Kung Fu Beyond the World



  • Chapter 115 - Energy Stone

    Wu Bingzhai wanted to treat, and Du Tianqing was unwilling. Then, for a while, Du Tianqing just grabbed the final purchase right with a smile-but was still 50% off.

    This time they drunk directly in the early hours of the morning, and everyone was almost drinking, so Wu Bingzhai sent someone to drive them home.

    Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing now live in a community, so naturally, they are together.

    The fat man was even happier than Zhong Yihan tonight. He was completely grabbing drinks. He is unconscious now. Like a dead pig, Zhong Yihan and the bartender carried him back to his villa.

    Thrown to his sister Zhu Xiaoyu.

    Of course, it was necessary to be complained by Zhu Xiaoyu for a while and then asked about the experience.

    Zhong Yihan didn't elaborate, so he probably said it was all right. Zhu Xiaoyu saw that he was also slightly drunk, so she didn't ask much. She said good night and carry the fat man to the house.

    Then Zhong Yihan didn't let the bartender continue to deliver, after all, his house was not far away, just a few steps away.

    As soon as he entered the house, his mother Zhang Aimei walked over worriedly and said, "Yihan, are you okay? I read the news that a murderer escaped to Twin Mountains?"

    It seems that this matter has spread quite widely.

    Zhong Yihan didn't plan to tell Zhang Aimei about the abduction. Anyway, now that things are over, telling her will only make her worry for nothing.

    "Mom, it's true in the news. Fortunately, the school responded in time, and the training was terminated early. Let's go down the mountain early, so I am fine."

    Zhang Aimei checked it and saw that Zhong Yihan was really okay. This relieved him: "It scared me. The news said that the murderer had kidnapped your student as a hostage. "

    Zhong Yihan didn't expect Zhang Aimei to worry about other students, so he laughed: "Mom, the news is too late, the murderer is dead, and the hostages kidnapped by him are all smoothly escaped. This matter is over. . "

    "Really? That's good, that's good, why is there a smell of wine on you?"

    Zhang Aimei then smelled the wine of Zhong Yihan.

    "I had a drink with my classmates. Mom, I've eaten out. Don't heat the rice for me."

    "It's okay, you can take a rest early today, after experiencing such a big thing, it may leave a psychological shadow."

    Zhong Yihan said, "Relax, I'm fine, how about Qiaoyue?"

    Zhang Aimei was worried: "She practiced in the practice room, you also know that since the practice room, she will stay in as long as she has time, you brother as well as talk about her, don’t just think about cultivation, the string is too tight and will break sooner or later. "

    Zhong Yihan nodded: "I see. I'll see her later."

    Since they have a medicated bath bag, they no longer have to worry about fatigue.

    Zhong Qiaoyue works so hard, Zhong Yihan can understand.

    After all, he is the same, as long as he has time, he will go to practice on an island in Different World.

    What happened to Zhong Qiaoyue was left behind, Zhong Yihan returned to the room, locked the door, and then released Xia Ling. He was going to let her go to the children's playground room to play, but he went to take a bath by himself but did not expect Xia Ling to fly to Zhong Yihan excitedly. In front of him: "Master, Xia Ling found the treasure!"


    Zhong Yihan suddenly hesitated, subconsciously thinking of the treasure that Xia Ling cares about, shells, Barbie dolls, and fried chicken.

    But if it was in the Twin Mountains, she should not say that.

    Zhong Yihan originally thought that Xia Ling would be timid to hide, but she did not expect that she would find out, so he was very interested and said, "What treasure?"

    Xia Ling flew to the ground and took out the cloth bag she found from the space.

    Hearing only a bang, Zhong Yihan was startled by the sound.

    When he heard this sound, look at this bag bulging. Will it be not full of stones?

    Zhong Yihan felt strong energy in the bag, and he opened the bag doubtfully and found that there were indeed stones, hundreds of stones.

    Each of these stones is the size of a finger, translucent, and slightly yellowed in its appearance.

    Most importantly, these stones seem to contain strong energy. Besides the bag, Zhong Yihan feels comfortable all over!

    Zhong Yihan's eyes could not help but widen: "Is there ... energy stones ?!"

    Energy stone.

    A high-level energy crystal, one of the most precious treasures produced in Different World.

    According to expert research, energy stones can only be generated in places where the concentration of energy is extremely high, and it can take thousands of thousands of years to condense.

    Even in Different World, energy stones are as rare as gold.

    There are many benefits to energy stone. First of all, this is a crystal of energy, which itself contains very pure energy.

    Jewelry made of energy stone is the favorite of the rich.

    Because ordinary ruby, sapphire, emerald, and other things are carried on the body, except for good-looking, they are no use, those so-called gems can regulate the human body's magnetic field to make the body healthier, which are purely lies made by businessmen in order to flicker.

    But the energy stone is different.

    The energy is very restrained, so it is easy to save, and some specially processed jewelry shells can stimulate the energy release.

    Wearing this kind of jewelry is equivalent to keeping a person in the range of high energy all the time, which is extremely beneficial to the body.

    There are even some special methods of meditation and practice that can help the body quickly absorb the energy in the energy stone, and can more quickly strengthen the body's development potential.

    For a local rich like Ying Nanyan, there are special energy stones for her to practice daily to enhance the surrounding energy.

    Of course, her vitality 2.8 now seems very high, but compared with her peers, compared to the entire practice system, she is just a rookie who has not been even a Kung Fu fighter, and cannot play the true effect of the energy stone. .

    Moreover, supplementing practice with energy stones is only the easiest way to use them.

    Because the energy stone is rich in extremely powerful and stable energy, it can be regarded as a "super battery", so scientists are now combining energy stone and scientific and technological civilization to create many products.

    For example, armors like Iron Man, which rely on energy stone-driven equipment, use supercomputers, and then based on the records in ancient books, calculate the "matrix" driven by energy stones, etc ...

    It is just that the price of energy stone is very expensive. It is calculated in grams. The current price is about two hundred yuan per gram, which is a little lower than gold.

    And such a large bag found by Xia Ling is not light, it is estimated to have at least 10-15 kilograms!

    Zhong Yihan quickly went to a scale and weighed it.

    15.75 kg.

    He searched the Internet for relevant information and determined that these were indeed energy stones. The current price was 327 yuan per gram.

    In other words, this bag of spirits is worth more than 5 million!

    And this is the price on the market, but in terms of the current market, if you buy on the black market, the price must add at least 30%.

    Zhong Yihan laughed, holding Xia Ling and couldn't help but kiss her severely.

    This little guy, who has quietly picked up more than 5 million good things for himself, is too witty and loved!
  • Chapter 116 - Overnight Riches

    After kissing, Zhong Yihan asked with a smile: "Xia Ling, where did you find these?"

    Xia Ling proudly said with her arms folded: "It was on the previous mountain, inside the cave wall!"

    In the cave?

    Zhong Yihan's brain moved quickly, and then he understood.

    That should be hidden by Qiao Cheng, no wonder he would hide in that cave.

    When they were in a bar before, Wu Bingzhai also said that Qiao Cheng killed an energy stone merchant family, but later a lot of energy stones were not found.

    Therefore, Qiao Cheng went straight to the cave of Twin Mountains just after escaping the prison, just to dig out the batch of energy stones he had hidden then, and then went away.

    He did not expect to run into them.

    To be on the safe side, Zhong Yihan tried to use the system to recycle, and he received a reminder:

    [Whether to recycle energy stone, 300 system points / kg]

    It's really all energy stone!

    Zhong Yihan instinctively raised the idea that he would sell these spirit stones and immediately settle the house.

    But he immediately rejected the idea.

    The energy stone is not very easy to sell, and it is still stolen money. Once it is found, it will be collected.

    Zhong Yihan did not dare to underestimate the investigative methods of the Kung Fu Association and felt that it was better to be careful.

    If he sells one by one, he can reduce the risk, but this is too slow and easy to accidents.

    the most important is……

    "Just over five million!"

    Zhong Yihan felt that he was shameful. He had just received 500,000 yuan, and he could sell two million yuan each month to sell medicated baths, so there is no shortage of money right now.

    Instead of exchanging energy stones for money, it is better to replace them with system points to promote himself.

    After this abduction, Zhong Yihan clearly realized that his strength was not enough.

    These energy stones are an opportunity for his strength to increase greatly. One kilogram of energy stones is worth 300 system points. So many spirit stones can directly buy all the fruit of attributes.

    Zhong Yihan's eyes were bright and decided, so he converted all the stones to system points!

    There are 15.75 kilograms of energy stones in the cloth bag. The system does not receive the odds, so Zhong Yihan sold all 15 kilograms of energy stones and obtained a total of 4500 system points.

    4500 system points!

    Looking at so many system points, Zhong Yihan was very excited. This was a real rich overnight!

    This is really thanks to Xia Ling. Without her, Zhong Yihan didn't know when did he get so many system points.

    Zhong Yihan was about to redeem the fruit. Seeing that Xia Ling was still standing expectantly, he thought about it and said, "Xia Ling, the treasure you found is very satisfactory. I can reward you with a complete set of rooms. Do you want a kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom? "

    Barbie has all kinds of matching pocket furniture and even houses, and these things even cost more than Barbie itself.

    However, most of these pocket items are exquisitely crafted, even if Xia Ling uses it by herself.

    This made Zhong Yihan think that when he was a child, he always wanted to get a car model. That model not only has a cool appearance but also basically has the functions of the car.

    Xia Ling now only has two poor Barbie dolls and several sets of beloved dress up. She had thought that she would get new beautiful clothes, but did not expect that the reward was actually a room model suit!

    Xia Ling is not a silly girl who knows nothing now. She had long wanted a room for herself and Barbie, so Zhong Yihan's words made her very excited and tangled because she soon realized that she could choose only one.

    The bedroom can sleep, the bathroom can be fragrant, the kitchen can cook, and the living room can watch TV. What should Xia Ling want, which one should she choose?

    Xia Ling became more and more tangled.

    Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Xia Ling, you can go to the children's playground room and think about it, take your time, don't worry."

    "Oh, yes."

    Xia Ling frowned and flew towards the children's playground room while thinking.

    After a while, a cheerful shout sounded inside.

    Zhong Yihan smiled and shook his head, opened the system and began to exchange attributes.

    He can only redeem a maximum of ten fruits of each attribute, and it is useless to eat more by himself.

    Zhong Yihan didn't think much and started to exchange it in order.

    [Successful exchange of strength fruit, consume 50 system points]

    [Successful exchange of dexterity fruits, consume 50 system points]

    [Successful exchange of physical fruit, consume 50 system points]


    Zhong Yihan converted all the attribute fruits to the upper limit at the fastest speed. [Strength Fruit * 6, Dexterity Fruit * 10, Constitution Fruit * 8, Spirit Fruit * 10] are already in the inventory.

    Looking at the system points that did take out, Zhong Yihan's mood calmed down a little at this time.

    He took a deep breath and started using the fruit.

    [Strength + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + …… + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05]

    [Dexterity + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 + …… + 0.05 + 0.05 + 0.05]

    [Physique + 0.1 + 0.1 + …… + 0.05 + 0.05]

    [Spirit + 0.1 + 0.1 + …… + 0.05 + 0.05]

    One by one attribute fruit is eaten into the stomach. Although Zhong Yihan's meal is really large, it is only relatively normal.

    The size of the attribute fruit is very large, and normal people are expected to eat up to two to three.

    After eating ten attribute fruits, Zhong Yihan had to get up and move around the room to help digestion.

    After eating the twentieth fruit, Zhong Yihan ran to the Different World and punched for an hour before taking it.

    In this way Zhong Yihan stopped eating, waiting for him to eat all thirty-four fruits, it was an hour and a half later.

    Feeling that he had a significant improvement, Zhong Yihan, leaned against a tree to open the system and see how much he had improved.

    Name: Zhong Yihan

    Sex: Male

    Strength: 2.35

    Dexterity: 1.75

    Constitution: 1.85

    Spirit: 1.95

    Comprehensive vitality: 1.975

    "That's ... coming to 2 ?!"

    Zhong Yihan had a feeling beyond words.

    Before he got the system, it was just over a month ago that he could think that his vitality had reached 1.5 before the college entrance examination, which was already the situation that appeared in the sweetest dream!

    But for more than a month of work, especially tonight...

    His vitality reached 1.975, breaking 2. It was just a matter of waiting a few days.

    As far as his current strength is concerned, he has also reached the pinnacle of his previous dream-the Kung Fu learner!

    And he still has a lot of system points. Thirty-four fruits cost a total of 1,700 system points, plus his remaining system points, now there are 3200 system points!

    This is really cool!

    Of course, there are a lot of things he needs in the system, not that these system points are useless, but now Zhong Yihan has been eating so many fruits in a row and has already spit out, so take a break.

    He couldn't wait to test his new strength!

  • Chapter 117 - Skyrocketing Strength

    Then Zhong Yihan began to test his latest strength.

    In the newly purchased villa, there are various detectors that can directly show a person's strength and progress.

    First is power.

    The result is that the strength of the arms is 169 kilograms.

    In this era, because the development of fighters far exceeds that of ordinary people, whether it is muscle density or bone density, it is not comparable to ordinary people, so the average weight is naturally much heavier.

    The standard weight of a 1.8-meter boy is about 80 kilograms, which means that Zhong Yihan's one-arm strength can lift two 1.8-meter men.

    After testing the power, the next step is dexterity.

    Because it is not easy to measure the speed of 100 meters in the room, Zhong Yihan used the simplest method.

    Find a small stone and release it with one hand while grabbing with the other.

    In the past, Zhong Yihan's fastest reaction distance for this game, that is, the distance between his hands was about twenty centimeters.

    He doesn't know how much it can be improved.

    Zhong Yihan took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

    He placed the stone-grasping hand on his chest, and the other hand fell naturally.




    The distance between Zhong Yihan's hands is about ten centimeters and eleven centimeters, which has doubled, which is about the same as his agility improvement.

    As for physical and mental attributes, one affects endurance and defense, and the other affects intelligence and will. This is not easy to test.

    However, Zhong Yihan can feel that his five senses are more acute than before, and he just turned a book and found that his memory also improved a lot.

    After probably testing his strength.

    Zhong Yihan practiced "Kung Fu 72 styles" again, and found that it was still a bit obscure when he practiced the 15th style, but it was not as difficult as before and he could slowly move forward.

    To be honest, although Zhong Yihan's vitality has now surpassed 1.5, he is not yet a fighter, and only the first eighteen styles of the have been thoroughly trained, he can to be truly a Kung Fu learner.

    The thought of "Kung Fu 72 styles", Zhong Yihan thought of his sister Zhong Qiaoyue.

    In the beginning, girls made better progress than in boys.

    After all, girls' bodies are relatively soft, so doing this type of body-building practice is handier.

    Of course, Zhong Qiaoyue's level is completely incomparable with Zhong Yihan now.

    But Zhong Yihan suddenly became a bit interested.

    It is said that since the girl moved into this villa, she has been working hard in her practice room every day-after all, with the support of a medicated bath bag, she doesn't worry about practicing problems.

    But he doesn't know how much this girl has improved now?

    As an elder brother, he should teach her!

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan showed a slight smile.

    In fact, because Zhong Qiaoyue showed a higher talent than him since he was a child, her status at home has always been higher than him.

    But now it's different. Just a villa, let Zhong Qiaoyue be obedient to her brother, let alone the benefits of medicated bath bags.

    But this girl was still not convinced. She tried so hard to prove that she was no worse than her brother.

    Xia Ling, who saw Zhong Yihan's smirk, screamed and hid in her castle.

    "Woo, the master laughed terribly! Woo! The master must do something bad!"

    Zhong Yihan: "..."



    In the training room, Zhong Qiaoyue was already sweating profusely. She gasped and insisted on the training position of "Kung Fu 72 styles". Her body was about to reach the limit.

    Just as she was about to break her previous record, a slight shaking made her suddenly unstable and fell to the ground.

    Zhong Qiaoyue hammered down the floor with some annoyance, got up again and started again.

    It is still far from the time to use the medicated bath bag, and she feels that she has a surplus of physical strength.

    She doesn’t know how Zhong Yihan ’s progress this time. He has been so proud recently, she hopes that this time, a master will come out to beat his self-confidence, or he will cause problems later due to excessive expansion.

    "Sister, brother is back, have you missed me!"

    The door of the practice room was suddenly opened, Zhong Qiaoyue's center of gravity was unstable, and she almost fell again.

    She looked up and found that Zhong Yihan was coming in, and gave him an unhappy glance, saying, "Brother, why are you back? Didn't you have a field experience today?"

    Speaking of which, Zhong Qiaoyue seemed to suddenly think of something, eyes wide open: "Brother, wouldn't you be too tired to escape back in the middle? If this is the case, I advise you to rush back. Don't think that your strength improve soon so that you could skip the training. If you are found out by the school you will be dropped out! "

    Zhong Yihan was very speechless. He just entered the door, and Zhong Qiaoyue said a lot.

    "Did you look down on your brother, am I the kind of truant?"

    "That's hard to say ..."

    Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes and said, "So, don't let yourself be too closed, pay more attention to current affairs news, and keep up with the times. Your brother has done a big thing today, Do you know Qiao Cheng?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue shook her head: "Who? Your classmate?"

    Zhong Qiaoyue was a carefree little princess seven years ago, and it was normal for her not to pay attention to Qiao's murder.

    But this made Zhong Yihan speechless for a while.

    Zhong Yihan thought for a moment and said briefly: "Qiao Yi is a murderer of vitality 2. He killed a family seven years ago. He ran away from prison today to the Twin Mountains we trained, kidnapped some students. I killed him. "

    Zhong Qiaoyue didn’t believe it.

    "Brother, will you die if you don't lie?"

    "Hey, don't believe it, the news is the proof."

    Zhong Yihan pulled out his mobile phone and quickly pulled out today's relevant news for Zhong Qiaoyue.

    Zhong Qiaoyue took the phone, glanced at it and threw it back again: "Can we not brag? How can there be your name on it?"

    Zhong Yihan was speechless, why was this girl so stubborn?!!
  • Chapter 118 - Brother and Sister Talk

    In fact, Zhong Qiaoyue just pretends to not care, but she was shocked.

    She had been busy practicing before and did not know what happened to Twin Mountains, and her mother Zhang Aimei didn't tell her because she didn't want to worry her.

    A brutal fugitive!

    Can it be dealt with well? !!

    However, Zhong Yihan said that the fugitive was murdered by him, and Zhong Qiaoyue did not believe it.

    Not to mention the fugitive, in her impression, this old brother has never even killed a chicken!

    Zhong Yihan sat beside her and said inadvertently: "It is normal without my name because the president of the county Kung Fu association told me that for the sake of my normal life, this matter will temporarily block the news and not pass it on. "

    After listening, Zhong Qiaoyue changed from total disbelief to suspicion.

    "Did you really kill the murderer? But you all said that his vitality is 2, even if you progress fast, you should not be his opponent?"

    "Um, in fact, he was seriously injured, and his strength may not be half its peak. But anyway, your brother is heroes today."

    "Well." Zhong Qiaoyue said.

    She is so smart, of course, she knows that her brother deliberately ran to show off in front of herself, but the matter itself should really be true, but she can’t give him a good look, otherwise this guy will proud!

    Zhong Yihan lowered his voice seriously and said, "I just told you about this, don't tell parents, it's not good to worry them."

    Zhong Qiaoyue smiled slyly: "It's okay to say nothing, but you have to accompany me to practice, let me see the level of defeating the vitality 2.0."

    Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Okay, I will play with you with one hand!"

    "Brother, don’t proud."

    "Don't worry, don't mention one hand, even use one hand and one foot, brother will win you! Your old brother is no longer weak! "

    Zhong Qiaoyue nodded deliberately: "Well, it's really not that weak!"

    As soon as the voice fell, Zhong Yihan raised his hand and knock at her head.

    Zhong Qiaoyue bent aside and walked away, smiling, "Brother, I'm here!"

    After that, she instantly kicked a roundabout side kick and kicked towards Zhong Yihan.

    Well, it's a lot faster than before.

    Zhong Yihan had his left hand behind his back, his right hand blocking the foot, and smiled slightly: "The power has also increased."

    "Is it just a few?"

    When Zhong Qiaoyue saw that his first leg was unsuccessful, she immediately turned around 180 degrees with Zhong Yihan's blocked hand as a fulcrum. This is Zhong Qiaoyue's latest mastery. With the speed of rotation, the force on the foot can be doubled or even doubled!

    However, Zhong Yihan did not resist, but relied on his steps to move back to the right and then easily escaped Zhong Qiaoyue's nirvana.

    Next, Zhong Qiaoyue continued to use various moves to attack, all of which were easily resolved by Zhong Yihan.

    And as he said, he had his left hand behind his back from beginning to end.

    The two lasted about a few minutes. Zhong Qiaoyue stopped panting, sitting on the ground in a dazed mood.

    "Don't fight! Don't fight!"

    Zhong Yihan sat beside her and said, "Tired?"

    "I can think of all the attacks, but they are all blocked by you. Why are you so powerful now? I believe some of you said that you killed a murderer."

    Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Now you know who is the boss at home?"


    Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue's murderous eyes, Zhong Yihan quickly changed his mouth: "Your brother will always be your brother!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes, and suddenly silenced for two seconds, then looked at Zhong Yihan, and asked seriously: "Brother, what is it like to kill?"

    Zhong Yihan blinked and smiled lightly: "It's almost the same as killing a rabbit."

    Having said that, he paused for a moment, saying quietly: "At that time, the situation was critical. If I didn't kill him, he would hijack our classmate and leave. With that guy's ruthlessness, the classmate would definitely not end well. So, I need to kill him, too. "

    Zhong Qiaoyue also calmed down, leaned on him, and said, "Brother, tell me what happened?"

    Zhong Yihan thought for a moment, and simply said things again.

    His eloquence is average, and he is not a person who likes to speak badly behind others, even if he hates Zhang Li, but in his mouth, it is just a sentence: "A girl can't stand the pressure, betrayed, and was later betrayed The fugitive killed her before he died. "

    Zhong Qiaoyue frowned, "This kind of person really deserves death!"

    Zhong Yihan said nothing, and sighed, "Forget it, don't mention her."

    Instead of continuing to ask questions, she picks some more relaxed topics, and then the brother and sister talk together.

    Interested, Zhong Qiaoyue even ran to get a bottle of Coke, the brother and sister drank and talked.

    Honestly, although the two have been for so many years, there are really few caring conversations like today.

    Neither Zhong Yihan nor Zhong Qiaoyue was emotionally exposed. Unconsciously, the outside sky was already slightly lit.

    Zhong Yihan turned his back to Zhong Qiaoyue and bought a strength fruit from the system and threw it to her.

    "Suddenly remembered, this is the fruit I found on the Twin Mountains today, and I gave it to you."

    Zhong Qiaoyue felt the heavy weight of the fruit in her hand and unexpectedly said, "Where did you take it from? Brother, do you still play tricks?"

    "you guess?"

    Zhong Yihan laughed, but suddenly, he found something in the corner of his eye and said immediately: "Okay, it's not too late. Hurry and go to a medicated bath to sleep. Otherwise, you will lose my energy all day!"

    "Also, remember, don’t tell parents about killing!"

