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  • Chapter 30 - Zhong Yihan's Progress

    "Well? Yun Chao, look over there, Zhong Yihan seems to be hitting a 50 kg sandbag!"

    Everyone's attention was suddenly drawn to Zhong Yihan's side.

    Yun Chao looked subconsciously, only to see Zhong Yihan's fist fierce, hitting a 50 kg sandbag, and each time he raised the sandbag at an angle of at least fifty or sixty degrees, looking very excited.

    But Yun Chao's expression was disdainful.

    A student beside him knew that Zhong Yihan and Yun Chao didn’t get along well, and the two still had a bet. They immediately said: "The fifty-kilogram sandbag is an individual that can be moved."

    "That's right. The strength of a fifty-kilogram is even less than that of most girls. Zhong Yihan was so embarrassed to challenge Yun Chao at this level. He couldn't do it, but he was lucky to advance in an elective course. "

    A student with yellow hair said, "This kind of person can't figure out their position. Even if they go to society later, they will definitely lose. This time, betting is as if Yun Chao gave him a lesson in advance. To him, Maybe it's a good thing. "

    Yun Chao nodded, expressing satisfaction with the words of the brothers.

    Then he subconsciously glanced in the direction of Li Xinyu. Like most of the boys in the class, Yun Chao liked Li Xinyu. In fact, he had once confessed to Li Xinyu in grade 2 but was rejected at that time.

    Li Xinyu only said one sentence at the time: "Only people who are stronger than me are eligible to pursue me."

    Yun Chao was anxious about this and always wanted to find a chance to prove himself.

    The matter of betting with Zhong Yihan has been advertised by him.  Li Xinyu might know—for Yun Chao, he has never put Zhong Yihan in his eyes. This time the fight For him, it is a great opportunity to show off.

    Yunchao has decided that by that day, he must show his strongest strength. One is to give vent to his cousin's anger on Zhong Yihan. The other is that it would be better if Li Xinyu could look at himself.

    Under the sun, Li Xinyu's fair skin was as beautiful as white jade. When Yun Chao looked at the beautiful face, he noticed that Li Xinyu seemed to inadvertently glance in the direction of Zhong Yihan.


    With Li Xinyu's character, she should be impossible to be interested in Zhong Yihan, who is far worse than her.

    But when Li Xinyu looked at Zhong Yihan for the second time, and even her whole body turned around, her face was slightly surprised, and her eyes even blinked, Yun Chao's face suddenly gloomy.

    Zhong Yihan!

    What did this bastard actually do that actually caught Li Xinyu's attention?

    "Zhong Yihan actually moved the 60kg sandbag!"

    Someone suddenly exclaimed. At this time, Yun Chao noticed that the continually beaten flying sandbag in front of Zhong Yihan was printed with a prominent "60KG" sign.

    Zhong Yihan's punches the sandbag, each punch made a "bang" on the sandbag, and the sandbag was blown out at a height of forty or fifty degrees, proving Zhong Yihan's strength.

    A dozen punches and a sixty-kilogram sandbag flying up and down under his fists looked spectacular.

    To say that Yun Chao is not surprised that it is fake. It can move a sandbag of 60 kilograms, and it looks quite easy.

    This data is already in the middle of the class.

    Although it's not worth bragging about and can't compare with him, the problem is that's Zhong Yihan!

    When did this guy make so much progress? !!

    Let's look at Li Xinyu's sight for some time on Zhong Yihan. Yun Chao immediately said: "It's just sixty kilograms. What's so proud of it."

    Yun Chao said and came to the 70-kilogram sandbag, took a deep breath, fought hard, and thumped the sandbag.

    "Yun Chao is still more powerful. 70kg sandbags are too easy."

    "Zhong Yihan must be pretending. He must have seen Yun Chao hit 60 kilograms. He also learned to punch."

    "Even if Zhong Yihan can really move the 60kg sandbag, he won't be able to win Yun Chao."

    Yun Chao, while punching, paid attention to Li Xinyu's direction, and wanted to know if she was attracted to him.

    As a result, Li Xinyu didn't look at him here at all, didn't even react at all, just whispered something to a girl around her.

    "Xin Yu, this is Zhong Yihan, I heard he said with the fat man, you spent too much money."

    The girl who talked to Li Xinyu was named Zhang Li. She was considered Li Xinyu's girlfriend. On the appearance, it is ok, but popularity in the class is very bad.

    It's because she likes to gossip and feels good about herself.

    Li Xinyu frowned at Zhong Yihan, eyes full of disgust.

    Last time Zhang Li called and told her that Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing were talking about her, which made her very unhappy.

    There are still people who have such a patriarchal mind, such a view is simply disgusting.

    However, she will not waste her energy to pay attention to such meaningless things. In her opinion, whether it is Zhong Yihan or Zhu Zhenxing, the intersection with her in this life is limited to her classmates. Once she graduates from high school, they are in two worlds. There will be no intersection in this life.

    Why waste time and focus on them?

    Therefore, Li Xinyu didn't say much, just glanced, and continued her practice.

    At the same time, Zhong Yihan, who was getting better, started to try a 70-kg sandbag.

    Zhu Zhenxing was completely surprised.

    Is this really the Zhong Yihan he knows?

    Why did he suddenly gain so much power?

    "Yihan, wouldn't you cheat?"

    Zhong Yihan stopped and rested for a while and said, "Isn't that what I said before? I've been using medicated bath bags recently, so I can improve a lot faster than before."

    "But you have improved too much, right? From 40kg sandbags to 60kg sandbags, this adds at least 20kg of strength. What brand of medicated bath bags have such obvious effects?"

    Although Zhu Zhenxing is very happy to see Zhong Yihan’s progress, the current situation is really abnormal, and Zhu Zhenxing's only advantage is easily surpassed by the other side, which is inevitably a little uncomfortable.

    "It may be that the medicated bath has inspired all the accumulation of my previous practice, so it can be improved so quickly."

    Let students accept the fact that he is getting stronger quickly is better than being suddenly questioned after a sudden surge in strength a month later.

    Zhu Zhenxing couldn’t believe it, but the problem was that there seemed to be no other explanation, so he carefully touched the medicated bath bag in his pocket—when Zhong Yihan gave him it.

    "How does this medicated bath bag work?"

    "Let me tell you ..."

    Zhong Yihan pulled the fat man aside and whispered how to use it. Suddenly it felt like someone was paying attention to himself behind him. He looked back and found that Yun Chao was glaring at him as if there was any deep hatred.

    Although he didn't know when he provoked this guy again, Zhong Yihan didn't even think about it. He stared back at him fiercely, and then he continued to talk about the medicated bath bag with the fat man.
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    Chapter 31 - Zhu Xiaoyu

    After school in the evening, after Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan separated, they returned home.

    Zhu Zhenxing is in a good mood today because Zhong Yihan is finally willing to use his strength to become stronger.

    And the effect of progress is very obvious.

    At the thought of the classmates who laughed at them, especially Yun Chao, Zhu Zhenxing felt happy.

    They obviously don't have a few geniuses who can reach the rank of Kung Fu learner before the college entrance examination, but they always like to make fun of them.

    At Zhong Yihan's current rate, maybe it is really possible to meet the criteria for entering Kung Fu University before the college entrance examination.

    At that time, he would like to see what they look like.

    Zhu Zhenxing's home is in a famous villa complex in their county.

    The beautiful environment here, the rockery pavilion, even the concentration of energy is the best location in Anping County, it can be said that not ordinary people can enjoy it.

    In the past, Zhong Yihan often used excuses to play at Zhu Zhenxing's house, just to practice the energy concentration here.

    But now that he hasn't been here again since there is Different World with a higher concentration of energy.

    Fortunately, Zhu Zhenxing didn't mind this.

    Zhu Zhenxing's parents are often away from home because of busywork, so he is used to the days when there are no parents at home. Anyway, daily food hygiene is arranged by a professional nutritionist and nanny. He is not worried about going home and has nothing to eat. ——It is also worth mentioning that Zhu Zhenxing has very good cooking skills and often cooks himself.

    This guy is not interested in practice and has no talent, but the talent in cooking is extremely high.

    But what surprised him today was that when he returned home, he didn't see the babysitter, but only saw a little girl who was sitting on the sofa, eating potato chips with a depressed face.

    It is his sister-Zhu Xiaoyu!

    Zhu Zhenxing curiously said, "Why are your back today? Shouldn't you be in the training hall at this time?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu on the sofa sighed and glanced at Zhu Zhenxing, but did not speak.

    Zhu Zhenxing didn't mind it either. He grinned and sat on the sofa, and said, "What's wrong? And, where's the babysitter? Why didn't she prepare dinner for you?"

    "You stay away!" Zhu Xiaoyu said with a depressed face. "You sit here, the sofa is recessed!"

    Then she sighed: "I don't want to eat, let the aunt get off work first."

    Although the two are brothers and sisters, the gap between them seems too great.

    Zhu Zhenxing’s height is 1.75 meters and weighs 110 kilograms. But sister Zhu Xiaoyu looks small and exquisite.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is not tall, that is, her height is 1.6 meters, and the biggest difference between her and her brother is that Zhu Zhenxing is as fat as a ball, but she is like a small bean sprout.

    And two people, one is black and fat, and one for black and thin, look nothing like brothers and sisters.

    Of course, this is just appearance.

    In fact, even two or three Zhu Zhenxing may not beat this girl.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is two years younger than Zhu Zhenxing. This year she is in grade 1 in high school. She is completely different from Zhu Zhenxing. Zhu Xiaoyu has been a genius since childhood.

    The school she is currently attending is not a public high school such as Anping No. 1 High School, but a private high school called "Yazun High School".

    This kind of private high school is now very common. Unlike public high schools, which can only rely on state funding and alumni donations. Tuition fees for private high schools are extremely high.

    Of course, because it is richer, generally speaking, the teachers of private high schools are stronger and their teaching conditions are better.

    For example, Anping County No.1 High School can reach the level of "Kung Fu fighter", that is, there are only three teachers with a vitality of more than 5, and the vitality reaches 10 or more, and it has become a nationally certified "Kung Fu Strong" teacher ... has no one.

    However, in Yazun High School, there is a "Kung Fu Strong" teacher, which can be said to be the "town school treasure" and "recruitment signboard" of the whole school. In addition, there are more than ten "Kung Fu fighter" teachers.

    This is the gap.

    Of course, Yazun High School has a strong teaching staff and higher tuition fees-each student per semester, the tuition fee alone is 100,000.

    Others such as accommodation, equipment consumption, resource replenishment, and the teacher's separate classes also have to give the teacher money.

    A student a year, at least 500,000 to the school-this does not include the resources they usually buy on their own.

    Of course, schools like Yazun need expensive costs, but scholarships for outstanding students are also very generous. Such schools are generally unaffordable by ordinary people and only two kinds of people can enter.

    One, the rich second generation.

    Another Genius.

    Zhu Xiaoyu is a combination of the two, her family is rich, and her own talent is high, and she has worked hard. Now she is only in grade 1, her vitality has broken through 1.5, and she has reached the level of "Kung Fu learner", but her strength can't even enter the top ten in the same grade of Yazun High School.

    So don't underestimate her petite figure, 1.5 vitality, even if the three Zhu Zhenxing go together, it is estimated that only the abused.

    For this reason, Zhu Zhenxing has a mantra, saying: "Beat your sister as early as possible, because when she grows up, you can't beat her ..."

    For this, Zhong Yihan, who also had a younger sister, was deeply convinced.

    However, unlike Zhong Yihan and his sister, who always fight each other, Zhu Zhenxing completely cares for his sister. When he sees Zhu Xiaoyu's mood is not very high, he immediately cares: "What's wrong? You don’t go to the training hall. Are you tired? ”

    Zhu Xiaoyu's mood was very bad. She didn't intend to talk with Zhu Zhenxing at first, but the fat man asked several times, and she was depressed: "Okay, don't ask, it's because the teacher said that I have encountered a bottleneck!"


    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded depressed, then hugged the pillow, curled up together, unhappy.

    Although Zhu Zhenxing is not good in Kung Fu practice, some common sense is still very clear.

    The word bottleneck is easy to understand, that is, obstacles to practice.

    This obstacle will be encountered by everyone. Originally, practice and growth were smooth, but suddenly one day it got stuck. No matter how hard you tried, you would not get good results.

    If you want to break through obstacles, you must think of other methods, such as using medicines, getting the master's instructions, etc. Of course, according to scientific research, many bottlenecks in the early stages of practice are psychological factors, and some young people face small bottlenecks, in fact, it is not a big deal. After relaxing for a while, it may be resolved naturally.

    Zhu Zhenxing hurriedly asked: "Are you too tired recently, too anxious to achieve it? I read that if excessive psychological stress caused too much fatigue, you will fall into a bottleneck."

    Zhu Xiaoyu hugged the pillow and said unhappily: "The teacher said the same thing. He asked me to take a good rest for a while, but the question is how can I rest! Now the first year of high school has been two months away, and the distance from the college entrance examination is a thousand days! If I take a break now, I don't know how long it will take, then the chances of being admitted to the top four schools are even smaller! "
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    Chapter 32 - Top Four Universities

    Zhu Zhenxing couldn't help twitching his lips.

    His sister was only in grade 1 in high school, thinking about the college entrance examination all day. The problem is that he has already entered grade 3, but he has no feeling for the college entrance examination next year.

    Is this the gap between genius and him?

    But he also knew that Zhu Xiaoyu's dream was the "Top Four Universities" as she said.

    Shuimu Kung Fu University;

    Jingshi Budo University;

    Baiyun Budo University;

    Fuxing Kung Fu University.

    The above four Kung Fu universities are the "Top Four Universities".

    These four prestigious universities are the top four Kung Fu universities, and also the fourth among the top Kung Fu universities in the world. Each year, a large number of high-level Kung Fu Strong are cultivated, which is the dream place of almost all students.

    Of course, the admission scores of these four Kung Fu universities are abnormal.

    In terms of last year, the minimum requirement for vitality among the admission score lines is also 3.1!

    And his younger sister, intelligent and work hard since she was a child, the family naturally placed high hopes on her.

    Of course, this "high hope" has not yet reached the level of the "Top Four"-but she herself, the goal set for herself since she was a child, must be admitted to the "Top Four"!

    The thought of this, Zhu Zhenxing more and more confirmed that he is a person who has no expectations of himself.

    Zhu Xiaoyu's expression was very weak. She is now in high school. Not long ago, her vitality has just reached 1.5, and she has entered the ranks of Kung Fu learner.

    However, she is still ranked outside the top 10 in the year.

    The person who ranked first was the "high school entrance examination champion" in three cities near last year. When the person passed the senior high school entrance examination, the vitality had already exceeded 1.7, and now it has reached the exaggerated value of 1.9-it is estimated that it won't take long to break 2!

    Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu has a lot of pressure. According to the previous college entrance examination records of Yazun High School, generally, only five or six people can be admitted to “Top

    Four”. Last year, there were only three!

    Therefore, if she can't guarantee to enter the top five in whole grade, the hopes of the “Top Four” are very slim.

    And the bottleneck, some people may pass after sleep and wake up, but some people may be stuck for life!

    Zhu Xiaoyu certainly believes that she will not be stuck for a lifetime, but she has not felt progress for half a month. In the past half month, she has not told her family that she has tried a lot of methods, such as using some reasonable medicines and going to travel, see a doctor, find a master hypnotist ...

    But neither worked.

    Even after her weekly practice, the medicated bath bag she used did not feel any recovery effect.

    "The medicated bath bag is useless?"

    Seeing Zhu Xiaoyu's depressed nod, Zhu Zhenxing frowned.

    Zhu Xiaoyu's medicated bath bags are not cheap, and the wholesale price is 5,000 yuan a pack, which can relieve fatigue, restore dark injuries, and develop potential ...

    The effect is certainly there, and it is okay, otherwise, it will not be so expensive.

    But even the medicated bath bag has no effect, then it is a bit troublesome. In this case, in some research and training books, it is called "the potential is exhausted", which means that this person basically has little potential.

    Zhu Zhenxing touched his pocket subconsciously, not sure if the medicine bath bag given by Zhong Yihan would have any effect on Zhu Xiaoyu.

    But if everything is really as Zhong Yihan said, it is clear that Zhong Yihan was also in a "bottleneck period" before. He has made rapid progress during this period. This time he has made rapid progress, it may be because the previous bottleneck period was too long and suddenly broke out.

    Thinking of this, he took out the medicated bath bag and said, "I have three medicated bath bags from a friend here. He recently used this. Within half a month, his arm strength increased by 20 kilograms. But I am not sure if it is useful to you."

    "Raise 20 kilograms? Really? come and show me."

    Zhu Zhenxing's words brightened Zhu Xiaoyu's eyes. She snatched the medicated bath bag from Zhu Zhenxing, looked at it, smelled it, and then frowned.

    "Zihongcao, safflower, Xue Jie, black snake ... are just some common medicinal materials. Alas, there are several medicinal materials that don't smell well. Brother, are you sure that your friend used this, and then raised 20 kilograms in half a month? Wouldn't he lie to you? "

    Zhu Xiaoyu has used medicated bath bags since she was a child, and used it all the way from low to advanced. She has also studied it herself, so for some common materials of medicated baths, she can judge good or bad by just smelling it.

    "How is that possible ?!" Zhu Zhenxing jumped from the sofa like a fat cat, "It ’s possible for anyone to lie to me, but he wo n’t lie to me, Zhong Yihan, my best brother, you also know him, he won’t lie to me! "

    Zhu Xiaoyu's brow froze. She knows Zhong Yihan, and she had seen him many times at home. Naturally, she probably knew his origin and character, and it was really impossible that he lies to Zhu Zhenxing.

    "Wait a minute ..." Zhu Xiaoyu grasped a detail and was surprised, "You mean, Zhong Yihan raised 20 kilograms in arms in half a month?!"

    "Of course!" Zhu Zhenxing was proud of himself as if he had been progressed, eloquently said, "I saw him make progress with my own eyes, you know, he has now advanced to the 100-meter field at the archery hall. And today I saw with my own eyes that he blasted a 60-kilogram sandbag! "

    Zhu Xiaoyu immediately believed.

    Because Zhu Xiaoyu has a certain understanding of Zhong Yihan, the guy used to be average.

    But the problem is that in just half a month, he has increased the strength of its arms by 20 kilograms. Such a thing was absolutely unimaginable before!

    However, since he was able to increase 20 kilograms, it shows that this medicated bath is really amazing.

    Zhu Xiaoyu quickly grabbed the medicated bath bag, jumped off the sofa, and shouted, "I'll try it now!"

    "Hey, wait, wait!"

    Zhu Zhenxing quickly held her back and said, "Yihan told me that this medicine bath bag is used in a special way ..."

    Next, Zhu Zhenxing told Zhu Xiaoyu how to use it.

    After listening, Zhu Xiaoyu frowned and said, "Do you still need to consume power first? Okay, I know, then I will go to practice first, you remember to cook for me, brother, if I can’t see food when I go home, you know the result. "

    "You have gone out to practice, can't you eat outside and come back?"

    "No, I must eat what you make! Brother, I haven't eaten your food for a long time!"

    The most unbearable for Zhu Zhenxing is his sister's coquetry. In addition, Zhu Xiaoyu was in a bad mood before. In order to make her feel better, cooking a meal is not a big deal.

    After all, cooking is also his hobby!

    "I haven't made braised pork for a long time, and I don't know if my cooking skill has gone backward."

    Zhu Zhenxing rolled up his sleeves and came to the kitchen to open the refrigerator. As a result, there was only one egg left.

    He almost forgot that all the food in it was eaten by him.

    Well, he has to buy some food first!

  • Chapter 33 - Illusion?

    Zhu Xiaoyu came back after practice, and as soon as she opened the door, she smelled that the room was full of fragrance.

    "Wow, it's so fragrant. You made braised pork?"

    "Yes, if it doesn't taste good, you must be angry again. The braised pork is hot in the pot. You go to the bath first."

    Zhu Zhenxing walked out of the kitchen with his share, and saw Zhu Xiaoyu sweating, knowing that she had exhausted her energy in strict accordance with the requirements. The next thing is to see to what extent the efficacy of Zhong Yihan's medicated bath bag can reach.

    "I really want to eat it first, but the beautiful girl must take a shower first."

    Zhu Xiaoyu watched the braised pork in Zhu Zhenxing's bowl. She forced her eyes back and dragged her tired body into the bathroom.


    In the bathroom, Zhu Xiaoyu adjusted the water temperature in the bathtub.

    Actually, she doesn't have much expectation for this medicine bath bag now, and after all, it is the kindness of her brother.

    Zhong Yihan's impression was that he was an ordinary person. She didn't believe that Zhong Yihan could help her get anything good.

    When she heard that Zhong Yihan's arms strength had increased by 20 kilograms within half a month, Zhu Xiaoyu was a little surprised and full of expectations for this medicine bath bag.

    But when she was training in the training hall just now, she couldn't help but think deeply and asked a senior coach for a moment. The coaches said that it increase the strength of 20 kilograms of their arms within half a month. The possibility is indeed relatively small, but it is not completely no.

    The reasons for this effect may be various, such as continuous accumulation, or suddenly know the trick, or eat some medicines, etc ...

    But relying on a medicated bath bag ... they never heard of such a thing.

