Kung Fu Beyond the World



  • Chapter 146 - Invitation

    Two days after the dinner, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan, Du Tianqing, Fan Dali, and Ming Jiajia called Zhang Shou and Zhong Yihan respectively to confirm their decision to transfer.

    Zhong Yihan also received support from Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue.

    Needless to say, Zhu Zhenxing, as long as he continues to go to school, his parents have already been satisfied, so they don't choose which school he goes to.

    Only Zhang Bo hasn't heard anything yet. Yang Yuan said something seemed to be wrong with him.

    Another day later, Yang Yuan got Zhang Bo's final reply in anxiety, and he didn't go to the third high school.

    "Why? We all go to the third high school. How can you regret it halfway?"

    Yang Yuan and Zhang Bo have been friends for several years. Yang Yuan's annoyance was caused by his friend's wordlessness.

    "You know the situation in my family. My parents didn't let me go to No. 3 High School. They asked me to go to Yazun. I asked them 800 times, but they didn't agree."

    Zhang Bo's tone on the phone was helpless.

    Yang Yuan thought of the tightly airtight tutor in Zhang Bo's house and was silent.

    He remembered that Zhang Bo had secretly bought a new car and was discovered by his parents. As a result, they sold as the low-priced used car directly and canceled his two-month pocket money.

    Even for such a trivial matter, Zhang Bo's parents reacted so fiercely. His parents' reaction can be imagined for such a big thing.

    If Zhang Bo's parents do not agree, even if Zhang Bo wants to go to the third high school, it is impossible.

    There are too many ways for Zhang Bo to give up this decision.

    "So, you really can't go to the third middle school, well, I will explain to Yihan."

    Yang Yuan hung up the phone, feeling very upset.

    He sat on the bed for a while, and then called Zhong Yihan.



    "It doesn't matter, the transfer is already voluntary, there is no need to force anything."

    For Zhang Bo's abandonment, Zhong Yihan was able to understand his helplessness.

    In fact, Zhong Yihan never thought that everyone would go to the third high school with him. This time only Zhang Bo withdrew. This has made him very surprised.

    And for Zhang Bo, he didn't complain at all-after all, it was the decision of his parents. There was really no excuse for refusing as a son.

    But the rest of them trusted him so much that it made Zhong Yihan more firm in his next choice.

    "Do you have time in the afternoon, come to my house, I have something to tell you. Well, Li Xinyu, they will all come, and Teacher Zhang will come."

    Zhong Yihan thought for a few days and decided to set the place of private education in his own home.

    He specifically asked Zhang Shou to understand the situation of No. 3 High School and learned that the training location arranged for them was the No. 3 High School ’s gymnasium, where the concentration of energy was not even 1 and was not suitable for practice at all, so he still felt that he was looking for practice location is better.

    After all, based on the situation in Anping County, there is no place with a higher concentration of energy than his family, plus the practice room is enough to accommodate forty or fifty people to practice in it, and it is more than enough to let them practice in it.

    At more than two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Xinyu and they came to the gate of Zhong Yihan Community according to the agreed time.

    Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing waited here in advance. After everyone arrived, Zhong Yihan took them to their home.

    "Yihan, what did you ask us to come to your house? Wouldn't it be your birthday?"

    Because it was difficult to explain on the phone, Li Xinyu and they were both kept in the dark and didn't know what to do here.

    Zhong Yihan smiled mysteriously: "You will know after you go."

    Ming Jiajia pursed her lips: "What, so mysterious, Zhu Fat, what should you know?"

    Zhu Zhenxing smiled proudly: "Of course I know, but now I can't tell you clearly, you will know for a while to experience it for yourself."

    The performance of Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing aroused great curiosity.

    The crowd came to Zhong Yihan's house together, and before entering the door, they saw a kind-hearted middle-aged woman standing at the door cheerfully.

    "This is my mom, mom. These are my friends. This is my Kung Fu, Teacher Zhang."

    Zhong Yihan introduced them to his mother.

    Ming Jiajia didn't expect to see Zhong Yihan's mother, and she felt a little cramped: "Hello, Auntie."

    "Oh well, this girl looks so beautiful."

    Zhang Aimei's words made Ming Jiajia's cheeks red, and she couldn't help glancing at Zhong Yihan, but the latter didn't react at all.

    Seeing this, Li Xinyu also took a step forward, and said sweetly, "Hello, Auntie."

    For the first time, Zhong Yihan and other boys heard Li Xinyu's soft and waxy voice, and suddenly became goosebumps.

    The goddess is lovable, everyone was shocked.

    "You are also Yihan's classmate?"

    Zhang Aimei was surprised by Li Xinyu's face value. Although Zhong Yihan said that he had a lot of friends at school during this time, she did not expect to have such a beautiful girl.

    Zhang Aimei couldn't help but look at Li Xinyu up and down and looked at Ming Jiajia, and immediately smiled even more happily: "All are good girls, good."

    Zhu Zhenxing, who has seen everything before, joked: "Auntie, her name is Li Xinyu, and her name is Ming Jiajia. Both of them are goddesses of our class. Many boys like them. But they treat Yihan differently. You know, they both dropped out of school for Zhong Yihan. "

    Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, who had been pierced with their hearts, suddenly stunned, Li Xinyu quietly glared at Zhu Fat and motioned for him to shut up.

    Seeing Yang Yuan, they seemed to agree, and Zhong Yihan, who did not want Zhang Aimei to misunderstand, hurriedly said, "Mom, they are all like me, going to the third high school together, not just Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia.

    When Zhong Yihan talked about dropping out of school, he said it to Zhang Aimei, and the latter suddenly said, "Yes. Yihan really made a group of good friends. Is this teacher Zhang? Han told me about you. Thank you very much, Teacher Zhang. Without your help, Yihan cannot improve so fast. "

    Zhang Shou laughed: "Yihan's progress is the result of his own efforts, and it has nothing to do with me."

    Zhong Yihan reminded: "Mom, let's not stand at the door, just go in."

    "Well, look at me. I forgot to ask you to come in. Please hurry up. I’m going to buy some food for lunch. After a while, don’t leave, just stay at home and eat. Well, I have to cook delicious food for you. "

    Then, Zhang Aimei opened the door and let them in.

    Li Xinyu wanted to refuse but found Zhong Yihan beckoning to them, so she had to say, "Thank you, aunt."

    "It is fine, you go first, I'll go shopping."

    Watching Zhang Aimei leaving at a brisk pace, Yang Yuan couldn't help thinking of Zhang Bo's parents: "Yihan, your mother is so nice and kind."

    Zhong Yihan knew what he was thinking, and patted him on the shoulder and smiled, "Everyone has his own life. Come in. Let me show you something good!"

  • Chapter 147 - Genius of Formation

    It is now in the deep winter and less than a week away from the New Year. Although learning Kung Fu has improved everyone's cold resistance, the drenching wet and cold in the southern winter still requires thick clothing to block it.

    After Zhang Aimei left, the crowd entered the villa under the leadership of Zhong Yihan.

    There is nothing special on the first floor, but as soon as they go up to the second floor, everyone immediately feels refreshed, as if the whole person is going to sublimate.

    Except for Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing who were a little worse, the others were originally excellent and suddenly felt a little bit wrong.

    Du Tianqing wondered: "Well, do you feel like it seems like the whole person is relaxed as soon as we go up to the second floor?"

    Several others nodded, only Zhu Zhenxing was laughing there.

    Yang Yuan scratched his head: "Curious and wonderful feeling, very comfortable, but can't say where is comfortable ..."

    Li Xinyu guessed: "How do I feel, this feels like the effect of increasing the concentration of energy?"

    Because of this feeling, it is similar to the feeling when she is close to energy stones, but it should be more intense.

    Zhang Shou had the rich experience, and he immediately determined that: "The concentration of energy here is really high, even higher than some places in the Different World."

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "It is indeed Teacher Zhang. The concentration of energy in my family has now reached 6.8, which is very suitable for practice."

    "6.8 ?!"

    Everyone was surprised, looking at Zhong Yihan with a ghost look.

    Yang Yuan's face was unbelievable, and he said, "My family has chosen a lot of options to find a location with energy concentration of 1.6. Is your family's 6.8?"

    Du Tianqing also looked like he didn't believe: "Our experienced Twin Mountains, the place with the highest concentration of energy is just over 2, 6.8, is it crazy ?!"

    Li Xinyu also looked at Zhong Yihan in shock. Her family also tried a lot of methods, but at most, it increased the concentration of the energy in the family by about 0.1, and it was still within a small range. The concentration of energy above the second floor seems to be very high.

    "Is there 6.8? we will know after looking at the energy Tester." Zhu Zhenxing smiled and took out the energy Tester prepared in advance.

    Everyone took a look at the energy tester and found that the above value fluctuated from 6.7 to 6.8, and sometimes occasionally it could reach 6.9, and everyone was instantly shocked.

    With an energy concentration of 6.8, it is no wonder that Zhong Yihan's strength has increased so quickly in the past two months!

    With such a high concentration of energy even if he does nothing all day long, just eating and sleeping, he can increase the vitality by 0.1 in a month.

    Zhang Shou was even more shocked because he knew very well what such a high concentration of energy meant. If he could practice here, he would be able to do more with less.

    He vaguely understood the purpose of Zhong Yihan calling them.

    "Yihan, how on earth did you do that? What method can increase the concentration of energy so much? And it hasn't leaked at all, just didn't feel it at all on the first floor."

    Du Tianqing's words asked the voices of everyone at this time.

    Zhong Yihan did not conceal the formation, and briefly explained the situation of his arrangement.

    These are true friends who have been tested, so he doesn't think there is any problem in speaking.

    Everyone listened to each other until Zhong Yihan finished speaking, and they didn't seem to respond.

    "Formation? Zhong Yihan, you actually learned formation?"

    Li Xinyu did not conceal her surprise, because she knew how much time and energy it took to learn the formation, and the most important thing is that the learning of the formation requires talent. If you don’t have talent, you can spend ten times as much. Not necessarily able to learn.

    Li Xinyu's family has some books on formations. She used to study them for a period of time. As a result, two months later, not to mention array formation, she didn't even get started.

    In the end, she found that she really wasted too much time to practice, so she had to give up.

    Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan also knew more or less about the formation. They looked at Zhong Yihan with a perverted look. Is he ready to develop in the direction of all-round talent?

    Ming Jiajia is more adored than shocked about Zhong Yihan ’s formation. In her opinion, it ’s normal for a genius like Zhong Yihan to learn the formation.

    Zhang Shou was silent for a long time. He couldn't help thinking about his Kung Fu career in these years. There seemed to be only one or two people who know how to do formation.

    Moreover, they are just regarded as valuable talents just for getting started. However, Zhong Yihan, from his description, has arranged at least three kinds of formations, inspiring, scattered, and gathering. These three formations cooperate with each other to achieve the present effect.

    Such strength is definitely much stronger than just getting started, which simply refreshed his knowledge of genius!

    Zhang Shou didn't know, Zhong Yihan actually arranged four formations, otherwise, he would be even more shocked.

    Zhong Yihan deliberately didn't mention the Ecstasy array, just to keep an eye out to prevent them from approaching the core of the formation.

    Fan Dali suddenly thought of a situation and said, "Yihan, you practiced so slowly before, was it because of the delay in studying formation?"

    Zhong Yihan suddenly hesitated, can there still be such an excuse?

    He didn't expect it.

    Zhu Zhenxing said: "It turned out to be this way. No wonder I asked Zhong Yihan to go out and play. He always preferred to stay at home, because he was studying formations."

    Zhong Yihan smiled and said nothing, and cooperated with Zhu Zhenxing to make the excuse.

    A genius has delayed the practice time because of studying formation methods.

    However, after his research was completed, with the help of formation methods, he could catch up with faster practice.

    Think of it this way, it seems that everyone's acceptance of Zhong Yihan's surge in strength in the past two months seems more acceptable.

    They even thought that was the case.

    Du Tianqing couldn't help but said with emotion: "I didn't expect that you are the true genius, You used to be able to be patient all the time, but if it had taken me two years or more to learn something that would have been fruitless, I would have just given up."

    Zhang Shou nodded, feeling a little bit heavy: "I haven't noticed this in the past two years. It is my fault. If I had known that you had delayed practice because of other things, maybe I could give you some suitable suggestions."

    "Teacher Zhang. This is my own choice, and I should bear all the consequences."

    If you could find it, it is strange, I didn't know that I would suddenly get the system.

    Zhong Yihan murmured silently.

    Ming Jiajia praised: "Yihan, you are really good."

    "Being able to withstand loneliness and focus on one thing will surely achieve a great career in the future."

    Zhong Yihan was blushed by everyone’s praise. Even if he is cheeky, he can't bear the praise.

    Zhu Zhenxing originally felt that he was sober, knowing that the so-called formation delaying practice was just an excuse.

    But the words of the audience, and in connection with Zhong Yihan's recent progress, he gradually fell into confusion.

    Could it be true?

    Zhong Yihan didn't want to let them continue to exaggerate, and hurriedly said today's purpose: "Since everyone already knows the situation in my home, then I will tell you why I asked everyone to come."


    "Mr. Zhang, everyone, I think in the next semester, everyone can come to my house to practice. With the concentration of my family's energy, it should be helpful to improve the strength of everyone."

  • Chapter 148 - The Best Place of Practice

    Zhong Yihan's words made everyone suddenly shine.

    When they learned that Zhong Yihan's family had an energy concentration of 6.8, they already had such thoughts in their hearts, but they were embarrassed to speak in the private place of others.

    "But there is no enough space to practice in the villa?"

    Ming Jiajia raised a key question.

    Zhong Yihan laughed, "Since I asked you to come, there must be some place. Come with me."

    As he said, Zhong Yihan took everyone to the practice room.

    Zhong Yihan opened the door of the practice room, where two girls were doing fighting exercises, namely Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu.

    The fighting of the two girls is both skillful and beautiful, making everyone stop to watch.

    Zhang Shou nodded again and again, he saw that the strength of the two girls was good, but the foundation was more or less problematic.

    Noting that the door of the practice room was opened, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu stopped.

    "Brother, you're here." Zhong Qiaoyue said.

    In front of outsiders, Zhong Qiaoyue still gave Zhong Yihan face.

    "This is my sister Zhong Qiaoyue. This is Zhu Zhenxing's sister Zhu Xiaoyu. These are my friends. I told you before that I want to bring them to practice."

    Zhong Qiaoyue said very smartly: "Hello brothers and sisters, welcome to come to my house to practice."

    Ming Jiajia laughed: "This is Qiaoyue, but it is much more beautiful than Yihan said."

    "Thank you, sister."

    "My name is Ming Jiajia, just call me Jia Jia sister."

    Just after Ming Jiajia's words fell, Li Xinyu interjected abruptly: "My name is Li Xinyu, Hello Qiaoyue."

    "Sister Xinyu, my brother often mentions you, saying that you are not only a goddess but also a very good genius."

    Zhong Qiaoyue's words made Li Xinyu's expression slightly stagnant, and asked subconsciously, "Your brother really said that?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue little: "Yes, my brother also said that I should learn from you."

    "What about me, what about me?" Ming Jiajia could not help asking.

    "Sister Jiajia is also very good. My brother said that he went to practice with you last time, thanks to your care!"

    In fact, Zhong Qiaoyue didn't remember the name Ming Yijia mentioned by Zhong Yihan, but the fat man had mentioned it. The little girl was clever. When she heard gossip, she immediately remembered it.

    Ming Jiajia smiled happily. Although Li Xinyu's expression did not change, her stretched eyebrows showed that she was very happy.

    Everyone sees Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia's performance and know everything.

    In fact, they have said too many times, but it is a pity that Zhong Yihan never understood, and then they gave up.

    Zhu Xiaoyu glanced at everyone and was amazed by the appearance of Li Xinyu. she could definitely be called a goddess.

    "Is Zhu's sister and Zhu Zhenxing born to the same mother? This gap is too big." Fan Dali, who has been familiar with this, immediately joked.

    "Oh, of course true. If you dare to think of my sister, don't blame me for fighting with you."

    Zhu Zhenxing heard Fan Dali's ridicule and subconsciously blocked Zhu Xiaoyu behind him.

    "I won’t, your sister is my sister, right? Zhu Xiaoyu, right? Your brother often mentions you, and he has a sister with the vitality of 1.9. It is indeed a genius at Yazun High School."

    Zhu Xiaoyu said modestly: "I'm not a genius, far worse than Qiaoyue and Yihan brother."

    Zhang Shou suddenly asked, "How much is Qiaoyue's vitality?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue said a little embarrassedly: "I'm far worse than Xiaoyu, only 0.8."

    "Are you in grade two in middle school?"