    "I see, I know!" Zhong Qiaoyue waved her hand. "How does a young man look like an old mother!"

    Zhong Yihan rolled his eyes and left.

    Zhong Qiaoyue took a bite of the fruit, only feeling a warm current into the stomach, and all the limbs seemed to be full of power.

    She was startled and was about to ask brother what the fruit was, but Zhong Yihan had already gone out at this time.

    Zhong Qiaoyue lowered her head and muttered, "What, it's so mysterious."

    Then she bit a bite of the fruit in her hand and praised:

    "Well, really sweet!"

  • Chapter 119 - Formation

    Zhong Yihan returned to his bedroom, locked the door, and then called up the system interface.

    When he just gave the girl the strength fruit, he discovered that there was one more thing in the system package, which he hadn't noticed before-a silver treasure chest.

    He remembered that this was a reward given to him by killing Qiao Cheng before, because the environment was complicated at the time, so he didn't open it on the spot.

    Then he forgot it!

    The last bronze chest gave him an "Encyclopedia of Primary Herbs", and this time the chest was silver, a grade higher than the last time, and he doesn't know what can be opened.

    "Come out!"

    A burst of light lit up, and the silver treasure chest slowly opened.

    After the light had cleared, a strange-looking flower appeared in front of Zhong Yihan.

    [Can communicate the energy of two worlds, produces a flower in three months. The mother flower is the main flower, and the child flower is the supplement. When the mother flower is planted in a place full of energy, it can absorb the energy and transfer to the child flower. As long as the mother flower does not die, the child flower will not die.]

    [Note: The treasure of the formation, it's rare!]

    Zhong Yihan was still a little depressed, so why did it bloom a strange flower?

    But when he saw the introduction clearly, his eyes lit up immediately.

    He has a good foundation in text, and immediately understood the meaning of the introduction.

    In other words, this kind of flower has the role of cross-border transportation of energy.

    For example, if the mother flower is planted in a Different World, and the child flower is planted in his bedroom, the mother and child flowers will still feel even if they are separated by two circles.

    The mother flower can transfer the energy absorbed from the Different World to the child flower through some unknown means.

    This is equivalent to opening an aura channel with Different World!

    Looking at the following description, simply the mother and child flowers open the aura channel, in fact, it is not very useful.

    However, he can use the formation to use child flower as an array of eyes, so as to force child eye to release the energy it absorbed!

    This is a complete energy channel. In other words, flower and the formations are combined, Zhong Yihan can enjoy a high concentration of energy in his bedroom!

    This is a treasure!

    Why ordinary people and some wealthy businessmen are scared off the road after the space cracks are about to appear in Qinggang City, but there are more business giants like Ying family who go in.

    They have begun to buy a house in Qinggang City, which has fallen to the bottom, and began to take a lot of lands!

    Just because they are betting.

    Bet this crack in space will eventually be suppressed by the Kung Fu Association!

    In that case, Qinggang City will be directly connected to the realm because of the cracks in the space, and the energy released through the cracks in the space will make Qinggang's energy Index reach the level of some famous mountains and rivers on the earth!

    Scientist research shows.

    They even conducted sampling surveys.

    Looked for two groups of teenagers, both boys and girls, aged eleven or twelve.

    A group of people lives in the famous mountain and river, where the concentration of energy is high, and the energy concentration is about 5;

    A group of people lived in a city with a low concentration of energy, and the energy concentration did not even reach 1.

    The two groups lived in this environment for one year each, and their diets were basically the same every day.

    One year later, students in the famous mountains and rivers with a higher concentration of vitality increased their vitality by an average of almost three times more than students in the city!

    There are dozens of tests of this kind. The experimenters have elderly people and children, healthy people and terminally ill, and various animals-after all, this experiment has no risk, it is time-consuming, so it is said that there are still pregnant women are involved.

    The final conclusion is that the higher the energy, the better the growth of living things.

    Energy concentration over 2 points will obviously improve human health, and over 5 points, even some severe cases can have a better self-healing effect!

    Moreover, if a pregnant woman lives in a place full of energy during pregnancy, the baby born is often healthier and talented!

    So it is conceivable that the most direct impact after the results of this survey came out-the higher the energy index on the earth, the more expensive the house prices will be!

    In some areas with space cracks, within ten kilometers around the space cracks, the energy index can reach as high as 5 to 7, even within a hundred kilometers, there can be three or five points.

    Living in such a city is much more convenient than some famous mountains and rivers, so it is not difficult to understand why these businessmen are so crazy to buy lands in Qinggang City.

    The house prices they are now taking have fallen below the bottom. A set of houses close to a hundred square meters of space cracks, that is, hundreds of thousands.

    However, once this crack in Qinggang was controlled by the Kung Fu Association, it was determined that the space crack was not in danger, and after the surrounding energy became thicker ...

    These hundred-square-foot houses are at least tens of millions!

    Of course, if they lose in the end, basically most businessmen will lose their all money.

    However, this hundreds of times of profit make many people willing to bet on this one!

    However, with this flower, Zhong Yihan didn't need to bet at all.

    Because he can transfer the energy of Different World to the earth through this flower, and transfer it to his bedroom, or this villa!

    The energy of the island he traveled to through the shuttle was as high as 8 points. Even if he could not transfer all of them, transfer 5 or 6 points. This concentration of energy also belongs to the best practice treasure on the earth!

    At that time, their whole family will live in this villa and they will be able to enjoy the high concentration of nourishment.

    However, in this case, the matching formation is needed ...

    Zhong Yihan hurriedly checked the system mall and finally found something on the last page.

    ["Primary Formation": Records the principles and methods of seventeen primary methods, including primary introducing energy method, energy gathering method, scattered energy method, ecstasy method, and so on. Price: 2000 system points.]

    "Two thousand system points, so expensive!"

    But Zhong Yihan still needs to buy it.

    If he didn't get this flower, he would also consider whether to buy it, but the problem is that he now has it and the system points in his hand are enough ...


    After the 2000 system points were deducted, a huge stream of information poured into Zhong Yihan's head.

    It took him a long time to recover from his splitting headache.

    "Are these formations?"

    Zhong Yihan felt more and more surprised at the new information in his head.

    Introducing the energy method, he can attract the surrounding energy, and then introduce it into a core;

    Scattered energy method is to release the energy in a core;

    Energy gathering can keep the energy within a certain range without escaping;

    The ecstasy method can allow some people who are close to the formation, especially the core of the formation, to raise doubts in their hearts, and then subconsciously walk away, so that the formation is not found ...

    These four formations are all elementary, but with the flower, they can have amazing results!

    Just imagine.

    In the place where the energy of the Different World is the strongest, set the introducing energy method, and the array eyes are the mother flowers, which are used to absorb the energy;

    Set energy gathering method in the villa room and the array of eyes is a child flower, which can release the energy absorbed by the mother flower;

    Then gathering energy method is set around the entire villa, so that the energy can be flooded throughout the villa without worrying about escape or being discovered by others, or being benefited by others like WIFI;

    Finally, in the key place of the formation, and then set up the ecstasy method, so that outsiders can not find this formation!

    Four in one, seamless!

  • Chapter 120 - Trade Quality for Quantity

    The formation is a very wonderful thing. There are descriptions and introductions in both the Eastern and Western myths, and some records of its use.

    It is said that some Kung Fu colleges now have a special system to study this. Although relatively unpopular, there are also many students who are not so keen on fighting to sign up.

    It is said that the professors of the Higher Kung Fu Institute also used supercomputers to deduct formation, and achieved certain results.

    However, setting it is a huge investment, and ordinary people really can't afford it.

    Zhong Yihan went to the forum to check the cost and found that the materials added by the four methods, a set of less than one million, but this is still not considered a loss.

    In addition, some materials are relatively easy to buy and can be bought on the forum.

    However, some materials, such as chalcedony and red pupil, etc., Zhong Yihan searched on the forum and found that they are relatively rare. Most of them are acquired posts, and a few sold posts.

    It seems that this rare material needs someone to help.

    Well, for Miss Ying, this rare material should be easy to get right?



    Its daybreak.

    Because of something unexpected happened yesterday in the field training, the three classes attended today have a day off.

    At noon, Zhong Yihan and Ying Nanyan met at a high-end restaurant in the county seat.

    Ying Nanyan's face was a bit tired and frustrated, saying, "Is there really no way to increase output with this medicine inducer?"

    Zhong Yihan shrugged and said, "Sister, I have told you this before, at least in the short term, there is no way to increase it."

    Ying Nanyan sighed, the last glimmer of hope in her heart was shattered.

    She told Zhong Yihan not to deliver the medicated bath bag, she only needed to give her the "medicine inducer" needed to configure the medicated bath bag.

    Then Zhong Yihan didn't hide anything, and gave her a bottle of elf tears, and even gave it to her along with the configuration method of the medicinal bath and the proportion of medicinal materials.

    Ying Nanyan went back and experimented according to the formula, and found that the medicated bath was exactly the same as before, so she was very satisfied with Zhong Yihan.

    However, the laboratory's detection of this "medicine inducer" could not completely analyze the composition of this liquid.

    However, they still got some results, that is, this liquid does have the effect of catalyzing and magnifying the drug power, but they don't really understand the specific operation mechanism.

    Ying Nanyan smiled bitterly: "It seems I want to make this magical medicinal bath bigger. It is my greedy delusion. Forget it, this is the end of the matter. Then you don’t need to provide me with medicine inducer. Just give me the finished product of the bath bag. "

    Zhong Yihan nodded. It was indeed Miss Ying. She was really a heroine among girls.

    He thought for a moment, and said, "The output of this medicated bath cannot be expanded now, and it is enough for a few of us to use it, but I have thought about it during this time, but the medicinal properties of this medicated bath bag have space to improve."

    "Oh, how do you say?"

    "It's very simple because the medicinal materials I used to configure medicated baths are of average quality. These medicinal materials may only be four or five points, up to five or six points. If I can find good medicinal materials, then under the catalysis of this medicine inducer, the effect of the medicated bath bag will be better."

    Ying Nanyan's eyes lit up immediately.

    Zhong Yihan added with a smile: "There can be no perfect medicinal materials in this world, but eight or nine points, I think Miss Ying should be able to get, right? There is a saying that the quality is not enough, we can add quality. If we don’t have enough quantity, we can use quality to make up for it, then ... ”

    "In that case ..." Ying Nanyan immediately replied, "Originally a drop of medicine inducer could be used to dispense a pack of medicated baths, but now that the effect is doubled, it is equivalent to dispense two packs ?!"

    "For effect, this kind of medicated bath with high medicinal properties but half the quantity may be slightly weaker than the previous one. It may be only 70% to 80%, but it is enough."

    Zhong Yihan as consulted Xia Ling specifically about this question.

    Ying Nanyan praised: "70% to 80% is actually enough. I am most depressed now that this medicinal bath is obviously a treasure, but the export is too small, and it is only enough for a few of us. Don't say it is used to do business. After all, we still need to use it ourselves, there isn’t much we can do out of humanity. "

    "But if you really improve the medicinal properties as you said, and then divide the medicated bath bags into batches, I will be able to make an extra batch of medicated bath bags, which is very important to me!"

    Then Ying Nanyan laughed and said, "I will let people collect the medicinal materials needed for medicated bath bags. They must be highly medicinal, and then I will send them to you to arrange medicated bath bags, but the price is still the same as before. I won't drive you anymore! "

    Zhong Yihan laughed. "You provide me with high-grade medicinal materials. The price is still the same as before. This is obviously that I have taken advantage. After all, although the previous medicinal materials were not precious, they cost a lot. Yes, it's better now, I just need to add a medicine guide and artificial. "

    Ying Nanyan sighed: "This is the case in the business. Whoever masters the core technology is the best. Before the revival of energy, the world's most sophisticated technology has blocked our country. We spend money to find other people to buy. They are unwilling to sell, the truth is the same. "

    Zhong Yihan did not want to continue on this issue, and quickly took out his own prepared things, saying: "Miss, I have one more thing to ask you to help ... is the material on this paper, I wonder if you have any way to get it? "

    Ying Nanyan looked down: "Moonstone, White Chalcedony, Topaz, Xuan Lingjing ... These are all materials for the formation. Will you arrange it?"

    "Uh ... I learned a little at the Kung Fu forum and wanted to try it myself."

    Ying Nanyan shook her head and said, "Many of the things on the Kung Fu Forum are anxious to be quick and unsystematic. Some are even deliberately released by the material dealers in order to let people buy their fabric materials. If you are interested in the formation, I can find some professional books for you. "

    "But formation is not easy to handle. You are now at an important moment in school, so I really do not recommend that you waste your time on it. If you are really interested in the formation, then you will get a good Kung Fu college entrance examination. In the future, you can sign up for the formation system, or you can choose the formation as your minor course. "

    Listening to her sincerity, Zhong Yihan said gratefully, "Thanks for reminded me that I have something in mind and I just want to try it."

    Ying Nanyan nodded, she had already spoken to that share, it was considered as a friend, and Zhong Yihan insisted, it was his own thing.

    So she said, "Okay, I'll let people collect this kind of material. As for money, I will deduct it directly from the medicated bath bag."

    "Thank you, Sister Ying!"
  • Chapter 121 - The Happy Trouble

    The next day, Zhong Yihan went to school as usual.

    The students were all very excited, discussing the encounter of the fugitives of the Twin Mountains.

    The Kung Fu Association also issued the latest announcement.

    It was claimed that the ultimate killing of the fugitive was a master of the Kung Fu Association who did not want to be named. As for the students of Zhong Yihan and Zhang Li, nothing was mentioned directly.

    Of course, this was discussed with Zhong Yihan.

    Yesterday Liang Jinfeng also called Zhong Yihan specifically, told him the decision, and asked him to understand.

    After all, this is also to protect Zhong Yihan's normal life, and the county Kung Fu association has reported the matter to the side. Liang Jinfeng said that they are now fighting for Zhong Yihan to score extra points for the college entrance examination.

    Of course, Liang Jinfeng also said that the number of points that can be won is certainly not much, at most, it is three or five points, but Zhong Yihan has been very overjoyed.

    The extra points for the college entrance examination is not a trivial matter. It must pass the strict examination of the National Kung Fu Association. Do not underestimate these three or five points, because when there are so many candidates across the country during the college entrance examination, the gap between the three and five points maybe hundreds, or even thousands!

    The side of Anping County No. 1 High School also adopted the principle of low-key handling of this emergency.

    It was just a teacher who said Zhang Li was a little injured during the training, she was out of school, and she greeted Zhong Yihan and Li Xinyu in private so that they should not tell Zhang Li's death to others.

    Most of the students in class 3 and 5 were very happy, because Zhang Li, the "dirty fox", finally go away.

    To be honest, the students in the class basically didn't like Zhang Li. After learning that she was out of school, all of them were happy, showing how bad Zhang Li's popularity is!

    Naturally, the rewards of this training are gone. They heard that a teacher proposed to give the rewards to Zhong Yihan, but in the end, it was gone.

    Of course, Zhong Yihan doesn't care about this. He really doesn't lack that money.

    The following days are more common.

    Zhong Yihan is still in the same class every day as usual. He goes to practice in the Different World at night, but he only has one more thing now, which is to study the formation method.

    He entrusted Ying Nanyan with help to find the materials for the formation, which was easily obtained by Ying's forces. Only when the official formation began, Zhong Yihan realized that this was not an easy task.

    There is a very important preparation in the formation, which is to write runes on the materials.

    And this kind of symbol is not a stereotyped depiction-otherwise, a high-precision engraving machine can complete it.

    These runes need to be carved by the arrayer according to the characteristics of the material and the direction of the energy operation. It requires not only a fine technique, but also a deep understanding of the formation method, and a very familiar understanding of the operation route of the energy among different materials.

    For a long time, Zhong Yihan got stuck on this "rune carving", so that the practice progress in the weekdays fell a little.

    However, in the following physical fitness test, Zhong Yihan was equally astonishing!



    According to the school's practice, a test is basically conducted every two or two months to get a feel for the students, so that students can compare the differences between themselves and other students.

    The last physical test result of Zhong Yihan was 0.8 vitality, ranking the last ten in the class, and the last 1000 in the whole year.

    But this time ...

    The vitality of 1.31 almost surprised all the students in the class!

    "Impossible ?! It's only been more than a month, and Zhong Yihan's vitality has skyrocketed by more than 0.5?"

    "Don't cheat? Must be cheating ?!"

    "I don't believe it, and I firmly don't believe it, 0.5 a month, how is this possible ?!"

    "Do you think the machine is broken? The school leader is also shocked. He has changed three machines to test continuously. 1.31 is the average score, and he reached 1.32 at the highest!"

    There is a doubt, there are naturally people who support Zhong Yihan.

    "Don't use your thoughts to evaluate a genius. What's up with 0.5 a month? On our brother Han, everything is possible!"

    "That is, before going to practice, we all looked at Yihan's arrow path from 50 meters and broke into the 150-meter arrow path in less than a month. This kind of improvement is under our eyes."

    "You guys, you doubt others if you can't do it yourself. Has Han's progress during this time not been obvious enough? How about Yun Chao? 1.3 vitality was beaten by our brother Han! Still in the referee favoritism case! "

    "Also during the last training, I saw brother Han carrying a lot of loot on their large bags! There are herbs, there are wild wolves! If it wasn't for the fugitive who messed up the training, Han brother would have won the top three in the final score!"

    "You said why Brother Han was weak before? Some people may have not found proper ways to practice before. Or didn’t find the trick, so my strength has been stagnant. But in fact, people are also accumulating, and they have accumulated more. Suddenly one day, the accumulations from the previous ones broke out immediately! "

    Students talked a lot, but everyone's attitude towards Zhong Yihan was not the same as before.

    Not to mention those ordinary students, since the last field experience, the few people in the class, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Li Xinyu, Zhang Bo and others, have been extremely passionate about Zhong Yihan.

    Several times students have seen Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, and Zhu Zhenxing vying for Zhong Yihan to eat, and Li Xinyu often came to Zhong Yihan to chat after class. The smile was gentle and bright. Where was the former goddess of the iceberg?

    And not only Li Xinyu, but Ming Jiajia also came to Zhong Yihan every day.

    You know, although Ming Jiajia is not as stunning as Li Xinyu, she does not belong to that "first sight beauty", but Ming Jiajia ’s facial features are definitely good-looking. She is low-key and relatively boring. It is much worse than Li Xinyu in temperament, and the sense of existence is even worse.

    It just seemed that after the previous experience, Ming Jiajia became brighter all the time, and she was more conspicuous in dressing, and often saw her joking with Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali and others.

    Only in the face of Zhong Yihan will Ming Jiajia show the shyness of a little girl.

    However, as long as Li Xinyu comes to talk to Zhong Yihan, Ming Jiajia will definitely appear on the other side of Zhong Yihan!

    Two outstanding girls were around Zhong Yihan, but this envied a group of boys.

    Just envy is useless, everyone knows that the current Zhong Yihan is definitely not the bottom Zhong Yihan before.

    The vitality of 1.3 ranks 16th in the new class results and this is only his result this month-who knows whether he will still maintain that abnormal growth rate in the future?

    If he still gains 0.5 vitality next month, then his vitality will definitely be in the top five of the class!

    If you have such achievements, such progress can also attract girls' attention!

    However, these people, together with Zhu Zhenxing, did not know.

    The vitality of 1.3 is the result of Zhong Yihan's deliberately spending 50 system points to purchase a "strength suppress fruit" from the system mall.

    Because at this time from the previous field experience has been a week.

    Zhong Yihan's vitality has also successfully broken 2!

    This result is too scary. Even Zhong Yihan was afraid that after the result was exposed, he would be researched by the school and the Kung Fu Association.

    So he would rather spend 50 system points to buy a "strength suppress fruit" to reduce the vitality.

    Hey, this is also "happy trouble".
  • Chapter 122 - Two Months

    Two months passed.

    For the past two months, Zhong Yihan returned home from school every day and then locked himself in the practice room to study the formation.

    After two full months, the total value of the materials he discarded exceeded three million.

    Fortunately, Ying Nanyan is generous. These materials are sent over without talking about money. At most, a price list is attached, and then the money is deducted directly from the next income of the medicated bath bag-and, Still only half deducted each time, and will leave money for Zhong Yihan's life and mortgage repayment.

    In the past two months, Zhong Yihan researched the formation method so madly that his training progress has fallen a bit.

    After two months, his vitality has reached 2.5, and "only" has increased by 0.5.

    Of course, if you say this, you will be beaten. What is meant by "only 0.5"?

    Even if children of superior families such as Du Tianqing and Li Xinyu, with the help of a large number of resources, the vitality that can increase by 0.1 on average in a month is already good, and the growth of 0.3 in two months is already a great improvement!

    However, compared with Zhong Yihan's first jump from 0.8 to 1.2 in the first month, later, went straight to 1.9 and nearly 2.0 ...

    This progress is indeed less.

    On the one hand, it is because Zhong Yihan puts a lot of thought into the practice of formation.

    On the other hand, there is indeed a certain bottleneck.

    There are also three reasons for this bottleneck.

    The first reason is that although he is more comparable in the predatory hunting in Different World, the difficulty is not reduced.

    On today's islands, the tooth canine beasts acted in groups, and they are smarter. Now they have learned to be scattered, and there is basically one for every 40-50 meters.

    As soon as he found Zhong Yihan, the two-footed beast, howl immediately, and then other tooth canine beasts swarmed.

    Including that Beastmaster.

    In this way, Zhong Yihan could only sneak up in the Different World in a sneaky night. If he was lucky, he would kill a dozen, but if he was unlucky, he would find two or three.

    So it greatly affected his hunting progress, and the speed of obtaining system points has always been relatively slow.

    Zhong Yihan was also very annoyed by this and even found a chance to attack the Beastmaster.

    But the Beastmaster is obviously strong.

    With Zhong Yihan's strength of up to 170 kilograms, plus full-level basic archery, three arrows were shot consecutively one hundred meters away, and the Beastmaster seemed to have a certain induction. It escaped in advance, It just hurt its body.

    But for the thick and bulky Beastmaster, this arrow is not very harmful to it.

    Zhong Yihan had no choice but to retreat by the shuttle before the tooth canine beasts rushed forward.

    Actually speaking, Zhong Yihan has a way to kill the Beastmaster.

    The easiest way is to use poison-quench the poison on the arrow.

    As long as he finds Ying Nanyan, it is not a problem to get some highly toxic substances such as potassium cyanide. Zhong Yihan also believes that even the beastmaster cannot resist this kind of poison.

    But at this time Zhong Yihan tangled again.

    In his opinion, he must kill the Beastmaster in a fair and honest manner!

    After all, if he can't kill it with fairness, Zhong Yihan feels it will affect his Kung Fu progress.

    By small means, he himself will despise himself!

    Therefore, the matter of the Beastmaster is still to be determined now. Zhong Yihan got stuck with the tooth canine beasts on the entire island. Anyway, this small island is not large, and the entire tooth canine beasts can be two thousand.

    He will kill a little today, and a little tomorrow. Over time, it will not be long before those tooth canine beasts can be killed by him. At that time, if only the Beastmaster is left, Zhong Yihan ’s current strength plus a piece of equipment, he will not be afraid to fight with it!