    Therefore, Zhu Xiaoyu thought about it and felt that Zhong Yihan's greatest possibility was the outbreak of accumulation—after all, that person was not inferior to herself in terms of effort, which she also knew.

    If my brother can have half of him ... No, even a tenth of hard work, it is not like this now!

    Every time she thinks of Zhu Zhenxing's laziness, Zhu Xiaoyu is speechless.

    The family has a good condition. Many talented but not good families want such resources, but Zhu Zhenxing did not take advantage of this advantage.

    In this era, Kung Fu talents represent status. It is better to have one more Kung Fu Strong in the family than only one.

    Seeing that Zhu Zhenxing has been in his third year of high school, there is still no change.

    Zhu Xiaoyu was too lazy to talk about him.

    After the water temperature in the bathtub was suitable, Zhu Xiaoyu threw the medicated bath bag in and waited for a while as Zhu Zhenxing said.

    The water in the entire bathtub changes from light to red at the speed visible to the naked eye and finally turns to blood red. At the same time, a layer of mist that is significantly different from water vapor quickly condenses on the surface of the bathtub, just like the clouds in the sky, with obvious thickness and layer.

    Zhu Xiaoyu was very surprised.

    This was the first time she had seen after a bath bag soaked in water.

    Generally, the medicated bath bag was soaked into the bathtub, and basically there was no reaction. Even if she used the best medicated bath bag, it just made the water become a light blue.

    But the depth of this red color is as weird as human blood.

    "Is there a pigment in it?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu has never seen such a strange phenomenon. She smelled suspiciously. There was no strange smell. Instead, she had smelled an unspeakable medicine fragrance.

    The smell of the medicine was so good that her anxious heart suddenly calmed down.

    Then Zhu Xiaoyu touched it again with her hands, no corrosion, no stickiness, and no color.

    Realizing that there might be no harm to the skin, Zhu Xiaoyu was relieved.

    She took off her clothes and sat in the bathtub. The warm and comfortable water temperature made her hum, and a faint mist covered her body, which had a different kind of beauty.

    Waiting in the bathtub for a while, nothing unexpected happened, and it didn't look like a prank.

    The exercise just made Zhu Xiaoyu tired. She simply closed her eyes and rested for a while. With this medicine smelling, she unknowingly felt that Zhu Xiaoyu had a long dream.

    She dreamed that she was wading in the milky river, and every cell in the body was nourished with milk.

    The physical ills accumulated through years of over-training are being repaired a little bit, and even the dark skin she has always been concerned about has become white and smooth as milk, and a sense of comfort has spread throughout the body.

    The color of Zhu Xiaoyu's skin was very dark, and the nicknamed "Little Black Girl" was given to boys in school.

    That was because when she was young, the conditions of the family were not as good as they are now. Therefore, the enlightenment of Kung Fu when she was a child was learned in the mountains with an injured and retired Kung Fu fighter.

    At that time, the conditions were limited. She was exposed to the wind and sun all day long, and her skin was a little rough. Later, the conditions were better, and her practice environment was also better, but her skin color never returned to white.

    This is the biggest pain in Zhu Xiaoyu's heart. The color of her skin kept her in a state of regret, and she did not know how many times she had dreamed of turning white.

    This is almost a demon!

    This is not surprising, most girls in the East still think white as the beauty.

    And some girls have more unique tastes, deliberately tanning themselves into wheat, but also a wild beauty.

    But what about her?

    The black ones are like immigrants from Africa, which is a bit exaggerated.

    And this time, the dream seemed more real. Zhu Xiaoyu never had such an experience. She absorbed the milk in the river greedily, and intuitively told her that the more she absorbed, the better she would become.

    "Sister, why did you wash for so long? Wouldn't you fall asleep inside?"

    A knock on the door made Zhu Xiaoyu wake up, she found that she was lying in the bathtub, the blood-red water in the bathtub became transparent again, and even that strange mist disappeared.

    "Huh? It feels a lot easier for my entire body."

    Zhu Xiaoyu was so tired that she didn't want to raise her arms, but now she was surprised to find that she had become extremely spiritual again.

    What surprised her more was that the color of the skin seemed to be a bit lighter!

    And the most important thing is that the big stone that has been accumulated in my heart during this time seems to disappear all of a sudden, the whole body is full of strength, and there is no feeling of softness that can't lift up the strength.

    "Is this ... an illusion?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu first responded, saying she was okay, and then punched.

    The feeling of this punch is quite good. As a senior Kung Fu practitioner, and has already entered the realm of Kung Fu learner, Zhu Xiaoyu's perception of her physical state is still keen.

    The feeling of that punch just now was something she hadn't seen in a long time!

    At this time, Zhu Xiaoyu's gaze focused on her right arm.

    There was a very obvious scar there. She was in a combat class two years ago and she encountered a bitch. She was attentive for a while and was scratched by the other side's weapon. A dozen stitches left such a scar like a cricket.

    This scar is also her pain point, so since then, even if it is hot again, even at home, she only wears a long-sleeved shirt, the purpose is to not see this scar!

    But this method of self-deception is actually meaningless.

    Because the scar is there, even if she can't see it usually, she can always see it when she takes a bath.

    But the problem is ...

    This scar seems to fade a little bit? !!

    "Is it an illusion ..."
  • Chapter 34 - Breaking the Bottleneck

    Zhu Xiaoyu wiped her body, dressed, and sat at the dinner table. Zhu Zhenxing had already helped her bring out the braised pork and rice, saying:

    "I'm almost going to be your nanny, can you make your own meals."

    Zhu Xiaoyu coquettishly said: "I was wearing clothes just now, my brother is best to me."

    After taking the plate, Zhu Xiaoyu couldn't wait to take a bite of braised pork and then satisfied: "Brother, your cooking skill has improved again, it is fat but not greasy, delicious!"

    Zhu Zhenxing pretended to be disgusted: "I've seen through your routine, don't let me cook for you next time."

    Zhu Xiaoyu put out her tongue out playfully and began to eat.

    Although she wanted to say something, she was too hungry now, so she had to eat first.

    Zhu Zhenxing sat opposite her, looking at her sister strangely.

    Because he obviously felt that after Zhu Xiaoyu came out of the bathroom, he felt very different from before.


    Seems white?

    Zhu Zhenxing asked: "Sister, you seem a little whiter?"

    "Really ?!" Zhu Xiaoyu asked with surprise, "Brother, do you think I'm whiter?"

    Zhu Zhenxing knew that her skin color was a pain in her sister's heart, so he nodded seriously: "Yes, I really think you're a little whiter."

    After a pause, he exclaimed: "Is it due to the medicated bath ?!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded and rolled up her sleeves, and exposed the long scar on her right arm, saying, "You see, not only is it whiter, the scar even seems to have faded!"

    Zhu Zhenxing was extremely surprised. He knew that his sister would never let others see the scar on her arm, let alone him, not even his mother!

    Now she took the initiative to expose the scar ...

    Zhu Zhenxing took a closer look and smiled bitterly: "Sister, you have hidden this scar so deep before, brother can't remember what it looks like. However, you can take a picture with your phone and take the medicated bath tomorrow, maybe you will know by comparison. "

    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded again and again and didn’t eat. She went to take a cell phone, and said coquettishly, "Brother, come and take a photo for me!"

    "Don't worry, you can take pictures at any time, you eat quickly! By the way, how does this medicated bath feel?"


    Zhu Xiaoyu shocked the fat man with a word.

    Because he knew that his younger sister, who had grown up in a medicated bath since she was a child, could let her say "good" medicated bath ... This is the first time!

    Looking at Zhu Zhenxing's shocked expression, Zhu Xiaoyu put down his chopsticks and said earnestly: "Brother, what I said is serious, I have never tried such a good medicated bath, but I don’t feel tired after soaking it, Including the fatigue accumulated before, all disappeared! "

    "Really ?!"

    Zhu Zhenxing stood up in surprise!

    He certainly knew what Zhu Xiaoyu's words meant.

    It is not a simple matter to quickly recover from fatigue. At least, if you rely on medicated baths ... he has not heard of any medicated baths that have such effects.

    Fatigue is the enemy of practitioners, especially under high-intensity practice, which can cause damage to the muscles and tendons of the body.

    This damage accumulates over time and eventually accumulates to a certain degree. It is very dangerous, for example, the bottleneck that Zhu Xiaoyu said before. In fact, the bottlenecks encountered by most people during practice are due to the accumulation of body fatigue.

    This fatigue has made the body unbearable, so the body's self-protection system and the brain's central system have begun to reject and resist this high-intensity exercise-this is one of the reasons for the bottleneck.

    And it is one of the most probable causes.

    And long before the integration of the two worlds and the rejuvenation of energy, many athletes were suffering from such accumulated fatigue injuries, and finally had to bid farewell to sports.

    In modern times, science and technology are more developed, and the study of the human body is more in-depth. Those rich families often recover fatigue through a series of methods.

    Such as medicated bath plus acupuncture, massage and even weak current stimulation, and hypnosis-of course, drugs, ointments and other materials made from precious materials from Different World.

    These series of matching methods can be combined to achieve the effect of restoring fatigue and injuries and keeping the body at its peak.

    But he has never heard of any kind of medicated bath, which can completely eliminate fatigue.

    If there is such a medicated bath ...

    People who learn Kung Fu are probably going crazy!

    Zhu Zhenxing said earnestly: "Xiao Yu, this is not a joke!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu also shook her head seriously: "Brother, I didn't really joke with you. I now feel energetic. It seems like I've been sleeping for three days and three nights, and my body's fatigue and my heart's fatigue are all swept away!"

    She looked at Zhu Zhenxing seriously and said, "Moreover, my skin also seems to have become a little whiter, and the scars on my arms seem to be lighter. This medicated bath can not only restore fatigue but also whiten the skin and eliminate the scars. Brother, are you sure this medicine bath bag was prepared by Yihan himself? "

    Zhu Zhenxing understood what she meant. This medicated bath can have such an effect, just using a "value" is not enough to describe.

    Moreover, this medicated bath bag was prepared by Zhong Yihan himself!

    This means that Zhong Yihan is now holding a hen who can lay golden eggs in his hand!

    Zhu Zhenxing subconsciously lowered his voice: "Sister, do you think, how much can this medicated bath bag sell?"

    "It's hard to say, but the one I used, a bag of five thousand yuan, I feel completely incomparable with this one!" Zhu Xiaoyu said, "If I have used this medicine bath bag to assist in practice since childhood, now the vitality is uncertain ...… No, it must exceed 2! "

    In other words, this medicated bath package can sell at least 5,000 yuan per pack!

    "My sister, you must keep this secret first!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded knowingly. Once such a magic medicated bath bag appears, it will have a huge impact on the market.

    She knew the Zhong Yihan's family situation, with his current social status, this magical medicated bath formula could not be protected at all, but it would bring disaster to his family.

    "So, brother, you will ask Yihan tomorrow about the yield of this medicated bath bag and his psychological price. Then I will try the effect of this medicated bath tomorrow. After all, the results from a single medicated bath are also too arbitrary. And I will go to the hospital to check if there is any hormone in this medicine bath bag. If not ... "

    Zhu Zhenxing nodded forcefully: "I understand!"

    After a pause, he suddenly laughed: "It seems my brother is finally about to success!"
  • Chapter 35 - Medicated Bath Business

    It's daybreak.

    Zhong Yihan shuttled back to his room from Different World and fell to the bed, panting.

    A large piece of his armor broke, and there were two obvious blood marks on his skin.

    Sure enough, hunting tooth canine beasts was not so simple. This time he was obviously careful enough, but he was still ambushed by five beasts.

    If Xia Ling hadn't warned him in advance, maybe he would really die in the Different World.

    But even so, Zhong Yihan was badly injured.

    Two bloodstains stretched from the ribs all the way to the stomach. Although they only hurt the skin, because the wound was too long, the blood flow continued.

    This is because of the armor protection, otherwise, he is not only bleeding, it is estimated that he has been already opened his stomach.

    "Master, you're not going to die, are you?"

    Xia Ling saw Zhong Yihan panting and looking pale, anxiously concerned.

    "Don’t worry, I won’t die."

    Zhong Yihan gave Xia Ling a glance, took off his armor with some effort, then took out a medicine bath bag from the desk drawer, stumbled but carefully entered the bathroom.

    Ten minutes later, Zhong Yihan was soaked into the bathtub weakly, feeling the itchiness of the wound site, knowing that under the effect of the medicine bath bag, his wound began to recover slowly.

    Xia Ling's medicated bath bag is not powerful enough to heal any wounds. At present, it can only treat some simple injuries and minor trauma.

    Zhong Yihan was already injured a little heavily this time, so the recovery process took a long time.

    However, this time Zhong Yihan was not completely unrewarded. The battle between life and death increased his spirit to 1.1, and even his agility increased from 0.85 to 0.9.

    Basic archery proficiency has also reached 473, which only needs 27 points to reach half of all current proficiency.

    As for the system points, including the original 8 points and the newly added 23 points, it reached 31 points.

    He can redeem a strength fruit by adding another 20 points this evening.

    By that time, Zhong Yihan's vitality had completely entered the 1.

    Vitality 1 is really exciting when you think about it, this is the "small goal" of countless people's lives, and Zhong Yihan is no exception.

    "Yun Chao, you wait, I'll be over you soon!"

    Zhong Yihan was so arrogant that he fisted hard.

    But this time it touched the wound on the stomach, and suddenly he sat back with his teeth grinned.

    Perhaps Xia Ling was frightened by the fighting just now, and she had been sitting on the bed obediently after coming back. It looked like an ancient wife who was ready to serve her husband at any time.

    It was just too late to let Xia Ling massage. To wait for the wound to heal, Zhong Yihan spent too much time on the medicated bath.

    Even so, he still had two obvious scars on his abdomen.

    He can only wait to recover slowly with the medicated bath.

    After changing school uniforms, Zhong Yihan hurried to the school.



    "You said you want to buy a medicated bath bag?"

    At noon, Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan talked about buying medicated bath bags while eating.

    Zhong Yihan was a bit surprised. He never thought about selling medicated bath bags, and Zhu Zhenxing helped him so much that it was not appropriate to sell to the other party.

    "If you think it's useful, I can give you a few more bags, but I don't have too much now, I can only wait for this week to make some more for you."

    "No, I have to buy this time, you are my friend, but business is business. I can’t always take you for nothing. In fact, the three bags of medicated bath bags you sent me last time were taken by my sister. She likes them so she wants to buy some from you. "

    Zhu Zhenxing's attitude is very firm.

    Based on his knowledge of Zhong Yihan, the other party must be embarrassed to receive his money, so he must show a business attitude.

    After a pause, Zhu Zhenxing said, "Yihan, wouldn't you still know the effect and value of this medicated bath bag?"

    "Of course I know the effect, but the value ..."

    Zhu Zhenxing didn't wait for him to finish, he rushed and said, "The two of us are brothers for so many years, so there are some things that I would definitely not say to others, but I will tell you the truth. The effect of this medicine bath bag can be described as sky-high. You know that just recovering from fatigue quickly will attract countless people to buy it, and they will be willing to spend as much money as possible, do you understand? "

    Zhong Yihan nodded, seemingly understanding.

    He has tasted the benefits of fast recovery in the past few days. Whenever he practices and kills beasts, he is so tired that he takes a medicated bath and Xia Ling's massage, and he will be able to recover energy immediately, and then he can continue practice...

    Zhu Zhenxing looked at him, and he seemed to understand, but he didn't seem to understand it so thoroughly.

    So he said patiently: "The first thing you need to know is that whether it is a billionaire or a civilian, there are only 24 hours a day, but generally speaking, a person practices for about four hours a day with high intensity. It is already the limit. If more, the body will be damaged. "

    Zhong Yihan nodded, of course, he knew this. In fact, many ordinary people are easily caught in a strange circle. The harder they work, the less effective they are.

    In fact, it is because you have worked harder, but your body is unable to recover, and you cannot get effective recovery. There is an injury in the body. So the more you work hard, the more serious the injury, and the body ’s growth will become slower and slower.

    Zhu Zhenxing continued: "Yes, although everyone's time is the same, the rich people can spend a variety of medicines, massage recovery and other ways to spend money to double the daily training time, that is, again add three or four hours ... Do you understand what time means? "

    Zhong Yihan continued to nod.

    He naturally knew this.

    Don't underestimate these three or four hours. Over time, two people with the same qualifications and the same hard work. In one year, the time of the rich one will be nearly twice as long as the one without the money!

    This double practice time continues. After a few years, the difference in strength between the two is not a little bit!

    Not to mention the rich people's nutritional intake, potential development, and private higher education, etc., are far from ordinary people.

    Of course, most of the rich people do not regard ordinary people as competitors, and their goals are "kinds" that are as family, talented, and hard-working as themselves.

    Zhu Zhenxing continued: "In this situation, the conditions of the rich people are almost equal. You can practice for seven or eight hours a day, and I can also practice for seven or eight hours. Other supplies and education are also provided. It ’s all about the same. Everyone fights with understanding and talent. This thing is innate. There is no way. "

    "However, if in this case, a medicated bath bag suddenly appears, soak for an hour, you can recover from the fatigue of the day, and then you can continue to practice…If you really dare to work hard, you can practice for ten or twenty hours a day!"

    Having said that, Zhu Fatzi took a deep look at Zhong Yihan and said:

    "Do you understand what this means?"

    Zhong Yihan suddenly realized: "You mean, spend money on buying practice time ?!"

    Zhu Zhenxing nodded earnestly: "The most expensive thing in the world is always time, and you don't think that the rich people are all like me, or they are not motivated. In fact, there are no less than five rich people who are richer than my family and who work harder than you on weekdays! "

    "These people, like my sister, are the ones who only want to be admitted to the “Top Four”, but no one is sure enough, so say ..."

    Zhu Zhenxing smiled slyly, saying, "I don't ask you how much this medicated bath bag costs, I just look at the effect, so ... I want to do business with you."
  • Chapter 36 - Fox that Hiding behind the Tiger

    Looking at the newly received 70,000 yuan in the text message on the phone, Zhong Yihan was a little lost for a moment.

    The 70,000 yuan was transferred by the fat man, and the 30,000 yuan previously borrowed, a total of 100,000 yuan, was considered as a deposit for the medicated bath package, just to order 20 medicated bath packages.

    The deposit for a medicated bath bag is 5,000 yuan!

    And it's just a deposit!

    The fat man said, after going back to verify the effect of the medicated bath bag, he went to the rich two generations to sell the medicated bath bag, how much money was sold at that time and then recalculated!

    Of course, the three previously given to the fat man, he still wanted to spend money to buy them, but Zhong Yihan did not agree.

    In this way, Zhong Yihan not only paid off his previous debt of 30,000 yuan, but also had 70,000 yuan on the account, but the medicine bath package was still owed-but that's okay, go back and buy the materials and let Xia Lingzhong configure.

    But the problem is that this is 70,000 yuan!

    Zhong Yihan has never had so much money. Only then did he respond. The original value of Xia Ling was so great!

    It seemed that she had really treated her badly before, and even she didn't even have enough fried chicken.


    The contents of the medicated bath bag are set aside for the time being, because he needs to configure the medicated bath bag next.

    This afternoon is Zhong Yihan's expected archery class.

    He can't wait to try to what extent he can do now in the 100-meter field.

    Ten minutes before the class, the students consciously lined up at the gate of the archery hall.

    Zhong Yihan looked around but found no fat man in the crowd. It was strange that he saw Zhu Zhenxing pulling his head and came over with a look of depression.

    "What's the situation?"

    Zhu Zhenxing sighed in depression: "I went to Li Xinyu just now."

    Zhong Yihan knew that the fat man had been secretly in love with Li Xinyu, so it was not surprising: "Why, did you go to her to confess?"

    "No, I just want to give her a medicated bath bag."

    "Let me guess," Zhong Yihan sneered. "She must haven't accepted it, right?"

    Zhu Zhenxing gave him a white look, and said, "Is that called principled, okay? Such girls are rare now, okay?"

    Zhong Yihan sneered: "ok, ok."

    At this time, a girl suddenly ran over from behind and found Zhu Zhenxing, and said, "Fat, fat, how is the effect of your medicated bath bag? Or you can send it to me, I will try it for you first. If it works well, I can recommend it to Xinyu! "

    Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing both looked at the girl with speechless faces.

    The girl's name is Zhang Li, Li Xinyu's girlfriend, but her reputation in the class is particularly poor, because she especially likes to take advantage of the small cheap, and she likes to gossip, almost all boys who pursue Li Xinyu, but the conditions are not so good, she has mocked.

    So this Zhang Li has a nickname-dirty fox.

    This is the fox that hiding behind the tiger.

    Although Zhu Zhenxing had an inadequate IQ in front of his crush, he had already regained the high ground.

    He looked at Zhang Li and said politely: "No, Xinyu doesn't want it, I will keep it for myself."

    Zhang Li didn't expect that he would refuse, and said immediately unhappy: "Stingy, hum, I don't think it will be a good thing. How could she use someone else's private things like a medicated bath bag? Who knows what you put in the pack? "

    Zhu Zhenxing had been pursuing Li Xinyu for a while before, but at that time he was always ridiculed by Zhang Li. When she saw that she couldn’t get anything, she turned her face and sneered: "What does it have to do with you? If you think something is bad, don't run over and ask! I have never seen you so greedy and cheap!"