    "It's amazing!" Yang Yuan smirked. "Your brother was only 0.8 when he was in high school. The Dali brother next to you just broke 1 a while ago!"

    Fan rolled his eyes and stopped speaking depressed.

    Zhang Shou secretly nodded to the side, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu are both good candidates, and it is also possible to give them some counseling.

    During these two months, with the help of a medicated bath bag and a high concentration of energy, Zhong Qiaoyue's promotion speed can be described as unpleasant.

    Although compared to Zhong Yihan, it is nothing.

    In fact, because there is Zhong Yihan for comparison, neither Zhong Qiaoyue nor Zhu Xiaoyu considers themselves geniuses.

    Zhong Qiaoyue added: "In fact, I used to practice very slowly. It only became faster after my brother arranged the formation to increase the concentration of energy."

    Zhu Xiaoyu is in grade one in high school with a vitality of 1.9.

    Zhong Qiaoyue is in grade two in middle school, 0.8 vitality.

    This kind of strength is amazing enough no matter which school they are in, but after listening to their explanations, their practice speed can be improved very fast, largely because of the energy concentration here, which makes everyone more determined to want to practice here.

    "How's this place?"

    Zhong Yihan pointed at the practice room and laughed.

    The whole practice room is fully equipped with training equipment, sandbags, dumbbells, treadmills ... It can be said that apart from the archery range, basically have what should have.

    Everyone has observed the size of the practice room, which is really suitable as a class place, so they looked at Zhang Shou.

    Zhang Shou hesitated, "We are here to teach, will it not affect you?"

    Zhong Yihan said: "Teacher Zhang, the sound insulation of this practice room is very good. Even if it is noisy inside, you won't hear it if you don't open the door."

    "Really, that's good. Honestly, I originally wanted to find a practice place myself, but even if I searched Anping County, I couldn't find a more suitable place than here. Yihan, you do it for everyone at this point, I am grateful. "

    Zhang Shou is sincere. Such a practice environment, let alone Zhong Yihan, is very helpful to his own practice.

    A genius who is a practice genius is also a genius in formation, and Zhong Yihan's talent is at least one in a million.

    Thinking of Zhong Yihan's goals, Zhang Shou once again felt the heavy burden on his shoulders.

    Zhong Yihan said lightly: "It was already said, share the joys and sorrows. Everyone drops out of school for me, and I need to do something."

    "This is not a thing, it is the best place for practice! If Yazun High School or No. 1 High School knew that there was such a good practice place, they would definitely get related secrets at all costs!"

    Li Xinyu's words immediately awakened everyone.

    They were so excited just now that they did not expect the seriousness of the incident if it leaked.

    "Yes, the concentration of 6.8 energy, no matter where it is placed, is definitely a holy place for practice. Yihan trusts us so much, we must keep it secret."

    The atmosphere of the people became serious at once, Zhang Shou suddenly said: "Otherwise, we will sign a confidentiality agreement together. If anyone leaks the news of this place, not only will he withdraw from the practice here, but he will have to pay accordingly cost."

    The crowd nodded and agreed with Zhang Shou.

    Zhong Yihan originally wanted to say that he believes everyone will keep confidential, so there is no need to make a confidentiality agreement.

    But think about them so many people, many people talk a lot, it is inevitable that some people say something, with the confidentiality agreement can also have some protection, so he doesn’t reject.

    Next Zhong Yihan brought in a pen and paper, and Zhang Shou drafted a confidentiality agreement, but everyone was a friend, after all, so they didn’t write it very harshly, just as the price of the leak. In addition to the leaker's retreat, also pay this period of time to practice the equivalent of the training resources.

    After letting everyone see, everyone signed their names and pressed their fingerprints.

    After signing the agreement, Yang Yuan thought that he would practice in a place with such a high concentration of energy later, but Yang Yuan still couldn’t believe it, and felt that happiness came too suddenly: “So, then, will we practice here?”

    Fan Dali also said with excitement: "If there is such a holy place for practice, let alone the third high school, even the tenth high school, I will go!"

    "Yes, this is much better than Yazun High School. Yihan, I suddenly discovered that following you to drop out of school is the most correct decision I have ever made."

    Du Tianqing's words were affirmed by several others.

    They had already made plans to suffer together next time, but they didn't expect that Zhong Yihan directly gave them such a big surprise.

    Yang Yuan thought of Zhang Bo, who had transferred to Yazun, and suddenly felt that he was really pathetic. He was only one step away from the miracle but was forced to give up because of the situation at home.

    If let Zhang Bo's parents know what kind of benefits they have gained after following Zhong Yihan, they must have regrets.

    Of course, since a confidentiality agreement has been signed, Yang Yuan does not intend to tell Zhang Bo about this, even if the other party is his friend.

  • Chapter 149 - The Current Situation of No. 1 High School

    In the next few days, everyone practiced here, and Zhang Shou patiently guided them in every detail. Although there are only a few days, everyone feels that they have made great progress-of course, many of them are psychological effects.

    Today is the last training session for everyone because the New Year is coming soon. Although the training is indeed important, there is no shortage of two weeks.

    So Zhang Shou decided that after today ’s training, everyone will have a complete holiday and go back to have a good New Year!

    Zhang Aimei cooks at night. With so many people, it's impossible for Zhang Aimei to do it alone.

    Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia diligently ran to the kitchen to help, and Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu were naturally not to be outdone.

    Zhong Yihan's kitchen is large, and it is not a problem to accommodate six or seven people to cook together.

    Zhu Zhenxing is naturally impossible to stand by as a chef.

    A large group of boys is sitting around chatting in the living room.

    Less than a week after the New Year, there was a rare excitement at home.

    Zhong Yihan couldn't help thinking, if his father had returned at this time, it would be more perfect.

    On the day when the top sixteen hegemony matches ended, the No.1 High School announced the holiday. Three days have passed, but Song Deqiu slandered Zhong Yihan's influence really started to appear.

    "Have you heard that Xiong Bo has transferred to school?"

    Fan Dali's news has always been well-informed. He saw that everyone looked like they didn't know, so he went on to talk about the current situation of No.1 High School.

    As expected, This affair that Song Deqiu targeted Zhong Yihan spread widely. In addition, there was no Kung Fu teacher at the school, so not only Xiong Bo, but every student with some ability in the family basically has been transferred. The formerly high school with so many talents now has only Wu Sikong who is really talented.

    As for Wang Li and Qian Hansong, they were forced to leave school because their injuries were too severe-their two injuries had to rest for at least three months, so they must not be able to keep up with the college entrance examination.

    Those who did not have the ability to transfer to other schools, such as Ning Jinshui, also started to think of ways to make up for their own lessons and to find private teachers. In short, the trust in the teachers in the No.1 High School plummeted.

    When the No.1 High School was the most brilliant, it could be equivalent to Yazun High School, but let alone Yazun High School now, it couldn't even compare to the No.2 High Scholle, and even became the same level with No.3 High School.

    The fall of No. 1 High School is unavoidable, but even so, Song Deqiu is still carrying it.

    It is said that he devoted almost all the resources of No.1 High School to Wu Sikong, saying that as long as he can enter the Top Four, there is still a chance for the school to turn around again.

    This is why Wu Sikong did not transfer.

    "It was Song Deqiu's retribution that the No.1 High School became like this."

    After Fan Dali finished speaking, Du Tianqing said directly, it seemed that the anger in his heart had not completely dissipated.

    Yang Yuan dismissed: "The current No.1 High School is not necessarily comparable to the tNo.3 High School. The No.3 High School now has President Lu and Teacher Zhang and has strong official support. As long as it didn't make any mistakes, the results will come sooner or later, but there is only one Wu Sikong in the No.1 High School. As long as he has a little problem, No.1 High School is over. "

    "It's also true, not to mention that we now have such a place of practice. When we wait for the college entrance examination, we will make some achievements and let Song Deqiu open his eyes.

    Fan Dali couldn't help but fantasize about the scene when all of them were admitted to the prestigious college. Song Deqiu's face will be green at that time.

    Really looking forward to it.

    Zhang Shou directly breaks Fan Dali ’s illusion: “That being the case, then Fan Dali will have to work harder. With your vitality just reach 1 now, the concentration of energy is far from enough.

    "Mr. Zhang, how can you just say to me, isn't there still Zhu?"

    "Zhu Zhenxing is not counted."


    By the time dinner is finished, it is already over seven in the evening.

    The crowd sat around the dining table, watching the rich food on the table, couldn't help but praise Zhang Aimei's craftsmanship.

    Of course, there is also Zhu Zhenxing.

    When eating, Zhang Aimei praised Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, two sisters, for their goodness, and Zhong Yihan praised them like a friend. There was no other response.

    This made everybody couldn't help voicing, Zhong Yihan's EQ is really a piece of wood.

    During the meal, Zhang Shou-shun determined the next class time.

    That is, after the winter vacation, every day at 7:30 in the morning to Zhong Yihan's home, classes begin at 8 o'clock and end at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

    Free time at night, no late self-study.

    Of course, the culture class still needs their own efforts. Even if they have a better memory than ordinary people, it cannot be completely abandoned.

    After eating, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia wanted to continue to show their virtues but did not expect that several big boys scrambled to ask for the dishes to be washed. They were more positive and forced them out of the kitchen.

    Waiting for the end of things, Li Xinyu they left one after another, and then the family was quiet again.

    Zhu Zhenxing and Zhu Xiaoyu stayed in Zhong Yihan's house for only one day before being called by their parents to go home to celebrate the New Year.

    As soon as the two left, the family was really quiet.

    Fortunately, the day before, Zhong Yihan knew his father, Zhong Guohai, would be released on bail to go home for the New Year, which became his biggest expectation for this winter vacation.

    Time flies very fast. In less than a week before the year before, Zhong Yihan helped Zhang Aimei prepare New Year's products at home in addition to practicing every day.

    New couplets are pasted on both sides of the villa's door, with the lucky word upside down on the door.

    Hang the big red lantern, hang the lantern, put the fruit platter on the table, clean it up a little, and the new year atmosphere comes out.

    Zhang Aimei is happy every day for the past two days. The closer to the New Year, the happier she is.

    The thought of a family will soon be reunited, Zhong Yihan wanted to skip the time directly.

    Fortunately, time always flows, and the wait of Zhong Yihan's family is worth it.



    The day before last year, in Anping County Prison, Zhong Guohai packed up his belongings, and then followed the prison guard cheerfully to the outside.

    "Brother Zhong, bail so soon, I believe it is not far from your release."

    "When you came back, remember to bring us something for the New Year."

    Zhong Guohai responded one by one and walked out of the gate of the prison under the respectful guidance of the prison guards.

    Looking at the world outside, Zhong Guohai feels like a passing generation.

    Apparently, he spent only half a year in prison, but it seemed to him that a century had passed.

    "I don't know how well they live."

    Zhong Guohai had some subconscious worries. Although he often listened that during this time, Zhong Yihan is now having a good time, he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

    "Dad! Here!"

    Zhong Guohai was about to take a taxi home and suddenly heard that someone seemed to call him.

    He looked around and saw two women and a man waving at him.

    Zhong Guohai recognized Zhang Aimei at first glance, and saw her face, he was relieved subconsciously.

    Looking at Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue again, Zhong Guohai froze for a moment.

    Compared with half a year ago, Zhong Yihan was significantly stronger, and the whole person stood there with strength and vigor.

    Zhong Qiaoyue is also much more beautiful, slim and slender like a star coming out of the TV.

    This made Zhong Guohai feel a little hesitant. He didn't know how long he had been in prison. The changes in a pair of children were too great.

    It feels like a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.

    "Dad, what are you thinking about? It's cold outside, be careful, please sit in the car."

    When Zhong Guohai heard Zhong Yihan's voice turned back, he noticed a car behind them.


    Looking at the perfectly streamlined appearance, the price is obviously not low.

  • Chapter 150 - Release on Bail

    "Dad, I miss you so much."

    Zhong Qiaoyue rushed directly into Zhong Guohai's arms. The latter touched her hair and said gently: "Good girl, I haven't seen you in half a year, so beautiful."

    Zhong Yihan came over and said, "Dad."

    Zhong Guohai patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder and felt his strong body, giving a sense of indescribable security.

    "Yihan, you have grown up."

    The growth of Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhong Yihan made Zhong Guohai comforted and sad.

    "Okay, well, play with your dad later, and help your dad get the baggage first." Zhang Aimei then came over, looked at Zhong Guohai, and saw the love in the other's eyes.

    "Dad, let me do it."

    Zhong Yihan took the luggage from Zhong Guohai. Because he was only released on New Year's Day this time, Zhong Guohai didn't bring much stuff.

    Zhong Guohai was surrounded by Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue to the car, watched Zhong Yihan open the trunk and put his luggage in, and couldn't help asking: "This is our car? It must be expensive? "

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "Dad, don't worry. This is my friend's car. Do you remember Zhu Zhenxing? It's the fat man. This is his car. Borrowed. "

    Zhong Guohai breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, we still have to be low-key. Our family is not rich, and too high-key is prone to problems."

    Zhong Guohai and his family haven't seen each other for half a year. Before he came out, he was ready to say a thousand words and wanted to speak to his family. When they meet, he couldn't say a word but started to preach subconsciously.

    This made him regret, Zhong Yihan and Zhong Qiaoyue had grown up, and they certainly understood all these reasons.

    Zhang Aimei looked at Zhong Guohai's thin face, and her eyes were wet and red, "You have suffered a lot of sins in it."

    Zhong Guohai took Zhang Aimei's hand and gently touched the back of the hand, saying gently: "It was a bit difficult at first, but now it's much better. I live in a single cell. If it wasn't for me to walk around, I felt like I was living in a hotel. Wife, don't you know how much the prison guards respect me, I'm almost confused. "

    "Yihan, they say it's all your credit. What did you do outside?"

    "Get in the car first, dad, I'll tell you slowly on the road."

    Zhong Guohai was a taxi driver before, and there no old men who dislike cars, but flying cars were too expensive. It is at least two or three million. He didn't even drive in his life. He even sat for the first time.

    It turns out that the luxury car's leather seats are really comfortable, and there is a lot of space inside, especially when it starts to fly, it is very stable, and the second-hand taxi that he used to run on the ground on wheels is completely not a grade.

    After Zhong Yihan set the speed to autonomous driving, he was relieved to start telling Zhong Guohai what happened at home in the past six months.

    He started by talking about the formula of the medicated bath bag by accident, and then explained the benefits of this medicated bath bag to his own practice and the income from selling the medicated bath bag.

    Zhong Guohai never expected that Zhong Yihan would earn more in a week now than he had in his previous life!

    Although Zhong Guohai is just an ordinary person, it does not mean that he has no knowledge of some Kung Fu things. It can make people buy high-priced medicated bath bags, which must be very precious.

    "Yihan, haven't you mentioned the formula of your medicated bath bag to others? Such precious things must not be known to others. People today are very selfish. If they are known, they will definitely bring disaster to the home."

    Zhong Guohai spent six months in prison. He is no longer the good old man who had shown his righteousness. In the past six months, he has seen too many dark sides of human nature.

    Many people dare to fight for a small profit, let alone a recipe worth ten million or even hundreds of millions.

    "Don't worry, Dad, Only one other person knows the recipe except me, and I believe she won't do anything bad for our family."

    What Zhong Yihan said was Ying Nanyan. In addition, even Zhu Zhenxing and even Zhong Qiaoyue didn't know what the specific formula was.

    Ying Nanyan has a strong background. Zhong Yihan originally said that the formula was more for self-protection.

    After all, he can't play tricks against a strong woman with such a background and nature—and in fact, he is right.

    But Zhong Guohai frowned: "What's the use of your belief? Human nature is the hardest to guess. What if she suddenly is greedy?"

    Zhang Aimei saw Zhong Guohai say something in a hurry, so she mediated and said, "Well, this is just the moment you met. Why criticize the child? He is also for our family."

    "Dad, you're right, I will pay more attention in the future."

    For Zhong Guohai's criticism, Zhong Yihan not only had no dislike but also missed it.

    In the past, when Zhong Guohai saw that he and his sister were not doing well, he also disagreed and liked to say a few words.

    Next, Zhong Yihan also talked about making Yan Nanyan through a medicated bath bag, which also helped Zhong Guohai finally understand why his treatment in prison suddenly improved.

    After that was buying a villa, field training, school competitions, and transfers, and things with a vitality of 2.5, Zhong Yihan said it all.

    In order not to worry Zhong Guohai, Zhong Yihan deliberately eliminated the bad part of these things. It's as if he encountered a fugitive during the previous training, and Song Deqiu's suppression of these things, he didn’t mention them all.