    But in this way, he now earns not much system points every day. In a month, he only earns seven or eight hundred system points.

    The second reason is that the Different World has already entered winter at this time, not to mention that many tooth canine beasts are hiding and not easy to find. Even Zhong Yihan himself has fewer trips to the Different World.

    Because it's so cold!

    Now in the night of the Different World, the temperature is below minus thirty to forty degrees can be said to be dripping into ice.

    Zhong Yihan is now just a Kung Fu learner. Although he has much higher vitality than ordinary people and is more resistant to cold, it is still far from completely immune to the cold and heat.

    Especially after two recent snowfalls, the snow was as thick as a person.

    So in the past month, Zhong Yihan hasn't gone to the Different World much.

    He is not so resistant to freezing.

    Moreover, he does not go to the Different World, and Xia Ling will certainly not go-in fact, Xia Ling is more afraid of cold than him-in the case of lack of energy, the supply of medicated bath bags for this month is nearly half.

    Fortunately, the quality of the medicinal materials has come up. At present, it is still barely enough. Zhong Yihan also promised to resolve it as soon as possible, so Ying Nanyan said nothing.

    The last reason is that in the system mall, the fruits of the four attributes can be directly added, which has been eaten by Zhong Yihan.

    That is the four attributes of strength, spirit, agility, and physical fitness.

    Of course, there are other things in the mall, such as:

    [Flame fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to traces of fire (a little). Price: 100.]

    [Ice fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to ice (a little). Price: 100.]

    [Thunderbolt fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to lightning (a little). Price: 100.]

    [Toxic fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the affinity and resistance to trace poisons (a little). Price: 100.]

    [Eagle eye fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), can improve vision after taking it (a little). Price: 200.]

    [Listen to fruit lv1 (limited to 5 pieces), and improve hearing after taking it (a little). Price: 200. ]

    [King Kong LV1 (limited to 3 pieces), after taking it, it can improve the body's ability to resist blows and make skin, muscles, and bones firmer. Price: 300.]

    [Qualified fruit lv1 (limited to one), after taking it, you can improve your qualifications. Price: 1,000.]

    [Recovery Fruit LV1 (Limited 1), after taking it, it can improve the recovery speed after physical injury. Price: 1,000.]



    These fruits left in the mall are limited.

    There are to add resistance, add five senses, and some add other attributes, but the added attributes are not as intuitive as the previous four fruits.


    This month, the only thing Zhong Yihan exchanged was the "qualified fruit".

  • Chapter 123 - Zhong Qiaoyue's Happiness

    After eating the qualified fruit, there was no feeling at that time, making Zhong Yihan once thought he had bought fakes.

    However, when practicing "Kung Fu 72 styles", swordsmanship, archery and the like, Zhong Yihan obviously felt that he had a deeper understanding of this practice than before.

    In the past two months, he has completely trained the first eighteen styles, and his progress has advanced to the twentieth style!

    In other words, he is now a real "Kung Fu learner"!

    And other areas have also improved, for example, the basic knife and basic footwork have also reached the full level, the advanced is the elementary knife, elementary footwork, only the boxing is a little worse, but the proficiency has also passed 900.

    Now Zhong Yihan's panel in the system is as follows.

    Name: Zhong Yihan

    Sex: Male

    Strength: 2.78

    Dexterity: 2.23

    Constitution: 2.44

    Spirit: 2.61

    Comprehensive vitality: 2.515


    Elementary Archery: 693/5000

    Elementary Knife: 372/5000

    Basic Boxing: 923/1000

    Elementary footwork: 133/5000

    In another grade physical examination conducted a few days ago, Zhong Yihan exposed only a vitality of 1.9, but this vitality was also in the top 15 of the whole year.

    And Wu Sikong, who is the No.1, has reached 2.77 vitality. If it is not unexpected, give him another one or two months to definitely break 3!

    Therefore, Wu Sikong is now the baby of Anping County No.1 High School. Everyone is optimistic about him and can become the third genius in Anping No.1 High School to be admitted to the Top Four!

    The No.2 is Xiong Bo, who is in a class with Zhong Yihan. After a few months, his vitality has also broken 2.5, which is exactly 2.52, which is slightly higher than Zhong Yihan.

    The original No.3 Geng Yueguang did not come to participate in the assessment because he was out of school, while the latter one, Qian Hansong, had a vitality of 2.48.

    In other words, if Zhong Yihan didn’t hide his true strength, his vitality is now the top three in the school!

    And this time, it is not far from the New Year-and the winter vacation is coming.

    And Zhong Yihan's research on the formation has finally succeeded!



    Today is January 20, 2041, Sunday.

    Tomorrow is the final exam and then winter vacation. On January 31st, it will be New Year's Eve.

    The Great Cold is the last of the 24 solar terms, and today's weather is right. It started to snow since midnight yesterday.

    By morning, the world was white.

    Of course, the villa has central air conditioning and the heating is on.

    Because there was no class today, Zhong Qiaoyue fell asleep until nine o'clock before she was called by her mother, then yawned and went to the next floor to find Zhong Yihan for breakfast.

    When passing through the corridor, she was blown by the cold wind outside. Zhong Qiaoyue, who was wearing only a piece of clothes, felt cold, and then quickly entered the house next door. The air-conditioning warm air surrounded her again.

    "Good happiness!" Zhong Qiaoyue stretched a lazy waist and said with a happy face, "Although it was a bit troublesome, I used to call my brother to eat only one call, but now I have to run to a building to call him. But comfortable, it is finally not necessary to sleep in the cold bed in winter, rely on a hot water bottle for heating!"

    When she thinks about the previous days, even when dad was there, unless it's very cold, they would turn on the air-conditioning or power-consuming heating device.

    And there is no heating in their dilapidated community, so when everyone is in winter, they can only close the doors and windows tightly, and then squeeze them into the quilt and use the hot water bottle for heating.

    Fortunately, the brother has the ability now, and they will never live in poor again!

    A few days ago, during the Laba Festival, she went to prison with her mother to visit her father.

    Dad's complexion is also very good. Although they have known that dad was transferred to a single cell, and he is not worried about food and clothing, the mother spent money and make the prison guards treat him better.

    The prison guards were also very polite. There was even a time when the warden came out to talk to mother in person, those didn't know they thought they were old friends for many years!

    Last time they went to see dad, dad also smiled and said that he was entrusted with his son's blessing. During this time, he ate well and slept well. He didn't need to work hard, and no one disturbed him.

    Zhong Qiaoyue has never looked forward to the future like she does now.

    She also tested the vitality before, with a full 0.81. In the second grade of their school, she can be regarded as a hero-this figure is higher than before Zhong Yihan got the system.

    Zhong Qiaoyue's vitality was 0.65 more than three months ago, which has already been regarded as relatively high in the grade, and these three months have increased by 0.16, which is already a well-deserved No.1 in grade.

    But this speed scared the school teachers!

    Because the students in the second year are not fully developed, the growth rate of vitality is very slow. Most people can increase vitality by 0.1 a year, even if they are relatively good students.

    The teachers thought she had used a taboo method to squeeze the potential, and quickly took her to the hospital for a physical examination, and determined that her body was completely free of hidden injuries, and they were relieved.

    Only Zhong Qiaoyue knows that her strength is growing so fast. First, the medicated bath bag is too magical, which allows her to continue high-intensity practice without worrying about the accumulation of injuries. Second, it is also rich at home. She could eat nutritious food.

    Now every meal that mom makes has meat. Brother asked the outside restaurant to make a batch of exotic foods from the restaurant, and the nutritional medicine kept on, and the nutrition had already caught up.

    In these three months, she has grown two centimeters in height alone!

    And there are a lot of beautiful new clothes in the closet. Last month, she celebrated her birthday. Brother not only took her directly to the most luxurious hotel in Star City for a super dinner but also gave her a set worth 90,000 yuan combat suit, including combat uniforms and boots-a luxury she never dreamed of before!

    She will always remember going to school to take the test while wearing this combat suit.

    For those classmates who used to be that she was an ugly duckling, especially those young ladies with a wealthy family who had been looking up to herself, for the first time, they were extremely surprised, envious and jealous.

    She discovered for the first time that she had such a thing as vanity.

    But that feeling ...

    Really good!

    So, life now is so good that Zhong Qiaoyue occasionally has a feeling of being less real. Sometimes she dreams that she has returned to the poor life of the past, and is awakened by fright.

    When she woke up, she turned on the bedroom lights to the brightest and cried while holding the quilt.

    On one occasion, the mother next door was shocked and comforted her.

    All this stems from the brother, not only invented a magical medicated bath bag but also his own strength is also advancing by leaps and bounds.

    It is said that at the last school physical examination, his vitality has reached 1.9, which is already the top 15 in Anping No. 1 High School!

    She is really proud of him!

    Zhong Qiaoyue thought so and came to Zhong Yihan's room and found that the door was open and no one was inside.

    She isn't surprised that her brother has been very hardworking, especially in these months, he stuck in the training room every day.

    So she went to the training room on the third floor. After opening the door, she saw that he was playing with something there.

    Then, among those messy things that she couldn't call name, there was a very strange flower.

  • Chapter 124 - Energy Formation

    When Zhong Yihan saw Zhong Qiaoyue coming in, he immediately laughed and said, "sister, with brother, to witness this miraculous moment!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue pouted her lips: "What a miracle ... Brother, you have been playing with these things for almost two months. What the hell are these things?"

    Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Good thing!"

    After speaking, he took a few steps back and said loudly, "Next, the time to witness the miracle is here, Dangdang Dangdang!"

    "start up!"

    Zhong Yihan slammed his fingers. The messy stones in front of him suddenly lighted up.

    The light was getting brighter and brighter, and it formed a mysterious symbol in the air.

    Then the symbol exploded, the light spread, and everything came to peace.

    Zhong Qiaoyue looked at him: "Is this over?"

    Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "Don't worry, everything has a process, you will see it later."

    Zhong Qiaoyue rolled her eyes: "What are you waiting for? Mom is ready for breakfast, so hurry up and eat!"

    "Well ... I guess there really is a certain amount of time until it takes effect, so eat first!"

    Watching Zhong Yihan ran out, Zhong Qiaoyue murmured, wouldn't he be crazy?

    He went to the restaurant on the east side. Today's breakfast is rice noodles, and the soup is the beef broth that has been boiled for a long time. Zhong Yihan ate so much!

    The mother's cooking skill is really getting better!

    Zhong Qiaoyue was also gobbling around, while Zhang Aimei looked happily at her children eating and drinking.

    Hey, if their dad were here, the family would be perfect!

    Zhong Yihan saw his mother's thoughts and said, "Mom, I'll go find someone to contact and give my father a bail, at least to get him out on New Year's Eve. Our family will have a good year."

    Zhang Aimei was pleasantly surprised: "Is this okay? Is there any trouble?"

    "How can there be any trouble? Just bail," Zhong Yihan patted his chest. "I'll talk to someone. I don't need to spend money, just a question of greeting. And, many people now know that Dad is those who have been wronged, this kind of thing is to open one eye and close one eye. But my strength is a bit worse now, there is no way to overwhelm the Li family, otherwise, my dad would have washed away his grievances and released without charge! "

    Tears were shining in Zhang Aimei's eyes: "Son, you are already great now! We are proud of you!"

    This is the true truth of Zhang Aimei. Since she moved to this villa, all her old friends have gone crazy. They inquired everywhere what happened.

    Next is Zhong Yihan's rapid rise in Anping No.1 high school.

    After all, Anping County is just small. The resident population is 5500,000 to 600,000 people, and those who go to school at home encountered it on weekdays ...

    This is really the case in a small place. Two people who don't know each other just sit down and talk, and they will surely have a common acquaintance.

    Now that Zhang Aimei's old friends and old neighborhoods, everyone knows that Zhong Yihan is now working well, and it will not be a problem to be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy in the future.

    Although they don’t quite understand where the Zhong family has so much money to buy a villa, although there are still some people who can’t eat grapes and say sour grapes, they privately ridicule Zhong family and say that they are stupid to spend so much money to buy a house now.

    But Zhong Yihan's name has changed from a previously ridiculed waste to "a child of someone else's house".

    Eat for a while.

    Zhong Qiaoyue suddenly drew a small nose and said, "Mom, do you think the air in the room is suddenly much better?"

    "Huh?" Zhang Aimei hesitated, then reacted, "Yeah, it seems to be a lot better, eh? I feel that the whole person is very relaxed and comfortable now, this feeling is strange, never before! "

    Zhong Qiaoyue nodded quickly: "Yeah, yeah, I think so!"

    Then she saw Zhong Yihan snickering aside, and quickly said, "Brother, what have you done?"

    "Nothing!" Zhong Yihan raised his face, glanced at his mother, and said, "Eat your meal!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue immediately "Oh", she knew that her brother must have something and didn't want to be known to her mother-brothers and sisters for so many years, this tacit understanding still exists.

    Zhong Yihan quickly chopped the rice noodles in the bowl and said, "Mom, I'm full, I'm going to practice!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue quickly put down the bowl and said, "I'm full!", And then chased after Zhong Yihan and ran away.

    Zhang Aimei reluctantly: "These two children are very frizzy and don't know what secrets they have ... Hey, but suddenly the whole person is relaxed, which is strange."

    Zhong Qiaoyue chased Zhong Yihan all the way to the practice room on the third floor of Xidong and asked, "Brother, what have you done?"

    Zhong Yihan smiled proudly and handed her something.

    "Energy tester? Why are you giving me this ... Fuck! What's the matter ?! The energy Index in your room has broken 4?"

    Seeing Zhong Qiaoyue swearing excitedly, Zhong Yihan bounced on her forehead and said, "Who did the girl learn bad words from?"

    "No, it's just ... ok, fine, I won't say it!" Zhong Qiaoyue rubbed her head in a grievance, and then she looked excited again. "Still up? 4.2! "

    She looked at Zhong Yihan: "Brother, this is what you have done for these two months ?!"

    Zhong Yihan said, "This is a formation! Have you heard of formation ?!"

    "Formation..." Zhong Qiaoyue was shocked, "Brother, when are you going to do formation ?!"

    "Your brother is so great, is there anything I can't do?"

    Looking at Zhong Qiaoyue's face questioning, Zhong Yihan said, "Oh, you don't care how I can, I just can! I tell you that the function of this formation is to gather the energy into our villa. Now that the formation is just starting, energy has not yet reached its peak, so you wait to see it at night. Hey, our villa will be a blessing in the future! "

    Zhong Qiaoyue clutched her heart: "Energy has broken 4 and hasn't reached the peak yet? How much is that peak?"

    "I guess it must be at least 6. Okay" Zhong Yihan gave her a scornful look, and then said seriously, "You don't need to know how I did it, you just need to know, our house energy will be higher than those famous mountains and rivers on the earth but don’t tell mom about this. ”


    "Mom doesn't understand energy. You told her she didn't understand the importance of this matter. If mom goes outside and tells people, it's troublesome!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue thought about it and immediately nodded.

    What is the concept of energy index breaking 6?

    Looking at the entire earth, even in places with space cracks, the energy Index breaking 6 is an incredible value.

    If this kind of place is to let others know, then their family will definitely incur a lot of troubles, and even some people may rob!

    The Zhong family's power is too small to withstand such frustrations.

    But thinking of she can practice in energy index breaking 6, Zhong Qiaoyue couldn't wait to laugh!


    Their home is really developed this time!

  • Chapter 125 - Kindness

    For a whole day, Zhong Qiaoyue stared at the energy tester, watching the continuously jumping numbers on it, and then smirked.

    Until the evening, the fluctuation of energy gradually stabilized, and finally stayed at the number of 6.8!

    Zhong Yihan placed the mother flower on an island in the Different World, where the energy value was 8, and the transmission in the middle plus the loss of the formation can now have an energy index of 6.8, Zhong Yihan is very satisfied.

    Show that his two months of a busy life is worth it.

    The family lives under the energy of 6.8. Even if they don’t practice, the vitality will grow much faster than ordinary people.

    More importantly, energy is a great supplement to people, and this supplement is a subtle supplement, only the kind that has the benefit and no harm.

    He and Zhong Qiaoyue's vitality has now come up. On weekdays, there is a medicated bath bag to repair the body. Naturally, he is not afraid of physical problems.

    However, the mother has worked hard for half her life, and many parts of her body have become aging and strained. She needs this kind of energy to nourish.

    It won't be long that the mother's body will get better and better, and eventually return to a state similar to when she was young!

    But Zhong Yihan did not forget his brother.

    He and Zhong Qiaoyue said, "Isn't there an empty bedroom next to you? Pack up one, and I plan to pack one in my building, and then call your fat brother and Xiaoyu over and let them usually live here and practice here. What do you think? "

    "Okay, anyway, their parents aren't usually at home anymore, and I can talk to Sister Xiaoyu at our house."

    Zhong Qiaoyue nodded and agreed.

    As neighbors, the brothers on both sides were best friends. During this time, Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu had much contact. Over time, the two gradually became girlfriends.

    "At this point, Zhu Xiaoyu and Zhu Zhenxing should be at home. Tell them about it."

    "I'll go now."

    Zhong Qiaoyue put on her clothes decisively and ran towards Zhu Zhenxing's house.

    Zhong Yihan smiled. He was not a person who forgot other’s kindness. When he didn't get the system before, Zhu Zhenxing secretly helped himself a lot.

    In the relationship between the two people, it would be too rusty to repay such a thing, but the good thing is to share it with the brothers.

    Moreover, he also believed that Zhu Zhenxing and Zhu Xiaoyu would not pass on such confidential matters.



    "What ?! You say Brother Yihan has arranged a formation in your house, and now the concentration of energy can reach 6.8?"

    After listening to Zhong Qiaoyue, Zhu Xiaoyu jumped up from the sofa in shock.

    What is the formation?

    She knew this better than Zhong Qiaoyue.

    This is a knowledge that is said to be the civilization of human civilization in ancient times.

    Scientists have verified that the energy in ancient times is much stronger than it is now, but it has declined to the bottom in modern times and has recovered again in the past two decades.

    Although some of the formation methods have been restored through the current supercomputers, it is said that this discipline is extremely difficult to learn and requires a high level of understanding and talent to learn.

    Moreover, the energy concentration base of this community is only 1.7. What kind of formation can rise to 6.8 all at once?

    What is 6.8? At present, Yazun High School with the highest concentration of energy in Anping County is only 1.8, and in the Hengduan Mountains, which is ten kilometers away, the highest concentration of energy has just broken 3!

    Zhu Xiaoyu feels that if she can always practice in an environment with an energy concentration of 6.8, her practice speed can be at least twice or more than now!

    After using the medicated bath bag for two consecutive months, Zhu Xiaoyu's skin has now become white, completely rid of the shadow of the Xiao Hei monkey, and transformed into a real goddess.

    And her vitality has reached 1.85, and she is now in the top five of Yazun High School.

    Teachers are bragging about her rapid progress, but only Zhu Xiaoyu knows to herself that this is all thanks to the medicine bath bag.

    And this medicated bath bag was made by Zhong Yihan, and now he has also made a formation with energy concentration of 6.8 ...

    Zhu Xiaoyu glanced at Zhu Zhenxing, who was playing games in the living room, and lamented in her heart that why such a perfect brother is not herself? !!

    However, 6.8 is too mysterious. Zhu Xiaoyu thinks it is good to see what is true.

    So Zhu Xiaoyu quickly took Zhong Qiaoyue to her house.

    Once on the second floor of the villa, Zhu Xiaoyu immediately felt something wrong.

    It feels like she is sublimated!

    There was nothing strange in the living room just now, but when she arrived on the second floor, Zhu Xiaoyu felt that her pores were widened, and she felt very comfortable as if she was soaking in the hot spring in the winter.

    At this time, she looked at the energy tester in her hand, and sure enough, the mercury column on the tester soared all the way, soaring from 1.7 to 6.8!

    This time Zhu Xiaoyu believed completely.

    But she was also very weird. She went downstairs to the living room and looked at the energy tester on her hand, and wondered: "How come the energy in the living room is only 1.7, but on the second floor, it soared to 6.8. Isn't this energy covered in all directions? "

    "Because I made restrictions."

    At this time Zhong Yihan came over and laughed, "Xiao Yu, what about a fat man? Why didn't he come?"

    "Yihan brother." Zhu Xiaoyu greeted him with some respect and laughed. "My brother is still playing games. It's not easy to get him out during the snow this winter, so I didn't tell him first." "

    "Don't you believe it yourself?" Zhong Yihan easily revealed her careful thinking.

    Zhu Xiaoyu spit out her tongue: "Yihan brother, how can you let me believe it, what formation can be so powerful?"

    "You don't have to worry about it, anyway, it is so powerful. Anyway, there is a bathroom on the third floor and a bathtub. You can take a medicinal bath here. This medicinal bath, soaked in the higher energy, the better the effect! "

    "But on the first floor ..."

    "That was limited by me." Zhong Yihan explained, "Because there are always people who come to see my mom during this time, my mom usually greets them in the living room, so I didn't let energy enter the living room. "

    Zhu Xiaoyu immediately understood, and now there is no doubt anymore, and she smiled: "Thank you Yihan brother!"

    "You're welcome. You are the sister of a fat man, which is equivalent to my sister. I know your goal is the Top Four, so try hard!"


    Then Zhong Qiaoyue and Zhu Xiaoyu hurriedly prepared to move.

    Girls, there are always a lot of messy things, these Zhong Yihan will not participate.

    As for Zhu Zhenxing, he didn't feel much about the energy index of 6.8. His baby is a game, anyway, for him, it is just another room to play the game.

    But Zhong Yihan told him that in a place full of energy, one's sleep quality can also be greatly improved.

    He usually sleeps for eight or nine hours and feels sleep, but now it may only need to sleep three or five hours a day to be full of energy.

    So the fat man was more positive than anyone immediately.

    Because for him, he can spend more hours playing games every day!

  • Chapter 126 - First Place in Liberal Arts

    The second day is a liberal arts exam for the final exam.

    After finishing the exam in the morning, Ming Jiajia overtook Zhong Yihan with a stationery bag.

    Seeing that she smiled brightly, she seemed to be doing well.

    "Yihan, how do you feel? I have several questions that I will not do this time, but I saw that you have stopped writing for a long time."

    Zhong Yihan thought for a while and thought, "It's okay, it's not bad."

    He has not relaxed his studies in the liberal arts, coupled with the improvement of his spiritual attributes. He feels that his memory and understanding ability are much higher than before, so this time the answer is much easier than before.

    All in all, there is no difficulty.

    Ming Jiajia rolled her eyes at him and said, "you always said that, in the end, it is better than anyone else. But then again, Yihan now has 1.9. it is sure that you enter the top 16, and your actual combat is even more powerful. Come on, work hard to reach the final! "

    Zhong Yihan smiled reluctantly and said, "I'll do my best!"

    After the final exam of each semester, the school will be ranked in the top 16 of the grade based on the student's literary test plus the sum of the physical test results.

    And then there is a reserved program-the top 16 competition.

    This 16-strong hegemony is a tradition of every school, and it is also a must for all the students to watch. It is the final show at the end of each semester.

    The sixteen students with the highest rankings in each grade will compete in pairs on the ring to decide the final champion.