    Zhang Li's face suddenly became very ugly.

    She is greedy and cheap.

    Because she is Li Xinyu's best girlfriend, many people who want to pursue Li Xinyu will secretly give her some benefits, such as giving her gifts, inviting her to eat and so on.

    In addition, she did occasionally hint at asking these boys who are pursuing Li Xinyu to give her something to give her a gift or something to help them send love letters and gifts.

    Of course, Li Xinyu basically did not receive those gifts, most of them were swallowed by Zhang Li herself.

    Therefore, many people know she is greedy, but the fat man is so straightforward to speak out, so it is too embarrassing.

    Zhang Li was angry, pointing at Zhu Zhenxing and saying, "You remember to me what you just said! Don’t think that I don’t know. Just the two of you that day said that Xinyu was ‘the prodigal girl’. I have told Xinyu about this! You want to pursue Xinyu? I tell you to stop dreaming!"

    The fat man was stunned first, then became furious, and raised his hand to slap.

    At this time, his arm was stopped, but it was their Kung Fu teacher, Zhang Shou.

    Zhang Shou stared coldly at the fat man and said, "Why, in my class, do you still want to fight?"

    The fat man immediately persuaded and muttered, "Teacher, she scolded me."

    "Get angry with a girl, are you ashamed?" Zhang Shou scolded, "Go away! Do fifty push-ups!"

    The fat man didn’t dare to fight against Zhang Shou, who was already a Kung Fu fighter and had to walk to the side sloppily, humming and started doing push-ups, and he didn’t dare to refute the words.

    Zhang Li said with excitement: "Thank you!"

    Zhang Shou looked at her coldly, and said coldly, "I saw everything here just now, and he wanted to hit you in my class, so I punished him. But you picked this up, so, you, also go there and do fifty push-ups as well! "

    Zhang Li's face immediately turned pale and pale, and she aggrieved and shouted, "Teacher ..."


    Zhang Li gritted her teeth resentfully but did not dare to against Zhang Shou. She went to the side and started to do push-ups.

    "It is good!"

    Suddenly someone shouted "good" at this time, it was Zhong Yihan.

    He was not only speaking loudly but also applauded vigorously.

    Zhang Shou glared at him, and Zhong Yihan immediately stopped.

    Zhang Li also turned to stare at him fiercely, but Zhong Yihan was not polite to her, and stared back fiercely, also secretly drawing a middle finger.

    Because he doesn't like this Zhang Li at all,

    "Okay," Zhang Shou loudly said, "Don't watch it, enter the hall now! Find your own track according to the previous ranking! Today we will check if anyone has not improved compared to the results of a month ago, All fifty push-ups! "

    There was a moment of sorrow in the whole class, and good students were confident, but the poor students were sorrowful.

    Zhang Shou took the list and looked at it loudly: "Everyone can stand in front of your own arrows, test together for three and three, and wait till I say your names!"

  • Chapter 37 - Improve again in Archery Hall

    Zhong Yihan came to the arrow road of the 100-meter field, took the bow and waited. At this time, a man came from the arrow road on his left.

    Peng Ming looked at Zhong Yihan hostilely and said, "I will not lose to you again today!"

    Zhong Yihan somehow turned his head and asked, "What's your name?"

    Peng Mingqi's hands trembled, almost screaming, but Zhang Shou was standing aside and had to swallow the bad words.

    Peng Ming was the student who was most promising in the previous arrow course. Everyone thought that he was able to advance from the 50-meter field to the 100-meter field, but was robbed by Zhong Yihan first, which almost collapsed his mentality.

    Fortunately, his foundation is very good. Although he was abnormally stimulated by Zhong Yihan at that time, he was finally promoted in the next arrow course.

    It is said that he did not need to participate in the test after he just promoted to the 100-meter field. After all, this test compares his gap with that of a month ago. Like Zhong Yihan and Peng Ming, they have just made progress

    The problem is that no one dares to talk to Zhang Shou.

    At this time Li Xinyu also came and was surprised to see Zhang Li and Zhu Zhenxing doing push-ups there. Yun Chao immediately got close to her and said something quietly, while talking and looking towards Zhong Yihan.

    Yunchao must have said nothing good,

    Sure enough, after Yun Chao said a few words, Zhong Yihan saw that Li Xinyu was looking at him with strong disgust.

    But Zhong Yihan thought it didn't matter, he never planned to pursue Li Xinyu anyway.

    As for the fat man ... it doesn't matter.

    Anyway, Zhong Yihan never expected that the fat man could catch up with this iceberg goddess.

    With a look of disgust, Li Xinyu walked to the 100-meter arrow road, her temperament was cold, so everyone gave way, just giving way to the narrow road on the right-hand side of Zhong Yihan.

    So Zhong Yihan was Peng Ming on the left and Li Xinyu on the right.

    He was caught between them, only feeling a chill from both sides from time to time.

    At this time Zhang Shou's voice sounded: "Peng Ming, Zhong Yihan, Li Xinyu, the three of you start first!"

    The three should "yes" at the same time and each set up a bow.

    Zhong Yihan immediately abandoned the cluttered thoughts, focused on the bow and arrow in his hand, and began to aim.

    The strength of his arms of 70 kg is enough for him not to worry about his arms trembling when he pulls his bow, and "Basic Archery", which is almost half proficient, allows him to better find three points and one line when aiming at the bullseye position.

    The position of the hands, the balance of the arrows, the physical sensation, and Zhong Yihan's adjustment were a little bit. When he adjusted to a certain level, he suddenly felt a perfect feeling, and a thought arose in his heart.

    It's now!


    Zhong Yihan resolutely let go, his arrows were like wild horses breaking free from the reins, whistling and flying towards the target!


    As the arrow hits the target, the counter emits a "drop" alarm sound, and a red number is displayed above it:

    Ten rings!

    An exclamation sounded immediately around.

    Every time someone hits ten rings, a ticking sound will sound from the counter.

    Zhong Yihan overjoyed!

    "What happened? Someone shot ten rings in the 100-meter field?"

    "In the 100-meter field, it must be Li Xinyu, right? She is most likely to advance to the 150-meter field."

    "It's a matter of time before Xinyu's strength advances to the 150-meter field."

    In this high school race against time, everyone's even the slightest improvement has affected the sensitive nerves of the students.

    The students in the 50-meter field in the distance had a lot of discussions. They could not see the results, but they all thought that the 10 rings of the 100-meter field must have been shot by Li Xinyu.

    However, Li Xinyu looked at Zhong Yihan in surprise at this moment.

    Her arrow was still on the bowstring, and she didn't shoot it out at all, but she did not expect that Zhong Yihan had hit a ten ring!

    But it was just surprise.

    Li Xinyu took a look at Zhong Yihan and retreated. In her opinion, Zhong Yihan's arrow was by luck.

    After all, the two of them were in the arrow next door last time. She saw Zhong Yihan's archery with her own eyes, so she didn't believe that Zhong Yihan was shot by his own ability.

    As for Peng Ming, who had just arrived at the 100-meter field next to him and intended to surpass Zhong Yihan, his face was also unsightly.

    Because at the moment Zhong Yihan's arrow was shot, his arrow also shot out, but it was a pity ...

    As before when Zhong Yihan reached the 100-meter field for the first time, he did not hit the target with this arrow.

    Zhong Yihan didn't pay attention to the emotional changes of the two people around him. The feeling of shooting the ten rings just now is very wonderful. He focused his attention and tried to find that feeling, and then took out his arrows and shot again.



    Ten rings!

    "Did you hear that? Another tenth ring! Li Xinyu is going to advance to the 150-meter!"

    "No no no, it's not Li Xinyu, I've been watching her, she didn't shoot arrows at all."

    "Who else could she not be? Zhong Yihan? Stop being funny."

    "It's Zhong Yihan, I see it!"

    In the 50-meter field in the distance, the students discussed very enthusiastically.

    Zhang Li has been doing push-ups, but notice that Zhang Li's face here is very ugly.

    Zhong Yihan, how could it be Zhong Yihan? !!

    Why did he hit the tenth ring? !!

    Someone must be wrong!

    Beside her, Zhu Zhenxing did not let go of this opportunity to attack the enemy, and he taunted while doing push-ups: "Seeing that, this is the strength of my brother! I am not afraid to tell you that my brother has improved so quickly during this time Because he used this medicated bath bag! Such a valuable thing, you want it? Why do you really think I will give to you? "

    Zhang Li hated: "What are you proud of? Maybe he is lucky?"

    "Oh yes, you can't even get in a hundred meters now!"

    "You went in?" Zhang Li dismissed. "Zhong Yihan is just by luck. See the strength of Xinyu for a while!"

    "Xinyu Xinyu ...In the first place, he will definitely catch up. In the second place, even if he is beaten, my brother was promoted to the 100-meter field. What qualifications do you have to look down on him? Dirty foxes hiding behind tigers! ""

    Zhang Li hated people calling her "dirty fox" the most. She was furious and said, "Aren't you the fox hiding behind the tiger?" Now Zhong Yihan is not you in the 100-meter field! "

    "I will soon be able to enter the 100-meter field!" Zhu Zhenxing said proudly, "Don't forget the medicated bath bag, even if I don't make progress as fast as my brother, with this magical medicated bag help, it's easy to overtake you."

    Zhang Li suddenly felt wrong: "You gave Zhong Yihan the medicated bath bag?"

    The fat man was stunned, knowing that he was a little smug. He knew that the medicated bath bag was a big deal, but he couldn't expose Zhong Yihan to it, and said quickly: "Yes, I bought it for him. Didn't you claim to be Li Xinyu's girlfriend? Did she give you such a good practice resource? "

    Zhang Li suddenly felt heart-broken.

    The reason she walked so close to Li Xinyu was because of her own family, so she wanted to rely on Li Xinyu to get some benefits. Although Li Xinyu did take care of her, she often invited her to eat snacks and drinks, etc. But all of them cost little money.

    It is definitely impossible for Li Xinyu to provide her with practice resources.

    Thinking of this, Zhang Li's eyes flashed a little jealousy quickly.

    Seeing her expression change, Zhu Zhenxing smirked and took a sip:

    "Oh! Plastic girlfriends!"
  • Chapter 38 - "How did you do that?"

    Zhong Yihan's third arrow only hit eight rings.

    Then the fourth and fifth arrows only hit seven rings.

    Once the feeling of hitting the ten rings just disappeared, it becomes much more difficult to find it again.

    But even so, Zhong Yihan's current performance in the 100-meter field is definitely very eye-catching.

    Even Li Xinyu, who was on the side, couldn't help but take a few more glances, and the mood that was originally undulating had become a bit volatile.

    In the past, regardless of the strength of other students, Li Xinyu can keep calm, because she knows that everyone has its own rhythm, as long as she continues to practice at her own pace, it is a matter of time to reach the goal.

    But Zhong Yihan's speed of progress made her a little uneasy!

    It took Li Xinyu nearly half a year from the advanced 100-meter field to the first 100-meter ten ring. This is the result of her hard training every day.

    Now her results are stable and stable in ten out of six.

    After Zhong Yihan's performance is basically above the sixth ring, and he maybe exceeds her.

    The question is, how many days did he advance to the 100-meter field? !!

    And in Li Xinyu's impression, Zhong Yihan is not a very talented player.

    Therefore, if he thinks about it, he must have found some effective training methods to be able to make progress so fast.

    Li Xinyu was eager to ask Zhong Yihan's progress, but the thought of saying herself “the prodigal girl”, and he and Zhu Zhenxing just had such a big conflict with Zhang Li, she swallowed it back.

    Peng Ming on the other side is now completely choked.

    What happened to Zhong Yihan?

    Increased power and archery are two different things at all?

    But how can he shoot more than six rings every time?

    This is a hundred-meter field!

    Why does he progress so fast? !!

    Why does he has a feeling now ... he can no longer keep up with him? !!

    This idea lingered as soon as it was born, so the next few arrows, Peng Ming did not hit the target with one arrow, and the whole person fell into deep autism.



    Since Zhong Yihan's first arrow hit ten rings, Yun Chao's brow not far away in the 150-meter field has not stretched.

    For the first time, Yun Chao felt the pressure from Zhong Yihan.

    Yesterday Zhong Yihan was able to impress the 60kg sandbag, which was enough to surprise him.

    Unexpectedly, Zhong Yihan today even began to become more skillful in the bow and arrow 100 meters.

    The speed of the other party's progress far exceeds Yun Chao's imagination and has even reached a point of abnormality.

    In Yun Chao's impression, none of their class can have Zhong Yihan's progress so fast.

    Although Zhong Yihan started late, at his current speed, maybe he might catch up with him within a month.

    This sense of urgency made Yun Chao very unhappy.

    Zhong Yihan's practice continues, but his accuracy has plummeted since then, and he can only stay between five rings and six rings.

    After the ten arrows are fired, the results on the counter show that two arrows are ten rings, two arrows are eight rings, and one arrow is seven rings others are five or six rings.

    The accuracy of the distance of one hundred meters is much more difficult to grasp than Zhong Yihan imagined.

    But even so, the result is surprising enough.

    Even the stubborn teacher Zhang Shou couldn't help smiling, came and patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder, and praised: "Good job, great progress!"

    "Thank you, teacher!"

    Zhang Shou nodded and continued to watch the achievements of others.

    Zhong Yihan took a deep breath, a smile appeared on his face, and at this time, he found that Li Xinyu and Peng Ming were both staring at him.

    "How did you do that?"

    Peng Ming couldn't help to ask it.

    Even Li Xinyu on the side listened subconsciously.

    Zhong Yihan knew what Peng Ming was asking. He thought about it and said earnestly: "Exercise more."

    The simple two words almost make Peng Ming want to curse.

    Peng Ming's chest was violently undulating. Zhong Yihan was mocking him?

    Who doesn't know how to practice more?

    Could it be that Zhong Yihan means that even if he trains as much as he can't keep up with his speed of improvement?

    Li Xinyu didn't get the answer she wanted. She rolled her eyes rarely, then took her eyes off and continued her assessment.

    Peng Ming's response made Zhong Yihan's expression inexplicable. Is he wrong?

    His proficiency in "Basic Archery" is constantly improved in Different World.

    Why did Peng Ming react this way?

    Simply inexplicable.


    After school at night, Zhong Yihan went to buy medicine again.

    Now that he has money in his hands, he naturally buys medicines of better quality-of course, the price is also more expensive, but as a man, he must be conscientious, and the fat man has paid such a high price, he naturally bought better quality medicine.

    Moreover, there is only half of the purple energy grass left, Zhong Yihan had to spend another 20,000 yuan to buy purple grass from the store-and it looks not as good as the two he sold before.

    Hey, he wouldn't sell it if he knew it!

    It seems that in the future, he should pay more attention to find the whereabouts of purple energy grass.

    After buying the medicinal materials, Zhong Yihan made a phone call to his home, and for any reason, said that he would not go home tonight.

    Then he took Xia Ling to the last hotel again.

    Open the room, let out Xia Ling, and place the two fried chicken buckets bought on the way on the table.

    "Master, are we going to get a new medicated bath bag?"

    Xia Ling was released by Zhong Yihan as soon as she flew to the fried chicken. Looking at the golden fried chicken legs inside, her saliva could not stop flowing.

    Xia Ling was able to help Zhong Yihan a lot during this period of time. She has her massage skills. After each use of the medicated bath bag, she can fully use the medicated bath bag.

    Her only disadvantages were her timidity and her inexplicable obsession with shells.

    "Today we have a big project. You need to configure as many medicated bath bags as possible. The larger the number, the more fried chicken you can eat."

    Xia Ling couldn't help asking: "What if the number is small?"

    Zhong Yihan said, "Then you can only eat a few, and the rest of the fried chicken belongs to me."

    "No! Xia Ling can configure so much! fried chicken is mine!"

    Xia Ling hurriedly hugged the fried chicken.

    "Then Xia Ling should configure a lot, and it is best to match until no tears can shed."

    "Well, Xia Ling is ready!"

    Looking at Xia Ling's busy figure, Zhong Yihan couldn't help touching his nose.

    If he does this, isn't it a squeeze on labor?

    After all, Xia Ling herself was quite happy.

    Honestly, when passing by a vegetable market just now, Zhong Yihan thought about buying two onions to shed tears for Xia Ling, but then he thought it is not ok.

    This little girl has a simple mind, and she is very good and loyal to himself. He can't do this.

    It's nine o'clock in the evening, and before going to school at six o'clock in the morning, they have one night to get the medicated bath bag.

    Taking medicine, dispensing, tearing, packaging ...

    Xia Ling's speed of configuring of medicated bath packs is so fast. About 20 packs have been configured in about two hours.

    Well, this solves the amount of deposit paid by the fat man before.

    Although he is a good brother, he always feels bad to owe money, so Zhong Yihan called the fat man:

    "Hey, the medicated bath pack you requested has already been prepared, now come quickly to get it!"
  • Chapter 39 - Elf Tears

    "Brother, is Yihan's medicine bath bag ready?"

    As soon as Zhu Xiaoyu was wearing a bathrobe and wiping her hair out of the bathroom, she heard the fat man talking on the phone, and from the reaction of the fat man, she learned that it was Zhong Yihan.

    "Yes, twenty packs of medicated bath bags!" Zhu Zhenxing said proudly. "It's ready, and I can get it tomorrow."

    Having said that, Zhu Zhenxing yawned and looked lazy, saying, "He also wants me to get it now, but I refused, I need to play games."

    Zhu Xiaoyu's face sank: "Aren't you going now ?!"

    "Uh ... I have a class tomorrow. He brought it to me during class tomorrow, wasn't it right?"

    "But I have run out of the three packs of medicated baths before!" Zhu Xiaoyu calmly said. "The last pack of medicated baths has just run out, and I went to the hospital for a full physical examination this afternoon and took a little bit of medicated bath powder to find The laboratory tested it and found no artificial hormones. So ... "

    "So ?!" Zhu Zhenxing suddenly had a bad feeling.

    "So your sister no longer has a medicated bath bag available! But I still have to practice! Because I feel that my bottleneck has been loosened! As long as I use a few more bags, I can completely break through this bottleneck!"

    Zhu Zhenxing wiped the sweat from his forehead and said with a smile: "But ... you are not in a hurry to use it tonight, right?"

    "Of course I'm in a hurry!" Zhu Xiaoyu exclaimed, "Seeing that I'm going to break the bottleneck and return to the road of rapid growth, brother, how can’t you help me at this time ?!"

    Zhu Zhenxing smiled bitterly and said, "You are my sister! Come on, I'll take it for you!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu then smiled and said sweetly, "I know my brother is the best to me! Hurry and hurry ... I'll wait for you! Go early and return!"

    Zhu Zhenxing reluctantly changed his clothes and was ready to go out.

    At this time Zhu Xiaoyu said: "brother, I just looked in the mirror and felt like I was a little whiter. Do you think so?"

    "It really seems like ... by the way, let me look at the scar on your arm, eh? It seems really faded? How about that photo yesterday, compare it!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu quickly found out her cell phone and retrieved the photos. The two carefully compared for a long time and found that the scars were really faded!

    Zhu Xiaoyu shouted in excitement: "Brother! Now go find Yihan brother! By the way, tell him by the way, I also want all the next medicinal bath packages! How much is it? No matter how high the price is,it is ok! "

    Zhu Zhenxing reluctantly said, "Be assured, I have already told him, but Yihan said that the preparation of this medicated bath bag is more troublesome, and he does not know how much it can be done. "

    "He doesn't know how much can configure? Is it a matter of raw material restrictions?"

    "He didn't say this, and I didn't follow up well."

    Zhu Xiaoyu thought about it, and also felt that this question was not very good to follow up, after all, it may involve the core secrets of the medicated bath configuration.

    After all, the materials of many medicinal baths have to undergo special treatment. It is not simple to mix several kinds of medicinal materials together to achieve effects.

    "Okay, we'll talk about this later. You should hurry up and bring the medicated bath bag. Then I'll live on it these days!"

    Zhu Zhenxing was pushed out of the door by Zhu Xiaoyu.

    Feeling the cold wind suddenly blowing in the early morning, Zhu Zhenxing couldn't help shivering.

    He suddenly had the illusion that his elder brother's status was being challenged. The key is that the illusion was given by a bath bag.



    Zhong Yihan waited in the hotel for about half an hour, saw Zhu Zhenxing, and he took the medicine bath bag and ran away.

    Zhong Yihan also felt that a stone had fallen to the ground.

    Finally no debts!

    Although he is a good brother with a fat man, the feeling of owing money is always unpleasant. The so-called lightness without debt is his current feeling.

    For the remaining medicinal materials, Xia Ling configures a total of thirty packets, and then no tears can be shed.

    The elf looked pitifully at the remaining medicinal materials, and said in a grievance: "Master, Xia Ling has done my best, but there are no tears."

    Zhong Yihan looked at the remaining pile of medicinal herbs with a toothache: "Can't you cry? Do you think about sad things? Yes, think about the last time I was almost eaten by the big bad dog? "

    "No!" Xia Ling grieved and said, "The ordinary tears are useless. To improve the effectiveness of the medicated bath bag, I must use my" elf tears ". It ’s because I absorb the energy, and it ’s not the same as ordinary tears! ”

    Zhong Yihan was surprised.