    Zhong Guohai didn't expect that he was isolated from the world for only half a year, and there were so many things in his family, especially when he heard that Zhong Yihan's vitality reached 2.5, he suddenly exclaimed: "Isn't that saying that Yihan is now basically already admitted to Xiangshui University? "

    "That is of course, not only Xiangshui University, my current goal is the Top Four."

    Zhong Qiaoyue hurriedly said: "Dad, my vitality is also 0.8, my brother has reached 0.8 in the third year of high school, and I reached it in the second year of middle school!"

    "Qiaoyue is amazing, hahaha ..."

    "If you don't have me, you will not be like this."


    "Dad, look at him, he just knows to tease me every day!"

    "Well, Yihan, I know you're great, but you are an older brother and you need to humor sister."

    In the flying car, Zhong Yihan's family laughed and noisy.

    The cloudy and cloudy sky in late winter rarely reveals a bright sun.

    It is a good day today.

  • Chapter 151 - The Regressive Li Family

    The flying car flew all the way to the entrance of the villa. After Zhong Guohai got out of the car and looked at the high-grade three-story building in front of him, he did not look away for a long time.

    He never dreamed that one day their family would really live in such a luxurious villa.

    If this is the compensation he was sentenced to imprisonment, and god gave their family, such compensation, he would like to live in prison for ten years!

    "Dad, let's go in."

    Zhong Yihan parked the car, took his luggage out of the trunk, and the family stopped and walked into the villa.

    Zhong Guohai looked around and looked up and down the entire villa, not even the bathroom, and seemed to want to imprint the look of the villa in his mind.

    Zhong Yihan thought it was funny and distressing, didn't bother him, and began to prepare today's lunch with his mother. After all, Zhong Guohai's bail time is limited and he must race against time to finish everything he wants to do.

    Zhong Guohai originally wanted to help, but he was taken to the training room by Zhong Qiaoyue—Zhong Qiaoyue must show her current Kung Fu level.

    At lunchtime, Zhong Guohai walked out of the practice room happily and was very satisfied with his daughter's progress.

    Zhong Qiaoyue proudly held Zhong Guohai's arm.

    "It's lunchtime. This body is sweaty, so go to the shower first."

    When Zhang Aimei saw Zhong Qiaoyue sitting at the dinner table, she grabbed a piece of fried chicken with her hands and quickly patted her hand away.

    "I know mom."

    Zhong Qiaoyue spits out her tongue, and her eyesight hand grabbed a piece of fried chicken into her mouth. Then she hurriedly went to take a shower, which caused Zhong Guohai to laugh.

    "Hahaha, it is indeed my daughter, she is clever."

    "You also need to criticize Qiao Yue. She stays in the practice room all day and doesn't know to go out and play. If this continues, she will lose touch with her classmates."

    "Qiaoyue earnestly practices. I think it's good. In the future, she has real skills. Qiaoyue can play as much as she wants. That's better."

    Zhong Guohai didn't know how hard Zhong Qiaoyue practiced, but his life in prison made him understand that if Zhong Qiaoyue could make herself stronger, she would be less bullied by others in the future.

    When Zhong Qiaoyue took a shower, the family of four sat around the dining table.

    After a reunion dinner, the atmosphere was a bit subtle and awkward.

    Because they don't know what to say.

    Zhong Yihan's family of four are not good at expressing, so although the atmosphere is warm, everyone is always awkward if they don't speak.

    In the end, Zhong Yihan had to break the silence.

    He poured himself a glass of wine, and filled his dad with a glass, then stood up and said to Zhong Guohai, "Dad, here's to you, you have suffered during this time."

    "No, Dad is not hard at all."

    Zhong Guohai lifted his glass and drank. Because he couldn't drink in prison, he had a rare opportunity to drink. It is also a good wine. Fan Dali came especially and sent new year's goods over.

    There are four 20-year-old Moutai hidden in the new year's goods-but this is a good thing that you can't buy on the market.

    Of course, several other people also presented the gifts, and Zhong Yihan also returned gifts one by one.

    With a glass of wine, Zhong Guohai shouted: good wine.

    Not to mention that he hadn't drunk for half a year in prison--just talking about Maotai with 20-year-old, he was the first time in his life to drink such good wine!

    "Dad, don't worry, when I get into the Top Four, I will redress for you and let you leave that prison."


    Zhong Guohai seemed to think of something bad, and his face suddenly became serious. He looked at Zhong Yihan solemnly and said, "Yihan, I know you are doing well now, and I am already very satisfied. As for the matter of redress, Dad advised you to give up. "

    Upon hearing this, Zhong Qiaoyue suddenly said, "Why? Dad, you have been wronged. Even if my brother can't do it, I will definitely do it."

    Zhang Aimei immediately thought of a situation, worried: "Did the Li family threaten you?"

    Zhong Guohai waved his hand and said, "No, such a small person like me. After I was in prison, the Li family never managed it. But while I was in prison, I heard a lot of rumors about the Li family."

    "Do you remember the young man named Li Hanguo who appeared in court at the time? He was the brother of the second generation who was bumped into disability by me at the time. This Li Hanguo was only twenty-four years old. It is actually the helmsman of the Li family. In Anping County, not only does the Kung Fu Association give him face, but even those social people are mostly his men. "

    "And even more frightening is that whoever opposes him now is either dead or disabled or has left Anping County directly and never dared to return. Looking back at Li Hanguo, until now not only he is okay, but be more successful. "

    "So Yihan, Qiaoyue, listen to Dad's advice, let's stop here. Now that the family has developed in a good direction, there is no need to provoke the Li family again. Dad strives to commute home early, reunion with you. If that doesn't work, then we also move out of Anping County. The world is big and there is always a place for us. "

    Zhong Yihan smiled slightly and said, "Dad, you are too worried, and your news is out of date, Li family, in fact, not so great."

    For his opponent, Zhong Yihan is now considered to be rich and powerful, how could he not investigate?

    Among the entire Li family, Li Hanguo, who has the highest strength, had previously reported a vitality of more than 5, but he just is a Kung Fu fighter.

    And the business of the Li family, Zhong Yihan also sent someone to inquire.

    One of the most important backbone businesses is... raising pigs? !!

    Of course, in addition to raising pigs, the Li family also has many other businesses, such as nightclubs, bars, hotels, etc., and it is indeed associated with some so-called social people.

    However, in recent years, the focus of the Li family's business has shifted toward the breeding industry. Although those gray industries have not completely given up, they have also contracted by more than half.

    This is what Ying Nanyan told him, and he believes that the background of Ying Nanyan’s family will probably not cause much deviation.

    Why is Zhong Yihan afraid of such a Li family?

    "Dad, you have said that I have been mentally prepared. You don't have to worry about it. I won't fight unprepared battles. On the day when I started, I definitely have enough confidence."

    Zhong Yihan believes that at his current speed of improvement, it is a matter of time to surpass Li Hanguo.

    But he doesn't need to really surpass Li Hanguo. He only needs to be admitted to the Top Four and get enough attention from the county. His dad's affairs will have a chance to get justice.

    And the most important point is that the Top Four students can be bullied easily?

    Do a large pig farmer in a small county dare to offend the Top Four students?

    What a joke!

  • Chapter 152 - Vent

    After being admitted to the Top Four, a guy who is powerful in a county town is like a grasshopper in front of the Top Four, how dare he to make trouble?

    In the words of Ying Nanyan, the Li family has become more and more low-key in the past two years. It can be said that it has lost its aggressiveness.

    The news that Zhong Yihan was admitted to the Top Four here, the Li family had to come to the house to apologize, and without Zhong Yihan to come forward, they would report their own side false accusation, and then beg Zhong Guohai to come out!

    So Zhong Yihan is now calm, he smiles: "Dad, rest assured, the day when I was admitted to the Top Four, the day you get out of prison. In fact, I also didn't take the Li family too seriously, all I care about is my promotion. "

    "But the day when I got the admission letter, the Li family will naturally take the initiative to ask for redress of grievances, so you can rest assured!"

    Seeing Zhong Yihan's spirits, Zhong Guohai and Zhang Aimei looked at each other, they could see the pride in each other's eyes.

    Yes, they have a good son. This is the thing they are most proud of in their lives!

    Zhong Yihan raised his glass and laughed: "Parents, Qiaoyue, we have a rare reunion today, so don't think about those unhappy things, come, let's all have a drink. Qiaoyue, should you also have a sip?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue gave him a dizzy eye, and Zhang Aimei couldn't help but knock on Zhong Yihan's head and yelled, "You are brother, Qiao Yue is only in grade two in the middle school. How can she drink?"

    Zhong Guohai laughed. The atmosphere quickly regained enthusiasm.

    However, happy times are always short.

    Unconsciously, the day has arrived at twelve o'clock, and it will take another few minutes to celebrate the New Year.

    Once this year, Zhong Guohai's bail ended at noon the next day and he will return to prison.

    The TV shows the everlasting Spring Festival Gala. The sound of fireworks outside the window is endless. The Zhong Yihan family sits on the sofa and discusses interesting things or people.

    At noon the next day, before lunch was finished, someone had been sent over from the prison to pick up Zhong Guohai.

    Fortunately, the prison guards were quite accommodating, so Zhong Guohai had lunch and took some clothes to change.

    Packing up the luggage, Zhong Yihan's family took Zhong Guohai to the door, and the car was parked there waiting.

    Zhong Qiaoyue still couldn't hold back her tears, and burst into Zhong Guohai's arms and burst into tears.

    Zhang Aimei's eyes were wet and red, and she did not want Zhong Guohai to see her look too sad.

    Zhong Yihan didn't cry, but he clenched his fists, only to feel his heart depressed as if there was endless anger to burst out.

    If, if he is stronger, if he is now a fighter.

    So would the father be treated like this? !!

    "Well, don't cry, we will see in the future. Yihan, pull your sister away, I have to go, I can't let people wait too long."

    Zhong Guohai said as he pushed Zhong Qiaoyue apart, Zhong Yihan pulled his sister. The latter struggled a few times without breaking away and had to hold Zhong Yihan to cry.

    "You must take good care of yourself. If those hooligans bully you, don't bear it yourself. Tell the prison guards, or tell us, we will help you."

    "Sister Zhang, rest assured, we will certainly not let Brother Zhong suffer a little bit of grievance."

    The two prison guards who came to pick up people showed respect for Zhong Guohai, which made Zhang Aimei feel better.

    "You don't need to worry about me. I've been in prison more comfortable than before when I went to work. It's you, you must take care of your body. Now that Yihan is able to make money, you should not let yourself be too hard. Well, let ’s just say that Yihan, take care of this family when I ’m away, and I ’m leaving. ”

    Zhong Guohai walked decisively.

    Zhong Yihan felt sad in his heart, so he could only watch Zhong Guohai being handcuffed by the prison guard, and then taken away by car.

    His vision is very good now, he clearly saw the shaking of Zhong Guohai's shoulder in the car from slow to severe.

    Dad cried.

    Zhong Yihan slammed the wall with a fist, roaring madly: "Li Hanguo, Li family, I must make you pay!"



    As soon as Zhong Guohai was gone, Zhong Yihan's family seemed to be suddenly empty of heart, and there was no mood to eat at all.

    Zhong Yihan also did not persuade Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue to eat. He directly locked himself in the bedroom, put on armor, took weapons, and used the shuttle to go to the island in the Different World.

    Zhong Yihan's emotions are very complicated now. He blames himself for increasing his strength too slowly. He has no ability to get Zhong Guohai out of prison immediately. He is also annoyed that Li Hanguo use power to slander a good man. Zhong Qiaoyue felt the same sympathy with mother and sister, knowing that even if he tried to persuade them, he couldn't really resolve their emotions.

    He just wanted to vent now.

    Crazy vent!

    A tooth canine beast who had just taken a walk and just walked out of the grass just happened to be facing the fierce Zhong Yihan.

    The tooth canine beast is stunned in place, it doesn't know if it should yell to scare the other away, or if it should turn heads and run away.

    Because it feels both familiar and unpleasant from the other person.

    Unfortunately, Zhong Yihan didn't give much time to the tooth canine beast. When he found the other side, he rushed towards the other side with a knife.

    With Zhong Yihan's current vitality of 2.5, it is a crushing spike to ordinary tooth canine beasts.

    A tooth canine beast’s head was cut off by Zhong Yihan, and even the flying head frightened a tooth canine beast that followed.




    Zhong Yihan's killing frenzy, no matter who he met, he killed.

    Within a few minutes, a dozen tooth canine beasts died tragically under his sword.

    More tooth canine beasts were frightened by Zhong Yihan's might, and they ran away.

    If it's normal, because of fear of falling into the trap of the Beastmaster, Zhong Yihan generally doesn't chase in the face of the running tooth canine beast.

    But today he doesn't want to think about it but starts a crazy hunt by instinct.

    The screams in the forest cast a haze over the originally quiet island, and the Beastmaster resting in a cave suddenly sniffed and eyes suddenly became fierce.

    The asshole who fought for the place has reappeared!

    The Beastmaster made a long beep to the sky, and then followed the smell and galloped towards Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan, who had just killed a tooth canine beast, had not had time to breathe, and suddenly a flash of warning flashed in his mind. He hurriedly rolled forward and a huge figure flew behind him!

  • Chapter 153 - Killing the Beastmaster

    The huge impact set off the sky, and Zhong Yihan faintly saw a familiar shadow rushing over. Two bronze bell-sized eyes flashed red cold light, only a few meters away from him.

    This is the Beastmaster, who has been entangled with him for more than three months.

    Since entering the Different World, Zhong Yihan has not known how many tooth canine beasts have been killed. For the Beastmaster, this guy is the culprit causing their racial decline.

    In Zhong Yihan's view, this beastmaster has been obstructing his hunting of tooth canine beasts, which has greatly slowed down his growth rate-and in the current era, preventing him from becoming stronger, that is also a hatred!

    Not to mention that Zhong Yihan was very angry today. When his father was taken away, the kind of helpless anger almost burned him completely, so at this time, let alone a Beastmaster, even a dragon, he had to go and kill it!

    So as soon as one person and one beast met, they said nothing and immediately fought together.

    The Beastmaster's vitality is infinitely close to 3, and as a beast, his physical quality is far beyond ordinary people, so that it is much higher in strength and speed than Zhong Yihan.

    Before Zhong Yihan had time to attack, a bloody mouth rushed towards him.

    In a hurry, Zhong Yihan tried to split the knife into the Beastmaster's mouth and split it into two.

    Unfortunately, the Beastmaster didn't give him this opportunity. He directly bit the Tang knife and began to shake his head frantically, trying to make Zhong Yihan lose control of the weapon.


    The huge bite force of the Beastmaster made Zhong Yihan almost unable to control the long knife in his hand. He had to hold the knife in both hands and throw the opponent away with exhausted power.

    After this period of time, the surrounding tooth canine beasts also reacted and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan slashed the two beasts blocking the way, regardless of their lives, the target in his eyes was only the Beastmaster.

    Before more beasts arrived, he had to race against time to kill the Beastmaster.

    However, this Beastmaster has wisdom no less than that of human beings. When he found that Zhong Yihan had a great threat to it, he did not rush to attack, but instead adopted a walking tactic, and at the same time kept roaring, summoning other beasts came over.

    After all, they are canines, and teamwork is their strength.

    After Zhong Yihan chopped several tooth canine beasts in succession, he knew that the situation would only get worse and worse, so he deliberately sold a flaw and was hit by a tooth canine beast. Under the siege, he made a look of exhaustion.

    But in fact, his armor is no longer able to be bitten by these ordinary beasts. Of course, with huge bite force, pain and bruises are inevitable.

    Upon seeing this, the Beastmaster immediately made a proud roar, and immediately rushed forward to attack him!

    Zhong Yihan was struggling to block his head and other important parts. Although the beasts can’t bite the armor on his body, the bite was still so painful.

    He resisted the pain and waited for the Beastmaster to approach, while the inner momentum began to settle a little bit.

    As the Beastmaster got closer, his eyes became calmer.

    Just before the Beastmaster rushed in front of Zhong Yihan, and wanted to use mouth to bite off this bastard human head, the two sides stared at each other for a moment, the Beastmaster felt a great crisis.

    However, it was unable to escape, and Zhong Yihan, who was already ready to go, even gave up all defense at the last minute and pointed his knife straight at the Beastmaster.

    For a moment, the intention of killing surging, Zhong Yihan, with a resolute momentum, went straight to the Beastmaster.


    The Beastmaster issued a terrifying roar, trying to move the body away, trying to avoid the sword.

    But it was too late.

    Zhong Yihan's knife, there is no fancy, only one word-fast!

    A knife stabbed directly into the mouth of the Beastmaster, then pierced through the upper jaw, and the long knife went straight into the head!