    In the past, there was no such thing as Zhong Yihan, but this time, everyone knew that Zhong Yihan would enter this round of 16.

    Especially the students who watched the battle between him and Yun Chao before were surprised by Zhong Yihan's actual combat ability. Some people said that if Zhong Yihan did not meet the top academic fighters in the first round, maybe he can enter the top 8.

    Although there are good rewards for the top three in the grade, especially the first place, ten energy and blood portions are awarded.

    But to be honest, Zhong Yihan still doesn't really like this kind of medicine for 10,000 yuan a bottle, and he doesn't plan to work hard for it.

    He wants to hide his strength, not to mention running for the championship.

    To put it bluntly, he now has a higher vision, he doesn’t care about the battle among students.

    But Ming Jiajia thought that Zhong Yihan was not confident, and patted him on the shoulder with a smile, cheering him up and saying, "Yihan, don't be nervous, I believe you can do it!"

    Ming Jiajia said and ran away with a blush.



    The liberal arts examinations took two days.

    As soon as the exam is over, all teachers start to work overtime to mark the papers.

    Objective questions are directly judged by machines, and subjective questions are judged by teachers.

    The teachers are still very efficient.

    Only in the past half a day, at noon the day after the liberal arts exam, the results of all students were displayed on the bulletin board.

    At the same time, the list of players who participated in the last sixteen hegemony tournaments of each grade has also been drawn by lot.

    "Yihan, the results came out, you are the eighth in the school!"

    Fan Dali ran into the classroom from the outside, and the performance bulletin board was on the first floor of the teaching building, and everyone's grades could be found on it.

    The vitality of 1.9 shown by Zhong Yihan during the physical test was originally only ranked 15th in the school. He did not expect that after integrating with the liberal arts results, he went directly into the top eight.

    It seems that this time the liberal arts performance not only did not hinder the hind legs but also allowed Zhong Yihan to improve his position.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan secretly exhaled.

    Fortunately, he did not expose his true 2.5 vitality, otherwise, after the final exam and the integration of the liberal arts results, even if he is not the first but the second.

    It is too conspicuous to think about it.

    Even so, the eighth-place is still a place that shocked other students.

    You need to know that the top ten of the whole school, in the eyes of most students, are proud and are longing for.

    It is not surprising that the top ten schools of each year can be admitted to the "key Kung Fu colleges"-and the graduates of the key Kung Fu colleges are basically "superior men" in the eyes of ordinary people.

    "Awesome Yihan."

    "Yihan, you're making progress too fast!"


    The warm sound of congratulations drowned Zhong Yihan. In the past two months, Zhong Yihan's relationship with most of his classmates has improved a lot.

    This is not what Zhong Yihan did, but that he is too popular now.

    Fan Dali came over and said, "Yihan, why you are not excited at all when you have achieved such good results?"

    Zhong Yihan thought that why to be excited. I want to hide it!

    But this sentence said that he must be beaten, so Zhong Yihan said, "Let's go and see it together."

    A large number of students were surrounded by the public notice board at this time. Zhong Yihan and Fan Dali opened the road together and finally squeezed into the innermost.

    "Yihan, the first 100 students in the school are on this board."

    Fan Dali said as he found Zhong Yihan's name: "You are here, the first row."

    Zhong Yihan nodded and did not speak, sweeping all the top sixteen.

    Among the sixteen people, the one with the lowest vitality is not Zhong Yihan, but a one with a vitality of 1.8. Zhong Yihan has a vitality of 1.9, ranking 13th, and the highest vitality of Wu Sikong has reached 2.77.

    And his ranking is still the highest in the school and has not changed in three years in high school.

    However, as for liberal arts, Wu Sikong ranked only second in the school, and he scored 658 with a total score of 720.

    Zhong Yihan was a bit surprised. Wu Sikong was surpassed in the liberal arts for the first time. He doesn't know which student is so powerful.

    In addition, Xiong Bo ranked second with a liberal arts score of 625 and vitality of 2.52.

    Qian Hansong was third with a liberal arts score of 601 and a vitality of 2.48.

    These three people are the focus of Zhong Yihan's attention, just as Wu Sikong has never dropped first, the other two have never fallen out of the top four. After Geng Yueguang was out of school, the two of them were in the top three.

    Zhong Yihan looked down, and when he saw his liberal arts score, he suddenly hesitated.

    Zhong Yihan, a liberal arts score of 673, vitality of 1.9.

    His liberal arts score is actually number one?

    And it surpassed second-place Wu Sikong by a dozen points.

    This let zhong yihan some tears and laughter. He just exaggerated himself just now, but fortunately, he didn't say it, otherwise, he would be embarrassed.

    Just then, the voice of the discussion behind the two girls passed into Zhong Yihan's ears.

    "Wu Sikong really is still good, this time he is still his first."

    "People like him, as long as there are no accidents, he definitely is a big Kung Fu fighter"

    "Hey, why didn't you take him down before? If you were his girlfriend, then the future way would be better!"

  • Chapter 127 - Song Deqiu

    Fan Dali raised his ears and quietly looked back, and found that the two girls were not bad, and they were full of youth.

    It's just that the conversations between them are a little bit explosive.

    "You are daydreaming. There are so many people want to be Wu Sikong’s girlfriend. How can you get it? Besides, he is already standing on the top. Stop dreaming."

    "ok, what's the background of Zhong Yihan, I've never seen it on the list before, I always feel his name is familiar."

    "You must be familiar. You forgot. Two months ago, there was a battle, one of them was called Zhong Yihan."

    "It turned out to be him! Wasn't his vitality very low before? It's only been two months now and it's 1.9, which is too exaggerated, right?"

    "It's because your news is too backward. The vitality of people has exceeded 1.3 two months ago. Some girls in our class have already begun to inquire about this person's situation and want to climb up the relationship. Do you want to try? You can’t chase Wu Sikong, but such a new genius may have a chance. "

    "Try it ..."

    Later, Zhong Yihan did not know because he and Fan Dali had already left here and gone to the battle bulletin board.

    Walking to a distance that the two girls couldn't hear, Fan Dali finally couldn't help but said, "Yihan, you are really popular now, you really don't plan to find a girlfriend?"

    Zhong Yihan shook his head and said with no interest: "I don't intend to find someone to waste time. I might as well practice at this time."

    Fan Dali's expression was stagnant and he didn't know what to say.

    But yes, if Zhong Yihan wants to find a girlfriend, that's not Zhong Yihan.


    There are also many people on the battle bulletin board.

    This bulletin board shows the top 16 students in grade three of high school. Wu Sikong's name comes first, and the font is one size larger than other names so that people can see it at a glance.

    Everyone's enthusiasm has not diminished because their names are not on the top. Instead, many people talked enthusiastically about what will happen this time.

    "This match, the first place must be Wu Sikong."

    "Just the gap in vitality, Wu Sikong has won steadily, not to mention he has rich practical experience. And have you heard of it, Wu Sikong some time ago even defeated the masters of Vitality 3. "

    "I've heard about this too. Wu Sikong can be famous now. Depending on his talent and vitality, maybe he can be admitted to the Top Four!"

    Zhong Yihan listened to everyone's discussion, and a little interest arose in his heart.

    Looking at the whole school now, the only person who can make him interested in fighting is probably Wu Sikong.

    It's just that Zhong Yihan didn't want to show his true vitality.

    One thing is that he has improved too fast recently, so it is better to hide a bit, which is why he restrained his vitality during the test.

    Secondly, he also heard that Wu Sikong's path is a difficult and powerful road.

    By always being No. 1 in order to temper the heart of a strong person, to ensure that he has a strong combat power.

    This strong heart is difficult to raise, but it is very easy to destroy.

    That is, defeating him will make him doubt about his practice-especially Zhong Yihan, who was previously unknown if he defeats Wu Sikong, he is afraid Wu Sikong will doubt his life!

    But honestly, Zhong Yihan didn't want to do that.

    He and Wu Sikong have no injustice and resentment, why is he going to break the road?

    Besides, Wu Sikong was also a child of ordinary people. He just relied on his talents and his own efforts to reach this stage. Frankly speaking, Zhong Yihan still had some admiration for him.

    The announcement board also announced the top three rewards for this competition.

    The first place rewards ten energy and blood potions.

    The second place rewards five energy and blood potions.

    The third-place rewards three energy and blood potions.

    In addition, the remaining thirteen students have a reward for energy and blood potion.

    These rewards may be valuable to other students, but they are also true to Zhong Yihan.

    He already had a medicated bath bag, and the effect was far better.

    So this time, Zhong Yihan didn't plan to show too much. He was ready to lose the game in the first game.



    Just then, the principal's office.

    Principal Song Deqiu frowned as he looked at the list of the top 16 in his hand.

    Zhong Yihan!

    How did this name appear in the top 16? !!

    He certainly couldn't forget the name.

    That training interruption two months ago was interrupted by fugitives who arrested students as hostages. It was because of Zhong Yihan that his original seamless plan was destroyed!

    His nephew, Li Chenmin, is still squatting in jail.

    He was charged with "collude with the enemy" and attempted to betray the lives and safety of students.

    Song Deqiu and the county's Kung Fu association can’t get along well with. This time, they have offended the Kung Fu association again, so the Kung Fu association seized the opportunity to chase after it, and Li Chenmin was thus called a victim.

    This incident made Song Deqiu long unforgotten!

    Because Li Chenmin is his nephew and a fighter—don't look at Song Deqiu who looks down on the fighter, but he is also very clear in his heart. Now, this era is the world of Kung Fu. He just lacks his qualifications and misses the best times, he cannot be a fighter.

    Therefore, he valued his nephew very much and hoped that Li Chenmin would inherit the glory of the entire family in the future.

    However, he did not expect that because of such a thing, there were huge stains on him, and it was impossible to work in politics in this life.

    So Song Deqiu naturally got angry at Zhong Yihan.

    Now seeing his name on the top 16 list, and the principal himself is going to give him a reward, he is so mad.

    Taking a look at the secretary waiting for his signature, Song Deqiu's finger tapped gently on the table, saying:

    "This one is called Zhong Yihan, and his reward was canceled. As for the reason, his Kung Fu morality is bad, and he injured the students at school, so he got a demerit and no reward."

    The secretary crossed his head and said, "Yes!"

    Zhong Yihan broke the principal's plan. Now which teacher in the school doesn't know?

    So at this time, basically no one will stand up and help Zhong Yihan speak.

    Except for one person.


    At this moment, the door of the principal's office was kicked, Zhang Shou angrily stood at the door of the principal's room, angrily:


    "Song Deqiu! You are too much!"

  • Chapter 128 - Zhang Shou Resigns

    Outside the principal's office, Zhang Shou wanted to get the reward for Zhong Yihan. However, he did not expect that Song Deqiu even canceled the reward for Zhong Yihan's top 16.

    Zhang Shou couldn't bear it anymore and kicked the door open.

    Song Deqiu and the secretary were startled. When they saw Zhang Shou outside the door, Song Deqiu was also angry, and stood up and shouted, "Zhang Shou! What do you mean ?!"

    Zhang Shou sneered.

    Since Lu Wu was promoted, Song Deqiu has been trying to weaken the influence of the Kung Fu department, and he does have some skills. Now almost all teachers are standing by Song Deqiu, and only Zhang Shou is excluded.

    Withholding wages, criticizing rolls, Zhang Shou could not bear it anymore. He did not expect Song Deqiu to have such a lower limit, and even cancel the students' reward.

    Zhang Shou sneered: "Song Deqiu, I really want to ask what do you mean? The country has legal protection for students' private duels. Before the duel between Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao, all the processes were reasonable and legal. You are against the law! "

    Song Deqiu said angrily: "You don't need to care about this kind of thing, I'm the principal!"

    Zhang Shou also lost all his patience during this time. He cursed impolitely: "Even you are the principal, so what? You can do whatever you want? Do you think others are stupid? "Who doesn't know that you targeted Zhong Yihan because he broke your plan before? Even a student you have to fight revenge. What kind of principal are you?"

    "Zhang Shou!"

    Song Deqiu was really angry, and he said loudly: "Zhang Shou, although you are a fighter, I am the leader in this school. You are pointing at me like this, there are no rules! Okay, I will inform you directly now, You are fired!"

    Zhang Shou smiled suddenly: "Fired? Huh, I don't need you to fire, I resign myself! Isn't it just a teacher position, I don’t care."

    After a pause, Zhang Shou teased and said, "Song Deqiu, for so many years, you still have the old feudal idea. In your opinion, the position of a teacher is very important? I'm sorry! Now people have the ability, they can live very well everywhere. Only you, can't keep up with the times, will attach a job so importantly! "

    "shut up!"

    Zhang Shou's words really made Song Deqiu intolerable.

    Zhang Shou laughed: "If you disagree, come and hit me! I'll let you two hands! So, you can do nothing but make a few roars here. You think you are the principal, is it great? I left here, and I can easily find a job with a yearly salary of one million. If you leave here, you will be garbage, but also unrecyclable garbage! "

    "Stop, stop, stop!" Song Deqiu smashed everything on the table and pointed at the door, "You get me out! Here is the first school, I am the principal of the first school! You are now fired from school! Hurry up! "

    Zhang Shou scorned Song Deqiu, who was desperately angry and then drew a middle finger at him, leaving with a laugh.

    Song Deqiu thundered wildly, smashing everything he could see.

    The secretary on the side hurried away, fearing that he would be beaten.



    Although Zhang Shou came out of the principal's office with a pretense of laughter, the anger in his heart did not disappear.

    He never thought that as a teacher, a headmaster, he could even be so stingy, and apparently they had failed to play with their own minds, but vented the anger of failure on a student who saved the school's reputation!

    Who can do such a thing? !!

    Zhang Shou did not worry about his future.

    He is a fighter with vitality breaking 6. He can find a good job everywhere.

    He just worried about Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan is the most "lately mature" student he has ever seen. The continuous progress in these months has made him see his strong potential.

    Such a student is placed in any school, even if it is Yazun High School, the school leaders will pay attention to it, but in such a place in Anping County No. 1 High School, he was hated by the principal.

    Think of it as ridiculous!

    Zhang Shou thought while walking and suddenly stopped.

    No, Zhong Yihan can't stay here anymore.

    Because God knows what else the headmaster will do, Zhang Shou can't look at these old stubborn people, and destroys a good seed!

    Thinking of it, Zhang Shou walked towards the stadium.

    Because the semi-finals hegemony is about to start in the afternoon,  Zhong Yihan must prepare there now!



    "What? You resigned ?!"

    Zhong Yihan was pulled aside by Zhang Shou and he was shocked when he heard his resignation.

    Zhang Shou resigned? !!

    In Anping County, there were only three teachers who had reached the level of Kung Fu fighter. Li Chenmin had been jailed before, and Vice President Lu Wu had also been transferred to Anping County No. 3 High School to serve as the headmaster. .

    Now Zhang Shou resigns, and in Anping County No. 1 High School, there are no fighters!

    How could the principal be so unwise?

    But after hearing Zhang Shou's recapitulation of what had just happened, Zhong Yihan's face sank.

    He didn't care about the reward, but the principal did something really disgusting!

    Zhang Shou looked a little sorry, saying: "Before Li Chenmin's affairs, the principal has already hated you. The cancellation of your reward this time is only the first thing he did to you. What are the next tricks to target you? I also did not expect it. So, this time I came to you, I want to pull you with me. "

    "Let's go ... where are we going?"

    "President Lu Wu, do you know? Our deputy headmaster and director of the Kung Fu office. He was transferred to Anping County No. 3 High School as the headmaster. I decided to go to him and take you by the way."

    "No. 3 High School?" Zhong Yihan showed an expression of "Are you joking?"

    Of course, Zhang Shou knew what he meant, and he couldn't help showing a hint of embarrassment on his face.

    There is such a nursery rhyme in Anping County.

    It is called "No.1 high school is good, No.2 is not bad, No.3 are all rogues."

    Anping County is not large, and the county's population adds up to 500,000 to 600,000 people. There are three high schools in total.

    The first high school is naturally the best one, the second high school is relatively weak, and the third high school ...

    The first two unwanted students were all stuffed into the No.3 high school.

    The students in the No.3 high school fights, troubles, early love, abortion ... all kinds of negative news never ended.

    Therefore, Lu Wu was previously transferred to the No. 3 High School in Anping County as the principal. Although he was regarded as the top leader, none of the teachers in the entire No. 1 High School were willing to make him fart.

    It's because the environment of No.3 High school is really bad!

    But now Zhang Shou wants to take him to the third High school ...


    Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly: "Teacher, I think that if we really want to transfer, with our strength, Yazun High School will want us, why must we go to the No.3 high school?"

  • Chapter 129 - Beat Opponent with One Punch

    "Teacher, I think that if we really want to transfer, with our strength, Yazun High School will want us, why must we go to the No.3 high school?"

    Zhang Shou was choked when he heard this.

    Yes, with Zhong Yihan's current strength, even if he goes to Yazun High School, the vitality of 1.9 is the top, but the school leaders there will never say no.

    He originally wanted to go to the No.3 high school because he knew that he and Zhong Yihan had walked so that Song Deqiu would not give up and that only Lu Wu in Anping County could resist Song Deqiu's pressure.

    But he now found himself blindfolded.

    Song Deqiu in Anping County's education system is indeed a great bull. Few people don't sell his face. He first thought of Lu Wu.

    But compared to the "top" schools in the three cities like Yazun high School, Song Deqiu is a fart!

    So being questioned by Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou was a little hesitant at once.

    Zhong Yihan smiled and said, "Mr. Zhang, think again. Don't rush to make a decision. I'll go back first."

    "Go back? Where are you going?"

    "Back to the ring, there will be my game next!" Zhong Yihan sneered, "In fact, I didn't intend to play this game well. People are afraid of being famous! But now I changed my mind! If I didn’t punch through the ring today, he also thinks I can be bullied! "

    Zhang Shou still wanted to say something, but suddenly felt the momentum erupting in Zhong Yihan's body, his face suddenly changed.

    Then, looking at the back of Zhong Yihan's departure, he suddenly laughed and cursed: "Good boy, you are hiding your strength!"



    Zhong Yihan's first opponent was Wang Li. This time, with a vitality of 2.3, he ranked seventh in the school.

    Zhong Yihan didn't say hello to this person, he just heard people say that he is impolite.

    Sure enough, the two just entered the ring, and when they started warming up, Wang Li provoked: "You are Zhong Yihan? I heard that you were quite proud during this time? Come, let me give you a lesson and let you know that if you are born and family like you, don’t have any unrealistic illusions. Isn’t it good to be an unknown person honestly? ”

    Zhong Yihan glanced at him and ignored him.

    Wang Li continued to ridicule: "Today I will let you know how big the gap is between you and the true genius. I also let you recognize reality. Don't think that you have made progress, just think you can sit on an equal footing with us. You are still far behind! "

    At this time, someone below the ring was gloating: "Zhong Yihan was miserable and met Wang Li, he is expected to be blown out."

    A person asked, "What do you say?"

    "Wang Li ’s mouth has always smelled bad, and he has always believed that school enrollment should be elite and take away all the garbage that is useless so that resources can be concentrated and supplied to these top students. So as for children of civilian families, as well as students with low talents, he always had a very bad attitude. He can often scold others fiercely because of a little thing, and he will also intentionally hurt the other party during discussions. "

    "What? No one cares?"

    "What do they care about? At first, Wang Li knew what he was doing. Those ordinary students who had no background or qualifications, and only had minor injuries, it was not easy to control. Second, Wang Li He has been ranked in the top ten of the school, and now has a vitality of 2.3, and his family is good. The school will not punish him. "

    "And what Wang Li hates most is those students who are of an ordinary family but high in strength, because he provoked to Wu Sikong, who is the No.1 in grade, and was beaten by Wu Sikong, so he would not allow the second Wu Sikong appeared. It is estimated that Zhong Yihan will be knocked out by him! "

    At this time, the principal's secretary also returned to the principal's office, respectfully saying, "Principal, it's already arranged."


    "I told Wang Li to let him go and fight. Anyway, it was normal for him to play without any seriousness, and what Wang Li hated most was the talented civilians like Zhong Yihan, so he would definitely do it. Better than expected. "

    The principal nodded with satisfaction, saying nothing, but a flash of fierceness flashed in his eyes.

    A student of a civilian family should have been cleaned up long ago!

    Ten minutes later, the battle on the ring side officially began.

    Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali, and others crowded in the crowd, and they were all flustered when they heard that the news was unfavorable to Zhong Yihan.

    But what they think is simple.

    In their view, after all, this is just a competition between students, or an exercise, even if Zhong Yihan can't beat Wang Li, it is not a big deal to surrender.

    At this time, the referee rang the bell, announcing that the two were on stage, and the semi-finals of the hegemony were about to begin.

    The two walked up to the ring. Wang Li's eyes flashed fiercely, and he whispered, "Boy, I can just that you have a bad life!"

    Zhong Yihan ignored him all the way, and at this moment felt the murderous effusiveness on the other side, just a sneer in his heart.

    The referee looked at the two and rang the bell for the fight.

    Wang Li sighed and took the lead. He rushed over like a thunderbolt, shot with both palms, and went fiercely. It is a stance that intends to destroy the enemy with one move!

    The audience suddenly exclaimed, and Zhu Zhenxing and others stood up in horror.

    But at this moment, Zhong Yihan suddenly looked bright, and his temperament suddenly changed!

    At first, he seemed to have no sense of standing there, but at this moment, Wang Li only felt as if he was being stared at by an extremely fierce beast. Zhong Yihan just gave him a look, but he felt a little overwhelmed!

    "not good!"

    Wang Li was shocked and quickly wanted to change his moves.

    But at this time, it was too late, and when Zhong Yihan took a half step, he was able to hit the palm of Wang Li's palm with a single punch.


    A muffled sound.

    Wang Li seemed to have been hit by dozens of tons of trucks. He directly screamed and flew out of the blood. He flew seven or eight meters straight out of the ring, and then fell heavily on the ground, not moving at all.

    He didn't die, just because he was out of breath.

    Up and down the ring, the crow and bird were silent.

    After a few seconds, there was a commotion!

    The referee jumped off the ring as if he was crazy and ran to Wang Li, only to find that he was not dead, but passed out. This relieved him.

    But after examining Wang Li's body carefully, the referee's face suddenly became a little ugly.

    Because Wang Li's arms were injured by the punch just now, the bones were slightly fractured, and the veins were greatly damaged. This injury needs to recover for a hundred days, which meant that Wang Li needs to take a rest for at least three months to recover!


    But the problem is, less than half a year is the college entrance examination, Wang Li will waste most critical time lost for three months!

  • Chapter 130 - Weird Atmosphere

    In the principal's room, the principal Song Deqiu looked at the picture on the monitor and a hot tea spurted out!

    Then he shouted incredulously: "How is this possible, how is it possible ?!"

    "Wang Li has a vitality of 2.3! How much is Zhong Yihan? 1.9! How could he have so much power? He flicked Wang Li in one punch!

    Looking at Song Deqiu's roaring irritability there, the secretary's face was also horrified.

    Unlike Song Deqiu, who only knows a little about Kung Fu, he has no vitality even 0.5. As the principal's assistant, the secretary also has at least the apprenticeship of Kung Fu, although it has just passed 1.5 not long.

