 hour 35 minutes']

    Sure enough, those Numbers represent how long he will live, and Mr. Su had speculated that his injuries were so severe that he should have died long ago.

    "Where's my knife?"

    Su xiao doesn't care about 'contracts' or' The paradise ', but asks for his knife.

    The knife was the only memento left to him by his parents, and it is said to be an officer's knife seized by his great grandfather, which has been passed down to his generation.

    Real goods cannot be brought into 'The paradise', please sign The contract as soon as possible.

    Su xiao was silent and the light blue text flashed, probably because he had never encountered a hunter-killer like Su xiao.

    "Contract? Tell me what I need to give and what I can get."

    The dwindling survival time leaves Su xiao with little time to waste, and his sense that something 'supernatural' has happened to him makes him a little excited.

    Su xiao is in need of power to get revenge, and 'supernatural' events may gain extraordinary power with great risks.

    Sign a contract, you will move back and forth in one 'derivative plane, to complete The "Reincarnation paradise' task, for The source of The world, in The end with The 'source' how many of The world, to determine whether The reward is rich."

    【 'The Reincarnation paradise' omnipotent.

    ... .

    A great deal of writing is now in front of Su xiao, who reads it carefully.

    "Omnipotent? Who can live and die?"

    All the light blue text suddenly stopped in midair and then disappeared.

    Given your identity as the hunter, no.

  • Chapter two: the hunters

    'The hunters', the mysterious' the Reincarnation paradise "from the beginning so called Su xiao.

    This title makes Su xiao feel a little strange because he didn't sign the contract.

    "What does the hunters mean?"

    Su xiao this problem, make the "Reincarnation paradise 'appear huge response.

    After signing the contract, an ordinary person will become the contract person, performing tasks for 'the paradise' and being rewarded by the paradise.

    The hunters are the special talents of the contract person, which are more suitable for battle.

    [While the hunters are on a normal mission, 'the paradise' will post a kill mission to clear up the contract person.]

    The paradise will not answer the hunters any more. Please sign the contract or wait to die.

    All the light disappeared, and everything turned black.

    A piece of parchment, unadorned in appearance, popped up in the air, suspended in the air.

    Su xiao gets up with difficulty and walks to the parchment.

    The parchment was covered with strange symbols, and at the bottom was a large blank space.

    Yes/no to the contract.

    Su xiao had a vague feeling that his life would change dramatically if he signed the contract.

    He had so much to do that he could only jump into the hell ahead.

    "I ~, agree."

    As soon as Su xiao spoke, his hand rose uncontrollably, and he pressed his thumb against the margins of the parchment.

    Tingling came from the fingertips, a streak of red blood would stain the parchment, turning it pink and revealing a faint gush of blood.

    The contract is binding! Begin to repair the hunters injury.

    A light green glow appeared around Su xiao, attached to his body, and within seconds he had fully recovered from his injuries.

    Once the healing is complete, force the hunters to wake up.

    Before Su xiao could relax, he felt a sharp pain all over his body.

    The pain came so suddenly that all the blood vessels in Su xiao's body bulged out.

    Su xiao, however, is more tolerant than most people. He just lets out a muffled snort and drops to his knees.

    The pain came suddenly and subsided just as quickly, and Su xiao felt as if something had woken up inside him.

    It was not a sudden feeling, as if he had it in him, but had never been able to find it.

    In order to visually express the comprehensive quality of 'the hunters', the digital perspective is displayed.

    [Warning; 'the digital perspective' can be used to aid combat, and the hunters will still die if their heart, brain and other important tissues are severely damaged. Please handle 'the derived from the world' carefully.]

    The hunters' exclusive test is about to begin. If the test cannot be completed, 'the paradise' will peel off the hunters' identity and become the ordinary contract person. If the hunters die in the task, the hunters will die completely.

    The paradise rules: everything comes from the equivalent exchange,

    Su xiao had just finished reading the text in front of her eyes when she felt dark and then lost consciousness.

    [Transmission begins...]


    Su xiao woke up in a dilapidated house.

    The house is only a dozen square meters in size, the roof has collapsed half, direct sunlight into.

    There are a lot of cobwebs in the corner, the cobwebs have been covered with dust, the Windows and doors have disappeared, but there is no light around, only to see large pieces of garbage, some garbage has entered the room through the doors and Windows.