    It turned out that the tears she shed before were not the same as the tears in the medicated bath.

    "How long will it take for a drop of this elf tears to condense?"

    Xia Ling thought with a crooked head, and said, "Looking at the master who is now going to the world for eight hours every night, about a week, I can condense about fifty elf tears."

    "Only fifty? So few?"

    Zhong Yihan was a little helpless. Fifty medicine packs a week, including himself and his sister, would consume nearly twenty medicines a week, that is, about thirty packs can be sold out in a week.

    Xia Ling was helpless, but she said immediately: "But the master is assured that Xia Ling is getting stronger and stronger, and the speed of condensing the elf tears will be faster and faster!"

    "Also, if you find some energy fruits that Xia Ling can eat in Different World, I can quickly gather the elf tears after I eat them!"

    Zhong Yihan was happy now, and then thought about it. Based on the current package of 5,000 yuan, 30 packets, that is 150,000 yuan!

    Even if he removes the cost, he can earn more than 100,000 a week, Nothing to complain about.

    Thinking of this, he smiled and touched Xia Ling's small head, and said, "Well, Xia Ling is amazing!"

    Xia Ling's eyes glowed: "The master ... can I eat this bucket of fried chicken?"

    "Eat it! If it's not enough, the master will buy it for you!"

    "Yeah! Long live the master!"

    For the next few days, Zhong Yihan felt a little calm.

    He has been very regular these days.

    He went to school during the day and practiced at night. After the night, he went hunting in the Different World and practiced.

    Although threatened by tooth canine beasts, he did not dare to expand his hunting range too much in the Different World, but with the help of Xia Ling's warning, he could also avoid some risks in advance-he also bought a thumb-sized telescope to Xia Ling, so that the elf's detection range was even greater.

    So these days, the system points have also earned dozens of points, and with luck, three purple energy grasses have been harvested.

    These are gains.

    In a blink of an eye, it was Monday of the new week.

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    Chapter 40 - Bad News

    Yazun High School is located on the outskirts of Anping County.

    This is the hub of Anping County and the surrounding three cities. There are mountains, rivers, and beautiful mountains. According to tests, the energy Index here is as high as 1.8. This is already a place that is suitable for human settlements except for those famous mountains and rivers.

    Yazun High School is established here. This is the most famous private high school among the three surrounding cities. Similarly, it is also the highest-ranked high school among the three cities.

    This ranking is based on actual strength.

    In terms of last year's college entrance examination.

    No. 1 High School in Anping County has a total of 320 students who have been admitted to the Kung Fu university. The number of Yazun High School admitted to the Kung Fu university last year was 1,400.

    Moreover, even if they are Kung Fu university, they are classified and ranked.

    Just like the "Top Four Universities" mentioned earlier, that is, the top four universities in the country and the status is naturally high.

    Under the Top Four, there are still a number of colleges and universities that are hailed as "key colleges and universities" and are vigorously supported by the state.

    There are more than thirty such key universities nationwide, and Xiangshui University, one of the most famous in Xiang Province, is one of them.

    Further down, that are colleges and ordinary colleges.

    Perhaps for ordinary people, it is already very good to be admitted to ordinary colleges, but for those geniuses, they focus on "key colleges and universities" and “Top Four”.

    Among the 320 students admitted to the Kung Fu university last year in Anping County No. 1 High School last year, there were only 15 students in a university and only 3 students in key universities. None of the top 4 universities had none.

    However, in Yazun High School, 220 people were admitted to a Kung Fu college, of which more than 60 were admitted to key colleges and universities, and three were admitted to the "Top Four".

    The gap between them is not a little bit.

    Therefore, most of the children of wealthy people in the three cities nearby, as well as the genius of the genius, mostly study here, and various luxury cars can often be seen at the school gate.

    In the current "respect for Kung Fu" climate, money alone cannot be respected by others, and it is necessary to have the strength and talent to become the brightest person in the entire school.

    Of course, there is another way to attract the attention of other people-that is, a handsome boy and a beautiful girl who is dazzling enough-that human beings are visual animals, and they will not change in any era.

    Ever since Zhu Xiaoyu got out of the car and walked into the school gate, she felt that some eyes kept falling on her.

    As a "Kung Fu learner", Zhu Xiaoyu's five senses are naturally sharper than ordinary people, so although the people around him have a certain distance and their voices are still lowered, Zhu Xiaoyu can still hear some of them.

    "Is this girl a freshman? So beautiful!"

    "Kawai Isnai! So cute Lolita! It would be perfect if she had a double ponytail!"

    "The momentum is good, this girl's vitality should not be low."

    "And wild, look at her wheat-colored skin, how sexy!"

    "It looks familiar ... don't you think?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu stopped, turned sharply and looked at the nearest two cooing guys, said viciously, "What are you looking at? Haven't seen a beauty?"

    The two guys were startled, and shut up quickly until Zhu Xiaoyu left, the two eyes widened.

    "A little familiar with the sound?"

    "I'm familiar with her tone ... wait, she's in the first year of high school, Is she a freshman in high school?"

    A man responded, his face was idiotic, "Isn't that a little black girl ?!"

    "Little black girl ?! Why did it suddenly become so white?"



    Zhu Xiaoyu walked into the classroom of class five all the way, and then went straight to his seat.

    When she entered the door, the classroom that was still noisy before class suddenly became silent, and everyone in the classroom focused on her.

    Zhu Xiaoyu didn't realize it, she took out the book and looked at it.

    At this time, a weak voice sounded: "Excuse me ... who are you?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu turned her head and found that Xiaodie at the same table was looking at her with a timid look, and she couldn't help rolling her eyes. She said, "I just took a week off, and you don't know me anymore, right? You are Fish's memory ?! "

    Hearing a familiar voice, Xiaodie first froze, then her pupils dilated, and she pointed at Zhu Xiaoyu with a horrified expression: "You you you you ... Are you Xiaoyu ?!"

    Her voice was loud, and the whole class was paying attention to it at this time, and the whole class was surprised.

    "Xiao Yu ?! Xiao Die said she was Xiao Yu!"

    "Impossible, my eyes were blind!"

    "I haven't seen you in a week, you changed a lot?!"

    The boys just felt incredible, the girls were almost going to explode.

    Although Zhu Xiaoyu's family is good and her talents are high, girls rarely envy her, and most girls can find confidence in her.

    Because she's black!

    Nowadays, it is still common for girls to get tanned, but most of them are healthy wheat colors, have a wild flavor—but Zhu Xiaoyu ’s black one is like digging a briquette.

    In addition, she is small and looks very thin, so some students who are jealous of her talent and family background gave her various nicknames behind her.

    "Little Black Girl" is a better one.

    Other nasty nicknames such as "African Girl" and "Little Black Monkey" also have secretly called in private.

    As a result, Zhu Xiaoyu took a vacation last week and did not come for a week, which almost blinded everyone's eyes.

    Her skin is still a little black, but it is already a healthier wheat color, compared with the previous "charcoal black" completely reduced a few hues.

    Ying Yuedie, who was sitting at her table, also had wheat-colored skin. When the two were put together, it was indeed found that Zhu Xiaoyu's skin color was slightly deeper, but only a little bit.

    Boys are just surprised by this change in skin color, but girls are almost going crazy now!

    Which girl does not want to have fair and tender skin?

    Although they don't know what method Zhu Xiaoyu used, her black and charcoal-like skin can be turned into the current wheat color. If they can be like her, wouldn't they be white and tender now?

    But just as the girls rushed up and asked like hungry wolves, the headteacher Lao Shi came in.

    The head teacher’s name is Shi Yangang, the Kung Fu fighter level, the vitality is as high as 6.0, and a face all day is extremely deterrent, and the students have nicknamed "Stone Buddha" in private.

    As soon as the stone Buddha arrived, the class quieted down immediately, and no one dared to pretend in front of him.

    "Starting class now," his expression was surprisingly solemn, "First of all, I want to tell you very bad news! "

  • Chapter 41 - Space Cracks

    Looking at the students who were shocked by the word "bad news" in the classroom, Shi Yangang said calmly: "Just got the news, at four or five o'clock in the morning today, at the Qinggang about 50 kilometers away from us, there have been dramatic energy and space fluctuations. Do you know what this means? "

    The classroom exploded immediately.

    "Oh no, is there a space crack in Qinggang ?!"

    "Really? It's very close to us!"

    "Yeah! Just an hour by car!"

    "Are we in danger?"

    "Need to move? I'm so panicked!"

    Looking at the students' discussions, many people's faces showed a look of fear. An atmosphere of fear and anxiety spread instantly in the classroom, and Shi Yangang knocked on the table.

    "Well! All quiet!"

    Shi Yangang glanced at the students and said coldly: "It seems you all know what this means? That's right! According to the on-site investigation by experts, it can be basically determined that a space crack is forming in Qinggang City.

    There was another uproar in the classroom, and Shi Yangang had to knock on the table again.

    "I heard someone say ... want to move?" He smiled at him with a mocking smile, looking to the student who blurted out and said he wanted to move.

    The student immediately flushed with blush and dropped his head.

    "Not to mention that in accordance with past practice, a space crack wants to take shape. It takes at least half a year or even more than one year, but when it comes to moving, where can you move?"

    Shi Yan just snapped his fingers, and a picture appeared on the projector behind him.

    That is a map of the world.

    On the map, there are many places marked as small circles, large and small, including green, yellow, orange, and red ...

    "You can look at this map. All the circles in it represent a space crack, and today there are 57 space cracks on the earth."

    "Thirty-one space cracks that have been completely controlled by humans, are these green signs, and there are nine in our country-of course, the space crack in Qinggang City is still no molding, so no calculations. "

    "These yellow signs represent that human beings are barely controlling the situation, but they are not capable of occupying the land on the other side of the crack, so there is a certain risk. There are twelve cracks in this world and three in our country."

    "The orange mark is very dangerous. The monsters representing the Different World have invaded the earth, human beings have the downside, and the two sides have formed a tug-of-war. Human beings cannot destroy all these beasts, and these beasts cannot be outward. There are nine such cracks in the world and two in our country. "

    "Finally, these five red marks represent that the beasts and even the gods of the Different World have completely occupied the strongholds on the earth. Human beings have completely lost their control and can only surround their surroundings and not let the situation expand!"

    Having said that, Shi Yangang said seriously: "There are five such red cracks, two in Africa, one in South America, one in Southeast Asia, one in Northern Europe, and the largest one is in West Africa. I believe you should saw the tragic situation there on TV and other various media. "

    "Human beings are completely reduced to slaves, cattle, and even food! Captives of intelligent creatures from Different World, slavery by them, and even ... will be their meals!"

    The students were pale and livid.

    There are always journalists who are not afraid of death, and human beings can use some high-tech means to observe the situation in the "occupied area" and return photos and video materials.

    In the beginning, most of these materials were blocked by countries because it was too bloody and cruel.

    Even in order to inspire the morale of the people and the spirit, even countries are afraid to put too bloody things directly in front of the people.

    However, there are no impermeable walls in the world.

    Some hackers obtained corresponding materials through special means, and then posted them on the Internet, which immediately caused an uproar.

    Then people know ...

    Unlike any civil war between humans in human history, this era is a life-and-death battle between two civilizations and two races!

    The losing side will fall completely into hell and become the food of the winning side!

    At that time, maybe suicide will be happier.

    Seeing the students look scared one by one.

    Shi Yangang clapped his hands suddenly, and said loudly, "Look at you! What do you look like one by one ?! Does this scare you? You know you are in the safest country in the world!"

    "Since the resurgence of energy, a total of fourteen space cracks have emerged in our country, and twelve of them have become our bridgeheads in attacking Different World! Only two remain, although still in a standstill, The destructive force caused by space cracks is basically controlled within a hundred kilometers around the cracks! "

    "This is our pride! It is also the pride of the great powers! Don't forget that our country has a saint!"

    "Our saints are not weaker than the gods of the Different World!"

    The eyes of many people suddenly light up.

    Yes, there are saints in our country, and there are still two!

    There are only four saints in the world today.

    Paul XIII of Europe, Noah of North America, and the Immortal Taiqing of our country, and our military general, Wu Mu.

    These four saints are superior in strength and comparable to the gods, and each has a record of fighting one-on-one with the gods.

    Among them, General Wu Mu killed a beast god in the Different World-this is also the first and only record in human history to kill the Different World god with a single person!

    It is the protection of these four saints. Our country, North America, and western Europe are quite peaceful in this "turbulent world."

    And in those small countries, the order has collapsed in many places-before the beasts invade, they are completely chaotic.

    Shi Yangang saw many people's faces recover, and nodded, "Yes, we have the protection. This is our advantage! However, we must not rely on two saints completely!"

    "Tell you something to reassure you."

    "Just before I came, the Kung Fu association had issued an emergency rally order to mobilize the strong to go to Qinggang City. The army had already begun operations. Those should be able to completely control the situation. So, this incident may finally make us a blessing in disguise? "

    Immediately someone asked, "Mr. Shi, why did you say a blessing in disguise?"
  • Chapter 42 - There Is No Second Way To Go

    Shi Yangang pointed to the green dots on the map and said, "These green markings represent the cracks in space that have been counterattacked by us."

    "In this racial war between the two worlds, we humans are not the party that is purely backward. The strange beasts and wild gods of Different World can come in through space channels and invade us. And we can fight back, even It's pre-emptive, and you put a bridgehead in the Different World! "

    "These green dots are occupied by our humans in turn, bridgeheads in Different World! We are here to build cities, build strongholds, and build roads. Although electronic equipment cannot be used in Different World, human wisdom is infinite! We have used steam power to build our own base among these nine strongholds, and have begun the development and exploration of the Different World. "

    "Our fighters explore in the Different World, hunt and kill strange beasts, look for medicinal materials, and open up territories."

    "Our workers build a base in a different world and provide logistics."

    "Our scientists, research in Different World, find the rules, and see if we can recover modern civilization in the Different World."

    "And many of our students, such as the “Top Four” in your dreams, each of them has a stronghold in the Different World, and opened a new campus there! You all know that the energy in the Different World is rich in energy and rich in resources. Therefore, the reason why the Top Four is that their teachers and students can practice directly in the Different World! "

    Many students made a "wow" sound, full of envy.

    Shi Yangang continued: "The energy value in the Different World is also the lowest at more than 5, and there are ten or twenty energy value practice treasures, and that is also there. Not only the Different World, but even these space cracks will have energy, the infiltration resulted in a particularly high concentration of energy. "

    "So, look at these green spots. The 100-kilometer plot of land around them has already been bought by a group of businessmen, and they started to do real estate, agriculture, and logistics ... has made a fortune! "

    He rarely told a cold joke, and the students couldn't help laughing.

    Shi Yangang said: "So, A blessing in disguise? There will be a space crack in Qinggang City. This is a danger and an opportunity. Because if this space crack is controlled, then Qinggang City will usher in an explosion ...… Other than that, just in Qinggang City and the surrounding housing prices, there will be a wave of blowouts. "

    The students laughed again.

    "But!" Shi Yangang's face sank again. "We can't be blindly optimistic! After all, what exactly is behind this crack, can the Kung Fu Association and the military control it? No one can give the guarantee right away! "

    "On the one hand, we can only trust the strong in our country. On the other hand, you should also feel a sense of crisis!"

    "Although you are all students now, the war is still far away from you. But in case ... I mean in case if the crack has been not controlled, all of us will be soldiers by then!"

    The air pressure in the class suddenly dropped again.

    Shi Yangang looked around the audience and said coldly, "So, if you want to move, you can prepare to move after you return home. If you don’t want to move, or there is no place to move, I hope you all take it seriously from this moment! "

    "Because the war is imminent! Every drop of sweat you shed now may allow you to shed less blood during the war!"

    "And those children who are moving away, I won't blame you. After all, it is human instinct to take advantage of and avoid harm, but I still have something to say ..."

    "That is, if Qinggang City can't keep it, it means that our country is not absolutely safe! And if the country cannot guarantee the safety of the people, I am afraid there is no place in the world that can do this. Even if you are in the city of the saints! "

    "So, when this happens, it also means that the war will always start! No matter where you move, have escaped once, can you escape twice or three times?"

    "So ... classmates."

    "Work hard! I know that many of you have a wealthy family, but at a time when even the country cannot protect you, the only thing you can rely on is your own body and your own strength!"

    "Even if it is dead, at least kill two or three strange beasts, so it's worth dying this way!"

    Having said that, Shi Yangang opened his left hand, fist with his right hand, and raised it in the palm of his left hand.

    "Although you are still very young, from this moment on, all of you are fighters in reserve. So, let's work hard! Fight hard!"

    "Because in addition to fight hard, there is no second way to go!"



    A lesson passed so quickly.

    Just after Shi Yangang left the classroom, the whole classroom was exploded.

    Students are discussing the space crack of Qinggang City. Some people are desperate, some are confused, and some are excited. Once interrupted by such a thing, no one paid attention to why Zhu Xiaoyu turned white.

    Zhu Xiaoyu and Xiaodie at the same table are also whispering.

    "Xiao Yu, are you afraid?"

    "It is impossible to say not to be afraid at all ..." Zhu Xiaoyu smiled bitterly. "After all, it is a space crack. the teacher is right, no one dares to guarantee now that he will be able to control this crack."

    Xiaodie's full name is Yingyue Die. She tilted her head and thought, "I have confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military. They will go all out for such a big thing."

    "I'm scared of running out of power! Unless one of the two saints comes, it's really reassuring. it looks like I need to prepare something."

    "What preparation?"

    "I will let my dad buy a house in the provincial capital when I go back. Once the situation is not right here, the family will run immediately!"

    Ying Yuedie rolled her eyes: "It's so exaggerated!"

    "Take precautions! Even in our country, there are areas in yellow and orange. It was said that there were also heavy casualties at that time! So, be prepared in advance!"

    Ying Yuedie said: "I won't be able to run until getting out of control. So my dad was very prescient. He had dug a huge basement under the villa at home and sealed it with an alloy steel plate. It is enough to prevent nuclear bombs! And a lot of water and supplies are prepared in it. My dad said it was an emergency shelter. Once something happened, the whole family hid underground, and the resources there were prepared very adequate, even if the family lived for a year! "

    Zhu Xiaoyu glanced back at her, and said, "Your family is a super tyrant, how can we compare? Well ... it's too late to dig a pit now!"

    Ying Yuedie smiled for a while, then suddenly said, "Yes, Xiao Yu, you haven't told me yet, what is going on with your skin?"

    "Just that you are still concerned about my skin ..." Zhu Xiaoyu was again with white eyes, then excited, and whispered, "But you don’t tell others, I got an exclusive recipe that not only can whiten the skin but also restore injuries and fatigue, it's amazing! "

    "What recipe is so magical?"

    "Hey, listen to me carefully ..."
  • Chapter 43 - Breakthrough in Vitality 1

    An island in the Different world, under a big tree.

    Zhong Yihan was sweating with the thirteenth style of the "Kung Fu 72 Styles".

    After working hard this week, he finally made some breakthroughs in the practice.

    From the beginning, the thirteenth style could not persist for even a few seconds, and now he can maintain the standard posture for more than ten minutes. Although the medicated bath bag and the energy of the Different World are indispensable, Zhong Yihan's efforts for this are even more It is twice or even three times as before.

    Zhong Yihan has been holding his posture for more than ten minutes now, but he still clenches his teeth and wants to see where his limits are.

    Over time, Zhong Yihan's muscles began to tremble, like an active joy and a weeping sorrow.

    When he was at school during the day, he was told that the space track in Qinggang was about to appear.

    Unsurprisingly, many people want to escape, but many people have confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military and are willing to stay.

    Of course, there are also families like Zhong Yihan. All of them work in Anping County. They have no deposits and no relatives from other places. Even if they want to run, there is no place to run.

    For Zhong Yihan, he did not mean to escape for the time being, but he also felt a strong sense of crisis. He is now more diligent and harder in his practice.

    Xia Ling was sleeping on the mushroom beside her, holding her shell asleep.

    Zhong Yihan felt that the blood in his body was surging, which seemed to be a precursor to some kind of breakthrough. Suddenly a light breeze caused him to sit softly under his feet. All the sensations suddenly disappeared, leaving only endless fatigue.


    Xia Ling was immediately awakened. She hurriedly flew into the sky while yelling: "The master is careful of the bad guys!"

    Xia Ling flew to the sky, woke up and looked around, and found that there were no bad people at all, and the master sat on the ground without any danger. She breathed a sigh of relief, flew to the mushroom just now, and continued to hold her shell to sleep.

    It seems she is really tired.

    During this time, Xia Ling had been helping Zhong Yihan with vigilance and her nerves had been strained. He could understand her state.

    Zhong Yihan pampered Xia Ling's soft face with his fingers.

    "Master, don't grab Xia Ling's shells. The shells are all Xia Ling's ..."

    Xia Ling's murmur made Zhong Yihan full of black lines.

    Zhong Yihan no longer teased Xia Ling, gently lifted her up and used the shuttle to return to the room, and then put her on the bed, sitting on the floor against the edge of the bed himself.

    He was too dirty to stain his bed.