    The Beastmaster screamed earth-shattering but soon stopped.

    Zhong Yihan pulled the long knife out of the mouth, and suddenly blood spewed, and most of his clothes were dyed red. Even his face was stained a lot. The whole person seemed to come out of hell.

    Raising his hand with a knife, the head of the Beastmaster was cut off by Zhong Yihan, completely ending the trouble that lasted more than three months.

    At this time dozens of tooth canine beasts had been surrounded. They appeared nearby and were densely packed.

    Zhong Yihan smiled and lifted the head of the Beastmaster, looked at the surrounding beasts, and yelled, "Come on!"

    However, none of the beasts came up, and even many had low ears, clipped their tails, and made a whining sound, as if they were crying.

    Zhong Yihan held Beastmaster's head, stepped on one again, and shouted, "Come on!"

    The beasts that were right in front of him screamed and scared, and ran away with their tails.

    With the first escape, the remaining beasts immediately fled.

    The beasts that have lost the Beastmaster's rule are like scattered sand, and can no longer pose a threat to Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan laughed, he knew that from this moment on, this island belonged to him completely!

    Just then, the system's prompt sounded.

    [Recycle Tooth Canine Beastmaster and get 500 system points.]

    [Congratulations to the owner for completing the Beastmaster's killing, the novice period is over, unlocking the advanced tasks of the mall: Eradicate the first-level tribe in the Different World, and recycle the tribal totem.]

    [Task reward: system mall upgrade, open more features.]


    The sudden task prompts Zhong Yihan for a moment, followed by joy in his heart.

    Because the attribute fruit in the mall has lost its effect on Zhong Yihan, he also worried that the practice speed would be slower in the future, but he did not expect to unlock the upgrade task accidentally.

    Presumably, after the mall is upgraded, will there be better things to sell?

    Zhong Yihan knows a little about tribe-related knowledge, but he doesn't know much about it. He recycled all the tooth canine beasts that died on the ground, and then returned to the bedroom using the shuttle. He was going to take a bath and look up information about the tribe.

  • Chapter 154 - Tribe

    As soon as Zhong Yihan appeared in the bedroom, he startled Xia Ling who was playing with Barbie.

    "Master, why are you covered in blood? Are you injured? You won't die?"

    When speaking the last sentence, Xia Ling took a cry.

    Zhong Yihan knocked Xia Ling's small head a bit, "What do you think, do you curse me to death? This is not my blood, it is the Beastmaster."

    "The Beastmaster? Master killed the Beastmaster?"


    Xia Ling immediately burst into tears and laughed: "Wow, the master is the best!"

    Zhong Yihan smiled smugly: "That's, you have fun, I'm going to take a shower."

    In the bathroom, after Zhong Yihan flushed the blood off his body, he lay into the prepared medicated bath.

    His ease made him sigh subconsciously: "Comfortable."

    Although this battle with the Beastmaster did not last long, it is definitely the most difficult battle.

    Since Zhong Yihan's vitality broke through two, it has been a long time since he has experienced such a hard battle.

    But he doesn't regret it at all, sometimes he doesn't force himself, he never knows where his limits are. Not to mention that after this battle, most of his anger was gone, and he gained more than 500 system points.

    Just thinking of his father who was still in jail, Zhong Yihan felt that big rock was pressed in his heart, and he couldn't let it go for a long time.

    After putting the water in the bathtub, Zhong Yihan, who was seriously worried, unknowingly slept in the bathtub. When he woke up, he found that two hours had passed.

    After taking a bath, the armor was washed out by the way, and Zhong Yihan sat next to the computer and began to see clues related to the tribe.

    There is civilization in Different World-barbarian civilization.

    The barbarians are a group of humanoid, uncultivated races in primitive tribal mode. They use tribe as a settlement, and each tribe has at least one totem belief. The high-level tribe is even guarded by gods.

    The power of the tribe's faith is the source of the power of the gods. The more the power of the faith, the stronger the power of the gods.

    Most of the barbarians from the Different World are born with strong strength, and their growth rate is related to the totem they believe in.

    The stronger the totem deities, the faster the barbarians will grow.

    According to the number and strength of the tribe, the tribe can be roughly divided into nine levels.

    The most basic tribe is the first-lever tribe, and the number of the tribe is about 50-100.

    The barbarians of the first-level tribe began to accept the faith and opened up a little spiritual, but the strength is not high. The barbarians with the highest strength may reach senior or peak fighters, but the average strength is only from the early fighters to the middle fighters. A fighter or a team of veteran fighters can clear it up.

    The scale of the second-level tribe is much larger than that of the first-level tribe, with hundreds or even thousands. The scale of the faith of the barbarians has begun to increase, and their strength has increased to the highest peak fighter. Some even know how to avoid harm.

    The strength of the second-level tribe is mainly mid-term fighters, with a large number of senior Kung Fu learners, a small number of fighters and the leader is a fighter above mid-term.

    There are tens of thousands of third-level tribes, faith begins to take shape, and totem power has soared, the strongest can reach up to the peak fighters, and initially mastering some unique skills and means of controlling believers.

    The third-level tribe is dominated by senior fighters, with a large number of fighters' strength, some of the senior fighters, a small number of big fighters, and the leaders are more than medium-term fighters.

    The scale of the fourth-level tribal beliefs has expanded, and the totems have begun to change qualitatively, their intelligence has fully reached human standards, and at the same time, they have a strong sense of expansion ...

    Fifth-lever Tribe ...

    Nine-level tribe ...

    Zhong Yihan read all the information about the tribe and had a general understanding of the tribe, and a general understanding of the difficulty of the system upgrade task.

    In other words, if he wants to do the first-level tribe task alone, unless he has reached the level of the fighter, he must team up with other people to complete this task.

    And there is no tribe on the island that uses the shuttle to go. If he wants to complete the related tasks, it seems that he can only go to the cracks in the Different World.

    Huaxia is marked as green, that is, there are nine completely controlled space cracks. Zhong Yihan checked it. The closest space crack to him is located in Wuen City, and the space crack number is 17. It's said to be one of the most developed space cracks yet, and it used to take just an hour by air.

    "It looks like a long trip is coming."

    There is still a week or so before the end of the winter vacation. Zhong Yihan estimates that the time to complete the task should be sufficient.

    Of course, the premise is that he can find the right team over there.

    Do it when he is sure. This is Zhong Yihan's style.

    He ordered air tickets online, and the software popped up a reminder box:

    [Dear traveler, we have inquired that you are planning to go to Wuen City. If you are an adventurer, then if you want to bring a cold weapon on the plane, you must hold the "Kung Fu Learner Certificate" issued by the Kung Fu Association, and then please go through security one hour before boarding and choose to have your weapons specially consigned. Otherwise, we will not carry it. Thank you for your understanding.]

    "Kung Fu Learner Certificate?"

    Zhong Yihan was a little speechless and searched the Internet to find out why.

    After all, the times have changed, and things like control knives can be bought on the street, but if you bring transportation, then there are indeed considerable safety risks.

    Therefore, the Kung Fu Association has such a rule. Only after the official assessment, who has been certified as a Kung Fu learner can they carry weapons on these long-distance vehicles-especially aircraft and high-speed rail.

    Of course, before boarding the vehicle, identity registration and weapon consignment are required at the airport or train station.

    This also prevents accidents.

    The Kung Fu Learner Certificate is adopted by the Kung Fu Association. The examination will have a special political review and strength assessment, and you can obtain relevant certificates after you passed both.

    It is estimated that two to three days will be wasted for political review and strength assessment.

    Zhong Yihan did not expect such trouble, but no matter how much trouble he had to test.

    After all, it is said on the Internet that many places that have certain dangers need this kind of certificate, and the Kung Fu Learner Certificate is the one that has just started.

    In some places, strong men with Kung Fu Fighter Certificates or even big Kung Fu Fighters Certificates are allowed to enter.

    This is also to ensure the safety of the people.

    For example, the space crack in Wuen City he went to this time, it was said on the Internet that although everyone can enter the space crack and go sightseeing in the Different World, ordinary people without the Kung Fu Learner Certificate can only go to the new city opposite and won't let you out of town at all.

    In addition, signing up to participate in the Different World of the team, adventure and other operations, are also must be completed through the Kung Fu Learner Certificate.


    Therefore, Zhong Yihan must get this certificate.

  • Chapter 155 - Kung Fu Learner Certificate

    During dinner in the evening, Zhong Yihan and his mother Zhang Aimei said that he would go out for a long trip, but did not say the specific circumstances, but only said that he was going to see the space crack of Wuen City.

    Now it is winter vacation anyway, and their family has no plans to visit relatives, so Zhang Aimei did not refuse, but just told him to be careful.

    Zhong Qiaoyue also wanted to follow after hearing it, Zhong Yihan rejected her because her strength was too low, the girl was unhappy.

    Early the next morning, Zhong Yihan came to the Kung Fu Association and learned that Liang Jinfeng was not there.

    This is troublesome. Without Liang Jinfeng's help, the political review would have to wait a long time.

    Just as Zhong Yihan was at a loss, suddenly someone called his name.

    "Are you Zhong Yihan?"

    Zhong Yihan looked a little bit by surprise and found a familiar face he had seen beside Liang Jinfeng. He remembered that the other party seemed to be a fighter, and could not remember his name, but only remembered his surname Liu.


    "It really is you. I didn't expect you to remember me, let me introduce you. This is the genius that President Liang often mentions. Zhong Yihan, this is my colleague, Song Guan, he is a fighter."

    Mr. Liu introduced Zhong Yihan to his colleague, the latter said: "You are what President Liang said, the genius that happened once in a century ?! Nice to meet you, if you don’t mind, just call me brother Song. "

    Although he has made rapid progress recently, he has grown up from ridicule and neglect in the past for a long time. Now praised by people like this. The name of "a genius in a century" is really embarrassing.

    Fortunately, he was thick-skinned and didn't show his mood on his face, but smiled: "Hello Brother Song, you are so overrated, I'm not a genius."

    "Don’t be humble. People who can often be talked about by President Liang, if you are not a genius, who else is a genius. By the way, what are you doing at the association? Have you finally figured out and are ready to join us?"

    What did Liang Jinfeng say behind him?

    Zhong Yihan was suddenly fortunate that Liang Jinfeng was absent, otherwise, he would probably hear something more exaggerated words.

    Sure enough, genius is not easy, no matter where you go, you must bear the envy of others.

    "I came here to test Kung Fu Learner Certificate. As for joining the Kung Fu Association, I didn't think about it before graduating from college."

    Although the Kung Fu Association has always shown great kindness to him, Zhong Yihan never thought of joining the Kung Fu Association because he has too many secrets and is really not suitable for joining a strict and disciplined organization.

    As for the kindness of Liang Jingfeng, Zhong Yihan will find other opportunities to return to the other party.

    "The Kung Fu Learner Certificate? President Liang just said, if you come to the Kung Fu Association, it will be convenient for you. That Xiao Zhang, come here, he is for the Kung Fu Learner Certificate test, you take him to assess his strength. "

    Song Guan called a person responsible for certificate assessment. After the other party came over, he took a serious look at Zhong Yihan and wondered: "Song Brother, he doesn't seem to have a political review yet."

    The Kung Fu Association is different from other places. Liang Jinfeng organizes the up and down management in an orderly manner, and no one dares to walk through the back door casually. If Liang Jinfeng knows that someone has directly tested the strength without political review, he will definitely be furious.

    At the thought of Liang Jinfeng's temper, Xiao Zhang shrank his neck.

    Song Guan laughed: "Do you think I'm the kind of person who walks through the back door? This is the Zhong Yihan that President Liang appreciates. Although you are assured of his identity, he is the person that President Liang values, can’t he pass that review? "

    Xiao Zhang suddenly said, "He turns out to be the genius who met once in a thousand years!"

    Zhong Yihan: "..."

    It was only once in a century, and this changed into once in a thousand years.

    Knowing Zhong Yihan's identity, Xiao Zhang's attitude immediately became affectionate and laughed: "Since this, then I understand, Zhong Yihan, come with me."

    "Ok, I'll go first."

    Looking at the back of Zhong Yihan, Song Guan sighed: "Hey, it seems that this boy does not intend to enter the Kung Fu Association. It is estimated that President Liang cannot persuade him!"

    The surname Liu smiled, "President Liang said, but this kid's goal is the Top Four, and he hopes to be admitted to the Top Four! Do you think that a Top Four student, our county Kung Fu Association can keep him?"

    "Hey, it's the same thing. Let's go back and persuade President Liang, if really delaying such a genius, it's our fault!"

    "You think that he doesn’t know? He is showing kindness! If this guy really entered the Top Four, after he came out, he would be a big fighter, maybe he could go to a higher level in the future? Now showing kindness, after 10 or 8 years he really grows up, this relationship is worth it! "

    "Haha, this old fox!"

    Zhong Yihan did not hear the conversation between the two people behind him and followed Xiao Zhang directly into the test hall.

    The Kung Fu Association tests the strength basically the same way as the school, that is, it tests the vitality first, and then tests several key values such as strength and speed.

    Zhong Yihan passed the early stage of the Kung Fu learner, and such a test would easily pass.

    During the test, Xiao Zhang kept watching, with a surprised look at Zhong Yihan passing one test after another.

    Although he has heard Zhong Yihan's name from President Liang for a long time, but what adjectives like "genius at the sight of a century" and "genius at the sight of a millennium", to be honest, everyone is not so convinced, It's just a kind of praise that President Liang gave to his younger generations-by the way, hit the "old guys" in the association.

    However, when I saw Zhong Yihan's vitality broke through 2.6, the speed was 9 seconds in 100 meters, and the strength of his arms reached an astonishing 175 kilograms...

    Fortunately, the New Year is approaching. Except for some people on duty, the association is not as lively as it used to be. In addition, plus Zhong Yihan is in a hurry, so he asked for a low profile and no publicity.

    Otherwise, this performance alone will be enough to attract the entire crowd of Kung Fu Association!

    After all, he is only 17 years old!

    "Oh my God, when did we have such an amazing character in Anping County?" When comparing his grades when he was 17 years old in high school, Xiao Zhang burst into tears-let alone high school, even now he is, There is no such level!

    After all the tests passed, Zhong Yihan waited for less than half an hour at the Kung Fu Association, and easily got his own certificate.

    Name: Zhong Yihan

    Strength assessment: Kung Fu Learner

    ID: 1424xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Number: 15315053

    The certificate contains Zhong Yihan's detailed information and a photo, and a magnetic stripe can be used for mechanical scanning.

    According to Xiao Zhang's introduction, the use of the certificate is very wide. Not only does the certificate need to be carried by plane or train to carry weapons, but it is also used to verify identity when going to the space crack.


    With the certificate in hand, Zhong Yihan didn't delay. He just booked the latest flight and took a taxi to the suburban airport.

  • Chapter 156 - Wuen City

    This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has left the province alone.

    Today is during the Spring Festival. It is said that air tickets are not so easy to book, but because of the existence of space cracks in Wuen City, these years have been popular cities for tourism and adventure. Tickets for Wuen City are very easy to buy.

    At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, with freshness and curiosity, he boarded a plane to Wuen City-of course, before boarding the plane, his weapons and equipment were checked through a special security checkpoint.

    As for Xia Ling, because worried that she would be found by security inspection, she was asked to return to the pet space first.

    Xia Ling was naturally reluctant, and Zhong Yihan agreed to give her a new Barbie doll, and then she agreed.

    Wuen City is indeed a place where Kung Fu people gather. On this flight by Zhong Yihan alone, he found at least five Kung Fu learners and one Kung Fu fighter.

    Now that the car can go to the sky, the plane has undergone countless improvements, so in less than an hour, the flight arrived in Wuen City.

    There is a bus at the airport that goes directly to No. 17 but has to wait. Zhong Yihan is too lazy to wait, plus there is no shortage of money, he went directly to the taxi.

    Along the way, Zhong Yihan found that the Kung Fu atmosphere in Wuen City is particularly strong, and there are Kung Fu training courses, bow and arrow halls, weapon shops, forging shops ...

    On both sides of the road, people wearing tight combat suits, carrying long knives, long rifles and other weapons can be seen everywhere-but these weapons are covered with a very obvious black sleeve outside, and the driver told that this is Wuen City rules, except in special circumstances, do not allow weapons to be exposed in order to avoid unnecessary disputes.

    Taxi drivers in all cities are most talkative, and the one who Zhong Yihan meets is no exception.

    So along the way, the driver talked all the way, but it also helped Zhong Yihan gain a lot of knowledge.

    For example, according to incomplete statistics, there are 200,000 Kung Fu learners in Wuen City, they are residents. If count the occasional training, 4 to 5 million people per year belong to normal.

    Then the driver gave Zhong Yihan a piece of advice.