    So he also saw more than Song Deqiu. Zhong Yihan's punch just now, in terms of exertion skills, is not an ordinary person.

    Even from a hostile stand, he had to admire that Zhong Yihan's punch was just so handsome!

    Fierce and invincible!

    And more importantly ...

    The strength and vitality of Zhong Yihan's fist is absolutely crushing against Wang Li!

    The secretary still knows the top students of the grade, so he knows that even Wu Sikong, who is the first grade, may not be able to make such a punch.

    He quickly told the headmaster of his findings, and Song Deqiu frowned, saying, "You mean ... Zhong Yihan concealed his strength before ?!"

    Seeing the secretary nodding, Song Deqiu was furious: "Too much! How could there be such a student ?!"

    At this time, the phone of the principal's office rang, and Song Deqiu took a few breaths, connected the phone, and his face became even more ugly.


    Song Deqiu slammed the phone on the table and yelled: "Zhong Yihan! The doctor who was present said that Wang Li's hands and arms were badly injured, at least three months to recover! There will be a college entrance examination in five months... "

    Song Deqiu's face was so scary, he suddenly found that he had never understood the student Zhong Yihan, and that the student was abnormal. Which normal student would deliberately conceal his strength?

    Everyone is eager to show their 200% strength!

    Only in this way, Song Deqiu suddenly had a feeling that things were out of control.

    He must not let Zhong Yihan win again, and he must figure out how much strength he has hidden!

    "Who is the next person to fight Zhong Yihan?"

    "It's Qian Hansong."

    The secretary explained the details of Qian Hansong to Song Deqiu.

    Qian Hansong, vitality 2.48, this time ranked third in the physical test. Although the actual combat experience is not as good as Xiong Bo and Wu Sikong, it is much stronger than Wang Li. Although it does not reach the level of crushing but wining Wang Li should still have no problems.

    There is another word that the secretary did not say, that is, there is a better candidate than Qian Hansong, and that is Geng Yueguang.

    Unfortunately, he was frightened and forgot about it.

    Song Deqiu was silent for a while, and the secretary waited silently.

    This silent atmosphere lasted for a few minutes. Song Deqiu suddenly decided and said, "Tell Qian Hansong to let him win by any means. As long as he can win, I will reward him with five extra bottles of energy and blood potions, and the resources that follow will incline him especially. "

    These five bottles of energy and blood potions are Song Deqiu's own personal goods, originally intended to be reserved for Li Chenmin, but as long as Zhong Yihan is prevented from winning here, it can be considered to reflect its value.

    Song Deqiu was completely hostile to Zhong Yihan at this moment!



    In the first battle, several daisies ended very quickly. Because the gap was a little big, the weaker side did not want to be injured on the ring. So apart from Zhong Yihan, they felt that there was no chance to win, and almost gave up on their own.

    Since Zhong Yihan's defeat of Wang Li, the whole body exudes the momentum of not being bothered, which has discouraged some students who want to get close to it.

    Even Zhu Zhenxing, Li Xinyu, and others are very strange to Zhong Yihan's state.

    For the first time, Li Xinyu and others saw Zhong Yihan so violent. Zhong Yihan has always been introverted and peaceful, and it feels that he has little interest in anything except practice.

    But today, they clearly felt that Zhong Yihan's eagerness to fight seemed to be venting, and seemed to want to prove something.

    Zhu Zhenxing wanted to say something but was stopped by Li Xinyu's eyes.

    Half an hour later, the eight-for-four game began.

    Zhong Yihan walked to the platform and stood opposite Qian Hansong, now the top three in the school.

    Qian Hansong hadn't dealt with Zhong Yihan before, but when he stood opposite the ring platform, Zhong Yihan clearly felt the malice on him.

    He saw Qian Hansong licking the corner of his mouth, showing a somewhat perverted smile, saying: "Boy, you are unlucky to me today, I will not be merciless. If you do not want to make yourself disabled, I advise you to admit defeat in advance."

    Zhong Yihan's current mental attributes are as high as 2.61. Although there is no comparison of this data, looking at the entire Anping County No. 1 High School, and no one can compare with him.

    Therefore, Zhong Yihan clearly felt the malicious and murderous intentions of Qian Hansong.

    Zhong Yihan laughed suddenly and said, "Excellent, if you can't take the college entrance examination, then you don't bother me!"

    Qian Hasongn praised with joy, saying: "It is better for us to sign a letter of exemption. No matter which side loses, no matter how serious the injury is, even if it is dead, we will definitely not ask the other side for trouble."

    "Sign it!"

    The audience on the stage watching them suddenly go to sign the exemption clause, they are all silly.

    How much resentment and resentment do these two guys have, and why did they sign the exemption clause? !!

    The referee on the stage couldn't help but look down at the stage, but when he saw the head principal's assistant nodded, he didn't stop all this.

    The principal's assistant sneered, and this time when Zhong Yihan was disabled or killed, no one could say anything.

    Zhu Zhenxing and others under the stage also panicked, and they whispered.

    "How do I feel like something's wrong?"

    "Yeah! This kind of end-of-term competition is not a serious battle, or a few top grades to show off. Why did it suddenly become a life-and-death battle?"

    "If fighting for life and death, has Yihan ever win Qian Hansong? That guy has a vitality of nearly 2.5. Now if he is allowed to go to the college entrance examination, he can almost be admitted to the key Kung Fu college!"

    "Did you find out that the teacher's response was also strange. It is said that it is January, and there are only five months left until the college entrance examination. The teacher will never allow the students to fight too fiercely, so as not to delay the college entrance examination. But the referee on duty didn't even mean to oppose it? "

    "It's really weird!"

    But their argument had no way to influence the situation on the ring, and at this time, a crisp bell rang.


    Game start!

  • Chapter 131 - Win Again

    Game start.

    Thinking of Wang Li's previous experience, Qian Hansong was obviously more cautious.

    Adjust the pace, do a good job of lifting hands, hands folded, like a snake head constantly spit letter.

    "It's snake fist!"

    "Qian Hansong's father is said to be a master of snake fist. This is a skill from his family!"

    "It is said that the snake fist is strange and changeable, the angle is tricky, and it can even twist the body to make some incredible attacks. Zhong Yihan is going to be unlucky!"

    When Zhong Yihan saw his starting gesture, he immediately became interested.


    Qian Hansong's mouth made "Sisi" and "Sisi" sounds. With the continuous advancement of his two fists, it felt as if he was facing a ready-to-go double-headed snake, which made him unable to guess his moves.

    This is the snake fist, which disrupts the opponent's fighting rhythm through the interference of sound and gestures.

    Qian Hansong sneered. He and Zhong Yihan had no resentment, but who asked the principal's secretary to find him?

    He doesn't know how this guy offended the principal. The principal's secretary even told him personally that he had no mercy in this battle, it would be best to make Zhong Yihan disabled!

    If he succeeds, he would be able to get five rewards of energy and blood potions, and the tilt of school resources next!

    Qian Hansong's family is also very good. Although he does not take these five energy and blood potions too seriously, why not?

    Moreover, he really does not like Zhong Yihan at heart. This kid has been too high-profile recently. As a senior, he must give him a lesson to let him know the cruelty of society!

    Zhong Yihan crooked his head and watched Qian Hansong playing there for a while, could not help but frown slightly.

    It's not that he looked down on this kind of snake fist, but that Qian Hansong has performed too silly, and it seems to him that this battle is a steady victory, and in such a posture, his purpose is still to show off.

    Zhong Yihan was unwilling to spend so much time with him.

    He now had a fire in his heart, eager to vent.

    So Zhong Yihan rushed up first.

    Qian Hansong's eyes flashed a beam of joy, he wanted Zhong Yihan to attack first.

    Seeing Zhong Yihan's fist open, Qian Hansong immediately hid from the side. Snake fist has never been opposed to the enemy, but seized the opportunity, a hand flying to the point of Zhong Yihan's temple!

    With his strength, if this trick is done, he can instantly kill the opponent!

    Many students in the audience immediately exclaimed when they saw how powerful he was.

    Li Xinyu and others even stood up in shock.

    Seeing that Qian Hansong was about to fight the enemy with one blow, at this time, Zhong Yihan did not move forward and rushed forward!

    This move is fast. Qian Hansong only felt a flash in front of him, and a figure hit his chest. At the same time, a huge force came. He felt like he was hit hard by a giant truck. Blood spurts in the air, even step back!

    And would Zhong Yihan miss this opportunity?

    Keep up with a side kick, even though Qian Hansong subconsciously blocked it with his hands, but with Zhong Yihan's current strength, this foot is that a small tree can kick in two. How can he stop it?


    Another muffled sound, Qian Hansong directly flew down the ring platform, fell to the ground a few meters away, sprayed blood, and then breathed out, and passed out.

    Win again!

    The students around the ring were quiet for a few seconds before bursting into applause.

    "Zhong Yihan is simply awesome! Win again!"

    "I'm sure Zhong Yihan has hidden strength. If he has only 1.9 vitality, how could he kill Qian Hansong in seconds."

    "It's so handsome, I feel like I'm going to be a fan of Zhong Yihan."

    As for Li Xinyu, they were directly stunned.

    Zhong Yihan beat Wang Li, and now he beat Qian Hansong again!

    Fan Dali couldn't help but sighed: "How strong is he now?"

    When he was close to Zhong Yihan, it was because of his talent in the archery hall that he felt that the other party was worthy of friendship.

    When Zhong Yihan has a vitality of only 0.8 and Fan Dali talks to him, he still has some sense of superiority.

    But in less than three months, the opponent has grown to the existence he needs to look up to.

    This made him suddenly fortunate. Fortunately, he made friends with Zhong Yihan early. If it was changed to the present, Zhong Yihan would probably not look at him squarely.

    Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan have the same feelings as Fan Dali. They are the top students in the class and the top masters in the school. They feel that the blink of an eye is left behind by Zhong Yihan.

    Li Xinyu blinked a pair of beautiful eyes, subconsciously and Ming Jiajia looked at each other, they saw the shock in each other's eyes.

    Xiong Bo, who was watching the battle with the crowd, had bright eyes, and for the first time showed war will against Zhong Yihan.

    Song Deqiu, who was staring at the monitor, did not expect Zhong Yihan to win again. He was angry and threw the tea cup in his hand directly to the ground.

    The beloved tea cup was just broken into pieces.

    "Impossible! Impossible! This kid must have eaten medicine! Exactly! He must have eaten medicine!"

    The secretary stood trembling, shocked by the picture of Qian Hansong being shot on the monitor. Although he had already overestimated Zhong Yihan's strength, he never expected that he would even win Qian Hansong easily!

    Is his strength so strong? !!

    The secretary suddenly regretted it.

    For such a strong student, with the strength he showed, the third grade was beaten by him. Of course, there are certain reasons for Qian Hansong's carelessness, but Zhong Yihan's own strength must not be underestimated!

    At least the level of the top five in grade!

    It is said that it is definitely a good thing for such a strong student to appear in the school, but because it is inconsistent with the principal's philosophy, such a student has to be suppressed by the school and has to stand on the opposite side of the school ...

    Of course, the secretary just thought about it and didn't say it at all.

    Because he knew that Song Deqiu would never tolerate it.

    Song Deqiu broke a few cups one after another, and then sat down panting again, watching the horrified secretary, "If Zhong Yihan wins the next match, do you know what it means?"

    "I if Zhong Yihan wins the semi-finals, it means that he will come to the stage to receive the prize, and it is not easy to cover up the things we don't give him the reward."

    Song Deqiu and his secretary are well aware that suppressing a rookie who has just emerged and suppressing a talented player who reached the finals are two concepts.

    Song Deqiu didn't want to get in trouble because of dealing with Zhong Yihan.

    So the next semi-final will be the last chance.

    "Principal, please be calm and impatient, Zhong Yihan will soon be disappointed. His next opponent is Xiong Bo. Xiong Bo has been ranked second in the grade. No one is his opponent except Wu Sikong!"

    Song Deqiu's face was gloomy and he said, "After the first two matches, I have no confidence in Xiong Bo's steady win. In the next game, no matter what method you use, be sure to let Zhong Yihan lose!"


    "Yes! I'll do it!"

  • Chapter 132 - Fighting with Xiong Bo

    Qian Hansong was taken away by the school doctor and rushed to the hospital.

    According to the school doctor's temporary diagnosis, Qian Hansong's injury was more serious than Wang Li's. His internal contusion was seriously injured, which almost endangered his life. And if he wants to recover, he needs at least half of the year-so he is destined to miss the college entrance examination five months later!

    The eyes of the students looking at Zhong Yihan changed.

    Because Zhong Yihan has made great strides, he has fought with three people on the ring.

    Yun Chao, Wang Li, Qian Hansong.

    These three people, one was broken hand bones, one was injured his arms, and one was severely injured ...

    All three are expected to miss the college entrance examination this year!

    "Is he so powerful?! Three people fought against him, all three of them were injured! Fortunately, I haven't provoked him before!"

    "It's terrible! Look at Zhong Yihan's eyes, cold like a piece of ice!"

    "All are classmates, why he fights with such a heavy hand?"

    "I dare not provoke him, otherwise you should talk to him?"

    But someone also helped Zhong Yihan speak.

    Ming Jiajia shouted angrily; "This thing is obviously Qian Hansong's fault. He just went straight to Yi Han's temple. If he succeeds, Yihan would be dead! It was normal for him to fight back a bit more. If Qian Hansong didn’t faint, I would have to ask him for an explanation. "

    "Did you think that these two games of Yihan today are very strange? And Yihan's status is a little different?"

    Li Xinyu felt that she find the reason, but because of the lack of key factors, she was unable to smoothly link the two games together.

    Yang Yuan analyzed: "It is a bit strange. Yihan has been practicing his daily life. He knows only a few of us. It is impossible for him to avenge others. However, regardless of Wang Li or Qian Hansong, They are all deeply hostile to Zhong Yihan, seemingly anxious to frustrate Yihan. Zhu Fat, did Yi Han offend them by accident? "

    Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan are good friends and live in a community, and he knows all the Zhong Yihan's affairs.

    Zhu Zhenxing thought about it again, and was a little dazed: "No, Yihan hasn't even seen them before today."

    "That's weird."

    The people were silent for a long time and fell into deep confusion.

    And Zhang Shou, who knew the whole truth, stood in the crowd at this time and looked at Zhong Yihan with some anxiety.

    The reason why the two of them came up to deal with such a heavy hand to Zhong Yihan must be someone's instructions, but Zhang Shou did not expect that as a principal, he could do so!

    Zhong Yihan's next opponent is Xiong Bo.

    As Xiong Bo's teacher, Zhang Shou knows the strength of Xiong Bo, and he is definitely the second place in the grade!

    If he was also abetted by the principal ...

    With Zhong Yihan's current strength, even if he can win, he is afraid he will be hurt.

    At this moment in a corner of the playground, the principal's secretary called Xiong Bo over and said kindly: "Xiong Bo, you must have seen Zhong Yihan's performance just now. His strength is much better than you think. Knowing that you have to be strong and don't like losing to others. In this way, I have a set of needles in my sleeve. You only need to tie it to your arm, you can shoot fine needles at any time, and you win. "

    Xiong Bo watched the needle in the sleeve handed over by the secretary and did not take it, but said coldly, "What do you mean?"

    The secretary still has a certain understanding of Xiong Bo's temperament, knowing that he only practices Kung Fu, so he cannot force the order.

    And the most important thing is not to expose the idea of​the principal.

    The impact of leaks must be considered.

    So he thought for a moment: "Of course I want you to win, don't you always look forward to fighting Wu Sikong? Then you can't let Zhong Yihan be your stumbling block, and it's better not to consume even extra physical strength. Win him in the first place so that you can fight Wu Sikong in the perfect state. "

    Xiong Bo didn't speak, so he just looked at the secretary and kept watching, and the latter sneered: "Of course, if you can win Zhong Yihan, there will be five extra bottles of energy and blood potions, this thing is hard to buy anywhere other than the official channel, and it must have some effect for you. "

    Xiong Bo looked at him coldly, and the secretary who looked at him panicked and said with a smile: "I'm doing this for you..."

    "Good for me?" Xiong Bo sneered, "Did you think I was a fool who only knew Kung Fu?! Wang Li and Qian Hansong, you also instructed them to target Zhong Yihan? I don't know where did offend you, or in other words, offend someone behind you. But I know that he is a rare good opponent, and I look forward to playing against him! "

    "But you might lose!"

    "lose? It doesn’t matter!" Xiong Bo raised the collar of the secretary and exclaimed loudly. "What's the point of winning without losing? You are insulting my Kung Fu morality! If you dare to say it, believe me now I ruin you?! "

    The secretary's frightened legs shook.

    He is just a little Kung Fu learner whose vitality has just broken through 1.5, and Xiong Bo's vitality is already as high as 2.52, which is a gap of nearly 1 point. The secretary feels that the angry Xiong Bo is as terrible as a wild black bear!

    Fortunately, Xiong Bo just yelled at him, and then gave heavy snoring, dropped him, and left on his own.

    Looking at the back of Xiong Bo's departure, the secretary wiped the sweat from his forehead, and the expression on his face was uglier than crying: "What am I doing wrong?"



    After the semi-finals, in order to enhance the viewing, both sides generally use weapon wars.

    When Xiong Bo brought his weapon to the ring, Zhong Yihan was already standing there waiting with a sword.

    When he saw the other person's self-confidence, he also felt a high spirit of war.

    "Zhong Yihan, I did not expect that one day you would stand here and become my opponent. Originally I thought that before the college entrance examination, only I was qualified to stand here."

    This is the first time in three years of high school that Xiong Bo has spoken to Zhong Yihan.

    From Zhong Yihan's advanced archery hall to the 150-meter field to the battle with Yun Chao, Xiong Bo has seen it, but at that time in his view, the other party was just an ordinary person who progressed slightly faster.

    Even until now, Xiong Bo only admitted Zhong Yihan's qualification to stand in the ring, but he did not think that the other party was qualified to become his opponent.

    Although he did not accept the needle of the secretary, the other party was right in saying that Xiong Bo worked hard this semester with only one goal, which was to defeat Wu Sikong.

    And Zhong Yihan is just an obstacle he needs to remove before reaching his goal.

    Zhong Yihan's eyes flashed an inexplicable light: "I know you are very strong. For the entire two and a half years since high school, most of the time I have to look up at you. In fact, I originally planned to do this today I didn’t want to do anything with you either, but now I change my mind. So Xiong Bo, you just stop here! "

  • Chapter 133 - My Move

    The communication before the battle was a contest between the two sides.

    In this contest, Zhong Yihan and Xiong Bo refused to give up.

    Feeling the tense atmosphere on the stage, the voice of the audience discussion was much lower.

    Everyone held their breath and looked forward to the beginning of this battle.

    Xiong Bo's weapon is also a knife, but unlike Zhong Yihan's slender Tang knife, Xiong Bo's weapon is a thick-backed sword, which is heavy at first sight, and less than one hundred kilograms!

    One hundred kilograms knife is definitely a magic weapon in ancient times, and only that kind of super general can play.

    But for modern metallurgical technology, forging a large knife is not a problem at all.

    Xiong Bo is 1.99 meters tall, with strong muscles and a large volume. He stood there as if he were a huge black bear, and with this large knife weighing more than a hundred kilograms, even in ancient times, he is definitely a strong soldier.

    A bell rang and the third game started!

    Xiong Bo yelled, took a step forward, cut it with a knife, Zhong Yihan did not dare to resist positively, and quickly fled away to fight.

    In Zhong Yihan's eyes, Xiong Bo felt a little bit like the Beastmaster on an island in a Different World.

    Furious, powerful, invincible.

    Fortunately, the shortcomings of Xiong Bo's speed are very obvious. Although Zhong Yihan's agility is not too high, it has at least 2.23, which gives him sufficient predictive ability.

    Xiong Bo waved the knife again. This time Zhong Yihan still cleverly avoided the attack, while sweeping the knife in his hand, stabbed straight towards the opponent's chest with the tip of the knife.

    However, Xiong Bo had expected that at the same time that his thick-backed knife was about to touch the ground, he suddenly changed the handle from his right hand to his left hand, while sweeping forcefully towards Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan was slightly surprised, but he was not distracted. He slightly jumped his left foot on the ground and leaped high in the air.

    Xiong Bo is also very fast-moving, lifting the thick-backed knife up and blocking Zhong Yihan's knife, only to find that this knife is not as powerful as expected.

    Zhong Yihan flipped back lightly in the air and landed steadily on the ground.

    The students and audience only looked dazzled and stunned. It was just between the light and flint that the two had made so many moves, and they seemed to be evenly matched, and no one fell into the wind.

    After a moment of silence, the applause suddenly sounded, applaud and cheer for the wonderful performance of these two masters!

    Zhong Yihan stood up again, and was not frustrated because of it, but praised: "You are indeed powerful, the skill is good!"

    Sure enough, it is not unreasonable that Xiong Bo can maintain second place in the school for so long.

    "You are not bad."

    Although it is only simple words, it contains Xiong Bo's great affirmation of Zhong Yihan.

    This is the first time he praised others except for Wu Sikong.

    Zhong Yihan laughed and said, "It was your attack just now, it's my turn now!"

    It was just a moment, and the knife was attacked.

    When Xiong Bo's face changed, a thick-backed knife stood in front of him, shaking it slightly, but stopped them, but Zhong Yihan changed very quickly, stabbing sharply, and forced Xiong Bo to move back three steps and hide after this trick.

    The two were again deadlocked.

    Zhong Yihan's vitality is 2.51, and Xiong Bo's vitality is 2.52. The actual difference between the two is not much. The more difference may be that Zhong Yihan's various attributes are relatively balanced, and Xiong Bo's partiality is serious, but his fighting skills are enough to make up for speed inadequacy.

    Although Zhong Yihan attacked more, Xiong Bo was able to fight back occasionally, but from the scene, the two were evenly matched.

    Standing in the crowd, Wu Sikong looked at the two people on the stage, his eyes flickered and his fighting spirit was high, and others didn't know what he was thinking.

    Song Deqiu is just an ordinary person. He can't see what happened to the two on the platform through the monitor, but he is a little irritable. This fight lasted a little longer!

    And the principal's secretary couldn't help but wipe his sweat, thinking that someone could finally restrain Zhong Yihan.

    After a sudden onslaught, Zhong Yihan finally stopped.

    There was a flash of excitement in his eyes, excitement of meeting his opponent.

    Xiong Bo gasped slightly and sweated his forehead. Although Zhong Yihan's offensive to him just didn't consume much physical energy, but also caused him a lot of mental loss.

    Zhong Yihan closed his knife and said, "Xiong Bo, you are indeed an opponent I have been dreaming of since I was in high school for three years. This ordinary attack really does not have much effect on you. It is out of respect for you. I want you to try a new move I recently developed! "

    Xiong Bo froze slightly. Zhong Yihan has new moves? !!

    Li Xinyu and others immediately looked at Zhu Zhenxing and asked, "When did Yihan research new moves?! Do you know?"

    Fatty Zhu said he was completely unaware.

    Above the ring, Xiong Bo licked the corner of his mouth and showed a smile of excitement, saying, "Come on!"

