What novel is this?

Its been a couple years since I was reading Chinese novels so I can't recall its name right now. If I remember correctly it involved the MC cultivating yang while the main female was cultivating yin and they gained this method from some ancient cultivators with the male being stranded from another world.


  • More details would help.
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    The only other details i can remember correctly is that the main also gets a bow from the ancient couple and that the male ancient cultivator ended up on that world, weakened after a fight and slip through some spatial fissures i think. The mc was also inspired to be less restrained when he got a vision of the male just living life how he wanted to. The last chapter i reached was when the mc and main girl got separated after going through the fissures to the higher realms 
    Edit Found it. It was True Martial World
  • Well, I never read it, so probably wouldn't have been helpful.
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