    For the interruption of the breakthrough just now, Zhong Yihan is not upset. This is what practice is all about. Looking for the possibility of that breakthrough under continuous practice, but it is impossible to succeed every time.

    In fact, the success rate now has been much improved compared to Zhong Yihan's previous experience. The experience in the past allows him to treat frustrations with ordinary heart, which can be regarded as his precious experience.

    Today's practice is all over, Zhong Yihan opened his personal properties to view.

    Name: Zhong Yihan

    Sex: Male

    Strength: 1.2

    Dexterity: 0.9

    Constitution: 1.0

    Spirit: 1.1

    Comprehensive vitality: 1.05


    Basic Archery: 679/1000, (in progress).

    Basic knife method: 432/1000

    Basic Boxing: 355/1000

    Basic footwork: 236/1000

    The four-dimensional attributes each naturally increased by 0.05 in this week, plus the exchange of two strength fruits, Zhong Yihan's vitality finally broke through the 1 mark.

    Vitality breaks through 1, which is a huge threshold for many students.

    As far as the class of Zhong Yihan is concerned, a total of 53 students, with a vitality over 1, have a total of 23, less than half.

    There are the most 0.8-1 students, with 25 full, and there are only five people who haven't even reached 0.8-and these five people are basically not a matter of qualifications, just to play in schools.

    Therefore, the vitality of Zhong Yihan was 0.8 before. In addition to the ranking of 1,000 students in the senior high school, the last ten in the class.

    But now, he has entered the top 20 students in the class, and also about the top 500 students in the class.

    Of course, the more forward, the harder it is to chase.

    For example, Xiong Bo, who is the first in the class, has a vitality of 2.2. He is the only strongest in class 5 who has a vitality over 2. He has always maintained the top three in the grade. His goal is to be a national key Kung Fu university. He doesn’t care about the ordinary college!

    Of course, Zhong Yihan's goal is not so simple as being admitted to an ordinary Kung Fu university.

    He is completely confident that in the next few months, through hard work and system help, he can be admitted to key Kung Fu universities, such as Xiangshui University.

    Zhong Yihan's strength of his arms now reaches 90 kilograms. Yun Chao's power limit seems to be so much.

    This means that purely in terms of strength, Zhong Yihan has caught up with Yun Chao.

    In addition, basic archery, basic swordsmanship, basic fighting, and basic footwork have been improved, but the most improved are basic archery.

    Today happens to be Tuesday. Zhong Yihan can use the archery class to see how much his archery has improved.

    There are 11 points left in the system. This is the number of points left for redeeming the two strength fruits and the shuttle. The total number of monologues is less than last week.

    However, there is no other way. After all, the number of evil rabbits is limited. After two weeks of hunting by Zhong Yihan, it is almost difficult to see the evil rabbits within 200 meters.

    However, tooth canine beasts are difficult to hunt because of group activities. Zhong Yihan must find a way to disperse their groups first, and then break them apart, so the time it takes will increase.

    Fortunately, this is only temporary.

    When Zhong Yihan's vitality improved a little, he began to try to hunt the tooth canine beasts group directly. At that time, it was a wave of system points.

    One week has passed and Xia Ling should be able to configure a new medicated bath bag.

    During this time, Zhong Yihan checked a lot of information about the new home and found that the best location for energy was Zhu Zhenxing's villa complex.

    But the price is ridiculously expensive, the cheapest is seven million.

    If a pack of medicated bath packs is calculated at a profit of 3,500, seven million would need to be sold for two thousand packs.

    He and Zhong Qiaoyue used twenty packs a week, so he could only sell thirty packs.

    Rounding takes sixty-seven weeks or nearly seventeen months.

    This does not include the case that the medicated bath bag may not be sold sometimes, and various other expenses.

    A year and a half, it seems a long time-because after a year and a half, he has already graduated from high school.

    But thinking that if in the past, let alone seven million, he calculated that he would go to work. It would be a problem to earn tens of thousands of yuan a year, so Zhong Yihan suddenly felt that this time was actually acceptable.

    After all, he didn't buy a house for his own sake, but for his mother and sister.

    The concentration of energy in the villa district where Zhu Zhenxing is located, Zhong Yihan now simply does not care, but when a man has the ability, naturally he wants to make more contributions to his home.

    It is Zhong Yihan's biggest wish to be able to let his mother and sister live in luxury mansions and live comfortably.

    However, since this goal cannot be achieved in the short term, Zhong Yihan still put his eyes back on improving his strength first.

    As long as he has the strength, he will not worry about the opportunity to make money in the future.

    Today is Tuesday. There is an archery class in the afternoon.

    Then set himself a small goal.

    Try to enter the 150-meter field!

  • Chapter 44 - Enter 150-Meter Field

    The medicated bath bag has a very significant effect in eliminating fatigue. Zhong Yihan hardly dozed off in the morning and took the cultural class seriously.

    At the beginning of the afternoon archery class, someone received praise from the teacher.

    Peng Ming.

    He shot three arrows at the sixth ring of the 100-meter field today and progressed very quickly. He just advanced to the 100-meter field last week and couldn't even reach his target.

    It seems that Zhong Yihan's stimulus to Peng Ming is not small. The student who has worked hard now is trying his best every arrow.

    On the other side, Li Xinyu suddenly ushered in an outbreak. Five of the ten arrows in the first round hit nine rings.

    The advanced condition of the 100-meter field is that eight of the ten rounds must hit more than nine rings. Li Xinyu's results are relatively close.

    This made Zhong Yihan feel an inexplicable pressure. And not only the two of them but a dozen other students in the class who were also in the 100-meter field, looking at Zhong Yihan, were also full of desire to compete.

    As for Yun Chao behind him, not to mention, Zhong Yihan didn't have to look back, he could feel that that person we're seeing through his back.

    Zhong Yihan closed her eyes and took a long breath, letting his focus refocus.

    When he opened his eyes, there was only the target in front of him.

    Feeling the change of Zhong Yihan's temperament, Peng Ming subconsciously stopped the bow and arrow in his hand.

    Although Li Xinyu is still shooting arrows, she pays more attention to Zhong Yihan.

    Judging from the fact that Zhong Yihan has made great progress every week, his progress today is likely to shock everyone.

    Zhong Yihan fetches arrows, makes bows, adjusts postures, pulls strings, and shoots arrows. The whole movement is flowing in one go, and even Li Xinyu, who hates him, has to admit that his moves are really pleasing.


    The sound of the counter sounded, and the attention of the students who were practicing each other was suddenly attracted.

    Zhong Yihan's first shot today attracted a great start, and the first arrow hit ten rings!

    However, Zhong Yihan did not respond to this and still took arrows and archery.

    Proficiency in basic archery is nearly seven hundred, allowing him to face the target in the 100-meter field as easily as in the 50-meter field.

    Then the sound of the counter only appeared once, but his results really shocked everyone.

    Three shots, three hits.

    Six out of five.

    Seven out of nine.

    Although the six arrows in the back only shot the nine rings, the students who were onlookers were all surprised.

    Some people couldn't help exclaiming: "Oh my god, if Zhong Yihan can hit more than nine rings this arrow, then he will advance to the 150-meter field!"

    "Quiet, don't interfere with his attention!"

    "You speak louder than me."

    Zhang Li was also watching the crowd at this time. She saw Zhong Yihan's performance. The worst arrow was also above the seven rings. It can be seen that he now really has the ability to enter the 150-meters field.

    And Li Xinyu's best result was only six out of ten.

    On the one hand, Zhu Zhenxing's mocking expression was almost carved into her eyes, and Zhang Li could not wait to find something to cover his large face.

    Isn't he advancing to the 150-meter field, is it necessary to be so excited?

    Peng Ming stared at Zhong Yihan, his fists clenched and the bows and arrows in his hands squeaky.

    Li Xinyu did not know when to put down the bow and arrow in her hand. Except for a few students who did not like to make fun of themselves, they were still immersed in their own world. Most of the students' eyes focused on Zhong Yihan, as if waiting for the historic moment.

    Yun Chao outside the crowd never thought that Zhong Yihan was going to advance so fast. Don't look at him on the surface that he was still calm, but in fact, he had thought about Zhong Yihan's failure many times, and he couldn’t succeed.

    Xiong Bo's performance in the 150-meter field was much calmer. He just glanced at Zhong Yihan's direction casually and then continued his practice.

    But no matter how many people thought, Zhong Yihan's tenth arrow shot out.

    Seven rings!



    Zhang Li couldn't help cheering, and immediately caused the glaring of the fat man.

    Zhang Li was very happy, saying proudly: "How about, I say he can't?"

    "Oh, at least this result is better than your perfect girlfriend."


    A word from Zhu Zhenxing made Zhang Li speechless, the latter glared at him, and then left here.

    She felt that she really couldn't follow Zhong Yihan anymore.

    Zhu Zhenxing wanted to go up and cheer Zhong Yihan, but found that the other person's face was calm and there was no loneliness after failure.

    He stopped subconsciously.

    Does Zhong Yihan think he still has a chance?

    But more students are disappointed.

    "Almost he can advance, Zhong Yihan should not make mistakes at this time."

    "It seems that Zhong Yihan's psychological quality is like that."

    "The first round has failed, and it must not have succeeded afterward."

    Most of the students who had been on the sidelines dispersed.

    Zhong Yihan didn't care about the decline of the people around him.

    At the last arrow of the first round just now, he was stared at by the students around him. The inexplicable pressure made him unable to concentrate well, so he missed.

    After all, he has been training in the Different World, rarely shoots arrows in such a noisy environment, and it is normal to not control his strength.

    Now when most students leave, Zhong Yihan feels that the pressure on his body suddenly drops.

    Coupled with the first round of testing just now, he understands that his current strength can definitely advance to the 150 meters, as long as he stabilizes his mentality.

    So in the next round of archery, Zhong Yihan redoubled his confidence, bowed his arrow, and shot straight!

    "Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

    "Nine rings!"

    "Eight rings!"

    "Nine rings!"

    "Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

    "Nine rings!"

    "Nine rings!"

    "Eight rings!"

    "Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

    "Ding Ding Ding, Ten Rings!"

    After two consecutive ten rings, the entire Arrow Hall was silent for a while, and then a scream of exclamation broke out!

    Zhu Zhenxing hugged Zhong Yihan. If Zhong Yihan had eaten several strength fruits in succession. Now his pure power points are 1.2. He will be crushed to death by this fat man!

    Then, many students gathered around and surrounded Zhong Yihan.

    Peng Ming looked pale.

    Zhang Li's face was as dead as death.

    Li Xinyu also had a rare look of dullness.

    He turned out to be successful!

    He was several months later than she entered the 100-meter field. Although Li Xinyu knew that she was not the best genius, in just over half a month, she was completely surpassed by him that was last ten in class...

    This contrast made her really unacceptable.

    Not only her, but a dozen other students in the 100-meter field in the class also exchanged gloomy eyes with each other.

    Who would have thought that Zhong Yihan, who was silent before, just made great progress?

    The Kung Fu teacher Zhang Shou looked at everything and couldn't help nodding.

    This is the first time he has seen a student who has made such rapid progress.

    Honestly, if it wasn't for Zhong Yihan's start too late and the starting point was too low, he didn't start until the third year of high school. Zhang Shou might really expect him to make history for their school.

    But even now it's amazing.

    Zhang Shou is looking forward to this Zhong Yihan will be able to bring more surprises to himself!
  • Chapter 45 - Shock the Class

    Zhong Yihan's advance to the 150-meter field is probably the most important thing for students to pay attention to since they were promoted to the third year of high school. Of course, except the space track in Qinggang city

    Because no matter who advances or advances, students will feel right.

    Only Zhong Yihan was suddenly struggling to progress from the 50-meter field to the 150-meter field. Even after the college entrance examination, his vitality could not reach the standard of a fighter, this experience was enough inspirational.

    Moreover, some people have high vitality but may not have good archery skill. After all, everyone's development path is different.

    Like Zhong Yihan, if he can still improve in archery, if he can reach the 150-meter field before graduation, he can also hit eight of the ten rounds must hit more than nine rings...

    Well, as long as his basic vitality is not too low, there are definitely some Kung Fu institutions willing to admit him!

    Because it is clear that Zhong Yihan has enough talent in archery-and this talent has always been encountered but not sought.

    The students in the archery hall had already surprised, and Zhong Yihan couldn't escape.

    If most of his classmates thought he was lucky before he advanced to the 100-meter field, now Zhong Yihan has been regarded by most students as someone who can ask for advice.

    "Yihan, how did you practice? Is there any secret?"

    "Yeah, yeah, your progress is too fast. The 50-meter field has troubled me for three years. Please guide me."

    "Half a month from 50 meters to 150 meters, even our school best student Fang Haoyu spent three months. Zhong Yihan has set a record for our school, right?"

    Li Xinyu and Peng Ming, who were beside Zhong Yihan, were crowded out at this time.

    Zhang Li stood outside the crowd and didn't know how many times she rolled her eyes.

    "What ’s so great, but it ’s just a fluke. Xinyu can do it soon, right? Xinyu."

    Li Xinyu said rarely: "I can't do it, he is better than me, at least in archery."

    Li Xinyu's expression was very complicated at this time.

    Before Zhang Li told her Zhong Yihan said that she was a prodigal girl, her first reaction was that he was a scum, which was a serious insult to herself.

    Kung Fu consumes resources is a well-known thing, and everyone is practicing, why should she be scolded because she is a girl?

    Not to mention that the other side is the last ten student in the class.

    Li Xinyu believes that this is Zhong Yihan's jealousy. After all, it is normal for a person who works hard and has no results is jealous of a person who is better than him.

    But now Li Xinyu finds that her dislike for the other person seems to be wishful thinking.

    Because from the beginning of Zhong Yihan's advanced 100-meters field, he only has bows and arrows in his eyes, he has never looked at her straight.

    And his rapid progress is enough to make people look at him, even want to ask for advice in person.

    However, Li Xinyu has her own pride. Even if Zhong Yihan really has any cheats for strengthening, she will never bend to ask.

    She will surpass each other by her own efforts.

    A squeaking sound rang around, Li Xinyu turned around and found that Peng Ming, who was desperate and angry, gritted his teeth.

    Peng Ming originally thought that as long as he had closed the distance between the two, who knew it was only one week away, he would be thrown away by the other party again.

    The gap between the 100-meter field and the 150-meter field is an insurmountable gap so that Peng Ming simply cannot see the hope of surpassing the other party again.

    Why is this happening?

    He obviously worked so hard?

    He was the first person to advance to the 100-meter field. Why did Zhong Yihan suddenly pop out at this time?

    Peng Ming felt really crazy.

    Why suddenly progress so fast?

    "Okay, let's make a concession and let Yihan go to the 150-meter field first. If you have any questions, after school and ask!" Zhu Zhenxing took advantage of his size to pull Zhong Yihan out of the crowd.

    Outside the crowd, Zhang Shou smiled at Zhong Yihan and nodded: "Good job, you have advanced to the 150-meter field."

    "Teacher Zhang laughed!"

    "Is this a laugh? I can't see it unless you say it, and it's so ugly."

    "Well, you dare to make a joke of him, you don't want to live anymore."

    "Didn't you say him?"

    Zhang Shou twitched, trying to keep his smile.

    With the strength of his senior Kung Fu fighter, he could hear and the sound of the surroundings, these guys dared to make a joke of him, it seems that they are less trained.

    "Thank you, Teacher Zhang."

    Zhong Yihan came to the 150-meter field.

    There were a total of four people before the 150-meter field. Except that Yun Chao's overall vitality was a bit worse, the remaining three were all top three in the class.

    Yun Chao stood in the outermost position. When Zhong Yihan walked over, the other body was motionless, apparently blocking him intentionally.

    Zhong Yihan looked up at Yun Chao's unhappy face and laughed, "Why, I feel like you can't afford to lose, so you want to use this method to stop me from practicing?"

    "Can't afford to lose? Well, I advise you not to look too high at yourself. What's the use of ascension from 0 to 1? It's just like a baby learns to speak.

    "What's more, there is an essential difference between real combat and practice. If you are so anxious to fight with me, you must be prepared to bear the cruel consequences."

    In fact, as Yun Chao said, even if Zhong Yihan actually died unexpectedly in the match, he does not need to bear any legal responsibility.

    In this era, it is almost normal for a student to die. All students will sign a death agreement with their parents before entering the school, that is, the school only needs to compensate 500,000 to 1 million after the death of the student.

    Of course, in order to avoid people with intentions using this agreement to do evil.

    The conditions of death are still harsh.

    For example, accidental deaths of extracurricular tasks, and accidental deaths in normal combat are among the death conditions.

    Zhong Yihan certainly knew the death agreement. If it was placed half a month ago, he might be scared back by a threat like Yun Chao, but now ...

    Actual combat? !!

    Yunchao is fiercer than the tooth canine beast?

    Well, even if you can beat a tooth canine beast, can you fight with three at the same time? !!

    Yun Chao stood there pretending to be a threatening expression but found that Zhong Yihan looked at himself with an expression, that expression ...

    It's as if an adult is watching a little shouting boy there.

    This made him very upset, just wanting to continue to threaten, but listened to Zhong Yihan said: "If the fight maybe leads to death, I hope you will not give in."

    Zhong Yihan said very easily. Yun Chao just wanted to refute, but when he saw his indifferent eyes, his heart jumped inexplicably, and he stepped back subconsciously.

    It was a natural reaction to the danger.

    But immediately after Yun Chao reacted, he was about to stand back again, but Zhong Yihan had already passed through on time.

    This made Yunchao angry, but it was not easy to catch up.

    Because he was a bit scared just now.

    But this "fear" made him even more unacceptable.

    He had to secretly resolve in his heart: "When the next fight, I must interrupt your limbs!"

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    Chapter 46 - Yangshi Bar

    After the archery class, Zhong Yihan was significantly more popular than before.

    The most obvious point is that there are more girls who ask him questions after class. Zhong Yihan's knowledge of liberal arts is already excellent, so these problems are not difficult to answer, but some girls hinted that they would like to invite Zhong Yihan to eat, and some boys also came over and called him to get together after school, but he refused.

    In his opinion, going out to play now is simply a waste of time. Before the college entrance examination, he needs to use all the time to strive to improve, and there was no time to do anything else.

    The evening after school, Zhu Zhenxing did not find Zhong Yihan to go home together but brought another student in front of him.

    "Yihan, let's go back later. Fan Dali invites us to relax in the bar."

    Fan Dali said by Zhu Zhenxing is the classmate beside him.

    Fan Dali's vitality is 0.9, and his grades are at a medium level in the class.

    Anping County No. 1 High School has 23 classes in total. There is an average of 50 or 60 students in each class. Among them, students with a vitality of 0.7-1 occupy the majority.

    Therefore, Fan Dali's standard of vitality is also in the middle of the class, which belongs to the category of high or low.

    Fan Dali and Zhu Zhenxing have a good relationship. Zhong Yihan has talked with him a few times before, but he has no deep friendship.

    So Zhong Yihan said, "You just go and I will go back to practice."

    But Zhu Zhenxing insisted: "Yihan, occasionally taking a break and not dying. You have advanced to the 150-meter field today, and it is considered to be an advanced celebration. And his guy treats us, if he is not allowed to spend some money, I will not be reconciled. Besides, he just wants to invite you. If you don't go, it's boring for me to go alone. "

    Zhu Zhenxing said, using his arms to touch Fan Dali, the latter would understand, so he said: "Zhong Yihan, this time I really invite you sincerely, we are friend and classmate. I have booked the location. It is a newly opened bar and it is definitely fun! "

    Zhong Yihan knew that he couldn't get away this time, and he didn't want to dispel everyone's interest, he was tangled for a while, and finally sighed: "Hey, okay, I'll just go."

    Zhu Zhenxing patted Zhong Yihan's shoulder and laughed: "Haha, I know that Yihan is nice! Dali, you need to prepare much money!"

    "Rest assured that today we will not return without being drunk!"

    Fan Dali was also very happy. So many people asked Zhong Yihan to fail. Only he succeeded.

    This made him reluctant to be glad that he had a good relationship with Zhu Zhenxing, or he would certainly have been rejected by Zhong Yihan.

    As for the fact that so many people are in a hurry to make friends with Zhong Yihan, the reason is actually very simple.

    In the first place, it was natural to see Zhong Yihan's leaps and bounds, and there was great momentum, so he took the opportunity to make friends with him.

    Secondly, he really wants to explore why he can make such great progress and what is the reason.

    Especially the children of businessmen like Fan Dali, it is worth mentioning that this routine is really easy.


    The bar booked by Fan Dali is called Yangshi Bar. It is the highest-ranked bar in Anping County and the highest consumption bar. Of course, because this bar is too hot, some better locations need to be booked to get in.

    In the bar, the blue-violet lights flash, and the singer on the stage seems to be a metal rock with steel balls. With the dense drums and hissing guitar, the atmosphere here is passionate and enthusiastic.

    The handsome men and women in fashion clothes joked loudly, powerful hands slid on the white thighs, and the charming perfume stimulated the nerves of the opposite sex.

    No one cares about the sight of others, they are immersed in the stimulation of alcohol and cannot help themselves.

    Here, the flattery of the female, the hormonal of the male, interweaves an intoxicating and crazy vortex.

    The three walked towards their seats while watching everything here.

    Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali did not know what was attracted to them. Looking at it for a while, and looking over there for a while, their heads were turning around for a moment, and their eyes were as if they were overdosed.

    Especially one of them suddenly found something, and then patted the other to let him see, and the two looked at each other and smiled, showing the true nature of the wolf friend.

    Although Zhong Yihan didn't come to the bar very often, he didn't feel excited at all but felt very noisy.

    "How about Yihan, isn't it good? Especially the girls here are of high quality!"

    The three sat in a position, Fan Dali said excitedly.

    Zhu Zhenxing nodded with satisfaction: "It's really good, especially the girl who just wore a white tube top, that figure is absolutely terrific. Do you think she did cosmetic surgery?"

    "What's wrong with cosmetic surgery? Beautiful is enough."

    "That's right, we can't get it anyway, and it's good to have eye addiction."

    Zhong Yihan on the side was almost speechless.

    The girl waiters who led them were still standing beside them.

    Although the waiter smiled sweetly, Zhong Yihan still felt her contempt under her smile.

    Fan Dali called two bottles of rum directly. After the waiter left, he smiled and whispered, "I have already called a few girls. They are on the way now, they are all young girls from nearby art schools. Fat man, Yihan, it will be fun later! "

    Fatty Zhu's eyes were immediately lighted up, and even Zhong Yihan couldn't help but have a little expectation.

    Nowadays, the stars of this era are still very marketable. Although there are many stars who learned Kung Fu, there are still more people who rely on a face.

    Moreover, Kung Fu is a very hard and costly affair. There is no shortage of people afraid of hardship in any era. Not to mention the younger generation. There are always people who think they are outstanding. Being a star is much better than being a fighter.

    Make money and be safe, and don't have to be that tiring-and the idea is gender-neutral.

    Anyone who has any idea in this world, this is all their own choice.

    However, as a few senior single boys, the yearning for the younger girls of the art school was sincere, so after listening to Fan Dali's words, the three immediately exchanged a look.

    Well, men understand.

    After a while, the wine was brought up. Fan Dali poured the wine and raised the glass. "First of all, congratulations to Yihan for successfully advancing to the 150-meter field."

  • Chapter 47 - Conflict

    After the three toast.

    Zhong Yihan was a little embarrassed and said, "What's so good about congratulations. As long as you try hard to believe that anyone can advance."

    "You can't say that. Whoever wants to achieve a little bit in Kung Fu, work hard, but the results are very different. Take me as an example. When my senior year started, my vitality had reached 0.88. Now two months have passed, and my vitality has only reached 0.9, which is more than two or three times slower than the rate of improvement when I was in grade 1 or 2. I have tried all kinds of methods during this time, but nothing helped. Go on, let alone a better school, I'm afraid that even the basic line of Kung Fu University cannot be reached. "

    Fan Dali ’s expression was a bit lonely, but he quickly readjusted his emotions: "Look at me, today is a good day for you to advance in the 150-meter field. I shouldn't say these unhappy ones, no matter what, Yihan, I'm really happy for you. "

    Zhong Yihan had no choice but to accompany him for a drink.

    Zhu Zhenxing not only ate, but also drank, and drank along with Fan Dali.


    Zhu Zhenxing put the wine glass on the table and then said, "Dali, you don't have to be discouraged. There is still half a year before the college entrance examination. There will always be another way. "

    In fact, Zhu Zhenxing originally wanted to sell Zhong Yihan's medicated bath bags but thought that his sister Zhu Xiaoyu's medicated bath bags that he bought last time were almost used up. Speaking now, if the number of medicated bath packs configured by Zhong Yihan is not enough, it would not be embarrassing.

    Zhong Yihan had no intention of speaking at all.

    He and Fan Dali's friendship is not so deep, it is impossible for the other to be sad and he will help the other with a few words.

    However, the current atmosphere is not suitable for business talks. If others invite you, but you talk about business, it is a little bad.

    Zhong Yihan didn't like trouble, and he and Zhu Zhenxing had already talked about it before, and he would give Zhenxing the full power to deal with the medicated bath bag, he just needs to wait for his own money.



    There were many people in the bar and the lights were dim.

    So the three did not see it, not far from them, and a pair of resentful eyes were staring at them.

    It is Zhang Li.

    Zhang Li's house lives nearby. Tonight, she wanted to have a meal with Li Xinyu—she had already made excuses. That is, Li Xinyu also made progress in the archery class today. It should be celebrated. Have a big meal or something, such as the braised devil wolf loin...

    That taste is really something that has never been eaten so good, and every time she thinks about it, she misses it.

    Of course, the price is not cheap, 13,000 servings, the meat is very accurate, 200 grams-after all, the little devil wolf is a second-order fierce beast in the Different World, not to mention the rarity, the meat itself is said to be very difficult to handle, only national chefs can handle it well.

    But Li Xinyu had no mood at all, so she had to go home dingy, but she did not expect to see Zhong Yihan and the two of them get out of the bar, and then came in laughingly.

    So Zhang Li quietly followed the bar.

    At this time, a young man with purple exploded hair and thin, but with two blue dragons on his arms, came over and said with excitement: "Lili, you finally came to see me, I really miss you! "

    Zhang Li made a sad look, looked at the thin boy, forcibly squeezed a smile to him, but there was a hint of scorn in her eyes.

    This boy named Liu Dong is her neighbor. They have known each other since she was a child, but he was three or four years older. Because he was poor at an early age, he dropped out of school early and ran to work in society.

    Now it's a little security chief at this bar-plainly a thug.

    Liu Dong has always liked Zhang Li, so when he saw her face sad, he immediately asked: "Lili, what's wrong with you? Are you unhappy? Who upsets you?"

    Zhang Li is very good at dealing with this kind of boy and made a weak look: "It's nothing, but I'm in a bad mood. Please buy me a glass of wine."

    Liu Dong quickly called the bartender, ordered two glasses of Zhang Li's favorite "Blue Demon Girl", and asked anxiously: "Lili, what's going on! Is someone bullying you? you tell me, I broke his leg! "

    Zhang Li smiled bitterly and made a weak look, and said, "Forget it, Dongdong, like the children of poor people like us, who have no money or power, how can we offend the rich second generation? Although rich second generation qualifications are very poor, and they don't work hard, but they have money. Hey, it's great to have money these years. Not only they grow fast, but they also bully whoever they want!

    When he heard Zhang Li say "the rich second generation", Liu Dong couldn't help shaking, because he knew that he can’t offend many rich second generations, not only because they had money, but also because they had the resources, he can't beat!

    But hearing what later said, Dong Liu felt relieved.

    A rich second generation who has no talents and does not work hard but is rich in the family. He has also seen many of them, and this is the type of bullying that he likes the most.

    Because this type of rich second-generation has money, but the biggest source of lack of strength is weak will, so just frighten a few words and give him some lessons, and he will be able to take out all his money.

    So Liu Dong immediately said, "Lili, tell me, who is it ?! What happened to the rich second generation? I will also beat!"

    Zhang Li smiled bitterly and said, "Forget it, let's not mention that‘ fat ’, let ’s drink!”

    At this time, the bartender brought the wine up, Zhang Li held up the glass and said, "Come, Dongdong, I respect you and respect this era. Children of poor people like us are doomed in this era!"

    After Zhang Li said a word, Zhang Li drank the wine in the glass and then looked up at 45 degrees, her tears slipped down her cheeks.

    If Zhong Yihan and Zhu Zhenxing saw this scene, they would praise it: "Acted so well!"

    But Liu Dong looked so distressed, kept asking the name of the rich second-generation, and comforted Zhang Li. He felt that his "woman" was bullied.

    After consoling for a while, Zhang Li finally showed her touch, and said softly, "Will you lean on your shoulder?"

    Liu Dong was distressed and happy.

    He liked Zhang Li for so long, but he didn't even hold her little hand!

    He feels that Zhang Li ’s soft body is leaning on his body. Although Liu Dong worked at the bar, now he faces his first love and hugs him, but he also bangs like a deer in his heart. At this moment he couldn't wait to give everything for Zhang Li and even planned to go to Zhang Li school tomorrow to ask who bullied her.

    The goal is obvious, a fat man!

    But he didn't see it, Zhang Li leaned in his arms with a sneer, and then suddenly snorted.

    Liu Dong asked quickly: "Lili, what's wrong?"

    "No, nothing."

    Zhang Li answered with a guilty conscience, and Liu Dong quickly let go of her and found her eyes staring resentfully at a table in the distance, where a few young people were drinking and laughing.

    One of them was particularly prominent.

    "Fat?!" Liu Dong's heart moved, and the response was extremely fast, and he was surprised, "Lili, he is the rich second generation who bullied you ?!"

  • Chapter 48 - Backup

    "Lili, he is the rich second generation who bullied you ?!"

    Seeing Liu Dong pointing at Zhu Zhenxing's table in the distance, with a look of excitement, a hidden smile appeared on the corner of Zhang Li's mouth, but soon disappeared, making a panic-like look: "No! "

    That look is very fake, but Liu Dong was moved for a while.

    In his opinion, the situation was already obvious.

    The obvious fat man at that table was the bastard rich second-generation who bullied Lili, but Lili was a good girl!

    Fearing that he might be in trouble, she deliberately denied it.

    Where do you go to such a good girl? !!

    At this time, Zhang Li still held Liu Dong's hand and said, "Dongdong, don't provoke them!"

    This made him angry, and Liu Dong's machoism was immediately aroused. He opened Zhang Li's hand and pointed himself in a very awe-inspiring manner, saying: "Lili, you still don’t know? I now have a big brother appreciation and teach me to practice. I now have 1.1 vitality! Just a few little farts, I run after hitting them, can they know who I am? "

    Zhang Li froze, with proper expression of worship on her face: "Vitality 1.1? Wow, Dongdong you are so amazing!"

    Liu Dong proudly raised his chin, and then said, "You just wait for me to cheer you up!"

    After speaking, he turned around and walked towards Zhong Yihan's table, but he didn't know it at all. When he turned around, Zhang Li's sneer appeared on her face.


    "Why aren't the girls here yet? It's too noisy here. I'll go out and call."

    Fan Dali greeted the two and walked towards the outside of the bar. He drank a bit just now and walked a little, but as soon as he reached the bar door, he bumped into a person.

    Fan apologized and said, "I'm sorry."

    The other side yelled: "Damn, you don't have eyes to walk! my clothes are dirty with you."

    Fan Dali frowned and looked up, looking at the man in front of him, and found that he had purple hair, a fierce look on his face, and a glass of wine in his hand, but it had already spilled on his gaudy shirt.

    Looking at this man's fierce look, Fan Dali instinctively felt that this man was not easy to mess with, so he apologized again, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it, how much are your clothes? I will pay you this."

    Liu Dong was furious immediately, and he knocked Fan to the ground with one punch, cursing: "Damn, it's great to have money! I hate most of you as a bastard, you think you can solve anything with money, I will give you some lessons today. There are still things you can't buy in the world! "

    Liu Dong said while sitting on Fan Dali's body, punching each other in the face.

    Fan Dali was also outraged. He was determined to resist but found that the opponent was far stronger than him. He could not do anything but passively protect his face. He could only shout, "Security, someone is fighting!"

    Fighting in the bar is common, and everyone is not afraid. Instead, they took two steps back with interest, gave up a circle, and watched it there.

    Zhang Li was sitting in her seat, looking at Fan Dali who was beaten and unable to fight back, her expression indescribable.

    She was just being weak and tearful, and exhausted all her thoughts, in order to provoke Liu Dong to conflict with Zhu Zhenxing.

    Even though Fan Dali had no hatred with her, even Fan Dali chased her for a while, but who let him go with Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan?

    Deserved to be beaten!

    Of course, for Zhang Li, the good show is just beginning and has not reached its climax yet.

    But it doesn't matter, Zhu Zhenxing and Zhong Yihan over there have noticed this, and with their temper, they will soon join the war team.

    By the time...


    "Yihan, there seems to be a fight over there?"

    Zhu Zhenxing noticed the noise there. He had just stood up and looked at it with a lively mentality. However, he found that the hit person was Fan Dali, and he suddenly became angry: "Damn, dare to do something to my friend! Dali was beaten, come and help! "

    Zhong Yihan did not expect that Fan Dali would conflict with others, so he quickly got up and rushed over with Zhu Zhenxing.

    Although Fan Dali had been covering his face with his arms, his face was still blue and purple, and his nosebleed had been hit.

    As soon as Zhu Zhenxing was out of breath, he had to push Liu Dong away. As a result, Liu Dong shook his hands and pushed Zhu Zhenxing directly.

    Although Zhong Yihan did not have a deep friendship with Fan Dali, after all, the other party was his classmate and the person who invited guests today, so it is impossible to watch him bullied.

    So when he arrived, he lifted one leg and hurried towards Liu Dong.


    Liu Dong only felt a huge force coming, and then the whole person flew out. He didn't know how many tables were knocked down, and the wine glasses and bottles were scattered.

    Zhong Yihan helped Fan and said, "Are you okay? What happened. How could you fight with someone?"

    "I'm also very embarrassed. I accidentally bumped into the man when I walked and soiled his clothes. I wanted to pay him money. As a result, he hit me directly without giving up. It was unlucky and painful ... Thank you, Han, if it weren't you, I would have been admitted to the hospital today. "

    Fan Dali stood up a bit afraid.

    That man was frightening as if there was any deep hatred between them.

    If he keeps fighting like this, Fan Dali estimates that his physical endurance will definitely cause serious injuries.

    Zhu Zhenxing also got up at this time.

    "Are you okay? Damn, this bastard, dare to hit my friend, Yi Han, and give him some lessons."

    Zhong Yihan looked at Zhu Zhenxing very speechlessly: "You are so aggressive, but the result is that you let me do it."

    Zhu Zhenxing said cheekily: "You have increased your strength recently, and I definitely can't beat him, I don't want to be beaten."

    "Yihan, don't listen to Zhu Zhenxing. That person is very powerful. We hurried away. It's not late to avenge later."

    Fan Dali remembers that Zhong Yihan's vitality is even lower than him. Although Zhong Yihan has made great progress now, in his opinion, he is still far worse than that person just now.

    He was beaten to the ground by the man just now, and he didn't even have the ability to fight back.

    Moreover, Fan Dali didn't want to make things big because of him. They would have been happy when they came out today. If Zhong Yihan got in trouble then it would be not worth.

    Fan Dali is also a rich second-generation. Although genius is mediocre, the rich second-generation has always had its own set of logic to solve things.

    That ’s what—a wise man knows when to retreat!

    It is not a contest, it must be upright.

    When encountering an enemy that can't be beaten, first avoid it for a while, and then look for someone to check his background. If this guy really has a strong background, admit it.

    But if he has no much background ...

    Smash the guy with money!
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    Chapter 49 - People You Shouldn't Mess With

    Although Fan Dali was beaten hard, he was the soberest and knew what he should do now.

    But Liu Dong is different.

    He was kicked by Zhong Yihan, and now he was embarrassedly climbing up from the ground. He didn't even dare to look at Zhang Li's eyes now, only to know that he had lost his face.

    Like a lunatic, he also has his own logic.

    That is not to be shameful!

    Not to mention this is not only his field but also a beloved woman watching.

    Liu Dong jumped up from the ground and yelled: "You are looking for death, and I am gonna kill you today!"

    After scolding, he looked like a cheetah and rushed towards Zhong Yihan.

    Zhong Yihan has not had much experience in dealing with people, but his eyesight is still there. Looking at Liu Dong's moving speed, he knows that his strength must be a lot weaker than that of teeth canine beast.

    But now he does not have a weapon in his hand, and his own fighting skills are also average, but the teacher already said in the fighting class:

    In the case of similar strength, one-on-one fighting is all about heart stability, eye disease, fast hands, and lethality!

    Therefore, Zhong Yihan posed a fighting posture, facing Liu Dong's fist, and gently hid one side to hide, then followed by an uppercut, which was also blocked by the opponent.

    The most basic fighting skills taught in the school are evolved from the military's fighting skills. They are simple and practical-of course, the fighting lessons in the school delete many of the key methods to the enemy. It emphasizes "control the enemy" rather than "kill."

    Although Zhong Yihan's fighting skills are average, after a half-month fight in the Different World, his mentality is much calmer than ordinary people and his shots are more stable.

    In contrast, Liu Dong’s method is more casual.

    Although his vitality is now 1.1, he is slightly higher than Zhong Yihan.

    However, this gap does not form a crush. On the fighting skills, Liu Dong’s style is ruthless, fierce, fast!

    So his attack range was so great that it was full of flaws.

    Looking at Liu Dong's next gust of wind and storming forward, he was blocked or hid by Zhong Yihan, lightly resolved his offensive, and even occasionally returned a punch ...

    Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali among the spectators were stunned.

    The level of what Zhong Yihan was before was clear to both.

    Especially Zhu Zhenxing, because he often fights with Zhong Yihan in fighting classes at school.

    At that time, Zhu Zhenxing often relied on his strong body and tall arms to suppress Zhong Yihan, and Zhong Yihan also had a lot of problems, such as impatience, unstable steps, weak punches, etc ... ...

    But for half a month, how does it feel like Zhong Yihan has changed a lot? !!

    Even more shocked was Zhang Li among the distant crowd.

    In her opinion, Zhong Yihan has always been ordinary, but she doesn't know what the reason is. During this time, the archery has suddenly advanced.

    Unexpectedly, in the fighting, he even made such an exaggerated improvement? !!

    They were just shocked, and Liu Dong, who was in the fight, kept complaining in his heart.

    How could he think that there was a master here?

    In this short move of less than a minute, he could not hit the opponent's key at once but suffered several times.

    What's more chilling is ...

    From start to finish, the opponent's eyes and breath were indifferent.

    Fighting is a very angry thing, especially for young people. Once you start fighting, it is normal to have a blush and a thick neck-that is also the expression of adrenaline secretion-the stimulation of adrenaline at the time, ordinary minor injuries and pains were not felt at that time. How many times they suffered, they only wanted to lay the other side down.

    However, this method is very physical and mental. To put it bluntly, they are supported by breath. Once this breath (adrenaline) subsides, the whole person is at least half useless.

    And more importantly-flawless.

    But only those people who have experienced many fierce battles, even life, and death, can control their emotions during the battle so that they can make more stable shots and make their judgments on the current battle clearer.

    As a junk who often fights in groups, he naturally knows what this means.

    It was despair!

    People have practiced Kung Fu these years, so there are high-ranking people in the bar, so not only Zhao Dong, but also others have seen it, and there has been a lot of discussions.

    A handsome young man holding a wine glass smiled, "I bet for three minutes, and the guy with purple hair must kneel."

    "It's almost two minutes," a glasses man of the same age next to him looked at his watch and smiled. "It's a blast, then it fades, it's exhausted. I see that purple hair is almost there."

    There was a beautifully-dressed beauty around them and asked strangely, "How is that possible? I see that guy with purple hair is aggressive now?"

    The two youths looked at each other, smiled at each other and didn't speak, but both subconsciously moved away from the woman slightly.

    Some people also recognized Liu Dong and whispered, "Isn't that Liu Dong in the bar? Why can't he win even a young man?"

    "What do you think? It's just like this kind of foolish gangsters. It's just a matter of arguing. You really need to meet a powerful person. You can really be beaten quickly!"

    "That's right, the guy on the other side is very immature. He should be a high school student, but he has a solid foundation and a stable mind. Liu Dong is not an opponent at all."

    "No.1 High School? Looking at his style, it feels like Zhang Shou."

    "Liu Dong provoked someone who he shouldn’t mess with."

    "Hey, lose face in your own bar and see how Liu Dong works in the future."

    Liu Dong listened to these remarks in his ears, his heart was anxious and angry, and suddenly showed a flaw, Zhong Yihan focused on the opportunity, followed by a kick, kicked on Liu Dong's stomach!

    This kick flew Liu Dong all out, and suddenly there was a boo around, and there were even a few applause in some places.

    The boo was naturally given to Liu Dong, applause, then it goes without saying.

    Liu Dong knelt on the ground, his eyes were red.

    The most important thing when he comes out is his face. He was so beaten by a student in front of so many people. How can he be in this bar in the future?

    Who would listen to him?

    Liu Dong grew more and more annoyed, and suddenly reached out and touched his waist. There was a dagger hidden there, which he used to threaten others in his daily life.

    But this time, he has completely ignored the consequences and just wanted to find his own face, so he pulled out the dagger and stabbed at Zhong Yihan!
  • Chapter 50 - The Way the Bar Handles it

    There was a sudden exclaim in the bar.

    Fighting is too normal, so everyone just looks at it, but if you really want to kill someone under the eyes of everyone, then the matter is big!

    But there are also people who dismiss the corners of their mouths in disdain, that is, the group of people who just saw that Zhong Yihan has the upper hand.

    What time is it now?

    This kind of dagger is a little threat to ordinary people before the rejuvenation of energy, but it is not very useful to people who learn Kung Fu. After all, as long as you don't panic, the damage of the dagger is really limited.

    Sure enough, Zhong Yihan stepped back a half step, grabbed Liu Dong's wrist, and twisted it hard.

    Liu Dong screamed like a pig, and the dagger naturally fell out of his hand.

    Zhong Yihan also got angry at this moment. He grabbed Liu Dong's hand and twisted him to the ground, and then fanned his face with his free hand.