    Zhong Yihan nodded, held the knife in both hands, and spread his feet slightly. The temperament of the whole person suddenly changed.

    From the previous silent, like a stone, suddenly became sharp.

    He is like a knife out of the sheath!

    In particular, the killing intention emanating from him seemed to be condensed into substance, so that the opposite Xiong Bo could almost feel a bitter chill, and his goosebumps all over him!

    Zhang Shou, Wu Sikong and others all stood up in surprise, staring at Zhong Yihan on the stage.

    Xiong Bo also played drums in his heart for a while and felt the strongest intention of killing, still on the bear he killed two months ago.

    But now, he obviously feels that the killing intention on the other side is far more than that of the bear. This naked killing intention makes people feel like they are suddenly in the mountains and wild forests. What he will face next is whether he die or not!

    This made Xiong Bo subconsciously think: "Zhong Yihan has finally taken it seriously until now."

    In other words, all the previous battles were a kind of temptation by the opponent?

    But Xiong Bo has now used all his strength.

    From the beginning, he has used all his strength!

    Zhong Yihan's voice sounded coldly: "This move, I named it" Chop". I didn't want to make this move before, because I couldn't easily control it! After all, It is people who control the knife, not the knife control people. However, you are qualified to see this knife ... "



  • Chapter 135 - Sudden Change

    "Awesome, it's too strong, that is Xiong Bo! Zhong Yihan won Xiong Bo, doesn't it mean that he is better than him?"

    "Woohoo ... my idol Xiong Bo lost ..."

    "It's incredible! I originally thought Zhong Yihan's two-game winning would stop there, but I didn't expect him to win Xiong Bo."

    "Zhong Yihan once again broke through my cognition, to what extent is he strong? With his current strength, I am afraid that it is really possible to compete with Wu Sikong for the first place!"

    "Just kidding, Wu Sikong is known as a monster. No one in our school can beat him! But Zhong Yihan is also really strong. Starting today, the pattern of high school will be completely changed because of Zhong Yihan. Xiong Bo has maintained the second place in two and a half years has finally changed. "

    "I announce that starting today, Zhong Yihan is my new idol!"

    "You are a wall grass. Didn't you say Xiong Bo was your idol before? But honestly, Zhong Yihan looks very handsome. Why didn't I find out before that there is such a handsome guy in our school? ? "

    Zhang Shou in the crowd just applauded.

    He didn't know what he should say now, only excitement, endless excitement.

    At first Zhong Yihan told him that he wanted to fight for self-respect, Zhang Shou didn't believe it, but now he believes that Zhong Yihan really has this strength, and he proved himself in front of the school.

    Wu Sikong, who also said nothing, was different from the indifference he always showed today. He stared at Zhong Yihan now and seemed to want to rush to the platform and fight with him.

    "Zhong Yihan is a pervert. I don't know what to do anymore. It's a great blessing to be friends with him!"

    No one has responded to Fan Dali.

    For the first time, Li Xinyu discovered that a person could really shine.

    At this time, Zhong Yihan on the platform seemed to be the center of the world, making people not want to look away easily.

    "Well? Zhu Zhenxing, are you crying?"

    Ming Jiajia's words immediately directed everyone's attention to Zhu Zhenxing, who wiped away the tears and snot with the fastest speed, and then said hardly, "I am not crying, there is dust in my eyes."

    As the saying goes, men don't cry easily.

    Zhong Yihan never cried.

    Even if Zhong Yihan's father was framed and imprisoned, he quickly emerged from despair, and then took on the responsibility of the only man in the family.

    How Zhong Yihan insisted on clenching his teeth over the past few years, no one knows better than Zhu Zhenxing.

    For many things, in order not to worry Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue, Zhong Yihan could only say to Zhu Zhenxing.

    So he knew that when Zhong Yihan was most desperate, he even raised the idea of dying together with the rich second generation, but he finally survived by himself.

    Zhong Yihan training every day to exhausted, to the weekend to do odd jobs to supplement the family.

    Zhu Zhenxing sometimes distressed him and wanted to lend him money, but Zhong Yihan always refused.

    At that time, Zhong Yihan seemed to exclude the entire world, but he just buried his head and moved forward.

    Zhu Zhenxing knew that Zhong Yihan would not cry in the future.

    So he wanted to cry, to cry for Zhong Yihan.

    Of course, this is a tear of joy, because Zhong Yihan's hard work finally paid off.

    Now he is standing on the ring. He is no longer despised by being ignored, and has become a brilliant genius!

    "Yihan, good job!"

    "Zhong Yihan, I like you!"

    "Hurry up and take a break, have a good performance next game!"

    The warm applause lasted a long time.

    Just when everyone was expecting the spark that Zhong Yihan would collide with Wu Sikong next, suddenly, the crowd dispersed a way.

    The principal's secretary is opening his way, and the meticulous principal Song Deqiu, who combed his hair, walked through the crowd with a serious face and walked up to the ring.

    It is normal for the principal to appear at this time, after all, it will be the final.

    However, some people saw that Song Deqiu's face was serious and unusual, and something seemed to be going on.

    Song Deqiu stepped onto the ring, took the microphone handed by the secretary, and said with a serious face: "I announced something to everyone, just now, someone reported it! It said that in the 16 major hegemonies of our school, someone took temporary Illegal drugs that have greatly enhanced strength! Therefore, I announce that today ’s game will be suspended and will be re-scheduled after the investigation is completed! ”

    After speaking, Song Deqiu glanced at Zhong Yihan with a strange look.

    Song Deqiu's words made everyone react for two seconds, and then under the whole stage, everyone's mind was like a bang, and then it came over.

    "Really? Someone used a drug?"

    "The principal has said it himself, can there still be a fake? It must be Zhong Yihan, right ?! I said why his strength broke out so fierce!"

    "But I don't think Zhong Yihan is such a person. Is it the principle that they read wrong?"

    "What kind of person Zhong Yihan is can judge from the appearance alone? If this is the case, the Kung Fu Association will not have to work so hard to catch prisoners!"

    Taking banned drugs is not trivial.

    Basically, this kind of drug is used when fighting on the battlefield.

    And the Kung Fu Association also clearly stated that no student is allowed to take prohibited drugs in any assessment. Once found, he will drop out directly!

    And if it is a student below high school, the college entrance examination is not allowed for three years!

    Zhong Yihan's face was gloomy.

    Although Song Deqiu did not say it clearly, it was clear that he was targeting himself.

    "Illegal drugs that can greatly enhance their strength temporarily", who can afford this title except himself?

    Sure enough, more and more spectators below the platform began to think that Zhong Yihan used banned drugs, Ming Jiajia couldn't help but loudly: "You nonsense! Zhong Yihan is not such a person, he will definitely not use banned drugs!"

    Li Xinyu they all know that it is impossible for Zhong Yihan to use banned drugs because for him, it is not necessary at all whether he can get the first place in the school today.

    Moreover, Zhong Yihan always likes to keep a low profile. He will not put his reputation and future into a vanity.

    Li Xinyu is clever and suddenly figured out all the wrong places today.

    Zhong Yihan said before the match that he didn't care about the top 16 games, but he won the game in a row, and his body was full of a sense of resentment.

    It turned out that he knew early on that the principal was targeting him! Song Deqiu must have done something that touched Zhong Yihan's bottom line, so he wanted to take the opportunity of the game and let out bad breath.


    Zhong Yihan suddenly calmed down and said, "Principal Song, you said that someone is taking a banned drug? Someone is reporting it? Tell me, who reported it and who took it?"

  • Chapter 136 - Nonsense!

    Song Deqiu sneered: "Are you sure you want me to say it? I don't say, because I want to give you some face."

    There was an uproar immediately.

    This sentence represented Song Deqiu's personal admission that Zhong Yihan took a banned drug!

    At this time, the principal's secretary also broke out and said loudly: "Zhong Yihan, you are so disappointed by the principal. The original principal saw you make rapid progress. He also wanted to find an opportunity to get you a place for promotion in the province. But you used banned drugs. Don't talk about merit in the future, you just wait to drop out of school! "

    Zhong Yihan stared at him with a gaze and said, "It is not a trivial matter to take banned drugs, President Song, if afterward it proves that someone is stigmatizing, what should you do?"

    Song Deqiu's eyes narrowed slightly: "Stigmatization? Why would anyone stigmatize?"

    "Why not?" Zhong Yihan sneered. "Otherwise you call the informer and we bet. If I take a banned drug, I will suicide! But if I have not taken a banned drug, Well, the person who reports it has to be the same! "

    There was another uproar immediately!

    Many people saw Zhong Yihan's decisiveness, even betting his life, and hesitated again.

    Song Deqiu panicked, but was angry: "What are you doing ?! You are threatening! Threatening informers!"

    Zhong Yihan laughed loudly and then said fiercely, "Yes! It is a threat! He can report that I am taking a banned drug. Once this charge is established, my future will be broken. He is my enemy! Why can't I threaten him! "

    After all, Song Deqiu was just an ordinary person. He was shocked by momentum and could not help but take a step back.

    The secretary also knew that Zhong Yihan had to be trampled to death at this moment, or even if he waited for him to grow up, even Song Deqiu could not protect himself.

    He shouted, "Zhong Yihan, how dare you threaten the principal! Come here! Come here! Security! Where is the security? Even if a student took a banned drug and threatened the principal, catch him soon!"

    The students messed up, but some more careful students saw that the situation was wrong.

    If Zhong Yihan really took the banned drug, then he was taken directly to take a blood test, and it is okay to take out the evidence directly. How can the principal and secretary behave strangely from beginning to end?

    But to say that the principal of Dang Anping No. 1 Middle School would slander a student, they are also unbelieving.

    At this moment, a figure jumped onto the ring and said loudly: "I can guarantee that Zhong Yihan has never used a banned drug."

    "Zhang Shou ?!"

    "Teacher Zhang!"

    As one of the three Kung Fu fighters in the first high school, Zhang Shou was still very high in the students' hearts. When they saw him, the students immediately became quiet.

    Song Deqiu was anxious and quickly gave the secretary a wink.

    The secretary quickly stood up and said, "Zhang Shou, you have been fired. What qualifications do you have to speak here?"

    With that said, the audience immediately became noisy.

    "Ms. Zhang resigned ?!"

    "What the hell is going on today? So much news?"

    "Mr. Zhang is the last Kung Fu fighter in our school. If he resigns, wouldn't our school even have a Kung Fu teacher?"

    "I suddenly wanted to change school ... a public high school, even no Kung Fu teacher?!"

    The news of Zhang Shou's resignation really caused a stir among students.

    As one of the three Kung Fu fighters in the No.1 High School, Zhang Shou has always been the backbone of the school.

    The reason why many students attend this school is that they hope to get Zhang Shou's guidance.

    Now that Li Chenmin has been arrested, Vice President Lu has been promoted to leave school, and Zhang Shou has resigned, does that mean that their school is likely to decline?

    Song Deqiu did not want to continue the discussion about Zhang Shou. He pressed his hands to calm the students, and then corrected the topic again:

    "Zhong Yihan, I don’t want to blame you. I advise all students not to illegal drugs for the sake of temporary results. You must know that this is a serious violation of school discipline, even such students will be dropped out of school. But Zhong Yihan is a first offender, so this time I will only give him a big penalty and cancel all evaluations and school rewards. "

    "Classmates, even if you use a forbidden drug today and you are lucky enough to get a good ranking, can you do that for the college entrance examination? Once found, it will be recorded in your profile, this stain will last a lifetime. "

    The secretary also quickly "advised": "Zhong Yihan, don't be stubborn, don't you quickly thank the principal? No conscience at all!"

    "Yeah, yeah." Someone in the audience immediately echoed the secretary. "Zhong Yihan has banned the drug, the principal gave him steps, he didn’t show appreciation! "

    "I said that there must be a problem with Zhong Yihan, the principal was generous, and if I said, I should report it directly to the Kung Fu Association!"

    "Too cruel, if the Kung Fu Association knows that he is taking a banned drug, he will not be allowed to take the college entrance examination for the next three years, and the whole person will be a waste!"

    The students in the audience talked a lot about Zhong Yihan, but in fact, many people have doubts in their hearts, but they are jealous of Zhong Yihan, letting them hold on to this word.

    Zhang Shou angrily said, "How did I teach you before ?! Haven't any resolution at all ?! He said Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, so you believe it ?!"

    Someone shouted, "I don't believe what President Song said, do I believe you?"

    Suddenly someone laughed.

    Zhang Shou was anxious. In fact, he had already seen that the person who spoke was a perennial student, but at this moment, he couldn't even refute it.

    There was a smug smile on Song Deqiu's face, and he knew that he had basically won.

    Anyway, Zhong Yihan's progress so quickly is the original sin!

    As long as a seed of suspicion is planted in the hearts of everyone, how many people will care about the truth? !!

    He glanced proudly at Zhang Shou.

    When it comes to calculating people's hearts, how can Zhang Shou, who is full of muscles in his brain, understand the mystery?

    Zhong Yihan closed his eyes and clearly heard the abuse of those people.

    Some people even linked his father's imprisonment with his current "taking of banned drugs"-so-called upper beams are not right and lower beams are crooked!

    How can this situation be broken?

    Although he could prove in ten thousand ways that he had not taken a banned drug, he could not prove it on the spot, and most importantly ...

    Those who insulted him, do they really believe that he has taken banned drugs?


    They are just angry that they can't be like him, they can’t grow from the bottom of the top in a short time to defeat Xiong Bo who is the second grade!

    Because this adventure did not happen to them, they managed to grab a handle and wanted to ruin him!

    Zhong Yihan doesn't care what they think, but he has to wash the spilled sewage on himself!

    at this time……

    Suddenly a loud voice rang out at the entrance of the gymnasium: "Oh, what happened? let's hear it ?!"

    The crowd turned their heads.

    Only a group of people in black uniforms came in.

    Seeing the head of the person, both Zhong Yihan and Zhang Shou, smiled.

    Liang Jinfeng!


    President of Anping Kung Fu Association!

  • Chapter 137 - Family

    Many students didn't know Liang Jinfeng, but some people knew, and the students were immediately excited.

    This is Anping County's Kung Fu Association, recognized as the first master of Anping County-a true Kung Fu fighter. In such an era of Kung Fu supremacy, a big Kung Fu fighter, in this county, is the most dazzling star!

    Song Deqiu frowned, looking at the secretary, meaning why this guy is coming? !!

    The secretary also sweated on his forehead. He didn't know why, so he had to greet him and said with a grin, "President Liang, why are you here?"

    Liang Jinfeng smiled and said, "I heard that there is a 16-strong hegemony match today, so I discussed with my colleagues and came over to see if there were any good seeds."

    Then he looked up at Zhong Yihan on the ring, his eyes lit up, and he smiled: "Zhong Yihan? Doesn't your standing on the ring mean that you are also in the top 16? Good!"

    The students were suddenly surprised again, because the experience, except for a few parties, outsiders basically did not know the details, naturally, they did not know that Zhong Yihan and Liang Jinfeng knew each other.

    At this moment a voice sounded and shouted: "President Liang! Yihan has now reached the final! But some people slandered him for taking a drug!"

    It is Zhu Zhenxing.

    Some people look at Zhu Zhenxing with the same stupid look, thinking that you are hurting your brothers?

    Zhong Yihan's use of banned drugs, once confirmed by the Kung Fu Association, then his future will be ended!

    Liang Jinfeng's face looked surprised, and said, "Zhong Yihan is taking a banned drug? Who said?"

    There are more people answering at this time, at least dozens of people are pointing at Song Deqiu above the ring at the same time, saying the same thing: "The principal said!"

    The smile on Liang Jinfeng's face gradually faded, and in the next second, Liang Jinfeng came to the ring and stood face to face with Song Deqiu.

    Liang Jinfeng's height was already very high, more than 1.85 meter and Song Deqiu was just a short old man who had not reached 1.7 meters. So Liang Jinfeng stood in front of him like this face-to-face, coupled with his head upright and his hands on his back, there was a feeling of condescendingly overlooking Song Deqiu.

    "Mr. Song, it ’s not empty-mouthed about taking banned drugs? You need to have evidence, if you don’t have evidence, it ’s called slander, so you have a serious crime. So, do you have evidence?"

    Song Deqiu scolded in his heart, Liang Jinfeng opened his momentum at this moment. Where can he withstand the momentum of a big Kung Fu fighter? Had it not been for the strength of his whole body, he would have been trembling now!

    Liang Jinfeng dismissed a smile, saying: "Principal Song, what about the evidence?"

    He had to wink at the secretary and said, "What about the evidence ?!"

    The secretary was stupid, but under the pressure of the principal's eyes, he had to face up with a bitter face and said, "Yes ... it is an anonymous report, and there is no firm evidence."

    "No evidence ?!" Liang Jinfeng raised his voice sharply, angrily, "Can you speak without evidence ?! Do you know how much this way will have on a student's reputation? And If this student is a future strongman, do you know how much damage this sentence will bring to his future ?! Can you afford this responsibility? "

    The big Kung Fu fighter was angry. Where could a secretary carry it?

    No one in the whole gym could resist it, and suddenly the crow was silent, and the secretary collapsed to the ground in fright, looking at Song Deqiu for help.

    But where does Song Deqiu care about him? Just gave him a stern look.

    The secretary smiled bitterly, knowing that he was finished this time.

    He decided, and the best result was that he completely buckled the shit basin on Zhong Yihan's head, then he was not considered stigmatizing.

    So he cried out: "The best evidence is that Zhong Yihan's strength has improved so fast! He started at the beginning of high school a few months ago and was still at the bottom of the grade, ranking last one thousand, he has now defeated Xiong Bo, so he took the banned drugs.

    "Furthermore, during the physical examination before, his vitality was only 1.9, but now the vitality he is showing, I am afraid that it is almost the same as Xiong Bo! People will lie, and the data will not lie! If he is not drugged, why should he Improving so fast ?! "

    The words of the principal and secretary made those students who were jealous of Zhong Yihan suddenly grasped the life-saving straw, and they agreed without hesitation.

    "Yes, Zhong Yihan was at the bottom of the year class a few months ago, but now he has defeated Xiong Bo. Even a genius like Wu Sikong cannot improve so much in a few months!"

    "If you think of it this way, maybe Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao's rivalry also used banned drugs. Otherwise, he only had 0.8 vitality at that time, how could he defeat Yun Chao with 1.3 vitality?"

    "I did not expect Zhong Yihan to be a recidivist. We strongly urge the principal to punish Zhong Yihan severely!"

    Human imagination is always the most abundant. Those students who were jealous of Zhong Yihan not only speculated that he might use drugs for many times but also made up many details.

    In fact, at this time, for them, it is not important whether Zhong Yihan is taking banned drugs or not. What is important is that the rise of Zhong Yihan has turned all of them into waste and caused serious imbalances in their hearts. This time, the principal support them. These people must step on Zhong Yihan!

    Liang Jinfeng looked at Zhong Yihan with an interest, and he remembered the last field experience, that is, he killed Qiao Cheng by a magical arc shooting.

    Liang Jinfeng was deeply impressed by his performance at that time, and he felt that it would be a matter of time before this boy would be strong and powerful.

    He just didn't expect that after two months of not seeing him, he would be able to beat Xiong Bo, who was second in the grade.

    And looking at the fresh blood stains on the ring, it seems that Xiong Bo has suffered a minor injury.

    Liang Jinfeng still knows a lot about Xiong Bo. This is one of the only geniuses he is optimistic about, and the other is Wu Sikong.

    Of course, this was in the past. Now Liang Jinfeng's optimistic list, add another Zhong Yihan's name and put it on the top.


    At this time, Song Deqiu turned his eyes and said loudly: "President Liang, maybe you don't know yet, Zhong Yihan's father went to prison because he intentionally hurt someone, and the victim was an innocent girl. Like his father, who has no boundaries, what moral values can Zhong Yihan have?"

    "I'm not surprised that people like this take banned drugs to gain strength!"

  • Chapter 138 - Dropping Out

    After Song Deqiu's remarks, the audience is immediately noisy.

    In fact, many people know about Zhong Yihan's father's imprisonment before, but most of the students are relatively simple, and no one thinks about this.

    But at the moment, Song Deqiu "exposed", and it seemed that nailed Zhong Yihan's body again!

    "It turned out to be like this.

    "Hey, I said that Zhong Yihan was not a good thing. Now his father is not good."

    "Failure in education!"

    Listening to the audience's discussions, Zhong Yihan is calmless and can't help anger: "Song Deqiu! My dad was wronged! While you wronged my dad, you also wronged me! Song Deqiu, you are my enemy from now! "

    Immediately, Song Deqiu pointed at Zhong Yihan and said to Liang Jinfeng: "Look at it, look at it! What I said, he dares to call the principal's name directly, no rules!! "

    Zhong Yihan's face was somber that dripping water, while Liang Jinfeng on the side didn't speak, just watching silently beside him.

    Liang Jinfeng knew the situation of Zhong Yihan's father.

    At that time, all the family conditions of all the students abducted by Qiao Cheng had been checked, so he knew what kind of effort Zhong Yihan had made since his father was arrested.

    However, Song Deqiu's performance made Liang Jinfeng sneer in his heart, he used family to attack a student. The principal of the first high school really had no bottom line!

    However, he did not immediately stand up and help Zhong Yihan speak, because he wanted to see how Zhong Yihan would break the situation in the face of such a bad situation.

    The growth of any strong man is not smooth sailing. The growth of any strong man is always accompanied by many bad thorns, and a large part of these thorns are all originated from the people around them!

    This is humanity!

    So as for this point, the Kung Fu association has no good way to handle it.

    Zhong Yihan's face was gloomy, his fists clenched.

    Since Zhong Yihan's father was in jail, he has heard similar words countless times but did not expect that one day he would say it from the principal's mouth.

    It seems that the other party really wanted to put him to death.

    Zhong Yihan laughed suddenly.

    The laughter grew louder and louder, and in the end, only his laughter remained in the entire stadium.

    Zhong Yihan laughed wildly for a while, and the tears of laughter almost flowed down before he said: "Very good, very good! I finally saw today, public clamor can confound right and wrong! "

    He pointed to the fiercest student under the ring, and said, "What's your name?"

    The student immediately wanted to hide behind the crowd, but the people around him had already cleverly opened up a circle.

    The student had to bite the bullet and said, "What's it to you what's my name? Do you want revenge?"

    "Yes!" Zhong Yihan chanted, "You accuse me of righteousness, saying that I am taking a banned drug, why can’t I revenge? Only you can scold me behind my back, but I'm not allowed to fight back, how can there be such a principle in this world ?! "

    The student's face changed, and he shouted, "You obviously took a ban! I'm just doing justice!"

    Zhong Yihan scolded impolitely, "Do you have evidence? Do you want evidence? No, you have nothing but your mouth! Fatty!"

    Zhu Zhenxing immediately stood up and shouted, "What is it!"

    "Write to me his name!" Zhong Yihan pointed to the crowd. "And these people, those who have insulted me, write down their names!"

    There was an uproar in the stadium. What exactly did Zhong Yihan want to do?

    Zhong Yihan looked to Liang Jinfeng and said, "President Liang, according to the" Duel Law "of the new era, if I think someone has insulted my personality or even maliciously slandered, can I challenge him? "

    Liang Jinfeng coughed, with an official attitude: "Of course, the law supports the fighter to recover his reputation, of course, he can also refuse to challenge."