    Most of the people who practice Kung Fu are fiery and irritable, so it is normal for them to have friction with each other by chance, even if they are sitting at two tables to eat because looked at each other one eye and then fight, it happens countless times in Wuen City.

    However, Wuen City has a rule.

    Fighting is ok, and the Kung Fu Association does not expect that those who practice Kung Fu will be able to honestly fight against each other after they have contradictions, but there must be one thing to keep in mind-that is, never to attack ordinary people!

    If you do not bully ordinary people, then it should be an ordinary civil case. Detention or, the pay a fine, will not leave any record.

    But if it hurts innocent ordinary people, the trouble will be serious. The law enforcement team of the Kung Fu Association will personally take action, and the people who hurt ordinary people will get in trouble.

    By the way, one more thing has to be said.

    That is, in Wuen City, the fine for private brawls is extremely high. Two people casually have a small conflict, starts at 10,000. If they destroy other things, especially public goods ... Basically, they are fined at least one million. 

    Want to run?

    The streets are full of cameras, even the corners in the alleys, and advanced face recognition technology, all of which are registered fighters, Kung Fu learners, etc. Where do they go?

    Not convinced and want to make trouble?

    Ha ha……

    The Kung Fu Association of Wuen City can be described as a well-known nation in the country.

    The taxi driver talked about all the interesting facts in Wuen City. For about an hour, the "entry hall" in the No.17 space crack finally arrived.

    Zhong Yihan looked up and looked at the majestic rotunda in front of him, only to feel that the whole person was standing here, as small as an ant.

    Most of the people coming and going in the hall were Kung Fu fighters or learners. Occasionally, there were a few big Kung Fu fighters. More amazingly, Zhong Yihan noticed that there was an ordinary clerk in a shop, who was arguing with a fighter. There seems to be no identity gap at all.

    Zhong Yihan finally believed what the taxi driver said.

    In Wuen City, fighters do not have any privileges than ordinary people. There are legendary strong men here, tigers must lie down, and dragons have to hang in!

    The entire entrance hall has a modern design. There are many shops or places for temporary rest around the hall, and in the center of the hall, there is an information board surrounded by a blue light screen, which is marked with various information instructions.

    Zhong Yihan followed the information board to find the task hall-he had already made a strategy before coming, and if he wanted to find a team, he went to the special task hall.

    This is similar to an Internet cafe. There are hundreds of small compartments, each with a huge electronic screen. To view tasks, you just need to find an electronic screen with no one and swipe the certificate on the scanner, you can unlock this integrated system.

    It seems that this is designed to protect privacy, and Zhong Yihan is also very satisfied with it.

    He turned on the computer and began to find suitable tasks. There were many tasks on the computer. At the same time, new tasks were constantly refreshed, and they were sorted into categories. It was easy to find after getting familiar with them.

    He took a brief look. There were many tasks in it, including team formation, rewards, solicitations, purchases, etc., and the types were various.

    However, many missions are limited in strength, and many missions are restricted to "Fighter-level" or higher to browse, and some missions are even set to higher Fighter-level to browse.

    Zhong Yihan limited the range of vitality required for the task to 2 or more and 3 at the same time and set the task type to team tasks, related to the first-level tribe, and soon there were only a dozen task entries left.

    Zhong Yihan went in to check one by one and excluded the tasks that did not meet the requirements, leaving only three tasks.

    [First level tribal cleaning mission: professional fighter leads but does not fight, requires an archer with 2 or more vitality.]

    [First-level tribe exploration mission: newcomer wasteland team, vitality requirements of 2.5 or more, and three people are needed.]

    [Hunting leader task: vitality requires 2 or more, requires rich experience.]

    These three tasks are all very good for Zhong Yihan, but the second task needs more people, and he is not willing to delay for too long.

    The third task requires a rich experience. Although Zhong Yihan is fairly confident in his strength, after all, he is the first time to form a team. Forcibly accepting the third task is a little uncertain.

    It seems that the first task is the most ideal.

    Not to say that Zhong Yihan's current archery is good, at least under the fighter can be regarded as strong.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan clicked into the first task, chose to apply to accept the task, and sent a private message to the task-related contact information: "Hello, I want to accept this task. Do I need to perform archery assessment?"

    Zhong Yihan knows that once the application for acceptance of the task is approved, relevant information of other members of the task will be displayed, and security will be improved a lot.

    However, whether it is before or after the review, Zhong Yihan still needs to pay more attention.

    After a few tens of seconds, the opposite side sent a message: "Need, meet at the gate of Hongda Archery Museum at 4:30, but I stated in advance that we have a stricter assessment of archery. If your archery is not very good, Then I advise you not to come. "

    There was a smile on the corner of Zhong Yihan's mouth, and he replied, "Yes, I'll be there soon."

  • Chapter 157 - Archery Test

    The Hongda Archery Museum is not far from the Hall, and it takes about ten minutes to get there by taxi.

    When Zhong Yihan came to the door, he saw a young boy standing there, asking, "You are the person who just released the mission?"

    Zhong Yihan looked carefully. This is a short-haired teenager. Although his height and features can only be said to have no characteristics, he has a little pride and strong confidence in his eyebrows. And it feels as if the vitality is not low.

    He nodded. "Yes."

    The teenager looked at Zhong Yihan up and down and frowned slightly.

    Zhong Yihan was carrying a quiver at this time, with a Tang knife around his waist. He was calm and looked very mighty, but he was too young in age-if he was right, he should be the same age as himself.

    Will students of this age be a marksman?

    But he didn't say much, just said: "Go in, everyone else is waiting inside. If your archery can reach the standard, then you can stay."

    Zhong Yihan heard a bit of distrust in his tone and didn't care, he walked into the Archery Hall with the boy.

    "Mr. Gao, Brother Hui, the person who received the task came over."

    Zhong Yihan followed the teenager to the 150-meter field of the archery hall and noticed that there were already two men and two women, including a middle-aged woman who should be their teacher, very powerful, absolutely above the fighter, and at least a senior fighter. The others seemed to be about the same age as themselves, but the breath they gave was not low, and they were not weaker than himself.

    Especially the younger known as Brother Hui, it feels stronger than Wu Sikong, with a height of 1.8 meters and a figure between Wu Sikong and Xiong Bo, giving a very reliable feeling.

    Brother Hui glanced at Zhong Yihan and said a little indifferently: "Let him wait for a while before Guoer shoots the round."

    The man he said was the girl who was preparing to shoot arrows.

    The girl was dyed with lilac short hair, had a small round face, big eyes, and a very cute look. It felt like a beautiful girl coming out of the second dimension.

    It can be seen that as soon as the boy who led the way entered the door, his gaze was placed on the girl with purple hair, and it was impossible to leave without a moment.

    As for the middle-aged Kung Fu teacher, she didn't sneer at all and didn't look at Zhong Yihan more.

    At this time, another boy came over and smiled and said, "I can only ask you to wait for a while. We came to the archery hall to compete for archery. Now we are waiting for Chen Guoer to shoot. Hello, my name is Zhang Qichao. "

    "Zhong Yihan."

    Zhong Yihan was not in a hurry, and just took this time to observe the situation of the team.

    Chen Guoer's archery posture is very standard. After shooting an arrow, her second posture is almost the same as the first one. It seems that she has formed a muscle habit.

    "Yes, yes, hit the Eighth Ring!"

    The boy who brought Zhong Yihan in before applauded loudly, this expression seemed to have met as if Zhu Fat had been in front of Li Xinyu.

    Zhong Yihan looked at the situation of other targets. In addition to the target that Chen Guoer was shooting, only three targets had arrows on them.

    Zhong Yihan speculated that the three targets should be the archery situation of the other three boys.

    He took a look. The highest number of rings in the ring included three shoots in nine rings, three shoots in eight rings, and four shots in seven rings.

    The lowest number of rings, only one in eight rings, two in seven rings.

    And so far, Chen Guoer has shot two ninth rings and one-eighth rings. It seems that her archery should be the most powerful in this team.

    As for Kung Fu teacher, Zhong Yihan automatically excluded her.

    After a while, Chen Guoer finished shooting all ten arrows, and finally hit four ninth rings, three eighth rings, and three seventh rings, which can be said to be a very stable result.

    The boy who led the way did not hesitate to praise Chen Guoer, and at the same time, he still remembered to say: "Archery skills surpass Hui brother!"

    Brother Hui didn't mind, and said mildly, "My archery level is indeed worse than that of Guoer, I admit it."

    Although the members of this team have different styles, the atmosphere is still good.

    "Well? Are you here for archery?" Chen Guoer only noticed the existence of Zhong Yihan at this time and asked strangely.

    "Guoer, this is for the application team to come to the assessment, but for me to see, our archer is enough, there is no need to find another one."

    Zhong Yihan is a little speechless about this leading boy.

    Thanks to his good temper, if it was changed to another bad temper, it would definitely quarrel directly.

    Zhang Qichao came up to round the field and said, "You can’t say like that. Even if Guoer’s archery is so good, we can’t just let her be an archer. After all, we are facing a tribe, facing most of the enemy ’s attacks, it is inevitable that one archer can’t take care of everyone. One more person and one more guarantee. "

    That Hui brother then looked at Zhong Yihan and said, "You find an empty seat and shoot ten arrows. Let's take a look at your level."

    He paused and continued: "I ’ll talk about it first. There are many crises in the Different World. We can’t take a hindered person to do the task, so if you realize that your archery scores are not good as Guoer, Then I suggest you don't try it and waste everyone's time. "

    Zhong Yihan nodded.

    At this moment he had determined that the few people in front of him should all be grade three in high school.

    Although archery depends on archery, continuous training is also very important. Everyone is in grade three in high school. The time available to practice archery is limited on weekdays. Therefore, can shoot more than four ninth rings in the 150-meter field. It is already a very high level.

    Not to mention a fixed target, can basically hit a moving target at a distance of 150 meters, which is already a very small number of existences.

    Zhong Yihan has no intention to hide his strength. He doesn't have so much time to waste. The members of this team all look very good. Although they are not clear about their specific strength, they have already met his standard. Not to mention there is also a Kung Fu teacher leading the team.

    If look for other teams, he doesn't know how much time to delay.

    So Zhong Yihan didn't speak, just came to the arrow road, took out his hunting bow, calmed his mind, and then bowed his arrow.

    Brother Hui nodded slightly. This man's posture of shooting arrows is very smooth and standard.

    The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue didn’t speak.

    This time, she had only played a protective role. In most cases, letting students decide for themselves was the best responsibility for them.

    However, while Zhong Yihan picked up his bow and arrow, Gao Xiaoyue was inexplicably attracted to the past.


    When everyone thought that Zhong Yihan's aiming time was still a few seconds away, they heard only a bang, and the arrow in Zhong Yihan's hand flew straight out.

  • Chapter 158 - Attitude Change

    It took no more than two seconds for Zhong Yihan to pick up the bow and arrow before the shooting, which made people who used to aiming for more than five seconds subconscious rise an idea.

    This guy is shooting blindly!

    But when they saw the arrows hitting the tenth ring on the target, they completely shocked.

    how is this possible?

    This is the tenth ring?

    By luck?

    The boy who led the way was originally the one who wanted to tease most because in his opinion it was enough to have an archer like Chen Guoer in the team, and she was a girl. She should have stood at the back of the team and was the safest place.

    Therefore, the boy has always been opposed to finding another archer. He has prepared a lot of words, but he was quiet after seeing the tenth ring.

    Several other people also looked at each other, all a little confused.

    Zhong Yihan ignored their response, grabbed the tail of an arrow from the back of the arrow tube, the arrow drawn a perfect arc in the air, and was put on the bow.

    Still less than two seconds, he shot again.


    The eyes of the crowd followed the arrows and looked at the target very consistently.

    Tenth ring again!

    And the most important thing is that the two hits are close together, almost at the bullseye.

    Brother Hui and Chen Guoer were also shocked. At this moment, they looked at Zhong Yihan. They were no longer the eyes that looked like a rookie, but they were shocked. They were a little more surprised and respected!!

    In this age, the strong are just able to get the respect of others.

    The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue's eyes shone, and she seemed to see a rare talent.

    The third shot was still the tenth ring, forming a triangle with the previous two arrows, and the space vacated in the middle could only accommodate at most one arrow.

    "Isn't his fourth arrow going to hit the middle of those three arrows?"

    As soon as Chen Guoer's thoughts rose, Zhong Yihan's fourth arrow had been shot, and he just hit the center.

    The boy with the mouth open, his face flushed, at this time his heart was already filled with shame and shock. The only thing he was thankful for was that—he hadn't talked about it before, otherwise his face would have been lost!

    With these four arrows, Zhong Yihan has already proven his strength.

    Watching Zhong Yihan's shots of arrows one after another, ten rings one after another. The people who watched from the beginning were shocked and gradually became numb.

    They didn't expect much from the new person, and the archer's task was relatively simple, as long as the archery was slightly better than them.

    But they did not expect that the boy turned out to be an archery master.

    This level of archery is estimated to be among the top ten in places like Longquan High School full of genius.

    You know, Longquan High School is a first-class university in the country. There are more than a hundred students who are admitted to the Top Four every year. As for the number of students admitted to a Kung Fu University, there are even thousands!

    The teacher of Longquan High School has one of the most classic words: "If you don't practice well, you can only go to the most ordinary Kung Fu schools!"

    Bad Kung Fu institute ... The lowest level Kung Fu institute also requires the level of Kung Fu learner to be admitted, which is already for most students unable to pass the exam.

    However, in the mouth of the teacher of Longquan High School, there was a feeling of disappointment ...

    Therefore, most students of Longquan High School are proud.

    In particular, Wanhui and their group are among the top students in Longquan High School, so they have their own pride.

    The moment they saw Zhong Yihan, they judged from the age and temperament of Zhong Yihan that he was also probably a student. As students of Longquan High School, they were somewhat proud of students from other schools, so In the beginning, they were too lazy to introduce themselves.

    They don't know which elite student came out from a famous school, so they need to consult him for a while.

    After all, in this era, strength is the most important passport.

    And Zhong Yihan's vitality may not be as high as them, but this magical archery alone is placed in the top ten of Longquan High School!

    Zhong Yihan didn't know his performance made the geniuses of famous schools completely extinguished the attitude of looking down, but he didn't matter if he knew it.

    There are systematic blessings and rapid progress during this period of time, which makes Zhong Yihan have sufficient confidence in his future, and he will be never afraid of those so-called famous school students.

    Even the top students in top national high schools such as Longquan and Hengshui, he is not as good as them for the time being, but it is also because his previous progress is too slow. As long as he works hard, he will be able to catch up.

    After Zhong Yihan finished ten shots, looking at the target full of arrows at the ten ring position, Chen Guoer sighed for the first time: "All ten rings!"

    Wanhui took a step forward and took the initiative to reach out and said, "Hello, my name is Wanhui, and I am a student at Longquan High School. These are all my classmates. The one who just picked you up is Liang Canzi. This is Zhang Qichao. This little sister is Chen Guoer. I didn't know your strength just now. Welcome to join our team. What's your name? "

    "Zhong Yihan. Are you all students at Longquan High School?"

    Several people raised their chests proudly and nodded.

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "You turned out to be famous school students!"

    How could he never have heard of the name of Longquan High School, which is one of the top ten super schools in the country, not to mention No.1 High School in Anping County, and even Yazun High School can not be compared to it.

    Of course, there are also high schools that can be compared to Longquan High School, which is the legendary Hengshui High School, but these need not be elaborated.

    Zhong Yihan's words made a few students of Longquan High School ashamed.

    Wanhui smiled bitterly: "What famous school, don't laugh at us. I officially apologize to you!"

    Zhong Yihan didn't care. Seeing him apologize sincerely, he immediately felt good and waved again and again: "It's okay, can I pass the assessment?"

    "of course!"

    Wanhui nodded affirmatively, while the other three asked eloquently:

    "Zhong Yihan, how did you practice your archery? Hitting the ring 100 percent, isn't that too scary?"

    "Zhong Yihan, is this your first visit to the cracks in the Different World?"

    "Which school did you come from?"

    Zhong Yihan doesn't know who to answer first.

    The difference is too big now, it was so indifferent before, now they are too enthusiastic.

    Fortunately, Wanhui was calm, he stopped everyone from asking questions, and said directly: "Let's not stop here, let's find a restaurant first, chat while eating, and introduce ourselves by the way."

  • Chapter 159 - Totem Pillar

    They found a restaurant nearby.

    It has to be said that it is indeed a restaurant on the 17th crack. Most of the food here is Different World’s beast meat. The key is at least twice as cheap as Anping County.

    Zhong Yihan ordered a pair of braised evil rabbits. He had killed them before, but he hadn't tasted it.

