MGA Audio, Maybe?

edited December 2019 in Original Creations
So i've always thoroughly enjoyed the novels that have been on here, and it was great having the app to make it so much easier keeping track of what chapters and make it easier than using the browser itself as well, then i saw there was an audio version too!.. to only realise, it was the very robotic kind! 

Thus, although, not edited in any special ways, or read very well as i've had a long day and i'm exhausted haha! Thought i'd do a small snippet of MGA (that i'm re-reading as it's been a while lol) and see what the fans (DAS YOU!) though of my voice "Narrating" the story, i tried to make the difference between actual talk and said reading more obvious, hopefully that comes across easier than i think.

Let me know what you think! Good, Bad.. it's all feedback nonetheless :)

Time for me to zzzz lol

NOTE: Forgot to add the audio link, and couldn't find the edit button (so did a comment, but looks like it needs to be approved lol).. THEN I FOUND THE EDIT BUTTON!.. Thus.. Click here for the audio!

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