    After a pause, Liang Jinfeng said: "but reject the challenge, there will also be a great loss of reputation, especially those who first look for trouble and then refuse to challenge will be included in the file, and will be considered has no enough endurance by their superiors in the future assessment. "

    Zhong Yihan nodded and then nodded to the shouting students in the audience: "If I didn't take the drug, then you are all slandering me, I will write down the names and challenge you one by one. If anyone should not fight, I will write your name on a white cloth and hang it with the shit and hang it at the school entrance! "

    These students suddenly changed their faces!

    No one doubts Zhong Yihan is kidding.

    If he did this, there would be absolutely no one who dares to take his challenge-after all, even Xiong Bo was defeated. Now, looking at the first high school in Anping County, only Wu Sikong can fight with him.

    Who else dares to fight with him on the ring? !!

    But the name was stained with shit and hung in front of the school, it was a great insult to a person!

    They are all young people, not to mention whether it will become a stain of their own lives in the future, who can tolerate it? !!

    So the students who were called fiercely just shrank themselves behind the others.

    Seeing this scene, Zhong Yihan sneered, and Liang Jinfeng nodded slightly.

    When Kung Fu just started, a group of keyboard fighters criticized this and that every day—what happened to this group of people later?

    Didn't they stop after being beaten? !!

    As a powerful fighter, you must learn to use this simple and effective method to solve problems!

    When Song Deqiu saw the students being silent, he was furious and angrily and shouted, "Zhong Yihan! Look what you are like now! Do you dare to threaten other students? Do you want to go to school here?"

    "I'm not going to school here!"


    Zhong Yihan sneered, pointing at his nose and saying, "Song Deqiu, starting today, I am no longer a student of No. 1 High School! I quit school myself!"

  • Chapter 139 - Simple Method

    "I, Zhong Yihan is no longer a student of No.1 High School! I quit school myself!"

    Zhong Yihan's words were loud, and at this moment, a voice under the ring also sounded.

    "Zhong Yihan dropped out of school and I also dropped out of school!"

    Fan Dali followed closely: "I also drop out!"

    The next one was Ming Jiajia stood up and shouted, "The school is unfair! I also drop out!"

    Li Xinyu raised his hand silently, with a clear voice: "From the beginning to the end, I only saw a ridiculous farce, but the principal, if Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, please give evidence directly, You are the principal and a person of identity, but you behave like a vixen. I drop out of school.

    Yang Yuan and his friend Zhang Bo looked at each other, took a step together and raised their hands:

    "I Yang Yuan!"

    "Zhang Bo!"

    "The school is unfair, we drop out!"

    Du Tianqing sighed and came out: "It's a very simple matter. Did Zhong Yihan take the banned drugs? It's that simple. Go to a hospital for a checkup. You have been talking about it for so long that you can’t even get some evidence. You are so ashamed! ”

    After a pause, he exclaimed: "I Du Tianqing, drop out!"

    The students were in an uproar.

    Among these people, except for Zhu Fatty and Fan Dali who is slightly weaker, several others are considered good seedlings of the school, so they all dropped out for supporting Zhong Yihan? !!

    But there is another person ...

    Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali both looked at Ning Jinshui, but Ning Jinshui hesitated and turned back.

    In the eyes of several people, there was a deep disappointment.

    Song Deqiu was furious and exclaimed, "What are you doing here? What are you doing ?! Have you forced me? If you don’t want to study, fine, all drop out!"

    Zhu Zhenxing chuckled and said, "We don't want to go to school with you. open your eyes and see. Do you think we have left here and nowhere to go?"

    Song Deqiu was suffocated. He wanted to shout to all these students, but he found that these people had money and strength at home. If he had offended so many of them at the same time, his life is not so good.

    Just then, Liang Jinfeng laughed suddenly: "Principal Song, don't get angry first, in fact, I think the words of these students are quite reasonable."

    Song Deqiu was shocked, only feeling a bad hunch.

    Liang Jinfeng said: "This is the original thing, whether Zhong Yihan has taken banned drugs, no matter who said it, the test result is true! It is such a simple matter, right? Now that you say Zhong Yihan took a banned drug, and Zhong Yihan himself said no, then check it, right? "

    Song Deqiu was so shocked that he almost tried his best to not let himself be frightened. He looked at Liang Jinfeng with a charming smile and said, "Here, President Liang, things have been determined, so don’t need to trouble the Kung Fu Association. And this is a matter of our school. If the Kung Fu association stepped in, it would be awful to spread it out. "

    Liang Jinfeng sneered but still looked like a business official, saying: "Of course, the affairs of the students are under the control of the school, but if it involves illegal acts of slander, then we must take the action. Right? President Song. "

    After speaking, without waiting for Song Deqiu's response, Liang Jinfeng turned on the communicator on his wrist and said, "It's me, find me a machine that can detect the banned drugs, and two professional doctors, come to the gym of No.1 High School. Well, be fast, or I'm worried that people here can't wait. "

    After speaking, Liang Jinfeng smiled and looked at Song Deqiu with a pale face, and smiled, "Principal Song, shall we wait?"

    Song Deqiu's face was pale, and the secretary standing behind him was even more unbearable. His feet were soft and he almost sat on the ground.

    Whether it is Song Deqiu or the secretary, now there is only one thought in his heart: "It's over."

    The journey from the Kung Fu Association to the No.1 High School took a maximum of ten minutes, but it was a long and painful process for everyone waiting.

    The students looked at each other.

    Those students are not stupid. Who can't see the subtlety of the atmosphere at the moment?

    They can’t offend Zhong Yihan, so the best way now is to wait with peace of mind, don't worry about anything, don’t stand the teams on either side.

    Ten minutes later, an ambulance drove into the stadium and stopped directly on the edge of the platform.

    Two medical staff carried a one-tall, coffin-like thing from the trunk toward this side, and the students automatically gave way, and the medical staff carried the instrument all the way to the platform, and then lowered it.

    Checking on the ring platform can be seen by most people to prevent someone from cheating.

    The medical staff began to install and debug the instrument, and Liang Jinfeng explained to everyone with a smile, saying: "This thing is the latest self-developed life condition monitor. It can be detected directly without a blood draw or urine test. People lie in it, the status of various hormones in his body, whether normal or abnormal, can be detected. "

    A few minutes later, after the medical staff debugged the instrument, Liang Jinfeng said to Zhong Yi, "Go in."

    Zhong Yihan nodded and lay in the instrument under the doctor's instructions.

    The appearance of the testing instrument is somewhat similar to that of the sleeping compartment. After Zhong Yihan lay in, numerous complex wires were connected to his body. After covering the glass cover, the instrument began automatic detection.

    The test does not require hypnosis, so Zhong Yihan is in the detection device and can see everyone's facial expressions through the glass cover.

    Zhang Shou's expression was a little tense. Obviously, he really cared about himself. Perhaps, he could really think about going to the third high school.

    Li Xinyu and they all also came to the ring. Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali were determined, Ming Jiajia and Li Xinyu were very worried, and Du Tianqing and Yang Yuan were worried.

    When it came to dropping out of school just now, they were standing a line with him, and Zhong Yihan was very moved.

    Song Deqiu and the secretary were standing in the corner of the ring. The two were pale and their legs were trembling.

    Zhong Yihan sneered,

    He couldn't wait to see how Song Deqiu and his secretary would forcefully explain after he had proved himself innocent.

    As for the students who taunted and slandered him around.

    Anyway, Zhong Yihan has decided to drop out, and let them go.

    Prejudice is a mountain in people's hearts. Even if Zhong Yihan is now self-certified, they will find other reasons to justify themselves.

    As time passed by minutes, the inspection apparatus seemed to examine many items of his body.

    With the sound, the glass cover opens automatically, and the testing instrument flashes a friendly green light.


    On the display on the side, parameters of Zhong Yihan's body indicators appeared.

  • Chapter 140 - The Truth

    The doctor held Zhong Yihan's medical report and said loudly, "Every indicator in this student's body is very normal, especially in the case of banned hormones, all of which are negative."

    After a pause, the doctor announced: "This student is not taking a banned drug!"

    There was an uproar immediately below the ring.

    "Everything is OK, won't it be a malfunction of the machine?"

    "Zhong Yihan did not use banned drugs, so how could he progress so fast?"

    "I don't believe Zhong Yihan did not use banned drugs, it must be what he did!"

    Many students expressed that it was difficult to accept such a result. In fact, they already had a premonition in their hearts, but they were unwilling to believe such a fact.

    The fact is that others have risen, and they are still waste!

    These students wanted to seek new explanations from Song Deqiu and his secretary, but they were surprised to find that the principal whom they respected was sitting on the ground at this time, and looked ashamed.

    Liang Jinfeng said coldly: "It turned out that Zhong Yihan did not use banned drugs. President Song, what else do you want to say now?"

    Liang Jinfeng's words, like a seal, meant that Zhong Yihan's affairs reached the final conclusion.

    As the only Kung Fu fighter present, the chairman of the Kung Fu Association, Liang Jinfeng's majesty cannot be doubted.

    Moreover, Liang Jinfeng has always been known for his fairness. Even if his relatives break the law, he will still follow suit.

    Therefore, the students did not think that Liang Jinfeng would shield Zhong Yihan, who had nothing to do with him. Since he said so, it meant that Zhong Yihan did not use banned drugs.

    "No, that's impossible!"

    The student named Zhong Yihan stood up before and shouted, "There must be something wrong with this device! How could Zhong Yihan didn’t take a banned drug? He didn't take a banned drug. Why did he progress so fast?"

    "What do you ask?"

    It wasn't Zhong Yihan who answered him, but Liang Jinfeng said it himself.

    Liang Jin looked at the student coldly, and said, "Then why do you say that I am a Kung Fu fighter, are you still an ordinary person? Why can others make rapid progress, but you can only always stand still? Why some people have a wealth of money from birth? Why can't you afford even a pair of shoes with a few thousand?! "

    Liang Jinfeng suddenly shouted, "What do other people's affairs have to do with you ?! You don't look at the advantages of others, you just complain, and why should others explain to you?! "

    As a big fighter, Liang Jinfeng was decisive in this remark. The student who was trained had a pale face but did not even have the courage to turn his back.

    At this time, some people applauded and said, "Chairman Liang is right!"

    The crowd looked silently, and it really was Zhu Zhenxing.

    Liang Jinfeng glanced and said loudly: "The evidence is conclusive, and now I, Liang Jinfeng, on behalf of the Anping County Kung Fu Association, to correct the name of Zhong Yihan! He has never taken a banned drug! If anyone dares to rumor that he is taking a banned drug, That is legally responsible! "

    After that, Liang Jinfeng's cold eyes glanced at the audience.

    Those students who had insisted that Zhong Yihan take banned drugs also bowed their heads one by one.

    Under such conclusive evidence, a big Kung Fu fighter gave Zhong Yihan support in this way, no one will question.

    Liang Jinfeng looked at Song Deqiu with a smile on his face, and said, "Principal Song, do you have something to say?"

    Song Deqiu's face was iron-blue and white again. After several consecutive times, this made a smile that was uglier than crying, saying: "Since the Kung Fu Association has proved it, then Zhong Yihan is innocent, the school is too nervous. After all, it is too bad for a student to take banned drugs. It is good to clarify! "

    At this time, Zhong Yihan sneered: "Song Deqiu, just a sentence, do you want to end it?"

    Song Deqiu's face changed greatly, and he said angrily, "Zhong Yihan, what else do you want ?!"

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "You said just now that I took banned drugs and talked about my father's affairs, and the sentence was over? If it wasn't for President Liang, not for the Kung Fu Association to return my reputation, then I will carry this taint for a lifetime! How can there be such a principle in this world? The former Chairman of the Kung Fu Association said that if the generation of Kung Fu fighters can’t reach their thoughts, how can they break their shackles ?! "

    "You, what do you want ?!"

    Zhong Yihan said with a loud voice: "Two options, one is here, apologies to me in public, be sincere! Second, give the person who slanders me, he insults my reputation, I fight with him, fight life and death!"

    The students' faces changed greatly.

    However, it is not surprising that as a young man of his strength, it is not normal if he has been wronged for a long time and still does not fight back.

    Song Deqiu's face changed greatly.

    It is impossible to apologize, it is impossible in this life!

    If he apologized to a student, wouldn't he completely lose his old face? !!

    Thinking of this, Song Deqiu suddenly raised an idea, pointed his secretary fiercely, and said loudly: "It's him, it's him! It is he who reported that you must have taken a banned drug!"

    Under the secretary's pale face and desperate eyes, Song Deqiu's acting broke out, and his face was full of remorse: "Student Zhong Yihan, he reported it. I also have some doubts, but he said arrogantly that you must have taken a drug. Otherwise, you would not be possible to make such rapid progress, I have lost my heart and believed him. "

    Zhong Yihan sneered and looked at the secretary. It was not that he believed Song Deqiu's words, but that the secretary had been making trouble just now, and Zhong Yihan naturally would not let him go.

    "Secretary Liu, come here, sign the exemption clause, life, and death battle, you can choose your weapon!"

    The secretary couldn't help but tremble, he had just passed the vitality of 1.5, and he still had a life-and-death battle against the Zhong Yihan. He seriously doubted whether he could walk down the ring alive?

    Well, there is no need to doubt this. Looking at Zhong Yihan's eyes, he knows that he will never let himself go!

    The secretary looked at Song Deqiu and saw that he had been winking at himself, and in his heart was despair, remorse, and anger.

    He knew that he was abandoned by Song Deqiu, and even became a temporary pawn of Song Deqiu.

    If he went to the ring and was killed by Zhong Yihan, Song Deqiu may have some tricks.

    But why? !!

    He doesn't want to die!

    And what does all this have to do with him? Why should he carry this blame for Song Deqiu? !!

    At this moment, Secretary Liu wanted to explode the insider he knew directly, but he was not sure whether he could bring Song Deqiu down. If he couldn't, he would have no retreat.

    He is just a secretary and has his own family to consider.

    The secretary laughed bitterly and confessed his life.


    He came to Zhong Yihan and said sincerely, "I admit that I framed you up. Zhong Yihan, I was wrong. I sincerely apologize to you and hope you can forgive me."

  • Chapter 141 - Apologize

    Secretary Liu's words immediately caused an uproar.

    Many people looked weird and looked at a few people on the stage.

    "Did he take responsibility for the principal?"

    Someone couldn't help but groaned and was immediately covered by his companion's mouth: "Shh, keep quiet, don't talk nonsense."

    After all, Song Deqiu was the principal and the leader of the first high school in Anping County.

    Through this incident of Zhong Yihan, everyone has learned that they can’t offend Song Deqiu.

    You know, not every time Liang Jinfeng just appeared and helped.

    Zhong Yihan looked at the very humble secretary Liu in front of him, and his expression did not change at all: "Of course you are guilty, but your sin is the same as Li Chenmin's, that is to voluntarily become a wicked gun. Secretary Liu, I will give you another chance at last "Do you plan all of this by yourself?"

    "Yes, everything is arranged by me. I just dislike your strength increasing too fast. You know, I'm in my thirties and I've just reached the vitality of a Kung Fu learner. But you became the top of school, why? "

    "I'm jealous, so I want Wang Li and Qian Hansong to teach you something, but I didn't expect that their two wastes are not your opponents. There is no way, I have to lie that someone reports anonymously and says you took banned drugs. I have followed principal Song for so many years and won his trust. The principal has no doubt at all about what I said and believes it directly. You all know the next thing ... "

    Secretary Liu weaves a complete set of stories. The causes, processes, results, and even many details are enough to convince.

    But few people really believe in him.

    Zhong Yihan, Zhang Shou, Zhu Zhenxing ... they listened to Secretary Liu coldly telling a story that they knew was false, but they felt a little sad.

    This is the sadness of a little person.

    On one side is the principal and on the other is the shining genius supported by the Kung Fu Association. He, a little secretary has no ability to determine his own destiny at all.

    After Secretary Liu had finished telling the story, before Zhong Yihan had time to speak, he heard Song Deqiu's indignation and rebuked: "Okay, Secretary Liu, I believe you, how could you treat me so bad? I almost wronged a good student, but also It ’s so good that President Liang's profound sense of righteousness proves the innocence of Zhong Yihan! "

    "President Liang, the truth is now clear. Although Secretary Liu is my subordinate, I will never take care of him. In order to give Zhong Yihan an explanation, I have no opinion on how you punish him."

    Song Deqiu said that he had a look that was exactly the same as when he just came out to slander Zhong Yihan.

    How could there be such a disgusting person in the world?

    Just as he was sitting on the ground in despair just now, in a blink of an eye, he looked as if nothing had happened to him?

    If not so many people were watching here, Zhu Zhenxing really wanted to urinate and let him look in the mirror.

    Secretary Liu's expression of regret had apparently been completely confessed.

    Song Deqiu said: "Yihan, although this is what Secretary Liu did wrong, you see that you have not been harmed, and what should be clarified, Secretary Liu also sincerely apologized to you, profound reflecting on his own mistakes, in my opinion, this matter is just over. "

    "Never hurt?" Zhu Zhenxing couldn't bear it, and sneered, "So let's go tomorrow and print a 100,000-point flyer, which says the principal of Anping County No.1 High School, keep a mistress, corruption, bribery, misbehavior, and then I spent money to find someone to post the whole city ... "

    Zhu Fat stared at Song Deqiu, mockingly, "You haven't been hurt, and then I apologize to you sincerely and sincerely reflect on my own mistakes, otherwise we'll just forget it ?!"

    The audience suddenly laughed, and even the people of the Kung Fu Association who are watching the drama couldn't help twitching the corners of their mouths and communicating with each other with eyes, the fat man's mouth was too bad!

    Song Deqiu was mad, but he rarely did not refute Zhu Zhenxing, but made a look of "I don't want to argue with you".

    Of course, he must have secretly remembered this feud, thinking of looking for opportunities to revenge in the future.

    At this moment, Liang Jinfeng, who had been sneer, finally spoke: "Little fat man, don't be so bad. President Song, Let me say something?"

    The Kung Fu association spoke, and everyone naturally gave a bit of face.

    Liang Jinfeng said: "It's such a thing. It's indeed President Song you're wrong, even if you have too much trust in the secretary. Taking such a big thing as a banned drug is a matter that can affect a student's life. Your disposal is indeed too anxious. "

    Song Deqiu scolded in his heart, knowing that Liang Jinfeng was unwilling, but at this time he could only do so.

    "So, this matter is small, it may be a misunderstanding, just clarify is ok. But if Zhong Yihan feels that you have violated his reputation and the dignity, he will go to the next level, to report to the municipal and provincial Kung Fu associations and the education sector. "

    "And this little fat boy," Liang Jinfeng looked at Zhu Zhenxing, pretending to reprimand, "You can't make a rumor! If you are really rich, you can go to invite one hundred and eighty reporters. If you really have the ability, you could invite the reporter from Hua Daily! But what is it about making rumors? I will criticize you! "

    "Yes, what President Liang taught was that I was wrong!" Zhu Zhenxing confessed with a smile.

    And Song Deqiu's face was pale again. Since the resurgence of energy, so far, for officials like them, the two are most afraid. Accountability and media exposure. Liang Jingfeng is threatening.

    After slamming Song Deqiu hard, Liang Jinfeng said: "But, I also think that things are not that big. Zhong Yihan, you are going to face the college entrance examination immediately. Now you should not waste your energy on this kind of dispute. And President Song, you shouldn't make things bigger, affecting school progress, right? "

    "So, I have an opinion here, you can refer to it. That is, let principal Song apologize to you in public, and then pay some compensation or something, so this thing has passed. How? What do you two mean? how is it?"

    Zhong Yihan knows that this is Liang Jinfeng's steps for both sides, and he is very sensible: "I have no opinion, thank you, President Liang."

    Song Deqiu gritted his teeth fiercely, but knew that he was completely passive now, so he gritted his teeth and said, "I have no opinion."

    He turned and said quickly to Zhong Yihan: "I'm sorry."

    Then he turned his head.

    Zhong Yihan drew his ears: "Principal Song, what did you just say? I didn't hear it."

    Liang Jinfeng also said unpleasantly: "Principal Song, there must be a sincere apology, and an apology without sincerity, is it still an apology?"

    Song Deqiu bit his teeth into a creak, so he took a deep breath and said loudly: "Zhong Yihan, I accidentally wronged you, sorry!"

    There was an uproar, and they didn’t expect Song Deqiu apologized.

    Liang Jinfeng glanced at Zhong Yihan and motioned to him to say something.

    Zhong Yihan sneered: "Fuck you!!"

  • Chapter 142 - Popular

    Many years later, Zhong Yihan has already been successful, becoming a well-known top stronger on the whole earth, and has made countless dazzling feats in the war between mankind and the Different World.

    The teachers and students of Anping No. 1 High School and members of the Kung Fu Association were still alive at that time. Whenever they saw Zhong Yihan's report in the newspapers and news, they couldn't help but remember the end of the year of high school.

    When Song Deqiu was forced to apologize under pressure, Zhong Yihan used a sentence, "Fuck you," which caused the audience to boil, and Song Deqiu's face turned blue.

    At that time, some people felt that he was a proud person, some felt that he was real, some felt that he was too arrogant, and some felt that he would have no good end.

    But many years later, when everyone recalled this scene, they all agreed that Zhong Yihan could become the world's top stronger today, but most of them could not even reach a big Kung Fu fighter, even could not reach a fighter ... this is indeed a reason.

    Personality determines destiny. Maybe they lack blood and domineering like Zhong Yihan.

    Like Zhong Yihan later said in private.

    Song Deqiu originally apologized under pressure, not a sincere apology, and the things he did can not be resolved by a mere apology. Why should he forgive Song Deqiu and give him this face? !!

    The face is always earned by himself, not by others!

    Of course, Zhong Yihan's scolding, as a result, Song Deqiu had to compensate him for some material compensation, naturally disappeared.

    But Zhong Yihan doesn't care. With his net worth, he doesn’t care such compensations-and he is happy, that’s fine!

    In short, after such a scolding, this matter is considered to be over.

    Song Deqiu's face turned blue and left. Secretary Liu also wanted to follow, but Liang Jinfeng already said that he should be obedient to the Kung Fu Association for investigation.

    Due to this sudden incident, the 16 strong hegemony tournament had to be terminated in advance. Wu Sikong, who was already eager to try to compete with Zhong Yihan, could only accept the reality.

    Zhong Yihan suddenly realized that his recent luck seemed to have been bad.

    Participate in the field experience, which will be terminated early.

    Participation in the Top 16 Tournament was terminated early.

    Is he a regular game terminator?

    When Wu Sikong was leaving, he found Zhong Yihan and said, "Zhong Yihan, I am looking forward to fighting with you, but I think you have no interest today."

    Zhong Yihan's impression of Wu Sikong was not bad, saying: "There will be a chance."

    Wu Sikong nodded and left, and other students also left. Ordinary students are thinking about quickly taking out such a big gossip to share with others, and students with deeper ideas have begun to figure out what to do next.

    "President Liang, thank you very much for today. I will never forget this kindness."