    This shabby room, buried in a large garbage dump, has only the roof as an exit.

    A pungent, sour smell came, and just as Su xiao was about to leave, a burning sensation came over her arm.

    A sword-like black tattoo appeared on his arm.

    The light blue text reappeared,

    But this time it wasn't floating in air, it was directly in his line of sight, and even as the Angle moved, the words stood still, as if embedded in his retina.

    The content of the text is as follows:

    Into the world; The one

    World difficulty: LV.6. Purgatory (this difficulty is the hunting exclusive test difficulty,)

    The source of the world; 0% (when the hunters explore or communicate with current world characters, the source of the world will grow, and when calculating the world, they will calculate each other with the difficulty of the task to form the final score)

    Introduction to the world; The sea, freedom, piracy, the navy, world government.

    Main task; Assassination of the 'Georgia kingdom' king.

    Side missions; No.

    Warning: please do not mention 'the paradise' in this world. If the warning is not valid, you will be executed!

    Tip: this world is advanced 'the derived from the world', please do not leave the 'Georgia kingdom' area, or the world will be greatly increased in difficulty!

    Hint: as the hunters enter the world for the first time, the hunters automatically grasp the language of the world, the duration (three days)

    World, go!

    As the text disappears, Su xiao begins to sort through what he learns.

    First of all, he came to a mysterious place, here is called 'the Reincarnation paradise', 'the Reincarnation paradise' he doesn't know the purpose of, but he made it clear that the purpose of that is in the "Reincarnation get power in paradise", has the power to revenge.

    The second is that he's now in the world of the one piece.

    Although he wants to revenge, but in his spare time, he will also watch some cartoons to relax his mood, people can not always be in a nervous state.

    According to Su xiao's understanding of the one piece of the world, this is a very dangerous world. In the later period, those powerful indigenous people can sink an island or destroy a country by themselves.

    Although Su xiao is proficient in some killing techniques, he can only be regarded as an ordinary person here. In this world of strong people, he can only live a hard life.

    From the difficulty of the world that "hell" word, you can guess the difficulty of the world.

    As for the final task, Su xiao doesn't know exactly how to do it.

    [Assassination of the 'Georgia kingdom'], only these simple words, there is no other clue.

    Just as Su xiao was wondering what to do, a message came from the tattoo on the sword-like forehead of Su xiao's arm.

    He can use his mind to activate 'the mark', the sword-like tattoo on his arm.

    It's very important. It has a lot of functions.

    Su xiao tries to activate the mark, which is very simple.

    I. personal information.

    Second, the task

    Three, storage space.

    Four, skills.

    Five, equipment.

    Lv is too low to enable other functions....

    Su xiao is currently unavailable except for the first item (personal information) and the second item (task).

    He wants to know, the task of the specific content, from before the "Reincarnation paradise 'attitude to judge, would never tolerate his task failure, if he fails, he will be put to death.

    What into normal the contract person, should not that possible, although only a short time of communication, but Su xiao keen aware of 'the Reincarnation paradise' cold.

    Turn on the task option and the task details appear.

    [Main task: assassination of the 'Georgia kingdom' king]

    Difficulty level: LV.3.

    Mission description: 'Georgia kingdom' is in the east China sea, ruling over nearby towns and villages, surrounded by 'windmill town' and 'korpo mountain'.

    Mission information: kill the 'Georgia kingdom' king, 'Philip Herbert' by any means. The enemy spends most of his time in the palace.

    Mission duration: within 72 hours.

    Task reward: the hunters' identity is fully activated.

    ... ,

    Seeing this information, Su xiao finally understands who he is trying to kill and where he is.

    No wonder there is so much garbage around. His current position should be the 'waste terminal' near 'Georgia kingdom'. In the original work, the garbage mountain was burned because of the arrival of the dragon people.

    Luffy, the main character in the book, and Ace and Saab, the main characters, lived in the "korpo mountain" when they were young.

    I don't know what time it is, whether the three brothers have gone to sea, if they are still young... .

    As for the capital of the Georgia kingdom, it is near korpo mountain, next to its waste terminal.

    All around it is the capital of the Georgia kingdom.

    Thinking of this, Su xiao is not in a hurry to leave. The 'waste terminal' is a dangerous place with a large number of refugees.

    Close the task panel and Su xiao opens the personal information.

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