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So I'm a bit curious on how everybody else writes. I write mostly at night and sometimes when I'm free in-between classes. I hate writing on paper because it's too wasteful (sorry, trees!), but when I'm typing on a computer or on my phone I get too obsessed and fussy so I end up deleting everything I write, so right now it's paper ---> computer. I absolutely hate it when somebody looks over my shoulder while I write or reads my rough drafts, but now I don't mind it too much when there's someone else in a room with me while I concentrate (they just better not ask what I'm doing).

I also like listening to music while I write, though they're all Vocaloid songs and utaite covers I've listened a hundred times before, so the lyrics can't distract me and the melodies are so familiar they just blend in the background. I mostly zone out during lectures, while walking, pretty much all the time, wondering what the eff happens next in my stories.

How about you guys?
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    When do you write?

    I generally write when I have a moment of passion and feel the need express my self on paper. The other times that I write are when I feel like improving my writing. Either way it's usually done at night or early morning when the rest of world is sleeping.

    Paper Vs Computer, which do you prefer?

    I write better on paper, but I prefer the computer. Though, I think paper is better choice in the long run for ones eyesight.

    What is your writing environment like?

    No people, no noise except my cat. I also work best in cold environments, so I keep the fan on for that and ambient noise. .

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  • When do you write:

    I usually write during the day when my daughter is in daycare and then again at night when she is asleep. 

    Paper vs. Computer:

    I write everything on either my computer or my tablet. If I were to write it on paper first I would end up making too many edits while transffering it to my computer, essentially resulting in me writing the same chapter twice. 

    Writing Environment:

    I am very bad with silence so I always have my tv running in the background while I write. There are obviously no people around me as I live alone with my daugter. I usually write in my sittingroom rather than my office since it is much more comfortable..

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    When do you write?

    I usually write when I have free time (mostly at night), and I don't really seem to have any difficulties not having any ideas popping out of my mind. Only problem is construction of the fictional world, my ideas can't create a realistic and imaginative world without having to bang my head on the wall. So I write a story after creating the basic outline of the world.

    Sometimes I also write stories about what have happened into my life, so I can dispel some of my dissatisfaction in life. (Though I usually talk about it with my friends and family)

    Paper Vs Computer, which do you prefer?

    I prefer to write in paper, BUT whenever I see my horrible penmanship, I always throw it immediately to the trash bin and type on the computer instead.

    What is your writing environment like?

    Anything works as long as no one really gives me something that derails my concentration.

    As for my works... I intend to post one here after New Year.
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    When do you write?
    Any time, usually when I have a spark of enlightenment.
    Paper VS computer?
    Computer, hate writing on paper. Handwriting sucks, plus often make mistakes or I write too quickly and it becomes unreadable.
    What is your writing environment like? 
    Want some noise in the background, hate silence. Preferably not too loud as that breaks concentration.
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