    Zhong Yihan did not use his fist, but opened his palm, crackling like a stormy storm!

    Liu Dong, who only pumped, had a swollen face, a long nosebleed, and kept exhaling pain.

    At this moment, Liu Dong's fellow finally reacted. They didn't know who shouted, and then a group of people surrounded him. They wanted to siege Zhong Yihan and snatch their elder brother back.

    Fatty Zhu and Fan Dali stood up quickly and blocked in front of Zhong Yihan.

    Zhu Zhenxing also picked up the dropped dagger and yelled, "Who dare you take a step up and try? The dagger in my hand doesn't have eyes!"

    Fan Dali also shouted, "Is this the way to treat your guests in the bar ?! Is he the guy in your bar? The security of the bar also dare to attack the guests? Do you still want to open the bar? Anymore ?! "

    Liu Dong's fellow suddenly panicked and looked at each other, but no one dared to come up.

    And a few of the fellow wearing security clothing, can't wait to turn around and run away.

    Fan Dali was right in saying that.

    This is a bar. They are customers who come to spend. As a result, customers come here to spend money and be beaten. Where is such a rule?

    This sentence caused a lot of discussion among the onlookers. After all, Liu Dong's identity is also known to be a little leader in this bar.

    Just then, loud anger came from the second floor: "What are you doing? What are you doing? Hurry up and get off! Who taught you to treat our guests like this ?!"

    A man in his suit and glasses, a man in his thirties walked quickly from upstairs.

    Suddenly a group of men greeted him.

    "Manager Wu."

    "Boss Wu ..."

    The man walked over quickly and frowned after glancing at the puppies. "What are you doing here? Who asked you to treat our guests like this? Hurry up and go away! "

    Obviously, this manager is very powerful in the bar and has great power. He said that the puppies immediately turned around and ran without even looking at Liu Dong.

    The manager turned his head and walked to the three of Zhong Yihan, took out his business card, and smiled, "Sorry. I've surnamed Wu, is the general manager here, Liu Dong is my subordinate, because I did not discipline well, he collided with several people, and I will definitely give a satisfactory solution to you."

    Zhong Yihan keenly felt a powerful and restrained power from this manager. This feeling is very similar to his face with the Kung Fu teacher Zhang Shou in the school, and he couldn't help moving.

    If he's right, the manager's vitality is at least five.

    In other words, this is a real Kung Fu fighter!

    In the face of a real fighter, even if the other person's gesture is gentle, they will give him face.

    So Zhong Yihan let go of Liu Dong, stood up, and all three took the business card.

    The business card showed that the man in front of his name was Wu Bingzhai, who was the manager of the bar.

    Wu Bingzhai smiled: "I'm sorry to disturb the interest of several people, please rest assured that I will give you a satisfactory explanation. First of all ..."

    He came to Liu Dong, stooped down, and said coldly, "I'm asking you to come here to protect the guests, but you dare to beat guests in the presence, who gives you courage?"

    Liu Dong's face was covered with blood at this moment, and he could no longer see his original appearance. When he saw Wu Bingzhai, he was trembling with fear, his teeth were shaking: "Manager Wu..."

    At this moment he had regretted it to the extreme.

    As the security of a bar, he certainly knew his responsibilities and the consequences of hitting guests in the bar.

    But his brain was so hot that he just wanted to perform well in front of his first love, but didn't think so much--and most importantly, he thought that Zhang Li's classmates must not be too strong. He quickly beat a few people together and drag them out without causing too much disturbance.

    At that time, it is enough to give these three people a hat such as "thief". Who will care about the three losers?

    However, he didn't expect that this time he kicked the iron plate. Instead of solving these three people, he got in trouble. The incident got bigger and worse, the general manager Wu Bingzhai appeared.

    He knows Wu Bingzhai's methods, and he is totally unreasonable at the moment and has also brought a huge negative impact on the bar ...

    Thinking of Wu Bingzhai's usual treatment of the subordinates who made mistakes, Liu Dong's scared teeth were shaking.

    Sure enough, Wu Bingzhai said expressionlessly: "Don't call me brother, hit a guest on your own site. I, Wu Bingzhai, don't have a brother like you! Let's talk, what is the reason?"

    Liu Dong looked up subconsciously and wanted to find Zhang Li's figure in the crowd, but where can he find it?

    What he didn't know was that, since the moment Wu Bingzhai appeared, Zhang Li had run away.

    Because she also knows Wu Bingzhai, it is very clear that Liu Dong failed this time. His next end will be extremely miserable.

    Liu Dong was originally one of her backups. Now that he is useless, he will naturally be abandoned. This principle is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

    Seeing Liu Dong looking around, with expectation and confusion on his face, as a visitor, where did Wu Bingzhai still not know what happened?

    He sneered, and said, "You are another stupid guy played by a woman as a monkey!"

    He stood up and said to the three of Zhong Yihan: "Three, I probably understand the reason for the matter, so I will explain to you at first."

    After finishing speaking, Wu Bingzhai lifted a foot, stepped on Liu Dong's right arm severely, and also crushed it.

    "kaka! kaka!"

    The sound of broken bones rang out one after another, Liu Dong was screaming and struggling madly on the ground, but it was useless, and the foot was stepped on his arm fiercely as if nailing him there.
  • Where is Chapter 26?

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  • Where is Chapter 26?

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    Chapter 26 -Spiritual Sublimation

    One minute later, the tooth canine beast was killed by Zhong Yihan, and this time, Zhong Yihan was not injured.

    The reason for this kind of success is not that Zhong Yihan's strength, but that the mentality of this tooth canine beast has collapsed.

    After all, this kind of creature has some wisdom, and any creature that has a certain intelligence and can think autonomously can see that its prey has broken its arm, and can recover as usual in a few seconds. It is estimated that the state of mind will collapse. If it doesn’t understand, maybe this kind of mentality problem will not occur.

    After the battle, Xia Ling flew down, holding Zhong Yihan and crying.

    And Zhong Yihan also appeased Xia Ling.

    After all, he was almost dead this time. The impact and shock this time on him were bigger than the one he had lived for more than ten years before. At that time, he really thought he was going to die.

    Therefore, after this "escape from the dead", Zhong Yihan felt that his entire spiritual realm had been elevated.

    "Hey, the system ..." Zhong Yihan rested for a while and said, "Even if we are even with this matter, if there is any premise in the future, I hope you explain it earlier, I don't want to be so thrilling next time. "

    However, the system did not answer, but after a few seconds, a line appeared on the system panel: "I know, I won't."

    Zhong Yihan laughed.

    He is so generous, let this matter be so. Once he knew that even if he cares about it, there is nothing he can do about this system. The second reason is that after this experience, his spirit really sublimated, He is open-minded and unwilling to care about such trivial matters.

    Of course, he was awakened by the battle.

    With his current strength, it's not time yet.

    Xia Ling looked pitifully at Zhong Yihan: "Master, it's terrible here, shall we go back?"

    Zhong Yihan smiled: "Okay! Let's go back! Master will take you to eat delicious food! Just eat your favorite fried chicken!"

    "Really ?!"

    Zhong Yihan kissed her on her face, and laughed, "Of course it is true! This time you can eat as much as you want!"

    "Yeah! Master is so nice!"

    Xia Ling shouted in excitement, and then learned Zhong Yihan, and kissed him several times on his big face, making Zhong Yihan laugh loudly.


    The practice is important. This is his path, and he will continue unswervingly.

    But after the battle just now, Zhong Yihan found that his life could not just be practice, but also a lot of things he needed to do.

    Such as maintaining family relationships, such as maintaining friendships.

    Such as enjoying life ...

    Back to the hotel using the shuttle.

    Zhong Yihan was lying on the soft bed of the hotel. He never thought that he would be so nostalgic for the warmth of the bed one day.

    If he really died like that just now, presumably his parents and Qiaoyue would be very sad.

    Since his father was sentenced to justice, he has felt tremendous pressure. He has been practicing hard every day. Even if he eats, he just has to say a few words to his family occasionally. Then he quickly chops up and goes out to practice.

    So to speak, he hasn't talked with his family for a long time and had a meal.

    In addition, the conditions in the family are not good, and it has been a long time since the family had a nice dinner together.

    Thinking of this, Zhong Yihan wanted to smack himself.

    He now clearly has the ability to make money and earns a lot of money. Although there are still debts that have not been paid off, it is not a problem to prepare a nice dinner for the family and make the living conditions at home better.

    However, he did not think this at all but bought himself equipment and medicine.

    It's not that Zhong Yihan is not filial, but that as a man, his way of thinking is often so careless, he doesn't care much about the details.

    "Master, eat fried chicken, eat fried chicken!"

    At this time, Xia Ling jumped and screamed aside, her eyes full of desire for fried chicken.

    Zhong Yihan turned back and touched Xia Ling's head pettingly and looked at the time.

    It is near noon.

    If it was before, he may make full use of the time to continue to practice and earn points in the Different World.

    But now, he decided to take a good meal with Xia Ling and go home.

    After leaving the hotel room, Zhong Yihan bought five barrels of fried chicken at one time in a nearby fried chicken shop.

    One of the barrels was directly in the corner of the street where no one could see it, was eaten up by Xia Ling on the spot, and then Zhong Yihan returned home with the remaining fried chicken.

    "Wow! Brother, are you rich?!"

    Zhong Qiaoyue saw Zhong Yihan walking into the room holding four buckets of fragrant fried chicken and screamed in surprise.

    His mother Zhang Aimei also froze and asked, "Yihan, where are all these ...?"

    Zhong Yihan had long thought about his excuses and said, "The bet wins, and this morning I went to work with some classmates to compare archery, then I won, won hundreds of yuan, and then thought Qiao Yue likes to eat this. So I bought some. "

    Zhang Aimei said a little bit angry: "How can you gamble?"

    Zhong Yihan laughed: "Mom, it is not gamble, it's harvesting. Gambling is risky, and I definitely don't do it, but there is no risk in harvesting. Yes, I told you the other day that I have been promoted to the 100-meter shooting range. Rest assured, I have the confidence to win the other side before I bet on them. "

    "That is not ok, how do you know that others have no hidden strength?"

    "Oh, mom, you can rest assured, I'm sure ... Besides, in fact, the person who actually bet is not me, it is Zhu Zhenxing. You also know that he has strong self-esteem, he has been provoked, I am his friend. Win, we split 50-50, lose, he pays money. so rest assured! "

    Zhang Aimei still wanted to say something, but at this time, Zhong Qiaoyue had already filled her mouth with oil and said, "Mom, it's so delicious, you can taste it!"

    Zhang Aimei sighed in her heart.

    Such things as fried chicken are recognized as junk food and the price is not expensive, but their family has not eaten it for a long time.

    Looking at her daughter, Zhang Aimei didn't know what she was going to say.

    At this time, Zhong Yihan handed a chicken leg to her and smiled, "Mom, rest assured, I now know how to practice, my strength will become stronger and stronger, and our family will be better and better. So, eat it, or you will rarely get it later! "

    Zhang Aimei and Zhong Qiaoyue are both stunned. Why does this sound contradictory?

    Zhong Yihan patted his sister's head with a smile, and said, "Because your brother will make a lot of money next time. This junk food, we will soon look down on it!"

  • Chapter 51 - Ceremony of Kung Fu Fighter

    After ten seconds, Liu Dong had no movement-he had completely fainted.

    Wu Bingzhai's face was calm, and the faces of the onlookers were faintly discolored.

    Everyone knows that Liu Dong is useless, and being stepped on by his arm like this by a fighter is no different from having a car accident when he was pressed back and forth on his arm a few times-Liu Dong ’s right arm had a comminuted fracture.

    Wu Bingzhai didn't look at Liu Dong again, and commanded to the side: "Take him away, don't let me see him again!"

    Immediately afterward, two waiters approached and dragged out Liu Dong, who was unconscious.

    Wu Bingzhai then looked at Zhong Yihan and others, and smiled, "How many people are satisfied with this first treatment?"

    Where have the three seen such a scene?

    Although Wu Bingzhai was laughing, the smile looked cold, Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali were scared, only to nod.

    Only Zhong Yihan, after all, was experienced life and death in the Different World. His psychological quality is much better than the two, but he feels cold in the heart. He nodded strongly and said, "We are very satisfied... "

    Wu Bingzhai couldn't help but glance at Zhong Yihan and liked it.

    After all, he was very clear about his own appearance, and doing so also deliberately gave the three guests a certain deterrence to make them not to make things big.

    Ordinary people's performance will be the same as that of a fat man, can’t speak, but this young man who defeated Liu Dong just now is not scared by his momentum, which is also commendable.

    Wu Bingzhai turned his head and laughed loudly: "Everyone, sorry, sorry, because our mistakes have disturbed everyone, this is our mistake, here I give you a gift."

    He snapped his fingers, and someone immediately brought a bottle of vodka. Wu Bingzhai wiped the bottle mouth, and the bottle mouth was cut open immediately, giving off a strong aroma of the wine.

    Wu Bingzhai said loudly: "It is really ours that bothers you, so everyone, tonight, all of your consumption is counted on me! This bottle of wine is treated as if I were to compensate everyone! "

    After speaking, Wu Bingzhai raised his head, and he drank in public!

    There were loud applause and applause all around.

    Zhong Yihan couldn't help but give him a compliment. This manager Wu acted like this, and at once he reduced the negative impact of Liu Dong to the guests tonight to a minimum.


    After drinking a bottle of vodka, Wu Bingzhai's face turned slightly red. After all, he was a fighter. Such a bottle of high-level wine was actually nothing to him.

    He smiled at the three of Zhong Yihan: "The third explanation is to talk to a few privately. After all, this brother is badly hurt. Said. How about going upstairs?

    Zhu Zhenxing and Fan Dali nodded subconsciously, but Zhong Yihan said, "Go and talk, anyway, it's not me who is losing today anyway, but it's letting me move my muscles and play well. So I will not go up I will go back to practice. "

    Wu Bingzhai frowned slightly and then smiled: "Since this brother said so, you can rest assured that this brother's injury, I will give him a satisfactory answer. But ... "

    He looked at Zhong Yihan and smiled, "Would you please tell me the name of this brother?"

    "Zhong Yihan!"

    "Zhong Yihan ... good name!" Wu Bingzhai complimented, and then laughed, "Brother Zhong is determined to practice, I don't want to delay your time, just hope that when you are free, you can give me a chance, would you please have a drink? "

    Zhong Yihan nodded and smiled, "Thank you so much."

    Then he winked at the fat man and said, "I'll go first."

    The fat man did not respond, but Wu Bingzhai clenched his fist: "Brother Zhong, bye-bye!"

    Zhong Yihan stunned and returned with a fist: "ok, see you next time!"

    Then turn around and leave.

    Wu Bingzhai looked at the two remaining people and smiled, "Two, upstairs, please, let's talk about the compensation of this brother's injury ..."

    The fat man and Fan Dali followed Wu Bingzhai upstairs in such a stumble.

    Walking to the door of the manager's office on the second floor, the two people suddenly reacted, looked at each other, and saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

    When Zhong Yihan and Wu Bingzhai bid farewell just now, they performed each other's "Ceremony of Kung Fu Fighter."

    The etiquette of holding the fist is generally only used between formal fighters.

    Although they usually hold each other's fists and salute before fighting each other in the battle class on a weekday, that is just to show courtesy.

    Usually, the students met with a teacher above the Kung Fu fighter, respected, and holding the fist.

    However, the teacher will not fist to the student but just nodded slightly.

    There is only one possibility for the fighter to fist in return to even lower-level students, and even take the initiative to salute-that is, he recognizes the person's strength and thinks he is qualified to talk with him.

    Has Zhong Yihan grown to this level? !!


    Zhong Yihan left the bar, went home to bring Xia Ling, and went to the store to buy medicinal materials.

    Now, Xia Ling can allocate 50 medicinal bath bags each week, of which 20 bags are reserved for himself and Zhong Qiaoyue, and the remaining 30 bags are for Zhu Zhenxing for sale.

    As for how he sells to whom ... Zhong Yihan doesn't care, he only needs to be responsible for collecting money in the end.

    There is only less than half a month left to compete with Yun Chao, and he must speed up the promotion.

    The arrows that he bought before have been damaged a lot. Zhong Yihan spent 20,000 yuan to add ten new steel-headed arrows. After everything was ready, Zhong Yihan was neatly dressed that night and used the shuttle to come to Different World.

    Zhong Yihan's hunting point in the Different World has been controlled within a hundred to two hundred meters, but now the evil rabbits in this range have basically died, and most of the remaining tooth canine beasts have felt the crisis. Now there are as few as seven or eight, as many as a dozen are together, making Zhong Yihan afraid to start.

    So Zhong Yihan decided to continue harvesting in another place starting today.

    This small island in Different World is very large. Now he has only explored a corner of the southeast side and looked through the telescope to the northwest side without seeing his head at all.

    And under the night, he doesn't know what kind of danger is hidden in those unexplored areas.

    "Xia Ling, the investigation is up to you."

    "Relax, master, I can do it."

    Xia Ling patted her breast around Zhong Yihan, then flew high.

    Walking out of the familiar hunting area is like walking out of the comfort zone because it is easy to become nervous because of the unknown.

    When Zhong Yihan saw the environment that was becoming stranger, he realized that he still underestimated the pressure that the unknown brought him.

    Several times in a row, Zhong Yihan was scared by the bird that suddenly flew out. Fortunately, Xia Ling didn't see it, otherwise, he might be laughed at by the other party.

    Shortly after Zhong Yihan left the range, he found a group of evil rabbits. Perhaps these evil rabbits were not afraid because they had not seen him, and he had a smooth harvest.

    Next, Zhong Yihan pushed forward to about one mile, found a cave, stopped, repositioned the shuttle to this new cave, and then began to explore around the cave.

    The number of various creatures in the new area has increased a lot. Not only the evil rabbits and tooth canine beasts but even he found two purple energy grass.

    Although the quality is a little worse than before, it can save at least 18,000 in the configuration of the medicated bath bag.

    Overnight, the harvest is full!
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    Chapter 52 - Sister Ying

    Just when Zhong Yihan was fighting in the Different World.

    In Ying's home, Ying Yuedie was putting water in the bathtub in her bathroom, and then put the medicine bath bag from Zhu Xiaoyu into the bathtub.

    The water in the bathtub turned blood red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and a red mist was condensed above the water surface.

    "Wow, sister! Sister! Come on, it's amazing!"

    Ying Yuedie saw this scene, shouted in excitement, ran to the living room to draw a girl who looks a bit like her, but is older than her, and the temperament is completely different.

    This girl is her own sister, Ying Nanyan, the eldest daughter of Ying's family. She is also studying at Yazun High School.

    Compared to Ying Yuedie's cute and lively look, Ying Nanyan is very mature.

    She is the chairman of the student union of Yazun High School. She acts decisively and resolutely, and has high prestige among the student union--and her talent is also very strong. This was just two months after the start of grade 3 in high school. Her vitality reached a terrifying 2.8, which not only far exceeded the admission line of Xiangshui University last year, but also went even further and even hit the Top Four.

    You should know that Zhong Yihan's Anning No. 1 High School currently has a student vitality of only 2.3, and Ying Nanyan is 0.5 higher than him!

    Below the Kung Fu fighter, the vitality gap of 0.5 is equivalent to a small realm.

    But at this time, Ying Nanyan's face had a slightly tired expression, because the space cracks were about to appear in Qinggang City, she was very busy this day and dealt with a lot of things.

    One hand was held by her sister, and the other was rubbing her temples, Ying Nanyan said helplessly: "Xiaodie, what was the first thing you were shocked at?"

    "Sister, come on, come on to see."

    Ying Yuedie drags her sister to the bathroom, and then pointed at the tub inside, showing off: "Dang Dang Dang Dang! Isn't it great?"

    When Ying Nanyan saw the red blood in the bathtub and the condensed mist, she was a little surprised, and then smelled the strong scent of medicine in the air, then she felt relieved and asked, "This ... is a medicated bath? "

    "Yeah yeah! Xiaoyu gave it to me... Zhu Xiaoyu, you've seen it!"

    Thinking of the dark-skinned girl, Ying Nanyan frowned slightly, and said, "Have you taken this medicine bath pack for testing?"

    Ying Yuedie stunned: "Test? Uh, no ... but Xiaoyu won't hurt me."

    "It's indispensable to guard against people!" Ying Nanyan said, "I also know Xiaoyu's girl, she is unlikely to harm you, but maybe she doesn't know the origin of this medicine bath bag, so be safe. "

    Then she said a little seriously: "You have to know that some cottage things are used well in the beginning, but in fact, they will damage the human body. Some things of unknown origin may even be addictive! You must know, many people want to please us today, and many people are hostile to us, so you have to be careful. "

    "Okay, okay, I know!" Ying Yuedie was a little bit aggrieved. She was going to show up with her sister, but she was taught a little, so she said, "This is a medicated bath, not imported. No problem! "

    Ying Nanyan also knew that he said something a little bit heavy, and said, "I don't think Zhu Xiaoyu will harm you either. Your friendship is still very pure. Zhu Xiaoyu is also a good seed, but I heard she took a leave for a week? It seems like she is having a bottleneck? "

    "Well? You know that?"