    Zhong Yihan doesn't say too many words, but he never forgets the kindness of others. Although with the strength of Liang Jinfeng, there are not many places he can help, after a long time, I believe there will always be opportunities.

    Liang Jinfeng patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder, squeezed his arm, and then smiled with satisfaction: "Yes, the body is really strong, can defeat Xiong Bo, prove that you have a good combat ability, how about it, have you considered to come to Kung Fu Association? "

    Compared with the last one mentioned in the last experience, Liang Jinfeng is obviously much more direct this time.

    Zhu Zhenxing was not surprised by this. With the strength that Zhong Yihan now shows, anyone who comes will be amazed.

    Zhang Shou originally planned to wait for Liang Jinfeng to leave and talk to Zhong Yihan about the third high school. However, he did not expect the other party to invite him. He immediately said, "President Liang, Yihan is still a high school student, and it is the most important year. Even if he is going to Kung Fu association, it is not necessary to be so early, it is better to wait for Zhong Yihan to be admitted to the university in the future, and then let him make a decision.

    Liang Jinfeng immediately laughed when he heard: "Isn't it bad to go to the Kung Fu Association in advance? I can still teach those things taught in the university. Our association is a serious institution, not only with a good salary but a bright future. You know, many people have broken their heads and wanted to enter the Kung Fu Association, but they had no opportunity. "

    Liang Jinfeng's words immediately made Zhang Shou even harder. When Zhang Shou saw Liang Jinfeng made up his mind and wanted Zhong Yihan, he could only use his eyes to signal Zhong Yihan not to answer it.

    With a smile, Zhong Yihan did not see Zhang Shou but said to Liang Jinfeng: "President Liang, thank you for your kindness. I know that the Kung Fus Association is a good place, but I already have my own goals. That is to do my best to see if you can enter the Top Four. "

    This is the first time that Zhong Yihan has said the "Top Four" goal in the presence of everyone.

    However, now that he said such words, no one around him would laugh at him anymore.

    Because he has already proven his strength now, of course, the most terrible is his speed of progress-there are still five months before the college entrance examination, who dares to say that in these five months, Zhong Yihan can not go further? !!

    Liang Jinfeng also laughed and said, "Top Four? Well, it's a good goal. Since that's the case, I won't say much more. If you have time, come to the Kung Fu Association. If you change your mind, I welcome anytime."

    Next Liang Jingfeng talked with Zhong Yihan for a few more words and then left.

    Without the pressure of Liang Jinfeng, Du Tianqing finally dared to say, "Yihan, where are you going next? We just discussed it and are ready to go to the next school with you."

    Zhong Yihan was surprised: "Are you really ready to drop out? Isn't this necessary?"

    Yang Yuan said with a smile: "Why is it unnecessary? The first high school is now rotten. You think, three of the school's fighters, Teacher Lu was promoted and transferred, Li Chenmin was arrested, Teacher Zhang also resigned. Instead, Song Deqiu stayed here. What future does it have to stay here? "

    "The most important thing is that we are brothers. Since we said we are going to drop out, we must drop out!"

    Zhong Yihan originally wanted to persuade them not to drop out. After all, they dropped out for himself, which would make him stressed.

    But after Yang Yuan's explanation, it seems to make sense.

    Although the students are basically fighting on their own, if they can learn in a better environment, it is better.

    Zhong Yihan nodded his head, and stretched out his hand, "Share the joys and sorrows!"

    Li Xinyu, Zhu Zhenxing, Fan Dali, Ming Jiajia, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, Zhang Bo, several people, and Zhong Yihan surrounded a circle, folded their hands together, and then said in the same voice: "Share the joys and sorrows! "

    Zhang Shou was moved by Zhong Yihan's brotherhood and could not help clapping and applauding, "Yes, yes, you are all good. In this case, then come with me and go to the third high school."

  • Chapter 143 - Vitality Exposure

    Everyone was quite happy. When Zhang Shou said that going to the third high school, they were suddenly frightened.

    "What, go to No. 3 High School ?!"

    "Mr. Zhang, aren't you kidding us ?!"

    "Teacher Zhang, please don't joke."

    Zhang Shou expected that they would have such a reaction. After all, most of them had good strength and a good background. Even if they went to Yazun High School, there was no big problem.

    But he had already considered it, and laughed, "It's not convenient to speak here. Let's find a place first, and then I will explain it to you in detail."

    Zhong Yihan said: "That way, find a place first."

    Ming Jiajia pointed to the stadium entrance, hesitating a bit: "Ning Jinshui has been standing there for a long time, don't we call him together?"

    "Don't worry about him. He had already made a choice when we dropped out."

    As soon as Ning Jinshui was mentioned, Zhu Zhenxing became angry.

    Even if Ning Jinshui was hard, he chose to flinch when it was time to support Zhong Yihan, how could they let him be his brother. Fan Dali, Du Tianqing, Yang Yuan, and Li Xinyu nodded. Even Zhong Yihan was indifferent, indicating his attitude.

    Seeing everyone's response, Ming Jiajia said, "I see. I support everyone."

    Everyone left the stadium entrance, but none of them paid attention to Ning Jinshui.

    Ning Jinshui wanted to come forward and say something, but in the end, his dignity kept him from coming up.

    Just watching the back of the crowd leaving, Ning Jinshui suddenly felt a huge failure, as if at this moment, he lost something very important ...

    Zhang Shou found a big hotel and invited everyone to dinner.

    As a fighter, Zhang Shou's wealth is not low. It is more than enough to treat a meal, so when ordering, everyone didn't save him money.

    For Ning Jinshui's choice, everyone was tacit and did not continue to mention it. Things were very clear when they were at school just now. After that, he walks on his sunny road and they walk on their single wooden bridge.

    Zhong Yihan is not the kind of man with no principle. Since the other party has no solidarity during his difficult time, don't expect him to accept the other party again.

    Fan Dali said: "Honestly, Yihan is really unlucky. He didn't get a reward last time in training. He didn't get it again this time, but dropped out of school."

    Everyone else nodded in agreement.

    Zhong Yihan wanted to tell them that he actually got a lot of energy stones-but after all, he didn't say it.

    That time in the training, he not only received a reward of 500,000 bounties from the Kung Fu Association but also received a large number of energy stones to increase his strength. These gains are not small, where did he lose?

    As for the top 16 hegemony competition, Zhong Yihan was originally venting. Although there were some twists and turns in the middle, the final goal was still achieved.

    Ming Jiajia puzzled: "It's just a pity that Song Deqiu successfully got away. This time it was obvious that he wanted to maim Yihan, but why did President Liang only catch Secretary Liu?"

    Everyone looked at her with a smile, and that look made Ming Jiajia very unhappy and felt like she was mentally retarded.

    Seeing that Ming Jiajia threatened to wave her fist, everyone laughed. Zhang Jianshu smiled and explained: "Jiajia, you don't understand, this is a kind of compromise in politics. After all, Song Deqiu is the principal of No.1 High School, and he is not the only one. In fact, the Kung Fu Association has long been dissatisfied with Song Deqiu, but it is not easy to catch him, only for the matter of Zhong Yihan, Secretary Liu had taken the responsibility. In this case, even if there is another trouble, it can only cause him some small troubles, and it cannot hurt his roots. "

    "So in this case, the best way is to compromise, on the one hand, to keep Zhong Yihan's reputation, and on the other, let him pay some price, just ..."

    Everyone looked at Zhong Yihan again, and the latter laughed: "I have no interest in the compensation, but I would rather vent... If I were not afraid to cause trouble for President Liang, I would like to directly slap him! "

    Everyone laughed, and Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yihan is awesome now!"

    "If you really give Song Deqiu a slap, it must be very cool!"

    "If really give him a slap, and that's a big deal."

    "In fact, although this slap did not really hit Song Deqiu's face, it was actually not too light." Yang Yuan said at this time, "Although many students did not question in person, everyone was not stupid. A principal, such a crackdown on a student, Song Deqiu's reputation is thoroughly bad!"! "

    After a pause, Yang Yuan added: "I guess there will be a lot of people who will drop out like us, especially those who are ranked in the top. The strength of the No.1 High School who lost the three Kung Fu fighters was already down, plus the event of Song Deqiu will surely make many students worry that they will become the new targeted targets, and that transfer is almost inevitable. "

    Everyone nodded, thinking that Yang Yuan's analysis was very reasonable.

    Du Tianqing said: "Anyway, we have also dropped out of school, and it doesn't matter to us how it will be. What I want to know is how much is your vitality now, Yihan?"

    The performance of Zhong Yihan today is too amazing, especially his fight with Xiong Bo, which left a deep impression on them.

    The knife that Zhong Yihan defeated Xiong Bo, and even when they were outside the ring, they felt a bit of coldness.

    Zhang Shou had long wanted to ask Zhong Yihan's vitality, but he never found a suitable excuse.

    Ming Jiajia speculated: "If you want to defeat Xiong Bo, you may have a vitality of 2.6 or even 2.7?"

    "2.7 is not enough, at least 2.8! You must know that Zhong Yihan defeated Xiong Bo with one move!"

    Zhong Yihan said with a smirk: "If you guess again, I will become a Kung Fu fighter. In fact, it is not as high as you think, my current vitality is only 2.5."

    There was a brief silence on the round table, Zhang Bo twitched, "Only 2.5??"

    "How do you make me a person who has only improved by 0.1 in two months?" Yang Yuan couldn't help but vomit.

    Originally, he was quite satisfied with his vitality to 1.7. After the last kidnapping incident, Yang Yuan worked harder in the past two months, but compared with Zhong Yihan, his promotion was not even a fraction of the opponent.

    It made him feel great frustration.

    What has he been doing all these years? !!

  • Chapter 144 - Zhang Shou's Reasons

    Everyone talked about Zhong Yihan's progress, it is really non-human.

    Fan Dali said desperately: "You have also improved by 0.1, and now my vitality has just reached 1!"

    He suddenly found in despair that in this group of geniuses, he belonged to the worst.

    Zhu Zhenxing's vitality is lower than him, but his family has more money than his family. And there is a genius sister who can inherit the family business. As for Zhong Yihan, Fan Dali has long put an end to the idea of comparison with him, and now only praise and worship remain.

    Li Xinyu glanced at Zhong Yihan and could not help recalling the scene when Zhong Yihan was in the archery hall when he had just advanced to the one hundred meter field.

    At that time, her only impression of Zhong Yihan was disgusting and disdainful. She felt that he was a scumbag who was degenerate and looked down on girls.

    Then Zhong Yihan only used one week to advance to the 150 meter field, so that she who stayed in the 100 meter field for half a year felt the inexplicable pressure for the first time, and it was also the first time she started to face Zhong Yihan squarely, found that the other party is not as scum as she imagined.

    After fighting with Yun Chao, Li Xinyu saw Zhong Yihan's persistence, and she also saw Zhang Li's face.

    In the following kidnapping incident, Li Xinyu was desperate because of Qiao Cheng's appearance and Zhang Li's betrayal. She had imagined that the people of the Kung Fu Association suddenly appeared, and she also imagined that the association teachers came to save people, but she did not expect that it would be Zhong Yihan.

    Especially when Li Xinyu was held by Qiao Cheng, Zhong Yihan's decisive use of arc arrows to kill the opponent made her feel a great sense of security.


    This was the assessment of Zhong Yihan after Li Xinyu was rescued.

    At that time, she made up her mind and moved forward with Zhong Yihan.

    Unexpectedly, only two months later, Zhong Yihan had far more than her.

    This made Li Xinyu, who had always been immersed in her own rhythm and had no interest in the speed of others' practice, felt for the first time a deep sense of weakness.

    Li Xinyu, who was well aware of the status of strength, suddenly felt a little scared, fearing that the gap between Zhong Yihan and her would grow wider, and she would not see Zhong Yihan's back.

    Li Xinyu raised her head, and inadvertently looked at Ming Jiajia, and found that the other person's eyes flickered, and her face was worried.

    Zhong Yihan noticed that the atmosphere on the dining table had become a little strange. Everyone was in a shocking state, making him realize that his actual vitality still had a considerable impact on them.

    But since it was already said, Zhong Yihan did not regret it.

    It’s not good to let this atmosphere last. He thought about it and looked at Zhang Shoudao, “Mr. Zhang, didn’t you say that you wanted us to go to the third high school? Can you tell us a specific reason?”

    "Yes, Teacher Zhang, why to go to No. 3 High School, isn't it better to go to Yazun?" Zhu Zhenxing also wondered, "And it is better to No. 2 High School, right? Everyone knows how bad the No.3 High School is, It's not a place for serious students at all. "

    Zhu Zhenxing has not been impacted by Zhong Yihan's surge in vitality. In his opinion, let alone Zhong Yihan's vitality now reaches 2.5. Even if he reaches 5 to become a fighter, he will only be happy.

    Just considering the No.3 High school or to Yazun, he was also thinking about Zhong Yihan.

    After all, if there was only one of him, it would be the same everywhere.

    Zhang Shou originally wanted to wait for the dishes to be served. When everyone was happy, he said something about No.3 High School.

    But since Zhong Yihan offered to take the initiative, he had nothing to hide and said frankly: "I have thought about this before. As the worst school in the county, the third high school is definitely not as good as Yazun High School with strong faculty. "

    "However, this has changed not long ago. Lu Wu, the vice principal of the No. 1 High School, was promoted to become the principal of the No. 3 High School. At the same time, the official reform of the No. 3 High School, will increase the training resources allocated to the No. 3 High School. You must know that with your strength after you go to the No. 3 High School, there must be the top, and resources will surely be concentrated on you. "

    "But going to Yazun High School is not the same. Yazun High School has a lot of talents. After you go, you can be allocated very limited resources."

    But this reason is difficult to satisfy everyone, Du Tianqing frowned: "But for us, resources are not the most important."

    For people who have excellent family conditions such as Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan, and Zhang Bo, they have all the resources they should have, and even if the school does not have the resources, it is impossible to get it.

    Unless there are any particularly powerful resources, they will not be moved at all.

    Of course, this is only for ordinary high schools, and the resource awards given by famous universities to students, especially top students, are very impressive. Many good things are not even available on the market!

    Zhang Shou nodded and said, "I know this, so the above is just the first point I said, and the second point, that is me, I will teach you alone!"

    Everyone was shocked, Zhang Shou continued: "Actually, I have already called with President Lu Wulu. He welcomed me to the No.3 High School and was willing to give me a lot of room for development. Don't hide that, Principal Lu has assured me that I will start from a relatively high starting point, and I can do it for a year or two. Being a vice-principal is all right. "

    "But these are not what I need in a hurry," Zhang Shou continued. "What I really value is the future development of the third high school under the leadership of Vice President Lu. Therefore, it is already halfway through the semester. I will join directly. There are no students to teach in the third high school. So I will not be a real teacher for this semester, but just the name. Similarly, you are the same, and the practice of Kung Fu will be given to you by me. "

    Zhang Shou's words suddenly made Zhong Yihan's eyes bright.

    Although his strength improved quickly during this time, he always practices by himself.

    Especially in the practice of "Kung Fu 72 Styles", there are many places where he feels very awkward, but he cannot find the problem, and can only push the progress forcibly.

    Although at present, the progress of practicing "Kung Fu 72 styles" is okay, but in the long run, Zhong Yihan is worried that the error quantity will accumulate into qualitative change, which will affect future promotion.

    However, if Zhang Shou is a private teacher, he can correct the mistakes in time before training. Zhang Shou is a fighter with a vitality of 6, and he can definitely see some problems with his experience.

    Personal education is different from a teacher. Although Zhang Shou was very serious in teaching when he was a teacher, it is impossible to take care of everyone, so most people's mistakes cannot be corrected in time.

    Obviously, Du Tianqing, Li Xinyu, Yang Yuan ... they all thought of a point with Zhong Yihan.

    Although Li Xinyu and some of them have extra-curricular tutoring, they can also find real fighters to tutor them.

    However, not to mention the high charges of these fighters, the fighters' resources of Anping County are limited. The tuition classes they attend also has many students. A class ranges from dozens of people to hundreds of people. It is impossible to get too much attention.

    Moreover, those fighters in the society may be good at fighting and killing enemies, but the teaching standards are absolutely incomparable with such professional teachers as Zhang Shou.

    As for the strength, the social Kung Fu fighters may be stronger than Zhang Shou, but in teaching, especially for the teaching of young people, what they know may not be able to be taught intact to students. Moreover, they are not very clear about the understanding ability and acceptance ability of young students, and they still rely on their own experience in training.

    But Zhang Shou is different.


    Zhang Shou has been a teacher for so many years in No.1 High School, and his teaching experience must be very rich.

  • Chapter 145 - Go To No.3 High School

    After seeing everyone ’s interest, Zhang Shou went on to add: "And there is still a problem. Although the faculty of Yazun High School is very strong and has many teachers, there is only one semester of time left for the college entrance examination. When you transfer to Yazun Middle School, it only takes at least a month or two to get familiar with the new teacher. It takes time and effort to say whether it is appropriate or not. And we have been together for more than two years, and I am clear about your situation. At that time, I can make a separate practice plan for each of you, and I believe it will be of great help to your practice. "

    Yang Yuan immediately echoed: "This is good! Yihan, what is your opinion?"

    "Yes, since we have decided to go forward with Yihan, of course, we have to look at Yihan's opinion."

    Fan Dali is also very interested in Zhang Shou's personal customization. His biggest problem now is that the efficiency is too low so that he cannot see the hope.

    Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing are different. He still cares about admission to Kung Fu University.

    Zhong Yihan smiled bitterly: "You guys make me very stressed."

    In fact, when Zhang Shou said that private education could be provided, he had already made up his mind.

    For Zhong Yihan, although Yazun High School is very good, the most important thing is the teacher. Now that there is ready-made Kung Fu teacher, why should he go to Yazun High School to find a new one?

    And Zhang Shou is right—get familiar with the new teacher, which takes time.

    But just now, they have no time to get familiar with a new teacher, so Zhang Shou is familiar with them, and they are also extremely familiar with Zhang Shou, which is indeed the best choice!

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan said decisively: "Mr. Zhang's proposal is very good, then, I decided to go to the third high school with Mr. Zhang."

    Li Xinyu said earnestly: "I also go to the third high school."

    "I have no hesitation about having Mr. Zhang as a personal teacher. I also choose No.3 high school."

    The crowd spoke one after another and finally said they went to the third high school.

    This moved Zhang Shou, who assured everyone: "You can rest assured, even if I bet on the reputation of the fighter, I will send you all to the ideal university. Of course, you have to tell your family such an important thing first. Don't make a decision so quickly. "

    "I know my parents will definitely agree with my choice, so Teacher Zhang, I will toast you first."

    Fan Dali is the most skilled at this wine table culture. Everyone is still thinking about how to talk to parents about transferring to the school. He has already started toasting.

    With Fan Dali taking the lead, everyone then gave Zhang Shoujing toast.

    At the same time, Zhong Yihan, who is the protagonist today, will inevitably be toasted by everyone.

    Zhong Yihan naturally paid tribute one by one. After this incident, he felt that the relationship with everyone was one step closer.

    Since they treat him sincerely, Zhong Yihan will not treat them badly.

    If there is a chance, it is not impossible for him to help them with attribute fruits or medicated bath bags.

    At this time, Zhang Shou laughed and said, "If President Lu knows that you all go to the third high school, he must be happy. Even if you don’t go to a class. There will be a few students who can be admitted to the Kung Fu Academy, even the key ones! "

    "And maybe ..." Zhang Shou glanced at Zhong Yihan and smiled: "Maybe a student who can be admitted to the Top Four can really appear?"

    Everyone laughed and coaxed and toasted Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan shook his head helplessly, raised a glass and drank one with everyone, and smiled bitterly: "You say so, I'm so stressed!"

    "We are under pressure!" Du Tianqing laughed. "Look at you. In just three or four months, the vitality has gone from 0.8 to 2.5, and there are still five months in the college entrance examination. If your vitality is growing so fast, Wouldn't it break 4? In that case, wouldn't you just pick the Top Four? "

    "Instead, whether we can be admitted to the key Kung Fu academy is still a question!"

    Fan Dali said with a cry on his face: "Brothers, you are all running to the key Kung Fu institutes, and me? If I can enter the ordinary Kung Fu institute, I am satisfied!"

    The crowd laughed.

    Zhong Yihan looked at Fan Dali and gave him a serious expression, saying: "Dali, you have to have confidence in yourself. I also summarized some training experiences during this time, plus teacher Zhang's personal teaching, I believe we can be admitted to our favorite school! And you, fat man, you have to train next! "

    "Ah ?!" The fat man looked bitterly, "Maybe I don't need it ?!"

    "Of course yes!" The crowd chanted in unison, including two girls, Li Xinyu and Ming Jiajia, and everyone laughed.

    Zhang Shou looked at them with a smile. After everyone had rested for a while, Zhang Shou laughed: "Everyone must work hard, and the harder you work, the more you can help Yihan!"

    Zhu Zhenxing first asked: "Ah? Why?"

    "You think about it, why is Song Deqiu so arrogant? Isn't it because he is the principal of No.1 High School? And why is the principal of No.1 High School so arrogant? Is it because the school is with the highest enrollment rate in the county?"

    As Zhang Shou said, everyone knew immediately.

    When Yang Yuan patted the table, he said loudly, "Yes! If we really want to hit Song Deqiu's face, so the best way is to beat the No.1 High School in the entrance exam!"

    Li Xinyu, who has not been very talkative, also smiled at this time: "If eight of us can be admitted to a good Kung Fu school, especially Yihan, if he can be admitted to the Top Four, then his face will be beaten. Moreover, among the top students of No.1 High School, Wang Li and Qian Hansong have been injured, and there is no Kung Fu teacher at No.1 High School, there will be a group of students who will transfer. "

    "As a result, the number of students admitted to this year's national college entrance examination will definitely be the lowest in recent years. And at the same time, if in No.3 High School, there are some students who can be admitted to a good school of Kung fu, especially if Yihan was admitted to the Top Four, so this time No.1 High School will be ashamed!"

    "That's right!" Zhu Zhenxing also regained his spirits, his eyes brightened. "When the time comes, find some media to write articles, saying that Song Deqiu was jealous and forced the students to drop out, so the education department will definitely hold Song Deqiu accountable. It is not impossible to drive away from him at that time! "

    The reason why Song Deqiu was so arrogant was that he was the principal of No.1 High School.

    For this kind of official fan, the best way to punish him is to let him lose his official!

    And this kind of thing is not impossible, but there is great hope!

    Zhong Yihan looked at Zhang Shou and laughed: "Mr. Zhang, with your strength, going to Yazun is oke. But if you don't go to Yazun, you will take us to the third high school ... Are you waiting for this moment? "

    Zhang Shou stunned slightly, and then smiled: "Of course! Hit the face in Yazun and hit the face in the No.3 High School, the feeling is completely different!"

    Everyone laughed, saying that Teacher Zhang also had such a dark side.

    After three wine tours, everyone enjoyed the dinner today. The happiest of all was, of course, Zhang Shou.

    Zhong Yihan was finally persuaded by him.

    In the future, Zhong Yihan's achievements will be higher, and his enlightenment teacher will have a brighter face!

    And Zhang Shou was very sure.


    Zhong Yihan's future achievements will never be weaker than Liang Jinfeng, a great Kung Fu fighter!

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