    After the order was finished, the five people sat together and saw the other four looking at him with anticipation. Zhong Yihan thought for a while and thought, "I am indeed the first time I came to the 17th space crack, and I am not from a famous school, just a third-rate high school student in a small place. "

    Liang Canzi disbelieved: "Your archery skills, even a few of us at Longquan High School can do it, how could you be a third-rate high school student."

    This made Zhong Yihan's heart move.

    Is his archery so good?

    "I'm telling the truth, if you don't believe, you could check my Kung Fu Learner Certificate."

    Zhong Yihan took out his certificate, which stated the location where the review was assessed, Anping County Kung Fu Association.

    Liang Canzi took the certificate and saw the Anping County, frowning slightly: "Anping County? Why haven't I heard of such a place, do you know where this is?"

    Both Chen Guoer and Zhang Qichao shook their heads. Only Wanhui thought for a while and suddenly said, "Is it the Anping County of next door Province?"

    "Yes, that's the place."

    Zhong Yihan did not expect that someone knew Anping County.

    He was ready to take out his mobile map and explain to them.

    Wan Hui explained to the other three: "I went to Yazun High School to do exchange learning around Anping County. It was the best high school around Anping County. I remember three or four students getting into the Top Four every year."

    Chen Guoer was surprised: "So few? So Zhong Yihan is one of those three in their school."

    Zhong Yihan laughed, "I'm not from Yazun High School."

    "That's No.1 High School? I remember there is also a No.1 High School in Anping County."

    "It's No.3 High School."

    Wan Hui: "... I remember that there are three high schools in Anping County, and the No.3 High School is the worst, let alone the Top Four, that is, the lowest Kung Fu institution admission rate is less than 5%."

    Zhong Yihan nodded: "Yes, that's my school."

    Zhong Yihan smiled, but Wan Hui and others looked awkwardly, only to think that this was the most nonsense thing they had ever heard in their lives.


    The two sides exchanged some information, and Wan Hui finally confirmed that what Zhong Yihan said was true, and they suddenly looked at each other.

    He can grow to such strength in such a small place. If he is allowed to attend a school with strong faculty such as Longquan High School, what lever will he grow? !!

    This is the real genius!

    Zhong Yihan also knows the information about this group of people. They are all students of Longquan High School, but their strength is not the top in Longquan High School. Of course, the ranking is relatively high.

    For example, Liang Canzi has a vitality of 2.7. In the final test, he ranked top 80 in the school, and the captain Wanhui had a vitality of 3.0, but he just ranked top 30 at Longquan High School.

    This number is really scary.

    You know, the young lady Ying Nanyan, with the help of the medicated bath bag, her strength has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, her vitality has exceeded 3.4, and her vitality has risen by 0.6 in a few months. Now she is the No.1 in Yazun High School.

    However, the vitality of 3.4 is placed in Longquan High School, which just ranked around the top 10.

    This is because Ying Nanyan got the help of medicated bath bags and made such rapid progress.

    Looking at the third grade of Yazun High School, the vitality of Wanhui 3.0 is already in the top three!

    This is the gap between prestigious and super prestigious schools.

    In this team, Wan Hui is a well-deserved captain, while Chen Guoer is a long-range bow and arrow assistant.

    At first, five people in their team had enough manpower, but unfortunately, the other archer couldn't come because of a temporary problem, so this task was released.

    This makes Zhong Yihan feel a bit lucky, but that's it-after all, with his current strength, especially this amazing archery, it is not difficult to find a team, the only difficulty is that the team is reliable or not.

    The most reliable member of this team was not Wanhui, but Gao Xiaoyue, the leader of the team, she is a Kung Fu teacher—that is, the middle-aged woman.

    Gao Xiaoyue is a teacher at Longquan High School. Her main task this time is to ensure the safety of the students. Unless she encounters special circumstances, she will not help and will not interfere with any decisions of the students.

    But even she will not help basically, she will take away half of the rewards for this mission.

    All missions performed in Different World are rewarded with points. This point is issued by the Kung Fu Association, which is equivalent to the second currency and has abnormal value preservation.

    The points obtained by completing tasks are common throughout the country. As long as the Kung Fu association has something, they can basically be redeemed for points. At the same time, Kung Fu people can also use points to buy and sell things.

    The point reward for clearing the first-level tribe is 100 points, which means that Gao Xiaoyue takes 50 points by herself, and the remaining points are self-distributed by them.

    This seems unfair. Maybe someone asks why Gao Xiaoyue can take half of the points without doing anything?

    But this is the rule, and everyone is convinced.

    After all, the Different World is too dangerous. These students are just Kung Fu learners. No one can guarantee that they will survive in the Different World.

    However, there is such a Kung Fu teacher, and with a senior Kung Fu fighter with a vitality of 9. Generally, as long as they are not too far away from the city, their lives are highly likely to be guaranteed.

    These people are originally elites with great prospects. They came out only to gain experience and not to score points. So they would rather spend half of the points and ensure their safety.

    After all, they are all promising high school students. If they are dead or seriously injured, that's not worth it!

    After exchanging basic information, it is time to discuss the distribution of benefits.

    Wan Hui said: "Our idea is that the 50 points we have experienced this time will be divided equally between five of us. If one person's performance is outstanding at that time, the other four can provide some points to this person."

    Zhong Yihan originally came with the goal of completing the system task this time. In addition, he had no experience in participating in such a team task for the first time, so he did not care about the number of points.

    However, he has to fight for the totem pillar related to the task.

    "I can get less points this time, but I have a condition, this time the tribal totem pillar must be given to me."

    Liang Canzi said, "Totem pillar? Why do you want it?"

    Chen Guoer did not understand: "Yeah, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe has no effect, and no one will ask for it. Of course, in order to prevent the convenience of the later tribe, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe is generally directly destroyed. "

    Zhong Yihan then realized that he had raised a stupid question. He did not expect that the totem pillar of the first-class tribe was so worthless.

    The system upgrade task specifically emphasized the need to recycle the totem pillar, which he thought was very important.

    Worthless is good, so no one and he grabs the totem pillar.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan said: "Because this is my first mission to destroy the tribe, I want to leave that totem pillar as a memorial."

    Everyone understood.


    Wanhui waved his hand and said cheerfully: "Since Brother Zhong wants to keep a commemoration, the totem pillar will be given to you. As for the remaining scores, whoever contributes more will take more, we will come by the rules! "

  • Chapter 160 - First Entry into Different World

    Everyone is cheerful and not short of money, so the distribution of benefits is much smoother than Zhong Yihan imagined. Next, after the labor division and departure time are discussed one by one, Zhong Yihan and several people are temporarily separated.

    The departure time of the task is set at nine tomorrow morning, and Zhong Yihan plans to hang around this evening and finds a room in the hotel.

    The buildings around the entrance hall are very dense, with various shops complete, a bit like the bustling commercial streets of major cities, but here it is larger and more people.

    Zhong Yihan hangs around for more than three hours.

    After buying a new Barbie doll and a family barrel package, Zhong Yihan found a hotel to open a room.

    Entering the room, closing the door, Zhong Yihan released Xia Ling from the pet space.

    "Wow, Hey? Barbie!"

    Xia Ling was about to complain and saw Zhong Yihan's Barbie doll immediately hug her in her arms.

    It's hard to tell who is more adorable than the two miniature dolls.

    "Master, you are so nice."

    "That's nice? There is something better, do you want?"

    Xia Ling sniffed her nose and soon smelled a familiar scent. She immediately exulted: "It's fried chicken! Xia Ling wants to eat fried chicken!"

    Zhong Yihan took the chicken hidden behind him, and Xia Ling wanted to pick it up and found that she was still holding a Barbie doll. She immediately put her on the bed and flew to grab a chicken leg and ate.

    "Xia Ling, do you like fried chicken?"

    Xia Ling’s mouth is full of chicken that she couldn't speak, she could only nod her head to express her happiness.

    Seeing her happy eyes turned into a seam, and her two little feet were twitching, showing that she was really happy.

    "Do you like Barbie?"

    Xia Ling nodded again.

    "Can you stay in the pet space tomorrow?"

    Xia Ling nodded, suddenly reacting, and her expression suddenly became difficult.

    She realized that the chicken was a reward that Zhong Yihan gave her to enter the pet space again, but the reward was gone today, and she did not want to enter the pet space again.

    "Xia Ling, rest assured that when you come out again, there will be fried chicken to eat."

    Xia Ling immediately answered.

    Seeing that this girl was so deceived, Zhong Yihan laughed, no longer disturbing her, but turned on her cell phone to inquire about the totem pillar.

    Information on the totem pillar from the first level to the third level is easy to find.

    Indeed, as Chen Guoer said, the totem pillar of the first-level tribe has no effect. Even the totem pillar of the second-level tribe has no value. It was not until the totem pillar of the third-level tribe that some people started to recycle them, but the price was not high.

    This makes Zhong Yihan feel very strange. What does the system recycle it for?

    To know that the system’s characteristics, he inexplicably feels that the system may hide any important information.

    Of course, it is more likely that this is just a proof, the proof after the elimination of the first level tribe.

    Could it be said that the system and these barbarians in the Different World... is there any hatred? !!


    At eight o'clock the next morning, Zhong Yihan met Wanhui and them at the agreed place.

    Today Wanhui both put on their own equipment, and even Gao Xiaoyue was fully armed, apparently to prevent accidents in the Different World.

    It can be seen that Wanhui's family is very good, and the full set of equipment is expensive. Generally speaking, the equipment of each person should be no less than 500,000.

    Before entering the No.17 crack, there will be a special identity registration for security checks.

    Zhong Yihan took out the certificate and identity card. After scanning the items, Zhong Yihan finally saw the legendary space crack with his own eyes.

    Although the crack is called a crack, it is actually a huge, black aperture.

    The 100-meter circle around the aperture is actually a huge open space, but there is no one in the open space. On the contrary, it is a hundred meters away, and it is a solid city wall made of steel.

    This steel city wall is like the Great Wall. It surrounds the entire black aperture. There are countless large caliber thermal weapons visible above the wall. Many guns have the thickness of a person's thigh!

    Even a bold person like Zhong Yihan, walking in front of countless muzzles, could not help shaking his legs.

    Wan Hui saw at a glance that Zhong Yihan had entered the Different World for the first time and laughed: "Brother Zhong, are you afraid?"

    Zhong Yihan gave him a white look, Wanhui laughed: "Nothing shameful. When I first came here, I saw these cannons and they were also frightened. You know, many of them are electromagnetic guns! It is powered by the huge reactor under our feet. It is said that the speed of the shell can be as fast as Mach 7 after one shot!"

    Liang Canzi also said: "These are to prevent the invasion of the gods from the Different World. Although electrical energy cannot be used in the Different World, it is possible on the earth. But the sense of the gods is super strong, and lock them here, they can foresee the danger of escaping there. Even if they are on the earth, it is difficult to lock them. Only here, at the intersection of the two worlds, if the god comes, we will just smash into the door and slam it in. Nowhere to hide! "

    Then Liang Canzi lowered his voice: "It is said that besides the nuclear reactor at our feet, there is a large equivalent of a mushroom bomb. Once encountering the invasion of the god, we can detonate the nuclear bomb directly, leaving the god nowhere to run! "

    Zhong Yihan was shocked.

    Next, after a series of procedures such as security registration, Zhong Yihan finally stepped into the black aperture.

    He originally thought that after passing through the space crack, he would see the wildness like the ancient world, but what he saw was still the settlement of human civilization.

    Twenty meters high wall encloses the exit of the space cracks. Inside the city wall, various houses are built in a row, but none is more than two floors high.

    From a distance, the sight in front of it looks like a city of ancient human civilization, but compared to the fortifications outside, the fortifications here are exaggerated ten times or even twenty times.

    "Don't you feel shocked? When I first came here, I was also shocked by such a scene." Wanhui said with some emotion.

    Zhong Yihan nodded: "I really did not expect that humans have developed so well in the Different World."

    Liang Canzi's eyes brightened: "This is the place where Kung Fu people live temporarily. Some Kung Fu people who need to stay in the Different World for a long time will rent a house here. Although I saw it for the third time, I still feel shocked. This is the so-called Human wonders. "

    Zhong Yihan's eyes did not move away from the magnificent wall for a moment, but he felt that it was too exaggerated. The same is true of Chen Guoer, who is also the first time to come to experience in the Different World, so she is curious about everything.

    "But I'm a little curious. Isn't it impossible to use chemical energy in the Different World? So how did these walls be built?"

    Wan Hui laughed: "The energy used here is mainly nuclear power, and there is also a small amount of energy. You see there, there is a huge nuclear power plant. Although chemical energy cannot be used in Different World, atomic energy is still possible. Although uranium ore is scarce on the earth, it is extremely rich in this Different World. I remember that there is a huge uranium-rich ore near here and it is of high quality. "

    "So the Different World is really a treasure. There are a lot of resources waiting for us to mine, and I believe that human wisdom can overcome everything. When people first entered the Different World, we found that when chemical energy failed, almost desperate and can only use the oldest steam power. But now, with the continuous discovery and research of scientists, adding extraterrestrial materials such as energy stone to traditional battery materials has created a superpower battery with great storage capacity."

    "You see that these machines in Different World are basically powered by super batteries, so they have built such a magnificent city. I believe that with the passage of time, human science and technology will progress more and more. It will transform the Different World into the same as the earth and has become a new home for humanity! "

    Obviously, Wanhui seems very optimistic about the development of mankind in a Different World.

    Seeing Liang Canzi and Chen Guoer's expressions seemed to agree with this, only Zhang Qichao didn't smile much.


    Seeing Zhong Yihan looking to himself, Zhang Qichao sighed and said, "Although such a city looks magnificent, it is completely vulnerable to the gods from a Different World. The so-called security is just a psychological hint given to ourselves by human beings. That's it. "

  • Chapter 161 - Encounter with the Barbarians

    Zhong Yihan did not expect that Zhang Qichao, who always laughed in the ordinary days, was actually a pessimist.

    Wanhui was a little unhappy: "Zhang Qichao, don’t you always be so pessimistic, human beings must always develop, at least it can block most of the beasts. As for the gods of the Different World, there are naturally the saints of human beings to solve."

    Zhang Qichao smiled bitterly and did not speak.

    Chen Guoer was beside Zhong Yihan and whispered: "Qichao's hometown is in Dengxin County."

    When she said that, Zhong Yihan knew immediately.

    Dengxin County, located at the southwestern border of Gui Province, was one of the 57 places in the country where he saw on the map. Only two of them were marked as orange!

    In other words, today's Dengxin County is already a wasteland.

    The space crack there is already in a state of half controlled. The military and Kung Fu association can only move all the people in Dengxin County and guarded around the space crack in Dengxin County. Play a tug of war with Different World creatures!

    Zhong Yihan glanced at Zhang Qichao.

    In his words, the fear of the gods of the Different World is almost deep in his heart. Perhaps it was the horror of the gods of the Different World who had seen it with his own eyes ...

    With such a matter as Zhang Qichao, the crowd did not continue to discuss further whether the city wall is safe or not. They quickly passed through the settlement, passed through the city wall, and entered the real Different World.

    Zhong Yihan was not the first time he came to a Different World. The island that the system transmitted to him before was in Different World.

    However, how can such an island be compared with looking at a vast continent? !!

    Standing at the gate of the tall city and looking around, all he saw was a vast grassland, rolling hills, dense woods ...

    And at a glance, apart from the land under their feet, no trace of human civilization seems to be seen elsewhere, and some are just a vast and primitive land.

    This feeling ... it's so spectacular!

    However, when standing high and looking to the distance, it is obvious that some places are bare, there are no green trees, no grassland.

    And there are so many such places as if a person has many psoriasis!

    "Those bare places were done by barbarians from a Different World." Wan Hui whispered softly beside him.

    Seeing Zhong Yihan turning his head in doubt, Wan Hui explained: "These barbarians are like locusts. They set up tribes one after another, spreading everywhere on this continent, wherever they go, almost no inch of grass grows. "

    "They kill beasts, cut down trees, collect energy ore, and then sacrifice to their totem pillars. These barbarians are like the biggest tumor in the world!"

    "How is this possible?" Zhong Yihan was surprised. "Why do these barbarians do this?"

    Wan Hui said: "Scientists are also analyzing. The most reliable statement is that these barbarians are not actually the indigenous people of this world, but an alien invasive species, and it is their responsibility to destroy the world. You didn't see that the place closer to the fortress was okay, and the place where many barbarians got together had already become a desert! "

    Zhang Qichao on the side added: "Imagine, if one day, these barbarians invaded our earth, and the place where they went was a desert, how desperate would it be?"