    Ying Nanyan smiled slightly: "I stumbled upon someone to discuss her in the student union."

    In fact, she is still very concerned about the situation around her younger sister, and she has arranged someone in the student union and the class-of course, little girls do not need to know such things.

    Ying Yuedie was excited, and said, "Sister, your news is outdated! You don't know, Xiao Yu has returned from vacation, and she seems has a great change!"

    "Great change? What change?"

    "Xiao Yu was so black, you know? Someone in the class owed her a nickname called Little Black Girl, but she is no longer black now, uh, I should say it's not so black! Just this week In time, her skin color is almost the same as mine, and it is a little bit blacker than me. And her bottleneck has also been broken, and her vitality is now 1.6! "

    "Oh?" Ying Nanyan's eyes lightened slightly. "Has she turned so white? Did she go for any surgery?"

    "No, it's because of this medicated bath!"

    Ying Yuedie pointed at the bathtub and said excitedly: "Xiao Yu said that this medicine bath bag was obtained by her brother from a secret channel. The yield is very low, but the effect is very good. Whitening is only a trivial function. And most importantly, this medicated bath pack can repair injuries on the body and completely relieve fatigue! "

    "Xiao Yu said that she was too tired to practice before, and she had accumulated fatigue and injuries, so she fell into a bottleneck. Then she used this medicine bath bag, and within a few days of work, the fatigue had all disappeared! No fatigue and injuries, the bottleneck naturally broke through easily! "

    Ying Nanyan frowned.

    too exaggerated.

    As exaggerated as those underground ads.

    Of course, she knows the problems that fatigue injuries bring to practice, and she also knows that for most young people, fatigue injuries are the source of more than 90% of the bottlenecks.

    Because of this, it is almost impossible to completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

    Even she can only use a variety of methods, including reasonable meals, a practice plan formulated by a professional Kung Fu teacher, and strict and precise detection of various states of the body through scientific instruments, and recovery, hypnosis, etc., after training, this can control the degree of daily physical damage in a reasonable range, so that fatigue injuries will not accumulate.

    However, this method can only be controlled, and it is impossible to completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

    Ying Family is a famous and wealthy family in the entire Xiangnan Province, so Ying Nanyan has seen many good things since childhood. She has never heard of a pack of medicated baths that can completely eliminate fatigue injuries.

    So at this moment, Ying Nanyan felt a little disgusted with Zhu Xiaoyu. She originally thought that the little girl was pretty good, but now it seems that she is also the type of bullshit who is full of nonsense in order to make bullshit.

    Seeing that her sister's face was getting cold, Ying Yuedie knew what her sister was thinking about.

    She immediately said, "Sister, that's not what you think! Xiaoyu won't lie to me!"

    "Oh, isn't it?" Ying Nanyan hugged her hands around her chest, and smiled, "Well, we might as well make a bet?"

  • Chapter 53 - Test Result

    "Oh, isn't it?" Ying Nanyan hugged her hands around her chest, and smiled, "Well, we might as well make a bet?"

    "What bet?"

    "If this medicated bath is really as good as you say, and it is safe, I will give you a different pet. Didn't you look after that silver parrot beast last time? If I lose, I give a cub to you. "

    "Really?" Ying Yuedie's eyes were all bright. The silver parrot beast was a second-level beast from the Different World. Its adult strength is comparable to that of a fighter, and its IQ is outstanding, and it is cute.

    Of course, the price is not cheap, because beasts are difficult to domesticate, so the price of such a domesticated parrot beast cub starts at 5 million.

    "Of course it is true. When did your sister have been cheating?" Ying Nanyan laughed. "But if this medicated bath is not as good as you said, then you go out and walk around with me when celebrating the New Year. "

    "Ah ..." Ying Yuedie's face collapsed immediately.

    She knew her sister's "walk-around" was to attend some boring receptions and banquets organized by the wealthy families and second generations, and put on evening dresses and high heels to make a ladylike appearance. Very fake smile, but also occasionally go dancing with people ...

    This kind of thing is handy for Nanyan. She seems to be suitable for this kind of circle by nature and is recognized as the queen in this high-end circle.

    But for Ying Yuedie, what she hated most was this very fake entertainment.

    Ying Nanyan smiled and excited her: "Don't you have confidence in your friends? Why? If this medicine bath bag is as good as you say, is Zhu Xiaoyu right? Her family seems to do business, then I will give her a beast. But ... "

    Ying Nanyan's face changed, and he said, "If this medicated bath bag just doesn't have the effect you said, it's fine, but if there is a harmful element that is not good for the body, then their family should not want to run! "

    Ying Yuedie's face hesitated. She originally wanted to show it in front of her sister. How did this happen in a flash?

    Although she did believe that Zhu Xiaoyu would definitely not harm herself, and Zhu Xiaoyu herself said that the medicated bath bag was tested, but her sister said so seriously that it made her a little hesitant.

    Ying Nanyan chuckled and said, "Forget it, don't tease you, be careful later, this world ... hey, it's bad!"

    Ying Yuedie couldn't take it anymore, she said angrily, "Sister, why do you think everyone is so bad? OK! I bet with you! Xiaoyu is my friend, I believe she won't hurt me! I'll show it to you! "

    The little girl would take off her pajamas and lie in the bathtub after speaking, and Ying Nanyan quickly stopped her: "If you want to bet, come by the rules."

    She pressed on a pager on the wall, and soon a woman's voice came out of the door: "Miss, what do you want to tell me?"

    Ying Nanyan looked at her sister: "Do you still have that medicine bath bag?"

    "Three packs in total ... you save it, Xiao Yu said that this medicated bath pack is difficult to configure and she doesn't have many, so she gave me three packs."

    Ying Nanyan laughed aloud, apparently, this was regarded by her as a means for Zhu Xiaoyu to raise her value.

    She took a pack of medicated bath and walked to the door, handed it to a woman with a ponytail and a very capable woman, and said, "Hold this thing right now and check to see if there is any harm. I need a detailed report."

    "Yes!" The woman with ponytails took the pill pack, and turned around, and left.

    Ying Nanyan laughed: "Well, let's wait for the news next."


    Ying's power is very huge, and their subordinates have their own medical group, so the test that Miss Ying personally ordered was completed quickly.

    An hour later, Ying Nanyan looked at the test result sent from her mobile phone, and her face was strange.

    According to the test results, this medicated bath bag does not contain any harmful substances to the human body and is made of pure natural medicinal materials, which does not contain any artificial hormones and chemical ingredients.

    Moreover, some of the main materials were also tested.

    Except for purple energy grass, the others are common herbs on the earth.

    Seeing this, it seems that this medicated bath bag is a scam in itself.

    However, in the following report, it was indicated in red: After testing, it was found that the medicinal bath pack was extremely powerful, far exceeding the effect of the original medicinal materials, for unknown reasons and unknown effects, it can be determined that it is harmless to the organism.

    The last line is still in red:

    Request more bags for testing.

    Below is a row of signatures, all of which are the top scientists in the lab.

    After reading this test report, Ying Nanyan looked at his sister a little bit hesitantly.

    Does it seem that her sister really got a very amazing thing? !!

    The names signed under the test report, although their individual strengths are not good, they are already the top experts in domestic medicine and chemistry, and each of them has an annual salary of tens of millions.

    Yingjia's Pharmaceutical Group also relied on the research results of these experts to occupy a huge and fat cake in the entire Xiangnan Province.

    Supposedly these experts have seen many good things. Even if it is some rare medicinal materials from the Different World, the kind that ordinary people have never heard of, for them is just some experimental props in the laboratory.

    There are not many things that interest them.

    Ying Yuedie had been peeping at her sister's face and found that she showed a surprised expression, and immediately knew that she had won most of her bets.

    She laughed and said, "Sister, how is it? I said Xiaoyu wouldn't lie to me?"

    Ying Nanyan gave her sister an angry look: "It's just that the thing is not poisonous, and the final result has not come yet ... yes, don't you have three bags? Give one bag for me, let me try it for myself!"

    Ying Yuedie immediately took out the last pack of medicated baths and watched her sister take the pack away. She couldn't help but smile on the sofa.

    After all, Ying Nanyan was a strong and powerful woman, and there were really few chances to see her such expression.

    one hour later……

    Ying Nanyan was shocked to feel the relaxed feeling coming from her body. She hurriedly dressed, dragged on Ying Yuedie, and drove to Ying's research institute in the suburbs.

    She is going to do a scientific and comprehensive physical examination to determine how amazing this medicated bath bag is!
  • Chapter 54 - Big Bet

    It is already more than three o'clock in the middle of the night.

    But the laboratory outside Ying's house was brightly lit.

    Ying Nanyan looked at the test report in her hand, her face was incredible.

    This is a comprehensive examination of her body using the most advanced equipment in Ying's laboratory.

    The state of the body is surprisingly good!

    Especially in her right leg, back, and other parts, her muscles and tendons had a degree of strain in a dozen places-of course, this kind of strain is not serious and belongs to a level that will not affect normal practice.

    However, after the medicated bath, the degree of strain in these places actually improved significantly.

    "It's incredible!"

    An old professor with glasses looked at Ying Nanyan's medical examination report with a look of excitement: "Nanyan, are you sure you just took a medicated bath?"

    "Yes, Professor Li."

    Professor Li pushed his glasses and said, "It's really incredible ... the fatigue caused by this fatigue is a problem that almost every practitioner will encounter. It's not that it can't be cured at all, but it is not necessary to cure it. As long as it is not too much old injuries can be recovered slowly by relying on the human body's own recovery system. If you deliberately treat it, you need to spend more time using more professional methods, which is costly and pays more. "

    Ying Nanyan nodded. Now that science and technology are developed, some powerful men have discovered many imaginary treasures from the Different World, so they can recover even if their hands and feet are broken, even if they are seriously injured.

    Therefore, it is funny to say that this kind of injury cannot be cured, and even more serious injuries are cured.

    But it's too time-consuming to cure—it's too long, at least for three to five days in the medical cabin, a week, that is a must.

    And during this time, basically, it is immovable except eating and drinking-not to mention practice-and it is expensive, and one week, one million is estimated to be needed.

    Of course, for rich people, money doesn't matter.

    But the problem is ... time!

    The original purpose of treating fatigue injuries was to speed up the practice rate, but in the end, the speed was reduced by this thorough treatment method-who would do this loss trading?

    Moreover, if you continue to practice after recovery, it will continue to strain ... This is unavoidable.

    Does it take half a month to soak in the medical cabin?

    So this method is not feasible at all.

    Professor Li continued: "I need more experimental data. If this medicated bath can effectively alleviate the injury, it will certainly be welcomed by countless practitioners. Once a night, they can perform higher intensity practice and growth will also be faster. If this medicine bath can be held in the hands of our group, it will surely become the fist product of our group. We can open it even in the high-end markets around the world! "

    Ying Nanyan's eyes showed a fine light.

    She is an ambitious woman.

    Although her family is already the top-ranked family in Xiangnan Province, in the eyes of ordinary people, she is already the kind of princess born with a golden key.

    But Ying Nanyan herself knew that their home was just a slightly stronger family in Xiangnan Province, which was far behind the top real giants in the province.

    Not to mention compared with those top domestic giants.

    But now there two opportunities for the family and themselves to go further.

    One is the spatial cracks being formed in Qinggang City.

    For many ordinary people, this space crack is dangerous and a huge risk, but it is a rare opportunity for an adventurous person like Ying Nanyan.

    Just on this day, house prices in Qinggang City plummeted by 30%, and countless people sold their properties.

    Ying Nanyan is busy with this matter all day, and she knows that many giants like her are also preparing. Everyone is drawing funds, observing the situation, and examining the terrain ...

    Then when the house prices continue to fall to a certain extent, these people will start to shoot like hungry wolves, buying a lot of good plots and real estate in Qinggang City.

    This is a bet that the Kung Fu Association and the military can control this space crack.

    Winning the bet, these properties in hand will bring them ten or even a hundred times the profit.

    And the bet was lost ...

    Ying Nanyan urgently adjusted more than one billion yuan of funds on this day, and then she would have to allocate nearly 10 billion yuan of total funds to gamble this round. Once she loses, even if the family is big, they will also lose.

    Even though Ying Nanyan has sufficient confidence in the Kung Fu Association and the military, no one can guarantee such a thing.

    Unless the saint is coming, no one can guarantee that there will be a wild god from Different World behind this space crack!

    So at this time, she suddenly found out.

    The medicated bath bag that her sister accidentally brought back can even fill a big gap in the market today. Once this medicated bath bag is in her hands and then mass-produced, it will bring horrible cash to the family.

    People over the big Kung Fu fighter don’t need this kind of medicated bath, because, in that state, they can already adjust the various endocrine of the body, automatically make the body more perfect and mature, and have strong self-healing ability, not afraid of this kind of fatigue injury.

    However, those who want to make rapid progress below the fighter will need it.

    Especially these young people who are in high school and want to be admitted to the Top Four!

    This is not a medicated bath, this is the most precious time for students!

    "Xiaodie, tomorrow at noon, I'm going to see your friend, you can arrange it."

    Ying Yuedie originally wanted to make fun of her sister. After all, this sister had high self-esteem. This time, the medicated bath incident was enough to laugh at her sister for several years.

    But seeing Ying Nanyan's solemn face, she quickly swallowed the mocking words into her stomach, and nodded obediently, "OK."

    After a pause, Ying Yuedie thought she was too obedient, and quickly said, "Sister! Did I win this time? Then you promised my silver parrot beast..."

    "Don't worry, I'll buy it for you tomorrow!"

    "Yeah! Long live sister!"



    At noon the next day, Ying Yuedie couldn't wait to pull Zhu Xiaoyu towards the outside of the classroom.

    "What are you doing? So anxious?" Ying Yuedie didn't tell Zhu Xiaoyu about her meeting today, so she was completely confused now, not sure what was going on.

    "Xiaoyu, do you remember the medicated bath bag you sent me last time?"

    "Remember, you used it? Are you satisfied with the results?"

    When seeing Zhu Xiaoyu's smile, Ying Yuedie didn't feel good: "It works very well, and my sister also used it. She is very satisfied with the medicated bath bag, so I want to buy some from you. But in advance, we are girlfriends, you can’t say a too high price. "

    Ying Yuedie can feel her sister's urgency for this medicated bath bag. She knows that in order to achieve the purpose of her sister's personality, she is willing to pay even the highest price.

    Zhu Xiaoyu shivered: "What?! Talk to your sister? Come on, don't you know your sister's nickname? Her Majesty! Did you ask me to talk to her? I beg you, You are sending a little tender sheep to the tiger's mouth! "
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  • Chapter 55 - Recipes for Medicated Baths

    As the top geniuses in the school, as well as the chairman of the Student Union, Ying Nanyan is well-known in their school.

    After all, Ying Nanyan's nickname is very domineering. All students, including teachers, know that there is a "Her Majesty" in their school!

    Ying Yuedie rolled her eyes.

    Of course she knew her sister's "good name" at school, but she didn't explain it, and she didn't laugh at Zhu Xiaoyu, because she was very obedient when she saw her sister's stern face.

    "Okay, okay! My sister just wanted to talk to you about this medicated bath bag ... not so exaggerated, my sister doesn't eat people!"

    Zhu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes, and Ying Yuedie, no matter what she said, dragged her into a taxi.

    The taxi went all the way to the nearby commercial building, and the two took the elevator to the top floor, where there was a western restaurant.

    "That's it." Ying Yuedie pulled Zhu Xiaoyu and went in.

    "Wait first, how can I say hello to your sister when I go in?"

    "Just say hello normally." Ying Yuedie didn't understand what was tangled.

    "No, no, what about calling sister Nanyan? Does it seem too formal?"

    Zhu Xiaoyu said to herself that Ying Yuedie was speechless. Is her sister so scary?

    When they entered, Ying Nanyan was already sitting in her seat and waiting.

    "Sister, I brought Xiaoyu."

    Ying Yuedie saw Ying Nanyan, waved her hand happily, and led Zhu Xiaoyu to the past.

    Judging from the appearance, Ying Nanyan and Ying Yuedie are not like sisters at all.

    Ying Yuedie ’s skin is a bit black. Although it is a healthy wheat color, the color is indeed darker, and more importantly, when people see Ying Yuedie at first glance, they will subconsciously think that this is a lively and lovely little girl. Girl, and when looking at Ying Nanyan, only felt that she was beautiful, and the invisible temperament was enough to make the cowardly speechless.

    In short, the two stood together, not like sisters, but like a young lady and accompanying maid.

    Zhu Xiaoyu stammered and greeted, "Queen, oh no,sister Nanyan, nice to meet you."

    Ying Nanyan stood up with a smile and stretched out her hand, "Is Xiaoyu right? I often hear Xiaodie talking about you, saying that you are her best girlfriend, and I finally saw you today."

    Zhu Xiaoyu shook hands with her somewhat flattered, but did not expect Ying Nanyan to be so kind.

    "Sit down first, what can you eat?"

    "Sister, I'm going to eat roasted little devil wolf loin, and silver swordfish. Then I'll have a plate of stir-fried evil rabbits, and a stone pan leg of lamb."

    Ying Yuedie was not polite at all, but Zhu Xiaoyu was somewhat restrained, and said, "I and Xiaodie just need to be the same."

    Ying Nanyan nodded, called a waiter, ordered the dishes just twice, and then added a few more dishes, all of which are "energy dishes" made from animals and plants of Different World.

    Then Ying Nanyan laughed: "You are Xiaodie's girlfriend, and you are about the same age as her, so you can treat me as your sister, so don't be so restrained."

    Then she smiled weirdly and said, "Although my reputation in school is not very good, I really don't eat people."

    Ying Yuedie and Zhu Xiaoyu couldn't help but laughed at the same time.

    Zhu Xiaoyu said embarrassedly: "How can it not sound good? It's just that the boys respect you, and we girls all adore you."

    "Yeah, yeah!" Ying Yuedie also helped, "Your Majesty, Her Majesty, don't bow your head, the crown will fall, don't cry, the man will laugh!"

    Ying Nanyan gave her sister a white look and smiled, "Whatever queen is not important, just treat me as your sister."

    Next, until the waiter started serving the dishes, Ying Nanyan didn't mention the medicated bath bag, but just chatted with Zhu Xiaoyu about family matters, such as problems in school, problems in life, problems in practice, and so on.

    It behaves like a sister next door, not the chairman of the student union in the school.

    Until the food was served, the three began to enjoy the food in a happy atmosphere.

    It wasn't until after eating that Ying Nanyan entered the theme.

    "Xiaoyu, I think Xiaodie should tell you my purpose today, so I won't say much. That medicated bath bag, my first request, is to buy the recipe of medicated bath bag. You can decide the price. . "

    Zhu Xiaoyu was immediately shocked.

    She suddenly found that she was still too young. When she gave the medicated bath package to Ying Yuedie, she thought that Xiaode would let her sister know this medicated package, and Ying Nanyan would definitely come to buy a bath bag.

    But she didn't expect that she just wanted to buy a recipe!

    This is the thinking gap between an ordinary fighter and the heirs of a large family.

    Zhu Xiaoyu hesitated for a while, then smiled bitterly: "Sister Nanyan, since Xiaodie and I are girlfriends, you are willing to let me call you a sister, then I will not go out of circles, so I will directly tell you. "

    Ying Nanyan sat there, nodded her head in a restrained manner.

    Zhu Xiaoyu seemed a bit difficult to talk about, and hesitated for a while before saying, "Sister, the recipe of this medicated bath ... Actually I don't have it."


    Zhu Xiaoyu nodded, and when she said that, she let go of it, saying, "This medicated bath was prepared by a friend of my brother himself, and my brother has already asked him clearly. He said this medicated bath, most of the medicinal materials are just ordinary medicinal materials. They are not rare or precious, but only one is extremely rare. "

    Ying Nanyan immediately sat up straight. She knew that Zhu Xiaoyu was not lying at this point. It's not just her expression and emotion that can't fool herself, this person who has gone through numerous shopping mall negotiations, and more importantly, The professors inferred the same in yesterday ’s experiment.

    Obviously, it is some common materials such as purple energy grass and safflower, but it has such amazing effects.

    Although they don't know how it works, Ying's laboratory is full of knowledgeable and experienced professors, and soon came to an inference.

    There must be something rare that they don't know, which has played a catalytic role in it, making the medicated bath sublimate.

    This situation is not uncommon in ancient medicine. For this particular rare substance, it was called medicine inducer.

    So for Ying Nanyan, she was looking for Zhu Xiaoyu this time, and it was for this medicine inducer!

    Zhu Xiaoyu continued: "What exactly is this medicine inducer? My brother didn't ask, I don't know, of course, my brother won't ask, after all, this is the most rare thing in others. Even if the relationship is good, my brother also I won't ask. "

    Ying Nanyan's eyes narrowed slightly, she had already heard what Zhu Xiaoyu said.

    Sure enough, Zhu Xiaoyu then said, "So, if you want to buy this recipe, Sister Nanyan, What I said is useless, my brother said ... It doesn't count, only the original owner of this medicated bath can say it. But……"

    Zhu Xiaoyu smiled bitterly and said, "That person said before, because the medicine is very precious, he can only make about 30 medicine bath packages a week, so there is no possibility of mass production."

    Ying Nanyan's heart became cold all of a sudden!
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