    Wanhui glanced at him and said: "It is precisely not allowed to happen, so we should do our best to promote ourselves, destroy the barbarians, and guard our civilization and homeland!"

    The crowd did not say any more, and the group went directly to the task site according to the mark on the map.

    The target tribes they want to clear this time are new in the past month, but they have already developed a considerable scale.

    Regardless of the fertility of the barbarians or lower-level beasts, the fertility of the Different World is even more powerful than that of locusts. The surrounding areas of the cracks in the Different World will undergo a full-scale cleaning every other month. But even so, it won't be long before first-lever tribes appeared again.

    So the task of clearing the first-level tribe like this has been almost always, and it has never been cut off.

    Zhong Yihan and the team followed the map and carefully went to their destination. Although beasts suddenly appeared on the road, fortunately, they were not strong enough and could be easily resolved.

    The powerful beasts around the city wall are basically cleaned up, and the remaining beasts take time to grow up, so the surrounding area is still safe.

    But after walking five kilometers, the strength of the beast obviously began to become stronger, and several times required the cooperation to kill.

    However, because of this, Zhong Yihan and their cooperation can be run in advance. He finally has a basic understanding of their fighting methods.

    Wanhui's weapon is a silver spear, which is an all-rounder. He has average power and speed, can be close-range and can be long-range. It can be said that there are almost no shortcomings.

    Although Liang Canzi has the lowest vitality, he has the strongest sense of attack. He holds a Tang knife similar to Zhong Yihan, but the knife method is extremely dangerous.

    This made Zhong Yihan have to keep an eye on him during the battle to prevent any accidents.

    Zhang Qichao is a right-handed knife, with a small shield tied to his left arm, and his attack method is more defensive. It belongs to the type of passive defense and counterattack. The advantage of this attack method is stability, and no major problems will easily occur. But the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the harvesting efficiency is too low. It is possible that Liang Canzi's side has killed three beasts, and he has only solved one.

    As for Chen Guoer, like Zhong Yihan, she is an archer, but her accuracy is not good, and the time between each archery is longer. The main problem is that she wasted too much time aiming.

    The Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue never fight, and even opened a considerable distance from them. Zhong Yihan almost forgot that they actually had a Kung Fu teacher.

    After walking about two or three kilometers, Zhong Yihan stopped suddenly and said, "Stop."

    Everyone saw Zhong Yihan making a concealed gesture to everyone.

    Wan Hui frowned slightly. It is said that he was the commander of this team. Such instructions should be issued by him.

    However, he is not a narrow-minded person. In addition, Zhong Yihan has shown powerful archery skills along the way, and an archer's vision is very keen, so he chose to believe in Zhong Yihan at this time and immediately show the concealed gesture, others quickly found a place to hide.

    Soon, footsteps came from a distance.

    Several people dodged behind nearby trees, and the sound of footsteps in the woods became faintly clear.

    After the other party entered the view of the crowd, they found that it was not a beast, but a barbarian.

    This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has observed a barbarian at such a close distance. These are two male barbarians, at least two meters tall, with muscles and long hair and beard, which almost blocks the entire face and makes people not clear about the features.

    Two barbarians were armed with the most primitive stone weapons, and their waists were simply wrapped in animal skins, looking like primitive people from history lessons.

    The two of them didn't seem to feel danger and were walking towards this side with a big swing. Wan Hui gestured to the crowd and waited for the barbarians to enter their ambush circle and suddenly burst out.

    The barbarian thought they were attacked by a beast, he saw a flash of silver light before he reacted, and a silver spear was like a poisonous snake that pierced the barbarian's throat.

    The Tang knife in Liang Canzi's hand also stabbed another barbarian directly, but that barbarian seemed to react faster. He raised his arm at a critical moment, and the knife stabbed into his rock-like muscles. The barbarian made a violent noise, the stone hammer in his hand smashed at Liang Canzi severely!

    Liang Canzi stepped back quickly, but it was a little late.

    Seeing that he was about to be hit by this hammer, he was afraid that he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

    But at this moment, Liang Canzi suddenly heard a sound in his ear.

    Then an arrow shot into the right eye of the barbarian, straight into his head!

    The barbarian did not say a word and fell directly to the ground without moving.

  • Chapter 162 - PTSD

    This arrow was shot by Zhong Yihan.

    Liang Canzi gratefully glanced at Zhong Yihan and said, "Thank you!"

    "You're welcome, be careful next."

    After seeing the two barbarians fall to the ground, the others also came up and thanked Zhong Yihan.

    At this time, Zhong Yihan's ear also heard a system prompt:

    [Kill the general barbarians, reward 10 system points.]

    Zhong Yihan wondered, asking in his head: "Just kill the barbarian to get system points? Does the body need to be recycled?"

    The system replied to him: "As long as the barbarian killed by the host himself, the system can recycle its soul and give rewards."

    Zhong Yihan wondered, "Why don't need barbarian corpses but only souls?"

    But the system did not answer any more, which puzzled Zhong Yihan, but he couldn't ask questions in detail-after all, to tell the truth, he had no way to take this system, and could only passively accept.

    At this moment, Chen Guoer looked at the two barbarians who had fallen into a pool of blood and suddenly retched.

    Her face was very ugly, holding a big tree next to her, she couldn't stop vomiting, but she couldn't vomit anything.

    Liang Canzi quickly stepped forward to comfort him, but Chen Guoer waved her hand very strongly, saying, "I'm fine, I just don't feel uncomfortable ... just let me relax."

    Zhong Yihan was strange: "What happened to her?"

    Wan Hui looked strangely, saying, "Are you okay?"

    Zhong Yihan looked around at his body and wondered: "I am okay. I just shoot from long distance."

    As soon as the words came out, Chen Guoer gave him a glance, and Zhong Yihan knew that he was saying something wrong--Chen Guoer also shoot from long distance.

    Wan Hui and others were all fascinated, looking at Zhong Yihan and asking, "Have you killed the barbarians before?"

    "No!" Zhong Yihan shook his head honestly. He killed a lot of beasts, but it was also the first time to kill barbarians.

    "Then you killed someone ?!"

    Zhong Yihan hesitated, nodded, and explained, "A fugitive."

    Wan Hui and others were surprised, saying: "No wonder you haven't reacted at all, and you have seen blood. And you are a boy, and your mental quality is much better than Guo Er, which is normal.

    Zhong Yihan understood something, thinking that when he killed Qiao Cheng before, he didn't feel any discomfort. But Chen Guoer is a girl, and she seems to live a rich life.

    After all, although this is the era of rejuvenation, the three perspectives of people have not changed much.

    Killing a beast is not the same as killing a humanoid.

    This is PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Chen Guoer also entered the Different World for the first time. Seeing two humanoids dying in front of her, she was a girl who would inevitably have some psychological obstacles.

    Liang Canzi comforted there: "Guo, don't think too much! Don't treat these guys as human beings, they are just beasts, just as you killed beasts before!"

    Chen Guoer gave him a white look, and said weakly: "Shut up, I know more than you do!"

    Liang Canzi immediately obediently shut up.

    Wanhui also said, "Let Guoer be alone. As a reserve Kung Fu fighter, anyone must pass this level."

    Zhang Qichao didn't say anything either, and came forward silently to Chen Guo'er with a bottle of water and let her gargle.

    Chen Guoer thanked him for taking it. After gargle, she drank some water again, and then her face became rosy gradually.

    She smiled a little sorry and said, "I'm sorry."

    Everyone said that it was okay. Liang Canzi talked exaggeratedly when he killed the barbarian for the first time, and he vomited more seriously than Chen Guoer now.

    Everyone was amused by him. However, it seems that Chen Guoer has recovered a lot. She is indeed a famous school student. Although she cannot accept it for a while, her mental adjustment ability is strong.

    Chen Guoer wiped the corners of her mouth, and said, "Let's go on, there are just a few humanoid beasts, nothing."

    Everyone nodded.

    In the mainstream concept of the earth, it is true that such barbarians are not considered "human", but are called "barbarians". They are regarded as humanoid beasts.

    Although these "barbarians" look like humans, in the eyes of most people on the earth, they are indeed no different from beasts.

    The growth cycle of these barbarians is extremely short, and their fertility is extremely strong.

    When a Barbarian baby is born, it weighs more than 8 kg on average. Basically, those that are less than 5kg are "defectives" and "congenital defects", and will be thrown away or even eaten.

    And they are growing very fast, and with each tribal sacrifice, there is a secret way to speed up the growth of Barbarian babies. Generally speaking, when the barbarians grow to three years of age, their height and weight are no less than that of adults on the earth, and their vitality is basically close to 1.

    The five-year-old barbarians are already grown-ups, with powerful strength and speed-just like the few barbarians that Zhong Yihan and they had hunted just now, they are basically five or six years old.

    So these barbarians are like locusts, and it is very difficult to kill them all.

    Of course, the barbarians are growing so fast and the flaws are huge.

    Most of the barbarians, in their life, they are all muddy, basically, there is no wisdom, and only have the fighting instincts of beasts—and most of these low-level barbarians basically have no big growth space-only a small number of barbarians can open up spiritual wisdom.

    This kind of barbarians who open their minds belongs to advanced barbarians.

    Secondly, the life of these low-level barbarians is very short, their life expectancy will basically not exceed fifteen years.

    Of course, some of the barbarians also have high-level intelligence, but due to the above two characteristics, most of the Earth people are reluctant to admit that they are "human."

    Born in such an era, it is the misfortune of civilization, but also the great luck of civilization.

    In an age where dangers and opportunities coexist, students who aspire to become fighters face such killings-even girls are no exception.

  • Chapter 163 - Parasite Civilization

    The crowd moved on.

    With the lessons of two barbarians, everyone was more careful next.

    In addition, after being familiar with Zhong Yihan's archery skills in actual combat, the students of Longquan High School are more vigorous in battle.

    Now you can see the basic qualities of these students.

    For example, Wan Hui, like a snake out of a hole, and he obviously has a mature and solid set of marksmanship, such as a trick throat spear, Zhong Yihan has seen him use this trick three times to penetrate the key of the beast.

    Zhang Qichao has both a shield and a knife. He has both offensive and defensive style and has a stable style although he is young. Although he defends more and attacks less, he is never greedy, and he is stable. Both the pace and the move are very calm.

    Relatively speaking, Liang Canzi's attack method is somewhat risky, but his body style is quite nice, even in this muddy deciduous forest, it is also advancing like wind, seemingly dangerous, in fact, many times are quite sure.

    More importantly, these students are indeed the top 100 students in Longquan High School. Their foundations are very solid. At a glance, they have practiced tens of thousands of times.

    Every attack and every step is just right, their movements are smooth.

    Even if they encountered some emergency situations, they did not feel too panic, especially the attack rhythm and pace always maintained a relatively stable state, and will not easily be disrupted.

    This is the basis of practice, which is where Zhong Yihan has the biggest gap with these famous school students.

    This gap does not seem to be so important. Zhong Yihan did not take it to heart before, but during the previous training, Zhang Shou focused on correcting many irregularities in some of his basic movements.

    Zhang Shou said so.

    "There is an old saying called‘ three minutes on stage and ten years off the stage ’. When fighting Kung Fu, it ’s‘ ten years off the stage and battle for three seconds. ”

    "Some fierce and brutal battles, let alone three seconds, chances are between the flashes of light. Any flaws in your movements may be threatening to your life."

    "The opposite is also the case ...the most common fighting method for two knife holders in terms of fighting knives. However, if your adjustment speed is a few tenths of a second faster than the opponent, then you may be able to win. "

    Zhong Yihan has never been a conceited person. As long as correct advice, he will always listen, and he knows how to find and correct his mistakes.

    Therefore, he has now begun training during weekdays, paying attention to correcting some errors in his movements. And this time seeing the performance of these students from Longquan High School made him even more convinced.

    Next, as the crowds got closer and closer to their destinations on the map, they began to encounter more and more barbarians.

    When they killed more than 20 barbarians, they finally saw a small village in the distance.

    There is an open space halfway up the mountain, with fire and smoke, and many tents built from animal skins, which look primitive and simple.


    Wan Hui made a gesture to the crowd, and then they all climbed up to the nearby tree and took out the telescope to observe carefully.

    This tribe is small in size, with a two-floor pillar standing in it, with a huge eagle head above it.

    That eagle's head is not a living creature, but also carved from wood, basketball size, is vivid. It looks like a real eagle from a distance.

    But this eagle head looks very evil, very evil.

    Just at first glance when seeing the woodcarving eagle head, Zhong Yihan had a very uncomfortable feeling in his heart, as if the eagle head had a magic power that reached people's hearts!

    Around the wooden pillars are filled with the flesh and blood of many beasts, and many kinds of flowers and fruits, and even large trees. Many barbarians lie in front of the pillars, cast their heads on the ground, and say something aloud, and then worship continuously.

    Zhong Yihan was far away, only to hear the voices of those barbarians, repeating the syllable "Kayumi" constantly.

    In short, this scene feels extremely evil.

    "We just happened to happen to meet this group of sacrifices!"

    Wan Hui whispered: "This is the tribe of Different World. The eagle head at the top of the pillar is the totem of this tribe. I have seen the information of this eagle head on the Kung Fu Forum. It is a god in the Different World. It ’s called Kayumi. It ’s a transliteration. I don’t know what it means.

    Chen Guoer whispered: "Brother Hui, do these barbarians worship this way to ask the god for strength in this way?"

    Wan Hui smiled and said, "On the one hand, but on the other hand ... look carefully!"

    Everyone looked through the telescope and found that with the sound of "Kayumi", the flesh, flowers, and trees on the altar turned into red or green fog threads, which were sucked into the wood-carved eagle head.

    "This is the sacrifice." Wan Hui said gravely, "These barbarians will gather the hunted prey, the felled trees, the found spirit grass, the fruit, and even valuable ore, etc., and put them in front of the pillar, then this totem pillar will convert these things into pure energy and absorb it. "

    "According to scientists' speculation, this type of totem pillar has two functions of 'energy absorption' and 'energy transfer.' The barbarians convert the captured prey, felled plants, etc. into pure energy and are absorbed by the totem pillar. The absorbed energy is then transmitted to the top god through the layers of the totem pillar. "

    "Did you see the guy with the feathers on his head under the totem?"

    Where everyone looked to him, there really was a barbarian who was different from others at first glance.

    This barbarian is taller, burly, and dressed differently. Most people wear animal skins. Only he wears feather-studded clothes, like a huge vulture.

    Zhong Yihan remembered the information he had checked before and said, "That's the priest?"

    Wan Hui nodded: "Yes, that guy is the priest in this tribe. In a small tribe like this, in general, there is only this priest. This priest is the one who can communicate the existence of the totem pillar. The highest standing guy in the community. At the same time, it will urge the entire tribe to provide these sacrifices and beliefs to the gods. "

    "If the energy provided by these sacrifices is sufficient, the gods they believe in will reward them with a little power and be distributed by the priests-of course, most of the power is occupied by the priest himself, so these priests often are the strongest beings in the tribe, and some priests also have some special attack methods, which are very sinister. "

    Chen Guoer frowned: "I didn't believe it in the book before, but now I see it with my own eyes, I really feel that this barbaric civilization is strange. They don't engage in production, only hunting, felling, reproduction, and sacrifice. This civilization ... just regard it as a civilization, but how can it last? "

    Wan Hui shook his head and whispered: "This, let alone me, even the world's top research experts on the earth, I am afraid they are not very clear. Or maybe those experts have researched something, but they are top-secret and have not been told to the public. But you are right, the performance of the barbarians' civilization is indeed very absurd. They are like parasites on this planet, desperately squeezing every resource on the planet, not like the heritage of civilization on this planet ... "

  • Chapter 164 - Luring the Enemy Deeper

    Everyone whispered their doubts but didn’t talk too much, because everyone knows that this is not the time to chat.

    The next step is to execute the battle plan prepared before.

    The combat plan was formulated by Wan Hui.

    Because most of the barbarians are not intelligent and lack of resources, the appeal of food to them is immense.

    Wanhui took out the "special food" that had been prepared long ago: "Once this food is unpacked, they can emit a strong fragrance, and this fragrance is very tempting to the barbarian. Then prepare the bait, they come and we kill them! "

    They find an easy-to-guard mountain road nearby and began to arrange some simple traps.

    In fact, the best way to clear this low-level tribe is to poison it. For example, poisoning in this kind of food is easy and simple.

    But the problem is that there are many problems involved in the poisoning.

    As a result, these barbarians have a strong resistance to poison, and ordinary poisons have little effect on them.

    Second, how can it be opened to ordinary fighters like cyanide? After all, humans are much more vulnerable than the barbarians. Once someone gets a large amount of cyanide and has a bad idea, it is a disaster for humans.

    Therefore, there are the toxic weapons to deal with the barbarians, even biochemical and genetic weapons, but it is something that can only be controlled at the national level. Don’t even think about it!

    The third point ...

    Such low-level tribes were originally reserved for "adding experience" of the fighters on the earth. It would be easy to directly kill them with poison, but in that case, there would be no "experience" effect.

    Everyone explored the terrain separately, and finally found a hillside that was easier to defend and difficult to attack, and then began to gather to set up traps.

    "Find the route of retreat before winning" is the principle that must be understood when fighting in a Different World, and it is also the knowledge emphasized in textbooks.

    Because it takes more resources and time for a human strong person to grow up than the barbarians, especially in the early stage of the fighter level.

    Therefore, unless it is a special case, the first priority for practitioners is to protect themselves.

    Because there is only hope for being alive, and the lives of the barbarians are too low.

    Set up the traps and get ready for retreat later.

    Everyone was in position and ready for battle. At this time, Wan Hui opened up several "tempting food" bags and sprinkled them along the road.

    The crowd was calm, waiting for the arrival of the barbarians.

    As mentioned earlier, the barbarians are like beasts, and they have a good sense of smell, so not long after, three barbarians came along.

    The scent of the food on the ground is extremely attractive to them, and they even fight for the food.

    So these three barbarians died.

    Zhong Yihan shot an arrow and killed one, Wan Hui and Liang Canzi also killed one each-only a few seconds.

    "It's so easy!" Liang Canzi laughed. "It's not difficult to clear the first-level tribe!"

    Wanhui frowned: "Don't underestimate the enemy, continue to bait."

    The next two groups of barbarians came to die, and they easily resolved.

    But in the third batch, something happened.

    They don't know whether the bait is too fragrant, or if the priests in this tribe found something wrong, there are more than a dozen barbarians from the third batch!

    Seeing more than a dozen barbarians coming from afar, everyone's face changed.

    Because with their fighting power, two or three barbarians can be killed instantly, but if more than a dozen are together, victory is certainly ok, but if they want to kill them silently, but not attract the attention of the tribe not far away, that's impossible!

    Seeing that more than a dozen barbarians were getting closer, everyone looked at Wan Hui, because he was the captain, and it was up to him to decide whether to fight or retreat.

    Wan Hui quickly calculated in his heart for a few seconds, and immediately made up his mind and said, "Are we here for the purpose to experience ourselves? If this time we give up, what are we still doing here? Brothers, prepare for the second plan! "

    The second plan is to fight directly.

    Zhong Yihan didn't say a word, bow and arrow, praise Wan Hui’s decisiveness in his heart.

    In this case, don't be indecisive as the captain.

    Either fight or leave, you must quickly make a choice. Fearfulness will only seriously damage morale!

    Barbarians are getting closer ...

    One hundred meters, fifty meters, twenty meters ...

    At this moment, Wan Hui suddenly waved his hand, and Liang Canzi, who had been ready for a long time, slashed a rope in front of him!

    A pile of sharpened giant woods rushed down from the tree in the shape of a pendulum, with strong inertia, they directly passed the first four barbarians!

    The barbarians roared earth-shattering.

    Zhong Yihan and Chen Guo'er both shot arrows, and the two barbarians screamed and fell, and they were shot through the eyes and throat respectively.

    Zhang Qichao and Wan Hui yelled, while jumping from the grass, one holding a shield and one holding a spear, rushed towards the remaining barbarians!

    Then Liang Canzi also yelled, Tang knife came out and rushed towards the barbarians!

    However, these barbarians are also powerful. After all, they are beast-like races. Fighting is already their instinct carved in the bones. After experiencing the initial turmoil, the barbarians immediately stepped forward and greeted them with a big stick in their hands, and the two sides fought together.

    One of the barbarians was more than two meters tall, with a huge body as strong as a mountain, holding a huge bone stick in his hand, and even a big tree could break it!

    Wan Hui rushed up and yelled, "Zhong Yihan!"

    Zhong Yihan understood what he meant. This big barbarian should be a class of warriors in the tribe, and his strength was obviously better than other barbarians.

    According to the tactics discussed by everyone, once encountering such a powerful barbarian, Wan Hui kept him, and Zhong Yihan shot him as soon as possible!

    Zhong Yihan shot an arrow and went straight to the right eye of the barbarian!

    Now that Zhong Yihan shoots arrows, the favorite thing to aim at is the eyes of the enemy, because no matter what the enemy is, the eyes are the most vulnerable part, and with his power, after the arrow has entered the eye, the force of inertia is enough to make the arrow further, destroy the enemy's head and the enemy dies instantly!

    This trick has been tried and tested, it is almost his unique move, it can be said that it has never failed.

    Provided that……

    This arrow must hit the enemy's eyes.

  • Chapter 165 - Elimination of the Tribe

    Zhong Yihan missed this arrow.

    Although he targeted ten rings, the eyes of the barbarians were much smaller than that of the ring, and he was still in motion. In addition, the barbarian warrior was not weak, and his reaction speed was extremely fast. His head gave a sudden lurch at a critical moment.

    This arrow just scratched a bloodstain on the face and did not hit the point.

    Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and shot an arrow again.

    The arrow aimed at the throat of the barbarian warrior, but shot on its shoulder and plunged directly into the flesh.

    However, such a small injury really can't have much influence on the barbarian who is more than two meters tall.

    Two consecutive arrows failed to hit the key. Zhong Yihan felt upset, so he aimed carefully and finally shot the third arrow!

    This arrow, Zhong Yihan aimed at its brows.

    The arrow finally worked. Although it failed to hit the key of the eyebrow, it hit the cheek below its right eye.

    The barbarian warrior burst into a scream, screaming with a big stick in his hand, forcing Wan Hui away, and then turned around and ran!

    As it ran, it yelled sternly.

    "It's asking for help!"

    Zhang Qichao resisted at least five barbarians by relying on a shield.

    "I know!" Wan Hui scolded and chased after him, "Zhong Yihan, solve these small ones immediately!"

    Zhong Yihan was clear, raising his hand and an arrow, a barbarian was shot through his eyes and fell, then another arrow, and another barbarian died under the arrow.

    Chen Guoer also shot two barbarians there, one directly shot to death, the other shot into the eyes of a barbarian.

    Chen Guoer cheered. She had previously consulted with Zhong Yihan about archery, and she knew how powerful shooting the eye was, but she was not good enough.

    However, he did not expect that this time she succeeds, which made Chen Guoer very excited.

    But the next scene surprised everyone!

    Because Chen Guoer's strength was too small, although this arrow shot into the eyes of the barbarians, just shot it blind, but failed to destroy its head further.

    The barbarian, who had been shot blindly, got so mad that he pulled the arrow out of his eyes with a bloodshot eye on the tip of the arrow. Next, the barbarian did something amazing ...

    It pulled that eyeball off the arrow, threw it directly into the mouth, and ate it!

    Zhang Qichao couldn't help but exclaim, and Chen Guo'er, who was far away, so scared!

    Zhang Qichao was so surprised that a flaw suddenly appeared. A barbarian smashed at him with a stone hammer.

    Wan Hui shouted, "Qichao, be careful!"

    Zhang Qichao is conscious, but it was too late.

    But at this moment, a sharp arrow shot through the throat of that barbarian!

    A stream of heat sprayed on Zhang Qichao's face, and the strong bloody smell awakened him. He quickly used a shield to resist barbarian bone stick, followed by raising his hand and stabbed deeply into the barbarian's belly.

    With this blink of an eye, more than a dozen barbarians have been killed or injured!

    The strength of the remaining barbarians is just average, and everyone continues to kill all the remaining barbarians soon.

    But everyone can not be happy, because Wan Hui was still chasing the barbarian warrior, and several people rushed forward to respond.

    Wan Hui was fighting fiercely with that barbarian warrior.

    The two had run a distance of nearly a mile. At this time, it could be seen that among the tribes in the distance, more than a dozen barbarians rushed towards this side wielding bone-stone hammers.

    The barbarian warrior can not win Wan Hui. In fact, the difference in vitality between the two is not too much, but the barbarian warrior's strength is extremely high.

    But in battle, strength is not the only factor that determines victory or defeat.

    Human strength lies in wisdom, which can summarize various fighting techniques.

    Wanhui's marksmanship already belongs to the top class among his peers, and the long spear itself is both offensive and defensive.

    So for this fierce play of the barbarian warrior, Wan Hui can almost be said to completely restrain it.

    Seeing blood holes everywhere on the barbarian warrior—if it wasn't for the barbarian warrior who had run desperately if they fought directly, Wan Hui would have won early.

    This barbarian warrior is different from the ordinary barbarian and possesses a certain amount of wisdom, so he also knows the truth of strength in numbers. Seeing those human beings rushing in, he was frightened. He turned around and ran.

    at this time.


    A sharp arrow shot from the rear. This arrow did not aim at the upper body of the barbarian warrior, but shot directly at its calf!

    The barbaric warrior screamed, his calf was shot directly through, and he fell heavily to the ground.

    Wan Hui would not give up such a great opportunity. Nailed it directly to the ground!

    The barbarian warrior desperately struggled on the ground, like a fish ashore.

    But Wan Hui just pierced its internal organs just now, so this struggle only lasted for more than ten seconds, and finally, there was no breath.

    Wan Hui pulled the spear out of it and looked back at Zhong Yihan.

    Needless to say, this arrow must have been shot by Zhong Yihan.

    The crowds came together, looking at the 200 meters ahead, more than a dozen barbarians rushed over and smiled.

    Wan Hui wiped the blood on his face, and whispered, "In a first-level tribe, there are basically only 50 or 60 barbarians. We have already killed half, and even a warrior has died here. It is inferred that there will be few remaining barbarians. None of us is injured, so do you want to fight again? "

    Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

    Liang Canzi wiped the blood off the knife and laughed, "I haven't killed enough yet!"

    Several others nodded.

    Wan Hui laughed, "That's good! Brothers, let these barbarians from Different World see the power of our humanity!"

    The crowd sang in unison, then waited for a while, adjusted their state slightly, and rushed toward the barbarians.

    This battle can be described as imposing!

    Wan Hui's spear is like a dragon, and Zhong Yihan's archery is amazing!

    More than a dozen barbarians have died three before they arrived. The rest are like chopping melon and vegetables, but in just two or three minutes, they were killed.

    Everyone was very happy.

    Liang Canzi said proudly: "These are alien barbarians? That's it!"

    Wan Hui frowned slightly, wanting him not to be arrogant.

    But at this moment, suddenly a stern and unpleasant cry sounded among the distant tribes. This sound seemed to be a kind of bird song, but it was only slightly similar.

    Then, they saw a figure rushing down from the hillside where the tribe was, flapping its wings and gliding towards them from the air!

    "Ready to fight!" Wan Hui shouted, "It's the tribe's priest!"

  • Chapter 166 - Priest

    "How can that priest fly ?!"

    "Not flying, but gliding!" Wan Hui said coldly. "This tribe sacrifices the eagle god Kayumi. This priest is the barbarian who has the most power in this tribe. So a considerable part of its body has been infected by power and beastified. But it is not beastified completely, it is only part of the body, so it can only glide like a chicken now, and cannot fly freely. "

    Having said that, Wan Hui looked at Zhong Yihan and Chen Guoer and said, "Brother Zhong, Guoer, this priest depends mainly on you!"

    The two nodded at the same time. This player who can fly in the sky is indeed a BUG, but fortunately, there are two long-range archers in their team.

    But there was one thing Zhong Yihan was very strange.


    what is that?

    But watching the big humanoid bird gliding over quickly, Zhong Yihan knew that it was not the time to ask questions, so he directly pulled his bow and set arrows to prepare for the battle.

    The humanoid bird made a sharp strange noise, landed on a big tree in front of the crowd, and then yelled at the crowd.

    At this time, many people can clearly see what it looks like.

    This is an extremely weird creature.

    The whole outline can still be seen as a human, but the original arms are covered with thick feathers, and the feet have become sharp claws.

    Even more terrible is its face.

    A human face is not fake, but the nose part has a long and curved beak, which looks particularly weird.

    "What is it talking about?"

    Wan Hui rolled his eyes: "How do I know what it is saying? I haven't learned its languages yet. But it must be scolding us."

    Everyone nodded in unison.

    The hatred of human beings and barbarians has been ingrained, and the two sides have already become "either you die or I die".

    Coupled with the lack of language, this argument between tongues and tongues has no meaning.

    Zhong Yihan frowned slightly and shot an arrow directly, scolding: "Noisy!"

    The arrow went straight to the face of the human bird, but the bird fluttered the arrow with a wave of its wings.

    Zhong Yihan was startled. Although the arrow he shot was still far away from breaking through the sound barrier, the instantaneous velocity of the shot was about 100 meters per second.

    This is the first time that an arrow of this speed has been blocked.

    Explain that the strength of this priest is absolutely strong!

    And there is one more detail to show.

    When they were fighting the barbarians before, the Kung Fu teacher Gao Xiaoyue, who had been far away from them a hundred meters away, was already standing on the side of the big tree branch.

    Zhong Yihan didn't find out how she came here, but Gao Xiaoyue's standing here showed her judgment on the killing power of the priest, and she felt that they might not be its opponent, or they could not kill it in an uninjured state.

    That's why she came to her side to prepare for rescue at any time!

    The birdman priest was enraged by Zhong Yihan's arrow, roared, flew down from the tree, and swooped towards the crowd.

    Wan Hui and Zhang Qichao both rush towards to it.

    Zhang Qichao rushed to the front. As soon as the block by the shield, the birdman was stopped, and Wan Hui's spear attacked from behind.

    The birdman yelled, bounced high, and a pair of feet that turned into claws grabbed at Wan Hui.

    But Zhang Qichao responded, how could it succeed?

    Suddenly the shield went across, blocking in front of the claws.

    Just listening to the sound, making people goosebumps, the bird's paw left a long scratch on this alloy shield!

    "Sharp claws!"

    Zhong Yihan was slightly shaken in his heart, but his hand movement was not slow. He shot an arrow directly, but the birdman fluttered with wings.

    "It seems that although my accuracy is enough, there is still a lack of strength. The arrows shot are really difficult to hurt this powerful existence ... Birdman's vitality is at least five! "

    Zhong Yihan thought to himself, but he never stopped shooting.

    Even if the birdman is not shot, it can still force it to block continuously, thus creating opportunities for Wan Hui and others below.

    Chen Guoer thinks the same way, although her rate is much slower than Zhong Yihan, the two together still cause a lot of trouble for the birdman.

    At this moment, Liang Canzi, who had been walking around, suddenly broke into the war circle and slashed at the birdman.

    The birdman quickly dodged. Although it avoided the key points, it still got a sword on the paw, and made a golden iron-like symphony. Liang Canzi was taken a few steps back by the shock, but the knife left a blood mark on its paw!

    "Well done!"

    Wan Hui shouted, "Just hit it like this! We kill it!"

    The priest was furious, wings spread and flew high, and then a relay on the tree flew towards Chen Guoer.

    It is intelligent and can determine that it is these two long-range archers, which constantly cause trouble to it, so it is difficult to win this game without solving them.

    Wan Hui and others exclaimed: "Guo'er, be careful!"

    At the same time, one after another, in order to pull it back.

    Chen Guoer was also clever, and she had prevented this already. When he saw the birdman rushing towards herself, she hurried away from the edge and ran around the trees, not giving the birdman a chance to get close.

    Zhong Yihan is the closest to Chen Guo'er. He shoots at the birdman's ass.

    Coincidentally, Zhong Yihan didn't hit it before, but the birdman turned around now, and the wings couldn't be folded back, so the arrow hit the birdman's ass directly, and the birdman immediately screamed.

    Although the birdman had strong muscles and tight bones, no matter what kind of creatures, there was no muscle on his buttocks, so this arrow shot quite deep, and even the arrows were gone!

    Wan Hui and others can clearly see from behind, even if the current situation is very tense, they can't help laughing.

    Liang Canzi even shouted, "Brother Zhong, well done!"

    The birdman was so angry that he gave up Chen Guoer and turned towards Zhong Yihan!

    Wan Hui shouted: "Brother Zhong, be careful!"

    But at this moment, they saw Zhong Yihan's unspeakable smile on his face. At the same time, he threw the long bow in his hand to the ground, stretched out his hand and scratched it on the back, a long knife appeared in his hands.

    "What is he doing?"

    Wan Hui and others were in doubt.

    At this moment, Zhong Yihan grasped the ground with both feet and held the knife. At this moment, his whole person's feelings changed, like a sharp blade!

    Then, facing the birdman who rushed to himself, Zhong Yihan didn't dodge, and cut it straight away!

    "Go to hell!"

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